[The screen is black as a deep voice is heard.]

VOICE:  Tonight, the UPW steps into the realm of Pay-Per-View with SURVIVAL live from Chicago,

[The opening drum beats and guitar riffs of "The Animal I have Become" by Three Days' Grace
begin to play as the screen shows a dimly lit ring in an old gymnasium.]

VOICE:  But before the main action gets under way, we offer to you a preview of what is to
come when the UPW goes to war and the only act that will breed the future is the act of
Ultimate SURVIVAL!

[The song hits full force as the UPW logo flies out of the upper right corner and fills the screen. As it bursts into many pieces, we see the crowd almost already filled up as some familiar voices can be heard.] CHANEY: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME TO THE UNITED CENTER IN CHICAGO, ILLINOIS! [The pictures morphs to a small desk with the UPW logo on the front of it, where it is obvious it is near where the entrance area is in the arena. In the background, we see the ring and cameras already flashing. At the desk sit our studio announce team of Eric Chaney and Robert Smith. Both men are wearing suit black jackets. Chaney has the white shirt and red tie, which looks dapper; while Smith has a white turtleneck on under his jacket. Both men are smiling wide as they know the cameras are rolling.] CHANEY: Later tonight, UPW will offer its first pay-per-view "Survival" to what is expected to be a sold out crowd! This is the Survival Preview show and I am your host, Eric Chaney! With me, as always, is the tag team legend and master of the battle royal, himself, Robert "The Gorilla" Smith! Nice to have you with me again, my friend. SMITH: Great to be here, Eric! Tonight is such a big night for the UPW and everybody is excited about what is to come and we get to sit here and talk about it and even make predictions! What could be better? CHANEY: We will be joined by a couple of expert panelists later when we handicap the rumble, but before anyone can be in the rumble, they have to draw their number! SMITH: The luck of the draw! CHANEY: All afternoon those in the rumble have been going back to pick their number out of the bingo hopper and our Steve Blaine has been there to capture it. SMITH: Well most of them anyway. Steve has been a busy man today, as you can imagine! CHANEY: Yes he has, Gorilla! We'll be showing you some of those drawing moments throughout the preview show as a way to wet your appetite for the rumble discussion later on. SMITH: That is going to be a lot of fun to see the reactions of the stars as they find out exactly where they enter in this forty-man field! [Chaney puts his hand to his ear and his face gets really somber.] CHANEY: Fans.....wait a second....could the people in the production trust switch over to the camera backstage. We have some really interesting issues back there I am hearing. SMITH: Well that didn't take long! [The screen switches to the handheld camera backstage. We are looking at a corner of the locker room that looks to have been utterly trashed. We hear our announcers over the feed.] CHANEY: Folks, it looks like something has gone down backstage! SMITH: Either that or Frank Anthony brought his baggage in and just opened it up there. [The camera turns slowly and we see Caleb Foley laying with his head inside the locker and his right leg up on the bench next to him. He is bleeding from his nose as medics are rushing in to tend to him.] CHANEY: CALEB FOLEY IS DOWN! SMITH: He was set to be in our first match tonight on the preview show! CHANEY: The medics are working on him, but it doesn't look like Foley is going to be able to go right now and I would say his status for the rumble match is in jeopardy! SMITH: Well he has a couple of hours before then and our medical team is the best in the business. So, I won't be pessimistic on his chances. CHANEY: Look at the blood on his shirt! SMITH: Yeah, it isn't looking good. [We see Dyan Ciccarelli as the cameras turns away from Foley's situation.] CHANEY: Dyan! Dyan do we have any clue what happened here? CICCARELLI: Not at the current time, Eric. A few of the wrestlers arrived to start getting ready and they found him like this. Nobody knows who would attack him like this. SMITH: Not a clue? He has had issues with Antonio De Luca and Dominion in the past. CICCARELLI: As far as I know, Gorilla, they weren't involved. Dominion is in their own quarters separated from everyone else backstage. And to my knowledge, have not been seen since they arrived hours ago. CHANEY: That doesn't mean they weren't involved. SMITH: It certainly doesn't. CHANEY: Thanks Dyan! Please keep up posted if you find out what happened back there. CICCARELLI: Will do, Eric! [The screen switches back to the desk and the view form inside the arena as the announcers react.] SMITH: Talk about the worst time for that to go down. This night is momentous for everyone in UPW and now his shot may be ruined by someone! CHANEY: Fans, let's take a look at some of the video footage from a few of the number draws earlier today.

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] (The Hard Truth solders come in and take over the entire set, removing all UPW staff from the hopper. Malcom Shabazz walks into the set) Malcom Shabazz: We want to make sure that the draw is fair, unlike the World title draw. STOP!!! (The hopper is stopped. Malcom grabs a ball. He pulls out his number.) Malcom Shabazz: Does it really matter? I’m ready for this to go down. Are you?? Hope you’re still there Donegal. I’m not done with you yet!! Let’s go. (Fade to black.)

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Steve Blaine flashes a smile.] BLAINE: Let me guess... You are here to pick your number! [Also smiling is the handsome Osakan fighter, STRIKER Kato, from the tag team the Soldiers of the Sun. Kato walks up and nods his head.] KATO: Steven, as the kids would say.. Let us do this! BLAINE: Let the excitement begin! [Blaine is really getting into this by now apparently! They go through the motions and a number is drawn. Kato looks at his number.] BLAINE: How did the dice roll for you, Mr. Kato? [Kato sighs somewhat sadly but forces a smile.] KATO: Well, Steven.. That is a great name by the way. BLAINE: Oh! Why, thank you! KATO: However advantageous or not advantageous my number may be it.. It is my number. I will do my very best. As a representative of the Soldiers of the Sun and as a role model for young Ricky.. I will do my best. [Kato nods his head and flashes his handsome smile and gives a wink towards Blaine.] KATO: Have a good night, Steven. BLAINE: You too, Mr. Kato! [STRIKER looks at his number and shakes his head as he walks away.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The scene shows Steve Blaine standing behind the hopper with the numbers in it for the Ultimate Rumble later tonight. Into the scene walks Glenn Chambers, almost as if in defense mode in case of anything that may happen.] BLAINE: Glenn Chambers! It is time to find out where you enter in the Ultimate Rumble! [Glenn isn't paying attention.] BLAINE: Glenn? [Finally, he shrugs and turns to face the interviewer.] CHAMBERS: Yeah? BLAINE: Time to pick your Ultimate Rumble number! [He walks to the hopper and reaches in, still looking around and keenly aware of his surroundings. He pulls a number out and takes a look at it with no reaction at all.] BLAINE: So what do you think of your chances from that spot? CHAMBERS: I was honestly hoping to be closer to number forty, but this'll do. BLAINE: So you like your chances to win the rumble? [Glenn shakes his head a little and then smiles.] CHAMBERS: Who knows? But I like my chances to make sure a certain snake doesn't win. [Chambers steps off camera.] BLAINE: OK, then! [Fade out.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [IXWA stalwart Archibald Smythe can be seen standing next to the receptacle holding the numbered balls for the Ultimate Rumble.] Smythe: I honestly don't care if I get an early number. I am here to prove myself. [Smythe reaches in and pulls out a ball.] Smythe: Dammit!!!!! [Smythe stomps off - clearly not at all happy with his number.]

