[The black screen is still showing as slowly an instrumental version of "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool begins fading
up as the show logo pops onto the screen ...]

["Tear Away" continues to play and now at the chorus, the words are heard, as pictures of Ultimate Pro Wrestling stars are shown. The pictures come up looking like baseball cards, and the pictures stack on top of one another, until all of the UPW stars have been shown.] ["Cards" of Brandon Franklin, John Herdick, and Liam Donegal are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Antonio De Luca, The Hype and Michael Wilson are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Jeff Keenan, Soldiers of the Sun, and Glenn Chambers are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Aaron Lewis, The Warriors, and Chase Williams are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ..... ### [Suddenly, the music stops and the "cards" explode with video pyro and a HUGE bang! "Shrapnel" from the "cards" fill the screen until it is a big jumbled mess.] [When the mess clears, we see a studio that looks similar to those used by sports shows and other sporting related news editions. There is a large, tan desk with the letters 'UPW" put forth matching the company logo on the website on the front of it. As the screen pans back, we see two men at the desk. Sitting to one side is UPW announcer Eric Chaney and to his left is the co-host, Robert "The Gorilla" Smith.] [Chaney is wearing a dark green "UPW" polo shirt and has his dark hair slicked back, looking as "GQ" as humanly possible. Robert is wearing a white button-down shirt and a confident grin on his face. Chaney's smile widens as he finally begins to speak.] CHANEY: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another exciting edition of UPW SHOWDOWN! I am your host Eric Chaney and with me, as always, is former Tag Team legend and king of the battle royal, Robert, "The Gorilla" Smith! SMITH: Hello out there everybody. Boy the UPW was in Cleveland last night and it was a night of heavy action and crazy events. CHANEY: You can say that again, Gorilla. Thirteen matches were put on for the fans and all of them garnered massive responses from the live crowd. SMITH: Though some not for reasons you might think. CHANEY: (laughing) You got that right, my friend! SMITH: We had yet another tourney bracket in the journey toward crowning the first UPW World Heavyweight Champion, as well as some really heady debuts! CHANEY: "The Basilisk" Dylan Cardinal, "Jester" Chad Allen, Tripp Skylark, Harrison Daniels III, and "Sadistic Insanity" Damian Payne among those making their UPW debuts. SMITH: We also have tag team action for you, as well as some crucial match-ups as the title pictures all begin to take shape. CHANEY: Gorilla, let's get right into that first match, shall we? SMITH: Absolutely! CHANEY: The first match was our first qualifying match in the World Title Tournament. It pitted Michael Wilson against debuting star, "El Patron" Felix Sandoval. SMITH: This bracket has all sorts of eyes on it for several reasons. You have a couple of guys who were considered big time in UPW's ancestor, TTW. CHANEY: And then you have two guys who made their bones elsewhere, but both with World Championship pedigrees. SMITH: All eyes were on this very night the moment the pairings were first announced for those very reasons and we kick it off with Michael Wilson, record setting World Title holder in CWF and Sandoval, multi-time Television champion in TTW. CHANEY: It certainly was one to watch and so let's head to the match footage form Cleveland here on Showdown!

[The following tapes footage begins to roll..] [The footage begins with Felix Sandoval holding Michael Wilson in a full nelson hold in the center of the ring. The referee is checking on Wilson, who refuses to submit as Sandoval just keeps applying pressure.] CONLON: Felix Sandoval continues to grind down on this full nelson hold. JACKSON: He had to do something as Wilson was just running circles around him early in the match. These past few minutes have been all Sandoval as he slows Michael Wilson down. CONLON: Wilson's not going to be as fast, but lucky for him this hold isn't attacking the knees. He still could regain his speed if he gets the chance. JACKSON: Felix is doing what he does best, and that is just beat his opponent down. This is attacking Wilson's will as much as his body. [Finally, Sandoval uses the full nelson to lift Wilson into the air and drop him with a full nelson suplex that flips the former World Champion over his head and to the canvas. Sandoval stands back up and just dusts himself off as if he is the man.] CONLON: Full Nelson Suplex by Sandoval and the absolute height there was amazing. JACKSON: There isn't a ton of size difference between these two, but Sandoval is showing off the skills that make him one scary dude. CONLON: And he continues to show that arrogance as well. JACKSON: He says he is the boss and the king of what he surveys. Now he is just proving it moment by moment in the ring. [Sandoval moves over to pull Wilson up, but the veteran punched him in the left knee. Sandoval, who still has hold of Wilson's hair, headbutts him and both ben are down on the mat.] CONLON: Both men down! JACKSON: It won't stay that way! Wilson tried to somehow dig out of the hole, but Sandoval countered and Wilson may be running out of tricks and, more importantly, out of time. CONLON: Both men finding their way to adjacent pairs of ropes to pull themselves up. JACKSON: Well try to anyway. Wilson is struggling and now we see the damage that full nelson had on him. [Sandoval up first with a slight limp, he goes to pick up Wilson. He sets Wilson up for an Irish whip across the ring, but Wilson reverses the whip and sends Sandoval hard into the corner turnbuckles. Sandoval stumbles out of the corner and right into a superkick from Wilson in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: WILSON WITH A REVERSAL INTO A SUPERKICK! JACKSON: He's not dead yet folks! CONLON: Sandoval is on the canvas, shaking the cobwebs out. I'm not sure he saw that kick coming at all, Pepper. JACKSON: I'd say he didn't. And once he does get his bearings, how angry is "El Patron" going to be? I don't know if I would want to be WIlson if that happens. So Wilson better finish him off here and fast as possible. [Wilson over to pull Sandoval to his feet, but Sandoval counters with a low blow. Felix stands up and throws a nasty right jab to the face of Wilson. The referee yells about the closed fist, and Sandoval simply shrugs him off just in time to turn around and get drilled in the face by Wilson's boot as a result of a "Pele Kick."] CONLON: PELE KICK BY MICHAEL WILSON!!! Sandoval is down again! JACKSON: Just when you thought Felix Sandoval was stopping Wilson's momentum, He pulls out another shockingly fast offensive move. CONLON: The question is can he follow it up. I doubt he has enough to get the pin yet. JACKSON: No way he can pin a man like Sandoval after that, but now he has a more clear advantage to work with. [Wilson pulls Sandoval to his feet and performs a belly-to-belly suplex, and then slides under the bottom rope and stands on the ring apron, waiting for Felix to stir.] CONLON: Big time suplex by Wilson and instead of following it up with a pin attempt, he goes to wait outside the ring? JACKSON: He's setting up for something bigger, I believe. I watched tape of him last week and I think he is wanting to propel himself off that top rope. CONLON: If he does this, he is putting a lot of risk into play. I have seen guys get destroyed going for these kinds of attacks. JACKSON: It is definitely feast or famine here for Wilson, but you have to do what you have to do in the journey toward the UPW WOrld Heavyweight Title. [As Sandoval finally stands up, Wilson grabs the top rope and leaps, jumping onto the top rope to propel himself high into the air, where he lands a forearm directly into the forehead of "El Patron."] CONLON: HE NAILED IT! SPRINGBOARD FOREARM FROM WILSON DOWNS SANDOVAL! JACKSON: Looks like it is a feast for the former World Champion! CONLON: He hooks the leg for the cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.................KICKOUT! JACKSON: Sandoval kicked out! The big boss still has life in him. CONLON: Wilson is in firm control now, though and that championship pedigree starting to show in WIlson's demeanor and performance. JACKSON: You can't keep a strong competitor down for long, and Wilson is showing why he was a key signing to UPW right now. [Wilson can't believe it, but doesn't waste time arguing as he goes to the nearest corner and climbs the turnbuckles to the top. He stands and perches, holding his arms up and then leaps into the air for a frog splash.] CONLON: SANDOVAL RAISED THE KNEES AND WILSON HIT HARD!!! JACKSON: It was a beautiful Frog Splash, but you could see it in Mike's eyes as he pumped out of the frog hop and saw those knees rising. He just couldn't protect himself in time. CONLON: And now both men are down on the mat and this match just got even crazier! JACKSON: These two have been beating each other down for awhile, and now you have to wonder what shape either will be in for the main event, whichever of them comes out on top. [The referee begins the mandatory count with both men on the canvas. Sandoval is holding his knees after the impact, while Wilson is getting his breath and rubbing his ribs. Finally Wilson stirs and grabs the ropes to get to his feet.] CONLON: This is a war of attrition right now. JACKSON: And you have to think that both Aaron Lewis and Rick Styles are glad to see such carnage in this match, knowing one of them will face whomever survives. CONLON: And that is the right word for the winner of this one: survivor. JACKSON: With what we have seen, no other way to describe them. CONLON: The referee's count is up to seven and finally both men seem to be getting to their feet. JACKSON: Here we go again! [Wilson over to Sandoval and he pulls Felix up only to get poked in the eye. The fans immediately give some heel heat to Sandoval for the tactic. Sandoval grabs Wilson and puts him in position for a vertical suplex lift. He lifts him into the air and shifts to bring him down across the top rope on his stomach. Wilson flips out of the ring and lands awkwardly in front of the announcer's table.] CONLON: GOOD GOD!!! SANDOVAL TRIED TO DECAPITATE WILSON ON THE TOP ROPE!!! JACKSON: It looked like it would be a simple vertical suplex, but Felix decided to get a tad more vicious there, dropping him across the top rope and to the outside. CONLON: Just when you thought this match was rough enough, they are now right down here in front of us. JACKSON: And WIlson looks really bad right now. [Sandoval exits the ring and stands over Wilson with a sinister grin on his face. He pulls Michael up and whips him into the steel ring post as the referee begins the count of both men outside the ring.] CONLON: Wilson pings off the steel ring post. Sandoval going to work outside the ring! JACKSON: I told you how angry he would be if he got the advantage again. Wilson is feeling every bit of it now. CONLON: The referee has started the count and Sandoval doesn't seem to give a damn! JACKSON: I bet he does, but you get ten whole seconds out there, might as well use it to your advantage. [Sandoval pounds Wilson's face off the metal ring steps and the sound is a loud ping that gets a grown out of the audience. Sandoval then noticed the count and rolls Wilson back into the ring.] CONLON: Wilson back in the ring after getting his face smashed into those steel steps! JACKSON: We didn't get to see Sandoval in action last time out, but I have to wonder how this guy hasn't held a World Title yet. He is straight up nasty! CONLON: I agree, Pepper. I think both of these guys have shown just how strong the field for the UPW World Title is. JACKSON: If one of these men end up with the gold, the other will have a legitimate claim for a title shot after this back and forth. [Felix follows Wilson by sliding into the ring under the bottom rope. Sandoval stands over Wilson and grabs his arms for a camel clutch, but instead of yanking on the head, Felix begins landing clubbing forearms to the side of Wilson's head, one after the other.] CONLON: OLD SCHOOL BEATDOWN BY SANDOVAL! JACKSON: No submission hold this time as he just clubs the living crap out of Wilson! Look at Wilson just slump to the canvas after taking those shots! Wow! CONLON: Sandoval is in utter control now. JACKSON: Not a good place to be for anybody, let alone somebody who has endured as much as Wilson tonight. [Sandoval pulls Wilson's head between his knees. He grabs his waist and lifts Wilson into power bomb position, dropping him flush in the center of the ring with enough force to bounce both men off the canvas.] NEAR FALL CONLON: POWERBOMB BY SANDOVAL!!! JACKSON: And he just holds him there for a pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEE.................SHOULDER UP!!!!! CONLON: WILSON GETS THE SHOULDER UP AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND!!! JACKSON: Felix Sandoval looks upset that the match isn't over! CONLON: Wilson is showing some heart and pride right there. JACKSON: More like insanity as all he did was set himself up to get more punishment doled out on him! CONLON: The referee is showing some patience toward Sandoval right now. JACKSON: Well he isn't ranting at the referee, but just giving the look of disagreement. As long as this doesn't lose him control, I think it is fine to question authority every now and then. [Sandoval turns to the referee and shakes his head disapprovingly at him. The referee defends his count and Sandoval pulls WIlson to his feet. Wilson punches Sandoval in the stomach, but Felix is unfazed and just his a clubbing blow to his shoulders before whipping him into the corner with force. Wilson stumbles out of the corner into a running clothesline by Sandoval.] CONLON: CLOTHESLINE BY SANDOVAL! JACKSON: That nearly flipped Wilson end-over-end! What force! CONLON: Sandoval looking more dangerous by the second and he isn't going for the pin yet. JACKSON: Well he wants to make sure next time is the last time he has to depend on a referee count. Smart move, really. [Sandoval pulls Wilson up and whips him into the ropes, catching him off the rebound into a fireman's carry lift, then dropping him with his F-5 variation in the center of the ring.] CONLON: CLEAN CUT!!! SANDOVAL NAILS HIS BIG FINISH AND WILSON IS OUT! THE COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: He's done it! CONLON: Felix Sandoval defeats Michael Wilson to advance to the main event tonight! JACKSON: Wilson gave it a helluva run, but Sandoval was just the stronger man tonight. [The referee holds Sandoval's arm up as the crowd begins booing him mercilessly. Felix just makes the arrogant title belt gesture we all know and love these days to taunt them.] CONLON: And now we wait and see just who Felix Sandoval will face in the main event. JACKSON: One thing is for sure, the main event is going to be a match to watch no matter who comes out on top. CONLON: Most definitely, Pepper! JACKSON: What a start to the night! [Fade to black.]

[The screen fades to the following footage in the concourse area.] [The following footage plays...] (We catch Malcom Shabazz standing in a line near a snack bar. He is in his black jeans, black "Hard Truth" T-shirt and his black sunglasses on. He steps up to the cashier.) Malcom Shabazz: Let me the get a side of Nachos..... (The blond white girl behind the counter looks at him funny) Malcom Shabazz: What seems to be the problem. Cashier: You are in the beer only line..... Malcom Shabazz: I just saw that guy walk off with Nachos.... Cashier, Um, He brought them with him. Malcom Shabazz:Now why would he bring Nachos to a snack bar? Cashier: Um, would you like a beer? Malcom Shabazz: Does it look like I want a beer. This body is a temple. I don't even what that chemical you try to pass off a cheese, I just want the chips. Cashier: I'm sorry, but I only sell beer. Malcom Shabazz: Look, let me speak to the manager....Wait!! Don't bother. I'll just will not purchase your product because we both know why you will not sell to me. UPW told you who I am. They will not allow you to make my life easier. Or you just hate me because I am black..... Cashier: That's not it at all..... Malcom Shabazz: Save it. I don't want to hear it. (Malcom walks away, leaving the cashier to shrug her shoulders.) [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Yes folks, that wasn't a video set-up, Malcom Shabazz actually *DID* follow through on his promise to purchase a ticket and come to Showdown. SMITH: I still can't believe he did that. I know he has problems with management, and I can't say I totally disagree with his issues, but this isn't the way to get in the good graces of the company when they have suspended you. CHANEY: Whether you think he is right or wrong, you have to think that UPW officials will eventually get sick of it all and just fire him, right? SMITH: Well that depends. In Shabazz's case, there could be enough of a public relations problem that he could be unfireable. CHANEY: Is that possible? SMITH: I have seen it elsewhere, when a company tried to get rid of a superstar for issues, but their race or whatever caused them to get a groundswell of support. CHANEY: We'll just have to see what happens on this. SMITH: You bet, as we now have our first qualifier of the night in Felix Sandoval! CHANEY: Sandoval may not be the fans' favorite choice, but he is certainly showing he may have been underrated in those TTW days. SMITH: And you have to wonder what will happen in the main event. Sandoval is a completely unpredictable performer, and the only thing you know is that he will be tough as nails and devious as hell! CHANEY: Imagine if he makes it through to be champion. SMITH: It would be really tough to get the belt off him. When he said that in an interview, he wasn't lying. CHANEY: So who will be the opponent for Sandoval? SMITH: Styles and Lewis are both great wrestlers, and Felix has to have watched this with anticipation. CHANEY: I know everybody was excited for this one. So let's head to the footage!

