[The screen is black, and then we see a light shine across an empty wrestling ring as we hear a
deep voice.]

VOICE:  Forty men.

[The screen shows faded, almost transparent pictures of the faces of many wrestlers in UPW. Dylan
Cardinal, Antonio De Luca, Jeff Keenan, Rick Styles, Glenn Chambers, the masked face of Titan
Juarez, and the list continues until nearly the entire roster is seen and fades away.]

VOICE:  Forty men of valor who all seek one opportunity.

[The image of the UPW World Title files the screen. We also begin to hear the instrumental of "The
Animal I have Become" by Three Days' Grace begin to play behind the voice.]

VOICE:  The road to gold is never easy, and some have battles to face before going for the
ultimate prize.

[We see Glenn Chambers and Dylan Cardinal fading in as if staring each other down.]

VOICE:  Two men who hatred has grown deep will lock themselves in a cage until only one
emerges victorious.

[The pictures change to Brandon Franklin and Felix Sandoval.]

VOICE:  Another man looks to avenge multiple near misses against a unflappable foe.

[The pictures change to Rick Styles and Jeff Keenan.]

VOICE:  A battle of two veterans, one considered a legend and the other considered a
journeyman who is seeking the respect rightfully deserved after all these years.

[The Warriors are now seen, and next to them smaller pictures of the Soldiers of the Sun, Dominion,
and O'Malley Brothers.]

VOICE:  A dominant tag team taking on all challengers at once. Overcoming means claiming
dominance of an entire division.

[The pictures of Liam Donegal and Malcom Shabazz are seen.]

VOICE:  The slight heard round the world and the whirlwind that followed, brings two men to
an epic battle of actually forcing your opponent to scream I Quit.

[The pictures all return all over the screen with the ring still visible in the background.]

VOICE:  And once those have ended, all of these men will find their way back to battle for
the ultimate prize in the sport in an epic contest to see just who can be the last man standing.
For one man tonight, the name of the game will simply be....

[The songs ends and the logo breaks into pieces and flies off the screen, revealing the inside of the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, as pyro begins exploding all ove rthe place. Fans are screaming at the top of their lungs and we even see a few signs from the vantage point of the camera. One says, "Lewis is champ! All Day Long!"; while another sign says, "Time to skin the Snake!" As these sights are seen, Stan Conlon begins broadcasting.] CONLON: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME TO SURVIVAL!!! This promises to be a night you will never forget as UPW enters the pay-per-view realm for the very first time! [The view switches to show our announcers at ringside both Chaney and Jackson are wearing suits and ties. Jackson's tie is just a simple black crossing fabric with a diamond in the middle. They have their headsets on as they start speaking.] CONLON: Hello fans, Stan Conlon here to bring you the play-by-play and sitting next to me is the one and only Pepper Jackson! You are looking good tonight, Pepper! JACKSON: I always look good and you know that, Stan! CONLON: Tonight is set to be an amazing night, isn't it, Pepper? JACKSON: I don't see how it couldn't be. Every match we have on tap has drama involved, whether it be some nasty issues between the men involved, or titles on the line, or even both! There isn't a single match you can sleep on in this event! CONLON: No, you can't, Pepper! From the TV Title match with Brandon Franklin challenging the champion, Felix Sandoval. JACKSON: EL PATRON!!! CONLON: You too, seriously?!?! JACKSON: In all honesty it is catchy. Gorilla has been saying it all weekend just that way and he is right, it IS fun to say it that way! CONLON: We also have the tag team division going full nuclear as four teams battle for the straps! Dominion, SOldiers of the Sun, and the O'Malley Brothers all trying to take what The Warriors have held since the first edition of Showdown! JACKSON: One hundred, sixty-six days as World Tag Team Champions for Carter and Robinson, and now they have to defend against a massive group instead of just a single team! If I believed in conspiracies! CONLON: You DO believe in conspiracies! JACKSON: I know I do! And I am telling you that I believe this was done simply to ensure a title change! The Warriors ought to protest if they leave here without the belts. CONLON: Of course we have the intriguing match-up of Jeff Keenan and Rick Styles, which should be a potential show-stealer. JACKSON: I look for the Shabazz/Donegal "I Quit" match to be the show stealer. That match is set up for anything to happen and it could go almost anywhere I would imagine with those stipulations! CONLON: And to top it all off, we have Aaron Lewis putting the UPW World Heavyweight Title on the line against the beast that is Derek Rage! JACKSON: Saying Lewis will have his hands full in that one is like saying I'm the greatest color man in the business today. It is OBVIOUS! CONLON: I think most are intrigued by the main event, which is the forty-man Ultimate Rumble. JACKSON: Who wouldn't be? So much at stake in that one, and the future will be laid out for us in that one as well. CONLON: The road to Slamfest VI has begun and it starts with that rumble! The man who will be challenging for the World Title at the UPW's signature event will stand tall when this night ends. JACKSON: And it will be hard to argue against his credentials because if he wins the rumble, he has definitely earned it! [The crowd begins to get excited as the screen switches for a few seconds to show some slight movement in the cage hanging about the ring. It begins slowing dropping into position before we switch back to the view of the announcers.] CONLON: Fans, as you can tell by the crowd the cage has moved and I think we're ready for this first match! JACKSON: With everything we got packed into this show, it is time to get started and what better way to start that throwing Glenn Chambers and Dylan Cardinal into a cage and seeing what happens! CONLON: As the cage continues to drop into position, it is important to note that this match is one that has more hatred involved than you can imagine! JACKSON: Chambers has been a target of Cardinal for awhile. It started when "The Basilisk" thought that Chambers was the man he would possibly face in the World Title Tournament, but it has become much more! CONLON: So much more! As Dylan Cardinal took it upon himself to cause harm to one of the high school kids Glenn works with back in Philadelphia on an episode of Showdown, which led to the usually mild mannered Chambers getting even on the next show. JACKSON: Even? He attacked him out of nowhere and hit him with the "Locked and Loaded!" Glenn Chambers showed that he can be just as dirty and nasty as Cardinal, and I think Dylan was actually HAPPY to draw that kind of hate out of him! CONLON: The fans knew Glenn was a man who would fight for what he believes in, and I think it only endeared him to the UPW Universe even more! JACKSON: I think it showed he is all talk when it comes to honor and stuff like that. Deep down, he is a thug and he showed it that very night! CONLON: Cardinal coming back the very next Showdown and spitting red mist in his eyes didn't help matters, and it set up on the course to this moment! JACKSON: Two men enter and only one gets to walk out of there with the victory! This is the first time it has ever happened in UPW! CONLON: Cage matches have the history of getting very nasty and this one, with all the bad feelings attached, probably won't take long to get there! JACKSON: The blood is going to be flowing, I believe! And as long as none of it comes out way, I'm totally cool with it! CONLON: The cage is in place, the crowd is already white hot, so let's send it to our ring announcers and get Survival underway!!!

[We get a shot of the ring with the menacing steel cage structure surrounding it before the ring announcer, standing outside the ring, lifts up his microphone.] RING ANNOUNCER: Ladies and Gentlemen.. The following contest will be fought inside.. A STEEL CAGE! [HUGE POP] RING ANNOUNCER: The only ways to win are via pinfall, submission, knockout or escaping the cage! [BIG POP] ["Wretches and Kings" by Linkin Park begins to be heard over the loud speaker as the fans erupt in cheers. Glenn Chambers steps out from behind the curtain, wearing his maroon singlet and black boots.] #Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey# #Feel alone, final blow# #We, the animals, take control# #Hear us now, clear and tall# #Wretches and kings, we come for you# RING ANNOUNCER: Introducing first.. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.. Weighing 255 pounds... Here is... GLENN CHAMBERS! [Glenn walks down the aisle and gets high fives form the crowd, but his look is not one of happiness, but focus as he stares at the steel cage encased ring.] #Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey# #Feel alone, final blow# #We, the animals, take control# #Hear us now, clear and tall# #Wretches and kings, we come for you# #Still alone, fight our blow# #Filthy animals beat down low# #Steel and bone, black and blue# #Run at the sunshine, we come for you# CONLON: The look in Glenn Chambers' eyes says it all. All that this man has suffered at the hands of Dylan Cardinal and tonight he gets his chance, inside an unforgiving steel cage, to gain justice. JACKSON: Instead of worrying about justice this guy should be worrying about just SURVIVING this match! He's not facing off against just any old scrub in there. He is about to be locked inside a steel cage with he most dangerous competitor in all of UPW! Justice? Pssh! This guy is too soft to get justice, Stan. CONLON: We will see. JACKSON: We sure will! [An outside referee opens the cage door and Chambers begins climbing the steps towards the door when a lanky figure hops over the guard railing and nails Chambers from behind with a forearm smash!] CONLON: Oh my! That's Dylan Cardinal! JACKSON: Did you have any doubt about this, Stan? Of course Cardinal was going to blindside this chump! [As the crowd BOO loudly, a smirking Cardinal drags a stunned Chambers away from the steps and charges towards an outside corner..] *CLANG* *THUDD* CONLON: Glenn Chambers' head bounced off that ring post with a sickening thud! JACKSON: I'm surprised he's not gushing blood already! [Chambers grabs at his forehead while the Basilisk shoots a sinister grin at the crowd. Dylan then pulls his rival up and throws the Philly native over his shoulder before...] *CLANG* *THUDD* [HUGE BOOS] JACKSON: That did it. CONLON: This just isn't right! The match is not officially underway yet and already there is blood! JACKSON: All is fair in love and war, Stan, and that goes for cage matches too! [As a trickle of blood rolls down Glenn's forehead, Cardinal yanks his foe up and drags him up the steps and through the cage door before tossing him through the ropes and into the ring. Once Dylan climbs into the ring the door closes and..] *DING* CONLON: This match is now officially underway but.. *WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* [Cardinal gives Chambers three hard stomps to the back of the head before walking to his opponent's side and..] *CRACK* JACKSON: DAMN! Did you hear that knee upside Glenn's head? That was SICK! CONLON: Everything Cardinal does is sick. [Chambers grabs his head as he rolls away and grimaces from the pain. The Basilisk follows slowly after his rival, measuring before striking!] *THUD* [BOOS] CONLON: Cardinal just hit Chambers right in the throat! JACKSON: Snake Bite, Stan! And this referee better watch himself! [The official starts to complain about the shot to the throat but Cardinal gives him a shake of the finger with an evil grin while Chambers coughs as he grabs his throat.] JACKSON: It's all legal tonight, Stan! CONLON: Indeed it is. That is what the issues between these two have built up to. [Dylan watches as Chambers struggles to his knees before calmly walking over and BLASTING his rival with PUNCH right on the forehead, opening up the lightly bleeding wound a little more. Chambers growls in frustration as he stops himself from falling over by the blow only to hit the canvas square on his back..] *SMACK* *THUD* CONLON: My word what a running knee to Chambers' head! JACKSON: The brutality is just getting started, Stan. *WHAM* [Cardinal gets in another hard stomp before slinking off to a nearby corner and climbing to the 2nd turnbuckle. He watches Chambers struggle to get to his knees with his evil smirk. Glenn pushes himself up to his feet and Cardinal strikes..] *LEAP* CONLON: Diving Clothesli- *CATCH* *BLAMM* [MASSIVE POP] JACKSON: WHAT?! CONLON: Chambers caught Cardinal in mid-air and countered with a POWER SLAM! [With the crowd GOING TOTALLY NUTS, Chambers scrambles to his feet and rage permeates from his eyes! He grabs the dazed Cardinal and pulls him up before charging towards the ropes and...] *CLANGACRACK* [GIANT POP] CONLON: My word! Chambers rammed Cardinal face first into that cage wall! JACKSON: He said he was going to stoop to this level! CONLON: This isn't stooping to a level, Pepper... [Cardinal tries to scramble to his feet but is reeling from going into the cage wall face first. Chambers is on him immediately and drags him over to the same side as before...] *CLANGACRACK* [GIANT POP] CONLON: This is revenge! This is for all the mind games! [Cardinal stumbles around the ring, desperately trying to get away while holding his face that has just gone into the steel a second time in a row. Chambers is on top of him though and..] *SMACK* [Brings a forearm across the back of Cardinal before grabbing his hated rival and charging towards that one side of the cage again and...] *CLANGACRACK* [MASSIVE POP] CONLON: This is for the sneak attacks! This is for DJ! JACKSON: Oh, cut the melodramatics, Stan! Let's be real about what is happening here! [Cardinal, having gone into the steel face first for a third time, is laying on the canvas holding his face but has no time to recover because an ENRAGED Chambers hops on top of him and rears back.] *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* CONLON: Look at these punches! JACKSON: Exactly! These are the merciless punches... *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* JACKSON: Of a man who hates another man! *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* JACKSON: Don't try to paint this picture as some poetic crap, Stan! Chambers is punching Cardinal's face into a damned bloody mess! [The crowd is LOSING IT as Chambers rains hard punch after hard punch down on the face of his opponent! Blood flows from the Basilisk's nose and lower lip but Cardinal has no time to check on his well being because after being rocked by all those punches he's being dragged up to his feet once more.] JACKSON: This is hate, Stan! [Chambers lets out a guttural yell as he charges at that one wall once again and...] *CLANGACRACKABOOM* [HOLY MOLY POP] CONLON: GOOD LORD! That is the FOURTH time Cardinal has gone face first into the steel cage wall and look at the damage it's done! [The blood pouring from his nose and lip, blotches of red and light purple about his face, Dylan Cardinal tries to stay up on his feet but he drops to one knee, unable to maintain his balance from the violence that was unleashed on him! Chambers touches the blood on his forehead then nods his head with an angry look in his face before pulling his rival up and hooking him by the head and setting up for..] *LIFT* CONLON: Chambers has Cardinal up for a vertical suplex! [Chambers holds the lanky Cardinal up in the air for a moment before running backwards towards that one oft used wall so far in this match..] *CLANGASMACK* [HUGE POP] JACKSON: DAMN! CONLON: Chambers suplexed Cardinal into that unforgiving cage wall! JACKSON: And he's not through with him, Stan! [Chambers doesn't lose his grip and keeps Cardinal in the vertical suplex position and with a growl he pulls Cardinal away from the cage wall and spins around before..] *THUDABOOM* [HUGE POP] CONLON: Glenn finally completes the suplex. JACKSON: Completes the suplex?! What are you talking about, Stan?! This man doesn't give a DAMN about completing a suplex! He's not going for points in there! [Chambers gets to his knees and his body seems to quiver from the anger pulsing through him. He glares at the aching form of his rival before looking out at the crowd and holding up an index finger.] [BIG POP] CONLON: Chambers is calling for something... [Glenn drags a dazed Cardinal to his feet and hooks him near the ropes by that wall, yes that one unfortunate side of the ring again, before...] *TOSS* *CLANGASMACK* [GIGANTIC POP] CONLON: What a release overhead belly to belly suplex by Chambers! JACKSON: Overhead Belly to..?! He THREW Cardinal into that cage wall a SIXTH time! CONLON: Yes but he did it with the over- JACKSON: That was VIOLENCE, Stan! Call it what it is! [Cardinal lays in a heap between the ropes and the cage wall as Chambers gets to his feet. He takes a look down at Cardinal and starts to go after him again but shakes his head and heads towards a corner and begins to climb.] [BIG POP] CONLON: Chambers is opting to climb out of the cage instead of going for a cover! JACKSON: Well, I imagine it has to hurt a man's pride more to be beaten so bad the other guy is able to climb out. [Chambers gets to the top turnbuckle and starts to climb up the cage wall when Cardinal gets to his feet and stumbles over towards the corner. He climbs up the turnbuckles and grabs a hold of his rival.] CONLON: Cardinal preventing Chambers from climbing out of the cage! [Glenn struggles free of Cardinal's grasp and side steps on the cage wall while spinning around. Cardinal realizes he's in a bad position with Chambers higher up than him and now facing him but has no time to do anything before..] *LEAP* *GRAB* *WHAMASMACKATHUDD* [HOLY MOLY RAVIOLI POP] CONLON: OH MY! Chambers leaped off the cage wall and caught Cardinal with a Sunset Flip Power bomb! JACKSON: I thought Cardinal was going to have this all his way after that early sneak attack but Chambers is no doubt putting a beating on Cardinal so far! That was BRUTAL, Stan! [Chambers sees Cardinal in a bad way and decides to scramble for the cover.] CONLON: Chambers is going for the cover after all now! The official with the count... ONE! TWO!! TH_ [DEFLATED POP] CONLON: Cardinal got the shoulder up! JACKSON: Cardinal's streak of never having been pinned or submitted in his career almost ended right there. Wow! [Chambers nods his head before..] *THUD* [POP] JACKSON: Wow! Another vicious punch! Chambers really letting the hate flow here, Stan! CONLON: After everything Cardinal has done to this man it is the only thing to be expected. [Dylan rolls away but Chambers quickly catches up to him, before pulling him up to his feet. Chambers begins to charge towards that specific much abused wall of the cage but Cardinal goes for a reversal trying to send Chambers into the steel.. But Chambers stops himself on the ropes. Glenn spins around and right into..] *THUD* [BOOS] CONLON: Another Snake Bite RIGHT to the throat! JACKSON: That'll stop any man in their tracks! [Chambers gasps for air as he drops to one knee while holding his throat. Cardinal stumbles for a moment then charges forward..] *SMACK* *THUD* JACKSON: FLYING SERPENT! CONLON: My WORD! What a knee strike to the temple of Chamber's head! [Chambers collapses against the ropes, holding his head from the pain of the blow. Cardinal touches the blood on his face from his nose and mouth and then spits some blood onto the canvas before grinning and stalking forward towards his rival and..] *WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* [BIG BOOS] CONLON: I don't think I've ever seen such bad intentions put behind stomps like these! JACKSON: It's as if he's trying to stomp a hole through Chambers' chest! *WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* [Chambers rolls to the side to avoid the stomps and finds himself leaning chest first against the bottom rope. Cardinal's eyes grow wide with glee for a moment and then he puts his boot against the back of Chambers' head and shoves his rival's face up against the steel wall.] CONLON: I don't like the looks of this! JACKSON: You don't like it? Imagine Chambers' view! [Cardinal grabs the top rope and then leans back, using all the leverage to grind Chambers' face into the steel cage!] [HUGE BOOS] CONLON: Good LORD! He's GRINDING his face into that steel! JACKSON: This is BRUTAL, Stan! [The referee watches on with horror as Chamber flails about as Cardinal grinds his face into the steel cage wall. After a few moments the official begins to step in and Cardinal eases off and lets go of the top rope and looks at the referee before a second later grabbing the rope and putting his foot against the back of Chamber's head and resuming the grinding with glee!] [MASSIVE BOOS] CONLON: This is HORRIBLE! That steel cage must be ripping at Chambers' face and forehead! JACKSON: Well, Chambers was bringing the hate earlier, Stan.. Now it's his turn to receive some! [Chambers grabs the cage and manages to push himself away and rolls off the ropes and towards a corner, grasping at his face desperately. Cardinal chuckles for a moment then wipes some of the blood from his nose onto his forearm before stalking after his rival. He waits till Glenn begins to push himself up before..] *SMACK* *THUD* CONLON: What a knee drop upside Chambers' head! JACKSON: Look at that blood flow now, Stan! [Indeed, after the grinding against the cage wall Chambers wound has opened up more and the blood is flowing more. Cardinal licks his cut lower lip and grins as he stalks after Chambers. The Basilisk grabs a hold of his rival and drags him up to his feet before scooping him up and..] *THUD* [Slamming him down on the canvas! Cardinal steps back, measures out his foe and then..] *SMACK* CONLON: Another knee to the head! How many has Cardinal doled out to Chambers so far in this match?! JACKSON: Whatever the number is I am sure it's not the last of it, Stan. Those knees are doing their job! *WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* [BOOS] CONLON: I know I mentioned it before but the force behind these stomps.. JACKSON: Some of the hardest stomps I've seen in a UPW match by far and those three were aimed right at Chambers' bleeding head! [Cardinal drags Chambers up but his foe shoves him away and goes for a wild right hand..] [POP] [But Dylan side steps the blow and..] *SMACK* JACKSON: Bionic elbow! *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* [BOOS] CONLON: Cardinal has Chambers REELING from those bionic elbows! JACKSON: That referee better get out of the way! [The official scrambles out of the way as Cardinal grabs the stunned Chambers and whips him into the ropes. As Glenn rebounds off the ropes..] *SMACK* CONLON: My goodness! That back elbow by Cardinal caught Chambers FLUSH and he nearly dropped! JACKSON: He would've dropped if those ropes didn't catch him, Stan! You can be sure of that. [Cardinal approaches Chambers menacingly as the Philly native tries to straighten up against the ropes but soon the Basilisk is on him, grabbing Chambers by his head and..] *CLANGASMACK* [HUGE BOOS] CONLON: DEAR GOD! Cardinal rammed the back of Chambers' head against that steel wall! JACKSON: Both of these guys must have it out for that one specific side of the ring, Stan! Seems like every use of the cage has been that one side of the cage. [Chambers holds his head as he grimaces in pain, slumped against the ropes in a seated position. Cardinal watches his rival as he grabs the ropes and struggles to pull himself up. Before he can get up though..] *SMACK* *THUD* [YOWZA POP] JACKSON: ANOTHER Flying Serpent! CONLON: Those knees to the head.. All of these blows to the head.. What kind of shape is Glenn Chambers going to be in after this match?! JACKSON: He should've thought of that before showing up to get inside a steel cage with this guy, Stan! [Cardinal wipes more of the blood from his nose onto his arm and chuckles as he watches Chambers struggle to get to his feet but...] *DROP* CONLON: Chambers just fell back down! JACKSON: He may not be able to get to his feet! [Cardinal grins and then turns towards the cage door and starts walking that way with a slow swagger.] [PANIC POP] CONLON: Cardinal is going to walk out the door! JACKSON: And why not? There is still the Survival Rumble later, Stan. He's already proven his superiority here so he may as well just get this over with and prepare for that prize later tonight. [The Basilisk gets to the corner, the outside referee unlocks the door and opens it..] [HUGE POP] CONLON: OH! JACKSON: What?! [Chambers pulls himself up to his feet and he desperately charges at Cardinal from behind but...] *SIDE STEP* *THUD* [BOOS] CONLON: Cardinal knew Chambers was coming from the crowd! JACKSON: See what appealing to fans gets you, Stan. [Chambers leans against the corner he wiped out on while Cardinal steps between the ropes and the cage and pulls Chambers through the turnbuckles to where he's laying midsection over the 2nd turnbuckle and then..] CONLON: Wait a minute.. Cardinal is grabbing that door.. *CLANGASMACKACRACK* [HOLY MOLY DESPAIR POP] JACKSON: WOW! CONLON: He SLAMMED that door against the top of Chambers' head! JACKSON: That was BRUTAL, Stan! [Chambers pulls away and rolls away in the ring, holding the top of his head and kicking his legs about from the pain. Cardinal steps back inside the ring with a smile on his face while the outside referee locks the door. Cardinal slowly stalks after Chambers who struggles to get to the ropes and tries to pull himself up.] *WHAM* [BOOS] CONLON: Cardinal just kicked Chambers back down to the canvas! JACKSON: Well, keeping your opponent down is better than having them standing against you, I'd say. [Chambers rolls onto his back only for Cardinal to step on his cut forehead and..] [MASSIVE BOOS] CONLON: My WORD! Now he's grinding his boot into that wound! JACKSON: Again, Chambers brought the hate and now it's just being given back. If you want to play with fire, prepare to get burned! [Cardinal cackles a bit at Glenn's suffering before easing off the boot grind. The Basilisk pulls Chambers up by one arm before..] *WHAMABLAM* *THUD* [HOLY MOLY POP] CONLON: MY GOD! What a short arm clothesline by Cardinal! JACKSON: He NEARLY took that fool's head off, Stan! DEE-YAMNN! [Cardinal leans against the ropes and catches his breath with a smile as he watches Chambers struggle to get to his knees. After a moment the grin drops and Cardinal stalks forward and grabs Chambers and..] *SMACK* [Hits a short knee lift to the mid-section, doubling his rival over, before going for the Double Underhook..] [HUGE ANTICIPATION POP] CONLON: Oh My! Cardinal is setting up for it! JACKSON: He's going to end it right here! [Cardinal flashes a bloody smile and starts to go for his finisher...] CONLON: LD- *THUD* [HOLY MOLY MASSIVE POP] CONLON: Chambers managed to pull himself away just in time! JACKSON: Cardinal fell on his ass! [Indeed, Cardinal went for the LD50 but Chambers pulled away just in time and the momentum sent the Basilisk down to a seated position which means he has no defense for..] *WHAMMM* [GIGANTIC POP] CONLON: MY GOODNESS! What a dropkick by Chambers! JACKSON: He tried to PLOW through Cardinal's FACE with BOTH of his feet!! [Cardinal holds his face with both hands as he rolls around in obvious pain while Glenn Chambers gets to his feet and stumbles into the ropes and catches his breath before turning RAGING eyes at his hated rival.] [HUGE POP] JACKSON: Here comes that hate again! CONLON: Indeed, Pepper! [As Cardinal struggles to his feet Chambers BURSTS off the ropes and grabs a hold of his foe and races towards that favored side of the cage to...] *CLANGASMACK* [GIANT POP] CONLON: What INCREDIBLE force! Chambers slammed Cardinal face first into that cage wall so hard! JACKSON: He's not done, Stan! [Chambers gets to his feet, touches the blood flowing from his forehead and nods his head before pointing to a different side of the cage and then grabbing a hold of Cardinal and charging..] *CLANGASMACK* [GIGANTIC POP] CONLON: Chambers sending Cardinal face first into another side of the cage! JACKSON: At least they're giving that one side a break! [As the crowd goes NUTS, Chambers gets to his feet with a firm grasp of his hated rival who is on very rubbery legs. Chambers points to yet another side of the cage and then charges...] *CLANGASMACK* [MASSIVE POP] JACKSON: He's going to ram him into every side of the ring, isn't he? CONLON: Yes he is. [Indeed, Chambers aggressively pulls up Cardinal and turns towards the last side of the cage and races with his foe towards it before...] *CLANGASMACK* [HOLY MOLY POP] JACKSON: WOW! CONLON: You mentioned playing with fire, Pepper, well Cardinal has burned Chambers plenty of times in recent months so it is high time for Cardinal to feel every lick of flame himself! [Cardinal tries to get to his knees but falls back down, holding his face. Chambers glares at his foe before hurrying over and pulling him to his feet and hooking him before...] *THUDD* [MASSIVE POP] CONLON: What a T-Bone Suplex! JACKSON: He PLANTED Cardinal right on his head! [Cardinal convulses a moment before going still and Chambers rolls to the ropes where he grabs them and pulls himself up. Glenn casts a disgusted look down at Cardinal before looking up at the cage wall and then towards the door before..] [HUGE POP] CONLON: Chambers is walking towards the door! [Glenn makes his way towards the corner. The outside referee begins unlocking the door as Chambers arrives at the corner. Cardinal stirs, due to the crowd LOSING THEIR MINDS, and looks up and begins to push himself up to his knees.] JACKSON: Cardinal! CONLON: But he could be too late! [Chambers gets one foot through the ropes and starts to duck through the ropes when Cardinal comes stumbling over and grabs his foot still in the ring!] [POP] JACKSON: He got to him! [Chambers tries to get his leg free of Cardinal's grasp but the Basilisk holds on for dear life! Glenn steps back through the ropes into the ring and ...] *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* CONLON: Hard shots by Chambers as he tries to dislodge Cardinal from his foot. [The outside referee locks the door again as Chambers struggles with Cardinal. Glenn pulls Dylan up to his feet and hooks his rival's arm and leg before...] *THUD* [BIG POP] CONLON: Side Russian Leg sweep by Chambers! [Chambers rolls over on top of Cardinal and..] *THUD* *THUD* JACKSON: We have never seen this man bring such hate into a fight with punches like the ones he has been using tonight! CONLON: After everything Cardinal has done to this man, nothing is surprising or unwarranted. *POKE* [BOOS] JACKSON: Then getting that in returns isn't unwarranted either. CONLON: Cardinal with a poke right in the eyes! [Chambers rolls away, holding his face while Cardinal rolls to the ropes to catch his breath. Both men use the ropes to pull themselves up before exchanging glares and both warriors stumbling towards the other and..] *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* [HOLY MOLY POP] CONLON: MY WORD! *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* JACKSON: These guys are punching the SNOT out of each other! [GIANT POP] *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* [MASSIVE POP] CONLON: Chambers is getting the better of this exchange! *THUD* *THUD* [Cardinal staggers back from the blows and then lashes out with a shot towards the throat...] *WHIFF* *THUD* [GIGANTIC POP] CONLON: Cardinal went for that Snake's Bite again but Chambers ducked and he's taken Cardinal down with a CALF CRUNCH! [MASSIVE SUPER DUPER POP as Cardinal SCREAMS in pain and guttural RAGE!] CONLON: Glenn Chambers has done his homework! He knows this is the move that "The One" Brian Young used to render Cardinal to a referee stoppage all the way back in SCWE! [Cardinal DESPERATELY claws at the canvas and tries to reach for the ropes.] CONLON: No doubt about it this move isn't only being used against Cardinal for the TREMENDOUS physical pain it is putting him through but also the psychological pain it must be causing, bringing up the demons of that night back in Cardinal's mind! JACKSON: Hate is bringing out the mind games in Glenn Chambers, huh? Guess he WILL stoop to any level like he said he would! [Dylan's fingers graze the bottom rope before he grabs them... But Chambers doesn't break the hold!] [HUGE POP] JACKSON: Why doesn't he- CONLON: He doesn't have to, Pepper. It's a cage match! JACKSON: What?! That's... Aww man! [Cardinal SCREAMS out in guttural anger and pain as Chamber tortures him with the Calf Crunch! The Basilisk pulls himself with the ropes before BITING DOWN on the bottom rope to avoid giving up as the referee asks him if he wants to submit.] [HUGE POP] CONLON: Wow! JACKSON: This guy is UNREAL, Stan! He's gonna' bite down on those ropes instead of giving up to Chambers! [Chambers tortures Cardinal a few moments more before releasing the hold.] JACKSON: What's he doing now?! CONLON: I'm not sure.. [Cardinal relaxes for a moment only to be surprised as Chambers drags him away from the ropes towards the middle of the ring before..] [SUPER DUPER POP] CONLON: He's put the Calf Crunch back on! JACKSON: DAMN! [Cardinal buries his face into his hands as Chambers tortures him again with the hold and the referee starts asking if the Basilisk submits. Cardinal shakes his head "No" while GROWLING gutturally.] CONLON: Can you imagine the toll this will have on Dylan Cardinal if he loses this match to THIS hold?! JACKSON: It will be devastating. How will he manage the rumble later if he can't get around on his leg?! [Cardinal refuses to submit and begins biting his hand while growling.] [HUGE POP] JACKSON: DAMN! CONLON: Neither man wants to lose this war of attrition tonight, that is for sure! [After a few more moments of torture Chambers breaks the hold again and rolls towards the ropes while Cardinal grabs his leg and makes guttural noises through his clinched teeth. Glenn pulls himself up and begins climbing the cage wall.] [MASSIVE POP] CONLON: Chambers is going for the escape! JACKSON: I don't think there is a single thing Cardinal can do about it at this moment, Stan. [Cardinal watches Chambers climb up the wall and he tries to get to his knees but instantly grabs his leg and cries out angrily.] [TOTALLY LOSING THEIR MINDS POP] CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS IS GOING TO CLIMB OUT OF THIS CAGE! JACKSON: I don't like it but I don't see a DAMN thing Cardinal can do right now about it. [With the fans LOSING THEIR MINDS, Chambers climbs to the top of the cage and looks out at the crowd.] [MASSIVE POP] [Then he looks down at his rival and his face contorts into a mask of RAGE.] CONLON: Oh.. I don't like the look on Chambers' face. JACKSON: Some bad wheels turning in that head right now! [The anger seems to grow in Glenn's face and then he starts to stand up on the top of the cage!] [HOLY FREAKING MOLY WHAT IS GOING ON POP] CONLON: Oh my God! JACKSON: Oh Damn! CONLON: I don't know what Chambers is thinking.. But don't do it, Glenn! JACKSON: This is not a smart move at all! [TOTALLY FREAKING OUT POP] CONLON: I know he wants to punish Cardinal! I know it but don't do this! You're too big a man for this, Glenn! DON'T- *LEAP* *BOOMADOOMATHUDABOOM* [LEAP OUT OF THEIR SEATS UNREAL POP] CONLON: OH MY DEAR LORD! JACKSON: HOLY MOLY! CONLON: Glenn Chambers FLEW off the top of the cage and splashed Cardinal! JACKSON: HOLY MOLY! CROWD: HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! [Chambers rolls around holding his midsection in pain while Cardinal lays still on the canvas.] CROWD: HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! CONLON: Glenn Chambers said that no matter what it took he was going to put Dylan Cardinal down tonight and look at the lengths he has gone to tonight to prove he meant every last word he said! JACKSON: All I know, Stan, is I am not EVER gonna' piss off Glenn Chambers if it means he is going to come after me like this! DAMN! CROWD: HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! [Chambers grimaces as he rolls over towards Cardinal and then drapes an arm across his rival's chest.] [MASSIVE POP] CONLON: Will it pay off?! JACKSON: A lot of time passed, man. [The referee leaps into position and..] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRRR............NO! [NO FREAKING WAY ARRRGHH POP] JACKSON: YES! CONLON: Cardinal got a shoulder up just in time! JACKSON: I told you too much time passed! [Chambers grabs his midsection and grimaces in both frustration and pain while Cardinal slowly rolls towards the ropes by the side of the cage that has seen the most abuse in the match. Chambers gets to his knees and GLARES at his hated rival as he pushes himself up to his feet.] CONLON: What more can these two do to each other?! JACKSON: At this point, I don't mind admitting I'm a little scared to find out! [Cardinal uses the ropes to pull himself up and then uses it as support but he's too dazed to defend himself as Chambers comes rushing towards him.] *SMACK* CONLON: What a clothesline by Chambers! JACKSON: Those ropes kept Cardinal from going down though. [The Basilisk slumps against the ropes as Chambers steps away and then turns around and charges once more..] *GRAB* *THUD* [HUGE POP] CONLON: Cardinal caught him with a Samoan Drop! JACKSON: He BARELY was able to get Chambers up and over for that! [Chambers grimaces as he lays between the ropes and the cage wall, while Cardinal grabs the ropes to help himself to his feet with a dark look in his eyes. Dylan limps towards the rising Chambers before..] *CLANGASMASH* CONLON: Cardinal RAMMED the back of Chambers head against that steel! JACKSON: That particular side of the cage continues to eat abuse tonight. CONLON: It's a good thing the crew did such a great job in the construction of this cage then! [Chambers grimaces as he struggles to his knees while Cardinal, also grimacing, waits for the perfect moment...] *SMACK* *CLANGACRACK* CONLON: VICIOUS Knee to the head of Chambers! JACKSON: He smacked that thick head of Chambers into the cage wall! [Cardinal limps a few steps away, while Glenn grabs his head in pain. He waits on Chambers to get to his knees before charging as best he can...] *SMACK* *CLANGACRACK* [BIG BOOS] CONLON: Another knee against the cage wall! JACKSON: Ah.. Did.. Did you see a bolt come off the cage?! CONLON: What?! JACKSON: I.. I thought I saw a bolt fly off the cage. CONLON: It couldn't have.. [Cardinal slaps at his left leg and grits his teeth as he waits on Chambers before he starts to make his move..] *THUD* [MASSIVE POP] CONLON: Chambers caught Cardinal with a right hand! [Cardinal stumbles back while Chambers climbs through the ropes and back into the ring. The Basilisk grimaces before charging but Chambers lowers his head...] *TOSS* *CLANGASMASHACRASH* [GIGANTIC SUPER DUPER POP] CONLON: Chambers BACK BODY DROPPED Cardinal over the ropes and into the cage! JACKSON: Hold on a minute! I for DAMN sure saw at least two bolts fly off that cage just now from that impact! CONLON: What are you on about, Pepper?! JACKSON: That cage wall is falling apart, Stan! CONLON: There's no way! JACKSON: How do you explain those bolts flying off it? CONLON: You have to be seeing things! [Chambers shoots another glare at Cardinal who pulls himself up to his feet, caught between the ropes and the cage wall, before Glenn charges and LEAPS OVER THE ROPES AND BARRELLS INTO CARDINAL'S CHEST..] *CLANGASMACKACRACK* *CRACKASMASHACLANGABOOMATHUDDADOOMAKRAKOWWWW* [EVERY SINGLE PERSON LEAPING TO THEIR FEET HOLY MOLY LOSING THEIR MIND POP] CONLON: OH MY GOD! JACKSON: DAMN! CROWD: HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! [Chambers and Cardinal both lay unmoving on a panel of the steel cage that is laying flat on the floor and part of the entrance ramp outside the ring.] CONLON: IN ALL MY YEARS IN THIS SPORT I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE! CROWD: HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! JACKSON: I TOLD YOU THAT CAGE WAS IN TROUBLE! CROWD: HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! CONLON: A panel of the steel cage has BROKEN OFF the structure from the impact of Chambers flying into Cardinal! CROWD: HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! JACKSON: Stan.. Who wins?! CONLON: I don't know! Both men are technically laying on that panel of steel cage! CROWD: HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! [Chambers begins to stir and tries to push himself up as Cardinal moves out from under him. Both men try to push themselves up... But both men slump back down.] *TUMBLE* [But Cardinal rolls as he slumps down with enough momentum to roll off the panel and onto the floor.] *DING DING DING* [NO NOT LIKE THIS BOOS] JACKSON: WHAT?! CONLON: Cardinal just rolled off the panel and onto the floor! JACKSON: Does that mean.. ?! [The Ring announcer appears at ringside.] RING ANNOUNCER: The winner of this match.... "THE BASILISK" DYLAN CARDINAL! ["Stripsearch" by Faith No More plays as shocked fans the arena over look on in disbelief as a referee comes over to kneel down and raise up the hand of the downed Dylan Cardinal, though the Virginian doesn't really move at all.] CONLON: By the absolute narrowest of margins Cardinal has come out the victor tonight! JACKSON: He's getting the "W" for sure, Stan, but I don't think EITHER of these guys are going to feel like winners after this! [Medical staff sprint down to ringside and begin tending to both men who are barely moving.] CONLON: And both of these men STILL have to fight in the Rumble later tonight! JACKSON: I'm not even sure either guy can MAKE it to that match later, Stan! CONLON: For Cardinal, he will have plenty of extra time, as we know he has the number forty position, but who knows where Chambers will land. Anything is possible there! [The view switches to the ringside announcers as they continues their discussion.] JACKSON: Even with that time, both of these men will need serious medical help. This was a nasty way to open up Survival! CONLON: In more ways that one! The production crew is already out here trying to clean things up and get the cage out of the way so we can get to our next match. JACKSON: They trashed the ring with blood, too! CONLON: And due to all the health laws, the canvas will have to be replaced as well. JACKSON: Well we have to keep everybody safe! Who knows what vile diseases Glenn Chambers has and spread all over the ring with that blood! CONLON: (shaking his head) That is just wrong, Pepper! JACKSON: What? CONLON: As they tend to the clean-up, let's head backstage where "Top Dog" Rick Styles has a few words about his upcoming match with Jeff Keenan!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [In the interview area backstage.] Steve Blaine: Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting ready for the grudge match, it is Jeff Keenan against "Top Dog" Rick Styles. Lots has been said going into this one, and I'm sure we're about to hear more as this man has asked for time to speak. Let's hear it for "Top Dog" Rick Styles. Come on in, Rick. [Rick Styles strolls into the scene, a blue robe around his body. His confident game face, which has led him to victory in dozens of pay-per-views is seen for the first time in twelve years.] Steve Blaine: Rick, this is your first pay-per-view match in over a decade. How are you feeling going in? Any butterflies considering how long it's been? Rick Styles: I'm not here to answer your question, what do you think this is, a shoot interview? I'm here to address the recent comments of my opponent, Jeff Keening. Steve Blaine: Keenan. Rick Styles: Whatever. The last time we heard that pathetic jilted lover, he bragged about his one claim to fame, that I, Rick Styles, despite my great record, have NEVER beaten Jeff Keenan. Steve Blaine: It is a true statement. Rick Styles: Yes, it iS a true statement. I've never beaten Jeff Keenan, of course, we've never actually faced each other, either. Based on that theory, Keenan could also brag that Brody Thunder, Caleb Temple, Alex Adams, Robski, Alex Martinez or even Alex Extreme have ever beaten him. Jeff Keenan has many other boasts over champions to brag about as well. For example - - Babe Ruth has never hit a homerun against Jeff Keenan, - Michael Jordan has never dunked on Jeff Keenan, - Tom Brady has never scored a touchdown against Jeff Keenan, - Bobby Fisher has never checkmated Jeff Keenan, - Donald Trump has never won an election against Jeff Keenan - Gordon Ramsey has never won a cooking competition against Jeff Keenan. - Sea Biscuit has never won a race against... Steve Blaine: Okay, I think we get it, Rick, what we're missing here is the point. Rick Styles: The point is, Jeff Keenan has never had a match against Rick Styles because he's never been good enough to be in the ring with Rick Styles. He's still not, but the UPW is forcing this match for reasons that have nothing to do with Jeff Keenan. But I have to laugh, Jeff Keenan's claim to fame, his one boast going into this match is that he's never been good enough to face me. [Styles smirks and shakes his head.] Rick Styles: Jeff Keenan, you were a small man in the indies chasing Samantha Bevins around, you were an even smaller man during your UEW run, and, after all this time, you're still a pathetic small man....and yet, you think you have what it takes to beat Rick Styles? You don't, Jeff, but don't worry, you still serve a role here. The UPW NEEDS its losers. Without losers for comparison, how would we know who the winners are? Am I right, Steve? [Styles smacks Blaine in the arm.] Steve Blaine: We get it, Rick. But, win or lose against Jeff Keenan, tonight, you are entered in the UPW's Ultimate Rumble where you have an opportunity to guarantee a UPW championship match. Your thoughts, Rick Styles? [Styles' grin disappears. His blue eyes narrow.] Rick Styles: This rumble is about a lot more than just the world championship match, this is about making a point to today's wrestling world. Steve Blaine: The entire world? What is your issue with today's wrestling world? Rick Styles: I'd think it's obvious, Steve. Today's wrestling world show no respect for the talent and competition of yesterday...and we deserve so much more than THIS. (his eyes narrow with disgust) Look how the "Top Dog" Rick Styles is treated in the UPW, by the talent, by the management, by the reporters, by the fans who discuss this fed online and in their podcasts. Instead of showing the proper respect, they laugh, gripe or outright ignore Rick Styles. [Styles slams his left fist into his right palm.] Rick Styles: They mock me, they disrespect what I say and what I do, never realizing that it was years of MY blood, MY sweat and MY pain that led to these ungrateful overly sensitive athletes having a ring to wrestle in TODAY! It was pay-per-views like THIS ONE that I went into that ring and filled seats, selling out arenas they can only dream about wrestling in, where I entered those matches with sore muscles, concussions and broken bones. Did I gripe and complain? NO, I handled the situation, endured the pain and walked out VICTORIOUS! These wrestlers can't relate, they cancel their matches if they have a broken toe. I won my fourth championship with a broken foot! Back then, we had HEART. We didn't win our battles by crying every time someone said something mean about us, we took our disputes into the ring AND BEAT THE RESPECT OUT OF OUR OPPONENTS! It's a time Jeff Keenan understands, he had his words slapped out of his mouth so many times, he doesn't have any teeth left...but the younger, arrogant talent here...they have not a clue what is meant by (slaps his chest) heart. [Blaine brings the mic to his mouth to speak. Before he could, Styles grabs it and yanks it back.] Rick Styles: BUT, it's all okay, because I've never asked anyone to respect me, I'd rather EARN that respect. I'd rather TAKE that respect, by any means necessary. And tonight, that respect is in the Ultimate Rumble. Winning the Ultimate Rumble means I can't be ignored anymore. Winning the Ultimate Rumble renders their disrespect and mocking irrelevant. Most importantly, winning the Ultimate Rumble means I am STILL the same Rick Styles that proved all his critics wrong all those times and throughout all those years. Now, I must prove myself again... ...and I assure you, I would not be here if I didn't have the utmost respect for my abilities. Believe me, mine is the ONLY respect for my abilities that I am interested in, not anyone else's. In the Ultimate Rumble, Rick Styles WILL stand tall! Steve Blaine: I'm waiting for the lighthearted joke. Rick Styles: There's no joke here, Steve. This is the venue that "Top Dog" Rick Styles is at his best. THIS is the kind of night that makes it all worth it. The path begins NOW! I am here to stand tall. Jeff Keenan, you're first. After you, the rest of the UPW is NEXT. [Styles storms off, leaving Steve Blaine alone, and at a loss for words.]

