[The black screen is still showing as slowly an instrumental version of "Tear Away" by
Drowning Pool begins fading up as the show logo pops onto the screen ...]

["Tear Away" continues to play and now at the chorus, the words are heard, as pictures of Ultimate Pro Wrestling stars are shown. The pictures come up looking like baseball cards, and the pictures stack on top of one another, until all of the UPW stars have been shown.] ["Cards" of Brandon Franklin, John Herdick, and Liam Donegal are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Antonio De Luca, "Jester" Chad Allen with Iris Galiver, and Felix Sandoval are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Jeff Keenan, Soldiers of the Sun, and Glenn Chambers are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Aaron Lewis, The Warriors, and Chase Williams are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ..... ### [Suddenly, the music stops and the "cards" explode with video pyro and a HUGE bang! "Shrapnel" from the "cards" fill the screen until it is a big jumbled mess.] [When the mess clears, we see a studio that looks similar to those used by sports shows and other sporting related news editions. There is a large, tan desk with the letters 'UPW" put forth matching the company logo on the website on the front of it. As the screen pans back, we see two men at the desk. Sitting to one side is UPW announcer Eric Chaney and to his left is the co-host, Robert "The Gorilla" Smith.] [Chaney is wearing a dark blue "UPW" polo shirt and has his dark hair slicked back, looking as "GQ" as humanly possible. Robert is wearing his usual denim shirt and a confident grin on his face. Chaney's smile widens as he finally begins to speak.] CHANEY: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME TO UPW SHOWDOWN!!! As always, I'm your host Eric Chaney and with me is the ever-interesting tag team legend and "Master of the Battle Royal" Robert "The Gorilla" Smith! Great to have you here tonight, my friend. SMITH: It is good to be here and this night already boasts at least one new UPW Champion being crowned and the potential for three! CHANEY: This is why Showdown is becoming a magnet for the best and brightest in the squared circle! SMITH: Makes me wish I was fifteen years younger, that is for sure. CHANEY: I'd like to jump into the conversation about this special one-night tournament, Gorilla, but the festivities had a special beginning from a man who always wants the spotlight directly on him. SMITH: (in a grumpy tone) Styles.... CHANEY: You guessed it! SMITH: This guy has tried and tried to do everything he can to get to that World Title without trying to really earn it, and it has all backfired. God only knows what he is going to say now. CHANEY: Well let's find out, as the great people of Auburn Hills, Michigan piled into The Palace and sold out Showdown! The moment the lights got turned on....well, let's just head to the tape and you all can see for yourselves! Roll it!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] ["All I do is win" blasts through the arena. UPW's top valets, Ralph and Erin step through the curtain. They are followed by "Top Dog" Rick Styles, who is sporting his brand new "Top Dog above all" t-shirt (now available on the UPW website or at arenas near you). Erin strolls up the ring steps and holds the bottom and middle rope open as Styles steps through. Ralph enters the ring and hands the microphone to the "Top Dog" as the music dies down.] Rick Styles: At Survival, I have THE HONOR AND PRIVILAGE of facing one of GREATEST talents I've ever been fortunate enough to face. I FINALLY get to square off, one on one, with Jeff Keening!! Everyone, APPLAUD! [Ralph whispers in Styles' ear.] Rick Styles: Keenan, right. I get to face Jeff Keenan. This is going to be the GREATEST confrontation in my entire career, it is WAY better than the Ultimate title match I was in line to gain. In fact, when I look at all of the legends I have faced...Alex Adams, Robski, Chris Tyler, Jeff Matthews, Alex Martinez, even Jason Keening...NONE OF THEM compare to the intense motivation I have to defeat JEFF KEENAN. That's right, THIS is the confrontation of my life, the battle everyone has waited DECADES to see. [Styles lunges towards the ropes and points a finger down the ramp, to the backstage area.] Rick Styles: There, DOES THAT MAKE YOU ALL HAPPY NOW? Does that count as playing nice and giving you what you want? Good, I hope you're all ecstatic. After all, the way I became a multi-time world champion and hall of famer was by playing nice and making all of YOU back there happy! [The crowd lets off a loud heel pop.] Rick Styles: In all seriousness, just like with every major show he's been a part of, Survival isn't about Jeff Keenan. Yes, I have to face that small fed never-was...and don't worry, fans, I am not dismissing Jeff Keenan...he has about...mmm.... TEN percent of my attention. Of course, ten percent of my attention is more than enough. Believe me, I have a little surprise for Jeff Keenan that will help put an end to his nonsense. [Styles exchanges a glance with Erin, who covers her laugh with a hand.] Rick Styles: BUT, just like all of you, Jeff Keenan is NOT the reason I am looking forward to Survival. There's another important match taking place that night. Although I am being denied my rightful UPW championship match THIS TIME...(because, apparently, the UPW doesn't care about ratings, buy rates, YOU fans in the arena and at home, etc, etc...) FRET NOT, because another opportunity presents itself later that night. Let me make it official right now... " T O P D O G " R I C K S T Y L E S I S E N T E R I N G T H E U L T I MA T E R U M B L E ! ! ! [Momentary pause for applause.] Rick Styles: Needless to say, UPW may as well change the name to the "Rick Styles Rumble," because once my number comes up and I am in there, I will be tossing EVERYONE ELSE over the top rope. Then, as others enter the ring, I'll be tossing them over as well...and this will continue until Rick Styles STANDS ALONE! My apologies if this news discourages other UPW talent from entering the rumble, but honestly, there's no reason for any of you to show up, the rumble isn't about you, anyway. Now, originally, THIS is where I was going to stop, let my music hit and walk on out of here. HOWEVER, something came up. I recently received an interesting message a few days ago that I took the liberty of printing off my computer and bringing with me. I would like to share this interesting message with all of you...just don't tell anybody about it, okay? [Styles motions to Ralph, who holds up a folded piece of paper and a pair of thin reading glasses. He hands the glasses to Rick, who places them on his face. Yeah, it sucks getting older. ] Rick Styles: Let's see what we have here... [Styles unfolds the paper and brings it up to his face to read... >Hey, (redacted) aka "Top Dog" Rick Styles, Rick Styles: Nice friendly greeting. (smirks) Hey to YOU, too! >It seems your controversial "style" gets massive heat throughout this fed, Rick Styles: Why, yes, thank you for noticing. I've noticed it, too. So...what do you want? >so how about another big controversial play? >I'm looking for something major for the title match at Survival. What if Rick Styles were to show up for the match and lend a hand? Help me out >here and I promise we will work out Rick Styles getting either the next title match or one down the line. Rick Styles: You know, I can respect this. Someone's trying to get an upper hand and make an impact. That's EXACTLY what we're here to do. And, who better to seek out than the "Top Dog" himself? I'd like to hear more... >I think this works out for both of us. Rick Styles: Oh, do you now? So nice of you to consider MY best interests in your planning your victory at Survival. >Whatever you decide, though, I'm sure I can trust you to keep this contact under your hat? I'd hate for this to >get out, especially to (opponent's real name redacted). Rick Styles: No problem there, pal, (smirks) you can trust ME! Mum's the word. >Please let me know ASAP. > > >Signed, > (redacted) [Styles crumples up the letter and drops it by his feet. He then yanks the reading glasses off his face.] Rick Styles: So, SOMEONE wants to assure himself a victory at Survival...or perhaps this someone is DESPERATE. Either way, while Rick Styles doesn't appreciate being played to satisfy someone ELSE'S goals, that's Jeff Keenan's thing, the offer is intriguing. While I fully expect to win the Ultimate Rumble...receiving a back-up option to MY goal is not an offer I take lightly. [Styles looks directly into the camera, not at the entire audience at home and in the arena...but at one person in particular.] Rick Styles: So, let me take this time to say, YES, I accept your offer and you can count on Rick Styles to help you leave Survival as champion...but I promise you TWO things... 1) My help never comes how you expect it....and... 2) Your grip of that championship after Survival is but temporary, as soon after, Rick Styles WILL be around to collect. NOW, HIT MY MUSIC! ["All I do is win" blasts once again as Styles drops the mic and exits the ring. He struts up the aisle, followed by Ralph and Erin.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: I don't believe a word he says, Chaney. Not a single word. The only part of any of that I believe is that he is entering the Ultimate Rumble. CHANEY: That is a pretty big deal as he becomes only the third name we know will be in that forty-man event. SMITH: We know Liam Donegal will enter at number one, and Dylan Cardinal will enter at number forty. Styles is now somewhere between them and the history he has in battle royals is nothing sort of sordid. I could tell you some stories from UEW. CHANEY: (interrupting) OHHHHH we all know those stories from back then. Let's hope none of them get repeated. Styles' musings aside, we are here tonight for one major reason: The UPW North American Championship will be earned by one of the eight men chosen to compete in a single-night tournament. SMITH: And what makes this even better is that all eight of them could legitimately be worthy of the prize. Not many leagues can say that, Chaney. CHANEY: You can say that again, Gorilla! And the first round match has the rabid wild man Frank Anthony taking on "The Legionarius" Antonio De Luca! SMITH: Anthony is a wild card, to say the least. You never know what is on his mind or whether or not he plans to wrestle or just fight. That makes him dangerous, especially in a tournament. CHANEY: Because of planning for him if he advances? SMITH: No, because of planning on what could happen if you advance, but he hurts you. Anthony may not win this, but he has the potential to truly hurt anyone he touches. And if that "pride" ever gets used on someone, it could be career-ending. CHANEY: So how will Antonio De Luca fair against such an opponent? SMITH: Here is the only man I think should scare everyone in the draw. I know we talk about Keenan and his revival, Chambers and his skill and fan support, and even the raw strength and improvisation of men like Chad Allen and Malcom Shabazz....but De Luca always has his friends with him and that crew will make it hard on everyone and anyone he faces. CHANEY: The Dominion has been turning heads since they came together in UPW. SMITH: And it could be their night. Then again, only a completely insane person like Anthony might go full throttle and manage to negate the numbers. CHANEY: Sounds like we're ready to see how it all played out! Let's roll that footage!

[Antonio De Luca has entered the ring and the ring announcer has just announced his opponent, Frank Anthony.] CONLON: Anthony has just been announced, but nobody is coming down? JACKSON: Would you? I mean he is facing Antonio De Luca! [The camera cuts backstage where Lance Donovan and Tyson Bishop have assaulted Frank Anthony. Donovan and Bishop both unload with stiff right hands and then send him flying into a near by trash can. Onlookers have scattered out of the way as Donovan quickly yanks Anthony back up.] CONLON: What is going on back there!?! This is the North American Tournament. JACKSON: De Luca is standing in the ring watching it on the big screen. [Donovan slams Anthony into the side of the wall and then whips him towards the enforcer of Dominion, Tyson Bishop. He catches him with a big bone crushing spinebuster on the cold cement floor backstage.] THUUUUUUUD!!!! CONLON: GOOD GRIEF! THIS IS UNCALLED FOR! GET FRANK ANTHONY SOME HELP BACKSTAGE! JACKSON: It looks like Dominion has a plan, Conlon. The plan is to get Antonio De Luca to the finals at all cost. [Donovan pushes back an official who tries to get in and stop it. Bishop stands towering over the hurt, Frank Anthony who rolls around in pain.] CONLON: Lance Donovan is now putting his hands on an UPW official. You can't do that! JACKSON: This is Dominion, Conlon. Apparently they can do whatever they want to. CONLON: It's a disgrace. We are suppose to be having a first round tournament match and they are disrupting this tournament. JACKSON: The referee is standing by Antonio De Luca and he isn't sure what to do. [Donovan tells his partner to pick him up. At this point, Tyson Bishop does with ease. They two start to march towards the entrance way with Frank Anthony in tow. They enter through the curtains and the aisle way where the fans really let the two have it with jeers.] CONLON: Donovan and Bishop are bringing Frank Anthony to the ring. What is going on here. JACKSON: They are bringing De Luca his opponent. If Frank Anthony wasn't such a coward then they wouldn't have to! [Half way down the aisle way they stop. They look at De Luca and he nods one more time. Bishop places the dazed Anthony from the assault backstage down and Donovan drills him with a supperkick that staggers Anthony.] SMAAAAAACK!!!! CONLON: MORE!?!?! [Donovan then follows it up with a Pele kick.] CRAAAAACK!!!!! JACKSON: More officials are down there and Tyson Bishop has just picked Anthony back up and slid him into the ring. CONLON: The bell hasn't even sounded. [... and as Conlon said that, Antonio De Luca tells the referee to call for the match to begin. The referee looks confused, but turns and signals for the match.] *DING, DING, DING* JACKSON: I guess, we have ourselves a match. CONLON: Give me a darn break. Frank Anthony is in no condition to wrestle now. He was assaulted backstage. We cut back there as they were finishing their dirty work. He suffered a lot of damage at the hands of Dominion and now he is expected to wrestle? [... at this point, Antonio De Luca pulls Frank Anthony to his feet and lifts him up into his crucifix powerbomb.] THUUUUUUUUUUD!!!!! CONLON: Blood and Sand ... and at this point it's all, but over. What do you expect when it's a two on one sneak attack backstage? JACKSON: Shhhh .... you are ruining the anticipation, Conlon! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: Give me a break. [Antonio De Luca hops up and looks down at his fallen opponent. He yanks his arm from the referee and rolls out to join his brothers in arms who march towards the back.] JACKSON: There is a lot of work left to do tonight, Conlon. Frank Anthony is only the first. CONLON: Let's hope the UPW officials get control of things before De Luca's second match. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Antonio De Luca is our first man to advance in tonight's North American Title Tournament, if you can call that a legit win. SMITH: I may not like it anymore than you do, but it does count as a victory. CHANEY: The Dominion seem to be acting as one right now, and that includes all but handing De Luca a gift on a silver platter. SMITH: I told you that these men are dangerous and now we all see that it is true. CHANEY: Will management step up and stop this before the next round? SMITH: Who knows? The management here is always been hit or miss on how involved they want to be or when they will decide somethign is important. However I truly believe that if they allow Dominion to run all over this tournament, it will make the title seem weak. CHANEY: The title or the champion? SMITH: Could be both! De Luca has to actually have an opponent that gives him a fight to be seen as legit. He can't have every match handed to him like this. Management should step in. CHANEY: Well we shall see what happens with De Luca and Dominion later. SMITH: And we hope it works out in a way that forced De Luca to actually have to compete. CHANEY: Up next, we heard from UPW Vice President of Talent Relations Thomas Grissom who announced the special stipulation for that long awaited match between Malcom Shabazz and Liam Donegal. SMITH: Donegal apparently still sidelined by doctor's orders after his match on the last Showdown against "The Basilisk" Dylan Cardinal... CHANEY: And the gang assault by Malcom Shabazz and his Hard Truth Soldiers... SMITH: You can't say that it wasn't a long time coming, Eric. CHANEY: No, Gorilla, you can't. But it still wasn't deserved. And after the way that everything went down, Liam Donegal still came to the defense of Malcom Shabazz in spite of his injuries and threatened to quit UPW if Shabazz was fired. SMITH: Which brings us to this footage. CHANEY: So let's go to the footage with Dyan Ciccarelli in the ring and Stan Conlon and Pepper Jackson at ringside.

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The scene cuts to Dyan in the ring with Thomas Grissom, Malcom Shabazz, and "The Phoenix" Adam Lazarus standing in for Liam Donegal.} DYAN: Mr. Grissom, last week on Showdown, you promised the fans an announcement. GRISSOM: Yes, I did. This match at the UPW Survival pay-per-view between Malcom Shabazz and Liam Donegal has been a long time coming, and I'll admit that I should have made it happen way before now. That being said, I've decided that Shabazz versus Donegal will be contested as...an "I Quit" match! JACKSON: An "I Quit" match? Is he kidding? CONLON: Pepper, let the man talk! GRISSOM: Mr. Shabazz, if this stipulation is acceptable to you, I have a contract right here. JACKSON: Don't sign it, Malcom. This match favors a submission wrestler like Donegal! CONLON: He can't hear you, Pepper, or he doesn't care. Malcom Shabazz practically ripped that contract out of Thomas Grissom's hands...and he's signing it! GRISSOM: Alright, then. Mr. Lazarus, as Liam Donegal's manager, will you sign this? It was your client, after all, who wanted the match. CONLON: Adam Lazarus quickly scanning the contract...and he pens his name on the page to make it official! JACKSON: Of course he does, Stan. Lazarus knows this contract favors his man. CONLON: Liam Donegal put his career on the line to keep Malcom Shabazz from getting fired, Pepper. So what if the stipulation favors him over Shabazz? Donegal may have Lazarus in his corner, but Shabazz will have his Hard Truth Soldiers. Strength in numbers usually trumps strength in ability, Pepper. JACKSON: I thought we're not supposed to talk politics here, Stan. You better check yourself. CONLON: I...what's this? Malcom Shabazz and Adam Lazarus now exchanging words. Shabazz unleashing a verbal tirade on Liam Donegal's manager...and Lazarus just takes it! JACKSON: That's because Lazarus doesn't want a fight. He...wait. What did he say? Lazarus throws an f-bomb right in Shabazz's face...and we saw how Shabazz reacted to that when Liam Donegal did it! CONLON: No better this time as he SHOVES Adam Lazarus back, nearly hitting our colleague, Dyan Ciccarelli, in the process! JACKSON: That's what she gets for always wanting to be right there, in the middle of the action...and Lazarus just shoved Shabazz right back, knocking him backwards over the contract table! [From out of the crowd, two of Malcom Shabazz's Hard Truth Soldiers suddenly appear, sliding into the ring to surround "The Phoenix" Adam Lazarus.] CONLON: Adam Lazarus being blindsided by the Hard Truth Soldiers, Pepper, but fighting back as best he can...and Thomas Grissom goes down! My God, what just happened in there? JACKSON: I think Lazarus was showing his disdain for our Vice President of Talent Relations, Stan. CONLON: Would you stop? It looked to me like one of the Hard Truth Soldiers hit Grissom in the back of the head with something while Lazarus fought off his partner! JACKSON: I don't think we're watching the same brawl, Stan. All I see is Adam Lazarus attacking the Hard Truth Soldiers for coming to the aid of their leader, Malcom Shabazz. CONLON: Shabazz and Lazarus now unloading on one another with a series of painful blows as Dyan Ciccarelli literally covers Thomas Grissom with her body! And Grissom appears to be split wide open!

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Fortunately, Thomas Grissom's injury was not as serious as it looked to our broadcast partners partners at ringside. SMITH: But it took UPW Security Staff and Detroit's finest to finally separate Malcom Shabazz, Adam Lazarus, and the Hard Truth Soldiers. CHANEY: All four men were escorted out of the building in handcuffs by the DPD and treated for minor injuries, but, from what I understand, only Leo Loval Perkins, Hard Truth Solider #2, was actually charged, for carrying a concealed weapon and felony battery on Thomas Grissom. SMITH: We wish Mr. Perkins all the best in his future endeavors. CHANEY: The question now is what effect this altercation will have on Malcom Shabazz's qualifying match for the North American Championship or the "I Quit" match at Survival. SMITH: I can't see it working out well for him once charges get involved. Can we just get past this, Chaney? CHANEY: Yes! Now we have a second round match that some might have called a potential dream match several years ago...Caleb Foley taking on Jeff Keenan! SMITH: These two are veteran fighters. Keenan is older ad been around longer, but remember Foley has been wrestling since he was sixteen years old. He has held titles. These two can put on a show and that could lead to an amazing opener. CHANEY: It really could! Keenan has had a career revival in UPW and Foley is looking for the same. What will happen when former champions collide? Let's head to the tape and find out who wins the first tournament match! SMITH: Yes let's see it!

