[The screen is black, but the deep bass sounds of bass are heard. Finally words appear on the


[The music begins to play a very edgy tune unlike the normal metal you might hear. It has chords
that sound strained against the beat of the drums as we see a picture of Brandon Franklin holding
the Television Title, and the voices of the announcers are heard.]

CONLON V/O: "This hasn't just been weeks in the making, it's been years in the waiting! Finally,
Brandon Franklin has shown the world he's still got it!"

[The screen crackles with the music and a picture of Jeff Keenan hitting the "Quickstryke" on Rick
Styles. Again the voices of announcers are heard over the picture.]

CONLON V/O: Jeff Keenan did it!  He beat the man who has disrespected everyone and the UPW for
months.   Nobody thought he could do it, but tonight Jeff Keenan overcame all of Rick Styles games
and pinned him in the center of the ring.

JACKSON V/O: I hate to say it ... but bravo, Jeff.  A win well earned.

[The screen crackles again as the music goes a little more dramatic with less awkward chords in it.
This time it is footage being shown. We still here the music in the background as the footage rolls
of the World Tag  Title match.]

CONLON: We have a new Top Team in the World! The Soldiers of the Sun have done it!

JACKSON: This is chaos!  Everyone is down outside! Everyone is beat the Hell out! A fat old
man just jumped over the top rope!

CONLON: Ricky Courage has just been handed his title, and he is clutching it with everything
he has! STRIKER Kato is limping back towards ringside and-

JACKSON: Is Kato crying?

[Kato is able to help Titan to his feet, and both men slide in. Indeed, tears are sliding down
Kato's face, as he approaches Ricky and embraces him. Juarez follows, clutching both me from above.]

JACKSON: As much as Ricky grates on my nerves...the kid was in there for nearly 50 minutes,
and he never ONCE left the ring that entire match.  He was always looking for the opportunity to get
the pinfall, and he never let himself get out of contention. Which was risky, cause it meant he
could have lost it for them. But he got the pinfall, and...but why the tears!?

[The trio is handed the title. Kato takes one, and Ricky SNATCHES the other from the referees hand
and climbs onto the top turnbuckle with it, waving the UPW World Tag Team Title like a flag in the
wind, much to the crowd's delight!]

CONLON: A really precious moment.

[Kato looks Juarez in the face, and hands him the title. A "We did it" can be heard. "For Stevie."
The two men embrace, as their young counterpart takes his title OVER the barricade to the audience,
and crowdsurfs.]

CONLON: This has been 18 years in the making, the entire journey of Ricky Courage's young
life and his father's legacy, held in the hearts of these two men who have mentored the young man as
his own...and this is really their night tonight.

[The footage disappears as teh screen crackles to show another set of footage from the World Title
match. The music still pulsing with edge and hard chords and drum beats.]

[Lewis points to the corner and the fans go nuts. He slowly climbs the turnbuckles and gets to the
top turnbuckle. He grabs the ropes to steady himself as he nearly loses his balance. Rage is to his
feet unbeknownst to Lewis. Rage gets over and grabs Lewis with the clawhold as he perches on the top
turnbuckle and spins, dropping a super clawhold slam in the middle of the ring.]







CONLON:  Derek Rage is the new UPW World Heavyweight Champion and Velvet Sims has probably
never danced so much in his life!

JACKSON:  It's a party, Stan!

[Velvet Sims is giddy as a school girl, running over and grabbing the World Title from the
official's table and sliding into the ring.]

CONLON:  Sims has the belt already and is now in the ring.

JACKSON:  The fans may not like what just happened, but now we have a champion that is truly
head and shoulders above the rest!

CONLON:  And beating him may be near impossible after what we saw tonight.

JACKSON:  He may never relinquish it unless he somehow gets bored or injured. The belt may be
his forever!

[The footage disappears as teh screen crackles to show another set of footage from the Ultimate
Rumble match. The music matching the footage with edge and hard chords and drum beats.]

[Keenan whips Chambers into the corner as hard as he can. Chambers hits awkwardly and flips up to
the top of the corner, nearly rolling all the way out of the match.  Glenn catches himself and
quickly gets back on the turnbuckle, turning around his legs to face into the ring before Keenan
strikes again with a punch to the mid-section and then a leap into the air for a kick to the side of
the head. Chambers falls back off the top turnbuckle, but his feet save him as they are trapped and
twisted on the middle turnbuckle.]


JACKSON:  His feet getting tangled saved him from falling out! Glenn is OUT COLD UP THERE!!!
He is just dangling! I can't believe this! Jeff Keenan has this won!

CONLON:  Nothing happens until one of them hits the floor with both feet, Pepper. You know

JACKSON:  Not the point! LOOK!!! He is just dangling there with his arms hanging out and
everything. His fingers are only a couple of feet from the floor with how he is hanging there!

CONLON:  But that isn't an elimination, Pepper.

JACKSON:  Stan, Chambers ISN'T FREAKING MOVING AT ALL!!!  That kick did its job and he is
just dangling there. All Keenan has to do is to get those feet untangled!

CONLON:  Easier said than done as he seems to be really struggling with it!

JACKSON:  Well part of the problem is that because Chambers is dangling, that leverage has
the feet stuck worse than normal. He is going to need to get leverage himself in order to disconnect
them and send Glenn falling.

[Chambers hangs two-thirds out of the match and Keenan quickly tries to untangle those feet so Glenn
will fall and be eliminated. He can't get them to budge. He steps up the turnbuckle and places his
feet on the middle rope to steady himself as he continues wrenching away at those feet. Glenn
finally sits up and grabs Jeff by the waist, flipping him over the corner and out to the other side.
Keenan tries to grab the ropes, but his fingers just miss and he hits the floor as the crowd





[Massive crowd pop. Literally the loudest in UPW history as Glenn untangles his feet and slowly
lumbers off the top turnbuckle and into the ring.]


JACKSON:  Jeff Keenan is lying on the arena floor with his hands over his face, knowing he
had this one if not for a fluke!

[The pyro begins exploding as Chambers stands in the middle of the ring and points up, the cover
coming off the large Slamfest logo that is hanging in the rafters. The fans erupt as he points to
that sign.]

CONLON:  What an amazing finish to an amazing event! Glenn Chambers is going to Slamfest and
will challenge for the UPW World Heavyweight Title!

[The footage fades out and the music hits a crescendo with silence as the following words appear on
the black screen.]


[The music ends the words disappear as the opening credits for Showdown begin to roll.]

[The black screen is still showing as slowly an instrumental version of "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool
begins fading up as the show logo pops onto the screen ...]

["Tear Away" continues to play and now at the chorus, the words are heard, as pictures of Ultimate Pro Wrestling stars are shown. The pictures come up looking like baseball cards, and the pictures stack on top of one another, until all of the UPW stars have been shown.] ["Cards" of Brandon Franklin, John Herdick, and Liam Donegal are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Antonio De Luca, The Hype and Michael Wilson are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Jeff Keenan, Soldiers of the Sun, and Glenn Chambers are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Aaron Lewis, Derek Rage, and Chase Williams are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ..... ### [Suddenly, the music stops and the "cards" explode with video pyro and a HUGE bang! "Shrapnel" from the "cards" fill the screen until it is a big jumbled mess.] [When the mess clears, we see a studio that looks similar to those used by sports shows and other sporting related news editions. There is a large, tan desk with the letters 'UPW" put forth matching the company logo on the website on the front of it. As the screen pans back, we see two men at the desk. Sitting to one side is UPW announcer Eric Chaney and to his left is the co-host, Robert "The Gorilla" Smith.] [Chaney is wearing a dark purple "UPW" polo shirt and has his dark hair slicked back, looking as "GQ" as humanly possible. Robert is wearing his usual denim shirt and a confident grin on his face. Chaney's smile widens as he finally begins to speak.] CHANEY: Ladies and Gentlemen, Survival has passed and we are here on Showdown! We are glad you have joined us! I am Eric Chaney and with me, as always, is the tag team legend, the master of the battle royal, Robert "The Gorilla" Smith! Great to see you again, old friend! SMITH: Thanks for that, Chaney! What a night we have in store for everybody with eight amazing matches and hopefully even more drama outside the ring! CHANEY: This night should be action packed, Gorilla, as we will have Brandon Franklin's first defense of his new Television Title. We will see the Soldiers of the Sun in non-title action, plus a couple of veterans going at it as Caleb Foley steps in against "Jester: Chad Allen! SMITH: And if that isn't enough, we'll see the Ultimate Rumble winner Glenn Chambers in our main event as he takes on "Conceited Bastard" Chase Williams! CHANEY: It is an episode not to be missed and before we get too far into the festivities, we have some words from Tripp Skylark backstage. SMITH: That was fast! CHANEY: Let's see what he has to say!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [There he is. The one and only... the "Stoned Submission Specialist"... TRIPPPPP SKYLARK! However... Tripp doesn't very much look like Tripp anymore. His hair? The beautiful beach blonde? Gone. In it's place is pure darkness. Same with the clothes. Usually wearing one of his favorite band tee's, a pair of cargo shorts and sandals, Tripp is now dressed in... a plain black t-shirt and black jeans with combat boots. Sitting Indian style in front of a UPW banner, Tripp lefts his head, finally making eye contact with the camera. There seems to be an extra little bit of crazy in Tripp's eyes.] TRIPP: All week long... All I have been getting is "WHY, TRIPP, WHY?"... It's all anyone can ask me. It's what _EVERYONE_ wants to talk about. As if they cannot possibly see the reasons behind what I did... The reasons I decided I needed to...... evolve... [Tripp shakes his head.] TRIPP: Where was all this love and support when I was _LOSING_ week after week, match after match? Where were all these supposed "fans" that I betrayed as time and time again I came up short?!?! HUH!?!? WHERE!?!?! [Pauses.] TRIPP: The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again while expecting different results... So to my beloved _FANS_... Look at the situation as it was presented to me. I could continue doing what I have always been doing... and we ALLLL know how that would work out. That path has been played out for months now, and there's a reason I sit at the bottom of the rankings, stuck on the pre-show of one of wrestling biggest and best pay-per-views... OR... [Small laugh.] OR I could take an opportunity that was presented to me. I could... accept guidance and help... and reboot this sham of a career! So instead of doing the same old thing and experience the same old defeat... I choose differently. and.... BOY DID IT FEEL GOOD! [Devilish grin spreads across Tripp's face.] It's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. For the first time in a long time, I feel... free. I feel as if I can accomplish anything. And it all starts TONIGHT with one Harrison Daniel's the third! [Pauses.] Well, Mr. Daniels, I do feel bad for you. You are catching the brunt of the storm at the worst possible time. A few weeks ago you have mopped the ring with me and find yourself an easy victory. But now? Now that the genie is out of the bottom and I have a new found sense of... purpose? [Evil laugh, out of character for Tripp?!?!] You are a _DEAD MAN_ walking! [Fade Out.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: That kid is getting more weird every time he steps in front of a camera, Chaney. CHANEY: Survival was an interesting event for Skylark. The shocking loss to Billy James in the preview show shocked everyone in the United Center. But the most shocking move for him came later on! SMITH: Indeed it did, Chaney! The little guy talked to a mystery man and was handed a steel chair that he turned around and brought to the ring with him in the rumble! CHANEY: Skylark seems to be searching for anything that can shake him out of that losing streak he has endured lately. SMITH: And a match with Harrison Daniels III may not be the cure. Daniels may be one of the best all around guys we have in UPW. CHANEY: He's talented for sure and Skylark will need to bring it in the ring without the weapon if he is to have any success in UPW moving forward. SMITH: This is a true test for him tonight. Which Skylark will show up? The one who had multiple Television Titles years ago, or the one who can't buy a win in UPW? CHANEY: Let's find out! Let's go to the footage from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado and see how this one turned out! Roll it, boys!

[The footage begins with Harrison Daniels III lifting Tripp Skylark for a vertical suplex, and dropping him in the middle of the ring as the crowd cheers his offense.] CONLON: Harrison Daniels has managed to regain the advantage and he is using that technical skill to begin taking down Tripp Skylark! JACKSON: Skylark had that fast start, and since then seems to be struggling to stay in this one. CONLON: You think that the losing streak is getting to him, Pepper? JACKSON: Who the hell knows? I know this, the first minute or two of this match, he looked like a man possessed and now he looks like a man about to be dispossessed. [The crowd's cheers overshadow the cut-away shot of a man with a hooded black trench coat stands at the top of the entrance ramp book ended by a pair of seven-foot tall behemoths acting as bodyguards. They stand staring down at the match.] CONLON: Who are they? JACKSON: I don't know who those two pillars are, but the man in the middle looks like the same guy who we saw talking to Skylark at Survival! CONLON: The guy who had him use that chair?!?! JACKSON: One and the same. Well, I assume so anyway, I mean we haven't exactly seen his face at all to be certain. Why is he out here? [Daniels notices the men and actually points them out to the referee, so as to make sure nothing happens in this match. The referee tells him he can't stop them from watching and to get back to work. Daniels turns and pulls Skylark up from the mat, whipping him into the corner with ferocity.] CONLON: I don't know, Pepper, but it hasn't escaped the knowledge of Daniels! JACKSON: He needs to stay focused on Skylark. CONLON: Kind of hard when you have giant men watching your every move, Pepper! JACKSON: Excuses! [Daniels rushes the corner, but Skylark lifts the knees up and connects with Daniels' head as he rushes in. Harrison staggers out of the corner and Skylark quickly hops to the top turnbuckle and leaps, grabbing Daniels' head as he flips over and dropping him with a DDT in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: SKYLARK FLIPS OVER WITH A DDT!!! WHAT A REVERSAL!!! THE COVER!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH...........NOOOOOO!!! DANIELS ESCAPES!!! JACKSON: Daniels never saw those knees coming at all because he was distracted by the hooded man and his bodyguards up there. Distractions is a killer in the ring! CONLON: It certainly is and now Skylark firmly back in control after that amazing flipping DDT! JACKSON: Skylark has always been a skilled aerial wrestler. Nothing has changed there. CONLON: That much I can agree with you on, but he isn't the same fun-loving guy right now. JACKSON: That may not be a bad thing for him, Stan. [Skylark doesn't look at the referee, but looks up the aisle to see the men. He pauses as if in a trance as he stares up at them. Then he seems to nod and shake himself out of it before delivering a boot to the back of Daniels' head.] CONLON: Tripp Skylark continuing his assault with the stomp on the head! JACKSON: That man up the aisle isn't directing him, but seems to be approving whatever is happening here. CONLON: Skylark has not looked this dangerous in a long time, and you have to wonder just what the connection is here, Pepper. JACKSON: Not sure, but I like this Skylark version. [Skylark pulls Daniels up and whips him into the ropes, Daniels rebounds into a running knee strike to the mid-section that sends him flipping over to the canvas. Skylark gets back to his feet, with his eyes fixed on Daniels and none of the usual joviality he is known for.] CONLON: SKYLARK WITH A RUNING KNEE STRIKE AND DANIELS IS DOWN AGAIN!!! JACKSON: Tripp Skylark is a focused man on a mission. Daniels just better be glad a chair isn't within reach right now. CONLON: I think we all are glad of that, Pepper. JACKSON: Skylark's entire being seems different from the man who has lost match after match in UPW thus far. This is just what the doctor ordered! [Skylark takes off and leaps into the air for a senton splash on Daniels' back, which he rolls seamlessly through and leaps back in the air and flips over into a leg drop on the back of Daniels' head.] CONLON: WHAT A COMBINATION BY SKYLARK!!! JACKSON: That speed and quickness once again showing itself as a major positive for Tripp. The guys is just a marvel in there when properly motivated. CONLON: But why isn't he laughing anymore? Has that man up there taken his personality from him? JACKSON: Whatever he did, it is working for Tripp. CONLON: You have to worry about sudden changes like that. It is quite concerning. JACKSON: Tripp isn't suddenly suicidal, Stan, the man just decided to stop yucking it up with the crowd. Don't get too freaked out over that. Be happy he is looking competitive again! [Tripp grabs Daniels by the head and begins slamming his head into the mat over and over. Harrison manages to get his right foot up on the bottom rope, but Skylark continues slamming his face into the mat. The referee begins a five count, Tripp ignores him until threatened with disqualification and finally lets go, standing up as the crowd begins to boo him.] CONLON: SKYLARK FINALLY STOPS SLAMMING HIS HEAD INTO THE CANVAS!!! JACKSON: I love this side of Tripp Skylark! [Skylark looks up the aisle and we can see the hooded figure seem to nod favorably to what he is witnessing.] CONLON: So does the mystery man it seems, but the fans... JACKSON: (interrupting) THE FANS are not in the ring throwing their bodies around and losing every match because they were always having fun and being the happy-go-lucky stoner! Skylark has found something and he needs to keep it up! CONLON: That is a pretty cynical way of looking at things, Pepper. JACKSON: I call it like I see it, Stan. [Tripp turns back to Daniels and pulls him up, whipping him into the corner. Daniels hits the corner and flips over the top turnbuckle, landing on the apron. Skylark rushes over and yanks back on Daniels head, pulling his back against the ropes. He puts his right knee around Daniels' chin and then drops to grab the feet, yanking them back and using the ropes as a stretching submission.] CONLON: SKYLARK WITH AN INVERTED GRAPEVINE STYLE SUBMISSION AROUND THE ROPES!!! JACKSON: Holy crap he is showing us some real chops in there tonight! Daniels might as well be dead! CONLON: The referee is trying to force the break since the ropes are involved, but Skylark is ignoring him completely! JACKSON: You're surprised? Tripp is doing things his way and nothing is going to stop him. [The referee is counting and threatening as Tripp continues yanking on the ankles and neck of Harrison Daniels as they both shake with the ropes. Finally, Skylark is forced to let go and Daniels tumbles to the arena floor as the crowd again throws shade at Skylark's actions.] CONLON: DANIELS TO THE ARENA FLOOR AFTER SKYLARK FINALLY LETS GO OF THE HOLD!!! JACKSON: If Daniels was in the ring, this one would be over! CONLON: It may be over anyway, Pepper! The referee has begun the ten count and Skylark could win this one by count out. Daniels isn't making any movement to get back in the ring. JACKSON: He isn't moving period! The streak looks like it is coming to an end for Skylark! [The referee begins his count, but Skylark doesn't stay in the ring to wait it out. He exits the ring by grabbing the top rope and propelling himself over and out of the ring, landing on a prone Daniels with both feet in the middle of his back.] CONLON: SKYLARK PROPELS HIMSELF OUT OF THE RING AND LANDS WITH A STOMP TO DANIELS' BACK!!! JACKSON: One thing is for sure - Harrison Daniels III has no wind in his lungs now! CONLON: Tripp Skylark pulling out some big guns now and the fans aren't happy with him about it all. JACKSON: That is the least of his concern, Stan. Tripp is looking to win because THAT is what elevates you in UPW. [Skylark pulls Daniels up and rolls him back into the ring. He slides in behind him and gets to his feet. He pulls Daniels up and hits a DDT, laying Daniels out in the ring. He heads over to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle.] CONLON: DDT BACK IN THE RING BY SKYLARK!!! JACKSON: Daniels is out cold almost at the center of the ring! You think he will go for that vaunted submission he loves so much? CONLON: I think he can do anything he wants, but it seems he is going to the turnbuckle first! JACKSON: This isn't looking good for Daniels, Stan. [Tripp perches on top and then leaps with a corkscrew shooting star press that connects flush on top of Daniels' chest.] CONLON: SKYLARK HITS AN AMAZING FINISH!!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO CALL IT!!! JACKSON: HE COVERS!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRRRRRRRRREREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: SKYLARK WINS AND THE LOSING STREAK HAS BIT THE DUST!!! JACKSON: I cannot believe what we just saw! Tripp Skylark looks like he has literally been reborn right here on Showdown! CONLON: And that could be bad news for anybody across from him on future cards! JACKSON: You know it! [Skylark quickly gets to his feet and raises his arms defiantly as the crowd boos him. He looks up the aisle as he watches the men turn and walk out of the stage area. Skylark pumps his fist with his eyes still fixed up the aisle and begins exiting the ring to a chorus of boos.] CONLON: Skylark's motivational men have exited, and he seems to want to get to them. JACKSON: I would want to stay close to them, even if only as a talisman, a good luck charm, or something. They helped him tonight. [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The scene shows the backstage area where Windham Brody is standing. Around the corner steps "El Patron" Felix Sandoval, dressed in a white polo shirt and white pants, with gold chains as usual. He walks up to Payne and taps him on the shoulder.] Sandoval: Pardon me, Senor Brody. Brody: Do I know you? Sandoval: We haven't been formally introduced, though we have been in the ring together. Do you have a minute to chat? Brody: (Deep breath) Sure... [Felix nods and continues on.] Sandoval: As you know I have a great opportunity to become a world champion thanks to the ultimate rumble. And I am out learning a few things about men I think could complement me on this journey. And you? [He looks him over again before grinning widely.] Sandoval: You are a very large mang. Lots of power, which is always good when numbers are involved. Brody: That's the first thing you've said I've agreed with. Sandoval: Do you know much about tag team wrestling? Brody: I have seen it on TV, but I've never been much of my thing having to depend on another person. Sandoval: What would be your interest in such an opportunity as this? I realize that being the second fiddle in a tag team with the greatest wrestler on television today could be a problem for one's ego. However, a common goal like this involves all of us swallow our pride for the chance at glory. So what would be your interest, Senor Brody? Brody: The only thing that gets swallowed is my fist when I ram it down my opponent's throat! As for interest varies by the dollar amount I can make. Is that good enough for you? [Sandoval walks away with a shaking of the head.] Sandoval: I'm not sure you have what it takes, but I will let you know of my decision later tonight. [He exits as Payne looks on incredulously.] Brody: Weirdo. [Fade out.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Well it looks like Felix Sandoval.... SMITH: (interrupting) EL PATRON!!! CHANEY: Uhh.....yeah. SMITH: What? CHANEY: Every show? Seriously, Gorilla? [Chaney shakes his head before continuing, while Smith looks almost giddy with the reaction.] CHANEY: Sandoval looks to be searching out a partner for his tag title shot. SMITH: And as I understand it, that match is scheduled to happen on the very next edition of Showdown! CHANEY: Yes it is, and whether or not he finds the right guy still remains to be seen. SMITH: Well if he is looking for someone with size like Brody, it isn't a bad idea. Sandoval has a lot of skill in the ring and to have someone massive next to him could be a major change in the advantage. CHANEY: Brody seems to be focusing on the Television Title opportunity, which is what comes next on Showdown! But he isn't the only one! Let's go backstage for a fe quick words from John Herdick!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [We cut backstage where John Herdick is standing by.] JH: Tonight, the UPW Television title is up for grabs. I would like to toss my name in the ring to face whoever comes out the winner of the match. [Herdick nods eagerly.] JH: I have been clawing my way back from the bottom of the roster. I have been clawing and fighting for my wrestling life. While the rest of you have been enjoying success. I have been trying to resurrect my dying career. [Herdick takes a deep sigh.] JH: I refuse to give up. I am here to make history. John Herdick will become the first wrestler in the UPW to become last to first and it starts with winning the UPW TV Championship title. [Those crazy eyes begin to return.] JH: Brandon Franklin ... Brody Windham ... Both of you are worthy champions. However, the winner stands in my way. I am here to officially challenge whoever wins the match and walks out with that golden title around their waist. [Deep pause.] JH: Then ... and THEN my Redemption Tour will begin and John Herdick will become the UPW Television Champion. [Loud cackles as we fade.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Herdick throwing down the challenge for the winner of this match! You have to wonder how wise that is when you cannot predict the winner, Gorilla. SMITH: Normally I would say it isn't very wise, but in John's case he does know both men well enough and knows one of them will be the champ....so why not go for it? CHANEY: But he is right when he says both men are equally worthy TV Champions. SMITH: You got that right, Chaney. Brody shocked UPW by outlasting many longer tenured and even legendary performers to take fourth place and earn the coveted TV Title shot. He is cashing it in here against a man defending it for the first time. CHANEY: As you saw in the opening, fans, Brandon Franklin finally has gold around his waist after years of toil in the ring. And after upending Felix Sandoval, he gets to defend against a man much larger. SMITH: And there is still some question of his health. CHANEY: Franklin is a gamer and will fight no matter the injury! SMITH: I know, that doesn't make it wise. CHANEY: Let's see what happened as Franklin defends the TV Title against Windham Brody! Roll the footage, boys!

