[The black screen is still showing as slowly an instrumental version of "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool begins fading
up as the show logo pops onto the screen ...]

["Tear Away" continues to play and now at the chorus, the words are heard, as pictures of Ultimate Pro Wrestling stars are shown. The pictures come up looking like baseball cards, and the pictures stack on top of one another, until all of the UPW stars have been shown.] ["Cards" of Brandon Franklin, John Herdick, and Liam Donegal are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Antonio De Luca, The Hype and Michael Wilson are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Jeff Keenan, Soldiers of the Sun, and Glenn Chambers are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Aaron Lewis, The Warriors, and Chase Williams are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ..... ### [Suddenly, the music stops and the "cards" explode with video pyro and a HUGE bang! "Shrapnel" from the "cards" fill the screen until it is a big jumbled mess.] [When the mess clears, we see a studio that looks similar to those used by sports shows and other sporting related news editions. There is a large, tan desk with the letters 'UPW" put forth matching the company logo on the website on the front of it. As the screen pans back, we see two men at the desk. Sitting to one side is UPW announcer Eric Chaney and to his left is the co-host, Robert "The Gorilla" Smith.] [Chaney is wearing a dark blue "UPW" polo shirt and has his dark hair slicked back, looking as "GQ" as humanly possible. Robert is wearing his usual denim shirt and a confident grin on his face. Chaney's smile widens as he finally begins to speak.] CHANEY: WELCOME TO UPW SHOWDOWN!!! So glad to have you with us for what is the first of many broadcasts bringing you the best wrestling on the planet! We are here at UPW studios in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I am your host, Eric Chaney. With me, is former tag team superstar and self-professed "king of the battle royal," Robert "the Gorilla" Smith! [Smith cracks a smile as he is introduced.] SMITH: Thanks Eric. It's great to be here and I know we have a great lineup for the fans out there tonight. CHANEY: We certainly do. Last night's event at Consol Energy Center here in Pittsburgh was nothing short of spectacular, and even had a few shocks and surprises. SMITH: And we also crowned our first set of Champions as the UPW WOrld Tag Team Titles were decided in the main event! CHANEY: We will get to the best two out of three fall main event contest between The Hype and The Warriors later in the show, but first we have to talk about the UPW WOrld Heavyweight Title Tournament and the interesting way it came together and lays out over the next several weeks. It all started on UPW Live! Radio a few weeks ago, Gorilla. SMITH: It was an interesting way to kick everything off, that is for sure. People tuned in and heard the live drawing of the tournament field. CHANEY: Which led to some surprising match ups, a little mystery mixed in for good measure.... SMITH: And some controversial snubs as well! CHANEY: Boy did that turn into a problem, eh Gorilla? SMITH: It certainly did. This is set up to play out over the first five episodes of Showdown and it got started tonight with two veterans and two young guys, and only ONE would advance to the Fatal 4 way on November twenty-second in Indianapolis! CHANEY: That journey will include sixteen superstars, one of whom unveiled himself in Pittsburgh last night and the crowd had not forgotten. SMITH: Yeah, that was absolutely nuts when that was announced and to know he steps into the ring on the next Showdown is special, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Tonight, we had four great competitors vying for a shot at the World strap! CHANEY: And first up was John Herdick taking on the "Legionarius" Antonio De Luca. SMITH: Watching this match, many hardcore fans will see it, but he moves in ways that seem very familiar to me. I can't put my finger on it, but perhaps a fan will solve that and send me a note on twitter or facebook and let me know. CHANEY: He is far too young to have competed against you, even under a mask. SMITH: No, that isn't it. I think he was trained by someone I have seen before. The kid showed a lot of skill in there and he needed it against John Herdick. CHANEY: Nobody really knows what to expect from Herdick. In fact he is best known for one of the worst botches in wrestling history when he injured his... SMITH: no easy way to say it, is there? CHANEY: (chuckling a little) No, not really. Let's just say his private area years ago in a barbed-wire match and that has followed him ever since. SMITH: Well he got his shot tonight. When things are brand new, anything can happen and anybody can rise to the top. CHANEY: Let's head to the ring where Eric Chaney and Pepper Jackson had the call at Consol Energy Center! [The screen fades to black.]

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins to play as Antonio De Luca has Jon Herdick in a Boston Crab hold. Each time the referee asks Herdick if he submits, De Luca responds by yelling that he should or he does.] CONLON: De Luca has been stretching those legs for quite awhile now, Pepper. You have to think that Herdick's strength is weakening. JACKSON: De Luca is the straight truth tonight. He has wrestled circles around Herdick and now it looks like he has it finished. CONLON: Well earlier John Herdick did get a near fall after a spinning DDT from the ring apron to the arena floor. JACKSON: That was the problem. It took the dude too long to get Antonio into the ring to pin him. He probably had a better chance of getting a count out to advance at that point. [Herdick struggles and manages to grab the bottom rope, almost by desperation, and the referee jumps in to force the break of the hold. Antonio isn't happy about this, and he takes a moment to tell the referee that it will be his fault if this man is crippled.] CONLON: Antonio De Luca obviously wanted the match to end right there. JACKSON: Well of course he wanted it to end right there, and it probably should have. I mean honestly, he is the better man from where I am sitting. CONLON: This young upstart is just pacing around now, waiting for Herdick to rise up. JACKSON: From what I have read, I don't think he's been erect in quite some time. [De Luca sizes up Herdick as he pulls himself up, as if a lion stalking a gazelle on the Serengeti.] CONLON: That is a disgusting joke at the expense of one of the worst things I have ever seen. It doesn't even deserve to be commented on. JACKSON: And yet you just did! Thanks old man. CONLON: There was a day when you worked with a professional in this business and not a cheap one-line jokester. JACKSON: There was also a day when the play-by-play man didn't attempt to put the audience in a sleeper hold. [Finally, Herdick is to his feet and turns around right into a boot to the mid-section from De Luca. Antonio wastes little time and pulls Herdick into position and lifts him high into the crucifix lift, holding him up high.] CONLON: De Luca is going for his "Blood and Sand" finisher and if he gets this, the night is over for John Herdick! JACKSON: And so is any chance at the UPW World Heavyweight Title! CONLON: Seems as though De Luca is having trouble after getting him up there. He can't seem to get the right leverage point for the bomb drop of the move. JACKSON: Herdick is blocking him with the feet! Look at his boots curled against Antonio's legs! [Herdick is using his feet to latch onto the thighs of De Luca and block the drop of the finisher. De Luca struggles and keeps trying to lift him, but he can't keep it up and Herdick is drops back down only to spin De Luca around and land a hard right hand to the chin as the crowd erupts.] CONLON: Hard right hand by Herdick! De Luca is staggered and the crowd loves it! JACKSON: That won't stop a legionnaire, not by a long shot! CONLON: If Herdick can follow this up, he might get on a roll like earlier in this match when he nearly caught De Luca and ended it quickly. JACKSON: Lightning isn't striking twice here, Stan. [Herdick whips De Luca into the ropes and lands a spinning heel kick on the rebound, sending De Luca to the canvas as the fans are loving watching this upstart get some more punishment.] CONLON: Herdick continues to do damage with that heel kick! JACKSON: He's going to need a helluva lot more than that to win. CONLON: I'm sure he knows this as well, Pepper. JACKSON: Nice leg drop by Herdick, but can he follow up on it. This is shocking to me. [Herdick rushes over and lands a running leg drop on De Luca and then jumps back to his feet and runs to the ropes where he leaps to the middle rope and propels himself back with a moonsault that lands flush on the stomach of "The Legionarius."] CONLON: MOONSAULT BY HERDICK AND HE GRABS A LEG FOR THE COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.......................NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: DE LUCA ESCAPES! That was too close for comfort right there! CONLON: John Herdick with a stunning moonsault and now the momentum is all on his side! JACKSON: He better finish him off then because if this fails to do so, Antonio will not be so gracious and probably cripple the dude worse than he already is. CONLON: Herdick seems to be looking for the next offensive attack already. JACKSON: Every extra second is a recovery breath for De Luca and you cannot afford to give an athlete like that any extra time to recover and gain his wits because it may close that window of opportunity even faster if not completely. [The fans are excited at how close Herdick came to winning and advancing. Herdick cracks a smile as he gets to Antonio's feet and grabs each one to his side, setting up for a slingshot into the corner. He sizes it up and then drops back, using momentum to hurl De Luca toward the corner. However, De Luca grabs the top rope and steadies his flight to land on the second rope and jump back, hitting a springboard plancha onto Herdick.] CONLON: SPRINGBOARD PLANCHA BY DE LUCA!!! He flipped the script on that one right there! JACKSON: And he flipped Herdick as well! CONLON: He's not going for the pin though and I think he could have it right there. JACKSON: Dude is pissed off right now. He wants to finish things on his terms if he can. I think it still grates on him that he couldn't finish that attempt at "Blood and Sand" earlier. [De Luca looks angry at the near fall and all that came with it as he pulls Herdick back up and lifts him for a tiger suplex.] CONLON: That is a tiger suplex and a half right there! Textbook. JACKSON: You called that one wrong Stan. CONLON: No, I did not. You know about six moves and four of them are punches. How would you know if I called anything wrong. JACKSON: Because that is De Luca's patented "Italian Suplex." He has made it his own just like this match. [De Luca jaws at the fans, making a motion of a title on his waist and the crowd responds as you expect: boos and jeers. De Luca turns and sees Herdick standing, nailing a kick to the gut and then raises his opponent up with that crucifix lift before dropping him with the edge power bomb.] CONLON: BLOOD AND SAND!!! DE LUCA NAILED IT FLUSH! JACKSON: Herdick is finished! He landed right on the neck and it looks sick! CONLON: Here is the cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRRREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: DE LUCA ADVANCES!!! CONLON: The Legionarius with the victory in decisive fashion here tonight on Showdown. JACKSON: You can say that again. De Luca showed he could take some shots and still deliver some high impact greatness. He performed like a legend in there tonight. [The referee raises the hand of De Luca as he points his thumb toward his chest in victory and jaws about how he is the future of wrestling.] CONLON: And that performance sends him to the match later this evening where in our semi-main event, Antonio De Luca will take on the winner of our next match for a spot in that UPW World Title Fatal Four Way in November. JACKSON: Any way you look at it, the later stage of our show just got a lot more exciting! [The screen fades to black as De Luca celebrates.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] CHANEY: And so just like that, we have our first man set up for tonight's Advancement match in Antonio De Luca! SMITH: He's a special talent, to be sure, but he is still younger and untested. CHANEY: There is no doubt that his opponent later on will definitely be a veteran with much more ring experience. SMITH: Even though one of them seems to have rubbed someone else the wrong way already! CHANEY: Fans, one of the men in the next match is veteran "Hardcore Icon" Brandon Franklin. Perhaps you remember him from the UEW or NEO or any number of places he has popped up over the years. SMITH: He was a very young guy years ago in UEW when I saw him, but he was motivated to do great things. CHANEY: Well it seems his very nickname has stirred up some interesting reactions, especially from uber- veteran, Frank Anthony. SMITH: Frank is someone that actually started long before I did, Chaney, if you can imagine that! He's been around. CHANEY: Let's take a look at what happened when Brandon Franklin got a visit from Mr. Anthony... [The screen fades to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage...] [Fades up to backstage. Brandon Franklin, the Hardcore Icon has one of his black wrestling boots up on the locker room bench, lacing it up in preparation of his upcoming match.] "Hey." [Franklin stands up-right, face the voice. We notice the black sleeveless shirt with "Hardcore Icon" on the chest and mid-section in bold white to go with his standard blue jean shorts. Bulking across, stopping right in front of Franklin, shoulder to shoulder, stands Frank Anthony. He wears a pair of leather pants, and a black leather vest that couldn't possibly cover his scarred, tanned, protruding belly if it tried. But his arm is still quite taut, as he measures into Franklin. Anthony is almost a full head taller, and in his left hand? A gnarled, nasty piece of forged metal, the one he premiered last week.] Brandon Franklin: Hey, Frank. Good to see a Legend such as yourself around he- [Anthony takes a half step back and points a finger up six inches in front of Brandon's face.] Frank Anthony: Don't give me none of that crap. [Frank looks down on Franklin, shaking his head.] Frank Anthony: Last week you went runnin' yer damn mouth. That you're gonna bury this roster, that you're going to run through every single one of us? Well like I told Aaron Lewis, back when _we_ started, you run your mouth, yer likely gonna catch a boot in yer ass. And if I were you? I'd be hoping it wasn't mine. [Franklin doesn't back down. Hands already taped, he's ready to go now if need be. He puts his right forearm in Frank's chest and nudges the big man back a little.] BF: Did I forget to mention you, Frank? Is that what this is about? Did I forget to mention that if you don't have respect for Frank Anthony, you don't know anything about this business? Or how you've been in this industry over a *DECADE* longer than I have? When I was thumbing through the roster, I didn't make it a point to point you out. But, looky here, Frank. I still got your attention, didn't I? I knew it'd be only a matter of ti- [Frank moves in closer, thumping Franklin in the chest with his finger.] Frank Anthony: That's nice there, bud. But you may have forgetten, but I done told you, and everyone else years ago. There's only _one_ King of Hardcore. [Frank takes his finger back, pointing a thumb into his chest.] Frank Anthony: And that's me. [As Anthony tries to loom over Franklin, closing in and hovering above him, Brandon doesn't back down. He huffs his chest and presses it back in.] Frank Anthony: You keep callin' yerself the Hardcore Icon? I don't care how many battles ya' fought, how much you bled. I bled more. I gave more. I lost more. And you damn straight, you better find yourself another name before I come for what's _MINE._ [Frank bumps his shoulder and jostles Brandon aside. Franklin looks to say something, but Anthony hops along with a slight limp down the hall...and Brandon has bigger beasts to fry. He bites his lip, and walks off camera.] [The screen fades to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] SMITH: Folks that right there is a straight threat. It may not have fully come across that way, but Anthony isn't one you get idle threats from, not even close. CHANEY: And that was what had to be weighing in on Franklin's mind as he walked down the aisle to face big Chase Williams. SMITH: Williams is huge and has enjoyed success everywhere he has ever been. And moments like this, when there is yet to be a true pecking order established, definitely makes for a prime spot to throw the weight around a little. CHANEY: You didn't do that in your day, did you Gorilla? [He smiles almost coyly.] SMITH: I had a few moments back in the day, but never the level this guy has enjoyed. CHANEY: They call him "Conceited Bastard" for a reason and now he gets the chance to once again put himself out there above the others as a World Title contender. SMITH: Franklin and Williams....one of them will face Antonio De Luca later in the night for a chance to be a UPW WOrld Heavyweight Title contender. It doesn't get any bigger than that! CHANEY: And how great is it to see matches like this one the very first night of the company! SMITH: You can say that again, Chaney! So often places start out with only a handful of talented guys and a lot of base guys, or what we would call "simple workers." UPW isn't like that at all! CHANEY: I have to agree as the tournament is filled with sixteen legitimate contenders all of whom, with the exception of the now defeated John Herdick, have strong chances to lift the twenty pounds of gold in November! SMITH: It's a wide open field and one of the deepest starting pools I have ever seen assembled! It is almost enough to make some people come out of retirement! CHANEY: You been thinking after watching last night's action? SMITH: Oh no, my time has past for sure. But this is the kind of place that can and will test you. CHANEY: Let's watch the next test in UPW as Chase Williams and Brandon Franklin square off for the right to take on Antonio De Luca later that night! You will find it only on Showdown! Roll that tape boys! [The screen fades to black.]

