CONLON:  Absolutely! Ladies and Gentlemen we have reached the main event of Survival, the

JACKSON:  Who can't be excited about this one, Stan? It has high drama and loads of

CONLON:  Right you are, Pepper and the Ultimate Rumble has always been a crowd pleaser. In the
five editions held during the TTW years, there were always surprises.

JACKSON:  Didn't I hear someone say that Glenn Chambers actually got fired one year in this

CONLON:  Well it was an entirely different deal back then and there are discussions of it once
again returning to those days. In TTW, it was a double elimination, two ring rumble. You got tossed
from one ring and entered the other. So someone could get tossed in the first minute and still
potentially win the entire thing.

JACKSON:  I can't even imagine the craziness of that.

CONLON:  And yes, Glenn Chambers was actually fired in the 2015 edition as he shockingly
finished thirty-first and was the final of the ten spots that lost their jobs.

JACKSON:  Looking back, that is just wrong considering what he has done in UPW.

CONLON:  Well even he will say he is not the same as he was two years ago. Another thing that
won't surprise you is that Aaron Lewis won that same 2015 edition and used that title shot to become
TTW World Champion.

JACKSON:  That doesn't surprise me as much.

CONLON:  I doubt it does many people. UPW brought the match back, but decided against both
having two rings and firing the first ten people knocked out.

JACKSON:  Well I guess that will make everyone in the back happy they don't have to fight for
their jobs.

CONLON:  It was the right thing to do if you were taking the double elimination factor away.
Luck of the draw could save your job regardless in single elimination.

JACKSON:  That is very true.

CONLON:  So let's go over the rules, shall we?

JACKSON:  Might as well, I'm sure many out there are just clueless.

CONLON:  Your sarcasm is noted, Pepper.

JACKSON:  Thanks, Stan. I was laying it on pretty thick just for you.

CONLON:  OK, so we start with two men in the ring and then we add a man every two minutes
until all forty of them have entered.

JACKSON:  That means it will be over an hour before Cardinal even shows up!

CONLON:  Indeed. The only way to get eliminated is to be thrown over the top rope and BOTH
feet touch the arena floor.

JACKSON:  What about hands and heads and stuff?

CONLON:  They would still be in the match.

JACKSON:  Knees?

CONLON:  I guess that is at the referee's discretion. But feet and legs can be connected and
counted, I would guess. I have actually never seen a case where that happened to worry about it

JACKSON:  Anything can happen in UPW.

CONLON:  I see your point, Pepper.

JACKSON:  I mean we've had some pretty insane events happen here. Remember when Rick Styles
had Ralph....

CONLON:  (cutting him off) Yes, we all remember. Can we please never speak of it again.

JACKSON:  Whatever.

CONLON:  Alright, now the top finishers all have specific rewards for finishing so high.

JACKSON:  Well we know  the winner gets to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title at
Slamfest VI.

CONLON:  They do. The runner-up will get a chance to challenge for the UPW North American

JACKSON:  Is that for Slamfest as well?

CONLON:  No. Only the World Title shot is guaranteed for Slamfest. These other shots can be
claimed at any time between tonight and Slamfest VI.

JACKSON:  Oh my, that could make Showdown interesting in the coming weeks.

CONLON:  It really could. Third place gets the opportunity to pick a partner and challenge for
the UPW World Tag Team titles, while fourth place gets a shot at the UPW Television Title.

JACKSON:  And what about fifth place?

CONLON:  It is simply called the "mystery briefcase."

JACKSON:  The what?

CONLON:  "The mystery briefcase."

JACKSON:  So we have no clue what is in it?

CONLON:  Not until the next edition of Showdown when it gets opened up. In the past  that
briefcase has held different prizes. One year it was a cash prize of fifty grand. Another year it was
the ability to save one of the wrestlers who had been fired in the rumble. It really is a mixed bag,
but always something positive.

JACKSON:  It would be funny if it was like a reality show where they had to wear a pink
leotard for a month or something. You know, how it could be a blessing or a curse?

CONLON:  While interesting, at that point, why would you fight to possibly attain it?

JACKSON:  You are missing what I am saying, Stan.

CONLON:  I'm really not. The time has come, so we now head to the ring and get ready to see
who will win the Ultimate Rumble!

JACKSON:  I'm so excited!

[The view switches to our ring announcers, who is ready to go.] RA: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THIS IS THE MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! THE ULTIMATE RUMBLE MATCH!!! [Massive crowd pop.] RA: Two men will begin this match and a man will be added every two minutes until all forty have came out. The match will continue until only one man remains and is declared the winner of the Ultimate Rumble! [Crowd pop.] RA: Now entering the ring at NUMBER ONE! [The crowd POPS~! as Doubledrive's "Track Number 7" begins to blast out over the PA for the second time tonight and Liam Donegal steps out onto the stage. Dressed in jean shorts and a Liam Donegal "Warp Spasm" T-shirt, Donegal makes his way down the aisle, trading handshakes and high fives with the fans along the way.] CONLON: We've known Liam Donegal would be number one since last Showdown when he lost that match to Dylan Cardinal. JACKSON: Which also gave Cardinal number forty, which is why he may have best chance to win as he will get to enter at the seventy-six minute mark! Talk about an advantage! CONLON: Donegal has shown ability to overcome the odds as we saw earlier when he managed to gain a victory over Malcom Shabazz in their "I Quit" match, but starting number one is a daunting task, to say the least. JACKSON: It will be interesting to see how he fares and also interesting to see who starts this one out against him! RA: Now entering at NUMBER TWO!!! ["Jungle" by the X Ambassadors begins to play and the fans give a recognition pop as Michael Wilson steps from behind the curtain. WIlson hasn't been seen in months and looks pumped up as he walks down the aisle, wearing glossy black trunks with the words "#HeelNation" etched on the posterior in a bright white color. Glossy black boots approach his knee and are laced with bright white laces, while the soles of his boots are a bright white color as well. The tops of the glossy black boots meet a pair of black knee-pads. The right knee pad shows the Heel Nation logo, a black and white striped flag. He reaches the ring and steps inside, raising his hand to the crowd.] CONLON: MICHAEL WILSON is number two! JACKSON: Former CWF World Heavyweight Champion and the longest reigning champion there in their long history! This guy has been notably absent for months, but when you put a World Title shot out there, everybody will come running like moths to a flame! CONLON: You got that right, Pepper! And here he is at number two and ready to start this thing off with Liam Donegal! JACKSON: The announcer is out of the ring and they both seem ready. CONLON: Remember the clock begins as soon as the bell rings and we get a new man every two minutes! JACKSON: This is what we have been waiting for all night! DING! DING!! DING!!! CONLON: AND HERE WE GO THE BELL HAS RUNG AND WE'RE OFF!!! JACKSON: And surprisingly these two didn't jump out at each other. [The fans cheer as the bell rings and Donegal and Wilson begin to circle around each other, looking for an opening to attack and gain an advantage.] CONLON: Wilson is a veteran and he knows to attack too fast could cause a quick elimination. JACKSON: I was more chocked that Donegal didn't rush in. CONLON: He's been taught well and I'm sure he was told not to get crazy at the opening bell. JACKSON: It takes a special breed of patience to win from the number one spot. We'll see if the kid has it or not. [After several seconds, they both lunge into a tie up and Wilson gets an early advantage with a side headlock. He quickly whips Donegal across the ring and into the ropes, hitting a dropkick in the center of the ring.] CONLON: DROPKICK BY WILSON! He gets the first real offense in the rumble! JACKSON: He has the advantage, but this match can swing so many times and so fast. You always hope you can take out the other guy and get your breath back before the next guy enters. CONLON: It rarely works out that way though, Pepper. And these two are not easy marks regardless of entry position. JACKSON: Wilson's experience showing early and that may not be good for Donegal. [Wilson pulls Donegal to his feet and hits a European Uppercut, and then he hits another, and then another. He shoves Donegal back into the corner and steps back. He rushes the corner with a splash leap, but Donegal moved and Wilson hits the top turnbuckle hard.] CONLON: DONEGAL MOVED AND WILSON HITS THE CORNER HARD!!! JACKSON: Michael Wilson leaving his feet much earlier than he probably should in a match like this! Now Donegal with the advantage! CONLON: Sometimes a very small advantage is all that is needed to get an elimination. We've seen guys literally tossed because they stood and watched after eliminating someone themselves. This match is unpredictable. JACKSON: That is why everyone is looking forward to it! Well, maybe except Wilson now. [Donegal catches Wilson out of the corner and grabs his neck, leading him towards the ropes and he tries to whip him over the top, but Wilson sneaks his head out from the hold and Donegal swings his arm with nothing in it. Donegal turns and is met by a hard right hand from Wilson.] CONLON: WILSON GETS AWAY BEFORE THE EDGE AND FIRES BACK HARD AT DONEGAL! JACKSON: Donegal takes the shot, and returns fire himself and these two are now WAILING ON EACH OTHER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! [Donegal and Wilson trading right hands back and forth, almost like an MMA battle as the fans erupt in cheers.] CONLON: This has exploded already into a war between unlikely participants! WIlson and Donegal unloading on each other! JACKSON: And every other star backstage has to be licking their chops to see these two beating on each other like this. [Donegal ducks under one of the punches and hits a knee to the gut of Wilson, before grabbing his head and snapping down with a DDT. Wilson jumps back to his feet as the crowd cheers.] CONLON: WILSON TAKEN DOWN BY A DDT!!! JACKSON: Donegal needs to get him out now if he is ever going to get the chance! CONLON: You are right about that, this has been a lot of punishment this early and Donegal needs to have some time to recover if he plans to last very long. JACKSON: I honestly wish both these guys would just step over the rope and leave, but I get your point, Stan. [Just as Donegal begins pulling Wilson up, Michael hits an uppercut to the stomach. Wilson uses this moment to push Donegal into the ropes and begins lifting to try and put Donegal out.] CONLON: WILSON WITH A GREAT REVERSAL AND NOW LIAM IS IN TROUBLE! JACKSON: Michael Wilson using that veteran know-how to get a major advantage and we may see number one go down quickly! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Looks like we are about to get Number three! JACKSON: Who will it be?

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Black Star" by Yngwie Malmsteen erupts over the PA system and the crowd MARKS OUT because young Ricky Courage, of Soldiers of the Sun, sprints out from the back.] CONLON: RICKY COURAGE IS NUMBER THREE!!! JACKSON: The kid draws a bad number, but nobody expects a rookie to win this one anyway. [Ricky is pumping his fists into the air and banging his head to the music as he hits the ring apron and leaps into the ring and immediately grabs a hold of Michael Wilson, pulling him away from a distressed Liam Donegal and tosses them across the ring with an overhead release belly to belly suplex!!] CONLON: Not only is he in there, but he JUST SUPLEXED MICHAEL WILSON AND SAVED LIAM DONEGAL FROM ELIMINATION!!! JACKSON: Do you think the kid realizes he just kept somebody else in the match? CONLON: I'm sure he does, but when you are young, you rush in with all the fire you got! JACKSON: That is why the kid probably won't last very long. [Courage wastes no time as he goes right after Wilson, pulling to his feet and whipping him into the ropes. Wilson rebounds off the ropes into a nasty looking T-bone Suplex that bounces Wilson off the canvas much to the crowd's delight. In the background, Donegal is leaning against the corner after avoiding the elimination.] CONLON: RICKY COURAGE GOING TO TOWN WITH THAT T-BONE SUPLEX! JACKSON: For such a young kid, he certainly does seem to have a mastery of suplexes. CONLON: He certainly does. The future he has here in UPW very well might be limitless! JACKSON: I can't believe he is handling a man like Wilson this way! [The fans begin to chant for Ricky as he pulls Wilson to his feet and lifts him with a gut wrench lift before dropping him right over his right knee. Wilson then drops to the mat and Courage stands up with his arms held high.] CONLON: GUT WRENCH BACK BREAKER BY COURAGE! The kid is en fuego! JACKSON: I'm not sure Wilson can take much more of this! CONLON: And Liam Donegal is more than happy to let this happen as he gets to catch his breath. JACKSON: Slacker! Get in there! [He looks back to Donegal and Liam shrugs and waves him on to keep bashing Wilson all he wants. Courage shrugs and leaps in the air, landing a dropkick right across the neck of Wilson, whose legs fly up form the impact. Courage stands up and points toward the outside of the ring and the fans cheer a possible elimination attempt.] CONLON: Weren't you just talking about how you have to be patient in a rumble situation, especially drawing number one? JACKSON: Look at him be transparent in telling Courage to do his dirty work and you watch, the moment this kid tosses Wilson, Donegal will be attacking him from behind. CONLON: I sincerely doubt that. JACKSON: Just watch because here it comes! [Courage pulls Wilson up and goes to throw him over the top rope. Wilson's legs fly over, but he had grabbed the top rope and held on, allowing him to now stand on the apron. Courage goes for an elbow strike to try and force him off, but Wilson ducks between the top and middle rope, planting his shoulder into Courage's stomach.] CONLON: WILSON AVOIDS FALLING AND NOW IS BACK INSIDE! JACKSON: He has more skills than we realize. Our sample size of what he can do has been limited, we need to remember that. CONLON: Very true, unfortunately. JACKSON: But now he is taking it two-on-one and that isn't a good spot for anybody in UPW. [Wilson manages to step back in just before Donegal joins the fray and starts landing blows to keep him out. The two begin to trade again as Courage starts shaking off that stomach shot. Donegal and Wilson trade blows and end up in the corner.] CONLON: WILSON AND DONEGAL BATTLING AGAIN BACK AND FORTH!!! JACKSON: Donegal has an advantage as he has rested for more than ninety seconds already since Courage arrived! CONLON: Wilson fighting back against him back and forth and Courage is back standing straight up and looking like he wants to jump in. JACKSON: Go for it kid! See what happens when you don't play it smart! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Looks like we are about to get number four! JACKSON: This is going to get congested in there quick!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** [Cue up Avery Scott's "A Cut Above" and boos from the crowd as "Adonis" Lance Donovan appears in the aisle way.] CONLON: LANCE DONOVAN IS NUMBER FOUR!!! JACKSON: The "Adonis" is here! This are about to change very fast in there! CONLON: Why is he walking so slowly? JACKSON: Because he knows how to do this, Stan! The man knows if you don't have friends in there you don't need to be in a rush! [Donovan slowly walks towards the ring, taking time to jaw with fans.] CONLON: He is literally taking forever to get to the ring! Does he not realize that he can be eliminated if he doesn't enter the ring before the fifth man is announced? JACKSON: I don't think he cares because he knows he will get there at some point. CONLON: What if he doesn't? This is shocking behavior for such a seminal moment in UPW history! JACKSON: You really think Donovan has no plans to enter the ring? There are two other Dominion members who will eventually get here. If he can stick it out until they arrive, this could get messy for all of the UPW! [Donovan continues to casually stroll down to the ring. Donovan gets ringside and jaws with some more fans before he finally enters into the ring. The moment he steps in the ring, Ricky Courage rushes him and drops him with a Thesz Press near a corner of the ring. The fans erupt as Donegal is trying to get Wilson out across the way.] CONLON: RICKY COURAGE TAKES DOWN LANCE DONOVAN! IT'S THE TAG TITLE MATCH ALL OVER AGAIN!!! JACKSON: You have to think Donovan will rebound once he sees who just took him down. Courage is one of the tag champions now and that makes him a marked man in Dominion's eyes. CONLON: Liam Donegal working hard to get Wilson out of this match in the corner over there! JACKSON: Those two have been going at it since we started and they don't seem to be slowing down! Donegal has leverage, but it doesn't look like it will be enough to take out Wilson. [Wilson pokes Donegal in the eye to avoid elimination and gets his feet back on the mat solid. Donovan has managed to shove Courage off him in the background and they are locking up trying to get an advantage on each other. Wilson shoves Donegal into the corner and starts kicking away at his ribs as fast as he can kick his right leg against him.] CONLON: MICHAEL WILSON LETTING DONEGAL HAVE IT WITH THOSE KICKS!!! JACKSON: The man has an arsenal that is deeper than we can imagine and Donegal is feeling it right now! This action is getting crazy and we only have four in there! CONLON: Courage and Donovan trading shoves again and those two are starting their own little war. JACKSON: Well, let's be honest and say that war never ended from earlier when the Soldiers won the tag titles and kept Dominion from walking out champs. [Donovan manages to flip Courage over with a hip toss and then drops a knee right into the kid's left shoulder. He begins to stand and then drops it again, and we see the agony in Courage's face. In the foreground, Wilson goes for an Irish whip, but Donegal reverses it. Liam catches Wilson on the rebound into a Samoan lift, the momentum carrying him to the ropes where he lets go and dumps WIlson over the top rope and to the floor.] CONLON: WILSON OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! JACKSON: OH NO!!! I can't believe he is gone! RA OVER THE PA: MICHAEL WILSON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! CONLON: Liam Donegal gets the first elimination of the night as he dumps Michael Wilson over the top rope! JACKSON: Well there's his highlight of the night. Now someone can dump his ass too! CONLON: You really have t in for Donegal don't you? JACKSON: I'm still upset that he took what was rightfully Malcom Shabazz's when this league began. I don't care that things got settled between them tonight and I don't care about any of it. The guy took what wasn't his and I hope he gets tossed quickly! [Donegal leans on the ropes with a grin on his face, knowing he is a man closer to victory. In the background, we see Lance Donovan pushing against Ricky Courage's right leg as the rookie is literally hanging onto the ropes on the outside. Ricky has his hands on the bottom rope and his left leg wrapped around the middle rope as Donovan is trying to push the right leg over the top.] CONLON: Lance Donovan has Ricky Courage in a bad way over there, Pepper! JACKSON: Yeah the kid went for a corner splash and Donovan used that leap to nearly send him out. Now the kid is holding on for dear life. CONLON: Ricky has shown no fear since he came into this match. You have to like how enthusiastic he is, I know the fans certainly love him. JACKSON: That means nothing, as you can see. The kid is about out of here! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Looks like we are about to get number five! JACKSON: No rest for the weary!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** [Right after the buzzer, the "Stoned Submission Specialist" Tripp Skylark parts the curtain.... with a steel chair in his hand! The crowd usually ravenous in support of Skylark remains divided, unsure of what to make of the man standing before them! CONLON: NUMBER FIVE IS TRIPP SKYLARK!!! JACKSON: AND HE HAS A CHAIR!!! Is this the weapon the mystery man was suggesting?!?! CONLON: I wouldn't doubt it, but after what happened to him in the pre-show tonight, I don't think anybody is shocked by anything Tripp is involved with anymore! JACKSON: Skylark isn't the same man. I like this intensity he is showing, but a chair in a rumble is a bad idea in the long run.....especially this early in the match! CONLON: I'm not sure Skylark is thinking stuff out in advance, Pepper. It seems like he is trying to impress that mystery man more than he is trying to make sure he wins the rumble. JACKSON: That makes as much sense as anything else Tripp has been through tonight. [Looking dazed and confused, even for Tripp, he pauses at the top of the ramp way, chair in hand, a blank stare gazing over the crowd. With a small laugh, Tripp begins a slow walk to the ring, eyes darting back and forth between the three wrestlers in the ring. Liam Donegal has pulled Lance Donovan back from Courage and he begins landing right hands to the head of the tag teamer, while Courage manages to slide back into the ring under the bottom rope.] CONLON: Skylark has made it to the ring and the referees STILL haven't noticed the chair in his hand. JACKSON: They are too busy watching Liam Donegal return the favor from earlier and save Ricky Courage from getting tossed by Donovan over here! CONLON: Liam Donegal knows how to repay a debt and now he just teeing off on Lance Donovan in this corner! JACKSON: Why wouldn't you let Courage get tossed? It just makes your case stronger! [Not missing a beat, Tripp slowly strides up the ring steps, seeing if anyone notices his presence. Ricky Courage is standing to his feet just as Tripp enters. Skylark turns and whacks Courage with that steel chair, dropping the kid quickly.] CONLON: COURAGE GETS DRILLED WITH THE CHAIR!!! JACKSON: Oh this isn't good for everybody else! CONLON: Now the referees see the chair, but it is hard to get in there with four men and a chair in that ring. JACKSON: We said the rumble would be unpredictable and now we have a chair involved! [The noise gets the attention of Donegal and he turns his head only to get drilled with the chair himself.] CONLON: DONEGAL IS NAILED BY THE CHAIR!!! This has the potential to be a bloody rumble now and Skylark seems perfectly fine with it! JACKSON: He who holds that chair may hold victory in his hands! Nobody is safe! [Donegal falls down and Lance Donovan gets a smile on his face. He stands up and nods as Tripp starts to turn only to whirl around and smack Donovan with the chair as well. Skylark stands in the middle of the ring as the only man standing and holding the chair high in the air!] CONLON: LANCE DONOVAN TAKES A CHAIR SHOT AND SKYLARK IS EQUAL OPPORTUNITY! JACKSON: Skylark stands alone in there and now we see why that chair was brought. Talk about leveling the playing field! CONLON: The referees are not happy and if he tosses somebody, is there now precedent to let them back in if he used the chair to pull it off? JACKSON: NO! He may not get the advantage fair, but the chair doesn't help you toss somebody over that rope! [The referees outside begin yelling at Tripp to get rid of the chair and he shakes his head defiantly, while also saying a few words towards them and their mothers. Tripp moves over and once again levels Ricky Courage with the chair as the crowd, once undecided, now seems to despise him for attacking the rookie.] CONLON: RICKY COURAGE TAKES ANOTHER CHAIR SHOT AND THE KID GOES DOWN!!! JACKSON: That is what you get. CONLON: Skylark now seems focused on the rookie. JACKSON: Time to learn some hard lessons, Ricky. Nice knowing you! [Skylark quickly goes to attack Courage again, but the chair gets grabbed from behind by Liam Donegal as the crowd erupts. They begin tugging at the chair and neither one willing to give the advantage. The referees continue to yell for the chair to be sent out of the ring.] CONLON: DONEGAL STOPS THE CHAIR SHOT!!! JACKSON: Why is he still saving this kid? He already paid him back, now let him take his lumps! CONLON: Donegal and Skylark now tugging that chair back and forth, neither letting go! JACKSON: Liam knows he gets the next shot if he lets go. [As these two continue their tug of war over the chair, we see Lance Donovan get to his feet in the background. He gets over to them quickly, grabbing both around their heads and dropping them with a double inverted DDT that forces the chair out of both sets of hands and to the mat, where the referee closest snatches it out of the ring as quickly as he can.] CONLON: LANCE DONOVAN WITH A DOUBLE INVERTED DDT AND THAT CHAIR IS GONE!!! JACKSON: So much for that! CONLON: It was the smart move by the referees to get that chair out of the action before someone really got hurt or it caused this match to be decided very early. JACKSON: Well everybody is either down or trying to stand. At the very least that chair shot slowed this one down pretty quick! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Looks like we are about to get number six! JACKSON: And what a great time to clean up this mess!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Becoming the Bull" by Atreyu begins to play as we see "The Expert" Matt Allen step through the curtain. Allen wears a pair of black full length leg tights with a singlet style top, double straps. Across the front of the top in white letters is the word "Expert."] CONLON: "THE EXPERT" MATT ALLEN IS NUMBER SIX!!! JACKSON: One half of the Down South Connection, and he is the much bigger half of that duo! CONLON: He certainly is! At six feet, nine inches tall the man casts a big shadow and now he is walking into a ring that has just been laid to waist after all of those chair shots! JACKSON: You could say this was made for a big man to gain control, Stan. [He walks slowly down the aisle, not feeling the need to rush with the carnage that just occurred. He reaches the ring and walks slowly up the steps, surveying the scene before stepping over the top rope to enter the ring.] CONLON: Allen in the ring now and he has to be feeling good about the position he is in. JACKSON: Good? Allen is like a fat kid in a candy store right now! Everybody is reeling or laid out and all he has to do is throw out the garbage! [Allen pulls Ricky Courage to his feet and drops him with a massive clothesline. He then turns to Lance Donovan and rushes with a shoulder block that floors the "Adonis."] CONLON: ALLEN GOING TO WORK! FIRST RICKY COURAGE AND NOW LANCE DONOVAN! JACKSON: He is equal opportunity, that is for certain. But there are few friends in a winner take all kind of match like this! [Allen gets back up and rushes at both Skylark and Donegal, flooring them with a double clothesline and he stands all alone in the center of the ring.] CONLON: MATT ALLEN SHOWING JUST HOW BIG HE IS!!! The power he has is surprising! JACKSON: He is massive. You haven't noticed because it is hidden within his tag team matches where he has a partner. Remember many guys might surprise you when on their own tonight, Stan. CONLON: So you like the chances of tag team members in this rumble, Pepper? JACKSON: They have more hidden abilities, more often than not. It isn't far-fetched to me. [Matt Allen reaches and pulls Donegal up from the canvas. He press lifts the much smaller man over his head and begins moving to the ropes to toss him over when Ricky Courage manages to hit a chop block to the back of the knee, causing Allen to let go of Donegal, which nearly ends up in Liam's elimination as he manages to grab the ropes and slide back in between the bottom and middles ropes.] CONLON: LIAM DONEGAL BARELY ESCAPING AGAIN THANKS TO RICKY COURAGE!!! JACKSON: Those two have a deal and are working together! It is very obvious now because of how often that have been saving each other! CONLON: Courage may have just been attacking to get the big guy down, period. JACKSON: Stop making excuses! They are colluding in there because they know other groups will come in and they won't stand a chance when it happens! [Ricky Courage grabs Matt Allen by the head as he rests on one knee and drops him with a lightning fast DDT. However, the moment Courage stands to his feet, he is leveled by Lance Donovan and his high elevation dropkick from a standing position. Ricky takes the hit and tumbles into the corner, followed quickly by Donovan who looks to take advantage.] CONLON: LANCE DONOVAN WITH CONTROL ON RICKY COURAGE AGAIN!!! JACKSON: Those two are never far apart and here goes round three or four already! CONLON: They are probably all happy Courage got that DDT to slow down Matt Allen. JACKSON: Anytime you can slow down a big man like Allen in a rumble format, it is a smart play. [Donegal gets to his feet and starts moving toward the corner where Donovan is choking Ricky Courage against the turnbuckle with his forearm, which Tripp rushes up and grabs him by the head and snaps him down with a backstabber. All of this happens as Matt Allen begins moving and pulling himself up with the aid of the ropes.] CONLON: BACKSTABBER BY SKYLARK!!! DONEGAL IS DOWN AGAIN!!! JACKSON: Skylark is picking his spots, and he seems intent on making the most of his chance tonight. CONLON: Yes, he does, but Matt Allen is right there now and standing up. This big man just might flip the script shortly. JACKSON: Damn, he's taller than you think! [Allen gets to his feet as Skylark rebounds off the ropes in front of him and lands a flying forearm to the side of his head, staggering him into the corner. Skylark quickly grabs a leg and starts trying to lift it, but the six-nine monster delivers a knee lift that sends the smaller man flying backward. Lance Donovan has Ricky Courage laying across the top turnbuckle's connections as he continues to try and eliminate him.] CONLON: SKYLARK SENT FLYING BACK WITH THAT KNEE LIFT!!! Allen showing off the power yet again! JACKSON: But he was trying to lift Allen out and I would bet Skylark weighs the same asAllen's right leg he was trying to lift! CONLON: Oh, come on now! JACKSON: Seriously! Allen is massive and Tripp actually tried to lift him out. The dude must be on something extra sweet tonight to think that was smart! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Time for number seven to enter the mix! JACKSON: As if this isn't crazy enough!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** #CALLING ALL FREAKS!!# ["Name of the Game (Censored)" by Crystal Method starts to play.] CONLON: Oh My! JACKSON: Is this who I think it is? It is! [RJ stands at the top of the ramp, wearing black jeans, black Ray Bans and his Black Nikes. He holds a black Baseball bat in his right hand, taped up to the forearm on both hands.] CONLON: "BAD KARMA" RJ SOUZA IS NUMBER SEVEN!!! JACKSON: Three-time CWF World Champion and arguably their franchise player in the past couple of years and he is here in UPW for the Rumble! CONLON: Expect the unexpected! JACKSON: I'm shocked he is in this one! I guess all roads in wrestling really are leading to the UPW! [Souza drops the bat and runs into the ring, sliding in. Souza jumps to his feet and immediately lands a forearm shot to Lance Donovan and then rushes to a clash with Matt Allen! Souza bullies Allen into the corner and starts landing rights and lefts to the head of the big man.] CONLON: SOUZA HITS A SHOT ON DONOVAN AND IS NOW GOING AFTER THE BIGGEST TARGET IN THER RING!!! JACKSON: What would you expect? If you are a major player, you want to act like one and he is going after the big man! CONLON: Souza has him in the corner and he is just wailing on him! JACKSON: Allen really hasn't had any way of fighting back. Souza came down so fast and attacked so quick that he is really caught in a "shock and awe" kind of situation. [Ricky Courage is back safely in the ring after Souza's shot to Donovan as he got in the ring. Courage now has Donovan in a front chancery hold and looking to lift him up and start pushing him out. At the same time, we see Souza stagger Allen with a massive right hand that sends him into the ropes. Souza takes off running and clotheslines the much larger man out of the ring as the crowd cheers.] CONLON: MATT ALLEN IS GONE AT THE HANDS OF RJ SOUZA!!! JACKSON: WOW! RA OVER THE PA: "THE EXPERT" MATT ALLEN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! CONLON: Souza is making an impact already in UPW and what a coup it is to have him here at all! JACKSON: You never know, this may be just the start for him. If this is the kind of people UPW is bringing in, then the entire locker room better be ready because it could be main event level all the way down the card! [Souza's moment is short-lived as Skylark his a dropkick to his back that sends him over the top rope, but the veteran manages to grab the ropes and slide back in under the bottom rope with ease. Donegal has gone over to help Courage deal with Donegal as they are trying to lift him slow and sure over that top rope, but Lance is fighting to hold.] CONLON: Lance Donovan fighting to hold on as both Ricky Courage and Liam DOnegal are working on him. JACKSON: Strategy-wise that is very smart. The longer he stays the more likely he joins with his Dominion brethren when they enter and that would be bad for everyone. CONLON: Donovan holding steady now despite being half lifted on top of that top rope. JACKSON: He can hold on. The man knows the stakes. [Donovan pokes Courage in the eye and the hold on his legs is let go. He attempts to strike at Donegal, but Liam blocks it and fires a series of fists at him in that corner. Courage stumbles away from them to recover. In the foreground, we see Souza trying to stand while Tripp Skylark kicks away at his arms and hips as fast as he can. Souza does finally stand just as Skylark hits a kick square to the family jewels that sends RJ back into the corner.] CONLON: OHHHH!!!! SKYLARK REALLY REACHING WITH THAT LOW BLOW TO TAKE DOWN SOUZA! JACKSON: Souza's holding about a pound of Aunt Betty's Nut Butter right about now. I hope his wife isn't in the room waiting for him later! CONLON: Skylark knows the size difference means attacking differently, though I could argue he has been acting strange all evening. JACKSON: I agree there, but this new attitude could mean a major shift in his momentum in UPW and he has championship history. Don't count him out at all! [Tripp Skylark hops up to the second sets of ropes and hits Souza with a couple of fists before grabbing him and monkey flipping out of the corner, which sends Souza end over end into the center of the ring. Donegal misses a right hand in the background, which Lance Donovan turned into a knee to the gut and a lift, dropping Donegal face first onto the top turnbuckle. Donegal actually falls down on top of Souza in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: MONKEY FLIP SENDS SOUZA DOWN AND NOW DONEGAL LANDS ON TOP OF HIM!!! JACKSON: This match is utter carnage! Guys are getting knocked down on top of each other and the more we get in here, the worse it's going to get! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Well speaking of more coming is time for number eight! JACKSON: Who will this one be?