[The following tapes footage begins to roll..] [The footage begins rolling with Aaron "All Day" Lewis working the crowd in the ring as he completes his entrance and we hear our announcers speak.] CONLON: Lewis certainly looks ready for battle, and as a two-time World Champion he knows how to win in pressure situations. JACKSON: Perhaps, but this is UPW not TTW. The pool is a helluva lot deeper here, and we all know it. We just saw a record-setting world champion go down moments ago, so the normal rules for many of these men don't apply in UPW. CONLON: No doubt that the roster depth has been talked about as being full of men who could be main event performers almost anywhere. JACKSON: And that is why you come to a place like UPW. Lewis is getting the chance to square off with an actual living, breathing legend tonight! Who could ask for more? [The Ring Announcer again lifts the mic up to his face.] RING ANNOUNCER: And his opponent! He is a five time champion and former world number one performer. Standing six- feet, one-inch tall and hailign from Long Island, New York! Here is.... "T O P D O G" R I C K S T Y L E S ! ! ! ["All I do is win" blasts through the arena as the entire arena awaits the debut of "Top Dog" Rick Styles. The referee, the ring announcer, Aaron Lewis and the entire audience awaits...but the curtain leading to the back never moves. Suddenly, the music fades out as the jumbotron above the entranceway reveals an outdoor Olympic-sized swimming pool. As the camera pans in, "Top Dog" Rick Styles is laid out a huge yellow tube with a frozen red drink in his left hand and dark sunglasses on his face. A white towel covers his midsection.] [His valet, Erin stands in the blue water next to the tube. The water comes up to her shoulders where a bathing suit strap is missing. Styles removes his sunglasses and hands them to Erin, who puts them on her own face. He smiles at the camera.] Rick Styles: Hello, UPW fans, it's "Top Dog" Rick Styles, speaking to you live from my backyard in Long Island, New York. I know each and every single one of you were looking forward to seeing my return to the ring on my path to becoming champion...and believe me, I was preparing to give you just that. [Styles takes a sip from the straw protruding from his glass.] Rick Styles: But then, it occurred to me, why should I waste such precious time and effort going through three matches and multiple opponents to become champion...when I could just challenge the winner, wrestle one match and beat one opponent in order to accomplish the exact same goal? So, that's what I'm going to do. Aaron Lewis, take your victory, move on in the tournament-It's not like you'll get past the next round, anyway-and after all of you would-be challengers finish tearing each other apart, I'll be waiting for you at the finish line, ready to take what should have been handed to me from the moment I agreed to enter the APW. Erin: This is why you are soooo brilliant, Rick Styles. You are a genius. Rick Styles: It's just common sense, Erin. Now, to all my fans out there, I know some of you may be disappointed that you now have to endure this tournament without me, and I do understand your grief. However, you will get to see me on the next UPW Hard Copy where I will be holding a press conference, answering questions about myself, my return and my presence in the UPW. Fans, if you would like me to answer one of YOUR questions during my press conference, feel free to send them to my manager's e-mail account, mark@markrosendorf.com [Styles takes another sip, then hands the glass to Erin, who removes the straw, then chugs the entire frozen drink. She then clutches her forehead and sinks into the water.] Rick Styles: Until then, folks, I wish everyone in the tournament lots of luck...and to the winner, I offer congratulations as you get the honor and privilege of facing "Top Dog" Rick Styles in that ring. Unfortunately, it also means a short title run for YOU. Get ready, because, sooner or later...I'll be coming for you. [Styles leans back and smirks as the screen goes back and shows our announce duo at ringside, both looking confused.] CONLON: What the hell? Styles is giving up the title chase? JACKSON: No, Stan. Styles is saying he is above this tournament and was brought here to be champ. He believes he doesn't have to wrestle at all. CONLON: That is the most disrespectful thing I have ever heard! JACKSON: And that is why Rick Styles may just be a genius! [The screen shows Aaron Lewis looking very disturbed as the fans are booing Styles' announcement.] CONLON: Lewis is angry about this because he had prepared to test himself against a legend and it was taken from him. JACKSON: He ought to be thanking Rick Styles and kissing the ground he walks on because now he gets to go to the main event FRESH! He gets to go out against Sandoval, who fought a war in the last match, and not have even gotten winded! What an advantage for Aaron Lewis! [Lewis exits the ring yelling out to the crowd that Styles was scared of him. The crowd is cheering this all the way.] CONLON: That doesn't mean he likes having that advantage. JACKSON: Ask him after the night is over, Stan. I bet he loves it when it is all said and done. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Dammit, I *HATE* that guy! CHANEY: Rick Styles walking away and forfeiting the match with Aaron Lewis, folks! I don't think I have ever seen a man willingly give up a chance to become a World Champion. SMITH: It isn't what he did, it is the sentiment behind it! That is what boils my blood, Chaney! CHANEY: What do you mean? SMITH: The arrogance! The very fact that, deep down, Styles feels like he is better than every single wrestler on the roster. CHANEY: That was very troubling, and we heard Stan Conlon express similar thoughts. SMITH: All I know is that Rick better have a separate locker room from the other guys or he might get his ass kicked for that. You don't do what he does and not get some sort of payback down the road. CHANEY: Time will tell, but now Aaron Lewis gets a free pass to take on Felix Sandoval in the main event. SMITH: And Sandoval has an uphill battle as Lewis will be walking in with a victory under his belt despite never locking up with an opponent. If I were Sandoval, that would anger me as well. CHANEY: Seems like the entire event there got under your skin, Gorilla. SMITH: It really did. I've been in the ring for years. I know how hard every one of them has to work to get here, and then you have someone just say "I'm better than you all and refuse to fight for a title when I can just challenge for it later at my choosing." If I were UPW management, I would not give him ANY title shots at all until he proves he can still go. CHANEY: Well speaking of title shots, we thought we would hear who the first tag title defense would be against when The Warriors came out to the ring. SMITH: That didn't happen either, but it was interesting to hear what the only set of champions in UPW had to say! CHANEY: Let's take you to the footage!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [Pint-sized businessman and manager Sammy "The Djinn" Sharifi stands in the middle of the ring, ready to address the spectators in attendance.] SS: Tonight is a night for celebration! Cleveland, for once in your history, you have been blessed, for this city is where we celebrate the arrival of a new era in professional wrestling! A new day spearheaded by The Warriors. A tag team that will forever be known as one of the greatest ever, as the team that redeemed the wrestling industry. They are the future of the sport, they are Angel and the Hound, they are the bringers of justice. [The fans don’t seem to share Sharifi’s enthusiasm and admiration. Undeterred, he makes a grandiose gesture to point at the aisle.] SS: Patrons of UPW, welcome your UPW Tag Team Champions... Kel Robertson and DeAwn Carter! [Confetti snows over the aisle as Carter and Robertson emerge from the back, strutting to the ring with magnificent gilded belts over their shoulders. They step inside the ring, confetti still raining over them and raise the titles high.] JACKSON: Ain't it beautiful? Soak it in, Conlon! CONLON: Feels like New Year's in Times Square... JACKSON: That happens once a year. Ushering in a new era, that happens once it a lifetime! [The handsome athlete known as DeAwn Carter grabs the microphone, addresses the crowd of malcontents.] DC: Cleveland, in this new era of wrestling, you have the honor of becoming the first professional wrestling crowd to do things right! [Say what?] DC: That's right. Every other crowd has been doing it wrong, and so far tonight, so have you. [That's not the kind of comment fans respond well to...] DC: But we're here to educate you. We're here to educate you, so SHUT UP... and listen. [Cleveland is not shutting up. They're singing an atonal classic called "Boooooo!"] DC: What's the male-bodied to female-bodied ratio in America, Kel? KR: About fifty-fifty. DC: Then why the [BLEEP] is this crowd predominantly composed of cis-gendered white males? KR: Privilege. DC: Yes. Privilege. [Boos, lots of them.] DC: Privilege, and an inhospitable patriarchal environment that hates and excludes women... except for a few "ladies" with a bad case of internalized misogyny. [Now some groans give some added texture to those boos.] DC: This place stinks of toxic masculinity, but you, Cleveland, can do things a new way. A new way that isn't so triggering to the oppressed. Instead of cheering, screaming and applauding - which can be triggering to victims of trauma - you should snap your fingers in approval. [Boos, groans, and now some "whhuuuuuuuuuuuut?"] DC: Snap your fingers! Do it! It's a snap! This has caught on in every campus in America, people, that's the new way of doing things. You can be the first city to do it right, Cleveland. [This audience seems stubbornly unwilling to follow instructions.] DC: Don't like snapping? That's ok. Jazz hands works too. You see something you like in this ring, like glorious role-models and tag team champions? Jazz hands. Go ahead. [Fans don't seem to get it. They're not snapping their fingers, they're not doing jazz hands... they're just booing.] DC: Booing's no good either. Stop selfishly thinking of yourselves and take a moment to think of the traumatised people in this very audience whose PTSD you might trigger with your behavior. Instead of booing, make a silent thumbs down gesture. You'll still look hateful, racist, sexist and transphobic, but at least you won't sound as stupid. [This new way of doing things is not catching on.] KR: DeAwn. We talked about this. It's Cleveland. [DeAwn nods.] DC: You were right. They are too stupid. [Deafening boos.] DC: Well, too bad, Cleveland. We will fight for justice and equality whether you approve or not. Kel, Mr. Sharifi and myself, we will fight to the end, because the cause is worth it! But we don't have to fight alone... ["The Angel" nods, raises his eyebrows...] DC: It has recently come to our attention that UPW operates with the Freebird Rule. That means, for example, that the so-called Soldiers of the Sun can form a trio, not simply a duo. Which also means... there is room for a third Warrior. [Kel Robertson sternly nods in agreement.] DC: That's right. If you believe in justice, equality, and human flourishing... you too can be a Warrior. I'm talking to you, Michael Turner. You can ditch your parasite, pledge fealty to us and join the revolution! You have nothing to lose but your chains, Michael - a ball and chain, in your case. [Cleveland boos.] DC: Unlike with the Colts, you have a chance of making the cut on our team, Michael! But hey... if you're not interested because of all that internalized whiteness you carry around... then the offer's even open to you, Isaac! C'mon, "Hoochie"! [DeAwn Carter smiles wide, presumably welcoming Isaac Johnson with open arms.] DC: It's basically the same gig you already have... you tag alongside a superior athlete and leech glory you don't personally earn or deserve. Same job, only this one comes with Tag Team Championships! [Robertson pats the golden belt on his massive shoulder.] DC: It's the only way you'll ever be a champion, Isaac! You pledge fealty, you join the revolution... even you can be a champion! [Unsurprisingly, neither Turner or Hooch is coming down to the ring to "pledge fealty."] DC: Still undecided? Alright. We can give you some time to mull things over... ... But you have to know the Freebird rule only lets us take one new Warrior onboard, maximum. Only one. And now, I'm thinking we can extend the offer to anyone else in that locker room. [The Warrior’s Hound is a man of few words, and no doubt many would wish he spoke even fewer…] KR: Either you join us on top.... or we make sure you stay down. Understand? [Few words, but some messages don’t need embellishments.] DC: The revolution has begun... and it's only going to get bigger and better! ["A Guitar and A Heart" by M83 begins to play and the Warriors sanctimoniously strut out of the ring, holding their titles high aloft.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Freebird rules for the Warriors? And to do that they need a third member! CHANEY: Looks like they are on a recruiting drive! Are they that afraid of the Soldiers of the Sun that they want to make sure they have numbers? SMITH: I'm not sure if that is their thinking. I believe it is more of a fight fire with fire kind of thing. The Soldiers are proving unpredictable because of never knowing which two will wrestle. That is a tremendous advantage and the camps see that as something they would like to have as well. CHANEY: But who is going to join them? SMITH: Obviously Turner and Johnson neither felt compelled to rush out and claim a spot. So their search continues. You never know, perhaps it will be somebody who isn't even a tag team guy or even debuted in UPW yet! CHANEY: Speaking of debuts, it is time to witness the debut of long time veteran, "Sadistic Insanity" Damian Payne. SMITH: The big guy has been around forever! I have seen him wrestle first hand years ago and he was something special and a former World Champion in his own right. CHANEY: And remember last Showdown when Payne showed up at the end of Michael Wilson's match and left everyone wondering what he was up to. SMITH: Well we don't know his end game yet, but if his debut is any indication, Payne is here to really make some waves in UPW CHANEY: Let's head to the ring and see how this debut went down!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [Footage begins with Damian Payne pulling up an obviously hampered Tex Colorado by his hair.] CONLON: "Sadistic Insanity" Damian Payne has a hand full of hair, here as "The Minnesota Assasin" Tex Colorado is limp. JACKSON: This Six-Foot-Nine nearly Three Hundred Pound MONSTER is a FORCE! He's been in control nearly this entire match so far ... OH - That Uppercut sent Tex to his back! [Payne scans the crowd with a slight grin on his face, slowly walking back to Tex Colorado.] CONLON: You're right, he's been in the driver's seat for most of this match and why not? Damian Payne is truly one of the best in the business! JACKSON: And ready to do more damage here! CONLON: Payne approaching Tex now like a man on a mission! Payne grabbing Tex and pulling him to his ... JACKSON: LOW BLOW!! Payne crashes to the canvas! CONLON: He'll have to pull out all the stops - even if it is cheating! JACKSON: Oh, who cares?! Can't say I dis-agree with that - Tex needed SOMETHING!! Do what you need to do to get the upper-hand, Tex has been getting DOGGED in that ring! CONLON: And now Tex with a Leg Drop on Payne! [Tex bounces back up as fast as he can and stretching his arms out, playing to the crowd, "YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH!" to boos as Payne, seemingly unphased, works his way back up.] CONLON: "The Minnesota Assasin" better stay on top of him! JACKSON: Tex turns back to Payne ... CONLON: Damian Payne levels Colorado with a Clothesline! Damian is wasting no time here though! Has Tex back on his feet and Irish-Whips him into the turnbuckle! JACKSON: PAYNE IS HOT! [Crowd buzzes, anticipating action that's about to "pick up"!] CONLON: Damian Payne PUMMELING Tex Colorado in the corner! Another Left! Another Right! Kick to the Gut! Kick to the thigh, another right and Tex is stumbling here, Forearm Smash now from Damian Payne! JACKSON When Damian Payne gets into that ring - he ZONES IN on an opponent! CONLON: Damian getting closer to Payne now and OH ... Belly to Belly Suplex with some serious impact there from Payne! JACKSON: Payne right back after him! [Crowd pop for the energy and the show of stamina from Damian Payne!] CONLON: Tex is being forced back to his feet yet again ... Payne hooks his head ... lifts him ... and crushes Tex Colorado's skull with a Brain Buster!! JACKSON: Tex should be fine, though! I don't even think he's "all there" upstairs anyways! Got to have a brain to get it busted! CONLON: Damian Payne is back up to his feet pretty quickly and ... [A blonde in the front row catches Payne's eyes! He zones in on her as she shakes her blessings, directed right at him, crowd pops, watching it on the screen and enjoying it just as much as Payne!] CONLON: That blonde just threw Damian Payne off of his game! He's not even paying attention to his opponent here, Pepper! JACKSON: ... CONLON: I SAID ... he's not even paying attention to his opponent here, Pepper! JACKSON: ... WHAT!? SHUT UP, STAN! [The busty blonde teases like she's about to pull her shirt up. The crowd, completely unaware there's a ring in the center of the Quicken Loans Arena, cheers the busty blonde on! Yes, Pepper Jackson is watching too and even Stan Conlon is sneaking glances.] CONLON: Tex is getting back up! Damian Payne needs to get back to wrestling! JACKSON: TEX COMING IN FAST ... [Payne knows from the sudden change in the crowd that something is happening behind him.] CONLON: A fire-man's carry here ... no ... a Fireman's Carry into a FlapJack from Damian Payne! The crowd loved that one! Love him or hate him, Damian Payne - a Veteran sensed Tex coming! JACKSON: Did you see The Minnesota Assasin's face bounce off that canvas!? Every time Damian Payne is in that ring, he's looking to inflict some SERIOUS punishment! CONLON: Tex has the highly-talented Damian Payne's full attention again, much like Glenn Chambers did last week on Showdown! JACKSON: I'm wondering what's up with Payne and Wils-.... CONLON: And Damian Payne going for the pin here! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR............PAYNE PULLS HIS HEAD UP! JACKSON: Payne stops his own pin and helps the weakened Tex up, treating him like a rag doll! CONLON: Tex Colorado off the ropes now - missed clothesline by Payne! Payne turns and ... [Tex lifts him awkwardly.] CONLON: Colorado for the Sidewalk Sla ... WAIT! HE HAS PAYNE UP TOO HIGH! [Due to Tex's positioning and baffling stupidity, the move-blunder leads to Payne sliding over top of Colorado as Tex falls to his back.] JACKSON: Payne with a savvy move there as he forces his weight onto the top of Colorado and now he's scrambling to get up to his feet! Payne is up! CONLON: Now Payne waiting on Tex ... kick to the mid-section! Tex catches it! JACKSON: AND COLORADO GETS SMOKED!! CONLON: ENZIGUIRI from the big man!! JACKSON: Enzi-what? CONLON: Wasn't perfect but Payne showing off some athleticism! JACKSON: All I saw was a foot to the MOUTH of Tex Colorado! IImpressive for a man of Payne's size, though, even you have to admit, Stan! CONLON: Oh I agree and Tex Colorado does the smart thing by rolling out of the ring! Damian Payne doesn't see this as a break in action though! Judging by that look on his face - he sees this as an opportunity! JACKSON: NO WAY ... OH!! CONLON: Damian Payne with a body splash to the outside on Tex Colorado! [Huge pop from the fans just knowing how bad that HAD to hurt and they appreciate Damian Payne's work ethic!] JACKSON: Tex Colorado just had THAT THREE HUNDRED POUNDS DROP OUT OF THE SKY ONTO HIS CHEST!! Tex is laying there like a damn pancake after that good old fashioned High-Flying Belly Flop! CONLON: Tex Colorado is in some serious trouble - there's no doubt about that! JACKSON: I'm enjoying every second of this, except your boring side-chatter! CONLON: Damian Payne is back to his feet already and he's rolling a shell of Tex Colorado back into the ring! And getting back to that ... what you call "Old Fashioned Belly Flop" - Damian Payne has ALWAYS welcomed punishment - even to his own body! JACKSON: Risk versus Reward! That's the name of the game isn't it, Stan? CONLON: Would you get off my back already? Damian Payne has follows Tex back into the ring ... and ... this is not good for Tex Colorado! This man "Sadistic Insanity" loves dishing out punishment even with a win in hand! JACKSON: First impressions can go a long ways! And Payne isn't done yet! He's WAITING on Tex Colorado to get up! [Damian shakes his head, pumping himself up as the crowd lets off an anticipation pop as Damian gets into a "stance" in a corner of the ring, biting his lower lip - knowing the end is near and waiting patiently on his prey. The crowd stirs, knowing what's most-likely coming next!] CONLON: Damian Payne ... JACKSON: MULTI-TIME-CHAMPION, DAMIAN PAYNE, GET IT RIGHT ALREADY CONLON!! CONLON: Tex is up! Tex turns! Payne charges! [LARGE roar from the fans as Tex's head thumps off the back of the mat with the Vicious Set-Up Move!] JACKSON: SPEAR!!! SPEAR!!! [Crowd goes nuts - because it's a spear! Huge pop for the Spear and the DAMAGE a guy like Damian Payne does when he Spears somebody!] CONLON: Damian Payne can SMELL A VICTORY, HERE ... JACKSON: READ PAYNE'S SHIRT - CONLON, WE'RE HEADED TO "CHOKEBOMB CENTRAL!!" [Some fans can be heard starting a "CHOKEBOMB - CHOKEBOMB - CHOKEBOMB" chant - love him or hate him, Payne is a star! And he's ready to go in for the kill! First, he pauses soaking in his surroundings of his first match with the UPW.] CONLON: Tex Colorado looks like he's out! JACKSON: Same song and dance here as the surely Sadistic one helps him up yet again! [The chant has grown louder - "CHOKEBOMB - CHOKEBOMB - CHOKEBOMB" and Damian Payne positions Colorado.] CONLON: "Sadistic Insanity" Damian Payne gets the big man up ... JACKSON: CHOKEBOMB!! CHOKEBOMB!! CHOKEBOMB!! IT'S ALL OVER!! CONLON: Payne for the pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!! CONLON Not much of a challenge for Damian Payne as he wins with ease in his debut match with the UPW!! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Damian Payne really showing his stuff in Cleveland! What a debut! SMITH: The man is a force and that Chokebomb is one of the best finishers in the business today! CHANEY: I have no doubt that we'll be seeing more of him in the weeks to come! SMITH: I can't wait. Payne is the type of old school wrestler that can work the crowd, still wrestle will, and brawl with the best of them. The UPW roster needs to take advance notice of him before he steamrolls through them! CHANEY: It is funny you mention steamrolling, Gorilla. SMITH: Why is that? CHANEY: Well our next match is the first tag team match on the schedule, and it involves the team that lost to The Warriors for the tag team titles last Showdown, The Hype. SMITH: I think everybody realizes that The Hype were at a disadvantage in that third fall after Syn had been sent out of the ringside area. CHANEY: No doubt about it, especially with Sammy Sharifi being allowed to stay and help his team win. SMITH: Now they get to start their redemption story against the Brothers Grimm. CHANEY: And they had a few words to share about it before hitting the ring! Let's see what they had to say!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [Cue to backstage promo backdrop. CJ Messer is headbanging against the scenery.] MESSER: You said we'd have an in. They said we'd have an in. They said we'd be IN. [The ponytailed prince, Danny Nash, does his best hot-oil massage moves along his partner's knotted shoulders, as interviewer Dyan Ciccarelli tries to keep the microphone relevant.] NASH: Hold on, tough guy. Hold on. They said we'd have an in. They didn't say we'd get to keep it. MESSER: Started from the bottom, now we're here. Started from the bottom, now we're STILL DOWN HERE. NASH: We got some rust on us. So what? Anything vintage is going to show that outta the gate. We just need us a lube job and a visit to Mister Fix-It, at least that's what they said when I went back into the pictures. [Danny Nash waves away the walking mic stand, continues consoling his beleaguered partner. Then stands up and faces the camera, eye-to-iris.] NASH: So yeah, we're a little rusty. So maybe some of our silver shine turned out to be tinfoil. Maybe it shows. But you any good at chemistry? Any backyard pyro knows that you mix some rust with some powdered aluminum... And you got THERMITE. Problem with Thermite is, you gotta start a pretty hot fire to get it started, otherwise you just got a pile of dust on your hands. Well, you just hit the spark that lit the tinder that set off a whole chain reaction, and now our tempers are blazing white-hot. [Messer sidesteps in front of him to take the mic space, pointing his finger into the camera and glaring. He's holding back, just under the point of shouting. Dude's pissed.] MESSER: We've done a lot of losing over the years, especially on television. But there's lot more we've done in front of live crowds. I know who's seen what we HAVE done. I don't know who's seen what we CAN do around here. But I know who's going to see what we WILL do. [The Mack looks like he's about to headbutt the camera, he's in so close, he's talking so deep.] MESSER: We got another team bigger 'n us this week. Well, I've been punching up my whole career. And I ain't lost ALL of 'em yet. Them Brothers Grimm, I wanna rip them down back to folk stories... NASH: Then we come back and leave the Warriors in the Land of Nod, y'know what he means? [Mackie Messer's breathing hard, nostrils flaring. Danny Nash actually backs away a step. Old man Syn steps into frame and wraps an arm around CJ's shoulder to pull him away from the camera, muttering calming words like 'the proper time' and 'liability.' Downtown Danny takes the opportunity to get in the last word.] NASH: We thought we'd get a chance to do this the easy way, for once. Guess not. But if anybody knows about doing it the hard way... It's me. Welcome to my world. We're gonna f- [Ciccarelli wrestles the microphone away from the eyeliner icon as the rest of his phrase is muted. Danny Nash rolls his eyes and follows his teammate offscreen.] CICCARELLI: CJ Messer, Danny Nash, thank you very much. Great things in store ahead for The Hype. NASH: (Offscreen) BELIEVE IT! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk and Smith has a smile on his face.] SMITH: Those guys are funny to me. They know how to bring the comedy, that much is for sure. CHANEY: But they know how to bring it in the ring as well. SMITH: They certainly do. This team is vastly better than we have ever seen them far as in-ring performance. And as long as Syn is able to stay by their side, they could be true contenders in the tag team division. CHANEY: So let's see how the match against the Brothers Grimm played out! SMITH: Yes! Roll that footage!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Grimmley in the ring against CJ "Mackie" Messer.] CONLON: Back to the ring now, the Brothers Grimm have made an early dent against The Hype. Let's see that replay... [Corner window shows Grimmley with a solid clothesline taking CJ Messer off his feet, and the real-time screen has the big man smothering the former boxer with his forearm and shoulder.] JACKSON: We have The Hype's mentor and manager with us at the table. Mister Syn, what have you got to say about this coupling? ... Quadrupling? ... Whatever. SYN: Give 'em a moment. [Grimmley drags Messer by one arm and one leg over toward his corner, and the even BIGGER Grimmace slaps his shoulder to become legal. Grimmace clambers underneath the top rope to drop an elbow onto the supine Messer, then continues smothering him with crossface forearms. The referee does a four-count before the obligatory break.] CONLON: You were saying? SYN: I said GIVE THEM A MOMENT. [CJ Messer rolls across the canvas. He's aaaaalmost to the corner, almost got the tag, but Grimmace puts his torso between the tagmates. And that proves to be his mistake, because Danny Nash reaches between the middle ropes, grabs a handful of beanbag sack, then drops to the floor.] JACKSON: That's ONE way to take the bigger man off his game! CONLON: One of many, but definitely an effective technique! SYN: Toldja. [Messer reaches out and gets the handslap from his partner. Nash rolls through the ropes, grapevines Grimmace Grimm's left leg, and starts knuckling charlie-horses to the back of his thigh! Crowd starts to murmur in appreciation.] CONLON: Speaking of how to take a big man off his game... If he can't stand up straight, he can't boot your head off your shoulders! JACKSON: Reminds me of the bruises your girl left on me last time I spent the weekend, Stan. CONLON: Don't give the crowd the wrong impression, Pepper. Those were because you tried to steal the good silverware and she caught you. JACKSON: You're no fun. SYN: You're no fun. [Ref separates Danny Nash from the Grimm brother at four. Grimmace takes his time standing up, tries to walk it off favoring his left leg. CHOP BLOCK from Nash takes him back down, and another tag to Messer.] JACKSON: Keeping the dynamics sharp here! [The Mack rolls through Grimmace's left leg, trying to cinch in a half-crab. Before the ref can even check, Grimmley is halfway across the ring taking Mackie Messer's head clean off his neck with a wicked clothesline. Ref pushes Grimmley back to his own corner while Messer limps one leg over the ropes just close enough for Nash to slap his boot for a tag. Grimmace takes a knee while Nash does a bit of footwork, trying to pick his spot.] CONLON: Solid save by Grimmley Grimm, but CJ Messer just had the warrior's ring presence at the end of that exchange. SYN: *furtively sipping from the flask hidden in his breast pocket* AHUAH... I mean yeah, that's my boys. [Grimmace goes for one more lunging clothesline, but Danny Nash grabs the arm for an armdrag. Grimmace up to his feet again, lunges one more time, Danny Nash sends him spinning to the mat again. ANOTHER lunge from the Grimm, ANOTHER armdrag from the Hype's flashier member.] CONLON: And BOTH men in the ring kip up into a fighting stance! JACKSON: Did not expect that, especially from Grimmace! Just hear those fans hit the roof. [Grimmace nabs Nash's arm first, this time, and whips him to the ropes. Nash reverses his opponent into one set of ropes, then shifts ninety degrees to run the other sides of the ring. CJ Messer slaps his back to get legal, then hops in-ring just in time to catch the big man's momentum for an inverted atomic drop...] CONLON: Messer lifting Grimmace up and down, NASH IS WAITING WITH A KANCHO!!!! JACKSON: Double fingers up the bum-bum, NOT a pleasant surprise! SYN: Turns out my boy Danny has a thing for historical references in all his new ideas. See, this one he likes to call "Droit du Seigneur." It impresses upon the peons that their bodies are owned by the master, and they are his to do with as he pleases. [Grimmley strides over the ropes, shoving his finger into "Downtown" Danny Nash's face. Nash promptly sinks his teeth into the finger.] JACKSON: Not a wise move! Downtown Danny's been here before, he knows what to do there. Both of the illegal men roll to the outside, brawling just to give their fists something to do while they're waiting for their turn. CONLON: Grimmley's got a chair though! Grimm with the chair - JACKSON: SPEAR BY NASH! SPEAR BY NASH! Almost headfirst through the steel chair! Grimm is downed on the pads at ringside, but so is Nash! SYN: Aww, dangit, that wasn't supposed to be HIS spot! CONLON: What's that? SYN: I said, oh dear, what a predicament! [CJ Messer gives a glance to his partner, then mounts up on Grimmace Grimm's chest to start raining scraping crossface forearms left right left, calling to his partner to get up.] JACKSON: The Mack does not want to be in this thing alone. I don't blame him, giving up as much size as he does to either of the Brothers Grimm. I think he's got the right idea for now, ground-and-pound until he's got backup in his corner again. SYN: Gimme a minute. I'll be back. CONLON: What? [The Hype's veteran manager goes to check on his charge on the floor, and removes the ubiquitous eight-ounce flask from his shirt pocket. The referee warns him against physical interference as he steps across the supine form of Grimmley, but Syn just waves him away and heads to Danny Nash. Syn kneels to pick up Downtown Danny's head in a Pieta pose, flips the cap to his elixir, and pours half a shake into Nash's mouth.] JACKSON: That's clearly adulterated. Come on ref, he may not have attacked the opponents, but he's still interfering in the match! CONLON: Adulterated with what though? Looks to me like he must have juiced some of Popeye's spinach into that high-proof liquid, considering the reaction! [The crowd starts to make some noise as they see their sparkling scion start to shake. Danny Nash takes to one knee... BOOM, one bicep flexed. BOOM, both biceps flexed! He's up, he's up... MOST MUSCLE POSE! MOST MUSCLE!] CONLON: Clearly Nash has been watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron! [Fans pop for the "gun show."] CONLON: Messer forces Grimmace to backpedal into The Hype's corner, Danny Nash with a monkey-like hop onto the apron. A slap to his partner's shoulder while Messer hikes the Grimm into the turnbuckles. [The Hype take the double-team opportunity, annnnnnd it's trading crotch kicks. One from Danny, one from CJ. One from Danny, one from CJ. The referee attempts to break this up.] MESSER: WE HAVE 'TIL FIVE! JACKSON: I don't think it works like that, Mackie. Oh hey, Syn. Welcome back. SYN: I never saw myself as the healer of the party, but hey I'll take what I can get. [CJ Messer rolls directly to the floor as Nash hoists Grimmace up and over the turnbuckles, tying him upside-down on the outside.] CONLON: Modified Tree of Woe, and HERE COMES MESSER! Running knee trembler DIRECTLY to the skull of Grimmace Grimm! Grimmley still down, unable to help his partner! SYN: Back to the history lesson. They call THAT, Primae Noctis. That translates to "I'm Gonna F*ck Yer Wife." Just so you know that. JACKSON: Well in that case, I hope she likes it rough! [Grimmace crumples to the floor, but Messer just manhandles the bigger man under the bottom rope and reaches up for a tag. Nash hooks in a front facelock, rolls through a pair of rolling DDTs!] SYN: Attaboy, Danny! Lights, Camera... CONLON: That's no Lights Camera Action, he broke the sequence to whip Grimm off the ropes. Back body drop - JACKSON: MIDAIR HANDOFF to CJ Messer, who drops Grimmace right on his face with a Dominator! SYN: The return of the Hyper-Driver! That's my boys! That's my boys! [Grimmley barely has the wherewithal to reach into the ring and grab an ankle, any ankle, but the only man within his grasp is Danny Nash, who promptly drops him with a knee to the nuts.] CONLON: Cover by Mackie Messer, the crowd is hot, two... THREE! JACKSON: Second show, second gear. But The Hype had the horsepower to torque out a pinfall over the Brothers Grimm tonight! SYN: Thank you gentlemen, it's been a lovely evening, but I do believe I've got some celebrating to do. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: There you have it, The Hype get a big victory and start their climb back up the tag team rankings! SMITH: I love tag team wrestling, I spent most of my career in it, and these guys are just fun to watch. They will be contenders again. CHANEY: Will their experience last Showdown derail those aspirations? SMITH: I don't think so. It is so difficult to amp up and prepare for a title shot in your first match. They will get some matches and show their potential over the coming weeks. Just watch out for them in the future. CHANEY: Glad to see you are high on The Hype! SMITH: I can admit I buy into the Hype. CHANEY: Another man with a lot of expectations on him is "The Basilisk" Dylan Cardinal. SMITH: The guy is flat scary. The word menacing doesn't even cut it when you talk about him. CHANEY: He has been around for awhile, and I've watched him carve people up in the ring before. Tonight, he gets to debut in UPW with a match against "Good" Gordon Gaines. SMITH: And our crack camera crew caught up with Dylan before his match! Before we see the match itself, let's hear what this slithering snake has to say!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [Dyan Ciccarelli is backstage, a tall and lanky bald man looming over her. She turns to him to ask her first question.] CICCARELLI: Dylan Cardinal, in your earlier match against Gordon Gaines, what kind of message were you trying to send to the rest of the UPW locker room? ["The Basilisk" smiles indulgently.] CARDINAL: What message was I trying to send... [He swipes a calloused thumb along his jaw, as if hers wasn't a straightforward question, but rather some sort of existentialist sophistry.] CICCARELLI: Was it addressed to Tripp Skylark, or any other opponent you might face in the World Title Tournament? CARDINAL: Are you sure there was a message? CICCARELLI: Wasn't there? [Dyan pauses, paralyzed by doubt.] CICCARELLI: Otherwise, why would you do... what you did? CARDINAL: Why do hurricanes and tsunamis happen, Dyan? Why do sea otters rape seal pups to death? Why do children get cancer, or Tay-Sachs? CICCARELLI: How should I know? CARDINAL: Maybe they're just things that happen. Like what I do. CICCARELLI: But... [He scoffs at her confusion.] CARDINAL: Maybe that's just the way things are, and nobody can do anythin' 'bout it. [A sickening grin on his face, Cardinal slinks back into the shadows, leaving Dyan perplexed. She cocks her head, shudders, regains her composure.] CICCARELLI: Well, guys... message or not, someone will have to find an answer to the Dylan Cardinal problem. Otherwise, I can't imagine anyone will like the consequences. [A quick fade to black.]