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Chase Williams pulling Brandon Franklin to his feet. Williams then hauls off and drills a straight kick that sends Franklin reeling back into the corner. Williams goes over and takes his foot and puts it over Franklin's throat against the top turnbuckle.] CONLON: Chase Williams is imposing his will on Brandon Franklin in that corner. JACKSON: You usually have to pay extra for that, Stan. CONLON: The referee is trying to get this to stop, but Williams doesn't seem to care for whatever the referee is saying. JACKSON: One of the greatest lesson in life for all you watching tonight: Big guys tend to make their own rules. CONLON: I don't think that's true, Pepper. JACKSON: Would you like to ask Brandon Franklin right now? I'm certain he might agree wholeheartedly with what I just shared. [The referee finally forces the break and Williams waits to the final moment before being disqualified. As Brandon stumbles out of the corner and holds the top rope, Williams grabs him and drops him with a snap DDT. The "Conceited Bastard" sits next to his victim and just has a sly smirk on his face, as if he knows this match is already his to lose.] CONLON: Williams is acting as if his place against Antonio De Luca is locked in. JACKSON: It might as well be. Franklin has been gone for far too long to put up the kind of fight necessary to take down a giant like Williams. CONLON: Anything can happen, but you are right that Williams is in complete control right now. JACKSON: It really does kill you to agree with me, doesn't it? [Williams stands up and taunts the crowd a little before turning to stomp down on Franklin's prone body as the crowd gives him all sorts of hell. Chase is eating this up.] CONLON: Yes, it does. JACKSON: That right there is a showman, an entertainer. Chase Williams knows exactly what the fans came here to see tonight and Pittsburgh is going to remember this ass kicking for years to come. [Williams bends over to pull Franklin up and the wily veteran reaches and turns it into a school boy pin attempt.] CONLON: LOOK AT FRANKLIN! JACKSON: NO!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH...........KICKOUT!!! CONLON: We very nearly had a great upset right there as Chase Williams let his ego get in the way of his focus and Brandon Franklin just about made him pay for it. JACKSON: But it DIDN'T did it? Let's not make that seem like anything more than what it was, Stan: desperation. CONLON: Probably not the best way to describe Franklin there. JACKSON: It was desperation. A last ditch effort to try and pull off an upset that everyone in the arena AND everybody who sees this in their living rooms knows will not happen. [Franklin tries to take advantage, but ends up eating a hard right hand to the face that sends him back to a knee. Chase pulls Franklin up and spins around, landing a nasty discus lariat that floors Franklin yet again. Williams quickly over to the legs and locks in a cloverleaf submission hold.] CONLON: Chase Williams unrelenting! He refuses to give Franklin any ground with which to make a stand. JACKSON: You can tell Franklin has been away awhile and Williams is still active. Chase just seems to be a tad faster and catching Franklin's every move. CONLON: This hold can be crippling as well. The Cloverleaf hyper extends much of your lower body and does as much damage to the knee as a figure four leg lock can do. JACKSON: Add to that Chase has several inches in height on Franklin, and you have yourself one helluva problem if you are Brandon Franklin. CONLON: He isn't giving up yet, though, still fighting for the ropes to try and break the hold. JACKSON: The last gasps of a hardcore icon! [The fans continue to urge Franklin on as he shakes his head over and over again hen asked if he wants to give up. Chase Williams continues to add pressure to the hold as Brandon's legs are seemingly bending in awkward ways. Franklin strains for the ropes, but misses and the crowd's urging gets louder.] CONLON: He just missed the ropes! He got his fingertips to touch, but unable to really claim to have made the connection and Williams' grasp just got tighter! JACKSON: I'll give him his due, most men would have tapped out by now. Franklin is showing some real guts. CONLON: I'm surprised to hear you complement him, Pepper. JACKSON: I didn't say he was smart! I mean you can be all guts and be too dumb to keep yourself from being crippled! CONLON: (sarcastically) Nice to have you back. JACKSON: I never left! [Finally, Franklin manages to get to the bottom rope and the referee again begins calling for the break. He refuses to break after the 5 count and it isn't until the referee says the word "disqualification" to him that he lets go and Brandon's legs hit the canvas with a thud.] CONLON: Chase Williams looking like he might be indestructible! JACKSON: Well he's a man among boys most of the time when he enters the ring. CONLON: Did you hear the way Franklin's legs landed? That was just sickening. JACKSON: Franklin may not have given up, but you now have to wonder if he will ever be the same after this encounter. CONLON: Williams has been known to cause men to be changed after brutal matches. JACKSON: Not surprising. Right now, I'm not sure I would want to be Antonio De Luca. To be watching this back stage and realize that you have to step into the ring with this beast later on? [Chase Williams stands to his feet and again taunts the crowd who cheered the break of the submission hold. He even makes the "come on down" motion toward the aisle, specifically yelling out the word "kid."] CONLON: And it looks like Williams is daring "The Legionarius" to come on down and do it right now! JACKSON: Even a rookie is not that dumb, is he? CONLON: I hope not. JACKSON: If I were De Luca, I'd probably give serious consideration to jumping in my rental car and driving away. CONLON: That is a coward's way out, Pepper. JACKSON: Well he who runs away, lives to fight another day, Stan. De Luca could still have title gold down the line, but if he gets crippled tonight by Williams it could all be lost. [Williams pulls Franklin up and whips him into the corner, following in for a shoulder block, but Franklin side steps at the last second, sending Chase between the top and middle ropes and into the steel ring post with his shoulder. The fans erupt as he hits.] CONLON: CHASE WILLIAMS INTO THE POST! JACKSON: That shoulder pegged hard enough for us to hear it down here at the ringside booth. Once again, self preservation saves Brandon Franklin's bacon. CONLON: Franklin is a veteran as well. Just because he hasn't been seen a ton in the past several years doesn't mean he is a rookie again. JACKSON: I get that, but he hasn't been sharp as a tack either. [Franklin seizes the moment and grabs Williams with a side lift for a shocking sidewalk slam, but then stumbles back against the ropes, looking exhausted.] CONLON: Brandon Franklin seemingly utilizing every ounce of strength and energy he has to put some offense against Chase Williams! How about that show of strength, Pepper? JACKSON: I have to admit, he is showing us all something, but that is only getting them near equal, not closing a match out. CONLON: We haven't seen much offense in several minutes from Franklin, so this is a welcome sight for the fans. JACKSON: Enjoy it while it lasts, people! [Williams stands to his feet and then eats an double ax-handle smash to the chest from Brandon. Franklin backs up and runs against the ropes for speed as he propels himself forward toward Chase with a vicious spear! The fans erupt again to see Williams go down!] CONLON: SPEAR BY BRANDON FRANKLIN!!! JACKSON: Never saw that coming! Brandon Franklin just shocked the hell out of me! CONLON: Franklin isn't going for a cover at all. JACKSON: Probably because he knows that it will take a lot more than that to put Chase down for the count. It is good to know he realizes this and plans to keep attacking. That is the only way to topple a giant man like Williams. [Franklin whips Chase into the corner and follows him with a massive splash into the turnbuckles! Franklin is not finished as he whips him back across the ring and into the opposite corner with authority! Williams staggers back toward Brandon and gets jacked with a spinebuster slam in the center of the ring!] CONLON: SPINEBUSTER BY FRANKLIN! HE'S GOING FOR THE COVER!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.........................KICKOUT!!!!!!! JACKSON: WILLIAMS SURVIVES! CONLON: It really looked like Brandon Franklin had again managed to pull off a great return story with an upset, but Williams is just too strong. JACKSON: I know I would have tried going to the top rope or something in that situation. CONLON: Have you ever laced up wrestling boots, Pepper? JACKSON: Naw. I spent most my life in clubs and stuff, you know how it is. That doesn't mean I can't have an opinion. CONLON: I won't disagree with you being allowed your opinion. JACKSON: Exactly. Now shut up, stop calling me out, and call the match. I'm here to help make you sound fun, not call out all the moves and stuff. [Brandon pulls Williams up again and hits him about the face and head with straight jabs and vicious strikes. Franklin battles Williams back into the ropes and then sets him up for the Irish Whip across the ring, Williams rebounds off the ropes, but ducks the running lariat attempt by Franklin and rebounds quickly attacking Brandon Franklin with a spinning elbow strike!] CONLON: Williams with a great reversal! That elbow strike landed right on it's mark and Franklin is down! JACKSON: Chase Williams once again shows why he may be the most feared man in this tournament. CONLON: Definitely one of the biggest. JACKSON: And with ring awareness like that, he could be difficult to keep from claiming that World Heavyweight Title. CONLON: He's no stranger to big gold. That is one of the reasons he came to UPW and now he has Franklin in a bad way again as he looks forward toward advancement. JACKSON: Now Williams is looking to use his skill and not just his size. [Williams pulls Franklin to his feet and pulls him into position a German Suplex. He plants him once...rolls through and plants him a second time....rolls through and...] CONLON: THREE GERMAN SUPLEXES IN A ROW BY WILLIAMS!!! JACKSON: Franklin in trouble as Chase bridges the third one into a pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE..................................KICKOUT!!! CONLON: FRANKLIN GOT HIS SHOULDER UP JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME!!! JACKSON: How did he sneak that shoulder loose in that bridge?!?! CONLON: Brandon Franklin refuses to say die in this match. He knows that title is still within his grasp as long as he stays alive. JACKSON: The longer he lasts, though, the less likely he stays alive, much less wins the match. CONLON: At what point does Chase Williams begin to think that he may not be able to fully put Franklin down? When does that come into play? JACKSON: For a champion? Never. You always know you can win. [Williams gets to his feet and quickly goes over to take advantage of the situation. He picks Franklin up and drops him with a piledriver as the fans begin booing like crazy at him! Williams eyes the corner and looks at the top turnbuckle and walks over to the ropes to start his climb.] CONLON: He isn't thinking about using the corner? JACKSON: Just think of how high he will be if he goes all the way up! Wow! CONLON: Chase Williams is headed to the corner and it looks like he is staying in the ring to climb the turnbuckles! [Williams stops at the second turnbuckle and leaps off, driving his knee into the forehead of Brandon Franklin.] JACKSON: Franklin is done! CONLON: That knee found its mark and Franklin's arms seemed to go limp immediately! JACKSON: He hit that knee from nearly on high! Williams flew to nail it, and that means it had added force! [Williams makes the motion that he is ending the match and he pulls Franklin to his feet and grabs him for his supernatural driver variation!] CONLON: MOMENT OF CLARITY!!! JACKSON: That's it! It's over! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: CHASE WILLIAMS WINS IT! JACKSON: Williams advances in the UPW WOrld Title Tournament and will face Antonio De Luca later tonight in the semi-main event! [The referee tries to raise his arm, but Williams shrugs it away with a grunt and raises his arms to his sides, taunting the crowd as his music begins to play.] CONLON: That promises to be a great match, pepper. JACKSON: As long as De Luca was watching and learning, he should be able to adjust and be ready for this massive task headed his direction! [The screen fades to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] CHANEY: And there you have it! Tonight's Advancement match will pit Antonio De Luca against powerhouse Chase Williams. The UPW World Title shot on the line! SMITH: It doesn't get any bigger than that, Chaney! And this tournament is off to a rousing start with young lion versus old lion with a title shot on the line! CHANEY: This tournament is the real deal, but it has not been without controversy. SMITH: No doubt about it and rumors are that one of the low-level staffers on the "UPW Live!" Radio show was fired after the problems during the tournament draw. CHANEY: Folks, some of you may not have heard what was said during the radio broadcast, but it centers around UPW star Malcom Shabazz and his exclusion from the World Title Tournament. SMITH: He is still claiming that his name was supposedly said, but it isn't completely clear. CHANEY: In the interest of airing it all out, we are going to replay the audio of the moment in question tonight for you all to hear. But we also want to set the stage for you to understand because in all things context is key. SMITH: And it is only fair that people understand the set up of the radio show to know why this was more an honest mistake than intentional exclusion. CHANEY: So the radio show has only one booth, that means the sound tech, the host and the assistant are all in the room together. SMITH: That makes for close quarters. CHANEY: You got the right, Gorilla! And the host was pulling chips out of a bag with the names of the wrestlers printed on them in order to fill out the bracket in an utterly random sort of way. SMITH: Which is the only truly FAIR way to do it! How often have we seen tournament brackets and because of storylines going on, whether fans loved or hated the wrestler, and other factors; we could predict the entire tournament's results at the beginning because the brackets were planned in advance to work out that way! It just isn't a true contest to have the best man become champion. CHANEY: Right you are! So with this in mind, the host was pulling chips and announcing names in order of appearance and then setting them down on the table and pushing them on to the assistant to collect them. [Eric makes the motion of sliding a chip on the table with his left hand, giving the viewer a visual of what he is talking about.] SMITH: The assistant takes the chip and moves it out of the way so no confusion takes place, but something happened at the end of the draw. CHANEY: There were two chips left and one spot and according to the host, he pulled the chip, but his assistant bumped him when he began reading it and he dropped it, only to grab it and finish reading it on the air. SMITH: OK, discussing it isn't doing it justice, let's take a listen. [The two men sit there as the following audio footage is heard over the speaker system.] RADIO HOST: With the last spot in the tourney we have Ma.....(rustling heard as if bumped)....errr.....Liam Donegal! So there you have it, Liam Donegal is the final participant in the UPW World Heavyweight Title Tournament! [The audio ends and both men have the same interested, if not slightly confused looks on their faces as they begin speaking again.] CHANEY: What looks like an innocent mistake or an accident has now been blown up by Mr. Shabazz with claims of racism and injustice. SMITH: Well to be fair it isn't JUST the tourney draw. The website only lists Shabazz in the roster section. He is not listed in the ranking area, nor is he mentioned in the news area, and his roster bio was a broken link for weeks! CHANEY: So you agree with him? SMITH: I'm not saying I necessarily agree with him, but you have to admit that when you start having all of these things happen, it creates quite an angry man. CHANEY: Well that anger finally got unleashed last night in Pittsburgh when Shabazz met up against "Good" Gordon Gaines in the middle of the ring. SMITH: Folks, we are going to give you caution in watching this as Shabazz was relentless. CHANEY: Let's head to the footage and see not a portion, but the ENTIRE MATCH! Show the tape! [The screen fades to black.]

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as "Good" Gordon Gaines stands in the ring and Shabazz enters.] [The Guitar riffs for "Devil Made Me" by Paris starts to play as a man in all black military style gear walks down the ramp.] #This is a warning, another cut to move on# #Another beat that's so strong# #Hold on and I get wicked in this song# #Stirr up shit as the wit gets wisdom# #P-Dog comin' up, I'm staying low# #Pro-black and it ain't no joke# #Comin' straight from the mode that broke shit last time# #Now I'm back with a brand new sick rhyme# #So black check time and tempo# #Revolution ain't never been simple# #Following the path from Allah for know just# #Build your brain and we'll soon make progress# #Paid your dues, don't snooze or lose# #That came with the masterplan that got you# #So know who's opposed to the dominant dark skin# #Food for thought as a law for the brother man# [The lights reflect off his dark glasses. He gets to the ring, walks up the stairs. He holds his raised black gloved fist in the air.] #P-Dog with a gift from heaven# #Tempo 116.7# #Keeps you locked in time with the program# #When I get wild I pile on dope jams# #They spit on your flag and government# #Cause help the black was a concept never meant# #N(BEDIT) please, foodstamps and free cheese# #Can't be the cure for a sick disease# #Just the way the devil had planned it# #Rape then pillage everyone on the planet# #Then give 'em fake gods at odds with Allah# #Love thy enemy and all that hooplah# #Hear close to the words I wrote# #Crack, cocaine are genocide on black folks# #Cool when I write mine, never coulda missed this# #Damn right when you think seditious# #And I move swiftly, you can't get with me# #The triple six moved quick but missed me# #When I came off involved in conscience# #So don't ask why next time I start this# #The #Devil #Made #Me [Malcom Shabazz removes his jacket, his beret and his dark glasses. He walks to the center of the ring, waiting on the bell. His emotionless expression had not left his face.] CONLON: He looks angry. JACKSON: And he should be! Dude got left off the title tourney and they even started to announce his name and changed it! That is NOT justice, Stan! Not even close! [Malcom Shabazz and Gordon Gaines are standing center ring as the bell sounds.] DING! DING!! DING!!! CONLON: And this match is underway! JACKSON: This isn't going to be a match, man....not even close! [They go to lock up, but Shabazz doesn't even allow for any back and forth, clubbing his large arm right into the shoulder and upper back of Gaines. Then he kicks Gaines in the side of the head while he shakes his head and seems to be mumbling to himself.] CONLON: Shabazz with a sledgehammer of a forearm to the back of Gaines, and Gaines is in trouble early. JACKSON: Gaines was in trouble the moment this match was announced. I love my employer, but they pissed off the wrong man when they snubbed my brother for some less talented hacks in that tournament. CONLON: It was a blind draw. JACKSON: Blind my ass! Justice ain't blind and neither was that draw! [Shabazz pulls Gaines up and lifts him into a vertical suplex, holding it in the air straight up. He continues yelling toward the fans "This is what they are scared of!" as he holds Gordon in this position before finally dropping him to the canvas to complete the suplex.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz showing off his strength here, as he held Gordon Gaines in that vertical lift for quite some time. JACKSON: Just showing how strong he is. He's right about the locker room being afraid of him. CONLON: That was even more hurtful for Gaines because that lift forced all the blood to rush to his forehead. It will weaken him for certain. JACKSON: Oh please, like Malcom needed him to be any more weak! CONLON: Are you saying Gaines is weak in general? JACKSON: No! I'm saying that compared to a strong man like Shabazz, he is weak by comparison. Just look at what he is doing in there and tell me he isn't the strong man! I defy you to do it! [Shabazz pulls Gaines up and whips him into the corner, running after to land a knee to the midsection that sends Gaines' lower body almost to the ring post. Shabazz begins pummeling Gaines with punches, peppering him with alternating rights and lefts while yelling a word with each punch, "YOU.....WILL.....LEARN....TO....RESPECT....ME....MOTHER.....(BLEEP)!!!"] CONLON: Once again a statement by Shabazz, and I apologize tot he audience if that language was offensive. JACKSON: My god, man....this stallion is running like crazy over this poor white boy and all you can do is apologize for his language? CONLON: Just covering the bases on our first broadcast, Pepper. JACKSON: I ought to shove your ass in there and loosen you up. Shabazz could use another white punching bag right now because this guy is done! [The referee finally gets between them to stop the punching and Gaines slumps to his knees in the corner. Shabazz tells the referee to stop protecting the white boy. The referee holds the fist up to warn Malcom about the closed fists.] CONLON: The referee interjects himself to stop the illegal attacks in the corner. JACKSON: That was an old-school beat down right there. No wrestling, no technical jargon....just pure bashing the skull. CONLON: Which is illegal. JACKSON: And everybody still does it. CONLON: What is your point, Mr. Jackson? JACKSON: My point is that if the shoe was on the other foot and Gaines was doing the pounding, you wouldn't have said it was illegal. In fact, I'm sure you would have said he was 'really taking it to him' or something like that. [Shabazz grabs Gaines again once the referee has moved out of the way and puts him in a waist lock, lifting into a belly-to-belly suplex. He keeps hold of it and rolls through, lifting for a second belly-to-belly suplex. Then he rolls through again and lifts for a third belly-to-belly suplex, which he releases the hold upon completion.] CONLON: And there is number three! Malcom Shabazz is really showcasing his talent here tonight. JACKSON: Oh *NOW* you decide to call it right, huh? CONLON: I don't think I like what you are insinuating. JACKSON: I'm just trying to keep you honest, my man. And if the UPW was honest right now, they would admit their mistake in leaving this strong competitor out of the tournament. It was a travesty and now they are getting shown exactly why! CONLON: Shabazz drops to a knee and touches Gaines, which has the referee dropping to count, but Malcom pulls the hair of Gaines off the canvas, refusing to take a pin attempt. JACKSON: The lesson isn't over yet! [Shabazz has no smile on his face, just a look of utter determination as he pulls Gaines back up after refusing to cover him. He whips him into the ropes and lands a boot to the face of Gaines upon Gordon rebounding. Gaines is laid flat out as Shabazz again yells out that it is time for some "Hard Truth!"] CONLON: The big boot from Shabazz and Gaines may be finished now. JACKSON: Dude was finished two weeks ago. [Shabazz pulls Gaines up again as the crowd is giving him hell for the way he is acting. Shabazz lifts Gaines up, dropping the defenseless man with a spinning flapjack into the corner turnbuckles with a nasty impact.] CONLON: There is his flapjack finisher and that corner hit looked to be vicious! JACKSON: That *IS* the "Hard Truth," Stan, and Gaines just learned the lesson well. CONLON: Shabazz just puts his boot on Gaines' chest as the referee drops for the count! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: There is three and your winner is Malcom Shabazz! JACKSON: Was there any doubt? I tell you something this man is flat out scary and the locker room and the home office better have paid attention and start giving him respect or someone else might learn a hard truth in there. Damn! [Shabazz refuses to let the white referee raise his arm in victory and just pumps up a single fist in the air as the crowd boos.]

[The screen immediately switches to the following backstage footage...] [A golf cart comes rolling through the back hallways of the arena and bump to a halt in front of the door to the boss's domain. We've got a couple guys who've earned their bruises in the business, and tonight it's clear they're here to talk business rather than brawling.] [You've got the fighter of fighters, CJ "Mackie" Messer, presenting the uppercard knockout artist, but decked out in his Armani and Gio and Aviators and whatever doesn't make him look like TOO much like a white boy street thug from the wrong side of the Chi-town tracks.] [Right beside him you got the screenshot king, "Downtown" Danny Nash. He's toned it down tonight, which means that he's only got LIGHT blue eyeshade and lipliner, and wearing only silver ACCENT sequins on his Nudie Suit. (No that's not a pervy thing, it's a Nashville thing. Google it, you cultureless bastards.] [Following them is the wheelman, good ol' Syn. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a design of other Hawaiian shirts in its print. And if you had Smellovision, you'd cough with the grain alcohol fumes emanating from his breast pocket. And yet it is to this elder statesman they demur, for the moment.] *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* Syn: Coulter! We're here. Let's have a few words, shall we? [Backstage door opens. Paul Coulter gets a crowd pop when his face shows. Headman invites the fellows in.] Coulter: My door is always open to anyone on the roster. It's very nice to see you again Syn. Syn: I have my young friends here, who could do with a bit of the business again. And it seems that your business here doesn't have much of what they're offering. [Coulter eyes the boys up and down. He's not sure.] Coulter: Not really sure that what they're offering is what I'm looking for, given their track record. I mean they have always been great for a laugh or two and I have been todl that crowds love them for that. Just what is it you are lookign for, Syn? [Syn glances over toward Nash and Messer, gives a little nod, then looks Coulter in the eyes. He offers his right hand in a handshake, but when it's taken he hesitates. Grasps said hand, if you were. And performs the button- combo from Mortal Kombat 2 to get you a stake-pit fatality upon the CEO's inner wrist.] Danny Nash: So we were kind of looking to ... just acquire the belts. CJ Messer: If you would be so kind. [Coulter's eyes are wide and he has a confused look on his face as he slowly pulls his hand away.] Coulter: Certainly, guys. You...uh....have your shot tonight. Please. Thank you and good day. [Cut to The Hype walking out of Coulter's office with the tag team straps hanging over their shoulders. Old man Syn takes a swig from his flask of dangerously flammable liquid, and smiles as he leads his boys to the golf cart.] Syn: It's good to be back in business, my fine fellows. [And as the three proceed, their heads turn in unison as Mister Coulter's voice calls them back.] Coulter: Just a formality, you know, but even with old friends I have to make a show for the folks. You'll fight for the belts tonight. The Warriors. Go get your gear on. [Crowd Pop!] Messer: C'mon, let's go. New leagues never have more'n a single tag team worth mentioning anyhow. [The boys head off to the golf cart. Crowd noise continues as the screen fades to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] SMITH: That Shabazz is one rough son of a gun! CHANEY: I wish we could say that was the last time we saw him in Pittsburgh... SMITH: But it wasn't! CHANEY: And we also saw the Hype get seen for the first time as they prepared for the World Tag Team Title match in our main event. SMITH: UPW seems to be making a point of bringing in tag teams and stressing them within the roster. One of the early problems of most promotions is the lack of tag teams when they first open, but UPW is different as there are four or five legit teams with a chance to be championship material! CHANEY: The Hype are one, as well as their opponents for the gold tonight, The Warriors! SMITH: Tag teaming is a lost art, but lately we have seen the rise of an old school idea called "Freebird rules" and it is something our next match gets to experience! CHANEY: You are speaking about the Soldiers of the Sun, I believe Gorilla! SMITH: I am. There are three members to this team and you never know which two of them will step in to actually wrestle. You have a technician like Ricky Courage and a speedy striker in Striker Kato. CHANEY: And don't forget the big man, Titan Juarez. His power completes the trifecta and make this team possibly invincible depending on who they are facing. SMITH: It is a match-up nightmare, as the Brothers Grimm would find out. CHANEY: Let's go take a look at the first tag match in UPW, the Brothers Grimm facing off against the Soldiers of the Sun! [The screen fades to black.]