[In the stands, the fans are divided; there's a clear Foley camp, and multiple vocal Keenan sections. In the ring, Caleb Foley, bent backwards, tries to swing his legs to escape Jeff Keenan's expertly applied Dragon Sleeper.] CONLON: Foley still trapped in that Dragon Sleeper, Pepper. JACKSON: They've traded fancy counters and reversals all night, and now suddenly Foley's run out of them? CONLON: I don't know, a Dragon Sleeper's difficult to escape... JACKSON: Like dinner at my mother in law's. CONLON: ... it doesn't let you breathe, saps your resolve. JACKSON: Yup. Mother in law. CONLON: Does she watch wrestling? JACKSON: I mean it's the opposite of it. The complete and total opposite. [Foley unfolds his legs, loosening Keenan's grip, and he manages to swing a boot over the bottom rope.] CONLON: Foley did find an escape, and that one took guts! JACKSON: ...Or heel lifts. [The referee forces Jeff Keenan to break the hold, and he reluctantly backs off. Foley rolls to his feet, throws a jab at Keenan's abdomen, but it decidedly lacks mustard.] CONLON: The Sleeper took it's toll and... *___THWAACK___* CONLON: ...OW! [Keenan replies with a lightning quick roundhouse kick to the ribs that takes Foley back down to his knees.] JACKSON: That packed a sting! CONLON: Keenan's extensive martial arts training shining through. Shades of Muay Thai right there, Pepper. JACKSON: It's nice, but General Tao remains my favorite technique. [Keenan picks up Foley for a Northern Lights Suplex, but Foley floats over and rolls through into a Sunset Flip!] CONLON: A pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.....................NO! JACKSON: Keenan kicks out! CONLON: Keenan sapped so much of Foley's strength away, he didn't have anything left to keep Keenan pinned down. JACKSON: And that's why Keenan's up first again. [The former multiple time World Champion hooks up his opponent, tries to lift him up, but Foley entangles his leg into Keenan's and blocks the attempt! Before Keenan can try again, he's the one getting suplexed!] CONLON: Snap Suplex by Foley! JACKSON: Can Foley swing the momentum around? [Keenan groggily gets to his feet, and straight into a big gutwrench DDT!] CONLON: DDT! That will stun a man. JACKSON: But will it stun a legend? [Foley turns Keenan on his back, hooks the leg...] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR..................... CONLON: KICKOUT! JACKSON: Oh good! I was afraid Keenan was going soft on us. [Fatigue has definitely set in, slowing both men down considerably at this point. Foley stretches, then signals to the crowd, drawing cheers from the Michigan crowd. He springboards off the ropes, flies through the air and plants both feet right on Keenan's chin!] CONLON: SPRINGBOARD Dropkick! JACKSON: Did that dislocate Keenan's jaw?? [Foley tries to catch his breath, weakly rolls Keenan over, then hooks the leg again...] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR..................... CONLON: NO! SHOULDER UP! JACKSON: That was close! [Foley, on his knees, tries to calculate what it'll take to keep Keenan down, measures it against how much he's got left in the tank himself. He picks up Keenan, who's wavering in and out of consciousness, pushes him into the corner, hoists him up into a seated position on the top turnbuckle...] CONLON: Foley jumps, climbs... jumps... TOP ROPE HURRICANRANA! [The fans pop at the spectacular Frankensteiner!] JACKSON: Is it me or did the back of Foley's head connect with the mat? CONLON: He holding the back of his head, Pepper. You may be right. JACKSON: That's his best chance to pin Keenan so far, and he can't make it! CONLON: He may have lacked the strength to get maximal rotation! [Foley struggles and crawls over Keenan...] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR..................... CONLON: KEENAN GETS A SHOULDER UP! JACKSON: That looked like a weak pin to me, Stan. CONLON: Foley's on the offense, but his reserves are getting lower and lower. [Foley floats over to Keenan's legs, he grabs them with both arms, then flips over to pin Keenan with a bridge!] CONLON: Another pin... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR..................... CONLON: KICKOUT! JACKSON: AT TWO AND THREE QUARTER! CONLON: More like two and nine tenths! [Foley shakes his head, wraps his arms around Keenan's neck and shoulder, then bridges over again into the Horns of Aries!] CONLON: CELTIC FLASK! JACKSON: No human was meant to bend that way, Stan! Not even those tiny little Chinese girls at the circus! CONLON: Keenan is trapped, but does Foley have enough strength to keep the hold applied? JACKSON: I gotta say, Foley's in rare form tonight. Sometimes, I feel we never know what to expect with that guy, but he's bringing it! CONLON: Sometimes he's too laid back and unfocused, perhaps, but Foley certainly is focused tonight. JACKSON: The North American title's on the line. [Foley still has the hold firmly applied. The referee asks Keenan whether he quits, and Keenan's answer remains a clear no.] CONLON: I think that title is the reason Jeff Keenan refuses to tap to the Celtic Flask! JACKSON: I thought maybe Foley's only chance was if Rick Styles decided to get involved, but he's proving me wrong. CONLON: You think Rick Styles is brave enough to confront Jeff Keenan man to man? JACKSON: If he hadn't already made his appearance tonight, maybe... But the people of Michigan don't deserve the honor of seeing the Top Dog again. CONLON: You may be right. Letting him bore the audience to tears with his nonsense once is enough for one night. JACKSON: Hey now, the man's a legend! CONLON: So is Jeff Keenan! [In his struggles, Keenan manages to twist his body in such a way that he pushes off the mat with his legs, rolls over Foley.] CONLON: Keenan just rolled over Foley to reach the ropes, and Foley'll be forced to break the hold! JACKSON: I wouldn't expect any less from a legend! [Foley's forced to let go, and both men slowly get to their feet. Foley lands a knee to Keenan's abdomen, then tags him with an European Uppercut that sends Keenan into the turnbuckles.] CONLON: Foley had to catch himself with the ropes after he landed that uppercut! JACKSON: I can't even tell who's more tired anymore! [The Irishman regains his balance, sizes Keenan up, but advances into a front kick by Keenan. Foley staggers backwards, giving Keenan enough room to catch his breath and land a back elbow. Keenan grabs Foley, trades places and shoves him into the turnbuckles.] CONLON: SPINNING BACKFIST BY KEENAN! JACKSON: Foley's used to eating potatoes, but that one knocked the beer right out of Foley's mouth! [Keenan makes his way to the middle of the ring, massaging his neck. He catches his breath, lines up Foley...] CONLON: Flying Leg Lariat! [Foley's struck with such force, he flips over the top turnbuckle and out... as does Keenan!] CONLON: AND BOTH MEN TUMBLE OUT! [Keenan's momentum carried him over the top rope, making him fall back first on the apron then on his hands and knees at ringside. Foley's fate could have been even worse, but he hung on to the top rope with his hand and fell to his knees on the apron.] CONLON: That was scary! JACKSON: But it could have been scarier! CONLON: Seasoned pros with ring awareness can save their skins like that, Pepper! [Keenan walks around the ring towards Foley, holding his back. The Irishman regains his composure, then tries to slide back into the ring through the ropes.] CONLON: Keenan caught him! [The Irishman's boot in his hands, Keenan keeps Foley halfway inside the ring... he shifts the position of his hands, spins his body and projects Foley outwards and on his back at ringside!] CONLON: DRAGON SCREW LEGWHIP! From the apron to ringside! Can you believe that? JACKSON: Jeff Keenan has always been an innovator, and whether he persists in antagonizing Rick Styles or not, that's not likely to change! CONLON: Caleb Foley and Jeff Keenan, making wrestling great again right here in Auburn Hills. JACKSON: Wherever that is. CONLON: Right here. [Jeff Keenan rolls back into the ring under the bottom rope, resetting the referee's count.] CONLON: Jeff Keenan getting a well earned breather, now, and perhaps the right to move on in this tournament with a count-out victory. JACKSON: Yeah, so long as no one gets involved. CONLON: There are so many possible threats of that type clouding this tournament, Pepper. Cardinal possibly threatening Glenn Chambers' odds, and in this match... could De Luca get involved? Could Styles? JACKSON: I don't see it, Stan. CONLON: Really? Antonio De Luca and Caleb Foley have been involved in quite the rivalry. JACKSON: They have, but I think Dominion will focus on trying to win the North American title. CONLON: Foley's starting to stir... this match may not be over! There's still a chance tonight's main event becomes Foley vs De Luca! [Seeing Foley getting up, Jeff Keenan takes hold of the top rope, and uses it to launch himself over and out of the ring, barrelling straight at the Irishman!] CONLON: TOPE! [The crowd gasps!] CONLON: FOLEY GOT OUT OF THE WAY!! [Foley dodges the attack, and Keenan adjusts in mid-air just enough to land like a parachutist; feet first and rolling through to absorb the impact as gently as possible!] JACKSON: Keenan missed, but I think he narrowly dodged a horrible fate as well! CONLON: You're right, Pepper. It's the sort of thing years of experience in top level matches brings you! But that type of fall still takes a toll! [Before Keenan can get his bearings back, Foley gets up on the apron, facing the ring, lines himself up with Keenan...] JACKSON: I think Foley's about to have a very bad idea... [Foley leaps up to the top rope, springboards into a moonsault to the outside, vaults through the air - the crowd holds its breath - and crashes right on top of Keenan!] CONLON: SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! MY GOD, CALEB FOLEY'S PULLING ALL THE STOPS! JACKSON: HE SHOULD BE LOCKED IN A NUTHOUSE! [The spectacular stunt earns Foley a sustained "Holy S**T", and for this moment, the fans are united in their cheers for the first time of the match.] CONLON: Both men are out and on the floor! JACKSON: That idiot Foley may have cost them both the North American title! CONLON: That's possible. Foley did crash into the barricade pretty hard! [Keenan struggles to his feet first, pulls up Foley, and rams him back first into the apron, then rolls him into the ring.] CONLON: Keenan beats the count, here, and rolls into the ring himself. [Jeff Keenan hoists Foley up into a vertical suplex, but at the apex, turns Foley to the side and drives him into the canvas with a picture perfect Jackhammer.] CONLON: AZTEC SUPLEX! JACKSON: Foley's done! [From his current position, Jeff Keenan only needs to hook Foley's leg and...] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.....................SHOULDER UP! CONLON: FOLEY'S STILL IN THIS! JACKSON: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! [Neither can't Keenan. The former World Champion pushes Foley down more firmly, applying a stronger lateral press.] CONLON: Here's another go! ONE! . . . . . JACKSON: Foley can't possibly do it again! . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.....................SHOULDER UP! CONLON: Foley with the shoulder up again. So much fight in this man!! JACKSON: But... [Keenan gets up to his knees, shaking his head, then pulls Foley up again. But in the blink of an eye, it's Foley who hoists him up - then down - with a suplex!] CONLON: BIG RUSSIAN SUPLEX FROM FOLEY! JACKSON: THAT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!! [Foley bumbles to his feet, trips, catches himself with the ropes, guides himself to the corner of the ring. He raises a hand, drawing cheers, then climbs up to the top... and leaps off!!] CONLON: ELBOW DROP!! JACKSON: I expected Keenan to counter that with a beer! CONLON: What? JACKSON: Put a drink in an Irishman's hand and you'll never see their elbow drop! CONLON: Foley going for the pin, here, this could be it! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.....................KICKOUT!! CONLON: Keenan's still in this! JACKSON: This... this is just like Scientology, Stan! CONLON: What? JACKSON: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! CONLON: And Keenan can't believe these cheers, Pepper! JACKSON: Not something he's used to hearing... I really hope he's not going soft on me! CONLON: Regardless, what a match we've seen so far! [Frustrated, Foley looks to the rafters imploringly. When he notices Keenan starting to get up, he lines him up, jumps in the opposite direction, springboards off the ropes, aiming for a Springboard DDT...] *____THUUUUDDD!____* CONLON: QUICKSTRYKE!!! [In mid-air, as Foley attempted his DDT, but Keenan wrapped his arm around his opponent and pulled him down face first into his Reverse STO!] CONLON: FOLEY IS OUT! JACKSON: But Keenan is slow to get up as well! CONLON: That's- [The lights go out. All of them.] CONLON: ...eeeh... What's going on? JACKSON: No, I'm not going to hold your hand, Stan. CONLON: I wasn't gonna ask, but... [Sudden sounds echo in the darkness of the Palace of Auburn Hills.] *___KLAAAANG!___* *___KLAAAANG!___* *___KLAAAANG!___* CONLON: What were those three metallic sounds? JACKSON: Chairs? Craniums? Both? [Some thoughtful fans close to ring side have the presence of mind to pull out their phones in flashlight mode to try and see what's going on, but the range isn't impressive, and the footage is as conclusive as a ghost hunting reality TV show's...] CONLON: Nothing that happens in the dark can be good! JACKSON: That's what my old Sex Ed teacher used to say... [The lights return, gradually, until we see the ring and its contents: Jeff Keenan, unconscious, flat on his back, and Caleb Foley, unconscious, collapsed over his opponent. The referee, who had been holding the ring ropes, takes note of the scene.] CONLON: Some obvious interference happened, here! JACKSON: I don't see any trace of it, Stan. Do you? The ref can only call what he sees, right? [The referee frowns, almost reluctantly falls to his knees next to the combatants to begin the count.] CONLON: This referee agrees with you, it seems... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: That one's over, and with obvious interference by Rick Styles! JACKSON: I didn't see Rick Styles, did you? CONLON: Who else could it be? JACKSON: I don't know. Maybe the Regulator finally regulated something? CONLON: Give me a break there's no one else it could be. I swear, Rick Styles is the Hillary Clinton of wrestling! JACKSON: Hey, you don't have enough evidence to charge Styles with this. CONLON: Right, like they didn't have enough to charge Hillary over her email server. Heck, Styles even gave us his own email scandal tonight! Just like Hillary, Styles thinks he's popular, part of the people! JACKSON: Styles is well aware of how hated he is! CONLON: Yes, but he thinks it's "I'd still vote for you" heat instead of Hillary's "go away" heat. Just like Clinton, he lies to the public, then does something else behind closed doors. Just like Hillary, he works in the shadows, has others, like Ralph or Herdick, do his dirty work, but we know who pulls the strings, Pepper! JACKSON: Come on, you know Styles barely pays any attention to Keenan! CONLON: Right. Hillary downplayed and dismissed all her opponents as well, but behind the curtains, the knives come out. Styles tried to rig his way to a World Championship match just like Hillary tried to buy her way to the presidency. Keenan played a part in preventing that and now here comes the hit job! JACKSON: So? Maybe Rick Styles is an old-school career politician backstage, so what? He's got that experience in sticky situations, and Keenan did target him. That was Keenan's mistake. He's a legend, but he's not in Rick Styles' league. CONLON: What, just like Trump wasn't supposed to be in Clinton's? Jeff Keenan's good for business, Pepper. He speaks his mind, calls them like he sees them, and he sees Styles for what he is. On Hot Copy, he basically promised to drain the swamp and clean out corrupted elements like Rick Styles! JACKSON: You say "corrupted" like it's a weakness, Stan! It's not! It's a strength! Styles is a manipulative mastermind. How else does he always rope in some useful idiot to do his bidding? How else has he remained the Top Dog, the obvious candidate for all those years? CONLON: I just hope the wrestling happens in the ring, where Keenan wants to fight, and not backstage. And I especially hope we can actually see what happens next! JACKSON: Everyone hopes for that! CONLON: In any case, Caleb Foley will be moving on in the North American Title Tournament. [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Cut backstage to UPW's future TV Champion, John Herdick. The legendary brawler stands there glaring into the camera with those crazy eyes as he prepares for his battle with Felix Sandoval.] JH: It's almost time. We are moments away from the toughest SOB in the UPW to unleash hell on the TV Champion. I have battled through being an afterthought. It was assumed that I would be nothing but a curtain jerker. Compared to Tex Colorado or Billy James. [Herdick lowers his head in shame.] JH: It wasn't until I was urinated on until people started to take notice to me. Yes, a good portion of you laughed. Yes, I became a running joke. Songs were recorded and videos were made. John Herdick became a punch line. [Herdick continues to speak in a soft tone.] JH: Even as I battled to regain my name back, regain respect I was still ridiculed. It appeared even the brass of the company was against me and doubted my abilities. Finally, I decided to take things into my own hands. I stopped playing everyone else's game. I looked the devil in the eyes and I joined him. I proverbially flipped each and every one of you off. [Herdick begins to cackle.] JH: It was funny to sit there and watch as you all pretended to care. I am still the same guy who you all laughed at and pointed fingers at. I am still the same person the brass of the company openly admits to expecting me to be a part of the job squad. What was I suppose to do? My hands has been tied since day one and I have been fighting an uphill battle each and every day I have been in this league. [Herdick has those crazy eyes.] JH: The only damn thing I can do is walk out there and WIN the damn belt. Beat one of UPW's golden boys and wear the title NOBODY in the UPW thought I could. How sweet would it be to look each and every one of you in the eyes as I wear the prestigious UPW Television Championship? How sweet would it be to look at the brass of company as they try to swallow their fake compliments and obvious insults? [Herdick spits towards the disrespect.] JH: I will probably never get a fair shake here, but I am going to go out swinging. John Herdick will leave his mark in the UPW one way or another. I have had my hands tied together since day one. I have played an uneven game, but tonight it only takes one move to change all of that. It only takes one mistake on Sandoval's part for the underdog story to become a reality. [Herdick raises his arms in the air.] JH: Golden boy ... Felix ... Mr. Sandoval. Tonight is my story. It's my chance at true justice. While everyone pointed at Ralph and Rick Styles for the disrespect they gave me the sad part was it was nothing compared to the disrespect from each and every one of you. You all pretended to care, but in the end, you just wanted me to go away. [Herdick shouts now.] JH: I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE. I am going to enter that ring and complete the biggest underdog story that anyone has ever seen. I am tired of each and every one of you pissing on my name. I am tired of the UPW management pissing on me each and every chance they get. It's my time. John Herdick's time. [Herdick smiles an evil smile.] JH: If you don't like it. PISS ON YOU! [Mad cackling now!]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: It looks like John Herdick is more than pumped up for his chance at glory tonight against Felix Sandoval. SMITH: El Patron! CHANEY: Never going to stop it, are you? SMITH: No. The man has elevated his game and developed into one of the best in UPW. Herdick has come a long way as well. The man who aligned himself with Rick Styles is afar cry from the man who appeared on the first edition of Showdown. CHANEY: That match will come a little later, but we are first looking at the North American Tournament and what a match between Jeff Keenan and Caleb Foley! SMITH: And how about Foley getting the victory! CHANEY: Shocking events for sure, but you have to wonder just who was behind all of that when the lights went out. SMITH: It has to be Styles. There is no other explanation. We know he was there because he appeared at the start of the show. We know he wasn't thrilled with Keenan interjecting himself and costing him the chance at the UPW World Title. CHANEY: All that may be true, but with the lights out, we can't say it was him definitively can we? SMITH: Officially? No. Yet who else could it be? CHANEY: Herdick? He is tied to Styles now. SMITH: Perhaps. But you know where my money is. The strange things that have happened already in this tournament have me a little stunned. CHANEY: We had Dominion attacking before the bell to literally hand Frank Anthony over to Antonio De Luca. Then we had the amazing match between Foley and Keenan ruined by an attack orchestrated under the cover of darkness that left Caleb laying on top of Jeff for the victory. SMITH: And now? CHANEY: And now we have a match that never happens. SMITH: WHAT? CHANEY: Earlier we saw the brawl and issues that happened in the ring as the stipulation was granted for the match between Liam Donegal and Malcom Shabazz. SMITH: Lots of craziness involved there, as we know, including the VP getting busted open! CHANEY: Well due to the weapons and other issues, Malcom Shabazz was actually arrested moments after our cameras stopped filming. SMITH: WHAT? CHANEY: So the report I have is that Shabazz was forced to forfeit the match. Harrison Daniels III entered the arena and the announcement was made. His hand was raised in victory and he advances to the next round. SMITH: How can Shabazz be so stupid?!?! CHANEY: Your guess is as good as mine, but this cost him a chance at UPW gold. SMITH: And sends Daniels on to face Antonio De Luca in the semi-finals later tonight. CHANEY: The real question now is whether UPW will actually allow Shabazz back after all of this and what does it mean to the Survival match between he and Donegal? SMITH: With what he has been doing, I'm not sure he really cares. CHANEY: So that now leaves us with only one match left in this first round, the match between Glenn Chambers and "Jester" Chad Allen. SMITH: The potential in this match is all over the place! CHANEY: It really is, as is the potential for disaster. SMITH: I concur. Chambers has risen up to be one of the more popular wrestlers in UPW and Allen is known for his unique style and dangerous attacks. And of course, he has Iris Galiver. CHANEY: Oh no, here we go again. SMITH: That woman is fine, Chaney. You have to admit that. CHANEY: Before you go down Valentine Lane, let's focus on the match. The very style you mentioned from Allen could mean possible injury for a man many feel has a shot to take home the gold tonight. SMITH: There is one thing we haven't considered yet. CHANEY: What is that? SMITH: The Cardinal factor. CHANEY: The what? SMITH: Last Showdown, Chambers finally stood up to the intimidating "king of snakes" and you have to think he will strike at some point and take Chambers down a peg. What if he decides proper retribution is to take Chambers out of the tournament? CHANEY: I hope it doesn't happen because after the three matches of this first round, I want one that actually plays out half way decently. SMITH: I agree with you there.....but it will be a worry. And you know Chambers has to be thinking about it as well. CHANEY: Only one way to know who will advance to face Caleb Foley in the next round. Let's head to the tape!