[The footage begins with Brandon Franklin lying in the middle of the ring and Windham Brody reaching down to grab him up by his hair. Brody scoops him up and slams him to the canvas with authority. Around the outside of the ring are all three members of the Dominion stable. Tyson Bishop in the background, Lance Donovan standing with his back to the hard camera, and Antonio De Luca standing in the area at the end of the entrance ramp.] CONLON: Dominion out here literally making sure Brandon Franklin cannot have a successful title defense! JACKSON: That isn't it at all, Stan! They are out here to make sure justice is served! CONLON: Oh give me a break! They are out here because Franklin managed to somehow eliminate every one of them in the rumble and they are still angry about it. JACKSON: You think so little of them. CONLON: They attacked Franklin AS HE WALKED TO THE RING!!! He was entering the match and they beat him up and down that entrance aisle! And they have stayed here ever since and been making sure anytime Franklin gets offense, they stop it dead! JACKSON: Perhaps their emotions are getting the better of them, but who can claim perfection in such regard? [Brody pulls Franklin up and whips him into the ropes, missing the clothesline attempt on the rebound. Franklin comes leaping back with a flying forearm to the face of Brody, knocking the larger man back into the ropes as Dominion all yell to urge the challenger to fight.] CONLON: FRANKLIN STILL FIGHTING BACK!!! The champion is giving it his all against these odds and still refuses to lay down! JACKSON: Well if Dominion was doing what you claim they are, he wouldn't have that chance, would he? CONLON: Don't even get me started. No clue why this referee has not yet thrown these three out of the ringside area! De Luca is the North American Champ, while Donovan and Bishop are in the tag team division. They have no reason to be here during a TV Title match! JACKSON: I say they go wherever they want! [Franklin comes in to grab him, but Brody counters with a kick to the groin. Franklin doubles over and Windham grabs him by the tights and throws him through the middle and top ropes and to the floor. The fans erupt in boos as Franklin lands right in front of Tyson Bishop.] CONLON: BRODY SENDS FRANKLIN OUT OF THE RING!!! He is using the free help to his advantage! JACKSON: Well he would be a fool not to, Stan. Think about it. Guys have come down to give you some support in the biggest match of your career and you don't let them help out? That is just rude! CONLON: That is cheating! JACKSON: Well you assume that they will harm Brody in this moment. [Brody, thinking in his feet, reaches out to the referee and puts his arm around him to turn him away from where Franklin landed while acting as if his eye was hurt by the forearm seconds ago. As he does this, Tyson Bishop springs to action and levels a just-standing Franklin with a clothesline on the outside.] CONLON: BISHOP DESTROYS FRANKLIN WITH THAT CLOTHESLINE AS BRODY DISTRACTS THE REFEREE!!! JACKSON: OK, in hindsight you may have been right about the odds they would harm Franklin. CONLON: You think? JACKSON: But you have to admire the intelligence of Brody to distract the referee in the perfect moment. We have to admit that none of us would ever think him ready to do something that brilliant. [Antonio De Luca steps around the corner as Bishop raises Franklin up and whips him toward the steel steps. Franklin jumps on the steps and leaps on top of De Luca, crashing him to the ground with a Thesz Press. The crowd erupts as Franklin begins throwing punches at the North American Champion.] CONLON: FRANKLIN TAKES DOWN DE LUCA AND BEGINS POUNDING HIM WITH PUNCHES!!! JACKSON: The champ is showing he still has some pluck in him yet, but rest easy as the big guy isn't far away. I bet Tyson is regretting that whip into the steps about now. CONLON: I would say so! Franklin just laying into the North American Champion! JACKSON: Donovan aids the distraction in the ring and it is a good thing because here comes the "American Nightmare!" [Lance Donovan jumps on the ring apron near Brody and seems interested in his "injury." All that manages to do is get the referee to begin telling him to get off the apron and keep him from seeing what is happening on the other side of the ringside area. Bishop reaches the action and levels Franklin with a boot to the head from behind.] CONLON: BISHOP ATTACKS FROM BEHIND!!! JACKSON: And down goes Franklin....again! The guy really can't seem to stay upright for very long, Stan! CONLON: Well he is fighting four man at once! Five if you count the referee that refuses to send these Dominion clowns back to the locker rooms! JACKSON: That is a heavy accusation, Stan. At this point, De Luca has right to attack back since Franklin brought the fight to him. It is only fair play! [De Luca gets out from under Franklin and tells Bishop to hold him up. Tyson grabs Franklin and holds his arms as De Luca begins throwing nasty punches and kicks to the mid-section of Franklin. Bishop finally lets go and the straining Franklin surges forward into the grasp of De Luca and his "Italian Suplex" on the arena floor.] CONLON: THERE IS NOTHIGN FAIT ABOUT THIS!!! ITALIAN SUPLEX BY DE LUCA ON THE FLOOR!!! JACKSON: That looked damn nasty, Stan! I mean that looks like a fat woman in tight leggings late night at the Wal-Mart nasty! CONLON: Your metaphors are a thing to behold, Pepper. JACKSON: Hey, I'm just calling things in a way the viewer can relate to! These guys are fixing to do a number on Franklin now. He may be lucky if he even walks out of here, period. Forget that title as breathing may end up being most important. [Brody and Donovan are still effectively working the referee as the rest of Dominion does their dirty work on the TV Champion. De Luca grabs the arm connected to the bad shoulder of Franklin and pulls him up by it. He then brings it into a hammer lock before ramming it into the steel ring post. Bishop then quickly rolls Franklin into the ring as Brody steps away and the referee turns to miss all the action.] CONLON: THAT SHOULDER ONCE AGAIN ATTACKED AS THE REFEREE MISSES ALL OF IT! JACKSON: This has to be one of the most systematic destructions we have ever witnessed. Brandon Franklin could have just left them alone in the rumble, but now he is paying the ultimate price for what he did! CONLON: All he did is what he was supposed to do: fight and survive in the rumble match! This is terrible what Dominion is doing! JACKSON: No, it is retribution! [Brody pulls Franklin up and we hear De Luca yell out "Work the shoulder!" about as clear as a bell. Brody gets a sadistic smile as he lifts Franklin up and drops him with a shoulder breaker in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: SHOULDER BREAKER FROM BRODY AS HE HEEDS THE ADVICE OF THE "LEGIONARIUS!" THE COVER!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRRRRRRRRR.............NO!!! KICKOUT!!! JACKSON: How does he keep surviving? That is at least the seventh time he has kicked out in this match! CONLON: Franklin has always had the heart of a champion, but now he has the gold to prove it and nobody wants to let that go when they have it! JACKSON: I can understand that, but doesn't he realize he is outnumbered and out gunned? CONLON: I think they will have to take that TV belt from his cold, dead hands. That is what I think and at some point, if he lasts long enough, DOminion will be sent out. JACKSON: We'll see. They have a great game plan for revenge here tonight. [Brody has an angered look on his face after the near fall, as do all members of Dominion. Brody gets to his feet and pulls Franklin up to his feet again. Brody grabs Franklin and whips him into the corner, following him in with a massive clothesline against the turnbuckles.] CONLON: BRODY COLLAPSES ONTO A PRONE FRANKLIN AND THAT IMPACT WAS STUNNING!!! JACKSON: Franklin may not even remember much of this match when it is said and done! CONLON: I fear you might be right on that one, Pepper! JACKSON: Franklin needs to change his nickname from "Hardcore Icon" to "Pinball wizard" because he has been bounced all over this ring tonight! [Brody takes Franklin's head and puts it between the thighs before lifting him into power bomb position. Franklin uses the momentum to his favor and flips over the head of Brody, grabbing his head with his knees and dropping him with a front splash/clash landing.] CONLON: FRANKLIN CLASHES BRODY TO THE CANVAS!!! JACKSON: That may have been one of the most shocking reversals I have ever seen! Brody never knew what hit him! CONLON: And Franklin just needs to roll him over and go for the pin to retain! JACKSON: Or not! [Before Franklin can even get in pin position, Brody quickly rolls over and does so with such momentum that Franklin is caught off guard and goes into the air, hitting the diving referee at the same time. The referee is bounced under the bottom rope and to the floor in the shocking chaos.] CONLON: BRODY POWERS OUT OF THE ENTIRE SITUATION AND THE REFEREE IS KNOCKED TO THE FLOOR!!! JACKSON: You know what this means?!?!?! CONLON: Unfortunately I do, and so will Franklin very shortly! Dominion already mobilizing to take advantage. JACKSON: You thought it was bad enough when they were hiding it from the ref! Now watch what happens when there is no fear of disqualification! [Franklin notices that the members of Dominion have all gotten on the apron and he gets to his feet quickly and rushes over, hitting Bishop with an elbow thrust to knock him off the apron. He rushes over and hits another on Lance Donovan.] CONLON: FRANKLIN FIGHTING BACK AND STAYING ALIVE!!! JACKSON: He refuses to go down! HOLY MOLY!!! [Franklin turns to rush at De Luca, but is blind sided by the giant boot of Windham Brody.] CONLON: WINDHAM BRODY JUST KICKED THE HOLY HELL OUT OF BRANDON FRANKLIN!!! JACKSON: And there goes all the fight Franklin had left and every chance he had of keeping that Television Title. In fact, Franklin will be lucky to keep his career when this is over! CONLON: That kick was savage! And Brody hit it from the blind spot in Brandon's vision! JACKSON: Like an old assassin used to say, "Nothing beats the back of a man's head when shooting." CONLON: You sure he was talking about guns, Pepper? JACKSON: Shut up, Stan. [All of Dominion finally enter the ring and the four man proceed to do an all-sides stomp down on the Television Champion. Franklin tries to defend, but it turns more into a survival instinct as he balls up and takes several shots from all men involved.] CONLON: BRANDON FRANKLIN STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF AN OLD-FASHIONED BEATDOWN!!! JACKSON: And he has nowhere to go! Nobody to help him! The man is going to be one giant bruise when this one is finished! CONLON: And none of it should have ever been allowed to occur! Dominion has been causing problems this entire match and they refuse to stop! JACKSON: Thing is with guys like these three is......well you have to be big enough to MAKE them stop. And Franklin, quite simply, isn't. [Suddenly Franklin's foot juts out and hits Brody in the mid-section and then quickly swings left and hits Bishop in the knee. Franklin rolls over and gets to his feet lunging forward at De Luca, landing a big right hand as the crowd erupts the champ fighting out of this predicament.] CONLON: FRANKLIN AGAIN SHOWING HIS SHEER WILL TO FIGHT!!! HE IS MAKING IT BACK OUT OF THE MIDDLE!!! JACKSON: He got Brody and Bishop and that is half the battle. The bigger half, even! CONLON: Brandon Franklin giving it his all s the fans are chanting his name here in Denver, Colorado! He is heeding their call to come back strong! JACKSON: And using every ounce of strength he has left to do it while there are still four man in the ring with him! [Lance Donovan rushes over and grabs Franklin from behind, dropping him with an inverted DDT. He waves his partner over as De Luca stands back up straight from the corner. Bishop comes over and grabs Franklin lifting him with a gut wrench lift and turning it into a falling power bomb as Donovan grabs the neck in a diving neckbreaker.] CONLON: THE STOMPING GROUND!!! JACKSON: DOMINION JUST KILLED FRANKLIN!!! CONLON: He is out in the middle of the ring! Franklin isn't moving and all we need is a cover for a new champion. JACKSON: But no referee! [The member of Dominion exit the ring and raise their arms to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Brody steps back over the champion and lays down for the pin. But the referee isn't there to count.] CONLON: Brody seems to have forgotten where the referee was. Easy mistake since there were far too many men in the ring right then! JACKSON: Let is go, Stan! The referee just needs to be revived and this one can mercifully be finished. CONLON: Franklin is still laid out flat in the center of that ring. He hasn't even moved an eyelash since Bishop and Donovan took him down! JACKSON: Everybody on the outside to work on the referee. [Donovan and Bishop get over to where the referee fell and they begin nudging him and trying to get him back to life so he can count the match out. He refuses to move. De Luca walks over and actually laughs at the sight.] CONLON: Look at De Luca laugh! How evil do you have to be to laugh at a man who gets hurt and is not even trained to do what they do! JACKSON: It was an accident! A simple quirk of timing, Stan! The referee dived in just as Brody made his move. It was a fluke! CONLON: With real ramifications! And De Luca laughs! All the while, Franklin is still not moving in the ring! JACKSON: Everybody here knows the match is over. We just need that referee to get in the ring so it can be finished in full. [In the ring, Brody is finally annoyed enough to stand up and walk over to peer down and see what is wrong here. He just shakes his head and smacks his hands against the top rope, knowing that this is taking far longer than it should.] CONLON: Even Brody is curious as to what has happened. He probably has no idea he was the cause of the referee's misfortune. JACKSON: In all honesty, Stan, I doubt he cares. The only thing on his mind is the title. CONLON: How shameful! JACKSON: Oh please. Gold is the only true motivator in UPW and you know it! [Finally the referee begins to stir at the urging of Donovan and Bishop. De Luca takes a glass out of the hands of a fan and walks over and throws it in the referee's face, which hastens the process considerably.] CONLON: DE LUCA STEALS A FAN'S DRINK AND USES IT TO DRENCH THE REFEREE!!! JACKSON: It worked, didn't it? [The referee gets to his feet and slides into the ring as Brody again goes to cover Franklin for the win.] CONLON: Everybody back in and Brody covers! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! JACKSON: THE HELL?!?!?!?! CONLON: FRANKLIN GOT THE SHOULDER UP AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND!!! The heart of a champion, ladies and gentlemen! JACKSON: How did he pull that off? [Brody is angry and he is quickly up and over to the referee to yell at him for what he thinks is a slow count. The referee defends himself, while still looking a tad groggy, yet Brody is having none of it.] CONLON: That is the very question Brody is asking the referee, Pepper! JACKSON: He isn't very happy and I can't say I blame him either! The referee is obviously still a little out of it and counted slower than he should have! CONLON: Really? JACKSON: You saw it, I know you did! [Brody goes back over and pulls Franklin up, only for Franklin to quickly grab him around the waist and lift quickly into a belly-to-belly suplex right in the center of the ring.] CONLON: BELLY-TO-BELLY FROM FRANKLIN!!! COVER!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH..............BRODY POWERS OUT AGAIN!!! JACKSON: Franklin just doesn't have enough strength left to hold that move he loves so much! CONLON: Well when you fight four on one for fifteen minutes and change, you tend to have less stamina! JACKSON: Don't make excuses for him, Stan! Franklin's run as champion is going to be over soon. If nor no other reason than he just can't keep himself on offense! CONLON: And whose fault is that? JACKSON: I'm going to say his, Stan! [Brody sits up as Franklin begins pulling himself up on the ropes after the kickout. De Luca walks over and begins talking to Franklin. The eyes on Franklin tell you how enraged it is making him, but we cannot hear what De Luca is saying.] CONLON: Antonio De Luca again talking to Franklin! JACKSON: I wish I could hear what they are saying! CONLON: I'm glad we can't because De Luca is obviously striking a nerve here and probably using words our younger viewers shouldn't hear. JACKSON: Oh yeah, I always forget about the "younger viewers." [Franklin gets to his feet and starts to make a move to exit the ring, but is grabbed by Brody from behind and lifted into a textbook fall away slam, which causes Franklin to literally roll under the ropes and to the floor.] CONLON: FALL AWAY SLAM BY BRODY!!! JACKSON: A big one and it sends Franklin all the way out of the ring! CONLON: Brody still has plenty of power left, it seems. That is easy when you have help all night. JACKSON: And when you are built like a mack truck! [Franklin quickly realizes that he is now between Bishop and Donovan, both of whom have reckless intent in their eyes. The referee motions for security to get Dominion out of ringside before it is too late.] CONLON: This isn't where Brandon Franklin wants to be! JACKSON: Yeah I can't blame him either! Not a good sign for the champion! CONLON: Bishop and Donovan looking to put Franklin away for good out there, Pepper! JACKSON: I'm betting they don't really do much as the last thing they want is getting Brody disqualified and leaving that belt on Franklin. [As they begin moving in on him, Franklin quickly rolls back into the ring and escapes their advance, only to find himself turning around into Brody's arms and his modified lifting reverse STO right into the middle of the ring.] CONLON: Back in the ring and ROAD TO HELL!!! JACKSON: BRODY NAILED IT!!! HERE'S THE COVER!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: WINDHAM BRODY WINS!!! JACKSON: Brody is the new UPW Television Champion! What a great night for the big man! [Security arrives as Dominion slowly back up the ramp. Franklin is laid out as Brody is handed the TV Title and he lifts it high for all to see as the boos reign down from the crowd.] CONLON: Oh, NOW security arrives and keeps Dominion from inflicting any more damage! Nice of them to finally show up! JACKSON: Let it go, Stan! Windham Brody's moment has arrived! Way to go, champ! CONLON: What a sad night for Brandon Franklin. JACKSON: Yeah. It was fun while it lasted! Better luck next time! [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [We switch over to "Top Dog" Rick Styles' private locker room. Rick Styles is seated on the sofa lacing up his boots. The door slowly opens as UPW executive VP of Talent Relations, Thomas Grissom, walks in.] Thomas Grissom: What are you doing here, Mister Styles? Rick Styles: What do you THINK I'm doing here? I work here, remember? Thomas Grissom: You are not booked for this show. Rick Styles: When I didn't see my name on the line-up, I assumed that was a mistake. Why WOULDN'T you have me on the show? Thomas Grissom: Do you want an honest answer? [Styles stops lacing the boot. He sits up and throws a nasty glare Grissom's way. ] Thomas Grissom: This is a new cycle, and it's an important one because it leads into Slamfest, the biggest event of the year for the UPW. That means we are setting up the matches for our huge night. Right now, I have nothing for you. Rick Styles: Nothing? I'm your biggest name here. Your fans want to see me fight for the championship. Short of that, Aaron Lewis eliminated me from the rumble. I'd say you have plenty of options for me. Thomas Grissom: You are not in line for the championship match at Slamfest, that honor is going to Glenn Chambers, the winner of the Ultimate Rumble. Aaron Lewis is a main eventer, a top contender and, quite frankly, he is the heart and soul of the UPW. Plus, Lewis is facing Malcolm Shabazz tonight, and depending on how that match goes, it could lead to feud which culminates at the pay- per-view. Rick Styles: Shabazz...that's the black guy, right? Thomas Grissom: (let's out a deep sigh) Mister Styles, may I speak candid and honest with you? Rick Styles: If you must. Thomas Grissom: This last cycle has not gone well for you. You've pulled a lot of stunts which included urinating on an opponent, faking an e-mail in an attempt to ruin the Survival title match and dismissing all of your opponents as "unworthy." Where did all of this get you? You lost your legend's match against Jeff Keenan... Rick Styles: ...A match I told you from the start I wasn't interested in! Jeff Keenan doesn't belong in the same state as me, let alone in the same ring. Keenan is not considered a legend by anyone but YOU, and only to force me into that match. Thomas Grissom: However you want to spin it, you lost. Then, on that same night, your Ultimate Rumble appearance was less than stellar and certainly not legendary. You are here in the UPW because Chris Hopper signed you, at a considerable amount of money, based on your history and your reputation. But, if I'm going to be honest, so far, you have not lived up to your reputation. Would you like a word of advice moving forward? Rick Styles: Not really. Certainly not from you. Thomas Grissom: I'm going to offer it, anyway. Your attitude may have worked back in the old days, but this is 2017 and you need a change in direction. A new avenue. A new attitude. And quickly. Rick Styles: Oh gee, thanks for the talk, "boss," I'll change my direction and my attitude right away. You've enlightened me, thanks for the advice. Thomas Grissom: Your sarcasm aside, I hope you are hearing me. Because right now, except for a slight wave of nostalgia, you have no heat and no momentum behind you. Slamfest will be here before we know it...and our industry's most anticipated night could end up taking place...without you being part of it. THAT is where we are at right now. Think about it. [Grissom exits the locker room, letting the door slam behind him. Styles returns to lacing up his boot.] Rick Styles: A change of direction, huh? Well...maybe... (a huge smirk crosses his lips.) [Fade out.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: That guy is always scheming everywhere he goes! I swear he would trick his own mother to get a title shot! CHANEY: Rick Styles has always been out for one thing - the betterment of Rick Styles. Everybody knows it and none of it surprises. SMITH: I give him his due, he is one of the living legends of our sport, but that is one of the reasons he got there and it proves it isn't always about in-ring talent! CHANEY: Styles has plenty of talent to match, which is what makes him most dangerous. SMITH: You can say that again! CHANEY: Speaking of legends, we want to make a special announcement! SMITH: Oh this is getting fun! CHANEY: As most of you know this June, UPW will be putting forth their signature event, Slamfest! Along with that event will be a ceremony unlike any other as the UPW will unveil it's first-ever Hall of Fame class of Two-thousand, Seventeen! SMITH: Is this a UPW-centered grouping of talent? CHANEY: Not at all! From my understanding, the UPW Hall of Fame will take into account those who are here in UPW, as well as the history of TTW. And, as we are about to unveil, also recognize legends from around the industry. SMITH: How many are going in this year? CHANEY: There will be five members of the class, but I only know the first one. SMITH: Oh? CHANEY: This man was one of the true breakout stars of the last twenty-five years in our sport. His contributions are more than just his in-ring ability, but his ability to draw anywhere and everywhere he went. This man once held the distinction of being employed by more wrestling leagues for their shows and special appearances in a single year than ever before or since! He is the innovator of the "one shot deal" and a man who never needed gold to be a top draw for any league he wrestled for. He owns victories over legendary performers that would take far too long to list, and he was THE headlining and defining act for a generation of leagues long since darkened on the wrestling horizon, such as IIWF, IIeW and the infamous EMWC. The first member of the UPW Hall of Fame is.... [Pregnant pause] CHANEY: "PLAYBOY" RONNIE D!!! SMITH: WHOA! That is a huge announcement! What a start to the Hall of Fame! CHANEY: There it is, folks! The first inductee to the UPW Hall of Fame! "Playboy" Ronnie D! SMITH: I remember wrestling in NeCW with him back in the day. The guy knows how to push the buttons. CHANEY: That is what made him a household name, Gorilla, and it was one reason he was brought in to be in the Ultimate Rumble this year! SMITH: Well now I'm excited to find out the others being inducted! CHANEY: I don't want anyone to think we are glossing over the title change we witnessed. The Hall of Fame announcement was just times then, so no slight was meant for the men in that match. SMITH: No doubt as they fought a war in that ring! CHANEY: And we have a new Champion! Windham Brody! SMITH: With a little help from Dominion. CHANEY: Antonio De Luca, Tyson Bishop, and Lance Donovan all came out and ensured that Franklin was not keeping the gold tonight. SMITH: You knew this was going to happen in some fashion after Franklin managed to single- handedly eliminate all three of them in the Ultimate Rumble and ruin their chances at UPW domination. CHANEY: They were certainly on their way. Remember that they all entered by number seventeen and quickly took everybody out of the match. SMITH: They literally stood alone! Nobody to take them on for several seconds. CHANEY: Until Glenn Chambers entered at nineteen. That was a tough out, as we all know since he went on to win the match, but right after him was Titan Juarez. SMITH: A giant of a man in his own right. CHANEY: And that kept them from running the table. Franklin eventually got in there and they couldn't gang up on anyone by then. The advantage was gone. SMITH: And Franklin managed to take each one out, even though it cost him as well. CHANEY: And tonight it cost him even more as Dominion made certain he didn't get to keep the title he fought so hard to take from Sandoval! SMITH: Dominion has been extremely active tonight. CHANEY: And it wasn't over as they got the chance to take on The O'Malley Brothers in Denver as well! SMITH: A chance to begin elevating themselves again in the tag division. I don't see how they are not the main challengers for the Soldiers of the Sun. CHANEY: That may all depend on what happens tonight! Let's head to the footage and see how they fared! Roll the tape!