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Striker Kato tagging in Ricky Courage, while holding the right arm of Grimmley steady. Courage comes in and lands a kick to the ribs and then grabs the arm and yanks him into a hug, turning it into a belly-to-belly suplex.] CONLON: Ricky Courage showing his skills with the technical side of the sport! JACKSON: According to his bio, he has a background in amateur wrestling, so he ought to be able to do that with people his size or smaller. CONLON: The fans love him as well. JACKSON: Well they love anything. Half of them are eating the nachos that are probably a year old. [Courage continues his assault by pulling Grimmley up and whipping him into the ropes, catching him with a Northern Lights suplex as the crowd erupts for these men.] CONLON: What a suplex by Ricky Courage! The absolute beauty of a suplex like that is obvious. JACKSON: You have to wonder how apprehensive the Brothers Grimm are knowing that Titan Juarez is standing out here and he is the biggest man involved in this match. CONLON: But the Soldiers decided it would be Kato and Courage, and they have stuck to that decision. JACKSON: I still say this is a messed up way to do tag team wrestling. [Courage grabs Grimmley by the head and pulls him up, pulling him toward his corner where he tags Kato back into the match. Kato leaps over the top rope and comes down landing a double chop to the side of the neck.] CONLON: Tag to Striker Kato and the precision attacks once again take their toll on the larger man! JACKSON: He uses those so well, I wonder if they should be as outlawed as the closed fist for heavyweights. CONLON: I would guess Grimmley would agree. [Kato kicks both Grimmley's legs alternately before hitting a spinning forearm shiver to the side of the head. This sends Grimmley stumbling across the ring.] CONLON: Kato is really working over Grimmley and now you have to wonder how much he can take in there! JACKSON: The dude looks twice the size and his brother is bigger. I don't think Kato is going to scare them that much. CONLON: Maybe not from impact, but from the sheer volume of how often he can hit with that precision. That could cause problems. JACKSON: Maybe, but not for someone as "insulated" as either of these brothers. [Kato charges and goes for a dropkick, hitting Grimmley square in the shoulder and sending him reeling, unfortunately into his own corner where he tags in Grimmace.] CONLON: Here comes big Grimmace! JACKSON: Grimmley was stout, but this guy is a little bigger! Kato better run! [Grimmace steps into the ring and Kato charges and begins throwing kicks at the bigger brother, but Grimmace doesn't seem to be affected and he lunges toward Kato and sends him to the mat with a clothesline.] CONLON: DOWN GOES STRIKER KATO!!! JACKSON: Yeah I think the mountain just came to Mohammad there! CONLON: Grimmace didn't look like he hit him all that hard, but the power was obviously enough to floor Kato easily! JACKSON: When you are that big, pure strength can be deceiving. I bet this guy bench presses five-hundred pounds at the very least! [Grimmace pulls Kato up and whips him into the corner where his brother is standing. Grimmley holds onto Kato's tights as Grimmace rushes for an avalanche in the corner. Grimmace smiles and backs up to do it again as Grimmley continues to hold the tights, and he hits again with massive force.] CONLON: GIANT AVALANCHE IN THE CORNER AND STRIKER KATO IS A HEAP IN THAT CORNER! JACKSON: The referee better check for signs of life! CONLON: Grimmace pushes Kato out and lays on top for the pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.......................SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: Sometimes being fat isn't enough! CONLON: Striker Kato slid his shoulder just out of the way and the referee saw it, but you are right the sheer weight ought to have been enough after those corner attacks. JACKSON: Now the big boys can go to work and play a little with these Tonka toys! [Grimmace pulls Kato to his feet and lifts the sub-six footer above his head, then plunges him end over end into a massive press slam. The crowd groans as Kato bounces off the canvas in his landing.] CONLON: BIIIIIIIG PRESS SLAM BY GRIMMACE!!! JACKSON: Did you see the height Kato got on the BOUNCE? CONLON: That was a pretty bad tumble for sure, Pepper! JACKSON: Pretty bad? Hitting your knee on a table is pretty bad. Stubbing your toe is pretty bad. That was sickening! His insides are probably all jumbled up after that! [Grimmace pulls Kato up and whips him into the ropes, but on the rebound Grimmace misses the lariat as Kato slides between the legs of the big man and then leaps toward his corner to tag Ricky Courage.] CONLON: KATO ESCAPES AND TAGS COURAGE!!! JACKSON: Now we see what these kids are made of! CONLON: Ricky Courage bounds into the ring and it is on as the fans cheer them on! [Courage rushes in and lands an elbow smash to Grimmace and then rushes over to hit Grimmley with one as well to knock him tot he arena floor. The crowd has erupted as big Titan Juarez leads the cheers outside the ring.] CONLON: DOWN GOES GRIMMACE WITH A FOREARM.....AND ONE FOR GRIMMLEY AS WELL! JACKSON: The kid is on fire! Muy Muy Caliente! [Courage turns right into a foot to the gut from Grimmace, which stops the momentum immediately. Grimmace says something the cameras couldn't pick up to Juarez on the outside, but the big man doesn't bite and enter the fray.] CONLON: And just like that its over as Grimmace uses his size and strength to stop Courage in his tracks. JACKSON: What I love about these guys is they look like backwoods hicks, but seem to want to talk trash like some of my friends back home. CONLON: They certainly are trying to goad Juarez into the action. JACKSON: He's a better man than me, I'd have stepped up and tried to whoop him by now. [Grimmace sends Ricky into the ropes, but again misses a lariat attempt. Courage rebounds off the ropes and hits a shoulder block on Grimmace that sends him reeling back into the ropes. Grimmace charges out, but Courage catches him and lifts him into the air for a massive belly-to-belly suplex.] CONLON: BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX BY COURAGE ON THE MASSIVE GRIMMACE!!! JACKSON: HOW THE HELL DID HE PULL THAT OFF?!?!?!?! CONLON: Ricky Courage lifting the mid-three-hundred pounder for a bug suplex and this match is seemingly evened up in one major twist! JACKSON: Well he fits his name because to try that took a whole helluva lot of courage! [Courage lifts big Grimmace into suplex position and motions for Kato and Striker enters the ring. Courage lifts for a German suplex just as Kato nails a yakuza kick to Grimmace's face. Kato rushes and hits a forearm on Grimmley as Courage bridges the German Suplex into a pin.] CONLON: SUNPLEX!!! SUNPLEX!!! JACKSON: Holy mother of God, the hit it on the big guy! CONLON: Courage actually bridged into the pin! ONE!!! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: HE PULLED IT OFF! CONLON: Ricky Courage bridges the suplex on a man a hundred pounds heavier and secures the victory! JACKSON: How can you diss that at all? They showed the courage and skill, and what worries me is that there is still one of them we haven't seen in the ring yet! [All three members of the Soldiers stand in the ring with arms raises, Titan in the middle holding up the arms of his brothers in arms.] CONLON: Indeed, Pepper, and you have to imagine that Titan Juarez will make them even stronger when he gets to be part of the action! JACKSON: Great debut for the Soldiers of the Sun. The winner of our main event better be watching these guys! [Fade to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] SMITH: Soldiers of the Sun are victorious on Showdown! What a great match for them to debut with and they did the smartest strategy they could have thought of. CHANEY: What is that, Gorilla? SMITH: They didn't put Titan anywhere in that match! He stayed on the outside! Now nobody knows what he is truly capable of! Brilliant strategy asthey move forward! CHANEY: The tag division is deep and hopefully getting even deeper in the future. SMITH: I know I woudl personally love to see a return of good old fashioned tag team wrestling. I miss that a lot. CHANEY: Call up the Psychotic Doctor and get a contract! SMITH: Nope! That guy was nuts anyway! [The share a chuckle before moving forward.] CHANEY: Not everyone had someone that can work with them seamlessly like you did back in the day, big guy. SMITH: True and it looks like Adam Lazarus is finding that out first hand. Let's take a look at some backstage footage that was shown last night!

[The screen immediately switches to the following backstage footage...] [We see backstage and a man in a mask. Standing 6’4” tall and weighing about 240-something pounds, he cuts quite the figure dressed in a charcoal gray Armani suit, white shirt, and an emerald green tie that matches the mask which covers his facial features. Leaning an ornately carved steel blue stick as if it were a cane, the man checks his watch and sighs.] MAN: Dammit Liam. Where the hell are you? OFF-CAMERA VOICE: Adam! [The masked man turns in the direction of the voice just as a dark-haired man in his mid-twenties dressed in blue jean shorts, a UPW t-shirt, and a pair of well-worn Doc Martens comes rushing in.] MAN: Where have you been, kid? Your match against Jeff Keenan is coming up in a few minutes. [The younger man, now identified as journeyman wrestler Liam Donegal, nods his head knowingly as the man in the mask, presumably his manager, the legendary “Phoenix” Adam Lazarus, waits for an answer.] DONEGAL: I know, Adam, I know. I've been trying to track down my travel bag since we got here. The airport said they sent it over but… LAZARUS: Liam, you can wrestle in what you’re wearing, that’s no big deal. I’m more concerned about Keenan. DONEGAL: I’ve studied the footage you sent me, I’ve read the file, and I’m ready. MJ… LAZARUS: What’s your wife got to do with all this? DONEGAL: MJ’s got a talent, Adam. She can watch a guy in action and figure him out just like… [Donegal snaps his fingers.] DONEGAL: That. LAZARUS: Liam, I’ve known you and MJ both for a long time and I know what she’s capable of, but she’s home being a new mom and I’m here. Focus, kid. You’ve beaten men who are bigger than Keenan and men who are faster. But you’ve never beaten Keenan. He’s a former World Champion. He’s got a lot riding on this match. DONEGAL: I know he does. If he gets beaten by a kid with almost no experience compared to himself, a kid who’s only ever held a TV Title and never won a major championship, that’s a giant slap in the ego. But I’ve got a lot riding on this, too, and that’s why I went back to the Hurricane Academy and asked them to hook me up with the best manager they had. LAZARUS [chuckling]: And yet you’re here with me. DONEGAL: That’s right, I am. I’m here with a man who’s been a reality TV star, who’s had his gimmick imitated by guys like Mark Adams Jr., Kirk Maclean… LAZARUS: And who’s supposedly been pronounced dead, remember? So, let’s not give away the Colonel’s secret recipe about just who’s really under this mask and let’s focus on Jeff Keenan. The man’s got tricks up his sleeves that you’ll never see coming, Liam, so keep your eye on the prize. DONEGAL: Got it. Beat Keenan, get noticed, win titles. Anything else I’m forgetting about? [Lazarus opens his mouth to reply and appears to get distracted by something off camera.] LAZARUS: Yeah…that. [A man in a UPW production crew t-shirt approaches Donegal and Lazarus with a black bag under one arm.] DONEGAL: Oh, hey, is that my… LAZARUS: Wrestling gear? It sure looks like it. So grab your bag, hit the locker room, and suit up. You’ve got some business to attend to. [And, as Donegal takes possession of his travel bag, we fade to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] CHANEY: It is good to see Donegal may finally be getting on board with what Adam Lazarus is sharing with him. SMITH: It is for the best. Lazarus knows what he is doing and he's going to need it when he takes on Jeff Keenan later in Showdown! CHANEY: But now, let's get a look at a pair of veteran hands looking to get on top, as Caleb Foley returns to the ring to face "The Minnesota Assassin" Tex Colorado! SMITH: Tex has been around forever and always played the role of solid worker, but never allowed to shine. He has stated that his contract in UPW is different than before an allows him the chance to actually advance and be more than before. CHANEY: Well if he chooses a night to finally explode up the ladder, Caleb Foley is a great name to try and do it against. SMITH: Caleb is one of those guys that can be an utter mystery. There have been times in his career when nobody could compete with him and he gave men like Chase Williams and Brian Young a run for their money. CHANEY: But not always? SMITH: No. In all honest there are times when you wonder if it is the same guy and tonight we get to see which Caleb Foley signed with UPW. Is it the one who struggles, or the one who kicks ass? CHANEY: Let's go find out and see what happened when Caleb Foley took on Tex Colorado! [The screen fades to black.]

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Caleb Foley pulling Tex Colorado up by the hair in the center of the ring, and then Colorado lands a low blow, making the crowd groan loudly.] CONLON: Low blow by Tex Colorado and now all that offense from Foley just seemingly is for naught! JACKSON: Foley has been a man on fire, but ring veterans know how to stop momentum. CONLON: Colorado hasn't done much since those first few moments of the match. Now he gets the chance against a name like Foley. JACKSON: Dude has the opportunity, and sometimes that is all that is needed. [Colorado up quick and he starts stomping on the downed Foley, his kicks hitting the shoulders and ribs consistently as the fans shower him with boos. Tex reacts to the crowd by pointing to himself and yelling back at them about it being his time.] CONLON: Colorado stomping a mud hole into Caleb Foley! This is a level of aggression I'm not sure anyone expected! JACKSON: It is good to see him show some fire. Perhaps he realizes that this new start is a real chance for him to excel. [Colorado pulls Foley up and whips him into the ropes, following close behind for a shoulder block into those turnbuckles the moment after Caleb's back hit them.] CONLON: That impact in the corner! Colorado doubles down on it with the shoulder block that causes impact to the ribs and the back! JACKSON: Foley just got stuck between a rock and a hard place there. First real sign of trouble now for him. CONLON: Colorado is going for it, and that means pulling out some bigger guns than usual for him. JACKSON: I think he knows if he can't close now, his chances become pretty slim. [Colorado pulls Folye up into piledriver position and goes for the lift, but Caleb blocks the first lift and grabs Tex's legs and yanks them out from under him, going for a submission hold. Tex escapes and slides out of the ring.] CONLON: What an escape by Colorado! Surprising ring awareness to get away from Foley before the Irishman got him in any dangerous hold! JACKSON: I don't know if that is ring awareness or self preservation, but it worked. CONLON: Foley knows how to finish and now Tex Colorado has to wonder what will happen once he gets back in that ring. JACKSON: He better have bad intentions because Foley already has ideas, I can guarantee you that. [Foley steps back to allow Colorado the chance to get back in the ring, but when Tex gets on the apron, Foley rushes and lands a European Uppercut that sends him back to the arena floor.] CONLON: COLORADO SENT BACK TO THE ARENA FLOOR!!! What an uppercut by Foley! JACKSON: I thought he was going to be a sportsman and let the man back in the ring! Maybe Foley is more afraid of Colorado than we realize! CONLON: Colorado is out prone on the floor, trying to get back to his feet as the referee tells Foley to back off next time before starting his count on Colorado. JACKSON: I'm not sure a count will matter, Foley is up to something. [Foley sizes up the situation and runs to the ropes and then leaps over the top rope and into a back body plancha onto Colorado on the outside as the fans erupt. Both men are now down and the referee begins the obligatory count.] CONLON: WHAT A FLYING BACK BODY DROP BY CALEB FOLEY!!! Both men are down on the arena floor, the fans are going nuts right now after that flying leap! JACKSON: Foley may have damaged himself as much as Colorado there! CONLON: Referee is up to the count of three! What a shame if this ends in a double count out. JACKSON: Foley is moving. Perhaps he plans on taking the coward's way out and sneak in at the last second. CONLON: I doubt he would do that. JACKSON: Fear makes you do crazy things, Stan. CONLON: Referee is up to the count of seven and Foley is up! JACKSON: DAMMIT! [Foley gets back into the ring at eight, before rolling back out of the ring to pull Colorado up and get him back inside as well. Caleb then gets to the opposite side of the ring and waits for Colorado to stand up.] CONLON: Both men back in the ring now and this one hopefully will finish in the squared circle. JACKSON: That is a risk Foley has decided to take. He had a sure victory by count out that he gave away. CONLON: From the looks of things, Foley is in the stronger position, so I doubt he sees it as a risk, but trying to win fair and square. JACKSON: A win is a win. Just like a hitman once said, "nothing like the back of a man's head." Sometimes the easy way is the best way. [The moment Colorado gets to his feet, Foley takes off and drills a running spear in the center of the ring. Caleb gets up and jumps for a standing moonsault and the crowd is going nuts.] CONLON: "AN IRISH BLESSING!" Amazing standing moonsault by Foley after that spear and the Irishman is in complete control. JACKSON: Can Tex dig his way out again? Perhaps find that right corner to cut and get back to even footing? CONLON: He better dig quick because that is Foley's set up for his "Air Dublin" finisher. JACKSON: Whatever. Colorado has stayed the course thus far. [Foley gets Colorado to his feet and whips him across the ring to the opposite corner, where he hits hard and staggers back. Foley runs, does a handspring flip and catches Colorado with the cutter in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: "AIR DUBLIN!!!" What an impressive handspring into the cutter and Colorado is out in the center of the ring! JACKSON: Even I have to admit that was impressive. CONLON: Here's the cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: Foley with the victory tonight on Showdown! JACKSON: Colorado gave him more of a fight than most predicted, but in the end it wasn't enough. [The referee raises Foley's hand in victory as the bell sounds and the crowd is loving their Irish hero.] CONLON: One has to wonder if Foley's momentum will now carry into his World Title tournament appearance in the coming weeks JACKSON: Lots of talent in the field, but he showed tonight he can hold his own. [Footage fades to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] SMITH: Looks like I got my answer! CHANEY: Caleb Foley looking solid tonight with a big victory over Tex Colorado. SMITH: It is good to see that he still has the chops. Caleb isn't very old, but remember he started really young and his years in Phoenix really developed his skill set. CHANEY: We have a lot of guys on the roster who have had success elsewhere, and some of them are part of the history of UPW. SMITH: That is something we want to remind people about as UPW is a fresh start stemming from an old stalwart, Top Turnbuckle Pro! CHANEY: Yes, Gorilla, TTW had a lot of great performers and seemed to fly under the radar for many years. The owner of UPW purchased the company, but instead of opening under the same banner, he decided to make this an even bigger idea and that is why UPW is stepping out to become THE BEST global wrestling promotion in the world! SMITH: That is how they have gotten the talent they have thus far, and that depth also extends to a few TTW hold-overs. CHANEY: Like the man Dyan Ciccareli interviewed last night! SMITH: Let's all meet him together. Here's "El Patron" himself.....Felix Sandoval!

