[The black screen has the words "Last Showdown..." appear in white letters before the following
footage plays. As the footage begins, the words "Last Showdown" drop to the bottom, right-hand
corner of the screen. We hear dramatic music playing as the final moments of the World Title match
are shown.]

[Donegal wrenches the choke again and it looks like Williams is starting to lose consciousness as
Cardinal drops a well-placed knee down to the back of Donegal's head to break the hold.]


JACKSON:  Once again Cardinal shows up at the perfect moment! The man is an enigma!

CONLON:  Liam Donegal has no clue how close he came as he couldn't see Chase's eyes closing.

JACKSON:  And now all he feels are Cardinal's knees!

[Donegal gets to his feet, and just as he leans up, Cardinal rushes him and hits a running knee
right to the temple that connects with such ferocity that Liam rolls over and falls out of the


JACKSON:  That temple shot probably knocked Donegal out cold!

CONLON:  But it also took him out of the ring and Cardinal needs to grab onto somebody if he
plans on getting a pin.

JACKSON:  It would take too long to go out and bring Donegal back into the ring.

[Cardinal looks down at Donegal on the outside and then slowly turns his head to look at Chase
Williams, who is starting to stir in the center of the ring after that choke earlier. He walks over
to him and plants a right hand to the temple that drops Williams back to both knees.]



[Dylan wastes no time in grabbing both arms and hooking them back. Fans begin booing as they know
what comes next. Cardinal snaps down that double underhook DDT with force.]





JACKSON:  Now he is trying to yank him out of the ring!

CONLON:  I can't believe this is happening!  Chase Williams is laid out in the ring!

JACKSON:  If Cardinal was the same height as Donegal, Liam couldn't have reached him from
out there!

[Donegal pulls Cardinal's feet and yanks him all the way to the outside of the ring, causing "The
Basilisk" to hit his head on the apron and then again on the arena floor. Liam Donegal gets over to
grab Cardinal, who once again jabs the throat and causes Donegal to stumble over to the floor as


JACKSON:  Donegal may be regretting the decision to pull Dylan outside the ring.

CONLON:  Well it stopped the pin, so he is probably not regretting it, but he is taking a
beating because of it.

JACKSON:  And while Cardinal is out here trading punches with Liam Donegal, Aaron Lewis is
on his feet in the ring!

CONLON:  And with Chase WIlliams laid out from that LD50! This is literally his golden
moment as he gets to the top turnbuckle!

JACKSON:  Oh God, no!

[Donegal makes Cardinal miss with a punch and yanks his arm, sending Cardinal's face into the steel
steps. Just above them in the ring, we see Aaron Lewis standing to his feet and seeing Williams
laid out in the middle of the ring. A smile comes over his face as he rushes to the corner and
perches. He stands to his feet and leaps into the air with a textbook 450 splash.]


.(Donegal notices and lets go of Cardinal)
.(Donegal lunges under the ropes to grab at Lewis)



JACKSON:  We have our first World Champion!

CONLON:  And his name is Aaron "All Day" Lewis!

[Lewis holds the title up high as the crowd cheers and chants of "All Day" begin to fill the
Bankers' Life Fieldhouse.]

CONLON:  There he is, folks! The new UPW World Heavyweight Champion, AARON "ALL DAY"

[The screen freezes on the view of Lewis holding the title up before fading to black with Stan's
final statement.]

[The black screen is still showing as slowly an instrumental version of "Tear Away" by Drowning
Pool begins fading up as the show logo pops onto the screen ...]

["Tear Away" continues to play and now at the chorus, the words are heard, as pictures of Ultimate Pro Wrestling stars are shown. The pictures come up looking like baseball cards, and the pictures stack on top of one another, until all of the UPW stars have been shown.] ["Cards" of Brandon Franklin, John Herdick, and Liam Donegal are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Antonio De Luca, The Hype and Michael Wilson are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Jeff Keenan, Soldiers of the Sun, and Glenn Chambers are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Aaron Lewis, The Warriors, and Chase Williams are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ..... ### [Suddenly, the music stops and the "cards" explode with video pyro and a HUGE bang! "Shrapnel" from the "cards" fill the screen until it is a big jumbled mess.] [When the mess clears, we see a studio that looks similar to those used by sports shows and other sporting related news editions. There is a large, tan desk with the letters 'UPW" put forth matching the company logo on the website on the front of it. As the screen pans back, we see two men at the desk. Sitting to one side is UPW announcer Eric Chaney and to his left is the co-host, Robert "The Gorilla" Smith.] [Chaney is wearing a Red "UPW" polo shirt and has his dark hair slicked back, looking as "GQ" as humanly possible. Robert is wearing his usual denim shirt and a confident grin on his face. Chaney's smile widens as he finally begins to speak.] CHANEY: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME TO UPW SHOWDOWN HERE ON WTWN!!! I'm Eric Chaney and with me, as always, is the tag team legend and master of the battle royal himself, Robert "The Gorilla" Smith. SMITH: Thanks, Chaney. It is always a pleasure to be here and bring the great UPW action to the folks at home. CHANEY: And what a night it will be as we have some great action on tap for you, including a couple of title matches. SMITH: The Warriors will be defending the tag titles tonight in probably their toughest test to date as they step in there with the Dominion. And I always enjoy tag team wrestling, as you know. CHANEY: And we also see Television Champion Felix Sandoval... SMITH: (interrupting) EL PATRON!!! CHANEY: Doing this already, Gorilla? SMITH: I like the guy! CHANEY: Sandoval will be defending the UPW Television Title against Brandon Franklin in a match that will have special meaning for the "Hardcore Icon." SMITH: Not only is this the first title shot he has had in years and years, but we are in Omaha, Nebraska, which is his home town! CHANEY: That extra motivation may bring him what he needs to topple Sandoval and take that title. SMITH: And we can't forget the big match between Liam DOnegal and Dylan Cardinal, which will have major repercussions on the Ultimate Rumble at the Survival Pay-Per-View! CHANEY: This is a night that is stacked with all kinds of action, but it all started with a special moment for our new World Champion, Aaron Lewis. SMITH: The kid managed to come out on top in a match that had three other man who were certifiably worthy to hold that title as well. CHANEY: And it was an amazing climax to the tournament that began on Day One here in UPW. SMITH: He deserves the moment in the sun, Chaney. He survived and got the gold. Now he gets to celebrate with the fans. CHANEY: Let's head to Omaha and join that celebration for the new World Champion, Aaron "All Day" Lewis! Roll that tape, guys!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The crowd erupts as the music for Fort Minor's "Remember the Name begins to play.] #You ready?! Let's go!# #Yeah, for those of you that wanna know what we're all about# #It's like this y'all (c'mon)# [At that moment the bass beat kicks in and pyro goes off. The big screen shows the name AARON LEWIS on it as the songs kicks in.] #This is ten percent luck# #Twenty percent skill# #Fifteen percent concentrated power of will# #Five percent pleasure# #Fifty percent pain# #And a hundred percent reason to remember the name# [Out walks the new World Heavyweight Champion, decked out in his "All Day" T-shirt with a sport coat over it. He walks out in khaki pants and with the World Title hanging on his left shoulder as he stands there and drinks in the cheers of the crowd. He finally starts walking as the chorus continues again with the great beat.] #This is ten percent luck# #Twenty percent skill# #Fifteen percent concentrated power of will# #Five percent pleasure# #Fifty percent pain# #And a hundred percent reason to remember the name# [He reaches the ring and steps through the ropes, holding his right index finger toward the crowd as he turns a slow circle to recognize everyone in the stands. He walks over and received a microphone from a stage hand as the crowd is still cheering the new champion. He raises the microphone to his lips.] Lewis: THANK YOU OMAHA! [The crowd erupts for the champ thanks to the cheap heater.] Lewis: Last Showdown was the greatest night in my entire career! The four of us went into the main event and tore the house down! [Another pop.] Lewis: Nobody thought that three of us had real chances in there. For everybody predicting, it was the "Dylan Cardinal Coronation" match and that he would find a way to snake his way to the gold. The four of us battled and did damage to each other for what seemed like forever, but in the end it wasn't a snake getting gold, it was the round tripper! [He holds the World Title up with his left hand and the crowd erupts again.] Lewis: I cannot thank the fans enough for being behind me on this journey. From day one, you have supported me and cheered for me. You sent well wishes after Williams caused my concussion. You never doubted when I finally got back in the ring. [He stops to compose himself.] Lewis: And it is because of that kind of support that I stand here today as UPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! [An "All Day" chant is heard.] Lewis: So to pay back to you, I plan on being a fighting champion! So line them up and I'll take them down! I don't care who! [Lewis lays the title belt on the canvas right in front of him.] Lewis: Send out big, bad Dylan Cardinal! [Crowd boos.] Lewis: Send out that cheap shot artist Chase Williams. [More boos.] Lewis: You can even send our Liam Donegal because the man deserves a straight-up title shot with what he accomplished to get there! [Cheers for the mention of Liam.] Lewis: It doesn't matter who you send because each and every night, I will be here ready to take on the challenges and with all of you in my corner, I will find a way to win. [He picks up the belt and slings it over his left shoulder.] Lewis: This is never leaving my possession, OUR possession! [Crowd cheers.] Lewis: That is wh.... [Suddenly music interrupts...] #All I do is win win win no matter what# #Got money on my mind I can never get enough# #And every time I step up in the buildin'# #Everybody hands go up# [The entranceway's curtain flies open. Erin steps out and skips down the aisle. She is followed by Ralph, and then the man, the myth, the legend: "Top Dog" Rick Styles. Styles is dressed in an expensive beige Armani suit. #And they stay there# #And they say yeah# #And they stay there# #Up down, up down, up down# [Erin grabs a ringside microphone and hands it to Rick Styles, who slowly walks up the ring steps. As Aaron Lewis stares him down, Styles steps through the ropes.] #'Cause all I do is win win win# #And if you goin' in put your hands in the air# #Make 'em stay there...# [The music dies down as Rick Styles and Aaron Lewis stare one another down. Styles' lips suddenly form his trademark smirk.] Rick Styles: Sorry to interrupt, but to be honest, you were boring the hell out of me back there with that long-winded tirade and the UPW fan base deserves better...so here I am. [Styles points a finger directly eye-level at Lewis.] Rick Styles: The last time we faced, I determined that you were not worthy enough to share a ring with Rick Styles. It's been a while and a lot has happened since then, but my opinion of you hasn't changed. What has changed... [Styles' finger lowers towards the championship belt.] Rick Styles: ...is you now have THAT piece of jewelry. THAT is the only reason you deserve the chance to prove yourself against A LEGEND! [Lewis brings the mic to his mouth, but Styles holds out his palm, stopping Lewis before he can speak.] Rick Styles: You see, I listened to what you had to say, Aaron, and you are wrong about one thing...that title WILL leave your possession, whether you lose in the ring, whether you are injured, whether you remain undefeated your entire career until you decide to retire, EVENTUALLY, that title WILL leave your possession. But, between the time you win the belt and the time you lose the belt, only YOU can determine what that belt is worth, by who you defend it against. [Styles' blue eyes peer at the championship belt.] Rick Styles: What is THAT belt worth, Aaron Lewis? What are YOU worth in this ring? Care to put it to the test against a hall of famer? Opportunities like this don't go come around every day, Lewis, but now that it's staring you in the face, you have...(raises three fingers)...THREE choices! You can face this challenge and win, you can face this challenge and lose...or you can duck, hide and find an lower profile opponent for "Survival." What kind of champion will YOU be, Aaron Lewis? One who rises to face legends...or one who plays it safe and avoids the high profile matches? [With the mic in his left hand, Styles straightens his silk tie with his right hand.] Rick Styles: I know it's a lot of pressure for a new supreme ruler, Lewis, but if you can't endure, then relinquish the throne. I would be more than happy to relive you of your burden. [Lewis raises the mic to reply to the would-be challenger, but before he utters a word, we hear a voice.] VOICE: Hold on one second, both of you! [Quickly we see the UPW Vice President of Talent Relations, Thomas Grissom, walk out with a microphone. He walks with purpose to the ring as he speaks.] GRISSOM: This is not supposed to be the moment a new challenger shows up or anyone steps out to attack the World Champion. [He reaches the ringside area.] GRISSOM: In fact, this is supposed to be a moment of triumph and celebration for Aaron and those who cheer for him. [He steps through the ropes and stands between the two men.] GRISSOM: Aaron, this was supposed to be your moment. As the first World Champion for UPW, we wanted to give you this time to speak to the fans and have some fun out here to enjoy the championship victory. You fought hard last Showdown and have earned teh right to do that. [Thoas turns his head to stare toward Styles and his entourage.] GRISSOM: And as for you, once again you pick and choose your moments to step out here and throw yourself in the middle of things. [Styles takes his hand and taps his own chest while saying, "I have a title shot in hand."] GRISSOM: That is where you are wrong, Ric. [Crowd pops.] GRISSOM: You have been saying that since the first night you walked into UPW. You even acted liek a coward and avoided facing Aaron here in that first round of the title tournament. That doesn't speak like soemone worthy of a direct title shot. [Styles looks angry.] GRISSOM: And once more, I have seen your contract and no automatic title shot exists. [Crowd ops again ad Styles nearly comes unglued.] GRISSOM: But you do make for great TV, so I will activate the one match you were gauranteed in your contract. A match for the opportunity to be top World Title contender. [Styles still looks unhappy.] GRISSOM: So tonight, in our main event, you will get that chance. Tonight, you will take on the man I believe has earned the right to also be considered a top contender.... [MUSIC HITS AND THIS IS WHERE VELVET SIMS AND RAGE COME OUT.] GRISSOM: Your opponent, Rick will be DEREK RAGE! [The curtains part and out saunters a pleased as punch Velvet Sims in a purple suit and matching hat. Behind him strides the massive Derek Rage, dressed in his ring gear.] SIMS: Well shucky ducky, ain't this a treat! Grissom, sho you right to offer my man, Big D, this opportunity. I tell ya, I was scared what was gonna happen if y'all didn't do right by the Big man and now y'all done right. [Sims stares at Rick Styles] SIMS: Clearly y'all need hep to bring the honour back to UPW. Y'all want aomebody to take out the maggots and trash. No problem. There's a dirty job to be done and Big D is just the man to do it. Now let me.ask you one question? When do we get it on? [The crowd cheers in anticipation as Derek Rage simply glances Rick Styles up and down. He smirks and utters a derisive 'pshaw.' Thomas steps back in and raises the microphone.] GRISSOM: And Rick, I know you are one who likes cheap shots, and short cuts. I have been around a long time and watched you pull all sorts of tricks. So I want to make sure that won't happen. [Crowd pops again.] GRISSOM: So tonight, I am inviting the UPW World Champion, Aaron Lewis, to be our guest commentator for the main event match. This way he can see first hand which man will be across from him at Survival. [He looks at Lewis.] GRISSOM: And this also allows you to make sure everything stays on the up and up. [Lewis nods.] GRISSOM: But that isn't all because that only takes care of some basics. To ensure nothing goes on inside the ring, I want to place a special referee for this match. Someone who, without a doubt, will make sure Rick Styles gets no special treatment. A man who will not allow anything to occur that could ruin a fair match for this title shot. That man is... [A pregnant pause.] GRISSOM: JOHN HERDICK! [The fans are excited as John Herdick emerges from the back. With crazy eyes he points towards the ring filled with legends.] JH: Well, what do we have here? Rick Styles it looks like you have just seen a ghost. [Herdick cackles.] JH: For those of you wondering, I do know how to count to three. [Herdick raises his hands and extends one finger and it's just his middle finger towards Rick Styles and then a second and third finger.] JH: Well, at least I think I can. Rick, how does it feel to have the fate of your UPW Championship match in my hands? You called the shots and brought PEEGATE to this illustrious league. You brought this dark cloud upon my career. Now, the tables have turned. Your title shot ... Your career is now in my hands. [Herdick has a grin that can only compete with a kid at a candy shop.] JH: Being the stand up guy that I am. I vow to call this match right down the middle. Fair and square! [Herdick eagerly nods.] JH: I will! I promise! What are you nervous, Rick? You don't think I will count the three for you? [Crazy eye'd John Herdick begins to cackle again.] JH: Rick you can beg. You can plead. You want me to help you now? PI...... [A chuckle comes from the crowd as Grissom holds his hand up and keeps Herdick from saying his infamous catchphrase. Thomas immediately speaks again before Herdick reacts.] GRISSOM: And there you have it folks! Tonight, the main event will be Styles versus Rage for the chance to face Aaron Lewis at Survival with John Herdick as special referee! [Fans cheer.] GRISSOM: We will have a fair challenger put forth! Thank you! [Music begisn to play as the screen fades to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: WHAT A TURN OF EVENTS, FOLKS!!! SMITH: This night just keeps getting better and better ad now we have a new main event and it will be one that brings a lot of drama to the table! CHANEY: Derek Rage getting his shot at the World Title, but first he has to defeat the man who has claimed first contender status from the moment he walked in, "Top Dog" Rick Styles! SMITH: I have seen both of these men up close in my career. I have even wrestled them back in the day and neither of them will be an easy out. One is power, the other is brains and both are equally dangerous! CHANEY: And we have Herdick as special referee as well. That will make things interesting. SMITH: It has to. The man HATES Rick Styles. Well, most of us do, if we are being perfectly honest. CHANEY: But you are right that John Herdick has a special axe to grind with the legendary star. Some would argue that this stacks the deck against Styles, but do you think it really does. SMITH: That will be totally up to Herdick, but it doesn't look good for Styles, that is for sure. CHANEY: Well let's finally delve into some action, Gorilla, as we have our first match and it is high flying Tripp Skylark taking on a man who knows how to stay the course in Tex Colorado. SMITH: Skylark came up short in his Television Title opportunity last Showdown, but the man is not a quitter and this is just the kind of test he needs. CHANEY: Skylark will be looking to pass this test. How vital is this one for him, Gorilla? SMITH: Well you never like to lose, and you REALLY don't like losing title matches. So this one is vital for his own confidence and footing in UPW. A loss here and it will turn ugly for the little flyer. CHANEY: Well let's see what happened in Omaha as Skylark battles Tex Colorado! Roll it!