[The footage begins as "The American Nightmare" Tyson Bishop has Marcus O'Malley in The Dominion's corner and rears his hand back...] *SLAAAAAAAAAAP!* "WHOOOOOOOOO!!" *SLAAAAAAAAAAP!* "WHOOOOOOOOO!!" [Tyson quickly gets wind of the crowd's enthusiasm with the slaps to the chest and stops. He pauses for a moment as his opponent's woozy in the corner, then...] *SLAAAAAAAAAAP!* "OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" CONLON: Open hand slap to the face of Marcus O'Malley! Disrespectful! JACKSON: The Dominion is the judge, jury and executioner around here, while the rest of the roster does what they can ... They do what they want! [Bishop doubles his opponent over for an instant with a knee to the mid-section, followed up with an uppercut that sends the head back towards the tunbuckle, then Marcus slumps to his butt in the corner and Tyson Bishop grabs the top rope with both hands for leverage and rubs the sole of his boot across the face of Marcus as the referee warns him to stop!] CONLON: The disrespectful nature in which The Dominion act around the UPW is disturbing! JACKSON: What's disturbing is that a dysfunctional family managed to win the Tag Team Titles somehow but only because they didn't have The Dominion's FULL attention during that four way Tag Match! CONLON: Soldiers of the Sun earned it! JACKSON: And *everything* that comes with it... they'll figure it out when The Dominion gets a hold of them in an official capacity, again... [Tyson gets tired of the referee chirping in his ear and takes steps backwards till he's center ring, he then charges in at Marcus O'Malley hitting him with a solid running knee to the face completing his the "Facewash!"] CONLON: I'm wondering how much Marcus O'Malley has left in the tank, Pepper! JACKSON: He barely survived "Survival!" CONLON: It was his partner, Anthony that carried him out of the Tag Team Title match and THEN Marcus was forced to compete in the Rumble! JACKSON: No days off, Stan! If Billy James can do it, Marcus can do it too! [Lance Donvoan is calling for the tag and Tyson Bishop quickly gives him his wish by slapping hands.] CONLON: Lance Donovan, who started this match off against Anthony O'Malley... JACKSON: And FORCED him to tag out! It's been total domination, Stan! Just as I expected! [The Adonis helps the dazed Marcus up out of the turnbuckle and wastes no time...] CONLON: Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! [Lance springs up yelling out "HUH" to anybody that can hear him through their boos...] CONLON: The fans are letting The Adonis know exactly what they think of him! JACKSON: It's jealousy, Stan! Nobody in the UPW can handle The Dominion when they're at the top of their game like they are tonight! [Lance goes back to work, closing in on his opponent, Anthony encouraging Marcus to get up as Marcus is on all fours...] CONLON: You can't deny the fight these O'Malleys have in them! JACKSON: Just showing up to this match lets me know they've been taking in too much of Denver's air! [Lance Donovan stomps on Marcus' right hand! Marcus pulls his hand off the mat and then Lance stomps on the left hand! Marcus rolls over onto his back and Lance positions him... Headbutt to the groin! Boos from the crowd!] CONLON: These guys don't care about the rules what-so-ever! JACKSON: They make their own rules, Stan! [The Adonis knows Marcus is in bad shape and drags him from near-center-ring over to the ropes where he hangs Marcus O'Malley "out to dry" draped over the middle rope and charges the opposing ropes then jumps on O'Malley's back! Marcus' neck is crushed underneath the weight of Lance's body and the middle rope!] CONLON: And Lance Donovan tags Tyson Bishop back in! [The American Nightmare has an opponent right where he wants him from the "get-go" and grabs Marcus O'Malley, bringing him to his feet and spinning him around... takes a few steps back and positions him... Front Power Slam!!] CONLON: Strong show of brute strength by Tyson Bishop! [Anthony O'Malley can't stand looking at his lifeless brother in the ring and attempts to enter the ring to help but the referee is on top of it! Tyson Bishop looks over to Donovan and Lance quickly realizes the opportunity and slips into the ring as Anthony has even more to argue about now! Tyson picks the main target up and sends him towards The Adonis!] CONLON: Superkick by Donovan!! [Marcus O'Malley staggers back, about to fall if it wasn't for a nudge from Tyson Bishop to keep him in a woozy, up-right state, Lance pivots!] JACKSON: PELE KICK!! They're just TOYING with the O'Malleys right now! [BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Lance quickly rolls out of the ring as the referee finally turns around as Anthony O'Malley stops arguing with him out of disgust, slapping the top turnbuckle out of frustration from what he just witnessed!] CONLON: Tyson Bishop could end this match right now but it doesn't look like he's going to! JACKSON: They said it themselves, Stan, tonight is all about destruction and carnage, baby! [Tyson definitely isn't going for the pinfall here as he slowly helps his opponent to his feet, biding his time, saving some energy as the crowd breaks into a chant. "LET'S GO MARCUS!!" *Clap* *Clap* *Clap Clap Clap* "LET'S GO MARCUS!!" *Clap* *Clap* *Clap Clap Clap!*] JACKSON: Oh, Please! CONLON: The crowd rallying behind the O'Malley's here... Anthony O'Malley is really the only one who's had any success at all tonight but ever since he's tagged his brother Marcus in, it's been all downhill! JACKSON: If you're having success, Stan, why would youi tag your partner in? People need to take notes! The Dominion's a well-oiled machine! They've successfully cut the ring off on Marcus for most of this match... [Bishop has Marcus up and sends him to the ropes!] CONLON: O'Malley ducking a clothesline... [Indeed. And Marcus bounces off the ropes again...] CONLON: SHOULDER TACKLE!! Marcus O'Malley FINALLY gets Tyson Bishop off of his feet! JACKSON: Marcus doesn't have the energy! [Marcus O'Malley is still down, due to the beating mostly, but exhaustion as well, Tyson is more surprised than hurt, he slaps the mat in frustration before springing right back up and charging the downed O'Malley!] JACKSON: Marcus just made a HUGE... [Before Pepper can finish his sentence, Marcus O'Malley lunges towards Tyson's left leg, taking it out from underneath of him! Tyson falls to his stomach on impact, then rolls onto his back clutching the leg as Marcus quickly gets on top of Tyson and UNLOADS with a series of punches! The crowd pops!] CONLON: Marcus O'Malley has had enough! JACKSON: Get him off of Tyson, ref! Closed fists! Closed fists! [Lance Donovan doesn't wait for the referee - he immediately enters the ring and gets Marcus off of Tyson with a kick to the back! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Marcus doesn't take it lightly and gets to his feet, turning to Lance Donovan and charging!] CONLON: Marcus O'Malley with a clothesline that sends Lance Donovan over the top rope and to the outside! JACKSON: Dammit! [Marcus knows he must make the tag and turns towards his fresh partner, as Tyson begins to get up... Marcus realizes he finally has an advantage and instead of going for the tag, he hooks Tyson by the head and grabs a leg...] CONLON: Tyson is doing his best to block this! [Tyson Bishop shifts his weight to his free leg and refuses to be lifted but Marcus hits him with a knee, trying to land enough of an impact to lift this HOSS of a man...] JACKSON: DUMB. He should've made the Tag! [O'Malley with another knee and then exerts enough energy to finally get Tyson up!] CONLON: Northern Lights Suplex!! [O'Malley is worn out, even with the sudden charge, Tyson made him work for the suplex! Marcus is having a hard time fighting through fatigue but he's inching closer to his partner as Tyson Bishop, virtually unharmed throughout most of the match is already stirring, too...] CONLON: Marcus is close to making this tag and Anthony is stretching his hand out as far as he possibly can! [Marcus, laying flat on his stomach now is army crawling towards his partner as Tyson works his way to all fours...] JACKSON: Get up, Tyson! [Marcus reaches deep down within himself and musters enough energy to make the tag from his stomach! He then spills to the outside of the ring, rolling underneath of the bottom rope...] CONLON: Anthony O'Malley is in with fire under his feet! [HUGE face pop as Anthony O'Malley runs past Tyson Bishop who is up to one knee and bounces off the ropes...] CONLON: Lance Donovan trips him up from the outside! [It's not enough to make him fall down, but enough to make him stumble then turn towards Lance on the outside...] JACKSON: Tyson is up! CONLON: And Tyson has closed the gap between himself and Anthony O'Malley... Anthony doesn't even know it! [The crowd stirs in anticipation, trying to signal Anthony O'Malley that he needs to turn around as Tyson Bishop is now standing within inches of the un-knowing O'Malley. Lance Donovan cracks a smile and points towards Anthony...] JACKSON: The American Nightmare is about to CRUSH the O'Malley's dreams, again! [Anthony, wide-eyed, turns around to a smiling Tyson Bishop who hits him with a hard boot to the stomach, doubling over the fresh half of the O'Malley Brothers and then squeezes him like a hay bail with both arms around the mid-section, positioning him...] CONLON: Lance Donovan sliding into the ring! [BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!] JACKSON: THE STOMPING GROUND!! THE STOMPING GROUND!! [The boos rain down as Tyson Bishop goes for the pinfall, Lance Donvoan holds his arms out-right to the chorus of boos while keeping an eye on Marcus...] ONE! . . . . . . . . . [Marcus O'Malley makes his way up to a knee on the outside.] . TWO!! . . . . . [Marcus slides underneath of the bottom rope, trying to work through fatigure and pain as he heads for the save... Lance Donvoan confident he won't make it watches it un-fold, still enjoying the familiar song from the "boo birds"...] . . . . . . . . . . . . THREE!! . . . . . CONLON: This one is over in quick fashion!! *DING* *DING* *DING!!* [BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!] JACKSON: It didn't take much at all for The Dominion to show their superiority! They didn't even break a sweat! They easy turned the O'Malleys to O'Tallies in their win column! [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The scene shows the backstage area where "Sadistic Insanity" Damian Payne is standing with a cup of water. Around the corner steps "El Patron" Felix Sandoval, dressed in a white polo shirt and white pants, with gold chains as usual. He walks up to Payne and taps him on the shoulder.] Sandoval: Pardon me, Senor Payne. [Payne turns to look at the person standing by his side.] Payne: Good evening. Can I help you? Sandoval: We haven't been formally introduced, though we have been in the ring together. Do you have a minute to chat? Payne: Well yeah - as it goes. I'm in my home town and they decided to not book me in a match, so I have all the time in the world. [Felix nods and continues on.] Sandoval: As you know I have a great opportunity to become a world champion thanks to the Ultimate Rumble. Payne: A World Tag Team champion. Sandoval: Yes, but still a world championship level opportunity to say the least. And I am out learning a few things about men I think could complement me on this journey. And you? [He looks him over again before grinning widely.] Sandoval: You are a very large mang. Lots of power, which is always good when numbers are involved. [Payne eyes Sandoval up cautiously after raising his eyebrows at his previous comment.] Payne: Apart from the obvious - what's in it for me? Sandoval: Do you know much about tag team wrestling? Payne: Brother - I'm a four-time former ICWF World Tag Team Champion and also a former IGA World Tag Team Champion. So yeah - I think I know how to work as a part of a tag team. Sandoval: What would be your interest in such an opportunity as this? I realize that being the second fiddle in a tag team with the greatest wrestler on television today could be a problem for one's ego. However, a common goal like this involves all of us swallow our pride for the chance at glory. So what would be your interest, Senor Payne? Payne: I'd be interested. Who wouldn't? I mean - if someone's gonna walk up to me and offer me the chance to win a championship then I am absolutely all over it. Do I want in? Hell yeah. Do I respect you? I respect your abilities. Do I trust you? Hell no. Am I going to play second fiddle to you? Well - the fact that you even thought that I would pisses me off immensely. And let me tell y------- [Sandoval walks away with a shaking of the head.] Sandoval: I'm not sure you have what it takes, but I will let you know of my decision later tonight. [He exits as Payne looks on incredulously.] Payne: What the hell......? [Fade out.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Still going with the search! CHANEY: And still looking for someone who is larger than he is for the task! SMITH: You have to hand it to Sandoval, he knows what he is thinking when it comes to his World Tag Title shot. CHANEY: But will he find it? Something tells me his standards are pretty high and possibly nobody will meet them. SMITH: Well he won't fare well against the Soldiers of the Sun by himself, now will he. CHANEY: No! But I don't know if HE knows that! SMITH: The perils of a man who thinks he can do it all! CHANEY: Hubris is indeed a vice, Gorilla. And both men in our next match have it in spades! Percy Monroe has been all but ensuring no success for Harrison Daniels since he arrived, while John Herdick just made a TV Title challenge earlier tonight! SMITH: Both men have skills to pay those bills, as they say. But backing it up has never been a problem for Monroe. Herdick may find out that making a challenge means nothing if you can't win your matches to begin with. CHANEY: You have to wonder about that title shot and whether or not it will be granted. SMITH: If he loses to Monroe, it should be given to Percy I would think. CHANEY: Sounds like there is more riding on the match than when it first met the eyes! Let's head to the ring in Denver and see which man takes a step forward in the UPW rankings! Roll that beautiful footage, boys!