[We return to the announce team at the preview desk in the United Center. The pair seem to be chuckling about the videos they are watching along with us.] CHANEY: Sounds like Archibald Smythe didn't like where he drew to enter, Gorilla. SMITH: (Still laughing a little) I guess not! CHANEY: In case many of you weren't aware, the IXWA has become the new breeding ground for future UPW superstars and three of their roster will be getting slots in the rumble match itself. SMITH: It is the true moment of opportunity. To go from developmental all the way to the big time just by proving yourself. CHANEY: Smythe is the longest tenured IXWA roster member, and the first to get his number. Alongside Smythe in the rumble from the IXWA will be Ryan Keys and rookie "Showtime" Shawn Watson. SMITH: The IXWA has long been a breeding ground for talent in many places, including some World Champions in other organizations. CHANEY: They will definitely add a layer of depth to the UPW Universe for certain. Fans, we want to get the party started now and send you to the ring, where our announce team of Stan Conlon and Pepper Jackson are ready to call the first match of the Preview show! SMITH: Take it away guys! [The screen switches to the ringside camera with the announce crew as both Chaney and Jackson are wearing suits and ties. Jackson's tie is just a simple black crossing fabric with a diamond in the middle. They have their headsets on as they start seaking.] CONLON: Thanks Eric and Gorilla! Stan Conlon here at ringside with Pepper Jackson ready to call the action tonight for both the preview show and the main Survival card as well! JACKSON: This night is going to be something special! I don't mean out of the ordinary, but something stupendous! This will be a historical event at the fabled United Center! CONLON: Up first was a match between "Good" Gordon Gaines and Caleb Foley. JACKSON: This one is unfortunate, but we have been told that as soon as they announce Gaines as winner by forfeit that they will send out the men for the next match so we can have some action for you in this pre-show. CONLON: Let's head to the ring where our ring announcers is ready to get it going! [The screen switches to show the ring. We see Gordon Gaines standing in a corner as the announcer begins.] RA: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Intorducing first, already in the ring, standing six feet, three inches tall and weighing in at two hundred, forty-seven pounds....here is... "G O O D" G O R D O N G A I N E S ! ! ! [The crowd gives a polite cheer for Gaines, who raises his arm to acknowledge their kindness.] RA: And introducing his opponent! From Dublin, Ireland, standign six feet, one inch talla nd weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds! Here is... C A L E B F O L E Y ! ! ! [Lights go dim and "Loyal to No One" by Dropkick Murphys pounds the speakers.] CONLON: Caleb Foley didn't look like he was in *any* condition to wrestle last time we saw him, Pepper... JACKSON: He's a fighter... I'm sure he'll come back and take the UPW by storm some day, but it doesn't look too good for Caleb Foley... now Gordon Gaines on the other hand... [The music continues to play but no sign of Caleb Foley. Jeers from the fans. Gaines looks at the referee and shrugs his shoulders, asking him "what's going on?" Still... the music continues to play.] JACKSON: Cut the music, Stan. CONLON: I have no control over the mus... JACKSON: Why are you here, exactly? To talk my ear off? Is Caleb Foley coming out here or not? ["Good" Gordon Gaines is asking the referee for an explanation as to why there is no sign of his opponent. Gaines is not happy with the news and shakes his head in disappointment. The referee looks to the ring announcer and tells him to "call it - Gordon Gaines"and the ring announcer shrugs as the dimmed lights return to bright ones.] Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen... the winner of this match.... ## REACH OUT TOUCH FAITH ## ["Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode sends the crowd into a frenzy of boos! Gordon Gaines stops in his tracks and looks to the top of the rampway as "Conceited Bastard" Chase Williams emerges from the back, flashing a smile, both hands tugging at the inside of his grey Armani suit jacket. The suit beneath the jacket, as usual, is as "crisp" as it always is with the conceited one He stops at the top of the rampway and sticks his nose in the air as if he's inhaling "boos" and loving every minute of it.] JACKSON: Yes! The Conceited Bastard! [Williams begins to stride towards the ring eye-balling both sides of the fan-base and talking trash as he takes long steps towards the ring... Boooooooooooo!!] CONLON: Looks like Chase is the reason why Foley isn't coming out to his own music... JACKSON: Looks like you need to take that "Captain Obvious" cape off, Stan. [Chase stands on the second steel step leading to the ring and looks out to the crowd, smiling; arrogance as present as usual.] ## REACH OUT TOUCH FAITH ## ## YOUR OWN PERSONAL JESUS ## [Chase eyeballs Gaines as he enters the ring. Gaines is frozen and the referee looks at both wrestlers and shrugs his shoulders... then calls for the bell! The crowd bursts with excitement for the match!] CONLON: I guess this one is official, Pepper! * DING DING DING * JACKSON: I guess so, Stan. You're pretty poetic. You should write Gordon Gaines' obituary when this one's over with! [Gaines knows he needs to get the upper-hand on the much larger man and charges! Problem is that Chase Williams is charging too!] CONLON: Running Clothesline just LEVELED Gordon Gaines! [Booooooooooo! Williams pops right back up helping a groggy Gordon Gaines to his feet...] CONLON: DISCUS LARIAT! JACKSON: He might've broke Gaines' neck! Gaines did a flip from the impact! Chase is PISSED! [Chase Williams rips off his suit jacket and throws it towards the ropes, a ring attendant quickly pulls it out of the ring as Williams gets back to work.] CONLON: Again Chase Williams helping Gaines up ... Snapmare DDT! [Williams is right back up and this time does a spin with his arms out wide! The crowd boos relentlessly! Williams goes back after "Good" Gordon Gaines.] JACKSON: Good God, Gordon Gaines is not in great shape. CONLON: Williams is out here to prove a point and has already rendered Gordon Gaines helpless... [The Conceited Bastard lifts Gordon Gaines up and slings him to the turnbuckle and wastes no time charging after Gaines, hitting him with a vicious elbow strike to the temple! The referee warns Williams and Williams instantly proceeds to strike Gaines in the stomach and thighs with his knees, Gaines slumps down to his butt. Chase Williams turns towards the referee and stares at him till the ref gives him space...] CONLON: The referee warning Chase Williams but Chase obviously doesn't care about his opponent's well-being... JACKSON: Have you not realized how big that chip on Chase's shoulder is? Everybody is a target until Chase gets the recognition he deserves around here. CONLON: Recognition, Pepper? He's one of the best in the business! [Chase with a few solid punches to the top of Gaines' head, the referee attempts to separate the two men yet again and Chase pushes Gaines' face back as he steps away to the heat from the crowd and loosens his tie then tugs at his shirt, ripping it off his body... he throws his shirt at Gaines' face and then hits him with a series of stomps until the referee steps in- between the two...] JACKSON: My point on Chase is he was also a participant of the Fatal Four Way after he earned his spot by winning throughout the tourney and he's definitely had a "lack of opportunity" ever since a loss to three of the best in this company! CONLON: It's Chase Williams... JACKSON: And it was Cardinal, Chambers and Donegal, look at the opportunities they've gotten since that Fatal Four Way, then tell me Chase doesn't have a right to be mad about it... [Chase pulls Gaines up by his head, positions him instantly...] CONLON: Is he setting him up for? [Williams devestates Gordon Gaines with a legsweep STO into the turnbuckle and quickly follows it up with the Shining Wizard! Booooooooooooooooo!!] JACKSON: THAT's the PRICE OF FAME! CONLON: Williams has *ALREADY* proved his point, what does he have to gain? JACKSON: RESPECT, Stan. It's all about Respect! [Gordon Gaines lays slumped in the turnbuckle, the back of his head resting against it. Chase Williams grabs him by his neck and pulls him back up...] CONLON: This isn't looking good for Gordon Gaines! JACKSON: Yet again, Stan ... take the cape off. [Chase Williams has Gordon Gaines positioned for a Powerbomb!] CONLON: Oh no! [Williams holds his hands out wide with clinched fists for a moment as the crowd boos! Williams lifts and staggers forward a bit as Gordon Gaines is positioned for a Powerbomb!] CONLON: POWERBOMB TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING! JACKSON: Hey, Captain Obvious ... that might be IT huh? CONLON: Gaines looks dead. [The referee stares down at Gaines and without any hesitation, he calls for the bell. Pockets of the crowd boo but most of them just look at the lifeless body of Gordon Gaines. Williams, however, has a smile on his face as the medical staff immediately runs out to check on Gordon Gaines. Williams stands in the middle of it all with a big smile on his face. As the ring announcer steps up to do his job, Chase rips the mic away from the ring announcer as he circles the ring.] Williams: People around here seem to think things should simply be handed to them. That nobody has to earn anything anymore. [A "Foley" chant rings through the crowd cutting Chase off. He smirks.] Williams: Very cute. One of the guys I might be talking about. Wasn't he supposed to be out here right now? But I digress. You people, aren't worth wasting my breathe. I will simple continue to send your worthless hero's out in boxes. Until somebody finds there [beeping] spine, the slaughter will continue. [Williams drops the mic and exits the ring.] CONLON: Did he just admit to being the one who trashed Foley backstage? JACKSON: I won't say that he did specifically, but it does sound like he literally took Foley's spot! [Williams begisn to jaw with some fans at the top of the entryway before disappearing through the curtain.] CONLON: Well, with that we are off to a fast start! JACKSON: And this is just the preview show! At this rate, I hope everyone at home is locked in for an interesting night!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] (Cut backstage to Liam Donegal and his manager, "The Phoenix" Adam Lazarus, as they stand by with UPW's own Dyan Ciccarelli.) DYAN: Liam Donegal, we're just moments away from the Ultimate Survival Rumble, where you're entering the ring at number one. Your thoughts? DONEGAL: My thoughts, Dyan? I'm entering the ring first and have to survive thirty-nine other men. Thirty-nine! Adam can try to psych me up all he wants and tell me that I can do it, but if I don't believe in myself, I might as well just go home. You'll notice, however, that I'm dressed to wrestle, so, deep down...deep down I believe I can do it. As close as I came to the UPW World Title and as far as I've fallen since that night, this is my opportunity to once and for all to prove I have what it takes to be the Ultimate Survivor. DYAN: And you're not worried about anything at all? DONEGAL: Of course I'm worried! I'm worried that I could end up back in the IXWA if I'm eliminated too soon, I'm worried that all the shots I've taken to my head in the last couple months might catch up to me in the middle of that ring tonight, and I'm worried that I might let down all the people who've supported me and gotten me this far...but none of that's going to stop me from going out there and facing the man who draws number two, number three, number four...all the way up to Dylan Cardinal at number forty...and none of that's going to stop me from winning - if not the biggest prize this Rumble has to offer, then one of those prizes - and reclaiming the spot I was stupid enough to let myself lose in the first place. DYAN: Adam, anything to add? LAZARUS: Dyan, what can I say? It's time to go big or go home. I say go big. DYAN: Thank you guys, and, Liam...good luck! Back to you in the studio! (Fade to black.)