[We return to the announce team at ringside.] CONLON: And it looks like Rick Styles has his own spin on the Jeff Keenan saga, huh Pepper? JACKSON: Well he is right, you know. Keenan has never been the greatest in the sport. He has been considered a great performer and a top hand, but his accomplishments were in that middle tier, not in places like where Rick Styles excelled. CONLON: So you are truly buying the jealousy slant that Styles is peddling? JACKSON: I think it is obvious that Keenan believes he should be considered on that level, and that is his right to believe it. But he is also has the right to be wrong, which he is. CONLON: That battle is coming up later in the broadcast, folks. But coming up next is another situation of a chase, of sorts. JACKSON: "EL PATRON!" CONLON: Seriously, Gorilla should be beaten for starting that. JACKSON: It really is fun, but I know you want to be super serious right now. CONLON: We're about to discuss Brandon Franklin chasing after Sandoval's TV Title. JACKSON: Oh, that is some good stuff, my friend. Sandoval has owned this man in every way. CONLON: I don't think that is quite accurate, Pepper. JACKSON: Oh really? That is what Sandoval says anytime he gets asked. Do you really think the greatest wrestler to ever be on television would lie to the public? CONLON: I think he shades things to make himself look big and strong. Most people do that when they discuss themselves to others, and arrogant people do it even more. JACKSON: That is sacrilege! You should speak of Felix Sandoval like that! CONLON: Sandoval won the UPW Television Title when he managed to grab it WHILE BEING POWERBOMBED OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER on Showdown! JACKSON: So? CONLON: It was blind luck! Had Franklin shifted him a few inches the other way, he couldn't have grabbed it and this TV Title match may look very different! JACKSON: Are you really giving credit for Sandoval's supreme ring awareness to Franklin's in ability to position a freaking power bomb? CONLON: And then we have the match fro the title in Omaha, Nebraska in front of Brandon's home town fans. He seems to get the win and is handed the title by the referee when it gets reversed! JACKSON: Because time had ran out before the third count! That is a legal decision and nobody can second guess it! CONLON: But Franklin had Sandoval pinned. We all saw it in the middle of the ring! And the fact they took it from him and gave it back to the "kingpin wannabe" nearly caused a riot! JACKSON: That isn't anyone's problem, Stan. Felix didn't lose that match. You say he was beaten and pinned. I say he knew EXACTLY how much time was left in the match and decided to rest! I say that he is such a supreme ring general that he knew how it would play out long before it happened. I say Franklin never had a chance at walking out with the TV Title! CONLON: That confident in the TV champ, are you? JACKSON: I would bet the house on Sandoval retaining. I'd bet it with my mother IN the house! That is how sure I am that Felix will find a way to keep the belt around his waist. I didn't say he would win the match, just that he wouldn't lose the belt! CONLON: Well the time has come to see what will happen as we send it to the ring for the UPW Television Title match!