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** [The opening guitar riff from AC/DC’s "Heatseeker" blares throughout the arena. Gold, red and green lights begin to flash throughout the arena as the UPW Jumbotron shows various pictures of Anthony both in and out of the ring.] CONLON: "KID LIGHTNING" ANTHONY O'MALLEY IS NUMBER EIGHT!!! JACKSON: If you are Ricky Courage and Lance Donovan, this may be a problem it is yet another man involved in that tag title match earlier that is probably not very happy. [Anthony walks out on the stage as the fans pop for him. Anthony just stands there, confidently grinning and smacking his gum as the women in the crowd begin cheering loudly for him. Running his fingers through his red hair, he looks out among the crowd to see women leaping up and down in their seats, vying for Anthony's attention. He begins to emphatically wave his hands in the air, getting the fans all riled up.] CONLON: This guy loves working the fans, but we know he is all business in the ring. JACKSON: And after losing the match earlier tonight, he will be wanting to get some revenge. The only way he does that is to have some substance with the flash he is showing. CONLON: He is just as decorated as a single as he is in tag team wrestling, Pepper. He can hold his own. JACKSON: We'll see as it looks like he saw Donovan in there. [In the ring, Skylark has Souza in the corner, ramming his head repeatedly into he top turnbuckle with a look on his face that is almost frightening. As O'Malley enters the ring, he see Lance Donovan lifting Donegal up to get him over the top rope. He takes off pruning toward this event and leaping to his a running knee to the back of Donovan. The fans erupt as Lance turns and lets leveled by a discus clothesline from O'Malley.] CONLON: ANTHONY O'MALLEY LEVELS DONOVAN WITH THAT DISCUS CLOTHESLINE!!! JACKSON: They call him "Kid Lightning," but right there he was more like a tornado! Donovan got leveled like he was hit from a massive heavyweight and not another man half that size! CONLON: That motivation showing through as O'Malley looks to make a statement now! JACKSON: This is stronger than anything he did earlier! I'm just glad he showed up at all! [O'Malley pulls Donovan up and whips him into the ropes, hitting a textbook dropkick that sends Donovan to the canvas yet again. In the one corner seemingly away from action, we see Ricky Courage and Donegal talking as they catch their breath. Skylark has lifted the leg of Souza over the top rope now in the corner, but isn't having much luck as Souza seems to be annoyed more than threatened.] CONLON: Six men in the ring right now and it looks like that is a good thing for Courage and Donegal. JACKSON: Well they are making plans right now, God only knows what they are hatching, but they have been working together since the match began. CONLON: They have saved each other more than once, that is true. JACKSON: And everyone knows you have to have friends to survive long time in there, but to win, you must eventually go it alone. [Anthony O'Malley gets on top of Donovan and starts hammering fists into the forehead near the far corner. RJ Souza literally shoves Skylark away and pulls his leg back into the ring. Tripp rolls through and stands up only to find himself staring down both Donegal and Courage, who land a double dropkick that sends Skylark flying over the top rope. Tripp catches the middle rope and saves himself, sliding back in safely before anyone follows up.] CONLON: DOUBLE DROPKICK SENDS SKYLARK FLYING AND NEARLY OUT OF THE MATCH!!! JACKSON: Great save by Tripp there. He has nobody in there to work with, and I think he has truthfully afforded himself well despite having no friends. CONLON: Perhaps had he not used a chair on everybody when he entered, others might have worked with him. JACKSON: The guy has his own plan. Who are we to criticize? [Souza wastes no time and rushes, hitting both Donegal and Courage with a double clothesline and sending them to the mat with force. Souza pulls Skylark back up and drops him with a power bomb that actually made Tripp's entire body bounce several inches off the mat on impact. In the background, we see Lance Donovan flip O'Malley off of him and Donovan catches O'Malley as he leaps at him for a cross body and turns it into a fall-away slam.] CONLON: FALL AWAY SLAM BY DONOVAN AND O'MALLEY NOW IN TROUBLE!!! These two continue to go at it since the moment Anthony entered the rumble! JACKSON: How did you like Souza proving the no friends theory as he leveled both Courage and Donegal right there. Brilliant move, if you ask me. CONLON: He has done well in events like this before and perhaps he doesn't know who he can and cannot trust in UPW yet. JACKSON: Or maybe, just maybe, he's here to do as much damage as he can and win. Novel concept, I know. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Number None getting ready to enter! JACKSON: This will give us seven in the ring at once!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi begins to play as Billy "The Regulator" James steps out from behind the curtain. The fans give him a mixed reaction after what happened earlier on the pre-show. He is wearing a black duster jacket over his ring attire and a cowboy hat.] CONLON: BILLY JAMES DRAWS NUMBER NINE!!! JACKSON: And normally we wouldn't care about that in all honesty, but after what happened in the pre-show and a shocking victory over Tripp Skylark.....well, this may just be a shock waiting to happen. CONLON: You might be right, Pepper. Nobody expected a ton out of him and after the pre-show you could see him lasting awhile. JACKSON: At the very least Skylark better watch out. [Billy walks to the ring nodding his head as if he knows something. He takes off the duster and the hat, leaving it next to the ring as he climbs into the ring. The moment he gets through the ropes he grabs Souza in a full nelson hold and lifts him into the air, dropping him with a full nelson slam that shocks the crowd. James then rushes over and begins hammering on Liam Donegal in the corner and looking to lift him out of the ring. Ricky Courage rushes over to help, but James hits an elbow that stops that attempt.] CONLON: BILLY JAMES ON A TEAR IN THERE!!! HE TOOK SOUZA DOWN AND NOW HE HAS HIS EYES SET ON LIAM DONEGAL! JACKSON: He isn't the biggest guy, but he is bigger than most of the men in there right now. I can't believe he caught Souza like that. CONLON: Donegal is now trying to fight him off and this is just an amazing display by "The Regulator!" JACKSON: I know I'm shocked. Upset victory over Skylark and now an impactful entrance in the rumble. What a night for the journeyman grappler! [Skylark is laid out next to Souza, who is beginning to move again. Lance Donovan has managed to get O'Malley's legs over the top rope, but "Kid Lightning" is holding on from being shoved out as Donovan continues clubbing his back with his fists and forearms. Billy James grabs Donegal by the throat and lifts him into the air and is trying to get that hold over the ropes, but Donegal is blocking it with his feet wrapped around the middle rope.] CONLON: LIAM DONEGAL HOLDING LITERALLY BY THE SKIN OF HIS TOES IN THERE, PEPPER!!! JACKSON: He is really thinking quick to survive. James got that choke hold and lifted, it looks like it would be time to say goodbye to Liam, but he is doing all he can, literally! CONLON: Lance Donovan nearly has Anthony O'Malley out of here as well. JACKSON: He got the advantage and now is using it well. O'Malley probably bit off a tad more than he could handle when he tangled with Lance Donovan in there. [O'Malley pulls back and makes Donovan miss, then hits a shoulder block between the middle and top ropes to the gut of "The Adonis." This allows Anthony to get back into the ring to safety and start trying to shift the advantage on Donovan. Souza is up and sees James ready to take out Donegal and he rushes over and hits a big boot to the back of James' head. This causes him to let go of Liam, who falls out over the top rope, but ends up dangling as his feet stay wrapped under that middle rope.] CONLON: SOUZA WITH A BIG BOOT TO JAMES AND DONEGAL NEARLY GETS SENT FLYING OUT OF THE MATCH!!! JACKSON: That is called Karma coming back to but you in the ass! Well, back of the head, in this case. CONLON: How about the survival skills of the man who entered number one, Liam Donegal! JACKSON: More than fifteen minutes in this match, and Ricky Courage is at just over thirteen as well. Those are the two "ironmen" right now, but this early that isn't as important. [Souza turns James around and plants a European Uppercut that sends James' arms flailing out on impact. Souza hammers away as James is now stuck in a corner on defense against him. Ricky Courage hurries over to lend a hand and pulls Donegal back over the top rope and into the ring.] CONLON: Ricky Courage pulls Liam back over the top rope and again, they work together to keep themselves safe in this match. JACKSON: If this match ends with Donegal taking out COurage, that is the moment where Ricky gave it away right there. I would have shoved him off. CONLON: I have no doubt you would have, Pepper. JACKSON: Hey, I would want to win and not make friends. You get a gift like that, you send them out, end of story! [Just as Lance Donovan again seemed to gain an advantage, Courage and Donegal rush over and help out. They double team Donovan and pull him away from O'Malley who collapses to the canvas. Souza and James are in the near corner and RJ continues to hammer away at James and is trying to get leverage out of the corner to get him out of the ring.] CONLON: I love how Donegal and Courage don't stay inactive for very long. Now they are going after Lance Donovan! JACKSON: They are gluttons for punishment. CONLON: And it saved Anthony O'Malley as well in that corner. It really looks like Donovan was about to toss the smaller of the O'Malley Brothers there. JACKSON: I still say it is a missed opportunity any time you don't allow someone else to get thrown out. You clog up the ring and leave a body in there that could cost you later! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: It is about to get more clogged, Pepper! JACKSON: Here comes Number Ten!!!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** [A Loud bass-filled version of "California Love" by Tupac Shakur begins to blare out into the arena.] CONLON: "SHOWTIME" SHAWN WATSON OF THE IXWA IS NUMBER TEN!!! JACKSON: This is the first man from the developmental fed to make an appearance tonight! CONLON: He won't be the last! He has not lost in IXWA yet and thinks he might turn enough heads to move up if he gives it his best. JACKSON: The kid has talent, but he is walking into a mine field if I ever saw one! [The lights immediately come back on as the music continues. Shawn Watson is wearing is trademark black tights with the neon white star, encircled by two neon pink atomic rings. He smiles broadly as he shakes hands and greets fans all the way towards the ring. He reaches the ring and stands on the apron looking the scene over. He grabs the top rope and leaps over it, dropping a fameasser onto Anthony O'Malley as his way of entering the ring.] CONLON: FAMASSER BY SHAWN WATSON AND WELCOME TO THE ULTIMATE RUMBLE YOUNG FELLA!!! JACKSON: Well he wanted to make an impact and I think O'Malley's head will agree he did just that! CONLON: Shawn Watson, remember that name folks because I bet we call it a few times before this one is over! JACKSON: Eight guys in there and it is almost impossible to see it all now from where we are! [Watson jumps back to his feet and takes off running toward the corner where he leaps and lands a splash on top of Donegal, Courage, and Donovan. All three men fall down to the canvas and Watson is pumping his fists as the fans are reacting to his energy.] CONLON: SHAWN WATSON TAKES DOWN THREE MEN AND HE IS ON FIRE! The crowd is eating this up! JACKSON: They always like raw emotion and quick strikes in matches like this. CONLON: Unfortunately for Ricky Courage, it looks like Lance Donovan's survival could be bad news for him. JACKSON: It is very possible, but Watson's not done shaping the map of this rumble just yet! [He turns and eyes Souza and James in the opposite corner and takes off running toward them. Souza manages to side step out of the way and Watson plants another splash, this time on Billy James. Watson lands and turns right into the arms of Souza, who tosses him back with a belly-to-belly suplex, ending his little run.] CONLON: SOUZA DODGES WATSON AND THEN SUPLEXES HIM TO KINGDOM COME!!! JACKSON: Thanks for playing kid! It was a nice run while it lasted! CONLON: Well he isn't out of the match yet, Pepper. JACKSON: He's just out of his mind now. Souza showed him the level he will have to stay at in order to compete here and I don't think he is up to it just yet. But it was a nice flash of offense for the kid. [Souza stands back up and is pasted by a spinning kick from Tripp Skylark literally out of nowhere. Billy James catches Souza and lifts him to drop him with an inverted atomic drop and Souza stumbles out and into a dropkick by Skylark. Lance Donovan has turned the tables on Ricky Courage and has the young man again hanging on for deal life across the way.] CONLON: JAMES INVERTED ATOMIC DROP INTO A DROPKICK BY TRIPP SKYLARK!!! How odd is it seeing those two even look like they are working together? JACKSON: After what happened in the pre-show, it isn't what I expect, but what is in a match like this? CONLON: The Ultimate Rumble will always cause strange alliances and even force action between friends when the time calls for it. JACKSON: That is why it is such a perfect match for UPW because anything happens here! [Liam Donegal moves over to grab at Donovan and save Courage, but he gets cut off by Tripp Skylark. Skylark leaps up and wraps his legs around Donegal's head, flipping him over into the middle of the ring with the head scissors takedown. Donovan continues shoving at the legs of Courage to get him out, but Ricky holds that middle rope right with his fists turning red because of it. Billy James has Souza sitting on the top turnbuckle facing outward, but can't seem to get much more than that as Souza is fighting it off best he can.] CONLON: Souza is REALLY in trouble up on that top turnbuckle. Normally you would think about a superplex back into the ring, but James was trying to toss him. JACKSON: That is the key when you are in a match like this. A major impact move is nice, but getting someone over that rope is all that counts. CONLON: On the opposite side, Ricky Courage is still in this one, attempting to stay in even with Lance Donovan using his leverage to push him out. JACKSON: "The Adonis" has been on the other side of that already, so he knows what he has to do to finish the job. This may be the end of "kid courage" for this one. [James gives up on pushing out and quickly grabs Souza to pull him in, yanking him back by the shoulders and causing the former World Champ to his the canvas awkwardly from the height of the top of the corner. Just as James stands up, Anthony O'Malley rushes and hits a dropkick that sends James over the top rope, but "The Regulator" grabs the rope and manages to slide back in under the bottom rope to safety.] CONLON: BILLY JAMES SURVIVES A NEAR MISS!!! JACKSON: Great attack from Anthony O'Malley. I bet people forgot he was even in there! CONLON: I would think that could be the best strategy, wouldn't you, Pepper? JACKSON: Many have used it, but few have managed to win because of it. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Number Eleven ready to walk in, Pepper! JACKSON: As if it wasn't tough enough!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Sweet Revenge" by John Prine begins to blare over the PA System. The curtain is hurled back and Frank Anthony walks out, carrying that mangled weapon he calls "Pride."] CONLON: NUMBER ELEVEN IS FRANK ANTHONY!!! JACKSON: And he has "Pride" with him as well! This match may get bloody after all! [Officials run up as Anthony walks toward the ring and immediately grab at "Pride." Anthony bristles, but they insist on taking it before he enters.] CONLON: Not so fast, Pepper! Referees are surrounding him and not letting him take that into the ring. JACKSON: They let Skylark bring a freaking chair! CONLON: I think that is what they are wanting to avoid. That had a major impact on the match early on, and you always want the best clean result you can get in there. JACKSON: Whatever. Anthony has a right to claim a grievance now, especially if Skylark lasts longer than he does. [Anthony enters the ring and begins charging around and hitting fists and elbows on everybody. He pastes Liam Donegal, then he hits Shawn Watson, then he clotheslines Lance Donovan. He finally turns and rushes to hit a knee strike on RJ Souza as "Bad Karma" was standing back up in that one corner.] CONLON: FRANK ANTHONY, THE RABID DOG, JUST GOING NUTS IN THERE!!! JACKSON: The man has been let off the leash and nobody is safe! He doesn't need a weapon to take people down! CONLON: Watson, Donovan, Souza, James! Anthony on a roll! JACKSON: This kind of carnage begs for a man like Frank Anthony! [Anthony turns and hits a boot to the gut of Billy James, followed by a forearm shiver to the side of the head. He then rushes over and hits a clothesline on Ricky Courage, sending him to the canvas. Finally, Frank rushes Anthony O'Malley and clotheslines him right over the top rope and to the arena floor.] CONLON: O'MALLEY IS GONE! ANTHONY TOSSED HIM!!! RA OVER THE PA: "KID LIGHTNING" ANTHONY O'MALLEY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: That makes him a two-time loser tonight at Survival! CONLON: O'Malley lasted a little over six minutes, which isn't bad when you see just how many men are in the ring right now. JACKSON: Explain it away all you want. He finished thirty-eighth. The only spot that counts if first! [Frank turns around after sending O'Malley out and is immediately on the receiving end of a chop from Liam Donegal. Donegal then grabs him for a Russian Legsweep to take the crazy man off his feet and restore some order in the ring. Behind this, we see Lance Donovan again lifting Ricky Courage half over the top rope, almost as if they never left the position. Souza is back up to his feet and landing some serious hard fists to the head of Billy James in the near corner.] CONLON: Souza is reigning down blows on Billy James. I bet James is regretting going after him now, huh Pepper? JACKSON: Who knows? This has been a shockingly good night for James. He got the surprising victory in the pre-show and has lasted more than five minutes already in the rumble. CONLON: May not be much longer if SOuza has anything to say about it. JACKSON: Time will tell, Stan. [Souza lifts the right leg of James and gets it over the top rope in the corner before once again punching away at the mid section of the journeyman wrestler. Across the way, Ricky Courage has manages to get loose from Donovan and away from the ropes as they trade punches in their corner. In the middle of the ring, Tripp Skylark hits a senton splash on Donegal before he can stand up after taking Anthony down.] CONLON: SENTON SPLASH BY TRIPP SKYLARK AND LIAM DONEGAL IN TROUBLE AGAIN! JACKSON: He entered first, and has easily taken the most punishment. CONLON: He and Ricky Courage have both taken a lot of beatings, Courage has been locked up with Lance Donovan almost exclusively! JACKSON: You have to think that boils over from the tag title match. [Rj Souza manages to roll James' upper body on top of that top rope and put him at peril. Souza is working hard to get the man out of the ring. Skylark has mounted Donegal and begun to land strikes aplenty on him, but neither in jeopardy of elimination on the mat. Across the way, Shawn Watson has rushed over and aided Ricky Courage in double-teaming Lance Donovan in the corner.] CONLON: Shawn Watson now working with Ricky Courage! Lance Donovan in serious trouble in that corner! JACKSON: It is rare you see this kind of situation, but Courage has struggled with Donovan, so it makes sense he might need help to finish him off. CONLON: Over there on the other side of the ring, it looks like Billy James is about gone as well! JACKSON: Souza has put a lot of effort into getting him out and it looks like that magical night may end soon for "The Regulator." [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: We're up to Number Twelve! JACKSON: Who will it be?

