Team Name: The Ambassadors of Napalm

Members: “Sadistic Insanity” Damian Payne and “The Human Heart Attack” Johnny Psychotic

Team Finisher: Hang 'Em High

Regular or submission? Regular

Finisher Description: Modified version of the 3D that was used by Team 3D

Tag-team ring entrance: 
[The words "The Ambassadors of Napalm" appear on the video screen at the top of the entrance ramp and 
video footage is seen of Damian Payne and Johnny Psychotic in action in other federations... "Checkmate 
(Hang 'Em High Remix)" by Cypress Hill erupts over the PA as Damian and Johnny step out onto the 
entrance ramp, accompanied as always by Tiberius Nixon... Damian has shoulder length slightly curly 
light brown hair and a light brown goatee beard... He is wearing a pair of black boots, a pair of knee-
length denim shorts and a pair of black elbow pads... He is also wearing a black T-shirt with "ChokeBomb 
Central" in orange on the front and "Hell Has Relocated!!!" in orange on the back... Johnny wears a black
one piece singlet in black and has a heart on the front of the singlet and the boots and "Human Heart 
Attack" on the butt... His shoulder length black hair is hanging loose... Nixon is wearing denim jeans, 
a denim shirt and cowboy boots... His rusty brown hair is tied back... The three of them walk down to 
the ring and Damian and Johnny slide under the bottom rope and climb to opposing middle turnbuckles 
while Nixon enters the ring by walking up the ring steps and stepping through the ropes... They all 
raise their hands in the air...]

Tag-team entrance music: “Checkmate (Hang ‘Em High Remix)” by Cypress Hill

Double-Team Moves:
1) Sweet Revenge (Total Elimination – as used by the Eliminators in ECW)
2) Smooth Ride – Bad Landing (Hart Attack – as used by Hart Foundation in WWF)
3) PsychoSplash (Johnny executes the PsychoPlex onto one of their opponents and Damian comes off another 
                 top turnbuckle with a huge frog splash)
4) Flatliner (Double forward legsweep faceslam)
5) Deliverance (Damian has an opponent on his shoulders and Johnny delivers a flying clothesline 
                 from the top turnbuckle)

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