[The screen switches to the ring announcer ready to do his thing.] RA: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is set for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit. And it is for the UPW TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!!! [Crowd pop for the title match.] RA: Introducing first, THE CHALLENGER!!! [The lights go out. Green smoke lines the divide between the entrance-way and the ramp to the ring. "Last Resort" by Papa Roach hammers the PA system! The crowd pops huge as the "Hardcore Icon" emerges from the back and stands in the "smoke" with his right fist held towards the rafters. RA: From Omaha, Nebraska. Standing six feet, two inches tall; and weighing in at two hundred, sixty-one pounds! Here is... "H A R D C O R E I C O N" B R A N D O N F R A N K L I N ! ! ! [A spotlight follows Franklin as he heads towards the ring in his usual wrestling attire, his shirt with the words "Hardcore" and "Icon" in bold white across the chest and stomach.] [At ringside, Franklin slides under the bottom rope and goes to the far side turnbuckle, putting both feet on the middle rope and raising a fist to the pops from the fans! Franklin then jumps off and turns around to acknowledge the other side of the arena. He walks center ring with both fists raised feeding off of the crowd'a energy.] RA: AND NOW INTRODUCING THE REIGNING UPW TELEVISION CHAMPION! Standing six feet, three inches tall; and weighing in at two hundred, forty-four pounds. Fighting out of Miami, Florida...here is... "E L P A T R O N" F E L I X S A N D O V A L ! ! ! [Franklin bounces off the ropes a few times awaiting the champion. That's when we hear the voice of Marc Anthony as his song "Vivir Mi Vida" begins to play.] #Voy a reír, voy a bailar# #vivir mi vida la la la la# #voy a reír, voy a gozar# #vivir mi vida la la la la# [Out steps the UPW Television Champion, Felix Sandoval as he begins to do a little salsa shimmy with the TV Title gleaming form the spotlights.] JACKSON: NOW ITS TIME FOR THE SALSA PARTY OF THE TELEVISION CHAMPION! CONLON: You love this, don't you? #Voy a reír, voy a bailar# #vivir mi vida la la la la# #voy a reír, voy a gozar# #vivir mi vida la la la la# [Felix is wearing his customary ring gear complete with the gold chains and the title belt. He begins arrogantly walking down the aisle, almost dismissing the fans right and left as he acts like he is having his own little party and nobody else is invited.] #A veces llega la lluvia# #para limpiar las heridas# #a veces sólo una gota# #puede vencer la sequía# #Y para que llorar, pa' qué# #si duele una pena, se olvida# #y para qué sufrir, pa' qué# #si así es la vida, hay que vivirla la la le# [He enters the ring as the chorus rings out again. He holds his arms out an yells "Mi gente! Eso!" to the crowd, who throw boos at him immediately.] #Voy a reír, voy a bailar# #vivir mi vida la la la la# #voy a reír, voy a gozar# #vivir mi vida la la la la# [The music finally dies down as Sandoval takes the title belt off his waist, kisses it, and then hands it to the referee. He then stares at Brandon Franklin with contempt as he awaits the bell.] *DING!*DING!*DING!* CONLON: TV Title on the line, here we go! [Sandoval pats his shoulder, smirks at Franklin.] CONLON: Sandoval, very confident. JACKSON: He should be. He knows about Franklin's weak shoulder, telling him there's no point in trying to hide how damaged it is! [Sandoval calls for a collar and elbow tie up, and Brandon doesn't hesitate. The two men meet in the middle, tie up in a show of strength!] JACKSON: Look at that! El Patron's already showing his dominance! [In the tie up, Franklin appears to be gradually losing ground, Sandoval gaining a position of superiority little by little, rubbing it in his opponent's face with some trash talk.] CONLON: It looks like Franklin might be at a disadvantage, not able to leverage all of his strength because of that weakened shoulder... [Suddenly, Franklin surges up and powers Sandoval back into the corner turnbuckles! Before the referee can warn him about the rope break, he breaks the tie up and smacks Sandoval in the jaw with a back elbow!] JACKSON: What? [The referee forces Franklin to back away, and Sandoval massages his jaw, a stunned look of surprise still on his face!] CONLON: Did we all overestimate how damaged the Hardcore Icon's shoulder is? [El Patron charges past the referee, lunging at Franklin, but the Hardcore Icon reverses and Irish Whips the Colombian into the ropes, then tackles him down with authority!] CONLON: BIG SHOULDER TACKLE BY FRANKLIN! JACKSON: Using his injured shoulder! What is this? CONLON: Franklin's sending a message of his own right here! This shoulder's fine, Felix, better change your plans! JACKSON: A bluff! It's got to be a bluff! No one can heal that fast! CONLON: Don't forget how many wars Franklin's survived over the years, Pepper! [Sandoval gets up, walks straight into a quick jab, then another! Franklin whips him into the ropes, then drops El Patron with a huge lariat on the return!] CONLON: Lariat! JACKSON: And Sandoval quickly rolls out of the ring! Even when he gets taken by surprise, he keeps his wits about him! [Sandoval rolls out of the ring to safety, but he's visibly furious. CONLON: Sandoval thought he'd be defending against an opponent he had weakened, but that's not the case! [Franklin dares Sandoval to get back in the ring, mocking his retreat, and the fans pile on the TV Champion.] JACKSON: Sandoval does things at his own pace. He became El Patron by doing things his way! [At his own pace, Felix circles the ring to the stairs, ascends them, tells the ref to make sure Franklin's keeping his distance, then steps back inside.] JACKSON: Sandoval always has a plan, Stan. He's a man of achievements! We are talking about the greatest TV Champion of all time! CONLON: Adding his TTW championship reigns to this UPW run, one could certainly argue that case, Pepper! [The two men circle each other again... Sandoval motions for another collar and elbow tie up.] JACKSON: Felix aiming to prove Franklin's bluffing about the shoulder... [Franklin leans in to the tie up, but Sandoval suddenly dodges, kicking Franklin's leg, taking him down to one knee.] CONLON: A fake-out! JACKSON: Told you Sandoval always has a plan! [Sandoval kicks Brandon's knee again, and the Hardcore Icon falls to the canvas. With speed and aggression, Sandoval stomps at Franklin's left shoulder repeatedly!] CONLON: And immediately Felix Sandoval goes for that shoulder! [Franklin gets stomped into the ropes, and the referee tells Sandoval to back off. El Patron complies, but only after he lands as many stomps as he can.] JACKSON: How's your shoulder now, Brandon? [Franklin tries to get to his feet, but just before he can fully make it, Sandoval flies past the referee and strikes Brandon in the temple.] CONLON: RUNNING FOREARM! A dirty one at that! JACKSON: What's dirty about it? Franklin was back on his feet! CONLON: Barely! [Sandoval drops on Franklin, applying a lateral press for the pin.] ONE! . . . TWO!! . . . Kickout! CONLON: Sandoval tried to end this quick, but no cigar! JACKSON: There was a good chance that forearm knocked Franklin out cold. CONLON: Franklin certainly didn't see it coming! [Sandoval pulls his opponent up in a headlock, then tries to hoist him up in a vertical lift.] CONLON: Franklin blocks! ... And counters! [Instead, Franklin's the one to successfully execute the vertical lift, and he suplexes El Patron for a pop!] CONLON: What a suplex! JACKSON: Don't give the man too much credit, he merely stole Sandoval's idea! [Franklin lands a right hook, then a jab, then whips Sandoval across the ring into the corner turnbuckles!] *__THUUUDDDD!__* [Sandoval bounces right out and straight into a face slam by Franklin!] CONLON: Franklin taking charge, and Chicago's loving it! JACKSON: They also love pizza that isn't pizza at all, so what does that tell us? [Franklin pulls Sandoval up, throws him back first into the other corner!] *__THUUD!__* CONLON: Corner splash by Franklin! [The Hardcore Icon pushes the champion back into the corner, then climbs up the bottom rope, to trap Sandoval in and get that height advantage. With his left hand, he grabs Felix's head, then smashes a forearm into it!] ONE! [With the crowd starting the chant, he strikes again!] TWO! [And again!] THREE! [And another strike!] FOUR! CONLON: Big forearm smashes! FIVE! [Another!] SIX! [And even more!] SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! JACKSON: You can't do that to El Patron!! [Franklin lifts his right arm up... looks to the crowd... back down at a hapless Sandoval...] TEN!!! [Brandon hops offs the apron, Sandoval teeters out of the turnbuckles, out on his feet, and face plants into the canvas to a big crowd pop!] CONLON: Franklin sizing up the Champion... and lands the knee drop! JACKSON: El Patron's beautiful face! CONLON: Hooks the leg and... ONE! . . . TWO! . . . KICK OUT! CONLON: Sandoval's still in! JACKSON: Of course he's still in! This man is greatest Colombian-born figure of all time, you think he'd be defeated this quick? CONLON: Greatest Colombian? What about Simón Bolívar! JACKSON: Pff! Bolívar was born in Venezuela, you ignorant fool! CONLON: Really? But... JACKSON: Read a book, some time. [After Sandoval struggles to his feet, he's met with a right hook! Then another, and Franklin whips him into the ropes! On the rebound, Brandon sends him flying with a flapjack, and Felix eats a face full of turnbuckle!] *___THOOOCK!___* [El Patron stumbles out of the corner, walks right into a neckbreaker!] CONLON: Franklin with another cover, now... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . Th-KICK OUT! JACKSON: Like a champ! CONLON: He kicked out again, but Felix Sandoval is getting overwhelmed, here! [Sandoval tries to scramble across the ring, reaches the other ring corner and tries to shake off the cobwebs, but Franklin never lost sight of him! Franklin charges in full speed and crashes into the corner!] *____THOOOOOCKK!____* CONLON: MY GOODNESS, SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE STEEL POST! [Franklin's momentum carries him through the ropes and out of the ring!] JACKSON: What ring awareness by El Patron! He saw Franklin coming at the last second, but not only did he move out of the way, but he made sure he redirected Franklin's trajectory just enough to make his *left* shoulder connect with the post, not the right! CONLON: Astute observation, Pepper, though I doubt Sandoval did it intentionally at all. JACKSON: Whatever the case, the result is the same! [Sandoval slides out of the ring, regaining all of his usual arrogance as he struts towards Franklin. He pulls Franklin up, then rams his left shoulder right into the ring post!] CONLON: SICKENING! Right on the unforgiving steel again! [El Patron picks up his ailing opponent over his shoulder, then drops him shoulder first on the apron!] CONLON: Shoulder breaker! JACKSON: On the hardest part of the ring! [With opponent still his arms, Sandoval thrusts Franklin's left shoulder into the ring apron again, then shoves him back inside the ring under the bottom rope.] JACKSON: If Brandon Franklin had fully rehabbed that shoulder, good for him. That experience will come in handy when will help him rehab it again after tonight! [Sandoval hops up to the apron, then climbs up to the top turnbuckle... he takes aim, leaps...] CONLON: ELBOW DROP! Right on Franklin's shoulder! JACKSON: El Patron rarely ever takes to the air, but you can sense tonight is different! CONLON: It's survival! JACKSON: It's more than that! [Sandoval wraps his arms around Franklin's waist, hoists him up, and slams him neck and shoulder first into the mat!] CONLON: GERMAN SUPLEX! And a bridging pin... ONE! . . . TWO! . . . . KICKOUT! CONLON: What resilience by Franklin! JACKSON: Don't know if it'll be enough! Sandoval's clearly unhappy about that one blemish on his TV Title reign... that one match that ended with a draw instead of a victory. [Sandoval's quick to get back on the offensive, stomping at Franklin's shoulder again and again until Franklin's pushed into the ropes, forcing a rope break.] CONLON: The match where Franklin had him beat but ran out of time! JACKSON: He certainly was not beat! But tonight, that's the wrong Felix plans on making right! [Sandoval pulls up Franklin again, lifts one of his arm in a half nelson, clutches him in a belly to belly... then arcs him up and through the air!] *___THUUUD!___* CONLON: BIG BELLY TO BELLY HALF NELSON OVERHEAD SUPLEX! JACKSON: Throwing the Half Nelson in there to make sure the damage affects Franklin's shoulder! CONLON: Another cover... ONE! . . . TWO!! . . . . TH-SHOULDER UP! CONLON: Franklin still alive! [Sandoval gets to his feet, and gets visibly annoyed to see Franklin struggling to his feet as well, albeit slowly.] CONLON: Dropkick! [Felix dropkicks Franklin in the back, sending him crashing shoulders first into the turnbuckles.] JACKSON: Oh, yes... The set-up is perfect! [Sandoval smirks, then he places Franklin's head on the bottom turnbuckle...] JACKSON: Curbstomp's a-comin'! [Fans boo Sandoval's sadistic intentions, but just before pushing down on the back of Franklin's head, Sandoval stops in mid-movement.] CONLON: Sandoval didn't go through with it! JACKSON: Don't tell me he's going soft!!! [Sandoval readjusts Franklin a little bit, leaps up, then pushes down with unforgiving force, curbstomping Franklin's left shoulder!] JACKSON: He's not! CONLON: IS HE TRYING TO END A CAREER? JACKSON: He's looking to end the match! If it also takes a career behind the shed and puts it out of its misery, that's a bonus! [As the Chicago crowd rains boos down upon him, Felix flips Franklin over, grabs both of his legs, then slingshots him up neck first into the bottom rope!] CONLON: My goodness! JACKSON: That's the mean streak that has brought Felix Sandoval all the success he enjoys today, Stan! Best TV Champion of all time, I tell you! [Franklin's in spasms, clutching at his throat while Sandoval grabs him by the boot and drags him towards the center of the ring. He lines himself up, then drops down, connecting with a sickening diving headbutt!] *___THOOOCK!___* CONLON: That could have knocked both of them out! JACKSON: Never! El Patron's aim is flawless! CONLON: Here's the pin! ONE! . . . . . [Sandoval puts his legs on the second rope...] . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . CONLON: HEY! . . . . . THR-SHOULDER UP! CONLON: Franklin's alive! With that extra leverage it could have ended right here, can't believe the referee didn't see that. JACKSON: It's all about playing the angles, and it ain't cheating if you don't get caught! CONLON: Does your wife agree? JACKSON: HEY! I don't cheat and- ... Oh, I see what you did there. Well played, Stan. [Disgusted and frustrated, slides his thumb across his throat. He's done with this. He picks up Franklin, hoists him up across his shoulders in a Fireman's carry...] JACKSON: THE CLEAN CUT! CONLON: FRANKLIN'S FIGHTING IT! ... And escapes! [With elbow shots, Franklin fights out of the Clean Cut, and lands on his feet in front of Sandoval, who immediately sends him crashing back-first on the canvas!] CONLON: Snap Suplex! [Before Franklin can even think of getting to his knees, Sandoval kicks him in the head, then mounts his back, pulling Brandon's arms back around the Champion's bent knees.] CONLON: Camel Clutch, a hold that targets the back, but also affects the shoulders! JACKSON: Sandoval's really trying to make sure this match doesn't last as long as their previous encounter. A decisive victory is the aim, so he's focusing his attack with purpose. CONLON: That, he is! [For a moment, Sandoval stops pulling back on Franklin's head in order to land some elbows to the back of Franklin's head.] JACKSON: Old School Beatdown right here, Stan. CONLON: As effective as it is unforgiving. If he wasn't before, Brandon Franklin is in serious trouble. [The referee leans in to ask Franklin if he quits. Answer comes back negative, which earns another elbow to the head.] CONLON: Franklin has been taking a tremendous amount of punishment, and now there's no end in sight. [Referee repeats his question, and when Franklin gives the same answer, so does Sandoval.] JACKSON: You know why there's no end in sight? 'Cause Franklin's too stupid to quit. CONLON: He hasn't had this kind of opportunity in YEARS, Pepper! He had the TV Title within his grasp twice already! He's not about to let this one pass! JACKSON: Tell me how he's winning, again? He's in a submission hold he can't escape, damaging his shoulder a little more with every passing second. CONLON: It's not over until the referee says it is! JACKSON: Or time runs out. Not only is he not winning this match right now, he's sabotaging his chances in the Survival Rumble! CONLON: Can't argue that. [Sandoval pulls back on Franklin's chin, applying even more pressure, but despite the unimaginable pain, the Hardcore Icon stubbornly refuses to give up.] JACKSON: Remember how Franklin had these fans eating out of his hands a few minutes ago? CONLON: I sure do! JACKSON: Well, they're not rallying behind him anymore, are they? [The fans are rather silent, for a Chicago crowd. Franklin's trapped in a move he can't escape, yet still refuses to quit, and the damage keeps piling on and piling on...] JACKSON: The fans know it's hopeless. They know Sandoval is the only TV Champion to have won the title four times while losing it only twice. No one else will ever accomplish that feat, it's a record that can't possibly be broken. How many TV Titles has Franklin won? CONLON: None. JACKSON: Precisely. Chicago fans may be stupid, but they're not Brandon Franklin stupid. They've quit. They've tapped. CONLON: And Franklin still hasn't. JACKSON: You're just making my point for me, now. [Felix lets go of the chin lock, lifts up his right arm to prepare a strike... then changes his mind. He raises his left arm instead, and drives an elbow down onto the back of Franklin's shoulder!] CONLON: Oh, that's just cruel! [Franklin howls in pain, and yet, remains as stubborn as ever!] JACKSON: Sandoval wants nothing to do with another time limit draw! He'll do whatever it takes, Stan! [Sandoval lifts his left arm again, and drives another elbow into Franklin's shoulders!] *CROWD POP!* CONLON: FRANKLIN'S FREE! [... The force of the impact freed Franklin's left arm! He grabs Sandoval's right leg, torques his body, rolls his shoulders on the mat...] CONLON: QUICK PIN! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . TH-SANDOVAL BUSTS OUT! [Crowd deflates in disappointment. Sandoval pops to his feet, kicks Franklin in the ribs, then nails him with a picture perfect T-Bone Suplex!] CONLON: It almost worked, it was this close! JACKSON: But Sandoval's back where he belongs; in complete control! [Sandoval floats over Franklin, applies body scissors, wraps his arm around the Hardcore Icon's left shoulder then clasps his left hand, trapping the joint in a lock.] JACKSON: What the... CONLON: Americana Shoulder Lock! JACKSON: If you say so, but it looks like it hurts! CONLON: It does, especially since this submission targets the shoulder with much more focus than the Camel Clutch! JACKSON: So what you're telling me is that Brandon Franklin went from a bad spot to an even worse one? CONLON: No doubt! JACKSON: I LIKE IT! [Franklin cries out in pain, uses his right arm to block maximal torque from being applied to his shoulder.] CONLON: Thankfully, Felix Sandoval can't apply full force to the hold, that's why Brandon Franklin's in this. He could free his right arm at any point, maybe try to punch his way out, but if he did... JACKSON: ... then Sandoval would rip his arm off at the socket. CONLON: Metaphorically speaking. [The referee leans over, asking if Franklin's ready to give up, but the answer remains stubbornly clear! Sandoval tries to exert more force, applying more pressure with sheer power.] JACKSON: Just give up, Franklin. The sooner you tap, the better your chances in the Rumble, you idiot! [Sandoval looks up at the clock and frowns, maintaining his Americana Shoulder Lock.] CONLON: We're getting closer and closer to the time limit, here. JACKSON: He needs to beat Franklin decisively, otherwise the rematches will just keep coming and coming and coming. He needs that win! [Brandon still refuses to give up, clock's ticking, and now Sandoval hedges his bet. He leans down and bites Franklin's right wrist!] CONLON: DID HE JUST BITE FRANKLIN??? JACKSON: FRANKLIN LET GO!! THE HOLD'S FULLY APPLIED!! [Franklin screams as his shoulder bends backwards.] CONLON: THE REFEREE'S FORCING THE BREAK! JACKSON: WHAT? CONLON: You think he didn't see that blatant biting, Pepper? JACKSON: That wasn't a bite! It was an South Asian Incisor Hold! CONLON: Nice try! JACKSON: Not to be confused with the Asian Molar Lock. Look it up and educate yourself! [The referee pulls Sandoval off of his opponent, but clearly the damage is done. Brandon gets to his knees, one arm seemingly completely incapacitated.] JACKSON: The referee's abusing his authority, now! He just keeps pushing Sandoval away!] CONLON: He's gotta make sure Franklin's able to continue, Pepper! [Finally, El Patron backs off enough to let the referee examine Franklin... but not for long. Sandoval comes in swinging, Franklin ducks, and lands a stiff knee to the Champion's gut!] CONLON: Franklin fighting back... [Brandon picks Felix up in a Fireman's Carry...] CONLON: BRAINWASHED...? [Franklin buckles, collapses, unable to handle so much weight on his left shoulder!] CONLON: HIS SHOULDER COULDN'T HANDLE IT! [Sandoval, falling on his feet behind his opponent, applies a waistlock and heaves Franklin overhead, throwing him across the ring!] *_____THUUUUUUUDDD!_____* CONLON: BELLY TO BACK FLIPPING THROW SUPLEX!! JACKSON: Stick a fork in him! CONLON: My goodness! I can't believe it. Franklin flew across the ring, landed in a heap... and he's still stirring, trying to get up! [The Champion's not done stalking his prey, as soon as he sees Franklin pulling himself back up with the ropes, he charges in with a lariat!] CONLON: A COUNTER! [Franklin dips down and monkey flips Sandoval over the top rope and back first into the ringside mats!] *_____THHAAAACK!_____* CONLON: WHAT AN IMPACT! JACKSON: FELIX! CONLON: MY GOD! JACKSON: HE LANDED RIGHT ON HIS BACK! [The crowd erupts in a "Holy Shit!" chant that refuses to relent!] CONLON: Forget everything! Forget where you thought this match was going, how you thought it'd all end... EVERYTHING JUST CHANGED COMPLETELY! JACKSON: IS FELIX ALIVE?? CONLON: I DON'T KNOW! JACKSON: I CAN'T TELL IF HE'S ALIVE! CONLON: ME NEITHER! JACKSON: TELL ME HE LIVES! CONLON: If this was the Rumble, Sandoval would be eliminated! JACKSON: Who the Hell cares about the Rumble right now, Stan? The Greatest TV Champion of all time may have died in front of our eyes!! [Sandoval twitches.] JACKSON: HE LIVES!!! CONLON: Well, now that we know he breathes, the problem is getting counted out! JACKSON: That's fine. CONLON: It wouldn't be for Franklin! [The referee has already reached the count of five, and neither men have moved!] JACKSON: He'd get the win. That's what he wanted, right? CONLON: He wants the title! He wouldn't get the title with a count-out! JACKSON: Fine by me. Sandoval just needs to keep that title! CONLON: What about getting that win? I thought getting the decisive victory that settles the issue was of paramount importance? JACKSON: Plans change, Stan! The count-out loss is fine. [The referee waves off his count, and the crowd roars!] CONLON: FRANKLIN ROLLED OUT! JACKSON: DAMMIT! [Franklin weakly, almost pathetically stumbles towards Sandoval, but at least he reset the referee's count.] CONLON: Needless to say, this turn of events has seriously leveled the playing field. JACKSON: Franklin looks like an extra on The Walking Dead, but dangit, Felix hasn't even moved! CONLON: He twitched... [Franklin, one-armed, tries to pick up Sandoval, but the Champion is a sack of dead weight. Athletic, handsome dead weight, but dead weight regardless.] JACKSON: Franklin can't even lift up his opponent! CONLON: He won't be able to avoid the count-out if he can't get Sandoval back in that ring! [Unable to lift Sandoval, despair sets in, clouds Franklin's face.] CONLON: He's been looking for this for so many years, Pepper, and the title's evaporating before his eyes yet again! JACKSON: In life, there are winners and losers. Franklin just got typecast. [Franklin drags himself under the bottom rope and out again, breaking the referee's count again.] CONLON: I think he's got an idea, Pepper! [Brandon kicks the steps of the ring, then pushes them next to Sandoval with his feet, creating a ramp up to the ring. With his right arm, he grabs Sandoval's legs, then drags him up the steps, through the ropes and into the ring!] JACKSON: Oh no... CONLON: He did it! Count-out's no longer on the table! He's the pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THREE!!? CONLON: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! JACKSON: FELIX LIVES! [The referee holds up two finger in front of Franklin's disbelieving eyes, then he points to Sandoval's foot on the bottom rope.] JACKSON: FELIX LIVES! CONLON: Two, says the referee! [Still one-armed, Franklin drops a knee onto the Champion's forehead, then pulls him to the center of the ring before collapsing over him.] CONLON: TAKE TWO! ONE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THRE-SHOULDER UP! CONLON: SO CLOSE! JACKSON: FELIX LIVES!! [Brandon, disbelieving, summons all of his strength to pick up Sandoval. He lifts him up in a Fireman's Carry...] CONLON: Going for the Brainwashed... [Deflated Pop!] JACKSON: Shoulder gives out again! [Sandoval slides off, lands on his feet, but unlike the last time this happened, he looks like he's in no shape to capitalize, and neither does Franklin.] CONLON: Franklin will have to use moves that don't require his left arm! JACKSON: And he'll have to do it fast, 'cause there's less than a minute left to this match! [The challenger gets to his feet, throws a right that connects with Sandoval's jaw! He grabs Felix's arm, whips him into the ropes, then slams him to the mat!] CONLON: SIDEWALK SLAM! Franklin hooks the leg... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TWO! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THR---SHOULDER UP! JACKSON: FELIX LIVES!!! [Franklin seems ready to pull out his hair, but the time limit keeps him as focused as a man in his situation can be. He pulls Sandoval up to his feet again, and throws another right hook.] JACKSON: HE WHIFFS! CONLON: Did Felix dodge or did he stagger in a fortunate direction? [Franklin throws another punch, but El Patron blocks it, then head butts Franklin's left shoulder!] CONLON: A counter! [Franklin reels backwards, comes charging back with another punch! Sandoval blocks it by interlocking elbows!] CONLON: Sandoval, now clubbing Franklin in the back of the head! [Sandoval batters Franklin into a bent position, then drops him with a DDT!] *_____THUUUUUUDDDDDD______* CONLON: Sandoval with the pin! ONE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THRE-KICK-OUT! JACKSON: NO! CONLON: Franklin still in it! [Sandoval groggily gets to his feet as Franklin crawls away, the seconds ticking away. The Champion walks towards Franklin, still on the mat, when suddenly he's propelled face first into the bottom turnbuckle!] CONLON: DROP TOE HOLD TURNBUCKLE SMASH! Franklin with the roll-up, now... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THR-SHOULDER UP! JACKSON: FELIX LIVES! CONLON: He does, and all he has to do is survive for a few more seconds! JACKSON: And Franklin's offense is crippled! [Desperate, Franklin picks Sandoval up again, hoists him over his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry...] CONLON: BRAINWASHED... No! Once more, he can't handle the weight! JACKSON: Dumbass just won't learn! [Sandoval falls to his feet, knees Franklin in the abdomen, lifts him up in a Fireman's Carry of his own...] CONLON: CLEAN CUT! JACKSON: NO! DAMMIT! [Franklin fights it off and falls behind Sandoval. The Champ turns, lunges straight into a Fireman's Carry... F-5!] CONLON: CLEAN CUT! JACKSON: HOW DARE HE!?! CONLON: HERE IT IS... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THREEE!!! *DING!*DING!*DING!* CONLON: FRANKLIN DID- JACKSON: OUTTA TIME! CONLON: ...IT? JACKSON: Nope! Sorry! No cigar! Time ran out, this one's a draw, baby! Which means... CONLON: Which means we wait for the referee's decision! JACKSON: I was looking at the clock, Stan! History just LOVES to repeat itself! [The referee's consulting with the time keeper, and they both intently watch the replay on the announce team's monitors, piecing out which event happened first.] CONLON: What a grueling, unforgiving match, and considering the two athletes involved, is it any surprise they went the distance again? JACKSON: No, but the time ran out. Whether you lose in thirty seconds or run out of time... CONLON: The referee's come to a decision, and they're ready to announce it, Pepper! [Sandoval hugs the bottom rope, and Franklin, on his knees, looks up imploringly as the referee returns to the center of the ring with the Television Championship. The ring announcer's voice echoes over the expectant crowd.] RING ANNOUNCER: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... The winner, and NEEEEWWWWWW... JACKSON: NOOOO! RING ANNOUNCER: ...UPW TELEVISION CHAMPION... BRANDON FRANKLIN! [The referee raises Franklin's right arm and Chicago explodes in cheers!] JACKSON: THIS IS A TRAVESTY! TIME RAN OUT! CONLON: Not according to the officials! JACKSON: THEY SHOULD BE FIRED! [Fired up, Franklin grabs the TV Title, raises it high to the rafters and the United Center roars!] CONLON: This hasn't just been weeks in the making, it's been years in the waiting! Finally, Brandon Franklin has show the world he still got it! JACKSON: He stole it! [Sandoval angrily slaps the mat, rolls out of the ring and kicks the apron! El Patron doesn't accept setbacks.] JACKSON: Brandon Franklin will never live up to be as great a Television Champion as Felix Sandoval, NEVER! CONLON: Whether he eventually becomes the greatest champion or the worst, Brandon Franklin has definitely earned the right to be called Champion tonight! JACKSON: Well you know what? The Rumble's still to come, and unless Franklin undergoes shoulder replacement surgery during the "I Quit" match, then rehabs it during the tag team championship match, he's DONE! CONLON: He's going to need to put all the ice in this arena on it to numb the pain for sure! JACKSON: Whereas Felix Sandoval is greatness personified! Now and forever, he is EL PATRON! You better remember that! Even now, he's won the TV Championship more times than he's lost it! No one will ever match his greatness, NO ONE! CONLON: You never know what could happen in UPW, Pepper, you never know! [The screen returns to the ringside announcers as they speak.] JACKSON: That is the great thing about UPW is the fact that anything truly is possible here! CONLON: Including a misunderstanding turning into a terrible vendetta! JACKSON: Oh great, here we go again! CONLON: Fans our next match is just such an occurrence as we will see Malcom Shabazz take on Liam Donegal in an "I Quit!" match. These matches are generally brutal in nature, but how we go there was nothing even remotely as dastardly as what, say, Cardinal did to Chambers and DJ Jackson in the past few months! JACKSON: No it WAS just as bad! Donegal took a spot that didn't belong to him! CONLON: No, he didn't! JACKSON: Yes, he did! Listen to that recording again! CONLON: Alright, let's do just that. Ladies and Gentlemen, the assertion all along from Malcom Shabazz is that he was supposed to be the sixteenth and final man drawn for the World Title Tournament before the first UPW broadcast of Showdown. JACKSON: He was! It is obvious to anyone with a brain! CONLON: A mistake was made on air and the studio team of Eric Chaney and "Gorilla" Smith discussed it, while also airing the audio of the radio show where this accident... JACKSON: (interrupting) screw job! CONLON: KNOCK IT OFF! JACKSON: I'm just saying! CONLON: Of where this accident occurred. Let's show you that footage now. [The screen changes to show the footage from the September 20, 2016 edition of Showdown. The date 9/20/2016 is on the bottom, left-=hand corner of the footage as it plays.] CHANEY: This tournament is the real deal, but it has not been without controversy. SMITH: No doubt about it and rumors are that one of the low-level staffers on the "UPW Live!" Radio show was fired after the problems during the tournament draw. CHANEY: Folks, some of you may not have heard what was said during the radio broadcast, but it centers around UPW star Malcom Shabazz and his exclusion from the World Title Tournament. SMITH: He is still claiming that his name was supposedly said, but it isn't completely clear. CHANEY: In the interest of airing it all out, we are going to replay the audio of the moment in question tonight for you all to hear. But we also want to set the stage for you to understand because in all things context is key. SMITH: And it is only fair that people understand the set up of the radio show to know why this was more an honest mistake than intentional exclusion. CHANEY: So the radio show has only one booth, that means the sound tech, the host and the assistant are all in the room together. SMITH: That makes for close quarters. CHANEY: You got the right, Gorilla! And the host was pulling chips out of a bag with the names of the wrestlers printed on them in order to fill out the bracket in an utterly random sort of way. SMITH: Which is the only truly FAIR way to do it! How often have we seen tournament brackets and because of storylines going on, whether fans loved or hated the wrestler, and other factors; we could predict the entire tournament's results at the beginning because the brackets were planned in advance to work out that way! It just isn't a true contest to have the best man become champion. CHANEY: Right you are! So with this in mind, the host was pulling chips and announcing names in order of appearance and then setting them down on the table and pushing them on to the assistant to collect them. [Eric makes the motion of sliding a chip on the table with his left hand, giving the viewer a visual of what he is talking about.] SMITH: The assistant takes the chip and moves it out of the way so no confusion takes place, but something happened at the end of the draw. CHANEY: There were two chips left and one spot and according to the host, he pulled the chip, but his assistant bumped him when he began reading it and he dropped it, only to grab it and finish reading it on the air. SMITH: OK, discussing it isn't doing it justice, let's take a listen. [The two men sit there as the following audio footage is heard over the speaker system.] RADIO HOST: With the last spot in the tourney we have Malc.....(rustling heard as if bumped)....errr.....Liam Donegal! So there you have it, Liam Donegal is the final participant in the UPW World Heavyweight Title Tournament! [The audio ends and both men have the same interested, if not slightly confused looks on their faces as they begin speaking again.] CHANEY: What looks like an innocent mistake or an accident has now been blown up by Mr. Shabazz with claims of racism and injustice. SMITH: Well to be fair it isn't JUST the tourney draw. The website only lists Shabazz in the roster section. He is not listed in the ranking area, nor is he mentioned in the news area, and his roster bio was a broken link for weeks! CHANEY: So you agree with him? SMITH: I'm not saying I necessarily agree with him, but you have to admit that when you start having all of these things happen, it creates quite an angry man. [The screen returns to the ringside announcers.] JACKSON: SEE?!?! CONLON: I think the discussion there showed what most of us were thinking when this situation came around. That is was unfortunate, but it was an accident and not some conspiracy. JACKSON: But Shabazz took it personally and I think the fact Donegal also ended up in the big final four match for the World Title made things even more upsetting for Shabazz. Even Gorilla admitted he could understand the Hard Truth Soldier's side of things. CONLON: I think we all can, but for it to have devolved into regulating who could touch whom, threats made to wives and children, and finally the formation of a band of henchmen that will cause nothing but havoc is really a sad commentary on where this small misunderstanding led us. JACKSON: And that is why this particular match was chosen. When this is over only one man can truly be seen as the better man! CONLON: So hold on to your seats, folks because up next is that "I Quit!" match and there is no other way to describe it but to call it a true war that we will be witnessing. JACKSON: It's a battle of the establishment versus the impoverished, Stan. That's how you describe it. Malcom Shabazz is fighting for the little man, Stan. He's the one standing up and using his voice so the little man no longer gets stepped on. CONLON: Seriously? Did you seriously just say that? JACKSON: What? What would you call it? CONLON: Let's head to the ring announcer for the introductions.