[The footage begins with Skylark bouncing off the ropes. Tripp leaps into the air in a cross body splash but he caught by Tex Colorado. "The Minnesota Assassin" smirks for a moment before he rushes forward and rams Tripp into the turnbuckle before taking a step backwards and tosses Skylark over his head with a fall away slam.] CONLON: You know this isn't exactly David and Goliath but there is definitely a big size difference in this one. JACKSON: Yes Stan, we can all see that, thank you. You also wanna point out the ring is square and that this chair hurts my back? CONLON: I swear you could drive a man to drink, but look here Tex is back up and laying the boots to Skylark. [Colorado carries on with the stomps for a few moments before reaching down and yanking up Skylark by his hair. The ref moves in to warn Tex but he brushes him back with a closed fist and a threat. Tex turns his attention back towards Tripp as Skylark hooks the arm and whips Tex down to the mat with an arm drag. Tripp steps over and hooks the arm between his leg as he falls backwards in a snapping armbar. Tex pulls the arm back towards his body as he is clearly in pain.] CONLON: A move like that could tear all the muscles to shreds! JACKSON: When a guy like "The Minnesota Assassin" Tex Colorado from Albuquerque is looking to inflict damage, you take away the firepower! CONLON: Colorado isn't exactly known for his smarts and letting Tripp Skylark back in this thing may be his demise. [Tripp is quickly back to his feet as he grabs the arm and locks in a hammerlock. Skylark wrenches the hold for a few moments before he leaps into the air and drops both his knees on the arm. Tripp is back up and begins to pull Tex up to his feet as all of the sudden Tex lunges forward and nails Skylark with a head whipping lariat.] CONLON: Tex may have found a way to stop the attack but it doesn't look like it did him much good as he used that same arm Tripp was working on, JACKSON: Tex Colorado is about to give Tripp Skylark an Omaha, Nebraska beat down now! Cornhusker style! CONLON: Let's not sell Tripp short, he is a talent young man! JACKSON: No one has to sell him anything, he is only 5'9", he already signed for that package. [Tripp and Tex both struggle up to their feet for a moment as Tex again lunges forward again with a lariat but this time Tripp ducks under the arm and quickly leaps onto the back of Colorado and hooks in a sleeper hold. Tex tries to fight out of the sleeper for a few moments before he begins stepping backwards towards the corner. Tripp is keen to what Tex is trying to do as he hops off of the back before Tex crashes backwards into the corner.] CONLON: Tex hits the corner and staggers forward as Tripp hops onto the second rope and nails Tex with a springboard bulldog! JACKSON: I am not sure who is hurt worse with a move like that! CONLON: What are you talking about? Skylark didn't feel any affects of that! JACKSON: I was meaning the canvas or Tex. [Tex Colorado begins to push himself up as all of the sudden Tripp Skylark moves in and kicks his arm back out from under him. Tex hits the mat again as Skylark quickly wraps his leg around the worked over arm of Tex and slams it down into the mat with all of his weight. Tripp releases the arm and steps back as Tex drags himself to the ropes. Colorado pulls himself up to his feet finally as Skylark stalks in behind him and wraps his arms around the bigger waist of Tex before hoisting him over and nailing a German suplex...] CONLON: OH but Tripp is not releasing it! He rolls back up and slams Colorado back down to the mat with a second German! JACKSON: Is he about to "choke the chicken"? CONLON: It loos like that is what he is setting him up for as he rolls them both up for a third...NO! Tex somehow lunges forward and breaks the grasp! Skylark hit the mat hard! ["The Minnesota Assassin" is hunched over next to the ropes catching his breath from the ride he just took as Skylark begins to pull himself up with the ropes. Tex glances over and spots Tripp and moves right in grabs Skylark by the back of head and walks him to the corner where he smashes the head of Skylark into the top turnbuckle three quick times. Tex turns Skylark around and pushes him back into the corner before going back on the attack...] CONLON: Tex with a straight right... now a left... another right! OH! He is rolling it up! BIONIC ELBOW! NO! Tripp somehow ducks out of the corner as the bionic elbow nails the top turnbuckle. JACKSON: Skylark was out of that corner as fast as Eric Crouch was out of the NFL! CONLON: Who? JACKSON: Exactly Stan, exactly. [Tex Colorado turns out from the corner grabbing his elbow as Skylark leaps high into the air and nails him with a dropkick right to the face. Tex staggers backwards back into the corner as Tripp quickly follows him in nailing him with a clothesline of his own. Skylark stays in the corner as he climbs to the second rope and quickly begins to nail Colorado with a barrage of rights as the ref and the crowd count along... . . ONE . . TWO . . THREE . . FOUR . . FIVE . . SIX . . SEVEN . . EIGHT . . NINE . . TEN! CONLON: Tripp Skylark is a house of fire! JACKSON: Well you did say it yourself, Tex Colorado is not exactly the smartest knife in the drawer! CONLON: But he is a powerhouse who is bringing broke down here tonight. JACKSON: I have been sending memos for weeks that we should probably get him tested. CONLON: You think he is juicing? JACKSON: Not the king of test I was talking about Stan. [Skylark hops down from the turnbuckle as Tex Colorado staggers out of the corner. Skylark quickly moves back in again and works his way behind Tex as he wraps his arms around the waist again hoisting him backwards with a German suplex. Skylark again doesn't release as he rolls them both up again and another German suplex!] CONLON: He tried this earlier and it left him flat on the mat! JACKSON: Yeah but this time he has the big mo and the pride of the Huskers behind him! CONLON: He isn't even from Nebraska, he is from Pittsburgh. JACKSON: Nope, too easy. CONLON: And Tripp Skylark nails a third German suplex! JACKSON: He is about to "choke that chicken!" [Colorado is trying to push himself up as Tripp straddles Tex and grabs both of the arms of Tex with his opposite hands. Tripp crosses both of the arms of Tex across his chest. Trip pulls the arms back wrenching the back and neck of Colorado!] CONLON: He likes to call that "Choking the Chicken!" JACKSON: IT'S OVER! THE REF IS CALLING FOR THE BELL! CONLON: And there you have it Tripp Skylark with the submission victory! [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [We cut to backstage where the lovely Dyan Cicarelli is standing by with the usually Devilishly handsome STRIKER Kato, who looks concerned tonight, and the young rookie, Ricky Courage, who stares at the ground with a dejected expression on his face.] Dyan: I am with two-thirds of the tag team, Soldiers of the Sun, and gentlemen there has been much buzz generated by what went down in your UPW World Tag Team Championship match against the Warriors on the last episode of Showdown. Kato, we saw your comments on the latest episode of Hot Copy and we all want to know: Have you talked with Titan Juarez? [Kato offers a weak smile while he shakes his head.] Kato: No, Dyan. We have been looking for him all over the building tonight but so far we have not found him and.. [The Osakan sighs.] Kato: He has not returned any of our calls. [Dyan kind of words "Ohhhhh.." silently before..] Dyan: I see. So... [She struggles to find the right words to cut through this awkward moment when..] Courage: It's my fault. [Both Dyan and Kato turn to the young rookie.] Courage: Uncle Titan doesn't want anything to do with us and it's because of me. [Kato flashes a nervous smile.] Kato: Now, Ricky.. Let us not jump to conclusions. [Ricky's frown deepens as he hangs his head even lower. STRIKER turns towards Dyan.] Kato: I am sure that.. Titan is just late arriving to the building. When he finally arrives you will see.. Everything will be fine! [Kato flashes the biggest forced smile while.. No! Is that sweat? Kato is sweating?! Nervous sweat?! Dyan makes a "This is awkward" face and flashes a forced smile of her own.] Dyan: That's all from here, back to you guys! [We thankfully cut away..]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: It looks like Ricky Courage is taking things pretty hard, Gorilla. SMITH: He's young and relatively inexperienced. And he is blaming himself, but he can't let that stop him from growing. Titan is family, so he'll be there in the end. He just needs a cooling off period. CHANEY: You ever do that? SMITH: Goodness, yes! Way back when, I was in a tag team with Chris Hopper that we called Paradoxx. We won almost every match we wrestled and it was great, but sometimes we rubbed each other the wrong way and needed some space....a cooling off period, if you will. CHANEY: What caused it? Was it like what Ricky is going through? SMITH: Oh no. It was stupid stuff like arguments over sports trivia, the teams we rooted for, and sometimes it was about who got to actually pin our opponents. CHANEY: So you don't see a problem for Titan and Ricky? SMITH: I don't but that is because it is family. We all have people who mess up accidentally in our families and it doesn't mean we love them less. We just hope for them to turn it around. CHANEY: Like Tripp Skylark's victory over Tex. SMITH: Exactly! The little guy is starting to get back to his old self and that could lead to trouble for the UPW down the road. When he is on his game, he is unpredictable and almost unstoppable. CHANEY: We certainly do have a great roster here in UPW. SMITH: And it gets better tonight as we have some debut matches! CHANEY: Up next is the first of our debuts as "Poetry in Motion" Percy Monroe will be taking on Luscious Jasmine. SMITH: Jasmine's charisma is well known and the fans really dig him. CHANEY: The man seems to have a limitless supply of those neon necklaces. SMITH: It's his calling card. Poffo used to toss mini diplomas into the crowd and Jasmine tosses necklaces. It is his thing. CHANEY: And across is newcomer Percy Monroe, who seems to know Harrison Daniels III from before UPW. SMITH: I'm still unsure about all of that, but all of us are I think. What matters is just how good he is in the ring because friendships only get you so far in this sport. CHANEY: You got that right, Gorilla. Let's watch the tape and see just how this all played out!

