Tag Team Name: The Gentrifiers

Combined Weight: 523 lbs

Wrestler #1

Wrestler's Name: "Grey Bear" Greg Johnson

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 260lbs

Hometown: Chicago, IL, Nort' side. Cubs fan territory.

Orientation: Heel

Attitude Notes: Greg is a touch cracked in the head, but he's one tough son-of-a-bitch. Stubborn as
a brick once he can get his focus together.

Wrestler #2

Wrestler's Name: "Grizzly" Pete Olsen

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 263lbs

Hometown: Chicago, IL, Nort' sider. The good part of town.

Orientation: Heel

Attitude Notes: Pete's the one to aim Greg's loose cannon. A little bit leaner, a little bit
meaner, a man with a plan.

Tag Team Finisher: Urban Renewal

Finisher Description: Spiked Fishermanbuster
Greg grabs a front facelock and an outside knee-hook. Hoists the dude up, hangs him there in a
vertical outside cradle. Until Grizzly Pete decides he's had enough, so he comes running to grasp
the torso, and they all come falling down.

Set up move: Repeated running chest squashes in the corner, then cue
the finish with a strongman flex and a roar.

"Grey Bear" Greg Johnson

Primary Style: Roughhouse brawler

Favorite Wrestling Moves:
2. Pendulum Backbreaker
3. Running bell-clap
4. Desperation headbutt that leaves him staggering
5. Reeling opponent: Frames the situation, licks the tip of this thumb, blatant thumb
to the eye in full view of the referee

Finisher: Polar Bear Plunge
(Hanging Fishermanbuster)

Grizzly Pete Olsen

Primary Style: Old-school bruiser

Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1. Wristlocks and hammerlocks to perp-walk opponent over for a tag
2. Atomic Drop
3. Finger-pointing distraction, toe stomp
4. Arm-wringer
5. From apron: Taunt opponent over to corner. Reach through the ropes, grab a nice big handful of
beanbag sack. Drop to the floor with beanbag sack in hand. Saunter away casually.

Finisher: Kodiak Armbar
(Fujiwara Armbar)

Team Theme Music: The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - "Devils Look Like Angels"

Greg Johnson
Looks: Stout and barrel-chested white dude, past his youth but
still in his prime. No sculpted abs, but definitely dad-bod muscle. Real definition on
the legs. Ample curls of black chest hair covering a bear-paw tattoo on the upper left
pec, and a couple of surgical scars across the torso.

Close-buzzed black hair, clean-trimmed full beard with just a few hairs of salt in the
pepper. Boxer's nose, small scar at the corner of the right eye, missing one canine
tooth when he smiles.

Wears a heather-grey suitcoat over black T-shirt.

Ring Attire:
Green gear - trunks, pads, boots. Grey and silver trim. Grey and silver claw-swipe
across the butt-side.

Pete Olsen
Looks: Gum-chewing, curly-haired smug smirking bastard. Indeterminate ancestry, but kinda looks
like Brian Pillman and Tazz tried a failed fusion experiment.

Wears a charcoal suitcoat over black tank-top.

Ring Attire:
Green gear - trunks, pads, boots. Grey and silver trim. Grey and silver claw-swipe
across the butt-side.

Character Histories: A coupla knockaround guys from the Second City, your regular warehouse fellas
with warehouse muscle. Don't you DARE talk shit about the Cubs. Unless you're talking shit about
the damn Goat Curse, in which case pull up a draft of Old Style and you've got an earful for an
But damned if they haven't seen the Chicago Machine decide which neighborhoods are proper, and
which ones are prime for an overhaul, and they looked, and learned... And maybe ain't it just time
to take a bulldozer to THIS part of town, and plant the seeds of success.