[The screen immediately switches to the following backstage footage...] [We now see a man backstage, dressed in pastel hot pink shirt and white pants. He has a couple of gold chains hanging around his neck and a pair of sunglasses on. In his right hand he holds a cigar, which he hasn't lit up because it is illegal to smoke inside enclosed areas these days. Next to him is Dyan Ciccarelli, the gorgeous UPW interviewer.] DC: Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm backstage here right now with one of the exciting signings UPW has brought in from the days of TTW, Felix Sandoval! [Felix doesn't wait for her to say anything else and just begins speaking with his Hispanic accent.] FS: I know you weren't here the first time, Chica. But the name is "El Patron" Felix Sandoval. Normally I would take great offense to someone being ignorant of who I am, but this is just your first offense so I will be gracious and allow you this one. DC: Well, I don't know what to say. [Sandoval smiles down at her.] FS: Then say nothing and let me do the talking. [Felix takes the microphone out of her hand and she looks rather unhappy in the moment. He turns from facing her to looking toward the camera.] FS: All of you out there are going to see just what can happen when a strong man like me gets his chance. I was held down in TTW. They were afraid of what I would do if I got the chance to hold the big belt. [He acts like he is frightened, but in a mocking way.] FS: We can't have a man like that hold the World Title! We need to keep him down at the bottom. He is too much man for those up top and if he gets that belt, he may never lose it. [He stops the mocking.] FS: You see, someone like me: who came up the hard way, who has fought and scratched for everything he has ever achieved, and who knows what it means to struggle; someone like "El Patron" would literally run the place if given the chance just like I have always ran the business I was in. [He removes the sunglasses.] FS: And when these eyes survey that locker room, I see men who are too old to handle the big boss. I see men whoa re too inexperienced to handle the big boss. And I see men who avoided me like the plague when we were in TTW because they knew they could never be the man Felix Sandoval was. That was true then and it is true now. [He flashes a devious smile.] FS: You notice that I'm not scheduled tonight? [Dyan nods her head, still annoyed she is not being allowed to do her job.] FS: That is because they don't want the big boss to hurt any of their precious projects and old men. That is nothing new. [He continues waving the free hand, which has both the cigar and his sunglasses in its grip.] FS: Chambers and Lewis both ducked me as often as they could back in the day, so why would that be any different now? These pedazos de mierda are about to find out why they call me the big boss. Soon I will win my way through the field and lift that World Title. And it will be my era, the era of Felix Sandoval! [His eyes are wide.] FS: Voy a dominar y ganar a toda costa y nadie se interpondrá en mi camino! [He tosses the microphone to Dyan and walks off as the scene fades.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] CHANEY: That man is a multiple time TV Champion back in the TTW days, and now he knows he has the chance to step up to the next level here in UPW. SMITH: He definitely has the attitude a champion needs. CHANEY: Arrogance? SMITH: No, just that utter confidence in yourself. If you don't believe you can win every match, nobody else will think you can either! You have to think that way in order to be a real contender for any championship! CHANEY: And speaking of champions, how about the golden one himself, Jeff Keenan. He's back after a long time away and he is just one of the many former World Champions from other places that have signed on to this deep, deep roster. SMITH: Keenan was nearly unstoppable twelve years ago, but time takes it's toll as we all know. Will he be the same man that dominated so many federations a decade ago? CHANEY: And he faces a man we saw a bit ago, Liam Donegal. SMITH: Donegal has been more active and is probably more "match ready" heading in, but experience and skill still might lean to Keenan here. CHANEY: This match was figured to be a barn burner... SMITH: And it certainly lived up to that, though perhaps not the way we all figured it would! CHANEY: Let's take you back to Pittsburgh for this big match between Liam Donegal and Jeff Keenan! [The screen fades to black.]

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as Jeff Keenan sets Liam Donegal up for an Irish whip, but instead, drops him with a short-arm lariat. He then turns and gives a grin toward Adam Lazarus on the outside of the ring as he points to the corner.] CONLON: Jeff Keenan really showing Liam Donegal what it means to be back in the big time. JACKSON: I wasn't watching back then, but they tell me Adam Lazarus was one of the best in the world at one time. You would think he would have prepared Liam better for a match like this. CONLON: Sometimes a great game plan gets wrecked early on and you throw it out the window, Pepper. JACKSON: Mike Tyson always said, "Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face." [Keenan climbs the corner as the fans give him the business. Adam Lazarus is slapping the ring apron to try and get Donegal coherent to what is happening. Keenan leaps...] CONLON: DONEGAL GOT THE KNEES UP!!! JACKSON: Keenan landed flush on those knees and he is in trouble, holding his ribs in utter pain! CONLON: Liam Donegal flips the match on one defensive move and yet he isn't able to capitalize on it! JACKSON: Those knees did just have a couple hundred pounds fly down on top of them, Stan. [The fans erupt as Donegal's knees got in the way and Keenan is down, rolling in agony after his ribs were fully exposed on that frog splash attempt. The fans begin chanting "Liam!" over and over to motivate the superstar.] CONLON: Both men trying to get to the ropes and pull themselves up as the referee begins the double count out. JACKSON: Has anybody ever won or lost a match because of that count? I mean seriously, have they? CONLON: I'm sure somewhere along the way, it happened that it caused a draw. JACKSON: Never thought I'd see a boxing rule in a wrestling match. [Donegal struggles to his feet, as does Keenan. Keenan goes for a punch, but Donegal blocks it and lands a kick to the gut before jumping up and spinning for a textbook roundhouse kick that sends Keenan to the mat.] CONLON: Donegal on the attack with a great spinning heel kick! Keenan is down! JACKSON: The golden one is on the canvas, but Donegal isn't going for the pin. CONLON: No it looks like he wants to make a statement, as he drops an elbow right on the shoulder of Keenan. JACKSON: Lazarus looks happier now over there. I can't blame him, but I'd be telling my boy to finish the match. [Liam grabs Keenan's left foot and yanks it upward, into a standing Achilles ankle lock. The crowd cheers loudly as Lazarus raises his arms outside the ring.] CONLON: WOLF TRAP ANKLE LOCK!!! HE'S GOT IT LOCKED! JACKSON: That looks like it is really hurting Keenan, but he isn't quitting. CONLON: This move was taught to him by the great Werewolf Gregorson, who won many matches by forcing tap outs with this hold! JACKSON: Now Keenan is trying to escape it. CONLON: The referee continues to ask Keenan if he gives up, but the veteran refuses to say yes or tap the canvas. All he can do is strain toward the ropes in any direction he can get momentum. JACKSON: And that is hard with one leg strung up in that hold the way Donegal has it right now. [Keenan refuses to give up, but the pain seems to be excruciating. He continues to fight as Donegal holds onto the ankle for dear life. Keenan gets closer and closer to the ropes, but the younger wrestler still holds on tight to the grip of that foot.] CONLON: Keenan is getting closer, but can't quite make the grab and Donegal pulls him back again! JACKSON: Keenan may not walk right again after this! CONLON: The crowd is loving it when an arrogant guy like Keenan is humbled in the squared circle. JACKSON: The fans can be a sick bunch, can't they? [The crowd's cheers suddenly turn to mass pains as a large figure steps over the guard railing. It is the hulking presence of Malcom Shabazz. Shabazz makes his way to the steps and walks up them, stepping over the top rope and entering the ring.] CONLON: WHY IS HE OUT HERE? JACKSON: I don't know, but if I'm Keenan and Donegal I get the eff out of that ring right now! CONLON: Malcom Shabazz has gotten into the ring and the two participants don't know it yet! Talk about an ominous shadow looming over a match! Why would he commit an injustice when all he does is rave about injustice? JACKSON: Who was the name read after the supposed gaff on the radio in the tourney draw. Remember? It sounded like Shabazz's name was about to be read and then he stopped and said a different name. CONLON: I'm at a loss, Pepper. JACKSON: It was Liam Donegal! [The referee quickly goes over to tell Shabazz to exit the ring, but he just holds his hand out and almost covered the face of the official. He then takes two massive steps, ending with a big boot to the side of Liam Donegal's face.] CONLON: SHABAZZ KICKS THE SIDE OF DONEGAL'S HEAD!!! JACKSON: Well Keenan ought to thank him for breaking that hold because it looked like he was tapping just as that boot connected! *****DING! DING!! DING!!!***** CONLON: What a terrible ending to this match! JACKSON: I told you he was pissed about that tournament draw! CONLON: Malcom Shabazz is going nuts here in the ring and Liam Donegal is the focus of his rage! JACKSON: Get out of there Keenan! Get out now while you still can! [Shabazz pulls Donegal up and yells at him loudly about him using his skin color to take away his chance at the World Title. Then Malcom lifts and choke slams him in the center of the ring as the crowd's boos become even louder.] CONLON: CHOKESLAM BY SHABAZZ!!! JACKSON: And he even told Liam Donegal that this was because of his spot being yanked from him. I have to side with him on this one, too. CONLON: That had nothing to do with skin color, Pepper! JACKSON: How do you know? Were you on the radio when it happened? Did you see how it went down? NO! You didn't see anything and all we have is people saying it was all on the up and up, but it wasn't! [Adam Lazarus jumps to the ring apron and everyone senses that the veteran is about to leave manager status behind, but before he can get into the ring, Shabazz hits him with a forearm that sends him off the apron and to the floor.] CONLON: ADAM LAZARUS SENT REELING OFF THE RING APRON! JACKSON: Trying to protect your boy is admirable, but stupid! [The referee rushes over and begins pulling and pushing on Shabazz, but the large man shoves the referee almost all the way across the ring.] CONLON: AND NOW SHABAZZ SHOVES THE REFEREE DOWN HARD!!! JACKSON: That's going to be a fine! You can count on that! CONLON: Malcom Shabazz is a man possessed! JACKSON: I told Keenan to get out of the ring! Look at this! [Shabazz pulls Keenan up and picks him up, press slamming him out of the ring and on top of Adam Lazarus just as security rushes the ring. The fans cheer the security team arriving to stop the assault.] CONLON: KEENAN SENT FLYING ONTO ADAM LAZARUS OUTSIDE! Both men down in a heap! JACKSON: Malcom Shabazz is THE one man wrecking crew! You know who is probably glad that this man was kept out of the tournament? CONLON: Who? JACKSON: EVERYBODY! CONLON: Very funny. JACKSON: I'm not joking! This dude is a beast. He has size, strength, and most of all he has a nasty mean streak. This is one dude you don't want to screw with in that ring or anywhere else! [Shabazz manages to fight off the first couple of security team members, but can't fight off all eight of them and finally gets put under control. All Malcom can do is yell about injustice and not getting what should be his rightful spot because he is a black man.] CONLON: Shabazz still spouting off about how he was held down. JACKSON: He has a point! This man should be allowed to step in the ring and be in the tournament. You know how many active roster members were left out of the tournament draw? CONLON: No clue. JACKSON: ONE. Shabazz. You think that is a coincidence? CONLON: What about Tex Colorado and Gordon Gaines? They didn't get spots either. JACKSON: I'm not even going to dignify that. This man was denied something he rightfully deserved and he may be on a tear until it gets put right! I hope you people at headquarters are happy now! [The screen fades to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] SMITH: It looks like our partner in this broadcasting venture has his opinion on all things Shabazz, but I am appalled at how that went down. CHANEY: Liam Donegal got the victory via disqualification, but it is obvious that Malcom Shabazz intends on making Donegal pay for what transpired on the radio show! SMITH: Which is just not smart thinking. The person responsible, supposedly has been fired! He's not here anymore! Yet you want to go screw up matches and throw your weight around? CHANEY: According to the producers, UPW is already investigating and deciding how it plans on handling what happened here because it wasn't just an attack on performers, but also Shabazz attacked a UPW official, which we all know is frowned upon. SMITH: Good. You have to nip this in the bud now or else it will REALLY be a problem later. CHANEY: And later means the first Pay-per-view in the UPW this coming February! SMITH: My specialty on display! I love it! CHANEY: UPW presents SURVIVAL! [The screen between them changes from the UPW logo, to the following image...]

[They continue speaking as you see the image.] SMITH: And it includes the Ultimate Survival Rumble! The battle to literally survive! Feast or famine! Kill or be killed! CHANEY: Easy big fellah! The Ultimate Survival Rumble is going to be a sight to behold for sure as forty men will be entered into a match that will have TWO rings! SMITH: Double elimination battle royal! CHANEY: Correct! This is just like what we saw out of many leagues back years ago and the added twist is that the first ten men eliminated will be FIRED and BANNED from UPW for one year. Essentially they have to re- enter the Ultimate rumble the next year and try to earn their spot back! SMITH: Brutal stuff! They did this in UEW and I actually won a tag title shot of sorts. CHANEY: Same chances here as the top five finishers each get a prize. The winner gets the World Title shot at the next PPV, the second place finisher gets the North American Title shot anytime he chooses, third place gets a World Tag Title shot and gets to pick his partner as well! SMITH: Fourth place gets a TV Title shot and what does fifth place receive? CHANEY: WHo knows? A special surprise briefcase that could have ANYTHING in it. In TTW, it was a chance to take on the winner for the World Title shot. Another year, it was the chance to immediately rehire one of the fired wrestlers from the rumble. SMITH: Wow! That could be a game changer! CHANEY: And it all goes down February nineteenth! SMITH: That is months away, but I'm already excited about it! CHANEY: Everyone is because almost everyone will be involved in it, including the man we will be taking a look at right now.....Dylan Cardinal!

[The screen immediately switches to the following video footage...] [The head of a match is swiped across a coarse striking surface, igniting the phosphorus sesquisulfide in a blaze of fire. Dylan "the Basilisk" Cardinal raises the lit matchstick.] DC: Eleven. [He blows onto the cardboard stick, extinguishing the flame, the discards it.] DC: That's how old I was the first time I got arrested. Set fire to the Warner's tool shed. One of their neighbors saw me run away... [The snake-like ex-convict sits on the bottom step of a three tiered brick pyramid at the base of Pittsburgh Police Department, along Centre Avenue. It would look like a regular red brick urban building were it not for the enormous "Police Sation No. 2" mural that unambiguously identifies the place.] DC: My mother greeted the cops. In hindsight, it was a funny scene, 'cause she clearly had no idea who they were there for; her, her husband, or me. But... [Dylan strikes another match, suspiciously emotionless for a man who just recalled a "funny scene."] DC: ...They were there for the Cardinal boy. [He throws the match away, then finally looks up at the camera to stare straight through the lens for the first time.] DC: I ain't tellin' these stories so you can stand in awe at how [BLEEP]in' [BLEEP]y my childhood was, so you can take pity on me, or figure none of it's my fault, how it's all 'cause of how I was raised. My childhood don't matter. What matters is who I am. [Unblinking, he glares at the camera and holds it long enough for the point to get across.] DC: I'm the kid that got expelled for fighting from every school he went to. I'm the kid that liked to hurt animals, break mailboxes, or set telephone poles on fire. I'm the person that likes it when other people cry. That's not how I was raised. That's who I am, who I've always been. [He readjusts his faux-leather coat, wipes a hand on his faded jeans, then smirks as he lights another match.] DC: Of course, I didn't go to jail or anything, not that time. I didn't even go to juvie. Turns out the Warners needed it to be an accidental fire, you know, for insurance. Also turned out they were a lot better acquainted with my father than I was. Apparently, he'd been a regular, before me, before he got a... real family. I might as well have been Henry Lee Lucas. So they kept me at the station as long as they could. [He nods.] DC: The Cardinal Sinner, they called me. Thought it was clever. As far as cop humor goes, maybe it was. Name sure caught on, for a while... [A moment of hesitation follows, like there's another story he could be telling around this... He turns his bald head and spits in the flower bed.] DC: In the end, they let me go, but not before the sheriff gave me a stern talking to. He wasn't into it, though. [A smile. The kind of sick smile that says life is meaningless, and life is just a joke.] DC: He knew what I was. He knew nothing he said would ever change anything. He said... "All people like you ever do is make life miserable for everyone else. Ain't got a decent bone in your body. Why does trash like you even exist? What's the point of that?" [Cardinal raises a eyebrow.] DC: I didn't have any answers for him. I still resent being called trash... unless you mean all humans are trash, and you and me ain't no exceptions. Otherwise, he was pretty spot on. [The Basilisk nods as he rips a new stick out of the matchbook.] DC: I don't have empathy. Never had it. [Another match is struck...] DC: Making life miserable for everyone else isn't just what I do, it's who I am. A monster. [... and extinguished.] [Fade to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] CHANEY: That guy is just as freakish as the last time I saw him in SCWE. SMITH: One of those kind of guys, huh Eric? CHANEY: I don't think you get it, man. Cardinal is menacing, but not in a imposing, muscular, hulking sort of way. The guy gets into your head and under your skin. He moves methodically and could be the most underrated striker UPW has. SMITH: Sounds like he has been successful. CHANEY: He has, but people will see his lanky form and dismiss him as just a tall, skinny guy.....but I swear he will end up slicing his way through this roster if people aren't careful. SMITH: Sounds like he definitely got under YOUR skin, Chaney! CHANEY: You have no idea! SMITH: Well let's get your mind onto better things, like the next match. [Chaney shakes his head a bit and then has a nice smile.] CHANEY: Ok, then! This match was a doozy because it pitted one of the TTW's brightest stars in two-time TTW World Champion Aaron "All Day" Lewis against the grizzled veteran we saw earlier, Frank Anthony. SMITH: Lewis has a lot to prove as well. He dominated the final few months of TTW and now that the pond has become an ocean of talent, can he rise to the top as fast? CHANEY: And Anthony has already stated he plans on being a player and not one of those old guys brought in to make the young guys look good. Anthony will be looking to ground the kid down and teach him the ropes, as it were. SMITH: It was a great match and both men really showed why they are part of this deep UPW roster! CHANEY: Let's head to Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh and see how it turned out! [The screen fades to black.]