[The footage begins as Percy Monroe has Jasmine by his bright red hair and walks him over to the corner and slams his face into the top turnbuckle three quick times. Luscious drops to his knees and has his head resting on the second turnbuckle as Monroe takes a few steps back before rushing back in at Luscious and nails him with a knee to the back of the head smashing his face into the turnbuckle!] JACKSON: I am really liking this Percy guy, he is showing nothing but brutality towards Jasmine. CONLON: He has certainly made it a point to put on an exhibition here for everyone to see tonight. JACKSON: "Exhibition?" No Stan, this is what we would call a clinic. He is taking Jasmine to school. [Monroe yanks Jasmine back up to his feet once again by his hair and slaps him across the face. Percy smirks at his wife, Patricia, who is standing on the outside of the ring before sapping Luscious Jasmine across the face yet again. Percy quickly whips Jasmine across the ropes into the far ropes!] CONLON: Oh my! Cross body by Jasmine right onto Percy Monroe! JACKSON: Is Luscious Jasmine hooking the leg? Is Luscious Jasmine going to pull off the victory here tonight in Omaha? [The ref quickly slides into place but Percy Monroe tosses Jasmine off before a one count can even be placed. Both Jasmine and Percy are quickly up to their feet. Luscious Jasmine begins to lay into Percy with a series of leg kicks. Jasmine follows the leg kicks with a spin kick right to the head of Monroe. Percy stumbles backwards onto the ropes as Jasmine quickly rushes him and leaps into another cross body block, but Percy ducks and grabs the top rope as Jasmine goes all the way over the to the floor!] CONLON: The highs and lows, Pepper. The highs and lows of the wrestling business. It looked like Luscious Jasmine was about to turn the tables... JACKSON: But, "not so fast", as that one guy who knows nothing about football says. CONLON: Oh come on now! What is she doing going towards Jasmine? [Inside the ring Percy Monroe has the referee with his back turned to the outside as Patrica Monroe walks over and stomps Luscious Jasmine right in the groin area with her heel. She quickly backs up as the ref turns around and walks towards the ropes. Percy quickly pushes past the ref and slides under the bottom rope and yanks Jasmine up by his hair and slides him back into the ring. Monroe walks over to his wife and kiss her a kiss on the cheek before he slides back into the ring.] CONLON: This match was going just fine and then Patricia had to add her two cents. JACKSON: Well she did tell all of she would do whatever it takes to make sure her man achieves greatness. CONLON: I think what myself and most people though was more of a morale support role, and a whole lot less physical. JACKSON: The lady said, and I quote, "by any means necessary". And apparently those "means" are physical when need be. [By this time Malone has stood Jasmine up in the corner and nails him with three quick European uppercuts. Percy backs up out of the corner as Luscious Jasmine begins to stumble forward and quickly gets hit with a wicked superkick!] CONLON: "SWEET SONNET!" Monroe reaches back and nails Jasmine with the move he calls the "sweet sonnet". JACKSON: The man is showing why is as the name states, "Poetry in Motion". He is a walking masterpiece! CONLON: Percy Monroe is showing no mercy whatsoever as he yanks the bright red head up to his feet again by hair. [Monroe walks Jasmine over to the turnbuckle and slaps him across the face again before slamming his face into the turnbuckle. Monroe walks Luscious Jasmine over to the next corner and slaps him again before ramming his face into another turnbuckle. Monroe starts his walk towards the next corner with Jasmine in tow but Jasmine can't make the walk ans drops down to one knee. Monroe turns and reaches down to yank Jasmine back up to his feet but Luscious Jasmine quickly grabs Monroe and rolls him into a small cradle for a pin... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRREE......... CONLON: NO! You have got to be kidding me! Patricia Monroe just yanked the referee out of the ring stopping his count! JACKSON: Stand by you man! Patricia Monroe is living by the old adage, "stand by your man!" CONLON: Luscious Jasmine was about to give all these people in attendance exactly what they wanted to see and Patricia Monroe snatched the win right out from under him. [The ref and Patricia are arguing as Percy is quickly up to his feet with a complete look of shock on his face. Jasmine attempts to use the ropes to pull himself up but he has his legs kicked out from under him by Monroe. Monroe doesn't waste a moment this time and begins to lay the boots into Jasmine. On the outside the ref points to the back as Patricia stands there looking at him in shock that she has just been thrown out of ringside!] CONLON: Yeah! There you go, send her to the back, this is supposed to be a one on one match! JACKSON: Stan I don't know why you are throwing such a fit, she was just trying to let the ref know the chubby kid in the front row was headed towards diabetes if he didn't make life style change and quick! CONLON: What in the world are you talking about? JACKSON: What are you are you talking ab- OH LOOK Percy is going for his finisher... [Monroe whips Luscious Jasmine across the ring to the far ropes, Jasmine bounces off the ropes and comes flying at Monroe who takes a slight side step and catches Jasmine and hoists him onto his shoulder and slams him back down to the mat using both of their momentum with a vicious death valley driver.] CONLON: "THE EPIC!" JACKSON: This thing is over, Patricia turns the ref around and he is sliding in and making the count... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: The ref totally forgot he was throwing Patricia Monroe out of the ringside area as Percy ended this thing with a bang. JACKSON: Well what would the point have been Stan? She would have had to come right back out here to celebrate her husbands debut victory here in UPW. [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The scene opens to the backstage area, where it seems Thomas Grissom is talking to one of the many road agents that take care off issues backstage. As the camera pans back, we see Aaron Lewis standing behind Grissom with the World Title draped over his shoulder. Lewis taps on Grissom's shoulder.] Grissom: Wha? Lewis: Hey there, listen I have some concerns. [Thomas's face bristles a little.] Grissom: About what? [Aaron's grin disappears as he begins to list his issues.] Lewis: Well first of all, this match tonight with Styles and Rage. Grissom: What about it, Champ? Lewis: You have been in the business a lot longer than I have, but even I have heard of Rick Styles and all of the crazy stuff he used to pull all over the world. [Grissom rolls his eyes.] Grissom: Please don't mention the blimp. Lewis: Well it is a pretty good example of the kind of things Styles will pull. Grissom: So you want us to be mindful of blimps tonight? [Aaron shakes his head.] Lewis: Oh no, not necessarily. My issues is that Styles is someone that can't be trusted. He will do things that only favor him. He literally walked out of the actual World Title tournament in order to kick in a title shot clause in his contract. He plans ahead. Grissom: And? Lewis: Listen, you obviously aren't getting what I'm throwing at you right now. Styles didn't put a major fight up when this match got put together tonight, which means he has planned ahead. I don't know what he has planned, but you have to know it will favor him. [Thomas' brow furrows a little.] Grissom: I thought you wanted him in a match after he walked out? Why would any of this upset you. Lewis: Because I want him to earn it fair and square. Because the fans deserve a title match at Survival between two men who EARNED their way there without all the cloak and dagger crap! [Thomas puts his hand to his chin and seems to think a second. The silence is palpable.] Grissom: Ok, I kind of see what you are saying. What would you suggest then? You want to be at ringside? Lewis: No. I don't want to be at ringside because I don't want Styles to argue that I was a reason he may lose. I don't want to give him any reason to doubt the outcome. However I want a fair and just result. Grissom: Alright. Lewis: Let's put a couple of extra referees out there tonight. [Thomas shakes his head.] Grissom: Herdick is our referee and he is about as anti-Styles as you can get at the moment. Lewis: I know. However, John can't see everything and watch all over for whatever Rick will try to pull. Grissom: Hmmmmmm [Aaron puts his hand on Thomas' shoulder.] Lewis: So we station a referee on each side of the ring. One by the entrance funnel and the other by the announce crew. John can focus inside the ring and call a fair match, but these guys make sure nothing funny happens. The fans can then know whichever of these two wins the match, they are the rightful contender for the title at Survival. [Thomas nods, finally putting it together.] Grissom: I think I like that idea, Champ. Lewis: Great! The fans deserve a great match both tonight and at Survival. Grissom: I'll go set it up. Thanks again! [Grissom walks away from Lewis.] Lewis: Alright Styles. Now we see what kind of man you are in a fair fight. [The screen fades as Lewis turns to leave.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Aaron Lewis surprising you with the way he is thinking, Gorilla? SMITH: Absolutely not, Chaney. The kid is smart and he knows how the game is played. CHANEY: I think we tend to forget that he was the top draw in TTW before it closed and so this particular audience may not be familiar with him, but he does know things. SMITH: And what he didn't know, there are places to view old shows and see what is going on. CHANEY: Do you think Styles will ever outlive the stunts he pulled way back in UEW and UWF? SMITH: I doubt it, but remember that is what made him who he is. It was things like the blimp that got people talking about him and it is that thinking that also got us Herdick in the spot he is in now. CHANEY: You think? SMITH: Yes. Styles doesn't pull that stupid stunt and Herdick isn't refereeing this match at all and it is a different landscape for Styles. CHANEY: So the best way to describe Styles' career is that he takes chances on being edgy and sometimes it backfires. SMITH: But most of the time it leads to him with his hand raised. Lewis is just trying to protect this match and I think his idea is very smart. CHANEY: The main event will have a couple of extra referees now and all to make sure the best man wins. SMITH: Just like what we saw immediately before that when Percy Monroe cashed in on Jasmine. CHANEY: Monroe certainly impressive in his victory as he seems to be looking forward to the future. SMITH: And speaking of future, how about we see that tag team debut up next! CHANEY: The Down South Connection! SMITH: Allen and Morlock showed up last Showdown and made some really strong statements about the tag division. Now they get to put up or shut up against Turner and Hooch! CHANEY: You have to wonder how well Isaac "Hooch" Johnson will fare after the beating he took from Derek Rage last Showdown. SMITH: He's a gamer and he brings it every night. He'll be ready. CHANEY: Let's see the debut of the Down South Connection and see if they have enough to topple Turner and Hooch! Roll teh footage!

[The footage opens to Matt Allen backing Johnson into a neutral corner before nailing him with two knees to the stomach. The ref quickly moves in backing Allen up as Morlock runs from his corner and nails Johnson with a right hand to the jaw. The ref turns around and rushes Morlock back to his corner as Allen quickly moves back into the corner and nails Johnson with another knee to the stomach!] CONLON: Morlock and Allen appear to be working as a cohesive unit out here tonight, even if it is with underhanded tactics. JACKSON: You say underhanded tactics, I say a like a well oiled machine. CONLON: We will just have to agree to disagree. JACKSON: I completely disagree with that statement. [Allen walks over and tags in Morlock as Johnson starts a stagger towards his corner. Morlock quickly enters the ring and runs up and grabs Johnson by the head and hooks him in a reverse standing side headlock before falling backwards slamming down with a reverse DDT. Morlock quickly rolls on top of Johnson and hooks the leg for the pin. The ref slides into place and before he can tap the mat Morlock yanks Johnson off the mat and smirks at the referee.] CONLON: I don't think I like these guys too much at all. Kenneth Morlock has a chance to possibly end it there and he picks up "Hooch" for what reason? JACKSON: Come one Stan, it is pretty simple, he could tell that "Hooch" Johnson still had more fight in him and he needed to let him keep going. CONLON: Well isn't he just a saint? Yeah right, Johnson looks out of it and Morlock was just trying to get his goose. JACKSON: Ok, I know he is from the south but I think he is just a little more sophisticated than trying to steal the mans goose. CONLON: All I can say to that is "wow". But Morlock now tosses "Hooch" across the ring with an Irish whip. JACKSON: Oh no! Blind tag from Turner and Morlock did not see it... [Kenneth Morlock catches Johnson coming off the ropes and nails him with a vicious sidewalk slam. Morlock hops to his feet with a smile on his face as he turns around and gets nailed with a shoulder block from Michael Turner. Morlock and Turner are both back up to their feet quick as Turner nails Morlock with a lariat sending him back to the mat. Morlock is quickly up again and is again nailed with a lariat. Allen steps in and charges Turner but he is met with a lariat of his own sending him to the mat.] CONLON: This might just be the momentum switch these two need to pick up the win against the UPW newcomers the Down South Connection. JACKSON: There is no reason for Turner to lay his hands on Matt Allen at that point, he is not the legal man. CONLON: If you are not the legal man you should keep your feet planted on the apron. JACKSON: He was trying to check on his partner, these two are like brother in there and he feared for his well being. [Allen and Morlock both quickly roll out of the ring and are talking and pointing in the ring at Turner as Michael Turner walks over to the ropes and grabs Morlock by the hair and attempts to hoist him back into the ring. Before he can get Morlock off his feet Matt Allen reaches under the bottom rope and drags Turner to the mat and to the outside of the ring!] JACKSON: Oh I would say Morlock and Allen have Turner right where they want him now! CONLON: But look Turner isn't going down without a fight, he is throwing haymakers to Morlock and Allen in rapid succession. JACKSON: Come on ref get some control of this thing. Michael Turner shouldn't be able to take liberties like this outside the ring. [Turner can't fight both men off for much longer as Allen nails him with a stiff right of his own. Allen quickly grabs Turner and attempts to whip him towards Morlock but it is reversed and Allen goes flying at Morlock. Kenneth somehow manages to put the breaks on his lariat attempt as Allen goes right by him but there Allen is met by a dropkick from the apron by "Hooch". Turner rushes in and nails Morlock with a lariat to the back of the head sending him down to the floor as well!] JACKSON: So it is clear to see the Down South Connection aren't going to be getting a fair shake here tonight. CONLON: Michael Turner and "Hooch" Johnson are simply on fire right now and it does not appear as the Down South Connection can put it out. [Turner grabs Morlock and rolls him back into the ring as "Hooch" heads back to his corner pumping up the crowd as he goes. Allen is on his knees close to his own corner but clearly still feeling the affects. Turner slides into the ring and is back up to his feet quickly as he lays a quick stomp onto the chest of Morlock. Morlock tries to roll over and crawl to his corner but Turner nails him with another stomp this time to the back of the knee. Turner won't let Morlock get any closer to the corner as he yanks Morlock off the mat and picks him up into a bear hug!] CONLON: Is Morlock going to give it up? Turner has that bear hug in tight. JACKSON: No way man, they don't call him the "King of the South" to submit to a bear hug. CONLON: I don't know, Turner is built like a brick house and has the strength of one as well. We may be looking at an unsuccessful debut for the Down South Connection. JACKSON: Morlock and Allen will get this together and show why they are going to be big dogs in the tag team division. CONLON: Oh come on now, a thumb to the eye by Morlock! [Michael Turner releases the bear hug as he grabs up at his eye. Morlock quickly moves in and takes down Turner with a chop block to the back of the leg. Morlock hurries to his corner and tags in Matt Allen. Allen and Morlock both run over and yanks Turner off the mat as "Hooch" tries to enter the ring. The ref quickly heads off Johnson as Allen places Morlock in a standing head scissors before hoisting Morlock into the air and powerbombing him back down onto Michael Turner.] JACKSON: Did Matt Allen just powerbomb Morlock on onto Turner? CONLON: I believe they call that move "Southern Discomfort", but that was indeed what you saw. JACKSON: That may have been the coolest move I have seen all night. [The ref has restored a bit of order as only Allen and Turner are still in the ring. Allen reaches down and picks Turner up of the mat and walks him over to a neutral corner. Allen posts Turner up in the corner and lays into him with a barrage of clubbing blows to the head and chest. The ref steps close to the corner to admonish Allen but Allen steps back and goes towards the ref. The ref quickly backs up and points at his shirt before Allen turns his attention back to Turner in the corner nailing him with a quick knee thrust to the stomach.] CONLON: Was he threatening the ref? Does he know that will be big fines if he touches him? JACKSON: I don't think he really cares at this point. He is looking to beat on Michael Turner and he isn't going to let a ref step him. [Allen grabs Turner by the back of the neck and begins to walk him out of the corner but Turner grabs Allen and swings him into the turnbuckle then following him in with a quick clothesline in the corner. Turner backs up a few feet and looks poised to pounce as Allen staggers out of the corner. Turner quickly charges Allen and nails him with a spear sending him all the way back through the corner ropes to the floor.] CONLON: And that my friend is what happens when you are between a rock and hard place. JACKSON: Are you off your meds again Stan? What are you talking about? CONLON: I am just saying, when push came to shove, Michael Turner did what he had to do. JACKSON: When did you become a walking metaphor? CONLON: Well they kinda do fit the situation right now. [Turner slides out of the ring and goes right towards the downed Allen but before he can get his hands on Allen he is met with a kick to the back of the head from Morlock. Turner stumbles forward as all of the sudden from across the ring comes "Hooch" Johnson to nail Morlock off the ring apron with a dropkick. Allen is back up to his feet and nails Turner with an uppercut sending his back crashing up against the ring apron. Morlock is staggering up to his feet as "Hooch" Johnson has perched himself on the top turnbuckle...] JACKSON: Come on "Hooch", someone get him down from there before he hurts Morlock. CONLON: I think at this point he is trying to hurt Morlock and possibly find a way to end this match. JACKSON: JOHNSON LEAPS WITH A CROSS BODY, BUT ALLEN PUSHES MORLOCK OUT OF THE WAY!!! CONLON: "Hooch" hit nothing but steel guardrail and he looks damn near dead as the ref rushes out to check on him. [Allen nails Turner with another uppercut before rolling him into the ring and quickly following. Morlock pulls up the ring skirt and has found and chair and slides it into the ring. Morlock quickly slides in himself as the referee is checking on "Hooch". Allen reaches down and grabs Turner by both legs and motions for Morlock to bring the chair around. Morlock has the chair in position and Allen falls backwards catapulting Turner up...{{WHACK}}...] CONLON: Allen just catapulted Turner into a swinging chair by Morlock. This is not right, these two teams have had a great match to have it go the way of a chair is just not right. JACKSON: Right or not the Down South Connection came to win. CONLON: Morlock and Allen were looking to make a mark, but much to my dismay and to the dismay of many of the fans here it wasn't the mark any of us were expecting. JACKSON: You know, the movie Turner and Hooch may have been number one at the bocx office, but the team, is clearly a flop. [Morlock tosses the chair out of the ring and quickly slides out of the ring to get the ref. The ref slides back into the ring as Allen lays on top of Turner for the pin.... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: And there you have it, the Down South Connection have won their debut bout here in UPW. It wasn't the way we wanted it to happen but it happened. JACKSON: A win, is a win, is a win Stan, and nothing can take that away from them now. [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Before an UPW logo stands Dyan Ciccarelli, though we can only see the top of her shoulders so the camera can frame in the tall, bald, lanky man looming over her. He's wearing a blood red denim jacket over his wrestling attire.] CICCARELLI: I'm here with Dylan "The Basilisk" Cardinal, slated to face Liam Donegal in an important match, later on tonight, to decide who will draw number one in the Survival Rumble and who will draw number forty. CARDINAL: I think we know how that's going to go. CICCARELLI: We don't, but we're looking forward to finding out. We're also looking forward to getting the answer a question every one has on their mind... CARDINAL: When do I get my World Title shot? CICCARELLI: No... well, maybe, but the other burning question is... when do we get Glenn Chambers vs Dylan Cardinal? CARDINAL: You don't. CICCARELLI: But... [That final, authoritative answer from "The Basilisk" does nothing to satiate Dyan's curiosity.] CICCARELLI: You went out of your way trick Derrick Jackson into an exhibition match and... you know... You had to know there'd be repercussions, some consequences. CARDINAL: Why? [An amused, remorseless chuckle, sinister in this context.] CARDINAL: Have you faced the repercussions for every ant you've stepped on in your life, every fly you've swatted? CICCARELLI: DJ isn't an insect. CARDINAL: Of course not. I went out of my way to teach him valuable life lessons he wasn't getting from anyone else. Wouldn't do that for some cockroach. He'll become a stronger man down the line, and it won't be thanks to those who coddled him, it'll be thanks to me. CICCARELLI: He had to be carried out on a stretcher! He had to be hospitalized! That's a life lesson? [Cardinal lets out an exasperated sigh, almost rolls his eyes.] CARDINAL: I get it, you don't like my methods. CICCARELLI: Neither does Glenn Chambers! You had to know he'd want a piece of you over that! CARDINAL: And I'd like to get my hands on the taxman. You think it's gonna happen? [It appears to be a serious question.] CICCARELLI: I... hope not? CARDINAL: Some fights aren't meant to be. Not in a UPW ring, they're not. The man would have a better shot jumping me on the street, Philly style. [The King of Serpents' voice becomes a growling whisper.] CARDINAL: No, 'lil Dyan, some fights aren't meant to be. [He raises an eyebrow.] CARDINAL: Can't fight the taxman, 'cause you lose either way. Pay now and lose, or don't pay... and you lose even worse when they getcha. CICCARELLI: ...Except Glenn Chambers can win. CARDINAL: Yes he can, 'lil Dyan, yes he can. He can forget DJ, forget me, focus on the North American Championship, and if he does? He wins precious UPW gold. [A nod.] CARDINAL: But if he's fixin' to come after me... Best case scenario; he loses. He loses like Liam Donegal loses tonight. CICCARELLI: What about the worst case scenario? CARDINAL: 'Lil Dyan, there's a reason some fights aren't meant to be. [Cardinal slinks out of frame and Dyan turns back to face the camera. She's speechless. Uneasy. Anxious, her gaze falls to the floor, and the feed abruptly cuts to the studio team.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Is it me, or is Dylan Cardinal avoiding Glenn Chambers? SMITH: I don't think he is avoiding. I think he is worrying about what he wants to worry about. Chambers is a distraction to him...something not worth wasting energy on because it takes him away from his goal of being World Champion. CHANEY: But he has spent so much time trying to get in Chambers' head. Why would he do that and then see it as not an issue. SMITH: You have to look at it from his perspective and not ours. It doesn't make sense to us, but does to him. He messed with Chambers when he was in the way for the World Title. And he claims the Jackson event was because he wanted to teach the kid a lesson and that was it. CHANEY: But he was linked to Chambers. SMITH: Dylan doesn't care about that. He saw a deficiency in the kid's training and wanted to help fix it. CHANEY: That makes no sense to me. SMITH: And Cardinal wouldn't care if you got it or not. All he knows is that he will be aiming to beat Donegal later and get that number forty spot in the rumble. CHANEY: Which will give him the kind of advantage you need in trying to earn a title shot. SMITH: Exactly. And Chambers doesn't further that goal at this point. CHANEY: Well as I try to wrap my head around all of that, folks, it is time we get ready for the first title match on tap for this edition of Showdown: The UPW Television Title match as Felix Sandoval... SMITH: EL PATRON!!!! CHANEY: Yeah, he defend against hometown hero, Brandon Franklin. SMITH: This match is bigger than we realized. It could have been the main event and shocked nobody. Franklin has been on media all over Omaha this week. He was on radio shows, television newscasts, even facebook live! CHANEY: Franklin's appeal in this area of the nation is unquestioned. Now can that popularity lift him to the Television Title? SMITH: He wants it, Chaney. Last edition of Showdown he went out of his way to call out the Television Champ. He made sure to put his name forth and the UPW went with it. The fact this is his hometown only added fuel to the fire in this one. CHANEY: Sandoval has proven to be an interesting champion, ruthless and cunning. SMITH: And don't forget skilled and athletic. He looks like a regular thug, but the man has true skills that ought to strike some fear in any potential opponent. CHANEY: WHo will walk out of Omaha with the UPW Television Title? Will it be the champion or the hometown challenger? Only one way to find out! SMITH: Roll that footage! I love getting to say that.