[The footage begins as Glenn Chambers has Chad Allen in a double-underhook. Chambers lifts and suplexes Chad Allen to the mat to cheers from the crowd.] CONLON: Textbook double-underhook suplex from Glenn Chambers! Chambers was able to take control after reversing a Chad Allen snap suplex. Allen attacked Chambers before the bell at the beginning of the match. JACKSON: I like to think of it as Chad Allen seizing opportunity, Stan. [Chambers is back to his feet. He measures Allen up and bounces off the ropes. Boos as Iris Galiver reaches in and grabs Chambers' foot and shin.] CONLON: Oh come on! JACKSON: Rob Garcia didn't see it as he was checking on Chad Allen! [Chambers quickly turns and reaches down for Iris. Iris is quickly out of the way. The crowd boos as "The Jester" gets to his feet and drives a knee into Chambers' back. Chad Allen drives a forearm into the side of Chambers' head and then unloads with a flurry of right hands.] JACkSON: Iris Galiver serves her purpose. She draws Glenn Chambers' attention away and allows her man to get the offensive advantage. CONLON: Come on, Pepper. Chad Allen and Iris Galiver cheated. JACKSON: No, they're helping prepare Chambers for his eventual confrontation with Dylan Cardinal. If Chambers thinks the "Basilisk" is going to be easy, he's got a rude awakening in store. CONLON: Speaking of Cardinal, he's got to be watching this match with vested interest. JACKSON: Probably so. Seeing how well prepared Chambers is for a crazy man. [Allen grabs a stunned Chambers in a rear waistlock and lifts Chambers up and dumps him with a German suplex. Allen rolls himself and Chambers to his feet. He adjusts into a half nelson and repeats the suplex. Allen rolls himself and Chambers back to a vertical base and applies a full nelson. He lifts and drops Chambers with a release suplex.] CONLON: There's the 3 Ring Circus of suplexes! JACKSON: German followed by a half nelson followed by a release dragon, Stan. If Glenn Chambers wasn't hurting before, he is hurting now! CONLON: Iris Galiver clapping on the outside of the ring! Chad Allen with a very lazy cover! ONE . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEEEEEEE............KICKOUT! [Big cheer from the crowd. Chad Allen just smiles.] JACKSON: I don't think "the Jester" was looking for the pin right there, Stan. That smile tells me he wanted Chambers to get out. CONLON: Allen grabs Chambers and rolls him onto his back. [Chad Allen blatantly applies a chokehold. Rob Garcia warns Allen and makes his count: One! Two! Three! Four! Five!] CONLON: Blatant choke from Chad Allen! Rob Garcia telling him to break it and making the count! JACkSON: He has until five to break it. [Allen reapplies the choke. Garcia warns again and counts. This time Allen breaks at three and drives a thumb into Chambers' eye for good measure. Chad Allen gets to his feet, a maniacal smile on his face. Galiver cheers him on from the outside. Chad Allen grabs Chambers and pulls him to his feet and into a front-facelock. Allen SPIKES Chambers with a DDT.] CONLON: Chad Allen with a NASTY DDT, Pepper! JACKSON: Chad Allen has been wrestling for over twenty years, Stan. He's still going at the same speed as he did back then. Tell me how many other wrestlers can say the same thing? He was on the fore front of the hardcore style. He was one of the innnovators. CONLON: No doubt, Pepper. Chad Allen has decades of experience. JACKSON: And decades of DDT'ing people onto varios surfaces. He's going to be a master at that move. [Allen sits up with a wide grin on his face. Iris Galiver raises his arms in victory for her man and gloats to the ringside fans. Allen gets to his feet and reaches down, grabbing Chambers with two handfuls of hair. He pulls Chambers to his knees and tosses Chambers over the second rope. Chad Allen places his knee on the back of Chambers' neck, choking the fan favorite on the second rope. Rob Garcia warns Allen and counts to four before Allen breaks.] CONLON: Chad Allen using that middle rope illegally. JACKSON: He's got to the count of five to break, Stan. I wish you'd remember that part. CONLON: Chokes are illegal, Pepper. JACKSON: According to whose rulebook? [Chad Allen backs off and begins arguing with Rob Garcia, drawing the official's attention away from Glenn Chambers. The crowd screams at the official to turn around as Iris Galiver reaches up. She grabs Chambers' head and pulls down, choking him on the rope.] CONLON: Oh, come on! Iris Galiver does NOT need to be involved in this match! JACKSON: Glenn Chambers had to take this into account, Stan. He knew she'd be out here. He had to take this into consideration for his overall game plan. CONLON: Or maybe he thought Chad Allen would play by the rules, Pepper. JACKSON: [laughing] Are you serious?! Chad Allen play by the rules!? [Galiver stops choking and walks away, taunting nearby fans. Allen bounces off the ropes and lands on Chambers' back, choking him further. Allen stands up. Chambers slumps to the mat. Allen makes the cover.] CONLON: Chad Allen with a cover! ONE . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . [Boos from the crowd as Chad Allen pulls Chambers' head up and unloads with a flurry of rights to Chambers' skull.] CONLON: Chad Allen just yanked Glenn Chambers out of the pin and is using him as a personal punching bag! JACKSON: There's no rhyme or reason to Chad Allen, Stan. He's crazy. CONLON: How do you prepare for something like that? JACKSON: You don't. Chad Allen is a force of nature you just react to. [Chad Allen finishes with the punches and pulls Chambers into a seated position. Allen holds up his hand and extends his thumb.] CONLON: That can only mean one thing! [Allen drives his thumb into Chambers' throat causing the Philly-native to kick and writhe.] JACKSON: There's the Asiatic spike, Stan. One of the most painful submission moves in all of professional wrestling. You either submit or you pass out from the pain. CONLON: Chad Allen is just grinding his thumb on that nerve in the neck. Glenn Chambers is trying to hold on as long as he can! [Chambers fights the hold as best as he can.] JACKSON: I give Glenn Chambers credit. Any other man would've given up by now. He's holding out. CONLON: But for how much longer? [Chambers stops trying to pull Allen's thumb away and instead reaches out and grabs the bottom rope. Rob Garcia immediately calls for the break. Allen refuses to break the hold.] JACKSON: "The Jester" looking to inflict a little more punishment in there. [Garcia counts to five, and Allen breaks the hold.] CONLON: Chad Allen finally lets go of the spike. The damage has been done. [Chad Allen gets to his feet and pulls Chambers to his feet by his hair. Allen whips Chambers into a corner. Chad Allen charges in and turns at the last second, crushing Chambers between the corner and himself in a body avalanche.] CONLON: Chad Allen hits Chambers with splash in the corner! JACKSON: Allen has almost fifty pounds on Chambers. He's using it well. [Chad Allen grabs a clinch on Chambers and drives a knee into Chambers' stomach. He drives a second knee into Chambers stomach. Allen pulls Chambers out of the corner and drives a third knee into Chambers' stomach.] CONLON: Chad Allen hitting Glenn Chambers with knees in the corner. I have to ask, Pepper. What is going through Dylan Cardinal's mind right now? JACKSON: How he's six moves ahead of Glenn Chambers and has three contigency plans in place. CONLON: Cardinal is a master of mind games. JACKSON: No, he's a super villian level genius, Stan. Life is nothing more than a game of chess. If he as a con man, he'd be going on the long con. [Iris Galiver climbs onto the ring apron and yells at Rob Garcia. Garcia moves over and starts arguing with Galiver. Chad Allen changes up his clinch a bit so he's able to deliver his next knee to Chambers' groin. He fires in a second knee to Chambers' groin, dropping Chambers to his knees. Chad Allen bounces off the ropes and nails Chambers in the head with his shin.] CONLON: It's a two-on-one in there, Pepper! This is NOT fair! JACKSON: Life isn't fair, Stan. Cry me a river. CONLON: Two knees that were intentionally low, Pepper. JACKSON: Allen just kept hitting Chambers in the gut. "The Jester" followed it up with the Headpopper. Which looks brutal, I might add. [Allen pulls Chambers into a seated position again. This time, he takes the middle knuckle on his right hand and grins it into Chambers' temple.] CONLON: And right into another submission hold here, Pepper. JACKSON: Idiots call this the Atomic Noogie. Don't let the stupid name fool you. This move HURTS. Your head continues to hurt hours after the match if someone uses this on you. Your temple is one of the worst soft spots to target. CONLON: Very true, Pepper. [Allen continues to grind his knuckle into Chamber's temple.] CONLON: Chambers failing a bit in there as Chad Allen grinds away. Chambers is a bit further from the ropes this time. Listen to the crowd, Pepper. [The crowd begins cheering, trying to rally Chambers.] JACKSON: Cheers mean nothing. It's wins and losses that count in wrestling. [Allen continues to grind his knuckle into Chambers' temple. Chambers fights to one knee. Chad Allen continues to grind away.] CONLON: "The Jester" continues grinding away on Glenn's temple. Chambers is fighting to one knee. JACKSON: Grinding that temple is going to keep Chambers hurting, Stan. Make the head hurt and affect Glenn's eye sight, that's what Chad Allen wants. There is a method to his madness. CONLON: The fans are getting behind Chambers, getting him fired up! [Chambers raises one arm getting the fans to cheer louder. Chambers fights to his feet as Allen transitions into a chinlock. Chambers drives an elbow into Allen's stomach. He fires in another elbow. The crowd deflates as Allen delivers a knee to Chambers' stomach.] JACKSON: Chad Allen cuts off Glenn Chambers with a knee. [Chad Allen kicks Chambers, but Chambers catches his foot. Chambers quickly pulls Chad Allen closer and wraps his other arm around Allen's head and neck and lifts Chad Allen up and over dumping him onto the mat with a suplex as the crowd erupts into cheers.] CONLON: Glenn Chambers with a capture suplex! Chad Allen was on the wrong end of that one! JACKSON: Chad Allen has a high threshold for pain, Stan. He just keeps coming and coming no matter what you throw at him. CONLON: Chambers moving in for the kill. He may be looking for the Locked and Loaded! [Chambers moves over to Chad Allen and pulls Allen to his feet. Chambers whips Allen into the ropes. Allen rebounds and gets caught, lifted and slammed to the mat with a spinebuster.] JACKSON: Spinebuster slam and Chambers is looking for the pin! ONE . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEEEEEEE............KICKOUT! CONLON: Chad Allen just kicks out! I think he was more caught by surprise with that spinebuster! JACKSON: Iris Galiver is on the outside of the ring losing her mind. CONLON: Not a good choice of words. JACKSON: Probably not. [Chambers is slow to his feet, but is the first one up. Iris Galiver hops onto the ring apron and begins wailing like a banshee at the Philadelphia-native. Chambers turns his attention to her for a moment. Allen, seeing his chance, explodes to his feet and charges at Chambers.] CONLON: Iris Galiver making herself a factor in this match again! JACKSON: You think Chambers would've figured this out and quit falling for it by now. Shows you how smart he is. CONLON: It's hard to ignore someone like Iris Galiver! She's off the ring apron! [Chambers quickly ducks out of the way of an incoming clothesline. Chad Allen hits the ropes and rebounds right into the waiting arms of Glenn Chambers. Chambers catches Allen and spins him over and powerslams "the Jester" to the mat.] CONLON: HUGE powerslam! Chambers hooks the leg! ONE . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEEEEEEE............KICKOUT! [The crowd lets out a deflated sigh as Chad Allen kicks out.] JACKSON: Chad Allen kicks out! Glenn Chambers is going to have to either kill the man or paralyze him in order to keep him down for the three count. CONLON: Glenn Chambers with a great powerslam. Chad Allen was able to kick out just in time. Chambers has turned the tide of this match, Pepper. JACKSON: He's lucky, Stan. He's some how gotten out ahead of Chad Allen by reacting. That's all you can do with Allen and Galiver. [Chambers is to his feet. Chambers reaches down with both hands and pulls Chad Allen into a standing headscissors getting a HUGE cheer from the crowd!] CONLON: Glenn Chambers is looking for the Locked and Loaded, Pepper! He's ready to end this one! JACKSON: Chad Allen better have a wildcard up his sleeve. [Iris Galiver hops back onto the ring apron drawing Chambers' attention that way. Galiver grabs the official, Rob Garcia, arguing with him. Chambers shoves Allen out of the standing headscissors.] CONLON: Iris Galiver interjects herself in this match for the umpteenth time, Pepper! Garcia needs to ban her from ringside for the remainder of the match. JACKSON: She's the joker up "the Jester's" sleeve, no pun intended. [Galiver drops off the apron as Chambers draws close. Chambers and Galiver exchange words. The crowd yells at Chambers. Allen is able to charge and drive a knee into Chambers' back.] CONLON: Chad Allen with the Pearl Harbor on Glenn Chambers. JACKSON: Again, how many times is Glenn going to fall for the same trick? You think he'd catch on at some point. CONLON: How do you ignore Iris Galiver? JACKSON: Moot point now. [Chad Allen grabs Chambers and quickly lifts him onto his shoulders into a fireman's carry.] CONLON: Chad Allen is now looking to end the match! Chad Allen has Chambers set up for the Last Laugh! JACKSON: He who laughs last, laughs loudest. [Chad Allen moves to the center of the ring. BIG CHEER! Glenn Chambers quickly turns and slides down Chad Allen's back and brings "the Jester" to the mat with a sunset flip.] CONLON: Chambers counters the Last Laugh with a susnet flip! Rob Garcia is in position! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [HUGE CHEER!] JACKSON: How in the heck!? [Glenn Chambers quickly rolls back to let go of the sunset flip. Chad Allen rolls to his knees. Glen Chambers rolls out of the ring and backs up, keeping his eyes on Chad Allen and Iris Galiver.] CONLON: Glenn Chambers has won it! !! DING, DING !! CONLON: Chambers with a sunset flip to counter the Last Laugh, and he held Allen down for the three count! RA: The winner of the match as a result of a pinfall... GLENN CHAMBERS!!! JACKSON: Even a broken clock is right twice a day, Stan. ["Wretches and Kings" by Linkin Park starts up as the crowd cheers. Chambers raises his arms in the air as he backs away from the ringside area. Iris Galiver is in the ring and screaming at Rob Garcia.] CONLON: I don't know about luck, Pepper. I believe Chambers' wrestling ability served him well and saw him through to the win. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Well alright! Glenn Chambers gets a victory in the first match without any outside interference. CHANEY: Well, Iris Galiver... [Smith moves his hand over to stop Chaney's sentence.] SMITH: Now Iris doesn't count. That gorgeous woman can do whatever she wants. CHANEY: Oh Good God! SMITH: That's what I'M saying! CHANEY: We finally arrive at the UPW Television Title match where John Herdick will challenge the champion, Felix Sandoval. SMITH: El Patron! CHANEY: Really? SMITH: It feels good. Try it, Chaney. CHANEY: No. SMITH: Come on, man! Try it.....Felix Sandoval is.... [Eric rolls his eyes before finally bellowing.] CHANEY: EL PATRON! SMITH: See? CHANEY: I don't get it. SMITH: Whatever, let's talk about this match. For all the clamoring about who gets rewarded for what that we hear from pundits, I find it ironic that everyone seems ok with Herdick getting this shot. CHANEY: Herdick aligns himself with Styles, and perhaps it shows the clout Rick has backstage if suddenly John Herdick is a TV Title contender. SMITH: But he basically said, "shove it" to the fans and the duties assigned to him as referee of that match last Showdown and now he gets a title shot? Doesn't seem right, does it? CHANEY: I fully understand your point, Gorilla. Makes me wonder how upset you will be if he wins! SMITH: Don't get me started. Someone willing to turn their backs on their duties like that and align with a weasel like Styles.... CHANEY: Well before Gorilla pops a gasket, let's head to the tape and see who actually walked out of The Palace as Television Champion. Roll that tape!

[John Herdick is full steam ahead towards a woozy Felix Sandoval - Spinning Heel Kick!] CONLON: That one really connected with the jaw of Felix Sandoval! [Sandoval is up to his hands and knees but Herdick off the ropes again!] CONLON: Hard running knee to the temple of the Television Champ! JACKSON: John Herdick has been fighting his ass off so far! [Herdick does not hesitate, instead he follows the running knee up with a Leg Drop then quickly springs back up as Sandoval rolls onto his side!] CONLON: It looks like Herdick is going up top! [Indeed he does! Herdick looks out to the crowd and waits until the right moment and to the "OHHHHHHHHHHHS!!" of the crowd - he leaps...] CONLON: FLYING HEADBUTT FROM JOHN HERDICK!! JACKSON: He wants to end it right here! [Herdick for the pin!] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . CONLON: Sandoval with a shoulder up! JACKSON: If we've learned anything about John Herdick so far, it's to expect the unexpected... CONLON: And this would be a HUGE upset if John could pull this one off! [Herdick stands up and gives an evil look to the referee as he grabs Sandoval by his neck and pulls Felix up.] CONLON: Herdick sending Sandoval to the ropes now... [El Patron off the ropes and ducks a clothesline! He bounces off the ropes again... Jumping Shoulder Block!] CONLON: Both men spring back up and Felix... JACKSON: The fearless champion! Thesz Press! And EL PATRON landing punches! [A barrage of high speed lefts and rights to the face of Herdick! The referee tugs on Sandoval's arm but the TV Champ continues with the lefts and rights until Herdick starts to cover up! Felix jumps up off of Herdick and talks smack towards the fans! BOOOOOOOOOO!!] CONLON: Sandoval turning his attention right back to Herdick as the referee checks on John... [Sandoval quickly closes the gap between him and Herdick!] CONLON: LOW BLOW! LOW BLOW FROM JOHN HERDICK!! JACKSON: And the referee didn't see it! [Sandoval falls QUICKLY to his knees, clutching at his groin! The referee turns in his bewildered state and goes to check on Sandoval as Herdick stands up and begins towards Felix at a quick pace...] CONLON: LOW BLOW FROM SANDOVAL!! LOW BLOW FROM SANDOVAL!! JACKSON: Deja-Vu for the referee! [It finally clicks in the referee's head as both competitors clutch their groins from their back! His back was turned towards the victim on both occasions though so he shrugs his shoulders and starts his count...] ONE! CONLON: Neither one of these men are afraid to pull out all the stops! JACKSON: Sandoval has a TV Title to lose! Herdick has absolutely nothing to lose! And they're both crazy! [Herdick and Sandoval are still trying to shake off the pain...] TWO!! CONLON: Felix is up to one knee, Herdick using the turnbuckle ropes for leverage... THREE!! JACKSON: Neither of them are ready to quit! FOUR!! [Sandoval is up and so is Herdick but his back is towards Sandoval, Sandoval grabs him, locks his hands, lifts...] CONLON: Herdick clutching the top rope! Sandoval can't lift him! [Kidney shot from Sandoval but Herdick still won't let go! Now a rib shot from Felix and a warning from the referee as he tries to slide into the middle of the two... But the referee thinks twice as John wildly swings his left elbow but connects with Sandoval's jaw in the process!] CONLON: This has turned into a street fight like match from these two! JACKSON: Let them fight, ref! [After absorbing another elbow shot to the face, Felix spins Herdick around...] CONLON: Belly to Belly Suplex!! Sandoval hits it perfectly! JACKSON: The champ better stay on him! [As if Pepper Jackson's words carry weight, on cue, Sandoval drags Herdick the few feet to the far-side turnbuckle and then drags Herdick by his arm towards the turnbuckle.] CONLON: And now Felix Sandov... JACKSON: EL PATRON! He's setting Herdick up for his signature Curb Stomp! [Anticipation pop from the crowd for those that know what Felix is about to do as he runs to the opposing turnbuckle then positions himself to sprint towards Herdick...] CONLON: Sandoval full speed ahead! [Another collective "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" From the crowd!] JACKSON: CURB STOM... CONLON: HERDICK MOVES! [Instead, the bottom of Sandoval's boot meets the mat! He's pissed! Herdick is still dazed and on his back. Felix quickly under hooks his arms under Herdick's legs and holds them up then drops to his back, catapulting Herdick's neck into the bottom rope! Herdick clutches at his throat!] CONLON: These two definitely don't seem to care about the other'a personal well being! JACKSON: John Herdick has gained a little more respect from me tonight... [Sandoval plays to the boos, but not too much, he's smarter than that to turn his back for too long. Herdick is still clutching at his throat and Felix attempts to pull him up but Herdick grasps at the ropes making it harder on Felix...] CONLON: Elbow to Sandoval's mid-section and John Herdick fighting back now... [Sandoval works through the elbow shot but Herdick stands up-right and with a snap of the wrist...] CONLON: Throat shot from Herdick! I don't suppose the referee was in position to see that one either! JACKSON: I condone many forms of hand to hand combat at any given time! [Yet again, the referee didn't see it but to his credit, Sandoval's body shielded the action! Herdick quickly spins Felix around and hits him with an elbow to the temple! Now another one! The referee warns Herdick about the elbows and Herdick turns with a crazy look on his face!] CONLON: Momentum has shifted yet again and John Herdick has shoved the referee aside and heads for the opposing turnbuckle... [Now he charges full force and leaps as high as he can to crash down on Felix Sandoval!] JACKSON: BODY SPLASH... CONLON: MISS!! [John Herdick bounces off the turnbuckle and the TV Champ slides into position and Felix spins him around...] CONLON: HE'S GOT HIM UP! JACKSON: CLEAN CUT!! CLEAN CUT OUT OF NOWHERE!!! CONLON: THE PIN!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!!! CONLON: No doubt about it! This one is over! JACKSON: EL PATRON RETAINS!! [Dings of the bell make it official! "El Patron" Felix Sandoval has officially retained! Sandoval's theme music hits as he's handed the belt and immediately hoists it over his head in victory! The crowd showers him with boos! Almost as quick as his celebration has started, the music stops and now a voice...] V: Whoa... Whoa... Whoa. [The crowd recognizes the voice and pops as all eyes shift to the curtains and "Hardcore Icon" Brandon Franklin emerges from backstage and onto the top of the rampway. At the sight of him, the cheering gets louder and a decent portion of the fans chant "HARDCORE ICON" in unison. He's in his "street clothes", arm now folded into a sling as a way of preventing sudden movements that would affect his injured shoulder.] [Franklin holds a microphone with his free hand.] BF: Allow me to be the FIRST to congratulate our Television Champion - "El Patron" himself... Felix Sandoval! ["BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" from the fans! A nod from Franklin to Sandoval and a smile as Sandoval brushes the "congratulations" off with a flick of the hand.] BF: And for you... That's the good news... [Pause as the fans continue to boo the Television Champion, a wide smile on his face, confidence oozing.] BF: But I just got outta' Grissom's office after showin' him the paperwork that clears me to wrestle at Survival! And you know what he told me, Sandy? [Franklin leans in as though if he does that, Felix will be able to hear him better. The boos die down and the crowd pays closer attention to Franklin now...] BF: He said he already had an opponent picked out for you at Survival... [Pause for effect and Franklin smiles as the crowd already starts to pop!] BF: He said he found a guy that already put you to sleep twice! He said he found he a clear cut number one contender to your title! [Crowd pops a little louder. Franklin knows he's working them and smiles, then continues as Sandoval holds his hands at his hips in the ring.] BF: And he said that the opponent he found for Felix Sandoval is a HARDCORE ICON... [HUGE pop from the fans! Sandoval clearly doesn't enjoy the whole game and is irritated with Franklin for "beating around the bush."] BF: Grissom just told me that it's Felix Sandoval versus the Hardcore Icon for that Television Title at SURVIVAL!! [Thunderous "awesome match" pop from the fans! Sandoval stands in a fighter's stance with the belt draped over his shoulder. He stares back at his next opponent with confidence and not a care in the world. Sandoval mouths something to Franklin while pointing at the TV Title. Franklin sneers at him.] BF: Time's tickin', Felix. Make the most of your "Survival" while you can... [Franklin holds the mic to his side and him and Felix look at each other like they can't stand one another, both ready for what's ahead!] CONLON: There you have it! Officially - Franklin versus Sandoval at Survival! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: EL PATRON! CHANEY: Sandoval retains the TV Title against John Herdick, but more interestingly enough it looks like we have our second confirmed title match for Survival! SMITH: Brandon Franklin just may have proven all the chair shots to the head a decade ago have messed his thinking. Sandoval nearly tore his arm apart last Showdown and now he wants to go again at Survival? CHANEY: Franklin has been so very close both times against Sandoval, and while Felix has managed to wina nd keep the belt, you have to think that at some point Franklinw ill pull it out. SMITH: Oh sure, law of averages, but that is science, Chaney. This is wrestling. Nothing is a lock inside that squared circle. I once set up a special appearance against my greatest rival. He had no idea I was his special opponent and nobody knew anything. The look on his face when I entered was worth it all and I thought surely my size advantage and the element of surprise would be enough to finally gain a victory over him. CHANEY: How did it work out? [Gorilla looks a little frustrated/annoyed at the question. Finally he sighs and answers.] SMITH: I lost in forty-six seconds. CHANEY: You what? (he begins to laugh.) SMITH: WHAT? The guy always seemed to manage to beat me when we faced off one-on-one. CHANEY: (still laughing) SMITH: I'm just telling you that story because you cannot gaurantee that because Franklin has been close more than one against a person, that it means he will win this time around. Sometimes a guy just has your number. CHANEY: I'd ask who it was, but we'll just leave it there. SMITH: Thanks. The man's ego is already bad enough as it is. No need to make it any bigger. CHANEY: Fans, this portion of UPW Showdown is brought to you by UPW SURVIVAL! SMITH: That's right! [The screen between them changes from the UPW logo, to the following image...]

