UPW World Heavyweight Title History

Champion Reign Date won Date Lost Event Notes
League closed down April 23, 2017
Derek Rage 49 days 3/5/2017 4/23/2017 Survival PPV Defeated Aaron Lewis by pinfall.
Aaron "All Day" Lewis 66 days 12/29/2016 3/5/2017 Showdown TV Defeated Dylan Cardinal, Liam Donegal, and Chase Williams in Fatal 4-way match.
League closed down Nov, 30, 2015
"High Class" Jarrett Van Diem 15 days 11/15/2015 11/30/2015 Collision Course Defeated Aaron Lewis in a "Hell in a Cell" Match.
Aaron "All Day" Lewis 98 days 8/9/2015 11/15/2015 Heatwave Defeated Jarrett Van Diem 3-2 in a 60-minute Iron Man Match.
"High Class" Jarrett Van Diem 26 days 7/14/2015 8/9/2015 Showdown TV Defeated Aaron Lewis by pinfall after cashing in his title shot briefcase post main event tag match and beatdown. First time briefcase had been used in league history.
Aaron "All-Day" Lewis 58 days 5/17/2015 7/14/2015 Slamfest V Defeated Jakob Kell by pinfall at Slamfest V.
Jakob Kell 98 days 2/8/2015 5/17/2015 Survival Defeated Ultimate Jaguar by pinfall.
Ultimate Jaguar 18 days 1/21/2015 2/8/2015 Battleground TV Defeated Jakob Kell by pinfall on Battleground TV show.
Jakob Kell 84 days 11/16/2014 1/21/2015 Collision Course Defeated Greg Delaney in a ??? match.
Greg Delaney 182 days 5/18/2014 11/16/2014 Slamfest IV Defeated Dylan Sharpe in an "I Quit!" match.
"Iceman" Dylan Sharpe 124 days 1/14/2014 5/18/2014 Showdown TV Defeated Damian Steele on Showdown TV after brutal backstage attack earlier in show.
Damian Steele 58 days 11/17/2013 1/14/2014 Collision Course Defeated James Bryan in a ????? match.
"The Natural" James Bryan 84 days 8/25/2013 11/17/2013 Heatwave Defeated Greg Delaney by pinfall.
Greg Delaney 54 days 7/2/2013 8/25/2013 Showdown Defeated James Bryan by pinfall in first World Title change ever on free TV show.
"The Natural" James Bryan 44 days 5/19/2013 7/2/2013 Slamfest III Defeated Damian Steele, Jacob Winter, and Greg Delaney in a fatal 4-way match.
Damian Steele 98 days 2/10/2013 5/19/2013 Survival Defeated Jacob Winter by pinfall
"King" Jacob Winter 175 days 8/19/2012 2/10/2013 Heatwave Defeated Apollo Jones by pinfall.
Apollo Jones 98 days 5/13/2012 8/19/2012 Slamfest II Defeated Apocalypse in a "Hell in a Cell/Loser Leaves Town" match by pinfall. Only pinfall defeat Apocalypse ever suffered.
Apocalypse 266 days 8/21/2011 5/13/2012 Heatwave Defeated Apollo Jones by pinfall.
Apollo Jones 98 days 5/15/2011 8/21/2011 Slamfest I defeated James Bryan, Kensuke Tagahiroto, Damian Steele, Dylan Sharpe, and Yamir Gorbetev in an elimination chamber match to become first World Champion.