RA: This match is scheduled for one fall. And is an I Quit match! [HUGE CHEER!] RA: Introducing first. [The guitar riff from "The Devil Made me" by Paris starts to play to deafening boos from the crowd.] RA: He is accompanied to the ring by the Hard Truth Soldiers. [Two Hard Truth Soldiers walk out in full black and grey camo gear. Both have their heads covered in ski masks, holding clubs in hand.] RA: Hailing from the United Hate of America and weighing in at two-hundred and fifty-five pounds. Here is... M A L C OM S H A B A Z Z ! ! ! [They continue to walk down the aisle as Malcom Shabazz come up behind them, wearing his black and blue camo pants, black combat boots and his black bullet proof vest.] # This is a warning, another cut to move on Another beat that's so strong Hold on and I get wicked in this song Stir up shit as the wit gets wisdom P-Dog comin' up, I'm staying low Pro-black and it ain't no joke # CONLON: Here comes one of the more controversial men in all of UPW, Pepper. JACKSON: One of the more? CONLON: Yeah, most controversial easily belongs to someone else. # Comin' straight from the mod that broke shit last time Now I'm back with a brand new sick rhyme So black check time and tempo Revolution ain't never been simple Following the path from Allah for know just Build your brain and we'll soon make progress Paid your dues, don't snooze or lose That came with the master plan that got you So know who's opposed to the dominant dark skin Food for thought as a law for the brother man # [The Hard Truth Soldiers hold the ropes open for Malcom Shabazz as he gets into the ring, Once all three men are in the ring, The both hold up their right fists in the air.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz is here in Chicago. JACKSON: Chi-Iraq, Stan. This place just became a battleground. RA: And his opponent! [Doubledrive's "Track Number 7" begins to blast out over the PA.] RA: Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty pounds. He is accompanied to the ring by his manager, "The Phoenix" Adam Lazarus. Here is... L I A M D O N E G A L ! ! ! [The crowd POPS~! as Liam Donegal steps out on the stage with his manager, "The Phoenix" Adam Lazarus. Dressed in jean shorts and a white Underdog t-shirt with the words "No Need To Fear" written around the picture, Donegal stares down at the ring and nods his head, then starts to make his way down the aisle, trading handshakes and high fives with the fans along the way as Lazarus keeps a wary eye out for trouble.] CONLON: We're about to see finesse versus power, Pepper. This match is right up Liam Donegal's alley. JACKSON: Submission holds aren't the only way to make someone quit, Stan. Liam is over confident. He fancies himself a submissionist. Malcom Shabazz? Malcom is thinking outside the box. That's the difference here. CONLON: We have Shabazz and Donegal ready to go as Lazarus uses the ring steps to get down to the arena floor. !!! DING, DING, DING !!! CONLON: We have the bell, and this match is underway, Pepper. This has been brewing between these two men for the past six months. Liam Donegal and Malcom Shabazz hate each other. JACKSON: All of it could have been avoided. Shabazz just wanted fair treatment. That's all. [Shabazz taunts Donegal from across the ring, running his mouth. The two come to the middle of the ring as Shabazz continues to run his mouth.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz is starting early with the trash talking. JACKSON: It's mind games, Stan. You have to get inside your opponent's head in that ring if you want to win. Throw him off his game. CONLON: What happens if you make someone already angry even angrier? Does the plan backfire? JACKSON: Only to someone immune to mind games. Like Malcom Shabazz. [Shabazz shoves Liam Donegal. Donegal looks out at the crowd who yell for him to push Shabazz back.] CONLON: Shabazz with a sign of disrespect. JACKSON: Really? Considering Malcom Shabazz has been disrespected since he stepped foot in UPW? [Shabazz shoves Donegal a second time. Donegal steps back and stays stoic. The crowd's yells get louder.] CONLON: Liam Donegal is keeping his cool right now, Pepper. JACKSON: Donegal is frozen, Stan. He's not sure what to do. [Adam Lazarus yells instructions to his protege. Malcom Shabazz takes his attention off of Lian Donegal and yells at the crowd and then Lazarus. Donegal springs into action and kicks Shabazz' right knee out from under him with a dropkick.] CONLON: Liam Donegal was just waiting for the opportunity! He was letting Malcom Shabazz run his mouth and make a mistake! JACKSON: When Liam attacks someone when they're not looking, that person made a mistake! If Shabazz had done that, you'd call it a cheap shot! CONLON: The bell had rung, Pepper! There was no cheapshot! Liam Donegal goes right after that right knee. He could've hyperextended the knee right away. [Shabazz grimaces as he lays on the mat. Liam Donegal gets to his feet quickly and grabs Shabazz's right leg. Donegal quickly applies a spinning toe-hold and then drops to his knees, driving his knee into Shabazz's right knee. Donegal stays there and cranks on the leg.] CONLON: I think it's safe to assume what Liam Donegal's strategy his here. JACKSON: Going after that right knee. CONLON: Exactly, Pepper. It's a two-fold approach. Donegal is a technician. He knows submission holds to put a hurt on that right knee and ankle. He's also taking away Malcom's offensive power. Malcom is a power-based wrestling. If he doesn't have a good leg to stand on, that cuts his offense down significantly. JACKSON: This strategy will play against Liam, Stan. CONLON: What makes you think that, Pepper? JACKSON: Liam isn't a stand-up fighter. He avoids going toe-to-toe with punches. If he forces Malcom to fight with fists, Liam will find himself at a disadvantage. CONLON: Excellent point, Pepper. [Donegal gets to his feet and reapplies the spinning toe-hold. Donegal drops to his knees again, driving his knee into Malcom's right knee. Donegal gets to his feet, keeping his hold on Shabazz's right leg. Donegal drives his elbow into Malcom's knee with an elbowdrop.] JACKSON: Liam Donegal wants to stay away from Malcom's fists. He's getting too close in there, Stan. [Donegal is quick to his feet and drives a second elbow into Shabazz' right knee while maintaining his grip on Shabazz' right leg.] CONLON: Most wrestlers move into a leglock after dropping an elbow on an opponent's knee. They scissor the leg between their own and work that knee. Donegal is more interested in doing maximum damage it seems. JACKSON: That's a mistake on Liam's part, Stan. Using those submission holds wears down that knee even more than just attacking it. CONLON: I'm not sure about that. Liam Donegal has some strategy, Pepper. As this match progresses, I'm sure we'll see him execute that strategy. [Lazarus claps his approval for Liam Donegal. Donegal gets to his feet and pulls Shabazz to his feet with a firm grip on Shabazz' right leg. Donegal slings Shabazz back to the mat using his leg with a dragon screw legwhip. Donegal grabs Shabazz' right leg and drapes it across the bottom rope. Donegal steps up onto Shabazz' ankle and looks down at the Hard Truth Soldiers ringside as Shabazz lets out a yelp of pain.] JACKSON: You're going to tell me that's legal!? CONLON: It is an in I Quit match, Pepper. I don't think Liam would utilize it in a standard match, this one is beyond just two guys wrestling to prove who is better. These two hate each other. We'll see them both pull out all the stops. JACKSON: I'll remember that. [Donegal steps off the ankle and then uses the ankle to jump up and come crashing down on Shabazz' leg. Shabazz grabs his leg. Donegal stomps on Shabazz a few times and then drapes Shabazz' right leg across the bottom rope a second time. Donegal stands on the ankle causing Shabazz to flail. Donegal steps off the ankle and then uses the ankle to leap up and crash down onto Shabazz' leg again.] CONLON: Shabazz really taken damage to his right ankle and right knee, Pepper. JACKSON: He doesn't need a vertical base to throw punches, Stan. Malcom can get Liam Donegal on the mat and do a ground and pound. [Donegal gets to his feet. He reaches down and yanks Shabazz to his feet. Donegal puts his head underneath Shabazz' right arm and grabs Shabazz's leg. Donegal lifts and drops Shabazz' shin across his knee.] CONLON: Liam Donegal with a knee breaker! It looks like he was focusing more on the shin with that one! [Shabazz lets out a yelp. Donegal keeps his hold and lifts Shabazz up a second time and drops Shabazz with a second kneebreaker. Donegal keeps his hold and lifts Shabazz up and drops him with a third kneebreaker. Donegal keeps hold of Shabazz's right leg after the third kneebreaker and then whips Shabazz to the mat with a dragon screw legwhip.] CONLON: Three kneebreakers followed up by a dragon screw legwhip, Pepper. Shabazz has got to be feeling that pain in his knee right now. JACKSON: No pain, no gain. This is something Malcom Shabazz knows very well. CONLON: Will he be able to stand? The more weight he puts on it, the more damage he'll do to his right knee and ankle. JACKSON: Shabazz needs to keep the weight on his left foot. CONLON: This may have been part of Liam's strategy. Injure a leg and allow Shabazz' weight and offense to work against him. [Donegal backs off of Shabazz.] JACKSON: Liam Donegal is failing to capitalize and stay on Malcom Shabazz. That's a bad move, Stan! He needs to stay on someone like Malcom Shabazz. Shabazz is crafty. [Shabazz gets to the ropes. Shabazz uses the middle rope to pull himself to one knee. Shabazz gets to his feet and winces a bit as he puts weight down on his right leg. Shabazz shakes his leg out and turns around. Donegal charges at Shabazz. BOOS! Shabazz pulls down the top rope, sending Donegal over the top rope and out to the ring apron.] JACKSON: That's what I'm talking about! Shabazz is crafty like that! He saw Donegal coming and yanked down the top rope and sent Donegal over the top rope! CONLON: Liam Donegal went out to the ring apron and didn't crash all the way to the floor! [Shabazz is the first to his feet. Donegal gets to his feet. Shabazz grabs Donegal by his head.] !!! WWWHHHAAAMMM !!! [HEAVY BOOING! Donegal flies off the ring apron and crashes to the arena floor.] JACKSON: Talk about strategy all you want and all the nuances that go along with it, Stan. Malcom Shabazz' strength is he knows how to use the environment. He was trained to fight on the mean streets. CONLON: Shabazz slammed Donegal's head into the metal ring post. Shabazz needed to swing the pendulum his direction. He did just that with the ring post. [Adam Lazarus circles around the ring to check on Donegal. Shabazz makes a swipe for "the Phoenix", drawing Lazarus' attention to him.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz just took a swipe at Donegal's manager! Lazarus has already felt the wrath of the Hard Truth Soldiers! JACKSON: Now the old man is gonna feel Shabazz' wrath. [Lazarus hops onto the ring apron as Shabazz backs up and puts the official between him and Lazarus. The crowd begins booing and screaming at the ref as one of the Hard Truth Soldiers races over to rising Liam Donegal. The Soldier grabs Donegal and rams him face-first into the ring post a second time.] CONLON: There's no call for that! JACKSON: Shabazz is master at divide and conquer and distraction. Look at how well-played that was, Stan. CONLON: Well-played!? JACKSON: Like you said. This is an I Quit match, Stan. These two hate each other and will utilize things they normally wouldn't to win. CONLON: Shabazz has utilized the Hard Truth Soldiers multiple times already in this feud! JACKSON: So then why does it come as a surprise? CONLON: It's not a surprise. I'd be surprised if Malcom fought a straight up wrestling match. [The Soldier quickly moves away from Liam Donegal. Lazarus hops off the ring apron after realizing the distraction. Malcom Shabazz raises a fist in the air as Lazarus goes to check on his protege.] JACKSON: Adam Lazarus looks concerned, Stan. Adam should be. [Donegal uses the ring apron to pull himself to his feet. Some in the front row gasp seeing the blood on Donegal's head.] CONLON: Malcom shabazz or one of his Hard Truth Soldiers has cut open Liam Donegal. Donegal's head was bounced off the ring post twice. That's an unforgiving piece of steel. JACKSON: Shabazz is the first to draw blood. [Shabazz can't help but smiling upon seeing Donegal's head covered in blood. Shabazz moves over and reaches down, grabbing Donegal by two handfuls of hair and pulling Donegal up to the ring apron. Shabazz hooks on a front chancery. Shabazz lifts and bring Donegal back into the ring with a vertical suplex.] JACKSON: Liam Donegal is brought back into the ring the hardway! [Shabazz sits up and grabs his right knee after the suplex.] CONLON: That suplex hurt Donegal, but hit hurt Shabazz too. He's grabbing at his right knee. [Shabazz gets to his feet and uses the top rope to bear his weight as he shakes his right leg out. Shabazz limps a bit as he goes over to Donegal's head and pulls Donegal up. Shabazz grabs the back of Donegal's head and drives Donegal into the mat face-first.] JACKSON: Malcom Shabazz bused Liam Donegal open. Shabazz is now going to just continue to focus on bashing in Donegal's head. CONLON: It looks that way, Pepper. Shabazz with a one-handed bulldog type move in there. [Shabazz rolls Liam Donegal over onto his back and straddles Donegal. Malcom Shabazz starts punching the forehead of Liam Donegal. Malcom yells at Donegal to say he quits.] JACKSON: Where Liam Donegal is a finesse wrestler, we see Malcom Shabazz' forte. He's just punching the hell out of Liam Donegal in there. [Shabazz continues to punch Donegal's forehead screaming at Donegal to say he quits.] CONLON: I don't know how effective this is going to be, Pepper. JACKSON: Liam Donegal may twist you like a pretzel until you quit. Malcom Shabazz punches you into submission. It's about making the other say I quit. Doesn't matter how you do that. CONLON: I didn't think of it like that, Pepper. [Shabazz lands one last punch and gets to his feet. Donegal rolls to his stomach. Shabazz raises a bloody fist into the air.] JACKSON: Snap a picture of that image, Stan. That represents what this match is all about, the man fighting against unfairness and refusing to back down. CONLON: Unfairness? We're talking about a guy who has used every excuse to explain why he hasn't found success in UPW. And then he justifies violence and numbers because he's not treated fairly. JACKSON: Exactly. CONLON: And you see no issue with this, Pepper? JACKSON: You can't explain to play by the rules when the rules are stacked against you. You have change the game. CONLON: I think there's a much simpler explanation, Pepper. [Liam Donegal rolls to his stomach and pushes himself to his hands and knees. Donegal crawls to the ropes, grabbing the middle rope. Shabazz drives his knee into the side of Donegal's head, draping him over the middle rope. Shabazz grabs the top rope and puts his right knee on Donegal's neck and pushes down.] JACKSON: It's all legal, Stan. Remember that. CONLON: Malcom Shabazz is choking Liam Donegal using the middle rope. [Shabazz taunts Adam Lazarus. Lazarus says a few words to Malcom Shabazz getting Shabazz to stop choking Donegal. Shabazz motions for Lazarus to enter the ring.] JACKSON: Adam Lazarus' taunting has no place in this match, Stan. CONLON: Shabazz is the one taunting, Pepper. We both know Adam Lazarus isn't going to let it go. [Lazarus and Shabazz exchange words with Shabazz leading Lazarus away from Donegal. One of the Hard Truth Soldiers sneaks up and grabs Donegal, pulling down to choke Donegal against the middle rope.] CONLON: Look at that, Pepper! The Hard Truth Soldiers are getting involved again! JACKSON: By any means, Stan. By any means. [The Soldier continues to choke Donegal for another moment. The Soldier lets go and moves on from Donegal as Lazarus comes to the aid of his protege.] CONLON: Adam Lazarus is trying to keep an eye out for Liam Donegal out there, but Malcom Shabazz is proving good enough to distract Lazarus. [Shabazz pulls Donegal off the middle rope and pulls Donegal to his feet. Shabazz whips Donegal into the ropes. Donegal rebounds and steps over Shabazz, who has dropped to the mat stomach-first. Donegal rebounds, but a Hard Truth Soldier reaches in and trips Donegal. Donegal hits the mat face first.] CONLON: The Hard Truth Soldiers need to stay out of this match, Pepper. JACKSON: You assault one Hard Truth Soldier, you assault them all, Stan. Liam Donegal made more than just an enemy out of Malcom Shabazz. Donegal made an enemy of the movement. [Shabazz comes over and viciously stomps Donegal's head a few times. Shabazz grabs Donegal's legs and turns Donegal around so that Donegal is under the bottom rope. Shabazz uses a leg catapult to sling Donegal throat-first into the bottom rope.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz is really working over Donegal's throat in there. JACKSON: Malcom is cutting off Donegal's air. He's making it harder for Donegal to breathe, Stan. [Shabazz gets to his feet and raises his fist in the air. One of the Hard Truth Soldiers quickly comes over and blatantly delivers a bionic elbow to Donegal's throat. Lazarus gives chase to run the Hard Truth Soldier to another side of the ring.] CONLON: Adam Lazarus is doing what he can to help his protege in there. He's only one man. There's a few Hard Truth Soldiers out here. JACKSON: Lazarus better watch out, if he knows what's good for him. He's out numbered outside the ring. [Shabazz grabs Donegal by his legs and pulls him into the ring. Shabazz pulls Donegal to his feet and wraps his arms around Donegal's waist. He uses his left leg to pivot and deliver a belly-to- belly suplex. Shabazz holds on and brings Donegal up for a second belly-to-belly suplex. Shabazz holds on and brings Donegal to his feet for a third belly-to-belly suplex.] JACKSON: There's one of Shabazz' goto moves, Stan. He loves to use those rolling belly-to- belly suplexes. CONLON: You noticed he uses his left leg to pivot instead of his right. [Shabazz gets to his feet and taunts the audience. Shabazz reaches down and pulls Donegal to his knees and right into a standing headscissors. Shabazz looks out at the crowd and runs his thumb across his throat. Shabazz lifts Donegal up and sits down with a piledriver.] CONLON: Brutal piledriver by Malcom Shabazz! Malcom has just been brutalizing Liam in the ring. JACKSON: Malcom wants Liam to remember what it was like in the ring with a Hard Truth Soldier, Stan. He wants to mark Donegal mentally and spiritually. Malcom is out to break Liam tonight. CONLON: Tonight is about more than just bragging rights, Pepper. JACKSON: It's about a whole lot more, Stan. [Shabazz gets to his knees. One of the Hard Truth Soldiers tosses some tape to Malcom.] CONLON: These thugs need to quit getting involved in the match. JACKSON: Thugs? What makes them thugs, Stan? CONLON: How they're acting, Pepper. [Shabazz catches the tape. Shabazz makes a fist with his right hand and wraps his fist in tape. Once Shabazz is satisfied he straddles the prone form of Liam Donegal and starts punching away on Donegal's forehead for a second time.] JACKSON: Shabazz is wailing away on Donegal's forehead again! CONLON: Malcom looks like a crazy man! JACkSON: Don't let him hear you say that! [Shabazz continues to just punch away at Donegal's forehead. Shabazz starts screaming for Donegal to say he quits. Spittle spews from Shabazz' mouth as he screams for Donegal to quit along with profanity.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz is raging on Liam Donegal in the ring, Pepper! Shabazz has lost control in there! JACKSON: Liam Donegal did this to himself. He drove a man who believes by any means to the raging point. [Shabazz switches to just grinding his knuckle into the open cut on Donegal's forehead still screaming profanity and for Donegal to quit. Shabazz finally stops grinding his knuckle into the wound and begins biting at Donegal's forehead.] CONLON: I never imagined this match stooping to this sort of brutality, Pepper. JACKSON: Me neither. Malcom Shabazz is acting on rage, hate and anger. He wants to kill Liam Donegal. [Shabazz stops biting. He gets to his feet and reaches down, grabbing Donegal's head. He pulls Donegal to his feet and whips Donegal into the corner. Donegal hits back first into the turnbuckle.] CONLON: Liam Donegal is in a bad way in there, Pepper. He's bleeding a lot more from the forehead after Shabazz was biting him. [Malcom Shabazz shouts a taunt to the crowd. He limps over to Liam Donegal in the corner. Shabazz hits a knife-edge chop. Shabazz lights up Donegal's chest with another knife-edge chop. Shabazz backs up and drives a shoulder into Donegal's stomach.] JACKSON: Shabazz is using a good strategy in there, Stan. He's cornering Liam Donegal and then just unloading on him with all he's got. CONLON: Malcom Shabazz has really focused on the head since busting Liam open with the ring post. We've seen Shabazz try to punch Donegal into submission a few times this match already. [Shabazz climbs up onto the middle turnbuckle and looks down at Liam Donegal. Malcom Shabazz raises his right hand in the air, taunting the fans.] JACKSON: Malcom is about to unleash a lot more punishment in there, Stan. Watch this! [Malcom Shabazz starts punching Donegal's head right where the cut is counting out as he does so.] ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN! CONLON: Malcom Shabazz wants to punish Liam Donegal, I get that, Pepper. Shabazz is wasting so much time making bad decisions like this. JACKSON: Wasting time? He has Liam Donegal right where he wants him! He's just toying with Donegal right now. Shabazz is proving a point. CONLON: If that point is he's his own worst enemy, then yes. He's proving that point. [Donegal slumps down into a seated position on the lowest turnbuckle as Shabazz steps off the middle turnbuckle. Shabazz grabs the top rope and places his right boot against Donegal's throat, choking the technician.] JACKSON: Is this a bad decision, Stan? CONLON: Well... JACKSON: It's a bad decision because it's Malcom Shabazz doing it! CONLON: No... JACKSON: He's cutting off Donegal's air. He releases, Donegal is sucking air. He's winded. He can't mount and sustain any offense. Disqualifications don't count in this match. While this may not be legal in a standard match, it's completely legal here. CONLON: All good points, Pepper. [Shabazz screams at Donegal to quit. The official checks on Donegal.] JACKSON: Donegal just needs to say I quit and end the pain here, Stan. CONLON: How is Donegal going to say it when Shabazz' boot is against his throat? [Shabazz relents on the choking. Shabazz yells at Donegal to quit. Donegal gives Shabazz the one- finger salute as his response.] JACKSON: Wrong answer, Liam. CONLON: Liam Donegal figuratively spitting in Shabazz' face with that answer! [Shabazz unloads with stomps in the corner in response to Donegal's answer. Donegal covers up as best he can. Shabazz moves in closer and starts driving in with his right knee to Donegal's head.] JACKSON: This is why you don't piss off Malcom Shabazz. He's been fighting his whole life. He knows how to hurt you. He doesn't care either. CONLON: He's not wrestling against Donegal in there. He's just assaulting him! [Shabazz lands one last knee. Shabazz grabs Donegal's hair and yanks Donegal to his feet. Shabazz fires Donegal across the ring to the opposite corner. !!! TTTHHHUUUDDD !!! DEAFENING CHEER! Shabazz hits the mat grabbing at his right knee. Donegal lays stomach-first on the mat.] CONLON: Liam Donegal bounced out of the corner and hit Shabazz' knee with a chop block! It's that same leg Liam was working earlier in the match! JACKSON: Shabazz needs to stick to his game plan. Keep Liam cornered and down and just pound on him until he can't take it anymore! [Liam Donegal looks up and back and sees a prone Malcom Shabazz grabbing his right knee. Donegal forces himself to his feet and to the corner. Donegal climbs to the middle turnbuckle and looks at the downed Shabazz.] CONLON: Liam Donegal is on the middle turnbuckle! This could spell disaster for Malcom Shabazz! JACKSON: I don't know about that! !!! WWWHHHAAACCCKKK !!! [DEAFENING BOOS! Liam Donegal falls off the middle turnbuckle and to the mat face-first. A Hard Truth Soldier stands on the ring apron with a stick or baton of some kind.] CONLON: THERE'S NO CALL FOR THAT! The Hard Truth Soldiers have been interjecting themselves in this match since the beginning! JACKSON: Every Hard Truth Soldier fights for the same cause, Stan. You wouldn't understand. !!! CCCRRRAAACCCKKK !!! [DEAFENING ROAR OF APPROVAL! The Hard Truth Soldier drops his weapon and falls, landing back first on the ring apron and then rolling off to the arena floor. Adam Lazarus stands with a chair on the ring apron.] JACKSON: THERE'S NO CALL FOR THAT! CONLON: Adam Lazarus has interjected himself in this match too, but he hit a Hard Truth Soldier and not Malcom Shabazz! [Shabazz gets to his hands and knees and moves over to the prone Donegal. Shabazz rolls Donegal onto his back and starts to blatantly choke Donegal as the official's attention is turned to the chaos outside the ring.] JACKSON: Adam Lazarus has no business interfering with the Hard Truth Soldiers. CONLON: He's protecting his protege, Pepper! He's not attacking Malcom Shabazz, he's keeping the Hard Truth Soldiers from attacking Liam Donegal. JACKSON: Which makes it acceptable!? [Lazarus wildly swings the chair, keeping the Hard Truth Soldiers at bay. One Soldier tries to get into the ring, but Lazarus cracks him over the head with a chair.] CONLON: This has gotten out of hand, Pepper! JACKSON: I know! Everything was fine until Lazarus interjected himself into this match! CONLON: What about the Hard Truth Soldiers' interference!? JACKSON: They haven't interfered! CONLON: One pushed Liam Donegal off the middle turnbuckle! [Lazarus continues swinging the chair to defend himself. Inside the ring, Malcom Shabazz continues to choke Liam Donegal.] JACkSON: I didn't see that. CONLON: Convenient. [The official motions to the back. Security pours out of the back and storms down the aisle.] JACKSON: The official calling in the cavalry for Liam Donegal. I knew he wouldn't fight fair. [Security pulls the Hard Truth Soldiers away from Adam Lazarus. Lazarus is pulled off the ring apron and has the chair yanked out of his hands.] CONLON: I think the official is tired of all the distractions on the outside of the ring. [The crowd lets out a HUGE cheer as the official ejects everyone from ringside.] JACKSON: HE CAN'T DO THAT! CONLON: He just did! [Security begins dragging the Soldiers and Lazarus away from ringside. Seeing his Soldiers being dragged away, Shabazz releases the choke. He gets to his feet and spins the official around, demanding to know what happened.] JACKSON: He had your Soldiers arrested, Malcom! The official was scared! CONLON: Would you stop? He can't hear you, anyway. [Shabazz yells at the official for sending his Soldiers to the back. Shabazz shoves the official.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz just shoved a UPW official! That's not a wise decision, Pepper! JACKSON: No, it's not. I agree with you regarding that. Shabazz could be fined for that, and that's taking money out of the movement. [The crowd cheers as the official shoves Shabazz.] JACKSON: FIRE HIM! FIRE HIM! CONLON: The official shoved Malcom Shabazz right back, showing he's not going to be intimidated! JACKSON: That official needs to be fired! He puts his hands on a UPW Superstar! CONLON: He was defending himself. JACKSON: So that makes it okay? [Shabazz puts his finger in the face of the official and tells him not to do that again. Shabazz turns around.] !!! TTTHHHUUUDDD !!! [HUGE CHEER! Shabazz lays on the mat, clutching at his right leg. Liam Donegal gets up to a seated position and looks over at the downed Shabazz.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz was so focused on the official, he didn't see Liam Donegal just waiting for him! Shabazz finds himself on the mat thanks to a dragon screw legwhip! JACKSON: Liam Donegal and the official are in cahoots! CONLON: Would you stop? JACKSON: Stop what? Stop telling the truth? Yeah, you would want me to do that wouldn't you? [Donegal is slow to get to his feet. Shabazz has grabbed the middle rope and is pulling himself up using it. Donegal intercepts and grabs Shabazz by his head and pulls him up the rest of the way. Donegal pushes Shabazz to the ropes and whips him across. The crowd deflates as Shabazz reverses the whip and drives a knee into Donegal's stomach.] CONLON: Shabazz with enough presence of mind to reverse that whip right into his knee. JACKSON: Shabazz overcomes, Stan. He's been doing overcoming his whole life. Donegal is just another obstacle to the ultimate goal. [Shabazz looks at the crowd as he holds onto the arm of the doubled-over Liam Donegal. Shabazz taunts the crowd getting heavily booed. Shabazz pulls Donegal into him and tosses Donegal over his head with a belly-to-belly suplex.] CONLON: Beautiful belly-to-belly suplex by Malcom Shabazz! We've seen exactly how resourceful Malcom Shabazz can be on his own tonight, Pepper. JACKSON: You haven't even begun to see the depths of how resourceful Shabazz can be. CONLON: We see sparks of Shabazz' ability in the ring only for him to follow up that ability with a poor decision. [Shabazz gets to one knee and winces, grabbing at his right leg.] JACKSON: I wouldn't call it bad decisions, Stan. I'd call it methodical. Everything Shabazz does has a purpose. CONLON: Yes, at times, Pepper. Other times, I think luck plays a huge part in Malcom Shabazz' success. JACKSON: Luck!? [Malcom Shabazz winces as he gets to his feet.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz is in pain as he gets to his feet. Liam Donegal has done a number on Shabazz' right knee and ankle this match. JACKSON: Look at Donegal's head. Tell me who's done more damage. [Shabazz looks down with disgust at a bloodied Liam Donegal. Shabazz spits on the downed form and taunts the crowd, "This is what you cheer for!?" Shabazz grabs two handfuls of hair and pulls Donegal to his feet. Shabazz lands a forearm to the jaw staggering Donegal against the ropes. Shabazz lands another forearm shiver driving Donegal to the corner.] JACKSON: Shabazz has bad intentions written all over those forearms, Stan. Shabazz is a man possessed tonight. CONLON: Malcom Shabazz is having to stand on his own two feet right now, Pepper He's had the support of his Hard Truth Soldiers until they were ejected earlier in the match. JACKSON: They were unfairly ejected at that. CONLON: The official got tired of all the shenanigans and ejected both the Hard Truth Soldiers and Adam Lazarus from ringside. This match is down to these two men, the way it should have been from the opening bell. [Shabazz lands a few right hooks to Donegal's stomach and sides. Donegal does his best to cover up, but leaves himself open to a headbutt from Shabazz. Shabazz grabs Donegal and whips him to the opposite corner. Shabazz points at Donegal, "What your hero!" and charges in after Donegal. !!! TTTHHHUUUDDD !!! [HUGE CHEER FROM THE CROWD! Shabazz lays on the mat, grabbing at his right knee as Donegal uses the top rope to keep himself up on his feet.] CONLON: DID YOU SEE THAT!? JACKSON: That's bad news for Malcom Shabazz, Stan. Liam has been working over Shabazz' right leg earlier in the match just like he worked over other minor... CONLON: Can it, Pepper! [Shabazz yells in pain, grabbing at his knee.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz wasted time. He allowed Donegal to act on instinct and move out of the way of the jumping knee in the corner. Shabazz's knee hit that turnbuckle. This was the opening Donegal needed! [Donegal gathers himself. He reaches down and grabs Shabazz's right leg. He turns Shabazz and then leaps over Shabazz, keeping hold on the leg. Shabazz yells out in pain as Donegal rolls to his knees. Shabazz keeps hold of his leg.] JACKSON: Remember how were talking about fair at the beginning of the match, Stan? This is why this match isn't fair to Malcom Shabazz. CONLON: Shabazz didn't have to agree to an I Quit match, Pepper! His own ego got in the way because he wanted to beat Liam Donegal in a match playing to Donegal's strengths. Liam Donegal was right, Malcom Shabazz is his own worst enemy. JACKSON: That's right. Stick together. CONLON: Or actually hold Malcom Shabazz accountable for his own bad decisions. [Donegal gets to his feet and hangs back, stalking Shabazz. Shabazz rolls to the ropes and uses the middle rope to pull himself to his knees. He pulls himself up to his feet using the top rope and tests his right leg by putting weight on it. He turns around into a Donegal dropkicking his knee. Shabazz holds the ropes as he falls back to the mat. Donegal is quick to his feet. Donegal grabs the top rope and begins stomping away on Shabazz' knee.] JACKSON: Look at Donegal in there, Stan. He's a vicious animal, but no one will say that about Donegal. They only use vicious and animal to describe Shabazz and men and women like Shabazz who are tired of the double standard. CONLON: Are you serious? JACKSON: Don't pretend the double standard doesn't exist. CONLON: This has nothing to do with race, Pepper. This has everything to do with Malcom Shabazz angering Liam Donegal and making things personal. He threatened Donegal's wife, MJ. Malcom Shabazz brought this on himself. JACKSON: Shabazz had to make a point. Malcom was treated unfairly, so he needed to make a statement. CONLON: Malcom didn't make a statement, Pepper. He made it personal. [Donegal lands one last stomp to Shabazz' right ankle. Donegal grabs Shabazz by his right leg and yanks him out into the middle of the ring. Donegal bends down and places his left knee against Shabazz' right ankle and drops to the mat causing Shabazz to yelp in pain.] CONLON: I don't think Donegal's end game is a secret, Pepper. Shabazz' right ankle and knee are hurt. Donegal is just continuing to pour on the damage to make Shabazz more susceptible to the Wolf Trap Ankle Lock. JACKSON: A move taught to Donegal by the Werewolf Gregorson. Trained by Gregorson and managed by Lazarus. Donegal has been set up for success since day one. It's this time of unfairness Shabazz is fighting, Stan. [Donegal gets to his feet. He reaches down and grabs Shabazz' injured leg. Donegal steps around the leg and turns applying spinning toe-hold. Shabazz yells out in pain grabbing at his leg.] CONLON: Donegal now applying a submission move on Shabazz' injured right leg! That spinning toe-hold is putting pressure on both the knee and the ankle. It's a very simple hold, but with all the damage inflicted, you know Shabazz is in pain! JACKSON: I'll give Donegal credit. He's a good wrestler, Stan. When you're afforded every opportunity and advantage, you better turn out to be a good wrestler. CONLON: Donegal's talent wasn't just handed to him on a silver platter, Pepper. He worked and trained hard to learn the skills he has. JACKSON: He had help from some of the greatest this sport has ever seen. Those same greats turned away someone like Malcom Shabazz because Shabazz is a "thug." [Donegal continues to reapply the spinning toe-hold. As Donegal spins around to apply the pressure, Shabazz uses his left leg to push Donegal away. Donegal comes right back and gets kicked in the stomach.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz is fighting to get into a better position. The damage has already been done, Pepper. JACKSON: Don't count out Malcom Shabazz, Stan. Everyone has been doing that since day one. Shabazz has surprised all of them. [Shabazz grabs the middle rope and pulls himself up to his feet right as Donegal grabs the right leg. Donegal pulls a hopping Shabazz center ring. Shabazz glares at Donegal. DEAFENING BOOS! Shabazz spits right in Donegal's face in a moment of defiance. Donegal quickly drags Shabazz to the mat with a dragon screw legwhip. Donegal holds onto Shabazz' right leg and applies a spinning toe- hold. Donegal falls back and completes the figure-four leglock. The crowd begins buzzing and cheering as Shabazz lets out a yell.] CONLON: Figure-four leglock! Liam Donegal has Shabazz in a figure-four! I can only imagine the pain shooting through Shabazz' legs! JACKSON: The figure-four is a nasty maneuver, Stan. That move hits seven different pressure points and all but immobilizes you. Malcom needs to get out of this move. [Donegal uses his hands to push himself off the mat and add leverage to the move drawing another yell from Shabazz. Shabazz shakes his head when asked by the official if he quits. Shabazz grabs at his right knee and then lays down on the mat, grabbing his head.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz is hanging in there, Pepper. The longer he stays in this hold, the more damage that's done. JACKSON: Don't count Shabazz out, Stan. Malcom Shabazz has an iron will. He's able to block out the pain and fight through it. He's been fighting all of his life. This is just another struggle to test him. [Donegal drops down, grabbing Shabazz' straight leg and turns to change the pressure. Shabazz lets out a yell and sits up. He lays down, turning his upper body and pulling himself closer to the ropes.] CONLON: Shabazz pulls himself to the ropes. The figure-four won't be broken if Shabazz gets a hold of the ropes. JACKSON: What!? CONLON: There aren't any rope breaks in an I Quit match, Pepper. The only way for Shabazz to get out of this move is to scream, "I quit." That's it. JACKSON: Was he informed of this before he signed the contract!? CONLON: He should've read up on the rules before challenging Donegal to this type of match. [Shabazz shakes his head and refuses to say, "I quit." Donegal sits up and pushes himself up on his hands to add leverage. Shabazz yells out in pain and sits up. He takes a wild swing at Donegal and misses.] JACKSON: Shabazz is still in this fight, Stan. He's refusing to give up. CONLON: Does he give up or allow potential permanent injury to himself, Pepper? JACKSON: Better to walk with a limp than live on his knees, Stan. [Shabazz lays back down, turning and pulling himself within reach of the ropes. Shabazz turns and sits up facing Donegal. Donegal yells at Shabazz to quit. Shabazz just shakes his head.] CONLON: I'm surprised Malcom Shabazz has lasted this long in the figure-four leglock. JACKSON: The very principles Shabazz stands for are at stake, Stan. Those principles are more important than Shabazz' physical being. [Donegal lays down and turns to his side. Shabazz does the same, causing more momentum that Donegal was prepared for and flips the figure-four leglock. Donegal yells out in pain as the crowd goes from cheering to screaming for Donegal to reverse the move back.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz just reversed the figure-four on Liam Donegal! Now it's Donegal's legs that are hurting! JACKSON: Thing Shabazz is just some brawler from the streets now, Stan? Shabazz also knows when an opportunity presents itself! One was just presented to him! CONLON: He watched the ways Donegal was putting pressure on with that figure-four and was able to use the momentum to reverse the hold. [Shabazz pushes up with his hands and pulls himself closer to the ropes. DEAFENING boos as Shabazz reaches up and grabs the middle rope for added leverage. Donegal yells in pain and quickly shakes his head.] JACKSON: Donegal just needs to say those two words and end this match. Risking permanent injury does him no good, Stan. He has a family to support and think about. CONLON: Donegal is too proud to utter those words, Pepper. JACKSON: "It was pride that changed angels into devils." That pride is going to do the same to Donegal. CONLON: Just like it did to Malcom Shabazz? JACKSON: It ain't pride with Shabazz. It's a cause, Stan. You wouldn't understand. [Shabazz continues to use the ropes to put the pressure on Donegal who refuses to give up. Donegal can't hold himself up anymore and lays on the mat, his bloodied face contorting from the pain of the hold.] CONLON: Donegal is somehow pushing through the pain of this reversed figure-four leglock. Granted, Shabazz hasn't done the damage to Donegal's ankle and knee that Donegal did to Shabazz. Shabazz is using the ropes for added leverage. JACKSON: Which is perfectly legal in an I Quit match since Malcom can't be disqualified. CONLON: Whether I like it or not, that's a very true statement, Pepper. JACKSON: You don't like it because it's Donegal in there. [Donegal is finally able to break the figure-four leglock. Shabazz releases the ropes and grabs at his right knee. Donegal grabs at his left. Both men lay on the mat as the official looks back and forth between the two of them.] CONLON: The official would normally start a ten count here. If one or neither man could make the count, the match would be over. We've probably overstated the stipulation. One man has to say, "I quit" in order for this match to end. JACKSON: Malcom Shabazz showed you how ring savvy he was there, Stan. Maybe he wasn't a fool for challenging Liam Donegal to this match and knew what he was doing. [Donegal reaches up and pulls himself to one knee using the middle rope. Donegal puts his head down onto the middle rope. Shabazz continues to lay on the mat.] CONLON: One thing is for sure, Pepper. These two have been through a war tonight. JACKSON: That's the truth, Stan. [Donegal pulls himself to his feet and shakes out his left leg.] CONLON: Donegal trying to get some feeling back into his left leg. [Donegal looks over at the downed Shabazz and walks over. Donegal reaches down and grabs Shabazz by his head. Donegal pulls Shabazz to his feet. DEAFENING BOOS! [Shabazz pulls his thumb from Donegal's eye. Shabazz rakes his hand across Donegal's face sending Donegal blindly staggering into the ropes.] JACKSON: Shabazz was playing possum! CONLON: Shabazz using some cheap tactics to put Liam Donegal on defense. JACKSON: By any means necessary, Stan. That's just some cute catch phrase. [Shabazz grabs Donegal's head and drags Donegal's face across the top rope. Donegal staggers into the corner. Shabazz heavily limps after Donegal. Donegal turns around and gets hit with a chop to his chest. Shabazz fires in with a second chop.] CONLON: Donegal is now trapped in the corner. Malcom Shabazz firing knife-edge chops into Donegal's chest. JACKSON: Effective strategy in there by Malcom. His right leg is hurt. He's keeping his weight off of it as much as he can. [Shabazz throws one last chop and then peppers Donegal's skull with a few punches. Shabazz grabs Donegal by his head and limps out to the middle of the ring, pulling Donegal with him. Shabazz shoves Donegal into a standing headscissors.] CONLON: This could be bad news for Liam Donegal! It looks like Shabazz is going for a piledriver or perhaps a power bomb! JACKSON: Shabazz needs to hit this move, and then apply some submission move in the middle of the ring and just sit in it until Donegal says he quits. CONLON: That would be a very smart strategy, but Shabazz' bad leg may not hold for a power bomb... [HUGE ROARING CHEER FROM THE CROWD as Donegal grabs Shabazz' right leg and yanks up on it, sending Shabazz to the mat. Donegal quickly turns the leg, flipping Donegal in the process and slaps on an anklelock.] CONLON: WOLF TRAP! WOLF TRAP! JACKSON: HOW IN THE HELL!? CONLON: Look at the look on Shabazz' face! He's in some serious pain, Pepper! [Shabazz screams out in pain. Donegal grits his teeth as he twists the Shabazz' ankle to a sick angle. Shabazz continues to scream, screaming "Nooooooooooo!" as the official asks him.] JACKSON: C'mon, Malcom! Fight the power! [Shabazz instinctively crawls towards the ropes.] CONLON: Grabbing the ropes won't help Malcom! There aren't any rope breaks in this match. [Shabazz grabs the bottom rope, expecting a release from the pain. It doesn't come and Malcom lets out another scream as the crowd buzzes waiting for those two words from Shabazz.] JACKSON: These fans need to stop making noise, Stan. I'm starting to get a headache. [Shabazz grabs the middle rope and then grabs the top rope. Donegal continues to apply pressure and torque Shabazz' ankle.] CONLON: Shabazz has somewhat climbed the ropes here. I don't know what he's trying to accomplish with this. JACKSON: At this point, he's trying to get away from Liam Donegal! [Shabazz pulls himself closer to the ropes and tries to pull himself over them. Donegal releases the anklelock and attempts to yanks Shabazz back into the ring as he adjusts to grabbing both of Shabazz' legs.] CONLON: We have a tug of war between these two! Shabazz is trying to pull himself over the top rope and out of the ring while Donegal is trying to pull Shabazz back into the ring! [The tug-of-war continues between the two for a moment until Donegal kicks Shabazz' stomach. Shabazz lets go of the top rope and crashes face-first to the mat.] JACKSON: Did you see that, Stan!? Donegal just kicked Shabazz low! [Donegal grabs a hold of Shabazz's right leg and drags him back away from the ropes and applies the anklelock again.] CONLON: Donegal reapplies the Wolf Trap Ankle Lock! Donegal just pulled Shabazz back to the middle of the ring and reapplied the hold! JACKSON: Liam Donegal kicked Shabazz in Shabazz' junk! What does that tell you about your hero? CONLON: It tells me nothing about Liam, but it tells me you need to get your eyes checked. [Shabazz screams out in pain but shakes his head, he won't say, "I quit." Donegal grits his teeth and torques the anklelock. Shabazz begins clawing at the mat to drag himself towards the ropes again.] JACKSON: Suck it up, Malcom! Suck it up! CONLON: Shabazz trying to claw his way to the ropes! He wants to get to those ropes and try to escape out of the ring! That's about the only choice he's got other than trying to counter the move! JACKSON: Malcom is a fighter, Stan. He's going to get out of this move. [Shabazz grabs the bottom rope with his left hand. Donegal torques on the anklelock, but Shabazz won't release his grip. Donegal lets go of the anklelock and starts another tug-of-war with Shabazz.] CONLON: We're back to the tug-of-war between these two! [Donegal cuts this one short with a quick elbowdrop to Shabazz' right ankle.] JACKSON: Look at that, Stan! Look at how sick of an individual Liam is! He's not trying to win the match. He's trying to injure Malcom Shabazz! [Shabazz screams in pain again and lets go of the bottom rope. Donegal grabs the right leg and drags Shabazz to the middle of the ring a third time. Donegal reapplies his anklelock pet hold.] CONLON: For a third time, Donegal drags Shabazz out to the middle of the ring and reapplies the Wolf Trap Ankle Lock! How much more can Malcom Shabazz take? [The crowd cheers and buzzes again as Malcom Shabazz screams in pain.] JACKSON: Liam Donegal is out to maim Malcom Shabazz, Stan. He's been focusing on that ankle and leg all match long. CONLON: That's called strategy, Pepper. [Shabazz claws at the mat to pull himself to the ropes, but he's not able to make any headway towards the ropes. Shabazz puts his head down and shakes his head he won't say, "I quit."] CONLON: The Wolf Trap is quickly sapping what strength Shabazz has left, Pepper. He's clawed at the mat to get to the ropes, but he wasn't able to pull himself any closer. [Donegal grits his teeth and really torques the anklelock.] JACKSON: Look at Donegal's face, Stan. He's a man possessed. CONLON: He's in complete control, Pepper. He has his pet hold on Malcom Shabazz. [Shabazz slowly shakes his head, wearing down. Donegal screams, "Say it! Say it!"] JACKSON: Donegal's now adding insult to injury! He's taunting Shabazz in the ring, showing Shabazz who has the power. CONLON: He's screaming at Shabazz to stop the match and quit! Shabazz doesn't have the strength left to fight. Shabazz' pride is getting in the way! [Donegal screams at Shabazz to say those two words as the anxious buzz of the crowd gets louder.] CONLON: Listen to this crowd, Pepper! They can sense it in the air! [The official checks on Shabazz, who is face-down on the mat. The official asks Shabazz to say the words.] JACKSON: The official is asking Shabazz, but Malcom ain't responding! Donegal needs to let go of the Wolf Trap! Shabazz can't defend himself in there! CONLON: Indeed, Shabazz has gone completely limp in that he's not clawing for the ropes anymore, Pepper. [The official lifts Shabazz' arm and it drops. Donegal really grits his teeth and turns up the torque and pressure on his pet hold. Donegal screams through gritted teeth, "Say it! Say it!" There's no response from Malcom Shabazz.] JACKSON: This is ridiculous, Stan! The official would be demanding Shabazz release his hold of roles were reversed! This is the favoritism Malcom Shabazz is talking about! Violence against Liam Donegal or someone like him? Outrage! Violence against Malcom Shabazz? Acceptable since it silences the truth! CONLON: We saw Malcom Shabazz' brutality earlier in this match, and the official did nothing, Pepper. [The official continues to check on Shabazz as Donegal yells at him to quit. The official lifts Shabazz' arm a second time due to unresponsiveness. [DEAFENING ROAR!] !! DING, DING !! CONLON: The official called for the bell! Malcom Shabazz was unresponsive! [Donegal releases the Wolf Trap Ankle Lock.] JACKSON: Shabazz' body failed him, Stan. CONLON: Failed him? His right leg and ankle were put through hell! Shabazz couldn't take the pain anymore! RA: The winner of the match as a result of referee stoppage... LIAM DONEGAL!!! [Doubledrive's "Track 7" comes over the PA as the crowd gives Donegal a roaring cheer of approval. Liam Donegal's chest heaves as he breathes. He wipes some blood from his face and looks down at his hand. He looks at the prone form of Malcom Shabazz.] CONLON: These to have been through a war, Pepper. Liam Donegal is the winner, but at what cost did he win? JACKSON: Donegal won the battle, Stan. CONLON: The battle!? Malcom Shabazz is unconcious on the mat in the ring right now! JACKSON: Liam Donegal never made Malcom Shabazz say those two words. I. Quit. CONLON: He may have permanent injury to his right knee and ankle after this match, Pepper! JACKSON: Malcom Shabazz died on his feet because he refused to serve on his knees. CONLON: And both men will have a long road to recover if they intend on being well enough to be factors in the rumble tonight! JACKSON: That will take its toll for sure, but you suck it up for the chance to main event the big show! CONLON: Right you are and we are on the road to Slamfest VI, which will take place live at the Staples Center this June! [The screen fades to show the Slamfest logo as we hear the announcers over it.] JACKSON: Every title will be defended and the UPW will put on its biggest and grandest show ever for the Los Angeles fans! CONLON: Tickets are on sale now, so call and order yours today! [The logo fades off screen.] JACKSON: Any truth they plan on doing some form of an access event there? CONLON: All it says on my copy was that tickets were on sale and more announcements will be coming soon. So I guess anything is possible. JACKSON: What a great weekend that will be with the fans out in California. I'm loved out there. CONLON: I'm sure you're loved outside by anyone who is inside. JACKSON: What? CONLON: A little humor there. JACKSON: I don't get it. CONLON: I think it is time we move on, Pepper. Many great matches to get in and only a limited amount of time! JACKSON: Then by all means, great one, you just go right on ahead. Who cares if I had more to say on the subject. CONLON: Did you? JACKSON: Well....uh...no. But...Damn, man! [Stan chuckles a little before moving forward.] CONLON: The next match is one that has been nicknamed the battle of the legends. Rick Styles entered the UPW and taken the league on a roller coaster. A lot of controversies has surrounded the wrestling legend, but in the end, there was one man who stepped up. There was one man who wanted to take on Rick Styles. So tonight, Jeff Keenan has that chance to slay the dragon. JACKSON: Sometimes it's easier said than done, Stan. Rick Styles has been around a long time. He has always had controversy surrounding him. I don't always agree with what he does or said, but I can't put my head in the sand either. Rick Styles is one of the top names in the UPW. CONLON: So is Jeff Keenan and that match is up next!

