Tag Team Name: Soldiers of the Sun
Combined Weight: 750lbs

Wrestler #1

Wrestler's Name: Ricky Courage
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 245lbs
Hometown: Beach City, Texas
Orientation: Face
Attitude Notes: 
18 year old rookie who has a very positive, some say naive, outlook on life and who wants very much to live up to 
the memory of his pro wrestling father, Stevie Courage, who died in a motorcycle accident the night Ricky was born. 

Wrestler #2

Wrestler's Name: STRIKER Kato
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 225lbs
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Orientation: Face
Attitude Notes: 
40 year old Japanese wrestler who is overly protective of Ricky and always paints as romanticized picture of Ricky's 
Dad, Stevie Courage, as possible while trying to hide his deep grief over the loss of his former tag team partner & 

Wrestler #3

Wrestler's Name: Titan Juarez
Height: 6ft 8in
Weight: 280lbs
Hometown: Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico
Orientation: Face
Attitude Notes: 
37 year old Mexican wrestler who tries to be a stern maestro to Ricky but also indulges him in the goofy things he 
wants to do. He often is the one to give hard truths to Ricky but tries to do it as gently as he can. He has been 
away the most in Ricky's life because he has been working in Mexico so much and offering financial aid to Ricky's 

Tag Team Finisher: SUNPLEX!
Finisher Description: Ricky has go-behind on opponent for German suplex, partner hits a running kick to the face or 
chest of opponent (Yakuza kick if STRIKER, big running boot if Titan) and Ricky uses the momentum from the kick to 
nail a bridging German suplex. If ever in a six man tag they can do a SUPER version of it where STRIKER & Titan both 
hit running kicks at the same time for Ricky to finish the move off of. If STRIKER & Titan teaming and not Ricky in 
the ring, then STRIKER does the German suplex part of the move and Titan does the running kick. 
Set-up Move: Stun the opponent in some way and Ricky does the go-behind to set it up.

Wrestler #1

Primary Style: Suplexes & amateur wrestling
Favorite Wrestling Moves: Suplexes, every variation you can think of. 
Finisher: Bridging German Suplex

Wrestler #2

Primary Style: Stiff striker
Favorite Wrestling Moves: Stiff kicks and open handed palm-strikes
Finisher: High Kick to the head  

Wrestler #3

Primary Style: Power moves
Favorite Wrestling Moves: Powerbombs & Gorilla Presses
Finisher: Sitdown Powerbomb

Team Theme Music: "Black Star" by Yngwie Malmsteen (shorter edited version that goes straight to the main song w/out 
the classical guitar intro for regular shows. Full version for PPVs)

Wrestler #1 Ricky Courage

Looks: Caucasian with blue eyes and curly brown hair that looks kind of like a Jewish afro. He's in very good shape, 
big muscles and good definition. 
Clothing (Wrestler #1): Blue wrestling shorts with a yellow circle with red trim on the right side of it. He has 
short white wrestling boots and white wrist tape. 
Entrance Music (Wrestler #1): "Black Star" by Yngwie Malmsteen

Wrestler #2 STRIKER Kato

Looks: Japanese with brown eyes and spiky short hair that is colored orange. He is still in really good shape 
despite his age. 
Clothing (Wrestler #2): White wrestling shorts with a red circle on the left side of it. He has red shoot style kick 
pad ring boots. 

Entrance Music (Wrestler #2): "Black Star" by Yngwie Malmsteen

Wrestler #3 Titan Juarez

Looks: Tall Mexican man with pretty big muscles. 
Clothing (Wrestler #3): Has a reflective metallic mask that covers the top half of his head & face as if he has 
visors that go over his head. His mouth and chin are visible though. He wears long tights that are red on the right 
side, green on the left side with a white circle on the left side of his tights. He has white ring boots. 

Entrance Music (Wrestler #3): "Black Star" by Yngwie Malmsteen

Character Histories: 
In the 1990's Stevie Courage was an up & coming star in pro wrestling. In 1997 he formed a trios team, Soldiers of 
the Sun, with his best friends "Striking" Yuji Kato of Japan and Titan Juarez of Mexico. They were a hit on the tag 
scene as opponents never knew which configuration of the three they'd be facing off against. All of theme seemed 
destined for bigger and better things when tragedy struck in August of 1998. Alyssa Thunder, lead singer of the 
obscure glam metal act Venus Bomb and girlfriend of Courage, was giving birth to their son Ricky on a dark stormy 
night. Stevie tried to make it to the hospital on his motorcycle but ended up in a horrible accident. In the same 
hospital his son was being born at Stevie passed away from his injuries. Before dying his partners, Kato & Titan, 
promised him that they would take care of Alyssa and his son. 

Kato & Juarez would play the roles of father figure in Ricky's life as he grew up. Kato changed his ring name to 
STRIKER Kato and would do a tour a year in Japan and spend the rest of his year at Beach City, Texas helping to 
train and raise Ricky. Titan Juarez returned to Mexico and spent most of the year fighting in various lucha libre 
promotions while sending money to Alyssa to keep his promise to Stevie and spending holidays visiting and training 
Ricky. Ricky grew up with a love of glam metal and a love for the suplex heavy style of wrestling his father used. 
Ricky's training went so well and his talent so promising that Ricky wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and 
become a professional wrestler. Alyssa would only sign off on the venture if Kato & Juarez agreed to be by Ricky's 
side every step of the way and they decided the best way would be to help Ricky start his career by reforming 
Soldiers of the Sun with Ricky in the role of his father. 
Wrestling History: 
Ricky Courage has had very little pro wrestling experience to date outside of training since a very young age. 

STRIKER Kato was a promising Japanese wrestler, known then as "Striking" Yuji Kato because of his good looks, when 
he met Stevie Courage who was doing a tour in Japan. The two hit it off and Kato came to the US with Courage to 
compete in the States. Later they formed Soldiers of the Sun along with Titan Juarez and had a promising career 
ahead until Stevie's death cut it short. Afterwards Kato changed his ring name and returned to Japan to fight for a 
quarter of the year in his home country. The rest of the time he would spend at Beach City, Texas to help raise and 
train Stevie's son Ricky. Kato has never held any championships in his career to date. 

Titan Juarez was a big hit upon his debut in Mexico because of his height, size, power and his unique mask design. 
He met Stevie & Kato when they did a tour in Mexico and quickly wanted him to travel with them for an idea they had, 
Soldiers of the Sun. After Stevie's death, Juarez returned to Mexico and worked mostly independent lucha promotions 
around the country while sending money to Alyssa Thunder to fulfill his promise to Stevie, returning during holidays 
and other vacation time to spend time with Ricky and help train him. Titan has held a few regional championships in 
Mexico but nothing noteworthy yet in his career.