[We return to the announce team at the preview desk in the United Center. CHANEY: As you can see, the guys grabbing those numbers are all finding out just how happy or sad they will be when that match begins. SMITH: One of them will have to start in there with Liam Donegal, who is number one after losing to Dylan Cardinal on Showdown. CHANEY: That match also earned Cardinal the right to enter LAST! So we know none of these men wild raw one or forty from the bingo hopper! SMITH: Good thing Gordon Gaines isn't in the rumble, as he just got destroyed by Chase Williams! CHANEY: Williams making a statement in the ring, and we believe now that he is the man who beat down Caleb Foley backstage? SMITH: Well he alluded to it in a way, but nobody seemed certain. Can you imagine if he was? CHANEY: Talk about reaching back into history! Those two go way back and if Foley is able to return, things might get nasty between them in a hurry! SMITH: They had a blood feud back in the day, which means it can always be rekindled at any time if the right things happen. I would guess getting punked out in a locker room and your spot in a match stolen from you might just qualify! CHANEY: Well fans, we have more in-ring action for you in the preview show! Let's head back to the ring with Eric and Pepper! [The screen switches to the ringside camera with the announce crew.] CONLON: Thanks guys and welcome back to ringside everybody! Pepper, what we have next has the potential to show off the true skills of an underrated star in UPW, Tripp Skylark! JACKSON: Skylark is a fan favorite that can fly with the best of them. What I understand is that he was once a long-time TV Champion elsewhere. CONLON: Indeed he was, back in the glory days of the SCWE, Skylark was one of the greatest TV Champions the league ever knew. He also managed to defeat Chase Williams for that very belt back then. JACKSON: The same guy we just saw? CONLON: One and the same! So you can imagine what the small superstar is capable of when properly motivated. JACKSON: This could get good as he has a chance to get a big victory here and then roll into the rumble with some steam, depending on what number he drew! CONLON: Let's send it to the ring and our ring announcers to get this one started! [The screen switches to show the ring. We see Billy James standing in a corner as the announcer begins.] RA: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Intorducing first, already in the ring, B I L L Y "T H E R E G U L A T O R" J A M E S ! ! ! [James raises both arms in the air and the crowd gives him the nastiest set of boos he has received to date.] CONLON: The crowd not behind "The Regulator" tonight, Pepper. JACKSON: Well to be honest, he doesn't give a rat's ass anyway. His words, not mine. I try to be a tad more upscale in my speaking compared to a country hick like James. But I do like the way he thinks! [The Ring Announcer continues.] RA: And introducing his opponent! Standing five foot nine and wearing one hundred ninety seven pounds... He is the one and only.... T R I P P S K Y L A R K ! ! ! [With that, the fans rise to their feet and begin to let Tripp hear their opinion of him. The noise is simply defeanening, especially because Tripp doesn't even bother to ahve any music played for him! He just struts on out behind the curtain, sporting his street clothes, and those damn sunglasses. Quickly he makes his way down the aisle, smirking that cocky smirk of his at hte crowd left and right. He rolls underneath the rope, and stands up in the middle of the ring, still smirking. He drifts back to his corner, getting ready for his match with a few stretches as he stares at James across the way.] CONLON: Skylark looks ready to go and totally focused. JACKSON: Just how you need to be when you get the chance to change your fortunes in life. CONLON: Skylark needs this one if he is planning on getting back in the line for a TV Title shot. JACKSON: He just needs to "de-regulate" Billy James! Damn, I just kill me sometimes! DING! DING!! DING!!! [Tripp and Billy tie up in the middle of the ring. Tripp quickly drops down, spinning Billy around for a rear hammerlock... and then gives him a noogie much to the crowd's delight!] CONLON: Vintage Skylark right there! Already getting into “the Regulator's” head! JACKSON: Them childish games Tripp plays be why his record looks the way it does! [Billy, furious from the noogie, charges back at Skylark, catching him with a running forearm knocking Skylark back into the ropes. Billy grabs him by arm and flings him across the ring, Skylarks comes back...] CONLON: Leap frog by Skylark, who immediately puts on the brakes... PELE KICK!!!! He caught all of that one and Billy is down! JACKSON: Even a broken clock is right twice a day! Let's see if Tripp has the stamina to keep up this attack. [Tripp feeling the flow doesn't let up and immediately begins to bring Billy back up to his feet, but takes a thumb to the eye for his efforts!] JACKSON: Now that's more like it! Here comes Billy to expose Tripp as the failure his mother always thought he was! CONLON: Quickly taking charge after a series of rights and lefts, Billy throws Skylark into the ropes... POWERSLAM!!!! “The Regulator” hooks the leg... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . T.................NOOOOO! CONLON: Not even a two count! Skylark kicks out almost immediately! [Billy gets up, and walks over Skylark, carefully placing a boot across Skylark's throat! Skylark flails around, as Billy pulls him up to his feet, and sends him charging into the corner. Billy charges in after, catching Skylark with a running knee!] CONLON: Stiff knee shot to the head right there! Billy has Skylark reeling! Let's see if he can put him away! JACKONS: Shouldn't be hard! Times like this Skylark is known to fold faster than France in WW2! [Dazed and confused, Skylark is easily led out of the corner by Billy, who quickly scoops him up and drops him with a fall away slam! Billy drops an elbow on Skylark's chest and scoops the legs for another pin attempt!] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH.....KICKOUT!!! CONLON: And Skylark kicks out again! He had the momentum early on in this match, but just can't seem to get it going since! JACKSON: Skylark should just pack up shop and call it quits! He's just embarrassing himself at this point! [Billy distances himself from Skylark, hanging near the ropes, waiting for the “Stoned Submission Specialist” to get back up to his feet. Soon as Skylark does, Billy comes charging in... only to be taken down with an arm bar, which Skylark quickly turns into an STF, right in the middle of the ring!] CONLON: Outttta nowhere, Skylark with the submission hold!!! And he's right in the center of the ring!!! Is Billy James going to tap here!?!?! JACKSON: Billy had Skylark dead for rights! Skylark pulled that outta his hat! CONLON: Skylark is just wrenching back on Billy's chin, pulling as hard as he can! He's putting all his might into this one! JACKSON: Notice Billy still hasn't tapped yet! He's not even moving towards the ropes, he's just clawing at Skylark's hands! Skylark can't hold on much longer! [Indeed he couldn't, as Billy powers his way out of the hold, putting his size advantage on Skylark to good use. Both men slowly get up to their feet, but “the Regulator” seizes the opportunity, gripping Tripp with a rear waist lock...] CONLON: BIG German suplex by Billy! JACKSON: He just suplexed Tripp outta his boots! [Sensing it has it in the bag, Billy moves in on Tripp with the intent to finish this thing off. Billy grips Tripp but Tripp wiggles free, and sprints to the corner. Billy follows... only to be greeted with a boot to the face!] CONLON: Tripp sensing his back is against the wall, and he's fighting for his life here! JACKSON: Only a matter of time until Skylark's number is called! Billy can smell the blood in the water! [As Billy back away from Tripp, Skylark stays on the attack, connecting with a spinning back fist! With Billy dazed, Skylark grabs James by his head... but Billy throws rights and lefts, stopping Skylark dead in his tracks...] JACKSON: KICK TO THE GUT BY BILLY!!! THHHIIRRRTY EIGHT SPECIAL!!!! CONLON: NOPE!!! That slippery scoundrel Tripp Skylark squirms his way loose! Great scouting there by Skylark! He knew what was coming and avoided it like the plague! [Billy has a none too pleased look on his face as Tripp grabs him by the wrist and whips him into the ropes. Billy comes running back looking for a clothesline, but Skylark ducks! Billy hits the ropes again, and this time Skylark puts his head down and pays for it with a kick right to the jaw!] CONLON: Skylark telegraphed that