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [As the footage begins to play, we see Frank Anthony attempting to rise quickly off the canvas, Lewis delivers a textbook dropkick, sending the veteran back to the canvas.] CONLON: Lewis nails another dropkick and this kid has spent half this match in the air. JACKSON: The crazy thing about doing that is that, more often than not, the landing isn't as nice as you hope. He's going to get caught sooner or later against a vet like Anthony. [Anthony stumbles over to the ropes. As he rises, Lewis attempts yet another dropkick. This time, however, he finds nothing but air as Anthony wraps himself in the ropes and flips over to the other side.] CONLON: Frank Anthony showing his veteran know-how just as you said he would, Pepper. JACKSON: It doesn't matter how long you are away, you always remember how to do what you love well. Anthony is proof of that. [Anthony enters back into the ring. As Lewis rises to his feet, Anthony charges him, knocking him to the canvas with a stern clothesline. Frank's face shows a sense of pride with what he just did.] CONLON: Frank Anthony now looking to add some pain to this brash youngster's life it seems. JACKSON: And he should. This kid's mouth runs constantly. It's like the seven-eleven: always open! [Anthony reaches down, pulling Lewis back up and then picks him up almost effortlessly before dropping the loud- mouthed fan favorite across his outstretched knee.] CONLON: STOMACH BUSTER BY FRANK ANTHONY! JACKSON: Good God! Lewis is going to feel that for days! CONLON: Watching this match, you would never know that it has been years since Anthony stepped into a ring. JACKSON: You wouldn't and that is because he is a pro. He is the kind of guy that guys like Lewis run and hide from because he is L-E-G-I-T....LEGIT! [Lewis clutches his back as Frank Anthony lifts him up again and slams him back down with a side slam. Anthony is telling Lewis the lessons he plans on teaching him tonight as he points toward that item he brought to the ring sitting at the time keeper's table.] CONLON: Frank Anthony is a smarter man than to think he'll be able to use that item and win, but he keeps pointing to it. JACKSON: He said he was going to show off his pride, and that mangled item just may be part of that process. I know I wouldn't want to get pegged with it. CONLON: Anthony is demented enough without any extra items. JACKSON: You got that right, he doesn't need that kind of help as he is brutal enough without it. [Frank Anthony picks up Lewis and starts to whip into the ropes. Lewis reverses the whip and as Anthony rebounds off the ropes, he charges at Lewis with a clothesline. However, Lewis ducks under the clothesline. As Anthony turns to attack, Lewis rocks him with a spinning heel kick!] CONLON: LEWIS WITH THAT HEEL KICK AND THE TIDE IS TURNING! JACKSON: One heel kick does not a match win. We've seen that already tonight! [The stunned Anthony slowly rises to his feet as Lewis leans on the ropes. As Anthony lumbers to his feet, Lewis charges him, taking him down with a swinging neck breaker! He goes for the pin.] CONLON: LEWIS WITH A SWINGING NECKBREAKER INTO A PIN ATTEMPT! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH..........KICKOUT! JACKSON: Anthony got out of that with authority. I think he could have gotten out before the count of one, but gathered himself to make more of a show on it. CONLON: Anthony is stronger than many think, but it is his mind that could be his most fascinating feature. JACKSON: He is hell bent on destruction in many ways. [Lewis picks up Anthony and wraps him up for a belly-to-belly suplex. However, before he can take Anthony over, Anthony claps his ears with a bell ringer.] CONLON: Anthony gets the advantage back with a well-times ear strike! JACKSON: Veteran move there. Anthony seems to be doing whatever he wants right now and that mouth on Lewis hasn't put him in any better place in this match. [As Lewis stumbles away, Frank Anthony charges him again. Using Anthony's momentum, Lewis catches him and simultaneously dumps him over with the belly-to-belly suplex!] CONLON: LEWIS CATCHES HIM WITH A BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! JACKSON: That was fast! CONLON: Lewis with the pin attempt as he hooks a leg! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE...............KICKOUT!!!!!!! JACKSON: That was a lot closer than it looked! CONLON: Aaron Lewis nearly pulled it out right there and Frank Anthony now knows the speed he is dealing with in this young man! [Lewis picks up Frank Anthony and quickly takes him back down with the fisherman's suplex, which he holds for the pin!] JACKSON: LEWIS GOES FOR THE FISHERMAN SUPLEX INTO A PIN! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE...............KICKOUT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: Lewis is really picking up the pace! You have to wonder if Anthony's older body can keep up with the speed Lewis is throwing out now. JACKSON: Anthony is someone I would call a "stubborn sonuva bitch" because he will take it all and then keep dishing it out on HIS pace and not his opponent's. CONLON: Even an older body will struggle if repeatedly taken down like that. JACKSON: Frank is old school and then some. Don't worry about him in that regard! [Lewis wastes no time: He immediately locks in a rear naked choke on the grounded Frank Anthony. Anthony immediately begins yelling that he is being illegally choked by this kid, but his voice gets more strained due to the hold. As Lewis cinches in the rear naked choke, Anthony's face reddens.] CONLON: LEWIS HAS THE CHOKE LOCKED IN! JACKSON: He's cheating right there! That is an illegal choke! CONLON: Lewis is not doing anything illegal here, but I do think he is marrying some MMA influence well. JACKSON: Stop sticking up for him! He is ruining Anthony's chance at showing off his pride! CONLON: Frank is trying to fight out of this, but Lewis is everything he has been advertised to be after his stint in TTW in recent years. JACKSON: Did he cheat there too? [Frank Anthony manages to rise to a seated position as Lewis maintains, the pressure. The referee looks on, concerned about the reddening Anthony. The veteran's face is one of purpose as he tries to escape this hold and not give the youngster this satisfaction.] CONLON: Frank Anthony is at least sitting up, which is keeping Lewis from really punishing him and finishing the match. JACKSON: He has fight left in him! You can't keep an old man down forever! CONLON: Aaron Lewis fighting and straining to keep that choke locked in and the referee is right there to keep things on the up and up. JACKSON: Frank Anthony continues to surprise. How many out there thought he would be too old? Shows what you all knew! [Anthony rises to his feet as Lewis strains to maintain the choke. With Lewis essentially on his back, Anthony stumbles backwards, forcing Lewis to strike his back hard against the turnbuckles.] CONLON: FRANK ANTHONY USES MOMENTUM TO HIS FAVOR! JACKSON: Brilliant veteran move right there to use your strength to get to your feet and let gravity do the rest! CONLON: These men are beating the hell out of each other! JACKSON: And we haven't even seen use of that foreign object yet! Imagine if that gets brought into the picture! [Lewis goes limp after being rammed into the turnbuckles. Frank Anthony stumbles about, trying to clear the cobwebs. Lewis charges after him, and for his troubles, Frank Anthony uses Lewis' momentum to hoist him into a crushing Death Valley Driver!] CONLON: DEATH VALLEY DRIVER BY FRANK ANTHONY!!! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! JACKSON: Lewis' energy reserves hurt him there as that burst cost him HUGE! [Spent, both men lie prone on the mat.] CONLON: They are barely moving as the referee begins to count both men down! JACKSON: They have gone back and forth and back and forth for a long time and now neither man seems able to grab an advantage! [Both men start to stir, with Anthony using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Lewis eventually props himself up on the turnbuckles.] CONLON: FINALLY! Lewis is up and the count stops the count at seven! JACKSON: He may live to regret that. There is no shame in saying you and your opponent beat each other up so much it was a draw. CONLON: Both of these men have too much pride for that, Pepper. JACKSON: I love how you mention pride! I cannot wait for Frank Anthony to show his in this match! [Anthony delivers a series of boots to Lewis' midsection. He then draws Lewis out of the corner, lifts him up, and drops him across his knee with a vicious inverted atomic drop!] CONLON: Anthony with a big atomic drop! JACKSON: That may be something his kids are feeling years from now! [As Lewis clutches his family jewels, Anthony lifts him up and then drives him back down hard with a spine buster slam!] CONLON: SPINEBUSTER BY FRANK ANTHONY! JACKSON: Anthony in control and now he goes for the pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . . THRE...............KICKOUT!!!!!!! CONLON: AARON LEWIS NARROWLY ESCAPING!!! JACKSON: He just barely got that shoulder up! [Frank Anthony rises to his feet, bounds into the ropes, and delivers a crushing legdrop to the prone Lewis.] CONLON: Frank Anthony hits that right on the throat and shoulders! JACKSON: Perfect placement! CONLON: He goes for another cover with a hook of the leg! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE.......................KICKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: LEWIS ESCAPES AGAIN!!! JACKSON: Lewis must have alligator blood, he keeps hanging around and hanging around! You can't get rid of him! CONLON: Looks like someone has been watching "Rounders" again. JACKSON: That is a great movie, but this is about Lewis being able to avoid being pinned for like the fifth time in this match. Frank Anthony is a rugged guy and he is struggling to finish this kid. [Anthony picks up Lewis and goes to execute a reverse fireman's carry. However, Lewis slides off his shoulders and drops behind him. Lewis delivers a hard boot to Anthony's midsection. As Anthony doubles over in pain, Lewis runs into the ropes and leaps up with a spin wheel kick.] CONLON: SPINWHEEL KICK AFTER AVOIDING THE BIG MOVE! LEWIS NAILED IT! JACKSON: But the kid just is spent! He is taking a beating! [Lewis drapes a weak arm over Frank Anthony's chest.] CONLON: THE REFEREE COUNTS AS LEWIS FALLS ON ANTHONY! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEE..............NO! ANTHONY'S FOOT GOT ON THE ROPE! JACKSON: Frank Anthony will not be taken down in such a cheap manner! Both of these men still have fight left in them! [Both men lay there, almost spent from the back and forth of the match.] CONLON: This has been a contest and I don't know if it can be topped! Aaron Lewis is showing why he was a two-time World Champion and Frank Anthony has been nothing short of tough! JACKSON: Tough as nails! Anthony has been the absolute truth tonight! CONLON: One thing that may need considered is a time limit if these two do not continue canceling each other out. JACKSON: I doubt it would go on forever, at the very least this is a great encounter between two evenly- matched men. I'm loving this! [At the count of nine, both men struggle to their feet. Lewis rises first and immediately charges the still stumbling Anthony. However, Anthony catches Lewis' arm, goes behind him, and immediately sinks in a cobra clutch.] CONLON: Frank Anthony again going to the submission hold! JACKSON: Great strategy! Make Lewis fight to get free and expend more energy, while you just have to hold on. CONLON: It takes a lot of energy to hold on though, Pepper. Perhaps more than we realize, especially after a war like this. JACKSON: You may be right. [However, Anthony does not hold Lewis in the cobra clutch for long. He immediately lifts Aaron Lewis and drives him to the mat with a brutal cobra clutch slam!] CONLON: COBRA CLUTCH SLAM! FRANK ANTHONY DROPS TO HIS KNEES AND GOES FOR THE COVER! JACKSON: THIS IS IT! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE..............KICKOUT!!! CONLON: Once again Aaron Lewis escapes at the last possible moment! JACKSON: That wasn't long enough to call a moment! That was a split second! Now I'm starting to think his nickname isn't about his mouth, but how long this match will go on: "All Day!" CONLON: You can see the annoyance on the face of Anthony, but he knows this kid is tough. JACKSON: And he is also trying to solve the puzzle and get the pin for good. He'll figure it out, just you watch! [Anthony pulls Lewis up from the mat and starts to send him into the ropes. However, Lewis puts on the breaks and reverses. And, instead of releasing Anthony, Lewis pulls him forward and simultaneously delivers a reverse Russian legsweep!] CONLON: REVERSAL BY LEWIS INTO THE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! JACKSON: The tide turns again! This match has spun more than a turn style at a subway station! [Lewis scrambles to his feet and begins to climb to the top turnbuckle. As he steadies himself on wobbly legs, Frank Anthony makes a desperate lunge, forcing Lewis to crotch himself on the top turnbuckle!] CONLON: ANTHONY AGAIN TURNS THE TIDE!!! JACKSON: Aaron Lewis may have just become our first transgender men's performer right there! Ouch! CONLON: Lewis hangs awkwardly from the corner and once again both men are worse for wear with no real advantage either way! JACKSON: I'd rather be Anthony right now, though, all things considered. [As Lewis winces in pain, Frank Anthony tries to climb to the second turnbuckle. Lewis shoots a weak punch at Anthony's face.] CONLON: Now the two are slugging it out while on the corner! JACKSON: This is dangerous when both men are fresh! This is downright stupid considering how beaten and battered they are! [Anthony delivers a stiff shot to Lewis' ribs. Lewis retaliates with another head punch.] CONLON: Back and forth, tit for tat! Punch for counterpunch! JACKSON: Someone is about to take a tumble and possibly lose this match! CONLON: Trading right hands....and Lewis manages to block one and hit a second one in a row! JACKSON: Anthony still fighting! This is nasty! [Anthony nails Lewis again in the ribs, seemingly taking the fight out of him. Anthony goes to deliver another shot, but Lewis blocks it! Lewis then pushes Anthony off the turnbuckle with his foot, sending him crashing to the mat.] CONLON: DOWN GOES ANTHONY!!! JACKSON: This is bad news for the old timer! [Lewis then hoists himself up and quickly crashes down on Frank Anthony with his 450 splash finisher] CONLON: ROUND TRIPPER! HE HIT THE FOUR-FIFTY SPLASH!!! JACKSON: DAMN! CONLON: HOOK OF THE LEG AND THE CROWD IS INTO IT TOO! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: AARON LEWIS WITH A BIG WIN ON SHOWDOWN!!! JACKSON: When this showed up on the schedule most probably assumed Lewis would win, but nobody expected this kind of match! Both these men will be different after a war like that! [The referee raises the winded Lewis' hand in victory, even though he is still on his knees next to a beaten down Anthony.] [The screen fades to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] SMITH: That kid really is something! CHANEY: Aaron "All Day" Lewis with a tremendous victory on Showdown against Frank Anthony and both men looked like sold contenders in the future matches of World Title tournament action. SMITH: No doubt about it, Chaney. Anthony showed the grit I expected out of him and Lewis proved why these old guys won't be able to just rest on their laurels and title histories! CHANEY: They came to play, that is for certain. SMITH: And Lewis' title match is on next Showdown against the "mystery legend." CHANEY: How do you prepare for something like that? I mean it has to be tough not knowing who it is you will be facing? SMITH: That is a tough deal. Years ago I actually lost a set of tag titles when we weren't prepared for our match because it was a defense against a team that won a battle royal earlier that night to face us. The unknown is a terrible thing. CHANEY: Well it is unknown no longer! Ladies and Gentlemen, the lights went out at Consol Energy Center and when they came back on.....a legend in this business had made his shocking return and there was not a single person who didn't react in some way! SMITH: (grumbling)...I still hate that guy.... CHANEY: Let's look at just who the "mystery legend" was unveiled to be!

[The screen immediately switches to the following footage...] [The arena lights go out. Cell phone lights and cat calls fill the arena until CONLON: The lights are out, that is never a good sign. JACKSON: Usually means you got fire from a job and couldn't pay the bill, but I don't think that is the case here. CONLON: No, I believe our "mystery legend" is about to make his appearance! JACKSON: I have heard rumors it could be almost anybody. So many names have been thrown out. CONLON: We'll just have to see... [Suddenly, the overhead lights return and a familiar face is revealed in the center of the ring. JACKSON: OH MY GOD!!! Is that who I think it is? CONLON: I believe so! Many thought he was gone never to be seen again! [This is the #1 wrestler on the 1999 RSPWF top 200 list, "Top Dog" Rick Styles, an extraordinary handsome gentlemen, in a custom-made white shirt and a red silk tie. He has a microphone in hand as he eyes the crowd with the same confused look the thousands of fans are throwing his way. At his side, Rick's number one fan, Erin Brokovich.] [Erin is extremely skinny girl in her 20's and is in great shape thanks to her years practicing her cheerleading at home. (unfortunately, she never made a team). Behind her thick glasses, she only has eyes for The "Top Dog" Rick Styles. Really, who can blame her?] [Erin remains behind Rick, waiting for him to speak. After all, she knows her place.] Rick Styles: For those of you who know me, it's been a long time since last we spoke. For those of you who don't, I blame your parents. They haven't educated you well. I am The "Top Dog" Rick Styles, and a long time ago, I ruled this sport with an iron fist. [Rick swaggers past Erin and leans forward against the long forgotten, but familiar ring ropes.] Rick Styles: The world has become a sad place since last we spoke. Today, we have safe spaces in school, a general respect for lazy people who violently protest and a hate for those who work long hard hours in order to support their families...while their taxes are used to pay for the lazy population's welfare. Why has this happened? Because everyone is trying so hard to be politically correct to the point they're walking on eggshells around each other. Doctors are even afraid to declare a baby's gender until they're old enough to "self-identify." Yes, the days of real men are long over, replaced with a bunch of condescending pansies who wear dresses in order to show they're evolved, whatever the hell THAT means. [He eyes Erin, who gives him a knowing nod.] Erin: They can't all be real men like you, Rick Styles. You're so dreamy. Rick Styles: This political correctness crap has even negatively affected sports. Look at little league. Everyone plays, runs don't count, no strike outs, no scoring, every single game ends in a tie. The concept of competition, forcing improvement and trying to win has taken a back seat to coddling the losers. Instead of helping the losers rise up, the world is dumbing down the sport so no one wins, no one feels sad (wah wah) and they they call this "fairness." [Styles' eyes peer up at the huge Jumbo Tron many feet above his head. He shakes his head with shame.] Rick Styles: And then there's THIS sport. A sport-and I use that word loosely-that is now dominated, not by competitive drive, not by being the best you can in the ring, not based on proving dominance and superiority...but by popularity on the internet. Yes, internet trolls, like all of you, who think they know everything about professional wrestling try to out-bully each other with verbal tirades and ignorant remarks because that's the new definition of cool. THAT'S what determines which wrestlers in this ring get the pushes. The sad part: It's no longer just the fans doing this...it's the competitors themselves because, apparently, clever one-liners leads to better status in the back and bigger pushes in the ring. The more crap they say on Facebook, Twitter, Tango or wherever else their portly thumbs can send their quips, the higher this so-called "talent" find themselves along the totem pole...that is NOT the way this game is supposed to be played! [Erin applauds for Rick's profound words. "You are soooo smart, Rick Styles" she shouts at the top of her lungs.] Rick Styles: Thank you, Erin. And even you are far smarter than these fans who boo the jeer their throats dry. Frankly, their lack of respect offends me. These people are the definition of ignorant. Take a look at THIS guy, for example... [Styles waves his hand at a fan seated in the front row with a gut so enormous, it causes his leisure white suit to stretch to capacity. He clearly ignores a need for zit cream. The ends of his huge smile touch his black sideburns. The hero sandwich wrapped tightly in his right hand is halfway finished.] Rick Styles: Tell you what, why don't you come into the ring right now? Security, let him in. [Two security guards scurry over and pull the guardrail away, leaving the fan a path to the ring. The fan's mouth opens so wide, some of the sandwich falls into his lap. He throws Styles a look of confusion, but the former multi-time world champion waves him along. The fan smiles until the edges of his lips touch his sideburns. He runs up the ring steps and enters the ring.] Rick Styles: What's your name, friend? Fan: I'm RALPH!! [Ralph cheers the sound of his name booming through the arena. He's the only one who does.] Ralph: Wow, Rick Styles, it is a pleasure to meet you... Rick Styles: Yeah, yeah, no time for that. Let me help our audience get to know you. Sound good, Ralph? Ralph: YAH! Rick Styles: Ralph, looking at you, I'm betting you've never stepped foot inside a wrestling ring until today, but I'm also betting you play a wrestling character on the internet with a bunch of loser teenagers and he seems to think it's the same thing. Ralph: Oh, hell's yeah!! (Ralph smiles at the camera) My character is "THE UNBELIEVABLE ONE" ROMAN ROLLINS!! He's seven feet six inches...and you_can't_ un_learn_that! He won lots of titles with his famous 850 degree splash from the top rope! He's also part of one of the biggest e-stables OF ALL TIME! Twenty-six members! [Ralph raises his arms in the air. No one cheers.] Ralph: We're a group of elite loners. Rick Styles: You're definitely not a group of original thinkers, but what do you expect from a bunch of internet wannabes? Not everyone can pretend to be Rick Styles. I'm curious, Ralph, what is the name of your internet wrestling stable? Is it the Four Stallions? The Shield? New World something or other? Ralph: Nah, we are THE SWORD CLUB! Shout out to the sword, we rock! Rick Styles: I'm sure you do. Tell us, how old are you, Ralph? Ralph: I'm 49 and a half. Rick Styles: And where do you live? Ralph: In a nice 2 bedroom one floor house three blocks from the arena. Rick Styles: By yourself? Ralph: Nah, my parents have the master bedroom. I do get to use the main television when wrestling is on...well, when my parents ain't watching Risolli and Isles or TLC. Rick Styles: Uh huh. Tell us, Ralph, what do you do for a living? Ralph: Well...(his head drops. Rick lowers the microphone under Ralph's chin) I worked for a while at Shoprite part-time stocking the shelves, but they fired me. They just didn't understand that sometimes, you need a day to yourself, ya know? You don't always have to call and tell them, right? Management sucks, man. They don't care about people. They only care about money. Rick Styles: I'm assuming no girlfriend except for that sandwich. (Ralph looks down at his sandwich, and takes another bite) So how many friends do you have, Ralph? Ralph: Four hundred and thirty six. Rick Styles: I meant in real life, not on Facebook. Ralph: Oh. I dunno then. Maybe one, but he's real cool. We text and twitter all the time. He lives in Canada, I think. I met him through internet wrestling, although he doesn't do it anymore. He got a job or something. Rick Styles: It seems life is passing you by, Ralph. Ralph: My parents say that all the time...but they don't get that I'm cool where it counts most...(Ralph reaches into his suit pocket, pulls out his smart phone and holds it up) RIGHT HERE! Rick Styles: (turns his attention back to the crowd) Yes, Ralph is the epitome of what our society has become...what this sport has become...and what all of YOU Have become. While I can't change ALL of you, I can at least save THIS poor lost soul. (turns back to Ralph) How would you like to work for me as a corner man? Ralph: You mean it? I'd LOVE to work in real wrestling, that's my life DREAM! Let me do that and I'll be your biggest fan. Erin: (pulls Rick's microphone hand towards her mouth) I'M Rick Styles' biggest fan. You could only be second. Isn't that right, Rick Styles? [Ralph cups his hands together and holds them against his chest in begging style.] Rick Styles: It's okay, Erin, you can both be my biggest fans. In fact, there's enough of me that everyone can be my biggest fans. Is that okay, Erin? Erin: Whatever you say, Rick Styles, you're so amazing. Your eyes are so blue. Your muscles are so... Rick Styles: Then it's settled. Ralph, I'll have my people draw up a contract and you will have an actual job. Now, I would like both of you to get out of my ring! Erin: Anything you say, Rick Styles. Rick Styles: Wow, wait until everyone reads my post. Likes from everyone tonight! [Erin steps through the ropes. Ralph takes another bite of his sandwich and follows, leaving Rick Styles alone in the center of the ring. His smirk fades.] Rick Styles: I've been gone a long time. Since then, the world has lost its way...and unfortunately, so has THIS world, a place I once loved. This world was once about blood, sweat and tears, this ring once brought out the best of its competitors, but now, it's about opponents making nice with each other, splitting wins and losses ON PURPOSE...and treating one another with political correctness. Believe me, your predecessors are ashamed of this. They're ashamed of YOU! _I_ am ashamed of you. They say the world works in cycles and history has a tendency to repeat itself. This is not the first dark age our sport has endured due to politics and lazy competitors. It happened once before and it was I, the "Top Dog" Rick Styles, who single handedly pulled this sport from the depths of despair and brought pride to an otherwise hopeless environment. Now, I am called upon to do so again. Once again, it falls on my shoulders to weed out the weak and make way for the worthy. I shall begin this quest as the UPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! I suspect a tournament will NOT be necessary, the belt should simply be handed to me, because that is in this federation's best interests...but of course, THAT wouldn't be politically correct. I say to HELL with political correctness, it is time to end all this walking on pins and needles. It's time to stop worrying about the feelings of your opponents (wah wah). It's time to step on some toes. The world may be going to hell, but we can take THIS world back. For those who missed out on my legacy, consider yourselves lucky and relieved...for Rick Styles has decided to embrace the wrestling world with his presence once more! [Styles tosses the microphone in the center of the ring and steps through the ropes. His theme music, "All I do is win" blares through the speakers as he struts up the aisle, followed by Erin and Ralph.] [The footage fades to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] CHANEY: RICK STYLES IS IN UPW!!! SMITH: And still as arrogant as ever! CHANEY: People thought he was retired, or even dead! Yet we see him pop up in PIttsburgh and essentially throw his hat in the ring for the UPW World Title! SMITH: He was the one guy everybody in UEW, UWF, and just about every other set of letters wanted to beat the living crap out of. And it looks like that winning attitude is still there. CHANEY: And next Showdown will see Styles take on Aaron Lewis in the World Title tournament. SMITH: Those two could literally jaw at each other for days. Their ranting may actually be as fun as the match, assuming Styles can still go as well as he did years ago! CHANEY: I believe we can only guess that he can, or he wouldn't be here! SMITH: UPW is attracting all sorts of champions past and present! CHANEY: Like Michael Wilson! He set a record in CWF for the longest World Title reign in the history of that federation and now he is here taking on the final TTW hold-over, Glenn Chambers. SMITH: Chambers is a skilled performer and, from what I have seen in prepping for the show, had a solid TTW career with some good title runs with the North American Title. CHANEY: And now he is back and gets a chance to take on a legend-in-waiting like Michael Wilson. This roster continues to look better and better every time we introduce a match! SMITH: So let's actually get to it, Chaney! Roll that footage, boys! [The screen fades to black.]