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** [The "Sound of Silence" by Disturbed begins to play. As the words "Hello darkness my old friend" resonate throughout the arena "The American Nightmare" emerges from the entrance way to a chorus of boos. CONLON: "THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE" TYSON BISHOP IS NUMBER TWELVE!!! JACKSON: And now Donovan gets some much-needed help in there! His tag partner is here and ready to roll! CONLON: And he is a really large individual! This very well could be a tide-turning entrance, Pepper. JACKSON: I should surely hope so! [The barrel chested man is attired in a royal blue wrestling singlet with black trim, a black compression sleeve over his left arm and royal blue boots with black laces. Bishop smirks at the crowd as he slowly makes his way to the ring.] CONLON: Bishop looks intense and once he sees what is happening with Lance Donovan, that ring may get empty pretty quick! JACKSON: There are going to be some people sent flying for certain, Stan! CONLON: This is the first tag team to be in here at the same time tonight, so you have to think that will be the case. JACKSON: If I was in there, I'd be sliding out and hiding until they are finished beating everybody down! Avoid the action, so to speak. [As he steps over the top rope, Bishop notices the peril his teammate is in and quickly goes over to grab Ricky Courage and Shawn Watson by their hair. He yanks them back furiously, sending Watson to the canvas and Courage rolling through to a kneeling position. He wastes no time in leveling Courage with a big boot and then turns to nod toward his partner. Donovan grins as they turn to begin fighting together.] CONLON: BISHOP EVENING THE ODDS FOR HIS PARTNER RIGHT OFF THE BAT! JACKSON: As it ought to be! You would never see partners attack each other, would you? CONLON: Well we are talking about the kind of men who would attack their own mother to get tag gold opportunities. JACKSON: That is just a mean thing to say, Stan. I'm shocked that you would utter those words. [Donovan picks up Courage and whips him toward his partner, who clotheslines him so hard that Ricky nearly does a full flip before crashing to the mat. Lance then grabs Shawn Watson off the mat and Bishop hits a running boot on the elevated man to take him down to the mat as well. Bishop turns and levels Liam Donegal with an elbow strike as Lance Donovan hits RJ Souza with a kick to the gut and a punch to the head.] CONLON: DOMINION CLEANING HOUSE!!! COURAGE SENT DOWN!!! WATSON'S CLOCK IS CLEANED!!! DONEGAL!!! SOUZA!!! JACKSON: This is what everyone was afraid of in the rumble! These two in there at the same time. CONLON: I agree, Pepper. That is why Donegal, Courage, and Watson have been working so hard to get Donovan out! JACKSON: Nobody wanted this, but here it is! Reap the whirlwind, UPW! [Souza blocks a strike by Donovan and uses the momentum to yank Donovan into the ropes, but before he can hit anything, Bishop lifts Souza from behind, whirls him around and drops him with a Sambo Suplex that shakes the entire ring. Donovan reaches and pulls Billy James over, delivering a German Suplex of his own and the Dominion members stand tall in the center of the ring.] CONLON: URANAGE BY BISHOP AND GERMAN SUPLEX BY DONOVAN!!! JACKSON: Souza and James have been laid out in the middle of the ring! Wow! CONLON: They have literally laid waste to everybody in the ring! Dominion showing the strength they have in there! JACKSON: NOT EVERYBODY! [Frank Anthony leaps off the middle turnbuckle from behind and lands on top of Tyson Bishop, wrapping his arms around his head for what looks like a sleeper hold. Bishop has his arms flailing about, but finally grabs hold of Anthony and pulls him over his shoulder, dropping him with a powerslam. Donovan nods in appreciation for his partner as he helps Bishop back up and they survey their damage.] CONLON: LOOK AT THE POWER OF TYSON BISHOP!!! He pulled Anthony over like a rag doll! JACKSON: They don't call him "The American Nightmare" for nothing! CONLON: I bet Frank Anthony will have nightmares about him for many nights after that exchange. JACKSON: Well he tried his best, but a rabid dog can only have a chance against a trained beast for so long before the beast unleashes his fury! [The duo look over and point down to Shawn Watson, seeming to agree that he is ready to throw out. Donovan pulls Watson off the mat and sets him up to whip him out of the ring. Lance whips and Watson flies over the top rope, but he manages get hold of the rope sort of. Watson falls onto the apron on the outside and his right leg nearly touches the floor. As he stands to his feet, Bishop rushes with his big boot, but Watson moves over and Bishop crotches himself on the top rope.] CONLON: BISHOP NEARLY SENDS HIMSELF OUT WITH THAT BIG BOOT!!! That was close for him AND for Shawn Watson! JACKSON: Watson was lucky to avoid that boot. He should be picking his teeth off the floor right now. CONLON: Turns out he wasn't the easy mark Dominion thought he was, huh Pepper? JACKSON: Give it a rest, Stan. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Next man ready to enter, Pepper! JACKSON: These guys better hope it isn't Antonio De Luca!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** [The arena fills with the sound of "Loyal to No-One' by Dropkick Murphys and the crowd reacts with cheers.] CONLON: CALEB FOLEY HAS DRAWN NUMBER THIRTEEN!!! JACKSON: The "Celtic Crippler" himself, and you have to wonder if that attack from earlier has him worse for wear. [Foley doesn't walk to the ring, he runs. Foley slides into the ring and immediately leaps into the air dropping Tyson Bishop with a Thesz Press and throwing all the fists he can muster against the larger man as the crowd erupts.] CONLON: FOLEY GOING RIGHT AFTER TYSON BISHOP!!! JACKSON: I can't tell if that is ballsy or suicidal! CONLON: It could mean anything, Pepper. Perhaps he just wanted to go after the biggest man standing in the ring at the time he entered. JACKSON: So it IS suicidal then, I guess. [Lance Donovan comes up behind Foley and places a kick to the back of his head. This sends Foley over and allows Bishop to get out from under. The big man lifts Foley up and drops him with a back breaker as the crowd groans. Bishop's face is twisted with anger as he pulls Foley up by his red hair and looks to throw him out. Before he can get there, RJ Souza is up and lands a hard right fist to stagger the biggest Dominion member.] CONLON: SOUZA STAGGERS TYSON BISHOP!!! That was a shot and a half right there! JACKSON: He packs a mean punch and Tyson felt every bit of it! Someone tell Foley later to thank RJ Souza for saving his arse in there just now. CONLON: Now the action picking up as men are getting to their feet. Dominion ran the table for a bit, but it looks like the Foley distraction has allowed others to regain their footing. JACKSON: And now it is back to utter insanity in there! [One by one, men in the ring begin to move and get back to their feet. This leads to all sorts of sudden offense. Ricky Courage is up and hits a dropkick to Lance Donovan. Billy James manages to hold Liam Donegal against the corner despite Shawn Watson kicking his back. And in the foreground, Souza and Bishop are trading punches like a couple of prize fighters.] CONLON: ABSOLUTE BEDLAM IN THERE! Souza and Bishop are waging war near this corner, while Ricky Courage has again attacked Lance Donovan on the other side! JACKSON: That kid will never learn. He keeps coming right back to go after Donovan for some reason. CONLON: Maybe its a tag team thing, Pepper. JACKSON: Maybe he and Foley have a death pact. Like you said, any reason could fit. [Donegal slips under James' arm and grabs the Billy for an inverted DDT that gets a reaction from the crowd. Shawn Watson jumps and his a knee to the back of Frank Anthony's head as the bigger man was getting to his feet. The momentum of the impact sent Anthony into the corner, but no danger of going over. Caleb Foley stands only to be greeted by the right knee of Tripp Skylark to the face. Lance Donovan catches a rushing Ricky Courage with a sidewalk slam, while Bishop has gotten the upper hand on Souza and is attempting to push the former champion over the top rope.] CONLON: Tyson Bishop has RJ Souza teetering over the rope now! Souza in real trouble! JACKSON: Well Souza tried to play the hero there and save Caleb Foley's bacon and all it did was bring the heat of the big dog down on him alone. CONLON: No good deed goes unpunished? JACKSON: Something like that. Look at it like this, Bishop wasn't even looking at Souza until he got punched. So he kind of asked for it, you know? [Foley reverses a whip attempt into the corner that sends Skylark in hard. Tripp actually flips up the corner and goes over the top rope to land, standing, on the ring apron. Foley rushes to try to clothesline him down, but Skylark ducks and Foley eats the turnbuckles. Skylark leaps back over the top rope and grabs Foley for a DDT in the ring. On the other side of the ring, Bishop has Souza almost out of the ring and over the top rope when Frank Anthony splashed on him from behind after hitting a rushing clothesline from the corner that took down Shawn Watson.] CONLON: FRANK ANTHONY LEVELS SHAWN WATSON AND THEN ENDS UP SAVING SOUZA BY RUNNING INTO BISHOP!!! JACKSON: I'm not certain Frank actually meant to hit Bishop, but it happened and Souza has something to be thankful for when he prays tonight. CONLON: Tripp Skylark is now ripping into Caleb Foley after an amazing springboard DDT to avoid elimination. JACKSON: He should have been gone. Foley messed up on how he attacked there and let him take a moment to stand on the apron. He should have rushed him straight out. [Bishop turns his attention away from Souza and grabs Anthony by the throat. He looks like he wants to try a choke slam, but before he can Liam Donegal hit a chop block that forces him to drop the hold. Lance Donovan again has Ricky Courage hanging over the ropes as the advantage is squarely in his favor again there.] CONLON: Lance Donovan has turned the tables on the rookie again and Courage is dangling by a thread! JACKSON: The kid has lasted longer than I thought he would at his experience level. I'll give him that. CONLON: And Liam Donegal possibly saving Frank Anthony from being chokeslammed out of the match as well. JACKSON: Donegal is picking his spots, which is good. However, he hasn't gotten but the one elimination early on. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Looks like Number Fourteen, Pepper! JACKSON: Not sure the ring can handle much more beef in there!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["It's Goin' Down" by X-Ecutioners begins to play over the loud speakers and the crowd begins to cheer. Damian Payne stomps out onto the ramp to an enthusiastic pop from the crowd. ] CONLON: "SADISTIC INSANITY" DAMIAN PAYNE IS NUMBER FOURTEEN!!! JACKSON: And this is another massive individual! He is as big as Tyson Bishop, so you can imagine that will come into play! CONLON: You were just talking about a lot of beef in the ring, well Payne is a porterhouse for sure! JACKSON: And he isn't window dressing either. The man is a legit veteran, which makes him dangerous. [He makes his way down to the ring, pulling his T-shirt of over his head, finally making it to the ring, where he slides under the bottom rope and starts throwing punch and fore-arms in all directions - He hits Tyson Bishop, then Frank Anthony, then RJ Souza, then Lance Donovan, and then Billy James. His blitz attack turns the tide on every mini-battle happening at the moment of his arrival!] CONLON: PAYNE ENTERS AND JUSTS TARTS POUNDING EVERYBODY!!! JACKSON: The man knows how to have an impact. You start attacking everybody and get an advantage, which hopefully leads to being able to throw someone out! CONLON: He has attacked almost everybody now! Even RJ Souza, who hasn't hurt anybody that the fans would dislike yet! JACKSON: Those two have history. Even I know that from reading old wrestling magazines. Payne is just coming in like a wrecking ball, which is smart with men like Tyson Bishop in there! [Ricky Courage lifts Lance Donovan and actually manages to get him onto the top turnbuckle in an attempt to toss him out, but "The Adonis" is holding strong to stay alive. Liam Donegal is landing right hands on Billy James in the back corner, while Tripp Skylark now has Caleb Foley in the air with his legs on Tripp Shoulders and holding the top rope with his hands to avoid being thrown over. Tyson Bishop stands to his feet, only to get leveled by another big right hand from Damian Payne.] CONLON: Payne and Bishop are now battling and you saw that coming the moment he walked out from behind the curtain, right Pepper? JACKSON: Absolutely. What I doubt many foresaw was Tripp Skylark having Caleb Foley in a bad situation in the far corner! He is really trying to toss Foley out and may pull it off! CONLON: Eleven men in the ring right now and this one is just as wild as you can imagine! JACKSON: We wouldn't have it any other way! The man who survives and wins this battle may just find himself too hurt to actually use the title shot! [Frank Anthony grabs Shawn Watson and drops him with a front face buster in the center of the ring. The mad dog then begins pounding away at the IXWA member relentlessly. Payne gets hit in the nether regions by Tyson Bishop, which allows the fellow big man to get the advantage in the corner, using his boot now to choke Payne against the turnbuckle. Skylark tosses Foley's legs over, but the "Celtic Crippler" bounces his knees off the top rope and stays alive even if he lands in the ring awkwardly.] CONLON: Foley stays alive in there, but at what cost as those knees really took the brunt of that saving move. JACKSON: Skylark may not have gotten enough lift on the toss and that saved Foley. If that had been almost anyone else aside from the Watson kid, Foley might be gone. CONLON: Watson has enough problems with Frank Anthony. Even without his favorite weapon, Anthony has been a force in there and his low center of gravity may make him tough to get out. JACKSON: It will take more than one man to pull it off. He isn't going out unless a crew get the leverage to do it. [Donovan pokes Courage in the eye and gets off the turnbuckle. He fires a hard right hand to the rookie's face that staggers him further before Billy James whips Liam Donegal right into him and those two men hit and fall to the canvas. Foley is back to his feet and is met by Skylark's elbow, sending both men into that corner in battle yet again. Payne manages to punch the back of Bishop's knee to break the choke hold, but only momentarily as Tyson shoves the foot at him harder and reestablishes the choke against the turnbuckle.] CONLON: BISHOP JUST CHOKINg THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF DAMIAN PAYNE IN THE CORNER! JACKSON: The benefit of not having referees in there and no disqualifications and such, you get to choke the living hell out of people! CONLON: Tyson Bishop is certainly doing that to Payne and it looks like there is carnage all over the place in there! JACKSON: Men getting thrown into each other. We have eleven massive men filling that space, which isn't quite as big as most of you might think it is when you see it on television! [Payne grabs the ankle of the foot Bishop is using for the choke and then jumps up and wraps his legs around Bishop's leg and uses the leverage to take Bishop down as the crowd cheers. Frank Anthony grabs Shawn Watson and throws him over the top rope, but Watson skins the cat to survive. On the other side, Lance Donovan and Liam Donegal are throwing down momentarily until Donovan manages to get the advantage and nearly toss Donegal over with the momentum of ducking under the attack.] CONLON: Donegal survives again! That was close! JACKSON: It really was and the same can be said for Watson skinning the cat and surviving on the other side. That kid is surprising me. I figured he's be gone by now, but he has lasted over nine minutes now! CONLON: Damian Payne turned the tide on Tyson Bishop and those two are on the mat beating each other now! JACKSON: Glad I'm not near that train wreck! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Next man ready to enter, Pepper! JACKSON: Number fifteen, come on down!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Boom" by POD begins to play as the fans react to a song that they love. We see Isaac "Hooch" Johnson come through the curtain with all sorts of excitement.] CONLON: ISAAC "HOOCH" JOHNSON IS OUR FIFTEENTH MAN IN THE ULTIMATE RUMBLE!!! JACKSON: He seems ready to jump in there, but he better be careful what he wishes for. A guy his size might get eaten alive by the sharks in there. CONLON: Hooch is in the ring and away he goes! JACKSON: The mistake of young men going too fast! [Johnson works the aisle as he makes his way to the ring. Inside the ring, the battles are all waging and he slides under the bottom rope and immediately tangles with Lance Donovan, throwing fists as fast as he can after getting to his feet. Donegal has managed to get back inside and he doubles up on Lance with fists of his own. Across the way, Tyson Bishop has managed to get the advantage on Damian Payne, lifting him to where he is straddling the top rope and trying to hammer him out with his fists.] CONLON: Hooch going after Donovan and getting some aid from Liam Donegal! Johnson looking like he knows who he wanted to go after from the start! JACKSON: Not a smart choice. Lance Donovan is one of our longest standing guys in there for a reason. The man has no problem taking people out. CONLON: Look at Bishop and Payne still going at it. Is this the moment Damian Payne finally gets thrown out by Bishop? JACKSON: Who knows? I can say that the rest of the men in there better be happy these two are trying to beat each other instead of using their size to take out smaller men. [Payne back elbows Bishop and gets enough room to pull his leg back over the top rope and to safety. Shawn Watson and Tripp Skylark are now trading blows, while RJ Souza and Frank Anthony are doing battle in a far corner. Billy James has grabbed Liam Donegal from behind and clubbed him across the shoulder blades, throwing him over the top rope only for Donegal to land on the apron still holding the top rope. James begins to hammer away and Liam lets go with one hand to fire back punches of his own.] CONLON: LOOK HOW CLOSE LIAM DONEGAL IS TO BEING THROWN OUT!!! If James knocks him off the apron the night is over for him! JACKSON: James has really been a revelation tonight. Who knew he had this in him? CONLON: "The Regulator" working to get Liam out, while we also see an interesting back and forth between Shawn Watson and Tripp Skylark back there! JACKSON: Watson is showing well for IXWA, but Skylark is a different level and it is showing now. I think Tripp tosses the kid soon if this keeps up. [Ricky Courage finds his way over and grabs Donovan from behind, helping Johnson get blow after blow in on Donovan's face. Caleb Foley steps over near RJ Souza and starts firing fists, but Frank Anthony has had enough and lunges out of the corner, taking both men down with a double clothesline. Donegal makes Billy James miss and ducks under the top rope, sticking his head between James' thighs and lifting him up and over to the outside.] CONLON: LIAM DONEGAL FLIPS BILLY JAMES OVER AND OUT OF THE RING!!! WHAT A REVERSAL BY DONEGAL!!! RA OVER THE PA: BILLY "THE REGULATOR" JAMES HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: James lasted more than thirteen minutes in the rumble after a major upset victory earlier tonight. I think we might be seeing new things from him in the future! CONLON: Donegal is stepping back into the ring and he survives yet again! JACKSON: The man entered number one and has not let up at all. You have to wonder how much longer he can survive with the night he has had. [Donegal, the moment he enters the ring, is pasted by Frank Anthony's big right hand. Donegal falls down to the canvas. Lance Donovan manages to duck out of the way and Isaac Johnson lands a big right hand to the face of Ricky Courage. Donovan rushes and clotheslines Hooch to the mat and then turns and starts landing fists on Courage's head yet again. Damian Payne has Tyson Bishop by the head and starts ramming him face first into the top turnbuckle as the crowd chants along to ten.] CONLON: Damian Payne taking it to Tyson Bishop. That is a match up of true heavyweights right there! JACKSON: It really is and either one could be a contender if they don't hurt each other too much in their battle. CONLON: Liam Donegal not getting much rest at all as Frank Anthony caught him as soon as he got back in there. JACKSON: And Lance Donovan turned the tables on Johnson and Courage. There is so much going on, nobody can seem to keep an advantage for very long before someone else attacks! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: And its about to get busier, Pepper, as number sixteen is about to come out! JACKSON: Oh, the drama!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Becoming the Bull" by Atreyu begins to play as we see "King of the South" Kenneth Morlock step from behind the curtain. Morlock is wearing a pair of black leg tights with the word "King" across the rear end of them in white, with a pair of black wrestling boots with white laces with the letters "KM" in white lettering on both outsides of the boots.] CONLON: THE OTHER HALF OF TEH DOWN SOUTH CONNECTION IS HERE! "KING OF THE SOUTH" KENNETH MORLOCK IS NUMBER SIXTEEN!!! JACKSON: And you can bet he is wishing his partner was still around. CONLON: Looks like that is on his mind, he is moving pretty fast to the ring with no delay at all! JACKSON: Morlock looks PISSED!!! [He gets to the ring quickly and slides in, going right after RJ Souza. He lands a hard right hand to Souza's face and then a knee to the gut. Morlock then hits a knee lift that sends Souza staggering back into the corner. Shawn Watson rushes to help, but Morlock swats him away as if almost nothing and lands another boot to the ribs as RJ is in the corner. On the other side, Tyson Bishop hits a big uppercut to Payne that staggers the veteran to his knees, while Lance Donovan rams the heads of Isaac Johnson and Ricky Courage together. Caleb Foley has Tripp Skylark in the far corner, landing elbow strikes to his head.] CONLON: KENNETH MORLOCK IS TRYING TO TAKE SOUZA OUT IMMEDIATELY!!! JACKSON: Why wait? He sees Souza as the man who took out his tag partner and so that is the guy you want out most without a doubt. Why pussy foot around? Just go after the guy! CONLON: Didn't you just talk trash about Johnson rushing in and going after Lance Donovan? JACKSON: Different situation. Donovan hadn't taken out Michael fact, we haven't even seen Turner in this one yet. Souza DID take out Matt Allen a while ago. [Morlock lifts Souza up and gets him half dumped over the top rope, but Souza is managing to keep his mass close to the top rope and holding on to stay in the match. Lance Donovan grabs Ricky Courage and goes to throw him over the top rope, but the rookie slides out of his grasp at the last second. Frank Anthony drops Liam Donegal with a big right hand and looks ready to go for a toss out. Tyson Bishop turns and ends up bumping into Frank Anthony and Frank turns around, smacking Bishop with a punch just for bumping him.] CONLON: WHOA NOW!!! FRANK ANTHONY AND TYSON BISHOP BUMP AND SUDDENLY WAR BREAKS OUT!!! JACKSON: You don't tug on Superman's cape and you don't mess with a rabid dog when he is in the middle of a fight. It may have been accidental, but now Bishop has to deal with the insanity that is Frank Anthony! CONLON: And Frank has been underrated in UPW thus far. It is his chance to really shine. JACKSON: All I know is Damian Payne better than him later because odds are Anthony just saved him from getting thrown out of the rumble! [Bishop and Anthony are trading fists in the middle of the ring with neither man gaining a major advantage. Morlock continues trying to get Souza out, and seems to be making progress, but RJ is fighting it as best he can to stay in the match. Lance Donovan has Courage on top of the turnbuckles again and in a bad position. This time Ricky is laying belly down on them and Donovan is punching up and causing Courage to lift off the top turnbuckle with every shot.] CONLON: LOOK HOW CLOSE RICKY COURAGE IS TO BEING OUT!!! The kid is bouncing on the top turnbuckles like a ball on a court! JACKSON: Lance Donovan has been battling this kid almost from the opening bell of this match! These two seemed destined to go back and forth! CONLON: It makes sense after the tag title match, and you have to wonder how much of this battle stems from that encounter earlier where the Soldiers gained tag team gold? JACKSON: Odds are Donovan does want to establish dominance over Courage. But let's be honest about the fact that Donovan is a sociopath who doesn't care about anyone in truth! [Frank Anthony finally rushes and spears Tyson Bishop to the canvas as the fans erupt. Anthony begins throwing punches anywhere and everywhere he can connect as they are on the mat. Caleb Foley has Skylark on top of the ropes, but doesn't seem to have the leverage to actually push him out. Lance Donovan hits Courage hard enough that the rookie flies up and loses his grasp of the connectors in the corner, sending him over. However Ricky grabs the top of the ring post and manages to keep from going out, getting his feet back on the apron and surviving.] CONLON: RICKY COURAGE GRABS THE STEEL POST TO SAVE HIMSELF!!! WHAT A SAVE BY THE ROOKIE!!! JACKSON: That isn't the most shocking rumble save I have ever seen, but the amount of athleticism it took to pull it off is impressive. Thing is Lance Donovan doesn't even realize Ricky is still in. CONLON: Caleb Foley is working on Tripp Skylark and Tyson Bishop still struggling against Frank Anthony. Those two are really in a battle! JACKSON: Anthony is a surprisingly strong fighter. He isn't exactly a great wrestler, but he can brawl with ANYONE! [Caleb Foley can't finish off Skylark, as Tripp manages to hit a low blow to back the Irishman off. Frank Anthony pulls Tyson Bishop off the mat and shove him into the corner hard, following in with a clothesline against the turnbuckles. Lance Donovan turns and leaves Courage, and heads over to aid his partner, hitting a knee to the kidneys from behind. Donovan grabs Anthony and spins him around, drilling him with fists as Bishop recovers in the corner.] CONLON: DOMINION LOCKED TOGETHER NOW AGAINST FRANK ANTHONY!!! JACKSON: Well you knew as soon as he saw what was happening, Donovan would go over to help his partner. When you team with someone, it is what you do. CONLON: And they are starting to work over Frank Anthony in that corner now. Looks like Skylark survived Foley as well. JACKSON: A well-placed nut cracker can get you out of almost any jam, Stan. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Are you ready for Number Seventeen, Pepper? I sure am! JACKSON: Not much room left in there, Stan!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Our Foes Shall Fall" by The Summoning hits the PA system and the fans begin to boo the UPW North American champion. De Luca steps emerge from the back with an arrogant grin on his face. He points down to the UPW North American championships as he begins making his way down the aisle and to the ring.] CONLON: THE NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION IS NUMBER SEVENTEEN!!! "LEGIONARIUS" ANTONIO DE LUCA IS HERE!!! JACKSON: And that mean all three members of Dominion are going to be in there together. CONLON: If the men in the ring realize it, they have a chance to take the dangerous group out early. JACKSON: Or they end up becoming fodder. [Before entering the battle inside the ring he removes the championship gold and hands it to an outside official. De Luca steps into the ring and suddenly Shawn Watson comes flying into the picture to attack the North American champ. De Luca catches Watson in the air and just re-directs the kid over the top rope and to the outside, where he lands awkwardly on the arena floor.] CONLON: SHAWN WATSON LITERALLY SENT FLYING OUT OF THE RING!!! RA OVER THE PA: "SHOWTIME" SHAWN WATSON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: De Luca isn't someone you can take by surprise like that! Dumb move kid! Thanks for playing! [De Luca makes his way near his stable mates, who are double teaming Frank Anthony. The both grab a leg and literally bowl Anthony backward over the top rope and to the outside.] CONLON: FRANK ANTHONY SENT OUT BY BISHOP AND DONOVAN TOGETHER!!! RA OVER THE PA: FRANK ANTHONY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: That team is solid and now they are taking out the trash! I would slide out and hide for awhile if I were one of the other guys in the ring. CONLON: That is the coward's way, Pepper. JACKSON: Maybe so, but you would still be in the match and not have to deal with the three of them together! [On the opposite side of the ring Damian Payne clotheslines Isaac Johnson over the top rope and as he stares down at the tag team wrestler he just tossed, Donovan and Bishop lift him up and over the top rope causing him to land right on top of Johnson on the outside.] CONLON: PAYNE TAKES OUT "HOOCH" JOHNSON!!! RA OVER THE PA: ISAAC "HOOCH" JOHNSON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: AND THEN HE FOLLOWS HIM RIGH TOVER THANKS TO DOMINION!!! RA OVER THE PA: "SADISTIC INSANITY" DAMIAN PAYNE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! CONLON: THIS IS ABSOLUTE CARNAGE!!! Dominion has taken charge and there may be no way to stop them! JACKSON: This was their plan all along! [De Luca rushes over and grabs RJ Souza, landing several blows to the veteran before going for an Irish Whip. Souza reverses and goes for a short-arm clothesline, but De Luca ducks the clothesline and lifts Souza with a fireman's lift, dumping him over the top rope and to the arena floor.] CONLON: OUT GOES SOUZA THANKS TO DE LUCA!!! RA OVER THE PA: "BAD KARMA" RJ SOUZA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: One by one the rest of the league is getting tossed. I could see these being the final three before it is all said and done. CONLON: Woe to the UPW if that happens. JACKSON: Can you imagine if they ended up with all the gold due to title shots? [On the opposite side of the ring, Lance Donovan has lifted Caleb Foley into the air and Tyson Bishop rushes hitting a big boot to Foley's face, sending him out of Donovan's arms and over the top rope. Foley tries to hand on, but Lance kicks his hand away from the ropes and Foley hits the floor hard.] CONLON: AND CALEB FOLEY SENT OUT BY DOMINION!!! RA OVER THE PA: CALEB FOLEY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: Foley has just had a rough night. I bet he wakes up tomorrow and doesn't even remember this event! CONLON: The ring is getting emptied out fast, Pepper. JACKSON: The good thing is that we can more clearly see what is going on in there, but if you don't like Dominion, you probably aren't happy! [De Luca starts trading punches with Kenneth Morlock on the right side of the ring. De Luca gets hit hard by Morlock and staggered. Morlock lands another big right hand and De Luca ends up stumbling into the rope. Morlock rushes to go for the clotheslines, but De Luca drops down and pulls the top rope down, sending Morlock flying over the top rope and to the outside.] CONLON: MORLOCK SENT OUT OF THE RING!!! RA OVER THE PA: "KING OF THE SOUTH" KENNETH MORLOCK HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: That was his own fault! He tried to rush too fast on someone with a ton of skill and paid the price. CONLON: Six men left in the ring and half are the members of Dominion! JACKSON: And those are BAD odds for the UPW. They were dominant when they were out-numbered. Now they have the numbers evened up! [On the left side, Donovan whips Tripp Skylark into the arms of Tyson Bishop, who press lifts the smaller man into the air and right out of the ring. Skylark lands with a bounce on the arena floor as the fans start booing this trio mercilessly.] CONLON: TRIPP SKYLARK SENT FLYING OUT OF THE RING BY DOMINION AND THAT WAS NASTY!!! RA OVER THE PA: TRIPP SKYLARK HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: The building caving in may be the only way to stop Dominion from a clean sweep off the top three spots tonight. CONLON: Only Liam Donegal and Ricky Courage are left in there with them, so they are the next lien of defense for UPW. JACKSON: Or the next line of enemies defeated by Dominion! [Ricky Courage shocks Lance Donovan with a running bulldog from behind. This gets Bishop involved, as he reaches down to pry the rookie off his partner. De Luca sees Liam Donegal and grabs him to whip him into the corner. Donegal hits hard and stumbles back into a Northern Lights suplex by De Luca.] CONLON: DE LUCA NAILS A BIG SUPLEX ON DONEGAL AND DOMINION HAS COMPLETE CONTROL AGAIN!!! JACKSON: Next verse, same as the first! They are unstoppable! CONLON: Ricky Courage got a great shot in on Lance Donovan, but Tyson Bishop was there to keep it from causing much harm to his partner. JACKSON: To his credit, Donovan probably forgot Courage was still around he did toss him over a bit ago and didn't know that Ricky saved himself. That can allow for a surprise attack easily. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Next man ready to enter, Pepper! JACKSON: I know I wouldn't want to get in there right now!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi begins to play as Tex Colorado walks out from behind the curtain.] CONLON: "THE MINNESOTA ASSASSIN" TEX COLORADO IS NUMBER EIGHTEEN!!! JACKSON: And now we are back to six men in this ultimate rumble! CONLON: Even odds as each member of Dominion now has a man to battle. JACKSON: I wouldn't call the odds even, I mean these guys are just killing this match, almost literally! [Colorado gets to the ring and steps through the ropes. He sees what is going on and immediately throws a punch against Antonio De Luca, allowing Liam Donegal to collapse back in the corner and avoid further damage from the North American Champion. Across the way, we see Tyson Bishop holding Ricky Courage in a full nelson hold as Lance Donovan punches and kicks the rookie's ribs.] CONLON: Dominion double teaming Ricky Courage and the kid is just struggling to stay alive in every sense, Pepper. JACKSON: He has shown some real skill in there tonight, but he is in trouble. Colorado actually saves Donegal as well, which surprises me. CONLON: And I think it surprised De Luca as well! JACKSON: Colorado throwing a great combination is surprising the entire arena! The guy usually can't put two moves together without screwing it up! [Ricky Courage tries to get out of the hold by jumping up and ramming his head into Bishop's chin. As he does this, he kicks his feet out and lands a nice shot to the face of Donovan, which staggers "The Adonis" back a bit. On the other side of the ring, De Luca manages to duck a punch from Colorado and shove him into the ropes, where he hits a two-punch combination and then clotheslines Tex over the top rope and to the outside.] CONLON: DE LUCA WITH A FAST REVERSAL TO SEND COLORADO OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! RA OVER THE PA: "THE MINNESOTA ASSASSIN" TEX COLORADO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: Forty-four seconds! Thanks for playing, Tex. We hardly knew ya! CONLON: And we're back down to five in there once again! JACKSON: Three of whom were among our first four in the match! [Almost without delay, Liam Donegal attempts to toss De Luca from behind and sends Antonio over the top rope. However, De Luca holds on and slides back in under the bottom rope and begins receiving stomps from a fired up Donegal over and over. Over on the other side, Bishop never let go of the full nelson hold and actually got angry after the escape attempt and dropped Courage with a full nelson slam. Courage stands to his feet slowly and Bishop and Donovan both rush him and double kick him in the face, sending him over the top rope and to the arena floor.] CONLON: RICKY COURAGE LITERALLY KICKED OUT OF THE RUMBLE BY DOMINION!!! RA OVER THE PA: RICKY COURAGE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: Courage was on borrowed time once those numbers tilted to the favor of Dominion. Once again, he fails to do something big on his own merit. CONLON: That isn't fair, Pepper. He had to work with people he didn't know well, unlike Dominion working together as a unit. JACKSON: And that unit now only has one other target in the ring, Liam Donegal. [Bishop and Donovan turn and see Donegal stomping on De Luca. Lance goes over and grabs Liam to spin him around, drilling him with a right hand and allowing De Luca to recover and get to his feet. Bishop then takes hold of Donegal and sets him up with a gut-wrench lift into a falling power bomb, while Donovan quickly grabs the head for a diving reverse neckbreaker.] CONLON: THE STOMPING GROUND!!! DOMINION WITH THEIR TAG FINISHER ON DONEGAL!!! JACKSON: That is it for our first entrant. No doubt about it! [Antonio De Luca pulls Donegal up and lifts him onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. He gets to the ropes and unceremoniously dumps Donegal over the top rope and even does the dusting off of his hands afterward to taunt him and the crowd.] CONLON: DE LUCA TOSSES DONEGAL OUT AND SHOWS JUST HOW ARROGANT HE IS!!! RA OVER THE PA: LIAM DONEGAL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: Dominion stands alone! They are the only three in the match and we still have several seconds before the next man enters! CONLON: Now they just look cocky in there. JACKSON: Most of all, they are catching their breath and getting ready to roll over every single person two minutes at a time until they finish one, two and three! [Tyson Bishop stands in the middle of the ring with his arms out wide and a crazed look on his face, ready to fight the world. Donovan climbs the right corner and De Luca climbs the left corner and both raise their arms in victory. The crowd goes nuts booing these guys, especially after the elimination of Donegal.] CONLON: The fans really letting this group have it. Listen to those jeers from the United Center faithful! JACKSON: Who cares. What is important is that Lance Donovan is now the iron man of this match! He came in at number four and is almost up to twenty-eight minutes and counting! CONLON: And with the numbers, you have to think he will surpass the thirty-three minutes Donegal had in. JACKSON: No doubt about it. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Looks like the timer is finally going to give us someone else in here. JACKSON: Whoever it is will be walking into a three-on-one and doesn't stand much of a chance!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Wretches and Kings" by Linkin Park begins to be heard over the loud speaker as the fans erupt in cheers. Glenn Chambers steps out from behind the curtain, wearing his maroon singlet and black boots.] CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS IS NUMBER NINETEEN!!! JACKSON: The man who came up short against Dylan Cardinal earlier tonight now has a chance at redemption. But to get his hands on Cardinal, he has to survive a LONG time with Dominion! CONLON: Sounds like a tall order, Pepper! JACKSON: It isn't a pleasure cruise, I can assure you! [Chambers gets to the ringside area and slowly walks up the steps to the ring apron. He stares at the three men inside, whom have divided up into the three corners not where Glenn is entering. De Luca is wringing his hands almost in excitement of what they are going to do to him when he enters.] CONLON: Glenn is taking his time to get in the ring, and who can blame him? JACKSON: Didn't you call that the coward's way a little while ago, Stan? CONLON: No. I said that sliding out after you have been in there in order to keep from being involved in action and stay alive is a coward's way. Taking time to size up the lay of the land before you start is just smart strategy. JACKSON: Ahhh. I see. So you pick and choose when to get all upset about something I take it. Nice to know. [Chambers steps through the ropes and looks the situation over. He takes a few steps into the ring, knowing he is about to endure an onslaught. He braces for Lance Donovan as he advances, but it is the big boot of Tyson Bishop that makes first contact from the opposite side of the ring.] CONLON: BISHOP BLINDSIDES CHAMBERS WITH A BOOT TO THE HEAD! That was nasty! JACKSON: What did you expect? It is only in the movies where guys come one at a time from head on positions. Chambers is starting way in the hole here! CONLON: You got that right! JACKSON: Dominion has the chance to get two minutes with every person, that isn't good for anyone. [Donovan hits a standing elbow drop right onto the chest of Chambers. Bishop then pulls him up and headbutts Chambers with enough force to stagger him sideways almost. De Luca catches Chambers and lifts him with his "Italian Suplex" right in the center of the ring, jumping back up and motioning like he finished already.] CONLON: DE LUCA WITH THAT ITALIAN SUPLEX!!! JACKSON: He certainly knows how to put and exclamation point on things, doesn't he? CONLON: Well I don't think Chambers is finished, even if De Luca does. JACKSON: You may be right, but in all honesty, not many can withstand a three-on-one from a group like Dominion. [Bishop pulls Chambers up and whips him into the corner. Donovan goes to follow him in for an attack, but Chambers leaps to propel himself back with a high cross body that takes Donovan down. Chambers gets to his feet and before he can follow it up De Luca leaps to the screen and grabs Chambers for a tornado DDT.] CONLON: TORNADO DDT FROM DE LUCA AND CHAMBERS IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE!!! JACKSON: Every time he has tried to somehow fight things off, Dominion has an answer. CONLON: Well it helps that Glenn can only attack one or two at a time and there are three of them. JACKSON: That has been my point since Donegal was tossed, Stan! [De Luca pulls Chambers to his feet and then leads him by his head toward the corner where he plants Chambers face first into the top turnbuckle. Then De Luca whips Chambers toward Bishop, who press lifts him and drops him backward, going for an elimination, but instead the drop was short and Chambers literally falls across the top rope on his stomach and drops back into the ring.] CONLON: GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!! BISHOP NEARLY CUT CHAMBERS IN HALF DROPPING HIM ON THE TOP ROPE LIKE THAT!!! JACKSON: First mistake I have seen Dominion make all night! I don't think he meant to drop him there at all! That was supposed to be Chambers' farewell. CONLON: Glenn may wish it had been. That kind of impact on the rope from that height can do some real damage! JACKSON: You bet it can, and now he is at their mercy. [Lance Donovan pulls Chambers up and sets him up for the vertical suplex. He lifts and then drops him back into the middle of the ring with a lot of force. The fans begin chanting for Chambers as he battles all three of these men at once, but Glenn is struggling to get to the ropes and pull himself up as Dominion take their time circling him for the kill.] CONLON: Chambers trying to get to his feet, but he may be better served staying on the canvas right now. JACKSON: He is always trying to stay alive in every match. It is an admirable trait, but it always leads to him getting smashed up. CONLON: The fans love him for it. JACKSON: Good for him. How is that working out tonight for him? Loss to Cardinal earlier, ass-whipping in this rumble....yeah, I'm sure those cheers are worth it. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Looks like Chambers may get some help finally! JACKSON: Depends on who it is. It may get worse for him!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Black Star" by Yngwie Malmsteen hits the PA system and the crowd POPS as the masked Titan Juarez, from Soldiers of the Sun, strides out from the back and remains his usual stoic self belying no emotion in his mouth, since his mouth and chin are all we can see.] CONLON: TITAN JUAREZ IS NUMBER TWENTY!!! THINGS JUST GOT INTERESTING!!! JACKSON: And one has to think that this would have been even bigger had Ricky Courage managed to stick around five extra minutes! CONLON: Juarez, one of the Soldiers of the Sun, looks like he is ready for battle. JACKSON: The man is arguably one of the biggest men in the UPW. So yeah, he should have some impact here. [As he makes his way to the ring, he grabs a hold of the ropes and pulls himself up onto the apron. In the ring, Tyson Bishop and De Luca have Chambers half over the top rope on the far side as Lance Donovan sees Juarez coming and starts moving toward him. Titan steps over the top rope and into the ring and BLASTING the rushing Lance Donovan with a big man forearm smash to the head that floors him!] CONLON: JUAREZ LEVELS LANCE DONOVAN!!! JACKSON: Welcome to tag title match part two! Juarez and Dominion have issues from earlier, and the fact he was one who walked out with gold will be a motivator for Dominion! CONLON: No surprise Lance Donovan was first to greet him, as he has been the main target of the Sons in this rumble so far. JACKSON: Just because of when he entered. Had Bishop been number four, then I bet he would have been targeted often. [Tyson Bishop lets go of Glenn Chambers, allowing him to stay safe in the ring, and goes to meet his tag nemesis, Juarez. Bishop goes to fire a hard right hand, but Titan blocks it and returns fire with his forearm shiver to the side of the head that staggers Bishop back. Juarez continues landing fists to Bishop before shoving him into the ropes and catching him with a sidewalk slam in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: JUAREZ WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM ON TYSON BISHOP!!! That had a car crash type of impact to it! JACKSON: Both of these guys are giants! What more can you ask for in a situation like this? CONLON: Titan Juarez seems to be leveling the playing field all by himself in there, and if you are Glenn Chambers you are thankful he drew the number right after you at this point. JACKSON: No doubt this big guy entering saved Chambers from getting thrown out. Not sure what it means long term, though. [Donovan tries to rush as Juarez stands, but gets an elbow to the face for his efforts and Juarez stands tall, grabbing the Dominion member by the throat and chokeslamming him in the center of the ring right on top of Bishop. De Luca, who had been stomping a fallen Chambers, sees the events unfold and rushes over, leaping at the taller Juarez, only to be caught and dropped with a powerslam right on top of his Dominion brethren. The crowd erupts as Titan has stacked them on top of each other.] CONLON: JUAREZ STACKING DOMINION LIKE LEGO BLOCKS!!! FIRST DONOVAN AND THEN DE LUCA AND TEH FANS ARE LOVING THIS! JACKSON: I don't think Dominion has endured anything like this since they came to UPW. I'm certain fatigue is a factor for Donovan and Bishop. CONLON: Don't explain away that greatness of Titan Juarez right now, Pepper. This is amazing! JACKSON: Sure. Giant of a man enters and is fresh taking down three men, two of whom have been in there for more than fifteen minutes each. Whatever you say, Stan. [Juarez makes his way over to Chambers and checks on him. Glenn nods that he is ok and stays on his knee to recover in the corner. They shake hands, and Titan turns his attention back to the group that is moving again and trying to get up themselves.] CONLON: Juarez over to check on Chambers. He is just a class act. JACKSON: He's a moron. He could have tossed Chambers easily and then focused right on Dominion, but instead he chooses to take a moment to check on him? Titan doesn't want to win this at all, does he? CONLON: I think everybody wants to win this one, Pepper. JACKSON: All evidence to the contrary! [Dominion begins to strategize as they get to their feet, splitting into three sides as they did with Chambers. However instead of a fake out, they all charge at once, devouring Juarez with kicks, punches and even a low blow at one point from De Luca. Titan gets backed into the ropes and it doesn't look good as Bishop grabs the legs and starts lifting. Just as Juarez is almost teetering, he lands an elbow to Donovan, a headbutt to De Luca and then a jab right to the nose of Bishop and fights his way out of it, sending the Dominion members sprawling backward.] CONLON: TITAN JUAREZ REFUSING TO GET BOMBARDED!!! LOOK AT THE FIGHT IN THE BIG GUY! JACKSON: Dominion is finally acting like Dominion again. To hell with this one man at a time thing! Go after him! CONLON: Juarez can take care of himself as he continues to stave them off. Three on one isn't easy no matter how big you are! JACKSON: That is true and those numbers are still in their favor, especially with Chambers still licking his wounds over there and staying out of it! [They regroup and lunge at the big man yet again, this time with even more ferocity. De Luca gouges at Titan's eyes, which is difficult with the mask. The group backs Titan into the corner and begin to beat on him relentlessly. No longer looking to quickly eliminate, but to cause pain. Donovan holds the left arm against the top rope, while De Luca holds the right one. That allows Bishop to punish the ribs and mid section with punches and kicks.] CONLON: DOMINION NOW GOING TO WORK!!! TWO OF THEM HOLDING JUAREZ IN THAT CORNER AS TYSON BISHOP GOES TO TOWN!!! JACKSON: THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT, BOYS! CONLON: Juarez really taking a beating! You can see the welts on his body from those shots Bishop is throwing! Dominion seeking to hurt that Soldiers of the Sun member. JACKSON: Take one down and eventually those belts are all but theirs for the taking, Stan! They are thinking both long AND short term! I love it! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Next man ready to enter, Pepper! JACKSON: Getting interesting in there now, Stan!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["The Devil Made Me" starts to play as Malcom Shabazz walks out from behind the curtain, guarded by two Hard Truth Soldiers.] CONLON: MALCOM SHABAZZ HAS NUMBER TWENTY-ONE!!! JACKSON: And he brought friends with him! This isn't the way that many would enjoy the second half of entrants to start! CONLON: I doubt Titan Juarez will get any help here either, Pepper. JACKSON: Nobody will. Shabazz is admittedly out for his own interests and will have a point to prove after passing out to Liam Donegal. I want to point out, he didn't lose....he passed out and the referee took the match from him. [They keep the fans from touching the leader of the "New First World" as he walks to the ring. The referees come and point that the soldiers must exit the area before Shabazz can get in the ring. Malcolm just shakes his head in anger. In the ring, Dominion is continuing their beat down of Titan Juarez in the near corner.] CONLON: Looks like Shabazz won't have his helpers again. I don't know why he expected them to get to the ring at all, especially after Tripp Skylark's chair barrage earlier. JACKSON: I get the point, but Shabazz is thinking more about protecting his back from those who wish him harm. CONLON: But that is everybody, isn't it? JACKSON: You make him sound paranoid, Stan. You know what they say though - It isn't paranoia if they are all really out to get you! [Shabazz enters the ring after saying some very course things to the officials who forced his soldiers to leave ringside. He surveys the situation and walks right past the beating Dominion is laying on Juarez. He walks over to Glenn Chambers and lands a pointed elbow tot he back of his head, dropping him back to the mat. The crowd erupts in boos to see Shabazz land repeated jabs to the head of Chambers.] CONLON: SHABAZZ WALKS RIGHT OVER AND ELBOES CHAMBERS BACK TO THE CANVAS!!! JACKSON: You didn't think the fan favorite would just get another free pass, did you, Stan? CONLON: I figured that because of Shabazz's own racial bias, it might come into play. JACKSON: That means nothing to Shabazz! Remember, Chambers has managed to beat Shabazz on Showdown, so perhaps he is looking to get some payback for that match. I know I would if I were him! [Shabazz stands Glenn up in the corner and lands a clothesline against the turnbuckles. He then does it again and again almost machine like in his precision and speed. After the sixth one, Chambers collapses to the mat and Shabazz holds his arms out wide in celebration. Across the way, Dominion shifts and Bishop takes over the left arm duties as Lance Donovan gets in and begins landing his own attack to the prone Titan Juarez.] CONLON: DOMINION JUST LAYING A LITERAL SMACKDOWN ON TITAN JUAREZ! JACKSON: Now it is Lance Donovan's turn and I don't think Titan Juarez could have walked into a worse situation than he did, Stan. To have two of your chief rivals in there waiting is tough. CONLON: They haven't tossed him out though, and that is important to note how well Juarez is fairing even with these odds. JACKSON: It is just because they want to beat on him, Stan. Nothing more or less than that. [Donovan nods to his partners and then just slaps Juarez flat across the face. The sign if disrespect gets a major set of jeers from the crowd. Juarez gets angered further by this and suddenly kicks his leg up, only glancing against Donovan's chin, but making no real contact. Donovan's face goes cold and he rushes in with an elbow to the nose of Juarez and regaining control. Across the way, Shabazz has Chambers up and begins lifting to put him over the top rope in that corner.] CONLON: Looks like Shabazz is finally trying to send Glenn Chambers out of the rumble. JACKSON: He landed a ton of great shots to a man that had already taken a beating in this match from Dominion alone. It is the smart play because you don't know who will eventually come out next. CONLON: You really thinking Shabazz thinks that far ahead? JACKSON: The man is more than what you think he is. So yes, I think he is thinking ahead. [Shabazz manages to get the left leg over the top rope, but Chambers continues to hold onto the middle rope for leverage and protection against getting thrown the rest of the way over. Malcom continues to strain in pushing against Glenn's hold, but neither man is giving way. On the opposite side, Bishop has switched back in and tells his partners to let go of Juarez as he pulls him into power bomb position. Bishop lifts Titan and drops him with a buckle bomb into the corner.] CONLON: BUCKLE BOMB BY TYSON BISHOP!!! HOLY MOLY THAT LOOKED NASTY!!! JACKSON: And the destruction of Titan Juarez continues! His head bounced off that top turnbuckle in a way that make you wonder if he just got a concussion from it! Wow! CONLON: They have been unrelenting, which is what it takes to have a chance against a man like Juarez! JACKSON: I will give you that, Stan. A giant of a man deserves a giant of an effort. [Shabazz finally gets Chambers over the top rope, but it was such a slow dump that Chambers managed to slide back in under the bottom rope to stay safe. Shabazz starts stomping on him, but Glenn covers up and just tries to withstand the repeated stomps of the bigger man. On the opposite side of the ring, Antonio De Luca has climbs the corner and perches on the top turnbuckle as Bishop holds the arms and Donovan the legs of Juarez to stretch him out. De Luca leaps and hits a top rope double stomp to the chest of the masked superstar.] CONLON: COUP DE GRAS BY DE LUCA!!! THAT COULD HAVE KILLED JUAREZ WITH THE WAY THEY HAD HIM STRETCHED OUT!!! JACKSON: The big guy may never be the same again! CONLON: Dominion has focused on Juarez for a long time and they aren't even letting him up! JACKSON: Why should they? If they are smart, this is a great time to try and dump him before he causes any trouble. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Now we're up to Number Twenty-Two, Pepper! JACKSON: The ring is filling up again, Stan. Dominion may be focusing on Juarez too much now and losing the numbers advantage!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?" by A Day to Remember plays while blue and white lights strobe over the stage. As Ryan's entrance video is shown in the jumbotron, the man himself walks out to take center stage, wearing a black tight tank top with 'Key Style' lettering, and under it is his small wet look trunks.] CONLON: RYAN KEYS DREW NUMBER TWENTY-TWO!!! JACKSON: Another IXWA product that we saw earlier draw his number. The guy is an interesting character to be sure, but with Dominion in there, he may be headed for trouble. CONLON: The first IXWA product stayed in quite awhile before De Luca eliminated him. JACKSON: Watson didn't just get eliminated, the dude got shot out of the ring like a cannon! I hope Keys doesn't try the same stunt. [With a bright smile playing on his lips he does a confident pose before slowly making his way down the ramp. Slapping the hands of the fans to his side he jogs closer to the ring until he slides in through the bottom ropes and jumps up, immediately landing a Thesz Press on Lance Donovan as the fans erupt. Keys gets some good shots in before Tyson Bishop clubs him from behind. On the other side of the ring, Glenn Chambers has managed get to his feet, but is still receiving fists aplenty from Shabazz.] CONLON: KEYS WITH A THESZ PRESS ON LANCE DONOVAN!!! BUT HE GETS PULLED OFF BY TYSON BISHOP!!! JACKSON: Thanks for playing kiddo! These IXWA guys have great intentions, but always make bad choices! CONLON: I think going after the guy who has been in there the longest is a pretty good choice, Pepper. JACKSON: Usually I would say yes, but not when his two stable mates are STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM! That is like telling them, "please throw me out, guys, I don't want to win." [Chambers begins to weave a little in the ring and making Shabazz miss more than he connects. The fans are cheering as Shabazz gets angry and throws more behind a punch and Glenn dodges it, sending Shabazz into the corner. Chambers grabs Shabazz and flips him down with a belly-to-belly suplex and starts throwing punches of his own on the canvas. Across the way, Keys is now being held by Bishop as De Luca and Donovan are up to start throwing punches to his mid section.] CONLON: LOOK AT GLENN CHAMBERS EMPLOYING THE "ROPE-A-DOPE" ON MALCOM SHABAZZ IN THE CORNER!!! JACKSON: Shabazz looked like Clubber Lang in there throwing all sorts of haymakers and missing wildly! Mr. T would be proud of those attempts, but Chambers showing his smarts there. CONLON: And Chambers suplexing Shabazz down and out, while Ryan Keys is getting a taste of bad medicine from Dominion over there! JACKSON: He asked for it. It isn't shocking to see this going down. [Chambers gets off of Shabazz and runs over, leaping to hits a clubbing forearm to the back of Bishop's head/neck. This causes him to let go of Keys. Glenn hits a back elbow to De Luca and then grabs Donovan with a German Suplex. The fans are chanting for Chambers as he breaks up the beating in that corner.] CONLON: CHAMBERS OVER TO STOP THE KEYS BEATDOWN!!! GLENN CHAMBERS ON A ROLL!!! JACKSON: He lands that shot on De Luca and then hits Donovan with another suplex. One thing is certain, they will soon gang back up on him as they don't get split up for very long. CONLON: That is true, Pepper. We saw Juarez try to break away and get them off, butt hey returned even harder and really took it to him. Chambers may be in for the same treatment. JACKSON: Unless he can keep this up long term, it is inevitable that he will. [De Luca gets angry and rushes Chambers with a clothesline attempt, but Glenn ducks under and lifts De Luca into a Samoan lift before dropping him with a rolling thunder in the middle of the ring. Chambers leaps up and drops a leg drop on the North American Champion. Before he can fully stand, Tyson Bishop grabs hold of Chambers from behind. Bishop starts to pull Glenn toward him, but is stopped by the giant hand of Titan Juarez grabbing Bishop's face from behind and turning him around for a hard right hand that staggers the biggest member of Dominion.] CONLON: TITAN JUAREZ SAVES CHAMBERS AND NOW HAS BISHOP STUNNED!!! The Big dog is back in the game! JACKSON: And those two beasts are throwing down again, but this time the numbers are very close to even! Everyone else seems to be recovering as these two go at it yet again! CONLON: That means it is a fair fight! Dominion has to fend for themselves right now and it may be trouble for them! JACKSON: I'll never lose faith in Dominion. They have proven tonight they are a force to be reckoned with moving forward both tonight and as we head into the future of UPW. [Ryan Keys takes advantage and gets over to pull De Luca up and leads him to the ropes, going for the throw out. However, De Luca grabs the top rope and blocks the throw from happening, landing a knife- edge chop to Keys in return. He then fires a European Uppercut that has such force behind it that Keys flips back over the top rope and nearly out of the match before staying on the apron and stepping back inside. Chambers grabs Lance Donovan and lands a T-Bone suplex on one side, but gets clubbed by Shabazz the moment he stands up.] CONLON: CHAMBERS HITS A T-BONE SUPLEX ONLY TO GET DROPPED WITH PREJUDICE BY SHABAZZ!!! JACKSON: And did you see De Luca nearly uppercut the IXWA kid right out of the ring a second ago? De Luca looks PISSED right now! CONLON: Well Keys tried to throw him out, but failed. JACKSON: I'm shocked he got to try, honestly. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Next man ready to enter, Pepper! JACKSON: These guys better hope it isn't Antonio De Luca!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["All I do is win" blasts through the arena. Ralph and Erin march down the aisle. Erin is wearing a yellow bikini top and skirt while Ralph sports the largest possible "Top Dog" T-shirt available. They are followed one?] CONLON: LOOKS LIEK "TOP DOG" RICK STYLES DREWS NUMBER TWENTY-THREE, but where is he? There is Erin and there is Ralph, but no Styles! JACKSON: I don't have any clue, but the officials are already cutting off Erin and Ralph from ringside and making them head back out. That is just wrong. All they were doing is selling merchandise! CONLON: They might be the misdirection he was hoping for! All I know is that if he doesn't enter the ring before number twenty-four gets there, he will be eliminated anyway! JACKSON: Who knows with Styles. The man is a riddle, wrapping in an enigma, surrounded by mystery. [In the ring, we see Titan Juarez and Tyson Bishop in one corner jockeying for position. The battle is won by Juarez as he leans Bishop way over the top rope and tries lifting a leg to get enough to throw him out. In the middle of the ring, Ryan Keys is on the receiving end of a double underhook back breaker by De Luca. And on the right side, we see Glenn Chambers reverse a whip into the corner on Shabazz and follow it up with a spear into the turnbuckles.] CONLON: CHAMBERS WITH A SPEAR ON MALCOM SHABAZZ!!! The Hard Truth Soldier is in trouble now! JACKSON: Don't worry about him, he'll be fine. Worry about the Keys kid, who is locked up with the North American Champion! CONLON: De Luca has been giving him a real wrestling lesson in there. That back breaker looked painful! JACKSON: I'm sure it was! And De Luca may not want to mess around much with the kid and look to what is happening with his partners! One is still recovering and the other is in that big man battle yet again! [Lance Donovan rushes over and leaps to stop Juarez's force-out of Bishop, saving his partner and allowing the two of them to gain an advantage in the left corner of the ring. De Luca has Keys on top of the turnbuckles as he is slowly getting rid of the IXWA star in the adjacent corner. The fans are chanting for Chambers as he continues to land fists to Shabazz on the canvas. Suddenly Rick Styles slides under the bottom rope and grabs Chambers by the head, slamming him down with a DDT before jumping to his feet and taunting the crowd with a bow.] CONLON: RICK STYLES SLIDES IN AND NAILS CHAMBERS WITH A DDT! LOOK AT THE ARROGANCE ON THAT MAN! JACKSON: It was a smart move! You get in there and get a major offensive move, while also staying out of trouble. The man might be the most brilliant mind in UPW right now. Definitely smarter than Keys! CONLON: Keys is getting hammered by De Luca and Titan Juarez now in trouble as Dominion are double teaming him in that corner yet again! JACKSON: The Soldiers/Dominion issues never seem to be far away, do they? It is like a warm blanket you always keep around just in case. [Rick Styles turns around and sees Antonio De Luca standing behind him. He holds his hands up to tell him to hold on a second, which happens to be long enough for Ryan Keys to land a low blow from behind. Styles shrugs and turns to drop an elbow drop on the back of Chamber's head. In the corner, Juarez is being held by Tyson Bishop as Lance Donovan unloads a series of punches to the ribs again.] CONLON: I guess you can say that, Pepper. God knows we have seen them work on Ricky Courage and now it is Titan Juarez. You can only hope at least Juarez can stick in there until Striker Kato arrives. JACKSON: We'll see. The numbers have been very odd tonight. I loved how Styles just got De Luca to freeze long enough for Keys to hit a low blow. The guy is brilliant. CONLON: Aside from the bromance you seem to want with Styles, Keys did what most would have done in that situation. Attack. JACKSON: You are probably right, Stan. The kid did the smart thing and should thank Styles later for the chance. [Styles grabs Chambers and hits a Russian Legsweep and then rolls out of the way just before Malcom Shabazz makes impact with a running leap, which ends up falling only on Chambers. Styles stands up and shrugs, then backs into the left, rear corner, almost sitting down and just watching as he avoids the carnage. Across the way, Bishop and Donovan have Juarez literally upside down on the other side of the ropes. Titan is holding on to the bottom and middle ropes to push back against their force, but his legs are straight up and in danger.] CONLON: TITAN JUAREZ LITERALLY BEING HUNG OVER THE RING APRON AT THIS POINT!!! HOW MUCH LONGER CAN HE DO THAT AND STAY ALIVE?!?!?! JACKSON: That is massive strength, I must admit, but Dominion already has a long list of people they have tossed. Juarez will just be the next one. CONLON: He is holding steady, but look at the stress he is putting on his arms. This will take a toll on him. JACKSON: As if the constant double and triple teaming hasn't already. It won't be long until we hear his name called out as being eliminated if this keeps up. [Antonio De Luca begins kicking the stomach of Ryan Keys in that corner as he lays on the top turnbuckle and the young man gets air on every attack, but never falls out. Bishop and Donovan continue to try and get Juarez out, but the big man's strength is impressive. They have him actually leaning toward being out rather than in and it is an odd angle. Shabazz picks Chambers up and drops him with a brain buster in the middle of the ring that gets him a round of boos.] CONLON: SHABAZZ WITH A BRAINBUSTER ON GLENN CHAMBERS!!! JACKSON: Great impact for Shabazz and Styles avoided him and now literally sits pretty in that corner just waiting it out. The man is a genius, I tell you! CONLON: Bishop and Donovan have Juarez WAY over the outside now, but they can't seem to get a strong enough shove to get him out. JACKSON: Get ready to yell timber. It won't be long! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Time for Number Twenty-Four, Pepper! JACKSON: The ring is filling up quickly again!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Last Resort" by Papa Roach HITS the PA System and the crowd immediately rises, popping huge for "Hardcore Icon" Brandon Franklin, wearing his same wrestling gear as he had on during his match with Sandoval, he bolts from the back and SPRINTS to the Rumble!] CONLON: "HARDCORE ICON" BRANDON FRANKLIN IS OUT AND RUNNING TO THE RING!!! Adrenaline must be forcing the pain out he endured during the Television Title match! JACKSON: Or he has finally lost the last marble he had in his head, Stan! Why would you rush in there with your body as beaten as it has been? CONLON: He has stated he plans on winning the rumble, and that is after shocking everybody by winning the Television Title earlier! JACKSON: Not running in like this, he isn't! [Franklin slides into the ring and clotheslines Lance Donovan with his good arm. He turns and rushes over to clothesline Antonio De Luca, then rushes to bull rush Rick Styles, who can't back peddle fast enough and gets tackled into the corner as the fans cheer Franklin on. Across the way, Tyson Bishop and Titan Juarez are still locked in battle, after Franklin's appearance helped get the big man back in the ring with Donovan out of that picture.] CONLON: BRANDON FRANKLIN RUNNIGN WILD ALL OVER THE RING!!! JACKSON: But at what cost? The man already gave his entire body to win the Television Title, and now he is risking not being able to defend that title by going off here. CONLON: There aren't any half measures with Brandon Franklin! JACKSON: I can tell. CONLON: And Titan Juarez is happy to see him get here because he helped keep him alive when he took down Lance Donovan first off! JACKSON: Donovan has been amazing tonight. He has now lasted more than FORTY MINUTES in this rumble! He is the current iron man! [Malcom Shabazz picks up Glenn Chambers and looks to be heading toward the ropes, but Chambers shifts his weight and gets the momentum to force Shabazz backward, dropping the big man into a neckbreaker across his knee. Rick Styles managed to dodge a Franklin haymaker and slide under the ropes to the outside, gloating at how smart he is. Franklin's face is contorted as he threw that punch with his bad arm, which is still in pain from the TV match earlier. Antonio De Luca comes up behind Franklin and lifts him with a belly-to-belly suplex back toward the middle of the ring.] CONLON: DE LUCA WITH A MASSIVE BELLY-TO-BELLY ON FRANKLIN!!! JACKSON: And that landed right on that shoulder! Franklin just might be finished already! I told you he wasn't an iron man type, Stan! CONLON: He knows how to last in rumbles. Most veterans do. JACKSON: Exactly! Look at Rick Styles. More than three minutes and he hasn't even gotten a scratch because he plays it smart! Look at that strategy to just avoid everyone right now. [Styles walks around the ring and slides back in under the bottom rope, completely undetected by the men inside doing battle. De Luca pulls Franklin to his feet and begins holding his head out front and landing knee strike after knee strike, causing Franklin's arms to fly on every impact. Just off to their left, Glenn Chambers has a hammer lock on Shabazz, who is pinned belly-first against the mat. He is holding that lock in, while leaping and driving his knee into the exposed ribs of the bigger man.] CONLON: Glenn Chambers really taking the fight to Malcom Shabazz, Pepper! And you have to admit that if there is a man who can handle what Malcom brings in the ring, it is Chambers. JACKSON: Well he proved he can take a one-on-one encounter, but this is a different thing completely. Look at what is happening to Franklin right now! De Luca with a clinic! CONLON: The North American Champion is landing shot after shot against the Television Champion. That is the kind of battle you only see in a match like this. JACKSON: They better be glad the World Champion is exempt from being in this one as Derek rage might kill everybody! [De Luca backs Franklin into the ropes, but before he can get the running start to try and clothesline him out, Ryan Keys flies in and hits a drop kick that sends De Luca reeling to the mat. Tyson Bishop gets the upper hand against Juarez and manages to get a clothesline that sends Juarez over the top rope and onto the ring apron. Glenn Chambers looks up and sees the event unfold and lands one final driving knee to Shabazz's ribs before running over and shoving Bishop into the corner, landing a set of fists as Juarez steps back into the ring and stays alive.] CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS WITH A MAJOR SAVE FOR TITAN JUAREZ!!! LOOK AT HIM GO AFTER TYSON BISHOP!!! JACKSON: And again I don't understand this working with people, especially giants who could cost you later on! He should have let Bishop get Titan out and then thrown Bishop from behind. It would have been perfect. CONLON: But would it have been good sportsmanship, Pepper? JACKSON: Who cares? A World Title shot and a main event spot at Slamfest is on the line here! [Just then, Rick Styles hits a low blow on Chambers from behind and Bishop clotheslines Glenn to the canvas as hard as he can lunging from that corner. Bishop goes over and hits a roaring elbow on Juarez to again get an advantage in the big man battle. De Luca turns the tables on Ryan Keys and again has the kid over the top rope and nearly out of the match. Lance Donovan is up and over to double team Juarez as Dominion starts going to work again in the back corner.] CONLON: Dominion back to work on the big guy as Rick Styles has decided to join the fray! JACKSON: He picks his spots and it is working brilliantly! CONLON: Ryan Keys is surviving, but not much longer if De Luca can finish the job! JACKSON: I have been impressed with the IXWA guys so far. They both have looked great in there! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Read for Number Twenty-Five! JACKSON: We'll be back to ten men in the ring again! It's crowded in there!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** [The crowd erupts as the music for Fort Minor's "Remember the Name" begins to play.] CONLON: AARON "ALL DAY" LEWIS IS NUMBER TWENTY-FIVE!!!! JACKSON: The Former World Champ now gets his chance at redemption! [Lewis steps out wearing the exact same gear he was wearing in the World Title match awhile ago. He runs to the ring without wasting any time at all.] CONLON: Lewis looks like he is ready and moving faster than Franklin did to the ring! JACKSON: Idiots! [Lewis slides into the ring and doesn't even hide who he is after, he runs over to Rick Styles, who sees him coming out of the side of his eye and drops to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope. Styles taunts Lewis as the former champ points at him and starts yelling about owing him one.] CONLON: STYLES LEAVES THE RING QUICKLY WHEN HE SAW TEH FORMER CHAMP COMING IN!!! JACKSON: I don't know why he would target Styles like that! What has he done to him? CONLON: I am guessing you forgot about the Mercenary and Styles making an appearance during the World Title match when they tried to attack Rage and make it look like Lewis was the man who asked for help. JACKSON: He WAS the man who wrote that note. Did you not see Styles tell him "You're welcome" when he left ringside? That is all I need to know about that situation! For Lewis to stalk Styles like this is just wrong! [Styles walks away on the outside and Lewis just follows him from inside the ring, staring him down with nasty intent in his eyes. Styles rounds the corner and keeps going, as Lewis walks right into the corner where Bishop and Donovan were double-teaming Juarez. Bishop stares at the former champion and actually stops mid punch to do so. Donovan blind sides Lewis with an elbow to the head, which gets Styles laughing on the outside. On the other side of the ring, De Luca has Keys hanging off the outside of the ropes for dear life and Malcom Shabazz gets to his feet in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: STYLES LED LEWIS RIGHT INTO A TRAP!!! LANCE DONOVAN WITH A SHOT ON THE FORMER CHAMPION!!! JACKSON: Rick Styles is just thinking eight steps ahead of everybody else in there. You watch, people will be thinking they have it won and suddenly there will be Styles to shock the world. CONLON: Now THAT is what I call a coward's way, Pepper. JACKSON: You can call it what you want, but he is staying fresh why idiots like Franklin and Lewis rush in and start getting clobbered from the jump! [Donovan and Lewis start trading punches as Styles slinks away on the outside of the ring. Bishop lands his massive shot to the temple of Juarez and then turns to grab Lewis' hair and cause enough disruption for Donovan to grab Lewis and lift him for a side slam to the canvas. Shabazz gets over to Glenn Chambers and levels him against the turnbuckles with a running clothesline. Franklin gets back up and looks to see Lewis getting double teamed and he rushes over and jumps into the middle of it with a forearm shiver to Bishop's head.] CONLON: Franklin over to try and help Lewis, who was led into that terrible situation by Styles. JACKSON: He won't be much help. Dominion has been running things in there one way or another for a LONG time now. Donovan is the freaking iron man in there as he is now past forty-three minutes! CONLON: Malcom Shabazz is back trying to take out Glenn Chambers. Those two have really gone back and forth in there tonight. JACKSON: Chambers has been in survival mode most of his time in there since he entered at possibly the WORST possible spot he could have at Nineteen. [Bishop doesn't take kindly to the side attack and immediately catches the fist Franklin tries to throw, yanking that bad arm down hard and almost grinning sadistically as he lands a clubbing forearm to the bad shoulder. Before he does any more danger, Titan Juarez's fist enters the picture and pegs Bishop on the cheek, and the big man battle is back on again. Donovan grabs Lewis and looks to go for the whip to the outside, but Lewis blocks it and both men end up against the ropes. Slyly, Rick Styles has once again slid into the ring in a free corner, with nobody seeming to notice he is back in play.] CONLON: Donovan and Lewis going at each other in the corner, while across the way Rick Styles is just sitting there like a piece of furniture! JACKSON: The man is brilliant! It is really going to take an effort to get him out because he is just so wily in there. CONLON: Titan Juarez and Tyson Bishop are once again going at it, and I honestly would love to see those two in a singles match, Pepper! JACKSON: It would be a match of major heavyweights for sure full of heavy hitting and impact wrestling. Talk about a street fight worth watching! [Shabazz and Chambers are trading shots in the corner with the bigger man slowly gaining the edge. Juarez and Bishop are again jockeying for position in the adjacent corner, neither one able to get the other significantly near elimination. De Luca's attempt to toss Keys again hits a snag as Ryan manages to slide under the bottom rope and back to safety after De Luca finally threw his legs over the top rope with the rest of his body.] CONLON: RYAN KEYS ESCAPES DE LUCA'S TOSS OUT!!! The IXWA kid has ice in his veins! JACKSON: Very impressive, but he won't pull that off twice! CONLON: I'm still wondering how nobody sees Styles just sitting there! JACKSON: He's in stealth mode, Stan! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Only fifteen men left to enter, Pepper! JACKSON: That's true, number twenty-six is up next!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Gimme Back My Bullets" by Lynyrd Skynyrd begins to play and the crowd suddenly gets anxious on what it could mean.] CONLON: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! JACKSON: WHAT? CONLON: IS THIS WHO I THINK IT IS??? JACKSON: I don't know who you think it is, Stan! [After several seconds, a burly, middle-aged man steps out from behind the curtain. He is about 6'4" and 260 lbs, wearing black jeans and boots, black vest and cowboy hat. His cigar is lit, regardless of the current laws on the books, and he takes a big puff and exhales a cloud of smoke, which he walks through as he exits the gorilla position into the arena.] CONLON: IT IS!!! "COWBOW" KEN CURTIS IS IN UPW!!! HE IS NUMBER TWENTY-SIX!!! OH MY GOD!!! JACKSON: I'm personally not familiar with him. I've heard of him, but thought he was long gone. CONLON: HE'S ALIVE AND WELL AND HERE!!!! Look at the respect the UPW locker room is giving him as he gets to the ring! JACKSON: I can't believe it! Even Juarez and Bishop stopped throwing bombs at each other in there! Holy Moly! [The legend walks down to the ring and takes his hat off. He takes his cigar and puts it out against the steel ring steps before dropping both and stepping up onto the ring apron. For the moment, every bit of action has stopped. nobody is throwing a single punch as they watch the legend enter the ring. The first man to step to the legend is Malcom Shabazz. Shabazz throws a punch and Curtis blocks it and returns fire. The moment he connected with Shabazz, the entire ring went right back into a frenzy.] CONLON: MALCOM SHABAZZ DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THE LEGEND, AS HE GOES FOR THE BIG ATTACK! JACKSON: If there was one man in that ring that I could say would be the first to go after a man like Curtis, it would be Shabazz. He may recognize who Curtis is, but he doesn't respect anybody but himself. CONLON: Well he's about to learn some respect courtesy of the "Cowboy!" JACKSON: We'll see. It's been years since Curtis has been in a wrestling ring and that rust doesn't just magically fall off when you step through an entrance curtain, Stan. [The big man battle resumed with a big right hand from Bishop. Donovan and Franklin are now trading fists against the ropes, which puts both in a bad spot. De Luca went back to work on Ryan Keys, while Aaron Lewis once again sees Rick Styles and makes a beeline across the ring for him, only for Styles to again slide out of the ring to avoid him. Lewis slides out behind him this time and the race is on as they begin running around the ring. Inside the ring, Shabazz hits a hard right hand on Curtis and runs to clothesline him out, Curtis ducks and back body drops Shabazz over the top rope and right into a running Styles, dropping both men down outside.] CONLON: CURTIS BACKDROPS SHABAZZ RIGHT OUT FO TEH RING AND ONTO A RUNNING RICK STYLES!!! RA OVER THE PA: MALCOM SHABAZZ HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT! Styles gets blindsided by Shabazz as he gets thrown out and talk about an awkward landing out at ringside! Rick never saw it coming! CONLON: That is because he was looking back to see if Aaron Lewis was getting closer. He wants no part of the former World Champion, Pepper. JACKSON: Lewis has targeted him from the moment he stepped into the rumble and Rick is just trying not to allow a misunderstanding to get him taken out of this match. [Curtis shakes his head and stretches himself a little as if feeling warmed up now. He steps over and grabs Antonio De Luca, drilling him with a hard right hand, sending the North American champion to the mat. Outside the ring, Aaron Lewis pulls Rick Styles from under Shabazz and drops him with a DDT on the arena floor that gets a massive pop from the Chicago crowd. He rolls Styles back under the bottom rope and slides in after him. The big man battle is still waging, while Donovan and Franklin are on the back, right corner with Lance using a low blow to gain the advantage.] CONLON: LEWIS WITH A DDT ON STYLES AT RINGSIDE! THE FANS ARE LOVING THIS!!! JACKSON: That was uncalled for. If you could get disqualified from the rumble, Lewis earned it right there! CONLON: At least they are back in the ring now! Styles wants to get him out the right way! JACKSON: Then he shouldn't have attacked him out at ringside on the arena floor! That is a travesty right there! [Ken Curtis as De Luca bent over the top rope and trying to get him positioned for a toss out. Donovan has hold of the bad arm of Brandon Franklin and literally bounces it off the top rope. The pain in his eyes is obvious. Donovan yanks that arm and goes for a short-arm lariat, but Franklin ducks and lifts Donovan up and over for a shocking elimination.] CONLON: BRANDON FRANKLIN TOSSES DONOVAN OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! DOMINION HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN A MAN!!! RA OVER THE PA: "THE ADONIS" LANCE DONOVAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: Forty-five minutes and twenty-seven seconds! Lance Donovan is the official iron man thus far as he entered at number four! I can't believe Franklin pulled that off with his bum shoulder! CONLON: That makes Tyson Bishop our new current ironman, since he entered at number twelve. JACKSON: He is nearing the half hour mark in there and might eclipse Lance's time since he is so big! [Juarez/Bishop big man battle continues in one corner as Bishop again has managed to use some underhanded tactics to gain the advantage. On the other side of the ring, Aaron Lewis hits a back breaker on Rick Styles. Ryan Keys rushes over to try and help Curtis take out De Luca, but the legend tells Keys to "back off, I got it!" Glenn Chambers is recovering and nearly back to his feet as Franklin stumbles to a knee after taking out Donovan.] CONLON: Look at the old man go in there! Ken Curtis is looking to go after the North American Champion and he doesn't want ANY help in doing it! JACKSON: You have to admire that man to compete at this level at his age. CONLON: Don't let him hear you say that, Pepper. JACKSON: I can out run my car. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Time for Number Twenty-seven, Pepper. JACKSON: After the last few, I wouldn't want to get in there.