[They continue speaking as you see the image.] CHANEY: Sunday, March fifth in Chicago, Illinois! UPW Survival will feature every member of the roster in action, every title will be defended, and the Ultimate Survival Rumble will reshape the landscape of UPW in many ways! SMITH: It is promising to be a great event, and no doubt the first pay-per-view will set a high standard! CHANEY: You got that right, Gorilla! So make plans to join us that Sunday in March for some great UPW action and watch history unfold! SMITH: The card looks great as it looks like we have Sandoval and Franklin for the Television Title, Donegal and Shabazz in an "I Quit" match, Styles and Keenan squaring off, and the World Title match between Aaron Lewis and Derek Rage! All of that added to that Ultimate Rumble match and this one looks to be epic! CHANEY: Also, we'll be there doing a free-for-all portion of the show where we will hear from some of the participants in the rumble and get the chance to see some action as well. It is going to be an exciting night! [The PPV logo fades quickly and the screen returns to show our announcers.] SMITH: Indeed it will! CHANEY: Fans our next match on Showdown is interesting because it is a match between two very large individuals. One brash newcomer in Windham Brody, getting the chance to square off against one of the superb veterans on the UPW roster in Damian Payne. SMITH: That is a lot of beef in the ring. Reminds me of the old days when almost everybody was six-six or taller in there and it was just a brutal smash-mouth brand of wrestling. CHANEY: Very well could be, Gorilla. Payne has a lot of skill and certainly has experience on his side. However Brody looks to be an above average big man. SMITH: And an upset of Payne could be jumpstart to his career that he desires to move up the ranks. CHANEY: One thing is for certain, it is about to get rough and tumble! SMITH: The way I like it! CHANEY: Let's roll the footage and see which big man proved to be better in Detroit!

[The footage begins as Windham Brody has Damian Payne in the corner with his right arm wrapped around the top rope in a hold that causes pain in the elbow and shoulder. The referee is counting him already.] CONLON: Windham Brody really trying to take that right arm out of commission. JACKSON: Smart play really as that is the hand Payne always uses to land his signature "chokebomb" finisher. Taking that out could help him pull this one out. CONLON: Good point Pepper, you have to wonder if Payne could switch and land it as effectively if he used the left. JACKSON: Most people aren't ambidextrous, so I like what he is doing. [Brody finally lets go after the referee threatens disqualification and throws a hard left hand to Payne's nose. Windham grabs Payne and throws a knee up into his stomach, causing the veteran to stumble out of the corner while holding the top rope.] CONLON: WINDHAM BRODY TEEING OFF YET AGAIN! JACKSON: People see one of the largest men in UPW when they see Payne, but don't forget that Brody is six-foot-six and that power is taking its toll. CONLON: Payne looks to be in serious trouble now. JACKSON: And Brody is loving every second of it. [Brody seems full of himself as he stalks Payne, landing a right jab, then another. He turns to the fans and holds his arms out in a boastful manner.] CONLON: This young guy is definitely trying to make a name for himself at the expense of a veteran like Payne. JACKSON: Not surprising. It is what most youngsters do. CONLON: I think that attitude is a negative, especially these days. JACKSON: I realize I'm newer to this sport than you are, but I like brash youngsters teaching the vets a thing or two. [Windham rushes Payne and Damian drops down and yanks on the top rope, sending Brody fling over the top rope and to the arena floor. This gets a pop from the crowd.] CONLON: PAYNE PULLS DOWN THE ROPE AND BRODY FLIES OUT OF THE RING!!! JACKSON: Damian Payne with a veteran move, and talk about showing his hand! Brody telegraphed that! CONLON: And now he is on the floor over there and Payne seems to have leveled the playing field. JACKSON: It also showed he is capable of countering and thinking well in a rumble situation. [Damian Payne steps through the ropes and stares down at Brody from the apron. He looks to the crowd and points to them and then back down at Brody as he struggles to stand.] CONLON: Payne is on that apron and you have to wonder if he is seriously thinking of doing something dangerous. JACKSON: At six-foot-nine, anything other than a double ax handle is dangerous to himself here. CONLON: Payne isn't called "Sadistic Insanity" for nothing, Pepper! JACKSON: No way, he really is going to try something! [Payne waits for Brody to stand up and then takes off with a couple of running steps before leaping into the air at Brody with dropkick that misses horribly as Brody moves. Payne lands hard on the floor and a collective "OHHHH!" is heard form the crowd.] CONLON: FLYING DROPKICK FROM THE APRON MISSES AND BRODY AVOIDS A MAJOR IMPACT!!! JACKSON: Windham Brody thinking fast and saving his very face! CONLON: But now both men are struggling to move outside the ring and this match is perhaps going to leave them worse for wear in teh future. JACKSON: Winning is what matters and if he is smart, Brody will take advantage right now while he can! [Brody pulls Payne up and rolls him under the bottom rope, following in right behind him. He stands up and grabs Payne, lifting him up and then taking some steps for a running powerslam that shakes the entire ring.] CONLON: RUNNING POWERSLAM FROM WINDHAM BRODY AND NOW HE HOOKS A LEG ON DAMIAN PAYNE!!! JACKSON: THIS IS IT!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR......................NO! CONLON: KICKOUT BY PAYNE!!! JACKSON: Brody looks PISSED!!! CONLON: The veteran manages to survive and now Brody needs to not worry about the count and get back to work. That is one of the problems with that young, brash attitude. JACKSON: Exactly. This match won't finish itself. [Brody stares down the referee as the small man holds up two fingers authoritatively. He shakes his head nad pulls Payne to his feet. Brody goes for an Irish whip into the corner, but Payne reverses it and sends the big man into the corner with a lot of force.] CONLON: PAYNE WITH A BIG REVERSAL AS HE SENDS BRODY INTO THE TURNBUCKLES AGAIN! JACKSON: Brody took too much time staring the referee and it cost him. CONLON: And he is in there with a veteran who knows how to finish, especially if he gets mad as well. JACKSON: And now he is straight up choking him! This is illegal!!! [Payne rushes over and takes his left boot and puts it against the neck and cheek of Brody in that corner as the crowd reacts well for him. The referee starts calling for the break and Payne breaks finally at the count of five.] CONLON: PAYNE CHOKING HIM FOR THE FULL FIVE SECONDS WITH THAT BOOT!!! JACKSON: How is he not disqualified? That was wrong. CONLON: He's a veteran wrestler, not a Saint, Pepper. JACKSON: Even so, the crowd is cheering young Windham Brody being choked like that! [Payne lets up and hammers rights and lefts into the head of Brody. The last right fist staggers Windham as he stumbles out of the corner and into the middle of the ring.] CONLON: PAYNE GOING NUTS NOW WITH RIGHTS AND LEFTS AT WILL!!! JACKSON: All illegal fists, one right after the other! He is resorting to cheap tactics to get the advantage! [Payne wastes no time in rushing and hitting a running spear the moment Windham turns around.] CONLON: SPEAR BY PAYNE!!! HE HIT IT FLUSH!!! JACKSON: He literally bent Brody in half there. CONLON: We know what this means and so does this soell-out crowd in The Palace! JACKSON: Oh no! [Payne gets to his feet and pulls Brody to his as well, grabbing him and lifting him for the chokebomb, landing it right in the center of the ring.] CONLON: CHOKEBOMB!!! PAYNE DROPPED HIM IN THE CENTER OF THE RING!!! HE COVERS!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: Why? CONLON: VICTORY FOR DAMIAN PAYNE!!! JACKSON: The young guy literally opened the door and the veteran walked right in and finished him off. [Damian Payne raises his arm in victory.] CONLON: And now what does this mean heading into that Ultimate Rumble at Survival? Payne looks ready to truly compete. JACKSON: I wouldn't want to be in there with him. CONLON: This performance has to elevate him to someone that can be trouble in that match at Survival. JACKSON: You can say that again. [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Lance Donovan and Tyson Bishop are standing in front of UPW backdrop in the locker room area. Both men are scowling. Bishop's breathing is evident from how his nostrils flare when he inhales.] LD: Titan Juarez. You're a dead man. Dead. Man. [Donovan can't help but smile because he doesn't know what else to do.] LD: You wanted an enemy? You've got one. Dominion HAD our title match under control. Those titles were all but ours until... until... [A snort.] LD: ... until you stuck your [BEEP] nose into the match! I hope you're down at ringside with your new bffs, Titan. I hope you're down there to watch their backs and ensure they keep the titles. Tyson and I are going to be down there tonight too. We'll get a rematch for the titles. That can wait. Our first order of business is to teach you a lesson and show the rest of UPW what it means to cross Dominion. [The barrel chested hoss, Tyson Bishop, runs his right hand through his thick beard. He snorts before he begins to speak.] TB: Titan Juarez, you a damn fool. Did you not see what happened to the Hype? Did you not see what happened to the O'Malley clowns? [Bishop closes his eyes and shakes his head. He quickly exhales three times.] TB: They were left laying on the concrete, battered, beaten and bloodied. And do you know why we left them like that boy? It ain't ‘cause it's part of this business. It's ‘cause they pissed us off! The Hype humiliated us in our first match in the UPW ... so they paid the price. The O'Malleys just got in our way ... [Bishop smirks.] TB: And they paid the damn price. Titan Juarez, you're ‘bout to learn the cold hard truth. When you get involved in the Dominion's business ... you pay a violent price! [Donovan looks at his partner and then back at the camera.] LD: You want to hang around with a couple of social justice warriors and cost Dominion a match? You're going to learn what it means to be oppressed, Titan. [Cut back to ringside.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: The Dominion with some harsh words for both The Warriors and specifically Titan Juarez. SMITH: Well they got screwed over in a big way last Showdown. Juarez steps in and literally keeps the titles with the Warriors when most people would admit that it looked like we might have new champions. CHANEY: So now it looks like Titan Juarez has issues with his former friends, the Soldiers of the Sun, and now Dominion. SMITH: And you can also see how bad that can be, just ask Frank Anthony what it is like to be on the wrong side of Dominion...and they had no real beef with him! Titan caused them issues, so that will be a whole new level for them. CHANEY: Speaking of new level, it seems Damian Payne found his as he managed to ward off the younger big man and get a victory. SMITH: I've been on the receiving end of the Chokebomb, so I can feel Brody's pain. The kid has a great future and he really gave Damian Payne a run for his money. If this match happens again a year from now, I would bet it ends differently with Brody having another year of experience. CHANEY: You never know, Gorilla. Brody definitely showed some signs of greatness, but a ring veteran is that for a reason and Damian Payne stood tall. SMITH: Can't take that away from him. He still has it in spades! CHANEY: And now we're ready to start the semi-final section of the tournament! SMITH: Or in De Luca's case, possibly his first real match of the tournament, since his boys beat down Anthony and laid him out like a sacrificial lamb. CHANEY: He faces Harrison Daniels III....who didn't even HAVE a match to advance. Remember Malcom Shabazz was arrested and forced to forfeit his match against Daniels. So he got an effective bye in round one. SMITH: At least Daniels is fresh to face De Luca. Makes it a tad more even after what Dominion did. CHANEY: You don't like DOminion, do you Gorilla? SMITH: It isn't that. I just have seen what happens when really talented people decide to team up and bully the rest of the roster. Hell, I've BEEN one of those guys before in the past. UPW is about to get some real trouble if it doesn't get nipped early on. CHANEY: Well, let;'s head to the video footage and see how the semi-final match turned out between De Luca and Daniels. Winner goes to the main event for the North American Title! Roll it, boys!

[We cut to the ring mid-match. Setting the scene of what is going on. Lance Donovan and Tyson Bishop are at ring side with their stable mate. Harrison Daniels III just countered a suplex of his own and lifted De Luca up and over.] CONLON: There is a lot of hype surrounding _both_ of these men, Jackson. De Luca stands apart of a powerful stable and has been on a huge hot streak thus far in the UPW. Harrison Daniels III has tasted success in the wrestling indy leagues and enters with a world of potential. De Luca is back up but EATS a dropkick! JACKSON: Tyson Bishop and Donovan begin to circle opposite sides. You hit one member of Dominion, you hit them all! CONLON: Both of these two are rather fresh in their second match of the night. However, not only does Daniels now have to keep his eyes on three men, you never know if Monroe is lurking around. The numbers game is at a clear disadvantage for Daniels. JACKSON: A night like tonight is like a detailed chess game. Sometimes the smarter man survives just long enough. [De Luca pushes himself up and Daniels III takes him down again with a German Suplex and into a pinning bridge!] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . CONLON: NO, KICK OUT BY DE LUCA!!!! JACKSON: Daniels III is now talking towards Donovan. Daniels III doesn't lack confidence or attitude that's for sure. CONLON: Daniels turns just in time to light up De Luca with a STIFF knife-edge chop. TWAAAAAAP!!!! [The fans "Ooooh." as Dainels unloads with more.] TWAAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAAP!!!! TWAAAAAAP!!!! JACKSON: Ouch! De Luca may have sleep walked through the first round, but he is going to feel these! CONLON: Daniels goes to send De Luca into the ropes, and SPINNING HEEL KICK BY DANIELS III. ANOTHER COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . CONLON: NO, _ANOTHER_ KICK OUT BY ANTONIO DE LUCA! HD3 is now showing the Dominion member that he isn't going to be pushed around. [Daniels hits the ropes again, but this time Donovan grabs the ankle and trips him up. The referee is quickly over warning Donovan who just raises his hands as if he isn't doing anything wrong.] JACKSON: You can't take all three on. Anthony learned that in the first match and now Daniels is getting a crash course. [De Luca is up and shaking off the onslaught. As Daniels pushes himself up and drives his boot down on his ankle dropping him back down. De Luca circles him like a hungry Tiger getting ready to pounce on his prey. HD3 pushes himself back up trying to stand tall, but he is just CLOBBERED by a stiff close range forearm to the back of the neck.] CRAAAAAAACK!!!! CONLON: De Luca is up and he is angry! He is just sending STIFF shots down on Harrison Daniels III. JACKSON: He is sending a message to whomever advances to the finals. CONLON: He has to beat HD3 first, Jackson. [De Luca whips Daniels now into the ropes ... TILT-A-WHIRL ... Into a vicious backbreaker.] CRAAAAAACK!!!! CONLON: Oh man ... The sound of that backbreaker was sick. De Luca is now holding Daniels on his knee for extra pressure. JACKSON: De Luca is wise above his years in this ring. It's almost like he grew up around a wrestling ring. CONLON: There isn't a lot known about Antonio De Luca outside of him growing up in Rome. JACKSON: He let's everyone know about his nationality. He is quite proud of that. [De Luca has dropped HD3. He turns as his stable mates cheer him on.] CONLON: Dominion is starting to get too comfortable in the UPW. It's going to take a few men standing up to him to put a stop to their dominance. JACKSON: Who wants to stand up to these guys, Conlon? [De Luca drops down and drops some big hammer fists on Daniels III.] SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! CONLON: De luca is now driving those hammer fists into Daniels III. He pulls him up and sends him into the corner HARD! De luca charges! [HUGE POP as Daniels just dives out of the way. De Luca turns and eats a knee to the midsection and then an inverted atomic drop!] CONLON: Daniels III isn't ready to call it quits! He hits the ropes and FLYING FOREMARM TAKES DOWN DE LUCA AGAIN... KIP UP!! JACKSON: Show off. [The fans are rallying behind Daniels III. Donovan is up on the ring apron and Daniels III drops him off with a DROPKICK!] CONLON: DONOVAN IS SENT OFF THE RING APRON! Daniels III isn't going down without a fight. He hits the ropes and SPRINGBOARDS towards BISHOP! [However, Tyson Bishop catches Harrison Daniels III and while De Luca has raises to his feet and started arguing with the referee, Tyson Bishop turns and charges smashing Daniels III back into the side of the turnbuckles from the outside.] CRAAAAAAAAACCCCKKK!!!! JACKSON: Now come on, Daniels III was just ASKING for that, Conlon. CONLON: HD3 was trying to strike first, but there are just too many of them. First that vicious back breaker and now that. Bishop has just rolled HD3 back into the ring and De Luca turns away from the referee and looks down smiling. [The fans are giving Bishop hell on the outside, but as HD3 tries to push himself up, De Luca locks him in a double underhook. He then lifts him back up and into another brutal backbreaker.] CRAAAAAAACK!!!! CONLON: He calls that thumbs down! That is three brutal moves on HD3's back and he isn't looking like he is going to be in a good spot. JACKSON: It's just De Luca's time, Conlon. [De Luca slowly pulls HD3 back up, but Daniels III shows a little life and hooks a surprise roll up!] CONLON: A ROLL UP OUT OF NOWHERE! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . DE LUCA KICKS RIGHT BACK OUT! [Both men are back up and Daniels III ducks under a big right, but is nearly beheaded as he rebounds into a Mafia Kick.] CRAAAAAACK!!!! JACKSON: That was sick! CONLON: De Luca has dropped down and locked on his crucifix armbar! JACKSON: He calls it Judas and quite a fitting name. CONLON: HD3 has no where to go and he is trying to hang on, but the damage to this match was just too much and he is tapping. [HD3 is forced to tap out. De Luca drops the hold and leaps up raising his arm shouting to the UPW faithful, I TOLD YOU!] RA: The winner of the match and advancing to the finals for the UPW North American Championship, "LEGIONARIUS" ANTONIO DE LUCA !!!! CONLON: De Luca has made it his personal crusade to win the UPW North American Championship and he is one win away from doing just that. JACKSON: The numbers game was just too much and you have to wonder what does De Luca have in store for his third and final match tonight. [De Luca is joined by Bishop and Donovan. The three men look at Harrison Daniels III who is being checked on by the referee. They then turn and head out of the ring.] [Fade to Black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Standing before an UPW banner is Dyan Ciccarelli, dwarfed by the bald man in a red jacket next to her; Dylan Cardinal.] CICCARELLI: Dylan Cardinal, before we talk about the venomous words you had for Glenn Chambers, before we talk about your participation in the Survival Rumble match... can we talk about your streak? [The Basilisk seems taken aback, unsure of what Dyan's alluding to.] CARDINAL: My streak? CICCARELLI: Fans probably know that you've never been pinned or submitted in the UPW. But do they know that you were never defeated during the three years you wrestled in Japan? CARDINAL: Probably not. The bigger organizations didn't want anything to do with an ex-con. That little Osaka promotion was the only one that would have me. [A smirk.] CARDINAL: Let's just say I had a bit of a size advantage. Learned some interestin' techniques, but it was nothin' like UPW. CICCARELLI: Perhaps not, but it turns out you were never pinned or submitted in any American league you wrestled in either, from the small ones to the big ones, like NWA and SCWE. [The Basilisk nods, almost reluctantly.] CARDINAL: A'ight. CICCARELLI: You have never been pinned, nor have you ever submitted since you made your debut in 2010. That's a seven year streak. [The King of Serpents bobs his head in silence.] CICCARELLI: Why wouldn't you even mention this? Marco Matters would have shouted it on the rooftops! CARDINAL: I'm not a mark for myself. CICCARELLI: No one has ever kept your shoulders to the mat in seven years. That's an extraordinary track record of dominance! CARDINAL: My competition didn't need to know. The smart ones already knew, the morons... they'd just find out the hard way. CICCARELLI: But based on that track record, and based on the fact you'll be the 40th and last entrant, nearly everyone's already assuming you'll be winning the Survival Rumble! CARDINAL: OK. [A long sigh.] CARDINAL: I am the odds on favorite. By far. I've heard the speculations... they're never about the Rumble, they're always about which World Champ Dylan Cardinal will face.. CICCARELLI: ...Aaron Lewis or Derek Rage? CARDINAL: The one with my title, 'lil Dyan. But see, while I am the favorite to win, I'm also the biggest target in the Survival Rumble. By far. [He raises a hand, as if weighing the competition. It could stand to look heavier.] CARDINAL: 39 men, all of 'em thinkin' that if they take me out, they might have a shot. [The Basilisk grimaces while stretching his neck.] CARDINAL: You know a show called Survivor, 'lil one? CICCARELLI: Sure... CARDINAL: The biggest threats, the most dominant players, they often get taken out. The betas unite, snuff out the big bad's torch. Only the ones with enough awareness to know they're the biggest target out there survive. CICCARELLI: Still, with that streak of yours, wouldn't you prefer if Glenn Chambers won the North American Title Tournament? CARDINAL: Let him win, win his title at Survival, win the Rumble and become a dual champion? I've thought about it. [A smile, a genuine one.] CARDINAL: ...It's tempting. On the other hand, it's also tempting to let Chambers fly close to the sun, so close he can feel the burn... and then rip off his wings! CICCARELLI: Oh... CARDINAL: No matter which option I choose, 'lil Dyan, I win. [Stepping out of frame, a sickening smirk on his lips...] CARDINAL: ...And Glenn gets burned. [Immediate black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Well.....ummm.....damn, that guy. CHANEY: What are you saying? SMITH: This guy is just menacing. It is like he is taking joy in not just tormenting Glenn Chambers, but the entire league. CHANEY: Cardinal has been at the top of his game since UPW opened and now it seems he feels he is unstoppable. SMITH: Well what he said is true, far as I remember. I do not believe that he has ever really LOST cleanly in his career. Years ago in SCWE, he did take a decision inside that multi-man iron man match, but it wasn't what I call a submission as he was unconscious and the referee just said Brian Young got a number on him. CHANEY: I remember that. He didn't eat any pinfalls then, and that moment with Young was the only real determent to his record there. SMITH: If that is true, then he has a streak going that few have ever achieved, which only makes him more bold in what he does out there. CHANEY: Chambers better be on guard then, wouldn't you say? SMITH: From what we just heard, who knows? CHANEY: His semi-final match is up next against Caleb Foley and you have to wonder if that will be an opportunity for Cardinal. SMITH: He didn't do it in the first round against Allen. So you never know. His mind games have been through the roof on Chambers. So much so that Chambers snapped last Showdown and attacked him with a passion. CHANEY: That seemed very out of character. SMITH: I don't think so. You can only shove somebody and bully them so much before they return fire, and Cardinal was begging for a beating, which he got. CHANEY: The winner of this match gets Antonio De Luca, who defeated Harrison Daniels III in his semi-final. SMITH: Great finish for De Luca, showing he has submission skills. The fact that he is in the final is worry some because you know one of these guys will move into that match with two difficult matches under their belts tonight already. CHANEY: So let's see who it will be! Chambers or Foley, one of these men will advance to face Antonio De Luca in our main event for the UPW North American Title! Roll the tape!