and Billy made him pay! Followed by a quick drop kick! Skylark is sprawled on the mat, crawling towards the rope! JACKSON: Billy again just stops Skylark's momentum dead in the tracks. [Skylark reaches the ropes and gets to his feet right as Billy makes it way over. Skylark fights him off with elbows to the gut, gaining himself some space. Capitalizing quickly, Skylark grabs “The Regulator” by the head and takes off across the ring...] CONLON: RUNNING BULLLLDOGGGG BY SKYLARK!!! He just slams Billy's face right into the mat! JACKSON: Skylark is just like your favorite horror movie serial killer – he just won't got away even when you've left him for dead! [With the crowd getting behind him Skylark pounces on the downed James, first dragging him out into the middle of the ring before locking on a cross face submission hold!] CONLON: Here goes the “Stoned Submission Specialist” again, displaying his craft! Look at him just wrenching backwards, just PULLING on Billy's face! JACKSON: Oh man! Tripp's got Billy in a bad spot! Looks like Lady Luck's flipped sides! [Tripp continues to just rear backwards as much as he gain, putting as much pressure on Billy's neck as he can muster. Billy is trying as hard as he possibly can to get the ropes! But it's a long road with the positioning Skylark granted himself!] JACKSON: Notice there is no signs of quit in Billy! Skylark can lock on whatever hold he pleases, no way “The Regulator” is going to tap out! CONLON: I don't know about that partner! If Billy doesn't get himself to the ropes soon, it's gonna be all over before long! [Somehow, someway Billy has wiggled and worked his way towards the ropes. Outstretching his hand, he remains only a few inches away. Skylark pulls back even more!] JACKSON: He's so close!!! Come on, Billy! Don't like that hooligan get the best of you! CONLON: HE REACHES THE ROPES!!! Billy clings to that bottom rope, and the ref forces the break! JACKON: And look at Billy roll himself out of the ring, giving himself a breather! Smart move by that wily veteran! [Billy begins to slowly stroll around the outside of the ring, catching his breath and stretching out his neck, trying to regain his composure. Tripp watches from inside the ring, but shakes his head and immediately joins Billy on the floor!] CONLON: I don't know if that was a smart move by Skylark! His game is in the ring on the mat, not outside the ring! He's now in Billy's ballpark! JACKSON: No one ever said Tripp was the brightest bulb in the bunch! [Tripp approaches Billy from behind and goes to whip him right into the guardrail! Billy reverses it and sends Skylark flying into the unforgiving steel! Tripp lands with a grunt, as Billy charges in with a running forearm smash!] JACKSON: That didn't take long at all! Tripp is regretting his choice now, fo' sure! CONLON: “The Regulator” just laying into Tripp now with furious rights and lefts! AND TRIPP GRABS HIM BY THE NIPPLE! JACKSON: What the hell???? Are we in third grade or something??? What the hell is Skylark up too!?!?! [With one nipple firmly pinched, the crowd roars as Tripp grabs Billy's other nipple for a double titty twister! Pain races across Billy's face but not for long as he quickly gives Tripp a big boot the gut which breaks the hold!] CONLON: Unusual but effective offense by Tripp! Now he's on the attack, grabbing James by the head and slamming it off the ring post! JACKSON: I cannot believe what I just witnessed.... CONLON: You and everyone else here partner! [The crowd is firmly behind Tripp, as he grabs the dazed “Regulator” and rolls him into the ring! Tripp quickly capitalizes, grabbing Billy by the arm for a pump handle back breaker slam! Tripp nails it and hooks the leg, sensing he may just have won this thing!] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRRRR........KICKOUT!!!! CONLON: Billy gets the arm up! He keeps himself alive and Skylark doesn't seem pleased! JACKSON: He's just in awe of all that is Billy "The Regulator" James! [Slapping the mat hard and even saying a few words to the ref, Skylark pulls Billy up from the mat... and quickly locks him in a cross face chicken wing!] CONLON: Size advantage be damned, Skylark is pulling out all the stops! He's got Billy in a predicament right now for sure! JACKSON: Billy just has to take a deep breath and use his strength! That little idiot doesn't have it in him to keep this up for long! [Feeling the pain, Billy tries pulling Tripp's hands to loosen the grip but isn't getting anywhere! With a loud audible grunt, Billy changes tactics and pushes himself backwards, almost running... right into the corner!] JACKSON: Now THAT'S how you squash annoying fly! CONLON: Tripp breaks the hold on impact! Billy shakes it off and doesn't let up, turning around quickly and letting Tripp have it, chop after chop! [Skylark's chest turns a beat red as Billy lands a third consecutive stiff chop! And with amazing quickness for a big man, "The Regulator" grabs Skylark's head...] CONLON: THHHHHHIIIIIRRRRTTTY EIGHT SPECIALLLLL!!!! Billy connects with that deadly DDT! JACKSON: Stick a fork in him, that hippie's done! Just like THAT!!! [Wasting no time, Jackson flips Tripp over and hooks the leg...] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRRRREEEEEEE?!?!??! CONLON: Skylark gets a foot on the rope but... JACKSON: But it wasn't in time!!! The referee counts to THREE and this match is over! Skylark loses AGAIN! BILLY JAMES WITH A MASSIVE UPSET HERE ON THE SURVIVAL PREVIEW SHOW!!! CONLON: And he does not look happy about it one bit! [As Billy rolls out of the ring and staggers around ringside area, pleased with his victory. Skylark gets to his feet and goes right over to the referee, letting the man in stripes have an ear full! Skylark keeps aggressive pointing to the ropes!] CONLON: I can understand Tripp's frustration here! He got the foot on the ropes, but it just wasn't in time! JACKSON: Like the immature punk he is Skylark is taking out his anger on the ref! [The discussion between Tripp and the referee is getting heated! Billy slows his stroll around ringside, enjoying watching Tripp loose his cool! The referee shrugs and goes to exit the ring, which sends Tripp off! Tripp grabs the ref and throws him into the turnbuckles!] CONLON: WHAT IS TRIPP DOING!?!?!? I've never seen him act like this before! JACKSON: He's showing his true colors, that's what he's doing! [Not missing a beat, Tripp slides out of the ring and sprints over to Billy whose just started to make his way up the ramp way! Tackling "The Regulator", Tripp begins to lay into him with right's and left's, forcing Billy back towards the ring! Caught off guard, Billy does his best to fight back but he is no match for Tripp's flurry of punches! Without missing a beat, Tripp rolls James back into the ring and continues the assault!] CONLON: These fans here in attendance are shocked to the core! Tripp has always been one of their favorites, but this is a whooooole new side to Tripp we are seeing here! JACKSON: Something's finally snapped in that resin coated brain of his! Where is security when you need them!?!?! [Back in the ring, Skylark pulls James up to his feet, and grips him up... only to drop him right on his head with a powerful exploder suplex! Enraged and getting all his frustrations out it appears, Tripp flips Billy over and locks in his finishing hold, "Choking the Chicken"! The crowd usually roaring with delight is strongly voicing their displeasure!] CONLON: I just cannot believe my eyes right now! Tripp has lost it! JACKSON: Well, that IS the one thing he is good at -- LOSING!!! [Wrenching as hard as he gain, Tripp cuts off Billy's oxygen! Sensing the impending doom, UPW security finally hits the ring and demands Skylark releases the hold! He just laughs at them with a crazed look in his eyes, pulling the hold even tighter! Letting out another menacing laugh, Tripp finally releases the hold, giving Billy's brain that much needed oxygen!] CONLON: Finally Tripp has come to his senses! I can understand being angry over losing, but to take out your anger like that is just uncalled for! Look at Billy just gasping for breath! Much longer and he would have been out cold! [The security gives way to the medics who quickly start checking Billy out, worried about any damage to his neck or windpipe. As everyone's focus is on everyone attending to Billy in the ring, only a few people notice Tripp's next move... grabbing a chair from ringside!] CONLON: Oh no!!! What's he gonna do with that!?!?! JACKSON: What do you think he's gonna do with that Stan?!?! I think someone's tantrum hasn't ended yet! [Now with the crowd firmly booing Skylark's efforts, he slides into the ring and just starts swinging! Security goes running, as does the medics! Billy unknowingly rises to his feet, right in Tripp's path..... and pays mightily for it as Tripp swings for the fences!] JACKSON: Hooooommmeruuunnnn!!! I think he just caved Billy's skull in with that swing for the fences! CONLON: Billy drops like a dead fish to the mat! I sure hope Skylark's got it all out of his system! JACKSON: Doesn't look like he's quite done yet! [Skylark doesn't wait for Billy to rise back to his feet; he just keeps swinging as wildly as he possibly can, smacking Billy again and again and again with that steel chair! "The Regulator" begins to sport a crimson mask as Skylark's pace finally slows!] JACKSON: Looks like he's about out of gas! CONLON: Security senses it too! They quickly enter the ring and tackle Skylark! Finally this onslaught is over! Guys, we're sending it back to you!