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Glenn Chambers lifting Michael Wilson up for a body slam, and dropping him flat in the center of the ring. He immediately jumps and drops a leg drop onto the veteran.] CONLON: Glenn Chambers with a quick combination and now he hooks the leg! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO! . . . . . . . . . . TH.............KICKOUT! JACKSON: Way too soon and not enough damage done. But I like that he knows he needs to finish Wilson early. CONLON: Wilson is a veteran competitor. JACKSON: Not only that, but he plays the long game. He will always be looking for weaknesses to exploit later in the match. He's not the kind of guy you can show everything to early in a match. [Chambers just shakes his head and gets to his feet. He walks over and reaches to pull Wilson to his feet, but Wilson counters with a low blow, which drops Chambers to his knees.] CONLON: Low blow by Michael Wilson. JACKSON: See what I mean? He saw the opening and went for it. CONLON: Wilson takes the short cut to level the playing field and Chambers probably should have saw that coming. JACKSON: Perhaps. That is the problem with the "apple pie" guys these days. They don't see the forest even when the limbs are smacking them in the face. By the time they react, it is too late and they are getting hit with something like what Wilson did right there. [Wilson lands a forearm to send Chambers the rest of the way to the mat and then gets to his feet, looking to do some damage. He pulls Chambers up and whips him into the corner as hard as he could. Chambers hits with a thud and then staggers back into the rebounding Wilson for a running bulldog.] CONLON: Bulldog by Wilson and he seems to be in full control now! JACKSON: The man knows what he is doing. He once held a title for more than sixteen months! You can't do that and be clueless or just lucky. [Wilson pulls Chambers up and grabs him around the waist, lifting up and landing a belly-to-belly suplex. The fans begin screaming insults at the superstar.] CONLON: Michael Wilson giving a clinic to Glenn Chambers now! JACKSON: Chambers is somebody with potential, but I'm not sure even he realizes how much he has. CONLON: Michael Wilson seems ready to take advantage of it, that is for sure. JACKSON: The guy is one of the best signings UPW could have hoped for and tonight you will see why. Glenn Chambers will be crying by the end of this match! [Wilson gets Chambers up again and nails a snap suplex, before running over to the corner with a devilish grin. He climbs the corner, taunting ringside fans the entire time.] CONLON: Wilson looks like he enjoys upsetting the fans as much as wrestling. JACKSON: He is doing what he does best: get a reaction. A wrestling great once said that he didn't care if he got cheered or booed as long as the crowd did something. Lots of truth to that. CONLON: So you condone the way he is talking to the fans? JACKSON: Who cares? They paid for the seat, so they can take what comes with it. [Michael Wilson perches on top of the corner and raises both arms up, leaping and landing a textbook flying elbow drop right into the sternum of Glenn Chambers.] CONLON: FLYING ELBOW BY MICHAEL WILSON! JACKSON: That was some real hang time! CONLON: Wilson hooks the leg for a cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR...................KICKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: CHAMBERS GOT THE SHOULDER UP! What a survivalist mentality right there! JACKSON: Pure luck! Wilson won't make that mistake again, mark my words! [Wilson is irate and the fans cheer as he motions to the referee the quick three count he wants to see and though the deserved. The referee shakes his head and Wilson turns and lays a stomp into the shoulder of Glenn Chambers.] CONLON: Wilson taking his frustrations out on Chambers right now! JACKSON: Well if the referee would have counted correctly, this match would be over and little Glenn wouldn't be getting hurt. [Wilson pulls Chambers up and whips him into the corner again, and the big guy hits the corner hard, but rebounds out even faster and levels Wilson with a running clothesline, much to the fans excitement.] CONLON: CHAMBERS LEVELS WILSON WITH THAT CLOTHESLINE!!! JACKSON: He might be more purely athletic than Wilson, but I can't believe someone like Wilson got caught like that! CONLON: Both men are down on the canvas! It's a war of attrition now! JACKSON: This is where the iron will of a champion rises, and Wilson has that in spades! [Chambers gets to his feet at the same time as Wilson, but he gets the drop on the veteran with a hard right hand, followed by another, and then another. The fans are getting very excited as Chambers whips Wilson into the ropes and hits him with a dropkick.] CONLON: Dropkick by Chambers! Here comes the underdog! JACKSON: There ain't now cartoon dog coming down here, Stan! Chambers is up there using the ropes to get an advantage. CONLON: He's allowed to use the ropes! JACKSON: Oh sure, now you say it is alright! When others do it, you call for a break or something! [Chambers over and he pulls Wilson up for a T-Bone suplex, and he yells out and gets the crowd even more into a frenzy, obviously feeling the adrenaline rush of the moment.] CONLON: Look at Glenn Chambers work this crowd! Pittsburgh loves this man and now he has the feeling after that big suplex! JACKSON: You say crowd push, I saw roid rage. Tomato-tomatow.... CONLON: Stop trying to make it seem like he is cheating. JACKSON: I'm not throwing shade, Stan, I'm just calling what I see! [Chambers pulls Wilson up and whips him into the ropes, catching him with a gorilla press slam lift, and holding it up there for several seconds before dropping Wilson straight to the canvas.] NEAR FALL CONLON: HUGE GORILLA PRESS SLAM BY GLENN CHAMBERS!!! JACKSON: He pulled the hair to get him up! CONLON: Oh please! Chambers with a cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEE..........NOOOOOO! JACKSON: Wilson survives yet again! CONLON: Yes, but this time it was because he got his foot on the rope and not because he literally kicked out. JACKSON: Again, a veteran will use whatever he can to survive. [Chambers pulls Wilson up again, but the moment Michael gets to his feet, he jabs a thumb into Chambers' eye and turns the tide immediately.] JACKSON: See? CONLON: THUMB TO THE EYE! WLSON JUST TRIED TO BLIND GLENN CHAMBERS! JACKSON: Protect yourself at all times! That is rule number one, isn't it? [Wilson goes for a figure four leglock and locks it in tight. Chambers' arms are flailing to the sides in pain, but he refuses to give up.] CONLON: FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK BY WILSON! JACKSON: Now you see the experience! The will of a champion! CONLON: Chambers is fighting the pain as best he can, refusing to submit or even let the referee finish the question. You have to admire his strength right now. JACKSON: No, I don't. But I can admire the limp he will have when this night if over. [Wilson yells for him to submit, but Chambers refuses each time the referee asks. Glenn begins trying to move, but can only swivel a little side to side.] CONLON: Chambers is trying to escape the hold, but Michael Wilson has it in perfect position and placement! JACKSON: As a man of his stature should. He knows what he is doing. CONLON: Chambers keeps trying to wiggle free or do whatever he can, but this may be a futile effort. JACKSON: That means worthless, right? [Chambers finally manages to roll the hold over and reverse the hold and puts Wilson in extreme pain. The crowd goes nuts as Chambers gets the upper hand.] CONLON: CHAMBERS REVERSING THE HOLD! All the pressure is on Wilson now and the veteran is feeling it to the core! JACKSON: You can't do that without cheating, Stan! He did something! What did he do? CONLON: He just shifted and rolled over. Old as time. JACKSON: You have got to be kidding me? This is garbage that he can be allowed to do something like that! [Chambers cannot hold it long and Wilson gets control of the leg lock again. Chambers sits up, but Michael punches him square in the face to knock him back to the canvas. The punch actually sent Glenn's hand into the bottom rope and the referee calls for the break.] CONLON: WILSON ACTUALLY CAUSES CHAMBERS TO FORCE THE BREAK! JACKSON: No way! No way that should be a break! CONLON: Ok, Pepper, when the man gets to the ropes, it means you break the hold. JACKSON: But he didn't! He just touched it. We've seen that many times tonight and there was no break called for. Why now? CONLON: It is at the referee's discretion and he saw fit to call for the bell. JACKSON: Someone check this guy's vehicle and bags for a payoff or something. That is insane! [Wilson yells it shouldn't count because it didn't stay on the rope. He refuses to break and the referee counts to five before Wilson lets go. Wilson gets to his feet and starts dressing down the referee. He yells at him about what he said was a blown call.] CONLON: WILSON GOING AFTER THE REFEREE! He obviously agrees with you Pepper! JACKSON: He's right! Had he grabbed the rope, that is one thing, but to just touch it as a reaction to getting your face punched? Please! CONLON: Wilson is just going off now. JACKSON: Well I get the problem here! How long has this idiot been a referee anyway? [Wilson continues to yell at the referee, but now he is talking about how great he is and that the referee should be thankful to get to handle this match and that means he ought to do a better job. But before he can fully finish the last sentence...] CONLON: CHAMBERS GRABS WILSON WITH A BACKSLIDE!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: NO!!!!!!!!! CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS WITH A MASSIVE UPSET!!! JACKSON: The referee caused that match to end this way and I swear his count was fast there too! He wanted Wilson to lose! CONLON: Give it a rest, Pepper. JACKSON: Someone get a review crew in here and get this idiot fired! [The crowd erupts as Chambers' hand is raised in victory.] CONLON: Chambers gets his hand raised after a closely fought battle. That's a big win right there. JACKSON: Agreed. But Wilson is NOT happy. He's back on his feet and glaring at the back of Chambers as the referee holds his arm high. [Wilson runs forward and clotheslines Chambers from behind sending him to the canvas before starting to lay the boots into him as the referee tries to stop him.] CONLON: What the hell? Wilson lost the match fair and square; he should take the loss like a man and learn from it. JACKSON: Where's the fun in that. This is much more entertaining. Wait ---- what? [All attention is drawn to the entrance way where a figure clad in street clothes strides towards the ring, the hood of his hoodie filled quite a way forward, concealing his identity.] CONLON: Who the hell is that? JACKSON: I have no idea. [The newly-arrived guy slides under the bottom rope and springs to his feet before dragging Wilson away from Chambers and backing him into the corner. Unseen by many - a very slight grin appears on Wilson's face as he sees who is under the hood. The guy turns and stares at Chambers in the center of the ring.] CONLON: Chambers better be careful here. JACKSON: I hope he gets his head taken off! [Chambers looks slightly un-nerved and with good reason. He backs away slightly and is then booted in the mid- section and put into position for a power bomb. He then finds himself hoisted into the air and when he finds himself sitting on his attackers shoulders and facing in the wrong direction, a massive hand shots up ad clamps itself around his throat.] CONLON: Oh my - I think I know who that is. [Chambers then finds himself plummeting back first towards the canvas with a choke slam, the impact of which shakes the attackers hood from his head revealing him to the crowd - and the commentators.] JACKSON: HOLY CRAP! THAT'S DAMIAN PAYNE!!!!!!!! "SADISTIC INSANITY" IS HERE IN UPW! CONLON: You have got to be kidding me. I thought he'd retired. This can't be good new for anyone. [Back in the ring Payne admires his handy work after delivering the ChokeBomb to Glen Chambers. He glances over to Michael Wilson and nods, seconds later, Wilson nods back and the two of them drop to the canvas and roll out of the ring. Dyan Ciccarelli comes scurrying out from the back and stands in front of Wilson and Payne.] CICCARELLI: Michael Wilson... Damian Payne... Do you have anything to say about what just happened? [Wilson glares at Dyan. Payne guides Dyan's hand, the one holding the microphone, to Wilson's face.] CICCARELLI: Sure. Get out of the way! [With that Wilson and Payne walk away from Miss Ciccarelli as she looks on bemused.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] CHANEY: DAMIAN PAYNE! UPW again getting deeper as the former ICWF World Champion joins the party! SMITH: Yet another big man. The UPW is stocking up on guys that are six-foot, seven and taller! You have to love a heavyweight division with legitimate heavyweights! CHANEY: And what was the deal there between Wilson and Payne? SMITH: Well they know each other from CWF and many other places, but obviously Dyan couldn't get a comment....so we have to wait and see what is going on there. CHANEY: Anything can happen here in the UPW and now it is time for the first dream to be granted! The first spot in the UPW World Heavyweight Title match on November 22 in Indianapolis, Indiana. SMITH: Four spots earned through four, one-night mini-tournaments and we get our first qualifier next! CHANEY: Both Antonio De Luca and Chase Williams got victories to open our show and now they meet in the squared circle with only one man advancing to the title tilt in November. SMITH: It's a slobber knocker for certain as De Luca is no slouch and isn't the kind to back down against anyone regardless of size. CHANEY: Let's head to the ring and see just who the first contender will be! [The screen fades to black.]