[As we join the match in progress, Percy Monroe is setting John Herdick up for a Pump Handle Slam, but he stops to give his opponent a little shove to the back of his head before lifting his foe up..] *THUDD* CONLON: Poetry in Motion not showing much class with that needless shove to the head before hitting this move. JACKSON: Needless?! It was very much NEEDED, Stan! Someone has to teach this map of scars a lesson! [Herdick pushes up to his knees before eating a wash to the face by Monroe's boot. Outside the ring Percy's wife, Patricia, cheers her husband on before then hurling insults at his opponent.] CONLON: None of this needs to be happening, Pepper, and you know it! They can wrestle this match without treating Herdick with such disrespect. JACKSON: I don't think you're taking enough crazy pills, Stan, because you seem to be implying that a man of the caliber of Percy Monroe should treat this garbage wrestler reject with anything approaching respect! [Percy laughs at his wife's words towards Herdick and calls out to his opponent, getting his attention. Monroe points to his wife outside the ring and says some pretty nasty things towards his foe.] [BOOS] CONLON: I would say I'm surprised at the rudeness by Monroe but after what he did to his lifelong friend, Harrison Daniels the Third, at the Ultimate Rumble on Survival.. Nothing surprises me from Percy! JACKSON: Woah! Slow down there, Stan. That rumble was every man for himself and all Percy did was make the most of an opportunity that was right there in front of him. I'm sure it was all business and nothing personal. CONLON: The look of betrayal on Daniels' face told a different story. JACKSON: The look on his face was PRICELESS is what you mean, Stan! [Herdick's right eye twitches and he grits his teeth but shakes his head and ignores the insults as he pushes up to his feet. Monroe greets him with a CHOP across the chest before driving a knee into the midsection, doubling John over. Percy grabs a front facelock and goes for a vertical suplex...] *BLOCK* CONLON: Herdick blocked that attempt at the vertical suplex and.. *LIFT* CONLON: HE'S GOING FOR ONE OF HIS OWN! [Monroe quickly struggles free and lands on his feet behind Herdick before...] *SHOVE* [GASP] CONLON: Come on! JACKSON: It was just a shove. No foul, Stan. CONLON: That wasn't just a shove, Pepper. He called Herdick something we can't repeat on the air! JACKSON: If Herdick has the GALL to put his hands on Percy, a man so above his station in life, then he should be thanking his lucky stars that words are all he's being hit with! CONLON: They're in a WRESTLING MATCH, Pepper! Are you seriously saying Herdick shouldn't defend himself here? JACKSON: If he knew what was good for him he would never have shown up for this match so.. Yeah. Maybe I am, Stan! [John's eye twitches again and he gives a little pull of his hair but then takes a deep breath and tries to calm down but..] *SHOVE* [OH DANG POP] CONLON: Monroe shoved Herdick down and into the ropes this time! JACKSON: He's about to do more than that judging by the tone of his voice. [An irate Monroe glares down at Herdick with disgust while Patricia continues a steady verbal assault from the outside. John scratches his ear while his eye twitches more before he pulls himself up only to take ANOTHER shove by Monroe!] [BOOS] CONLON: Percy is turning out to be nothing but a bully here. JACKSON: A bully?! CONLON: Yes! He and his wife are trying to bully John Herdick and you know it, Pepper! JACKSON: All I know is your hold on reality and facts are very weak old man! [Herdick closes his eyes for a moment, as if trying to block out some voice screaming in his head, before shaking his head and..] *BOOM* *THUD* [BIG POP] CONLON: OH MY! JACKSON: WHAT?! CONLON: John Herdick just DECKED Percy Monroe! JACKSON: With an ILLEGAL closed fist punch, Stan! [Monroe, dropped on his butt, is holding his face with a pained look of surprise! Patricia is FREAKING OUT on the outside, yelling for the referee to do something about Herdick punching her husband. The official does admonish John but he looks out at the crowd and a wild look comes over his eyes along with a big smile creeping across his face. Monroe gets to his feet and Herdick runs past the ref and LEAPS onto Monroe with a Lou Thesz press and begins WILDLY raining punches down on his opponent!] [HUGE POP] CONLON: John Herdick has had ENOUGH of the bullying from Monroe and is letting him have it now! JACKSON: Letting him have illegal punches is what you mean! What is this referee doing, Stan? He should be disqualifying this human reject! [Herdick's wild punches have become hard steady shots focused on bloodying the nose of Percy Monroe! As the referee puts a count on him, John stops the punching assault and drags a dazed Monroe to his feet and then charges towards a corner...] *WHAM* *THUD* [BIG POP] CONLON: What a HARD slam into the turnbuckles! JACKSON: Also illegal! Does this guy know anything that IS legal, Stan?! [Herdick shakes his head and gives out a yell with a fist pump while Percy scrambles to his feet. Patricia tries to warn her husband but not in time before John charges..] *SMACK* *TUMBLE* *THUD* [HUGE POP] CONLON: WHAT A CLOTHESLINE! Monroe sent over the ropes and to the floor by the impact! JACKSON: And again, I press you, does this dodgey creature know a legit move, Stan?! You mentioned disrespect earlier, look at the direspect Herdick is showing to our beloved sport! CONLON: Well he's showing some respect to these fans because he's giving this his all, Pepper. He's climbing the turnbuckles now! [Herdick, poised on the top turnbuckle, waits for Monroe to get to his feet before..] *LEAP* *SMACK* *THUD* [GIANT HIGH SPOT POP] CONLON: WHAT A HIGH CROSS BODY BY JOHN HERDICK! He TOTALLY wiped out Monroe! JACKSON: Am I living in Revenge of the Human Rejects or something?! This is not fair! Look at poor Patricia, Stan. Her face tells the whole story! [The beautiful Patricia looks a mess as she grabs both sides of her head and watches on in anguish as John Herdick gets to his feet and shoots a fiery look down on her husband. Herdick grabs two handfuls of Monroe's hair before dragging him up his feet and charging towards a ring post...] *SMACKACLANG* [BIG POP] CONLON: Did you hear the SOUND of Percy's face hitting that ring post?! JACKSON: It was SICKENING, Stan! CONLON: His nose has to be in even worse shape now! [Herdick gives himself a little punch to the head and wildly shakes his head before dragging a dazed Monroe to his feet and points towards another ring post! The crowd APPROVES and John begins charging towards the ring post with Monroe until..] [GASP] CONLON: OH MY! Patricia Monroe just threw herself in the way of that ring post! JACKSON: Thank GOD that barbarian Herdick stopped himself! [Herdick motions for Patricia to move out of the way but she shakes her head, defiantly refusing. John looks to the crowd with a crazed smile and seems to consider throwing Percy into the ring post and Patricia still which is all the distraction and time Percy needs.] *SMACK* CONLON: Elbow to the midsection by Monroe! JACKSON: Yes! *TRIP* *SMACKACLANGABOOM* [OH DANG POP] JACKSON: HELLS YESSSSS! CONLON: Percy just tripped Herdick face first into that ringpost that Patricia was more than happy to move away from now! JACKSON: Anything for her man, Stan. If you had a GOOD wife you'd understand! CONLON: What does that mean? JACKSON: Nothing. Just.. You know. CONLON: Know what? JACKSON: People talk, Stan. People talk. I've heard rumors. [Herdick holds his face as he lays on the ground while Patricia checks on her husband. Percy assures her he's alright while rubbing his aching nose before shooting ENRAGED eyes at his opponent. Monroe angrily stomps over to Herdick and aggressively pulls him up to his feet before slapping on a front facelock.] *LIFT* *THUDDABOOMATHUDD* [HOLY MEEP POP] CONLON: MY WORD! Monroe just SPIKED Herdick on his head with that Brain Buster on the floor outside! JACKSON: That will teach this guy! [Monroe climbs back in the ring and the official begins a count on the KO'd looking John Herdick.] CONLON: Herdick hasn't moved since that move and the referee has a count going! JACKSON: He's probably asleep. [The referee is up to the count of 3 and Patricia applauds her husband who rubs his nose while glaring down at Herdick. The crowd however..] Crowd: HERDICK! HERDICK! CONLON: Listen to this crowd! JACKSON: Like this goof can hear them! The ref is up to 5 now, Stan! Crowd: HERDICK! HERDICK! [John suddenly stirs..] [BIG POP] CONLON: Herdick is stirring but the count is up to 7! JACKSON: The look on this guy's face when he gets counted out is going to be awesome! [As the ref gets to 8, Herdick jumps to his knees and then at 9 he scrambles to his feet and leaps under the ropes and into the ring!] [HUGE POP] CONLON: He beat the count! JACKSON: UGGH! This guy. [Percy is immediately on Herdick, raining stomps down on the man. The referee reprimands Monroe only to then get an earful from Patricia outside the ring! Monroe drags Herdick to his feet, curses at him, and then grabs him by the head and...] *THUD* CONLON: What a neckbreaker by Monroe! JACKSON: This is why he can treat Herdick the way he does, Stan. Percy Monroe is a CLASS ACT in that ring and hits moves with such technical excellence! CONLON: Not sure ability to hit moves makes one classier than someone else.. JACKSON: Well you said it, Stan, you're not sure. You don't know much for a guy who's been around three thousand years. [Monroe runs off the ropes and catches Herdick with a HARD running knee. His wife celebrates outside the ring while Percy soaks it in before looking down on Herdick with more disgust and hurling insults down on the man. Percy drags Herdick up once more, hooks an arm and leg and..] *THUD* CONLON: Textbook Side Russian Legsweep! JACKSON: This guy is just in another class altogether, Stan. Herdick should've just stayed home in the garbage can of his life. CONLON: Come on, Pepper! I can get that Monroe is in the heat of battle but why are you also denegrating Herdick here?! JACKSON: He's a loser, Stan! He brings it on himself! [Patricia backs up Pepper's claims by screaming insults at the downed Herdick while her husband climbs up the turnbuckles. Percy smirks at the crowd then points backwards and down at his foe and calls Herdick a "joke" before leaping off..] *LEAP* *THUD* [HUGE POP] CONLON: OH MY! Monroe went for that Moonsault but Herdick got the knees up! JACKSON: This can't be happening! CONLON: Maybe Percy shouldn't have wasted so much time insulting his opponent, Pepper. JACKSON: Maybe you shouldn't be... I mean.. He shouldn't.. You... BAH! [Patricia has a look of total disbelief and despair while her husband's opponent gets to his feet with CRAZY EYES! Percy struggles to his feet and is immediately met with a HURRICANE of punches and kicks by Herdick!] [GIANT POP] CONLON: JOHN HERDICK IS GOING WILD ON PERCY MONROE! JACKSON: This referee needs to stop his going WILD with ILLEGAL blows, Stan! [John runs off the ropes while Monroe stumbles and staggers from all the blows. Herdick charges..] *SMACK* *THUD* [HUGE POP] CONLON: What a spinning heel kick by Herdick! JACKSON: Illegal! CONLON: I don't think it is actually. JACKSON: That's... You... BAH! [Patricia slaps on the apron to get Herdick's attention and jabs a finger in the air towards him and gives John a piece of her mind. Herdick nods his head with a smile and replies "Oh yeah? Here's what I think!" before...] *SMACK* *THUD* [BIG POP] CONLON: Herdick DECKED Monroe with that clothesline! JACKSON: Oh no.. That goof is going up the turnbuckles now... CONLON: Herdick is up to the top now! *LEAP* *THUD* [HUGE POP] CONLON: WHAT A MOONSAULT BY JOHN HERDICK! JACKSON: I think I'm going to be sick. CONLON: Herdick is going for the cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . [DEFLATED POP] CONLON: Monroe got his shoulder up just in time! JACKSON: Thank GOD! [Patricia is relieved while Herdick shakes his head and gives his right ear a little tug before pulling Monroe up to his feet and whipping him to the ropes... But Percy comes to life and reverses the Irish whip.. Which Herdick then reverses again right into a boot to the midsection! Percy doubles over and John quickly hooks him before..] *THUDABOOM* [HUGE POP] CONLON: WHAT A DOUBLE ARM DDT BY JOHN HERDICK! JACKSON: He had thumbs in the eyes! He was fish hooking him! He... BAH! [As Patricia FREAKS outside the ring, Herdick goes for the cover and the official makes the count..] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE-NOOOOOOOOO! [AWWW MAN POP] CONLON: Percy Monroe JUST BARELY got his shoulder up in time! JACKSON: That was a close one. TOO close! That referee was counting fast, Stan! [Herdick gets Percy up and whips him to the ropes. John charges forward for a clothesline but Monroe ducks before planting his feet. Herdick spins around right into a...] *SMACK* *THUD* [OH DAMN POP] JACKSON: YESS! CONLON: WHAT A SUPERKICK BY MONROE! JACKSON: He dropped that loser like a booger, Stan! [Percy stumbles into the ropes to catch his breath while Patricia cheers him on. Herdick lays on the canvas, nearly KO'd from the kick.] CROWD: HERDICK! HERDICK! HERDICK! HERDICK! JACKSON: What is with this crowd? HOW can they cheer for.. THIS GUY?!! CONLON: He's winning everyone over with his heart, fire and defiance against bullies. JACKSON: So he's like an after school special now?! Pssh! [Monroe walks off the ropes and announces he's ending this now! He then pulls Herdick up off the canvas and whips him to the ropes. Monroe does a small sidestep so he can catch his opponent rebounding off the ropes and picks him up on his shoulders!] [ANTICIPATION POP] CONLON: Monroe going for THE EPIC! JACKSON: Finally! We can all move past this nasty cretin.. *SMACK* *SMACK* [BIG POP] CONLON: Herdick is firing elbows at Percy's head! JACKSON: WHAT?! [Percy fights through the elbows and goes for the DEATH VALLEY DRIVER...] *FLIP* [HUGE POP] CONLON: HERDICK FLIPPED OUT OF THE MOVE! JACKSON: No! [Monroe scrambles to his feet and right into..] *SMACKABOOM* [HUGE POP] CONLON: What a right hand! JACKSON: BAH! [Monroe REELS from the punch to his face while his wife is clutching at her hair in despair outside the ring! Herdick gets CRAZY EYES again and grabs Monroe by his head before leaping up...] *SMACKABOOMATHUDD* [WOAH GIANT HUGE POP] CONLON: OLD SCHOOL CRUSH! John Herdick just hit the OLD SCHOOL CRUSH ON MONROE! JACKSON: This isn't happening. This CAN'T be happening! CONLON: Herdick with the cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *DING DING DING* [GIANT POP] CONLON: JOHN HERDICK HAS BEATEN PERCY MONROE!!! JACKSON: Why God? Why is this happening?! [Herdick scrambles up to the 2nd turnbuckle and pumps his fists into the air as the crowd goes WILD for him!] CONLON: Big time victory for Herdick and teh fans seem to be loving him now! JACKSON: I never thought that woudl happen. Well, piss on me! CONLON: Don't say that too loud, Pepper. JACKSON: Uhh...yeah, right. I forgot. [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The camera fades backstage and you see Caleb Foley sitting in the locker room on the bench lacing up his boots for his upcoming match against "Jester" Chad Allen. Caleb looks up at the camera and smiles.] Caleb Foley: I know I have not been much on UPW television. As a matter of fact if I did show my face it was kind of like seeing a miracle happen right before your eyes. I thought I was ready to return to the ring and give it my entire focus. [Caleb pauses for a moment as he reaches into his duffel bag and pulls out the white tape. He begins to tape his left wrist.] Caleb Foley: I was wrong. And rather than take time off I have assed it like I did before. I just went through the motions and that was stupid on my part. I did not give it my all and all I can say to that is I am sorry. Sorry to the fans. [CJ bites off the tape to cut it as he securely tightens the left wrist. He then begins to tape his right one as he continues to speak.] Caleb Foley: Sorry to the wrestler. Sorry to the management. In a few short minutes, I face a man I have nothing but the utmost respect for. "Jester" Chad Allen is a legend. No question in my mind. [CJ bites the tape again and secures it against his right wrist as he throws the tape back into his duffel bag.] Caleb Foley: Tonight the man who calls himself "Jester" is going to have a battle on his hands. I have finally got my head out of my ass and I am ready for a war. Come on Chad let's put on a show for these fans tonight. Let's bring this house down. [CJ stands up and begins to walk to the door for the locker room.] Caleb Foley: Chad you are a master of mind games. So you will understand when I say this is not personal. This is nothing but pure business, and my business is hurting people, and hurting them badly. You may not know who I am. Let us just say that I have shed blood on every continent on this earth of ours. I have been creating havoc for quite a few years now, and though you may be an excellent WRESTLER, you are about to get into the ring with a man looking to reestablish himself in UPW. No remorse, no shame, only destruction. So in the words of the famous "Jester" Chad Allen ... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! [Foley opens the door and looks pumped for his match as he exits to the hallway.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Caleb Foley with some harsh words and a statement for Chad Allen! SMITH: Foley can flat go and this one could be a surprise match of the night if both men come into it full steam. Plus, Iris will be there. CHANEY: Oh no. SMITH: I can control myself, Chaney. CHANEY: Ok, good. That match isn't until later, folks. But how about John Herdick gaining a victory over somebody not a personal valet! What a move for him! SMITH: And we have to wonder now if that gets him the shot he wanted so badly! CHANEY: No word yet, but you have to think he made the kind of statement you have to make in order to get consideration! He definitely tainted Percy Monroe's case by beating him tonight. SMITH: I agree. Heading into tonight, most felt Monroe was most deserving of a Television Title shot, but that is all thrown to the side now because John Herdick has broken out of the cellar and is ready to unleash himself on the world! CHANEY: I don't know whether to be happy or scared of that thought. SMITH: (chuckles) As people like to say, Chaney, time will tell! CHANEY: Fans, our next match could be the most interesting match other than our main event. SMITH: Malcom Shabazz is scheduled for his first appearance of any kind since he passed out at Survival! CHANEY: And his opponent is also coming off a shocking loss, former World Champion, Aaron "All Day" Lewis! This is a step up in competition for Shabazz in many ways. SMITH: And he doesn't always do well in those cases. I think we all remember what happened against Glenn Chambers a couple of months ago! CHANEY: Well now he gets a chance to prove he can't be held down any longer! Let's head back to Denver and see what happened when Lewis and Shabazz collide! Roll the footage!