[The screen fades to the following footage.] (Malcom starts to walk to the front row with a bottle of water in his hands) CONLON: Is he seriously here? I thought him buying a ticket was just talk. JACKSON: In case you haven't figured it out yet, Stan, Malcom Shabazz is not all talk. And now he has done what he said he would, get a ticket to the show! (An old usher, with a pair of young security guards walk up to Malcom,) Old Usher: Excuse me sir, but I need to see your ticket. Malcom Shabazz: Do you know what I paid for this ticket? Old Usher: I just want to make sure you found the correct seat. Malcom Shabazz: So you think I just found this empty seat here? What's with the Rent a cops? Don't you two have some fights to break up in the upper decks? Younger Security guard: We just don't want any problems? Malcom: Because a Militant black man is sitting in the front row of a wrestling event, I am going to be a problem? (The old usher is still looking at the ticket) Malcom Shabazz: What's wrong, old man? Blind and Deaf? (The old usher looks back at the security guards) Younger security guard: You can stay, but we are keeping our eyes on you. Malcom Shabazz: There is nothing you could do even if you wanted to. I suggest you take yourself back to the drunk level and find a bum or two to throw out. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Malcom Shabazz continues to struggle in UPW, but this time it isn't a wrestler or even the higher ups, it is the ticket ushers! SMITH: The guy has a bulls eye on him, without a doubt. CHANEY: Now some say he earned it with what he did at the last Showdown. SMITH: Oh absolutely! However, at what point to you see him as a fan with a ticket instead of a potential threat? You have to stop policing him at some point. CHANEY: I think it is just a safety precaution. SMITH: Whatever it is, it does nothing but help back up the very point he is making about the discrimination against him. CHANEY: Well one thing is for sure, he got a front row seat to watch Dylan Cardinal's match! SMITH: Cardinal's menacing tone doesn't get old. So often you see guys try to inspire fear and perhaps they do well for a time, but eventually that awe and fright dampen. I don't see that in Cardinal. CHANEY: You have a point. So often we see guys make speeches or attempt to be cultic leaders or what not, and they all end up looking foolish. SMITH: Cardinal isn't that way. The *LAST* thing anyone will say about Dylan Cardinal is that he is foolish. CHANEY: And the first testimony will belong to Gordon Gaines! Let's go to the tape and see how their match played out!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as Dylan Cardinal lands a knee drop to Gaines' chest, rolls away to coil into the corner, waiting for Gordon to stir and rise.] CONLON: Gordon Gaines had a strong start to this match, but it's been all Cardinal for the last few moments. JACKSON: Momentum is a fickle mistress! [When Gaines struggles up to his hands and knees, Cardinal bolts out of the corner, leaps and crashes into Gordon's temple with his knee.] JACKSON: "Flying Serpent!" CONLON: My goodness... GORDON GAINES' HEAD HAS BEEN KNOCKED STRAIGHT INTO NEXT WEEK!!! JACKSON: And the rest of him's still right here in the present. CONLON: Just a formality, now, as Cardinal goes for the cover... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . [Cardinal breaks his own pin, pulling Gaines' shoulder off the mat.] CONLON: And he breaks his own pinfall attempt, again. That's the second time in a row. What is he doing? JACKSON: Can't say for sure. They wouldn't be mind games if the answer was simple and straightforward. CONLON: This match is clearly over. Gordon Gaines is not moving, and the referee should- JACKSON: WAIT! He twitched! I just saw him! CONLON: Regardless... after that match against Malcom Shabazz, you have to know Gordon Gaines didn't come to the ring at 100%. Now Cardinal's just torturing him! ["The Basilisk" pulls Gaines up by the hair, motions for the referee to closely observe, then jams a thumb into Gaines' glazed eye! Immediately the referee points and pokes at Dylan Cardinal, showering him with warnings and admonitions, but the "Basilisk" simply walks over to the turnbuckles and sits down on the mat.] CONLON: WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING IN THIS MATCH? [Gaines collapses, and seeing an opportunity to end it, the referee begins a knockout count.] ONE! . . . . . JACKSON: Thumb to the eye's normally used to turn the tables on a dominating opponent... . . . . . TWO! . . . . . CONLON: But to use it on a barely conscious man? It's not even legal to begin with! . . . . . THREE! . . . . . JACKSON: Did Cardinal do it just because he knew he could get away with it? He didn't need to, but he knew he could... so he did it? . . . . . FOUR! . . . . . CONLON: What would be the point, Pepper? . . . . . FIVE! . . . . . JACKSON: Make history? Be the first man to win by knockout with an eye poke? . . . . . SIX! . . . . . CONLON: Something tells me he wouldn't be interested in such a petty accomplishment... . . . . . SEVEN! . . . . . JACKSON: Then it's about control. Cardinal's the one who controls what happens in that ring, not Gaines, not the referee. . . . . . EIGHT! . . . . . CONLON: Oh, no! Gaines is starting to move! He's reaching for those ropes! No, don't do it! . . . . . NINE! . . . . . [Gaines grabs the middle rope, tries to pull himself up...] . . . . . CONLON: I can't believe I'm about to scream this but... STAY DOWN, GORDON! . . . . . [Gordon Gaines stands in the ring, unassisted, forcing the referee to end his count. At the other extremity of the squared circle, Dylan Cardinal slowly rises.] CONLON: Oh, here we go... [Cardinal cracks his neck and begins a slow approach on a Gordon Gaines that might as well be sleepwalking at this point...] JACKSON: Just end this, Dylan. [Suddenly, a right jab! ... Then a left hook!] CONLON: GAINES IS FIGHTING BACK! [Gaines knees Cardinal in the gut, then whips him into the corner turnbuckles! Cardinal lands back first, bounces out, then stumbles straight into a belly to belly suplex!] CONLON: HOLY MOSES!!! GORDON GAINES!!! [Cleveland explodes in cheers as Gaines collapses over Cardinal for the pin, tries to lift a leg but lacks the energy to keep it up...] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TW.......... CONLON: And a kick out! JACKSON: It would have been quite the story, but this is UPW, not the movies. You gotta do a lot more than that to earn a happy ending! [Dylan Cardinal is up on his feet first, and he kicks Gaines in the gut, pulls him up and drops him back to the mat with a back suplex.] CONLON: Just like that, Dylan Cardinal's back in the driver's seat. [Cardinal straddles his opponent, then drives an elbow to the top of his head. Gaines instantly goes limp.] CONLON: "12-6 Elbow"! JACKSON: That kind of strike is straight up banned in MMA, but it's still legal in professional wrestling. CONLON: It shouldn't be! JACKSON: Allowed or not, it's light out for Gaines. [Again, Cardinal refuses to pin an obviously unconscious opponent. He struggles to lift up Gaines' dead weight up into double underhooks. With a swing of the leg, "the Basilisk" falls backwards and drives Gaines forehead first into the mat.] CONLON: "LD50!" JACKSON: There's no getting up from that! CONLON: Here's the cover... for real I hope... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: Thank goodness it's over! JACKSON: Decisively so. ["Stripsearch" by Faith No More begins to play, but Cardinal doesn't even stick around to let the referee raise his arm. He slides out of the ring, slithers back up the aisle. The referee checks up on a motionless Gordon Gaines instead.] CONLON: That was an entirely new kind of scary, Pepper! JACKSON: Cardinal's the kind of guy that can control the ring, control the match, play with your mind, maybe even decide your fate. CONLON: I believe it, and he's still in the championship tournament! Tripp Skylark, I'm definitely rooting for you in Louisville. Whatever you do, do not let that man become the UPW champion! JACKSON: Speaking of Tripps, Gordon Gaines needs a long, loooooong vacation. Intensive care, maybe? [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Dylan Cardinal with a resounding victory in his UPW debut! CHANEY: And I do not think anyone was surprised by that. Now he moves on to the next Showdown, where his bracket of the World Title tournament is up for action. SMITH: And is match for that bracket will be against former SCWE Television Champion, Tripp Skylark! CHANEY: Skylark will be an interesting match for Cardinal due to his speed, but first Tripp has to tangle with another debuting star tonight in Harrison Daniels III. SMITH: We caught up with Tripp Skylark backstage and he had a few words for that match later tonight against Daniels. Let's take a look!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [Cut to the back, where the one and only TRIPP SKYLARK... the silly bird who took some bad acid... is busy standing in front of your typical concrete wall somewhere in the back of this wonderful establishment. Dressed in his ring gear (same thing he wears out all the time – cargo shorts and a band tee), Tripp looks a bit... excited. He's pacing slightly as he begins to talk. His hands are also extra talkative today.] TRIPP: Ya know.... HARRISON... DANIELS... the THIRD... People like you are the reason I got into this business. Well, I mean, there were really LOTS of reasons, but one of them..... One of them was asshats like yourself. Cause you see... in the real world, out there, on the streets... I'd go to jail for punching someone like you in the face and beating you like a damn rented mule! But in the ring... [Nervous laugh.] TRIPP: I don't gotta worry about Mr. Lawman ruining my fun. Twist you into a pretzel? Stretch a few tendons behind their limits? Hobble you? Maim you? Break your spirit AND your back? All of it perfectly acceptable in the squared circle! Sometime's in life it's the little things that count, dun chu know? [Big smile that dissipates quickly.] TRIPP: Harrison Daniels the Third... We are just a few moments away from stepping inside that squared circle. And knowing just how annoyingly conceited, frustratingly self-centered and so god damn UNORIGINAL, I can think of only one thing to really say to you right now. [Pause.] TRIPP: Welcome to the Redemption Tour, motherfluffer!!! [Devilish smirk.] TRIPP: And major congratulations on being the first stop. With being the first stop n'at, I've decided you deserve a little gift. [Pause, with the smirk somehow growing wider.] TRIPP: How about a free trip to the dentist after I kick your teeth down your throat? [Fade Out.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Tripp Skylark with some tough words for Harrison Daniels III! SMITH: I love listenign to him because he talks such a strong game for a guy as small as he is. CHANEY: He's not *THAT* small, Gorilla. SMITH: Well comepared to me and guys taller than six-eight, yeah he kinda is. But what gets me about it is the fact that he can flat go in the ring and back those words up. CHANEY: No doubt it will be interesting when we get to that double debut match in a little while here on Showdown! SMITH: I'm looking forward to it! CHANEY: Fans, a quick reminder that this portion of UPW Showdown is brought to you by UPW SURVIVAL! SMITH: That's right! [The screen between them changes from the UPW logo, to the following image...]