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Steve Blaine looks up, he has to, because the massive Titan Jaurez from the tag team the Soldiers of the Sun confidently strides up to him.] BLAINE: Are you here to pick your number? [Juarez chuckles then nods his head.] JUAREZ: Si. BLAINE: Alright, let's do this! [Steve goes through the motions and the number is drawn. The tall masked Mexican looks at his number and a smile grows on his face.] JUAREZ: Bueno. BLAINE: Did you get a good number? [Juarez makes a blank expression with his mouth, since it's the only part of his face really visible and he crosses his arms.] JUAREZ: Any number is a good number, Steve. Because every single number represents opportunity. BLAINE: Ah... OK. [Titan chuckles then nods his head.] JUAREZ: Adios. [The big man walks off leaving Blaine dumbfounded.] BLAINE: Ah.. Adios! [Steve waves after Juarez for a while then shrugs.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Steve Blaine is backstage and John Herdick is standing backstage. Herdick has on some new digs. He is wearing a pair of gene wrestling shorts. He has on a t-shirt that says, "Redemption". Finally, the wheel stops spinning and the ball is handed to Herdick who slowly opens it and looks at it and begins to cackle.] JH: This works. I can work with this! [Steve Blaine looks at John Herdick with some confusion.] JH: I am ready to rock and roll, Steve-o. Tonight begins my redemption tour. John Herdick is ready to make an impact! I could have drawn the 2nd spot or I could have drawn the last spot. I didn't matter to me because tonight this honored opportunity stands in front of me as a test. A challenge that I am prepared for. [Herdick tries to keep himself calm.] JH: There are a lot of questions that NEED answers. I am prepared to answer for my sins. I am prepared to stand up and answer the challenge set before me. Let's do this, Steve-o. [Herdick holds his hand up and Steve Blaine hesitantly gives John Herdick a high five.] SB: Good luck to you. [We fade with Herdick fired up and ready to go.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [We cut back stage to see none other than UPW fan favorite Jeff Keenan smiling back at the camera. He dressed in his wrestling attire, and looking very confident, as it is now his time to reveal how he feels about the spot he drew for the main event Rumble match. Judging by Keenan's demeanor, he feels quite comfortable regarding his pick.] Keenan: Wow what a night of action it's already been. What else would you expect though, coming out of the UPW. As the main event Rumble match draws ever closer, and with it, the prize of a UPW World title Shot...It's time for everybody to put up...or shut up. I'm not going to be relegate down to the IXWA. I've never been more focused in my entire career than I am right now. And while Cardinal has the coveted 40 spot already locked down, the rest of us all had to put ourselves up to the luck of the draw. [Keenan nods.] Keenan: But it seems that luck has been on my side all night tonight, and this is no different. I'm very happy with the spot I picked, and I'm going to use that to my advantage when I go out there, the entire UPW behind me, and earn myself my shot at the UPW World Title. [Jeff gives a thumbs up to the camera, before walking off back to the locker room area.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Meanwhile backstage, the next number for the Ultimate Rumble match of the Survival Pay-Per- View continues on. The camera focuses on the huge spinning bingo hoppers as the collection of numbered balls juggle all over, shuffling along until a random number gets picked up. As the scene pans back the UPW crowd reacts to the one and only Ryan Keys. Half know who he is, the other half just react to how he looks. Dressed in his signature black small ring gear he carries a megaphone and a ripped open IWXA shirt, paying respects to his company. He brings the megaphone to his lips as his cold blue eyes stare at the roller.] Ryan Key(with megaphone)s: And it just keeps rollin’ folks..Lets it roll on forever. The longer I stay on screen the worse it will be for the censors. Not really wearin’ much here, and everythin’ is fairly obvious to see. [His voice sounds loud and choppy from the megaphone as he waits. Stretching his heaviltattooed arms he waits for the spinner to stop, as he makes pointless conversation with the person spinning it.] Ryan Keys(with megaphone): How you doin’ tonight? Is it cold in for you, or is it just me? I seem to be the only one underdressed for this. Still it’s a nice day for people to get dropped down to IWXA, right? [Obviously not getting a response he waits for a little while. His usual annoying banter carries over to UPW as well. Seems to be working in his favors as the spinner stops, allowing him to draw a random number from inside. Taking a while to getting his number Ryan finally picks one before taking a long look at it from the camera. Ryan Keys: Looks like doors open for me no matter where I go. It’s part of my charm. These guys over at UPW haven’t felt what it's like to wrestle against me. So I’ll give them a recap. I’m the longest reign’ IXWA Light Heavyweight champion, I took down a few champions to keep it for this long, because I’m as tough as they come. If you’re looking for a guy that can do hardcore I’ll go full blown sadistic until i’m the only one standing. If the people want to see highflyin’ action I’m already in the air droppin’ down at anyone. Speed, power, I got those, with a surprisin’ amount of smarts to my name. If these guys think that I’m just a good looking poster boy for IXWA, then congratulations numbskulls, you’re about to get your asses kicked by a pretty little model guy that doesn’t care if you can breath with i’m done with you all. But don’t take my word for it. [He smirks as he flings the numbered ball into the air before catching it. Bringing the megaphone to his lips he stares down with his icy cold blue eyes at the camera. A menacing look on his face that means business.] Ryan Keys (with megaphone): Actions speak louder than words do...so watch me wreck havoc on this Ultimate rumble while others struggle to survive. UPW is about to get a front row seat at the one and only censored star, Ryan Keys. You know they want it. [Putting the megaphone down Ryan tugs at his IXWA shirt, showing off his brand as he walks out to the side. Clearly he’s ready for this one and only event he’s been hand picked to perform in. As the camera fades out, the show continues on.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [We find ourselves backstage again with Steve Blaine. The UPW North American Champion, Antonio De Luca standing by as his number is finally revealed. After about thirty seconds, but what seems forever his number is revealed to him. As small smile forms across De Luca's lips. He slowly nods as Steve Blaine raises the microphone.] SB: Antonio, let me be the first to congratulate you on winning the North American Championship. However, tonight is about the Survival Rumble and your number was just revealed. How are feeling about your chances? [The North American Champion looks at Blaine like he is crazy.] ADL: You are asking me that chance? Did you not watch Showdown? Did you not watch how Dominion dominated the UPW locker room? While everyone is trying to figure out their game plan, ours is pretty obvious. SB: And what is that? ADL: Strength in numbers, Steve. We are going to stand together as brothers until the end. SB: What happens if you three are the final three? ADL: We will address that _when_ it comes. [De Luca snarls at Steve Blaine for daring to ask that question.] SB: Well, good luck tonight, Antonio. Let's cut back to ringside. [De Luca shakes his head as we cut back to ringside.]