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins to play as Williams pushes De Luca back into the turnbuckles and the referee calls for another break. Chase again slowly releases from the corner, but De Luca isn't doing it all again as he reaches out to rake Williams right across the eyes, causing him to stumble away.] CONLON: That is the kind of person De Luca is, I guess. That eye rake is a coward's way out of not being able to match up physically against the likes of Williams. JACKSON: No, it is called being opportunistic! And look at the opportunity it opened up! [De Luca pounces on the opening, rushing out with a hard right hand to the side of Williams's skull. Then he hits another and then another.] CONLON: De Luca hammering the side of Williams's head with those hard right hands! JACKSON: He's teeing off on the "Conceited Bastard" right there! There is only one ruler in UPW and it very well may be this guy. CONLON: I think there are twelve other men who might disagree with you, Pepper. JACKSON: They can feel free to do so, but they will have their chance to prove it in the ring. [Antonio grabs Williams, whipping him across the ring into the corner and follows with an stinger splash. His face is completely business, no reaction to his good results thus far.] CONLON: De Luca using his solid frame to good use there in the corner. JACKSON: Just imagine being stuck between those turnbuckles and a leaping man right onto your body. That geriatric may not handle much of this. CONLON: He's far from old, Pepper. How old are you? JACKSON: That doesn't matter, I'm not in the ring! [De Luca pushes Williams back into the corner and begins reeling off knife-edge chops one after the other. The crowd, even though foreign, still fires off a faintly-heard version of the normal response for each one.] CONLON: Antonio De Luca really digging those forearms into Williams's chest. JACKSON: And the sheep out there are "wooing" like morons. CONLON: Wrestling is truly a sport that transcends cultures, Pepper. JACKSON: Give me a break. These people would fart on a snare drum if they thought it was the appropriate reaction. [De Luca grabs Williams for an Irish whip across the ring, but Chase reverses and sends the younger superstar across the ring and hard into the corner.] CONLON: Williams reversing the whip! [Williams rushes and nails a running lariat on De Luca as he stumbles out of the corner after impact.] JACKSON: Williams may be old, slow, and already wrestled a tough match tonight, but he can still hit power moves. CONLON: That is quite a bit of praise from someone who swore he would be impartial because he liked both guys. JACKSON: No, he throws a good lariat. Very different situation. [Chase pulls De Luca up and gets his arms wrapped around his waist from behind, lifting him for a massive German Suplex! The crowd erupts at the exhibition of power.] CONLON: Williams showing off the power as he sends De Luca flying with that German Suplex. JACKSON: De Luca isn't as large as Williams, but he isn't a small man either. Even at this age, Williams can still show some power. CONLON: Question is can De Luca withstand this assault or is this the beginning of the end for the Legionarius? JACKSON: The kid had an easier match to get here, so I would say he has the energy to stay in this awhile! [Williams lifts De Luca for a second German Suplex that gets the crowd popping yet again. He rolls through and looks to lift him up again for a third suplex!] CONLON: Another German suplex by the "Conceited Bastard." You would think he might b more tired after the war he went through with Brandon Franklin. JACKSON: True champions rise to the occasion, and this is a moment Chase lives for. CONLON: The winner advances to the World Title Match in November and Williams seems to have a firm grasp on it! JACKSON: That isn't going to change, Stan! [Williams gets back up and pulls De Luca in tow, then he lifts Antonio with a nasty gut-wrench suplex that bounces the young wrestler off the canvas.] CONLON: Williams nails that suplex, and he still isn't going for a pin. JACKSON: Perhaps he knew a pin is worthless because he knows it is too early to put De Luca down for the full count? CONLON: Williams has the size advantage, perhaps he is sending a message to the other tourney participants that he will not be an easy out. JACKSON: I don't think either of these men will be easy if they advance. De Luca is showing skill beyond his years tonight. [Williams pulls De Luca to his feet and whips him into the ropes, grabbing him for a nasty spinning power slam. The crowd erupts as Chase gets to his feet and points to the corner.] CONLON: Williams on fire! JACKSON: And daring to be stupid! Weird Al Yankovic would be so proud of him. CONLON: Williams is heading to the turnbuckle as the fans go nuts! JACKSON: Feast or famine. This is all or nothing. [Williams rushes to the corner and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He perches for a second and looks down at his opponent, before he leaps and nails a flying elbow drop right to the sternum of Antonio De Luca.] CONLON: He got it! Flying elbow drop lands perfectly and the crowd is going insane! Williams hooks a leg! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.............NO!!! JACKSON: De Luca gets the shoulder up in time! CONLON: That was a close call for young Antonio! JACKSON: Not as close as you think. Williams has some work to do, but how about a guy that big taking to the air, even if only a short trip. [Williams smiles after the near fall and stands to his feet. Chase pulls De Luca to his feet and then lifts him up for a vertical suplex, holding it straight in the air for a bit. Williams holds his left arm out wide, a sly grin on his face, then he finally drops the vertical suplex right in the center of the ring with a loud thud.] CONLON: Williams showing off now with that stalled vertical suplex. That move is one that can be extra dangerous if enough blood gets to the head before the drop. JACKSON: God knows he held him up long enough. I know Chase Williams is a big, bad mamma jamma, but that is ridiculous! CONLON: You feel that way sitting down here, imagine how De Luca feels? JACKSON: Yeah the kid should schedule a chiropractor visit stat! [Williams pulls De Luca up and lifts him into power slam position, dropping him directly over his right knee. Then he stands back up with him still in his arms and drops him on the knee a second time. He stands up again with De Luca in his arms and drops a third back breaker and then shoves him off his knee like a doll.] CONLON: CHASE WILLIAMS MAY HAVE BROKEN DE LUCA IN HALF! JACKSON: What strength! CONLON: Williams goes for another cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEE.....................NO!!!! JACKSON: DE LUCA ESCAPES AGAIN! CONLON: This kid is showing great resilience against a massive foe! JACKSON: He is the real deal and what better time to show how good you are than at a big moment like this with a World Title shot on the line? [Chase grabs De Luca for an Irish whip, but Antonio reverses and sends Williams toward the corner. Williams hits hard and awkwardly and flips over the top of the corner and tumbles all the way down to the arena floor.] CONLON: WILLIAMS HITS THE ARENA FLOOR HARD!!! JACKSON: De Luca showing off some of his own strength there on that reversal. I don't think De Luca even knew he had it in him. [De Luca exits the ring and looks down from the ring apron. De Luca leaps off the apron and plants a double axe- handle right between Williams's shoulders to send him back to the floor.] CONLON: De Luca now using it to his advantage with that big axe-handle to Williams's back and youth may now have its day on Showdown! JACKSON: I have to admit I am loving every second of it. The fans have no one to really cheer for so they are actually watching the match like we are. CONLON: Don't they always just watch the matches? JACKSON: Not this way. They hate both guys, so the skill gets the cheers now. It is very liberating as an announcer. [Antonio grabs Williams and whips him as hard as he can into the ring post. Chase his it with his shoulder and head and bounces off and ends up on the floor against the guard wall.] CONLON: The fans getting a show at ringside as De Luca uses his surrounding to his advantage yet again! JACKSON: This kid is really showing us what the future could look like if he pulls this title run off. CONLON: Well it is obvious that he is just as mean as Williams, the few inches of height isn't making that big a difference in ferocity! JACKSON: This kid is impressive! [De Luca pulls Williams up and sets him up for another whip, this time pointed at the steel ring steps. Williams hits them hard and sends the top section flying off the bottom ones as the crowd gasps.] CONLON: Williams in serious trouble after hitting those ring steps. JACKSON: It is the height! Williams is tall enough that his knees are in serious jeopardy there and not the thighs like most guys in UPW. He may never walk right again after that! [De Luca finally rolls Chase under the ropes and back into the ring, following right behind him.] CONLON: Back into the ring now and Williams in serious trouble. JACKSON: There is such a strange standard in wrestling when it comes to a count out. CONLON: I'm not following, Pepper. JACKSON: Well how many times have we seen the referee count when both men are down in the ring, but then it is different in this match. Is it because it is a title match? CONLON: How do you figure? JACKSON: Did you see him count when Williams went out of the ring? How about as both men were outside the ring battling? CONLON: Uhm...No. JACKSON: My point exactly. This match has a different standard or a very inadequate referee! [Back inside the ring, De Luca begins stomping at Williams's ribs and upper back. He talks a little trash as he does it, though honestly with his accent, nobody is sure what he is saying as he stomps a mud hole in the veteran.] CONLON: De Luca getting very sure of himself, and why not when you have your opponent beaten down with steel outside the ring first. JACKSON: It was allowed, and both men are the kind to take advantage. Don't act all surprised, Stan. [De Luca pulls Williams up and hits a Russian leg sweep. Then he quickly drops a standing elbow drop right to Chase' chest.] CONLON: An elbow drop after the leg sweep and Antonio De Luca is in complete control. JACKSON: He needs to finish this before the giant gets a second wind. [Antonio De Luca stays on the attack as he pulls Williams up and whips him across the ring and into the ropes. Chase rebounds into the waiting arms of the Roman star for a spinning spine buster slam that seemingly shakes the ring.] CONLON: SPINNING SPINEBUSTER BY DE LUCA!!! HOLY MOSES!!! JACKSON: That was the thunder right there! CONLON: Here's the pin attempt by De Luca! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: WHAT?!?!?! CONLON: WILLIANMS ESCAPES!! The veteran refuses to go down without more of a fight. JACKSON: His fight left the moment he went flying over that top rope! [Antonio De Luca explodes in anger. He rushes the referee and begins accusing him of helping Williams. De Luca calls the referee a few names as the fans groan toward him. Finally, he backs down from actually striking him to turn back toward the downed veteran.] CONLON: Oh yes, of course he disagrees with the referee's call. JACKSON: This....THIS is the real travesty! I hate admitting it, but Williams should be the loser right in this moment and now he still has life in this match. CONLON: Well, if De Luca is as good as advertised, he can finish him off and get his arm raised anytime he wants. JACKSON: You're damn right he can! [De Luca pulls Williams up and pushes him into the corner, drilling him with those knife-edge chops over and over. Chase's chest is turning beet red because of those strikes as the crowd reacts to each chop.] CONLON: The fans still giving some hate toward De Luca as he tries chopping Williams down again. JACKSON: This time is going to be very different. Here comes the big whip! [De Luca goes to whip Williams, but the veteran reverses it into a leg sweep STO into the corner. He rushes in and leaps for a shining wizard into the turnbuckle and De Luca crumbles as the crowd groans yet again with disapproval.] CONLON: PRICE OF FAME!!! WILLIAMS REVERSED THE WHIP AND HIT THE PRICE OF FAME!! JACKSON: How in the hell did he pull that off? CONLON: Push men to their limits and they can truly do the unthinkable. JACKSON: Williams may have used whatever he had left to pull that off. [Both men are down and struggling to get to their feet.] CONLON: You may be right, Ace. Both men struggling to get to their feet and the referee has started the obligatory ten count. JACKSON: They are both grabbing for ropes. Williams really hit that flush and rung De Luca's bell. CONLON: Looks that way and at the very least, he evened the playing field for now. JACKSON: Once those stars clear up, I still see Antonio in better shape. [De Luca stands to his feet as Chase pulls himself up as well. De Luca rushes to attack and throws a right hand, but Williams hooks it with his right arm and twists it deftly while hooking the other arm and using his size advantage to drop and turn it into a crucifix pin attempt.] CONLON: WILLIAMS WITH A PIN ATTEMPT! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: HE GOT IT! CONLON: Chase Williams is the first man to qualify for the Fatal Four World Title match on November twenty-second! JACKSON: Antonio De Luca nearly had him, but that one great reversal was the difference in the end! What a match! [Fade to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] SMITH: Chase Williams gets the victory and is our first contender for the UPW WOrld Title! CHANEY: The field narrows and you know De Luca will be looking for a shot again down the road because he proved he belongs on that stage with the big guys like Williams. SMITH: Absolutely! IN fact De Luca showed just why this tournament was the perfect way to get things rolling in UPW! It is always good to crown champions as early as you can! CHANEY: And so let's do it right now! The UPW World Tag Team Titles are on the line in our main event! SMITH: And before we even got the match started, the Warriors had a few words to tell the crowd. Boy did they set the record straight on their presence.