[They continue speaking as you see the image.] CHANEY: Sunday, February nineteenth in Chicago, Illinois! UPW Survival will feature every member of the roster in action, every title will be defended, and the Ultimate Survival Rumble will reshape the landscape of UPW in many ways! SMITH: It is promising to be a great event, and no doubt the first pay-per-view will set a high standard! CHANEY: You got that right, Gorilla! So make plans to join us that Sunday in February for some great UPW action and watch history unfold! [The PPV logo fades quickly and the screen returns to show our announcers.] CHANEY: One of those superstars that will find their way onto the card is another of our debuts tonight, "Jester" Chad Allen. SMITH: This is another long-time veteran that has enjoyed success pretty much everywhere he has ever been. You can't assume he is crazy due to the clown moniker. CHANEY: Clowns aren't exactly en vogue these days. SMITH: Well if they were like Allen, I would think we might see laws banning them! Allen is frightening and the fact he has his manager-slash-girlfriend with him in Iris Galiver. CHANEY: She is the one who swore she was just a little kid years ago! SMITH: Which made their relationship extra creepy, to be sure. CHANEY: Well we get our first glimpse of them as Chad Allen squares off against John Herdick! Let's roll that tape, guys!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as "Jester" Chad Allen has John Herdick at his mercy with a choke hold.] CONLON: While John Herdick has shown glimpses of offense in this one - "Jester" Chad Allen has maintained a great pace here in his debut, giving him the advantage! JACKSON: And with Iris Galiver out there, Chad Allen has an immediate upper-hand! She may be pretty but she's real dangerous too! CONLON: Chad Allen is on top of John Herdick and trying to choke the life out of him! The referee is counting, warning Chad Allen! JACKSON: Herdick rolling to the outside! CONLON: I'm not so sure that's a good idea, "Jester" Chad Allen is known for his Hardcore Style and Iris is out there, too! JACKSON: Look at that smile on Allen's face! [Crowd pops as Allen grins sickly at the possibilities.] CONLON: Allen following suit to the outside! The referee starting his count ... ...ONE... JACKSON: Allen WHIPPING John Herdick into the steel railings right out here in front of the fans! ...TWO... ...THR ... HEY ... HEY ... HEY! CONLON: The Jester scraping Herdick's face on the top of that railings! The referee warning him as Jester has his full attention, pacing to turn the referee's back away from Iris! OH WAIT A MINUTE ... JACKSON: Iris with a swift kick to Herdick ... I mean ... Iris just did further damage to John's ... ....FOUR ... CONLON: And the ref doesn't see it - "Jester" Chad Allen charging with a big knee lift to the face of John Herdick!! ...FIVE... CONLON: Iris and Chad Allen are two peas in a pod! Both smiles right now as Chad Allen looks to move this action back into the ring, rolling John under the ropes ... JACKSON: And Allen back into the ring now ... CONLON: Chad Allen has been wrestling for over TWENTY years! Much like the rest of this roster, he has PROVED himself time and time again! Allen approaching Herdick again and Herdick with a second wind! JACKSON: YEAH!! Herdick up and the two are exchanging punches!! CONLON: Herdick though, much smaller in terms of overall size decides to take to the ropes! Spinning Heel Kick!! JACKSON: And Chad Allen is stumbling a little but he's not down yet! CONLON: Herdick off the ropes again! Kick to the stomach from Allen! Snap Suplex as Chad Allen puts Herdick on his back again! [Crowd pop - shift in momentum.] JACKSON: Everytime it looks like John has had the upper-hand in this match, he loses it right away! CONLON: And Chad Allen with a bow to Iris! He is feeding off of her joy! JACKSON: And John Herdick still has fight left in him as he uses the ropes for leverage to get up! CONLON: Allen has taken notice, too and grabs Herdick by the face, GRINDING his knuckles into the temple of John Herdick! The referee is attempting to get Chad to break the hold! ...ONE ... ...TWO ... CONLON: Forearm smash to the back of Herdick and Chad Allen taking a few steps ba-- ... JACKSON: MAFIA KICK! CONLON: And there goes Herdick spilling to the outside again! Chad Allen is clearly dictating the pace of this match!! Yet again, The Wicked Clown is getting a talking to from the referee! JACKSON: And Iris is STOMPING JOHN HERDICK on the outside as the ref has his back turned!! CONLON: Galiver rolling Herdick back into the ring and Chad Allen is back on the attack as he pushes the referee aside and charges Chad Allen, lifting him and DDT! Chad Allen drops Herdick with a nice DDT there ... and now a pin!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR............NO! JACKSON: KICKOUT BY HERDICK!! HE HASN'T GIVEN UP, YET! CONLON: "The Jester" is staring a HOLE through the referee, now - he thought that was a three count! JACKSON: For ONCE, I agree with you! Looks like the referee may have showed some favoritism there with a slow count but that's not necessarily saving John Herdick! It may have made things worse because Chad Allen has just MOUNTED John Herdick!! CONLON: Chad Allen with ELBOWS to Herdick's face now!! The referee trying to step in AGAIN! JACKSON: The Jester has been around long enough to know when to press and quit pressing the referee's buttons but he's toeing the line and I like it! CONLON: The referee finally breaks up the constant Elbows and John Herdick has to be seeing stars by now as blood starts dripping from his mouth! JACKSON: This has been somewhat of an unorthodox showing by Chad Allen here - this match has more of a street-fight than wrestling feel to it! CONLON: Allen getting up now and dragging John Herdick up with him! Iris on the outside encouraging Chad! JACKSON: Look at that! The Jester is smearing Herdick's blood all over Herdick's face before spinning him around!! CONLON: GERMAN SUPLEX from "The Jester" Chad Allen and he doesn't release his hold! JACKSON: Violence feeds a man like "The Jester" Chad Allen - the same guy that's been a Champion in nearly every organization he's ever competed in! CONLON: And he's got a mean streak too! He rolls over and stands both himself and Herdick back up - KIDDIE DRIVER!! JACKSON: That's Iris' move that Chad Allen uses from time to time! John Herdick is OUT! It started with the obvious Alpha Male - "Jester" Chad Allen getting the upper-hand and not letting up and that may have very well ended it! CONLON: And Chad Allen dropping down for the pin here... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR............NO! CONLON: Wait! Iris shouting at Chad Allen and Allen gets off of Herdick!! [Iris Galiver with a big smile on her face as she motions "up" with her thumbs and "The Jester" Chad Allen enjoys this immensely - same sinister smile on his face as he stands back up!] CONLON: Oh - that's enough! John Herdick has taken enough punishment here tonight!! JACKSON: I don't think The Jester really cares what you think, Stan! CONLON: I'm not necessarily a big fan of John Herdick but I don't want to see him leave this match in a body bag either! JACKSON: Look at the SMILE on Chad's face!! CONLON: Allen now lifting John Herdick up onto his back! [HUGE pop from the fans for the finish!] CONLON: There it is!! JACKSON: THE LAST LAUGH!! CONLON: And The Jester glances to Iris to make sure she's satisfied! JACKSON: And judging by that look on her pretty face - she's VERY satisfied with this one!! CONLON: Now another pinfall!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: Chad Allen with the victory in his UPW debut! CONLON: If we learned anything is that the kind of fun and games Allen and Galiver bring together may not bring laughter to everybody, especially opponents. JACKSON: Are you kidding? There were a LOT of laughs from Chad Allen throughout this match!! But, he most definitely got the last one! CONLON: Great debut by "The Jester" Chad Allen, you can expect a lot of carnage from this man! He dictated this match from beginning to end! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Chad Allen now stands at one and zero in his UPW career and I'm not sure many will lineup to face him. SMITH: The UPW seems to be attracting several guys that are the type you would normally avoid stepping in against. It is going to make for interesting matches if they ever draw each other! CHANEY: There has been talk about bringing about a hardcore style division to accommodate those kinds of wrestlers. What would you think about that, Gorilla? SMITH: I think it is definitely a genre of the market that doesn't get as much play these days, especially with so many federations employing a "PG" style of product. However, I think if it does happen, it will be awhile down the road. Most of these guys would rather go after a World Title or Television Title instead. CHANEY: Why do you think that is? SMITH: In my mind, it is just the respect factor of such titles. A hardcore title just doesn't have the wow factor to it that other titles usually do. CHANEY: Well Television Titles are something Tripp Skylark understands all too well and now we get to see him in action against another debuting star, Harrison Daniels III. SMITH: Harrison caught up with our backstage crew and wanted to share some thoughts of his own. Let's check it out!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] (Fade into a wide shot of a locker room area. As the camera slowly zooms in, we find Harrison Daniels III grooming himself in front of a mirror. Sporting his recently tanned skin and already decked out in his wrestling gear and ready for battle, HD III opens up a canister of hair glue and gets some on his fingertips before briskly rubbing it all throughout his hair. Once Daniels is satisfied with his appearance, he stares into his reflection and lets out a slow but yet, confident exhale.) HD3: "So Trippy, you say it's time to get off the [BLEEP]ing pot and do something with your pathetic excuse of a career? I agree. It's about time you did something that for once, wouldn't make your Mother and Father wish you could join them. But let's talk reality, shall we?" (Daniels stands up and turns around to face the camera.) HD3: "You know you don't have it in you. I know it. You know it. Hell, even Doc knew it. You're nothing more than a man who just has a whole lot of quit in him. You say you have the intellect of a college professor and yet all you know how to do with your miserable life is to tell fatties to lay off that doughnut or tell self-conscience women that they need to channel their inner Karen Carpenter just to feel good about themselves. You say you have the wrestling ability of a Gold medal Olympian but yet, it seems like the only thing you wrestle with constantly is whether or not you can afford the next week's score on a minimum wage budget." (Daniels flashes an arrogant grin.) HD3: "Oh, you do need to get off that pot, Trippy. But there's one slight problem." (A confused look suddenly grows on his face as he cocks his head awkwardly.) HD3: "Do you hear that, Trippy? (Off camera, we can hear the sounds of a toilet flushing as HD III's body posture just brims with absolute confidence.) HD3: "That sounds that plagues you every day while you're awake and every night while you sleep. That unshakeable, haunting sound that grips your soul. Do you know what that is, Trippy? That, my friend, is the sound of your career flushing down life's drain. You say this a redemption tour? Well you are looking at UWF's Redeemer......and there's no more mercy and no more second chances for the pathetic excuse of a human being called Tripp Skylark. In a few minutes, I'm going to finally do what Doc should've done to you all those years ago....... I'm gonna put you in the gutter for good." (That look of confidence is immediately erased by a look of arrogance as we quickly fade to black.) [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Daniels is very confident in his abilities, that much is certain, Gorilla. SMITH: There have been many men who walked in confident against a smaller guy like Skylark and walked out losers. The only way to prove you can back it up is to get that three count. CHANEY: Well the time has come to watch that debut for both of these men! Let's head to the tape and see what happened when Tripp Skylark met Harrison Daniels III!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Harrison Daniels III lifting Tripp Skylark up with a side lift while holding Tripp's right foot up, dropping him with a kneebreaker that leaves Skylark limping with pain in the shin.] CONLON: A strong kneebreaker by Daniels! It seems like Daniels is trying to slow down the speed of Skylark. JACKSON: Makes sense. He has struggled with it the entire match. From the opening bell, Tripp has ran circles around him. CONLON: Well that knee breaker will slow him a little. JACKSON: A little, but will it give him the edge he needs to finally ground Skylark for good? [Daniels grabs Skylark's leg and falls back, snapping it as hard as he can. Skylark writhes in pain as Daniels stands to his feet and hits a quick leg drop on the smaller man's neck.] CONLON: Leg drop by Daniels and now he goes for a quick cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH...........KICKOUOT BY SKYLARK!!!!!!!! JACKSON: Skylark gets out of it a lot easier than he should have. CONLON: Daniels made a mistake not hooking a leg, though I don't know if it would have mattered. JACKSON: Everything hurts when you are only five-nine and getting hit by six-footers. CONLON: Are you saying Tripp is too small to succeed in UPW? JACKSON: Not at all. I'm just saying that when you are smaller, even lesser attacks cause damage. [Daniels pulls Skylark up and whips him into the corner, while rushing right behind him for a follow up attack. Skylark reaches the corner and leaps into the air, propelling himself into a back flip that sees him fly over a charging Daniels and then plant his feet in Daniels' back causing impact into the corner as the fans erupt.] CONLON: WHAT A FLIPPING REVERSAL BY TRIPP SKYLARK!!! JACKSON: Daniels didn't even have a chance to stop it and he watched it coming all the way! CONLON: It is hard to pull up when you see that guy flipping over you. JACKSON: Well in his defense, he probably thought Tripp was going to land and then attack rather than combine the attack into the flip. Great move by Skylark. [Tripp gets to his feet and spins, nailing Daniels with a spinning back fist that connects right on the jaw, sending Daniels back into the corner. Tripp rushes over and leaps to the middle rope straddling Daniels, and then deftly flips Daniels into the center of the ring with a monkey flip.] CONLON: MONKEY FLIP BY SKYLARK! JACKSON: There is that speed again, Stan! Daniels has to counter it, or this could be all she wrote. CONLON: Tripp Skylark knows how to beat bigger men than Daniels, he has held titles elsewhere. [Skylark pulls Daniels up and whips him into the ropes, catching him with a flying leg roll up that gets a pinning situation.] JACKSON: And a flying leg roll into a pin! He may have it! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.................DANIELS KICKS OUT!!! CONLON: Tripp Skylark could be the fastest man on the roster right now! JACKSON: I bet if you ask Harrison Daniels after the match, and if he is honest, he will tell you he didn't see half of what Skylark did before getting hit with the offense Tripp threw at him. CONLON: What is the old saying, speed kills? JACKSON: And in this case, speed can call itself Tripp Skylark. [Skylark shakes off the near fall and rushes to Daniels, grabbing his arm and settling in for a crossface submission hold. The fans erupt seeing the smaller man with an attempt at a choke out.] CONLON: CROSSFACE BY SKYLARK!!! He has it locked in tight! JACKSON: Daniels is straining, but Tripp is really wrenching tat head and neck back! CONLON: For someone so fast, his submission skills are underrated. JACKSON: A fact Daniels is getting well versed in right now. [Daniels is not giving in, refusing each time the referee asks his status. He struggles for the bottom rope, which is getting closer and closer with every reach. Finally, his fingers grasp that rope and the referee calls for the break.] CONLON: Daniels forces the break of the hold and Skylark lets go immediately. Nice to see sportsmanship between these two in such a crucial stage of the match. JACKSON: It makes for great theater, but only because of the athleticism and not the drama. CONLON: Skylark is up and the fans are totally behind him! He is looking at the corner and pointing. JACKSON: Oh yeah, now he's going to give the fans another big show! [Skylark is pumped by the crowd and heads to the corner. The crowd begins chanting his name as he climbs to the top turnbuckle. He leaps, but gets caught by Daniels in mid-air during the hurracanara attempt. Daniels turns to go for a power bomb, but he let go of the legs too early and Skylark kicks out of the move, landing a facebuster instead.] CONLON: FACEBUSTER BY SKYLARK AS HE REVERSES A REVERSAL!!! JACKSON: And now he hooks the leg for the pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: DANIELS ESCAPED!!! JACKSON: That was the closest escape I have ever seen! Skylark was ready to celebrate with the fans and everything! Wow! CONLON: Tripp Skylark in control now of this match. Daniels has never had a counter to the speed. JACKSON: What is impressive is that he is easily the bigger man. You would think this is a no contest! [Skylark is up and pulls Daniels to his feet, whipping him into the ropes. Daniels rebounds and Skylark leaps high over his head. On the second pass, Daniels leaps and hits Skylark with a flying forearm. The moment he hits the canvas, he kips right back up and looking ready to fight.] CONLON: FLYING FOREARM BY DANIELS AND HE KIPS RIGHT BACK UP!!! JACKSON: Daniels leveled him there and Skylark went to the well one too many times! CONLON: These two have traded the advantage the entire match, both not willing to allow the other control for very long. JACKSON: That is the mark of an even contest, Stan! [Daniels rushes over and grabs Skylark, whipping him into the corner, Skylark again leaps and propels himself back at Daniels, but Harrison was ready and catches him during the cross body attempt. He dead lifts Skylark into position and ails his angle slam variation.] CONLON: SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT!!! DANIELS NAILED IT!!! JACKSON: Skylark literally jumped right into it! CONLON: He hooks the leg! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: Daniels gets the victory! CONLON: Tripp Skylark seemed to have it going his way, especially catching himself in the corner to leap back, but all he found was the "Sense of Entitlement" from Daniels! JACKSON: You have to give it to Daniels, as he found the best counter he could and took advantage. Shows you one mistake at a vital moment can end a match anytime. [Daniels holds his arms up and nods to the crowd in respect as his name is announced the victor.] CONLON: Harrison Daniels III debuts in UPW with a victory over Tripp Skylark, and you have to think greater things are on the horizon for him. JACKSON: Without a doubt. I could see him in the TV title match next month for certain! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: What a debut for Harrison Daniels III! SMITH: The guy stepped in there and proved he belonged, now the sky is the limit and his own barrier will be himself. I expect great things from him in the future. CHANEY: And it seems you are right to think that, Gorilla! SMITH: Why is that? CHANEY: While that match was playing, I received word that the UPW Television Championship will be decided on the November eighth edition of Showdown in a six-man ladder match! SMITH: Holy Smokes! CHANEY: And what's more, I have the names of some that will be involved! SMITH: Do tell! CHANEY: Harrison Daniels III is the first name on the list. The man we saw just now defeat former TV champ, Tripp Skylark is the first man listed for the TV Title match. The second man listed is "Sadistic Insanity" Damian Payne! SMITH: Oh my! This is already lining up to be a nasty match! CHANEY: The only other name I have just makes that match even more destructive, as the third man in the TV Title ladder match will be "Jester" Chad Allen! SMITH: Goodness gracious! That match just might kill somebody with those three in it! CHANEY: Expect more names next Showdown, but you have to think that with former World Champions involved in the TV Title match, UPW's roster is as deep as ever has been seen. SMITH: Without a doubt! CHANEY: Fans, up next is the match between Brandon Franklin and Derek Rage. SMITH: Rage wasn't scheduled last Showdown due to conflict of appointments, but he is here now and the guy is one of those I saw as among the best in tag team wrestling. CHANEY: Better not tell him that, Gorilla. Derek refuses to discuss his history with the Prophets of Rage and only wishes to focus on his future as a singles competitor. SMITH: He's been great there as well, hoisting a TV title during his run alone and tonight he takes on a guy that very well could and should have been a World title advancer in Franklin. CHANEY: The "Hardcore Icon" had a few words to say before heading to the ring. SMITH: Can't wait to hear it! Roll that footage!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [Backstage: A blacked out Escalade pulls into the parking area of the Quicken Loans Arena. As soon as the Cadillac comes to a full stop, the door swings open and out steps the Hardcore Icon! Franklin turns right back towards the SUV, the blacked out tint blocks out view of him but we can hear that he's speaking to someone in the back.] BF: No, no - I got this. We went over this. I take care of what happens in the ring and you pay attention. Go somewhere or go get a ticket - there's no way you're comin' ringside! [We can't really make out what the passenger in the back-seat is saying. Franklin cuts the muffled noise off.] BF: Listen, old man - this isn't the time. It'd just be one more thing to worry about. I'm not riskin' it... You're too old ... They'd kill you out here! I need to go into this heads-up ... Derek Rage is in for a long night! Don't worry about nothin'! [A surprisingly protective Franklin slaps the door a few times.] BF: Take him wherever he needs to go. [He he slams the door shut and turns to walk towards the camera and our view. Franklin throws a black duffel bag over his shoulder. He's wearing a sleeveless black shirt: "Hardcore" up top and "Icon" underneath in bold white lettering, black jeans and black boots as he marches through the backstage area of the arena. Camera fades.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Franklin seems ready, but this old man stuff really has me interested. SMITH: The old man is playing a significant role in this personality shift Franklin is going through and I think it is making him a better wrestler. CHANEY: But will it help him beat a veritable legend in Derek Rage? SMITH: Only one way to find out and that is in the ring, but remember Franklin had something else to worry about too. CHANEY: That is right, as Frank Anthony made his way out to ringside and joined our announce team to help call this match. SMITH: The claim was it was out of respect to these two men, but Anthony is not someone you should always take at face value. CHANEY: It led to an interesting call of the match for certain as Rage and Franklin really went to town on each other. SMITH: Then why wait any further! Roll that tape, boys!