[We return to the announce team at the preview desk in the United Center.] CHANEY: More men ready for the rumble, as we heard from Antonio De Luca, John Herdick, Jeff Keenan and many others. SMITH: Most of the men have other matches tonight as well, but everyone is thinking rumble in some fashion. Too much involved not to have it be part of your thought process! CHANEY: Speaking of thought processes, what could have been the thinking tonight for Tripp Skylark? SMITH: The little guy seems to have snapped! We all have moments where things go horribly wrong or we slip on the preverbal banana peel, but he seemed to come literally unglued in there! CHANEY: Will that carry over into the rumble? SMITH: You like to think that you put other things out of your mind before you start, but having been in some of these, no way does it leave you. He'll be mentally struggling with this all night. CHANEY: Fans, we have one more match in our preview show tonight, so we're going to send it to the ring and let the boys get back to it. We'll be back with our special roundtable discussion about the rumble after this match. SMITH: We'll see you soon! CHANEY: Take it away guys! [The screen switches to the ringside camera with the announce crew.] CONLON: Welcome back everyone to the ringside area and our final match of the preview section of tonight's festivities! JACKSON: This is one I have been looking forward to because we get to see Windham Brody! CONLON: That's right, the young man who has turned a few heads with his size and desire since coming over in the GEW buyout. He gets his chance to square off with the Big Red Live Machine in a match that will hopefully test him and see if he is ready for bigger things! JACKSON: Brody has already shown he is ready for bigger things when he came over to UPW in the first place! CONLON: I see your point, but you know I meant within UPW. (chuckles) Let's head to our ring announcers and get this one started! [The screen switches to show the ring. We see Billy James standing in a corner as the announcer begins.] RA: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Introducing first, already in the ring, standing six feet, two inches tall and weighing in at a rock hard two hundred, fifty-five pounds! Here is... B I G R E D L O V E M A C H I N E ! ! ! [The big guy raises his arms as the fans are already chanting the phrase "feel the love" as he eggs them on.] CONLON: Big Red Love Machine has a following due to his time in the SCWE years ago, Pepper! JACKSON: He has obviously been around Chicago as they love him here! CONLON: What is not to love about him? He is just a fun guy everywhere he goes and people appreciate that. You could learn a thing or two! JACKSON: Hey, Stan! I'm the ULTIMATE fun guy! Nobody can hang with me at a party! [The Ring Announcer continues.] RA: And introducing his opponent! Hailing from Lucifer, Arizona and standing six feet, six inches tall; weighing in at three hundred and seventeen pounds! Here is... W I N D H A M B R O D Y ! ! ! ["Thirteen" by Danzig as Windham Brody walks out with sour look on his face as he keeps his eyes on the ring. The fans shower him with boos as he slowly marches his way to the squared circle. Brody gets to the ring and walks up the stairs slowly, never taking his eyes off his opponent.] JACKSON: The guy is massive, especially when you look at him compared to Big Red Love Machine, who is quite the chunk himself. Wow! CONLON: Brody is in the ring and the referee motions to get this one started! JACKSON: Someone tell the Love Machine to get the hell out of there quick! DING! DING!! DING!!! [Brody walks up to Love Machine and stands. Love Machine offers to shake his hand as a sign of respect, but Brody just jabs his fingers into his throat as hard and fast as he can. Love Machine staggers back into the ropes and Brody rushes him and clotheslines him over the top rope and down to the arena floor.] CONLON: WINDHAM BROADY OFF TO A FAST START AS HE SENDS BIG RED LOVE MACHINE OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! JACKSON: Shades of what could be yet to come later for Brody! [Brody stands there looking down and begins yelling that is what we can expect later tonight over and over and over again.] CONLON: That is exactly what he is telling anyone who will listen! I guess we can only hope people backstage are watching this because this young man has a mission, it seems. JACKSON: What is even more frightening is that he is big enough to back it up! He could really be a force depending on where he drew to enter! CONLON: He is headed out to get Big Red out there, and I don't think I'd want to be him right now. JACKSON: Definitely not! [He steps over the top rope and leaps off the apron, connecting with a diving fist drop right on Love Machine's head. Brody gets up and yanks Machine to his feet as well, whipping him into the steel ring post where he hits hard enough for the ping to be heard over the boos the crowd is throwing at Brody for this attack.] CONLON: WINDHAM BRODY GOING TO TOWN OUT THERE!!! Did you hear that sound when Big Red hit that ring post? JACKSON: I have heard car accidents with less noise! You can pretty much tell Big Red is out of this. I doubt we see any Billy James upsets this time. CONLON: I guess anything can happen. JACKSON: Not outside the ring they can't! Brody has Big Red in the worst place possible and with the desire to do the worst things possible. Big Red will be lucky to walk out of here! CONLON: So pessimistic, Pepper! JACKSON: No, REALISTIC, Stan! He's a human pinball out there! Look at that! [Brody pulls Love Machine up and then pushes him hard into the ring apron. He pulls Love Machine off and then shoves him into the apron again as the referee starts yelling for him to get the match back in the ring. Brody looks up at the referee, who begins counting the mandatory ten count, and shakes his head before lifting Love Machine up and shoving him under the bottom rope.] CONLON: BRODY CONTINUES CRUSHING BIG RED INTO THE APRON BEFORE FINALLY GETTING HIM IN THE RING! JACKSON: It could be argued that he was trying to get Big Red in the ring, but he probably really wasn't. I mean why bother. We all know he was just adding to this ass-kicking he is doling out! CONLON: And the methods he is using may be questionable, but the result isn't. Big Red Love Machine is all but out now! JACKSON: He was done when that bells sounded! Don't kid yourself about that! Brody is showing off now. [Windham follows into the ring under the bottom rope and stands to his feet, holding out his arms to soak in the hate of the crowd. He finally bends down and pulls Love Machine to his feet only to scoop him up and lift him onto his shoulder and dropping him with a nasty shoulder breaker.] CONLON: SHOULDER BREAKER BY BRODY!!! JACKSON: He picked up the Love Machine like he weighed nothing! CONLON: Windham Brody getting noticed here tonight on the Survival preview show! Remember this name and watch for him later tonight because if he performs like this, it could be shocking! JACKSON: I won't bet against him at this point. [Brody walks around the ring taunting ringside fans and pointing down to Love Machine as he does it. He leans back and uses the ropes to gain momentum as he comes off to the middle of the ring and leaps for an avalanche drop on top of Love Machine's upper body. He rolls off before a count can be made and wags his finger at the referee.] CONLON: LOOK AT THE ARROGANCE OF BRODY NOT EVEN ALLOWING A COUNT!!! JACKSON: He obviously has a game plan he wants to employ. He wants to finish this a specific way. A master artist will not stop before he completes his vision. CONLON: Brody a "master artist?" JACKSON: What else could you call such a brutal beatdown? Brody is a machine in there, pardon the pun. [Brody pulls Love Machine up and keeps hold of the left arm, yanking the smaller man in for a disgusting short-arm clothesline. Windham's face is pure concentration as he pulls Love Machine up again and sets him up next to him and then hits a modified lifting reverse STO that plants Love Machine to the canvas with authority.' CONLON: THE ROAD TO HELL!!! BRODY PLANTED HIM WITH THAT REVERSE STO! JACKSON: DAMN!!! He is barely covering as the referee counts! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: BRODY WITH A CONVINCING VICTORY!!! JACKSON: And now people better be worried about him later tonight! CONLON: No way he sneaks up on anybody now. This kind of performance will turn a few heads and catch a few eyes! JACKSON: If it doesn't, then people are plain stupid! [Brody is up and he pulls Love Machine up and just throws him over the top rope again for good measure. His face is maniacal as his eyes get wide with thinking about the rumble later on. The fans boo him like crazy.] CONLON: BRODY AGAIN TOSSES MACHINE OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! That is just insult to injury there folks!!! JACKSON: He is just showing off. The fans are going to hate him regardless, so why not give them a real reason? CONLON: This is going to be an interesting night if this preview show is any indicator! Let's send it back to the preview desk now! We'll see you all back down here in a very little while!