[As the footage begins, we see Felix Sandoval rush Brandon Franklin with a sweeping right hand, but Franklin blocks it, delivering a right hand of his own that staggers Sandoval. Then he hits another big punch, then another.] CONLON: FRANKLIN TEEING OFF ON SANDOVAL!!! JACKSON: It's about time! Felix has owned this match so far! CONLON: Only because he cheats every time he gets in trouble. JACKSON: You know the old saying by now, Stan: You have to beat the champ, he doesn't have to beat you. [Franklin punches Sandoval back into the corner and before the referee can warn him about the closed fist attack, Franklin wraps his arms around Sandoval and pulls him out of the corner for a textbook belly-to-belly suplex.] CONLON: BRANDON FRANKLIN ON A ROLL IN FRONT OF HIS HOMETOWN FANS! JACKSON: None of it matters unless he gets the pinfall, and we all know it. So yippee to the Husker peeps out there and all that, but it doesn't win a match. [Sandoval lands and rolls over to get back to his feet. The moment he gets up, Franklin is there with a running spear that has a nasty impact on the Television Champion.] CONLON: NASTY SPEAR BY FRANKLIN!!! JACKSON: Sandoval was nearly split in half by that! I can definitely see how badly Franklin wants to win tonight. CONLON: Of course he does, but I think tonight is extra special due to the fact we're in Omaha. JACKSON: I'll tell you this, I have enjoys some really special steak dinners these past couple of days. Best reason to come to Omaha, to be honest. The fact Franklin is from here is one of those things you try to forget so you can enjoy the city. [Franklin has an intense look on his face as he hears the fans chanting for him in this match. He nods as he pulls Sandoval up and goes for an Irish whip, only to be reversed by Sandoval -- then RE-Reversed by Franklin! Franklin whips Sandoval so hard that momentum sends "El Patron" over the top rope and to the floor.] CONLON: SANDOVAL SENT FLYING OUT OF THE RING!!! JACKSON: I have always said that should be an automatic disqualification. [Franklin steps through the ropes and heads down to get Sandoval back into the ring, but the moment he touches Sandoval, he is jabbed in the throat.] CONLON: Except when a guy you favor does it, right, Pepper? THROAT JAB BY SANDOVAL!!! JACKSON: The champ showing why he is the champ. CONLON: And willing to do anything to keep that title around his waist. JACKSON: You have to beat the champ, Third time I have had to say it tonight, Stan. Please don't make me say it again. [Sandoval grabs Franklin and whips him into the steel ring post as hard as he can. The thud sending a groan through the arena crowd. Sandoval pulls Franklin up and rolls him into the ring.] CONLON: Looks like the action is finally getting back into the ring. JACKSON: Not sure why Felix bothered to do that considering he can only lose the title in the ring. CONLON: You would rather he just keep attacking outside and not win the match? JACKSON: I want "El Patron" to keep that belt. The man is captivating, and you know it! [Sandoval finally gets into the ring and pulls Franklin to his feet, shoving him into the corner. He goes to whip him across the ring, but the veteran reverses Felix's attempt and sends Sandoval across the ring and hard into the opposite corner.] CONLON: FRANKLIN RETURNING TO FORM WITH THE REVERSAL! JACKSON: Well he has been the aggressor for much of this match. CONLON: Sandoval nearly walked out earlier because of it, but now he is in bad shape. JACKSON: And here comes the challenger again! Move Felix! [Franklin holds up an arm and takes off running toward Sandoval, leaping to go for his shining wizard off the opponent's knee. He jumps to Sandoval' knee, but before the attack and be completed, Sandoval shoves Franklin off of him....and into the air out of the ring. Franklin lands awkwardly on the outside right in front of the announce table, his left shoulder hitting the arena floor first.] CONLON: BRANDON FRANKLIN GOES SOARING OVER THE ROPES NOW AND LANDS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!! You still see that as a disqualification, Pepper? JACKSON: Well I'm not certain it was as bad as others I have seen. [Sandoval slowly exits the ring to the boos of the crowd. He Grabs Franklin and whips him into the guard barrier at ringside as hard as he can. Franklin's shoulder hits hard as first impact.] CONLON: Sandoval now going to work on that shoulder! JACKSON: We all saw how bad Franklin landed out here, so why not take advantage and hurt your opponent? Sandoval is brilliant. CONLON: Sandoval is viscous! The man has a mean streak a mile long and that may be selling it short. JACKSON: There is a reason he is the greatest wrestler on television today, Stan. [Sandoval pulls Franklin off the arena floor and whips him into the steel ring steps, actually causing the top section to be knocked out of the stack.] CONLON: SANDOVAL ABUSING FRANKLIN OUT HERE!!! JACKSON: Those stairs have never served a greater purpose! Take it to him, champ! [Sandoval rolls Franklin back into the ring, barely beating the referee's count at nine. Sandoval, also back in the ring, pulls Franklin up and locks on an arm bar on that left arm.] CONLON: Sandoval now looking to try and get Franklin to tap out with that arm bar. JACKSON: What a resounding victory it would be if he got Franklin to tap out in front of all his friends and family. The people would cry and I'd stand and applaud. [Sandoval jerks hard on the left wrist straight down, causing a terrible pain on that shoulder. He does it again, dropping Franklin down to his knees near the center of the ring.] CONLON: Felix Sandoval really wrenching that arm now. That is the same arm that the shoulder was hurt in that out of the ring tumble moments ago. JACKSON: And Sandoval is taking advantage just like a champion ought to do! [Sandoval pulls the arm into the air and uses his knee for add pressure to that shoulder. Franklin's face contorts in pain.] CONLON: Sandoval using his knee just as you would be taught in order to make it hurt the most. But will it be enough to get the local hero to submit? JACKSON: Even if it doesn't, Franklin's arm won't be the same. It is all good for Felix! ["El Patron" pulls Franklin back to his feet by that arm, then twists the arm behind Franklin's back. Sandoval traps it between their bodies as he lifts and nails a belly-to-back suplex.] CONLON: BELLT-TO-BACK SUPLEX BY SANDOVAL!!! That is one way to add to the pain! JACKSON: You find that one spot you can really abuse and you just beat it like a tin drum, Stan. Sandoval is a master at this. [Sandoval is back up and begins stomping on that left shoulder as Franklin is trying to move slowly to the corner.] CONLON: SANDOVAL STILL STOMPING AWAY ON THAT SHOULDER!!! JACKSON: Take it to him, champ! CONLON: You really are enjoying this, huh Pepper? JACKSON: Is it obvious? [Sandoval traps Franklin into the corner as he flips around and puts that boot on Franklin's left shoulder, pinning it against the bottom turnbuckle. The referee immediately begins calling for the break and Sandoval is having none of it.] CONLON: The referee is calling for the break, but Sandoval is refusing! JACKSON: Take the time you need, champ! CONLON: This is cheating! The referee can call a disqualification and Sandoval could lose the match if he keeps this up. Why on earth would he act like this. JACKSON: Because even if it does happen, he stays champion. I love the rules sometimes. [The referee begins counting to five and finally before he yells to call the disqualification, Sandoval lets go of the hold and tells the referee to shut up. The fans give him major heat for doing this. Sandoval returns and shoves that boot right back onto Franklin's left shoulder.] CONLON: Felix Sandoval complies, but then turns right around and goes back to the shoulder again! JACKSON: I love the defiance in Sandoval. The man is truly more than just the future of the UPW....he might very well be the best in UPW at this point. CONLON: He certainly does manage to navigate the rules loosely, I can say that. JACKSON: Awww, don't cry, Stan. Franklin's night will be over soon enough. [The referee again counts to five and this time goes to grab Sandoval's leg, which causes Sandoval to pull away from the hold and face the referee. The referee bows his head and gets quiet as Sandoval yells at him for disturbing his match.] CONLON: THE REFEREE GETTING INVOLVED TO FORCE THE BREAK! JACKSON: The man is stupid! You don't risk your life over a stupid rule like the rope rule! That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen! [Sandoval goes back over to Franklin and pulls him up to his feet, grabbing him by the head and dropping him with his running facebuster in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: RUNNING FACEBUSTER BY SANDOVAL! THIS MIGHT BE IT! JACKSON: THE PIN! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRR.............FRANKLIN KICKS OUT! CONLON: Brandon Franklin gets his shoulder up and Felix can't believe that all this beating on the shoulder and he still managed to get it up. JACKSON: And Felix is more than surprised, he's irate! [Felix Sandoval is pissed off at the near fall. He gets to his feet and begins screaming at the referee for the "slow count." He is beside himself with this broken pin.] CONLON: Felix Sandoval is screaming at the referee, but it has no effect because he is screaming in Spanish! JACKSON: What little I understood, I can't repeat. I only learned the dirty words in that language. [The referee just takes the abuse from Sandoval, who never lays a hand on him. While yelling, Franklin sneaks up behind Sandoval and grabs him with a backslide pin attempt.] near fall CONLON: BACKSLIDE BY FRANKLIN!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO...........SANDOVAL ROLLS OUT OF IT!!! JACKSON: THAT WAS CLOSER THAN IT LOOKED, TOO! CONLON: Brandon Franklin nearly pulled off the upset here tonight with that. JACKSON: And now he'll pay the price for it! [Sandoval rolls through and gets to his feet as Franklin is trying to stand. Sandoval takes off running at Franklin, but Franklin counters by grabbing him and spinning him around with a power slam as the fans roar.] CONLON: POWER SLAM BY FRANKLIN! The fight is still in him! JACKSON: Perhaps, but now they are both down! [Both men on the mat and trying to get to their feet. Franklin gets to a knee as Sandoval reaches his feet.] CONLON: Sandoval up first as Franklin is almost there. JACKSON: Here we go! [Sandoval takes off to rush at Franklin again, but Franklin ducks the lariat he threw at him. Franklin returns fire with a hard right hand. Then another that sends Sandoval reeling back into the corner.] CONLON: THEY ARE JUST GOING OFF ON EACH OTHER! One punch after another as they trade shots! JACKSON: Franklin is using illegal blows with those closed fists! The referee needs to step in now like he did earlier if he is so worried about the rules. CONLON: Well it seems pointless because BOTH of them are using those fists and Franklin now seems to have gained an advantage! The crowd is going nuts! JACKSON: These people need to shut up! [Franklin over and he uses his right hand to deliver the hard chops to the chest. One after the other. Sandoval's chest is now flaming red with the impact of those chops. Franklin grabs Sandoval' arm and looks to go for a whip, but it was really a short-arm lariat that floors Felix Sandoval yet again. Franklin grabs that left shoulder after using it to yank Sandoval into that move.] CONLON: SHORT ARM LARIAT BY FRANKLIN!!! He is in charge now and looking to get some gold! JACKSON: That shouldn't doesn't look too good though. CONLON: You have said it yourself. Men will go through all sorts of hell to win a title. Franklin is no different, I think you even recognize that. JACKSON: Sad, but true. This match has been back and forth all night. [Franklin pulls Sandoval up and whips him into the ropes, catching him off the rebound into a Samoan Drop, which he executes in a way to land a face buster in the center of the ring. Both men are down and Franklin's shoulder is obviously bothering him. He hasn't pinned Sandoval, who looks to be out from the drop.] CONLON: FACEBUSTER BY FRANKLIN! Sandoval is down and possibly out! JACKSON: And yet Franklin's shoulder is so messed up he isn't going right for that pin! This time is costly for him! [Franklin finally crawls over and drapes an arm over Sandoval.] CONLON: FINALLY A PIN BY FRANKLIN! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHH...........SANDOVAL KICKS OUT!!!! JACKSON: SURVIVAL FOR THE CHAMPION!!! CONLON: Franklin took far too long to get the pin and it cost him the title right there. JACKSON: I told you! [Both men struggling to get to their feet. The referee begins the obligatory ten count, but the fans know this match won't end that way.] CONLON: These two warriors keep battling each other. Neither man wanting to give in to the other. This is exactly the kind of match we have come to love in UPW! JACKSON: It has been a true war and you can tell they don't like each other. [Finally they pull themselves to their feet and the two men slowly walk toward each other. Sandoval immediately jabs a thumb into the eye on Franklin's face and gets an advantage. Sandoval grabs Franklin and whips him into the rope, catching him on the rebound and spinning him around 180 degrees into a spinning spinebuster.] CONLON: SPINNING SPINEBUSTER FROM SANDOVAL!!! THIS MAY BE IT! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRREEEEE..................NO! FRANKLIN ESCAPED!!! JACKSON: But at what cost? That shoulder got wrenched again in the escape. CONLON: Long term is looking rough for the challenger. JACKSON: And he is always giving Sandoval a chance to inflict more pain. [Sandoval is angry with the referee's count yet again, but doesn't waste time berating him now. He begins stomping on that left shoulder again, causing Franklin to feel a lot of pain.] CONLON: SANDOVAL GOING TO WORK AGAIN ON THAT SHOULDER! JACKSON: Are you surprised? The man is as close to a true assassin as we have in this business. [Sandoval pulls Franklin to his feet. Then he stares at him a second before dropping for a spinning back elbow to the upper check, almost on the neck. This sends Franklin to the mat again.] CONLON: SPINNING BACK ELBOW FROM SANDOVAL!!! JACKSON: THAT WAS SOME MMA STUFF RIGHT THERE!!! [Sandoval grabs both of Franklin's arms and yanks back on them as he puts his knee into the back for leverage. The referee begins asking Franklin if he gives up, Franklin shakes his head while looking to be in terrible pain.] CONLON: The referee is checks on Franklin as Sandoval has that submission hold. JACKSON: I wouldn't call it a submission hold, but maybe a punishment hold. That is going to cause issues with the back and shoulders. CONLON: And we know how bad Franklin's shoulder is feeling. JACKSON: Exactly. This could be the beginning of the end for Brandon Franklin. [Sandoval continues wrenching the hold as Franklin's legs are pumping around trying to force the hold to move or lose balance. Sandoval has a great leverage advantage here. He yanks back even harder to cause more pain to Franklin.] CONLON: Felix Sandoval going mid evil on Franklin right now. This is some nasty work he is doing. JACKSON: Sandoval was underestimated from day one in UPW. Nobody thought him a threat, but I bet they think different now. [Franklin manages to get a knee bent up underneath him. He begin pushing up and causing the hold to have less leverage.] CONLON: FRANKLIN FIGHTING BACK AS THE CROWD CHEERS HIM ON!!! JACKSON: That's right, use your energy and strength to escape the hold and have nothing left afterward. Perfect! [Franklin gets the lift he seems to need, but the leg gives out and he falls forward under the weight of Felix's hold. His head, though, lands under the bottom rope and the referee calls for the break.] CONLON: FRANKLIN'S BODY GAVE OUT!!! JACKSON: But he still got what he wanted as he landed on the rope, so a silver lining for hometown boy. CONLON: He hit the rope with his head when he fell, though! JACKSON: Hey, its the safest part of his body, am I right? [Sandoval refuses to break the hold after the five count. The referee threatens to disqualify him without flinching and Sandoval lets go of Franklin's arms. Sandoval again begins yelling at the referee as Franklin lays on the canvas.] CONLON: The referee again having issues with Sandoval breaking the hold when ordered to do so. JACKSON: The man gives orders, he doesn't take them. At some point UPW and it's officials will need to learn this. CONLON: All I see is a man acting like a thug enforcer in there to get his way, not caring about who or how much he will hurt the man on the opposite side. JACKSON: Finally, we agree! The only difference is that this is wrestling and not a mugging like you want to believe. [Sandoval turns and goes back over to Franklin, who has yet to move. He begins pulling him up, but is having a harder time because Franklin seems more like dead weight. Sandoval gets him to his feet and again jabs him in the throat. He shoves him into the corner and then steps back to do a running splash.] CONLON: RUNNING SPLASH BY SANDOVAL AND THIS MAY BE IT! JACKSON: Set up for that "Clean Cut," Champ! [Sandoval runs and leaps, but Franklin moved to the side and Sandoval hits the turnbuckle. Sandoval staggers back and Franklin catches him in a fireman's carry, before dropping Felix with a brainbuster as the crowd erupts.] CONLON: BRAINWASHED!!! FRANMKLIN NAILED IT AND HE HAS THE COVER!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . DING! DING!! DING!!! THHHHHRRRREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: NOOOO!!!! CONLON: NEW CHAMPION!!! BRANDON FRANKLIN HAS DONE IT!!! JACKSON: WAIT A SECOND! Why did the bell sound at the exact same time? CONLON: It doesn't matter, Felix Sandoval's run is over and Brandon Franklin has won his first singles title in more than a decade! What a moment here in Omaha! JACKSON: I'm not so sure, Stan. [The crowd is going insane as the referee hands Franklin the UPW Television Title. Sandoval can be seen in the background still laid out from the finisher. Franklin sits on his knees clutching the title as his hometown celebrates with him.] CONLON: Look at that jubilation! Brandon Franklin turns back time and looks like the fighting kid we knew in the late nineties! JACKSON: The clock isn't all that will get turned over, Stan. This little conversation doesn't look good. [The referee goes to the side of the ring where the time keeper is talking to him.] CONLON: The referee had went over to check on Sandoval and the time keeper quickly jumped out to speak with him. JACKSON: Not sure what it is all about, but that may explain that strange bell clang at the end of the match. CONLON: People better be careful for a riot if this goes bad. JACKSON: Perhaps justice should be served here, Stan. [The time keeper steps down and goes to the announce booth as the referee steps back over to a celebrating Franklin and begins talking to him. Brandon's face has dramatically changed from happy to uncertainty.] CONLON: You are right that it isn't good for Franklin. Hold on, I'm finding out what is going on. JACKSON: Fans, the time keeper is telling Stan that the bell for the twenty minute time limit rang just before the third strike of the pin count. Wow! CONLON: Let's take a look at the replay folks because this doesn't seem right. JACKSON: Its on the big screen for the fans here too. This is going to be very unpopular if the time keeper is right. [UPW REPLAY- Screen now shows the replay in split screen, and you can see the movement of the timekeeper's hand to ring the bell just before the third count by the referee. The screen then returns to the regular view with Franklin unhappy and handing the belt to the referee.] CONLON: There you see it and it looks like the time keeper was right! JACKSON: Kudos to the production crew on being able to pinpoint that moment on video to show us. Well done, gentlemen! CONLON: And now the referee has no choice but to declare the match a time limit draw, even though Franklin had it won dead to rights! JACKSON: The fans are going crazy and I'm simply loving this. CONLON: How can you love a non-result, Pepper? JACKSON: I'm loving the justice of it all. Yes Franklin had it won, and if everything had happened one second faster then he would be TV Champ....but it didn't and this is what is right. [Sandoval is finally up and the referee hands him the title belt. Felix takes the belt and immediately lunges at Franklin, drilling him in the side of the head with the Television Title.] CONLON: SANDOVAL ATTACKS FRANKLIN WITH THE TITLE BELT!!! JACKSON: Yeah, totally saw that coming. [Sandoval grabs Franklin and lifts him into the air for the F-5 onto the title belt in the middle of the ring as the fans blast heel heat to the champ.] CONLON: CLEAN CUT!!! CLEAN CUT ON THE TITLE BELT!!! JACKSON: That'll teach Franklin to even think he can take what Felix has! CONLON: What a petty man Felix Sandoval is! He gets the luck of his belt being handed back to him and then attacks like a thug! JACKSON: No, he is teaching Franklin a lesson - don't try to take what you can't earn. [Felix yanks the belt from under Franklin and stomps that shoulder once more for good measure before he exits the ring. Sandoval holds the belt high as the fans boo and throw garbage at him as he moves up the aisle and through the medics that rush past him to check on Franklin in the ring.] CONLON: Felix Sandoval is still UPW Television Champion and Brandon Franklin is left laying in the ring, probably with an injured shoulder! JACKSON: Probably? It's toast! Franklin may never be the same after this. CONLON: And these fans are throwing stuff at Sandoval, expressing their anger and disapproval at this entire turn of events! JACKSON: Boo-hoo, people! Your boy missed it by a second. You have to be quicker if you ever get another shot. The champ is still the champ! [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Cut backstage to where John Herdick is standing by with Dylan Ciccarelli. Everyone's eyes are saved this show because the legend is wearing an official UPW referee shirt and pants! And, oh yes his hair is slicked back and clean so that means he is showered and well groomed for the night. HUZZAH FOR ALL!] DC: John, I have to say you look good tonight. JH: Thank you and you know what? I _feel_ good! [A cackle from the crazy eyed, John Herdick!] DC: What is your reaction after being named the special referee in the UPW number one contenders match? JH: I am shocked, but it feels GREAT! I was awarded my retribution last Showdown when I unleashed hell on that fat bastard, Ralph. Tonight, I have another chance to bring some justice to that smug son of a bitch, Rick Styles. [Herdick screams with excitement.] DC: How will you call the match? If Rick Styles actually has a chance to beat Derek Rage will you count the three count fairly? [John Herdick stands there pondering for a moment.] JH: That is a good question. While, I would love to see Aaron Lewis beat the ever loving tar out of Rick Styles. I am going to be flat honest with you and everyone in the UPW. [John Herdick leans close to the camera and speaks at a soft voice.] JH: There is no way in hell that I am going to count the three count and award Rick Styles the number one contendership. After everything that has happened? After everything that I have been put through? Rick Styles fate is in the palm of my hands. You want to be the UPW Champion? You want me to look the other way and call it fairly for you Rick? [Herdick backs away slowly then screams out.] JH: PISS ON THAT! [Cut.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Looks like John Herdick will be ready for that main event spot as guest referee. SMITH: He better be as he will be in there trying to keep a fair match between a snake and a dragon. Not an easy task. CHANEY: And speaking of uneasy tasks, it seems wresting that Television Title from Felix Sandoval is proving to be difficult. SMITH: Franklin had that match won. Everyone saw it, but that is the perils of a Television Title match. CHANEY: A Television Title match only gets twenty minute time limit, whereas all other title matches get forty-five or even sixty minutes limits. SMITH: And that difference gets forgotten, like I think it did right there. CHANEY: So now what happens with Brandon Franklin? Technically he didn't win the match, but had there been just one more tick on the clock, he would have that belt right now. SMITH: That is tough to consider. I think he has to get another match for the title at some point, but when is up in the air. CHANEY: Why do you think that? Why not just give him the title shot next Showdown? SMITH: Because the Television Title is usually the hottest contested title with all sorts of possible challengers and a mandatory defense every show. With a long list of challengers, it doesn't make sense to monopolize the title shots to one person. CHANEY: But you still think Franklin is in line? SMITH: He has to be. In fact, if he doesn't get referred to as the uncrowned Television Champion by everyone, it is a shame. The man had the match won. We all saw it. CHANEY: And how lucky is Sandoval right now? You think he feels that way...lucky? SMITH: I don't. Felix is a special kind of man who truly believes everything is in his favor. CHANEY: Please don't quote scarface here and say "the world is mine." SMITH: (chuckles) No, I won't. But that is the way he thinks. The bell rung when it did because that was what should happen. He doesn't lose. He is always the favorite. This is what Felix Sandoval believes about himself.....and it works! CHANEY: And that brings us to our final debut of the night, as we see the big man Windham Brody in his debut match against Gordon Gaines. SMITH: Gaines has put forth some great efforts in UPW thus far and this will be a great way to see just where this big man fits here. CHANEY: Brody is large, but is size enough to succeed? SMITH: Depends on what lady you ask. CHANEY: Don't go there, Gorilla. SMITH: Just being honest. CHANEY: Alright, let's head to the ring and see how this match played out! Let's see the tape, guys!