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** [The arrogant grin of HD III is shown up close and personal on the UPW JumboTron. Lily Allen's "Silver Spoon" begins to blare throughout the arena as the fans respond with a good cheer.] CONLON: HARRISON DANIELS III HAS DRAWN NUMBER TWENTY-SEVEN!!! JACKSON: One word constantly gets mentioned about this kid - potential! He has the potential to become one of the greats in the sport, and yet always seems to come up just short. CONLON: He has been a contender for the TV Title and the North American strap as well. I think he is progressing well. JACKSON: Most do, but I expected him to hold gold by now, especially considering he is the best prospect UPW got when they bought out GEW. So here is his chance to prove he belongs! [Daniels gets to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He immediately tangles with IXWA's Ryan Keys as Keys started stomping at him even before he stood up. Daniels blocks a right hand and returns fire, sending Keys into the near corner as he begins working the rumble. The big man battle finally breaks apart after Bishop saw Donovan get taken out. Bishop moves over to find Franklin, landing a massive right hand to stagger the new TV Champ. Lewis has Styles on top of the turnbuckles now and trying to shove him out, but the veteran won't budge.] CONLON: And he enters right into the waiting arms....of feet, as it is.....of Ryan Keys! There is another man with potential, Pepper. JACKSON: That isn't ironic at all that the man with the most potential in UPW immediately gets hammered by the one with the most in IXWA. This could be a future rivalry in UPW for years to come! CONLON: The battles are all over the place, but it is interesting to note that Tyson Bishop has sought out Franklin and started wailing on him! JACKSON: Franklin pulled off the impossible and took out the ironman Lance Donovan, and that got Bishop's attention. That shoulder isn't going to fare well now. [Styles pokes Lewis in the eye and gets enough of a reprieve to get his legs back on the canvas and to safety. Daniels literally shoves Keys over the top rope, but the IXWA product holds on and slides back into the ring under the bottom rope. De Luca has lifted the left leg of Ken Curtis over the top rope, but the legend is not allowing much more to happen. Antonio gives up trying to lift and starts landing right hand after right hand against Curtis' skull.] CONLON: LOOK AT DE LUCA GIVING THE LEGEND KEN CURTIS ALL HE HAS!!! JACKSON: The shock and awe of Curtis showing up has worn off now as our North American champion is teeing off on him! If any man could cut Curtis down a notch, it is De Luca! CONLON: Rick Styles saves himself over on the other side as well, Pepper. JACKSON: Rick is a master at self-preservation and that will serve him well. I still think he is my pick to win this thing, especially now that Dominion isn't full strength anymore. [Curtis gets his leg back over despite being pounded and then suddenly surges out of the corner, leveling De Luca with a running lariat that nearly flips him a complete circle. Across the way, Tyson Bishop has Brandon Franklin in a perilous situation, hanging over the top rope as the big man holds him high in the air by the throat with his two hands. Glenn Chambers rushes over and hits a running knee to the left side of Bishop, forcing the big man to let go of the hold and nearly causing Franklin to fall out of the ring, as he lands awkwardly on the ring apron and rolls back into the ring.] CONLON: FRANKLIN HITS THAT SHOULDER HARD ON THE RING APRON!!! YET HE SURVIVES!!! JACKSON: Franklin can thank Glenn Chambers for that. "Mr. White Bread" might have thought he was saving Brandon from Bishop, but he nearly cost him everything! CONLON: I doubt Franklin will see it that way, Pepper. JACKSON: He ought to. Chambers finally did something smart and nearly got a man out with it. CONLON: That wasn't the focus of what Glenn did. He was saving Franklin from Bishop's wrath. JACKSON: Call it what you want, but the tape won't lie when he gets to see it again down the road! [Chambers grabs Bishop and pushes him against the ropes, forcing much of his strength against the chest of the "American Nightmare" as he leans him over the top rope a little. Titan Juarez steps over and lands a clubbing blow to the shoulder of Bishop and they begin working on him together. In the adjacent corner, Rick Styles has somehow managed to get Aaron Lewis sitting on top of the turnbuckles and facing out toward the crowd. He tries to shove him out, but Lewis uses his quickness to hit a back elbow and force Styles back. The momentum of the elbow strike causes Lewis to fall back and he gets stuck in the tree of woe in the corner.] CONLON: LEWIS TRAPPED IN THE TREE OF WOE!!! THE BACK ELBOW SAVED HIM FOR A SECOND AND NOW HE IS IN REAL TROUBLE!!! JACKSON: Few positions are worse in wrestling than the tree of woe! You are stuck there and fully prone. You can't move your legs, of course, so you are stick defending yourself with your arms while upside down! It is a nightmare! CONLON: And one that Lewis is living right now! JACKSON: Not to mention Styles is the one taking advantage, which means you have no clue what he will do in this moment! [Styles sees Lewis in the position he is in and strikes immediately. He begins wildly kicking at the stomach, chest, and head of Lewis as the former champ tries to block as much as he can with his arms. Styles momentum is stopped by Ken Curtis, as he grabs Rick and spins him around. The look of utter fear on Styles' face when he sees Curtis is visible and he tries to get away, but Curtis grabs him and yanks him back for a belly-to-back suplex that gets the crowd going wild.] CONLON: KEN CURTIS TAKES RICK STYLES DOWN WITH A BIG SUPLEX!!! JACKSON: These two have issues I guess? Again, why would someone seek Rick out like that? CONLON: Curtis and Styles have crossed paths a few times in their careers and it is never pretty! I doubt Rick was happy when Curtis showed up. JACKSON: That was a long time in the past! Why this open hostility? [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: It is Styles, Pepper. We can't forget that! And it looks like the next guy is coming! JACKSON: This will be number twenty-eight! Only twelve more after this!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva begins to play as the crowd gives a mixed reaction to the appearance of Percy Monroe from behind the curtain.] CONLON: "POETRY IN MOTION" PERCY MONROE IS NUMBER TWENTY-EIGHT!!! JACKSON: He certainly is and when we talk about REAL potential, this is one of the best men moving forward! He is in line for a TV Title shot down the line if he doesn't earn one here. CONLON: He definitely doesn't lack for confidence, Pepper. JACKSON: That is why I like him. Yes, he has some strange friendly thing with Daniels or whatever, but that mental idea that he is a cut above is important in the ring. [Monroe enters and goes over to where Ryan Keys has turned the tables on Harrison Daniels III. Monroe spins Keys around and hits a standing side kick to the IXWA star. Keys staggers away and right into the waiting arms of Titan Juarez, who turns it into a sidewalk slam in the middle of the ring. Across the way, Bishop has used his size against Glenn Chambers and is lifting the fan favorite over the top rope slow and sure. Ken Curtis hammers on Rick Styles with fist after fist in the corner, not allowing Styles a moment to try and get an escape in play.] CONLON: KEYS GETS DROPPED BY JUAREZ AND CURTIS IS BEATING THE SNOT OUT OF RISK STYLES IN THAT CORNER!!! JACKSON: These guys crack me up. I still don't understand why they don't let someone get thrown out. It betters their chances if they do. CONLON: Like you said when he came out, Pepper, Monroe and Daniels have some connection from the past and it shows when they get around each other. JACKSON: Doesn't make it smart tactics in a rumble like this, though, Stan. [In the adjacent corner to where Curtis is now lifting Styles to try and get him out, Aaron Lewis is still struggling with getting his feet un tangled in the corner. His face is beet red now with being upside down for so long. Juarez goes over and lands a clubbing forearm to Bishop to stop his advance on Glenn Chambers, and the big man battle is right back on. Harrison Daniels gets himself back in the ring and stretches out his hand to Monroe for the save. Percy shakes his head as the crowd cheers, but immediately clotheslines Daniels over the top rope.] CONLON: MONROE TAKES THE HANDSHAKE AND CLOTHESLINES DANIELS RIGHT OVER THE TOP ROPE AND OUT OF THE MATCH!!! RA OVER THE PA: HARRISON DANIELS III HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: I love it! Monroe uses what he has with Daniels to soften him up and the moment he reaches out in friendship, Monroe uses it to take him out! Classic! CONLON: Look at that face Daniels is making as he stares up at his friend. JACKSON: That isn't a look of friendship. Daniels looks like he would kill Monroe if he got his hands on him right now. I'd say these two aren't friends anymore by any stretch! [Monroe just laughs as Daniels sits on the arena floor and looks up at him with disgust in his eyes. Percy turns and finds Brandon Franklin standing there. Franklin lands a massive clothesline of his own that sends Percy over the top rope, but the nimble star grabs the rope and manages to hang on, sliding back in under the bottom rope. Aaron Lewis finally frees his feet and falls into a clump in that corner, lucky nobody is attacking. Antonio De Luca catches the arm of Franklin in mid punch against Monroe and turns it into an inverted DDT. Curtis continues to push against Styles, nearly getting him over and out.] CONLON: BRANDON FRANKLIN TAKES DOWN PERCNY MONROE, BUT DE LUCA IS THERE FOR THE SAVE! JACKSON: De Luca is probably just as angry that Franklin took out Lance Donovan as Bishop is! Brandon Franklin put a bad target on him if Dominion is looking for him now. CONLON: Not a great place to be, just ask Glenn Chambers, who went against all three by himself a while ago. JACKSON: He hasn't looked good since he took that beating either. Just goes to show how important it is to have people you can trust in matches like this. Dominion may be the only true unit in UPW with that level of trust with each other. [Styles again uses en eye poke to get out of harm's way and get his legs back on the mat. However, Curtis lunges again and drops him with a clothesline. De Luca pulls Franklin to his feet and hits a double throat thrust that staggers Franklin back into a corner. De Luca follows in with a hard right hand. Across the way, the big man battle takes an odd turn as Bishop shoves Juarez back, but Titan stumbles into the ropes awkwardly and ends up tied up in the ropes. Bishop, rather than grabbing the legs and flipping Titan out, starts pounding away at the masked star since he can't defend himself.] CONLON: TITAN JUAREZ IS CAUGHT IN THE ROPES!!! JACKSON: This just can't get any better! Bishop is getting free shot after free shot! He must feel like a fat kid in a candy store! CONLON: And Rick Styles is again using that poke to the eyes to save himself...well sort of as Curtis dropped him again with a lariat. JACKSON: There is such a sea of humanity in the ring, it is tough to keep up! I thought we were thinning this out with Dominion! [Ryan Keys quickly goes over and connects with a back stabber on Glenn Chambers, which takes him down to the canvas. Percy Monroe once again is handed an opportunity as he catches Aaron Lewis just as the former World champ is getting to his feet and shoves him over the top rope. Monroe starts pushing against Lewis, who managed to grab the ropes and try to avoid elimination, to get him the rest of the way out. Bishop continues teeing off on Juarez, who is caught in the ropes, while Ken Curtis has Styles in the corner administering a beating.] CONLON: AARON LEWIS GRABS THE ROPES TO STAY IN THE MATCH! JACKSON: Percy nearly caught him there! I told you the real potential is right there, Stan, and Lewis knows it now, too! CONLON: Action all over the ring and Lewis is managing to keep enough balance despite Monroe holding him almost upside down! JACKSON: He is used to that position by now, Stan! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Looks like number twenty-nine is ready to enter! JACKSON: If they can find a spot for him in the ring, that is!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Final Countdown" by Europe blares over the PA System and the fans give a mixed reaction as John Herdick steps out from behind the curtain and onto the entrance way.] CONLON: JOHN HERDICK IS NUMBER TWENTY-NINE!!! JACKSON: Great! Rick Styles needs the help in there! CONLON: How can you be so sure that he will want to help Rick Styles at all? Styles all but acted like he didn't exist ever since the top contender match. JACKSON: Styles knows he has a friend in Herdick. He owns his ass and only has any notoriety in UPW because of Styles. Herdick better recognize that. [Herdick gets into the ring and walks untouched over to the corner where Curtis is pounding on Styles. John hauls off and kicks Curtis between the legs from behind and the legend reaches for his family jewels. Herdick grabs Curtis by the head and lands a tornado DDT that stuns the crowd. Styles stands up and nods at him approvingly before suddenly getting attacked by Herdick. The jeers of the crowd erupt into cheers as Herdick grabs Styles and throws him over the top rope. Styles manages to hold on and skin the cat with one foot actually touching the floor before he gets back in the ring.] CONLON: HERDICK NEARLY THROWS OUT!!! HOLY MOLY!!! JACKSON: NOOOOO!!! STYLES ONLY HAD ONE FOOT TOUCH!!! HE IS STILL IN IT!!! CONLON: Rick Styles nearly thrown out right there! and John Herdick has no idea how close he came as he turned around as soon as he threw Styles out! JACKSON: That could have been the biggest upset in UPW history right there! Herdick turns his back on the man who made him and nearly gets the elimination of the century! [Percy Monroe and Aaron Lewis are trading punches now as Lewis has regained positioning and seems strong against him. Glenn Chambers has also turned the tide on Ryan Keys, having him back over the top rope and trying to shove him out despite Keys hanging on for dear life. Across the way, Titan Juarez looks out cold as he is stuck in the ropes. Bishop backs up and lands a massive right hand that has enough impact to jar Titan loose form the ropes, sending him to the mat. On the adjacent set of ropes Antonio De Luca goes to clothesline Brandon Franklin out of the match and both men go over the top rope, only Franklin manages to save himself and slide back in as De Luca lands hard on the floor.] CONLON: FRANKLIN SURVIVES AND SENDS DE LUCA OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! RA OVER THE PA: "LEGIONARIUS" ANTONIO DE LUCA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: NOOOO!!! I can't believe it!!! [Bishop sees De Luca fly out and rushes over, landing a knee to Franklin's head as he stands back up. Tyson goes to push him over the top and Franklin slowly rolls over the top rope while grabbing Bishop's head as tight as he can. Both men roll over the top rope and hit the floor.] CONLON: WAIT! ARE THEY BOTH GONE?!?!?! RA OVER THE PA: "AMERICAN NIGHTMARE" TYSON BISHOP HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: WHAT?!?!?! NOOOO!!! RA OVER THE PA: "HARDCORE ICON" BRANDON FRANKLIN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! CONLON: BRANDON FRANKLIN AND BISHOP ARE BOTH GONE!!! JACKSON: This is wrong! There is no way Bishop should be gone! I don't think his feet touched the floor! No way in hell did that happen! CONLON: It did, Pepper! And Brandon Franklin is going to get credit for single-handedly taking out all three members of Dominion in the rumble! And with a messed up shoulder no less! Talk about having a night for the new Television Champion! JACKSON: The last two were happenstance! He got lucky to carry them over as they went after him. Such a terrible end for Dominion! [Percy Monroe is in bad shape as Aaron Lewis is trying to pry his hands off the top rope after finally getting the legs over the top. Lewis punches at the grasp, but Monroe won't let go. Across the way, John Herdick gets dropped by Ken Curtis and the legend leans over him on the canvas and starts pounding his right fist into his forehead. Styles sits behind them in the corner, trying to recover after nearly getting tossed. Adjacent to them, we see Ryan Keys throwing Glenn Chambers over the top rope and onto the apron, but Chambers shoulder thrusts between the middle and top ropes to double Keys over.] CONLON: No time to worry about that now, Pepper! Action is still raging in the ring as we see who will be the next contender for the World Title! JACKSON: Herdick getting a little payback from Curtis. That might be the first time I have liked what the old man has done in there. CONLON: Ryan Keys managing to throw Glenn Chambers over, but he is still on the apron and surviving! JACKSON: He is in a really bad spot though, Stan. What a shock if the IXWA kid manages to take out one of the best UPW has to offer so far in Glenn Chambers! [Chambers leaps over the top rope back into the ring and sunset flips Keys in the process. Curtis just stops touching Herdick and stands to his feet, staring down Rick Styles. He makes his way over and resumes his assault in the legend on legend battle. Monroe lands a couple of forearm shots to Lewis to try and get Aaron to back off long enough to get back in the ring. He finally gets his head and shoulders back through the ropes, but Lewis grabs him and pulls him back only to drop him with a hanging DDT.] CONLON: CHAMBERS LEAPS AND SUNSET FLIPS KEYS AS HE RE-ENTERS THE RING!!! JACKSON: Percy Monroe manages to stay alive against Aaron Lewis too. This match is going crazy now as there isn't a single person who couldn't lift themselves above the others! CONLON: UPW is a level playing field, Pepper. Everybody has a chance, that is why they fight! And we still have great guys left! JACKSON: We know Cardinal will be number forty, but we haven't seen Chase Williams or Felix Sandoval yet, either, and both are going to be in this one! [Juarez finally begins stirring and attempting to pull himself to his feet. The same for John Herdick after the attack from Ken Curtis. Curtis, since then, is continuing to beat on Rick Styles and every punch looks like it kills Styles as he flies straight up and into the corner only to bounce back and get hit again. Across the way, Aaron Lewis is pulling Keys up to again try and toss him out.] CONLON: Don't forget that Jeff Keenan has entered yet and neither has Titan Juarez's partner, Striker Kato. There are plenty yet to come! JACKSON: This is going to be epic, Stan! CONLON: Ken Curtis again teeing off on Rick Styles and the "Top Dog" looking like a punished puppy right now, Pepper! JACKSON: And I bet you just love it, don't you Stan? To see a legend treated like this is wrong! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: And now we're at number thirty! JACKSON: Three-quarters through now! Damn!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** [The riff is followed by the shrill voice of Brian Johnson, lead singer for AC/DC... The song? "Shoot To Thrill." The music blares as a mixed pop already starts flowing through the arena, pouring down from the crowd.] CONLON: NO WAY!!! IT CAN'T BE! JACKSON: SERIOUSLY?!?!?! [Cut back to the crowd as all eyes shoot to the entrance, where the spotlights shine, leading all the way down the aisle, making a path of pink hearts for one man to walk on...] # All you women who want a man of the street # # Don't know which way you wanna turn # [On the big screen, three words appear and fade in rapid fashion...] ICON # Just keep coming and put your hand out to me # # Cos I'm the one who's gonna make you burn # MARQUEE MAN # I'm gonna take you down # # Down, down, down # GOD OF WRESTLING # So don't you fool around # # I'm gonna pull it, pull it, pull the trigger # [And then, with a flash of red on the screen, The Logo appears on the big screen...] .-"""-. .-"""-. / `..' \ | P L A Y B O Y | ___ ___ _ _ _ _ ___ ___ ___ | _ \/ _ \| \| | \| |_ _| __| | \ | / (_) | .` | .` || || _| | |) | |_|_\\___/|_|\_|_|\_|___|___| |___/ `\ /' `\ /' `\/' CONLON: OH MY GOD!!! PLAYBOY RONNIE D IS IN UPW AND COMES OUT AT NUMBER THIRTY!!! JACKSON: This is a moment I never thought I would see! The first wrestling video I ever watched in prepping for my job here had Ronnie D in it. I can't believe this! CONLON: All roads truly do lead to UPW whether you are a rookie or a legend! Now we have three bona fide legends in the rumble at the same time! JACKSON: The respect factor once again at play! Who knew UPW would pull in such legendary performers? [Ronnie D steps into the ring and once again almost everybody in the ring is watching the legend instead of fighting. Everybody except Ken Curtis, who continues hammering away at Rick Styles because he can. Ronnie just motions with his hands in circles as if to tell everyone to get back to what they were doing, which gets a laughter pop from the crowd as the ring suddenly surges with fighting again. Ronnie D looks around and notices Percy Monroe standing next to the ropes and he rushes at him, clotheslining him out of the ring.] CONLON: RONNIE D JUST TOOK OUT PERCY MONROE!!! THAT DIDN'T TAKE LONG!!! RA OVER THE PA: "POETRY IN MOTION" PERCY MONROE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: The Playboy in full effect! He is back to his old tricks of entertaining the crowd and showing the world who is the greatest! CONLON: And it was only a matter of time! "The Playboy" has found the "Cowboy!" JACKSON: These two have history as well, I assume. Most of these legends in UPW are connected somehow from the past whether it be from the old leagues of yesteryear or those once-infamous supercards that used to bring people from all over to one place. [Ronnie D doesn't waste any time in running across the ring and finding the other legends, leaping and hitting a splash into the corner on top of Ken Curtis. Curtis turns and the two men stare each other down as Ronnie waves hello and then kicks him right in the gut. The Playboy grabs both of Curtis' arms and gets a double underhook hold, but before he can drop the "Cowboy," Curtis lifts Ronnie up and backdrops him to the canvas as the crowd roars at the legendary battle.] CONLON: CURTIS WITH A BACKDROP ON RONNIE D AND TH EBATTLE RAGES ON!!! JACKSON: There are probably many who never thought a night like this would come, but this is such a throwback to the past and it shows that UPW just may be the place that brings that level of wrestling back to the world! CONLON: Lost in all of this is the fact that there are several men still in the ring with these legends! JACKSON: Yes there are, and most surprising is that kid right there, Ryan Keys! The IXWA standout has shown he can handle himself against UPW competition. How long until he is here regularly? [Glenn Chambers gets to his feet and locks up with John Herdick, both men jockeying for position as they go round and round against the ropes. Ryan Keys rushes over and actually rams their heads together, gaining a shocking advantage over both men. Juarez gets to his feet and yanks Keys away from the other two men, head butting him right down to the canvas. Across the way, Aaron Lewis rushes over and performs a hand spring into the corner where he lands a back elbow on Styles as the crowd cheers.] CONLON: LEWIS HITS THAT HANDSPRING ELBOW ON STYLES!!! THESE TWO ARE BACK AT IT AGAIN!!! JACKSON: Lewis is still angry about the World Title match earlier and if you watched it, then you know he lost because Derek Rage was the bigger, better man. Not because of anything Merc or Styles did. CONLON: I think it is the fact Styles tried to make it seem like Lewis was asking for help and trying to cheat himself that has him upset, Pepper. JACKSON: Oh, come on! "Seem like?" The guy WAS asking for help! Rick read the e-mail for all of us to hear! [Lewis connects with a European Uppercut that sends Styles into the air and leaves him sitting on the top turnbuckle. Lewis goes to attack, but Styles lifts a foot and connects with Lewis' head. As "All Day" staggers back, Styles steadies his feet on the middle rope and leaps, driving a double axe handle into the back of the former World champ and sending him to the mat. Curtis has Ronnie D up and throws him into the very same corner Styles just jumped out of, continues his beat down of the fellow legend.] CONLON: STYLES DRIVING THAT DOUBLE AXE HANDLE HOME ON LEWIS' BACK!!! The tide has definitely turned there! JACKSON: Not surprised. Lewis may be a great performer, but it is Styles that is the mastermind around here! He is the one who pulls the strings! CONLON: And Ken Curtis really taking it to Ronnie D in that corner! JACKSON: He has him in that corner, which really has become Curtis' beat down area. He has had a few guys trapped in there tonight already and none of them left feeling good. [Ronnie D manages to lift both of his legs to put his feet against the chest of Curtis, shoving him back with all his might and causing him to trip over the feet of Aaron Lewis. Ronnie D smirks and then gets on the top turnbuckle before leaping into the air and landing a flying elbow drop on top of the "Cowboy." After the trip, Styles pull Lewis to his feet and lifts him for an inverted atomic drop, sending Lewis staggering away toward the ropes.] CONLON: RONNIE D WITH A FLYING ELBOW!!! HOW OFTEN DO YOU SEE THAT IN A RUMBLE?!?!?! JACKSON: Never! It is too dangerous! Only a man like Ronnie could pull it off safely! [As Styles has Lewis stunned against the rope, he goes for a high knee to take him out, but Lewis ducks and Styles goes flying over the top rope as the crowd erupts.] CONLON: LEWIS DROPS DOWN AND STYLES MISSES WITH THE KNEE AND GOES OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! RA OVER THE PA: "TOP DOG" RICK STYLES HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: NOOOOOOO!!!! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Styles sent out just before number thirty-one is set to come out! JACKSON: Is that legal? Can he just yank that rope down like that?!?! Seems wrong to me!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Am I A Psycho?" by Tech Nine begins to play and the crowd goes into boos as "Jester" Chad Allen steps out from behind the curtain. Right next to him is Iris Galiver as the pair walks down the aisle and toward the ring.] CONLON: "JESTER" CHAD ALLEN IS NUMBER THIRTY-ONE!!! AND IRIS GALIVER IS RIGHT BESIDE HIM AS ALWAYS!!! JACKSON: And here come the officials to try and force her backstage. Why are they always such killjoys? CONLON: They are just doing their job. Perhaps they wouldn't have to be so stringent had Tripp Skylark not brought a chair early on and attempted to turn this into his personal con-chair-to! JACKSON: Give it a rest, already! One is not the same as the other. Allen isn't going to swing Iris like a damn chair! [Iris actually uses Chad Allen as a shield and manages to evade the security detail trying to escort her backstage. She runs down tot he ring area and they turn to follow quickly, but Allen grabs them and yanks both by their shirt collars down to the aisle floor. Iris climbs on the ring apron, taunting them and John Herdick grabs her from inside the ring, wagging his finger at her before shoving her off the apron and to the floor. He turns and Allen is in the ring right behind him, quickly clotheslining Herdick over the top rope and to the floor.] CONLON: JOHN HERDICK PAYS THE ULTIMATE PRICE FOR SHOVING IRIS OFF THE APRON!!! RA OVER THE PA: JOHN HERDICK HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: Look at Iris go! She is angry and stomping her evil shoes all over Herdick as he lays on the floor! She can hold her own! They ought to let her be number thirty-two! CONLON: Security finally down here corralling Galiver and leading her back as Herdick gathers himself and stares up at Chad Allen. Whoa! Allen grabs the rope like he considering taking himself out to go after Iris! JACKSON: Nah, he won't do that. Too much at stake plus she can take care of herself. [Right behind Allen as he stands in the ring, we see the battle raging between Playboy Ronnie D and Ken Curtis. Curtis is the bigger of the two men and he finally gets leverage and tosses Ronnie into the corner from about seven feet away. On the other side of the ring, Ryan Keys is still putting up a fight against Aaron Lewis, as the former World Champ once again has him dangling over the top rope. As Allen turns around to survey what is happening in the ring, the large fist of Titan Juarez finds its mark on the jaw of the "Jester."] CONLON: TITAN JUAREZ PLANTS ALLEN WITH A HARD RIGHT HAND!!! Welcome to the rumble Mr. Jester! JACKSON: The biggest guy in the ring right now is a tough welcoming party, but Allen is more than capable. Pain is like some sort of voodoo thing with him! CONLON: But can he withstand what Juarez has been seen to deliver throughout this match? Lots of guys have taken those shots! JACKSON: But he hasn't tossed anybody that I know of! So while he has beaten people down, he hasn't really advanced himself any. [Juarez grabs the arm of Allen at the elbow and wrenches it back giving him totaL control of direction while he clubs the back of Allen with those big forearm blasts. Lewis finally dumps Keys over the top rope again, but the slow speed of the toss allowed Keys to climb back between the middle and bottom ropes and stay alive. Ronnie D manages to make Curtis miss before kicking him in the groin and dropping to the canvas and rolling out of the ring. He yanks on the legs of the "Cowboy" and pulls his feet on each side of the ring post, yanking back as hard as he can to slam those jewels into the ring post.] CONLON: RONNIE D LITERALLY "POSTS" CURTIS IN THAT CORNER!!! THAT WAS SADISTIC! JACKSON: He's not done yet either! Curtis is utterly exposed now down there and Ronnie just might have his number. How crazy that Ronnie D could be our World Title contender? CONLON: Or Ken Curtis for that matter? Legends come out of nowhere and suddenly in the thick of it in UPW! JACKSON: I wouldn't bet on Curtis with what Ronnie has done to him! The man may be able to take pain, but there is only so much a human joint can endure! [Ronnie D celebrates outside the ring and taunts the crowd, while seemingly flirting with an attractive lady at ringside. Ronnie goes back to those legs and grabs the left one, slamming it into the pole as well with the knee taking most of the impact. Inside the ring, Keys crawls through the legs of Lewis and tries to pop up and force the former champ over, but Lewis places his foot under the bottom rope to block the move and then turns it into a rolling piledriver.] CONLON: Lewis blocking Key's attempt at tossing him out, but you have to hand it to the IXWA kid as he is really looking good in there! JACKSON: He certainly is, but it helps to have problems or issues with guys in UPW when you come into a match like this. Nobody is targeting you specifically. CONLON: That is a really good point. You think that is why the IXWA guys have fared so well? JACKSON: Good a reason as any. Another reason is that they are much stronger and better than people realize. If Keys is any indication, anyway. [Juarez plants a big boot to the face of Chad Allen and that sends him back into the corner. Allen yells on impact and almost propels out of the corner with a lariat that takes the much taller man to the canvas and shocks the crowd. Glenn Chambers pulls Keys off the mat and hits a right hand of his own. Chambers and Lewis then get Keys in the corner and begin setting up to get him out when Juarez whips Allen across the ring and right into Glenn and Aaron, squashing them on top of Keys in that corner.] CONLON: ALLEN WHIPPED INTO A CORNER AND IT ENDS AS AN UNINTENTIONAL AVALANCHE ONTO KEYS, LEWIS, AND CHAMBERS!!! WHAT CARNAGE!!! JACKSON: If Titan knew what was best for him, he would rush over and toss all three of them right now! CONLON: I don't think he intended to harm Chambers or Lewis, Pepper. JACKSON: So what? You get a gift, why don't you freaking open it and take what is inside? Juarez has a great shot if he just acts on it! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Time to add someone to the seven men left in the ring, Pepper! JACKSON: Right now it is Juarez, Chambers, Lewis, Keys, Curtis, Ronnie D, and Chad Allen in there. Plus who?