Erin: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR IS HERE! GET READY AS HE PREPARES TO GRACE THIS RING WITH HIS PRESENCE!! HE IS AMAZING, HE IS MAGICAL, HE IS...THE TOP DOG!!! [The curtain flies open. From the locker room area, 10 shirtless men walk out in a double line. A wooden plank goes across the shoulders of each line. The planks hold a large and dynamic red throne meant for a king or an emperor. Seated on the throne is "Top Dog" Rick Styles. He wears a bright blue robe that is probably worth more than any wrestling fan's yearly salary. The ten men stop mid- way up the aisle.] Erin: EVERYONE SHOULD NOW RISE FROM YOUR SEATS AND PAY TRIBUTE TO THE GREATEST SUPERSTAR THIS SPORT HAS EVER SEEN! JUST LOOK AT HIS AMAZING HAIR! CHECK OUT HIS ADORABLE SMILE. HIS DEEP BLUE EYES! HIS IMPRESSIVE MUSCULAR BOD, HIS AMAZING ASS! AND, TRUST ME, I KNOW FIRSTHAND HOW WELL ENDOWED HE IS UNDER THOSE LIGHT BLUE TIGHTS! Ralph: YEAH, I KNOW, TOO. [Erin pauses and throws a backward glance at Ralph.] Ralph: UHH...NOT THAT I'VE SEEN OR...UMM...WHAT I MEAN IS...UHH...nothing. Erin: YEAH. ANYWAYS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOW YOUR HEADS AND CROSS YOURSELVES AS HE MAKES HIS WAY TO THE RING!! [As the music begins, Styles stands up, turns towards the throne and holds his arms out. Across the robe in bright green are the scripted words, ‘TOP DOG."] # All I do is win win win no matter what # Got money on my mind I can never get enough # And every time I step up in the buildin' # Everybody hands go up # And they stay there # And they say yeah Erin: STANDING AT SIX FOOT TWO INCHES, WEIGHING IN AT TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE POUNDS.... # Up down, up down, up down # 'Cause all I do is win win win # And if you goin' in put your hands in the air # Make 'em stay there [The ten men begin their slow walk towards the ring as Styles remains showing off the entire robe with his arms out.] Erin: HE IS THE ONE.... ....THE ONLY.... ...THE "TOP DOG"... R I C K S T Y L E S ! ! ! ! [The platform finally makes it to ringside. Styles steps away from the throne and onto the ring apron. He raises one finger in the air and freezes, allowing fans at ringside to take pictures with their smartphones. ] CONLON: There he is ... The devil reincarnated. The man who has no respect for anybody but himself. JACKSON: His resume has earned him respect, but up until this point he has yet to show that resume here in the UPW. Tonight, he hopes to put an end to this Jeff Keenan heat and win the rumble later in the night. #Ludacris goin' in on the verse # Cause I never been defeated and I won't stop now # Keep your hands up get 'em in the sky for the homies # That didn't make it and the folks locked down CHANEY: I have to say, this is a very long entrance. SMITH: Which I'm sure is intentional. He knows Jeff Keenan is itching to get in that ring and fight, so he's keeping Keenan waiting in the back. It's a brilliant move. [Styles steps through the ropes and stands in the center of the ring. He looks out at the large crowd as both Erin and Ralph drop to one knee and bow their heads. Scattered throughout the crowd are fans doing the same. Styles motions them to rise. Erin steps behind him reaches around his neck and removes the classy robe. Erin exits the ring with the robe, followed by Ralph. As the music dies down and the ringside area clears of man without shirts, Styles lens against the turnbuckles and folds his arms, awaiting his opponent.] [The lights in the arena dim, as "After Lifeless Years" by Sylosis begins to blare throughout the arena. The fans hop to their feet and begin to cheer as the opening lyrics to the song kick in.] # THE TRUTH BECAME SO CLEAR TO YOU # # AND SO YOUR FAITH HAS DIED # # NOW SEE WHAT WAITS FOR YOU... # # ON THE OTHER SIDE # [A familiar name appears on the large video wall above the entrance ramp. JEFF KEENAN, and begins showing clips of the multi-time World Champion performing his craft against various opponents. A perfect shooting star press. A dragon suplex. A moon sault into a reverse DDT.] # A MORBID SEA OF DEEPEST BLACK # # A DISTANT EVER BURNING FLAME # [A montage of Jeff Keenan planting people on the mat with his infamously feared finisher the Quickstryke flash across the screen. Just as the clip of Keenan laying out "Top Dog" Rick Styles at the end of a previous Showdown hits the screen, the image pauses for a moment, reminding everybody of how we found ourselves here at this point, pyrotechnics begin to go off brightening up the arena.] # WITH NOWHERE ELSE TO TURN # # WE WANDER ALONE....FOREVER # [Out steps the man himself, Jeff Keenan and the crowd erupts! Everybody in the UPW universe are on their feet cheering the man who has made it his mission to put "Top Dog" Rick Styles in his rightful place and make him earn his shot at the UPW World Championship. Jeff stands there for a moment soaking in the crowd, a holds his hands out to his sides. After a moment he begins to slowly make his way down the aisle to the ring.] # FORSAKEN BY THE GOD YOU LOVE # # AND NOW YOUR LOVE HAS DIED # # NO MIRACLE WILL SHINE # # SHINE ITS LIGHT ON YOU # [Jeff slaps the hands of his countless fans as he continues to make his way down to the ring. Upon arrival he slides under the bottom rope and immediately climbs to the top turnbuckle, playing up the crowd even more. Keenan backflips off the top, landing perfectly on his two feet, a huge grin on his face. You can tell the adrenaline of the bout about to happen is absolutely coursing through his veins. Keenan shakes the referee's hand, and backs himself into the corner to await the start of the match.] CONLON: Jeff Keenan is pumped up and motivated. You can bet he is going to take full advantage of this opportunity. JACKSON: We may be talking about this being a legends match, Stan. However, let's call a spade a spade. Rick Styles is a wrestling _legend_. Everywhere he has been he had made an impact. Jeff Keenan has done big things in the wrestling world, but his legacy isn't even in the same sentence of Styles. CONLON: Even if that is true. Keenan has a chance to show the world he belongs in the same ring with Rick Styles. [Both men are in the ring and staring at one another.] CONLON: You can feel the excitement in the air. The fans have been waiting for Keenan to teach Rick Styles a lesson. *DING, DING, DING * JACKSON: There is the bell let's get this sucker going. [As the match begins, Rick Styles is about to lock up with Keenan, when suddenly, Styles steps away and exits the ring.] CONLON: Give me a break! Can't we have just _ONE_ match with Rick Styles without any shenanigans!?!? JACKSON: What did you expect, Stan? Styles doesn't have any respect for anyone but himself. [Styles takes the microphone from the timekeeper's table and begins to speak as Jeff Keenan is complaining to the referee.] Rick Styles: You know what, Jeff? As I stare at you across the ring, I suddenly realize that I DO remember you from the legendary UEW. And I remember, you had crossed a REAL LEGEND from the UEW, a guy known as...THE MERCENARY. And, as I remember, there were two attributes that described The Mercenary. [Styles raises up two fingers.] Rick Styles: The first was that his services were always for hire. And the second is that when someone crossed him, no matter how long it took, HE ALWAYS GAVE BACK A RECEIPT!! [The fans begin to stir while Styles is on the microphone, a man dressed in a black t-shirt and black army pants rolls into the ring behind Keenan.] CONLON: Wait ... Speaking of the infamous Mercenary THERE HE IS! JACKSON: The Mercenary is here and he is standing behind Jeff Kennan who is glaring right at Rick Styles. This smells like trouble. CONLON: The Mercenary hasn't been seen since the famous PVW and he is looking a bit older. [Styles points, but before Keenan can turn around the Mercenary nails Keenan in the back of the head with a forearm and the brawl is on.] CONLON: Normally this would call for a disqualification, but the referee is trying to get between the two men. JACKSON: Keenan is trying to fight back, but the Mercenary tackles Jeff Keenan and the two men stumble to the outside. CONLON: Come on ... Rick Styles is trying to screw up another match and another event. I am getting tired of this. EVERYBODY is getting tired of this! [The brawling starts to head up the aisle. Keenan starts to get the upper hand, and then another man jumps off of the guard rail, nailing Keenan in the head with a Haliburton suitcase. (The second man is a cruiserweight, dressed in olive green army pants and t-shirt. He is wearing a Lucha mask made up to look like the Cuban flag, and a long beard protruding from the chin).] JACKSON: The famous Haliburton. CONLON: Keenan is dazed, but officials are swarming down the aisle way to stop the chaos. JACKSON: Does the Mercenary even have an UPW contract? CONLON: I don't know, but he is getting paid by somebody otherwise he wouldn't be here tonight. [Styles is laughing, but Keenan is stumbling down the aisle way trying to shake off the effects from the suitcase shot. He rolls in barely able to stand and points towards and tells him to get inside the ring.] CONLON: Whoa ... Keenan has somehow survived and he is telling the referee to NOT call this match. JACKSON: Styles doesn't look like he cares he is walking away, but Keenan has rolled out of the ring and following Styles up the aisle way. [The fans pop as Keenan spins Styles around, but the Top Dog was ready as he jams a thumb into the already dazed Jeff Keenan's eye socket. He grabs the head of Keenan and gives a big right hand.] CONLON: Styles was ready for Keenan and now giving hard right hands. The Mercenary and his masked friend have been forced to the back by officials and security. I am getting word that officials are standing by to ensure that this match DOES happen. [Styles grabs Keenan and goes to send him head first into the guardrail on the outside of the ring, but Keenan gets a bootup and blocks it. He then grabs Styles by the back of his head and SLAMS him face first into the guardrail.] CLAAANG!!! CONLON: Keenan getting some revenge! He grabs the back of Styles head and points towards the ring steps ... HE SENDS HIM TOWARDS THEM! CRAAAASSSSSHHHH!!!!! [HUGE KICK HIS ASS POP!] JACKSON: Now this is uncalled for! CONLON: Oh don't even get me started Pep. Styles deserves everything he is getting and MORE! JACKSON: We are broadcasters and we aren't supposed to show any bias, Stan! CONLON: Oh give me a break. I am not sure if there is anybody left in the industry who likes this guy! JACKSON: I may not like him, but I respect his legacy. [Keenan now with the upper hand tosses the Top Dog under the ropes and into the ring. The referee turns and calls for the bell again for the match to start.] *DING, DING, DING* CONLON: I guess this is the official start of the match? JACKSON: That does seem a bit odd, but the UPW seem determined to ensure this match happens and has an ending. CONLON: Styles has played games and ducked and dodged for months. Jeff Keenan and the FANS deserve a match tonight. [Rick Styles is now on his knees and begins to beg off Jeff Keenan, but Keenan isn't having any of it. He kicks Styles and yanks him back up and locks a side headlock on Rick Styles.] CONLON: Keenan slowing things down after that hot start. We saw Styles master plan with the infamous hired gun the Mercenary. UPW countered that and Keenan was able to get the upper hand on Rick Styles. The bell sounded again and here we are. JACKSON: It feels like a whole match has already gone by, Stan! [Keenen continues to keep the headlock on tight as Styles tries to break out. Keenan backs Styles up in the corner and takes off with the headlock slamming the Top Dog down face first into the mat with a brutal running bulldog.] THUUUUUD!!!! CONLON: OOOohh... Big time bulldog and we have the first pinfall attempt of the match! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! No Styles kicks out with some authority. JACKSON: Styles isn't going to give up that easy. He has had his sights on the UPW World Championship title since the day he signed that contract. A win here against Jeff Keenan on the PPV would go a long way to help him get that title shot. CONLON: He had a chance, Pep. All he had to do is work his way through the tournament just like everyone else. JACKSON: Well both you and I _know_ that. [Keenan is riding high as he pulls Styles up, but Styles grabs a hold of Keenan's face and rakes down slowing down the fan favorite and quieting the crowd a bit.] CONLON: Styles resorting back to doing what he does best, cheating. JACKSON: I thought you were going to say being a jerk. CONLON: Oh, I can think of better words than a jerk. [Keenan stumbles rubbing his eyes as Styles drops down and nails an uppercut. Keenan bounces back and into the ropes and Styles with an armdrag takedown.] CONLON: Styles now slowing things down and trying to regain some composure. He twists that arm back and as the referee checks on Keenan he reaches back and grabs the top rope for some extra leverage. JACKSON: Styles came down to the song, All I do is Win, Stan. I know you don't want to hear this, but throughout his whole career, he has found ways to win. [Styles lets go of the top ropes as the referee steps back to observe. Keenan starts to stir and get back to his feet and Styles lets go of the hold and lights Keenan's chest up with a knife edge chop.] TWAAAAAP!!!! CONLON: Chest crushing chop by Styles! TWAAAAAP!!!! JACKSON: He is reaching back and lighting Keenan's chest up with those chops! TWAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAP!!!! [Keenan refuses to go down as Styles continues to just chop away at Jeff Keenan's chest.] TWAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAP!!!! JACKSON: Styles may wear down for as many chops as he is doing! CONLON: Keenan begins to chop Styles back now! TWAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAP!!!! [Both men begin to trade knife-edge chops as the fans go crazy!] TWAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAP!!!! CONLON: I can't tell who is chopping who all I hear is palms slapping chests! [Styles has had enough and jabs a thumb in Keenan's eyes to stop the knife-edge chop madness. He then drives Keenan down with his patented left-handed clothesline.] CONLON: Styles begins to stomp and kick away on the fallen Keenan. You can see some frustration with each one of those stomps. Erin and Ralph cheer their mentor on. JACKSON: Styles thought he would have had this match won by now. CONLON: I think a lot of people did. Thankfully the UPW was ready for anything that Styles had up his sleeve. [Keenan tries to weather storm and push himself up, but Styles drops Keenan with a swinging neckbreaker.] CONLON: This is like an old school wrestling match. Both men know their way around the ring and you can tell. Styles has now grabbed the arm of Keenan and locked on the Michinoku Armbar! JACKSON: Oh no! Not that ... He has made other legends submit to that deadly move. CONLON: This move is going to cause some heartburn. JACKSON: Keenan is in trouble he could submit at any second! You know this looks like the Fujiwara armbar CONLON: My notes here say - "Do Not refer to this move as a Fujiwara armbar". JACKSON: Well, I am just saying. CONLON: Styles has sworn for 20 years it's the Michinoku Armbar! [Keenan continues to squirm and luckily for him and everyone else he was close enough to the ropes he was able to hook his heels into the ropes to force a break.] CONLON: Styles pulls Keenan to the center of the ring and just boots a boot on his chest for I guess the cover? ONE! . . . . . . . . . . KICKOUT! [Keenan kicks out and Styles drops down and begins to just choke Jeff Keenan as the referee tries to pull Styles off and then starts to count.] JACKSON: The referee is counting and I don't think Styles cares. CONLON: His mind is on just getting past Jeff Keenan and getting to the rumble. [The referee gets to the four count and Styles still hasn't let up the choke hold. He grabs the shoulders of the Top Dog and yanks him off of Keenan.] CONLON: The referee wasn't going to allow Styles to sabotage this match! JACKSON: I don't know about that, Stan. [Styles is in the referee's face. Keenan uses the ropes to get to his feet as he gasps for air. Styles turns around and grabs him from behind. Keenan, however, flips over him and plants him with a shiranui!] THUUUUUUD!!!!! [HUGE COUNTER F-YOU STYLES POP!] CONLON: WHOA ... STANDING SHIRANUI AND KEENAN WITH A COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . RALPH PUTS STYLES FOOT ON THE ROPES! CONLON: Ralph saves Styles and Keenan isn't happy. He goes to pull Styles right back up, but Ralph is now on the ring apron and mouthing off to Keenan. JACKSON: Watch Ralph that guy can be disgusting. CONLON: Not going to touch it, Pep. [Keenan notices Ralph on the apron and he springboards and dropkicks Ralph off the ring apron and sends him down on the outside rolling around like a pig in the mud.] [HUGE KICK THAT FAT BASTARD'S ASS POP!] CONLON: KEENAN JUST SENT RALPH TO THE OUTSIDE. JACKSON: I wish I could say that I felt sorry for Ralph, but there isn't much that would make me feel sorry for him. [Keenan gets back up, but he left himself exposed and Styles chop blocks him and takes him out.] CONLON: The distraction was enough to give Rick Styles the upper hand, though. JACKSON: A job well done Ralph. [Styles yanks Keenan right back up and lifts him in a double underarm suplex.] THUUUUD!!! CONLON: Now that was a pretty suplex. I have to give credit when it's deserved. He grabs the right leg of Jeff Keenan and drops an elbow on the inside. JACKSON: It looks like near by medic is taking Ralph to the back. CONLON: Styles is running out of options. If he is going to beat Jeff Keenan then he is going to have to do it himself fair and square. JACKSON: I still say don't rule that out. [Styles has Keenan back to his feet and whips him into the corner with a big Irish Whip. Keenan stumbles out and Styles lifts him up and drives him down with a big spinebuster.] KAAAATHUUUUUUUUUUD!!!! CONLON: Huge spinebuster by Styles! He drops down and makes the cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . The referee stops counting as he notices Styles feet are on the ropes for leverage! [The UPW referee grabs Styles legs and swings them off. Styles quickly throws his arms up questioning the referee's motives.] JACKSON: It looks like the referee has been informed to look for everything in this match. CONLON: He has been well informed that is for sure. [Styles now grabs the back waist of Keenan who has reached his feet. He goes to lift Keenan into a belly to back suplex, but Keenan blocks it and breaks out and spins around and grabs the waist of Styles and goes to lift him for a belly to back suplex. This time Styles blocks it and the two men are face to face again. Styles swings, but Keenan ducks under and springboards off the ropes and leaps into an asai moonsault and lands right across Rick Styles.] CONLON: A series of counters and Keenan with a moonsault! Wait he is quickly locking on his Dragon Sleeper! [Keenan locks on the dragon sleeper and torque's back with as much force as possible.] CONLON: Styles is in some trouble! Keenan has that locked in and the Top Dog isn't going anywhere! JACKSON: Erin is now stepping in the ring. She is demanding that Keenan lets Rick go. [She walks up to Keenan who continues to hold onto the Dragon Sleeper and _slaps_ him across the face.] SLAAAAAAAAAP!!!! [THAT B POP!] CONLON: ERIN JUST SLAPPED KEENAN! JACKSON: Styles has everyone and their mothers trying to aid him in winning this match. [Keenan drops the dragon sleeper and steps towards Erin. Erin shakes her head no trying to turn and run. Keenan grabs her and then picks her high in the air.] CONLON: Don't do it Jeff! [... but, Jeff just lifts her over the ropes and drops her gently to the outside. However, he turns and a kick to his gut and a DDT by Styles.] THUUUUUUUUUD!!!! CONLON: The distractions are just proving to be too much for Jeff Keenan. First, there was the Mercenary and his masked cuban friend. Then there was Ralph. Now there is Erin. The numbers game is just too much for Keenan. JACKSON: It's almost like a cult. All these followers of Rick Styles. [Styles grabs the leg of Jeff Keenan and locks a figure four leg lock right in the center of the ring. Keenan has nowhere to go and he quickly is sitting up in pain trying to take pressure off his legs.] CONLON: Figure four leg lock and it's locked in. Keenan is in the center of the ring and he is going to have to figure a way out of this move. This may be the beginning of the end for Keenan. The Erin slap may have been one cheap move by Styles too much. JACKSON: A woman's wrath, Stan. [Styles leans back applying more pressure. Keenan lays back and that pins his shoulders down as the referee is quickly there to slide down with the cover.] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! No, Keenan shoots back up. CONLON: Keenan was almost pinned in the figure four! This is a bad place to be for Jeff Keenan. JACKSON: Keenan starting to stir and try to turn sideways, but Styles is fighting it and applying more pressure. [The fans rally behind Keenan cheering him on. Jeff Keenan begins to turn and this time gets some leverage and finally, reverses the figure four leg lock.] CONLON: KEENAN REVERSES IT! JACKSON: Styles quickly breaks the hold. [Styles wasn't having any of that and breaks the lock as he quickly leaps up and mounts Keenan driving hard right hands to keep him down on the mat.] CONLON: Styles keeping the upper hand. You can see a little more urgency in Rick Styles as this match continues. Does he have any aces left in his sleeve? JACKSON: I hate to say it, but I expect a few more. [As Keenan begins to push himself up, Rick Styles punts him in the side of the gut.] CRACK! CONLON: A disrespectful kick into the side of Keenan's abdominal and kidney area. JACKSON: Keenan may be urinating blood later tonight. [Styles pulls the hurt Keenan up and lifts him up into a powerbomb position and runs towards the turnbuckles and tosses towards the corner and turnbuckles.] CRAAAAAASSSSHHH!!!! CONLON: OH MY!!!!! Styles just folded Keenan up in the corner with that running powerbomb. He is pulling him out and covers him! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . KEENAN SHOOTS A SHOULDER UP! [HUGE POP!!!!] JACKSON: Keenan wants some more punishment. CONLON: Styles shakes his head, but he is pulling Jeff Keenan right back up. He has him back in the corner and he drives his shoulder into that gut and kidney area. He drives it again. [Styles backs up and takes off running, but Keenan gets a foot up at the very last second kicking Rick Styles in the face.] SMACK!!!! [KEENAN POP!] CONLON: Keenan kicked Styles in the face and he is still hurt but he uses the corner and sunset flips over for a cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . Styles kicks out! CONLON: Listen to these fans they thought it was over. What a back and forth match this has been thus far. JACKSON: And it's not over yet both men are getting back up! [Fans are roaring with full support for Jeff Keenan. Both men are up and trading blows in the center of the ring.] CONLON: Both men are firing off rights and lefts! JACKSON: This is what UPW is about, Stan! [Keenan begins to get the upper hand, but Styles with a close range knee slows him down.] CONLON: Styles is going for an Irish Whip, but Keenan reverses it and STYLES CRASHES INTO THE POOR REFEREE! JACKSON: He flattened that UPW Official. [The impact sent Styles to the mat also. Jeff Keenan quickly is over to check on the fallen UPW referee. Rick Styles has rolled to the outside trying to shake the cobwebs.] CONLON: Keenan is checking on the official and Styles has grabbed that Hailburton that the Mercenary used earlier. JACKSON: This is starting to smell like a Styles ending to me Stan. [The fans are roaring in displeasure as Rick Styles rolls in and as cracks the unexpecting Jeff Keenan with the steel Hailburton over the back of his skull.] CRAAAAAAACK!!! CONLON: NO! Not like this! Come on, we all expected that Styles would try to cheat his way to a victory. He has disrespected Keenan every step of the way and he is taking full advantage of the referee being knocked out. JACKSON: Styles is a master of just finding ways to win. Tonight looks no different. [Styles rolls the referee over who is slowly coming too. He hooks Keenan's leg and rolls backward.] CONLON: This doesn't look good for Keenan. ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEE................................. [HUGE KICK OUT POP!] JACKSON: Holy crap man. Keenan just kicked out at the very second. CONLON: I can't believe it! These fans can't believe it! Rick Styles can't believe it! [Styles is looking at the referee who is still on the ground trying to regroup. He yanks Jeff Keenan up and sets him and drops him with a vicious brainbuster.] THUUUUUUUUD!!!! JACKSON: Was that the Styles Maneuver? CONLON: At this point it's just an assumption since he has never used it in the UPW. JACKSON: You have to assume that this will end it. Keenan is laying there motionless. CONLON: Styles drops down and makes a cocky cover. WILL THIS BE IT! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEE................................. NO KEENAN GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES! [The fans are going nuts as Styles is ticked off and beside himself. He is now in the referee's face who is obviously still recovering from being knocked out earlier on and Styles drops him again with a stiff right hand!] CONLON: STYLES JUST DROPPED THE REFEREE! JACKSON: You have to wonder if they will finally disqualify Styles. He has been begging for it this whole match. CONLON: This man doesn't respect anybody or anything. He is now pulling Keenan to his feet ... QUICKSTRYKE!!! THUUUUUD!!!! [Keenan hits his Reverse STO on the distracted Styles.] CONLON: The referee is still down and out. Wait .. ANOTHER REF IS COMING DOWN! KEENAN HOOKS THE LEG! JACKSON: Another referee apparently was just standing by. The UPW is prepared tonight! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEE................................. [DEFLATING POP!] CONLON: Styles just got his leg on the bottom ropes. The referee took some time getting into the ring and making the count and those extra seconds allowed Styles to get his foot on the rope at the very last second. JACKSON: This match is getting crazy! CONLON: It sure is, Pep! [Keenan is now pulling Styles to his feet, but the legend was either ready or out of instinct drops down with a jaw crushing jawbreaker counter.] CONLON: Styles with a counter! Both men are down on the ground and looking at the ceiling. This match has been chaotic at times! JACKSON: At times? CONLON: Okay most of the time. Both men have come milliseconds away from winning. Rick Styles has done everything in his power to avoid Jeff Keenan. The match has waged on against all odds. [Both men are slowly getting up. Rick Styles is the first to meet Keenan with a kick to the midsection. Keenan stumbles back and throws a short arm but Styles ducks under it. Both men turn around and Keenan nails a running reverse STO.] THUUUUUUUD!!!!! CONLON: OH MY!!!! A SECOND QUICKSTRYKE AND THIS TIME STYLES IS IN THE CENTER OF THE RING! JACKSON: How did he do that?! [Keenan drops down and hooks the leg.] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEE................................. [HE DID IT POP!] CONLON: Jeff Keenan did it! He beat the man who has disrespected everyone and the UPW for months. Nobody thought he could do it, but tonight Jeff Keenan overcame all of Rick Styles games and pinned him in the center of the ring. JACKSON: I hate to say it ... but bravo, Jeff. A win well earned. [Keenan raises his arms in victory as he drops to his knees.] *DING, DING, DING* RA: The winner of the match, JEFF KEENAN! [As Keenan's name echoes through the arena the fans are on their feet giving the legend a standing ovation. Keenan gives the "Thank you" bow to the fans as he climbs the ropes and raises his arm in victory.] CONLON: Soak it up Keenan you earned this. JACKSON: Keenan wanted this match more than even the Rumble win tonight. [Keenan drops down from the ring post and takes another look at his fallen opponent. He then turns and rolls out of the ring and celebrates with the fans.] CONLON: Keenan has made his way to the fans. They are in full celebration mode. [A STYLES LOST chant begins in the arena as Keenan turns back towards the ring with a big grin on his face.] JACKSON: These fans are ruthless. They are letting the Top Dog have it. CONLON: He deserves it, Pep. He has disrespected the whole league and the UPW universe. Tonight this victory is for EVERYBODY. Even you Pep. JACKSON: Well, I don't know about that. CONLON: Fan's we're going to send you backstage now as our UPW World Heavyweight Champion, Aaron "All Day" Lewis is waiting to say a few words about his upcoming title defense.

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The UPW interview area is where we find UPW World Champion Aaron "All Day" Lewis. He is wearing his ring gear and has the World title resting on his left shoulder. The UPW logo is visible right behind him and there is not an interviewer in sight. He has the microphone in his right hand.] Lewis: I've always been the guy who talks a lot of garbage and bites off more than I can chew. [He smiles.] Lewis: Been that way my whole life! In elementary school, I was always the kid whose mouth either had him in trouble with the teacher or being chased by a bully. Sometimes I got out of trouble and sometimes I took a beating. That is who I am and it hasn't changed. [His left hand tightly grips the title belt.] Lewis: In UPW, it has been more of the same. I hold this belt right here. [He shakes it a little to draw attention.] Lewis: That means I have risen to a new level in UPW. I did it with the help of my fans, and that is something I'll never forget. Some have called that moment when I won the title, "the mouth that finally scored," because of how much I talk. But having this title means I don't have to talk to generate people looking to come after me. [His grin disappears from his face.] Lewis: That coward Rick Styles avoids me in the tournament and now suddenly wants a piece of me. There will be forty men all trying to earn a shot at what I got. And, of course, the big prize is getting to face the biggest man I have ever seen in my life tonight for this title. [He looks at the belt for a second, and then back to the camera.] Lewis: This is going to easily be the biggest challenge of my entire career. The tallest, strongest man in UPW, who just happens to be almost as agile as a man ten years younger than him. Can I do this? [He smiles.] Lewis: You bet your ass I can! [He begins moving as he speaks, matching his words.] Lewis: He takes a swing and I'll dodge. He tries to kick and I'll weave out of the way. Round and round we'll go, I'll be fast and he'll be slow! [He points toward the camera.] Lewis: Rage, I have faced men almost as tall and large as you and came out on top. I have gotten to the top of this mountain and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. So do your worst, big man. Bring that "hammer of god" and that seven-foot, two frame. I know that with the fans on my side, I can do what it takes to topple the giant. [He takes his left index finger and moves it in a circle pointing downward to illustrate his point.] Lewis: I'll run you in circles until you literally are so gassed you will fall down trying to catch your breath. Yes, you have more experience. Yes, you have more muscle. Yes, you have every advantage except speed. [He holds that finger up.] Lewis: But sometimes speed is all you need and I have it all day long! [He nods.] Lewis: Tonight I become the greatest giant-killer since the Bible and this belt is going nowhere! [He yells "woooo!" as he exits the area.] [Fade to black.]

[We return to the announce team at ringside.] CONLON: The World Champion sounding about as confident as you can expect, Pepper! JACKSON: Well he is the World Champion and known to run his mouth a tad more than you might expect, but the guy has a serious reality problem if he thinks speed alone will do the job against a legitimate killer like Derek Rage. CONLON: That match is coming up a little later on, but first, we have a match that has snowballed in recent weeks! JACKSON: The Tag Titles have been contested mostly between two teams, and everybody expected tonight to be the major final battle between The Warriors and the Soldiers of the Sun, but things didn't go as planned. CONLON: They haven't from the beginning. Titan Juarez literally flipping sides between his first family, the Soldiers, and the Warriors caused some issues. And it didn't help that both Dominion and the O'Malley Brothers ended up slighted in the middle of it all. JACKSON: Juarez's actions actually caused Dominion not to win the titles, where as the O'Malleys got screwed out of a match completely by Dominion even earlier. CONLON: And what resulted is UPW deciding to throw all FOUR of these teams into a match and put the Tag Titles on the line! JACKSON: What was going to be another match-up of the same two teams suddenly became a bigger, more unpredictable situation entirely! CONLON: And because of that, this tag team Fatal Four Way for the UPW World Tag Team Titles should have a special place here tonight. JACKSON: Sure, a rumble may fill up with more people, but only a leap over the top rope will send someone packing. Here, it's going to take only ONE pinfall or submission to determine the champions. CONLON: Sounds simple enough, except that in a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match, there are no tags. JACKSON: That's it, Stan! Eight men in the ring, perhaps at the same time! CONLON: Which means when you're pinning one man, FIVE others are trying to stop you, with only one ally at your side to defend you. JACKSON: Unless you're the Soldiers of the Sun, then you get a third! Sounds like cheating to me! CONLON: Or The Warriors, with "The Djinn" at ringside. JACKSON: Oh come on! He's only HALF a man compared to the behemoths in that ring! Titan Juarez, BOTH members of The Dominion, The O'Malleys, even the small one, would be more than a match. You can't be serious, Stan. CONLON: Sammy Sharifi is clever, and what he makes up for in brawn, he more than compensates with his mental faculties, and a copious use of foreign objects. JACKSON: Ten men will be around the ring, minimum, and that's assuming The Dominion doesn't call on their leader to get involved. CONLON: The North American Champion likely can't afford to do that at this point. JACKSON: Fair. CONLON: It looks like the first competitors are on their way to the ring!