[The footage begins with Foley holding Chambers in a side headlock with the confidant smirk still etched across his face.] CONLON: Foley is every bit the veteran in this one, and it shows. JACKSON: He has managed to avoid every serious Chambers attack, I'll give him that. CONLON: These two are both beloved by the fans. JACKSON: Though Foley's crowd might have some gray air. [Chambers chain wrestles out of the headlock he held and spins to Foley's back, taking his arm with him and turning it into a standing wrist lock.] CONLON: Glenn Chambers showing off that wrestling skill! JACKSON: You can't fight that way against him. CONLON: Did you ay something nice about Chambers? JACKSON: I may not think he is the best out there, but I can recognize talent like everyone else, Stan. [Foley suddenly dips and reverses the wrist lock by Chambers into one of his own as the fans cheer some technical skill being shown by both men.] CONLON: FOLEY REVERSES CHAMBERS! JACKSON: You make it sound like a touchdown in the Superbowl or something. CONLON: Foley just did something few manage to do, reverse a hold on a grappling champion. JACKSON: He's an old man, of course he can get out of a wrist lock! He' been around since the dawn of time. CONLON: You realize that Caleb is in his twenties, right Pepper? JACKSON: You think I care what a bio page says? [Chambers throws an elbow with his free hand, but Foley ducks and uses the moment of motion to trip Chambers down to the canvas. Before Foley can grab him to lock on any holds, Chambers rolls away and gets back to his feet.] CONLON: These two just continue to outdo one another and you can see the respect growing between them. JACKSON: That may be the most boring sentence ever uttered. [The crowd gives a very polite and excited round of applause to both men as they stare toward each other knowing they both have great technical skills.] CONLON: What now, Pepper? JACKSON: Who cares if they respect each other? The UPW North American Title is riding on this match and Antonio De Luca is waiting in the wings! CONLON: You're right about that, Pepper. But the fans at least can see that whomever wins here has the skill to give De Luca problems. JACKSON: There is no problem Dominion can't handle at this point. You know it, and I know it. [The two men circle again and lunge in for the collar-and-elbow tie up. Again Chambers gains the advantage, but this time he doesn't waste any time with holds as he whips Foley across the ring and into the ropes. Foley leaps to the middle rope and propels himself back toward Chambers with a flying body press, to which Chambers responds by catching Caleb and flipping him with a T-bone suplex that drops Foley to the canvas with authority.] CONLON: WHAT A COUNTER BY CHAMBERS!!! HE TIMED THAT SUPLEX PERFECTLY!!! HE COVERS! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRR..........NO!!! JACKSON: FOLEY GOT A SHOULDER UP! CONLON: These two men have gone back and forth all night! Foley has managed shocking attacks, while Chambers has used his wrestling skill in as textbook a way as you can describe. JACKSON: And this is the fourth time one of them has tried a pin and yet still can't close the deal! [Chambers doesn't let the near fall effect him at all. Chambers pulls Foley up and lifts him into a vertical suplex lift and he holds Foley directly upside down for the fans to see.] CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS USIN GHIS SIZE ADVANTAGE WITH THIS VERTICAL LIFT!!! JACKSON: The man has strength. Look at what he did to Cardinal last Showdown! [Finally Chambers drops the suplex down and Foley is obviously affected negatively.] CONLON: DOWN GOES FOLEY!!! JACKSON: We've heard that a lot in UPW, haven't we Stan? CONLON: The man has fought wars in UPW and been one of the few to get some positive standing against Dominion. Don't think he can't do this yet. JACKSON: De Luca is probably loving this as he watches them beat on each other. [Chambers pulls Foley to his feet again, choosing to continue his attack rather than try to pin again. He sets up for a gut wrench lift and drops Foley across his right knee with a nasty back breaker.] CONLON: GUT WRENCH STOMACH BUSTER BY CHAMBERS!!! THIS MIGHT FINISH IT!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRRRRREEE...........KICKOUT BY FOLEY!!! JACKSON: He escapes again, and now both "father time" and Glenn Chambers seem to be getting the better of Mr. Foley. CONLON: Glenn Chambers is really looking strong now and Foley needs to come up with something if he is going to advance. JACKSON: He needs a white flag and a wheelchair. Start prepping his Social Security claim, folks. [Chambers shakes his head after the near fall, and seems to give a nod of appreciation for the fight in Caleb Foley. He reaches and pulls Foley to his feet again, whipping him over into the corner.] CONLON: The respect shown here! JACKSON: Now he sends him for the ride! [Chambers runs after Foley and hits a splash in the corner just after Foley's initial impact.] CONLON: BIG SPLASH IN THAT CORNER BY CHAMBERS! JACKSON: He has a size and youth advantage and he knows how to use it. CONLON: Foley is in deep trouble. JACKSON: Better find a rabbit or something, old man, because Chambers looks like he can finish you anytime! [Chambers grabs the arms of his opponent and sends him flying across the ring into the opposite corner and again follows him in for a big splash -- but Foley moves at the last second and Chambers hits the turnbuckle with force.] CONLON: FOLEY MOVED AND CHAMBERS HITS THE CORNER HARD!!! JACKSON: I'll be damned! [Foley grabs Chambers by the arm and hip tosses him to the mat. He holds onto Chambers' arm and turns it into an arm bar.] CONLON: Caleb Foley on the offensive as he gets that arm bar. JACKSON: Can he keep it though? [Chambers rolls to one side and then kips up, breaking out of the arm bar with a set of knife- edged chops that send Foley reeling again.] CONLON: REVERSAL BY CHAMBERS AND A CHOP TO FOLEY'S CHEST!!! JACKSON: The old man just can't keep up. I'd be sad if I actually liked him. [Chambers grabs Foley and whips him into the ropes, missing a lariat attempt on the first pass as Foley ducks the attack. Foley rebounds off the ropes and his a drop kick to the legs of Chambers, sending him to the mat.] CONLON: FOLEY WITH A GREAT REVERSAL OF HIS OWN!!! JACKSON: A dropkick from the old fart isn't going to win the match. CONLON: Perhaps not, but please note that Caleb Foley is actually YOUNGER than Glenn Chambers. JACKSON: Not in the ring, he isn't. [Foley is fast to add to his advantage by rushing to the ropes and again leaping to propel himself back toward Chambers with a flipping elbow drop that gets a rise out of the crowd.] CONLON: FLYING ELBOW DROP BY FOLEY! JACKSON: Foley going to his bag of tricks there. Kind of surprising seeing as he is so.... CONLON: (interrupting) Don't even say it. JACKSON: Beaten up. That was what I was going to say there, Stan. [Foley grabs the arms of Chambers and sits him up, planting his knee firmly between the shoulder blades as he yanks back on each arm by the wrists.] CONLON: Foley locking in a submission hold! JACKSON: Chambers getting caught there is a bit surprising, but Foley knows his way around the ring. CONLON: Yes he does. He may be younger, but he has wrestled for over a decade in the squared circle and Chambers has less than half that time. JACKSON: Which is why in reality, Foley really is the old man in this ring. Years of bumps and experience over Chambers and all. [Chambers is on obvious pain as Foley continues pulling back on those arms while driving the knee into the middle of the back. The referee is checking Chambers and asking if he wants to give up, to which Chambers shakes his head violently while yelling "No!"] CONLON: Chambers refusing to give up, but you can tell that hold is really wearing on him. JACKSON: It should! Foley is literally using his knee like an edge cutting in the middle of his body. It looks damn nasty! [Chambers is trying to move his legs to take away some leverage on the hold, but can't get far as Foley has it locked in tight. The referee is continuing to check on Chambers.] CONLON: There is no quit in Glenn Chambers. He will never tap out to anyone at any time, but especially with a title on the line. JACKSON: This may not end the match, but it sure does even them up in damage taken now. CONLON: That is true, Pepper. Glenn may be finally getting worn down by Foley and this is a whole new ball game. JACKSON: And somewhere De Luca is licking his chops to get one of these worn down guys later in the Main Event. [The fans are cheering for Glenn Chambers as he begins using his upper body strength as best he can, straining against the hold. The veins on his shoulders and arms are popping out visibly as he begins pulling his arms out from the hold despite the best efforts of Foley.] CONLON: Chambers' strength advantage coming into play as he is trying to power out of that hold. JACKSON: The more energy he uses to escape, the less he has later to attack. Foley is showing his veteran smarts with this and it may give him his best chance to advance. CONLON: Look at the muscles on Chambers. He is really trying his hardest here! JACKSON: And the fans love him for it. [Chambers has his arms almost straight out to each side as they are shaking from the effort. The fans continuing chanting for him and Foley suddenly lets go of the hands and falls back, kicking Chambers in the back of the head.] CONLON: FOLEY KICKS CHAMBERS IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!! DOWN HE GOES!!! JACKSON: Well at least the hold got broken, Stan. Foley might have been able to hold that forever! [Chambers is trying to turn over and get to his feet, when Foley gets over quickly and lands a standing leg drop to the area he just kicked.] CONLON: DROPKICK BY FOLEY TO THE KNEES AGAIN!!! JACKSON: Caleb Foley really turning it on here and now Chambers looks to be in trouble! CONLON: The veteran moves are working for him and now he sees possible gold in his future. JACKSON: That is better than the stars he saw in his first round match! [Foley pulls Chambers to his feet and whips him into the corner. He follows him in and leaps to the second set of ropes as he looks to the crowd for approval. They cheer wildly and begin counting along as he starts delivering punches to the forehead of Chambers.] CONLON: FOLEY GOING NUTS IN THE CORNER WITH THOSE PUNCHES!!! JACKSON: Old School Foley! CONLON: The crowd chanting with him and he is teeing off on the grappling superstar! JACKSON: Glenn Chambers getting absolutely ROCKED in that corner! [At the count of "nine," Chambers grabs the legs and stands up, dropping Foley face-first onto the top turnbuckle. The top end of Foley's head also manages to hit the steel ring post.] CONLON: CHAMBERS DROPPED FOLEY AND HE HIT THE RINGPOST! JACKSON: CLANG! And they all fall down!!! [Both men are down and the referee begins the obligatory 10-count.] CONLON: Is it possible that these two men have finally beaten each other so badly that neither will advance? JACKSON: Antonio De Luca wins by default! [Both men are struggling to get to their feet. Chambers is grimacing as he uses those very sore arms to try and pull himself up and Foley is still rolling to even reach the ropes near him.] CONLON: They are moving, Pepper. Don't get too excited. JACKSON: Can you imagine winning a title because you never got an opponent? That would be hilarious! CONLON: I don't think the fans would agree with you. JACKSON: Who cares if they don't? [Foley finally begins getting to a knee just as Chambers staggers over to him. Foley tries to throw a punch to the mid-section, but Chambers counters with a clubbing forearm to the back across the shoulders.] CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS WITH THOSE BIG FOREARM SHOTS!!! JACKSON: These two are laying waste to each other! CONLON: You can say that again! JACKSON: Ugh.... [Chambers wraps the arm and sets up for a suplex lift, which he quickly turns into sitdown power bomb with his legs holding down Foley's arms as he lands.] CONLON: LOCKED AND LOADED!!! HE NAUILED IT! THE COUNT! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: NO!!! CONLON: CHAMBERS GETS THE VICTORY!!! JACKSON: That makes him the biggest loser of the match because now he will stand across from Antonio De Luca with a title on the line. [The referee raises Chambers' arm in victory as he looks almost exhausted and sore from the stretching at Foley's hands.] CONLON: Glenn Chambers does advance, you're right about that; but I bet it is a classic between those two! JACKSON: The road goes straight up hill for him now, Stan. CONLON: And we will get the chance to see it all in a little while! It is going to be a great one! JACKSON: I hope the fans are ready for a massacre, Roman style. [Fade to Black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: And there you have it! The North American Title match will now be Glenn Chambers against Antonio De Luca! SMITH: And I fear Pepper may have been right. That match could be a great one if we keep the extra-curriculars out of it. CHANEY: You mean Dominion. SMITH: Well they have been the biggest issue tonight. But yeah, whomever would cause an issue to a straight forward title victory for either man. CHANEY: Speaking of title victories, The Warriors are still the tag team champions and have been since day one of UPW! SMITH: They have not exactly been winning every match to do so though. Both Dominion and the Soldiers of the Sun have shown some chinks in the armor. CHANEY: Even so, DeAwn Carter and Kel Robertson have gone past one hundred-forty-five days as champions. That is impressive no matter what you may think of their reign. SMITH: They are doing whatever it takes to hold those belts. Believe me, I understand that mentality and it is working. CHANEY: Adding Titan Juarez doesn't hurt. SMITH: You better believe it doesn't hurt. The only ones that got hurt by that is the greatest challenge to them, Soldiers of the Sun. CHANEY: And that brings us to the third installment of their battle. The Soldiers get yet another chance at the titles, but this time without the biggest weapon they have had in the past. SMITH: They will be staring at Titan standing with his new friends this time. It has to be a mind-blowing thought. CHANEY: Will it affect their performance? SMITH: It has to, but I guess we only know for sure when that bell sounds. CHANEY: So let's head back to The Palace of Auburn Hills and see what happens as the UPW WOrld Tag Team Titles are on the line! Warriors, Soldiers, ROLL IT!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [As we join the match the first thing we see is a shot of Sammy Sharifi with a bit of a scowl on his face while some loud SMACKS can be heard in the ring. We cut to the action in the ring to see the source of these sounds as STRIKER Kato and Titan Juarez are kind of BLASTING each other with STIFF chops!] *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* CONLON: These two former friends... *SMACK* *SMACK* CONLON: Seem to be working out some issues! *SMACK* *SMACK* JACKSON: If this is how they talk out differences then paint me GLAD to not be friends with either one! [Titan grimaces and tries a different tactic..] *THUD* *THUD* CONLON: Hard forearm shots by the much larger Juarez are definitely pushing Kato back. JACKSON: At least these two are keeping things clean unlike that privileged punk, Courage! CONLON: I recall DeAwn Carter raking Ricky's eyes and pulling on his hair to gain advantages earlier. JACKSON: What?! Are you part of the fake news brigade, Conlon?! Didn't you see Courage pulling on the tights time and time again so he could use those oppressive unsportsmanlike throws? CONLON: Are you referencing Courage suplexing Carter around earlier? JACKSON: I'll reference you, Mr. Dewey Decimal system! Can't believe you'd lie to these good peopl- Well.. I can't say they're "good" people. [Kato eats another forearm shot and then his temper flairs up!] *THWACK* *THWACK* [POP] CONLON: STRIKER firing back with those kicks to the legs! JACKSON: No wonder Titan got away from these losers. You dump all your money and time into a project and this is the thanks he gets in return. He's much better off with the Warriors! *GRAB* [BOOS ring out as DeAwn Carter reaches over the ropes to grab a handful of Kato's tights and pull the Osakan back a few steps which allows Titan to lunge forward..] *THUD* CONLON: What a SHOULDERBLOCK by Juarez! He smashed Kato into the corner. [Juarez makes the tag to Carter who climbs in and both he and Titan set up Kato before..] *LIFT* *KATHUDD* CONLON: DOUBLE VERTICAL SUPLEX! JACKSON: Watch the volume, man! Are you trying to scare the viewers at home by yelling at them constantly? [We get a shot of a much happier Sharifi applauding while Kel Robertson nods his head in the background. A quick shot of a concerned Ricky Courage also follows before we return to the action as Carter pulls up the stunned Kato before hooking him from the front and..] *THROW* *THUD* JACKSON: Now THAT was a belly to belly suplex! Did you see the technique, Stan? Perfection! CONLON: No one, to my knowledge, has ever denied how good the Warriors are, Pepper. They ARE the World Tag Team Champions for a reason. [DeAwn flashes a taunting smile at the young Ricky on the apron before covering Kato. The referee drops to make the count but the Osakan kicks out at two.] JACKSON: Did you see that aging pretty boy rake the eyes to get out of that cover, Stan?! CONLON: Since it didn't happen that would be a No. JACKSON: How much money are they paying you to lie to the people out there?! You're just trying to script your own version of reality! [Carter shakes his head and accuses the official of prejudice as he pulls Kato to his feet. STRIKER surprises DeAwn, though, with a quick kick to the calf! The Angel hits a knee lift to the midsection to put a stop to that before grabbing a hold of the Osakan's head and..] *SWING* *THUD* CONLON: Swinging neckbreaker by Carter and DeAwn isn't wasting any time following up! [The Californian quickly follows up the swinging neckbreaker with a standing elbow drop before pulling up the stunned opponent and nailing a standing DROPKICK that sends STRIKER flying into the Warriors corner again! On the other side of the ring, Ricky Courage looks even more concerned for his partner.] JACKSON: Champions don't waste time, Stan. That's why this man... [Titan gets the tag and climbs into the ring..] JACKSON: Made the BEST decision of his life and stopped wasting time with pretty boy and the priviliged kid. [DeAwn holds Kato up from behind, leaving the Osakan wide open for Juarez to hit a HARD forearm shot to the midsection. Kato crumbles to the canvas while Carter climbs out to the apron and Sharifi and Robertson cheer outside the ring. Sharifi yells out "You're almost there, Titan! You'll be a champion soon!"] JACKSON: More proof that this unappreciated fighter has made the right choice. CONLON: I don't know, Pepper. All those years dedicated to the idea of the Soldiers of the Sun... [Juarez slaps on a BEAR HUG and begins squeezing the air out of Kato.] JACKSON: I didn't say Juarez was a grandmaster of chess, Stan! It took the big guy a long time of making bad decisions but eventually he got to the right conclusiion. [Ricky starts clapping his hands and stomping his feet and chanting "STRIKER" and the fans..] Crowd: STRIKER! STRIKER! STRIKER! CONLON: Listen to these fans! They're cheering for Kato to not give up! [The ref asks the Osakan if he wants to give up but Kato just GLARES into the masked face of his former partner before..] *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* [POP] CONLON: Stiff elbow smashes by Kato! JACKSON: Thumbs to the eye is what they were! Call things as they're REALLY happening, Stan! [Another POP as Titan releases his former partner to shake off the blows to his masked head. Kato staggers into the ropes then gives another angry glare at his former friend before charging forward...] *SMACK* [POP] CONLON: Running kick to Juarez by Kato! JACKSON: It looked like an ILLEGAL toe poke to me. CONLON: A what now?! JACKSON: You.. You know! The.. Illegal toe poke! *SMACK* *SMACK* [Kato fires off STIFF chops to Titan, once again, and like last time the large Mexican fires back!] *SMACK* *SMACK* CONLON: These two are BLASTING each other with chops once again! JACKSON: Again, I'm glad I'm not friends with these guys. [Kato shouts "How could you?!" and "We promised Stevie!" at Titan who says nothing in reply, only frowning while exchanging hard chops with his former partner. Courage looks a little upset on the apron but is trying to keep it together. Sharifi is scowling while Kel shakes his head a little bit. Carter climbs into the ring and ...] *THUD* [BOOS] CONLON: Cheap shot by Carter from behind on Kato! JACKSON: What do you mean, "cheap shot"?! He's helping his partner out! There's nothing cheap about being a good tag team partner, Stan! [DeAwn climbs back onto the apron while Titan rubs his aching chest before BOOTING Kato down to the canvas in the Warriors' corner. Juarez frowns a bit sadly before tagging in the Angel.] CONLON: Carter pulls Kato to his feet, hooks him from behind... *THROW* *THUD* [SUPLEX POP] JACKSON: Look at that! BEAUTIFUL! CONLON: Bridging German Suplex by Carter, the referee making the count.... ONE! TWO! [POP] CONLON: Courage makes the save! [Ricky breaks up the count and Sharifi LEAPS onto the ring apron and is a HURRICANE of anger and energy as he complains to the referee.] CONLON: That's pouring it on a little much, no? JACKSON: That privileged PUNK just ILLEGALLY attacked his client in a match for the RICHEST prize in tag team wrestling, Stan! So, NO, it's NOT pouring it on a little much! [Ricky goes back to his corner amidst the angry complaints from Sharifi. Carter narrows his eyes at Courage before accusing the youngster of being "jealous" and then he pulls up Kato and with a big smile tells Ricky to "watch how it's done" before hooking the Osakan and..] *THROW* *THUDD* [WOWZA POP] CONLON: WHAT AN EXPLODER SUPLEX BY CARTER! JACKSON: Stan! Volume! CONLON: Sorry. [DeAwn has a HUGE smirk on his face as he goes to cover Kato while Ricky looks concerned. The referee with the count...] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRR.......... [POP] CONLON: STRIKER Kato JUST got his shoulder up in time! JACKSON: Lying to the people again. He clearly, in front of the entire WORLD to see, pulled on DeAwn's tights to get out of that pin, Stan! [Sharifi goes into another angry fit, again directed at the official, over his slow count and his "prejudice". Titan watches Sammy with a frown on his face. Meanwhile Carter pulls up Kato and yells "And this is how you do it!" before...] *WHAM* *THUD* CONLON: WHAT a roundhouse kick by Carter! JACKSON: The Warriors are better at every aspect of the fight game over the Soldiers, Stan. Kato couldn't DREAM to hit a kick that good! [Sammy applauds, Kel nods, Titan watches and Carter reaches down to grab his Japanese opponent when..] *SMACK* [POP] CONLON: Kato with that kick from a seated position! JACKSON: How does someone even KICK from a seated position?! He broke some kind of rules doing that, I'm sure of it! [DeAwn rubs his head angrily before..] *WHAM* [CROWD DEFLATION POP] [A dropkick to the seated Kato seems to put that to bed. DeAwn quickly goes for the cover but STRIKER gets the shoulder up at 2!] JACKSON: I bet that privileged kid and his rock star mother must've paid off this ref! CONLON: Do what now? Rock star mother?! JACKSON: You really are a hack, Stan. YES! His mother was a rock star! [Carter stomps at Kato before tagging Titan back in.] JACKSON: Why do you think that punk always does that air guitar thing! CONLON: Who is his mom?! JACKSON: Why? You gotta crush on her or something? CONLON: There are problems with your line of thinking but in any event, Titan Juarez, and it's so strange to see him with the Warriors, is about to drop an elbow on his former partner. *DROP* *THUD* [POP] CONLON: Kato moved out of the way! JACKSON: What?! DeAwn wouldn't have missed that! Neither would Kel! [Kato starts to crawl towards his corner, Ricky has his hand outstretched for the tag but Juarez is up and he grabs ahold of Kato's boot and drags him to the middle of the ring.] [BOOS] JACKSON: Whew! CONLON: You seem relieved. JACKSON: Of course! Can you imagine if this Titan goof isn't up to snuff? The damage he could wreak on the reputations of sporting heroes like the Warriors?! [Titan yanks Kato up and tosses him over his shoulder. He starts to charge for a running powerslam but the Osakan struggles free! Juarez spins around and..] *LEAP* *SMACK* [BIG POP] CONLON: WHAT A LEAPING HIGH KICK BY KATO! JACKSON: VOLUME, Stand, and.. IT WAS THAT ILLEGAL TOE POKE AGAIN! [Juarez stumbles into the ropes from the kick while Sharifi is NOT happy outside the ring. STRIKER's anger flares up for a moment and he starts to go after Titan but stops himself and stumbles over and..] *TAG* [HUGE POP] CONLON: He's made the tag to Ricky! JACKSON: Alright! This is going to be good, Stan. We are going to watch Titan Juarez unload decades of frustration on this privileged punk right now! [Ricky leaps into the ring and frowns for a moment when he sees his "uncle" Titan charge towards him but then Courage gives a nod and he ducks under a BIG right hand, grabs the large Mexican from behind and...] *TOSS* *BOOMATHUD* [HOLY MOLY POP] CONLON: RICKY GERMAN SUPLEXED TITAN ACROSS THE RING! JACKSON: WHAT?! That's... That's impossible! [DeAwn Carter leaps into the ring and goes after Courage with a right hand but the young rookie ducks and goes behind the Angel. Ricky spins Carter around and hooks him from the front before..] *TOSS* *KATHUDDDD* [HUGE POP] JACKSON: Don't you dare yell it, Stan! CONLON: Noted, Pepper, but WHAT AN OVERHEAD RELEASE BELLY TO BELLY BY RICKY! JACKSON: Everyone is going to have hearing loss after this match because of you! [DeAwn pulls himself up near a corner and Ricky charges in with a running knee that crushes Carter against the turnbuckles. Sharifi is FREAKING OUT and is yelling at Titan to get up. Juarez does so and goes after his former partner with a double axe handle but Rick side steps while TRIPPING the big man and..] *THUD* [BIG POP] CONLON: Courage tripped Juarez into nailing his own partner with that blow! JACKSON: I knew it! The Warriors can't trust this big goof! He's pulling a con on them! [Juarez apologizes to Carter before spinning around into Ricky's arms. Courage grabs him and.... With yelling and effort.. He slowly.. But Surely.. LIFTS TITAN JUAREZ UP IN THE AIR ON HIS SHOULDERS!] CONLON: WOW! Courage got Titan up in a fireman's carry! JACKSON: How strong IS this kid?! Maybe the real question is HOW is he this strong? [Ricky starts nodding his head to some music we can't hear and begins spinning around and around and around!] [OH MY GOODNESS BIG POP] CONLON: Airplane spin on Titan Juarez.. By Ricky Courage! JACKSON: I'm just going to say this.. Some privileged kid is getting help from the Russian Olympic committee! [Carter charges at Courage but Ricky uses the legs of Juarez to send DeAwn stumbling back into the corner he charged out of! Courage then stops and drops Titan onto the canvas before trying to stave off his own dizziness.] [POP] [Some fans in the front row start doing the air guitar and Ricky gets an excited look on his face and he begins doing the Peter Townsend windmill air guitar!] JACKSON: Pssh. This kid ain't ever going to learn. [DeAwn angrily storms out of the corner and towards Courage and Ricky... *THUD* [POP] *THUD* [POP] *THUD* [HUGE POP] CONLON: Oh my God! *THUD* *THUD* [SUPER POP] CONLON: Oh my Goodness! *THUD* *THUD* [MASSIVE SUPER DUPER POP] CONLON: RICKY COURAGE IS DOING WINDMILL AIR GUITAR PUNCHES ON CARTER! [The crowd is GOING NUTS as young Ricky backs DeAwn back into the corner with the windmill air guitar punches! Juarez gets to his feet and spots what's going on. He gets a very frustrated frown and shakes his head as he makes his way across the ring towards Courage from behind.] JACKSON: This crowd and you can eat up this goofy act but this is a great example of why this man had to leave this sinking ship! Because of this kid not taking things- *KATHUD* [SUPER DUPER MARKING OUT POP] CONLON: Ricky did a BACKWARDS elbow to the midsection of Juarez! JACKSON: How did he know Titan was coming for him?! Did that ref help him out?! [Juarez stumbles from the blow and Courage scoops up Carter in his arms, HEADBANGS for a brief moment and then....] *TOSS* *THUD* *KABOOMATHUD* [TOTALLY MARKING OUT RIGHT NOW POP] CONLON: Courage THREW Carter into Juarez with a fallaway slam! JACKSON: Someone investigate this kid already! [Ricky pops to his feet and does air finger tapping on the imaginary guitar before pointing to the fans with a big smile but returning his attention to the opponents before him.] [ROCK STAR IN THE MAKING POP] [Sharifi hops on the apron, kicking up a storm about all the closed fists and the referee's prejudice and Ricky's privilege. Kato watches curiously to see how the young rookie will react. The referee obviously bites, getting Sammy's case, but Courage waits til Carter gets to his feet before running over and bumping DeAwn through the ropes and out of the ring.] [POP] JACKSON: Of course these fans would cheer the unsportsmanlike conduct of this punk, Courage. It feels like the whole world is turning into Indianapolis sometimes! CONLON: What do you mean? JACKSON: You know what I mean, Stan. [Sammy is causing even more of a ruckus but Ricky continues to ignore it by scrambling onto his former partner Titan Juarez and..] [BIG POP] CONLON: Arm-wrench inside cradle roll up by Courage! [Kato calls it out to the referee who breaks away from the desperate Sharifi to count..] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRR.......... CONLON: Juarez kicks out! JACKSON: That was a fast count! It's a MIRACLE that Titan was able to escape! [Juarez scrambles to his feet but Ricky is faster and grabs the big man's arms from behind ..] [POP] CONLON: Backslide! The referee with the count... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRR.......... [BOOS] JACKSON: Thank you, DeAwn! That would have been a miscarriage of justice! CONLON: Carter breaking up that roll up and.. *SPRINT* *SMACK* *TUMBLE* [BIG POP] CONLON: Kato just sent DeAwn through the ropes with that running yakuza kick! [The Osakan rolls out of the ring while Juarez pulls himself up with a little bit of a smile on his face! That expression is replaced by one of surprise though when Courage quickly grabs him and rolls him up in a small package!] JACKSON: What is this kid doing?! CONLON: He's trying to win the World tag team championships, Pepper! The official in position... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRREEEEEEEE?!?!?!?! JACKSON: Yes! [The large Mexican escapes again but the smile is growing even larger on his face.] JACKSON: What is this guy smiling about?! He's nearly costed the champs their prize THREE times in a row now! CONLON: Maybe it has to do with this performance from Ricky Courage tonight. JACKSON: It better not be! Privileged Ricky and pretty boy Kato are the past, Warriors are winners AND the future! [Sharifi is making as much noise as he possibly can make but young Ricky is still ignoring him and waiting for Juarez to get to his feet. What he can't ignore is ...] *THUD* *BOOMATHUD* [GASP] *DING DING DING* CONLON: Wait a minute! That's Tyson Bishop of the Dominion! He just sent Courage FLYING across the ring with a shoulder block! JACKSON: Here comes Lance Donovan, Stan. I think we know what this is. CONLON: Oh? [Once the match is stopped both members of Dominion race over to Titan Juarez and commence to raining clubbing forearm shots and kicks on the large masked man!] [BOOS] JACKSON: They're here for revenge, Stan! [Sharifi and Carter immediately go for the tag team title belts while Kel starts climbing onto the apron. Ricky sits up, sees his former partner in trouble and...] [HUGE POP] CONLON: COURAGE IS COMING TO TITAN'S AID! JACKSON: What a stupid kid! He doesn't need your privileged help, kid! He's got the Warriors on his side now! [Ricky pulls Bishop off of Juarez but Donovan..] *SMACK* [BOOS] [Superkicks Courage to the canvas! Robertson is about to step into the ring when Carter grabs his leg and motions for him to come with them. While the Warriors debate, STRIKER Kato scrambles into the ring and..] *THWACK* *THWACK* [HUGE POP] CONLON: Kato is UNLOADING kicks on Lance Donovan for attacking Courage! JACKSON: The kid stuck his nose in business that isn't his, Stan. CONLON: Dominion interupted a championship match! JACKSON: That kid got what he deserves! [Bishop WALLOPS Kato from behind.] [BOOS] JACKSON: And now, so is Kato. [Tyson quickly gutwrenches the Japanese fighter and...] *BOOOMADOOMATHUD* [YOWZA POP] CONLON: BISHOP BOMB on Kato! JACKSON: That's what he gets for sticking his neck out. [Juarez struggles to his knees and sees Sharifi and Carter pulling Robertson away from the ring with the tag team belts. Donovan and Bishop prevent him from dwelling on this because they're on him again, beating the masked man back down to the canvas!] [BOOS] CONLON: Are the Warriors... Are they abandoning Titan Juarez?! [Robertson motions toward the ring but Sammy and DeAwn are ADAMANT they not get involved and the three men turn their backs on the ring and make their way towards the back.] [HUGE BOOS] CONLON: They ARE abandoning him! JACKSON: He was only dragging them down, Stan! He's past expiration date. He wasn't up to snuff in the end. *LEAP* [POP] CONLON: Ricky Courage! He just THREW himself on top of his former partner, Titan Juarez! JACKSON: What is that space cadet doing? CONLON: He's.. He's trying to protect Juarez from Dominion's attacks! JACKSON: Using his body as a human shield? What a dumb kid! [Bishop and Donovan try to pry the young man off of Juarez but the rookie desperately stays over the masked man. So Dominion rain HARD stomps and shots down on the youngster when..] [HUGE POP] CONLON: Marcus O'Malley! Anthony O'Malley! JACKSON: What the ?! [The O'Malley Brothers slide into the ring and ... ] *SMACK* *THUD* CONLON: Spinning Heel Kick by Anthony on Bishop! *SMACK* *THUD* CONLON: European Uppercut by Marcus on Donovan! [BIG POP] JACKSON: Why are these guys sticking their nose where it doesn't belong now?! CONLON: The O'Malleys and Dominion have definitely had their issues in the past! JACKSON: The past, Stan! All of that was in the past. It's not relevant now! [The O'Malleys drive Dominion out of the ring and the four men brawl up the entrance way before a flood of security and officials come pouring out to break things up.] CONLON: What a wild scene this is! The Soldiers of the Sun are going to win this match via Disqualification though. JACKSON: It's that big goof's fault! He nearly ruined everything for the Warriors! [As officials work to settle down the chaos outside the ring, inside the ring Ricky Courage helps an aching and glassy eyed STRIKER Kato up to his feet and helps him to lean against the turnbuckles. He then looks over at Titan Juarez who struggles to get to his hands and knees. Courage walks over.] CONLON: What is going to happen here? Titan Juarez turned his back on the Soldiers of the Sun to join the Warriors, who abandoned him. JACKSON: That privileged punk is about to drop this big oaf on his head, Stan. That's why he was protecting him from Dominion. He wants revenge all to himself. What a greedy punk! [Ricky looks down at Juarez and then.. ] [POP] JACKSON: HUH?! CONLON: Courage is helping Juarez to his feet! JACKSON: But.. He... The.. HUH?! [Titan gets to his feet with Ricky's help and then leans against the ropes. STRIKER Kato gives a glare from across the ring and stumbles over aggressively. Courage stops his partner and shakes his head. Juarez frowns and then starts to climb out of the ring..] [DEFLATION POP] JACKSON: Well, he knows he is still better off without these- [But he stops himself and then turns to face his former partners. He holds out a hand towards Kato.] [POP] JACKSON: What is going on here?! CONLON: I think he wants a handshake. JACKSON: But.. Well, he has known Kato for a long time. I guess I can understand that. [Kato looks grumpy but Ricky motions with his head and STRIKER sighs before shaking Titan's hand.] [HANDSHAKE POP] [The two veterans shake hands and Courage has a big smile on his face. Then Juarez offers a hand towards the rookie. Ricky gets kind of emotional eyes now but he gulps the feelings down and..] [BIG HANDSHAKE POP] JACKSON: What? Don't shake this kid's.. [HUGE MASSIVE POP] [Titan pulls in Ricky and gives him a big parental embrace.] JACKSON: BLEGH! CONLON: What a scene! Could this mean the reunion of the Soldiers of the Sun? [Kato chuckles and flashes his handsome smile at this scene.] JACKSON: Well he's as much of a loser as these guys so they deserve each other. [Fade to Black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: WHAT AN AMAZING TURN OF EVENTS!!! Tag Team wrestling strong as ever in UPW! CHANEY: The reunion everybody was afraid they wouldn't see as Titan Juarez seems to have made up with his Soldiers of the Sun partners! SMITH: Tear jerking moment when he hugged Ricky Courage. It is always nice to see things work out. CHANEY: Especially when they don't work out in the ring! Dominion and then the O'Malley Brothers? SMITH: They have all been fighting in and out of the ring for weeks now and it is all boiling to a head. CHANEY: Well I was just handed an update that because of what happened at Showdown, there will now be a Fatal Four-way match for the UPW World Tag Team Titles at Survival! SMITH: Wow! CHANEY: The Warriors will defend against the Soldiers of the Sun, The O'Malley Brothers and the Dominion! And it isn't elimination, as according to the paper it is first pin or submission wins! SMITH: Now THAT is how you kick it up a notch! CHANEY: Survival looks to be a true over the top event with this one added to the lineup! SMITH: How will the Warriors find a way to escape with so many possible ways to lose those belts? That title reign just might be in jeopardy in such a risky proposition! CHANEY: And speaking of risky, let's get ready to watch the match between Tripp Skylark and Percy Monroe. SMITH: Both of these guys seem to be fast, agile, and willing to take chances. CHANEY: And that is why I expect this one to be an exciting match, and both of these men could be future Television Title contenders or more if they keep it up. SMITH: At the very least the winner has a claim to a title shot down the line, I would imagine. CHANEY: So let's head to the ring and see who comes out on top between Skylark and Monroe! Roll it, boys!

[The footage begins with Tripp Skylark in control of Percy Monroe.] CONLON: We saw some back and forth at the beginning of the match, but it's been all Tripp Skylark the past few minutes, Pepper. [Skylark cranks away on the crossface chickenwing. Monroe grunts but shakes his head he's not giving up. Monroe, on his knees, fights to one knee as Pedro Bell checks on him.] JACKSON: Monroe is fighting up to his feet. [Monroe gets to his feet and quickly gets to the ropes. Bell calls for the break, backing Skylark away from Monroe. Monroe drops to the mat and quickly rolls out of the ring. Patricia is right there to massage his shoulders.] CONLON: Patricia interjecting herself in the match again. We've seen her distract Pedro Bell on the inside and allow Monroe a cheapshot. She's also tried to interfere physically. JACKSON: They're a unit, Stan. CONLON: She's a manager with a manager's license. She needs to keep out of matches, physically. [Skylark goes over and reaches over the top rope and grabs Monroe by his hair getting cheers from the crowd.] JACKSON: You complain about Percy Monroe cheating, but you won't say anything about blatant hair grabbing from Tripp Skylark. CONLON: Pedro Bell is warning Skylark to let go of the hair, Pepper. [Monroe is pulled up onto the ring apron. Monroe quickly jabs a thumb into Skylark's eye. Percy grabs Tripp by his head and drops off the apron, dropping Skylark throat first across the top rope. Skylark falls onto his back grabbing at his throat.] JACKSON: Excellent ring awareness by Percy Monroe. CONLON: What? Dropping Skylark across the top rope throat first? [Percy Monroe slides back into the ring. Monroe quickly covers Skylark.] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEE................................. KICKOUT! CONLON: Tripp Skylark kicks out! Percy Monroe has shifted the offensive pendulum to his favor. JACKSON: And now we get to see a true wrestler, an elite athlete go to work. [Monroe gets to his knees and shoots at look at Pedro Bell. Monroe gets to his feet and pulls Skylark up to a vertical base. Monroe whips Skylark into the corner and follows in with a corner lariat. Monroe drives a knee into Skylark's stomach. He drives a second knee into Skylark's stomach. Monroe drives a third knee in. Monroe whips the doubled-over Skylark up with a European uppercut.] JACKSON: Tripp Skylark wants to get out of that corner if he wants to have a chance to win this match. Wait. Did I just really say that? CONLON: You did, and I agree with you. Tripp needs to get out of that corner. [Monroe whips Skylark across to the other corner. Skylark hits with a "thud" and bounces out of the corner. Monroe scoops Skylark up and drops Skylark with a sidewalk slam!] CONLON: BIG sidewalk slam by Percy Monroe! He makes the cover! [Monroe lazily lays with his back on Tripp Skylark.] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEE................................. KICKOUT! JACKSON: Monroe just buying his time until he hits the Epic. He's setting Tripp Skylark up for that by working on the neck area. CONLON: I haven't seen one move from Monroe targeting Skylark's neck. [Monroe gets to his feet. He pulls Skylark up and twists Skylark down and up and then drops Skylark with a reverse neckbreaker.] JACKSON: There ya go. [Skylark rolls over onto his stomach. Monroe is quick to his feet. He applies a standing Indian deathlock, facing the same direction as Skylark. Monroe reaches down and pulls Skylark up by the arms. Patricia claps and cheers her man on the outside of the ring. Monroe looks out at the crowd and then uses his foot to drive Skylark's face and head into the mat.] CONLON: Oh wow! What a brutal move! JACKSON: He calls that Death, Be not Proud! It's only one version of the curb stomp Monroe likes to use. [Monroe steps out of the Indian deathlock and strikes double biscep flex getting boos from the crowd. Monroe reaches down and pulls Skylark up. He ducks behind Skylark and wraps an arm around Skylark's waist. Monroe puts his other arm under Skylark's leg and lifts, dumping Skylark with a belly-to-back suplex.] CONLON: I wonder if Harrison Daniels ever returned Percy Monroe's phone call. JACKSON: You know he did. These two have been runnin' together since they were young, Stan. Blood is thicker than water, but money is the great equalizer. CONLON: Are you sure about that? JACKSON: We're talking about a couple of Fox Chapel boys, Stan. CONLON: I thought you were going to say Upper Saint Clair. JACKSON: Does Percy Monroe look like a South Hills loser? [Monroe trash talks Skylark as Skylark rolls to his stomach. Monroe reaches down and slaps the back of Skylark's head. Tripp pushes up to his hands and knees. Percy Monroe bounces off the ropes and nails Skylark wtih a running knee as Skylark gets to his knees.] CONLON: Percy Monroe is in complete control of this match. JACKSON: He's playing with Skylark before he puts him away. [Monroe pulls Skylark to his feet and slips on an abdominal stretch. Pedro Boyd checks in on Skylark. Monroe sees an opportunity and grabs the top rope to add leverage to the move. Skylark starts yelling in pain.] CONLON: Percy Monroe has a hold of that top rope! JACKSON: That's ring savvy, Stan. CONLON: Looks like cheating to me. JACKSON: Only Bell in there can call it cheating, Stan. [Monroe lets go of the top rope before Bell looks up. Bell sees the top rope bouncing and asks Percy Monroe about it. Percy shakes his head. Bell looks at the top rope as Monroe strikes a biscep flex.] CONLON: Now he's just showing off. JACKSON: He's showing how he hit the top rope while flexing, Stan. [Bell goes back to asking Skylark. Monroe grabs a hold of the top rope again. Skylark yelps out in pain and shakes his head as Bell asks if he wants to give up. Skylark continues to yell at Bell. Monroe lets go of the top rope. Bell looks up and sees the top rope moving.] CONLON: Percy Monroe was using that top rope for leverage again! JACKSON: That added leverage is really putting a hurting on Tripp in there. [Bell gets up and asks Monroe about the moving top rope. He points at finger at Monroe who shakes his head. Monroe strikes a biscep flex, hitting the top rope as he flexes. Bell points his finger at Monroe again.] CONON: Pedro Bell making sure Percy is playing by the rules. Percy's done a good job of breaking them. JACKSON: It's not cheating until you get caught. [Monroe reaches out between the top and middle rope. Patricia reaches up and grabs his hand. Skylark yelps and shakes his head to Bell as the husband and wife duo add leverage.] CONLON: Now Patricia involved in this match again! [The duo let go of one another as Bell goes to check on Monroe grabbing the top rope. Bell sees Patricia walking away. Bell points an accusing finger at Monroe and demands to know if he's cheating. Monroe shakes his head.] JACKSON: Pedro Bell needs to make sure Tripp Skylark isn't tapping out instead of acting like the hall monitor in school everyone hated. CONLON: He's just doing his job, Pepper. [Bell goes back to Skylark. Monroe reaches out and grabs the top rope. Bell quickly comes around the other side and sees the blatant cheating. He kicks Monroe's arm to break Monroe's grip on the top rope. Skylark hiptosses Monroe over to get out of the abdominal stretch.] CONLON: Bell caught Monroe cheating and did something about it! Tripp Skylark with a hip toss to get out of the abdominal stretch! JACKSON: Pedro Bell was just responsible for Tripp countering that move, Stan! I'd be calling Edgar Snyder if I was Percy Monroe! [Percy Monroe gets back to his feet. Skylark is holding onto the top rope. Monroe has a punch blocked, and Skylark fires off a right hand of his own. Monroe goes for another punch only to have it blocked. Tripp Skylark hits another right hand. He hits a third right hand. He lands a fourth, staggering Monroe back and getting the crowd fired up.] CONLON: Tripp Skylark is fighting back! The fans are rallying behind him and getting him fired up, Pepper! JACKSON: Percy Monroe is just waiting for his opportunity to strike! [Skylark continues to pepper Monroe's face with rights staggering him back to the ropes. Skylark whips Monroe across only to have Monroe reverse the whip.] JACKSON: Here's that opportunity! [Monroe sets for a backdrop. Skylark hits a DDT to counter the backdrop.] CONLON: Tripp Skylark with a DDT! JACKSON: Skylark won't keep going, Stan. [Skylark gets to his feet and pumps a fist. He reaches down and pulls Monroe up and wraps his arms around Monroe. Skylark lifts and dumps Monroe to the mat with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.] CONLON: Skylark with a suplex! Tripp Skylark is gaining momentum here, Pepper! Percy Monroe finds himself on the defensive. [Skylark gets to his feet and reaches down, pulling Monroe back up.] JACKSON: Skylark needs to stay on Monroe and not give Percy ANY opportunity. [Skylark kicks Monroe in the stomach and follows up the kick with a swinging neckbreaker.] CONLON: Tripp Skylark has worked on Monroe's neck all match, Pepper. He's setting up for his finisher, that modified camel clutch. JACKSON: It's not even remotely close to a camel clutch. It's more of a straddle chinlock with the arms, Stan. Tripp does have a name for the move. CONLON: Indeed, he does. [Skylark grabs Monroe by his head and sits out, slamming Monroe's face into the mat. Skylark gets to his feet and drops a leg across Monroe's neck. Skylark is up and drops a second leg across Monroe's neck.] CONLON: Skylark drops two legs across Percy Monroe's neck. Skylark is up to his feet. [Tripp Skylark looks out at the crowd and pumps a fist getting cheers.] JACKSON: Skylark is wasting motion, time and energy in that ring. That fist pump does no good. CONLON: Skylard feeding off the cheers of the crowd at this point, Pepper! Skylark can sense victory! He's turned his recent losing streak around. You know folks are watching this match with vested interest. JACKSON: We're looking at two contenders to the TV title, Stan. Tripp Skylark wants to get back into contention. Percy Monroe is looking to break into contention. [Skylark grabs Monroe and brings him to his feet. Skylark ducks in behind Monroe and applies a waistlock. He lifts and deposits Monroe on his back and neck with a German suplex. Skylark rolls and gets back to his feet, pulling Monroe with him. Skylark lifts and drops Monroe on his back and neck a second time with a German suplex.] CONLON: We've seen this before, Pepper! Skylark with these rolling German suplexes! JACKSON: Which can only mean one thing! Skylark is looking for his finisher! [Skylark rolls and pulls Monroe up to his feet a third time. Skylark lifts and drops Monroe with a third German suplex, but releases on this one. Monroe hits and rolls to his stomach. Skylark slowly rolls and gets to one knee. He uses his arms to signal an end to the match.] CONLON: Skylark signaling for his pet hold! [Skylark gets to his feet and steps over a Percy Monroe, who is on his hands and knees at this point. Skylark reaches down and grabs Monroe's arms, pulling them in front of his chin.] JACKSON: Almost! Almost, Stan! [Boos from the crowd as Patricia Monroe is up on the ring apron, screaming at Tripp Skylark. Pedro Bell is quick to demand Patricia get off the ring apron. Skylark drops Percy's arms and makes his way over to Percy's wife.] CONLON: Patricia Monroe just saved her husband from being locked in Skylark's brutal submission hold! JACKSON: Til death do them part, Stan. Til death do them part. [Skylark grabs for Patricia, but Patricia is a bit quicker and drops off the ring apron causing Skylark to reach over the top rope. Skylark points a finger down at her as the crowd tires to warn him.] JACKSON: Brilliant! Just brilliant! [Percy Monroe catches Skylark with an inside cradle. Pedro Bell drops into position to make the count, missing that Percy Monroe has grabbed the middle rope for added leverage.] CONLON: Monroe has a hold of that middle rope! The official doesn't see it! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEE................................. [BOOS!] JACKSON: Monroe got him! He just pinned Tripp Skylark and brought the hope of a winning streak to an end! !!! DING, DING !!! [Percy Monroe is quickly out of the ring. Patricia raises his arm in victory as Monroe looks at a frustrated Tripp Skylark.] RA: The winner of the match... "POETRY IN MOTION" PERCY MONROE! [Saliva's "Ladies and Gentleman" comes over the PA as the Monroe's celebrate on the outside of the ring. Tripp Skylark pleads his case to Pedro Bell who shakes his head.] [Fade to Black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Percy Monroe with a victory over a former Television Champion in Tripp Skylark. You have to believe that this really sets him up heading into Survival and beyond. SMITH: It certainly ought to. He has the tools, but we shall see what he does with them. CHANEY: Folks, up next on the docket if the contract signing for the UPW World Heavyweight Title match at Survival. And we know how we got there, right Gorilla? SMITH: Rick Styles tried to get an automatic Title shot and lost his chance to Rage. CHANEY: That was the result after Herdick turned and tried to knock out Rage and Jeff Keenan came out to make sure that it was back to even. The rest is history and now these two will stand in the ring at the simultaneously for the first time since Rage got his title shot. SMITH: And now the big man gets his shot. CHANEY: So let's take you back to The Palace and see this contract get signed and the match set in stone! Roll it!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The screen shows a table with an elaborate red cover on it. In the middle of the table is a piece of paper with an ink pen laying next to it. Standing beside the table in the ring is a man with a black suit on with a white shirt and red tie. He is a middle-aged gentlemen, whose receding hairline would agree with the assessment. He raises the microphone.] MAN: Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Steve Blaine, and I'm here this evening beginning my new career in UPW as an interviewer in one of the biggest moments one could hope to debut: the contract signing for a UPW World Heavyweight Title match at Survival! [The crowd pops, more for the title match than Steve's debut...but that is to be expected.] BLAINE: I doubt many of us saw this match coming when the UPW wheels hit the tracks back in September, but tonight the UPW has its first true happening with the World Heavyweight Title. So without any further vamping, allow me to introduce the challenger for Survival.... D E R E K R A G E ! ! ! ["Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" pulsates through the arena. There is a mix of cheers and boos as Velvet Sims slips through the curtains first, microphone in hand.] SIMS: Cut the music off! Cut the music off! It's just lil' ol' me. [The music cuts off.] SIMS: Ladies and gentlemen, oh it's a happy day for Velvet Sims and my whole family because after weeks and months of nonsense in the UPW things are finally about to make sense! Things are finally about to be set right! Oh yeah, Survival is almost on us and I cain't think of a more fittin' name for a pay-per-view cause it's all about what "All Day" Aaron Lewis gonna have to pray for. Survival. [Sims does a little happy dance as he jigs his way to the ring, alights up the ring steps and slips through the ropes.] BLAINE: Velvet Sims, you're out here alone. Where is Derek Rage? SIMS: Where is Derek Rage? [Sims pulls a face.] Where is Derek Rage? He's wherever the Hell he wanna be, Mr. Blaine. Don't you know he goes where he wanna go and he does wanna he wanna do. Y'all think this little contract signin' y'all got goin' on is sumthin so important for my man? Naw, B. Now lookie here, Mr. Blaine, the UPW done made a lotta mistakes in its first few months and people are all over the internets, the blogs, all up in the back, complainin' about this and that and everything in between. The front office made some big mistakes in the way it set up its tournament to crown a new World Heavyweight champeen and as a result, ain't nobody happy. Don't nobody believe that Aaron Lewis is a rightful champ, Mr. Blaine. But it don't matter none to us cause he is a champ. Ya heard me? He wears the gold. That means whatever went wrong he's the man to beat around here. Well, let me tell you something, Mr. Blaine .... BLAINE: What's that? SIMS: As messed up as it was for him to win the crown ... he got it! He outlasted four other men in a tournament. Nobody else won it. Big D didn't win it. We all know that. He shoulda, but I messed up cuz I couldn't follow all they convoluted rules about that thang, man. It was just a mess. But we gone solve that mess, Mr. Blaine. We gone solve it right here tonight. BLAINE: How so? SIMS: See, you done heard me call my main man, Big Derek Rage a lot of thangs, right? You done heard me call him the giant ... the monster ... the GOD!!!!! ... You done heard me call him seven feet two inches and three hunnert and forty pounds of wrestling royalty. But see, in becoming the number one contender for the UPW World Heavyweight title he became something else. The RESET button. BLAINE: The what? SIMS: The reset button. The UPW needs a hard reset right about now. I mean, ratings went in tha toilet after the peegate scandal! [Sims slaps Blaine on the back as he laughs at his fairly obvious pun.] SIMS: Oh everybody was shakin in they boots thankin' it was gonna be ol' boy and his tired out gimmicks versus Aaron Lewis and the peegate scandal wouldn't never end. Even Herdick was so certain that was the end result that he tried to get in on the act and threw his lot in with Ricky Styles. But Ricky Styles' didn't unnerstand sumthin'. It ain't 1999 no more. It ain't the old days when Big d was just startin' out. So he talked smack about Big D just being a tag-team wrestler and still talked all that trash but he forgot that we deep into the 2010s now. It ain't 1999 when Big D was the best tag-team wrestler in the world. He's now the best wrestler in the world period. Too big, too Black, too strong for a bunch a has been gimmicks. And all of the sudden, with one mightY Hammer of God, he hit the reset button on all the nonsense that been dragging UPW down and Styles was out, the pee stain was scrubbed and everybody can get back to thankin' about wrestlin' being a competition between two men. Not no weirdo porn business, ya heard? So that brangs me to Aaron Lewis. Lotta people sayin' you shouldn't even be wearing the title. [Sims stares dead into the camera.] SIMS: Lotta people sayin' you like a lottery winner. You ain't good. You just lucky. But it's better to be lucky than good. So you won the first chip. That means you the King of the Mountain. You tha toppa top. You the man big D has to beat to take his rightful place. Sorry about yo damn luck, Lewis. So damn sorry. Because you about to be reset too ... by the Intelligent Thug, the master of the ring, the greatest there is out here right now ... THE INHUMAN RESET BUTTON ... DEREKKKKKKK RAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!! ["Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" pulsates through the arena as the curtains part and Derek Rage steps out. He is dressed in a black suit with a white business shirt open to the chest. The giant in the sleekly cut suit paces to the ring. He steps up the ringsteps nimbly and swings a leg over the top rope. He paces to the table and stands behind Velvet Sims. He doesn't 'ave to do anything to command the attention of everybody in the room.] SIMS: I ain't even gotta say no more cept this. You get the next line of contenders ready because Big D is gonna mow each and every one of them down as the new UNDISPUTED UPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPEEN!!!! [Blaine doesn't really know what to say, so after a couple of seconds of awkward movements, he finally just moves on. BLAINE: And...uhh....now, THE CHAMPION! The man who will defend his UPW World Heavyweight Title at Survival... A A R O N "A L L D A Y" L E W I S ! ! ! [The crowd erupts as the music for Fort Minor's "Remember the Name begins to play.] #You ready?! Let's go!# #Yeah, for those of you that wanna know what we're all about# #It's like this y'all (c'mon)# [At that moment the bass beat kicks in and pyro goes off. The big screen shows the name AARON LEWIS on it as the songs kicks in.] #This is ten percent luck# #Twenty percent skill# #Fifteen percent concentrated power of will# #Five percent pleasure# #Fifty percent pain# #And a hundred percent reason to remember the name# [Out walks the new World Heavyweight Champion, decked out in his "All Day" T-shirt with a sport coat over it. He walks out in khaki pants and with the World Title hanging on his left shoulder as he stands there and drinks in the cheers of the crowd. He finally starts walking as the chorus continues again with the great beat.] #This is ten percent luck# #Twenty percent skill# #Fifteen percent concentrated power of will# #Five percent pleasure# #Fifty percent pain# #And a hundred percent reason to remember the name# [He reaches the ring and steps through the ropes, holding his right index finger toward the crowd as he turns a slow circle to recognize everyone in the stands. He walks over to Steve Blaine, but never seems to take his eye off of Derek Rage and Velvet Sims.] BLAINE: Thanks for joining us out here, Champ. LEWIS: It's always nice to be out here with the UPW fans. [Cheap cheers from the crowd.] BLAINE: You heard what your challenger had to say, I assume. [Lewis makes that annoyed face as he takes the microphone from Blaine's hand.] LEWIS: You better believe I heard every damn word of it! [He turns to stare at Sims and Rage.] LEWIS: You think you are the first seven footer to ever stare me down or step in against me? You think you intimidate me? Jakob Kell was seven feet tall. Ask him how that worked out. [He shifts the title a little on his shoulder.] LEWIS: You won the match last Showdown to get this shot and you proved to be a worthy opponent. But you come out here and start spouting off about the new champion and what not as if it has already occurred. But I got news for you "Big D," it is NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! [He takes a step back and looks out to the crowd.] LEWIS: I love that this happens tonight right here in "The D" itself, Detroit. [Cheap cheers.] LEWIS: You know why? [A pause.] LEWIS: Because this city is the living, breathing epitome of what it will take for a guy like me to take down a seven foot monster. It is a city that knows how to get down and dirty when it has to. It is a city that isn't afraid of hard work and putting in that extra effort. It is a city that: [Another pause.] LEWIS: Overcomes. [Major cheers.] LEWIS: That is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to ride that wave of the fans all the way up and then hit the round tripper all the way down for the three count. That is what I do. That is why I am the World Champion and that is why I am here. [He turns to face Rage.] LEWIS: You're here because you won a match. You beat someone who tried to screw you over and fell flat in trying. You are here because you are seven feet tall and very few can match that in this league. You are here because you are literally the strongest challenger that could be given to me. [He points to Sims.] LEWIS: And yet you let HIM do all the talking. [He smiles at Sims.] LEWIS: You are here because the big guy here knows how to smash, but not how to cash. He can ring the bell, but he can't truly sell. He's a boneafied beast of a man with a bow-tied tongue. He gets to ride your words and you get to live vicariously through him. [He steps closer to the tandem.] LEWIS: I can't wait until Survival and the chance to make you eat every single one of HIS words. [Lewis tosses the mic back to Steve Blaine, and he catches the microphone and quickly steps behind the table and shows his hand toward the piece of paper in order to get their attention and keep from a brawl occurring.] BLAINE: Gentlemen, there is the piece of paper that makes it official. Let's have the challenger sign first. [Rage takes the pen and quickly dashes his name at the bottom of the page. He looks up at Lewis and takes the pen, jabbing it down like a knife and causing it to stick into the table. He takes a step back, never taking his eyes off the champion.] BLAINE: Don't destroy the pen, big guy! [He tries to pull it out, but it won't easily budge.] BLAINE: We may need another pen for the Champion to sign. [Lewis just steps to the table and yanks the pen out of the table, scribbles his name at the bottom, and maintains eye contact with Rage the entire time. The tension is building quickly. Lewis tosses the pen in the air onto the table and steps back.] BLAINE: There you have it! The match is set for Survival in Chicago, Illinois! [Rage starts to take a step back from the table and his look toward Lewis is about as dismissive as can be. We hear our announcers over this scene.] CONLON: The challenger showing absolutely no respect for the champion, Pepper. JACKSON: He is a nugget compared to him, why should he? [Lewis takes exception to the disrespect and as Rage starts to turn he quickly makes a move to go for a superkick, but Rage catches the leg and just stares the champion down as he holds that right foot steady.] CONLON: LEWIS LOOKED TO HIT A STANDING SIDE KICK, BUT RAGE BLOCKED IT! JACKSON: This isn't going to go well for the champion at all! CONLON: Uh-oh! JACKSON: Big Ride coming Lewis' way! [Rage transitions and grabs Lewis by the head with that claw hold and lifts him high into the air. Lewis is punching the arm as Rage holds him up in that claw hold.] CONLON: LEWIS FIGHTING THE HAMMER OF GOD WITH ALL HE HAS, BUT RAGE WON'T LET GO! JACKSON: This is going to be ugly. They will need a new table after this. [Rage then starts to drop, but holds up and gently sits Lewis down on top of the table. Lewis' face is red with anger and the way he is breathing almost makes it look like his life passed before his eyes.] CONLON: WHAT IS HE DOING? HE JUST SET HIM DOWN ON THE TABLE! JACKSON: He is letting the champ know he physically owns him! Lewis is toast at Survival people! Book it now! [Rage turns and walks away as his music begins to play. Lewis is still sitting on the table, visibly stunned.] CONLON: Derek Rage with a better statement than anything Velvet Sims would have said, Pepper. JACKSON: No doubt about it and if Aaron Lewis plans to overcome, he better bring more than a superkick, obviously! CONLON: Survival can't come fast enough! This will be great! [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [It's been a long night, but the lights aren't off yet. We cut backstage again and we are standing by with one of the two men who are in the finals for the UPW North American Championship, "Legionarius" Antonio De Luca.] ADL: Everything has happened as expected. The plan has been in place and things are starting to feel a little more like home around here. Frank Anthony and Harrison Daniels III both have fallen trap to circumstances. [De Luca smiles.] ADL: I told you that I was going to join the group of the select few. It has been my destiny since the day I signed my UPW contract. I am one match away ... One THUD ... A Blood and Sand away from becoming a champion. [De Luca does the championship belt motion around his waist for an impacting effect.] ADL: One man stands in my path. However, he isn't just any man ... It's UPW's chosen one, Glenn Chambers. [De Luca pauses allowing the fans in the area to go crazy over the mention of Glenn Chambers.] ADL: Chambers, I have watched you from the back. You and I have had similar stories thus far in the UPW. We were one loss away from an opportunity. We have taken care of business every since. We have earned our spots and we have become two names that the rest of the locker room is forced to deal with. [De Luca slowly nods.] ADL: I respect the path you have taken to get to this point. You have earned the hype that follows your name. You have secured a big match on the PPV. You have the fans and the media eating out of the palm of your hands. [Slow clap.] ADL: While all that is true. While, I respect what you have done. That doesn't change the fact that you are standing in _MY_ way. I declared tonight, my night. It's the night that is putting Dominion on the map. All the hype that you have earned ... All the accolades that have gone your way will be a launching pad to my reign. [De Luca snarls.] ADL: In just a few short moments it will be time. Two of UPW's best going at it putting it all on the line. It's a match that can take your career to the next level. A night like this doesn't come a long very often. Only one of us will join that elite group of champions. You have the hype. You have the media. You have all these fans behind you. [De Luca shrugs.] ADL: It's still not going to be enough. The great Julius Caesar once said, "Men in general are quick to believe that which they _WISH_ to be true." All of that is nothing, but hype a simple wish. Beating me? On this night? On _MY_ night? [De Luca shakes his head no.] ADL: Wish away, Glenn. Wish away. [De Luca turns and exits.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: In my twenty-five years in the business, I have never seen anything like that. CHANEY: Antonio De Luca? SMITH: No, Derek Rage in that contract signing. CHANEY: What do you mean? SMITH: Well usually a contract signing has a major altercation. Someone gets hit with a chair, thrown out of the ring, or even put through the table itself. It is one of the true staples of the industry over the years and Rage just told Lewis that he is so confident that he doesn't NEED to do any of those to him. CHANEY: Is that worse than a straight-out attack? SMITH: I think so. We all know Rage as a brute. He's a giant...a monster, even. But now he showed he can play the psychological game. He is telling Lewis he physically owns him without actually hurting him. It was like a doll putting his toy away. CHANEY: Oh surely not that bad. SMITH: You see the look on Aaron Lewis' face there? CHANEY: I did. SMITH: I don't think he is truly ready for what Rage brings to the table. I don't know who that Kell guy was he was talking about, but I doubt he was as dangerous as a legend like Rage. CHANEY: You aren't giving him much chance against Derek Rage, are you? SMITH: I don't want to admit it, so I won't say. But it doesn't look good to me. CHANEY: Well confidence is not lacking in Antonio De Luca. SMITH: Certainly not, and why should it? The man, even with help, has won two matches already and stands ready for his first taste of championship gold. CHANEY: But Glenn Chambers stands in the way. SMITH: He does. And Glenn is a true warrior that has been a breath of fresh air in UPW from the moment we opened the doors. CHANEY: And now both are here in the main event, ready to battle for the UPW North American Title. This one could be a match of the year... SMITH: Or it could be another Frank Anthony situation where he gets jumped early and handed to De Luca for easy pickings. There is only one way to find out. CHANEY: Go to the footage! SMITH: Exactly! CHANEY: Ladies and Gentlemen, our main event is here. Let's find out who the North American Champion will be! Roll it!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Antonio De Luca whipping Glenn Chambers across the ring into the corner. Chambers hits hard and stumbles back to the middle of the ring where De Luca charges quickly and hits a running European Uppercut that takes Glenn off his feet to the mat.] CONLON: GOOD GOD!!! DE LUCA JUST TRIED TO TAKE CHAMBERS' HEAD OFF WITH THAT UPPERCUT!!! JACKSON: The speed has served him well. Sometimes it is better to be the smaller man. CONLON: It also helps when you haven't really wrestled a true match in the tournament and your opponent has fought two wars in the ring already. JACKSON: We each have our crosses to bear. Get it, Stan? That was a Roman joke. [The look De Luca gives the crowd is one of confidence as he turns slowly to look at what he just did. It looks like he may try for a pin, but thinks better of it, as he pulls Chambers up just to kick him in his stomach and double him over again.] CONLON: Antonio De Luca just acting like a thug. He has his gang attack people all night and even help him here already a few times. It doesn't seem fair. JACKSON: Fair is in the eye of the beholder, Stan. CONLON: How can you say that? JACKSON: He is working within the rules, and he can't help some of what happened on his side of the bracket. Far as this, maybe he is just better than the "golden boy" after all? [De Luca's arrogance continues to be on display as he jabs Chambers in the throat with his fingertips, a move that prompts the referee to jump in and call out the illegal strike. The fans shower him with boos as Chambers drops to his knees and holds his throat in pain.] CONLON: DE LUCA WITH A BLATANT ILLEGAL JAB TO THE THROAT! JACKSON: Yes, but did he die? [The referee finally steps out of the way and De Luca rushes, landing a running knee to the face of Chambers.] CONLON: DE LUCA PLANTS A RUNNING KNEE TO THE NOSE OF CHAMBERS AND HE'S DOWN!!! JACKSON: THIS IS IT!!! NEW CHAMPION!