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Clubbed To Death" by Escala begins to play as the IXWA's "Aristocratic" Archibald Smythe strides out onto the ramp to a mixed reaction from the crowd.] CONLON: NUMBER THIRTY-TWO IS "ARISTOCRATIC" ARCHIBALD SMYTHE FROM THE IXWA!!! JACKSON: The man is the TV Champion there as well. Too bad Franklin is out already as that would have been a nice comparison to make. CONLON: It might have been, but Smythe seems focused and ready to go as he is running to the ring! JACKSON: He has to prove himself like the others did in there, Stan! [Smythe holds up the IXWA Television Championship and the GEW World Television Championship before placing them on the entrance ramp and sprinting down to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. He gets to his feet and rushes right over to the corner where the major impact just occurred, grabbing Chambers and tossing him out of the way before landing a forearm to the side of Lewis' temple, sending him away as well. Finally he reaches his target, Ryan Keys.] CONLON: SMYTHE LITERALLY SHOVING SOME HEAVY HITTERS OUT OF THE WAY TO GET TO RYAN KEYS!!! JACKSON: He knew exactly who he wanted to get at. All of those titles he walked in with, no way he wants this kid in the ring at the same time. He wants to be the longest surviving IXWA member in there! CONLON: And while that is going on, Chad Allen and Titan Juarez are going at it! JACKSON: He may not be as tall as Tyson Bishop, but this is yet another big man battle for Juarez as Allen is a true heavyweight with a low center of gravity! [Juarez pulls Allen to his feet and lifts him for a massive belly-to-belly suplex back toward the middle of the ring. As he begins to stand from delivering the suplex, Titan gets kicked in the head by Playboy Ronnie D, sending him crashing back down. Ronnie then rushes over and leaps, landing in a sitting position on top of Curtis' left knee causing a lot of pain for the legend. Across the way, Smythe lands several shots in a row before finally lifting Keys by his right leg and dumping him over the top rope and to the floor.] CONLON: SMYTHE GETS KEYS OVER AND OUT!!! HE DID WHAT HE SET OUT TO DO FROM THE START!!! RA OVER THE PA: RYAN KEYS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: Smythe proving he is the only man from IXWA worthy to stay in this rumble! What a thought that he could jump from IXWA TV champ to contender for one of the UPW titles! CONLON: Long way to go yet, Pepper, and we still have a ton of great talent not in the ring yet! JACKSON: Don't I know it. I'm still waiting for the salsa beat to chime in and see what Sandoval does tonight. I see great things when that happens! [Smythe turns around and gets hit in the stomach by a boot from Glenn Chambers, who grabs Smythe and lifts him with a T-Bone Suplex that shakes the mat on impact. Ronnie D is literally bouncing up and down on Curtis' knee in the opposite corner. Chad Allen manages to get to his feet at the same moment Juarez gets to his knee and is grabbing at the rope to stand himself. Allen rushes and lands a running knee on Titan that sends him back down. He then propels himself off the ropes and lands a major splash to take the wind out of the taller man.] CONLON: CHAD ALLEN LEVELS TITAN JUAREZ!!! HOLY MOLY WHAT AN IMPACT THAT WAS!!! JACKSON: I told you he could hold his own against much taller men! Allen has been around forever and you don't have that longevity by being an easy mark. CONLON: No, you don't! Chad Allen has been underrated to this point and you have to think he is ready to step out and show what he can do in this environment! JACKSON: Get ready for absolute carnage if he gets his way. The nastier, the better. Allen rarely avoids forcing blood out of his opponents! [Allen grabs Titan's head and jabs his fist right into the temple area of his head. He starts grinding it in there as hard as he can to cause maximum pain for the masked man. Across the way, Chambers hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on Smythe and then slides him into the canvas. Chambers points toward the outside and the crowd erupts for him to get an elimination. Next to them, we see Ronnie D locking on a figure four leg lock around the ring post, further damaging the knee of Curtis.] CONLON: PLAYBOY RONNIE D STILL RIPPING UP CURTIS' KNEE!!! THAT FIGURE FOUR LOOKS DISGUSTING!!! JACKSON: He may finally end the career of Ken Curtis! I can't believe I just said that! Is it possible that one of the so-called "greats" could be ended here tonight by someone even greater? CONLON: I'm not sure I would call Ronnie "greater," Pepper. JACKSON: From what i see in there right now, I certainly could! The man is going to for the "Cowboy" to a wheelchair for the rest of his life with what he is doing! [Curtis slaps at the mat furiously, fighting the pain of the hold. Aaron Lewis makes his way over and reaches through punching at the feet and ankles of Ronnie to try and force the break. Finally, Ronnie's feet give out from the assault and the hold is broken. On the opposite side of the ring, Chad Allen has Titan up and he pushes him into the ropes, using the momentum to lift him onto his shoulders. Allen holds Juarez up in a feat of strength, as he starts heading toward the corner slowly so he doesn't lose control.] CONLON: AARON LEWIS BREAKS THE FIGURE FOUR AND HELPS CURTIS OUT!!! CHAD ALLEN LIFTS JUAREZ ONTO HIS SHOULDERS!!! THIS COULD BE IT FOR THE BIG GUY!!! JACKSON: Superhuman strength from the "Jester!" CONLON: I can't believe how he is doing this! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] JACKSON: Get rid of a man just in time for another to arrive! I like that! CONLON: Number thirty-three is???