[The screen switches to show the ring announcer ready for duty.] RA: Entering the ring, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, it is Marcus and "Kid Lightning" Anthony O'Malley... T H E O' M A L L E Y B R O T H E R S ! ! ! ["Have a drink on me" by AC/DC hits the speakers, and The O'Malley Brothers make their way to the ring. "Kid Lightning" Anthony O'Malley in a pair of faded blue jeans and his own baseball style jersey next to his larger brother, Marcus O' Malley, in his more militant "You've got two choices...Drink or Fight" t-shirt with black jeans and boots to match. They hustle into the ring and pat each other on the chest.] CONLON: The O'Malley Brothers haven't had the best run in UPW, but they have a chance to push that all aside with the opportunity they've been given tonight. JACKSON: Absolutely anything can happen in this match. That's the simple truth. [Dwarfed by both O'Malley brothers, a nebbish man in stripes dutifully pats down the jeans of both O'Malley Brothers.] CONLON: Douglas Orson Anderson has been put on referee duty for this match, and if there's one man I don't envy tonight, it's him. JACKSON: It's going to be his job to keep order in this chaos? Well, it should be easy enough: he doesn't have to pay attention to the tags. There aren't any! CONLON: Now if only he had ten sets of eyes, he'd be qualified for the job. JACKSON: He's plenty of qualified! He has an amazing pedigree in the industry. He's an Anderson! CONLON: In name, that is correct. ["Jekyll and Hyde" by Five Finger Death Punch starts with a Live Free or Die attitude talking over a metal pedaled guitar strumming.] RA: Weighing at a total combined weight of five-hundred and fourteen pounds. Here are "American Nightmare" Tyson Bishop and his partner "Adonis" Lance Donovan... T H E D O M I N I O N ! ! ! [Bishop and Donovan appear in the aisle as the boos grow louder. Bishop is the obvious power man of the team. He's barrel-chested and as wide as he is tall. Donovan is the "beauty". Donovan's cut in all the right places and has all the right angles on his face. He looks like an Adonis and has a six pack you could do laundry on. He has short brown hair that's short enough it spikes without a lot of hair product and blue eyes. He's clean shaven and has the tattoo "Legacy" across his back in a gothic font. The duo make their way down to the ring, ignoring the fans and glaring straight at the ring.] CONLON: The Dominion look focused and poised tonight. They are both intimidating competitors, and together, they're a nightmare. Anything can happen here. [Donovan slides in to the ring under the bottom rope as Bishop uses the ropes to climb up onto the ring apron. Donovan gets to his feet and climbs to the middle turnbuckle, heckling some of the fans in front of him as he raises his arms in the air. Bishop glares at the O'Malley Brothers in the ring. Donovan steps off the middle turnbuckle. Dominion move to their corner to discuss last minute strategy.] JACKSON: I have to be honest, I thought they'd come swinging at The O'Malley Brothers here after all of the interfering they've done in recent weeks to their plans! [Douglas Orson Anderson checks both men's boots, and pants, and discovering nothing, lets them go.] CONLON: The Dominion have chosen to apply a more measured approach here. They have a long road ahead of them, and there's no use expending energy before the bell has sounded. ["Black Star" by Yngwie Malmsteen blasts out of the PA system and the crowd MARKS OUT! Walking out from the back are three men. One is a tall and large masked Mexican man wearing a metallic silver mask that covers his head save for his mouth and chin. He also has long tights which are red on the right side and green on the left side with a white circle on the left side as well as white ring boots. Another is a handsome Japanese man with spiky short hair colored orange. He has white wrestling shorts with a red circle on the left side of them and also wears red shoot style kick pad ring boots. The third man is a young caucasian with curly brown hair in a kind of Jewish afro. He wears blue wrestling shorts with a yellow circle with red trim on the right side of it. He has short white wrestling boots and white wrist tape.] RA: And their opponents, accompanied to the ring by STRIKER Kato, at a total combined weight of 525 pounds...it is Titan Juarez, and Ricky Courage... T H E S O L D I E R S O F T H E S U N ! ! ! [All three men stop at the top of the entrance ramp, do a quick salute before making their way towards the ring. Determination and focus in their eyes. An excited smile on Ricky's face. They climb into the ring and then do the salute pose for the fans again and the crowd...GOES WILD!] CONLON: The crowd has a deep admiration for the Soldiers of the Sun, who have had to fight on all fronts to maintain their unique bond. Temptation from The Dominion and almost led to Titan Juarez splitting from the team, but he has reunited with them, and is competing in this contest! JACKSON: They've had plenty of chances to win the titles and failed every time. Now, Titan Juarez is claiming to be part of the team here at Survival, just in time for the first pay per view in UPW history!? I have to tell you, I think that's a stupid move on Ricky and Kato's part. [All three members of the SOTS offer their boots to the referee. He frisks each one by one, and finds nothing. STRIKER Kato steps out of the ring, keeping a respectful distance away from the entrance ramp.] CONLON: The Dominion does not seem to be "in on it" as they say, because they are staring HOLES through Titan Juarez. But again, they haven't left their back corner yet...they're currently outmanned by the two other tag teams- JACKSON: -Two tag teams and a trio! Well, assuming Titan Juarez isn't going to throw Ricky over the top rope, like he threatened to do before the show. CONLON: While that's an entirely different can of worms, you're correct about one thing: the Soldiers of the Sun have been the plucky underdogs, and have not been able to cash in against the best tag team in the world. JACKSON: That's right. The Warriors come out, but they never play. [Lights dims as M83's "A Guitar and a Heart" introductory pads are heard: Sammy "The Djinn" Sharifi steps out into the aisle and makes grandiloquent gestures towards the curtains, and when the drums kick in, the curtains part, fireworks explode, and out comes the gilded pair of DeAwn "The Angel" Carter and Kel "the Hound" Robertson, UPW World Tag Team Championships slung over their shoulders.] JACKSON: THERE THEY ARE! The top tag team in the world! CONLON: Perhaps walking to the ring as champions for the very last time! [The boos rain down on the UPW tag team champions, but they don't care; they have moral superiority on their side. They also have matching black tights with rainbow stripes. Tiny Sharifi leads the way to the ring, and once the team is there, Carter & Robertson raises their titles high, so their opponents can behold them with envious eyes.] RA: And their opponents, accompanied to the ring by Sammy "The Djinn" Sharifi, ladies and gentlemen, this is DeAwn "The Angel" Carter and Kel "The Hound" Robertson... They are the UPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS... T H E W A R R I O R S ! ! ! [And the boos reign down.] JACKSON: The LAST time!? You have a lot of nerve. CONLON: I can't deflect the possibility of crowning new champions, Pepper. It wouldn't be called Survival if there wasn't something at stake to lose for the champions, and with so many capable teams in one ring, and only one fall required to claim victory, I cannot dismiss the possibility of just that occurring. JACKSON: Even The Warriors admitted tha- [The bell rings, and the hammer may have been a match scratching sandpaper, because the fire emerges immediately, with both members of The Dominion leaping onto the O'Malley's feet first.] CONLON: Double dropkick sends the O'Malleys over the top! JACKSON: I TOLD you they wanted revenge! [The Warriors take the opportunity to charge at the Soldiers of the Sun, but Titan and Ricky are not caught unawares as they pair off with Kel Robertson and DeAwn Carter respectively, locked in a collar and elbow tie-ups.] CONLON: Douglas Orson Anderson trying to get a hold of the match inside the ring. JACKSON: That looks dangerous! [Indeed, back against the ropes, Tyson Bishop squats low to the ground, and bouncing off the other set of ropes, his partner charges forward, and as Lance leaps...] ... [Bishop lifts. Lance Donovan flies high, his leg's a full measure of himself from the top rope...] [And the crowd GROANS as a sickening thud pushes out a coughing breath from Marcus O'Malley!] CONLON: That was a fifteen-foot freefall, a two-story elbow drop by The Dominion's Lance Donovan! I think Marcus O'Malley has suffered broken ribs less than a minute into this match! JACKSON: I saw Lance reach out his legs to legdrop Anthony O'Malley too, but "Kid Lightning" got out of his way! CONLON: Quick as his moniker, that Anthony O'Malley. And because of that, Lance didn't get to break his fall with that body, so he's holding his calf in pain. He's still much better off than Marcus, who has turned a color of purple you would need ultra-violet vision to fully appreciate. JACKSON: That's what they get! [Titan Juarez eats a rake to the eyes from Kel Robertson, only matched by a cane shot to the shin from Sammy Sharifi outside! That allows for Kel to throw the big man between the ropes to the outside, as Ricky Courage manages a go behind on DeAwn Carter, landing a high angled german suplex that sends him rolling out under the bottom rope to the outside, clutching the back of his neck!] CONLON: The action is furious here, as Sammy has provided our first bit of interference at the expense of Titan Juarez! JACKSON: Three men in the ring left standing! [As Ricky Courage, Tyson Bishop and Kel Robertson share a Mexican standoff in the ring, STRIKER Kato, who did not take kindly to Sharifi's interference, chases down the manager. Sharifi tosses his cane in the air as they both round the corner, and DeAwn Carter catches it and clotheslines STRIKER Kato with the cane!] CONLON: I do not know if it is possible for a neck to wrap around a cane, but I believe that is what we just witnessed here! JACKSON: Sympathy queasiness... CONLON: And DeAwn Carter is absolutely unleashed here, repeatedly striking STRIKER Kato with cane shot after cane shot! [The referee, with so much to attend to, tries to focus on the action outside, but while he's admonishing The Warriors members outside, he doesn't make any other moves.] CONLON: While what is transpiring outside is certainly felony assault, STRIKER Kato is not a participant in this match, so there is absolutely NOTHING Douglas Orson Anderson can do here but be an unwilling accomplice in the matter! JACKSON: He's got enough on his plate as it is! [The Mexican standoff has ended, as Robertson and Bishop have decided to join forces and both give Ricky Courage a kick to the gut. Instinctively, they both go for a gutwrench lift onto him, but it's clear they want to do different things with him, and a brief tug of war ensues before Tyson Bishop tosses Ricky Courage to the ground and nails Robertson with a forearm shiver!] JACKSON: That relationship was not built to last. I guess between "The Hound" and the "American Nightmare," there was never much hope. [Titan Juarez has been able to get his barings, and blindsides DeAwn Carter with a big boot, but not before the damage has been done to STRIKER Kato. Sharifi runs away from Titan who stares him off before tending to his friend.] CONLON: If you were worried about the Soldiers of the Sun having an extra man advantage, you have nothing to fear anymore, Pepper. Kato is not going to be getting involved anytime soon. [A loud SMACK! Occurs in the ring, and the crowd oohs in sympathy pain as Tyson Bishop hits the ground and checks with the tips of his fingers for if he still has all his teeth.] CONLON: A vicious headbutt by "The Hound" sends Tyson Bishop down to the canvas and rolling outside the ring. Oh, I think he got his nose busted there! JACKSON: I can't keep up! [As Kel Robertson flexes at Bishop, Ricky Courage runs and grabs Kel from behind...] CONLON: German suplex on the bruiser of the tag champions. JACKSON: Ricky still has him! [Kel attempts to spinning back elbow Ricky, powering out of the belly to back grip, only for Ricky to duck, grab a bearhug and turn it into a belly-to-belly suplex that knocks the wind out of The Hound! Ricky then leaps and lands a legdrop across the chest of Kel, who rolls to the outside of the ring.] CONLON: And Ricky Courage is the last man standing in the ring! JACKSON: Not for long! [Leaping on the top rope, "Kid Lightning" Anthony O'Malley springboards to Ricky, but gets caught by the legs and planted back first into the canvas.] CONLON: That was a brutal spinebuster! Ricky Courage has eyes in the back of his head! [Ricky leaps up, headbanging and eyes closed in the middle of an air guitar riff only he can hear. But the crowd loves it!] JACKSON: Titan Juarez doesn't! [Titan Juarez stalks Sammy Sharifi, who points behind Titan. Titan turns, and Sharifi goes on all fours right behind the big man as Lance Donovan, jumping onto the apron, leaps off and smacks Juarez with a shining wizard! The big man topples head over heels over Sharifi, who points at his noggin while crawling away from the wrathful Dominion member.] CONLON: The manager of the World Champions showing why he's the savviest mind in UPW! He's crawling to check on DeAwn Carter, and pointing into the ring. [Ricky Courage has picked up Anthony O'Malley and dumps him head first with an exploder suplex!] CONLON: Courage with the cover! 1... 2... JACKSON: DeAwn Carter able to break up the pin with a desperation dropkick! CONLON: Carter is laying the boots in thick into the solar plexus of young Ricky Courage, and what looked like a quick victory is turning into all three members being in peril! [Kel Robertson has managed to find the near lifeless body of Marcus O'Malley and roll him into the ring. Marcus is attempting to put up a fight, but each fist he tries to drive into Kel's chest makes him wince in pain, clutching his own chest.] CONLON: I really do believe Marcus has incurred an injury to his ribs. I do not believe it is appropriate for him to continue in this match. JACKSON: The Dominion may have ended his career with that super elbow drop just after the bell. He ate ALL of the damage when his brother rolled out of the way. He only has his partner to blame! [The Dominion are not paying attention to what's happening in the ring. Tyson Bishop has matched up with Lance Donovan, and both members size up Titan Juarez, who is getting to his feet.] CONLON: The Dominion took Titan Juarez's decision to not betray his best friend's son as an affront, and now they seek revenge. But it may cost them the titles! [DeAwn Carter grabs Ricky Courage by the jaw and starts yelling in his face about how he is a representation of the white supremacist and gendersogynist patriarchy as he lifts him to his feet and slaps Ricky in the face!] CONLON: The crowd booing at that dismissive action! [As Ricky seems more confused than anything, Kel Robertson quite simply picks up Marcus O'Malley like a sack of potatoes and dumps him on his head with an inverted piledriver!] CONLON: "JUSTICE" has been delivered! Sitting Inverted Piledriver has put the nail in O'Malley! 1!!! [Ricky throws a right hand, DeAwn ducks under it, and lifts his leg to deliver a Crescent Kick.] 2!!! [Which Ricky ducks, steps in, and spinning... [Tosses Carter over...] 3!???!??!?? CONLON: A release German suplex has sent Carter into his partner, and that looked like a vicious clash of heads, as Carter and Kel Robertson's craniums collided! [The Hound clutches at the crown of his head. His partner Carter, completely discombobulated, tries to stand up, but his eyes are rolling everywhere. His knees buckle and wobble like a poorly thrown football. And Sammy Sharifi is yelling at him and DeAwn is thinking why yes. Yes. I should go outside. Maybe Sammy has some water for me because I'm very thirsty and why am I here the lights are so bright.] CONLON: The Tag Team Champions were inches from that arm hitting the mat before Ricky Courage reversed DeAwn's finisher into that moon buster driver. JACKSON: Well, he better win this match quick! He's about to not have a partner! [Tyson Bishop and Donovan both throw their bodies into whipping Titan Juarez into a barricade. But Donovan runs alongside the Titan and before he can hit the ground, Donovan lays in a clothesline to the big man! Then the forearms come crashing against his skull. A European uppercut followed by a left hook, then a right hook, a knife-edge chop, Donovan getting damn near purple, uncharacteristically screaming as he just slams punch after chop after uppercut until Juarez is forced to cover up indian style. That's when the Tyson charges and launches his entire body into Titan!] JACKSON: Assault and Battery by Lance Donovan, followed up with a 275 pound man launching himself like a cannonball into a prone individual...which I guess can be called murder one! [Ricky Courage had Kel Robertson locked into a front chancery, but the noise made him turn around, and he now is able to see the state of both of his partners, Kato absolutely UNMOVING and Juarez getting more boots tossed into him. Ricky lets go and turns to them, only for Kel to snap straight into a belly-to-back grab!] CONLON: "The Hound" playing possum there! [And Kel lifts Ricky up on his shoulder for a back drop, but holds him in the air. Letting him kick his legs as he holds him horizontal, six feet above the ground.] CONLON: Kel Robertson is one strong individual, maybe pound for pound the strongest man in all of UPW, and he's showing it off here! [Kel then, from his shoulder, tosses him up, catches Courage by the hips, and swings him face first into the canvas! The crowd groans from the impact!] JACKSON: Ricky Courage might be dead! CONLON: How did Kel Robertson just guerilla press a full-grown man from a backdrop position, and then flapjack him to the mat? That was incredible! [Kel cannot be bothered with a pin, however, because both members of Dominion have stepped through the middle ropes, and stand in the ring, arms crossed.] JACKSON: The Dominion aren't even going to let him admire his handiwork. What a shame. Clearly, they are tools of the oppressors The Warriors keep talking about! CONLON: Since they believe they deserve to RULE all of UPW, that would actually be an accurate statement. [Tyson Bishop punches his hand, staring his opponent across from him with menace in his eyes. Lance Donovan stretches his calf, leaning from side to side. Kel Robertson plants his feet shoulder width apart, cracks his neck in two quick jolting motions, then sets his center of gravity low with bent knees, hands out, ready to grapple.] CONLON: DeAwn Carter is still getting to his senses from that clash on the pin breakup, so it'll be two on one here... JACKSON: The O'Malley Brothers are still in this match! [Anthony O'Malley crawls under the bottom rope, and grabbing the still inert Marcus by the knees, pulls him out of the ring, and throwing his larger brother over his shoulder, starts heading up the ramp, to the confusion of the crowd, and the referee!] JACKSON: Wait, what is he doing!? CONLON: Douglas Orson Anderson is trying to find out what is happening with the brothers, but it's obvious: due to the Dominion, Marcus O'Malley is truly not able to continue, and Anthony is going to make sure his brother is safe! [As Anthony heads up the ramp, Sharifi gets onto the apron behind the Dominion and lifts the cane over his head, but Tyson Bishop jumps to Sammy and manages to get a hand on his throat!] CONLON: The Djinn in a bad way here! [Sammy is shaking his head and gasping for breath as Kel charges in to save his manager, only for Donovan to dive straight at Kel's knees with a vicious shoulderblock!] CONLON: And the big man taken out at the base! JACKSON: Both big men! [DeAwn Carter came to his sense, and throws a roundhouse kick through the bottom rope that knocks Bishop's ankles together, sending him tumbling backwards, freeing Sharifi from his grasp!] CONLON: The Angel must be a guardian variety for his colleague! [Carter hops onto the apron where Sammy stepped off.] "SMACK!" CONLON: Donovan with a HUUUUGE Superkick sends Carter to a knee on the apron! "SMACK!" CONLON: And a Pele kick through the middle rope sends "The Angel" from grace, and down to the arena floor! JACKSON: The big man is back up! "SMACK!" JACKSON: -And he eats a superkick! "SMACK!" JACKSON: And a pele kick! CONLON: Lance Donovan holding his calf, still feeling the effects of that fall earlier, but that burst of energy has taken out both members of the World Tag Team Champions! JACKSON: Lance isn't satisfied with ending one man's career! CONLON: And what about STRIKER Kato? He has been on the floor since that cane beatdown by The Warriors...mostly by the so-called Angel- JACKSON: Who's been knocked silly with multiple headshots in this match. [Carter, indeed, seems to be swimming on the canvas outside, looking to find the nearest deserted island to land on to get his head out of the shipwreck of concussion.] CONLON: He's almost in as bad of a shape as Ricky Courage, who has been getting himself to his feet, and now is faced with both members of The Dominion. [Kel Robertson rolls himself to a far turnbuckle, blinking long hard blinks to see if he can replace the glittering stars that have replaced his normally clear vision. Lance Donovan is smirking at Ricky Courage, and Tyson Bishop is shaking his legs loose. Ricky grabs the back of his neck, half cracking in a wince, half-cracking a smile. He bites his lift, and starts pumping his fist to a rhythm only he can hear.] CONLON: Ricky Courage living up to his name, fighting against the men who are responsible for laying out Titan Juarez on the arena floor. [Ricky runs at the two men, who go for a double clothesline. Ricky ducks underneath them, comes off the other side, and as Tyson Bishop ducks to pick Ricky up, he leaps to go over him, but Donovan hung behind-] "SMACK!" CONLON: Ricky Courage just jumped straight into that superkick! "SMACK!" CONLON: And a Pele Kick to follow up as the fall forced Ricky back up into that spinning kick that landed flush on the face! JACKSON: It's Tyson Bishop's turn to point at his temple! [Only Sammy Sharifi is pulling down the top rope with his whole body weight. Lance Donovan, sensing shenanigans, turns to grab the manager, only for a charging Kel Robertson to come from behind, electric chair lift him, and toss him in one motion...] [...And as Donovan falls, De Awn Carter, jumping off the barricade, catches Lance by the head over the shoulder in mid-air and "The Angel" plants Donovan with a stunner!] CONLON: Lance Donovan has just been given what he's dished out! Sent over the top rope into a springboard stunner to the outside! JACKSON: An incredible move! The champs are right back in it now! CONLON: I just can't catch a breath, Pepper! [Bishop lays his shoulder into Kel Robertson's gut and the momentum sends The Hound the turnbuckles hard! Bishop lays punches into Kel's gut and then follows up with a forearm shiver to the head!] CONLON: Bishop is taking it to Kel! Carter, Donovan, Juarez and Kato, not even a combatant, are laid out on the outside! The O'Malleys are somewhere in the back, presumably out of this match! And Kel Robertson has pushed Bishop off of him! JACKSON: Kel literally just SHOVED Bishop into the middle of the ring with one push from the corner! CONLON: That will not make "The American Nightmare" Tyson Bishop back off! He's calling for Kel to meet him in the middle of the ring, and the champion obliges! [Kel looks down on Tyson as Bishop, built like a six-foot fire hydrant, tilts his nose up and presses it against Kel's chin. Kel reaches a left hand onto Tyson's shoulder, Tyson does the same in turn, and the two men just begin PUMMELING each other with right hands!] CONLON: The big men are going at it, and the slams and finesse have been thrown to the wolves! [The punches change as Tyson throws a stiff forearm to Robertson's face! The Hound responds with an elbow right to Bishop's nose!] CONLON: Bishop got headbutt in the nose already, and he's bleeding from his nose! [Kel goes to finish off Bishop with a roaring elbow which Tyson ducks under! As Robertson turns to face Bishop, Bishop presses one of his nostrils, and fires off a spout of blood from the other, into Kel's eyes!] CONLON: That is disgusting. JACKSON: But it worked! Bishop just blinded The Hound by snorting his own blood into his eyes! [Bishop bounces off the ropes, and then comes roaring back-] "Oooooooooh!" CONLON: A lariat LAYS OUT "The Hound!" That was vicious! JACKSON: You can't sleep on Ricky Courage! [Ricky Courage catches Tyson Bishop with a neckbreaker out of nowhere! And as Bishop goes to get up, Ricky follows up with a dropkick that sends the big man to the canvas, nose bleeding to the canvas! CONLON: Bishop is bleeding on the mat. [Carter has however slid back in, and as the Douglas Orson Anderson checks on Bishop on the ground, DeAwn simply kicks Courage between the legs from behind.] JACKSON: Right in the jewels! CONLON: And a double eye poke to follow up as the referee's back is turned! And a reserse STO sends Ricky Courage to the ground...and that young man has not gotten much a breather, and has been on his own most of the match! [DeAwn gets Robertson to his senses, and they both get up as Tyson Bishop rolls over to his still beat up partner outside.] CONLON: Bishop checking on Donovan while licking his wounds, and now the champions are alone with a winded Ricky Courage! [Kel manages to get the cobwebs out and annoyedly grabs Ricky by the scruff, and Irish whips him into the corner. Then, Robertson grabs his own partner by the arm, and whips DeAwn Carter into a crushing Stinger splash into the corner!] CONLON: A vicious move, and Courage staggers to his knees! They cover! 1!!! 2!!! NO! JACKSON: Why didn't he stay down? He's alone in this match! Might as well get it over with! [Sharifi is barking out orders to pin Ricky Courage when The Dominion manage to grab onto the manager.] CONLON: Lance Donovan is somehow to his feet here, and now Sharifi is in bad shape! Both of his guys are inside the ring! [That's when Tyson Bishop, blood pouring from his nose, grabs Sharifi by the collar of his shirt, and RIPS the collar off in two vicious, choking pulls.] JACKSON: That is a fine garment! How dare Tyson Bishop do that to Sammy Sharifi! [One more tear, and Tyson, staring down the tiny manager, plugs up each nostril with his collar. He then tosses Sharifi to the side, flying into the still down Titan Juarez. But The Warriors aren't waiting.] JACKSON: The Warriors are meeting The Dominion on the outside, and they are throwing blows between each other! CONLON: Anthony O'Malley! JACKSON: Wait, who? [Ricky Courage is staggering to his feet, when a boot from the cruiserweight bends him over. Then, quicker than a hiccup-] CONLON: O'MALLEY DRIVER! A front flipping piledriver and oh my Gosh! The Warriors and The Dominion have no idea what's happening! JACKSON: And he's going to the top! CONLON: He's fresher than maybe any man there! And he's going for that Lightning Strike! [Sammy Sharifi flies into a battling Carter and Donovan, sending all three men to the ground. Then, a large man gets himself up to the apron quickly and then, with one large hand, reaches to Anthony O'Malley's hips and shoves him to the floor, where he knocks down Robertson and Bishop!] [And the crowd goes WILD.] CONLON: Titan Juarez is back in this match! And he just saved Ricky Courage from possible defeat! JACKSON: STRIKER Kato is getting up too...but he looks shaky. CONLON: He got hit with a cane again and again and again, and he just can't stand straight. [With everyone down but him, Titan bends down and pats STRIKER Kato on the back and tells him to head up the ramp. STRIKER points at all the downed opponents outside, and Titan points at Kato's shaky legs and wags his finger. Kato is resigned, looking at the ground, but manages to get his legs moving up the ramp.] CONLON: I hope Kato can recover after that brutal beatdown, but Titan is wise to send his friend to the back. He will be able to leave under his own power. JACKSON: Better than Marcus O'Malley. CONLON: The team was never eliminated, only one elimination will determine the new champions, and Anthony almost stole it! [Titan Juarez calls out to Ricky, who, dazed, managed to give a high armed thumbs up from laying in the middle of the ring. Titan nods, then looks at the men laid outside.] CONLON: The Warriors beat up his friend, and The Dominion beat him down. JACKSON: Prepare for Attack of the Titan! [Juarez grabs Donovan, then Bishop, and throws them in under the bottom rope before following them in himself.] CONLON: Sharifi is calling back The Warriors. He is calling the shots, as he has all night, and he wants his champions to stay fresh. JACKSON: It's unfair enough that they have to defend against three- errr, now two and a half teams. They shouldn't spend any more energy than they have to! [Ricky is getting himself up when The Dominion stand up and start delivering boots to Titan Juarez!] JACKSON: The double team beat down continues! [The crowd cheers as Ricky Courage grabs Donovan from behind and german suplexes him off of Titan Juarez!] CONLON: Courage with the save! Tyson Bishop with a back elbow sends Ricky down! Now off the ropes-misses a lariat on Courage...and goes right into the arms of Titan Juarez! [Titan Juarez manages to guerilla press Tyson Bishop, and toss him to the floor, right into the deliberating Warriors AND Sharifi, who catch 275 pounds to their chests, sending them all to the floor!] CONLON: EVERYONE IS DOWN! LANCE DONOVAN IS THE ONLY MAN LEFT WITH THE SOLDIERS OF THE SUN! JACKSON: Titan has a hold of one of the men who laid into him earlier! [Juarez grabs Lance from the canvas. By the face. And lifts him to his feet.] JACKSON: I wonder if Titan learned something from The Dominion after all! Looks like he's going to get vicious! [Titan pushes Donovan by the face into the waiting arms of Ricky Courage, then simply comes off the ropes and lands a HUGE big boot as Courage rockets a german suplex!] CONLON: SUNPLEX! SUNPLEX! JACKSON: THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!! 1!!! [DeAwn Carter and Kel Robertson peel their manager off of them and run for the apron. Tyson Bishop follows them...] [Anthony O'Malley holds Bishop by the ankle, and Tyson snorts through his bloody shirt collar bits.] 2!!! [Carter gets to the top rope and Titan Juarez meets him with a double handed push into the barricade below.] [But the crowd gasps...] JACKSON: WHAT DID I JUST WITNESS!? [Never expecting the 6'8", over 300 pound Kel Robertson to come off the top rope and nail a HUGE splash on Lance Donovan before the three count came in!] CONLON: I thought we had new champions! But Kel Robertson broke up the pin by GOING OFF THE ROPE for the first time maybe ever! JACKSON: The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and Ricky Courage actually was facing Kel and rolled out of the way! And Kel is holding his guts, despite landing a good portion on Lance's legs! [Tyson Bishop is pummeling Anthony O'Malley on the ground for nearly costing him the opportunity to win the titles.] CONLON: Knees are not a soft bone, and a big man not used to falling a story to the canvas will feel the worse for wear! But he saved the titles from changing hands tonight! [The Soldiers of the Sun, both up on their look to each other, and as Juarez rubs the pain from his chest, Ricky starts shaking his fists, rolling them into a windmill air guitar motion! As the fallen men around him stir, Ricky points to them, then to his air guitar strumming hand. Slowly, he windmills, as he points to Kel Robertson, and as the arm circles, people give rousing "Whoas!", building up louder as they finish into the strum.] CONLON: Ricky Courage, apparently striking up the band here in the United Center in front of this sellout crowd! [As Kel gets to a knee, his circles get faster, and the whoas get faster and louder. But before Kel can get up, Tyson Bishop slides into the ring. As he gets to his feet, Titan Juarez grabs an arm, and whips him into Ricky Courage, who delivers a whirling punch!] "WHOOOOOAAAAAAA!" JACKSON: Was that a windmill air guitar punch!? [As Kel gets to his feet, Titan quickly shuffles to him, and whips him into a Windmill punch!] "WHOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA!" CONLON: Robertson's next! "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA!" [And the crowd gets louder as the next lands.] CONLON: DeAwn Carter! "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAA!" CONLON: Anthony O'Malley, who slid under the bottom rope! [As Courage waits for Lance Donovan, still feeling the effects of the Sunplex, his arm is flying CRAZY fast! Titan grabs lance, and he spins with him once...twice...and the third time flings him into a leaping windmill auitar punch crescendo of earth shaking proportions! On the landing, Ricky shakes his right hand jazz style over his head, giving one more declarative strum! The crowd roars!] CONLON: And the Soldiers of the Sun have sent all the other teams to the floor outside! [Ricky is pumping up to the crowd with his fists pumping over his head in excitement. Titan taps him on the shoulder, and points to Anthony O'Malley on the outside. Ricky nods, and Titan goes to retrieve O'Malley...] CONLON: Tyson Bishop just grabbed Titan Juarez from between the ropes and pulled him out! His legs are on middle rope...oh no. "SMAAAAAAAAAACK!" [The crowd doesn't even know what to say after the sick thud to the floor.] CONLON: A rope hanging DDT to the outside, high angle to the floor outside! Tyson Bishop is absolutely ruthless! [Bishop wastes no time. He slides into the ring, the bloody pieces of collar dangling out of his nostrils, an absolutely maddened look in his eyes. He stares down to Ricky and says, clearly and tersely, that "This ends now." He snorts out both pieces of the collar, which fall to the canvas. Ricky looks up at him, and locks in a collar and elbow tie-up.] JACKSON: Maybe not smart. [Bishop tosses Ricky backward, but Ricky rolls through it, and uses the distance to gain momentum. He tries to shoulder check Bishop, who laughs at him. Slaps at his own chest. Ricky backs against the ropes for a second try. Only. Instead of making impact with Bishop, he sidesteps and swings his arm around Bishop's torso, and uses the momentum to get a go behind and nail a snap german suplex with a bridge!] CONLON: Bishop taking a sick fall to the head! COVER! 1!!!!!!!! 2!!!! CONLON: Broken up by DeAwn Carter with a double ax handle! Ricky rolling through- [Carter ducks the clothesline, and spinning-] "CRACK!" ... "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" CONLON: CRESCENT KICK! CRESCENT KICK! Ricky fell like a stone! JACKSON: Lance Donovan! "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" [Lance Donovan he got to the middle rope, and as Carter kipped up, Donovan dove and went for the "Fall From Grace"...only to eat a Crescent Kick!] CONLON: He's down! Donovan is down and out! And Kel Robertson is getting up! The Top Tag Team in the World is standing tall! [The Angel looks out to Sharifi, who he STILL out from when Tyson Bishop was thrown on top of them, and he looks at Kel, who points at Sharifi. They nod to each other, and then Kel points a thumb to his throat. The crowd boos as they point at Ricky Courage, whose eyes are glazed over into the back of his head.] CONLON: Amazingly, folks, Ricky Courage has been inside of the squared circle since the bell rung. I can't remember him being outside all match...but all the courage in the world may not be enough now. JACKSON: It hasn't been good enough. And it may never be! But The Warriors are the best in the world, so there's no shame in that! [Kel grabs Ricky by the hair, and saying some demeaning things into his face, he rubs his elbow into his right eye as Carter manages to get himself perched on the top rope.] CONLON: They're going for "Justice," the spiked version! This has spelled the end for many opponents! ["Kid Lightning", however, has stood up, and springboarding off the middle rope...] [Twists, at Carter, who leaps, and catching him around one arm...] "SMACK!" "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" CONLON: O'Malley! He went for a twisting springboard plancha to stop Carter, and Carter caught him with a flying inverted bulldog in midair! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" JACKSON: "JUSTICE" IS SERVED TO RICKY COURAGE! CONLON: Kel Robertson finishes the sitdown inverted piledriver on Ricky Courage! And BOTH members of The Warriors are going for the pin! 1!!!!!!!!! [Titan Juarez is getting to his feet, and is trying to get it together.] 2!!!!! [Titan slides in, and runs towards Kel Robertson. While DeAwn Carter has both legs hooked on Anthony O'Malley!" 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Titan was able to plant an elbow on Kel Robertson, breaking up that pin...] [...And Tyson Bishop pulled Carter through the bottom rope to the outside!] CONLON: That's it!? No! JACKSON: Both pins broken up!? What the Hell? Sharifi is screaming, SCREAMING at the Anderson from the apron and it serves him right letting this anarchy occur! "SMACK!" "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" CONLON: SHARIFI GETS HIS! A BIG BOOT BY TITAN JUAREZ! "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" CONLON: A running elbow to the back of Titan's head from Kel Robertson floors the big luchador! [Meanwhile, his partner DeAwn Carter outside battles Tyson Bishop. He rakes Tyson in the eyes, and dropkicks the big man, leaving him slumping against the apron.] CONLON: Carter battling the big man! [Carter goes to slide into the ring, but a hand grabs him! Lance Donovan drags him back in, only for DeAwn Carter to slam Donovan's head into the apron! But when he turns around, Bishop delivers a big kick to the gut...and lifts Carter...and Donovan grabs the back of Carter's neck.] "SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!" "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" CONLON: THE STOMPING GROUND TO THE FLOOR OUTSIDE ON DE-AWN CARTER! JACKSON: The Dominion have taken out the better looking half of the world champs! And they're sliding in! [Juarez is up and fighting Kel when they get charged. Tyson manages to clothesline both he AND Kel over the top rope to the floor! Titan goes to big boot Donovan, but Donovan ducks down and dragon screw leg whips Titan, sending him to the canvas, holding his knee!] CONLON: Donovan just took out the big man's knee! And Titan wasn't expecting that, and now he's grounded...and Donovan's heading to Ricky Courage, who's just been taking a beating for much of this match fighting six on one! [Ricky manages to stagger to his feet, and Donovan spears his head right into his crotch!] CONLON: That, that is not legal! JACKSON: The referee was looking at the men who'd been knocked to the outside! He missed it! CONLON: Anthony O'Malley is up! [Anthony O'Malley follows up with a leaping clothesline, but Donovan, in mid air leaps, catches him by the head and turns him-] "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" CONLON: FALL FROM GRACE! IN THE DEAD CENTER OF THE RING! THE COVER FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIPS! 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Ricky Courage seems too dazed to notice.] 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [But Titan Juarez limps over, and Ricky somehow leaps up for both men to break up the pin!] CONLON: The Soldiers of the Sun manage to both knock Donovan off O'Malley! JACKSON: Yeah! Get em with that thing you do! CONLON: Bishop and Robertson are both in! [Bishop charges at Titan Juarez, and "The American Nightmare" gets ole'd by Juarez, who tosses him shoulder first between the turnbuckles into the pole, and the big man bounces off and lands on the canvas outside!] CONLON: Ricky Courage seems happy about that one! JACKSON: Too happy! [Ricky cheers Titan on, not realizing that Lance Donovan is up behind him. Donovan takes a couple steps...] [...Leaps. Grabs onto Ricky's head...] [...But Ricky grabs both Donovan's arms in underhooks, breaking the hold, even as he is able to whip himself backward...] "SMACK!" "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" CONLON: RICKY COURAGE COUNTERED THE FALL FROM GRACE WITH A DRAGON SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE! JACKSON: HEADBUTT BY KEL ROBERTSON KNOCKS TITAN JUAREZ DOWN! CONLON: COVER BY RICKY COURAGE 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: Immediately broken up by Kel Robertson with a VICIOUS rabid punch to the back of Ricky Courage's skull breaks up the count! JACKSON: DeAwn Carter coming in! He's somehow alive after that Stomping Ground! CONLON: He's heading to the top rope and pointing at the stirring Anthony O'Malley! [Inverted piledriver set up by "The Hound" on Anthony O'Malley. This time, with no one to stop him, Carter leaps off, and falling, spikes down Anthony by the legs as the piledriver is complete!] CONLON: "JUSTICE!" THAT'S IT! THAT'S IT! "THE ANGEL" WITH THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Kel Robertson lays in the fists to Titan Juarez.] 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Sammy Sharifi, somehow risen, NAILS Tyson Bishop with a single cane shot to ensure he stays down.] [And then Ricky Courage charges, as Kel rises to meet him with a clothesline.] "SMACK!" 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" [A clothesline that nearly takes off Ricky Courage's head, but DOESN'T stop him from breaking up the pin with a dropkick to Carter!] CONLON: And this match continues! [The Warriors are throwing a fit in the middle of the ring, begging the referee to get control of this match, even as Sharifi delivers one more cane shot to Tyson Bishop.] CONLON: The hypocrisy is unreal. JACKSON: Tell me you don't honestly feel that count was a LITTLE slow. CONLON: I believe it was the exact same as every other count. I think you, like they, may have some bias in the matter. JACKSON: How is that guy still moving? [Lance Donovan, somehow, is on the top rope. He is very wobbly, but he leaps halfway across the ring, OVER Douglas Orson Anderson, and nails a double flying clothesline to The Warriors!] CONLON: The Warriors are taken out by Lance Donovan! "SMACK!" CONLON: Sharifi lands a cane shot on Donovan! JACKSON: RICKY HAS ANTHONY O'MALLEY! [Anthony O'Malley was trying to crawl away. But Ricky Courage grabbed a hold of him from behind. O'Malley is clutching the bottom rope for his life...] [But Ricky pulls Anthony, and then from behind him, Titan pulls Ricky! And both are able to pull then pry O'Malley's arms completely from the bottom rope! Then, with Ricky Courage holding the belly to back, keeping "Kid Lightning" lifted over the ground, Juarez comes off the opposite ropes and...] "SMACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" CONLON: SUNPLEX ON O'MALLEY! SUNPLEX ON O'MALLEY! RICKY COURAGE WITH THE BRIDGE COVER! 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Titan Juarez is running.] [The Dominion is down on the outside.] [The Warriors are on the outside, getting to their feet. Their manager, Sammy Sharifi, is beside them, with his cane...] 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Titan Juarez, coming from the opposite ropes, clenches his teeth, and leaps over the top rope-] 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [And dives with a BIG MAN PLANCHA to the outside. And the CROWD ERUPTS!] "DING! DING! DING!" RA: The winners of this contest... And the NEW UPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE SOLDIERS OF THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: We have a new Top Team in the World! The Soldiers of the Sun have done it! JACKSON: This is chaos! Everyone is down outside! Everyone is beat the Hell out! A fat old man just jumped over the top rope! CONLON: Ricky Courage has just been handed his title, and he is clutching it with everything he has! STRIKER Kato is limping back towards ringside and- JACKSON: Is Kato crying? [Kato is able to help Titan to his feet, and both men slide in. Indeed, tears are sliding down Kato's face, as he approaches Ricky and embraces him. Juarez follows, clutching both me from above.] JACKSON: As much as Ricky grates on my nerves...the kid was in there for nearly 50 minutes, and he never ONCE left the ring that entire match. He was always looking for the opportunity to get the pinfall, and he never let himself get out of contention. Which was risky, cause it meant he could have lost it for them. But he got the pinfall, and...but why the tears!? [The trio is handed the title. Kato takes one, and Ricky SNATCHES the other from the referees hand and climbs onto the top turnbuckle with it, waving the UPW World Tag Team Title like a flag in the wind, much to the crowd's delight!] CONLON: A really precious moment. [Kato looks Juarez in the face, and hands him the title. A "We did it" can be heard. "For Stevie." The two men embrace, as their young counterpart takes his title OVER the barricade to the audience, and crowdsurfs.] CONLON: This has been 18 years in the making, the entire journey of Ricky Courage's young life and his father's legacy, held in the hearts of these two men who have mentored the young man as his own...and this is really their night tonight. JACKSON: Not for those guys. [Up the ramp, DeAwn Carter and Kel Robertson, followed by a limping Sammy Sharifi, can't even look behind them, they are so disgusted. A cameraman decides to get close and ask for an interview, and, quite simply, Kel Robertson TOSSES the man, and his camera, off the ramp and down to the floor!] CONLON: That is a suspension and a HALF! The WARRIORS JUST TOOK OUT A CAMERAMAN! JACKSON: That just sent DeAwn off the deep end! [Another camera set up at the top of the ramp is ripped off its tripod by Carter, and tossed at the crowd, and breaks into pieces at the barricade!] CONLON: And that could have been a lawsuit! And after such a touching moment. [And then, from right where Ricky is, a loud, LOUD chorus of boos. Which get louder.] JACKSON: The Dominion!!!!!!! Tyson Bishop and Lance Donovan snuck out from the ring floor and they got INTO the crowd and they are POUNDING on Ricky Courage! [Kato and Juarez are trying to get down there, but as they do, Bishop already has the gutwrench in, and he lifts, and the neckbreaker gets held by Donovan...] CONLON: STOMPING GROUND ONTO MULTIPLE CHAIRS! RICKY IS LYING MOTIONLESS DRAPED OVER THESE CHAIRS. THIS IS HEINOUS! THEY JUST WON! THEY JUST BEAT YOU! THEY JUST BEAT YOU ALL! JACKSON: The Dominion are running off! [Juarez and Kato got over the barricade, but all they have for it is an unmoving Ricky Courage and his title belt, which he had held so proudly, draped over his prone body.] CONLON: After a great match like that...to go and disgrace yourselves in this manner. I- I...I just can't stand it. The Soldiers of the Sun are your new UPW World Tag Team Champions but- JACKSON: Now they know what that means.