[Footage begins with Gordon Gaines grabbing Brody Windham as fast as he can around the neck.] CONLON: "Good" Gordon Gaines with the DDT on Windham Brody! Now a pinfall! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . KICKOUT!! JACKSON: It'll take a little more than that to keep Brody down! CONLON: In all fairness - "Good" Gordon Gaines has been getting absolutely molly-whopped here in the UPW as of late, it's good to see him get some offense in! JACKSON: WHY? A guy from New Hope, Minnesota - Gordon seems to have literally left his hope right there ... CONLON: That's un-fair! He's had some SERIOUS competition! JACKSON: But this former Television Champion of the GEW is no slouch, Stan! CONLON: Gaines sending Brody to the ropes now ... [And as soon as Brody gets into reach...] CONLON: POWERSLAM - and now ANOTHER pinfall attempt! [Crowd pop!] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . SHOULDER UP!! [The crowd collectively gasps - it seems like they're cheering for the Tweener "Good" Gordon Gains to get a victory over the bad guy! Gains, usually booed can't get over the fact that they're cheering for him! He plays to it as much as possible, both arms raised, pumping his fists, holding up the "#1".] CONLON: The fans seem to be behind Gaines right now! JACKSON: Seems like most of the World has chosen the side of the loser lately... CONLON: Well Windham definitely isn't too popular with the fans! [As Gaines soaks in the appluase, Brody gets up behind him! Just as the fans' applause dies down, Gordon Gaines knows something is going on but before he can turn...] CONLON: German Suplex from Windham Brody! [Heel Pop!] JACKSON: A sense of normalcy returns for Gaines! CONLON: The normally reclusive Windham Brody has obviously kept up with his training since leaving GPW... [After shouting at the fans in front row for an instant, Windham Brody gets back to business and turns back to Gaines who has managed to get to his feet and charges Brody but Brody takes off too!] CONLON: HUGE boot the face from the big man Windham Brody! [Brody continues to let his momentum carry him and helps Gaines to his feet then immediately slings him to the turnbuckle! Brody runs as fast as he possibly can!] CONLON: Big Body Splash from Brody!... JACKSON: Three Hundred plus pounds of Splash! [Gaines falls straight to his face, crumbling from the weight! As Gordon rolls over onto his back, Windham Brody with a Double Knee Drop to the face of Gaines! Heel Pop!] CONLON: It's been a back and forth match but Brody with the advantage here and he's looked pretty good in the ring tonight, Pepper! [Gordon is hurt and Windham is soaking in the boos! He's waiting on Gains to get up now! Gains is obviously in pain but is still motivated enough to fight through it...] CONLON: Gordon Gaines is up but Windham Brody grabbing him around the neck! CHOKESLAM!! Gains is down AGAIN and this MIGHT be the beginning of the end for Gordon Gains! JACKSON: The beginning of the end started when Gaines' music hit! [Windham Brody looks down at his opponent and yells at him to "GET UP GORDON, GET UP!" Gordon is not in a position to get up anytime soon so Brody does the next best thing and assists him ...] CONLON: Yet again! Windham Brody not giving Gordon Gaines any time to recuperate! [Windham Brody is talking smack to Gordon, egging him on, Gordon Gaines, the same guy who's been getting lit up every single night manages to get to his feet but he's too wobbly to fight back! Brody sees the opening and gets Gordon into position....] CONLON: ROAD TO HELL!! ROAD TO HELL!! JACKSON: And now a pinfall that means something! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!!!! CONLON: It's over! Windham Brody gets his start here in the UPW with a win! JACKSON: And Gaines is back to the drawing board! Again! [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The screen shows the interview area for Showdown, complete with the logo in the background. Standing in front of the logo is Dyan Ciccarelli. She looks great tonight with a wide smile as she begins.] Ciccarelli: Fans, right now I'm backstage and with me is.... [Her words are interrupted as the microphone is grabbed out of her hand by the sweating, angry looking, UPW Television Champion, Felix Sandoval. "El Patron" has the belt slung over his left shoulder and he has the microphone in his right hand.] Sandoval: Now you all see what happens when you come after "El Patron!" [Still breathing deeply.] Sandoval: Franklin talked a big game and even got the advantage of his hometown, but he couldn't take what belongs to me. He had fans screaming his name and chanting for his victory, but I'm the one still holding the title. [He wipes sweat off his forehead.] Sandoval: Remember you have to beat me, cabron. And because of this. [He motions to the title belt, gleaming on his shoulder.] Sandoval: Because of this you only get so much time to do it in. [He grins.] Sandoval: In the end, you just couldn't measure up to "El Patron," my friend. I could have told them to give you more time and you still wouldn't have won. [The grin leaves.] Sandoval: Because I am the Television Champion and the greatest wrestler on television today! Nobody will take what I have earned. You fought a great battle, but it wasn't enough and the bell saved you from the ass whipping I was about to serve you. [He points to the camera.] Sandoval: I hope you learned your lesson and stay out of my sandbox. [He tosses the microphone to Dyan and walks away yelling.] Sandoval: VIVA EL PATRON! [She finally looks back to the camera.] Ciccarelli: And there was our Television Champion. Back to you, guys. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: EL PATRON!!! CHANEY: So much excitement for him, Gorilla. SMITH: The man is becoming a favorite of mine and it is because of that fire he showed right there. CHANEY: Franklin gives him the toughest match he has had in UPW and he still stands there and claims utter victory. His arrogance is shocking considering what we saw. SMITH: Remember this is a man who seriously thinks of himself as a religion. CHANEY: And woe be him who tries to take what he has. SMITH: Exactly. If Brandon Franklin, or anybody really, wants that belt it is going to take a mammoth effort and still a lot more luck to get it out of his hands. CHANEY: Not an easy mark. SMITH: Not by a long shot. CHANEY: How about Brody's debut, speaking of marks that won't go down easy. SMITH: The big man proved he belongs by defeating Gaines. I'm going to be interested in seeing what happens next as he wades deeper in the UPW waters. CHANEY: Well Lord knows he can go deep with as tall as he is. He won't drown anytime soon. SMITH: With this roster, anything is possible. We have so many former World Champions and title holders here that it may be one of the best rosters ever assembled. CHANEY: And up next is on of those former World Champions as Jeff Keenan is in action against Billy "The Regulator" James. SMITH: Keenan's revival has been something to watch. He is no spring chicken, but he is out there looking like he did fifteen years ago! It has been amazing! CHANEY: And tonight he gets the chance to keep showing off that fountain of youth. SMITH: He keeps going after this young guys and finding ways to win. As an old guy myself, I just hope he can keep it going! CHANEY: Well let's find out and see how the match between Jeff Keenan and Billy James played out! Roll the tape!