[The footage begins with the ringside announcers both wearing their headsets as thet speak on camera.] JACKSON: Get ready, folks, as our next match features the former UPW Heavyweight champion, "All Day" Aaron Lewis taking on a man looking to prove himself against the former champ, Malcolm Shabazz. This should be a good one. CONLON: It'll be interesting. Despite all of his claims to the contrary, Shabazz is getting an opportunity to climb the ladder by facing the former champion. For Lewis, he needs a win just as much in order to come back from such a devastating loss of his championship at Survival. JACKSON: Let's go to the ring and get this one started. [The screen switches to show the view of the ring from the usual hard camera position.] RING ANNOUNCER: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE FOLLOWING CONTEST IS SCHEDULED FOR ONE FALL... [The crowd erupts as the music for Fort Minor's "Remember the Name" begins to play.] #You ready?! Let's go!# #Yeah, for those of you that wanna know what we're all about# #It's like this y'all (c'mon)# [The curtain flies open and "All Day" Aaron Lewis steps out. He waves to the fans and starts making his way down the aisle. Suddenly, a large heavy man steps over the guardrail in Lewis' way.] CONLON: Hey, a fan just stepped into the aisle from the crowd. Where's security? JACKSON: That's not a fan, that's Rick Styles' lackey, RALPH. What is he doing here and what's in that green knapsack he just put between himself and Lewis? CONLON: I don't think Lewis cares, he just motioned at Ralph with his thumb, to Ralph to get the hell out of his way. You should do as he says, Ralph, if you know what's good for... [From behind, "Top Dog" Rick Styles runs down the aisle and slams his fist into the back of Lewis' head. Lewis drops facedown onto the floor. The crowd erupts in boos.] JACKSON: Whoa, Styles just took Lewis down with a punch, when did HE become so strong? CONLON: Wait! Look at his hand, Pepper, Styles has brass knuckles! He slammed those brass knuckles into the back of Lewis' cranium, what a cheap shot...and it looks like he's not stopping there! [Styles tosses the knuckles and pulls Lewis up by the hair. Styles runs towards the guardrail...and like a dart, SLAMS Lewis face-first into the metal bars separating the runway and the fans. The guardrail offers little give.] CONLON: MY GOD, THIS IS AN ASSAULT! Rick Styles is making a point, but I'm not sure what that point is. JACKSON: We rarely do know what point he's trying to make...hey, Styles is signaling Ralph...what is he about to do? [Styles waves Ralph over and, after a few well-placed kicks to the ribcage area of his downed adversary, stretches out Aaron Lewis' right leg. He signals Ralph to hold Lewis' foot, keeping the leg exposed. As the ringside fans scream, Styles leaps on top of the guardrail.] JACKSON: He's not going to...oh no... CONLON: Rick, don't do this... [With a scream, Styles leaps high in the air AND BRINGS HIS FULL WEIGHT DOWN ACROSS AARON LEWIS' OUTSTRETCHED LEG!! CONLON: OH NO!! Rick Styles' entire midsection just dropped directly across Lewis' kneecap!! JACKSON: Lewis was just screaming in pain! Now, his eyes are rolling into the back of his head. LEWIS HAS STOPPED MOVING!! CONLON: I believe the former champion has fallen unconscious from the pain of having his leg SNAPPED right in front of all of us. That right leg looks limp and Rick Styles is staring down at it with a smirk. This is going too far...and now he's pointing to that green knapsack by Ralph's feet. Oh, come on, this has already gone too far... [Ralph drops to his knees and opens the knapsack. He pulls out a red container that, based on Ralph's struggles, is full. He removes the cap and hands the container to Styles.] JACKSON: What is this crazy man doing? CONLON: Whatever it is, it's not necessary! Come on, Styles, you may have just broken the man's leg, it's time to stop! [With Lewis face-down on the floor, Styles turns the container over and allows the contents, a clear liquid, to pour all over Aaron Lewis' unconscious body. The liquid covers Lewis, from his head, to his back and down his legs.] CONLON: That's not what I think it is, is it? Please, god, tell me that's not what I think it is. JACKSON: I can smell it from here, Stan, THAT'S GASOLINE! CONLON: Oh, Jeeze!! [Rick Styles looks out to the crowd, his blue eyes narrowed with rage. He reaches into his tights and pulls out a black lighter. As both commentators gasp, Styles holds the lighter high in the air and flicks it on, allowing the flame to show.] JACKSON: He's not...he wouldn't...he couldn't...we just don't DO things like this here in the UPW! CONLON: Oh, thank god, here comes help! [The curtain flies open and UPW Vice-President, Thomas Grissom, frantically runs up the aisle, followed by two security guards. They stop in their tracks as Styles sees them and lowers the lighter above Aaron Lewis' unconscious body. Grissom shouts something at the two security guards, who turn and run back up the aisle.] CONLON: Thomas Grissom is out here, but what can he do? Considering the bad blood we've seen between these two, can he talk sense into Rick Styles? JACKSON: He'd better say or do something, that lighter is lit, just a few feet above Lewis' gasoline-doused body. [Grissom motions his hands at Styles, pleading with him to back away. The camera pans in, barely able to pick up Grissom's voice.] THOMAS GRISSOM: Rick, please listen to me, I am not addressing you as a UPW competitor, but as a human being with a wife and kid. I'm talking to Rick Styles, the family man. Your family is probably watching right now and this is going way too far. If there is any decency in you whatsoever, I beg you...don't do this... [Styles eyes the fans who are reacting in several different way--cheers, boos, gasps—he then looks back at Grissom, then down at Aaron Lewis. As the two guards come running back down the aisle, both carrying fire extinguishers, Rick Styles smiles... ....and let's go of the lighter.... ...which falls...almost in slow motion...AND IGNITES AARON LEWIS' BACK IN FLAME!] JACKSON: HOLY CRAP!! AARON LEWIS IS ON FIRE! HE'S ON FIREEEEE!!! CONLON: I CAN'T BELIEVE HE ACTUALLY DID IT! THANK GOD THE TWO SECURITY GUARDS ARE THERE, SPRAYING THOSE EXTINGUISHERS ALL OVER AARON LEWIS BEFORE THE FLAME COULD SPREAD! [As the smoke rises, one guard removes his jacket and covers Lewis, trying to smother the heat. Thomas Grissom leans down to check on Lewis, who, thankfully, is still unconscious. The UPW VP glares at Styles, stands up and charges his way. He starts screaming in Styles' face...and shoves him with both hands to the chest. Styles takes a step back...AND THROWS A LEFT HOOK TO GRISSOM'S JAW, KNOCKING HIM OFF HIS FEET.] CONLON: WHOA, Styles just popped Thomas Grissom! He should be fined and suspended for that! Hell, he should be FIRED for all he did today! For that matter, SOMEONE CALL THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES! JACKSON: Hold on, Stan, I'm not condoning ANYTHING we just saw here, but Grissom put his hands on Rick Styles first. CONLON: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? AFTER ALL HE DID? Styles is now strutting up the aisle with his arms raised high in the air. WHAT NERVE!! There are fans throwing garbage at him, and I don't blame them. JACKSON: Ralph is following his boss, but even he looks horrified by what he's just been a part of. CONLON: At least Grissom is back on his feet, holding his jaw. He's waving to the back as a half dozen medics run past Rick Styles, two of which are carrying a stretcher. Even if they can revive Lewis, he's not walking out of this arena tonight. Based on how his right leg is bent, I'm guessing it's broken...or worse. JACKSON: This was...horrifying. I've seen brutal attacks in the wrestling world, but this... CONLON: It could have been a lot worse, Pepper, if not for those security guards getting there in the nick of time. This was...my god, look at his leg...wait, what....folks, I'm being told Thomas Blaine is attempting to catch up with Rick Styles to try to make sense of all this. Frankly, I don't want to hear what he has to say, but I'm being told we have to. Let's take it back there. ["Top Dog" Rick Styles is seen walking through the hallway towards the door marked "Exit." Blaine runs up behind him with a microphone in hand.] BLAINE: Rick Styles, hold on! RICK STYLES: What? BLAINE: Rick, I am still in shock over that HORRIBLE display. What do you have to say for yourself? RICK STYLES: What's the problem? It's a new cycle and I just generated HEAT. [Smirks] BLAINE: This isn't funny, you just broke the man's leg and set him on FIRE! What the hell were you thinking? YOU OWE US AN EXPLANATION! RICK STYLES: Watch your tone with me, Blaine, I don't owe you a goddamned thing. But, to all the weak snowflakes here in the UPW, I hope you were all paying attention because now everything changes. Tomorrow is a latter day, because tonight, I just BROKE the heart and soul of this federation. I just sent a big message... BLAINE: The man was unconscious! What kind of message were you sending to an unconscious man? RICK STYLES: I broke Aaron Lewis' leg as a message to HIM, but then I set him on a fire as a message...(looks into the camera) to all of YOU! I hope you were all watching carefully as you have just seen your FUTURE. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. [Styles walks out the door, Blaine is left standing befuddled. He sees Ralph heading his way with a duffel bag over his shoulder. Ralph still has a befuddled look across his face. Blaine steps in his way.] BLAINE: What do YOU have to say about this, Ralph? RALPH: Umm...nothing? [Ralph scurries out the door as we return to the arena where Aaron Lewis is being placed on the stretcher by medical officials.] CONLON: Folks, the medics managed to revive Aaron Lewis, who said something alarming, I believe it was about not being able to feel his right leg. They immediately placed it in a stint and I'm sure Lewis is being taken immediately to the local hospital. JACKSON: Obviously, we're not going to have the Lewis/Shabazz match tonight. I'm sure Shabazz will have what to say about losing his opportunity. CONLON: Right now, that's the least of our worries, Pepper. On behalf of the entire UPW, our hearts go out to "All Day" Aaron Lewis. We will try to bring you updates throughout the next few days as they come available. But, now, let's try to put this behind us. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk, both of whom look downright sick to their stomachs after seeing what just happened.] SMITH: I....uh.... CHANEY: Folks, as you can tell, we're both shook up after what we just witnessed from Rick Styles. SMITH: MUH-THER FU.... CHANEY: (interrupting) AND Gorilla here is especially upset. SMITH: You don't do stuff like that! You just don't! Regardless of how much you hate somebody, you don't hurt them like that! Son of a BITCH! [Smith hits the desk with his fists so hard it looks like it actually cracks the desk.] CHANEY: Easy big fellah! SMITH: I better not see that little man anytime soon. You tell Coulter and the rest of them to keep me the hell away from him! I'll kill him, I swear to God, I'll kill him! CHANEY: Let's take a moment to let Gorilla cool down and compose himself. Once everything cleared in Denver, the World Champion made an appearance with his manager! Let's see what Velvet Sims and Derek Rage had to say! Like quickly!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The screen opens to a view of the ring.] V/O: Ladies and gentlemen, y'all in the presence of greatness now! ["Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" by Public Enemy starts as Velvet Sims emerges onto the stage. He is dressed in a purple suit with a purple fedora tilted at a jaunty angle across his brow. He swaggers down to ringside, swinging his silver-handled cane. His eyes and smile shine brightly under the spotlights. He dances to the hard beat of the music as he reaches the ring and climbs through the ropes. He runs his hand under his throat.] VS: Cut the music off. Cut the music off. [He waits until the arena goes silent.] VS: Thank y'all. Thank y'all for comin' out tonight. Let me tell y'all sumthin'. Y'all all welcome. Yup, y'all all welcome. The UPW has been saved! It's been cleansed. It's been redeemed if you will. [Sims walks towards the hard camera and puts his foot up on the ringropes, showing off rich chestnut brown gators. He looks the crowd over, smiling.] VS: I mean, the UPW was a mess prior to Survival. Y'all gotta admit that. The champ was nuthin' but a insecure chump. Begging for your cheers but behind closed doors begging for hep from a pole cat like ol' piss pants boy there. See, we knew the emails was true. That's what it's like in the back, ladies and gentlemen. Oh yeah, the folks you cheer for and buy up all they merchandise ... they ain't really real, you know whut I'm sayin'? I mean, what kinda champeen goes to the man just embarrassin' the company for hep? A scared one. That's what kind of champeen goes to his old enemy for hep. Thought, there's no way it wouldn't work out for him. Let me ‘splain sumthin to all y'all boys in the back. See, things done changed. I mean they really done changed. It ain't a circus no more so you clowns is out of work? You can fly away like Captain Kirk, ya bunch of broke jerks. [That messy rhyme brings an even broader grin to elvet's face. He stands up straight and looks at everybody in the arena.] VS: Some people thankin' it's slick to throw insults at the God right now because they desperately want him to get mad and wanna punish them in the ring. Man, please. I don't think you unnerstand how the God operates. He ain't worried bout nuthin any a y'all got to say. I mean, why would he? Most a y'all just scum in the first place. Ain't got nuthin' to say worth listenin' to near as I figure it. So, we just gonna keep this simple. I'm a bring the man out right now. I'm a bring him out right here and we gon talk about the new standards around UPW. Hit the God's music, Jack! ["Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" restarts as Velvet Sims bops his head to the driving beat. He turns towards the stage and out steps Derek Rage.] VS: Ladies and gentlemen, standing 7'2 inches tall and weighing three hundred and forty deuce pounds ... the man who hit the reset button on the lame duck challenger and the lame duck champ ... the greatest wrestler in the world today ... MY MAN ... BIG D ... DEREK RAAAAAAGGGGGGEEEEEEE!!!!!! [Rage poses at the top of the ramp, scowling and smirking at the crowd that gives him a loud set of boos with a decently loud number of cheers mixed in. He is dressed in an exquisitely narrow cut Italian navy suit with a crisp white shirt open at the collar. He wears driving gloves and sunglasses inside. The UPW title gleams over his shoulder as he begins to walk down the aisle. His suit jacket stretches tightly across his broad muscular back. He strides effortlessly to ringside before he walks up the ring steps and simply steps over the top rope. He walks up to stand next to Velvet Sims and then he raises the UPW title for all to see.] VS: Oh yeah, it was said it couldn't be done! Some people scoffed, sayin' that Big D wasn't nuthin' but a tag-team wrestler. Big D, they must been livin' under a rock because this ain't 2010 no more and you ain't been wrestlin' in a tag-team in a mighty long time. But that ain't but sticks and stones, isn't it? [Derek Rage nods slowly as he reaches up and draws off his sunglasses and tucks them inside the breast pocket of his suit.] VS: This is what a champion looks like, UPW. [He pats Rage on his massive pectorals.] VS: He ain't take no short cuts to the title. He ain't whine and complain when things didn't go his way. He took the opportunities afforded to him and he executed. You know what I'm sayin'? He earned his opportunity at contention and he won. Why? Cause he was always ready. I mean, I know what y'all thankin'. Well, damn, at 7'2, 340 pounds of course he gonna win. But that's because y'all don't understand what a champeen like D. Rage is. You think that it's just winnin' a genetic lottery that made him the champeen he is today? That's just plain short sighted. My man simply worked. [Rage nods.] VS: He worked and he worked. Let's start with the fact that this is one of the smartest brothas around. College educated. Naturally gifted. He ain't no big dummy. He's brilliant. If he deemed y'all worthy of talkin' to you'd see it but he don't so y'all just gotta catch the clues. Know what I'm sayin? So, is he a big man with muscles that make men turn fool and ladies drool? Oh Hell yeah! Is he pretty? Oh Hell yeah! But he also is sumthin' not a lot of professional wrasslers is. And that's dedicated. [Velvet Sims nods to the audience, saying ‘Yup.' ‘Yup.'] VS: From the moment he started out he was a great tag-team wrestler! Part of one of the most successful tag-teams there's ever been. And people wanna count that as a strike. But they just simps, thankin' insultin' a man's history gonna make him mad. D. rage do that make you mad? [Rage's eyebrow quirks up. "Who said that?" he asks off mic.] VS: Nobody important, Big D. Nobody important at all. Now, as I was sayin', he made himself a success as part of a tag team and got hisself a reputation behind the scenes for being one of the greats. Great mind for the business, dedicated, and never caused no fuss for the promoters. But that credibility gave him access to the best around. He soaked up everything from the best wrasslers in this business, man. He is a business, man. Y'all better unnerstand that. And now he's the UPW champeen. So now, it's his turn to lay down the law. So, here I am about to tell you what it's gonna be like unner a D. Rage champeenship. Rule numbah one ... [Sims holds up a single finger.] VS: He don't give a good godamn about yo name or how popular you may be. That ain't enough to catch his attention. Y'all think a couple cute little interviews and some hasty name callin' gonna attract his attention? [Rage shakes his head ‘No.'] VS: No! No! No! You want a title match? You gotta pass rule numbah two. [Two fingers this time.] VS: Beat sumbody. Earn your way to that numbah one contendership. The God is only fightin' one man. That's the number one contender. The man who thinks he can be the man. Why? Because the God loves the competition. See, y'all don't even like wrassling no more. Y'all don't like to do what it takes in the ring to get it done. No, y'all think a couple clever quotes and whinin' on the internet is the way to get it done. Uh uh, brothas. Y'all gotta be ready. Y'all gotta earn it. Like the next man up. That boy Glenn Chambers. [A slow smile spreads across Derek Rage's face.] VS: We couldn't be happier for the brotha, honestly. He was out here earlier talkin' hisself up and biggin' up his chest in front of y'all fine folks. We love that. Naw mean? We love that. Go ahead, brotha. Big up yaself. Because you just put a target on ya back. And a seven foot two monster is coming for you. Yes indeed. You think you's the top dog around here? Well, we gonna find out at Slamfest. Because Derek Rage is puttin' up the title there and we gonna have a war. Ya dig? You won the Survival Battle Royal winner. Now, at Slamfest, you just gonna get tossed around til Big D gets bored. And then it'll be the next man up. And the next man after that. And the next man after that. If you want this crown, y'all gonna fight for it. And ain't no chicanery. Ain't no nonsense gonna get you past that short cut. You got yaselves a wrassling champeen, UPW. And that competition is the only thing he'll respect. Glenn Chambers, boy, we in such a good mood ... why don't you come on out here. Why don't you come out here and share the same ring with the Champ. Let it be known what greatness feels like. Come on, unless you scared. You ain't scared, is you? [Sims waits a moment and then bursts out laughing. Rage's lips merely twitch into something that may resemble amusement.] VS: (slapping his knee) Of course you scared. Of course you scared. I know you into climbin' mountains, boy, but this here ... this ain't no mountain. This is a celestial body. Your arms ain't long enough to box with the God, Chambers. We heard you loud and clear. You faced a seven foot monster named Apocalypse before and you came up short. I even found out that that Apocalypse was UPW's longest reigning champ ever. [Sims face screws up.] VS: Y'all really thank Apocalypse can measure up to Derek Rage? I mean, come on. Don't be caught up in the past. This da present and tha future right here. Chambers, if I was you, I'd worry more about how you gonna get that boy through college rather try to exorcise some demon by wrestling Big D here. You'll find out. He ain't no Apocalypse. He tha Alpha and the Omega. He tha Hammer of God. And when you step in the ring with him at Slamfest? He the end of you. ["Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" plays as Rage and Sims talk and joke in the ring.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Strong words from Velvet Sims! Sounds like the road to Slamfest is going to be littered with challenges! SMITH: I want to say something. CHANEY: About the champ? SMITH: No. CHANEY: You think this is wise, Gorilla? [Smith glares at CHaney.] CHANEY: Go ahead. SMITH: Folks, I apologize. My outburst a little bit ago was harsh and visceral. I used language that I know has no place during a telecast of this nature. You all watched the same footage I did and I know you all are as upset as I am, but it is no excuse for me to act and speak as I did. This doesn't change how angry I am at the entire situation, nor does it soften my stance on Rick Styles. But you deserve better from me, and I hope you will allow me the chance to continue striving to bring that to you. CHANEY: Anything you want to say about the champ? SMITH: I want him to face Rick Styles. CHANEY: What? SMITH: In an inferno cage match. CHANEY: Gorilla... SMITH: With his hands tied behind his back. CHANEY: Alrighty! And we're going to step away from my colleague for a moment! SMITH: What? CHANEY: Let's get right to our next match as Caleb Foley battled Chad Allen. I would say more and talk about it, but it is best to get to the footage as soon as possible.