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as the action is underway as a rather large man in a black t-shirt and black wrestling trunks is a solid foot and a half off the ground, as an absolute behemoth of a man is lifting him bodily by the throat with both hands into the air.] ANTHONY: Just what I thought. He just can’t get the job done against a bigger man. CONLON: Joined here by Frank Anthony, who claims to have considerable interest in this contest. Certainly, a man of Derek Rage’s strength, to lift a grown man with the strength of Brandon Franklin is no easy task. Of course, the referee has counted to five and Rage has been forced to let the man down- JACKSON: And by “let down” you mean tossed five feet into the corner! [“The Hardcore Icon” is coughing in the corner holding his throat, as on the outside, Velvet Sims points both fingers at the fallen Brandon Franklin, then points WAY up at the big man, as to illustrate Derek Rage’s dominance.] ANTHONY: Look at this...Hardcore Icon. My ass. He went and got his handed to him by Chase Williams and now he’s getting beat down by yet ANOTHER big man. CONLON: That’s a little bit unfair, Frank. Brandon got some work in on the Derek’s knees earlier, before Rage, well- JACKSON: Nearly killed him with a BIIIIIIIG knee hitting thing into a lift you over your head and throw you slam. CONLON: That’s a Press Slam. JACKSON: Whatever. Looked like it hurt like Hell! Kinda like you, Frank. You seem disappointed. Seeing the beef you have with Franklin, isn’t this what you wanted? ANTHONY: I want a man to earn his name...which he could start by trying to take out Derek Rage. [Brandon Franklin hoists himself up, and as he does so, the “Force of Nature” charges at him like an overfed bull. Franklin goes to sidestep, but Velvet Sims is holding an ankle.] CONLON: WHAT A BIG BOOT BY THE BIG MAN! JACKSON: He could have killed him! ANTHONY: Anyone could have avoided that oaf if he had half a brain. It took ten minutes just for the big guy to cross the ring. For a veteran, he has to be more savvy than that. CONLON: Velvet Sims showing himself to be an asset for the first time, and I don’t think it’s fair to say Franklin could have seen it coming, having had the life nearly choked out of him. ANTHONY: You’ve been doing this long enough Stan. Nothing in this game is fair. [Franklin stirs to his hands and knees, and Derek Rage bends over him and asks, “How does my foot taste?” Then-] CONLON: Derek Rage stomps on his left hand! Once! Twice! It’s clear that Derek Rage wants this match and wants it bad...to be able to see success in Singles competition and prove he can stand on his own in UPW! [Franklin clutches his hand, only to get another boot to the side of the head, sending him rolling under the bottom rope.] ANTHONY: Come on! Look at this damn embarrassment. Do I have to go in there and show him what a King of Hardcore looks like? CONLON: I bet you would like that, Frank Anthony, knowing full well that in a month, that giant of a man, the “Force of Nature” Derek Rage, will be the man you square off against in the UPW World Heavyweight Championship tournament. ANTHONY: If that’s what it takes to soften him up- [Franklin is getting to a knee, and while Velvet Sims seems to eye a possible assault on the downed man, the referee is watching him. Velvet settles for telling Franklin just how much he’s in for a world of hurt and that his days are numbered.] CONLON: So you’re saying that you would just walk into the ring and lay to waste with Derek Rage? ANTHONY: I’d show him how I earned my name, and why I’m the King. [Franklin is able to make it back into the ring with at a seven count. Rage looks to immediately batter him off the ropes, but the referee bravely gets in between them, telling him to let Brandon into the ring.] JACKSON: The referee is as stupid as he is stupid. CONLON: Did you maybe mean as brave as he is stupid? JACKSON: I don’t need to repeat myself. [Rage looks down the two feet of distance it takes to reach the man’s eyes, and it is pure mirth in his eyes. Franklin is in the corner, to his feet, a little dazed but his eyes don’t have that glazed over look.] CONLON: Franklin just bought a lot of time at the outside, and Derek wanted to capitalize. ANTHONY: With the ref outta the way, there’s no saving him. [Derek Rage charges for a corner clothesline-] JACKSON: Ole! [And Brandon Franklin ducks and dives out of the way!] CONLON: Franklin rolls! To his feet, off the ropes-DIVING RIGHT INTO THE LEFT PATELLA! JACKSON: 265 pounds of muscle just tossed into the big man’s knees! And I don’t care how big you are, that’s going to take you down! ANTHONY: Desperation. Simply desperation. The man has no Pride. CONLON: You mean that twisted piece of steel you’ve been clutching here behind the desk the whole time? ANTHONY: Yeah. And I’d be making use of it by now. [Rage’s normally stoic face is strained and his teeth gritted as if biting down the pain back into his throat. But Franklin’s not done, and he stomps on Rage’s knee repeatedly.] CONLON: Now Rage reaches for the ropes, and points at the referee to intercede! JACKSON: What’s good for the goose, Stan! Franklin got a breather, and now Rage is demanding fair treatment. [Franklin backs off, rubbing his neck as the referee looks at Derek Rage. That’s when Velvet Sims climbs to the apron, but before he can come in, Franklin catches him.] CONLON: The veteran catching Sims in a precarious position! He saw the deception coming! JACKSON: The real deception is on its way! [Rage breaks off from the ropes, and as soon as he does, he comes barreling towards Franklin. But Franklin takes a quick step, locks around Rage’s ankle...] CONLON: THAT DROP TOE HOLD WAS BRUTAL! Derek Rage’s face impacted with the MIDDLE turnbuckle! A signature from Franklin that has put out a few competitors, but usually they hit the bottom turnbuckle! JACKSON: It might be good enough to win! CONLON: FRANKLIN WITH THE COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEE................................NO! CONLON: Rage gets the shoulder up, and he’s rolling out to ringside. [But the big man doesn’t move very fast, and Franklin, hyped up and giving a primal yell, slides out before the big man can get his feet on the ground and grabs his left leg-] JACKSON: Oh lord! That can’t be legal! CONLON: Franklin just wrapped Derek Rage’s left leg against the ringpost! [Franklin winds up…] JACKSON: He did it again! Ref, stop this! ANTHONY: Heh. [If someone can roar under their breath, Derek Rage is doing it. Meanwhile, Velvet Sims is pointing at the referee and demanding a disqualification. The referee looks at Franklin and tells him he’s been warned and that he needs to come into the ring. Franklin throws his hands in the air, and begrudgingly slides in.] CONLON: Now Rage can take some time to rest in the corner. ANTHONY: Or not. [Much to the HORROR of the referee, Derek Rage gets to his feet, and begins punching the HELL out of the metal ringpost. He then points at the pole, and then at Franklin.] JACKSON: That is one pissed off brother, brother. CONLON: I certainly would not want to be face to face with Derek Rage- JACKSON: I could see why. You’d have to be on a ladder, and we know you’re afraid of heights. [Rage gingerly steps over the top rope with his right leg and pulls over his left. The referee makes sure Brandon doesn’t get the jump on Rage. Franklin charges in for a chop block, but Rage is ready, and catches him. And grabbing him around the side, he twists...] CONLON: WHAT POWER! On one bad leg, “The Force of Nature” grabbed Franklin and used his own force against him, spinning and tossing him RIGHT BACK into the turnbuckle he came from! ANTHONY: He gets himself all hyped, and now he’s got nothing left. Shoulda’ done his homework. CONLON: Done his homework? You lost to Aaron Lewis two weeks ago, and you didn’t have a clue he had been a World Champion twice over! ANTHONY: Shut it, Stan. You haven’t earned what I’ve earned. You do what I’ve done? You can say whatever you want, when you want. CONLON: Even if it’s blatantly contradictory? JACKSON: Hey, we have a match here! And I can’t believe I’m the one getting us back on track! [Rage limps over to Franklin, who is draped over the top turnbuckle with his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Derek then grabs Franklin from under his shoulders, lifts him up like a small child, throws him 180 degrees into the turnbuckle and then absolutely beats the crap out of him with his fists.] JACKSON: He’s absolutely beating the crap out of him with his fists! This guy has a motor for a big man! CONLON: A ballistic barrage of battering blows from the big man! And Brandon Franklin is only standing because Derek Rage is throwing the occasional uppercut and landing with gravity defying force! JACKSON: I told you he was pissed off! [For only one moment do the punches stop, and that’s for Derek Rage to ask Brandon Franklin: “Yo! You like how my fists taste?” Before socking him one more time, sending him to the canvas!] CONLON: I believe we just witnessed a crime in progress. Someone may have to alert the local authorities that there has been a public case of manslaughter! ANTHONY: Too bad. So much for the Hardcore pretender. [When Franklin falls, Rage just lays the boots into Franklin’s face. He then grabs Franklin, puts a thumb to his throat, and nods...] CONLON: Franklin trying to side suplex the big man. ANTHONY: More desperation. Come on. I really might have to go in there and do it myself. [Derek Rage is prepared, and lays in a thick European uppercut, right into Franklin’s throat! Franklin gasps for air, then Rage lifts Franklin under his shoulder at his side. He looks to carry him around the ring to show off, but his knee starts to give, and he decides to send him crashing to the canvas without more fanfare.] CONLON: Sidewalk slam presses Franklin to the canvas! The big man got him up, but his left knee startled to buckle there! A cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO! . . . . . . . . . . TH-FOOT ON THE ROPE! CONLON: Franklin reaches out and gets the rope with the toe of his shoe! [Rage pounds the canvas, and it takes three points with two hands and a right knee to get himself up. He shakes out his left leg, and hooks Franklin into a front chancery...but as he lifts and his knee buckles, Franklin wraps both arms around Rage’s right knee and runs forward.] CONLON: Franklin charging forward! [Derek tries to get a stance but his weakened left knee can’t stop the momentum and Franklin charges him into the corner. Bouncing off the turnbuckles, giving them a little distance, Brandon grabs the left leg-] CONLON: DRAGON SCREW LEG WHIP INTO A KNEEBAR! AN OLD TAKE ON A CLASSIC “BRUTAL” BRANDON FRANKLIN MOVE! JACKSON: Dang that looks like it hurts! But Sims is on the apron again. [The referee turns to Sims, as Franklin just wrenches that kneebar! Rage looks in pain, but he’s also looking for the referee!] CONLON: Rage may have to tap out he- [Rage, seeing Sims distracting him, fights through the pain, and hyperextending his knee even more as he lurches towards Brandon Franklin, grabs him by the throat with one hand.] JACKSON: Um. Wow. Uh. Can he do that? CONLON: Choking someone, regardless of whether your hand is the size of a Christmas ham or not, is illegal! ANTHONY: If he wraps both hands around his neck, Brandon’s going out. CONLON: But he can’t! Derek has to keep one arm on the canvas to ensure he has the proper leverage to not let that kneebar snap patella to pieces and his ligaments to shreds! [As Brandon’s face turns red and his eyes seem to pop out of his head, Franklin grabs both hands onto the hand across his throat. Brandon gets more desperate, and Rage gets more enraged.] JACKSON: Why is he holding Rage’s hand there!? ANTHONY: Franklin is trying to keep some pressure off of his carotid arteries so he doesn’t pass out from blood loss to his brain. Been there. CONLON: And he has to keep the hand from reaching across his face...because if The Force of Nature is able to drop his “Hammer of God” finishing hold, this match is over. ANTHONY: Either one may kill him. Serves him right for calling himself a Hardcore Icon. Look at him flailing in there! Getting ready to lose yet another one. CONLON: You are not the only wrestler in UPW who has fought, and struggled, and been in grueling matches Frank Anthony! And this man is currently fighting for his life in there! JACKSON: And the ref STILL hasn’t turned around! Sims is a genius! [Brandon Franklin’s hands are starting to give and his eyes starting to close, and the agony on Rage’s face starts to subside. Then Franklin lets go of the kneebar, grabs Rage’s choking arm by the elbow with both hands, and pulling him in, headbutts Derek Rage!] CONLON: Now that was sheer desperation! And the referee is back focused on the match! JACKSON: Franklin still has that arm! [Brandon Franklin, his neck clearly reddened from the multiple chokes, and coughing a bit, gets Rage to his feet by the arm, and pulls him into another headbutt!] JACKSON: From a shorter man, it’s like Brandon’s throwing uppercuts with his head! CONLON: Now does that not qualify for a hardcore offense, Frank Anthony? ANTHONY: It’s effective. But it’s clear at this point Stan that you just don’t understand what Hardcore is. [Franklin lifts Rage up by the arm again, Rage pushes the top of Franklin’s head down to avoid the headbutt, but with both arms up and his body leaned over, Franklin sidesteps so his elbow digs in between the big man’s hips...wraps his arm around the right leg, and lifts...] CONLON: IT WAS A PLOY! THE BIG MAN OVEREXTENDED ABOVE BRANDON FRANKLIN AND THE HARDCORE ICON HAS THAT BEHEMOTH IN A FIREMAN’S CARRY! [And as quickly as he’s lifted, he throws all his weight to the side, and cradling, slams Derek Rage head first into the mat!] CONLON: “BRAINWASHED!” BRANDON FRANKLIN HIT THE FIREMAN’S CARRY BRAINBUSTER FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! And he’s got the cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO! . . . . . . . . . . THREE! CONLON: Sims diving in...BUT HE’S TOO LATE! BRANDON FRANKLIN HAS DONE IT! [Brandon Franklin is now pointing his finger at Velvet Sims, who is yelling in Brandon’s face.] CONLON: Brandon Franklin has proven he can take a licking from a bigger man and come out victorious here, and he really wants to take it to Velvet Sims, who’s interference nearly costed him the match! JACKSON: Wait. What are you doing, Frank? [Frank Anthony has stepped out from behind the desk, and cradling that twisted piece of metal, he stalks behind Derek Rage.] CONLON: “The Force of Nature” Derek Rage is ALREADY rousing after that hellacious finisher, but he doesn’t realize that Frank Anthony is looking to take him out! JACKSON: Why not ensure himself a first round bye in the qualification tournament, Stan? [Frank slides himself under the ring with purposeful stealth to avoid making too much noise, and leans himself up in the corner, Pride at his side. Derek is too his feet, his back to Frank, as the big man stands up...] CONLON: Brandon Franklin sees Frank! He’s the only one with his face to him, and he’s pointing him out to Derek Rage! [Frank raises the metal monstrosity he calls Pride as if going for a baseball bat swing, but he comes in and gets clocked with a roaring elbow by Derek Rage!] CONLON: Franklin just warned Derek Rage after the man nearly killed him in the ring, and Frank Anthony has been taken down to the ground! And Derek Rage is coming for him! [Limp and all, Derek Rage looks like he wants to obliterate Anthony, but Frank slides out, holding Pride and gritting his teeth, alternately yelling at Derek Rage and Brandon Franklin both.] CONLON: Frank Anthony is out there telling Brandon he’s not hardcore enough, and that Derek Rage is going to pay...all while holding a deadly weapon after both men have gone through a war! JACKSON: Brandon Franklin pulled it out by the skin of his teeth man! But I think we’ve seen just how scary Derek Rage can be tonight...and with a World title to fight for AND now this attempt at crippling him after a match? Oh boy. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Brandon Franklin with a big victory on Showdown! SMITH: From my perspective and history in the tag team world, this is an upset to me. Rage is still a man to be feared, but Franklin proved that he should be given proper respect that the rest of the veterans are getting. CHANEY: Respect is something that gets tossed around a lot, Gorilla. SMITH: It might be as important as the actual title belts. If you have your fellow workers' respect, then you have influence and stroke. You don't have it, you take a risk just stepping out there every night. CHANEY: One man fighting for respect is Jeff Keenan. SMITH: The former World Champion got upset last Showdown in a match most felt he had a great chance to win and now he is feeling the pressure, especially as so many other former champions enter UPW's locker room. CHANEY: Tonight he faces off against Caleb Foley in what promises to be an exciting match, but first let's go to some video taped comments from Jeff Keenan.

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The camera slowly pans in to a poolside view, where Jeff Keenan is sipping on a martini. He's trying to come to grips with losing his opening match to Liam Denogal. As the camera pans in closer to Jeff he puts down the drink, and turns is attention to the camera, With a smirk on his face, he laughs and then begins,] JK: Liam, last week you got lucky, I'm going to chalk off your victory to ring rust, since its been years since I stepped foot inside of a squared circle. But I must admit i definitely wasn,t on my A game. You can rest assured that the next time we meet inside the ring there will only be one outcome...A Quickstryke, and your shoulders pinned to the mat, one, two three, Enjoy the biggest victory of your career for now, buddy, because I will be coming for you again, and the result will be sure dominance by yours truly, But enough of taking about how the past went down... [Jeff takes another sip of his martini, and then continues,] JK: Caleb Foley...the high flyer. You better pull to everything is your arsenal to try to take me down this week. Although you have a problem. Once I take your legs out, there goes your offensive prowess. You see after last week, I have my fire back. I have my methodical ring IQ back. I don't care what you,ve accomplished so far....but you,re not going tomato a name for yourself bu beating me. You see, Ive already started planning how to hurt you. And I don,t just mean beating you in the venter of the ring...I mean I am going to make sure you aren,t able to walk by the time I'm done with you. Its hard to fly high when your knees are shot, My plethora of submission holds will all but guarantee that by the time all is said and done, they will be wheeling you out of the ring on a stretcher. You see I'm a former World Champion for a reason. Its because I know how to exploit my opponents weaknesses. I know how to disable and cripple my opponents strengths, and exploit there weaknesses. [Jeff takes another sip of his martini, and leans back to continue working on his model tan.] JK: You may have had a big win last week, but that match wasn,t against Jeff Keenan. I'm a whole different animal than what you,re used to. Don,t met my history of being a model fool you, Caleb. All that means is that I'm the perfect physical individual. I know you,re probably thinking that Im going to be a roll over for you, but that's anything but the truth my friend, I am going to give you the battle of a lifetime, and prove once and for all that the ring rust is gone, and I'm nothing short then the dangerous man that is going to try and end your career. There's a reason I used to be called "The Career Killer." And when we are face to face in the center of the ring, you'll be sure to realize exactly why I used to have that moniker, [Jeff smirks again, almost to the point of laughter.] JK: You see all of this amuses me, I lost my first match to a man I should have beaten silly. And while I can't make up for that loss, what I can do is put you down and out with the Quickstryke, And after I've destroyed you legs, and hit you with the most devastating finisher in the UPW....you and everybody else will realize that Jeff Keenan is a force to be reckoned with, I wish you good luck that you,re able to make it through the match still standing, because my goal is to make sure that you never walk or high fly again, Caleb, you're barking up the wrong tree this week, and I am going to show the entire UPW that Jeff Keenan is going to be the first ever inaugural champhison, [The camera slowly pans out as Jeff goes back to sipping his martini and working on his tan.] JK: Head my warning Caleb, because if you don't it may be the very last time you ever step into a UPW ring. [The video fades to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Jeff Keenan is fired up, Chaney, and that could spell rough times ahead for Caleb Foley. CHANEY: Foley is no stranger to rough times. This is a man who has a history of going toe-to-toe with behemoths like our own World Title finalist, Chase Williams. SMITH: That was a war, and you have to wonder if their eyes are crossing these days when they share a roster once again. CHANEY: If they do, people might want to get out of the way. SMITH: Well let's go see what happened when Foley stepped into the squared circle against Jeff Keenan and see which former champ walked out with his arm raised! Roll that footage!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as Caleb Foley and Jeff Keenan both kip up at the same time and stare each other down as the crowd claps in approval.] JACKSON: It's tit for tat between these two! CONLON: A series of chain wrestling to open, the first five minutes of the match, and the technical superiority and quickness of both men has been on display! JACKSON: When Caleb did that matrix thing underneath Keenan's spinning kick thingy, and then tried to get him with his own spinning kick thingy but Jeff Keenan sweeped the leg like Cobra Kai...that was cool. CONLON: ...Yes. It was indeed held at a fast and furious pace! JACKSON: Too fast! Uh. Too furious. CONLON: ...Indeed indeed... [Keenan tosses Caleb a filthy grin as Caleb wags a finger at Keenan.] CONLON: Caleb Foley letting Keenan know it's not going to be a walk in the park, and the veteran is not pleased about it. JACKSON: What did you call these guys earlier Stan? Well matched all-arounders? CONLON: Jeff Keenan and Caleb Foley both are known for being able to do a bit of everything: grapple, deliver high impact maneuvers, strike, take to the skies with gravity defying maneuvers from the top rope...Caleb is the younger, fresher of the two and perhaps the more adept flyer at this age, but Keenan's strikes are legendary. JACKSON: Sounds evenly matched, so I'm going with Keenan. He seems to have more of a mean streak. CONLON: Keenan would be wise not to likewise underestimate Caleb's determination, or the multiple time world champion may be in for a long night. [Keenan stalks Foley, and Caleb charges at Keenan. Keenan puts up a left arm block, but Foley's supposedly telegraphed front kick is a feint, and he shoots the leg. Keenan sprawls and immediately goes for a knee, but Foley is already sidestepping anticipating the maneuver and executes a go behind.] CONLON: Foley locking in the belly to back, but Keenan quickly slapping a wrist and ducking through for a hammerlock, which Foley has already countered with his own armlock, Keenan pulling him for a clothesline but FOLEY KICKS KEENAN'S HAND AND THE VETERAN LUNGES FORWARD! Wow! This action is almost to quick to call! JACKSON: I have literally no idea what happened, but whatever it was, Jeff ain't happy about it. [Keenan shakes his hand out, frustrated as Foley waves his arms to the crowd, illiciting cheers. He claps his hands, and as the two men circle each other, the crowd is clapping in unison.] CONLON: Foley reaching out to the crowd, and he has been just a hair ahead on Keenan in these lightning quick exchanges, and it's starting to take a toll on Keenan! [Caleb extends his arm for a collar and elbow tie up, which Keenan happily obliges. Quickly Foley hooks on a front chancery, which Keenan reverses into an inverted atomic drop.] JACKSON: That's right! Get him low Keenan! [Keenan sticks a couple elbows to the face of Foley before tossing him to the ropes. Foley bounces back and ducks a roaring elbow! He bounces off the opposite set of ropes and goes for a clothesline, which Keenan ducks! Foley keeps his momentum going and off the ropes goes for a diving headbutt, which Keenan counters by grabbing two handfuls of hair and sitdown slamming Caleb's face into the mat!] CONLON: The crowd did NOT appreciate that maneuver by Keenan, grabbing fistfuls of red hair and faceplanting Caleb to the canvas! Caleb hit hard and Keenan covers, but the referee is motioning that this was not fair play at all by Keenan. JACKSON: Not fair, but effective. CONLON: No question that dubious hold had its desired effect on Caleb Foley, but Keenan is not being granted a cover. [Keenan takes the time on top of Foley to facewash him with his elbow. The referee, busy counting to five for the hold, doesn't see Keenan rare back and NAIL Foley with a knee to the groin.] CONLON: A blatant infraction of the rules goes by completely unnoticed by the referee, and Foley is curled over in pain. [Jeff takes no time grabbing an arm and pulling back on a fujiwara armbar!] JACKSON: Oooh! Arms don't bend that way! CONLON: They do when a savvy technician like Jeff Keenan is pressing his ill-gotten advantage, and Caleb Foley is feeling the brunt of it right now! [Foley is able to reach his other arm to the ropes as Keenan went to pull him into the middle of the ring.] CONLON: Foley got the ropes and Keenan is making sure to use all five seconds to his advantage. JACKSON: Stacking little advantage by little advantage, that's how Keenan can get an edge. [Keenan isn't letting Foley take a breath. He pulls him up, again by the hair, and locking in a front chancery...] CONLON: SMALL PACKAGE BY CALEB FOLEY AND HE HAS IT ON TIGHT! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! JACKSON: Keenan exploded out of that, but just barely! That ref was counting fast. CONLON: I will not question the validity of your statement, but it appeared to me the hand hit the mat at an even rhythm, and also, that Jeff Keenan narrowly staved off what looked to be certain defeat. [As Foley picks himself up by the ropes, Keenan looks for a spinning 360 heel kick. Foley catches him after he ducks the kick...] CONLON: German sup- [And with absolute FURY, Foley roars and leaning against the top rope as he lifts, he throws Keenan behind his back, over the top rope, and flipping to his stomach on the outside!] JACKSON: KEENAN MIGHT BE DEAD! CONLON: A flipping release german suplex on Keenan to the outside forced an inverted tope suicida to the floor! JACKSON: Was that even English you just said? CONLON: And Foley's not done! [Foley bounces off the opposite ropes, leaps onto the top rope, hops straight up and turns 180 degrees, and launches himself into a springboard moonsault down onto the fallen Keenan's stomach!] CONLON: The crowd chants Caleb's Foley's name as he has absolutely obliterated himself with that high risk maneuver. The balance he needed to stop himself at a dead run to turn himself for the moonsault is the act of a highly skilled acrobat. Foley mentioned he had ring rust two weeks ago...well he's wiped it off tonight! JACKSON: I have to admit, he's lighting the house on fire here in Cleveland! [Indeed, Foley is bent over clutching his stomach as Keenan is doing his best impression of a human sized stain against the concrete floor. The referee is counting the ten count!] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO! . . . . . . . . . . THREE! . . . . . CONLON: Foley picking himself off the concrete as Keenan is still down! . . . . FOUR! . . . JACKSON: Between those two moves? How does he get up? . . . . . . FIVE! . . . . . . CONLON: Foley picking up Keenan, and rolling him into the ring to break the ten count! [The crowd chants Foley's name, and he acknowledges them with some excited clapping. He then steps through the ropes-] JACKSON: CALEB JUST ATE KEENAN'S FOOT! CONLON: An enziguiri out of nowhere! And Foley falls face first to the canvas, stiff as a board! JACKSON: Foley's in rigamortis here, but Jeff Keenan's a bit too beat up to recover! [Keenan is feeling every bit of the release german to the outside, and he's clutching his stomach as he bends over to pick up Caleb Foley. He's able to BARELY lift Foley to get his ankles to hit the top rope.] CONLON: A HUGE IMPACT BY KEENAN! SLINGSHOT HIGH ANGLE DDT FROM JEFF KEENAN! JACKSON: He looks like he didn't have the strength to get him all the way up, so he kinda had to throw him over the top rope! CONLON: The end result is Caleb Foley's head being driven into the mat! AND A COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO! . . . . . KICKOUT! CONLON: Foley up at two and a quarter, and the technical dance is over for both these men, who are now trying to put each other away. JACKSON: I think somebody's going to wonder at the end of the night where three years of their career went after they get done looking at themselves in the mirror. [Keenan bends over Foley and, quite simply, grabs him in an inverted front chancery, steps on the back of Foley's knees and falls backwards, stretching him at an awkward angle.] CONLON: A DRAGON SLEEP BOW AND ARROW! That's the innovative offense that Jeff Keenan is known for! [Foley's arm grabs a rope!] CONLON: Again Keenan is not aware of where he is in the ring, and perhaps he could have won by submission had he- [Keenan steps off of Foley's knees, and pulls back, keeping the head locked in, face up under his arm. The referee is waving him down, but he blows him off, and lifting...] JACKSON: That was vicious! He just THREW HIM ON HIS HEAD! CONLON: That is a Dragon Suplex turned brainbuster, and Caleb Foley is flat on the ground here folks! The cover is elementary! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KICKOUT! [Keenan's hands are on the sides of his head as he stares at the referee in disbelief.] CONLON: The crowd is going wild here in Cleveland, as Caleb Foley has kicked out of one of the more sickening brainbuster variations I have ever seen! JACKSON: He should be going to the morgue, not continuing in this match! You couldn't pay me enough! [Keenan slaps one palm into the other three times, but the referee continues to shakes his head. Keenan rolls his eyes, gets to his feet, and cuts his arms across his body in an "it's over" motion.] CONLON: Foley is barely conscious, and Keenan is signalling for the Quickstrike. JACKSON: Yeah, weird he's not picking him up though and just trying to end it. CONLON: Agreed Pepper. He's stalking, waiting for Foley to get up. And that's buying Caleb Foley time to recover. JACKSON: Keenan is confident, and he should be after all he's gone through in this match! [Foley slowly looks like he's going to get to his barings and stand up, but sees Keenan and rolls under the bottom rope, getting to the apron.] CONLON: Jeff Keenan charging Caleb Foley! [Keenan eats a headbutt to the gut between the middle ropes, hurting an already tender area. Then Foley flips over the top rope-] CONLON: SUNSET FLIP COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [Keenan kicks out, but as he stands up, he eats a dropkick to the stomach!] CONLON: Foley is working on the injured solar plexus! He's taking out Keenan's core, which he uses to draw the strength in his strikes, the ability to lift his opponent for his high impact moves, to launch himself off the ropes...all of Keenan's offensive potential is being sapped with every strike to his ribs! [Foley picks Keenan up, and Jeff fires a quick kick to Foley's knee. Foley clutches it, and Keenan wraps him for an exploder suplex, but he can't lift him!] JACKSON: Right on queue, Keenan can't get Foley up! [Seeing that, Keenan throws a couple knees into Foley's gut to turn the tables. He double underhooks Foley, but Foley reverses it into a back body drop! Foley then sends himself off the ropes.] CONLON: A HUGE SPEAR BY FOLEY! [The crowd screams as Foley lands a standing moonsault directly from coming off the spear!] CONLON: That standing moonsault is the set up! The spear and that moonsault working over Keenan's swore ribs, Jeff doesn't realize the trouble he's in! JACKSON: Realize what? [As Keenan gets to a knee, eyes glazed over, Foley bounces front side off the rope, and handspringing backwards, he catches Keenan as he gets to his feet and nails him with a leaping cutter!] JACKSON: Oh! THAT! CONLON: AIR DUBLIN BY FOLEY! KEENAN IS DOWN! THE COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: Caleb Foley is victorious again! And the Cleveland crowd is eating it up! JACKSON: Man, what a match! They were flipping, and kicking, and beating the hell out of each other! CONLON: A good technical match transitioned into a bit of a brawl, complete with high-risk maneuvers and great action, leading to Caleb Foley ultimately winning the contest. JACKSON: Foley was younger, bounced back better, and Keenan was just a little too slow, and ran out of gas. Tough break, but a good match! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: What a match there as Foley edges out Keenan for the victory! SMITH: UPW is going to start really getting a reputation for the in-ring product if matches like that keep happening. Great win for Foley, but Keenan showed exactly why he is here and next Showdown he will be in tournament action as well! CHANEY: Yes he will against Glenn Chambers, who just happens to be in our next bout against Frank Anthony! SMITH: Before that match though, the man who is our only confirmed finalist for the UPW World Title decided to make himself visible in Cleveland. CHANEY: Chase Williams came out and had a few words for the crowd. SMITH: And a warning for everybody as well. Let's check out what he had to say!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as music blares over the PA system as we see an empty ring.] ##Reach out and touch faith!!## [The crowd is not pleased as your hero and mine, the uncrowned Universal Pro Heavyweight Champion steps into view. To the chagrin of millions, he is not dressed to wrestle, but rather in an exquisitely tailored suit that represents a year of mortgage payments for the sea of mediocrity spread before him.] CONLON: And we are joined unexpectedly by the first qualifier for the upcoming world title match! JACKSON: What a treat! A visit from the uncrowned champion! ##Your own personal Jesus## ##Someone to hear your prayers## ##Someone who cares## [As he walks to the ring with purpose in every step he avoids the reach of the plebs with utter disgust. finally climbing the steps and pulling a microphone from his jacket as he slides through the ropes, leaning against the turnbuckles.] CONLON: He's not won that title yet. JACKSON: Semantics! quiet! He speaks! [Smirk.] Williams: "I bet all of you fat, worthless slobs figured because I wasn't wrestling tonight, I might not grace you with my divine presence" [Intense Boooooooooos! Yeah they missed you all right... Like HERPES. Williams smirks and tugs at his sleeve absently] "If you miscreants would kindly shut up I could get this over with, get the hell out of this decrepit cesspool, and wash off the stink of mediocrity that has permeated my perfection thanks to each and every one of you. I'm gonna have to burn this suit." [The heat continues but subsides slightly as Chase raises the mic to continue.] "I told you sad sacks I was gonna drop Brandon Franklin on his head and what happened? I beat the hardcore [snorts] icon. Simply because I could. I'll admit, Brandon Franklin is a capable competitor, but he's simply not on the level of this golden god. But then, nobody is. I also said I was going to walk through whoever was next and surprise, that happened as well." [His demeanor gets a little more serious as the glare settles in.] As good as these guys might think they are. As great as they might prove themselves to be, the simple fact is that I am simply the _best_. I'm what that guy that keeps crowing about what he was in 1999 accept I'm that guy in 2016. There's guys here that claim they're monsters, that hide in the in the dark with candles and face paint. But I don't need to explain to the world why I'm a psychopath. I don't need to whisper about my lack of empathy and twist fairy tales about the monster I _am_." [A pause. A cold sneer.] "My actions prove more than adequate. Everything your hero's believe they are, I'm just a superior specimen. Anything you can do, I can do better. Accept it or don't. But I digress, for the reality of the situation is, I'm not making anyone famous tonight simply because they're saving the champ for his upcoming coronation. The only man deserving of the mantle of _champion_ is _me. I'm not all day, I'm all day, and all [beeping] night baby!." [Pop. Smirk. an "Aaron Lewis" chant catches steam briefly. Chase pauses perturbed.] "Another guy that wishes he was Chase Williams. There's a lot of those around here but who wouldn't want to be the reflection of perfection. I would rather be me too. They see the money, the clothes, the women, the power, and the titles and who could blame them? A pair of my socks is worth more than a closet full of El Patron's suits" [Chase paces briefly, chuckling] "But in the interest of not finding myself in the same realm as one long winded Top Dog, You people should thank the wrestling gods because you'll actually get your moneys worth tonight. I may not be dragging one of the boys back there to a five star classic, I may not be blessing the unwashed masses with two matches in the same evening but that just leaves me with shall we say?" [Beat] "Idle hands? And you know what they say about idle hands." [And if we don't?] "And If you don't... stay tuned" [He drops the mic and rolls out of the ring.] CONLON: You have to wonder what Williams could be up to tonight Pepper! JACKSON: Anything he damn well pleases is my guess. No matter what he meant, I bet we are in for a ride! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: And this wouldn't be the last time we saw Chase Williams, as he would be back out to do guest commentary for the Advancement Main Event later tonight. SMITH: That is right because now we get to see Glenn Chambers in action against Frank Anthony! I have been looking forward to this for days! CHANEY: Why is that, Gorilla? SMITH: This is a classic in opposite styles. Chambers is a wrestler's wrestler. He is technically gifted and knows his way around the ring like few others in UPW or anywhere else. But Anthony is his complete opposite. CHANEY: Not a technical wizard in your estimation? SMITH: It isn't that. We saw last time out that he could grapple and wrestle, but his tendency is to literally be some sort of feral beast! He would rather get into a straight up brawl than chain wrestle and grapple. CHANEY: Does that make him more or less dangerous. SMITH: I'm not sure, but what it does is make him unpredictable; and that is as dangerous as any technical wizard. CHANEY: Well tonight this clash of styles comes to a head as Frank Anthony battles Glenn Chambers in Cleveland, Ohio! Let's go to the footage!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Frank Anthony stomping away at a prone Glenn Chambers in the corner as the referee attempts in vain to get him to stop with Chambers against the ropes.] CONLON: Frank Anthony is a man possessed right now! JACKSON: He has just been nasty in his offense tonight and Glenn Chambers is trying to fight street- fighting with amateur wrestling and technical skills. It just isn't working. CONLON: It has been a contrast of styles, to be sure, Pepper. However you have to think that in the ring, substance has to mean something. JACKSON: If you can't escape the corner, you can't hit a suplex. It's as simple as that, Stan. [Anthony moves in and puts his arms on the adjacent ropes, pining Chambers into the corner, then lifting his knee as hard as he can into Glenn's ribs. Each blow is forcing Chambers' backside into the space between the top and middle ropes, showing just how much force is involved.] CONLON: Frank Anthony using every ounce of strength he can muster to try and break the ribs of Glenn Chambers in that corner! JACKSON: The guy is a beast. He has some skill in the ring, but his true skill is just flat beating the crap out of people! CONLON: And doing it against the orders of the referee. JACKSON: That guy is only there to count a pinfall and he should shut up the rest of the time. At least that is my opinion. [Anthony leans in as he seems to be preparing for a whip across the way, but instead he opens his mouth and bits Chambers on the shoulder, digging his teeth into the flesh on the point of the shoulder. The fans are really giving him heel heat for this attack and the referee immediately begins screaming for it to stop.] CONLON: FRANK ANTHONY JUST BIT CHAMBERS ON THE SHOULDER! JACKSON: Could it be more clear that he owns Chambers right now? CONLON: I can't believe the match is still going on. Boxing matches have ended because of biting! JACKSON: This isn't boxing though and you get warnings. Anthony is taking advantage. [Anthony finally whips Chambers across the ring and into the opposite corner, Chambers hits hard, but rushes out of the corner and flattens Anthony with a running lariat that gets the crowd pumped up again.] CONLON: CHAMBERS REBOUNDS WITH A BIG TIME LARIAT! JACKSON: Anthony is down and Chambers is doing all he can to avoid another trip to the corner! CONLON: I can't say I blame him for that, Pepper. JACKSON: Anthony had this match won if he kept things grounded over there. Chambers now has an opportunity, but he will need more than some technical form to pull it off. [Both men getting to their feet, and we see Chambers feeling that shoulder where he got bit. He rushes Anthony, grabbing him by the waist and lifting him into the air for a spinebuster slam that shakes the ring.] CONLON: SPINEBUSTER! Glenn Chambers using his technical prowess to his advantage and he takes Anthony down again! JACKSON: This is like the early portions of the match when Frank wanted to try some technical stuff like his last match, only to get out grappled. CONLON: And Glenn Chambers may be the best pure grappler on the UPW roster! JACKSON: Frank found that out for certain tonight. [Chambers stays on the offensive, pulling Anthony up and standing next to him, dropping him hard with a Russian legsweep. He immediately follows it up with a standing senton splash.] CONLON: STANDING SENTON SPLASH BY CHAMBERS AND HE IS GOING FOR THE PIN! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR............KICKOUT BY ANTHONY!!!!!! JACKSON: Anthony still not tamed yet! The guy has an iron will! CONLON: Chambers is on fire right now and the fans are loving every second of it. JACKSON: The fans know he is the underdog. He isn't supposed to have a chance against a veteran like Anthony. CONLON: I don't think that is what they think, Pepper. I think they see a guy that is a lot like them and they want him to succeed. JACKSON: One event, two vantage points. You are allowed to be wrong, Stan. [Chambers pulls Anthony up and sets him up for a whip. Glenn shoves Anthony so hard with the whip that he actually falls to the canvas with the effort. Frank hits the corner with a ton of force, flipping over the corner (not in a poetic way either) and awkwardly falling all the way to the arena floor as the fans erupt.] CONLON: FRANK ANTHONY FLIPS TO THE FLOOR!!! That was an extremely hazardous landing there, Pepper! JACKSON: Anthony very well could be hurt! And I want to point out that someone who is supposedly good and decent, doesn't do something like that to ANYBODY! CONLON: Give it a rest! He just gives it his all. JACKSON: And tries to kill somebody! Glenn Chambers is not the goody-goody everybody thinks he is! [The view shows Anthony down with what could almost be a grin on his face as he lays next to the ring. we noticed on the ground next to him is his "pride." In the upper portion of the view, we see Chambers again rubbing that shoulder where he was bitten earlier.] CONLON: OH NO! Frank Anthony is near his "pride!" That mangled, forged, iron thing he carries to the ring with him could be in play because I doubt the referee sees it! JACKSON: Frank isn't stupid enough to get disqualified using it out right. That is not part of his game plan. CONLON: Of the entire roster, Frank Anthony is the LAST man we could claim ever walks into the ring with a game plan. JACKSON: Touche'. [Chambers is over toward that side of the ring and he grabs the top rope as if to contemplate leaping over and down onto Anthony, but instead he steps through the ropes and drops a double ax-handle on the older man that connects right between the shoulders on Frank's back and sends him to his knees.] CONLON: Double Ax-handle off the ring apron by Chambers sends Anthony down! JACKSON: Now both men are outside the ring, and this one is being counted by the referee! CONLON: But you have to think Chambers' smartest move is getting the match back into the ring as quickly as possible. JACKSON: That is his strength, but emotion can be a funny thing that makes you forget what you SHOULD do. [Chambers grabs Anthony and looks to go for a whip, but Frank quickly pokes Chambers in the eyes. Anthony then takes Chambers and whips him across into the adjacent ring post and the impact is heard even over the crowd's screams.] CONLON: CHAMBERS SENT INTO THE RING POST AFTER THE EYE POKE! JACKSON: Frank Anthony is the "king of the garbage match!" The dude is a legend outside the ring. CONLON: And now he has his mind set on doing some real damage! JACKSON: Time to show the world his "pride!" [Anthony walks over and picks up his "pride," staring at it with almost a happy expression on his face. He looks toward Chambers, but the referee sticks his body between the top two ropes and yells at him to put it down. After some "discussion," Anthony lays it down in the corner under the ropes agreeing not to use it.] CONLON: The referee is not allowing Anthony and free reign out there! JACKSON: His space is inside the ring and counting guys out who do not stay in there. Otherwise, butt out man! CONLON: Glenn Chambers is in trouble outside the ring for sure. JACKSON: Not a good place for a guy who depends on technical in-ring skills. [The referee starts his ten count over again after stopping to interact with Anthony and Frank is over pulling Chambers up and whipping him into the guard barrier at ringside.] CONLON: CHAMBERS SENT CAREENING INTO THE BARRIER AT RINGSIDE!!! JACKSON: That had some heat on it too! I think it nearly broke apart there at the impact point! [Anthony rolls Chambers under the bottom rope and back into the ring, sliding in after him.] CONLON: Both men getting back into the ring. Anthony looking to put it away. JACKSON: He is a nasty dude for sure, and now he has total control! [Anthony looks over Chambers as Glenn tries to crawl toward the nearest set of ropes and then rushes at him, leaping into the air and landing both of his feet right on Chambers' back to crush him into the canvas.] CONLON: DOUBLE FOOT STOMP ON THE BACK!!! JACKSON: Chambers' may have just had the wind forced out of him and Anthony is finally going for a pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE..................KICKOUT BY CHAMBERS!!!! CONLON: Glenn Chambers get the shoulder up and stays in the match! JACKSON: The smartest thing I have seen Anthony do was take the wind out of Chambers because now his strength will be weakened without getting enough oxygen in his system! CONLON: And that can hamper his suplex lifting and technical game. JACKSON: Exactly! Frank Anthony might be a genius! [Anthony just chuckles at the referee with a shake of the head, obviously disagreeing with the count of that pin attempt. He stands to his feet and lays a few stomps on Chambers' back and shoulders again.] CONLON: Frank Anthony leering at the referee, but doesn't get aggressive. JACKSON: He knows the referee has it in for him. He can just tell. [Anthony reaches down to pull Chambers up, but Chambers quickly turns it into a small package.] CONLON: SMALL PACKAGE BY CHAMBERS!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR...........KICKOUT BY ANTHONY!!!!!!! JACKSON: Anthony escapes! That was really close! CONLON: Chambers' technical knowledge gives him a chance almost anytime in a match and we just saw it right there! JACKSON: Frank has to be more careful! [Anthony gets up and lays a kick into the chest of Chambers. Then he leaps on him and begins throwing fists as fast as he can throw them.] CONLON: ANTHONY GOING OFF! FISTS RAINING DOWN ON CHAMBERS!!! RIGHTS AND LEFTS AND THE REFEREE ISN'T ABLE TO STOP IT! JACKSON: I think Chambers ticked Anthony off with that pin attempt! CONLON: What an astute observation, Pepper. JACKSON: A what? [Frank gets up and pulls Chambers with him. He whips him into the ropes, but drops his head just a tad too early. Chambers leaps over and performs a sunset flip on Anthony as the crowd erupts again.] NEAR FALL CONLON: SUNSET FLIP BY CHAMBERS!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE................NO! SHOULDER UP BY ANTHONY!!!!! JACKSON: Anthony escapes again after a nearly fatal mistake! CONLON: Glenn Chambers' body may be taking a beating, but his mind is still razor sharp to pull this off! JACKSON: All he is doing is poking an angry bear. He'll regret that. [Anthony is as angry as ever, yelling as he gets to his feet and rushes at Chambers, only for Chambers to catch him and spin him around with a belly-to-belly suplex.] CONLON: BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX BY CHAMBERS AND NOW THE SUPLEX MACHINE IS BACK ON TOP! JACKSON: Glenn Chambers seems to have no quit in him regardless of how often he gets knocked around. CONLON: You have to admire that, right Pepper? JACKSON: Depends on the person. Sometimes it is damn annoying. [Chambers pulls Anthony up and gets a waist lock for a German suplex, then he rolls through and gets a second one, then he rolls through again for a third German suplex as the fans go absolutely nuts with his surge.] CONLON: THREE SUPLXES INA ROW AND CHAMBERS BRIDGES THE THIRD ONE INTO A PIN!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE......................NO! SHOULDER UP BY ANTHONY!!! JACKSON: Frank Anthony escapes again! The guy has alligator blood! CONLON: I believe had Glenn actually went for a conventional pin attempt and hooked a leg, this match would be over right now. JACKSON: There is no doubt that the bridging pin leaves a lot of chances for a man to roll out of the attempt. [Chambers makes it to his feet and walks over to pull up Anthony, but Frank performs a low blow with such force that Glenn's feet actually leave the mat. Chambers stumbles back into the corner as the referee warns Frank for the low blow and the fans throw all sorts of heel heat at him. CONLON: LOW BLOW BY ANTHONY!!! JACKSON: Looks like Chambers will be holding a pound of Aunt Betty's nut butter this evening! CONLON: Now it is anybody's ball game! JACKSON: And maybe it isn't! Anthony is going to the corner again! [Anthony goes for his "pride," but the referee is over quickly and grabs the handle to rip it out of Frank's hands. Anthony yells at the referee about taking his "pride" in the middle of the match.] CONLON: Anthony is trying to use that weapon or whatever that thing is! JACKSON: That is his "pride," Stan. Don't you know anything? CONLON: All I know is that he can't use that mangled piece of garbage in the ring and not get disqualified. JACKSON: Looks like the referee is not allowing it to even stay at ringside! [The referee turns and hands the weapon out to one of the ringside attendants and while his back was turned, Anthony fumbled out a pair of brass knuckles form his tights and threw them to Chambers. Glenn catches them with a strange look on his face as Anthony leaps backward and acts like he was just hit with a knockout punch from Mike Tyson.] CONLON: WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! ANTHONY JUST TOOK A DIVE AND CHAMBERS IS HOLDING THE BRASS KNUCKLES! JACKSON: Brilliant! CONLON: Glenn Chambers did NOTHING wrong! He just caught the knuckles when Anthony threw them at him. JACKSON: This may be the best move I have ever seen! [The referee turns around as Anthony is holding his left eye and pointing at Chambers, who still has the knuckles in his hand. The referee looks at Chambers and motions to the knuckles, which immediately gets a defense from Chambers. The referee shrugs his shoulders and motions for the bell.] CONLON: NO! JACKSON: YES! CONLON: FRANK ANTHONY IS BEING DEEMED THE WINNER BY DISQUALIFICATION!!! WHAT A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE!!! JACKSON: There is no instant replay, Stan! He can't see the tape and restart the match now! CONLON: The hell he can't! Glenn Chambers is a straight a shooter as we have ever seen in the ring and there is no way he would use a weapon. JACKSON: Not the way the referee saw it! [The fans erupt in boos as Anthony's name is announced as the winner by disqualification. He stands and raises his arms, while Chambers continues to argue his case to the referee, who is having none of it. Glenn actually gets so upset that he throws the knuckles down hard and looks like he wants to charge Anthony, but the referee pushes him back.] CONLON: Chambers is REALLY hot under the collar and Anthony is just reveling in his victory! JACKSON: I never, EVER want to hear somebody say Frank Anthony doesn't think in the ring. The man just proved he is a freaking genius! CONLON: No, he proved he knew he couldn't beat Chambers without screwing him over some how. JACKSON: Cry me a river, Stan! [Fade to black.] 3SMITH: I'm *STILL* hot over that! I cannot believe that Anthony got away with that! CHANEY: Frank Anthony with the grandest set up anybody has ever seen there in Cleveland. And social media went crazy with reactions from fans at the event, some calling it the most brilliant move ever and most calling it a complete sham. SMITH: I agree with them! Glenn Chambers should get an immediate rematch against Anthony with the stipulation that "pride" by left backstage and not at ringside. CHANEY: Well he won't be able to do it next Showdown, as he has that tournament bracket he is lined up in. SMITH: Chambers should be angry, for certain. Anthony is just not making *ANY* friends between Glenn and Brandon Franklin. CHANEY: Guess he isn't the social butterfly. SMITH: More like the social wasp. CHANEY: Fans, our backstage crew caught up with Liam Donegal as he was getting ready for his match against Antonio De Luca later in the show. Let's quickly go and see what he had to say. SMITH: Wasps are ass holes, you know. CHANEY: Yes, I know, Gorilla. SMITH: (grumbles to himself)

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] (Cut backstage to Liam Donegal standing alone in front of a UPW banner, a copy of Webster's dictionary - the paperback edition - open in his hands and a table draped in red velvet laid out before him.) DONEGAL: Legionarius, an adjective, meaning of, or pertaining to, a legion. My opponent calls himself Legionarius, meaning, as I see it, he takes himself to be a legion...of one. Although, wait...according to Antonio De Luca, his plan will be revealed tonight, Rome will begin to be built, and he will be the one standing at the top of the roster. Well, Antonio, I saved you the trouble and built you a little piece of Rome to call your own. (Donegal sets down his dictionary and removes the red velvet drape, revealing a scale model of the Flavian Amphitheatre, otherwise known as the Colosseum of Rome.) DONEGAL: You see before you the Colosseum, one of the greatest ancient monuments of Rome, a credit to the Empire that built it. Able to hold up to 80,00 spectators and used for gladiatorial contests, animal hunts, theatrical performances, and even executions. Built in the year 72 AD, it's still standing and it's breathtaking to look at up close, but, in reality, that's all it is. Something to look at. The last Roman emperor was overthrown some fifteen hundred and forty years ago by Germanic barbarians, and, while numerous attempts have been made to reclaim the glory of the Caesars, history is *not* about to repeat itself...especially not here tonight in Cleveland. (Donegal reaches behind the model of the Colosseum and picks up two action figures, one dressed much as he is tonight and the other bearing a passing resemblance to Antonio De Luca.) DONEGAL: You see, Antonio, while you're focused on bringing back the glory of an empire that was dying a slow death under the weight of its own arrogance long before my ancestors deposed Emperor Romulus Augustulus, I've been focused...on you. Malcom Shabazz, for all his talk and despite the way he attacked me in the ring at the last Showdown...he's not my problem. Tonight it's all about us. Liam Donegal and Antonio De Luca. (Donegal holds up the two action figures, then places them facing one another in the middle of the Colosseum.) DONEGAL: So, while you may very well beat me tonight - it's possible and I won't deny it - I'm pretty confident it's going to take more than a legion of one to conquer all of Ultimate Pro Wrestling. So bring your "A" game, Antonio, and I'll bring mine, and we'll see which of our finishers - my Warp Spasm or your Blood and Sand - will put the other man down for the one, two, three. (The camera focuses on Donegal as he counts up to three, then pans down to the center of the Colosseum, where the De Luca figure is now laying on his back while the Donegal figure stands victorious with both arms raised in the air.) DONEGAL: Oh, would you look at that! It appears that the Oracle has spoken. You and your Second Roman Empire...tonight, you're both gonna fall! (Fade to black.)