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRRRR...............NO!!! CONLON: CHAMBERS GET HIS SHOULDER UP!!! JACKSON: The man is impressive with how he manages to stay alive, but how much more punishment can he really absorb before he can't get that shoulder up? CONLON: As much as it takes would be how Glenn would answer that. JACKSON: How nice that everybody thinks they understand him now. That is kind of sickening, Stan. [The fans cheer Chambers getting a shoulder up, but De Luca is not amused. He slaps Chambers across the face and stands to his feet. He says something to the referee, but it isn't picked up by mics. He pulls Chambers up and whips him into the corner again with force.] CONLON: De Luca back to work after some words for the referee. He didn't need to berate the official. JACKSON: Antonio has high standards. He is just making sure that the referee is rising to meet them. That is the sign of a good leader. CONLON: Give me a break, Pepper. JACKSON: Seriously. All three of the members of Dominion are like that with strong leadership qualities. [De Luca starts to charge in after him, but Chambers lunges out of the corner with a clothesline that sends De Luca to the canvas as the crowd erupts. Both men are now on the mat and the referee begins his obligatory count.] CONLON: BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! JACKSON: Why is that referee counting? This is a tournament final to fill an open title. We won't be having a double countout of any sort here. CONLON: The rules are the rules. Weren't you just spouting off about high standards and what not? JACKSON: I said Dominion has high standards, I never said anything about myself. Hell, you've met my wife. [De Luca is yanked out of the ring by Tyson Bishop. The referee yells at him to not touch anybody in the match and Tyson is unaffected by such remarks. He works to revive De Luca by messing with his fists and even slaps to the face. De Luca seems to snap out of it just as Chambers is getting to his feet inside the ring.] CONLON: LOOK AT THAT!!! TYSON BISHOP PULLING DE LUCA OUT AND HELPING HIM SNAP OUT OF IT!!! JACKSON: Great thinking by the big man! CONLON: It is another evidence of skirting the rules! Dominion seems to constantly be working those edges and gray areas of the rule book tonight. JACKSON: He's just looking out for a friend. Both of us would do that for a friend! [De Luca slides back in as Bishop claps with expectation. Antonio rushes over to Chambers and goes for a big right hand. Chambers dodges the right hand and lands a knife-edge chop to the chest of De Luca, which gets the appropriate response from the crowd.] CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS BACK IN CONTROL WITH THOSE CHOPS! JACKSON: I'm surprised he wasn't throwing illegal fists like usual. CONLON: I think you might be talking about the other guy in this final match, Pepper. De Luca was the one looking to hit the haymaker. JACKSON: Why is it called a haymaker? Seriously, I have heard you say that for a big punch dozens of times and I don't get the reference. [Chambers whips De Luca into the ropes, catching him on the rebound with a spinning spinebuster. He hooks a leg, but the referee isn't there to count because Lance Donovan has stepped to the ring apron and the referee is over to get him away from the match.] CONLON: Let it go, Pep.....LANCE DONOVAN IS ON THE RING APRON!! What are they trying for now? JACKSON: This is brilliant strategy to save De Luca from having to exert energy to kick out. CONLON: How is that? There was no pin attempt by Chambers in the first place? JACKSON: Exactly. [Chambers jumps up and rushes Donovan, landing a forearm shiver that sends the Dominion member flying off the apron and into the arms of his partner, Bishop. The two stare down Chambers as he turns and goes back to the match at hand.] CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS HAVING NONE OF THAT HAPPENING NOW! There is too much at stake for him here! JACKSON: The referee should reprimand him now for attacking someone not in the match! CONLON: Seriously? JACKSON: YES! Donovan had not touched anybody nor entered the ring. There was no reason for that attack. [Glenn Chambers returns to find De Luca standing to his feet. He grabs him around the waist from behind and lifts for a nasty German Suplex. He rolls through and connects with a second. He rolls through and lands a third, bridging this one into a pin attempt.] CONLON: THREE SUCCESSIVE GERMAN SUPLEXES AND NOW THE BRIDGE!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRRRRRREEEEEEE.............NOOOO!!!!!! JACKSON: DE LUCA ESCAPES!!! CONLON: Antonio De Luca is fresher and Chambers just couldn't hold that down. Great job by the youngster. JACKSON: If he heard you call him that, he'd slap the taste out of your mouth, Stan. CONLON: I'm pretty sure he'd be fired then, Pepper. JACKSON: And you call ME cocky? That was a little much, my man. [Chambers claps his hands at the near fall and gets to his feet. He pulls De Luca up and sets up for a vertical suplex, but before he lifts he sees both members of Dominion acting like they are about to pull themselves up to the apron again.] CONLON: Why are these guys so intent on getting involved? And why hasn't the referee just sent them out yet? JACKSON: They haven't been caught doing anything wrong yet. CONLON: But they have done things in this match. JACKSON: They haven't been caught! Listen to the words, Stan. [The referee gets involved and backs them off as Chambers lifts De Luca with the vertical suplex lift and holds him up straight. The fans are going nuts for the show of strength.] CONLON: CHAMBERS LIFTING DE LUCA HIGH FOR THIS VERTICAL SUPLEX!!! JACKSON: Showing off the size advantage he has here. CONLON: Chambers has a lot more power than people realize. JACKSON: But does he have the brains to go with it. It takes more than pure brawn to overcome the Dominion. You have to have the brains to go with it. [Chambers got just a tad too close to the side of the ring and Tyson Bishop's long arms reached in and grabs the feet of Chambers, causing him to fall backward. De Luca shifts in the hold and lands right on top of Chambers' chest as the crowd groans.] CONLON: BISHOPS TRIPS HIM AND DE LUCA LANDS ON TOP! THE COUNT!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHH...................KICKOUT BY CHAMBERS!!! JACKSON: That was closer than I expected! CONLON: Glenn Chambers looks angry that Bishop was able to reach in like that. JACKSON: Then he should be upset at himself because he is the one who walked so damn close to the ropes there. CONLON: That could be the case. You talked about high standards, Chambers has them for himself. JACKSON: Well isn't that just wonderful. [Chambers shoves the legs of De Luca off him as he sits up and stares toward Tyson Bishop. The big man motions with his hands, all but daring Chambers to step out of the ring and throw down. Glenn shakes his head and stands to his feet, pointing to Bishop and telling him he won't get what he wants.] CONLON: Chambers is white hot at Tyson Bishop. JACKSON: Better watch yourself. That might be more than you can handle, Glennie-boy. CONLON: Bishop may want to step away as Chambers proved taller man are not something he struggles with after what we saw him do to Dylan Cardinal last Showdown. JACKSON: Oh you mean when he showed his true colors and attacked him? Oh wait, we aren't allowed to say that about superstar Chambers here. [Chambers turns to go back to work on De Luca, but Antonio has already gotten to his feet thanks to the Bishop-caused delay. De Luca hauls off and kicks Chambers square in the nether regions and drops him to his knees in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: CHAMBERS ON HIS KNEES AFTER THE LOW KICK!!! JACKSON: De Luca showing why he may be the best wrestler people haven't noticed just yet! CONLON: There was no call for that! He could have had an advantage in any way, why a low blow? JACKSON: Why not? [De Luca lands some straight jabs to the face of Chambers and then pulls him to his feet. He whips Chambers into the corner, where Glenn hits hard and seems stunned there.] CONLON: Chambers hit the corner hard! The "Legionarius" showing that he can handle things well right now. JACKSON: You can say that again! CONLON: Wait a second!!! What is he doing there?!?!?! JACKSON: I don't see anything. [De Luca then turns his back and makes a grand gesture of reaching into his tights. The referee immediately give shis attention as De Luca pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. As the referee gets over to De Luca to deal with it, Donovan and Bishop both get tot he ring apron in the opposite corner and begins laying a beating on Chambers as the crowd boos.] CONLON: HE HAS BRASS KNUCKLES AND THE REST OF DOMINION IS ATTACKING CHAMBERS!!! JACKSON: The referee is doing the right thing. He is over and trying to get that terrible item out of Antonio's innocent hands. CONLON: WHAT?!?!?! JACKSON: Well yes. Obviously he found them somewhere and is just being smart to give them to the referee at this time. CONLON: Pepper, he is DISTRACTING the referee so his boys can beat on Chambers and give him an even bigger advantage! That is what is going on here. JACKSON: Perhaps we have different vantage points. [Bishop lifts his long leg over the top rope and puts his boot into the neck of Chambers for a choke, but also to pin him there as Lance Donovan slides inside and begins hitting jabs to the mid section and kicks to the knees. All the while, De Luca is skillfully debating the referee about the pair of brass knuckles and keeping his back turned.] CONLON: We're sitting right next to each other! LOOK AT DOMINION CHOKING AND BEATING ON CHAMBERS IN THAT CORNER!!! The referee has no idea what is going on! JACKSON: He is busy keeping this match fair and balanced. CONLON: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! JACKSON: Now the referee has done his job and this match is safe again. Great work by the referee. [Donovan slides out of the ring and Bishop pulls his leg back just as the referee finally gets the brass knuckles out of De Luca's hands. Antonio has a mischievous grin as the referee turns to toss the knuckles out of the ring to the time keeper' De Luca charges and lands a splash on Chambers in that corner.] CONLON: DE LUCA WITH A NASTY FLYING SPLASH IN THE CORNER AND CHAMBERS IS IN DEEP TROUBLE NOW! JACKSON: You can almost envision the North American Title around De Luca's waist, right? CONLON: Well if he does win this match, we will know exactly why, Pepper. JACKSON: He earned it, I agree totally, Stan. [De Luca grabs Chambers and whips him across the way into the opposite corner, where he hits and staggers back out of there toward De Luca. Antonio grabs him on that rebound and lifts him with a Tiger Suplex.] CONLON: ITALIEN SUPLEX BY DE LUCA!!! HE MAKES THE COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRRRRRRREEEEEEEEE...............NOOOOO!!!! JACKSON: WHAT?!?!?!?! CONLON: CHAMBERS GOT A SHOULDER UP AT THE LAST SECOND!!! JACKSON: There is no way that should have happened. The man has been beaten in three terrible matches tonight and yet he STILL has enough left to escape the Italian Suplex? CONLON: People, even with all the evidence, continue to underestimate this man from Philadelphia. JACKSON: Where he is from has nothing to do with it. [De Luca jumps to his feet and begins, once again, a heated "discussion" with the referee on proper pin count etiquette. Donovan and Bishop look as if they will come over and help teach the lesson and the referee begins telling them to get away form the ring or be banished from ringside.] CONLON: And AGAIN the DOminion begins working the referee! JACKSON: Just continuing the high standards we discussed. CONLON: They are shameless! This is awful and should be stopped! Get them out of here! JACKSON: Oh now, come on Stan! These guys are just baking up their friend. [De Luca now begins arguing this as well. The referee is hearing none of it. All the while Glenn Chambers is slowly and finally turning over and moving after that nasty suplex.] CONLON: Chambers is finally moving, which is good. JACKSON: Eh, whatever. I say pin him now! Get this over with and let's go celebrate. CONLON: How could anyone celebrate when someone has had literally everything stacked against him in this one? It is just wrong what Dominion is doing tonight. JACKSON: Just because he has lasted longer than the others doesn't mean it is a negative mark on the match. [De Luca finally says something we can't understand and turns back to go after Chambers. Glenn has managed to grab hold of the ropes and hasn't quite gotten to his knees yet when De Luca gets there and pulls on his feet to yank him into the air and off the ropes.] CONLON: CHAMBERS SENT FOR A RIDE AGAIN!!! JACKSON: That looked kind of nasty, Stan. He may have a headache later. CONLON: I'm sure that will be the worst of it. The man will ache all over! JACKSON: Yeah, he probably will. And he won't even have a title belt to make it feel better. [De Luca keeps hold of the ankles and pulls the further to where his arms are now around the calves. He is trying to turn Chambers over for a Boston Crab hold, but Chambers is starting to move counter to fight it.] CONLON: De Luca going for the Boston Crab, but Glenn is fighting it! JACKSON: De Luca knows how to stretch and torture people in the ring. Glenn may be in big trouble if he gets this turned over. CONLON: I think we all know that, which could be why Chambers is fighting so hard to keep it from happening. JACKSON: One way or another, it will get flipped over and applied. Just watch! [De Luca finally gets far enough to try and step over, but Chambers adjusts, grabs his foot and flips the entire hold over to where he is sitting on top of De Luca. The crowd pops as Chambers yanks back and snaps the left leg of De Luca, which allows Chambers to fully escape the hold and roll away from his opponent.] CONLON: CHAMBERS WITH A GREAT COUNTER AND NOW DE LUCA IS HOLDING THAT LEG! JACKSON: Was that even a legal move? It looks like he pulled the tights or something as nobody flips through that fast without help! CONLON: Chambers does it the right way, unlike that paragon of virtue, Antonio De Luca. JACKSON: Don't disparage the future North American Champion! [Chambers rushes over and pulls De Luca up, whipping him into the ropes. As De Luca propels back toward him, Chambers lifts him straight into the air by his chest and a flailing De Luca crashes to the canvas as the crowd erupts again.] CONLON: DE LUCA SHOVED INTO THE AIR BY CHAMBERS AND BOY DID HE HIT HARD!!! JACKSON: I think De luca might have reached twenty feet high there! Damn! [Glenn is feeling it now. He rushes De Luca as he starts getting up and hits a drop kick that sends him back to the mat. Glenn kips back up after that dropkick and raises his arm to the crowd, which gets another cheap pop.] CONLON: The crowd is excited for Chambers now! JACKSON: Oh yeah. It is always a great thing when the sheep get excited. CONLON: Glenn Chambers is on track now, looking to wrap it up and become the new North American Champion! He is just sizing De Luca up for the "Locked and Loaded" right now! JACKSON: De Luca has his aces in the hole still. It will take more than that. [Glenn waits for De Luca to stand. Everyone knows he is setting up the big finish. De Luca stands up and turns around only to have a boot connect square with his mid-section. Chambers has him doubled over and grabs him to go for his finish when he is stopped in his tracks by a man standing across on the ring apron.] CONLON: THE KICK TOT HE GUT SETS IT UP AND HERE IT COM......WHY IS HE HERE? DYLAN CARDINAL IS ON THE RING APRON!!! JACKSON: NOW Chambers is in real trouble!!! CONLON: It is bad enough this has been a three on one all night, but Cardinal is out here, obviously for revenge after last Showdown! JACKSON: And he deserves it too. We don't like to talk about it, but Chambers was wrong for attacking. [Chambers literally lets go of De Luca without even going for the lift and rushes over to Cardinal, leaping and spinning for a back elbow strike that sends Cardinal flying off the apron and to the arena floor. The crowd erupts as Dylan hits the ground.] CONLON: CHAMBERS HITS A SPINNING BACK ELBOW THAT SENDS CARDINAL TO THE FLOOR!!! JACKSON: Not the nastiest landing, though. Yet Cardinal seems happy to be down there. CONLON: I don't think he intended to do any major harm, just make sure Chambers didn't hit what he wanted. [Chambers says a few things to Cardinal, and Cardinal only gives a sly look of achievement as he points to the ring. Glenn doesn't care what Cardinal is saying and he tells him as much, but Dylan keeps pointing.] JACKSON: De Luca is standing behind Chambers! CONLON: Glenn doesn't have a clue, but Cardinal is pointing it out to him. Glenn isn't turning around and falling for it. JACKSON: His distaste for Cardinal is going to cost him dearly! [Chambers finally turns around and De Luca is there. The motion was seamless as the boot hit the mid section just as he turned around. The crowd groans as Antonio De Luca shows his power by lifting Chambers into the crucifix position and drops him in the middle of the ring with that crucifix power bomb.] CONLON: BLOOD AND SAND!!!! DE LUCA LANDED IT FLUSH IN THE CENTER OF THE RING!!! JACKSON: HE HOOKS THE LEG!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: DE LUCA IS CHAMPION! JACKSON: Antonio De Luca has pulled off an amazing victory to win the North American Title!!! CONLON: Yeah, he pulled it off with the help of his two stablemates and Dylan Cardinal. JACKSON: Let the man have his moment. [De Luca lifts his arms in victory as his Dominion teammates get into the ring with him. De Luca is handed the UPW North American Title and he lifts it with his right hand into the air as the crowd reigns down boos on he and his cohorts.] CONLON: The crowd is far from happy after the way the match ended. What amazing fight out of Glenn Chambers though! JACKSON: Focus on the champ! HE is what matters, Stan! CONLON: Antonio De Luca is the first UPW North American Champion, that is true. Did he earn it fair and square? JACKSON: Who the hell cares?!?!?! He went three for three tonight and holds the gold! [De Luca walks from side to side in the ring, lifting the title and claiming that everyone else is inferior to the Dominion. De Luca then acts like he is about to lay a stomp on Chambers, but the referee steps between them and motions for them to leave the ring.] CONLON: The referee not allowing insult to injury and forcing the party out of the ring. JACKSON: Once again, that referee tries to mess up a fun event. CONLON: He kept them from possibly causing permanent damage, Pepper. JACKSON: Hey celebrations have caused injuries in all sorts of sports. [The Dominion walk up the aisle, with all the arrogance you would expect, taunting the crowd as the lights gleam off the new title belt.] CONLON: They are just taunting the fans. It is like they refuse to show respect for the title they just won. JACKSON: They are on top of the world, where they belong. CONLON: And now it seems Glenn Chambers night is far from over! Cardinal is slithering into the ring behind him! JACKSON: I knew he was smarter than just taking that elbow shot! [Cardinal slides into the ring as Glenn Chambers gets to his feet, visibly disappointed, frustrated, mad at himself and the King of Snakes both. On his guard, Chambers watches the Basilisk approach, but neither man makes a move.] CONLON: Things are getting real tense, and this crowd is feeling it! JACKSON: They want part two of the Ohama brawl. CONLON: They sure do, but the wiser side of me hope they don't get it, Pepper. [Cardinal steps into Chambers' space, his few extra inches of height suddenly looking magnified.] CONLON: Don't let him walk all over you, Glenn! [Chambers takes a step forward, refusing to back down and even leaning into Cardinal.] JACKSON: You don't want provoke him, Glenn! You wouldn't get lucky twice! [The Basiliks whispers something, plants a finger in Chambers' chest and pushes.] CONLON: What did he say? JACKSON: I can't read lips. Do I look like Ray Charles to you? CONLON: Sometimes, yes. [Chambers cranks his neck, gives the fans a side glance and they immediately respond with a surge of support!] JACKSON: Don't get cocky, Glenn! [Crowd pops when Chambers pushes back with two hands, shoving Cardinal almost five steps backwards!] CONLON: Chamber stands his ground! JACKSON: That was a mistake! [Cardinal uncoils, motions for Chambers to come at him. Glenn cocks an arm, takes two steps forward and steps face first into red cone of Asian mist!] CONLON: RED VENOM! JACKSON: THE BASILISK HAS A BREATH WEAPON! [Face painted red, Glenn Chambers falls to the mat, desperately clutching and clawing at his eyes!] CONLON: The Red Venom, Pepper! I prayed we'd never see it! JACKSON: Glenn Chambers sure didn't see it coming. [With a sick grin, Dylan Cardinal wipes away a trickle of red poison pearling off his chin, lording over Chambers, still on the mat, screaming and clutching at his face.] CONLON: As our more knowledgeable wrestling fans know, the red mist doesn't merely blind a man, it burns too. JACKSON: Chambers got it straight in the eyes, too. He'll be blind for a couple of days. CONLON: And he'll no doubt be feeling the burn for the next week. [The referee slides back into the ring with a water bottle, trying to help Chambers wash the Red Venom out, but by Chambers' reaction, it appears adding water only increases the pain!] CONLON: Wait, what's Cardinal doing now? [The King of Serpents pushes the referee aside and, as Auburn Hills unites in boos, he kicks Chambers in the side of the head, stunning the All American wrestler.] CONLON: Oh no... [Cardinal pulls Chambers in a double underhook, then forcefully plants him forehead first into the canvas!] JACKSON: LD50! CONLON: That's just sick! JACKSON: He saw Glenn couldn't handle the burn and put him out of his misery. It's a kindness. CONLON: In a topsy turvy world, maybe. Basilisk spits venom... What next? [Fade to Black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: DYLAN CARDINAL COST CHAMBERS THE MATCH! CHANEY: What an ending, folks! We have a new North American Champion and his name is Antonio De Luca! SMITH: We all knew Cardinal had to show up eventually, and he obviously cannot allow any good for Chambers. CHANEY: Now you have to wonder just how angry this will make Chambers as they prepare for Survival! SMITH: And that is up next! CHANEY: It sure is! Folk, don't forget to contact you local cable providers and order the first UPW pay-per-view on March fifth, SURVIVAL live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois! SMITH: It is going to be amazing! CHANEY: We'll see you there everybody! For Robert "The Gorilla" Smith, I'm Eric Chaney saying so long folks! We'll see you in Chicago! [The screen with the announcers fades into a screen that has the first picture listed below in it. The still change as the credits roll. "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool begins playing in the background as the following set of stills recapping the night's action begins to roll.] [Picture still of the brawl durign the stipulation meeting that resulted in Shabazz's arrest.] [Picture still of Felix Sandoval holding the TV Title in the air as Brandon Franklin addresses him from the entrance ramp.] [Picture still of Damian Payne landing the "Chokebomb" on Windham Brody.] [Picture stills split the screen of Glenn Chambers on the right and Antonio De Luca on the left, both raising their arms after semi-final victories.] [Picture still of Titan Juarez shaking hands with the other Soldiers of the Sun.] [Picture still of Percy Monroe pinning Tripp Skylark.] [Picture still of Derek Rage staring down at Aaron Lewis after their contract signing.] [Picture still of Antonio De Luca holding the North American title high as Bishop and Donovan flank him.] [Picture still of Dylan Cardinal spryaing the red mist into the face of Glenn Chambers.] © 2017 UPW, Inc. LEAGUE WEBSITE: http://www.ultimateprowrestling.fwrestling.com/ LEAGUE MAILING LIST: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Official_UPW/info LEAGUE TWITTER: @UPW_Official LEAGUE RADIO SHOW SITE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ultimateprowrestling