[The footage begins as the referee admonishes Chad Allen and pulls him off of Caleb Foley in the corner. Foley gets to his feet and charges right into a belly-to-belly suplex from Chad Allen. Allen locks on a side headlock, looking very focused.] CONLON: So far, Allen has maintained both his focus and his composure. [Foley sends a few stiff punches into the side of Allen and then works his way to his feet. Allen maintains the side headlock, even in the standing position. Foley whiips Allen into the ropes and catches him with a shocking frankensteiner off the rebound as teh crowd erupts.] CONLON: FRANKENSTEINER BY FOLEY!!! Foley wastes no time! Caleb with a quick cover! ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE............................................NO!!!!! CONLON: Allen escapes just in the nick of time! JACKSON: I love Foley's will here, but Allen is the kind of veteran it'll take a lot more than a shocking move off teh ropes to get this win. CONLON: I hate agreeing with you, but you are most definitely right in this instance! JACKSON: What did you say? CONLON: You were right? JACKSON: YES! Vindication people! I hope we got that on tape! [Foley pulls Allen up, apparently not expecting to finish him off that quickly, and locks him into an abdominal stretch. The move does not last, however, as the powerfully built Allen releases his leg and takes Foley over with a modified side suplex. Allen pounces on Foley and begins to rain down punches on him. Allen up and drops both of his knees to the face of Foley!] CONLON: A sudden turn of ferocity by Chad Allen, who now appears to be laughing at Foley as he restarts his assault of fists! JACKSON: Allen loves pain. It is a documented fact that he loves dishing it out more than receiving it! CONLON: That makes him very dangerous in the squared circle! JACKSON: That makes him dangerous EVERYWHERE! CONLON: Time will tell, Allen has a definite advantage right now. [Allen, having had his fill of punching Foley, grabs Caleb by the side of the head and begins slamming the back of his head down onto the mat. The referee ultimately perceives that Allen could really do some long-term damage and separates the two, allowing Foley to roll to the corner and use the ropes to help himself up and regroup. Allen seems to have composed himself.] CONLON: As if flipping a switch, Allen seems to have refocused himself. JACKSON: It is the toughest thing about wrestling Chad Allen. He can be amenable and be a straight "wrestler" and then he flips out and suddenly he is a raging "Jester" who would rather cut you than look at you. CONLON: Are you saying Foley better watch out? JACKSON: No, I think Caleb knows exactly what he is dealing with. He isn't a newbie in the ring. [Foley approaches Allen, who is content to lock up with the smaller man. Allen whips Foley to the ropes Allen misses a clothesline attempt and Caleb propels himself off the ropes and back at Allen with a high cross body that takes him down. Foley rolls to his feet as Allen quickly gets up as well. The Jester turns and walks right into a flying back elbow from Caleb.] CONLON: Excellent technique by Foley, who seems ready for this fight. JACKSON: A fight is what it will be. Allen isn't known to be a wrestler first. He is known to be a beast! [Foley quickly pulls Allen to his feet and sends him back down with a standing dropkick. Foley grabs the leg and turns Allen over with a half-crab.] CONLON: Both Foley and Allen seem to be attacking whatever is available to them, neither seems to be going with any sort of set offense. JACKSON: What did you expect? [Allen grimaces as Foley wrenches back on the hold. The wrenching, however, gives Allen an opportunity to crawl forward and get the bottom rope, forcing the break. Foley obliges and waits for Allen to get to his feet before charging.] CONLON: Allen fell and pulled the top rope down with him, sending Foley over the top rope and out to the floor! JACKSON: And NOW it will get interesting! These two can do more damage on the floor! CONLON: They could cause *US* damage too. JACKSON: Yeah. I noticed Iris Galiver had to literally jump out of the way or she would have gotten clocked by that one! [Foley lands with a thud and immediately tries to push himself to his feet. Foley is only able to get to all fours before Allen gets to him, a huge grin across his face. Iris Galiver stands near the ring post, cheering Allen on and they share a little wink before Allen reaches to grab Foley again.] CONLON: AND ALLEN IS JUST STOMPING THE BACK OF Foley'S HEAD! That sinister grin is back as the Jester begins to cackle again! JACKSON: Allen is asking Iris to get in on the action! CONLON: She shouldn't! JACKSON: She is! Iris with a boot to Foley's face! And Another! God, I love this chick! CONLON: How very sad that you get excited for such things. JACKSON: Iris gives good ratings! CONLON: Oh great! Her next T-shirt! JACKSON: Iris finally backs off and she looks VERY happy that Jester allowed her to help out in the cause! [Allen smiles at Iris and then pulls Foley up and whips him hard into the guardrail. Allen follows and catches the rebounding Foley with a huge lariat, sending Caleb back down to the floor.] CONLON: Allen begins to slam the face of Foley into the floor before pulling him back up and rolling him back into the ring, avoiding the double count-out. JACKSON: It would be a tragedy for the match to end that way. CONLON: Yes it would, but the damage may have been inflicted already after that exchange outside the ring. JACKSON: You may be right...and that doesn't happen often! [Allen follows Foley in and drops an elbow before going for the cover.] ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE............................................ CONLON: Kick out by Foley! JACKSON: Foley able to get out of that! CONLON: Allen looks like he wasn't very happy with the count there. JACKSON: He is giving the referee a little tongue lashing! Let 'em have it Jester! [Allen slaps his hands together three times, signifying his displeasure with the referee's count. Allen pulls Foley up and takes him over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Allen begins to chuckle a bit, again, as he pulls Foley up and blatantly thumbs him in the eye, sending him backing into the corner and prompting the referee to admonish Chad Allen.] CONLON: The Jester has elected to completely forego the rules of the contest! JACKSON: Foley would have done the same thing. He's been in these kinds of fights before and he expected this kind of thign from Allen. CONLON: I think you haven't been watching the same Caleb Foley in UPW that I have, Pepper! JACKSON: No, but I have seen his history and I know he will dig deep when he has to. [Allen brushes past the referee, grin plastered across his face, and whips Foley across the ring into the opposing corner. Allen follows and connects with a flying splash, causing Foley to fall face first out of the corner.] CONLON: Allen over to Foley and quickly applies an STF! Unfortunately for the Jester...and fortunately for Caleb Foley...Foley's free leg is under the rope and forces the break...eventually...THE JESTER WON'T BREAK! JACKSON: He has five seconds to break the hold. CONLON: It is past that time! JACKSON: No it isn't! [Finally, Allen releases the hold just quickly enough to avoid the DQ. Allen pulls Foley up and drops him with a brainbuster, again going for the cover and the win.] ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THRE............................................ CONLON: Kick out by Foley! JACKSON: Caleb Foley showing more an dmore why he wants this very badly! CONLON: That brainbuster looked sickening! Chad Allen is being extra-sinister tonight. JACKSON: I like this Chad Allen. I like the Chad Allen that is unpredictable. I love the fact that he brings that wonderfully gorgeous, psychotic woman with him! [Allen seems perturbed with the referee's count now. Allen pulls Foley up and nails a jawbreaker. Foley hunched over as Allen is laid out on his back and it looks as if Allen is going to beat Foley to his feet.] CONLON: Foley with a reversal! JACKSON: It ain't pretty, but it's effective and now chewing gum will be tough for the hemotoxin member! CONLON: Iris Galiver slamming her hands on the canvas in disapproval. JACKSON: Yeah, I don't wanna know why jaw movement is an issue for her. Yikes! [Caleb Foley sees Allen standing and takes off runnign toward him, leaping and performing his handspring cutter that gets a massive eruption from the crowd.] CONLON: AIR DUBLIN!!!! FOLEY NAILED IT OUT OF NOWHERE!!! JACKSON: NOOOOO!!! CONLON: The cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: I cannot belive this!!! CONLON: Caleb Foley has defeated the Jester! What a finish! JACKSON: Nobody saw that coming, but he took the shot when he needed to. Had he not gone for it there, I think Allen would have blasted the Last Laugh on him without question! [Foley gets to his feet and has his arm raised as the fans cheer him loudly!] CONLON: Caleb Foley with a big victory here on Showdown! JACKSON: It is about time he looked like his former self. Now will he step up and answer what happened to him at Survival? CONLON: That might be another story, Pepper! JACKSON: Yeah with Chase Williams, it always is! [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The scene shows the backstage area where Frank Anthony slowly sways in place. Around the corner steps "El Patron" Felix Sandoval, dressed in a white polo shirt and white pants, with gold chains as usual. He walks up to Anthony and taps him on the shoulder. When Frank turns around, his eyes are bloodshot, and in his left jeans pocket is a neck of a plastic liquor bottle.] Sandoval: Hola, my wild and crazy friend. Anthony: Huh? Sandoval: I think I have a proposition for you, but I need to get to know you a little bit before I make up my mind. Do you have a minute to chat? Anthony: I don't think I owe ya' money. Sure. [Felix nods and continues on.] Sandoval: As you know I have a great opportunity to become a world champion thanks to the ultimate rumble. Anthony: A World Tag Team champion. Sandoval: Yes, but still a world championship level opportunity to say the least. Why do people keep pointing the fact that it is a tag team title out to me? [He shakes his head in disgust.] Sandoval: Anyway, I am out learning a few things about men I think could complement me on this journey. And you? [He looks him over again before grinning widely.] Sandoval: You are a very unpredictable mang. Nobody ever seem to know exactly what you will do at any given time. That can be an asset in the right opportunities. My question is whether that is really you, or just an act? [Frank reaches into his pants pocket. He stretches out an arm with a plastic liquor bottle. It's empty. He tosses it behind him, over his right shoulder. He opens his mouth wide and breathes on Felix...who...grimaces.] Sandoval: Do you know much about tag team wrestling? Anthony: Welp. That's how I made a living for most of my career. Junya Kontani and I, my brother David before that, we were the Kings of Hardcore. Won some titles. Spilled some blood. Gave and attained PTSD. It was a lot of fun. Haven't met anybody worth a (BLEEP) enough to do it again. Sandoval: What would be your interest in such an opportunity as this? I realize that being the second fiddle in a tag team with the greatest wrestler on television today could be a problem for one's ego. However, a common goal like this involves all of us swallow our pride for the chance at glory. So what would be your interest, Senor Anthony? Anthony: I'd say it's simple. You give me this shot? And I still don't owe you a damn thing. Whether we win or lose, I don't really know you from any other mean streak I've come across in my three decades playing this game. You're gonna have psychopaths like the Dominion coming after us...and who knows who else. Chase Williams? "Playboy" Ronnie D or Ken Curtis? Sure, let's say we take out the Soldiers of the Sun...that don't mean I know you'll have my back. And if you want the truth, I'll give it to ya. [Frank's eyes, glossy throughout his talk, come into iron focus, locking into Sandoval's.] Anthony: Do I look like the kind of man you can trust? [Sandoval walks away with a shaking of the head.] Sandoval: I don't know if trust is as vital as sheer brutality in this venture. I'm not sure you have what it takes, but I will let you know of my decision later tonight. [He exits as Anthony looks on with a strange look on his face.] Anthony: Sonuvabitch. [Frank spits on the ground, gritting yellowing teeth.] [Fade out.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Sandoval continues to search for a partner, this time seemingly striking out with Frank Anthony. SMITH: He will find one. Somebody will see the potential of riding his coattails to some titles and take him up on it. I would, but I'm retired. CHANEY: Maybe he should look at Caleb Foley! The Celtic Crippler looked pretty good out there against Chad Allen. SMITH: He had it working for the first time in awhile. CHANEY: Foley's star may be back on the rise, Gorilla, and you have to think that he has a chance to shine yet again. SMITH: You never run out of chances in this business, at least until you get a lot older and less agile. CHANEY: Speaking of young and agile, our next match includes the surprising Ricky Courage, who was an ironman like no other at Survival. SMITH: You can say that again. He wasn't just a great performer in the Ultimate Rumble, entering at number three, but he also wrestled almost every second of the Tag Title Fatal Four way and led his team to victory. CHANEY: Those belts are with them because of what he was able to do. Oh to be young again and have that kind of stamina, huh Gorilla? SMITH: You got that right. CHANEY: The tag champs square off against the Down South Connection. Morlock and Allen have had big mouths since coming to UPW and now they get to test themselves against the champs. SMITH: A good showing here could move them to the top of the list in the rankings. CHANEY: Let's see what happens as the Soldiers of the Sun take on Down South Connection! Roll the footage!