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Black Star" by Yngwie Malmsteen hits the PA system and the crowd POPS as running out from the back is the handsome Japanese fighter, STRIKER Kato, from Soldiers of the Sun!] CONLON: STRIKER KATO!!! CAN HE GET THERE TO SAVE JUAREZ IN TIME??? JACKSON: He's off and running! CONLON: Kato makes record time from the curtain to the ring! Wow! JACKSON: Seeing a friend in need is a motivator, but I would think long term instead. That is just me. [Kato flashes a nervous smile as he rushes to the ring and slides under the ropes and into the ring and pops to his feet quickly, throwing a STIFF kick to Chad Allen, forcing him to drop Juarez from off his shoulders. The fans erupt as Kato enters and helps his partner.] CONLON: KATO WITH A BIG KICK TO SAVE JUAREZ FROM CHAD ALLEN!!! Great job by Striker Kato! JACKSON: Now we have another tag team in there together. Last time, the ring got cleared when Dominion got to full strength. Only two of the Soldiers of the Sun are in there, but can they do the same? CONLON: Still alive right now are Juarez, Kato, Allen, Aaron Lewis, Chambers, Smythe, Ken Curtis... JACKSON: AND PLAYBOY RONNIE D!!! That is my pick to win this one, you know. A legend like that challenging for the World title would be absolute money in the bank! [Ronnie D is standing on the outside screaming at Lewis for daring to cause his hold to get broken. He challenges Lewis to come on out and fight like a man, but Lewis simply makes the motions for Ronnie to come back in the ring. Across the way, Glenn Chambers has Smythe in the corner and is slowly trying to lift him over the top of that turnbuckle and out of the match. Smythe is blocking it well thus far. in the middle of the ring, Kato continues his assault with kicks to both legs, followed by a stuff kick to the head that drops Allen to the mat.] CONLON: Looks like your pick wants nothing to do with the former World Champion! JACKSON: He is just picking his spots. Ronnie is the masterpiece that others like Rick Styles were made from. Their brains work similarly and that means Ronnie is smarter than everybody left in this rumble! CONLON: How about Chad Allen getting taken down by those Kato kicks! Those have some pepper behind them, Pepper! JACKSON: Ha He, very funny, Stan. Allen is getting double teamed by the UPW World Tag Team champions....he ought to be having difficulty there. [Lewis begins helping Ken Curtis to his feet in the corner as he yells more at Ronnie D on the outside. Ronnie walks away and around the corner out of their sight before sliding back into the ring and poking Glenn Chambers in the eye for fun. Chambers can't react as Smythe takes advantage immediately and reverses Glenn into the corner. Smythe starts landing elbow after elbow while he has him trapped. In the middle of the ring, Juarez is up and he pulls Allen up as Kato lands several kicks. Then they grab Allen together and rush him to the ropes and topple him over the top and out of the match.] CONLON: More than difficulty....JUAREZ AND KATO THROW HIM OVER THE TOP AND OUT OF THE MATCH!!! NO FUN AT THE BIG TOP TONIGHT FOR THE "JESTER!!" RA OVER THE PA: "JESTER" CHAD ALLEN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: NOOOOOO!!! Allen was one of the best guys left in there! Those two goons are just afraid of real competition. That is why they have to double up on everybody! CONLON: Allen is gone and Chambers could follow if Smythe keeps landing those elbows and uppercuts so strongly. JACKSON: The IXWA's showing here has been a revelation! I can't believe what I am seeing here as Glenn Chambers is in trouble and I couldn't be happier! [Kato and Juarez high five each other and look around them to see what is going on. On the left, Smythe is now landing some serious European Uppercuts to Glenn Chambers in the corner. Glenn is taking quite a beating from the IXWA TV champion now, but no fear of getting tossed yet. On the right, Ken Curtis is now at his feet, but Ronnie D rushes over and hits a dropkick to the back of Aaron Lewis, sending him right into Curtis in that corner.] CONLON: RONNIE D DROPKICKS LEWIS INTO CURTIS AND IT IS ON AGAIN!!! RONNIE HAS BEEN ATTACKING THOSE TWO CONSTANLY!!! JACKSON: The man knows who the heavy hitters really are! Now he is taking the battle to them and it won't surprise me if he uses one to take out the other! He is so smart! CONLON: He seems to have the right prescription for sure! JACKSON: What more can you ask for? The man is not only a legend, but he can walking here and be the best in the ring! That is the kind of men UPW needs to be looking for all the time! [Ronnie D rushes in and grabs Lewis, performing a German Suplex back to the middle of the ring. Before he can get up and rush at Curtis, Kato hits a spinwheel kick that staggers Ronnie into the arms of his partner, and Juarez lifts Ronnie and drops him with a massive back breaker as the crowd erupts. On the other side of the ring, Smythe has Chambers up and over top of the top rope. Chambers is holding on as Smythe tries pushing him the rest of the way over.] CONLON: SMYTHE HAS CHAMBERS REELING IN THAT CORNER!!! CAN HE FINISH HIM OFF?!?!?! JACKSON: I can only hope so! Between Smythe shockingly outperforming Chambers in the corner and Ronnie D's assault on Curtis and Lewis....I'm ecstatic right now! CONLON: They certainly have been active, Pepper! JACKSON: More than active! They have been effective! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Looks like number thirty-four is headed our way! JACKSON: Fresh meat!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** [The warm, soothing sounds of Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" begin to play throughout the arena, as red and green lights begin to flicker. On the UPW Jumbotron, the Italian flag gently waves as a kendo stick lies diagonally across the screen. The kendo stick has "In Kendo We Trust" scribbled across it. As the kendo stick slowly fades away, Marcus' name appears in the middle of the screen with the flag waving in the background. Then we see the man himself step out from behind the curtain.] CONLON: MARCUS O'MALLEY HAS NUMBER THIRTY-FOUR!!! JACKSON: I see they took away his kendo stick before he even came out. The officials are not wasting any time in removing weapons now. CONLON: Indeed and they can thank Tripp Skylark for it, too. JACKSON: Stop whining, Stan. He didn't prosper from it and if you look in that ring he isn't there. I will say this, O'Malley is being damn smart taking his time getting to the ring. Nobody who rushed down there has done extremely well. [O'Malley deliberately makes his way to the ring, taking his time to get there. As he gets to ringside, we see Smythe manage to finally get Chambers tossed over the top rope, but his feet land on Marcus' shoulders and not the floor. Glenn quickly hops back over to the ring apron and lands a forearm to Smythe, who is beside himself. O'Malley slides into the ring and immediately heads for the tag team guys in the ring. He grabs Striker Kato and drills him with a hard right hand. Juarez has no clue as he is pounding Ronnie D's head into the mat repeatedly.] CONLON: CHAMBERS USING O'MALLEY AS A STEP STOOL TO STAY ALIVE!!! Can you believe that, Pepper? JACKSON: Anything can happen, Stan. This wasn't the greatest athletic feat in a rumble match, I am certain, but the sheer luck of O'Malley arriving in that spot at that moment. Chambers better thank him later. CONLON: I'm sure he will, if it works out for his good, Pepper. JACKSON: Ronnie D is getting his eggs scrambled by Titan Juarez right now. The legend may end up with a concussion when the big guy gets finished with him! [O'Malley whips Ka toe into the ropes and misses a clothesline on the rebound. Kato comes off the opposite side of ropes and propels himself with a spinning European uppercut that staggers O'Malley back against the ropes. Kato gets over quickly and starts trying to lift Marcus over the top rope. Juarez lifts Ronnie D off the canvas, only to have the smaller man kick him in the side of the knee and escape his grasp. Ronnie D looks back at Juarez, feeling safe, but turns to see Aaron Lewis, who grabs him and throws him into the corner.] CONLON: NOWHERE TO HIDE RONNIE D!!! AARON LEWIS WITH THE TOSS INTO THE CORNER!!! JACKSON: That is the problem with being a well known legend, you have a target on you everywhere you go. Ronnie D must be used to it by now after twenty years, but damn! CONLON: Lewis making life tough for Ronnie, just like the Soldiers are for O'Malley! JACKSON: He chose to go after Kato. O'Malley made a bad choice. He could have swiped his arms fast and taken out Chambers, instead he allowed himself to be a footstool and stepped in to strike a tag champion. [Lewis and Ronnie trade shots back and forth, but Lewis gains the advantage and starts trying to push him out over the top rope. Across the way, Glenn Chambers has gotten back hold of Smythe and has him in peril over the top rope in that corner. In the middle of the ring, Marcus O'Malley is now being held by Juarez as Kato hits kicks to the ribs.] CONLON: Speaking of Chambers, he has Archibald Smythe in trouble now! JACKSON: Those two have had quite the little war going on over there and both men have looked strong. Less than ninety seconds ago, Smythe nearly threw Chambers out! Good battle there. CONLON: This rumble has had its share of those! JACKSON: And we aren't done. We still have six more men to enter and lots of action left to unfold. The fighting has only begun! [Ken Curtis gets to his feet and limps over to the corner where Lewis and Ronnie are fighting. He taps Lewis on the shoulder and Aaron looks at him. They nod to each other and Lewis steps back as Curtis lunges in with a big right hand that nearly flips Ronnie out of the match. Juarez lifts O'Malley for a power bomb and the moment of impact sees Kato come in with a quick leg drop as fans cheer them on.] CONLON: SOLDIERS OF THE SUN DOING A NUMBER ON MARCUS O'MALLEY!!! JACKSON: The tag team champions showing how it is done when you have a trusted partner in there with you. And by my count, there aren't any partners left for the men in the ring to come out. They are it! CONLON: Does it give them that much of an advantage? JACKSON: Normally, it is a toss up. However, Titan Juarez is one big mamma-jamma, so that changes those odds to a solid yes. [The members of the Soldiers of the Sun now feel secure in going for the elimination. They pull O'Malley to his feet and take him to the corner. Perhaps in a stroke of luck, O'Malley trips over his own feet as they toss him and instead of going over the top rope, he falls into the middle rope. Kato looks at Juarez and Titan simply shrugs his shoulders. They rush over to pull him up again as action continues all around them.] CONLON: Soldiers go for the throw out, but O'Malley trips and stays alive! JACKSON: I honestly think he was employing one of the smartest defense tactics nobody ever used.....fainting. When you are being held captive by somebody physically, you ought to just faint. It makes you dead weight and they have a hard time holding you and holding a weapon on you. CONLON: That sounds crazy, Pepper! JACKSON: We just saw it work right there! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Here comes number thirty-five! JACKSON: Only a few left! Who will it be?

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ##REACH OUT AND TOUCH FAITH!## [The strong chords of the song "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode begins to rock the arena and the word "Conceited" is seen on the screen as the fans erupt in boos.] CONLON: CHASE WILLIAMS IS NUMBER THIRTY-FIVE!!! THE CONCEITED BASTARD IS COMING TO THE RING!!! JACKSON: And this is a BIIIIIGGG problem for those in the ring because Williams is six-foot, seven inches of bad ass who doesn't have any friendships in that ring....or anywhere really. CONLON: We all know what he did in the pre-show, taking out Caleb Foley in the locker room and literally taking Foley's match! JACKSON: You call that a match? It was an on-air crucifixion and then Williams called Foley out! I knew they had issues from years past, but had no idea those fires were still burning! [Williams steps out from behind the curtain and walks at a solid pace with a devilish look on his face. He reaches the ring and walks up the steps to the ring apron, quickly stepping over the top rope to enter the match. In the ring, the Soldiers are still working over O'Malley, Lewis is battling Ronnie D and across from there, Glenn Chambers and Smythe are going at it in a back corner. Chase walks over and yanks Kato off his feet and down to the canvas.] CONLON: WILLIAMS LITERALLY YANKS STRIKER KATO LIKE HE WAS A RAG DOLL!!! JACKSON: Looks like he has decided his target. Chase is more than just a big man, he is a smart man. He has been around long enough to know what he needs to do to get in his opponent's heads and to win. CONLON: He's throwing his size around quickly and even Juarez seems hesitant! JACKSON: He should be. This guy is a former champion and one of the meanest men you will ever be around. He isn't menacing like Cardinal or wily like Styles. The man is just a....well, bastard! [Williams is in a zone as he lands a big kick to Titan's gut and then clubs him with forearms to the back several times and whips him into his own partner away from O'Malley. Williams then pulls Marcus to his feet and pats him on the back before grabbing him by the throat and lifting him into the air, chokeslamming him over the top rope and out of the ring.] CONLON: WILLIAMS CHOKESLAMS O'MALLEY OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE FLOOR!!! MARCUS DROPPED MORE THAN NINE FEET THERE! RA OVER THE PA: MARCUS O'MALLEY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: DAMN!!! O'Malley better get checked for internal bleeding because Chase Williams just royally screwed up his weekend! That was nasty! CONLON: You have to think Williams is showing up the Soldiers of the Sun by doing what they didn't do together just moments ago. JACKSON: I told you he likes to get inside people's heads. And now it seems he has them in his sights. This is about to get REALLY good! [Chase stares down at O'Malley and then quickly jerks his head to star at the Soldiers, pointing at Juarez and then curling his finger as if ordering him to come over. Juarez gets to his feet and tells Kato to stand down by holding his hand level to him. Titan doesn't back away at all, rushing over and the two big men immediately begin clubbing and punching at one another as the crowd erupts at the action. In the back corner, Chambers allows Smythe back in and begins to hit him on the head one again over and over.] CONLON: BIG MAN BATTLE TWO-POINT-ZERO!!! WILLIAMS AND JUAREZ GOING AT IT! JACKSON: Juarez has been in there a LONG time now, more than a half hour, so he isn't nearly as fresh as Williams. This may not be as fair a fight as we would think! CONLON: Titan still has a slight size advantage, and that might help. JACKSON: Smythe staying alive and now has Chambers reversed in that corner! [Across the way, Ken Curtis has Ronnie D hanging over the ropes, but Ronnie's right foot is wrapped under the middle rope, saving him for the moment. Juarez and Williams jockey back into a corner where Juarez actually uses his slight reach advantage to tag Chase with a big right hand. In the adjacent corner, Smythe reverses positions in the corner and goes for the big haymaker, only for Chambers to duck under it and send him toppling over the top rope and out of the match.] CONLON: Does him no good! CHAMBERS DUCKS THE PUNCH AND SENDS SMYTHE FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! RA OVER THE PA: "ARISTOCRATIC" ARCHIBALD SMYTHE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: That, surprisingly, is the first elimination by Glenn Chambers! He has been in the ring more than thirty-three minutes and that is his first toss out. That is crazy! CONLON: That is what happens when you are a target of so many by the time you even arrive into the match! JACKSON: And we must remember he never got a quick advantage on anyone as Dominion was in there alone when he came out. Glenn has been behind the eight ball almost the entire time in there. [Curtis loses his grip on Ronnie D and the smaller legend manages to get out of the corner from the limping legend. He doesn't get far as Lewis dropkicks him right back into Curtis waiting arms. The "Cowboy" picks up Ronnie and plants him with a powerslam that gets a pop from the crowd, as well as a "You still got it!" chant. Juarez and Williams continue doing battle, but the tide has turns and Chase uses a throat jab to get the advantage in the corner.] CONLON: Chase Williams gets Juarez against the ropes, but I don't think he can get his position right for the leverage to go for the elimination! JACKSON: Juarez is fighting it off, but remember Williams is a nasty man with bad intentions. He will do what he has to. CONLON: That is what I'm afraid of. JACKSON: Kato ought to help his partner out. I don't care what the big man told him before he charged at Chase. You help your partner out. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Looks like number thirty-six is about to enter! JACKSON: This will give us an even eight men in the ring with four more yet to come!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** [We hear the voice of Marc Anthony as his song "Vivir Mi Vida" begins to play. Felix Sandoval, looking very odd without the TV Title around his waist, steps out from behind the curtain to a shower of boos.] CONLON: "EL PATRON" FELIX SANDOVAL IS NUMBER THIRTY-SIX!!! JACKSON: AND THE SALSA PARTY RESUMES!!! Now things are about to get really crazy in there as Felix must be intent on walking out of here with a title shot of some sort. CONLON: Sandoval has been one of the surprising bright spots in UPW thus far, and many feel this is his big chance. JACKSON: It is! Even if all he does is get the chance to challenge for the TV Title again and go get what is his by rights, it is a night he will prove how special he really is! [As Felix enters the ring, he looks and sees Chase Williams trying to shove up on Titan Juarez to get him out. Sandoval just shakes his head as he moves past them and immediately seeks out Aaron Lewis. He Grabs Lewis and drops him with a clothesline as the fans begin to boo. Felix does his salsa shimmy, which gets him more heat. Behind them, Ken Curtis is not stuck in the corner with Ronnie D kicking away at that injured knee. The two legends continuing their battle. Sandoval pulls Lewis up and shoves him to the ropes, catching him off the rebound with his F-5 variation.] CONLON: CLEAN CUT!!! SANDOVAL JUST DROPPED LEWIS WITH THE CLEAN CUT!!! JACKSON: Felix Sandoval making a major statement now as he enters and drops the former World Champion with the "Clean Cut!" If that doesn't tell you just how motivated he is to move up the ladder, I don't know what will! CONLON: He was picky as well! He is obviously choosing his targets wisely. JACKSON: He gets to enter this late, and he is fresh. I believe that sets him up nicely! [Sandoval celebrates hitting his finisher on Lewis, but before he can do much more, Glenn Chambers appears and clobbers him from behind. Felix returns fire, eventually shoving Chambers away. Glenn rushes him, but Felix counters by ducking and lifting Chambers up for a "Clean Cut" as well as the crowd erupts into boos. Behind them, Ronnie D continues his assault on Ken Curtis. across from that in the opposite side of the ring, Chase Williams hits a corner clothesline with such ferocity that Titan Juarez's legs come into the air. Williams grabs them and tosses him over the top rope and to the floor.] CONLON: CHASE WILLIAMS MANAGES TO TAKE OUR TITAN JUAREZ!!! MY GOODNESS!!! RA OVER THE PA: TITAN JUAREZ HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: AND THE BIG MAN GOES DOWN!!! Juarez has been the biggest man in there for awhile, but Chase manages to chop down the bigger man and take out his biggest threat in there far as height! CONLON: And Felix Sandoval lands another Clean Cut, this time it is Glenn Chambers on the receiving end! JACKSON: Sandoval is picking them off one by one! This is the kind of action we expected at this stage of the rumble! The big guns are going to work and standing tall! [Striker Kato rushes over to Williams and attacks with kicks immediately before the "Conceited Bastard" has a chance to react. Williams gathers himself and literally shoves the smaller wrestler backward as hard as he can, causing Kato to end up in the arms of Felix Sandoval, who uses that momentum to pick him up and drop him with a "Clean Cut." Sandoval stands in the middle of the ring as Chase gives him a nod, as he sees Lewis, Chambers and Kato now all laid out from Felix's handy work.] CONLON: CLEAN CUT FOR STRIKER KATO!!! FELIX SANDOVAL IS DROPPING EVERYBODY!!! JACKSON: And now Chase Williams is taking notice. If you are Felix Sandoval, you now wonder if clearing out so many so fast was such a good thing. The meanest man in the yard right now is staring you down. CONLON: Like you said, at this point anything is possible and now it looks like Sandoval and Williams may truly lock up with each other! JACKSON: This is why you come to UPW! You want to test yourself against the best of the best, and right now Sandoval is passing the test, but the ultimate test might be standing across from him! [Williams begins to circle Felix and the anticipation grows as these two might actually lock horns in the rumble. Felix kicks Kato over and out of the way, giving him room to ready himself for the coming attack from Williams. They finally lock up and Chase looks to grab a quick headlock advantage, but Felix shoves him off and smacks the back of his head. Chase turns and sees Felix doing his little salsa shimmy again. To the right of them, we see Ken Curtis ducking under the arm of Ronnie D and back dropping the smaller legend over the top rope and out of the ring.] CONLON: "COWBOY" KEN CURTIS TAKES OUT PLAYBOY RONNIE D!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE HE PULLED THAT OFF WITH HIS BAD KNEE! RA OVER THE PA: PLAYBOY RONNIE D HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: He paid a price for it, as the old man doesn't have a lot of mobility now. Ronnie D just spent too much time right in front of Ken and it cost him. CONLON: You can't be surprised when someone like Curtis manages to come out on top of any situation, can you? JACKSON: Absolutely not. Those two are both legends and had been focusing on each other for awhile. One of them was going to end up on top, and it was Curtis this time around. [Chase Williams lunges at Sandoval and misses wildly at a clothesline attempt. Sandoval obviously getting under his skin as he hits the ropes after the miss. Chase turns around and gets pasted by a standing side kick by Aaron Lewis. Lewis follows up and pushes Chase into the ropes, trying to push him out. Sandoval shrugs and looks around before deciding to pull Striker Kato off the mat. Ken Curtis is catching his breath in the corner as Glenn Chambers finally begins moving a little and grabbing for the ropes to pull himself up.] CONLON: AARON LEWIS BLINDSIDES WILLIAMS WITH A SUPERKICK!!! The Former champ not giving up yet! JACKSON: And it looks like Sandoval is going to lay out Kato one more time for fun since Lewis stole his fight from him. [Sandoval pulls Kato up and lifts him for another "Clean Cut" but this time instead of dropping him with it, he steps to the ropes and dumps the Tag Team Champion over the top rope and to the floor as the crowd boos.] CONLON: HE DOESN'T HIT THE CLEAN CUT AND INSTEAD DROPS KATO OVE RTHE TOP ROPE!!! THE SOLDIERS OF THE SUN NOW ALL GONE FROM THE RUMBLE!!! RA OVER THE PA: STRIKER KATO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: If my count is right, Striker Kato will be counted as finishing in TENTH PLACE! That gives us the five men in the ring along with the four left to come in! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: And here is number thirty-seven, right on cue, Pepper! JACKSON: Talk about a prime spot! Who can it be?