[The footage begins as Billy "The Regulator" James is down, clutching his left shoulder. Jeff Keenan stands over him, staring down at his prey as the crowd boos...] CONLON: Billy James is in a bad way! JACKSON: He's definitely not regulating! Have I said that before, Stan? CONLON: Most likely and he's still favoring that shoulder! Folks, take a look at this replay that happened almost right at the beginning of the match! [UPW REPLAY: A replay of Billy "The Regulator" James charging Jeff Keenan cornered in the turnbuckle and as James gets close, Keenan moves - but as he does he helps PROPEL James left- shoulder first into the steel post and Billy spills to the outside, clutching his shoulder!] CONLON: And ever since then - Jeff Keenan has been RELENTLESS! Obviously turning what was probably a minor, workable injury into something major! [The Walking Legend that is Jeff Keenan reaches down and pulls Billy up. Keenan throws James over his shoulder like a pillow and then brings "The Regulator" crashing down into a Shoulder Breaker! Billy "The Regulator" James lets out a yell and rolls around the mat in pain - clutching at that left shoulder!] CONLON: I'm not so sure Billy James can take much more damage to that left shoulder of his ... JACKSON: Not after all he's been through in the UPW so far. And a man like Jeff Keenan? He's out to DESTROY people! [Keenan definitely isn't done yet. The "Career Killer" has his gaze set on a vulnerable Billy James! He reaches down and pulls James up by his left arm. Keenan WHIPS Billy James to the ropes and James off the ropes ... SIDEWALK SLAM! Booooooooo!] CONLON: What force! Jeff Keenan is CLEARLY not messing around! JACKSON: Why would he? Keenan doesn't have time in his life for a guy like Billy James... [A smile begins to form on Keenan's face but quickly disappears as Billy James clutches at his boot, either begging or trying to get some leverage to stand up. Keenan hits him with a left to the temple. Then Keenan grants Billy's wish and begins to help him up but only to get him into position...] CONLON: POWERBOMB!! JACKSON: WHOA! Did you see James' head bounce off the mat? [If you thought Jeff Keenan was done - you are sadly mistaken. He's far from done. Billy James on the other hand - he looks done already and the referee is checking on him for consciousness but Keenan nudges the ref aside and continues his assault of the weakened, maybe close to dead - Billy James.] CONLON: Keenan better be careful putting his hands on the referee! JACKSON: He'll ruin the ref's career, too! Just add him to the list! [Keenan works a lifeless James back up to his feet and puts him over his shoulders again! This time it's a Fireman's Carry Facebuster!! The referee immediately drops down to Billy James and attempts to talk with him as Jeff Keenan turns his attention to the ropes!] CONLON: Keenan looks like he's about to go up top now after that Facebuster!! [Indeed he is! As a matter of fact, he's already there! The referee looks up just in time and moves!] CONLON: JEFF KEENAN WITH THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS! [BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!] JACKSON: I can't imagine anyone who's NOT blind putting their money on Billy James - but if they did ... CONLON: PIN!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . CONLON: Keenan pulls James' head up and stops the pinfall attempt! [BOOOOOOOO! Keenan looks up - and appears to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he smiles at the crowd's disdain!] CONLON: Jeff Keenan has spent this ENTIRE match trying to HURT Billy James! JACKSON: Well this isn't a square dance, Stan - that's normally what you try to do ... CONLON: This has the looks of something that could spiral out of control quickly! [Once again, as the referee goes to check on Billy James, Keenan, standing over Billy, separates the ref and Billy by getting in-between the two of them and picking James up yet again!] CONLON: James is offering NO defense! JACKSON: He's moving Stan! CONLON: Only with assistance! [Instead of just picking him up and executing another move that furthers this undercarder's demise - Jeff Keenan grabs Billy James by his left arm, again - this time stretching it out as far as he can and then SLINGS Keenan through the top and middle ropes to the outside! The referee attempts to talk sense into Keenan, but Keenan ignores it and pursues his victim!] CONLON: Keenan to the outside now and Billy James is showing some life ... but only to grab his shoulder - he's in some serious pain right now! JACKSON: It's no secret that Malcom Shabazz is my favorite here in the UPW but Jeff Keenan is coming in at a strong second place for this! [Keenan has already gotten to James and now with the right arm in his hands, he HURLS Billy James left-shoulder first into the steel steps!! *CLANK* *CLANK*! A step falls off while the other stays put!] ...ONE... CONLON: It looked like the corner of one of those steel steps hit Billy James right between his neck and shoulder! JACKSON: He's still alive though! [Keenan hasn't stopped yet! He picks the heavier man up, but James offers no resistance! Keenan carries James over towards the guard rails in a cross-body and quickly brings James up enough - then right back down! Snake Eyes on the guardrail!] ...TWO... [Keenan turns and throws a grin the referee's way...] ...THREE... [BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! They're not behind Keenan but their compassion for his victim is apparent in their booing! Billy James can't decide which body part hurts the most right now!] ...FOUR... [Keenan looks to the fans in the front row offering up the option for them to "SHUT UP" as he re- directs Billy James towards the ring then forces him back in underneath of the bottom rope! The referee immediately gets on both knees over Billy James but Keenan is quick to slide back into the ring and this time he helps Billy to his feet and escorts James to one of the far-side corners of the ring. James can't stand on his own though and immediately falls to his butt!] CONLON: And Keenan back to the outside now! [The referee IMMEDIATELY begins his count!] ...ONE... [Keenan positions himself to James' left and from the outside, reaches in and grabs James' left wrist. Keenan steps back as far as he can while holding James' left wrist, still. Then he runs as full speed as possible towards the ring post and twists James' body enough with the force to TEAR James' left shoulder out of socket BEFORE impact with the steel post! But with the impact, Billy James is in so much pain, a young fan can't even watch at ringside! BOOOOOOOOOOO!!] CONLON: This has gone too far! This isn't even wrestling anymore! This is a damn massacre! JACKSON: Keenan's probably tired of getting no competition around here lately! Billy James isn't NEAR the top of this roster - which is where Jeff Keenan belongs! This is Keenan voicing his frustration, Stan! CONLON: Against Billy James? JACKSON: The lucky contestant... [The referee forgets the count on Keenan for being outside of the ring and runs over to Billy James who looks like he's out cold! The referee immediately picks up Billy James right arm and it falls to the mat!] CONLON: This match could be over if Billy James doesn't show some life! JACKSON: And Keenan is getting back into that ring! [The referee lifts the right arm of James again and it falls limp! The referee throws two fingers up! The referee then reaches for Billy's wrist again ...] CONLON: Keenan grabs Billy James' wrist before his hand drops to the mat! This one should've been over! [The referee is instantly in Jeff Keenan's ear trying to plead with him to stop the madness... Keenan laughs it off. He pulls the limp body of Billy James back up and looks to the crowd showering him with boos!] JACKSON: THERE IT IS!! CONLON: QUICKSTRYKE!! QUICKSTRYKE!! If Billy James wasn't out yet - he is now! [Keenan stands as if time is no factor, pondering whether he should attempt a pinfall or not. The referee in an unprecedented move looks like he's BEGGING Keenan to go for the pinfall! Keenan declines and makes another move towards James!] CONLON: The referee isn't letting Jeff Keenan get to Billy James! JACKSON: Get out of his way, ref! Since when is this OKAY? [Keenan mean-mugs the ref and attempts to get by him again but the referee stands his ground!! Jeff Keenan FINALLY decides to reason with the ref, putting both palms up - "Okay, Okay, I'll pin him."] CONLON: It looks like Jeff is going to give our referee his wish and pin Billy James here ... [Keenan eats up the boos as he slowly strides towards "The Regulator." James is stomach down, right cheek planted on the mat, eyes closed - he's out. Keenan gets to his side - the referee nods as if "what are you waiting for." Keenan smiles then quickly drops down - clutching the left arm! The referee looks on in dis-belief! The crowd can't believe this thing isn't over yet!] CONLON: Fujiwara Armbar!! Jeff Keenan is furthering the damage to the shoulder of the unconscious Billy James!! A pinfall was NEVER on his mind!! [The referee panics and quickly calls for the bell!] *DING*DING*DING!* [BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The referee is FULL SPEED AHEAD towards Keenan and grabs at Keenan's hands, trying to get him to release the hold and begging him! "IT'S OVER - LET HIM GO!" BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! James is still out cold! Jeff Keenan is loving every second of it! CONLON: Get some more bodies out here to get Jeff Keenan off of this man! [FINALLY the referee has talked Jeff Keenan into getting off of Billy James! The crowd continues the Heat-fest while the referee is on his knees talking to James but receiving no replies - he motions to the back while yelling for a stretcher!] CONLON: From start to finish - Jeff Keenan had one goal in mind and I hope Billy James will be alright... JACKSON: Well, he's not Stan - the kid is not alright! Maybe this'll be a lesson to the UPW - GET JEFF KEENAN SOME COMPETITION!! [The Ring Announcer walks up to the apron to converse with the referee and the referee attempts to raise Keenan's hand but Keenan is having none of it! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!] Ring Announcer: And the winner of this match ... JEFFFFFFF KEEEEEEEENAN!! JACKSON: JEFF KEENAN STRIKES AGAIN!! [The crowd boos relentlessly as Keenan holds his arms out-stretched and smiles! Medics with a stretcher shove the curtain aside and run down the rampway as we fade back to the studio.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Scene opens to a hallway backstage where we see "Hardcore Icon" Brandon Franklin standing with his back against the wall, head down, still in his wrestling attire. In front of him is his manager, Walt Watts. Walt stands in his black dress slacks and a long sleeve black dress shirt in disbelief.] W: Since WHEN... [Franklin is obviously not in the mood right now and he quickly interrupts.] BF: No excuses, Walt. You're my manager, right? [Franklin looks up to Walt who nods.] BF: Make some calls, you know what I want. I'll be damned if Felix thinks he's gettin' away with this! [Walt nods again. Franklin touches his head, then looks at his hand, checking for blood. He walks away in frustration as the camera fades.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Looks like Franklin is motivated to get that rematch with Sandoval. SMITH: They will have to pressure the UPW because Sandoval won't be giving him one, I am sure of that. CHANEY: Then who should Felix's next challenger be? SMITH: How about Jeff Keenan? The man wins again in convincing fashion and again turns back time. He's on another level right now and that may be what it takes to take down "El Patron." CHANEY: That is an interesting idea, Gorilla. SMITH: He has earned it. Keenan is really shining out there and it is time we spent more time talking about it. CHANEY: Well whomever is up next, Felix is ready and Franklin is waiting in the wings at some point and more motivated than ever after that shocking time limit draw! SMITH: If only Franklin was as ruthless as the Dominion, then I bet he would have found a way to win that match. CHANEY: The Dominion are up next as they challenge the Warriors for the UPW World Tag Team Titles. SMITH: I give the Warriors credit as they have been fighting champions. They have defended the belts regularly and against solid competition. CHANEY: That they have and the team of Lance Donovan and Tyson Bishop are not pushovers. SMITH: They are not. These guys are already scary without titles, but give them recognition and they may never lose again. CHANEY: You're the tag team legend here. Who do you think comes out on top, Gorilla? SMITH: That is a tough one. The Warriors know how to win, and they have already proven that if they feel they are in a negative spot, they will find a way to keep their belts and not worry about a match's results. CHANEY: There again the champion's advantage. SMITH: Exactly. The Doc and I used to do the same thing. Though we rarely found ourselves needing to. CHANEY: Well let's see if this title changes hands as the Warriors defend the Tag straps against The Dominion! Roll it!