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Outside the arena, one of the exit door flings open and Tripp Skylark comes bursting through, looking worse for wear. Tripp takes a few steps outside the door and stops, placing his hands on his hips, a distraught looking spreading across his face.] ????: Seems like you have had a rough night! [Out of nowhere a man approaches Tripp with his back towards the camera, cloaked in a long black leather trench coat. Tripp is startled at the man's presence, and doesn't register his comment.] ????: I know you might find it strange, but I am NOT here to berate you or insult you. I am here simply to make you an offer. One I do not think you can refuse! [Tripp looks at the man with a puzzled look on his face.] TRIPP: Who the BLEEP are you? How the BLEEP do you know me? Man, I don't even give a BLEEP shit! I've had another horrible night in the ring and I just want to forget about everything! ????: Would you not rather figure out a way to be victorious? [The use of the word "victorious" stops Tripp, who tilts his head, looking at the mysterious man more closely. The man is wearing a long trench coat, with a pale white and bald skull peaking out at the top and black combat boots sticking out at the bottom. The real impressive piece is the man's size -- nearly seven foot tall, but lanky. So lanky he seems more like a skeleton than a live human.] ????: From that look on your face, I would say that is a "yes". I knew that before I even asked the question, I will admit, because I have been watching you, Mr. Skylark... Watching you struggle and thinking to myself that, well... I can help. [The mysterious man lets loose a bone chilling cackle, causing Tripp to jump.] TRIPP: Help? How? I ain't into no homo shit if that's what your after! ????: No, silly boy, this about tapping into that potential of yours and finally turning you into the wrestler you always wanted to be! I have been watching you over these past few months, and you are so close to figuring it out. I can help. I can help take you to the next level. TRIPP: How? ????: My dear boy that will all be revealed in due time! For now, though, I need to know you want my help. And as they say... Actions speak louder than words. [The mysterious man pulls a steel chair from out of nowhere and holds it out to Tripp. The chair is all dented, and seems to have some dark stains across it.] ????: Earlier tonight, I saw the volcano building and building into a small eruption. It caught my attention and it spoke to me saying loud and clear you may finally be ready to take that next step. So, to prove it.... [Evil laugh.] ????: Charge to that squared circle with your weapon in hand! Show no mercy and any regard for anyone's safety! Rules be damned! Delusional dreams of victory forgotten! I want to see the blood spilled across the ring! I want to see the demon lurking inside you come out for allllll to see! Only THEN will I know you are ready. Only THEN will you learn the answer to the question you seek. [And with that, the mysterious man walks off, never turning to face the camera. Tripp is left looking dumbfounded staring at the steel chair now placed within his hands.]

[We return to the announce team at ringside.] JACKSON: WHO THE HELL IS THAT?!?!?! CONLON: Tripp Skylark obviously getting some advice from somebody, but no idea who it could be. JACKSON: Skylark has been through a strange night already. The upset loss to Billy James is absolutely shocking in, and of, itself. But now he gets cryptic messages from a mystery person? I think Skylark is headed for a breakdown at this rate! CONLON: The man has not been himself, we know that. Losses tend to do that to you and when you lose enough, you will take advice from just about anybody! JACKSON: I guess it can't hurt. I mean he hasn't had a lot of success the way things are now! CONLON: Unfortunately true, Pepper. JACKSON: I mean losing to Billy James for crying out loud! CONLON: Well let's not demean Billy too much, Pepper. The man is a more than capable wrestler. JACKSON: But he hasn't won a match on television in YEARS! CONLON: I get the sentiment, but as we always say around here - Anything can happen in the UPW. JACKSON: (chuckles) Yeah, it seems more true now than ever! CONLON: Well we have reached the moment of truth for both Derek Rage and Aaron Lewis. These men are about to do battle with the UPW World Heavyweight Title on the line. JACKSON: This wasn't the title defense Aaron Lewis was expecting, and I don't think the UPW fans expected Rage to suddenly be here, but the monster got in the door and now wants the prize! CONLON: Lewis claims that his dealings with Jakob Kell back in TTW got him ready for this kind of match against Derek Rage. JACKSON: (holding out his hand) Let me tell you some truth right now, Stan. Lewis can think he is ready and he can think that Kell character was some how an equal for Rage because of their height. But there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that can truly prepare you for Derek Rage's strength, agility, and worst of all, his outright destructive will. CONLON: Sounds like you don't give the champion much of a chance. JACKSON: The guy is like a small insect to Rage. This is going to be a flat-out execution. CONLON: Let's send it up to the ring where we will get this one started!