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [In front of the UPW backdrop, Blaine nowhere in sight, a bald man in a red denim jacket, unmistakably Dylan Cardinal, has his back turned to the camera. He raises a hand, four fingers extended upwards.] CARDINAL: Fortieth; last, but not least. [Three fingers fold, leaving only the index behind.] CARDINAL: ...Not by a long-shot. [His head turns slightly, exposing a chiseled cheekbone as he looks upon the cage-like structure formed by his digits.] CARDINAL: Sure, before the Survival Rumble comes a cage match, the kind of hell you can't escape from without battle scars. [Back still turned to the camera, he lowers his head, already feeling the toll to be paid by his body.] CARDINAL: Every participant coming fresh off the sidelines has a greater advantage than me. So why do they say Aaron Lewis can't truly call himself the champ until he faces the Basilisk one on one? [He turns his head, even his shoulders, showing his profile as he raises his chin.] CARDINAL: Why do they say a 7'2" giant _isn't_ the most dominant force in UPW? [His shoulders buck with a chuckle.] CARDINAL: Why does everyone point to the King of Serpents as the Rumble winner? [Looking up, he takes a deep breath.] CARDINAL: Because no man has ever kicked out of the LD50, and they know it. Out of the world's greatest, the men assembled in that Rumble, they know I'm the man who has never been pinned or submitted in seven years. [The next few words are naught but a whisper.] CARDINAL: ... they know my victory is inevitable. Inescapable, like their deepest fears. [Turning to face the camera, he solemnly lowers his head.] CARDINAL: The way they can't avoid pain, can't avoid losing loved ones, can't avoid death, can't avoid the Lord's judgment... and the Hell they deserve. [Finally, Dylan Cardinal looks up, the Basilisk's gaze piercing into the lens.] CARDINAL: I can't escape it any more than they can. It's my calling, my destiny. In the face of the unavoidable, all the strong can do... is _embrace_ it. [The King of Serpents isn't making a decree, just stating the facts such as they are.] CARDINAL: Acknowledge the inescapable. [Thin lips draw a smirk.] CARDINAL: All UPW can do is... embrace my inevitable victory. [Fade]

[We return to the announce team at the preview desk in the United Center. We can see a third man sitting at the table with the guys.] CHANEY: Ladies and gentlemen, with us at the preview desk is minority owner of UPW and wrestling legend in his own right, "Too Cool" Chris Hopper. Thanks for joining us Mr. Hopper. HOPPER: Hey, it's my pleasure guys. This has been our goal all along and now that we're showing off the product on pay-per-view, I'm always excited to talk about it. CHANEY: So, Chris, a lot has been made about the decision to step away from the old TTW format for the rumble. In TTW, the rumble was similar to the UEW days, right Gorilla? SMITH: Seems so, Eric. Double elimination is what made the old Rumble in the Bronx special. I dare say the same to TTW as well. It also made sure that the really early numbers wouldn't necessarily have odds stacked against them to be around at the end. HOPPER: Well you are right about both of those things and we were both in those old UEW rumbles of the past. [The nod at each other.] SMITH: Certainly were! Those were brutal! HOPPER: And that is partly why. We wanted to make sure we lessened the chance of extreme injury for our performers. They are going to rip each other to shreds anyway, so why add time and place for it to happen. There was also the point of the set up to begin with. CHANEY: The set up? HOPPER: Yes. You see to do it that way would mean a second ring set up in the area down there. and that would eat up valuable seats, which fetch better prices than the ones up there. [He points to the nosebleed sections at the top.] HOPPER: So now we are considering giving up thousands in ticket sales to double the chances of some of our best wrestlers getting hurt. It just made smart business. SMITH: But why get rid of the firing aspect? Part of the drama in UEW and TTW was the fact guys were actually fighting for their jobs. Why take that away, boss man? HOPPER: In all honesty, I didn't want to fire anybody. You look up and down the roster and we have guys who are long time veterans like us and we also have rookies and youngsters. I didn't feel the need for any of them to get forced out at this time, even with a great place like IXWA to send them to. CHANEY: So the main reason we asked you on is for you and Gorilla both to discuss what you think we will see in tonight's rumble. I won't ask you to handicap the individual matches on the main show, but the rumble is so crazy it cries out for dissection. [Hopper laughs.] HOPPER: Alright. Shoot. CHANEY: Who do you think will get the most eliminations tonight? [Both men pause and think.] SMITH: I'm going to say Windham Brody. And that is strictly based off what I just saw in the ring. He seems big and bad enough to stand up to everyone in there and probably knock a bunch out. CHANEY: Ok, Chris? HOPPER: That is a tough answer to think about. If we look at pure size and the ability to overpower, you can go one way, but if you look at pure shady character and all. I'm going to say Felix Sandoval. I think he will be a surprise tonight in many ways. SMITH: Interesting. I expected you to go with Chambers or whoever loses the World Title match perhaps. HOPPER: I can be unpredictable at times. CHANEY: Who will be the ironman? Who gets the most total time in the ring tonight? HOPPER: Donegal. SMITH: That didn't take long to say! HOPPER: The man is entering number one and he has shown the ability to take a beating and still rebound back to dish out more himself. Plus he is a smaller and quicker target, which might be good for him. I don't know that he wins, but he should easily be the longest in there. CHANEY: Gorilla? SMITH: I'm going to say that Rick Styles lasts longest. I go back to what you said a bit ago about most eliminations. I see Styles as a sneaky bastard that will spend half his time outside the ring hiding, but he will have a long run regardless. CHANEY: Alright, who wins? SMITH: Oh man! HOPPER: Yeah, that is just too difficult. CHANEY: Come on, you have to have an opinion! SMITH: OK, I'll say whomever loses the World Title match ends up getting one of the last couple of numbers and wins to set up a rematch at Slamfest. It sounds good, anyway! [They all nod and chuckle.] HOPPER: Yeah that sounds good. Honestly, I can't even think that way right now. I could see legitimately six or eight guys that could win and that doesn't take into account guys like Windham Brody who could shock us all. I just can't pick one guy. CHANEY: Ever the politician, eh? HOPPER: What can I say? (laughing) SMITH: That was always your Achilles heel, my friend. HOPPER: I know, I know! CHANEY: Well before we sign off, let's take one more segment to see some of those number drawings from earlier today. Considering some of the reactions it looks like it will be an interesting night for UPW. HOPPER: We're hoping so! SMITH: Let's roll that footage!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [We return to the backstage area where Steve Blaine stands behind a large basket filled with paper balls. He has a goofy smile on face that seems as out of place as his bright tuxedo.] Steve Blaine: It's been a great show so far, folks, as we prepare for the biggest match in UPW history, THE ULTIMATE RUMBLE. From off-screen: ...And now it is time for the "Top Dog" to choose his number! [Rick Styles walks into the scene. He is followed by his ringside attendants, Erin and Ralph. Blaine steps out from behind the basket of balls, allowing Styles to take his place. Erin walks past Styles, standing on his right between himself and Blaine. Ralph takes his spot on Rick's left side.] Steve Blaine: Rick Styles, are you ready to make your pick? Rick Styles: I am not making _A_ pick, Stan, I am making _THE_ pick. Only one number can be the winner and it is the one I choose right NOW. Destiny stands with Rick Styles, so all of you at home who play in those rumble number pools, get ready... [Rick stick his left hand inside the basket. He pulls out one paper ball and holds it up in front of his face.] Rick Styles: ...because the Ultimate Number for the Ultimate Rumble IS... ...DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... [Using only his left fingers, Rick Styles opens the paper ball, spreading it across his palm. His face suddenly droops as he stares with disbelief at his pick. Erin gasps. Styles' eyes narrow with rage.] Ralph: Ooh, that's not good. Not good at ALL. Steve Blaine: The world is waiting, Rick, What is the "ultimate number" for the Ultimate Rumble? [Rick makes a fist, crumpling the paper back into a ball. Steve Blaine re-directs his attention towards the doorway as "Hardcore Icon" Brandon Franklin and Walt enter the room. Franklin, is wearing "street clothes", Walt, a nice black business suit. Walt has a look of amusement on his face.] W: Tough crowd... [With all eyes on Franklin, who