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Liam Donegal is ready, willing, and able for that match later against Antonio De Luca. SMITH: Both men looking to prove something tonight, and I'm looking forward to that one. CHANEY: Before we get to it, we need to revisit the tag team division as the team of Michael Turner and Isaac "Hooch" Johnson came out to do battle with the triumvirate of the Soldiers of the Sun. SMITH: The Soldiers' strength is the "freebird rules" they employ, and we saw earlier that the tag champs recognize this a swell when they stated they wanted to find a third Warrior. CHANEY: And that search seemed to focus on Turner and Hooch during that speech. Now they have a chance to come out and prove why they had such high esteem in the eyes of the champs. SMITH: You have to love tag team wrestling, and UPW has another great one here. Let's go to the tape and watch!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage opens with Isaac Johnson tagging in his partner, Michael Turner, as he holds Striker Kato in a side headlock and raises the right arm for Johnson to kick a boot to the ribs of the smaller man and then grab side headlock control himself.] CONLON: It is refreshing to see how well Johnson and Turner work together. After the early advantage from the Soldiers, they have managed to completely isolate Striker Kato from his partner. JACKSON: Smart move too because Titan Juarez is massive and he was rolling over them early on! CONLON: Both of these tag teams are giving us a show and the fans are loving it. JACKSON: Now Turner is in there doing some work. The guy is large, not quite as big as Titan, but not somebody you would want to mess with. [Turner whips Kato into the corner with such force that Kato actually flips over the corner to momentarily sit on the top turnbuckle, before reversing the same flip and stumbling back out of the corner and into a running lariat by Turner that flips him nearly in a full turn.] CONLON: MICHAEL TURNER WITH A DECAPITATING LARIAT ON STRIKER KATO! JACKSON: The dude is dead! Seriously, it looks like he killed him there. CONLON: Raw power at work, without a doubt and Kato is still in serious trouble. JACKSON: Only thing that will save him is making it to his corner for a tag. [Turner picks up Kato and locks on a bear hug in the center of the ring. The crowd is cheering the match and not any team individually, but those cheers becomes boos as the tag champions begin walking down the entrance aisle.] CONLON: Bear hug by big Michael Turner.....WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING OUT HERE? JACKSON: The Warriors are out with Sammy Sharifi to watch the match. CONLON: You really think they intend to just "watch?" JACKSON: Why not? It can't hurt to know more about future opponents. CONLON: If I'm Ricky Courage, I'm on high alert on the outside of the ring. JACKSON: Never know, perhaps they are recruiting the suplex machine. I could think of worse things to better their team. [Turner is crushing Kato with those massive arms, as the referee checks on Kato for any submission request. The Warriors walk down with their title belts in tow and stop next to Ricky Courage on the outside of the ring. Before any words are said, Titan Juarez turns from his stance in the corner and yells for them to get out of their corner. Sharifi holds his hands up as if to say "no offense intended, my man" and leads his Warriors out of the corner.] CONLON: That is straight up fear of a big veteran right there! Turner still has that bear hug locked in, but the real drama is with Juarez telling the champs to step away! JACKSON: That isn't fear, Stan, that is respect. Titan is someone they respect, and that means a lot. CONLON: I think the fact that with Courage standing out there, it would have been a fair fight and the champs don't seem to want many fair fights. JACKSON: Why do you insist on throwing so much shade at the champs? [The Warriors find a seat, still very much in camera view, sitting on top of the guard barrier near the announcer's tables. As they begin watching, Michael Turner flips the bear hug into a belly-to-belly suplex that gets a pop from the crowd for its sheer nasty bump.] CONLON: BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX BY TURNER! And in the ring, Striker Kato is still taking a pounding! JACKSON: Turner showing off his strength. CONLON: It looks like he is trying to audition for a title shot against the Warriors. JACKSON: Yeah, Mike, I wouldn't taunt them too much. [Turner, turns toward the champs and makes a motion as if he wants the belts. The Warriors jaw with him a bit, almost inviting him to come and be part of the group. The fans begin booing their disapproval of such a notion, all the while Striker Kato begins to move and crawl towards his corner.] CONLON: Turner is trying to get a reaction from the Warriors and Sammy Sharifi, but it seems Kato is slowly making his way to Juarez. JACKSON: Turner better catch this or big Titan may reverse this advantage quickly. CONLON: Sometimes the pursuit of gold blinds people to the pressing concern. JACKSON: Or maybe not! [Turner spins around and manages to catch Kato before he could make a tag to Juarez, pulling him by the hair back and whipping him into the ropes. Kato dodges the lariat attempt and immediately lunges toward his corner.] CONLON: HE MADE THE TAG! Striker Kato managed to get to his corner even when it seemed he was caught! JACKSON: And here comes the big fellah! [Juarez steps over the top rope and takes a right hand from Turner, but Turner hits the metallic mask on Titan's face and jerks his hand back. Juarez wastes no time and hits a running lariat that drops Turner hard.] CONLON: TURNER DOWN WITH A RUNNIGN LARIAT! [Juarez than clotheslines a charging Isaac Johnson.] JACKSON: AND DOWN GOES "HOOCH" AS WELL! [Juarez turns and hits a running shoulder block on Turner.] CONLON: RUNNING SHOULDER BLOCK TAKES DOWN MICHAEL TURNER AGAIN! JACKSON: I told you this big guy would turn the tide if he got in! Whoa! CONLON: Titan Juarez running wild in the ring now! JACKSON: And the Warriors are taking notice! [Titan follows that up with a massive big boot kick that hits Johnson so hard that he falls down and rolls out of the ring. Titan does a little flex with a yell that gets the fans fired up and even a dove clap from the Warriors as they watch.] CONLON: The crowd loves this guy as he kicks the stuffing out of "Hooch" Johnson! JACKSON: Look at that respect from the tag champs as the applaud his effort. CONLON: That doesn't look like respect, it looks like they are taunting him in their own way. JACKSON: You just really have something against them, huh Stan? Can't you recognize greatness when you see it? [Juarez over to Turner and he picks him up and holds him at chest height before dropping down and smashing him upon his knee. Titan isn't done, as he stands right back up still holding Turner in his arms and takes two steps turning around and slamming down a powerslam.] CONLON: TITAN JUAREX JUST HIT A MASSIVE COMBINATION OF A BACK BREAKER INTO A POWERSLAM!!! JACKSON: What strength in this giant of a man! CONLON: Juarez with a cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.................SHOULDER UP BY TURNER! JACKSON: Do you realize that he just did that to a guy that is six-foot, six-inches tall and weighing two- seventy-five? In all honesty, he might be the strongest guy on the roster in UPW! CONLON: It was an exhibition of strength without a doubt. JACKSON: Now what are they doing as Titan tags Kato. [Juarez then tags in Kato, who climbs the corner. Titan pulls Turner into position and lifts him for a power bomb. The moment Turner is lifted to his highest point, Kato leaps off the top turnbuckle with a pinpoint high kick to the face of Turner, just as Juarez drops the sit out power bomb. The crowd erupts as it has never seen that before.] CONLON: I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO CALL THAT! KATO FLYING HIGH KICK INTO A JUAREZ POWERBOMB! JACKSON: GOOD GOD! [Kato hooks the leg as Titan cuts off a charging Johnson.] CONLON: Kato hooks the leg as Titan cuts Johnson off and tosses him out of the ring! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: Soldiers win! CONLON: The fans are loving these guys and Ricky Courage is now entering the ring to celebrate with his partners! JACKSON: They are impressive, but it will be interesting to see what happens if they stack up against The Warriors with the gold on the line! [The crowd erupts as Kato and Juarez stand tall in the ring. Ricky Courage slides in to celebrate with his partners and we see The Warriors standing and clapping on the outside of the ring.] CONLON: There are the champs taunting them with applause again. JACKSON: I still see this as respect. CONLON: Has anything Sharifi has led these men to do yet looked respectful? JACKSON: So jaded. Try to have an open mind, Stan. [We see DeAwn Carter actually raise up his title belt toward this trio in the ring with a questioning look, asking if they want it. All three men nod, but Carter simply motions for one of them to come on down and claim it.] CONLON: Looks like we have an offer of some sort. JACKSON: Be careful what you wish for guys! [The Warriors exit up the entrance aisle as the Soldiers of the Sun celebrate their victory with the fans.] CONLON: Folks I have just received word that next Showdown these two teams will meet for the UPW World Tag Team Titles! I wonder if the Warriors knew that when they came out here. JACKSON: I don't know, but these teams are headed for quite the collision on Showdown! I can't wait! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Now we got ourselves a game! CHANEY: The Warriors came out and it looks like they are now trying to lure a member of the Soldiers of the Sun to their team! SMITH: That would be a massive swing in power if they did that, and even more so if they lure Juarez away! The guy is a mastodon! CHANEY: The Soldiers seem resolute now, and that victory gives them quite the boost. SMITH: It ought to. They impressed everyone, including the champs. CHANEY: Well that is interesting you say that because I was just told that the Soldiers in the Sun will be the team that gets the first crack at our tag team champions on the next edition of Showdown! SMITH: And The Warriors have to try and game plan for which two will actually step into the ring for the challengers! CHANEY: Fans, be sure to tune in next Showdown for that explosive UPW World Tag Team Title match as the Warriors defend against the Soldiers of the Sun! SMITH: Let's just hope it doesn't have any trouble in happening, as UPW seems to have a penchant for that. CHANEY: Fans, our next match is the semi-main event featuring "Legionarius" Antonio De Luca against Liam Donegal. SMITH: And this one was strange all the way around. CHANEY: We have to take you back to something that occurred a little earlier. during the time when most fans were watching the video segment from Jeff Keenan, some unfortunate events occurred. [The screen fades to show pictures from the live event. We see a still photo of Malcom Shabazz pointing and yelling at a referee.] SMITH: This was the same referee that was involved in the situation that got him suspended. They began to argue back and forth, and that is when security stepped in. [The still photo changes to show one of the two security guards come back and step between Shabazz and the referee.] CHANEY: Shabazz may not have been looking for this, to give him some of the benefit of the doubt, but this argument did start from his voice. SMITH: When he managed to get ringside, I think everybody was surprised it took this long for him to get thrown out. [The third photo fades up on the screen to replace the last one. In this picture, we see Shabazz throwing his hands in the air and walking off escorted by the security guards as the crowd goes nuts.] CHANEY: We learned later that security was always keeping an eye on him for the match we are about to watch. There was fear that he would again rush the ring and cause trouble for Liam Donegal during the match, but the moment he began arguing with the referee, officials sent the security team in to nip it in the bud. SMITH: If only it would have worked. CHANEY: Fans, just as the introductions were beginning, let us show you what happened. Roll the tape.

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] (A man in black Military gear jumps the barricade, wearing a ski mask. He slides into the ring and Adam Lazarus gets a shocked look on his face and falls over. Liam turns around to get nailed between the eyes with the handle of the stun gun the masked man is holding.) (The masked man quickly pulls out zip ties from his pocket and uses them to tie Liam to the middle ropes in the corner. Liam starts to get his consciousness back, realizing he is tied to the ropes. The Masked man stares at his for a moment, looking him in the eyes. The Masked man turns his attention to the fallen Phoenix. He picks up all the dead weight of Liam's Manager. he sets up to the corner...and....) CONLON: HARD TRUTH!!!! There is only one personm that could be!! JACKSON: And he has made an impact on this match before it ever started! (The masked man removes the ski mask. Malcom Shabazz shows his face to Liam.) Shabazz: Am I still on the back of your mind? I want to be so far in your head because your STOLE something from me. Just like generations of your people stole from my people. Stole out religion, our culture, our God!!! For the first time, I feel I can right the wrong trespassed upon me. You take from me, I need to punish you...and what a better way then THIS!!! (Malcom Shabazz walks over to the corner again. He removes the turn buckle cover, exposing the steel...... He picks up Adam Lazarus again...and...) CONLON: HARD TRUTH ON THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE!! JACKSON: ADAM LAZARUS IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN! Shabazz is the truth folks! (Shabazz wipes the bleeding forehead of Lazarus....and wipes the blood across the face of Liam......) Shabazz: His blood.....is now your blood. You're next!! (Officials pour out from the back and surround Malcom. He is ushered out of the ring and up the aisle as the medics tend to Adam Lazarus) [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: As you can see, Adam Lazarus sustained a serious injury and would be carted off. CHANEY: We have been told Adam Lazarus has a concussion, and standard protocol is now being done to the veteran. Even though he is a manager, he is still under the talent wellness policy of UPW. SMITH: And through it all, the match went forward! The show must go on! CHANEY: And now, we take you to what happened once the match actually started between De Luca and Donegal. Take it away fellahs!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Antonio De Luca grabbing the arms of Liam Donegal and getting him in a double under hook position before lifting him into the air and dropping him into a back breaker.] CONLON: THUMBS DOWN BY DE LUCA! And he goes for the pinfall! ONE! . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE....................KICKOUT!!!!! JACKSON: How can this man continue to take all that punishment? CONLON: I'm not sure even Liam Donegal fully understand what is going on right now. I think he is surviving on instinct alone! JACKSON: Has he even threw a single punch in this match? CONLON: Nothing offensive at all. Donegal began this match with the blood of his manager and mentor on his face and it hasn't gotten any better. JACKSON: Talk about a sitting duck! Antonio De Luca was gift-wrapped this one! [De Luca shakes his head at the referee, but continues the assault. He pulls Donegal to his feet and whips him into the corner, following him in with a running knee to the mid section that gets a grown out of the fans.] CONLON: Antonio De Luca is simply a machine, slowly tearing down Donegal piece by piece! JACKSON: That is what a Roman does. They are methodical and know the ins and outs of war. CONLON: But this isn't actual war! JACKSON: Isn't it? Just because it isn't two armies doesn't mean every match is not it's own personal war for the players involved. [De Luca hits a European uppercut, and then another, and then another. His face is a look of total focus as he begins drilling Liam's chest with knife-edged chops one after another, which gets the usual response from the crowd.] CONLON: If that is the case, then De Luca is fighting a war against an unarmed opponent and this ought to be stopped. JACKSON: He's just doing his job! CONLON: beating a man down with uppercut after uppercut, then chop after chop is not his job. These people didn't come here to see a man like De Luca treat another man like that. There is no historical reason for De Luca to be so brutal after what happened before this match even started! JACKSON: Seriously Stan, ever heard of the Roman Colosseum? De Luca is in his glory right now and the only thing missing is a freaking lion! [De Luca grabs Donegal and whips him across the ring to the opposite corner. Liam hits hard, staggering back out of the corner. De Luca rushes over and kicks Donegal in the testicles, getting Liam to double over. The moment he doubles over, De Luca drills a right uppercut that jerks DOnegal backward. De Luca rushes to catch him with a neck breaker.] CONLON: GOOD GOD WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT COMBINATION?!?!?! JACKSON: I call it being pretty damn good! He just hit a low blow, uppercut and neck breaker all in less then 3 seconds! And now he goes for the pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEE..............................KICKOUT BY DONEGAL!!!!! CONLON: Liam Donegal survives yet again! JACKSON: At some point, De Luca may have to literally get a cross to crucify this guy. He may not go down otherwise. [De Luca is angry at the referee now, openly yelling at him about what he felt was not a good count. He begins berating the referee for not being a loyal subject and how he should recognize greatness when he sees it and do what is right.] CONLON: I hope it doesn't come to that point, Pepper. De Luca is now giving the referee some words about what he felt was a slow count. JACKSON: A Roman would know correct counting cadence and perhaps that needs to be explained to aid the referee in his job. They were very well organized, you know. CONLON: As true as that sounds, I sincerely doubt Antonio De Luca is trying to help the referee do anything. He is intimidating him to count faster next time. JACKSON: Try to be objective. CONLON: I am! All I am doing is calling what I saw, and that was De Luca be rating the referee for not counting as fast as he wanted him to. JACKSON: Perhaps its time to visit that optometrist. [De Luca finally walks away from the referee and goes back over to Liam Donegal, who is still laying flat. Antonio pulls DOnegal up and sets up for a vertical suplex, but Donegal blocks it with his leg. De Luca lifts again, but Donegal blocks it as the fans cheer. Finally Donegal fully reverses and hits the vertical suplex on De Luca as the crowd erupts.] CONLON: DONEGAL MANAGES TO REVERSE THE VERTICAL SUPLEX!!! The crowd is going nuts for this man as he still keeps fighting! JACKSON: But did he use every ounce of strength he had left to pull that off? The guy has been taking a beating for quite awhile now! CONLON: There's no quit in Liam Donegal! He is showing that desire and will right now! JACKSON: Well until De Luca gets up and is actually mad instead of being business-like with him. This could get ugly. [De Luca is up to his feet first and moves over to Donegal, who is still struggling to pull himself up. Donegal blocks the attempted punch and lunges at De Luca's legs, hitting a block to the legs that topples De Luca back down.] CONLON: Donegal with a shin attack that drops De Luca down again. JACKSON: I'm not sure if that was a planned attack, or a desperation move to do whatever he could think of to try and get some footing in the match. CONLON: Well whatever it was, Pepper, it shows that he refuses to stay down and still wants to fight. JACKSON: At least he's making it interesting and not the utter beat down we were witnessing. [Donegal moves as fast as he can with De Luca down next to him and grabs him from behind in a Pentagram choke hold. The fans erupt the submission attempt.] CONLON: PENTAGRAM CHOKE! Donegal flipped those legs up and wrapped De Luca up fast in that hold! JACKSON: But does he have the firm grip behind the head? I'm not sure he has enough strength to get it, but the hold is still doing a good job here! CONLON: All that offense from De Luca could very well be null and void right now! What a comeback story if De Luca gets choked out! JACKSON: Antonio is too strong for a weakened man to pull that off, but if it happens, I'd be shocked and impressed. [Donegal continues to hold and every time the referee asks De Luca if he submits, Antonio simply yells back "He's cheating!" referring to being choked. The referee checks the hold and see nothing illegal.] CONLON: De Luca still trying to get the referee to break the hold in his own way. JACKSON: What that tells me is that Donegal doesn't have it as locked as he should have to get a tap out. If De Luca can speak to the referee, then it isn't cinched in. CONLON: Well he is talking loud and clear, it seems. JACKSON: Donegal better find a way to get a tighter grip if he wants to really make this a finish. [De Luca reaches the bottom rope with his left foot and the referee forces the break of the hold. Donegal looks spent after letting go of the choke. Both men trying to pull themselves to their feet again.] CONLON: The referee forces the break and now we're back to a stalemate! JACKSON: I wouldn't say that. Just because there has been some actual offense from Donegal doesn't mean he is even with De Luca right now. CONLON: This isn't a video game, Pepper. Wrestling is very much a momentary situation that changes often. JACKSON: Interesting way to describe it. [De Luca is up first and he is over toward Donegal, who jumps into the air with a textbook roundhouse kick that floors "The Legionarius" and gets another pop from the crowd.] CONLON: ROUNDHOSUE KICK FROM DONGEAL TAKES DE LUCA DOWN AGAIN! JACKSON: The crowd has obviously made their choice as they begin chanting for Donegal. CONLON: And Donegal has the advantage, and one would think he needs to act on it more quickly if he wants to make something of it. JACKSON: Donegal may have aged twenty years in this match! He's moving like an old man! [Donegal is moving slower than normal, but still on his feet and over to pull De Luca up. He puts De Luca in a standing hammerlock for a few seconds before sweeping the legs and dropping De Luca in a DDT.] CONLON: HAMMERLOCK LEGSWEEP DDT!!! A Donegal signature takes De Luca down and he hooks a leg! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR..............KICKOUT BY DE LUCA!!! JACKSON: Legionarius survives, but now you have to really see Donegal with potential to pull this one out! CONLON: He certainly has found a near gear in the ring. JACKSON: Partially because the other gears got beaten to shreds! CONLON: That is right, Pepper, as the shadow of Malcom Shabazz looms heavy over this match no matter what the outcome turns out to be. JACKSON: I'd hate to be Donegal, beaten to a pulp and having a large, African-American man pissed at me. Him going to the locker room right now would be like me driving in a white neighborhood: suicide! [Donegal gets to his feet as De Luca rolls over and gets to a knee. Donegal runs to the ropes and rebounds back for a dropkick to the face of De Luca that flattens him again to the crowd's delight.] CONLON: Dropkcik by Donegal and that landed right in De Luca's face! JACKSON: That move coupled with Antonio still being on one knee just placed things perfectly. CONLON: Donegal is showing the tutoring of Adam Lazarus is working, even if his mentor is not at ringside! JACKSON: I doubt Lazarus has anything to do with his kicking out at every turn tonight. [Donegal goes to the corner and climbs awkwardly up the turnbuckles and gets to the top. He stands for a second before leaping and driving his elbow into the sternum of De Luca.] CONLON: FLYING ELBOW DROP FROM DONEGAL!!! JACKSON: He looked shaky up there, but he did hit it flush! The cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE.................KICKOUT BY DE LUCA AGAIN!!! CONLON: Shoulder up just in the nick of time and now Donegal is getting close enough to taste victory! JACKSON: He is lucky that worked at all. I swore he was going to fall on his head the way his legs were shaking as he stood on the turnbuckle! CONLON: Liam Donegal is a gamer, folks. No matter what he is giving it his all! JACKSON: And he still hasn't gotten a three count! [Liam gets to his feet and doesn't even look toward the referee as he pulls De Luca up and sets up for an Irish whip. De Luca, however, reverses the whip and sends Donegal the opposite direction, and right into the referee in the corner. The referee falls down and rolls out of the ring to the floor.] CONLON: THE REFEREE IS DOWN IN FRONT OF US HERE ON THE FLOOR!!! JACKSON: Not a good sign for either man, as this match has been tough enough with a referee in control. Now all bets are off! [De Luca over to Donegal and reaches, but Liam dodges his arm and grabs De Luca for an inverted face lock and he lifts De Luca up and drops him with a back breaker.] CONLON: back breaker by Donegal and neither man seems to realize that the referee is not in the ring! JACKSON: Donegal has been fighting for his life for awhile, perhaps his laser focus has blocked it out. CONLON: Either way Liam Donegal is keeping control, but there is nobody there to count any potential pinfalls! JACKSON: This is a recipe for disaster, if you ask me. [Donegal then grabs the leg of De Luca and locks on the standing achilles tendon hold as the fans erupt. De Luca is freaking out and smack his hands against the canvas in pain.] CONLON: WOLF TRAP ANKLE LOCK!!! He has it locked in and De Luca looks like he is about to have his leg ripped off! JACKSON: And this hold is easier to get locked in compared to the Pentagon Choke, so De Luca could be in real trouble now! CONLON: Donegal is proving why Werewolf Gregorson invested time teaching him this kind of submission. What a fighter he is turning out to be! JACKSON: I'm amazed for sure. THE HELL?!?!?! [Suddenly two men slide into the ring, both wearing royal blue tights. The one on the right who is a tad smaller in size, hits a running forearm to Donegal, breaking the ankle lock on De Luca.] CONLON: TWO MEN JUST ATTACKED LIAM DONEGAL!!! JACKSON: WHO ARE THEY? CONLON: No idea, but it seems as though they are targeting only Liam Donegal! JACKSON: Could this night get any more atrocious for Liam Donegal? First Shabazz and now this? [The larger man, not in height, but his upper body is just massive, kicks Liam in the stomach and grabs a stunned Donegal by the waist, lifting him with a gut wrench lift into a sitout power bomb. The smaller man slides out the ring and yells for his partner to join him.] CONLON: GOOD GOD!!! DONEGAL HAS BEEN LEFT FOR DEAD IN THAT RING AFTER THAT GUTWRENCH SITOUT POWERBOMB!!! JACKSON: Poor, poor Liam Donegal. [The referee slides back into the ring as the larger man exits and Antonio De Luca falls over and lays an arm over Donegal.] CONLON: And they exit in time for the referee to get back in the ring! JACKSON: Of course they did! CONLON: De Luca with a cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: DE LUCA WINS! CONLON: Antonio De Luca with a pinfall victory, but only because these two men charged inside the ring and attacked. You think they are connected to Shabazz? JACKSON: I sincerely doubt it. CONLON: Why? JACKSON: The boys are both white as freaking snow, dude! [The bell sounds and the crowd boos like mad. The referee goes to lift De Luca's arm, but his arm is grabbed by the bigger man of the re-entering team as if not to allow the referee to even touch De Luca. The smaller man pulls Donegal up and yells for his partner.] CONLON: Looks like they are connected to De Luca? Seriously? JACKSON: You know he kept talking about building Rome. Maybe this is what he had in mind? CONLON: All I know is that the Legionarius just got more dangerous if he has these henchmen around! [The two men perform a nasty combination as the larger man hits a gut wrench falling power bomb as the smaller man delivers a diving reverse neckbreaker. The fans groan as they pop back up and pull Donegal up, tossing him over the top rope and to the arena floor.] JACKSON: There goes Donegal! Nothing personal, Liam! Enjoy the rest of the show! CONLON: Medical personnel are rushing out to tend to Liam Donegal, who has taken quite a beating tonight. And now De Luca has a microphone. [The fans boo as the three men form a line in the center of the ring. To the left is Lance Donovan and to the right is Tyson Bishop. Standing in the center is "Legionarius" Antonio De Luca. De Luca demands a microphone and begins to speak over the chorus of boo’s that rain down on the three men.] AD: I promised an impact. I promised domination! [Laughter from the three men as De Luca continues to speak over the boo’s.] AD: I made mention that Rome wasn’t built in one day. However, in just ten minutes The Dominion was. Let me take a moment to introduce to you my partners in crime. To my left is a man that has been making a name of himself across the Indies, Lance Donovan. [Donovan nods as De Luca turns to his right pointing.] AD: To my right is the man who has been punishing men in Japan, Tyson Bishop. Together, we stand united in this UPW ring ready to dominate the UPW. It’s our heritage, our blood, our destiny. Liam Donegal, I wish I could tell you it wasn’t personal. [De Luca shakes his head as Donegal is being attended to on the outside.] AD: However, we take our place in this business _personal_. We take our destiny seriously. [De Luca turns and hands the microphone to Lance Donovan. Donovan just holds the mic as he surveys the crowd. He shakes his head and says something to De Luca.] LD: Antonio is right. We _do_ take our place in this business _very_ personally. What makes the Dominion, the three of us, different than others in pro-wrestling? We didn’t join this business out of love or passion or some other cop-out buzzword. We didn’t join pro-wrestling to escape a future of burger flipping. [Donovan smirks.] LD: I joined pro-wrestling to be a champion. I joined pro-wrestling to prove I am _the_ best professional wrestler in the world today. I joined pro-wrestling to make as much money as possible off you blue collar hacks, so I can retire at the age of forty while you’re still slaving away at the age of seventy-four. [Boos from the crowd.] LD: Boo me all you want. Every person you’ve ever cheered who used the words passion and love as the reasons for becoming a pro-wrestler was an idiot. Passion and love don’t make you successful. They make you a coward and a liar. I became a pro-wrestler because of my goal of early retirement. [Lance nods.] LD: As a third generation wrestler who grew up _in_ this business, I know how to make my mark, make my money and get out before I’m some crippled on my fiftieth retirement tour or before I have to join the rest of our corporate zombies on some routine that slowly sucks out my will to live. [A second smirk.] LD: It’s like my grandfather always said. Second place is still a loser. Anyone who finishes second tells you they almost had it, tell them almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. [Donovan passes the mic to Tyson Bishop, who looks at both Antonio and Lance for a moment.] TB: There’s been a damn accident here in the UPW and all you two can do is talk about yourselves? Look at him! All battered and beaten, tears running down his cheeks, like a damn victim of a car wreck! I said look at him! [Bishop points to the outside of the ring and as he does so the camera pans to show the medical personnel still around Liam Donegal. The camera pans back to Tyson Bishop, whose lips are curling into a smile.] TB: And he will only be the first! [The barrel chested man grabs the camera lens and holds it steady as he moves his face closer to the camera.] TB: UPW, welcome to your nightmare! [Tyson shoves the camera back and it takes the cameraman a second to catch his footing before he focuses on the three men calling themselves, The Dominion.] [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: What impressed me is that Liam Donegal still wrestled after all of that! CHANEY: Well to be honest, Antonio De Luca didn't give him much choice as he ran out to take advantage and started the match fast. Donegal never had a chance! SMITH: Well he did have a chance because he nearly pulled it out until those two gentlemen came out to help! CHANEY: Yes, Gorilla, The Dominion has arrived in UPW! SMITH: And we can only guess that is what De Luca has been talking about with building Rome and everything. He was telling us all along that he had people coming in to aid him. CHANEY: And a mind like De Luca's combined with extra muscle like those two could make them a group to utterly fear in UPW! SMITH: This cannot be good news for the roster at all. CHANEY: Time will tell, big guy, but I know I wouldn't want all three of them plotting against me. SMITH: I can't disagree, Chaney. CHANEY: Fans, we have come to the time for our main event, and our own Dyan Ciccarelli caught up with Aaron Lewis backstage before the Advancement match to get his thoughts on everything that went down earlier tonight in the tournament. SMITH: Yeah, I doubt he expresses much joy. CHANEY: Let's watch and find out!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [We see the backstage interview area where Dyan Ciccarelli is standing with Aaron "All Day" Lewis.] Ciccarelli: Ladies and Gentlemen, with me right now is former TTW World Champion, Aaron Lewis. [Aaron smiles as his name is mentioned.] Ciccarelli: Aaron, you have a match coming up many in the old days wanted to see, but never got the chance to see. You have been outspoken about wanting to face Felix Sandoval, while he claims you ducked him back in TTW. Any thoughts? Lewis: Well Dyan, it is like this: The one who is the lesser will always throw all sorts of accusations out there in order to get the attention of the one who is greater. Felix Sandoval is a tremendous talent. The man has charisma and great skill in the ring. [Aaron smiles at Dyan.] Lewis: However back then, he wasn't ready to move up. There was a desire from my end to face him and do a title versus title match, but it was feared it would hurt one of us in the end. TTW was built on having great talent in certain spots and they had that with me at the top and Felix as Television champ. Tonight, those fears are gone. [He looks at the camera.] Lewis: Tonight, we finally settle who was really better and it has plenty of weight attached to it. Tonight we fight for the right to own that UPW World Heavyweight Title. We're going to battle each other and only one gets to move on. [Dyan tilts the microphone back toward her.] Ciccarelli: And do you think you will come out on top easily? [He laughs at her question playfully.] Lewis: Dyan, the only sure-fire winner in a situation like this is the fans. They get to watch two men in their primes step into the ring and put on a show. He'll no doubt cheat, and I'll undoubtedly fly. One of us will get our arm raised and advance. But no doubt, the only guaranteed winner is the UPW fans out there in Cleveland. [Cheap pop from the crowd for mentioning the host city for the show.] Dyan: Now do you think being fresher for the match will help you in this contest? Lewis: I would hope so, but nothing is certain this day and age. I mean, I thought Rick Styles would be a man among men when he was revealed as the special legend in the field. I anticipated one of the hardest fought battles of my career. Yet here I stand without ever breathing hard, waiting to enter for my chance to advance because Styles punked out. [Dyan's face contorts as he says this.] Ciccarelli: Are you calling Rick Styles a coward? Lewis: If the shoe fits. Ciccarelli: Listen, I'm not sure that is the best way to characterize... [Lewis interrupts.] Lewis: The man thinks he is above us. He thinks that because he was relevant seventeen years ago, that somehow he ought to be handed World Title opportunities. I'm sorry, but that is just arrogance out of control. He can talk a big game. [He laughs.] Lewis: He can talk a line better than many of us here in UPW, myself included. But talking doesn't win you matches. What wins you matches is busting your ass and actually wrestling. I believe he is hiding just how rusty he really is after all these years. I think he's afraid when he steps in the ring with a truly talented man, he will get embarrassed. [The smile disappears.] Lewis: And I think that makes him a coward. [Aaron begins acting like Dyan isn't even there.] Lewis: You want respect, Rick? You want that "legend treatment?" Then you have to earn it. You name the time and place, and I'll be there to show you just how far the sport of professional wrestling has passed you by. I doubt you will have the balls to actually step to the plate. But here's hoping you man up and decide to earn the respect you claim to own. [He looks at Dyan.] Lewis: Until then, it's time for me to go out there and beat Sandoval. [He walks away.] Ciccarelli: Well it looks like Aaron Lewis is ready for whatever comes his way, guys. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Aaron Lewis seems focused on both the title chances *AND* getting his hands on Rick Styles. SMITH: If I were Lewis, that would make me want to win the belt just so he can force Styles to get in the ring with him. This is just added feul to the fire, and Lewis doesn't need much extra gasoline in that department. CHANEY: You can say that again, Gorilla. Aaron Lewis is one of the best all-around performers in UPW and now he faces a man he has never gotten to face before in Felix Sandoval. SMITH: This has been called the TTW dream match, and we got to see it live on Showdown! Not only that, but we had an added bonus! CHANEY: That is right, we mentioned it earlier, but "Conceited Bastard" Chase Williams made his way to ringside and did commentary for the match. SMITH: It makes sense he would want to be able to sit up close and personal to see who would join him in the World Title match in November. CHANEY: That he did, so without any further delay, let us take you to the main event of Showdown in Cleveland, Ohio! Lewis versus Sandoval, World Title shot on the line! Take it away, guys!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Aaron Lewis and Felix Sandoval standing in the ring staring each other down.] CONLON: This a going to be one helluva main event! All Day Aaron Lewis and El Patron Felix sandoval have history that goes all the way back to Tri-states Wrestling JACKSON: Aaron Lewis should change his name to "all luck" after the gift he got from Styles! [The two men are about to lock up in the center of the ring when all eyes turn to the entryway, and the crowd is alight with boo's] CONLON: What is Chase Williams doing out here again? JACKSON: He does what he wants! He's Chase Williams! [Chase jaws briefly with Lewis as he circles ringside. Sandoval takes advantage and clotheslines a distracted Lewis to the unhappiness of the crowd. He quickly helps Lewis up and drives a right hand into the side of his head, knocking him back into the turnbuckle. Sandoval lights Lewis up with a blistering chop across the chest!] CONLON: Aaron Lewis paying the price for getting distracted by Chase. What a chop by El Patron! JACKSON: Aaron Lewis just fell for the oldest trick in the book, and he is paying for it! Look who has decided to join us! Another skin shredding chop from Sandoval! [Chase grabs a headset and settles in next to Pepper.] WILLIAMS: And the pleasure is all yours. JACKSON: Absolutely Chase, how lucky we are to have a bonafide superstar out here. CONLON: Give me a break Pepper, take a breathe. [But to the delight of the crowd, the second chop only serves to fire up Lewis, who grabs Sandoval and reverses positions in the corner, lighting up Sandoval with his own series of chops that has El Patron reeling. He throws Felix into the opposite buckles and follows him in the high splash into the corner, which he combos into a bulldog grabbing sandoval around the neck and planting him face first in the center of the ring!] CONLON: Aaron Lewis has caught fire and Sandoval is reeling! JACKSON: Sandoval is already at a disadvantage. Lewis owes Rick Style flowers! Williams: Probably dinner too. Sandoval wisely rolling out of the ring to create space between himself and Lewis. [Which proves of little consequence as Lewis hits the ropes and rebounds, crushing the retreating Sandoval into the guardrail to the delight of the crowd. Lewis lands on his feet and showboats for the people!] CONLON: The crowd really getting behind Aaron Lewis as he climbs onto the apron and sprints at Sandoval attempting a cannonball but Sandoval got out of the way in the nick of time! JACKSON: And Lewis landed hard! Sandoval wisely got out of the way and Lewis just ate floor! El Patron grabs Lewis by the hair and throws him savagely into the ring steps as the crowd gasps!] WILLIAMS: Hopefully Felix Sandoval just killed Aaron Lewis. [Unfortunately for Chase, Aaron is indeed alive and Felix helps him back into the ring to avoid the double countout. He slides in himself and hooks Lewis’ Leg, putting his feet on the ropes] CONLON: LOOK AT THE FEET REF! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO! . . . . . . . . . THREE!?! JACKSON: At the last second the ref saw the foot on the ropes and Sandoval is not pleased! WILLIAMS: Would you be? That was absolutely a three count. [Sandoval pulls Lewis to his feet and flings him off the ropes, Lewis leapfrogs over sandoval and as he turns drills him smack in the kisser with a dropkick. Felix is up fast but eats another dropkick from the lightning quick Lewis. Undettered, a reeling El Patron charges into a textbook arm drag by Aaron, who bars the arm and cinches in the hold as the crowd cheers.] CONLON: Lewis really showing off his superior speed. He's really cinching in the armbar after a beautiful series of dropkicks. Trying to catch his breathe here JACKSON: We'll see how long he's able to slow down El Patron. He should have the advantage of not having wrestled earlier. WILLIAMS: You know what Aaron Lewis makes me want to do all day? Sleep. It’s bad enough he got a free pass because some ponce that calls himself the top dog thinks I'm giving him a title shot after I win. [Sandoval forces his way to his feet with with Lewis still clutching the arm but forces a break by reaching the ropes. As the ref tries to force the men apart for a clean break Sandoval catches Lewis with a thumb to the eye, and he stumbles away, only to turn into a devastating Mafia kick from El Patron that knocks him backwards into the turnbuckles.] CONLON: What a cheap shot from El Patron, and Lewis is reeling! JACKSON: The Brilliance of Felix Sandoval shines for all to see. He is as cold and calculating as they come. WILLIAMS: I've heard Felix's countrymen like soccer. That was quite a kick. His name just makes me want to drink though. [Sandoval charges in and drills Lewis in the face with a stiff knee, He flips Lewis over so his face is in the bottom turnbuckle, springboards high into the air and viciously stomps down on Lewis's head, crushing him face first into the turnbuckle.] JACKSON: CURB STOMP! This match could be over already! CONLON: If Sandoval would bother covering him! But he's too busy showboating! WILLIAMS: Sandoval's gonna punish him a lot more before he allows this to be over. Thats just the type of guy Sandoval is. Going all the way back to Tri-State, - yeah I do my homework - Sandoval has always been a calculating snake.He's also a cocky prick. Believe, me I would know. [Lewis clutches at his face as Sandoval hauls him to his feet and backs him into the ropes with a series of rights. He throws him off the ropes and catches him on the return, twirling Lewi’s body before snapping it over his knee with a beautiful Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. The crowd is not happy as Sandoval flexes over the prone body of Lewis.] CONLON: It would serve El Patron Well to pay attention here. JACKSON: It’s called showmanship. He’s trying to give these underserving people their money’s worth! WILLIAMS: And Lewis just has a face that screams punch me. Ask Felix. He’ll tell you himself. He’s dealt with Lewis’ face for years! [Sandoval pulls Lewis up by his hair and slaps him across the face unceremoniously backing him into the ropes and whipping him off the far side Lewis ducks the clothesline attempt, springboarding off the second rope and catching a surprised sandoval with a moonsault! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO! . . . . . . . . . THREE!?! CONLON: NOOOOOO!!! THE REFEREE IS HOLDING UP TWO FINGERS! Lewis was seconds away from stealing this one! JACKSON: Lucky. Aaron Lewis almost just got extraordinarily lucky! He's been on borrowed time since he was TTW champion! He was always ducking Sandoval and Felix is finally getting a chance at some retribution tonight. WIILLIAMS: If we're being honest Lewis is lucky to even be here. He may not have even beaten that clown that was too scared too fight earlier tonight. But in the end it won't matter anyway. You're looking at your champ. Like it or not. [Lewis is up fast and and clamps on a side headlock really wrenching it in before rolling Sandoval over and slamming him back first into the mat, still wrenching in the hold.] CONLON: Aaron is really wrenching in that headlock. JACKSON: Sandoval rolls Lewis up with a handful of tights! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!?!? [Monster pop as the Lewis finds his way out the backdoor at two and three quarters!] WILLIAMS: This time it was Sandoval's turn to try and steal a victory and good gawd was that close! JACKSON: HOW CLOSE WAS THAT! CONLON: You can't get much closer without Sandoval winning this match. Holy Cow. And now the two men are trading punches in the center of the ring. You have to believe the scrappy Sandoval is gonna win a fist fight, as big a heart as Aaron Lewis may have. [And Felix indeed does win the war of hands, doubling over Lewis with a knee to the midsection, He snaps him over with a suplex, but instead of releasing the hold he rolls through a snaps him over with another suplex, rolling through for a third time, but this time he pulls Lewis in and snaps him over with a sick Belly to Belly overhead Suplex.] WILLIAMS: Aaron Lewis just got some frequent flyer miles courtesy of El Patron, who is Renowned for his suplexes. JACKSON: People will say what they want about you Chase but you are a humanitarian and a scholar. WILLIAMS: At least one of you recognizes greatness. CONLON: Can we get back to the match? Felix hooks the leg! ONE! . . . . . . . . . TWO! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!?!? JACKSON: The crowd is going nuts as the referee points to Lewis’ foot on the ropes! Sandoval is losing his mind as he backs the referee into the corner! CONLON: He’d better pay attention to Lewis!! WILLIAMS: Felix needs to focus! [Lewis Charges in, kneeing Sandoval in the back who crushes the referee into the turnbuckle. Lewis rolls Sandoval up but there is no referee to count.] CONLON: The crowd counts to five before Sandoval forces his way out of the pin. Lewis Hits the ropes but Sandoval ducks under the spinning heel kick attempt by Lewis. JACKSON: That could be a critical mistak! Sandoval unleashes a roar as he throws Lewis onto his shoulders! CLEAN CUT! [Massive Heel pop as Lewis is driven into the mat with the F5. Sandoval hooks the leg, but the referee is _VERY_ slow to crawl over and start his count.] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!?!?! CONLON: LEWIS KICKED OUT!!! The referee took forever to crawl over and make the count, and it was just enough time for him to recover and kick out! JACKSON: That and he hasn’t fought two matches tonight! Sandoval brought his A-game tonight and has been through two hellacious matches! WILLIAMS: This needs to end. I’m bored. [Sandoval is officially blowing his top after Lewis’ kickout moments before. He stomps viciously on Lewis as he drags him up by the hair and lifts him into his shoulders once again, this time climbing inside the second turnbuckle.] CONLON: There’s no way anyone gets up from a Clean Cut off the top rope! Not even Aaron Lewis! JACKSON: This would surely spell the end. WILLIAMS: Thank the gods! We could only be so lucky. [Sandoval Throws Lewis off his shoulders as he leaps off the top rope but Lewis catches Sandoval around the neck on his descent and spikes Sandoval onto his head with a compressing top rope DDT. Sandoval literally bounces and lands in a heap. The crowd roars in anticipation as they realize that Lewis is slowly and determinedly dragging himself towards the ropes.] CONLON: After the hell these two have been through, Lewis still dragging himself to the ropes, and slowly mounts the turnbuckle. Felix still isn’t moving! JACKSON: Sandoval had to fight twice tonight, this would be a miscarriage of Justice! WILLIAMS: It would be a tragedy! [POP of the freaking night as Lewis throws himself into the Round Tripper, driving the last remaining breath from El Patron with the hellacious 450 Splash.] CONLON: Lewis just drilled Sandoval with the Round Tripper! After that ridiculous DDT, That has got to be all! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: HE GOT HIM! Aaron Lewis survived this match to pin El Patron! What a battle! And what a showing of toughness tonight by Felix. Lewis was fortunate Rick Styles didn’t feel like wrestling. WILLIAMS: I really should go congratulate Aaron. [Williams throws off his headset and stalks the ring sliding in behind Lewis who is being helped up by the referee. He drops Aaron with a boot to the skull and stands over him momentarily.] CONLON: This is uncalled for. Aaron Lewis just went through hell! JACKSON: This is a message Stan! Chase Williams doesn’t care who you are, if you’re after his belt, watch your back! MOMENT OF CLARITY! [Williams obliterates Lewis with the Supernatural Piledriver and sits up, laughing to himself as the crowd is absolutely frothing. He rolls to his feet, pulling Lewis up slowly as he smirks at tge booing crowd before Absolutely _sticking_ him into the mat with another Supernatural Piledriver before he finally rolls out as security and emt’s fill the ring. Williams backs up the aisle, laughing as the crowd lets him have it.] CONLON: That was completely uncalled for! Chase Williams just ruined our Main Event! And Aaron Lewis paid a hefty price. JACKSON: He won didn’t he? He should be happy he’s even in the match for the belt. Chase was just giving him a taste of whats coming that’s all. [Fade to Black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Aaron Lewis with a victory, but Chase Williams with a *STATEMENT*!!! CHANEY: Chase Williams refusing to be upstaged in any way, looms tall as Showdown closed out, and now you have to wonder what this means moving forward as Lewis has to being the ring with Williams in November. SMITH: Just more motivation, Chaney. Lewis is a man that can handle it. CHANEY: Folks, it has been a great night full of action, and we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have! SMITH: I doubt Aaron Lewis and others would agree with that. CHANEY: For all of us here at the UPW studios, and my colleague Robert "The Gorilla" Smith, I'm Eric Chaney saying, so long and see you next time on UPW Showdown!

[The screen with the announcers fades into a screen that has the first picture listed below in it. The still change as the credits roll. "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool begins playing in the background as the following set of stills recapping the night's action begins to roll.] [Picture still of Felix Sandoval hitting the Clean Cut on Michael Wilson.] [Picture still of Damian Payne landing the chokebomb on Gordon Gaines.] [Picture still of The Hype with their arms raised in victory.] [Picture stills of Dylan Cardinal on the left and Chad Allen on the right, both with arms raised in victory.] [Picture still of Brandon Franklin celebrating with fans after his victory.] [Picture still of Glenn Chambers looking shocked as the referee motions for the bell.] [Picture still of Malcom Shabazz throwing Adam Lazarus into the corner with the Hard Truth.] [Picture still of the Dominion standing tall in the ring.] [Picture still of Aaron Lewis pinning Felix Sandoval.] [Picture still of Chase Williams attacking Aaron Lewis after the main event.] ========== CREDITS ========== Payne/Colorado and Allen/Herdick--> Brandon F. Rage/Franklin and Keenan/Foley--> Frank D. The Hype/Bros Grimm--> CJ Main Event--> Jerad S. All other matches--> CHopp © 2016 UPW, Inc. LEAGUE WEBSITE: http://www.ultimateprowrestling.fwrestling.com/ LEAGUE MAILING LIST: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Official_UPW/info LEAGUE TWITTER: @UPW_Official LEAGUE RADIO SHOW SITE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ultimateprowrestling