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["After Lifeless Years" by Sylosis begins to blare throughout the arena, as the crowd absolutely erupts for one of their coveted superstars, Jeff Keenan. Jeff is shirtless, wearing his black and gold wrestling pants, along with his trademark boots.] CONLON: JEFF KEENAN IS HERE AT NUMBER THIRTY-SEVEN!!! JACKSON: The man who upset one of the greatest of all time earlier tonight! You have to give him props for managing to defeat Rick Styles in the ring! But now what can he do? CONLON: This match is down to its final nine finishers, and he will make six currently in the ring! It looks like he will seek to add on to his legacy tonight! JACKSON: Keenan's revival has been a great story in UPW, but in an environment like this, will he be able to continues showing why he should still be feared in the squared circle? Can he keep moving on up? [He stands there for a second just soaking in the cheers and adulation from the fans, before sprinting down the aisle to the ring, slapping hands as he goes back. When he gets to the ring, he halts and takes a brief moment to survey what's going on inside the ring, before he slides underneath the bottom rope. He stands up and is face-to-face with Felix Sandoval. With a smirk on his face, Keenan hauls off and lands a punch to Felix that kicks off a furious trade off between the two. Standing in the middle of the ring as they trade big right hands.] CONLON: KEENAN AND SANDOVAL TEEING OFF ON EACH OTHER AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE FANS WANTED TO SEE!!! JACKSON: It is match-ups nobody had really seen before that always makes the rumble fun! Jeff Keenan and Felix Sandoval, two of the biggest surprises in UPW thus far and they are going at it like gang busters!!! CONLON: They are the two freshest men in the match, too! JACKSON: Which if you are somebody like Glenn Chambers, who had been in there more than thirty-six minutes, you like seeing that. It keeps you from dealing with fresh legs and bodies for awhile! [Sandoval ducks under a Keenan punch and grabs him for a waist lock, which Felix lifts into a German suplex. He doesn't stop there, rolling through and hitting a second German, which he releases after hitting it because Ken Curtis got over and kicked him during the roll through. Behind them, we see Chase Williams landing a big clothesline to Aaron Lewis in the corner that nearly flips Lewis up and out of the ring. Chase grabs the former champ's legs and begins trying to throw him over as Lewis blocks it.] CONLON: KEN CURTIS STOPS THE SANDOVAL SUPLEX PARADE!!! JACKSON: And Chase Williams is going to work on Aaron Lewis! I bet Lewis is regretting hitting that side kick when he could have just let Williams and Sandoval go at it a bit ago! CONLON: He very well may be. This is an amazing group in there right now! A who's who of UPW studs, if you will! JACKSON: Chambers, Lewis, Williams, Sandoval, Keenan, and the legend himself, Ken Curtis! It really is a top flight group of guys and all of them are guaranteed to finish in the top nine of the rumble! [Glenn Chambers is finally up to his feet, but leans into the corner to catch his breath with nobody to defend against at the moment. Curtis picks up Sandoval, but the former TV champ elbows the legend in that bum knee and topples him over. Sandoval grabs that leg and rolls into a half crab submission hold. He yanks back hard and Curtis yelps out as he tries pushing out of it, but the leverage is too strong for Sandoval. Suddenly Chambers charges in and clotheslines Sandoval, breaking the hold.] CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS NEARLY TAKES SANDOVAL'S HEAD OFF WITH THAT CLOTHESLINE!!! JACKSON: Sandoval never had a chance to defend against it either as his focus was hurting the knee of the legend, Ken Curtis! Really surprising attack by Chambers! CONLON: He saves Curtis' knee without a doubt, but he also gains a big advantage over the fresh Sandoval! JACKSON: It was a smart tactical move from Chambers, but whether it turns into an elimination down the road is yet to be seen. The only one in true danger is Aaron Lewis right now. [Chambers drops and lands a knee to the back of Sandoval's head, then pulls him up and hits a Tiger Suplex that bounces Felix in the middle of the ring. Keenan and Curtis are both up and they lock up near the ropes, neither man with a clear advantage as Curtis' knee isn't giving him a stable pushing point. Behind them, Chase Williams has Lewis hanging over the top rope now, with the former champ holding onto the bottom and middle ropes from the outside to stay alive.] CONLON: Lewis is hanging on by a thread, Pepper! Chase Williams really straining hard to get those legs over, but Lewis isn't going easy! JACKSON: Nobody expects him to be easy. He was the World Champion when this night began! But Williams is the one guy who should have enough strength to end him! CONLON: Jeff Keenan and Ken Curtis doing battle now as well. JACKSON: Obviously no animosity there at all, as it is more about there can be only one. Yes, I quoted "Highlander" and don't give me any crap about it! The sentiment is true in this match! [Keenan manages to shove Curtis into the corner and hit him with several quick kicks and punches, gaining an immediate advantage. He pulls the bad leg of Curtis up and put it over the top rope as he begins trying to take out the legend. Across the way, Lewis has elbowed the knee of Chase Williams enough for the big man to let go of his legs and allow him to crawl back in between the bottom and middle ropes. In the other battle, Glenn Chambers whips Sandoval into the corner and follows with a running clothesline that staggers and drops Sandoval to the mat.] CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS GOING TO TOWN ON FELIX SANDOVAL!!! This is quite unexpected considering how much offense Glenn has absorbed in the match! JACKSON: And how long he has been in there. He hasn't reached Lance Donovan, "forty-five minute" territory yet, but he has been in there a LONG time! CONLON: Aaron Lewis has managed to get free from Chase Williams and back into the ring as well! JACKSON: He attacked the knee of the big man. Always a good move. As a wise man once said, "give me the biggest and strongest man in the world, take out his knee and he drops like a stone." [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Roadhouse, Pepper, really? JACKSON: Uh...yeah. I think the number thirty-eight is ready to enter!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Boom" by POD begins to play as the fans react to a song that they love. Michael Turner steps out and begins making his way down to the ring.] CONLON: MICHAEL TURNER GETS NUMBER THIRTY-EIGHT!!! JACKSON: Talk about prime placement for someone out of nowhere! He has a chance to either elevate himself or gain a title shot for he and his partner, "Hooch" Johnson! Great opportunity for Turner here! CONLON: It certainly is, and now this match gets another piece of the puzzle thrown in. Just who and how will Turner get involved? JACKSON: That is the question! The guy could go any direction! He is a wild card nobody saw as a top-ten finisher in the rumble, so sky is the limit! [Turner enters the ring and walks right over to Aaron Lewis, grabbing the former World Champion with a waist lock and flipping him with a belly-to-back suplex that takes him away from Chase Williams. Chase hobbles away, still feeling that knee for any issues. Chambers manages to dump Sandoval over the top rope and turns to walk away, not realizing that Sandoval as managed to skin the cat and get back in the ring. Ken Curtis and Jeff Keenan are still in that corner and Keenan is expending a top on energy to try and get the larger legend over the top.] CONLON: MICHAEL TURNER GOES RIGHT AFTER AARON LEWIS!!! ANOTHER SHOCKER! JACKSON: Hey, if you plan on proving you belong with the big boys, you have to go after them no matter who they are. Turner made a smart play by showing he wants to be one of the big dogs, too! CONLON: And I don't think Glenn Chambers realizes Felix Sandoval is not out of the match! JACKSON: You would think the fact that his name hasn't been announced would be a clue. However, it wouldn't surprise me if the men in the ring literally tune out the crowd, announcers, and everything outside of the ring during something like this. [Michael Turner continues his assault on Aaron Lewis, landing a ton of punches and elbows while he has the former champ trapped on the mat. Keenan finally gets the other leg of Ken Curtis over the top rope, but the legend is still holding steady in the corner and not making himself an easy mark for the smaller man to eliminate. Chase Williams stands near the ropes and looks down at his knee, not seeing Glenn Chambers rushing at him. Chambers hit a clothesline that sends Williams over the top rope and to the floor as the crowd erupts.] CONLON: GLENNC HAMBERS RUSHES OVER AND GETS CHASE WILLIAMS OVER AND OUT!!! RA OVER THE PA: "CONCEITED BASTARD" CHASE WILLIAMS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: Chambers with a truly opportunistic move right there! I think he knew Williams' size was going to make it near impossible to get him straight up and this was a perfect time to strike. CONLON: Well that puts Chase out in ninth place, and you have to think he had a good night overall. JACKSON: He did. He destroyed Foley backstage, took his match and won it with ease, then he called him out before walking in here and throwing a couple of men out en route to a solid finish. [Chambers turns and eats a clothesline from Felix Sandoval that nearly sends him out of the match. Chambers grabs the ropes and slides back in under the bottom rope, despite a flurry of kicks and stomps from the former TV Champion. Across the way, Curtis lands a well-placed punch that gets Keenan to pause his efforts and allows the legend to pull his feet back over the rope and to the mat. We also see Turner has Lewis in the adjacent corner, trying to set him up and lift him out, but Lewis is fighting him off at the moment.] CONLON: How about Michael Turner not only setting out to go up against the former World Champ, but he has Aaron Lewis teetering over there! JACKSON: If he pulls this off, it will be the biggest upset of the night by far! Lewis was predicted by many to be someone who would win if he happened to lose his title. A Michael Turner taking him out? Shocking! CONLON: He is holding on and fighting for his life, but Turner isn't giving up! JACKSON: Neither is Jeff Keenan, as he keeps working on Ken Curtis. The old man is still in there and has been for nearly twenty-six minutes! [Sandoval grabs Chambers and hooks both arms, landing a face buster into his knee on Chambers near the ropes. Across the way in the right corner, Jeff Keenan is again trying to lift a leg of Ken Curtis over, but he chooses the wrong leg and the bad knee gives way, sending Curtis to the canvas in the corner. In the corner adjacent to them, Aaron Lewis is dropped with a scoop slam by Michael Turner, who then jumps and drops a knee right on his forehead.] CONLON: TURNER STILL GIVING HIS ALL TO THE FORMER CHAMPION!!! Aaron Lewis is struggling to have any answers for the tenacious tag team specialist! JACKSON: It really has been a rough night for Lewis. He loses his title in an epic bout with a giant before drawing number twenty-five in a stacked rumble. Rough day, for sure. CONLON: The action is all over the place right now and Keenan is again trying to lift Curtis up and out! JACKSON: Well he was until that knee gave out and now Curtis is safely crumpled in that corner! It may take a forklift to get the old man out now! [Turner pulls Lewis to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Turner follows him in with a rush, but Lewis leaps and propels himself back with a spinning knee that connects with Turner's jaw as the crowd erupts. Near them, we see Felix Sandoval finally pushing Chambers over the top rope, but Glenn manages to land on the ring apron and fire an elbow into Sandoval's face to back him off. Glenn steps back through the ropes to safety.] CONLON: CHAMBERS SURVIVES AGAIN! THE MAN HAS ALLIGATOR BLOOD IN HIM!!! JACKSON: And you get on me for quoting movies? Chambers is lucky there as Sandoval won't make that mistake twice. Next time he dumps him, it will be for real. CONLON: If he gets a next time. Chambers seems motivated now to put the Latin sensation out himself. JACKSON: "El Patron" is having a strong showing in there. I could see him really moving up after tonight. [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: It is time for the next man to enter the match, Pepper! JACKSON: We know Cardinal is number forty, so who is number thirty-nine?

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** ["Thirteen" by Danzig as Windham Brody walks out with sour look on his face as he keeps his eyes on the ring. The fans shower him with boos as he slowly marches his way to the squared circle.] CONLON: WINDHAM BRODY IS NUMBER THIRTY-NINE!!! JACKSON: And that is one big man coming down to the ring! When Chase Williams got eliminated, most probably thought that the last super sized threat was gone, but we know better now! CONLON: And Brody, who a year ago was in GEW and holding their TV Title, arrived due to the GEW buyout and has been one of two major surprises from that defunct federation. JACKSON: The other being Harrison Daniels III, which admittedly is not a great fact, but it is a fact nonetheless. [Brody gets to the ring and walks up the stairs slowly, surveying the action inside. We see Michael Turner pushing hard against Aaron Lewis in the far corner, while close to where Brody stands, Ken Curtis is trying to get to his feet as Jeff Keenan continues to land punches on him to keep the advantage. In the middle of the ring, Felix Sandoval and Glenn Chambers are continuing to battle each other, as Glenn re-entered the ring and hit a running bulldog on Sandoval.] CONLON: CHAMBERS WITH A BIG BULLDOG ON SANDOVAL AND THAT WAR CONTINUES BETWEEN THEM!!! JACKSON: Glenn Chambers has weathered a massive storm tonight and now finds himself getting his second wind in there. However, I think eventually Sandoval wins out in that one. CONLON: Windham Brody is now in the ring, but he hasn't really done anything but stand there. JACKSON: He is showing patience that others his age have not tonight. He will find the right spot and strike when he deems it necessary. He is the tallest man in the ring and possibly the strongest, too! [Brody steps over the top rope and enters the ring. Chambers sets up for a slingshot, and grabs Felix's legs before dropping back and sending him into the air into the corner. Sandoval's head hits the turnbuckle just as Chambers wanted and he catches him on the rebound out of the corner with a massive spinning powerslam that gets a rise out of the fans. Across the way, Turner is still working on Lewis against the ropes. Brody takes off running toward them and Lewis drops down at the last second as Brody drills a big boot to Turner and sends him rolling over and out of the match.] CONLON: LEWIS MANAGES TO DUCK OUT, BUT MICHAEL TURNER IS LITERALLY BOOTED OUT OF THE MATCH BY WINDHAM BRODY!!! RA OVER THE PA: MICHAEL TURNER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: Turner gave it a good run, and God knows he had the right idea to prove himself, but you can't teach someone how to deal with the size of Brody nor how to avoid their surprise attack. CONLON: Experience is a great teacher, for certain. Michael Turner finishes in eight place, and we are another step closer to seeing who earns what in this one! JACKSON: And with the men remaining, it is going to lead to some intriguing match-ups as we move forward. Think about Derek Rage against Dylan Cardinal or even a rematch with Aaron Lewis! How about Antonio De Luca having to defend against a Felix Sandoval or "Cowboy" Ken Curtis? [Brody turns and gets hit by a fast elbow from Aaron Lewis. He staggers the bigger man back into the corner and then runs after him for a corner splash. Brody was ready for him and takes his hands, catching Lewis mid-leap and lifting him into the air. Lewis flies way up and over the top rope and tries to land on the ring apron, but can't hold on, stumbling and finally leaping off the apron and landing on top of Michael Turner's back as the crowd erupts.] CONLON: AARON LEWIS SENT FLYING INTO THE AIR AND MANAGES TO SAVE HIMSELF ON TOP OF MICHAEL TURNER'S BACKON THE OUTSIDE!!!! HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT?!?!?! JACKSON: IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?!?!?! CONLON: The referee is signaling Lewis is not eliminated as his feet haven't hit the arena floor, only standing on Turner. So Michael is the buffer there! Can he get back to the ring is the real question. JACKSON: Well if he does, Brody is standing there waiting. He is being VERY smart and not walking away. He wants to make sure he takes out the former champ as well! [Lewis is standing on top of Turner's back and he swings his arms, taking a big standing long jump that sends him back to the ring apron. Brody is waiting and takes a big swing, but Aaron dodges and then surges between the top and middle rope, driving his shoulder into Brody's stomach. As Lewis steps back into the ring, the crowd erupts for his survival. Across the way, Ken Curtis clotheslines Jeff Keenan to the mat as he seems to be done taking punishment from him.] CONLON: LEWIS CLEARS THE LEAP AND IS BACK IN THE MATCH!!! JACKSON: I cannot believe what we just saw! Aaron Lewis using Michael Turner's back as a safety pad only to leap back to the apron and avoid Brody's attack. CONLON: And Ken Curtis has sprung back to life, taking down Jeff Keenan with a big lariat! JACKSON: You realize that is the same move as a clothesline right? You call it both things! [Lewis rushes and hits a chop block on the left knee of Windham Brody, taking the big man down to the mat. Lewis quickly grabs that leg and yanks it up and then drives the knee into the canvas with a lot of force. He does it again as the fans cheer. Across the way, Glenn Chambers hits a hip toss on Felix Sandoval and their battle continues as they end up near a corner themselves.] CONLON: I do. It has to deal with where the man is from. If they are from Texas, it is a lariat. However, if they are from anywhere else, it is correct to call it a clothesline. JACKSON: You are kidding me! CONLON: Nope. That has been tradition since before I was even born! Now Aaron Lewis is trying to take the legs out from under Windham Brody! JACKSON: Smart move from him. He knows a big man needs those wheels to be able to power through things. Limit their power and you have a chance to eventually get them out! [Just then, in the background, the big screen lights up with the countdown.] CONLON: Well here it is! The last time we see the countdown! JACKSON: And we know who number forty is going to be as well!