stares a hole through one of his opponents at the rumble, Styles drops the paper ball in his hand back into the basket, grabs another one, and takes off. Erin quickly follows. Blaine turns back, but only Ralph is left In front of the basket, looking back and forth frantically.] Ralph: Wait...you can't just...CAN YOU DO THAT? Steve Blaine: Wait, what just happened? Erin: Ralph, COME ON! [Ralph scurries off-set, brushing Franklin's shoulder as he does. Franklin doesn't budge, the look of disgust on his face is obvious. Franklin takes a deep breath and moves to one side of the basket with Blaine on the other, Walt moves in behind Franklin.] SB: Okay. Moving on, any preference on which number you draw, Mister Franklin? [Franklin scoffs. He reaches his hand into the basket and draws a number. Walt sneaks a glance and smirks. Franklin sets the piece of paper on a table, sliding it over towards Blaine with a finger.] BF: Listen, guy... I've been in the wrestling business on and off for over twenty years. I've participated in just about every type of match you could think of. There's not too many on this UPW Roster that have the experience that I do. [Pause.] BF: And while they spend all their energy plottin' and schemin' and talkin' about what they're gonna' do, I rely on what got me here. I rely on the gifts given to me by God. [He holds up his clenched fists, confidence on his face.] BF: These hands.... these are what got me here. These hands coupled with my ability and experience will *most definitely* be *enough*. These hands are why fans chant "Hardcore Icon" all across the United States... [He grins, dropping his hands and resting them knuckles first on the table top.] BF: I'm not gonna' continue to stand in this shoe-box and explain to you how I'm gonna' go about my business as it pertains to the Rumble... [Pause.] BF: Because it's business as usual for me. Like I told Felix - as every member of this roster clamors for a spot in the big picture of things, I'm clearin' the board. As they follow directions and look for the payoff... the treasure at the end of their compass... [A punch on the table top, soft enough not to make him wince but hard enough to leave an echoing "thud"...] BF: I'm on a different map. And on my map, only one person's needs exist, only one person benefits and not everyone survives. [Pause.] BF: On my map, there's room for only one Survivor and that room's been reserved for yours truly. I'm not lookin' to "make waves." [A chuckle, "heh."] BF: I'm lookin' to change the world they live in. And in my world, all roads lead through me. In my world, the future is pre-determined and in my world... [Franklin stands straight up and points to his chest.] BF: The future is *me!* [Franklin turns to exit the room, Walt right behind him, camera slowly fades.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Cut to the backstage area where Tyson Bishop is hopping from foot to foot staring at the bingo roller hopper as Steve Blaine is winding the roller over and over again. After nearly a minute, Blaine stops the bingo roller hopper and reaches in pulling out a number and handing it "The American Nightmare". Bishop does not stop hopping as he reads the number. He tosses the number back at Blaine.] SB: Based on that reaction I can only assume you are not thrilled with your position in the Survivor Rumble. [Bishop, still bouncing, snaps his head to the left to glare at Steve Blaine, who quickly takes a step back. "The American Nightmare" chuckles for a split second before speaking.] TB: A number doesn't change a damn thing Blaine. I could be third or I could be twenty freakin' nine and the same thing will happen. Simply put it doesn't matter! "The American Nightmare" is gonna enter that ring, stomp some damn heads and put a hurting on whoever gets in the Dominion's way! [Cut back to ringside.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Steve Blaine is looking at his fingernails and making faces, possibly decisions in his head when..] "WOOO HOO!" [Blaine jumps but then laughs as we see young rookie, Ricky Courage of the Soldiers of the Sun, walk up to him.] BLAINE: Ricky, you scared me! COURAGE: Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Blaine it's just.. I've never fought in a rumble or battle royal before! So I'm PUMPING! MYSELF! UP! FOR THIS! [Ricky does fist bumps with each of those shouts. Blaine laughs and motions towards the numbers.] BLAINE: Well pick your number and begin your adventure into the rumble! [Courage nods his head.] COURAGE: Alright! Let's do this! [Ricky stretches before going through the motions of drawing his number. He draws his number and looks at it with a confused face.] COURAGE: Hmmm. BLAINE: Is there a problem? COURAGE: Not really. I just don't know if it's a good one or not. [Ricky ponders for a moment then shrugs.] COURAGE: I guess it's all good though, right? I mean.. Have you looked at what is going on tonight, Mr. Blaine? BLAINE: Ah.. Survival? COURAGE: A pay per view by one of the biggest wrestling companies in the world! Tonight I'm not only fighting for the World Tag Team Championships.. I'm fighting for a chance to earn a shot at the World HEAVYWEIGHT championship! It's.. It's amazing! [Ricky looks up into the lights, his eyes shining.] COURAGE: Ever since I was a little kid, all I've dreamed about is being a professional wrestler like my father before me! I would listen to my Mom's music and train with my uncles and work for this goal of accomplishing all of the things my Dad never got to do. [Courage looks down with a sad smile.] COURAGE: I never got to know my Dad. Not ever. But... [He looks up with a brighter smile.] COURAGE: When I'm out there in the ring I feel like I'm as close to meeting him as I'll ever get to. So my number is good because my number gets me in that ring for a second time tonight with another once in a lifetime opportunity. [Ricky pumps a fist.] COURAGE: Rock 'n Roll! [With that Courage walks off and Blaine smiles as he nods his head.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Cut backstage where "Adonis" Lance Donovan, one-half of Dominion, stands to choose his number for the Rumble. He chooses a number and unfolds the piece of paper. He looks at it and then at the camera with a Cheshire cat-like grin on his face.] LD: "The day of small nations has long passed away. The day of Empires has come", Joseph Chamberlain. That quote never rung truer than today. The day of the stand-alone wrestlers is gone. Tonight, Dominion establishes itself as the ONLY empire in UPW. [We cut back to ringside.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [We are in the back interview area, which has been taken up by a giant basket that can be spun around with numbers inside it. Standing next to this piece of equipment is "El Patron" Felix Sandoval. Steve Blaine steps out from behind it.] Blaine: Felix Sandoval is up next to claim his number for the Ultimate Rumble! How excited are you to be a champion heading into this match? [Felix turns his head from the hopper to Blaine with a look of disdain.] Sandoval: Did I say you could speak? When the greatest wrestler to ever appear on television walks into your presence, the proper respect must be paid. [He stares him down harder.] Sandoval: In your case punta, silence is what is required. [Steve puts up a hand toward the hopper.] Blaine: But I'm in charge of the number draw. I'm Steve [Sandoval interrupts.] Sandoval: Do I look like I care what your name is? Do you think it matters what you are here to do? The only thing that matters here is Felix Sandoval. [Felix is almost standing right over Blaine.] Sandoval: Wouldn't you agree mic-jock? [Blaine shakes his head quickly in agreement and utters not a single sound.] Sandoval: Much better. Now, the number. [Sandoval moves and sticks his hand in.] Sandoval: In all honesty, it doesn't matter what number I draw because I am destined to be victorious. I could draw number two or thirty-nine. It matters not. [He pulls out a number and looks at it. Steve Blaine looks as if he will speak, but Sandoval puts his hand up to his face and covers his mouth.] Sandoval: This is the perfect number. I could not have planned it any better if I was in charge. Prepare UPW because the Age of Patron is upon you! [He begins to walk off and Steve starts to say something, but Sandoval is heard.] Sandoval: VIVA EL PATRON! [Fade out.]

[We return to the announce team at the preview desk in the United Center where all three man are looking excited.] CHANEY: Well the time for talk has come to a close and it is time for the broadcast to begin! Folks be sure to call your local cable provider and hit that order button right now so you don't miss a second of the action! SMITH: You don't want to miss it as that Cage match is up first! Chambers versus Cardinal in a STEEL CAGE!!! As a friend would say, "Yowza! Holy Moly!" CHANEY: Thanks for joining us for the round table, Mr. Hopper. HOPPER: My pleasure guys. CONLON: Folks the time is now! It is time for Survival! Are you ready? SMITH: YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!!! CONLON: Because its tarts NOW! [The screen fades to black.]