[The footage begins as Lance Donovan increases the torque on the abdominal stretch he's applied on DeAwn Carter.] CONLON: Looks like Dominion have effectively cut the ring in half at this point. The tide has truly turned. JACKSON: As much as I admire the guy's abilities, Carter got caught showboating, and now he's paying the price for it. CONLON: Seems like excessive gloating is a particularly bad idea when you're facing Dominion. JACKSON: Bishop's not gonna stand for that. [Still keeping the hold applied, Donovan reaches back and tags in his partner. Bishop comes in and punches Carter in the gut, freeing him from Donovan's abdominal stretch.] CONLON: Solid teamwork by Dominion... [Lance whips "The Angel" into his team's corner, and Tyson charges in with a big corner clothesline! Carter practically flips over the turnbuckles, but instead falls back in the corner just as Donovan leaps up to knee him in the face!] JACKSON: And now Donovan's showboating too! [Fans boo as Donovan waves to the fans, his knee still lodged under Carter's chin. The referee emphatically admonishes him, trying to get him out of the ring. Tyson pulls Carter out of the corner and straight into a short-arm clothesline!] CONLON: He whiffs on it! [Carter ducks under the clothesline, scrambles across the ring and tags in Kel "The Hound" Robertson who steps over the top rope and into the ring! Bishop, who was trying to catch Carter, stops in his tracks, switches targets... but too late!] CONLON: Robertson's throwing those punches, rocking Bishop back into the ring! [Kel unleashes some massive fists, and every one that lands makes Bishop stagger backwards. But suddenly the referee steps in, separating the two powerhouses and ordering Robertson to get back to his corner!] CONLON: How did the referee not see this tag? JACKSON: He was trying to get Donovan to stop posing and get out of the ring! His back was turned when the tag was made!] CONLON: Now Carter's forced to get back in that ring, and you know his reserves have to be getting low at this point! [Robertson is forced out, Sharifi blowing a casket over it at ringside, and Carter comes back in. Bishop lunges, but Carter uses his speed and agility to dodge the attack, then he connects with a roundhouse kick! Bishop stumbles back, but doesn't fall. Carter bolts into the ropes, charges back with a picture perfect dropkick that sends Tyson bouncing into the ropes himself!] *_____THOOOOOCK_____* CONLON: What a lariat! JACKSON: Carter made a full 360 vault in the air before he crash landed! [Bishop massages his jaw, annoyed that he almost got knocked off his feet. He tags Donovan, who climbs up to the top turnbuckle, then power-slams DeAwn Carter into position. Donovan dives off the top...] CONLON: Diving elbow drop! JACKSON: This is it! CONLON: Here's the cover... ONE! . . TWO!! . . . TH-Kick-out! CONLON: Carter's still got some fight left! [Donovan frowns, reaches down and applies a Cobra Clutch on Carter, then rolls him into a Camel Clutch!] CONLON: THE APOLLO HOLD! JACKSON: Time to throw in a towel, Sharifi! [Carter's stuck between a rock and a hard place, and there's no apparent escape. Robertson steps over the top rope and into the ring, forcing Bishop to join him. Both men charge to the center of the ring... and Bishop catches a big boot to the face!] CONLON: WOAH! JACKSON: That took Bishop off his feet! [Sensing he's now in a precarious position, Donovan breaks his Apollo Hold, but not quick enough to avoid a big headbutt from Robertson!] CONLON: And now the referee has to step in again, and force Robertson out of the ring! [Donovan shakes off the cobwebs, sees Carter slowly crawling to his corner. He pulls him back to his own corner, then drops a rolling knee to the small of Carter's back.] CONLON: Tag is made, Bishop's the legal man. [Donovan holds Carter up, Bishop lands a hard jab to DeAwn's chiseled abdomen. As Donovan exits, Bishop grabs Carter's head, takes aim, and lands a sickening headbutt. While DeAwn's out on his feet, Bishop runs the ropes, takes down the defending champ with a big shoulder tackle!] JACKSON: Another tag by Dominion, they're like a well oiled machine! [Lance gets in the ring, Bishop lifts Carter up in a military press, and lets him drop right into an European Uppercut by Donovan!] *___THOOCK___* [Carter crashes back onto the mat and Lance pulls him by the neck over the middle rope and chokes him.] CONLON: Dominion, picking Carter apart tonight... [Donovan runs in the opposite direction, bounces off the ropes and... trips!] CONLON: SHARIFI! Sharifi tripped him! JACKSON: I don't think so. He was yawning at the time, I saw him, and maybe it looked like a trip, but that's just an optical illusion.] [The "illusion" was so convincing, it forces the referee to walk across the ring and sternly warn Sammy Sharifi.] CONLON: The Warriors lucky not to get disqualified here, because the referee was not fooled in the least! JACKSON: This referee knows that Dominion's chances at gold vanish if he DQ's the champions. He's not about to get Dominion on his bad side! [Donovan gets back to his feet, reaches for Carter...] CONLON: Eye rake! [Donovan clutches at his eye! From his knees, Carter lands a punch to Donovan's six-pack, which exposes Lance's eye anew... perfect for another strike!] CONLON: Blatant thumb to the eye! JACKSON: And the ref's still admonishing Sharifi! He's a blind as Donovan is at this point! [Carter grounds Donovan with a double leg takedown, bridges over with a pin... just as Sharifi conveniently alerts the ref that a pinfall is in progress...] CONLON: Quick pin... ONE! . . TWO! . . CONLON: Donovan kicks out! JACKSON: But he still can't see straight! [On his hands and knees, Donovan tries to find the ropes in order to guide himself back to his teammate. Meanwhile, Carter's crawling towards Robertson's extended hand inch by inch!] CONLON: Who's going to make it first? [Donovan takes hold of the ropes, pulls himself up and follows his way to Bishop's corner.] CONLON: Tyson Bishop tags himself in. [With a final, desperate lunge... Carter makes the tag and rolls out!] JACKSON: And here comes The Hound! CONLON: 6'8", well over 300lbs... JACKSON: I never thought I'd say this, but Tyson Bishop suddenly looks small... AND HE'S A HOSS! CONLON: Bishop's not gonna give him an inch! [Perhaps remembering their last encounter in the middle of the ring, Bishop charges, leaps at Robertson before he can get in the ring.] CONLON: Kel's knocked off the apron, but he lands on his feet! [Robertson gets back up on the apron, and Bishop charges in to tackle him again, but Kel raises the elbow and counters!] CONLON: Elbow smash! JACKSON: In comes Robertson! [In the ring, Robertson lands a punch. Absorbing the shock, Bishop falls back a step, then answers with a hook.] CONLON: That barely affected Robertson! JACKSON: It's like Bishop was a cruiserweight to him. TYSON BISHOP! Pound for pound one of the strongest men UPW could find! [Bishop throws another punch, and that one seems to register. He winds up, throws another.] CONLON: Blocked by Robertson! [The Hound grabs Tyson's arm and smashes an elbow into his jaw! Bishop finally gets taken off his feet and he falls on his back! Following through on the momentum, Robertson stomps on and back elbows Donovan off the apron!] JACKSON: The Hound takes Donovan out of the equation. [Robertson gets back to Bishop, but the hard-nosed American Nightmare, back on his knees, throws a jab into the giant's gut.] CONLON: Kel with a headbutt! [Bishop stunned, Robertson reaches around his waist and lifts Tyson up...] *____THUUUUD____* CONLON: Gutwrench powerbomb! [Robertson tags Carter, who walks over to the middle of the apron. Robertson lifts Bishop up in a bearhug...] CONLON: Carter springs off the ropes... *______THUUUUDDDD________* CONLON: SPRINGBOARD STUNNER! JACKSON: Never thought I'd say thing, but Dominion might just be in trouble! CONLON: Carter with the pin... ONE! . . . TWO!! . . . . TH-SHOULDER UP! CONLON: Close call! Carter tags Robertson back in! [The Warriors trade places, and Kel Robertson whips the American Nightmare hard into the corner turnbuckles. He lines himself up, stomps across the ring for the running attack...] CONLON: Bishop gets a boot up! [Robertson staggers backwards, but doesn't fall. Bishop hoists himself up to sit on the top turnbuckle, jumps...] CONLON: Double Ax-Handle! JACKSON: Robertson's still not going down! [Bishop create room for himself, however, and he reaches out to tag Lance Donovan. Bishop grabs his partner's hand, Irish whips him into the ropes... with blazing speed, The Adonis rebounds and leaps!] CONLON: FLYING CLOTHESLINE! JACKSON: HOUND DOWN! HOUND DOWN! CONLON: That did it! Using Bishop's power, Donovan got enough speed to take down the giant! Here's the pin... ONE! . . . TWO!! . . . . . CONLON: NO! [Robertson pushes Donovan two feet up in the air as he powers out of the pin attempt... Donovan gets up, launches himself off the ropes and dropkicks Robertson's leg as he begins to stand.] CONLON: Hold on, now... [Cheers from the fans erupt, but they don't jive with what's happening in the ring.] JACKSON: It's Titan Juarez! What's he doing here? [The giant-sized luchador walks up the ring steps, enters the ring like he belongs in it. As Juarez walks to the middle of the ring, Donovan steps back, hugging the ropes.] CONLON: This is not the kind of thing we've come to expect from Titan Juarez, Pepper. JACKSON: He left the Soldiers of the Sun on last Showdown, and I'd wager he decided to be an impact player again tonight! [Robertson finally gets back to his feet, sees the towering luchador and staggers back in surprise.] CONLON: Even the Warriors weren't expecting him. JACKSON: I was about to suggest that maybe Sharifi was behind this... but if even the Warriors don't know... CONLON: And Lance Donovan's angry about this. Dominion's not behind this either. JACKSON: Of course Donovan's not happy! His shot at tag team gold is in jeopardy, now! [Donovan screams at Juarez, ordering him to get out of his ring, but the silver-masked giant is immutable.] CONLON: It feels like there's a ticking time bomb in the middle of this ring! JACKSON: No one trigger it! [Donovan's patience runs out and he lunges at Titan Juarez.] CONLON: Titan caught his fist! [Donovan's fist in his left hand, Juarez grabs the Adonis' throat with his right, lifts him off the ring and slams him down to the mat!] CONLON: Chokeslam! [Bishop gets back into the ring, charges at Titan but the giant lifts a boot and knocks him off his feet!] CONLON: And a big boot to Bishop! [Outnumbered, Dominion roll out of the ring as the bell rings to announce the outcome of the match...] RING ANNOUNCER: The winners... as a result of a disqualification... DOMINION! CONLON: Dominion are tonight's winners, but it doesn't feel like a win I'm sure! JACKSON: No, the Warriors remain UPW Tag Team Champions... and that's really what determines who's won and who's lost. [Sammy Sharifi enters the ring, tentatively approaching Titan Juarez, arms extended in a hug... Titan turns to him.] JACKSON: Watch out Sammy! [Titan sizes up Sharifi... then nods.] CONLON: What does that mean? [Sharifi leaps with joy, leaps into Titan Juarez's arms for a big hug!] JACKSON: Is Juarez joining the Warriors? [Carter and Robertson join in, carrying their gilded championship titles. Titan lifts the tiny Sharifi up on high like a child!] CONLON: Goodness, I think you're right! JACKSON: this is the smartest thing Titan Juarez has done in twenty years! This might be the smartest thing he's ever done in his life! [In the aisle, Dominion's disgusted, dejected, righteously angered.] CONLON: Titan joins the Warriors, and the Dominion has paid the price for it! JACKSON: It's not a bill any sane person would want to foot. CONLON: No they wouldn't, but on the other hand... adding Titan Juarez to the Warriors immediately makes them the most dangerous group in UPW. JACKSON: Arguably. [In the ring, the new Warriors triumphantly pose together, showered by boos from the crowd - and some scattered cheers. Sharifi sits on Titan and Robertson's shoulders, Carter poses lavishly before them with the two tag team championship belts.] [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: I cannot believe what I just saw! Titan Juarez actually hugging Sammy Sharifi and standing with the Warriors! SMITH: This has been a long time coming as we knew they wanted a third man so they had the chance for the old "freebird rules," but nobody expected that the third man would be Juarez! CHANEY: I thought you said family never leaves? SMITH: Obviously, I don't understand Titan very well. In fact I'm not sure anyone does, except for Titan himself. CHANEY: Where does this leave the Soldiers in the Sun? And how about Rick Courage and his frame of mind? SMITH: Who knows. It is a true blow for sure and it will have ramifications in the Tag Team Title chase for sure. CHANEY: Fans, this portion of UPW Showdown is brought to you by UPW SURVIVAL! SMITH: That's right! [The screen between them changes from the UPW logo, to the following image...]

[They continue speaking as you see the image.] CHANEY: Sunday, February nineteenth in Chicago, Illinois! UPW Survival will feature every member of the roster in action, every title will be defended, and the Ultimate Survival Rumble will reshape the landscape of UPW in many ways! SMITH: It is promising to be a great event, and no doubt the first pay-per-view will set a high standard! CHANEY: You got that right, Gorilla! So make plans to join us that Sunday in February for some great UPW action and watch history unfold! [The PPV logo fades quickly and the screen returns to show our announcers.] SMITH: That rumble is going to be something else. Forty men battle for title shots and to avoid being shipped out of UPW and down to IXWA. What drama! CHANEY: Every wrestler has a chance to be chosen as a participant in the Ultimate Rumble match and nobody knows who will enter in what order. It really is one of the greatest things you will witness. SMITH: Anything can happen. I know, I have been in more than a few matches like this and it was always difficult to predict and fun to watch! CHANEY: And when it comes to difficult to predict, you have to immediately think of one man, Malcom Shabazz. SMITH: You can say that again. This guy is all over the place and trying to put forth his own brand of justice. CHANEY: He even went as far as to call his opponent tonight, Glenn Chambers, a phrase that usually isn't considered friendly in the African-American community. SMITH: I should say not. I must admit, I admire the way Chambers has handled the spotlight. He has shown grace and skill, but not sure that will be enough in the ring against a bully like Shabazz. CHANEY: I admit, I have wondered if a match like this would ever happen. I really felt Shabazz might refuse the match on racial grounds. but it is going to happen. SMITH: And we're better off for it because these two are very talented. CHANEY: Let's head to the ring and see how it played out as Malcom Shabazz takes on Glenn Chambers! To the tape!