*****BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***** [Faith No More's "Stripsearch" heralds the final entrant's arrival; "The Basilisk" Dylan Cardinal. The King of Serpents appears at the top of the aisle and slithers his way down to the ringside area, still showing much of the battle scars from the opening cage match. Deliberate, calculating, it's clear he's in no hurry to slide into the fray, the surrounding fans booing his decision to maximize his advantage to the fullest.] CONLON: "THE BASILISK" DKYLAN CARDINAL IS NUMBER FORTY! We all knew that as he defeated Liam DOnegal for the right to claim this position on Showdown! JACKSON: And now the field is set! Cardinal makes seven men left in the rumble! He is in there with Brody, Chambers, Lewis, Sandoval, Keenan, and the living legend, "Cowboy" Ken Curtis! CONLON: One of these men will challenge Derek Rage at Slamfest VI for the UPW World Heavyweight Title! JACKSON: And no matter which one it is, you can know that these men all look good playing the part of challenger. UPW cannot go wrong with any of them standing tall at the end. But let's be honest, Cardinal is the lock, here! [Dylan Cardinal finally steps through the ropes and enters the match. He is the odd man out right now, as it seems the other battles are ongoing around the ring between the six other wrestlers remaining. In the corner to his immediate left, Sandoval and Chambers are there and Felix seems to have Chambers again teetering over the ropes. Cardinal almost seems to laugh as he sees that corner, but turns to see the far corner where Ken Curtis is pounding away on Jeff Keenan and has him at a major disadvantage.] CONLON: SEVEN MEN LEFT and Dylan Cardinal is just a spectator right now, watching everything in front of him! JACKSON: Talk about the perfect positioning! He can see who is weak and who is strong. He can formulate a plan to do exactly what he wants to do and then he can go in there and pull it off. CONLON: So is HE your pick to win now, Pepper? JACKSON: He always was. The moment he earned the number forty position, Dylan Cardinal was the man to beat. He is the best UPW has at any level and to give him such an advantageous position makes it impossible not to pick him. [In another corner, Aaron Lewis is straining to get Windham Brody over the top rope and can't fully muster enough to push the taller man out. The size difference is just great enough to make it difficult. We also see Chambers hit a string of elbows to the side of Sandoval's head, forcing a break of his attempted lift in their corner. Chambers begins firing right hands once his feet hit the mat. In the foreground, Ken Curtis is now driving knees into the face of Keenan after Jeff dropped into a sitting position in that corner.] CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS FIGHTS HIS WAY OUT OF SANDOVAL'S ELIMINATION ATTEMPT! Those two have really gone after each other in there! JACKSON: And that is what you expect at this stage of the rumble! For those keeping score, Chambers is only a couple of minutes behind Lance Donovan for longest time in the ring tonight. Can he upstage "The Adonis?" CONLON: Not if Sandoval has anything to say about it! And look at Ken Curtis go! The legend still has it, and Jeff Keenan is getting rocked with every strike of that one healthy knee he has in there! JACKSON: Curtis has been amazing tonight. I can't believe what we have seen out of him! [Brody drives his knee into the crotch of Lewis, stopping the former champ's offense immediately. Brody brings his big leg back over and immediately drives that knee into the side of Lewis' head. The crowd groans as Lewis loses the advantage. Over on the other side, Sandoval is not pushing Glenn Chambers' neck against the middle rope, choking him blatantly. Ken Curtis continues his assault on Jeff Keenan until Cardinal grabs him, spins him around and jabs him right in the throat and then takes him by the head, and heaves him over the top rope and out.] CONLON: SNAKEBITE FROM CARDINTO TO KEN CURTIS AND CARDINAL DUMPS HIM OVER THE TOP AND OUT! OH MY GOD!!! RA OVER THE PA: "COWBOY" KEN CURTIS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: DYLAN CARDINAL TAKES OUT A LEGEND!!! I knew he had it in him, but that may be one of the biggest moments of his career to date! That wasn't some tag team jobber he just threw out! CONLON: Ken Curtis, a true legend of the ring, finishes in an impressive seventh place after more than twenty-nine minutes in the rumble! JACKSON: Endurance is amazing at that age! And he looks pretty angry out there! Dylan Cardinal just made his mark on history and pissed off a legend as well! And what I love most? He doesn't care! [Cardinal doesn't seem to miss a beat, stepping to the side just in time to be missed by a whipped Glenn Chambers, who lands in the corner on top of Jeff Keenan after being whipped across by Felix Sandoval. "El Patron" walks over and stares at Cardinal. The two considering locking up, but before any offense can be thrown at each other, Chambers surges out of the corner and clotheslines Sandoval with a fury.] CONLON: CHAMBERS IS THROWN ACROSS, BUT ENDS UP CLOBBERIGN SANDOVAL WITH THAT RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!!! JACKSON: And Cardinal just stood there watching. Why jump in when guys can beat the hell out of each other for you! I told you he was a brilliant strategist, Stan! CONLON: And you have to wonder if the reason he didn't strike was because he wants no further piece of Glenn Chambers after that cage match earlier tonight. JACKSON: Why would he? He won. It's over. Chambers has nothing on him at all and Dylan is focused on the big belt now, as he should be! [Chambers get to his feet and Cardinal is there with a throat job that staggers his nemesis back quickly. Dylan finds himself standing near Brody and Lewis, so he spins Lewis around and jabs him in the throat as well. Cardinal grabs a stunned Lewis by the left arm, yanking him back with a short-arm clothesline, dropping him to the canvas. Cardinal now stands as the only man vertical in the ring as the crowd boos.] CONLON: CARDINAL STANDS ALONE IN THE RING!!! EVERYBODY ELSE IS EITHE RON THE MAT OR TRYING TO GET BACK TO THEIR FEET! JACKSON: He's the man in there and now everybody can see it as a fact! This man is the future UPW World Champion. By hook or by crook, he will wear the gold soon enough! CONLON: Cardinal certainly has control of the entire ring, Pepper! Now the question is who gets the next strike from the snake? JACKSON: Looks like he is going to take a hard look at big Windham Brody! This could be the good-bye moment for the other big guy in the ring! [Cardinal walks over to Windham Brody and drives an elbow down on the back of the big man's head. Brody drops down and lays on the mat. Keenan walks over to Felix Sandoval and pulls him up by that left arm, yanking him in for a short-arm clothesline. Cardinal seems unstoppable as he slithers over to Jeff Keenan, grabbing him with lightning speed and dropping him with his patented snap DDT finisher.] CONLON: Cardinal making his mark on every man in the ring.....LD50 ON JEFF KEENAN!!! KEENAN IS OUT COLD!!! JACKSON: Nobody has kicked out of that move yet in UPW. It is a vicious and nasty a finishing move as we have ever seen and Keenan is ripe for a toss out now. The night is over for him! CONLON: The fans are chanting for Keenan as Cardinal stands over him. JACKSON: He doesn't care about what the fans want. All the matters is what HE wants and that is the chance to main event Slamfest and wrestle for the UPW World Heavyweight Title! [Chambers is up and starts moving toward Cardinal, but before he gets there, Windham Brody kicks his teeth in with a big boot. Cardinal looks at what happens, but can't react as Aaron Lewis leaps on him from behind and locks on a sleeper hold. Cardinal staggers around the middle of the ring as Lewis holds the tight as strong as he can. The fans cheer him on as Dylan drops to a knee before rising up and driving Lewis back into the corner to break the hold.] CONLON: AARON LEWIS TRIES A SLEEPER ONLY TO GET SENT HARD INTO THE CORNER!!! JACKSON: Great idea from the former champion, but execution was a little off. "The Basilisk" took advantage and drove him right into the corner! CONLON: I don't think he intended to actually put Cardinal to sleep, but rather slow him down and wear him down a little. JACKSON: Didn't work! Now all he has done is made himself a target for the one man nobody can seem to get the better of in UPW! Aaron Lewis put himself once again as target number one! [Brody pulls Chambers up and sets him in power bomb position. He lifts, but instead of going for the elimination, he drops him into the corner for a nasty buckle bomb. Chambers hits hard and actually drops to his knees before bouncing back up and taking a running clothesline from Brody. On the other side of the ring, Cardinal grabs Lewis and drops him with the LD50 as the fans erupt in boos.] CONLON: LD50 ON AARON LEWIS!!! DYLAN CARDINAL IS ON A RAMPAGE IN THERE!!! JACKSON: Lewis is out cold! The former champ is in serious jeopardy from Cardinal now! [Cardinal pulls Lewis up and just rolls him over the top rope. Lewis bounces of the ring apron as he falls, hitting the floor without moving at all, unconscious after the LD50.] CONLON: LEWIS DUMPED OVER THE TOP ROPE BY CARDINAL AND HE IS GONE!!! LISTEN TO THIS CROWD BOO CARDINAL RELENTLESSLY!!! RA OVER THE PA: AARON "ALL DAY" LEWIS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: What is more shocking is that Lewis goes out in SIXTH PLACE! That means he doesn't get ANY of the "cash spots" in the rumble! In one night, he went from World Champion to nothing! Zero! Nada! CONLON: He isn't nothing, but I get the point. It is quite the change of the landscape in UPW now! JACKSON: You better believe it! Now that presumed rematch everyone thought would happen between Rage and Lewis is GONE! That spot will be taken by somebody new and I got a feeling that we are looking at that man right now in Dylan Cardinal! [Chambers is attacked again by Felix Sandoval, but Glenn quickly reverses the attack in the corner and starts landing bombs of his own. Across the way, Cardinal walks over to Windham Brody, who is beginning to stand and up to a knee. He shakes his head as he looks down at the young man, grabbing his head and dropping him with that LD50 as hard and fast as he can.] CONLON: LD50 ON WINDHAM BRODY!!! THE BIG MAN IS DOWN AND OUT!!! JACKSON: CARDINAL IS TAKING THEM DOWN ONE BY ONE!!! [Chambers gets the upper hand on Sandoval and lifts him up, dropping him with his sitout power bomb that gets a massive eruption of cheers from the crowd.] CONLON: "LOCKED" AND LOADED FROM CHAMBERS TO SANDOVAL!!! "EL PATRON" IS DOWN AND OUT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RING!!! JACKSON: And look at this! It is down to Chambers and Cardinal right now. The other three men are all laid out and not moving at all! Keenan may have brain damage from the LD50! He hasn't moved in nearly two minutes! CONLON: The fans are excited now. You have to figure whichever one of these two can get the upper hand here has the advantage of just rolling the other three right out for the win! JACKSON: And Chambers has become the ironman in there! He surpassed forty six minutes just moments ago to take that honor away from Lance Donovan! So that length of time will mean he isn't nearly as fresh as Cardinal! [Chambers gets up from hitting the "Locked and Loaded" and immediately sees Cardinal staring at him after he laid our Brody. The fans begin going crazy as the very battle that started this night begins anew in the main event.] CONLON: HERE WE GO FOLKS!!! CARDINAL AND CHAMBERS YET AGAIN!!! JACKSON: Chambers already got beaten by Cardinal once tonight. And he has been in there the longest of ANYBODY tonight. Those two things mean Dylan Cardinal should have the advantage pretty fast. CONLON: Chambers has survived, no doubt and that level of endurance will not make him the easy target you think he will be. JACKSON: You just watch, Stan. Dylan Cardinal is about to crucify this man AGAIN in front of all the people who love him so much. [Cardinal and Chambers start circling near the center of the ring, with the other three people laid out on the outer edges of the corners and etc. They are both looking for an opening and looking with disgust at each other. Finally, Chambers surges in to go for a lock-up, but Cardinal stuns him with that patented jab to the throat.] CONLON: SNAKE BITE BY CARDINAL!!! Chambers lunged in, going for the customary collar-and- elbow tie up, but "The Basilisk" had other ideas. JACKSON: He always has other ideas! Dylan Cardinal is thinking six steps ahead of everybody else. That is why he may be the most unstoppable man in UPW ever! CONLON: Cardinal has been impressive in UPW and really his entire career. It isn't often that a man goes unpinned and unsubmitted for his entire career. JACKSON: And that spans YEARS! We aren't talking since September when UPW opened. He has been this way for a very long time! [Cardinal grabs the left arm of Chambers and yanks on it for the short-arm clothesline he is known for, but Chambers ducks under the clothesline attempt while still holding onto the right arm of Cardinal, wrapping his other arm around the taller man and lifting him for a belly-to-back suplex with the arm pulled across him. Cardinal lands on that arm and the fans erupt to see him take some pain.] CONLON: CHAMBERS WITH A GORGEOUS SUPLEX THAT CAUSES SOME ARM PROBLEMS FOR CARDINAL!!! JACKSON: Glenn is a great technical wrestler, so he will catch Dylan from time to time. But it won't happen often. CONLON: In a match like this, Pepper, once may be all it takes. JACKSON: That is a good point, Stan. This isn't a match like most others. This is the Ultimate Rumble! [Chambers grabs up Cardinal from the mat and gets his arms hooked under Dylan's elbows, lifting him for a double underhook back breaker. Chambers then shoves Cardinal off his knee with anger as the fans start chanting his name as loud as ever.] CONLON: BACKBREAKER BY CHAMBERS!!! The emotion the man is showing right now has the fans cheering him on! JACKSON: I love how Cardinal is the one man that can actually get under Glenn's skin so well that he almost looks like a different man when they lock up. CONLON: How so? JACKSON: Chambers is a good guy, we all know this. But when it is Cardinal, he changes. No reaction to the crowd. No smiles. No moments of taking in what he does. He becomes a machine that just wants to destroy. He may hate him, but Cardinal brings out the best in Glenn Chambers. [Chambers looks around to make sure the other three men are still not moving, and then he reaches to pull Cardinal to his feet. He sets him up to throw him out of the ring, grabbing behind his neck, while pushing in a whip-like motion. However Cardinal ducks under the final shove and it causes Chambers to spin due to having nothing in his hand when he shoved out. Chambers spins around into a European uppercut from Cardinal that staggers him against the ropes.] CONLON: CHAMBERS GOES FOR THE TOSS OUT BUT CARDINAL ESCAPES AND NAILS THAT UPPERCUT!!! JACKSON: These two are almost perfect against each other. With all due respect to Percy Monroe, they really are poetry in motion in the ring. CONLON: And they cause each other loads of devastation! JACKSON: That cage match took a toll on both and had it not been the leadoff match, I don't know that either of them are able to be in here now! [Cardinal grabs the arms and quickly goes for an LD50, only to have Chambers shove Dylan off before he can really go for it. Dylan hits the open corner with his back and rushes out with a fury, clotheslining Chambers to the canvas with extreme force.] CONLON: CARDINAL GOES FOR THE FINISH, BUT CHAMBERS SHOVES OUT OF IT ONLY TO GET CLOBBERED TO THE MAT AGAIN BY CARDINAL!!! JACKSON: One answer leading to a counter, then to another counter. These two are going crazy with each other and this battle may force both men to end up eliminated! CONLON: That is the real danger when you can beat on each other for too long in a match like this. JACKSON: Unless you are truly the final two in there. That is the only time this is acceptable for whomever survives. Otherwise, you have allowed yourself to become easy pickings. [Cardinal walks over and stands above Glenn's head, looking down with no emotion on his face at all. He bends his right leg and drops, almost in slow motion, a knee right across the forehead, reopening a wound that he caused earlier tonight in the cage. The fans begin to boo as Cardinal stands up and begins stomping on Chambers, as Glenn tries to roll over and reach for the ropes to pull himself up.] CONLON: DYLAN CARDINAL STOMPING A MUDHOLE INTO GLENN CHAMBERS!!! JACKSON: AND CHAMBERS IS BLEEDING AGAIN!!! CONLON: Looks like the cut that was opened up early in the cage match tonight has been re- opened by Cardinal's knee! JACKSON: Whatever he can do to chop Chambers down and weaken him, that is what Cardinal will do. The Title is what he is after now. [Cardinal allows a bleeding Chambers to pull himself up to his knee before rushing in and grabbing him by the head and lifting those knees into his ribs on each side, one after the other. Cardinal then whips Chambers into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a massive spinebuster slam that shakes the ring on impact.] CONLON: SPINEBUSTER SLAM BY CARDINAL!!! WHAT AN IMPACT!!! JACKSON: Dylan Cardinal's menacing behavior gets the headlines, but lost in the shuffle is the fact that he is one of the best all-around talents in the ring today! CONLON: I don't think anyone forgets that fact about him, Pepper. I think it is just the way he deals with others outside the ring is just so glaring. JACKSON: Well get used to it because after tonight, this is the man that we will refer to simply as "the future champ." [Cardinal pulls Chambers up and gets him in a front chancery hold, going to work again with the knees, hitting a pair of strikes with them before dropping down and drilling Chambers with a facebuster on his right knee. Glenn staggers back into the ropes and Cardinal rushes, hitting a clothesline that sends Chambers over the top rope. Glenn manages to hold on to the top rope and his knee is on the ring apron keeping him from going to the floor.] CONLON: CHAMBERS SENT FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE....BUT HE SURVIVES AND HANGS ON!!! JACKSON: I CANNOT BELIEVE THE LEVEL OF SKILL HE HAS TO SURVIVE! CONLON: Cardinal just knew that was it for Chambers. The facebuster stunning him in just the right place and yet Glenn refuses to give in. His sole purpose is to make sure Cardinal DOESN'T win. Talk about an epic battle! JACKSON: And the fact that they have opposite goals means that one of them will succeed and the other fail miserably! [Cardinal immediately gets around to Glenn's hands on that top rope and he leans down, biting the knuckles to try and force him to let go. Chambers is still trying to get some decent footing on the apron, but the finger biting is causing a ton of difficulty and the stream of blood from his forehead is causing sight issues in his right eye.] CONLON: CARDINAL IS BITING THE KNUCKLES OF GLENN CHAMBERS TO TRY AND FORCE HIM OFF THE APRON!!! JACKSON: You do what you have to do in order to get that man to fall down tot he floor and touch both feet there. Cardinal is really digging deep now. CONLON: You mean getting dirty! Actually biting the fingers? Wow! JACKSON: You would do the same thing if it meant getting rid of the man who hates you with such a passion. Cardinal is just working his hardest to achieve his personal dream! [Chambers finally gets his other foot under him on the apron and starts to stand as we can see some blood on Chambers' fingers from Cardinal's dental attack. Cardinal seems him getting more rooted on that apron and he stops biting and loads up to land a big right hand that forces Chambers nearly off the apron.] CONLON: BIG RIGHT HAND FROM CARDINAL STAGGERS CHAMBERS ON THAT APRON!!! JACKSON: The fact Glenn is even still standing on that apron is a testament to him, but Cardinal needs to keep the pressure on. CONLON: No doubt that he will. JACKSON: Cardinal looking to throw down and take Chambers out! [Cardinal loads up and takes a couple of steps to throw the next punch, but Glenn ducks under it and yanks on the ropes to propel himself over the top rope and back into the ring as the crowd erupts! As this is happening, we see the other three men begin to stir and get to their feet slowly.] CONLON: CARDINAL MISSES THE PUNCH AND GLENN CHAMBERS PROPELS HIMSELF BACK INTO THE RING!!! JACKSON: NO!!! CONLON: The crowd going ballistic here in Chicago as Glenn Chambers survives yet again! JACKSON: And it is almost like hitting the reset button on this entire battle! Both men to their feet and here we go again! Holy Moly Ravioli!!! [Chambers rolls through and gets to his feet just in time to avoid a big clothesline attempt from Cardinal. As Dylan goes by, Chambers raises his knee to hit "The Basilisk" right in the gut. Chambers turns and begins landing right hand after right hand, the crowd going into epic battle pop mode with every impact.] CONLON: CHAMBERS DRILLING CARDINAL WITH HARD RIGHT HANDS!!! THOSE ARE LIKE TRIP HAMMERS TO CARDINAL HEAD!!! JACKSON: Illegal as well, but in this rumble, almost anything goes! Well except chairs, weapons, managers, you get the idea. But closed fists....BRING IT ON!!! CONLON: Glenn Chambers is a man possessed and it looks like he may fulfill his goal for the rumble! JACKSON: I can't believe his goal is not winning, but to make sure Dylan doesn't. I still think that is truly messed up and shows you just what kind of vengeful, spiteful man he really is. [Chambers then lands a kick to the gut and sticks Cardinal head between his thighs. The fans going nuts because they know the "Locked and Loaded" comes next. Glenn lifts hard on the 6'7" Cardinal, but Dylan kicks his legs out as he flips over and grabs the neck of Chambers, landing a nasty sit-down neckbreaker that changes momentum quickly.] CONLON: SITDOWN NECKBREAKER BY CARDINAL!!! WHAT A REVERSAL OUT OF THE LOCKED AND LOADED RIGHT THERE!!! JACKSON: That may have not only saved him from elimination, but may have clinched him being the championship contender! CONLON: These two continue beating on each other like this, it is very possible that neither ends up as World Champion Derek Rage's challenger! JACKSON: My thoughts now are what Rage and Sims are thinking as they watch this backstage. CONLON: You mean if they are rooting for one of these men over the other? JACKSON: Oh no. I just wonder if they have decided chicken or steak for a late dinner. OF COURSE I MEAN WHICH GUY THEY WOULD RATHER FACE! [In the foreground, we see Sandoval and Brody standing to their feet and shaking cobwebs out. In the background the same can be said for Jeff Keenan. Cardinal pulls Chambers up off the canvas and to his feet before leaning down and hoisting Chambers up into a Samoan lift. Cardinal marches over to the ropes and goes to dump Chambers over the top rope, but Glenn holds his arm tightly around the neck of Cardinal, pulling him over as well. Both men tumble over the top rope, but Chambers' rear end lands on the apron and his other arm has hold of the top rope as Cardinal hits the floor to a massive crowd eruption.] CONLON: CHAMBERS HOLDS ON AND CARDINAL HITS THE FLOOR!!! OH MY GOD!!!! CARDINAL IS GONE!!! RA OVER THE PA: "THE BASILISK" DYLAN CARDINAL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS HAS DONE WHAT HE SET OUT TO DO AND DYLAN CARDINAL IS DENIED THE WORLD TITLE SHOT!!! JACKSON: But! He does finish fifth place and that means he gets that mystery box on Showdown! Nobody has a clue what is in it, but what if it is the ability to be in any match he chooses at Slamfest? CONLON: That would be crazy! JACKSON: Stranger things have happened. This is the UPW after all! [Chambers slides under the bottom rope, touches that cut to see just how bad it is, and starts to stand when Windham Brody rushes him to try and clothesline him out. Glenn simply drops back to his feet and yanks down on the bottom rope, sending Brody flying over the top rope and to the floor, narrowly missing landing on top of Cardinal. The crowd is again at epic levels of noise.] CONLON: CHAMBERS DROPS TO AVOID BRODY AND SENDS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! WINDHAM BRODY IS OUT OF THE RUMBLE!!! RA OVER THE PA: WINDHAM BRODY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: Fourth place!!! Brandon Franklin get ready, at some point you will defend that TV Title against Brody as that is what he gets for fourth place! CONLON: We're down to THREE MEN!!! Glenn Chambers, Felix Sandoval, and Jeff Keenan are the only men remaining! One of these men will advance to Slamfest and a date with destiny! JACKSON: Chambers is still sitting on the mat with an arm slowly coming down to rest on the middle rope. CONLON: That hasn't stopped the other two, as Sandoval and Keenan have locked up! JACKSON: But why give Chambers a pass at all? The guy is beaten down to a near pulp. He's bleeding from both his head AND his fingers! If they teamed up, he would be gone! [Sandoval and Keenan lock up and surge back and forth before Felix manages to get his knee into Keenan's gut and gain the advantage. He then drops elbows into the area of Jeff's back between the shoulder blades, while looking over at Chambers to make sure Glenn isn't charging over.] CONLON: Felix Sandoval looking to grind down Jeff Keenan and keeping a watchful eye on Glenn Chambers. JACKSON: Sandoval knows what he is doing in there. He's been in barrio fights his entire life and those are NEVER one-on-one! You don't become a man like Felix Sandoval without winning battles just like this one! CONLON: Keenan's speed is his best asset and this is certainly taking that away from him. JACKSON: You add the length of time in the match, along with this beat down, and Keenan will be considerably slower. All makes for an easy target! [Sandoval whips Keenan across the ring and into the corner, where Keenan hits with a really hard thus and drops immediately to the canvas in front of the corner. Sandoval takes off and instead of rushing at Keenan, surprises Glenn Chambers with a running elbow to the head and drops Glenn to his knees. Felix quickly back to that adjacent corner, where he pulls Keenan to his feet and shoves him into the corner to begin delivering a series of knee and elbow strikes to the veteran.] CONLON: SANDOVAL DRILLS CHAMBERS WITH AN ELBOW BEFORE RUSHING OVER AND TEEING OFF ON KEENAN!!! JACKSON: Total control by Felix Sandoval! The man is showing why he might be the most underrated star in UPW so far! CONLON: Sandoval loves delivering beatings like this, we know that much from watching him every week defend that TV Title. JACKSON: And it will be no different if he ends up with a higher profile belt as well! The man knows how to wrangle the wills of men and take their hope away in the ring. [Sandoval once again yells out in Spanish and the crowd gives him heat. Then he pulls Keenan out of the corner and whips him across the ring to the opposite corner. Sandoval follows in several feet behind, but Keenan jumps and uses his right foot on the middle rope and left foot on the top rope to propel himself back toward Sandoval with a nasty spinning roundhouse kick that floors the former TV Champion.] CONLON: SHOWTIME KICK BY JEFF KEENAN!!! HOW THE HELL DID HE PULL THAT OFF?!?!?! JACKSON: Desperation move by Keenan. Talk about feast or famine! If he misses that kick, or mis-timed it in any way, Sandoval would have caught him and probably thrown him right out of the match! CONLON: But instead Felix ate the kick tot he face and things just got flipped over yet again in this rumble! JACKSON: I'm surprised Keenan had anything in the tank for such a move! He still shocks us today and you think we would have known better after seeing how well he has done in UPW. [Both men are down for a moment, but Keenan is quickly up to his feet and rushes over to hit a running knee to the side of Sandoval's head as he was beginning to stand up. Keenan raises his arms to the crowd, who give him a massive cheer before he turns to pull Sandoval up to his feet. Keenan grabs the head of Sandoval to go for the Quickstryke, but Felix shoves him off and away to the mat.] CONLON: KEENAN GOES FOR THE QUICK STRY....NO!!! SANDOVAL SHOVES HIM AWAY!!! JACKSON: Great counter by "El Patron!" He saw that coming a mile away and immediately defused the situation! This is how you stay alive, Stan! CONLON: If Keenan had connected with that, Sandoval would be staring up from the arena floor for sure! JACKSON: But he didn't! That is all that counts. Sandoval is still alive and Keenan may have missed his best opportunity to take him out! [Keenan is back up and rushes over to Sandoval, loading up for a big punch when Felix kicks his foot out in a soccer style kick that connects with the lower regions of Keenan's body. Jeff tumbles to the mat and is prone as Felix begins stomping on him over and over. Felix notices Chambers back to his feet in the corner and he rushes over to land another elbow smash in the corner, causing Glenn to drop to his knees again.] CONLON: SANDOVAL ONCE AGAIN LANDING A SHOT ON CHAMBERS TO KEEP HIM OUT OF THE ACTION!!! JACKSON: Divide and conquer, Stan! Sandoval knows that if they decided to work together, he would be in trouble. So he continues to get shots in on Chambers to keep him at bay as he deals with Keenan. CONLON: It is a sound strategy that has worked so far. JACKSON: I told you he knows how to handle himself in this crazy types of fights. And that is what this is. This isn't wrestling, this is literally a fight for survival! [Sandoval comes back over to Keenan, pulling him to his feet and hammering him with several hard right hands to the head before finally whipping him into the ropes. Keenan rebounds and goes for a high cross body, but Felix catches him in mid-air. The force of the rebounding leap sends both men backward and over the top rope. Keenan grabs onto the top rope as Sandoval's feet hit the floor and the crowd erupts.] CONLON: KEENAN HOLDS ON AND SANDOVAL HITS THE FLOOR! OH MY GOD, SANDOVAL IS GONE!!! RA OVER THE PA: "EL PATRON" FELIX SANDOVAL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! CONLON: Jeff Keenan drops back into the ring and it is down to the final TWO! JACKSON: Sandoval had it in his grasp and he just couldn't handle the momentum Keenan fired back off those ropes with. That may be the most unfortunate thing I have ever seen in UPW to date! Sandoval now has a World Tag Title shot in his back pocket thanks to third place in this one! [Keenan stands to his feet as Glenn Chambers steps out of that corner and the two men advance to the middle of the ring. The crowd begins to get to their feet as the two men stand right in front of each other. They nod and Glenn reaches out his hand. As Keenan returns the favor and the men shake hands in the middle of the ring, the crowd erupts in the loudest cheer of the night so far.] CONLON: Mutual respect for the final two in the rumble! I love seeing that, Pepper! JACKSON: It is weak! One of them should have used the handshake to yank the other one right out of the match. That is the smart play. CONLON: But not the respectful one! JACKSON: Who cares about that?!?! This is the final two for crying out loud! The one left standing gets a shot at the UPW WOrld Heavyweight Title at the biggest pay-per-view of the year! You do what you have to in order to make sure it is YOU in that spot! [They lock up and Keenan manages to gain a side headlock on Chambers for a split second before Chambers chain wrestles out of it and ends up with a standing hammer lock on Keenan. Keenan swings back for an elbow, but Chambers ducks it, letting go of the hammer lock and the two men end up staring each other down again, nodding toward one another in mutual respect.] CONLON: BOTH MEN GOING TO THE WELL AND COMING UP IN A NEAR DRAW! JACKSON: The Keenan that beat Chambers months ago is not the same Keenan we have here tonight. That Keenan did what had to be done to win and nearly ended up advancing to the World Title finals. This one is just not as motivated! CONLON: Says you! Jeff Keenan has become someone who doesn't need to cheat in order to win! That is why the fans have really brought him in recent weeks! JACKSON: That and they utterly hate Rick Styles. That doesn't mean he has to change his style that made him so great in the first place! [They tie up again, and this time Chambers get the side headlock. Instead of trying to reverse with chain wrestling, Keenan just shoves Glenn off and into the ropes, leaping over Glenn on the first pass and then nailing a dropkick on the second rebound, sending Chambers to the mat.] CONLON: DROPKICK BY KEENAN! And the veteran with the first real advantage in this final two! JACKSON: At this stage any mistake can be the one that ruins your night. And how disappointing would it be for Chambers to last fifty-two minutes and change only to screw up at the final moment? CONLON: I think anybody would feel disappointed in second place, but remember he already met his goal of taking out Cardinal. JACKSON: Don't remind me. [Keenan over quickly as he pulls Glenn up and puts his upper body against the ropes, trying to shove him over. Chambers hits an elbow to back Keenan off. Chambers rushes and levels Keenan with a running clothesline to regain the advantage.] CONLON: WHAT A CLOTHESLINE BY GLENN CHAMBERS!!! KEENAN JUST GOT DEMOLISHED THERE!!! JACKSON: He was playing it right and trying to get Chambers out when he had the chance. Glenn has just managed to avoid getting thrown over really well tonight. CONLON: It will take more than a dropkick and a sudden surge to take him down. Keenan knows this now. JACKSON: He should have assumed it and kept attacking already. Might be the first real tactical error I have seen him make. [Glenn gets to his feet and pulls Keenan up. He lifts him with a vertical suplex lift and holds him that way for several seconds before finally dropping him in the center of the ring. The crowd cheering both men on as they battle for the ultimate rumble prize.] CONLON: VERTICAL SUPLEX BY CHAMBERS!! JACKSON: And Glenn made sure the blood rushed to the head before dropping that suplex as well. Smart move there! CONLON: Chambers is trying to take the equilibrium equation and really turn it on Keenan. JACKSON: Just say he wants to throw him off balance. Those big words are just stupid! [Chambers pulls Keenan up and sticks his head between his thighs. The fans know what is coming and as Chambers lifts him quickly for the "Locked and Loaded," Keenan kicks his legs out and turns the move into a front facebuster that leaves both men lying in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: FRONT FACEBUSTER BY KEENAN!!! WHAT A REVERSAL OF THE LOCKED AND LOADED!!! JACKSON: Keenan knew what was coming! Either Chambers would hit the move and have an easy throw out or Chambers would literally throw him out while hitting the move. Either way, he smartly countered! CONLON: And now both men are down! This has taken its toll on both men! JACKSON: Keenan hasn't even lasted nineteen minutes yet, so he should be much, much fresher in there! That is why countering that was possible! [Both men stay down for several seconds before Keenan finally rolls over and grabs for the ropes to start pulling himself to his feet. It takes a bit of time and when he finally stands, Chambers is starting to pull himself up with the adjacent set of ropes. Keenan goes over hits a running punt kick to the side of Glenn's head, ending his attempt to stand quickly.] CONLON: RUNNING PUNT KICK BY KEENAN DROPS CHAMBERS AGAIN!!! JACKSON: This is it! That was what we were waiting for! The big attack that Keenan needed to gain the big advantage and now he can work Chambers out of this match. CONLON: You really don't like Chambers, do you? JACKSON: That isn't it. I just miss the old Jeff Keenan and hope that if he wins this, maybe the man with the real passion and desire will show back up! [Keenan's face shows great determination as he pulls Chambers up to his feet and whips him into the corner across the way. Jeff rushes in behind him and hits a leaping splash on top of Chambers' back after Glenn's chest hit the turnbuckles with a lot of force. Jeff points to the fans and gets a cheer as he continues his assault.] CONLON: BIG SPLASH IN THE CORNER BY KEENAN AND CHAMBERS GETS CRUSHED AGAIN AGAINST THE TURNBUCKLES!!! JACKSON: Stan, this is it! He knows it is his time to rise again! Jeff Keenan hasn't worn a World Title in more than a decade, but he is about to get a shot at changing that! CONLON: He hasn't thrown Chambers out yet, Pepper! JACKSON: It is coming, just watch! Keenan has the plan in place! He knows how he will finish off the best grappler in UPW! [Keenan whips Chambers into the corner as hard as he can. Chambers hits awkwardly and flips up to the top of the corner, nearly rolling all the way out of the match. Glenn catches himself and quickly gets back on the turnbuckle, turning around his legs to face into the ring before Keenan strikes again with a punch to the mid-section and then a leap into the air for a kick to the side of the head. Chambers falls back off the top turnbuckle, but his feet save him as they are trapped and twisted on the middle turnbuckle.] CONLON: CHAMBERS TAKES THE LEAPING ENZUIGIRI FROM KEENAN, BUT IS TRAPPED IN THE CORNER!!! JACKSON: His feet getting tangled saved him from falling out! Glenn is OUT COLD UP THERE!!! He is just dangling! I can't believe this! Jeff Keenan has this won! CONLON: Nothing happens until one of them hits the floor with both feet, Pepper. You know this. JACKSON: Not the point! LOOK!!! He is just dangling there with his arms hanging out and everything. His fingers are only a couple of feet from the floor with how he is hanging there! CONLON: But that isn't an elimination, Pepper. JACKSON: Stan, Chambers ISN'T FREAKING MOVING AT ALL!!! That kick did its job and he is just dangling there. All Keenan has to do is to get those feet untangled! CONLON: Easier said than done as he seems to be really struggling with it! JACKSON: Well part of the problem is that because Chambers is dangling, that leverage has the feet stuck worse than normal. He is going to need to get leverage himself in order to disconnect them and send Glenn falling. [Chambers hangs two-thirds out of the match and Keenan quickly tries to untangle those feet so Glenn will fall and be eliminated. He can't get them to budge. He steps up the turnbuckle and places his feet on the middle rope to steady himself as he continues wrenching away at those feet. Glenn finally sits up and grabs Jeff by the waist, flipping him over the corner and out to the other side. Keenan tries to grab the ropes, but his fingers just miss and he hits the floor as the crowd erupts.] CONLON: CHAMBERS COMES TO AND GRABS KEENAN LIFTING HIM OVER HIS OWN BODY AND OUT OF THE MATCH!!! IT'S OVER!!! CHAMBERS WINS!!! RA OVER THE PA: JEFF KEENAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!! JACKSON: HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?!?!?! RA OVER THE PA: THEREFORE THE WINNER OF THE 2017 ULTIMATE RUMBLE IS GLENN CHAMBERS!!!! [Massive crowd pop. Literally the loudest in UPW history as Glenn untangles his feet and slowly lumbers off the top turnbuckle and into the ring.] CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS IS GOING TO SLAMFEST TO CHALLENGE THE WORLD CHAMPION!!! JACKSON: Jeff Keenan is lying on the arena floor with his hands over his face, knowing he had this one if not for a fluke! [The pyro begins exploding as Chambers stands in the middle of the ring and points up, the cover coming off the large Slamfest logo that is hanging in the rafters. The fans erupt as he points to that sign.] CONLON: What an amazing finish to an amazing event! Glenn Chambers is going to Slamfest and will challenge for the UPW World Heavyweight Title! JACKSON: And assuming the champion remains the champion, that means he gets the monster giant himself, Derek Rage! Talk about a great match up. CONLON: We are so glad you joined us tonight folks, for Pepper Jackson, Dyan Ciccarelli, and the entire UPW broadcast team, I'm Stan Conlon saying goodnight from Chicago, Illinois where Glenn Chambers stands tall as the sole survivor! JACKSON: I still can't believe it! CONLON: Good night everybody! [Glenn Chambers begins holding his fingers to the crowd, thanking them as they shower him with cheers. The scene continues as the copyright information appears.] [Fade to black.] © 2016 UPW, Inc. ==================== MATCHWRITING CREDITS ==================== PRESHOW ------- WILLIAMS/GAINES --> BRANDON F. SKYLARK/JAMES --> RYAN D. 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