[As we join the match already in progress, Kenneth Morlock has STRIKER Kato scooped up in his arms.] CONLON: It was just moments ago that "The Expert" Matt Allen put a stop to the tag team champions' momentum earlier in this match by catching Kato with that power slam. JACKSON: Tag team champions.. How.. How are we supposed to get used to these LOSERS being the tag team champions! We are living in some kind of BIZARRO world! [Morlock jaws at Titan Juarez outside the ring before bringing Kato down across his knee with a backbreaker!] CONLON: The Down South Connection really going after the back of the veteran from Osaka here! JACKSON: What a nice way to put that, Stan. "Veteran"? This guy is old enough to be Father Time just about! CONLON: He is younger than I am, Pepper. JACKSON: I did say "just about". Of course you're the oldest fart in the building, Stan! [Ricky Courage on the apron looks anxious to get in the ring as Morlock makes a tag to the MASSIVE Matt Allen who comes in with a BIG stomp to the back of Kato before driving his knee down into the back and pulling up on a shoulder to cause more suffering to the back.] JACKSON: Check out my man, The Expert, here! Using all that weight and size advantage to stretch this old fogey's spine like a rubber band! CONLON: The official is asking Kato if he wants to submit but the Japanese fighter refuses. JACKSON: The old guy should tap out or he may not get to spend too much time with those belts they stole from- CONLON: Soldiers of the Sun did not steal the tag team championships, Pepper. JACKSON: Are you kidding me, Stan?! Did you not see them pick the most inebriated team to go after in that match?! CONLON: Are you saying Dominion were drunk in that match? JACKSON: DOMINION?! I was talking about those goof brothers the O'Malleys! CONLON: Well, I seem to recall Soldiers of the Sun and Dominion going after each other the most in that contest. JACKSON: For shame, Stan! Distorting my honest words that drip with integrity! [Allen releases Kato from the hold and drops a forearm across the back before tagging in the King of the South, Kenny Morlock, who drops a knee on the Osakan's back.] CONLON: Kato is finding himself in a really dire situation! He needs to make a tag soon! JACKSON: Too bad for the handsome old guy his partner tonight is that snot nosed brat, Courage. [Both Titan and Ricky cheer on Kato as he struggles to get free from Morlock's grasp but the King of the South wins out and scoops up the Japanese fighter before PLANTING him on the canvas with a side slam! Courage begins stomping on the apron with his foot and gets a chant going with the crowd.] Crowd: KATO! KATO! KATO! KATO! CONLON: Listen to this crowd urge the veteran on in this fight! JACKSON: Don't you mean listen to this crowd respond to audience manipulation tactics from a former rock star's kid? CONLON: You've brought this up before, Pepper! Who is Ricky's Mom?! JACKSON: You're sounding REAL thirsty, Stan! Better hope your wife doesn't catch you Googling that later. [Morlock yells at the crowd to "SHUT UP" before running off the ropes and going for a leaping knee drop...] *THUD* [HUGE POP] CONLON: Kato rolled out of the way of that kneedrop! JACKSON: It's only because these sheep out here distracted him! [The King of the South hurries to his feet and goes to grab Kato but the Osakan dodges then leaps up when Morlock spins around..] *SMACK* *THUD* [HUGE POP] CONLON: WHAT A LEAPING HIGH KICK BY KATO! JACKSON: I'd like to make some knock on the old man but I can't.. He DROPPEd Morlock with that probably illegal kick! [With the fans going NUTS Kato grabs his back and winces before stumbling towards his corner. Morlock gets to his feet but then stumbles back down but manages to make it close enough to his corner to make a tag to Allen. The Expert scrambles in but is too late to stop Kato from tagging in Ricky!] [SUPER POP] CONLON: KATO MADE THE TAG! JACKSON: It won't matter, Stan. What is this kid going to do against a guy as big as Matt Allen?! Nothing. That's what! [Courage leaps into the ring and Allen charges with a clothesline but the rookie ducks the blow while wrapping his arms around the Expert's waist from behind. Allen chuckles and tells Ricky "You can't suplex me kid!" and then Courage plants his feet and..] *TOSS* [SUPER DUPER MASSIVE POP] CONLON: RICKY COURAGE GERMAN SUPLEXED ALLEN ACROSS THE RING! JACKSON: What the HECK?! I REALLY think something fishy is going on with this kid and his ABSURD acts of strength in UPW, Stan! [A still dazed Morlock runs into the ring only to be caught in Courage's arms before..] *TOSS* [MASSIVE WOWZA POP] CONLON: OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY RELEASE SUPLEX BY COURAGE ON MORLOCK! He's going SUPLEX wild in there! JACKSON: Suplex wild is not a REAL expression, Stan. Please NEVER utter this again! [Juarez cheers the rookie on as he stuns the rising Allen with an open handed chop to the chest before hooking the head and setting up for a vertical suplex. The big man from Little Rock, Arkansas blocks it and then grabs Courage's tights and goes for a suplex of his own... But Rick struggles free and lands behind Allen before hooking the Expert's arms from behind and..] *TOSS* *THUD* [HUGE GIANT POP] CONLON: TIGER SUPLEX NOW BY RICKY COURAGE!! He really IS going Suplex Wild! JACKSON: UGGH! This is not reality. This is not reality! [As Courage gets to his feet, Morlock begins to sneak behind the youngester but STRIKER Kato scrambles in and charges before..] *SMACK* *TUSTLE* *THUD* [HOT DANG GIANT POP] CONLON: WHAT A LEAPING SPIN KICK BY KATO! Morlock fell through the ropes to the outside like dead weight! JACKSON: That is what happens when you get KO'D by a most likely totally ILLEGAL kick, Stan! [Kato and Ricky exchange glances and then Courage pulls Allen up from behind as Kato sprints off the ropes...] *SMACK* *TOSS* *THUD* [LEAP TO THEIR FEET MASSIVE POP] CONLON: THE SUNPLEX! Ricky has the bridge on this suplex, the official going to make the count... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . . THREE!!! *DING DING DING* [HUGE POP] [Ricky pumps his fist in the air and then embraces Kato in celebration as Titan Jaurez climbs into the ring with a smile on his face.] CONLON: The NEW UPW World Tag Team Champions, Soldiers of the Sun, have won decisively here tonight against major threats, the Down South Connection! JACKSON: It's because all those possibly totally for one hundred percent sure ILLEGAL kicks by Kato and Ricky's SUSPICIOUS super strength! [As the champs celebrate in the ring we get a shot of a young handicapped fan sitting in a wheel chair along the guard railing of the entrance ramp, holding an "RICKY COURAGE IS THE BEST" poster, complete with an illustration.] CONLON: Courage sure is popular with the fans! JACKSON: I bet Kato or Titan paid this family off to hold that poster, Stan. CONLON: What?! JACKSON: Don't think I don't see through their babying of this Courage kid. They'd do ANYTHING to boost that moron's confidence except give that brat what he really needs. CONLON: And what does Ricky Courage really need in your opinion, Pepper? [Ricky sees the fan holding up the poster and lets Titan and Kato know he's going that way, which they nod at. Coruage walks up the entrance way to the kid as his partners celebrate in the ring.] JACKSON: Well he doesn't need more pats on the back! He already has a WORLD Tag Team Championship pat on the back thanks to thievery. CONLON: They didn't steal- Forget it. You're hopeless! [Courage gives the youngster a hug and then is handed a pen by the parents and with a smile and a nod he signs the fan's poster, making a dream come true for a UPW faithful. Courage hands the pen back to his fan and raises the boy's arm in the air.] [BIG POP] JACKSON: UGHH! Nauseating. [As he lets go of the boy's arm, Ricky Courage is grabbed by his free arm and yanked into the American Sickle by Tyson Bishop getting HUGE BOOS from the crowd and a boy, elated seconds ago, on the verge of tears.] CONLON: WAIT A MINUTE! Tyson Bishop is attacking Ricky Courage from out of nowhere! JACKSON: YES! YES! [Bishop is to his feet. Lance Donovan enters the scene. Bishop pulls Ricky Courage to his feet and then goes for a gutwrench and yanks the rookie up in the air...] *BOOMACLANGATHUD* [HOLY BLEEP GOOD GAWD BRUTALITY POP] CONLON: STOMPING GROUNDS! JACKSON: YESSSSSSS! CONLON: They just put Liam Donegal out of action with this move and now they've hit it on Ricky Courage.. ON THE ENTRANCE RAMP! JACKSON: Now THIS is what that snot nosed punk was needing, Stan! [Titan Juarez and STRIKER Kato become aware of what is happening altogether too late! They begin to scramble out of the ring but Bishop and Donovan are scrambling as well.. Scrambling to get the KO'd Ricky up in the air again for...] *BOOMACRACKACLANGATHUDDD* [YOU UNFORGIVABLE EVIL NO GOOD BASTARDS SEAR YOUR FACE OFF BOOS] CONLON: DEAR GOD! They've hit Ricky with A SECOND Stomping Ground on the ramp! JACKSON: Stan, just ONE of these on the floor put Donegal out of action. Ricky has eaten TWO of them here! Two on the cold unforgiving steel of that entrance ramp! [Kato and Juarez race up the ramp as quickly as they can but Dominion are already ditching the scene. STRIKER starts checking on Courage but the rookie is completely KO'd! Juarez grabs his masked head with both hands in obvious anguish. We get a shot of the young handicapped fan now openly sobbing as he clutches his autographed poster and his parents try in vain to comfort him.] CONLON: Dominion have crossed a line here tonight! They may have just ENDED the career of one of the most promising new talents in all of professional wrestling! This is UNFORGIVEABLE! JACKSON: No, Stan! This is.. INCREDIBLE! CONLON: How can you say that?! JACKSON: Easily and with my mouth! This entitled punk kid and his fairy God fathers needed to be brought right back down to reality, Stan! You want to STEAL the World Tag Team Championships and play Champions? This is what it's like! Welcome to being a champion you losers! Welcome to being hunted! [Medics come racing down the ramp as Kato desperately pleads for Ricky to open his eyes before we cut back to the studio.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Fans, this portion of UPW Showdown is brought to you by UPW SLAMFEST VI!!! SMITH: That's right! [The screen between them changes from the UPW logo, to the following image...]