[The view switches to the ring where the UPW Ring Announcer stands ready to go.] RA: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! [Massive main event crowd pop.] RA: This match is set for one fall and is for the UPW World Heavyweight Championship! [Another round of cheers.] RA: Introducing first, the challenger! Standing seven feet-two inches tall and weighing in at three hundred-forty pounds! He is accompanied to the ring by his manager and friend Velvet Sims. He is the master and owner of the "Hammer of God," here is.... D E R E K R A G E ! ! ! ["Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" blares over the PA system as the crowd roars in anticipation. The curtains part and Velvet Sims steps out in a shiny gold suit. He wears gold and white spectator shoes, a white hat and a gold tie. He dances down the aisle, smiling and happy. He stops half way down the aisle, shaking his head as he points back towards the curtain in admiration. Derek Rage steps through the curtain. He wears his boxer's robe with the hood up over his head. He pauses at the top of the ramp and waits before he throws the hood back and glares at the crowd. He strides down the aisle to meet Velvet Sims who skips around the God Warrior happily as Rage stalks to the ring.] CONLON: Look at how motivated this giant of a man looks! JACKSON: And he would be, remember Lewis talked about a part of his life he never wants to discuss anymore. The fact Lewis called him a champion ONLY in the tag team world has to be an extra layer of motivation for the big guy. CONLON: Makes you wonder how long he will prolong this beating if he gets the advantage. JACKSON: It's going to be a long night for Aaron Lewis. CONLON: Good thing he is known as "All Day." JACKSON: He'll need to live up to it to survive this beast of a man tonight. [The Ring Announcer lifts the microphone to continue introductions.] RA: And now entering the arena, standing six feet, two inches an weighing in at two hundred- twenty-seven pounds! He is the reigning! DEFENDING!! UPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! Here is.... A A R O N "A L L D A Y" L E W I S ! ! ! [The crowd erupts as the music for Fort Minor's "Remember the Name" begins to play.] #You ready?! Let's go!# #Yeah, for those of you that wanna know what we're all about# #It's like this y'all (c'mon)# [At that moment the bass beat kicks in and pyro goes off. The big screen shows the name AARON LEWIS on it as the songs kicks in.] #This is ten percent luck# #Twenty percent skill# #Fifteen percent concentrated power of will# #Five percent pleasure# #Fifty percent pain# #And a hundred percent reason to remember the name# [Out walks the World Heavyweight Champion. Aaron is wearing a pair of loose fitting, silver wrestling pants, and a pair of black shoes, with black cord belt to complete the lower body. His hands and wrists are taped up as well with the World Title hanging on his left shoulder as he stands there and drinks in the cheers of the crowd. He finally starts walking as the chorus continues again with the great beat.] #This is ten percent luck# #Twenty percent skill# #Fifteen percent concentrated power of will# #Five percent pleasure# #Fifty percent pain# #And a hundred percent reason to remember the name# [He reaches the ring and steps through the ropes, holding his right index finger toward the crowd as he turns a slow circle to recognize everyone in the stands. He walks over to Steve Blaine, but never seems to take his eye off of Derek Rage and Velvet Sims.] CONLON: The champ looks focused. JACKSON: He better be. Look at how much smaller he is than Rage. A foot in height and more than a hundred pounds. UPW just sent a lamb to the slaughter here in Chicago! CONLON: I think he will surprise the pundits tonight. Lewis is champion for a reason and remember Rage actually LOST to another man of smaller stature in Liam Donegal during the Title tournament. JACKSON: You think that matters now? That loss only happened because Rage hit his head on the ring post and Donegal took advantage like a coward. This won't be the same as that. CONLON: Well Sims is out of the ring and the referee, Pedro Bell, is holding the World Title up to signify it is on the line. JACKSON: And about to be in a giant's possession! DING! DING!! DING!!! CONLON: THERE'S THE BELL AND HERE WE GO FOR THE WORLD TITLE! JACKSON: I would avoid Rage at all cost early on and use speed. It is Lewis' only offensive option. CONLON: The guy is World Champion, he can throw down with the best of them. JACKSON: Maybe in munchkin land! [The two men stand staring at each other from their corners. Derek Rage begins moving his arms as if preparing for a battle, making him look even more imposing as the two men move closer and begin to circle around looking for that spot to attack and start this one off.] CONLON: Rage looks limbered up and these two just keep staring each other down. JACKSON: Rage proved that Lewis can't match power at that contract signing. If Lewis has forgotten that, he's an idiot. CONLON: I doubt he has, Pepper. He seems just fine searching for a way to utilize that speed and agility he has. JACKSON: The fans have been waiting for this moment, and Rage is going to finish this one fast! [After some more dancing around each other, Rage finally unloads a big right hand that Lewis dodges with ease. Lewis' sidestep puts him in position to drill Rage with a knife-edge chop as the big man turned around. Rage just stands there, unshaken by the strike.] CONLON: Lewis manages to get the first strike, but Rage is having none of it! JACKSON: You can't take down a redwood with an icepick! He better find more than that and soon! CONLON: Lewis is an offensive innovator. He is more than capable. JACKSON: Then he better start innovating! [Once again they start to dance and Lewis ends up near a corner, where Rage goes for another big strike, only to have Lewis sidestep and make him miss again. Lewis throws another chop as Rage ends up in the corner. He chops him again before backing out and almost dancing away from the corner.] CONLON: Lewis again gets some shots in and the speed is playing a role early with Rage unable to connect. JACKSON: It only takes one, Stan. One of those fists lands and the match changes dramatically. CONLON: It has to happen first, Pepper. JACKSON: Why do you think he danced out of that corner instead of continuing? He knows Rage's power and he is afraid of it! [Rage seems a little more upset after that exchange and rushes out of the corner toward Lewis. Lewis ducks another big attack and returns fire with a forearm to the side of the head. He hits another and gets Rage in the corner.] CONLON: LEWIS WITH A BIG FOREARM SHIVER TO THE SIDE OF RAGE'S HEAD! JACKSON: That surprised me there! CONLON: I think it surprised Rage as well! JACKSON: If he adjusts, it is lights out, but Lewis really is using his quickness well so far. [Lewis jumps to the second rope and starts landing forearms to his head over and over until the referee calls him to break it up. Lewis hops back and then rushes right back in and hits a chop with enough momentum that it causes Rage to stumble out of the corner.] CONLON: LEWIS WITH A MOMENTOUS CHOP TO RAGE'S CHEST!!! JACKSON: Lewis really going after the big man! I'm shocked that he is attacking so forward this early! [Lewis grabs Rage and goes for an Irish whip, which the bigger man immediately reverses. On the rebound he misses his lariat attempt, and Lewis returns fire with a punch that Rage catches with his right hand.] CONLON: RAGE CAUGHT THE FIST! JACKSON: Here it comes, Stan! The big man has had enough and catching that fist shows Lewis he is now owned. CONLON: This has to really be a blow to the will of the champion. JACKSON: You think? Lewis just got stopped mid attack. That is hard to forget as a match wears on, I would imagine. [Rage throws Lewis' fist away and then grabs the champion by the throat with both hands. He lifts him into the air and throws him toward the corner where Lewis actually goes over the top turnbuckle and lands on the connecting cable from the post before getting his feet on the ring apron outside the ropes.] CONLON: GOOD LORD RAGE JUST THREW LEWIS BY THE THROAT AND NEARLY OUT OF THE RING ENTIRELY!!! JACKSON: Derek Rage now going to work! This is the strength I was talking about. CONLON: And Lewis is lucky to be standing on that ring apron. JACKSON: He is lucky to still be conscious! [Rage rushes in, but Lewis pegs him with a straight right jab that sends the challenger stumbling back toward the middle of the ring. Lewis quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle as Rage rushes and Lewis leaps over him and lands on his feet.] CONLON: LEWIS LEAPING OVER RAGE AS HE RUSHES IN!!! JACKSON: That agility coming into play again. Rage made a mistake there, it was too early for a rush in. CONLON: Lewis showing he can handle what Rage is throwing so far. JACKSON: He may not be taking the shots just yet, but you wait. The monster hasn't really been unleashed just yet. [Rage turns around in the corner and sees Lewis landing after the leap. He looks angrier than ever as he rushes the champ, but gets met with a Thesz Press by Lewis! They go down to the mat as Lewis begins reigning down punches from both sides to Rage's head as Velvet Sims is jumping up and down outside the ring and the fans cheer Lewis on.] CONLON: LEWIS POUNDING AWAY ON DEREK RAGE!!! JACKSON: WITH ILLEGAL FISTS! GET IN THERE REFEREE!!! CONLON: Aaron Lewis is showing Rage that he won't dodge him, but go right after him. You have to admire the moxy of the World Champion! JACKSON: Does a funeral goer admire the moxy of the person in the casket? All I see is someone willing to literally throw his life away. We're witnessing Lewis' suicide right in front of us. [The referee is over and trying to get Lewis to stop using the closed fists. Finally, Rage's anger explodes as he just shoves Lewis off him. He gets to his feet and grabs Lewis again by the throat, tossing him into the corner, where Lewis literally bounces off the turnbuckles and into a hard right hand from Rage.] CONLON: RAGE WITH A DAMAGING FIST TO THE HEAD THAT STAGGERS LEWIS! JACKSON: See what I mean? Rage is now showing why he is destined to be World Champion! CONLON: Rage is throwing Lewis like a rag doll and Lewis is not quite as quick as he was moments ago. JACKSON: Getting your ass kicked can do that to you, Stan. [Rage starts teeing off with massive punches. Each punch to the head sends Lewis legs into the air and his head way back over the top turnbuckle. Rage hits him with a stomach punch that bends him in half. Rage pauses and then hits a big right fist that drops Lewis to the canvas as Velvet Sims raises his arms in excitement.] CONLON: Rage is just doing work now. He is taking advantage of every asset in his arsenal! The height, the strength... JACKSON: The sheer will! The man is a beast and nobody will take the title from him if he wins it here. CONLON: That might be the scariest thing you have said all night, Pepper. It is frightening to think you could be right. UPW doesn't have many who can match him down the line. JACKSON: And what is worse, he KNOWS it! Look at this beating! [Rage pulls Lewis to his feet and pulls him to the nearest corner, wrapping his left arm around the top rope and then drilling him with a hard right hand. Then he grabs him by the hair and delivers a nasty head butt that actually drops Lewis to sitting on the bottom turnbuckle.] CONLON: Derek Rage just driving Lewis further down with every strike! JACKSON: Aaron Lewis is probably regretting he won that title at this point, Stan. CONLON: I wouldn't go that far, but Derek Rage is certainly taking every ounce of frustration out on him, that's for sure. JACKSON: You have to wonder how much longer before Lewis' fight leaves him fully. [Rage goes for a kick, but Lewis blocks it to the side as he stands straight up. Rage goes for a punch, but Lewis dodges and hits one of his own, using the momentum to turn Rage into the corner. Lewis lands another chop, then another. Derek Rage is staggered by the chops in that corner.] CONLON: NOT YET, PEPPER! LEWIS BEGINS CHOPPING AS HARD AS HE CAN ON DEREK RAGE'S CHEST! JACKSON: The big man is back in the corner and you have to be impressed with Lewis' resiliency even though all it does is get him beaten down worse. CONLON: It is the heart of a champion, Pepper. JACKSON: No it is the definition of stupid, Stan. He keeps fighting back expecting not to get blasted, and yet Rage always ends up landing blow after blow. [Lewis sets up to whip Rage across the ring and into the opposite corner, but Rage reverses and whips Lewis with such ferocity that he flips up the corner and then right back the same way, staggering back to Rage, who drops his head and lifts Lewis with a massive back body drop that sends the champ to the mat in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: LEWIS SENT FLYING REALLY HIGH ON THAT BACK DROP!!! WOW! JACKSON: Even the referee yelled "Holy Moly!" right then. When you get the referee to mark out like that, you know it was a nasty counter! CONLON: Derek Rage once again in control and Lewis' title reign in serious jeopardy unless he can figure out a way around the massive size and power of Derek Rage. JACKSON: So, you finally agree it's over, huh? [Rage stalks the downed champion and as Lewis finally gets to his feet, he grabs him and just lifts him above his head in a gorilla press lift as if he was weightless. He holds him up and begins walking around the ring to show off his power as Velvet Sims eggs him on from outside.] CONLON: RAGE LIFTING LEWIS LIKE A SIMPLE TOY!!! LOOK AT THE POWER!!! JACKSON: This is what I have been saying all damn night! This power advantage is simply too great! CONLON: Aaron Lewis is more than a story in the air right now as Rage holds him up there for all the world to see. JACKSON: And for all the world to finally understand their need to fear him. [Rage, after showing off to the crowd, flips Lewis over and down in the press slam. He backs into the ropes and rebounds off to deliver a leg drop right across the champion's throat. He stands to his feet and drops a standing elbow drop to the chest.] CONLON: STANDING ELBOW DROP BY RAGE AND HE QUICKLY COVERS! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TW...............LEWIS GETS HIS SHOULDER UP FAST!!! JACKSON: Rage went for it thinking Lewis might be stunned enough to pull it out. CONLON: The way I see it, Lewis' resiliency has caused Rage to think that he needs to finish now or risk Lewis getting his second wind. JACKSON: You are saying Rage acted in fear? CONLON: No. I'm saying Rage understand the way things work and is smart enough to know what could happen. He's been around. JACKSON: That is true. Very few as decorated as the legend in there right now. [Rage gets to his feet and grabs the left wrist of Lewis to pull him up as well. He never lets go of that wrist and suddenly jerks it back toward him where he delivers a shoulder block to the smaller man. He does it again and this shoulder block had enough force to drop Lewis to his knees.] CONLON: Rage with a second shoulder block that sends Lewis to his knees! JACKSON: Rage is attacking so many areas in this one and all of them together means Lewis' speed will be negated. A slow Lewis is a Lewis Rage can catch and destroy. CONLON: Aaron Lewis won't be that easy of a target, Pepper. JACKSON: If he is at half speed, it won't matter. [Rage pulls Lewis up and keeps control of that arm, he pulls the arm out straight and kicks the ribcage as hard as he can. He follows that up with a big knee lift that sends Lewis flying backward and to the mat again as Sims celebrates further.] CONLON: HUGE KNEE LIFT THAT SENDS LEWIS FLYING! WOW! JACKSON: Derek Rage is not a man among men, he is so much more. There may not be anyone able to stop such a force in UPW! CONLON: Derek Rage is methodically beating Aaron Lewis from pillar to post right now. JACKSON: I dare say that he could probably pin the champion anytime he wants right now. At this point, this is becoming a lesson to the rest of the locker room on what happens if someone challenges his dominance. [Lewis makes it into the corner and pulls himself up as Rage seems to be just waiting for him. Derek rushes in and goes for a big boot in the corner, but Lewis moves and Rage's boot goes over the top rope and his knee impacts the top rope.] CONLON: LEWIS MOVED AND RAGE ENDS UP IN A BAD WAY IN THE CORNER!! JACKSON: Yet Lewis isn't quick to jump in and take advantage. He is still recovering from the beating he has been absorbing! CONLON: This could be the break he has been trying to find, Pepper. JACKSON: We'll see. Rage could be just trying to sucker him in at this point. [Rage pulls his leg back from over the ropes and as he gets clear, Lewis rushes over and grabs the leg at the ankle, bending it back and allowing him to lift Rage and drop that knee right over his thigh. Rage grimaces and stumbles away, as Lewis propels himself off the ropes and lands a chop block that topples the seven-footer and gets an eruption from the crowd.] CONLON: LEWIS TOPPLES THE GIANT!!! The chop block does its job and Rage is on the mat! JACKSON: There is a reason that move is illegal in the NFL, and why it ought to be illegal in the UPW. That can completely tear a guy's knee to shreds! CONLON: Stop whining, Pepper! Lewis is doing everything legal to take the challenger down. JACKSON: You wouldn't be saying that if the roles were switched, Stan, and you know it. [Lewis gets to his feet and sees Rage beginning to stand as well. He rushes over and hits a spin kick to the face, which sends Rage back to the mat. The spin also had Lewis fall down, but he begins getting up immediately.] CONLON: SPINWHEEL KICK BY LEWIS THAT SENDS RAGE BACK DOWN! JACKSON: He is down too, though. His offense may be innovative, but it takes a toll if his balance and body have been compromised by giant fists! CONLON: Lewis is doing everything he can to keep Rage down and somehow take the legs out from under the big guy! JACKSON: Tough to do when he has been around long enough to know what you are trying! [Lewis over fast and grabbing the feet of Derek Rage. He holds them apart and tries to step through, obviously going for a submission hold. However, Rage pushes the foot Lewis is trying to step through with back and is blocking the hold. It is a tug of war of sorts as Rage tries to block the hold.] CONLON: RAGE BLOCKING THE ATTEMPT FOR A SUBMISSION BY LEWIS!!! JACKSON: Lewis isn't known as a submission artist, and so he really telegraphed this one and Rage saw it coming a mile away! CONLON: Lewis is trying to get that foot down and Rage is just fighting against it with all he has. JACKSON: Lewis is really putting effort in to get this hold. Will he have anything left if he does get it? [Lewis gives up and just stomps on the stomach of Rage. He stomps him a second time and then quickly sticks his leg through the legs and hooks the figure four leglock in the center of the ring. Velvet Sims is almost beside himself yelling at the referee as Lewis locks the hold in.] CONLON: FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK BY LEWIS!!! HE LOCKED IT IN!!! JACKSON: Rage showing discomfort because of the stretching this is doing to the knees on those massive trunks he calls legs! CONLON: Aaron Lewis is trying to ground the giant, and one would think that would leave him open to the "Round Tripper." JACKSON: He has to kill Rage for that, Stan. [Lewis wrenches his body outward in order to add torque to the hold and add pressure to the knees. Rage is sitting up but the hold is causing the pain that is needed. Rage tries to swipe at Lewis, but can't connect across the distance as Lewis wrenches the hold again.] CONLON: Rage can't grab Lewis as he tries to break the hold. That reach advantage not helping right now. JACKSON: It is positional. Rage will find a way to reach those big ham hocks over and end this hold, mark my words. CONLON: Right now, he seems to simply be listening to his knee slowly grind away as Lewis keeps trying to add more pressure. JACKSON: Velvet Sims is not a fighter, but if this goes much further, I could see him running in there to break the hold. [Rage is fighting the hold as best he can and he finally gets hold of one of Lewis' hands. Just when it looks like Rage may have finally started his escape, Lewis throws a stiff left jab to the nose that sends Rage right back down. Lewis immediately wrenches the hold again as the fans chant for him.] CONLON: LEWIS FIGHTS OFF RAGE AND SINKS THE HOLD DEEPER!! JACKSON: Derek Rage may be in real trouble now! CONLON: And to think you spent this entire match talking bad about the champion and his chances. Now you see he just might be good enough to upset the monster, don't you? JACKSON: I know he is good enough because he has the gold. Rage is just a cut above, Stan. [Rage musters back up and again grabs the wrist of Lewis, this time Lewis' punch misses and Rage connects with a hard right hand. A second big punch from the seated position forces the break of the figure four as Lewis falls back in a heap.] CONLON: Rage breaks the hold with one big right hand! JACKSON: I told you his strength will always win out! All he needed was the right positioning to get that fist close enough and you see what happens. CONLON: Both men struggling to move as they have been beating the holy hell out of each other! JACKSON: What would you expect with the World Title at stake? [As Velvet Sims urges his man on, both men struggle to their feet. Lewis grabs the nearby ropes and pulls himself up as Rage gingerly stands to his feet, now with a slight limp as one would expect. As Rage looks to attack and raises that right arm, Lewis rushes and hits a dropkick to that left knee and both men end up on the mat.] CONLON: RUNNING DROPKICK TO THE LEFT KNEE BY LEWIS AND RAGE IS DOWN AGAIN!!! JACKSON: And yet he can't take advantage as he used a ton of energy to boost him for that move and now he is spent on the mat! CONLON: You almost think whomever manages to crawl across that finish line first won't be much better off than whomever loses, huh Pepper? JACKSON: Rage has fought wars, Lewis has fought battles. My friend, there is a world of difference in that comparison. [Both men getting to their feet slowly and as Rage is still on his knees, Lewis is up. He notices where Rage is and propels himself off the ropes, but ends up in Rage's arms. The big man catches him on the rebound and then running slams him into the corner, crumpling him severely.] CONLON: RAGE WITH A RUNNING SLAM INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!!! JACKSON: Now we're talking! The beast is back in business! CONLON: Aaron Lewis made the mistake and Rage has capitalized on it. JACKSON: Get ready for a new champion, people! [Rage over and he plants a big boot in the stomach of the champion. Then he lands a second one. Then he unloads a hard right fist that nearly sends Lewis over the top rope. Then he pegs him a second time with that big right fist.] CONLON: DEREK RAGE IS JUST HAULING OFF WITH HAYMAKERS ON LEWIS! JACKSON: Lewis' brains may be utterly scrambled in his head right now. He may not know what his own name is if you asked him! CONLON: And Rage is just making it look easy yet again. JACKSON: This is great! Even better than watching Dylan Cardinal beat the crap out of Glenn Chambers! What a night here in Chicago! [Rage lands another boot and then grabs Lewis for a whip across the ring. Lewis hits the corner squarely and with a ton of force. Immediately after hitting the corner, Rage connects with a running clothesline in the corner that leaves Lewis with his arms hanging over the top rope.] CONLON: Rage hits Lewis with that running clothesline in the corner and it squashes Lewis so bad he is just seemingly hanging there by his arms! JACKSON: Rage has beaten the fight right out of this kid! CONLON: I hate to say it, but it doesn't look good now, Pepper. Aaron Lewis is taking big shot after big shot form the biggest man in UPW. You can only do that so long before the body just can't recover. JACKSON: It really is difficult for speed to ever truly trump power and size. [Rage rushes and connects on another running clothesline, which staggers Lewis out of the corner and into the waiting arms of the challenger. Rage lifts Lewis onto his shoulder and then drops him dead onto that corner where Lewis hits the turnbuckle with his forehead. As Lewis staggers out of that corner after that impact, Rage hits a running big boot that drops the champ to the mat.] CONLON: RUNNING BIG BOOT BY RAGE! HE DROPS ON TOP FOR A PIN! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRRR............NO! LEWIS GOT HIS SHOULDER UP!!! JACKSON: NOOOOOOO!!! CONLON: Aaron Lewis manages to get his shoulder up and Derek Rage is still without a World Title! JACKSON: I doubt Lewis realizes this right now as he probably acted don instinct, but this probably did nothing but piss Rage off further. CONLON: Maybe, but he is still in this match! JACKSON: For now. [Rage slowly gets to his feet as Sims is outside screaming at him to finish him off. Rage stands up and lifts his right arm, signifying he wants to go for the "Hammer of God" the moment Lewis gets up. He waits as the fans scream as warning to the champion.] CONLON: Rage standing and waiting for the chance to go for the "Hammer of God!" JACKSON: If he gets this, it is over! Nobody has kicked out of that move in UPW! CONLON: Lewis is struggling to his feet with no idea that a seven foot beast is waiting to finish him off when he gets turned around. JACKSON: It's like a horror flick playing out in front of us and Lewis is the stupid girl opening the basement door! [Lewis finally gets to his feet and turns around and Rage rushes to grab him with tat huge right hand, but Lewis grabs the arm and quickly uses the momentum to swing around and drop Rage down, locking on a cross face submission hold. The fans go nuts as he pulls this off.] CONLON: A CROSSFACE!!! AARON LEWIS REVERSED THE HAMMER OF GOD LIFT INTO A CROSSFACE!!! JACKSON: HOW THE HELL DID HE PULL THAT OFF?!?! CONLON: Lewis knows just when to use his energy. He is more of a veteran than people give him credit for! JACKSON: Now Rage is stuck in that hold, but it is in an awkward almost side position due to how Lewis got it locked in. He isn't getting the torque he needs there. [The referee is down asking Rage if he gives and Rage refuses to say a word as he lifts his knee from the side and lands a shot to Lewis' back to try and break the hold. He hits another three knee shots and Lewis refuses to let go as the fans urge him on to finish the giant.] CONLON: Rage trying to fight out of it with those big knees, but Lewis hanging tough! JACKSON: Rage's knee strikes actually caused the hold to shift further! [Lewis is pulling as hard as he can to add some real torque to the hold on the head. Rage's size is an issue and he manages to use the arm caught in Lewis legs to roll him over.] CONLON: RAGE MANAGES TO ROLLE LEWIS OVER AND PUT HIM TO THE MAT! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THH..................THEY ROLL BACK OVER!!! JACKSON: Rage nearly pulled off that reversal there. What a veteran move right there. CONLON: Like you said, Rage has waged wars in the ring and he knows how to handle himself inside the squared circle! JACKSON: He is underrated as a ring general, Stan. Lewis should have known that! CONLON: Sometimes in the heat of battle, it is possible to forget a few things. JACKSON: That is true. Looks like Rage is using his strength to try and lift Lewis right off the canvas! [Lewis manages to roll the hold back into position and wrench harder on that head and neck. Rage manages to get his leg up under Lewis and pushes up, lifting the champion while he continues to hold that crossface. Finally Rage drops Lewis with a side slam that breaks the hold.] CONLON: GOOD LORD A SIDE SLAM THAT FINALLY GETS LEWIS TO LET GO OF THE CROSSFACE!!! Rage stays on top as the referee counts! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHHRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEE............NOOOOO!!! LEWIS WITH A SHOULDER UP!!! JACKSON: HOW DOES HE KEEP SLIPPING OUT OF THERE?!?!?! CONLON: And once again both men are lying on the mat, spent! JACKSON: The exhaustion beginning to show on both their faces, but for Lewis that could mean slowing down enough. CONLON: Enough for what? JACKSON: No matter how tired you are, a bigger stronger man can always hit hard. [Both men get to their feet slowly. As they stand, Rage lands a big left hand punish. Lewis returns fire with a knife-edge chop that gets the response from the crowd. Rage hits a big right punch that sends Lewis into the ropes. Rage grabs Lewis and whips him into the ropes across the way, but dips his head too early and Lewis rebounds and connects with a kick to the chest.] CONLON: LEWIS TAKES ADVANTAGE OF A RARE MISTAKE BY RAGE!!! JACKSON: I can't believe it, but look at his face! Rage is PISSED!!! CONLON: He stood straight up there and stares down Lewis. JACKSON: Run little guy, run for your life! [Rage's anger seethes as he lunges for another haymaker, but Lewis dodges and connects with a chop. Rage throws another punch, Lewis dodges and connects with a chop. Then another chop, then another chop as the fans go nuts. Lewis whips Rage into the ropes and then propels himself toward him with a leaping spinning elbow that sends both men to the canvas.] CONLON: LEWIS WITH A SPINNING ELBOW STRIKE AND BOTH MEN ARE DOWN AGAIN!!! JACKSON: A war of attrition as these two almost seem like they are willing to kill each other for that World Title belt! CONLON: Lewis' small bursts of speed and agility have managed to keep this one off center for Derek Rage, whose game plan of power had works until just recently. JACKSON: And energy runs out, but power stays a long time. [As both men lay on the mat for several seconds, Lewis legs go into the air and he kips up as the crowd erupts. Lewis stands in a corner as Rage is not far behind getting to his feet. Rage gets to his feet and Lewis is over, grabbing him and lifting him for an inverted atomic drop that staggers him into the ropes.] CONLON: LEWIS GOING TO WORK AGAIN!!! JACKSON: I have to give him credit for being willing to take chances with his own life by diving right in against someone so much bigger than he is! CONLON: No guts, no glory, Pepper! I told you he is the World Champion for a reason! JACKSON: Rage needs to just end this as soon as he can now because the longer this goes, I worry about his stamina! [Lewis hits another knife-edge chop and then grabs Rage for another inverted atomic drop. This staggers Rage long enough for Lewis to run into the ropes and propel himself back toward the challenger with a flying clothesline that again sends both men to the canvas.] CONLON: FLYING CLOTHESLINE FROM LEWIS!!! JACKSON: The big man is down again and I cannot believe what I am seeing! [Lewis gets to his feet and Rage is still on the mat. He goes to the corner and begins climbing the corner and the fans are excited as this means "The Round Tripper" is coming.] CONLON: LEWIS SIGNALS THIS ONE IS OVER! JACKSON: Rage is still trying to get to his feet and Lewis has no idea that he isn't just laid out down there. Boy is he in for a surprise! CONLON: Derek Rage is almost to his feet and Lewis is finally on the top turnbuckle. JACKSON: This will be ugly. [Rage gets to his feet just as Lewis stands on the top turnbuckle and Lewis changes his mind and leaps toward the challenger with a double ax handle, but gets caught by the giant in mid air. Rage adjust Lewis in his arms and turns it into a pendulum back breaker. After impact, Rage stretches Lewis' back across his knee for a submission hold.] CONLON: RAGE WITH A PENDULUM BACKBREAKER INTO A BRIDGING SUBMISSION HOLD!!! JACKSON: Rage taking advantage of Lewis' dumb mistake. That was just stupid. CONLON: Tell us how you really feel, Pepper! JACKSON: It was stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! CONLON: We get the idea. JACKSON: I'm just saying. You see him standing up and you STILL jump at him? Stupid! [Rage presses down hard on that hold and really drives that knee up into Lewis' back. The referee is checking on the champion, but he refuses to give in. The look on Lewis' face shows just how painful it is. Finally one of his flailing legs make connection with the bottom rope and the referee calls for the break. Both men are on the mat.] CONLON: Rage is still just forcing Lewis right down over that massive right knee. Look at the pain on the champion's face! JACKSON: He is literally in the mouth of the beast now! Rage can almost break him in half from this position. I've seen him do it! CONLON: You have not. JACKSON: Not literally, but I have seen him make men go limp doing this on footage I watched from back in the day. [Lewis grabs the bottom rope, but his position was awkward and he ended up rolling to the arena floor. Rage begins pulling himself up and see this, so he follows him outside the ring slowly. The referee begins warning them to get back into the ring.] CONLON: THE HOLD GETS BROKEN!!! LEWIS FALLS OUT OF THE RING! JACKSON: Safest place for him right now, I would say. Well until Rage catches up to him. [They stagger around the corner, Lewis first with Rage several feet behind him in pursuit. Lewis looks to be heading back into the ring when Rage grabs him from behind and takes his head, slamming it into the steel ring steps.] CONLON: RAGE SENDING LEWIS INTO THOSE STEELS STEPS!!! JACKSON: Carnage, they name be Derek Rage! This is his element and Lewis literally walked right into it! CONLON: Aaron Lewis has no idea what is going on now. I'm not even sure he can put up a decent fight after that shot. JACKSON: The referee should call this match and hand the belt to Rage. This one is over! [Rage pulls Lewis and rolls him back into the ring, but leaves his head hanging under the bottom rope and over the ring apron. He steps back and then delivers a big boot to the side of the prone head of the World Champion.] CONLON: RUNNING BOOT TO THE SIDE OF LEWIS' PRONE FACE!!! JACKSON: Rage is starting to go past winning this match and straight to embarrassing the champion! CONLON: He is certainly going the extra mile right now to cause Lewis pain and take him out of this match. JACKSON: When you can't keep him down three full counts, you beat him as much as you can to make sure next time you pin those shoulders down, they stay down! [Rage pulls Lewis back leaving his head dangling over that ring apron. He then climbs onto the apron himself and stands near the ring post, sizing up the champ's position before he takes off and jumps in the air for a leg drop...] CONLON: LEWIS MOVED!!! HE GOT OUT OF THE WAY!!! JACKSON: And Rage lands with his tailbone square on that ring apron, the hardest part of the ring! [Rage lands hard on the apron and ends up outside near the guard rail and lying on the floor. Lewis is lying in the ring still trying to get his wits about him.] CONLON: These two continue to wage war as Lewis managed to avoid a nasty attack right there. JACKSON: The man is acting on instinct at this point. I'm not even sure you can say that he knows what is going on! CONLON: Well the instincts served him well as Rage landed hard and now is on the outside of the ring. Both men taking their time as they try to regroup and recover a little. JACKSON: These two will never be the same after this! [Both men fight and pull to get themselves to their feet where they are. As Rage stands up outside the ring, Lewis is to his feet inside the ring. Lewis seizes the moment and propels himself off the ropes and his a dropkick through the bottom and middle ropes that sends Rage back into the railing and to the floor.] CONLON: LEWIS WITH THAT DROPKICK SENDS RAGE INTO THE GUARD WALL YET AGAIN!!! JACKSON: Lewis is pulling out all the stops, and he better because if the giant gets back to his feet, then you can bet the champ's night could go really bad, really fast. CONLON: Aaron Lewis showing why he is the World Champion! He is doing all he can to not just keep from losing, but to actually win this match. JACKSON: It is a great attitude, but he is sacrificing his body almost every time to achieve the goal. [Lewis rolls under the bottom rope and stands on the apron, staggering to the corner as he slowly climbs the corner with the fans cheering him on. Rage is slowly getting to his feet on the outside. Lewis gets to the top turnbuckle and immediately leaps into a back flip moonsault, which Rage literally swats away and sends Lewis to the arena floor hard.] CONLON: GOOD LORD ALMIGHTY!!! RAGE JUST SWATTED LEWIS TO THE FLOOR AND THE IMPACT WAS AS LOUD AS ANYTHING WE HAVE HEARD AT RINGSIDE! JACKSON: DAMN! Lewis bounced off the floor like a soccer ball! CONLON: Rage isn't fully recovered, but he is certainly in better shape than the champ! JACKSON: At the least, he had his wind knocked out of him. At worst, he broke ribs, a wrist, an arm.....something! That as disgusting! [Rage dropped to a knee after swatting the champ's move away, while Lewis is writhing in pain on the arena floor. The referee slides out of the ring to check on both men, getting waved off by Rage immediately, he moves to look at Lewis' condition.] CONLON: Referee Pedro Bell doing his diligence and checking the conditions of the wrestlers before he jumps into the mandatory ten count. JACKSON: I don't think ANYBODY wants this match to end in a count out of any sort. I can't blame him for this. CONLON: Lewis is really writhing in pain right now and the referee is spending a long time with him. JACKSON: These two have taken their toll on each other. And to think whomever loses must be in the rumble soon! Damn! [As referee Pedro Bell continues checking on Aaron Lewis as the champ gets to his feet. Rage has managed to stand to his feet in the corner of the entrance area to ringside. The fans begin chanting for Lewis as he shakes off the referee's suggestion to end the match.] CONLON: Lewis is not allowing the referee to even consider calling this match. He cares more about winning the match than he does his own health! JACKSON: I think it is the knowledge that if this gets stopped in that way, the belt will change hands. That is demoralizing. It is like a boxer who loses because he can't stand up to start the next round. CONLON: That is actually a really good point, Pepper. JACKSON: Thanks! WAIT! YES! This is getting awesome now! [The crowd's chants immediately turn to boos as Rick Styles rushes out from the entrance area and down the aisle. He rushes around the ring and grabs the UPW World Heavyweight Title belt and the referee immediately runs over to keep him from doing anything with it.] CONLON: RICK STYES IS OUT HERE AT RINGSIDE AND GOIGN AFTER THE WORLD TITLE BELT! JACKSON: The referee had to leave Lewis to rush over and keep the legend from taking it. CONLON: Why does he always try to get in the middle of everything. JACKSON: This could be how he plans to help whichever one of these guys asked him for help! CONLON: Do you really believe either one of these men would have needed to ask for help after all we have seen thus far? JACKSON: Desperate times, Stan. And as you can see, it doesn't get more desperate than where these two are right now. [It turns out it was all a massive distraction as The Mercenary lumbers down the aisle with his briefcase in tow. Rage has gone back outside and pulled Lewis to his feet as Mercenary arrives. Merc loads up the briefcase and rushes into attack mode and swings with force. Lewis notices and moves at the last second as Merc drills Rage right on the head, dropping him on the outside.] CONLON: LEWIS MOVED AND MERCENARY BLASTS DEREK RAGE IN THE HEAD WITH THAT HALIBURTON BRIEFCASE! JACKSON: NOOOO!!!! CONLON: That briefcase has caused many people to be taken out over the years in every place Merc has wrestled! Now Derek Rage is down! JACKSON: This is a travesty! [Before Lewis can return fire against Merc, Styles comes rushing past, looking down and shaking his head. He looks at Lewis and says "you're welcome" and motions for Merc to flee with him as the referee quickly shows up to find out what happened.] CONLON: Thank you? JACKSON: IT WAS LEWIS! LEWIS WROTE AND ASKED STYLES FOR HELP! HOLY MOLY!!! CONLON: There is no way Lewis would have done that! There is no way a man like him would have cheated just to get any form of advantage on Rage. JACKSON: Are you blind, Stan? Seriously, look at what just happened and you tell me how you can even t hink of defending him that way! [Referee Pedro Bell motions for Lewis to go back to the ring, which Lewis obeys and slides under the bottom rope. On the outside, Rage is laying motionless as Velvet Sims stands close and screams words not fit for many ears at the duo who just left.] CONLON: Velvet Sims is burning with anger and letting it rip on the referee and Lewis. JACKSON: I didn't realize he knew so many different ways to demean Lewis! Damn! CONLON: He has a right to be upset as those two shouldn't have been out here. That ruined a great match, in my eyes. JACKSON: Then blame Lewis for writing to ask for help! It is his fault they came out here at all! [The referee checks on Rage on the outside and takes a tongue lashing from Sims to boot. After ensuring that Rage wasn't severely injured, he rolls back into the ring and Lewis tells him to start counting, almost egging him on to count Rage out of the match.] CONLON: This match just took a strange turn and at this point, I think Lewis might be perfectly find taking a countout victory over the beast Derek Rage. He'd keep his title at least. JACKSON: But not his dignity. The man asked for help and got it, he is nothing but a.....well I won't say the word, but it is another way to say "cat." CONLON: That's going too far! JACKSON: If he wins, he can thank real men like Rick Styles and Mercenary for the victory. He won't have earned it in my eyes. Now it seems like Rage will get counted out, and that is wrong! [The referee begins the mandatory ten count. At the count of two, we see Rage roll over and begins to try and move. At the count of six, he was to his knees at the ring's side. He finally rolls into the ring at the count of nine and Lewis looks shocked that Rage got back in time.] CONLON: RAGE BACK IN THE RING IN THE NICK OF TIME!!! JACKSON: YES!!! Derek Rage showing he is such a bad ass monster that even an attack from two superstars on the side can't take him out of this match! I bet Lewis is messing his pants right now! CONLON: The look on his face says it all, and it is more about knowing he has to continue. It doesn't look like fear to me. JACKSON: If Rage gets vertical, Lewis is a dead man. He is up to his feet now! [Rage begins to try and pull himself up as Lewis stands to his feet on the other side of the ring. He stands there hearing the chants of the crowd and waiting for the challenger to get to his feet. Rage finally stands up and Lewis rushes for that standing side kick, but Rage again dodges it and grabs him around the throat, lifting and dropping Lewis with a choke slam.] CONLON: GOOD LORD!!! CHOKESLAM BY DEREK RAGE!!! JACKSON: THIS IS IT! THE PIN!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! The referee has only two fingers up as Lewis got his shoulder up at the last possible moment! That was as close as you will EVER see in the ring, folks! JACKSON: That should have been it! Rage put a lot into that choke slam. Had he managed to think an extra second, he could have turned it into the "Hammer of God" and finished this. CONLON: I would have to think that is what he is wanting to do as soon as possible. JACKSON: It is the smart play! [Rage slowly gets to his feet and he pulls Lewis up as well. Rage reaches for the throat of the champion, but Lewis takes his hands and smacks Rage's hand away form his throat, countering with the standing sidekick he tried earlier and sending Rage to the canvas. Lewis also falls to the mat after putting everything into that kick.] CONLON: STANDING SIDEKICK BY LEWIS!!! He put his all behind that and both men are down again!!! JACKSON: These two continue to wail on each other and neither one can seem to put the other away! CONLON: Lewis is moving and has the clear advantage! This could finally be it if he can get to his feet and cover. JACKSON: He is taking far too long to just pin now, but it looks like he has other plans anyway! [Lewis slowly pulls himself up in the near corner. He stands and climbs the corner as Rage still hasn't moved. Lewis gets to the top and leaps, landing a picture-perfect 450 splash that gets the crowd excited.] CONLON: ROUDN TRIPPER!!! LEWIS HIT THE FOUR-FIFTY SPLASH RIGHT ON THE CHEST!!! HE HOOKS THE LEG!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: NOOOOOO!!!! RAGE KICKED OUT! RAGE KICKED OUT OF THE ROUND TRIPPER! CONLON: That has never happened in UPW to date! Lewis lays next to the giant and looks exhausted and shocked at what just happened! JACKSON: If I'm Aaron Lewis, this is when I look to get disqualified and keep my belt. My best move didn't finish the monster, and what is left but to survive and fight another day? CONLON: He has too much character to do something like that, Pepper. JACKSON: Not from where I'm sitting, Stan. [Both men are lying on the canvas and the fans are going nuts. They both roll over away from each other and begin trying to pull themselves up. The referee is not even offering to do a ten count, as they are making efforts to stand.] CONLON: These two are moving again, so at least we know they haven't fully taken each other out. JACKSON: The man who gets up first will be in the best shape, beyond a shadow of a doubt. The next big strike could end the match. CONLON: With these two, anything is possible! JACKSON: That may be the smartest thing you have said all night, Stan. [They both get to their feet at about the same time. Lewis is first to act and he takes quick steps towards the monster, but Rage kicks him in the stomach and doubles him over. He lifts him for a power bomb, but the lift was too hard and Lewis flips over him and tries to turn it into a sunset flip.] CONLON: LEWIS FLIES OVER IN THE POWERBOMB LIFT AND TRIES TO GET A PIN....BUT RAGE IS TEETERING, BUT WON'T FALL! JACKSON: You need a hell of a lot more weight than Lewis has to pull that off! CONLON: He is yanking at the hips with all he has to try and get the big man over, but Rage isn't budging. JACKSON: And now the big man has decided he let him try long enough! [Lewis is straining to try and get Rage over, but it isn't happening as Rage grabs Lewis by the head with that giant right hand and pulls him back between his legs and to his feet, where he kicks him in the gut again and then hits a disgusting jack-knife power bomb that bounces the champ a couple of feet off the ring.] CONLON: POWERBOMB BY DEREK RAGE! JACKSON: LEWIS IS DEAD! RAGE ISN'T EVEN HOOKING A LEG FOR THE COVER!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: NOOOOOO!!! LEWIS GOT A SHOULDER UP AGAIN! HE REFUSES TO LOSE AND TEH FANS ARE GOING NUTS! JACKSON: So is Velvet Sims, who truly now believes that the referee is leaning toward Lewis at this point. CONLON: That is ludicrous! This is the best referee UPW has to offer for the biggest match we have on the show! JACKSON: Nothing surprises me anymore. Bad referees, champions asking for help, legends actually lending that help.....it is all just flipped on end for me now. [Both men lay on the mat for several seconds after the near fall. The fans are chanting for Lewis and Velvet Sims is just going ballistic yelling at Rage to get up. Finally, Rage begins to stir and pull himself up. He gets to his feet and leans back against the ropes. He takes off with a quick run and leaps for an elbow drop that misses as Lewis moved.] CONLON: LEWIS MOVED AND RAGE ELBOWS NOTHING BUT CANVAS!!! JACKSON: But he can't follow it up! He is lucky to have enough energy to even move! CONLON: These men are killing themselves in there tonight. JACKSON: With a World Title at stake, it isn't surprising! [Both men down again and the fans are cheering even louder. They begin to stir and pull at the ropes closest to them to get to their feet.] CONLON: Both men trying to get to their feet and it is taking a lot longer than it did when we started this match. JACKSON: Waging a war inside the ring can do that to you. Both of them probably have little energy left and just as little strength. CONLON: This war of attrition is nearing the point when nobody may be able to actually win. JACKSON: Both men are up! Here we go again! [Finally Lewis is to his feet and he rushes a now standing Rage, only to get shoved into the ropes and caught on the rebound. Rage uses his strength to adjust Lewis into a slam position and heads to the corner, stepping back onto the middle rope and leaping for a second rope powerslam.] CONLON: MDK!!! MDK!!! RAGE POWERSLAMS LEWIS FROM THE SECOND ROPE!!! JACKSON: THAT IS ONE OF HIS SELDOM USED MATCH ENDERS!!! HE COVERS! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! CONLON: LEWIS ESCAPED AGAIN!!!! HOW DOES HE KEEP SURVIVING?!?!?! JACKSON: The referee is on his side, that is how. There is now other explanation! CONLON: That simply isn't the case, Pepper. Lewis just refuses to lose. He will fight until his last breath to keep that gold around his waist! JACKSON: If he keeps it up, he very well may not have much breath left in him! I don't think anyone can withstand an MDK like that! [Once again both men on the mat. Neither moving much as the crowd begins a familiar "this is awesome" chant that has become widely used. Finally Rage pulls himself up and hears his manager screaming to finish it. The seven-footer nods as he raises his right hand again and looks down at Lewis.] CONLON: RAGE CALLING FOR THE FINISH!!! HIS ARM IS UP AND THE "HAMMER OF GOD" IS ABOUT TO LAND! JACKSON: THIS IS IT!!! If Derek Rage hits this, I have no doubt we will crown a new champion. Nobody has ever kicked out of it. CONLON: I never like agreeing with you on things like this, but only a fool would think Lewis could survive the "hammer of god" after an MDK. JACKSON: Rage is on his way! [He pulls Lewis to his feet and then slaps on the claw hold over his face. Rage lifts Lewis quickly, perhaps with too much force as Lewis seemed to jump with it and kicked his legs around the arm, forcing Rage down with a rocker dropper that stuns the crowd.] CONLON: ROCKER DROPPED BY LEWIS AND BOTH MEN ARE DOWN AGAIN!!! JACKSON: And he used every ounce of strength he had left to counter that clawhold slam. I think he is finished now. CONLON: Both men look like they have very little left. They are leaving it all on the mat, as they say. JACKSON: This is what championship moments are about, Stan. [Both men are down again. This time neither is showing signs of movement as referee Pedro Bell rushes to both and checks to see if they are even conscious. Satisfied they were, he stands up and begins his ten count, but stops as both men strain to roll over and reach for ropes.] CONLON: The referee begins his ten count and neither man is moving extremely fast to their feet. JACKSON: This may take awhile, but again nobody wants this match to end this way. CONLON: Very true, Pepper. JACKSON: Looks like both men may get up at about the same time again! No clear advantage! [Rage manages to grab the middle rope, but slips and ends up laying over the bottom rope. Lewis slowly makes it to his feet, but looks very woozy. He slowly makes his way over and lands a stomp to the small of Rage's back, which gets him to roll over.] CONLON: Lewis with a stomp to Rage's back! He was just a hair faster! JACKSON: And now he has what could be his last chance to end this match, but can he take it? CONLON: Lewis seems to be looking at the corner, but I'm not sure it is very safe for him to climb that high. He has taken quite the beating. JACKSON: You have to think his balance is hampered, even a little. That would make getting up there dangerous at least. WAIT RAGE IS UP!!! [Lewis points to the corner and the fans go nuts. He slowly climbs the turnbuckles and gets to the top turnbuckle. He grabs the ropes to steady himself as he nearly loses his balance. Rage is to his feet unbeknownst to Lewis. Rage gets over and grabs Lewis with the clawhold as he perches on the top turnbuckle and spins, dropping a super clawhold slam in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: RAGE GRABS LEWIS FOR THE "HAMMER OF GOD FROM THE TOP ROPE POSITION!!! LEWIS PLANTED!!! JACKSON: THIS IS IT!!! HE COVERS!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: IT IS OVER! THE WAR HAS BEEN WON AND THE NEW CHAMPION HAS BEEN CROWNED IN DEREK RAGE!!! JACKSON: LONG LIVE THE GOD WARRIOR KING, DEREK RAGE!!! DING! DING!! DING!!! CONLON: Derek Rage is the new UPW World Heavyweight Champion and Velvet Sims has probably never danced so much in his life! JACKSON: It's a party, Stan! [Velvet Sims is giddy as a school girl, running over and grabbing the World Title from the official's table and sliding into the ring.] CONLON: Sims has the belt already and is now in the ring. JACKSON: The fans may not like what just happened, but now we have a champion that is truly head and shoulders above the rest! CONLON: And beating him may be near impossible after what we saw tonight. JACKSON: He may never relinquish it unless he somehow gets bored or injured. The belt may be his forever! [Rage gets to his feet as Velvet hands him the World title and the crowd unleashes boos like never heard before. He raises the belt in the air as "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" begins to play. Sims raises the left arm and begins touting his man as they show the title off to every side of the arena.] CONLON: Look at those two celebrate in the ring! They have climbed the top of the mountain in UPW! JACKSON: And Derek has now stepped out as the greatest of the Rage family with this victory! CONLON: And it means Aaron Lewis has to enter the rumble as well! JACKSON: He gets a chance to earn a rematch through the rumble though. So there is that. CONLON: And the big man gets to watch and see what man will emerge as his next test! JACKSON: Ok, I'm sold out for this one even more! Can we just get to it already?