[The screen immediately switches to the following footage...] ["A Guitar and a Heart" reverberates in the Consol Energy Center as manager Sammy "The Djinn" Sharifi leads two men in black hoodies down the aisle and into the ring. Sharifi politely asks the ring announcer for his microphone, nods appreciatively when he hands it over, then transfers it to DeAwn Carter.] CONLON: These two look like prime time athletes, but who is the little guy with them? JACKSON: Sammy Sharifi is a mastermind, He may not look like much, but he will have these two ready for the challenge. CONLON: These three man obviously have agendas just based on their outfits, but will it be message-seeking style, or title-winnign substance when the bell rings? JACKSON: I bet we see both, Stan. ["The Angel" DeAwn Carter pulls down the hood of his garment, then motions for the music to fade out so he can address the crowd. When he does so, it's with a single word.] DC: Think. [A concise yet so vague no one can actually think about anything... let alone about how to react to this command.] DC: Think real hard about who you cheer for, tonight, Pittsburgh. [DeAwn Carter's tone could not be more entitled and condescending, and UPW fans are picking up on it quickly.] DC: Do you want to cheer for the future? ...Or do you want to cheer for a racist tag team like the Hype? [The boos begin. Not so loud that a girl in the front row can't be clearly heard responding indignantly with "They're not even racist!"] DC: Yeah, they are. They definitely are racist. Through and through. How do I know? [Carter's eyes pan across the uncomfortable audience. There's some booing, but most of the the crowd is now wishing they were in line at the concession stands or merch tables.] DC: Every white person is racist. [Silence. Even the boos have stopped.] DC: Every single one. Yes, you too. Racist. [Complete silence. No one's even wishing they were in line for the washrooms anymore, just silence.] DC: Every single white person is racist, no exceptions. That includes my partner; tell 'em, Kel. KR: I'm racist. I am. Every day, I wake up... and self-actualize. I take the time to remember that I've been raised in a cultural environment that has conditioned me to hate black people, then normalized that hatred until I'd stop noticing. Same for all of you. [Steadily, the boos grow louder and louder...] DC: You *think* you not racist, but you are! KR: That racism is just so culturally normal to you, you don't even notice. The fact you're booing right now proves it. [Brief hesitation makes the booing crowd stutter... as if they're not sure whether The Warriors actually mean what they say or not...] DC: Here's the thing. My male-bodied friend Kel, he rose above. He joined the revolution, and every day, he does his part to dismantle the systems of oppression that keep the black race down. KR: That's true! I do. DC: But you people? Tonight, you've done the opposite! [Disgust. It's that look one can see on DeAwn Carter's face, but it's also mirrored by the crowd and what most fans think of the man's ideas.] DC: Check this. Imagine Kel's walking along one day and he finds a bag; a bag full of money - stolen money from a bank robbery. Can he keep all that dough? Can he? [The crowd's answer to that rhetorical question is a steady stream of boos.] DC: No. That's a crime. You know it's a crime, but it's a crime white people commit every day. You got all that money you made off black African slaves, and all that land you stole from Native Americans... KR: I'm part Native American. DC: Truth. You got all that money you stole off black African slaves and Native Americans, with decades and decades of interest, and instead of giving that illbegotten money back... you [BLEEP]in' crackers just kept it all. [The crowd erupts! Just when you thought they refused to listen, they practically riot upon hearing Carter's last provocative words.] DC: You owe us reparations. [Ask and ye shall receive; empty drink cups and other refuse are thrown at the ring.] DC: You owe ME reparations. [It's clear some people aren't even listening anymore. They're just trying to drown out the Warrior's rant at this point...] DC: ...And he's the God's honest truth... we won't have racial justice until reparations have been made, and we can't have real equality without meeting the preconditions of racial justice. Until you've paid the reparations you owe black people, you're racist. [At this point, the fans aren't so much booing as they are shouting expletives too colorful to be repeated... not even on 4chan.] DC: If you endorse or tacitly condone the status quo... you. _Are_. RACIST! [Did anyone in the audience actually hear the precise words? Probably not. But by Carter's scornfully condescending tone, they got the picture. A picture Kel Robertson steps back into, placing a hand on his tag team partner's shoulder.] KR: Wait... what if you support a racist business like wrestling? DC: Racist. KR: Even if you gave your... patronage... to companies like TTE? DC: Racist. KR: What if you bought a ticket to UPW? DC: Thereby endorsing a racist industry? Racist. KR: What if they didn't buy anything? They're just watching the show on free TV? DC: Enforcing the status quo. That's racist. [A beat.] KR: That's right folks. Every single one of you has endorsed a racist industry. [Right. Every one is a disgusting bigot... except The Warriors. Got it.] KR: We're not educating you just to annoy you. I hear ya, these realities are hard to hear. The truth ain't always sugar coated. We're educating you so we can achieve _real_ change. [The dogmatic condescension is pervasive.] DC: The sooner you're woke, the sooner you can join the revolution, because there IS hope! Hope that begins with reparations. KR: The UPW World Heavyweight Tag Team Championships. DC: Once the Warriors are the UPW Champions, we'll be able to steer wrestling towards a path of equality and racial justice. Once _we_ are the Champions, UPW will be set apart from all other wrestling companies, past and present. Once we're the champs, UPW will become known as the only league in history to have taken one small step towards a new era... [He can already taste it, savor that moment...] DC: An era... of social justice. [Smirking smugly, satisfied, Carter tosses the microphone back at the ring announcer and pulls of his hoodie. Sharifi slips out of the ring as Robertson gives his partner a laudatory hug.] [The screen fades quickly to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] CHANEY: And that era began in odd fashion as this two out of three falls match devolved early on. SMITH: One of the important things a manager does is keep his guys under control, but what happens when the manager is the problem? CHANEY: That is exactly what happened in the first fall! [The screen shows a still photo of DeAwn Carter throwing Danny Nash over the top rope and onto the floor where Sammy Sharifi was waiting.] SMITH: It was a great opening few minutes of action and both teams really looked good, but The Hype performed a double low blow on Carter early in the match and it got Carter angry. So when he got back in and got the advantage, Nash went flying outside. CHANEY: And that is where the managers get involved. [The still photo changes to a picture of all six people involved getting into it on the outside. Carter is fighting with Nash, while Messer is being pummeled by Robertson. And we see that both managers are trying to help their guys get an advantage outside.] SMITH: Once this brawl started, the managers both should have gotten the legal guys' heads out of their rear ends and back into the ring. But no....they didn't. CHANEY: And the referee started counting. SMITH: I really thought we were going to see a first. A tag title match end in a draw and totally screw the best two out of three idea! [The next still photo shows Danny Nash sliding into the ring as the referee holds up nine fingers. Carter is being blocked by Syn and not allowed to follow directly behind him.] CHANEY: That was all it took for The Hype to literally swipe the first fall from The Warriors. [The next still shows the Hype having their arms raised in the first fall announcement.] SMITH: I hated losing, but losing like this would have made me REALLY angry. CHANEY: It did. Boy did it cause some problems. And in fall number two, it didn't get any better. SMITH: No, it didn't. [The still pictures continue to show as the second fall obviously started. CJ Messer is hitting a suplex on DeAwn Carter as Syn seems to be celebrating outside the ring.] CHANEY: The Hype really jumped out fast with a low blow to Carter again, which put Messer in control. SMITH: They went back and forth, but the Hype really wanted to isolate Carter and keep Kel Robertson, the massive beast of the team, out of the match. It is a sound strategy. CHANEY: And it was working too! [The still photo shows Carter stuck in the corner literally pushed halfway out of the ring between the top and middle rope with SYN getting involved and hitting Carter directly in the face.] CHANEY: Syn's involvement finally drew the referee's attention. SMITH: How could it not? The guy was essentially mugging Carter in that corner! [The still photo now shows the referee pointing to the entrance aisle with his left hand and the right hand is pointed at Syn.] CHANEY: This led to Syn being ushered out of the ringside area. SMITH: They should have tossed BOTH managers because both of them were playing roles in negative things happening around this match! CHANEY: In any event, the Hype were very troubled after Syn's exit and the Warriors took advantage. [The picture still shows Robertson landing a power bomb on Nash.] SMITH: And there was no doubt in fall number two once you are down a man. Power always wins out when all else fails. At least, that has been my experience. [The still photo switches to show The Warriors standing with their arms raised in the fall number two announcement.] CHANEY: And the Warriors evened up the match at one fall each. [The screen returns to show our broadcast team at the desk.] SMITH: And that brings us to fall number three for the whole sha-bang! CHANEY: That's right! Let's take you to Pittsburgh and our main event where the UPW World Tag Team Titles are decided in this third and final fall!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as the bell sounds in the background as CJ Messer stands in against DeAwn Carter. They circle a bit, looking for an opening before lunging in and tying up.] CONLON: There's the ball and now the third and final fall is under way! One of these teams will be our first UPW World Tag Champions! JACKSON: You have to wonder if the Hype will struggle like the last fall after Syn was tossed out of here. CONLON: It had a major effect last fall, that is for certain, but they are still professionals who have an experience advantage here. JACKSON: Experience usually serves well, but no guidance when you are used to it can be detrimental I would think. [Carter manages to get the leverage and begins pushing Messer into the corner, to which the referee immediately rushes to force the break. Messer holds his hands out and as Carter begins to back away, he thrusts a finger into Messer's left eye.] CONLON: Blatant eye poke from Carter and once again you see The Warriors skirting the rules. JACKSON: Just fighting fire with fire. Remember, both members of The Hype have also used pokes and ball shots tonight as well. CONLON: Doesn't make it right. JACKSON: But it does make it JUST. And justice is what the Warriors are all about. [Carter, smug look on his face, grabs Messer and proceeds to land a series of right hands to the head. Each shot sends Messer back into the corner as Sammy Sharifi praises him from the outside.] CONLON: Carter just beating down Messer in that corner! JACKSON: He certainly is sending a message and Sharifi approves! CONLON: Well he can't do it himself, the man is the size of a twelve year old. Must be nice to have a couple of guys to do what you physically can't do. JACKSON: He's the man with a plan. He is the inspiration. [Carter takes Messer's head and pushes it against the top rope and then drags it nearly the entire length of the side to his corner, where he tags his partner Kel Robertson. The big man steps into the ring and blasts Messer's ribs with a big kick that lifts him off the mat.] CONLON: Kel Robertson is just a massive piece of work. Look how powerful he is! JACKSON: The man might be as strong as someone seven foot tall! He looks like he hits hard enough to be, even though he is only six-eight! CONLON: This Warriors team has managed to dominate almost every area of this match tonight. JACKSON: It would be a travesty if they didn't take the titles this evening. [Robertson sets up for a whip across the way, but ends up using the initial pull for momentum and pulls Messer right back into their own corner with extreme force. Kel rushes in with an avalanche on the corner and tags back out to Carter as Messer crumples to the mat.] CONLON: "Mackie" Messer crushed in that corner like a piece of lunch meat between slices of bread! JACKSON: Is this where I say he's toast? CONLON: Puns now? Really? JACKSON: Someone needs to have fun right now besides Carter and Robertson because we know Messer isn't enjoying himself! [Robertson picks up Messer after the tag and body slams him just before Carter propels himself over the top rope and lands a leg drop across the neck. Sharifi seems very proud of his charges.] CONLON: DEAWN CARTER WITH A FLYING LEG DROP! JACKSON: You know what is most frightening about Carter? CONLON: What is that, Pepper? JACKSON: He's still raw. The dude is just now really getting into wrestling and right now he is just a pure athlete with nothing but potential and upside! That is just flat scary! [Carter stands Messer up, and "Mackie" throws a punch to Carter's gut. Carter shrugs it off, grabbing Messer and spinning him around for a fast neck breaker. Messer bounces up stunned and Carter leaps for a roundhouse kick that floors Messer in the center of the ring.] CONLON: CARTER ROUNDHOUSE KICKS MESSER! CHUCK NORRIS WOULD BE IMPRESSED WITH THAT! JACKSON: And now a quick cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.............KICKOUT!!! CONLON: Messer managed to kickout there. JACKSON: Messer has some fight left in him, but many more kicks like that and you can be sure that his days will be numbered. CONLON: Danny Nash is dying to get into this match and the fans are eagerly waiting for it too, but Messer is in a really bad spot. JACKSON: Anytime a team can dominate one member of the opposition is a smart play, and the Warriors are showing they have the right game plan. [Carter stares at the referee, shaking his head as he gets off his knee and stands up. He pulls Messer up and whips him into a free corner. Carter rushes in and leaps for a corner splash and Messer stumbles out of the corner, only to be caught by Carter for a running bulldog back toward the Warriors' corner.] CONLON: Carter in complete control and right now the Hype can't seem to escape this situation! JACKSON: And even if Messer does escape, he won't be as strong because of this beat down. This is old school! CONLON: No doubt part of the Sammy Sharifi plan. JACKSON: Brilliant as the day is long, Stan! [Carter pulls Messer up and tags back out to Robertson. The big man enters again and grabs Messer by the head, smashing a headbutt full on. Robertson holds Messer up and looks to Carter, who tells him to "Do that (BLEEP) again!" and Robertson does as requested, smashing another headbutt into Messer's forehead before letting him fall to the canvas on all fours.] CONLON: Robertson taking his direction from his partner now and Messer's face bounces off Kel's forehead like a nail reacting to a hammer. JACKSON: The dude is HUGE! Carter is smart in helping direct the attack as Robertson is like a bulldozer. And a bulldozer still needs a driver! CONLON: True, and right now "Mackie" Messer may need a bulldozer to get out of this situation. JACKSON: Good luck with that! [The fans begin chanting "Let's go Mackie" to try and buck up the member of the Hype, but Robertson's grin shows all they are doing is motivating him. He pulls Messer up and lifts him into the air, only to drop his stomach right across his knee in a gut buster.] CONLON: Stomach buster by Kel Robertson! JACKSON: Not even going to speculate because I am CERTAIN that broke a rib or two! CONLON: High lift and a rough landing, those are two things that rarely spell good fortune. JACKSON: Nope and the force Robertson used probably made that a very unhappy ending. [Robertson refuses to pin, instead the 6'8" beast pulls Messer back up and lifts him into his shoulders and then drop him with a Samoan drop. The fans chanting turns to groans as Messer immediately yelps on impact.] CONLON: Samoan drop! Again Robertson using the pure height to his advantage. JACKSON: Well you can't teach height. CONLON: Goodness, please don't start saying those kinds of things. JACKSON: That is what my basketball coaches always said, "we like skills, but you can't teach height and people always gets scared to drive the lane on really tall guys." Why what did you think I meant? CONLON: Never mind. JACKSON: Whatever! [Carter motions for Robertson to bring Messer over as he puts his boot on top of the turnbuckle. Robertson obliges and pulls Messer up and over, slamming his head into the toe of the boot with as much force as he can muster. Sharifi begins laughing and saying this is too easy.] CONLON: Sammy Sharifi seems over confident right now. JACKSON: You know when someone says you are overconfident, it means you have a pretty damn good reason to be confident in the first place. CONLON: I would guess that assumes Messer's face bouncing off Carter's boot in the corner is that good reason. JACKSON: One of many far as I can tell tonight. [Robertson pulls Messer up and then places him in piledriver lift position. Kel lifts "Mackie" up and nails a textbook sitout power bomb. This causes the crowd to groan even louder.] CONLON: SIT OUT POWERBOMB BY KEL ROBERTSON! JACKSON: HE KILLED HIM! MESSER'S DEAD! CONLON: The pin attempt! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE.............................BOOT BY NASH SAVES THE DAY!!!!!!!! CONLON: DANNY NASH RUSHES IN TO BREAK THE PIN UP AND SAVE THE DAY FOR THE HYPE! JACKSON: All he did was piss off Kel Robertson. You don't tug on Superman's cape and you don't kick a guy that is a foot taller than you, jackass! CONLON: Doesn't seem to be stopping Nash from trying. JACKSON: He is SO going to regret this! [Nash continues stomping on Robertson as the big guy rolls off Messer. The referee is in trying to force Nash back into his corner. Sharifi continues yelling for the referee to do his job and stop allowing blatant cheating.] CONLON: That is just rich! Sammy Sharifi yelling about cheating, when he has led the cheating all night! JACKSON: Oh please! Both teams have been doing, Sammy is just smarter. CONLON: To me, cheating doesn't make you smart. JACKSON: Maybe not, but doing it and NOT GETTING CAUGHT, does make you pretty intelligent, even if only because you can do it without getting noticed by the referee! [The referee finally gets Nash out of the ring. Robertson stands to his feet and turns to face Nash and points at him, waving his finger in classic mutumbo fashion.] CONLON: Kel Robertson taunting the smaller member of The Hype. JACKSON: I love it! Get that stuff outta here! CONLON: You have to hope that this interaction with Nash is allowing Messer to gather his wits enough to make a legit try to make a tag and get out of harm's way. JACKSON: Never know, but he isn't moving much down there! [Robertson picks up Messer and literally heaves him into the Warriors' corner, landing a stiff boot to the mid section just after impact. Then Robertson turns around again and begins daring Nash to come in and get some.] CONLON: Robertson still goading Danny Nash into coming into the ring. JACKSON: He's more than just a brute with height! Kel knows a little strategy, too! CONLON: Nash sticks a leg between the ropes and the referee immediately rushes over to keep him from entering the ring and getting involved without a legal tag! JACKSON: All part of the master plan! [While the referee is trying to keep Nash from entering the ring, Sharifi tosses Carter a piece of clothe and Carter begins choking Messer with it in the corner as the crowd erupts in boos with the cheating. The referee isn't seeing any of it because Robertson is still causing the referee's focus to be on Nash across the way.] CONLON: Indeed it is as Carter is using whatever that was Sharifi gave him to choke out CJ Messer in the corner! The crowd is going nuts here and the referee isn't seeing any of it! JACKSON: The referee is doing his job and keeping Nash from cheating. CONLON: DID YOU JUST LISTEN TO WHAT YOU SAID THERE! JACKSON: Isn't it great when I can be right and tick you off at the same time? [Messer is turning all shades of deep red as Carter is really going to town with the choking in the corner. Finally Nash raises his hands and the referee looks and notices the opposite way. He rushes over and Sharifi deftly swipes the clothe away and uses it to wipe sweat off his brow.] CONLON: THE REFEREE RUSHES OVER AND SHARIFI HAS THE ITEM USED TO CHOKE MESSER! JACKSON: No, he's just wiping the sweat off because it was stressful watching a guy try to come in and illegal hurt his team. CONLON: I swear this has been a long night for me working with you. JACKSON: Lighten up, learn to enjoy, Stan. [Robertson tags Carter and lifts Messer up to his feet. He literally pushes Messer toward Carter, who grabs "Mackie" and lifts him for an exploder suplex. Carter's wide grin shows just how proud of himself he is in this moment.] CONLON: EXPLODER SUPLEX BY DEAWN CARTER!!! JACKSON: This guy has talent. In fact his talent has talent, that is how talented he is! CONLON: Carter is showing off, for sure. However, many times that confidence ends up leading to a major mistake. JACKSON: They have Sharifi helping to avoid any mistakes. I think they are safe. [Carter takes a moment to stand and hold his arms out wide, taking in the jeers of the crowd. The confidence oozing out of him as Sharifi and Robertson both clap from outside the ring.] CONLON: A round of applause for Carter from his corner. How nice. JACKSON: You do things well, people notice. CONLON: They are the ONLY ones clapping, Pepper. JACKSON: Greatness usually gets ignored by the masses at first. Give the people time to warm up to him. [Carter pulls Messer up and whips him across the way into a free corner. He rushes after him for another corner splash, but Messer moves and the crowd erupts as Carter his nothing but turnbuckle for his trouble.] CONLON: MESSER MOVED AND CARTER EATS THE TURNBUCKLE!!! JACKSON: Now whose excited, Stan? CONLON: Messer avoided another attack and now he needs to get to the corner and make the tag. JACKSON: Are the cobwebs cleared out enough to do it, though? [Messer lunges and manages to make a tag to "Downtown" Danny Nash, who leaps over the top rope and heads over to a stunned Carter, nailing him with a drop kick.] CONLON: HE MAKES THE TAG! NASH IN THE RING WITH A DROPKICK TO CARTER!!! JACKSON: Now we'll see if Nash can back up that desire to even the score. CONLON: Danny Nash is on fire! JACKSON: Heading to the opposite corner and nailing Kel Robertson. [Nash keeps the momentum by rushing the corner and leaping to hit Robertson with a forearm to the head, stunning the big man. Nash then throws a punch between the top and middle rope, landing square on the "junk" of Kel Robertson, sending the big man down to the arena floor.] CONLON: LOW BLOW BY NASH! JACKSON: Seems he kept something from his former career! CONLON: Please don't reference that. JACKSON: Let me guess: he was young and needed the money? [Nash turns and catches Carter just as he was standing, lifting him into the air for a T-bone Suplex. The crowd erupts as Nash has the advantage now.] CONLON: NASH WITH A SUPLEX ON CARTER AND IN CONTROL NOW! JACKSON: He is surprising me already. I'm shocked he has kept the momentum this long. [Nash runs to the ropes and rebound toward Carter, leaping into the air and flipping for a Senton splash onto his downed opponent. Nash then goes for a cover with his crotch literally right over Carter's face.] CONLON: PIN ATTEMPT BY NASH! JACKSON: Look at how he is pinning him! YUCK! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH.........KICKOUT!!!!!!!!! CONLON: CARTER KICKS OUT! JACKSON: I would guess it was more about getting his nose away from Nash's privates than anything. CONLON: The Hype are looking to pull it out and win the titles! Danny Nash going to town! JACKSON: He was definitely trying to right then! [Messer is up in the corner and Nash pulls Carter up and pulls him toward their side of the ring. Nash tags Messer back into the match and then puts Carter in his "atomic noogie" as Messer comes in and kicks Carter in the ribs. Messer's normally jovial attitude seems to be replaced with anger.] CONLON: Messer back in and he is all business now, planting that boot in Carter's side with as much ferocity as we have ever seen him show! JACKSON: Messer still has the sting of the beating he has taken tonight in his mind, that is a great motivator. CONLON: But will it be enough? Messer has Carter right where he wants him. JACKSON: And "The Hound" stuck outside the ring unable to help DeAwn out! [Messer takes Carter as Nash exits the ring, planting DeAwn's head into the turnbuckle over and over as the crowd counts along all the way to ten.] CONLON: The crowd counts ten along with the referee as Messer is in control! JACKSON: Another set of illegal blows, I might add. Yet, you seem more than fine with them as long as one of those guys are doing them. What a double standard! [Carter stumbles out of the corner and Messer grabs him with a side headlock, then kicks his legs out and drives Carter's head into the canvas with a bulldog.] CONLON: THE MESSERSCHMITT!!! HE HIT IT FLUSH!!! JACKSON: No! Can this be what wins the titles? ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEE...................ROBERTSON BREAKS IT UP!!!!!!!!! CONLON: KEL ROBERTSON WITH A BOOT THAT SAVES THE TITLES! JACKSON: The referee is now trying to force Robertson out, but he did exactly what was needed to save the match. CONLON: Indeed, Pepper. Now can "Mackie" Messer close the deal and bring the gold home! JACKSON: If they can keep Robertson out of the ring, there is a shot! [The referee rushes to push Robertson out of the ring and keep control of the match, while Messer rolls over and gets to his feet, tagging Nash into the match. Nash leaps into the ring and the fans cheer as he lands a boot to Carter as DeAwn was trying to stand up again.] CONLON: Danny Nash back into the match and he goes right after Carter again! Nash is showing a lot of speed in his attacks. JACKSON: He is, kind of surprising, but he is the smallest guy in this match so speed has to be the only asset he has to work with. CONLON: The fans giving encouragement to "Downtown" as he tees off on carter again! JACKSON: Let them cheer because it means nothing in the grand scheme of things! [Nash begins hauling off with chops to DeAwn Carter's chest, over and over and over as the crowd "woooos!" right along. Nash is showboating a little to get the fans excited, but finally pulls Carter's head into a standing front headlock, setting up for the DDT portion of his personal finisher.] CONLON: This could be it! He is setting up for Lights, Camera, Action! JACKSON: I do love that he has the showboat mentality to him. Refreshing to see after they have taken such beatings tonight. CONLON: He does love to entertain, but he has to back it up as well. JACKSON: That is the key to championships! [Nash takes to long and when he finally goes to drop for the DDT, Carter shoves him away and Nash hits his back hard on the canvas. Carter quickly leaps and tags Kel Robertson, who enters fast as he can with a head of steam right across the ring, knocking Messer to the arena floor.] CONLON: DOWN GOES NASH!!! CARTER SLIPPED AWAY!!! JACKSON: The titles may slip away right with him too! [Robertson turns and sees Nash getting to his feet and he rushes him, dropping him with a running clothesline that flips Nash end over end. Kel is in rare form as he gets an approving nod from his partner and Carter climbs the corner.] CONLON: IN COMES BIG KEL ROBERTSON WITH A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE! JACKSON: Just a dog looking for a bone! Damn, that was sweet! [Robertson lifts Nash up and holds him high as DeAwn Carter leaps and clotheslines Nash from the elevated position.] CONLON: DOOMSDAY DEVICE! CARTER TOOK NASH'S HEAD OFF!!! JACKSON: People have been crippled by that move for decades and these two did it like it was a standard! Wow! CONLON: Nash is just laying in a heap and the referee is already holding his hands up to get Carter out of the ring and keep Messer from entering! JACKSON: Doing his job. Nice to see him keep it fair! [Robertson picks up Nash and lifts him up for a reverse piledriver as Carter again climbs the corner. He leaps and helps spike the piledriver down. Carter jumps up and again rushes to ensure Messer isn't stopping the pin attempt.] CONLON: JUSTICE!!! THE WARRIORS HIT THE SPIKE REVERSE PILEDRIVER!!! JACKSON: Justice is served, bitches!!! Robertson hooks the leg! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: NEW CHAMPIONS!!! JACKSON: THE WARRIORS ARE THE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!! CONLON: Sammy Sharifi jumps for joy on the outside as Robertson and Carter begin to celebrate a title victory! JACKSON: Well done, gentlemen, very well done! [The bell sounds and the crowd throws all sorts of heel heat at The Warriors as Carter gets back in the ring and jumps up in jubilation. Sharifi gets into the ring as well.] CONLON: Both members of the Warriors in the ring and here comes Sammy Sharifi to join in the celebration! JACKSON: What a journey! And these guys are still very new to the sport! CONLON: That should tell a lot of people just how tough it may be to get these belts off them for sure. JACKSON: Sharifi has sworn they will be fighting champions, so people will get their chances. [The belts are handed to Carter and Robertson as the hold them high and celebrate. Carter arrogantly slaps the belt on his shoulder and the fans are hating him for it.] CONLON: There are the belts! The champions now showing off their hardware! JACKSON: RAISE THEM HIGH, BOYS!!! CONLON: What a way to crown our first champions in UPW! JACKSON: I'll say! [Fade to black.]

[The footage ends and the screen fades back to our studio crew.] CHANEY: The Warrios stand tall as tag team champions! SMITH: Really there wasn't any doubt the moment Nash's momentum got stopped. The Hype just weren't ready. CHANEY: And now we get to see what kind of champions Carter and Robertson will be. SMITH: They will be tough to unseat, I can promise you that! CHANEY: What a night for Ultimate Pro Wrestling! Our first World Title qualifier, new Tag Team Champs, legends arriving and action beyond compare! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! For the Gorilla, I'm Eric Chaney saying good night folks! SMITH: So long every body! [The screen with the announcers fades into a screen that has the first picture listed below in it. The still change as the credits roll. "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool begins playing in the background as the following set of stills recapping the night's action begins to roll.] [Picture still of the Soldiers of the Sun standing in victory with Juarez standing in the center holding Courage and Kato's arm up on each side.] [Split screen picture stills with Antonio De Luca on the left with his arm raised and Chase Williams hittign the moment of clarity on Brandon Franklin on the right.] [Picture still of Caleb Foley smiling after his victory.] [Picture still of Malcom Shabazz throwing Gaines, with Gaines seemingly hanging in mid-air.] [Picture still of the moment the lights came on and Rick Styles was standing in the center of the ring.] [Picture still of Aaron Lewis in mid-flight on the 450 splash that got him a victory over Frank Anthony.] [Picture still of Malcom Shabazz hitting the boot to the side of Donegal's head as he held the ankle lock on Jeff Keenan.] [Picture still of the moment Glenn Chambers grabs Michael Wilson in the small package pin.] [Picture still of Chase Williams' arm being raised after earning the fatal 4-way spot.] [Picture still of The Warriors holding up the UPW World Tag Team Titles as The Hype are seen in the background.] © 2016 UPW, Inc. LEAGUE WEBSITE: http://www.ultimateprowrestling.fwrestling.com/ LEAGUE MAILING LIST: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Official_UPW/info LEAGUE TWITTER: @UPW_Official LEAGUE RADIO SHOW SITE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ultimateprowrestling