[They continue speaking as you see the image.] CHANEY: This June all roads culminate with the biggest pay-per-view that UPW has each and every year! Slamfest Six will come to you live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California! SMITH: It is promising to be a great event, and no doubt this event will continue the high standard we have set in UPW! CHANEY: You got that right, Gorilla! So make plans to join us June for some great UPW action and watch history unfold! [The PPV logo fades quickly and the screen returns to show our announcers.] SMITH: Looks like the Soldiers will be ready next Showdown to take on Sandoval and whomever he finds. CHANEY: Should be interesting. They look strong again tonight despite being tested by the Connection. SMITH: Those guys are rough and tough, but in the end, it is hard to combat true skill and courage. CHANEY: You said it, Gorilla. And speaking of courage, the winner of the Ultimate Rumble came out prior to his match in the main event and shared a few words. Let's take a look at what Glenn Chambers had to share with the Denver crowd!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] ["Wretches and Kings" by Linkin Park begins to be heard over the loud speaker as the fans erupt in cheers. Glenn Chambers steps out from behind the curtain, wearing his maroon singlet and black boots.] #Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey# #Feel alone, final blow# #We, the animals, take control# #Hear us now, clear and tall# #Wretches and kings, we come for you# [Glenn walks down the aisle and gets high fives from the crowd, They love him as he slaps their hands and makes his way to the ring.] #Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey# #Feel alone, final blow# #We, the animals, take control# #Hear us now, clear and tall# #Wretches and kings, we come for you# #Still alone, fight our blow# #Filthy animals beat down low# #Steel and bone, black and blue# #Run at the sunshine, we come for you# [CHambers enters the ring and holds his arms up tot he crowd as they give him a massive ovation. The music finally dies down and Glenn is handed a microphone from one of the staffers at ringside.] Chambers: What's up, Denver! [Massive cheap pop.] Chambers: These past few months have been the toughest of my entire career. That is saying something because way back in TTW, I actually got fired in one of those rumbles! But that didn't happen this time! [He shakes his head.] Chambers: This time, I managed to win the whole thing and I want to thank each and every one of you for cheering me on as I fought through to pull it off! It is such an honor to stand here tonight as the Ultimate Rumble winner. [He is interrupted as the "You deserve this!" chant echoes throughout the arena. Glenn seems moved by it as he lowers the microphone and soaks it in.] CONLON: The fans telling him how much they appreciate him! What a moment for Glenn Chambers! JACKSON: He resonates with the fans, I'll give him that. [Glenn raises the microphone back up.] Chambers: I survived my battle in the cage, and won the war in the rumble. And I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you! So again, thank you! [The cheers are almost deafening.] Chambers: Now, by winning the rumble. That means something very special. It means I get my shot! [He nods.] Chambers: That's right! You know what that means? [He holds his hand up as high as he can and begins nodding to the crowd.] Chambers: I get my shot against the big fellah! The champ! Big D, himself! [He drops the arm as the fans clamor.] Chambers: You all have stayed by my side through it all. The highs and the lows. You were with me with tweets and e-mails wishing DJ well when he was in the hospital, and you have been there congratulating me after the rumble was over. For all that you have blessed me with, I say "thank you" with all my heart. [He pauses as the crowd cheers loudly.] Chambers: I don't stand out here and pretend to be the greatest speaker the ring has ever known. But when I do speak, you know it is from the heart. I don't try to be something I'm not. I don't try to force myself into positions I don't belong. [He pauses while grinning.] Chambers: I come out here night after night and step through these ropes because it is who I am and what I was born to do. [He points to the crowd.] Chambers: I do it for each and every one of you out there. I do it for the kids who need a role model! [The screen flashes to a picture of a little kid wearing a Chambers T-shirt and then back to Glenn in the ring.] Chambers: And because of that I need you with me as tonight is the first test on my road to Slamfest. Tonight I get to face a former champion. I face a veteran with a mean streak. I face Chase Williams. [Boos come from the crowd.] Chambers: And I know what people are saying, right Pepper? [He looks down at the announce table.] Chambers: I've heard ya talking, man. [Glenn fixes his eyes back to the hard camera.] Chambers: Williams is bigger than me. He has more experience than me. He has a championship pedigree and I really don't. And I can't disagree to any of that. I can't! [His eyebrows go up for a second.] Chambers: He IS bigger than me. He HAS been around longer than I have. He HAS won World Titles elsewhere why I have been lucky to hold a TV title years ago. But Chase Williams doesn't have everything that I have. [He pounds his free fist into his chest.] Chambers: He doesn't have my heart. He doesn't have my desire. [Again pointing to the crowd.] Chambers: And he doesn't have YOU! [Massive crowd pop.] Chambers: You want to call this a real test to see if I am truly worthy to go after Derek Rage? You want to make this an obstacle? Then tonight I will overcome it just like I have overcome everything else that has stood before me. [The crowd begins feeling the ramp up.] Chambers: Tonight, here in Denver, Colorado, we rise! So Chase Williams, GET OUT HERE!!! [He throws down the microphone as the fans cheer for the start ofthe match as the screen fades out.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: And that is how Glenn Chambers warmed up the crowd for that main event with Chase Williams! SMITH: Both of these guys are looking to prove they belong near the top. Chambers has the secure title shot at Slamfest, but Williams can make a case for a shot of his own if he wins convincingly enough! CHANEY: Fans, we are running a little short on time tonight, so we're going to show the main event footage and then close the show. We hope you enjoy the main event! SMITH: How could they not? Chambers against WIlliams! CHANEY: One man will stand tall! Let's see how it all worked out!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Glenn Chambers holding a waist lock on the taller Chase Williams. Williams reaches down and grabs Glenn, lifting him with a gut wrench lift and dropping him with a suplex finish.] CONLON: GUTWRENCH SUPLEX BY WILLIAMS!!! JACKSON: Chase WIlliams is proving that he can stand in there with a grappling wizard like Chambers and come out on top. CONLON: Being six-foot, seven is a good thing too, I'd say. JACKSON: Like the troll doll says, "you can't teach that." Height is the great equalizer in all things, especially inside the wrestling ring. [Williams pulls Chambers up, but immediately grabs him for a snap suplex as the crowd boos the larger man. Chase steps over and grabs Chambers' legs, putting his feet in a position behind the ankles and then grabbing the arms and rolling back into a nasty surfboard submission hold.] CONLON: CHASE WILLIAMS WITH A SURFBOARD SUBMISSION!!! HE'S PULLING OUT ALL THE STOPS! JACKSON: And with the height advantage, that makes this hold extremely painful on Chambers. He may have to tap! CONLON: Glenn Chambers is not the sort to give in easily, Pepper. JACKSON: That may be so, but I don't think he has been stretched the way Chase is stretching him right now. [Chase uses his longer arms and legs to really stretch this submission as hard as he can, making Chambers yell out in pain as the crowd begins to chant for him to get out of the hold. The referee asks if he submits, but Glenn refuses in mid-scream.] CONLON: Chambers refusing to submit, but Williams really has him in a rough spot! JACKSON: Chase Williams is a much more accomplished wrestler than people give him credit for. Most see him as a brawling big man, the typical arch type.....but he can go in there and he is proving it. CONLON: And Glenn is feeling every bit of it as he gets stretched to his limit. JACKSON: And possibly beyond! Look at how strained the abs and stomach area are! But it is working the shoulders and chest too! [You can see the strain on the entire middle torso of Glenn Chambers as Williams' face is a picture of concentration as he shakes and pulls ever harder on the hold. The referee asks again, and again Glenn refuses to give in. Williams begins taunting him and saying better men than Chambers have failed against him.] CONLON: The "Conceited Bastard" showing why he gets the name as he is just taunting Chambers in the hold. JACKSON: You didn't expect him to stay quiet when he is so thoroughly dominating the rumble winner, did you? He's going to tell how great he is doing to everybody that will listen. CONLON: He's just adding salt to the wound, Pepper. JACKSON: To the victor goes the spoils and the ability to brag about it! [Chambers begins railing his head side to side, and the fans erupt in cheers for him as it looks like he is nearing the end of his rope against this hold. Finally we see the two men begin tilting a bit back and forth as Chambers is obviously trying to shift the momentum and escape.] CONLON: Chambers is trying to move and escape, but I don't know if he can get the hold tipped far enough. JACKSON: That is the only bad part about the surfboard - your entire body is used in maintaining the hold, so you can't steady yourself as well. CONLON: Glenn is getting closer and the fans are right behind him. JACKSON: And yet not a single one can reach in and help him. Voices may carry desire, but it means nothing of consequence in that ring! [Finally Chambers manages to get the hold tipping over far enough that he causes Chase to lose grip on the upper arm and Glenn escapes the hold and lunges to grab the bottom rope. The referee calls for the full break and Chase Williams slides back out of the hold.] CONLON: CHAMBERS ESCAPED THE HOLD!!! HE DID IT!!! JACKSON: At what cost? The man has been wretched from shoulder to knees! CONLON: Chambers wrestled in college and knows how to take a stretching and continue on. JACKSON: Knowing what you did years ago doesn't mean you can do it against one of the most downright deadly men in this sport. [Williams up to his feet as he stalks over to Chambers, who still has not stood up yet, and stomps on Chambers' stomach. He seems to get a sick enjoyment of this as he laughs loudly while stomping Chambers again.] CONLON: CHASE WILLIAMS STOMPING AWAY ON GLENN CHAMBERS!!! JACKSON: And he is connecting right where he should - the stomach and ribs! Perfect strategy by the bigger man and it is going to really hamper Chambers from here on out! CONLON: Williams has been clamoring to prove himself against those in world title contention for weeks! JACKSON: And now you know why he belongs! Look at what he is doing in there, Stan! [Williams reaches and pulls Chambers up to his feet, immediately setting up and performing a vertical suplex back to the center of the ring. Williams rolls through and keeps hold of Chambers, standing again and lifting Glenn high into the air and holding him up there for the arena to see his strength clearly.] CONLON: VERTICAL SUPLEX AND THEN HE RAISES HIM BACK FOR ANOTHER!!! JACKSON: LOOK AT THE POWER OF CHASE WILLIAMS!!! [Finally Williams drops the suplex flush in the center of the ring again and sits up with his arms held out wide in arrogance.] CONLON: BIG TIME VERTICAL SUPLEX BY WILLIAMS!!! LOOK AT THE EGO ON HIM! JACKSON: If people are saying you have too much of an ego, then you probably have a pretty damn good reason to have one in the first place! [Williams stands slowly, taking in the jeers of the crowd as he goes over to pull Chambers up from the canvas. Glenn Chambers suddenly grabs the arm and rolls through into a small package.] CONLON: SMALL PACKAGE BY CHAMBERS!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHH............WILLIAMS KICKS OUT!!! JACKSON: The man cannot be taken down by a cheap roll up! Chambers ought to know better! CONLON: And Williams should not have opened that door even in the slightest! A man like Chambers can take advantage of it easily! JACKSON: I'll give you that. It is the one place where Chase's ego can be a problem. [Williams gets to his feet quickly after kicking out and drops a knee into the shoulder of Glenn Chambers. Then he kicks Chambers in the back between the shoulder blades. The fans are erupting in boos.] CONLON: Chase Williams again kicking at Glenn Chambers. JACKSON: If it isn't broke, then don't go worrying about fixing it. CONLON: Nice of you to use a phrase we have all heard before, Pepper. JACKSON: I try to use a few down-home, redneck-isms every now and then. Keeps people interested even if it makes me feel like I need to wash my mouth out with soap! [Chase pulls Chambers up and performs a high impact legsweep STO into the close turnbuckle. Before Chambers can even finish the impact of the move, Williams follows with a shining wizard in the corner that drops Chambers to the mat.] CONLON: PRICE OF FAME!!! WILLIAMS CONNECTS AND COVERS!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE........NOOOOOOOO!!!!! CHAMBERS GETS HIS SHOULDER UP!!! JACKSON: So close! This shows just how close Williams is to winning this match! CONLON: Glenn Chambers is no easy finish, that is for sure as he just proved. JACKSON: I'm certain that Chase will give him a "Moment of Clarity" very soon. CONLON: Now Williams seems upset at the referee about the count. JACKSON: This isn't a smart move, Chase! [Williams is not happy that the match is still ongoing. He gets to his feet, towering over the referee, and begins talking down to him as a servant. The referee just continues to hold up two fingers to get his point across, but Williams' anger continues.] CONLON: The referee continues to hold his ground that it was only a two count. JACKSON: Chase won't win that battle, and most guys don't. All it leads to is the opponent getting time to catch his breath and recoup. Not a smart move. CONLON: I can't believe that you would say something like that, Pepper. Especially with how vocal you have been in support of him. JACKSON: When someone makes a major strategic blunder, I have to point it out, even if I think the guy was right. In this case, he opened himself up and I just hope he can keep the damage minimal! [Chase finally turns from the referee and pulls CHambers to his feet. He whips Glenn across the ring and into the corner with such force that Chambers awkwardly flipped over the turnbuckle and ended up on the ring apron. Williams rushes at him, but Chambers blocks the punch and grabs Williams' head, dropping him with a hot shot over the top rope as the crowd erupts in cheers.] CONLON: HOT SHOT BY CHAMBERS AS HE DROPS CHASE RIGHT OVER TEH TOP ROPE!! JACKSON: He dropped his NECK over that top rope and that alone should be a disqualification! CONLON: That has never been deemed an offense worthy of ending a match in the history of the sport! Why call for it now? JACKSON: Because the height he dropped Chase onto the rope from could have crushed his throat and possibly KILLED HIM!!! Chase's very life could be at stake and we should protect our talent! [Chambers, standing at ringside, shakes the cobwebs out of his head before sliding back into the ring just as Williams is getting back to his feet. Chase sees Chambers and takes off running at him, Glenn dodges the longer arms and grabs Williams by the waist, lifting him into the air and dropping him face-first into the top turnbuckle.] CONLON: SNAKE EYES ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!! Chambers is going for it all now! JACKSON: He is showing a lot of energy after taking the beating he has so far. CONLON: Chambers has all sorts of stamina, he proved that by being the iron man of the rumble match AND winning it as well! JACKSON: Keep throwing that in everybody's face. It won't get old at all! [Williams staggers out of the corner and into the arm of Glenn Chambers for a Tiger Suplex. The fans are going nuts chanting for Chambers at the top of their lungs. Chambers drops a standing elbow drop on the chest of the big man.] CONLON: ELBOW DROP BY CHAMBERS!!! HE COVERS!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRR..........NO!!! WILLIAMS KICKS OUT!!! JACKSON: You can't take down a big dog like Chase Williams with a freaking elbow drop! Chambers is not a novice that makes a mistake like that! What is with you, man! CONLON: Maybe he is tired and just wants to try and get this one over. JACKSON: That isn't going to do it. Williams' mother could have kicked out of the elbow drop! [Chambers pulls Williams to his feet and grabs him from behind for a German Suplex, however Williams throws a fast elbow to escape and Chambers ducks the elbow and grabs Chase by the knees, flipping him down to the canvas and quickly using the momentum to turn the big man over into a Boston Crab.] CONLON: CHAMBERS AVOIDS THE ELBOW AND NOW HAS THE BOSTON CRAB LOCKED ON THE BIG MAN!!! JACKSON: That was fast and furious! Both men looked like they were about to do something big and then suddenly Chase is on the mat. CONLON: That is the skill Glenn Chambers has at his disposal, Pepper! JACKSON: It helps to be shorter than Williams! The knees were much closer to grab! [The fans are cheering Chambers at every turn as he strains to lean back on the crab hold. Chase Williams is visibly hurting from the hold as the referee asks him if he gives in. Chambers responds with an emphatic no.] CONLON: Chambers is doing all he can to cause some stretching in the legs and back of Williams. JACKSON: He will have to work really hard because the extra few inches in height gives Chase a real chance to survive the hold! CONLON: This isn't about winning, so much as slowing the big man down and taking away some of his arsenal. JACKSON: Like that will matter when he gets back to his feet. [Glenn wrenches back as far as he can on the hold. So far that the back of his head is almost toughing the back of Chase's head. The referee stands at the ready, consistently and constantly asking Chase if he gives.] CONLON: Chambers really pulling back on those legs. Williams' feet are not very far from his shoulders! JACKSON: Well he isn't a Chinese gymnast, so this really isn't the position Chase wants to be in. CONLON: I can't blame him, it looks painful. JACKSON: My guess is that it IS painful, Stan. The fact Williams is reacting to it at all says it is painful. [The height of Williams proves to be helpful for him as Chambers yanks even further back and he realizes how close his head is. Chase takes his arms behind his head and wraps them around the chin of Chambers. He begins pulling upward to try and force the break.] CONLON: WILLIAMS REACHES BACK AND GRABS THE CHIN AND NECK OF CHAMBERS!!! JACKSON: Look at the flexibility of the big man! That takes a lot of strength to pull off and do it strong enough to break the hold! [As Glenn's eyes begin to bug out, we see him finally let go of the hold and both men end up laying on the mat, spent from the exchange.] CONLON: THE HOLD IS BROKEN!!! WILLIAMS DID IT!!! JACKSON: Both men are down though. CONLON: They expended a ton of energy there and I think both men have thrown it all in the ring tonight. JACKSON: That is what it takes to be elite within UPW, Stan. That is what makes UPW the best and why CHase WIlliams will rise from this test when it is finished! [Both men slowly try to get to their feet as the referee begins the obligatory ten count when both men are down in the ring. Chambers grabs the middle rope and begins pulling as Chase finally pushes himself up to a knee.] CONLON: These two men are giving it their all in this main event! JACKSON: And it is more than a match as Chambers is looking to prove what he has become in UPW is no fluke and Williams is seeking to prove he rightfully belongs in the title conversation! CONLON: Both men are proving that they are worthy superstars of the squared circle, Pepper! JACKSON: And Williams is first to his feet! This could be bad for Chambers! [Williams is first to his feet, landing a big boot to the face of Chambers, who had just gotten to his knee. Williams looks focused and makes the signal that the "Moment of Clarity" is about to occur.] CONLON: He signals and this could be it! JACKSON: No way CHambers kicks out if he hits the "Moment of Clarity!" CONLON: A big man with a big finish always find his mark in the ring. Chambers need to get his head back in the match pronto! JACKSON: Maybe too late, Stan! [Chase pulls Chambers to his feet and sets up for his supernatural piledriver finisher, but Chambers escapes it and lands on his feet, grabbing Williams for a snap DDT that gets a massive pop from the crowd.] CONLON: CHAMBERS ESCAPES THE LIFT AND LANDS ON HIS FEET!!! JACKSON: NOOOOO!!!!! [Using all his adrenaline that he has left, Chambers gets to his feet and quickly grabs WIlliams up and into position, lifting him for a spinning sitout power bomb as the crowd explodes.] CONLON: "LOCKED AND LOADED!!!" CHAMBERS MANAGED TO CONNECT WITH IT!!! THE PIN!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: HOW IN THE HELL DID HE DO THAT?!?!?! CONLON: Glenn Chambers managed to pin the bigger man yet again and the fans are going crazy for him here in Denver! JACKSON: Chase Williams had this match won. It was his and his alone, and in the blink of an eye, Glenn Chambers managed to escape Chase's grasp and deliver his sitout power bomb for the win! What a shocking finish! [The fans erupt as Chambers gets the pinfall, but Williams gets to his feet and stares down the referee before suddenly leveling Chambers with a clothesline. The referee tries to step between them, but Williams grabs him and throws him over the top rope and to the floor.] CONLON: CHASE WILLIAMS IS ANGRY! JACKSON: He is more than angry! He's PISSED OFF!!! That referee just flew to the floor and that is not a good sign for Glenn Chambers. He may pay an awful price for this win, Stan. CONLON: Where is security? This needs stopped before the rumble winner is hurt. JACKSON: And Williams is out of the ring now and not leaving. He's looking for a weapon! Chambers' days are numbered, folks! [Chase steps over the top rope and exits the ring, but only to grab a steel chair from ringside. He throws it in the ring and then slides in after it. He raises it and blasts Chambers across the back with it before setting it down and pulling Chambers to his feet.] CONLON: CHAIR SHOT FROM CHASE WILLIAMS!!! CHAMBERS IS DOWN AGAIN!!! JACKSON: And he should stay down too! CONLON: I think Williams is looking to deliver the "Moment of Clarity" on that steel chair! JACKSON: Oh good lord! Chambers' neck may be damaged beyond repair. One positive note is that we may have a new announce person once his neck is repaired. [Williams sets up for his supernatural piledriver on the chair, but before he can fully lift Chambers up the crowd erupts as Caleb Foley slides into the ring and chop blocks Williams from behind. Chase lets go of Chambers and crumbles to a knee himself.] CONLON: CALEB FOLEY IS OUT HERE!!! HE JUST TOOK CHASE'S KNEE OUT!!! JACKSON: GET HIM OUT OF HERE NOW!!! WHERE IS SECURITY?!?!?!? CONLON: This is payback for the sneak attack at Survival, I'm certain of it! JACKSON: Well he picked a fine time to show back up, didn't he? Caleb Foley getting involved where he isn't wanted or needed! Get him out of there! [Foley grabs that steel chair and blasts WIlliams in the back once as the crowd erupts. Then he does it a second time. Williams doesn't fall, but stands to his feet and turns around to face his attacker. Foley goes to hit him again, but Chase grabs the chair in mid swing and the two start grappling with the chair.] CONLON: NOW THEY FIGHT OVER THE STEEL CHAIR!!! JACKSON: The man who gets hold of that chair will gain the victory between them. Williams is bigger and stronger. CONLON: But Foley has revenge in his heart and mind, and that can make a man achieve many things, Pepper. JACKSON: HOLY MOLY THERE THEY GO OUT OF THE RING!!! [The chair flies out of the equation as Williams kicks Foley low. Foley grabs WIlliams and both men go backward with a lot of force, flipping over the top rope and to the ringside floor. They begin trading punches and never letting go of each other even as they roll over the guard barrier and start up the aisle between rows of fans.] CONLON: THEY ARE BATTLING IN THE RINGSIDE SEATS!!! Where is security when you need them?!?! JACKSON: The people are getting in the way as these two keep pounding at each other. No love loss here for sure! [Security rushes to the seats and begins separating the two men as the screen switches to show Glenn Chambers standing in the ring.] CONLON: Glenn Chambers raises his arm as the referee is not there to raise it for him. JACKSON: Not only that, but he is trying to distract attention from the brawl heading to the backstage area. CONLON: What a victory for Glenn Chambers tonight, folks! He is once again standing tall on the brightest stage in UPW! JACKSON: You have to hand it to him as he really fought his way out of several trouble spots tonight. ["Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" by Public Enemy suddenly starts playing as Velvet Sims emerges onto the stage. He is dressed in a purple suit with a purple fedora tilted at a jaunty angle across his brow. Right behind him is the UPW World Heavyweight Champion, Derek Rage.] CONLON: AND NOW WE HAVE AN EVEN BIGGER TROUBLE SPOT, PEPPER!!! JACKSON: BIG D! Derek Rage is making his way to the ring and the fans are going nuts booing this guy! [The make their way down to the ring as Chambers stands alone. The fans are booing, but much of it is overrun by the sound of the music.] CONLON: Rage is taking the moment of victory from Chambers and the fans definitely do not like it. JACKSON: It won't be the last moment Rage takes from him if these two do meet at Slamfest. CONLON: The fans are getting quiet. Let's listen in to what is being said here. JACKSON: Shut up Stan! They don't have microphones in there! I want to hear! [Sims and Rage enter the ring, the World Title resting comfortably on the left shoulder of the seven-foot monster. He walks up slowly to stand right in front of Glenn Chambers. He stares down at him with no emotion whatsoever shown on his face. Chambers looks up at him, with as much fortitude as he can muster. Sims standing behind them with his arms held out wide as if presenting a clash of titans.] CROWD: This is awesome! This is awesome! [No words are said as Rage looks up slowly to the rafters and the Slamfest logo hanging overhead. Glenn Chambers looks up as well.] [The two men take their gaze off the sign in the rafters and back to each other. Rage's face gains a sadistic look as he taps the belt on his shoulder with his left hand. Chambers nods as the fan chants get even louder.] JACKSON: OH IT IS ON NOW!!! CONLON: The gauntlet is thrown and the title is on the line! Rage versus Chambers for the UPW WOrld Heavyweight Title at Slamfest! [Fade to black.]

[The screen with the announcers fades into a screen that has the first picture listed below in it. The still change as the credits roll. "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool begins playing in the background as the following set of stills recapping the night's action begins to roll.] [Picture still of Tripp Skylark in mid air with his new corkscrew shooting star press finisher.] [Picture still of Dominion attacking Brandon Franklin during his entrance.] [Picture still of Windham Brody lifting the TV Title up high.] [Picture still of Dominion standing tall after their victory.] [Picture still of John Herdick celebrating his victory over Percy Monroe.] [Picture still of Rick Styles hitting Aaron Lewis from behind with his brass knuckles.] [Picture still of the Soldiers of the Sun getting the victory in their tag team match.] [Picture still of Caleb Foley dropping the "Air Dublin" on CHad Allen.] [Picture still of Glenn Chambers hitting the "Locked and Loaded" on Chase Williams.] [Picture still of the stare down between Derek Rage and Glenn Chambers with the Slamfest sign in the background.] © 2017 UPW, Inc. LEAGUE WEBSITE: http://www.ultimateprowrestling.fwrestling.com/ LEAGUE MAILING LIST: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Official_UPW/info LEAGUE TWITTER: @UPW_Official