[The footage begins as Malcom Shabazz throws Glenn Chambers into the corner and begins ramming his knee into the mid section of Chambers, lifting his feet off the mat with each strike.] CONLON: Shabazz has Chambers caught in that corner and he's just going to work thug style. JACKSON: Whoa there, Stan. You really want to use language like that? CONLON: Can we knock it off with the racial stuff and just call the match. JACKSON: It just seems every time you have Shabazz in a match, you talk a tad more that direction and you are better than that. [The referee tells Shabazz to break with Chambers pinned against the ropes, but the bully refuses and begins throwing forearm shivers into the side of Glenn's head. The fans erupt in boos for Shabazz as the referee begins attempting to break it up.] CONLON: The referee is in there trying to break it up as the ropes are in play. Great job by the referee. JACKSON: I see you avoided my question and praised the white referee. CONLON: You do realize that Shabazz has an African-American opponent in there, right? JACKSON: Indeed, I do. [Shabazz holds his arm out and keeps the referee away as he uses his other hand to pull Chambers out of the corner. He yells "Are you happy now?" to the referee and then pulls Glenn into position, dropping him with a one-handed bulldog.] CONLON: AMAZING ONE-HANDED BULDOG BY SHABAZZ!!! JACKSON: I love that he is holding his own in there despite everybody being against him. I love the attitude! CONLON: You love anything that causes trouble and Shabazz has caused trouble from day one in UPW. JACKSON: That trouble was started on the first radio show when they proved they didn't want a strong black man going for the World Title. Malcom just reacted to it. [Shabazz stands up and taunts the crowd with a raised fist salute. They boo him mercilessly, but he couldn't care less. He pulls Chambers to his feet and sets up for a vertical suplex, but Chambers blocks it. Glenn also blocks the second attempt before reversing it and landing a vertical suplex of his own as the crowd erupts.] CONLON: AMAZING REVERSAL BY CHAMBERS!!! That vertical suplex was perfect and his college grappling again showing through! JACKSON: Chambers is a one of a kind athlete, but some question his fire. CONLON: He looks fired up right now, Pepper. JACKSON: Adrenaline is a hell of a thing, isn't it? [Both men are down on the canvas and the referee begins the obligatory 10 count as they strain to pull themselves to their feet.] CONLON: The referee is counting and both men are trying to get back to their feet. JACKSON: Chambers has been steady the entire match, but Shabazz has used his street smarts to always turn the tide. CONLON: Yeah, he cheats anytime Glenn has an advantage. JACKSON: Such an ugly charge, but I'm not surprised. [Shabazz and Chambers get to their feet at the same time, and Malcom rushes first. Shabazz ends up walking right into Chamber's trap as Glenn performs a drop toe hold and then quickly jumps on Shabazz's back and gets him locked in a crossface submission hold.] CONLON: CROSSFACE SUBMISSION HOLD BY CHAMBERS!!! SHABAZZ IN REAL TROUBLE NOW!!! JACKSON: The referee needs to check and make sure that he doesn't turn it into a blatant choke. CONLON: Chambers isn't the same kind of guy Shabazz is, Pepper. JACKSON: No, Stan, he isn't. Shabazz has pride in his race. [Chambers wrenched the hold back as Shabazz strains to shift and get free enough to grab the bottom rope. The fans are chanting for Chambers as the veins on his neck pulsate with his exertion.] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz straining, but Chambers has that crossface locked in. JACKSON: Shabazz won't submit. He would rather die than give up in there. CONLON: If he passes out, there won't be a choice! JACKSON: He isn't weak enough yet to pass out from this. [Shabazz finally reaches the ropes and the referee calls for the break. Glenn immediately lets go and gets to his feet, nodding to the referee with respect.] CONLON: THAT is how you break in a match, Pepper. JACKSON: And also give up every advantage you have. He could have added damage because he had a five count and more he could have used. CONLON: Chambers believes in a fair fight. That is what he teaches kids in his wrestling classes in Philadelphia and... JACKSON: AND that is why he loses matches to people as often as he wins. [As Malcom stands to his feet, Glenn rushes and grabs him around the waist, lifting him for a German suplex. Chambers rolls through and lands a second one. Glenn finishes by rolling through for a third time and when he lands the third German suplex, he bridges and holds Shabazz's shoulders to the mat.] CONLON: A THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX AND HE BRIDGES INTO A PIN!!! THIS IS IT!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR..............SHABAZZ GETS HIS SHOULDER OUT!!! JACKSON: Not this time, goody two-shoes!! CONLON: That shows just how much stronger Chambers is inside that ring. His technical ability is not matched by many in UPW. JACKSON: That may be so, but he doesn't have any titles around his waist, does he. CONLON: This may be a prelude to the North American Title next Showdown, and you know it! JACKSON: We'll see! [Chambers up to his feet and he pulls Shabazz up as well, only to get a thumb in the eye for his trouble. Shabazz follows the eye poke with a jab to the throat, prompting jeers from the crowd and a warning from the referee.] CONLON: MALCOM SHABAZZ WITH MORE CHEAP SHOTS! JACKSON: He seized the moment, Stan, nothing more. CONLON: This is why the fans hate this guy. Not his skin color, not his ability in the ring.....THIS. He cheats and bullies his way around. JACKSON: It is kill or be killed in the ring, Stan. [Shabazz grabs Chambers and whips him into the corner, where Glenn hits with a thud and stumbles back toward Shabazz. Malcom takes advantage and lifts Chambers into a Northern Lights suplex that sends Glenn to the canvas hard.] CONLON: NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!! That is the most technical move we have seen from Shabazz tonight! JACKSON: I disagree completely, but it was spectacular for sure. CONLON: Malcom Shabazz taunting the crowd again. This guy loves drama no matter what he has to do to get it. JACKSON: He just reacts to the sheer ill will against him. I like seeing him project strength in there. [Shabazz again taunt the crowd as he saunters over to Chambers and grabs him by the ankles. He positions him just so and then falls backward, yanking back on the legs as well causing a slingshot that brings Glenn's neck immediately into contact with the bottom rope. The fans immediately throw heat Malcom's way as he gets back to his feet.] CONLON: DECAPITATOR BY SHABAZZ!!! Glenn Chambers in serious trouble! JACKSON: That windpipe just got blasted by the bottom rope and Chambers' ability to get his wind has taken a blow. See what I did there? CONLON: Well aren't you just a pun machine, Pepper? JACKSON: I try. Someone has to do things to make you interesting on these shows. [Shabazz pulls Chambers up and pushes Glenn's head between his thighs. Before he lifts, he once again gives the single fist salute to rile the fans further. Then he lifts Chambers up by the waist and drops him with a nasty piledriver.] CONLON: PILEDRIVER BY SHABAZZ!!! CHAMBERS IS DOWN! JACKSON: SHABAZZ WITH THE COVER!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRRRRRRREE...............NO! CONLON: CHAMBERS KICKED OUT AT THE LAST SECOND!!! JACKSON: I'm not so sure about that and neither is Shabazz! [Shabazz immediately gets up and yells at the referee for counting slower because of his race. Shabazz then levels a boot against the head of Chambers, while still yelling at the referee for his "white privilege."] CONLON: Malcom Shabazz going back to what he knows best, whining about race to the white referee. He should have won, but because of the evil white man, he is still in a fight. JACKSON: He has a legitimate point, Stan. That referee is certainly white and white privilege is all around us. [Malcom scoops up Chambers and lifts him up for a fall away slam. Malcom seems to be bullying his way through the match as he pulls Glenn up again and lifts him for an elevated flatliner.] CONLON: ELEVATED FLATLINER!!! MALCOM HOOKS A LEG AND THSI MIGHT BE IT! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRRRRREEEE.........NO!!! CHAMBERS ESCAPED AGAIN!!! JACKSON: THAT REFEREE SHOULD BE FIRED! CONLON: He is just doing his job and calling the match, nothing more. JACKSON: If I were Shabazz, I would inform UPW that they need to hire a black referee and he should be the only man allowed to call Malcom's matches. CONLON: What about the other man of color in UPW? JACKSON: If they wanted. [At this point, Shabazz is furious and wants a piece of the referee. However, he first pulls Chambers up and throws him over the top rope and to the arena floor, which causes another chorus of boos to rain down on him. The moment Chambers lands, he turns to berate the referee again.] CONLON: CHAMBERS SENT REELING OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR AND THE FANS HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF MALCOM SHABAZZ!!! JACKSON: Easy there, big guy! Malcom just wanted to make sure he could have a talk with the referee without risking a backslide. It is pretty smart strategy when you think about it. CONLON: All i see is someone doing something shady to his opponent to hurt him more just so he can go complain to the referee and call him everything under the sun because the match isn't over yet. JACKSON: Nothing could be further from the truth. As you see Shabazz has already gone out to get Glenn back into the ring. [Chambers struggles to get to his feet as Shabazz, now finished yelling at the referee, steps through the ropes and bends down to grab Chambers by the ear and pull him onto the ring apron. Malcom gets Chambers on the ring apron and standing, setting him up. Chambers suddenly jerks and drops Shabazz with a DDT on the ring apron as he falls to the arena floor.] CONLON: DDT BY CHAMBERS ON THE RING APRON! THAT LOOKED NASTY! JACKSON: And he paid the price for it too! Chambers back on the floor and looking worse for wear! [The referee begins to count as Shabazz is laid out on the ring apron and Chambers is struggling to his feet.] CONLON: Shabazz is out on the ring apron, just laying like a sack of potatoes! JACKSON: The referee is counting and these guys both look to be in danger of not finishing! CONLON: Glen is stirring it seems, but Shabazz is still motionless after taking that DDT on the hardest part of the ring! JACKSON: He could be playing opossum, you know. [At the count of six, Glenn finally stands to a round of cheers from the crowd. He turns and shoves Malcom under the bottom rope and into the ring, following right behind.] CONLON: BACK IN THE RING! JACKSON: Alright! Now watch Shabazz snap back to life! CONLON: It doesn't looks like he is snapping much at this point, Pepper. JACKSON: Well Chambers did illegally use the ring apron, so Mr. Squeaky clean isn't as clean as people claim. [Chambers slowly stands to his feet as the crowd chants for him get louder than ever. He pulls Shabazz up, dodging a big swinging punch from Malcom, and whips him into the corner. Shabazz hits hard and stumbles back to Chambers, only to receive a boot to the gut.] CONLON: Boot to the gut from Chambers! Shabazz whiffed on his big shot! JACKSON: I can't believe what I'm seeing! [Glenn shoves Malcom's head down between his thighs as the fans erupt, knowing what comes next. Chambers lifts and hits a textbook sitdown power bomb, and he holds his shoulders down after the impact.] FINAL FALL CONLON: LOCKED AND LOADED!!! CHAMBERS GOT HIM!!! JACKSON: NO!!!!!! CONLON: THE PIN! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: This is just wrong! CONLON: GLENNC HAMBERS PULLS IT OUT!!! [The crowd goes into pure frenzy as Glenn's name is announced the winner. He rolls out and lifts his arms as Shabazz is still on the canvas.] CONLON: These two men really put on a show and left it all out there! What a finish by Glenn Chambers. JACKSON: Not to mention his wonderful illegal use of that ring apron! CONLON: Give it a rest, Pepper. The man just won a war against a strong opponent, putting on the show that he challenged Shabazz to put on before tonight. JACKSON: Malcom Shabazz will be looking for Chambers on next Showdown in the Tournament. [Chambers begins walking back up the aisle, giving high fives and fist bumps to the crowd as his music plays.] CONLON: That may be, Pepper. We don't know who is facing who yet, but the chances they meet again are solid! What a celebration with the fans by Chambers. JACKSON: Yeah, slap hands with these sheep. Come next Showdown, you're getting sheared, son! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Wow! Glenn Chambers with a big time victory over Malcom Shabazz, and does that make Chambers a favorite in the North AMerican Title Tournament? SMITH: I think so. Shabazz is no easy win and to defeat him in the ring is a major accomplishment. CHANEY: The North American Tournament will be next Showdown and all seven matches will happen on the same night. Both of these men are in the field as well. SMITH: Which means we could see this match again! CHANEY: I don't know either man would want that! But let's find out right now! SMITH: We have them now? CHANEY: We do! Fans, it is time to reveal the actual match brackets for the UPW North American Title Tournament which will take place on the next edition of Showdown! SMITH: Alright! CHANEY: In the first match of the tournament. Jeff Keenan will be in action against a former champion in his own right, Caleb Foley! SMITH: Holy Cow what a first match! Lots of history there! CHANEY: The next match is the man we will see wrestling in our next match, "Jester" Chad Allen, taking on the winner of this last match, Glenn Chambers! SMITH: Does that mean the winners of those matches would face off in the semi-finals? CHANEY: That is how it looks to me. In the third match in round one, Malcom Shabazz will do battle with Harrison Daniels III! SMITH: Daniels is in our next match as well, will be interesting to see how that plays out knowing Shabazz next for him. CHANEY: And the last match in round one will pit "Legionarius" Antonio De Luca against Frank Anthony! SMITH: THAT is going to be impressive! Anthony has been an enigma of his own in UPW and De Luca has the strength of Dominion behind him. Any of these eight guys would be great with that North American belt around his waist! CHANEY: So the semi finals would be winner of Keenan/Foley against the winner of Chambers/Allen; while the other half would put the winner of De Luca/Anthony against the winner of Daniels/Shabazz! SMITH: There is no way to predict this one! CHANEY: But we do get the chance to see numerous preview now as two more men involved in that tournament are getting ready to step in the ring! Chad Allen and Harrison Daniels III! SMITH: And don't forget Iris Galiver! CHANEY: Don't start drooling again, Gorilla. SMITH: The woman is my kind of crazy, we know that. CHANEY: She is definitely a distraction at every turn, and we can't forget that she likes to throw down too! SMITH: Yeah, she does! Hot damn! CHANEY: Somebody bring Gorilla a bottle of cold water he can pour on his head while we watch how this match played out! Roll that footage!

[The footage begins with Chad Allen pinning Harrison Daniels into the corner with a forearm to the throat. Daniels and the ref try to remove the arm off the throat to no avail as the ref backs up and starts his count. Allen pushes the forearm tighter against the throat before finally releasing the choke and sending Daniels across the ring with a vicious whip all the way into the far corner. Allen doesn't waste a second as he goes in at Daniels with a mafia kick to the head...] CONLON: Oh, and Daniels somehow ducks under the mafia kick and turns and nails Chad Allen with a chop block to the back of the knee. Looks like Daniels may finally be turning the tide against this beast of man! JACKSON: Stan, show a little decorum, there is a lady sitting here! MONROE: No, Pepper, it is fine, she can get a little excited herself watching a true American blue blood, like Harrison Daniels handle his business there in the ring. [Allen is flat on his back as Daniels hops back to his feet and quickly grabs the leg he just chop blocked. Daniels puts the leg over the bottom rope and leaps into the air coming down with his knee over the knee of Allen. "Jester" grabs his leg and as he tries to roll put of the ring but Daniels grabs Allen and drags the big man towards the center of the ring. Harrison grapevines the leg and leaps into the air slamming it with all his weight into the canvas. HD3 keeps the leg in the grapevine as he lays backwards wrenching the leg even more as Allen tries to free his leg.] MONROE: That man is a true ring general! When you are dealing with an oak you chop it down! CONLON: Did you do a lot of tree chopping growing up in those mansions? JACKSON: STAN! That is no way to talk to our guest! MONROE: That right there is the biggest problem I have with people like you Stan. You have it set in your mind because people like myself and Harrison Daniels come from a little money that we have never done any work in our lives, and your are wrong. CONLON: I didn't mean to insinuate anything, I was just wondering a little more about you, Percy. JACKSON: Let's just go back to watching Daniels break down this beast of a man. [HD3 finally releases the grapevine and hops up to his feet as Allen drags himself over to the ropes and pulls himself up to his feet. Daniels stalks behind Chad Allen before moving in and wrapping his arms around the big mans waist. Daniels tries all he can to hoist Allen over but Allen grabs the top rope and shifts his weight forward as Daniels falls backwards hitting the mat. Daniels is back to his feet fast shocked as "Jester" turns around and sees Daniels bouncing off the far ropes only to be tripped up by Iris Galiver from the outside. Iris giggles as the ref runs over to the ropes to admonish her.] CONLON: That woman is just plain sadistic and now she is pointing into thin air and denying she tripped Daniels up! JACKSON: She is trying to explain she didn't touch Harrison. It had to have been Mr. Peabody. MONROE: She needs to keep her hands to herself before I have to send Patricia over there to show her how a true lady supports her man. CONLON: To be fair she does have the mind of an eight year old. MONROE: Well in that case it is even more simple, children should be seen and not heard. Harrison Daniels is in there showing the world he is wrestling on a higher caliber than everyone else and we have a "child" trying to sabotage the whole damn thing,. [Daniels is to his feet and is mouthing off to Iris who is now apparently playing ring around the rosie with Mr. Peabody. Daniels turns around but is met instantly with a T-bone suplex. Iris screeches with excitement as "Jester" stands up to his feet and jerks his knee almost back into place showing he can take the pain from Daniels. Allen yanks Harrison up to his feet and moves in behind him before hoisting him into the air and spinning him down onto his head...] CONLON: "KIDDIE DRIVER!" "Jester" Chad Allen jus... [All of the sudden the headset is ripped off of Stan Conlon by Iris Galiver as she yells into the microphone...] GALIVER: [Distorted] That's pretty pretty princess move! MONROE: Get the hell away from here you psycho, you're scaring my wife! [Iris throws the headset back at Stan and snarles at both Patricia and Percy.] JACKSON: I really hope that doesn't get you cut, Percy. MONROE: I am not afraid of that psycho. "Poetry in Motion" always has an ace in the hole, trust me! ["Jester" has now slid to the edge of the ring apron and is laying on his stomach watching Iris prance around celebrating her move being used. Allen pulls himself up to his feet after a few moments of smiling at Iris as Harrison Daniels starts to stir as well. Allen turns to see Daniels stirring and can't hide the smirk. Chad reaches down and yanks Daniels up by his hair as Daniels quickly wraps his arms around Allen and slams him over with a belly to belly suplex. Harrison stumbles to his feet before rushing over and laying the boots into the knee of Allen. Daniels stops the stomps and quickly and hooks in a figure four!] MONROE: I am telling you guys, you are looking at a future World Heavyweight champion right there. Smartest wrestler in the business by far! JACKSON: I can certainly second that. CONLON: I think it may be a little bit early to start passing around the crown around just yet. MONROE: Are you kidding me Stan? Do you not see what this man is capable of? He is in there with a mountain of a man and has managed to neutralize him into a fair opponent. CONLON: There is no denying he is giving just as good as he is getting in there with the three hundred pounder. MONROE: Three hundred pounds my ass. He passed that up in the rear view a long time ago with all those gummy bears this psycho chick is feeding him. [Iris is skipping around at ringside singing *that doesn't hurt* as Harrison Daniels continues to wretch the figure four leg lock in. All of the sudden at the side of the ring, Patricia Monroe is crouched down. She reaches into the ring and grabs both arms of Harrison Daniels as the ref is looking at "Jester", Daniels smacks away her hands and breaks the figure four as he hops to his feet to yell at Patricia. Monroe puts her hands up as to say "my bad" as she scurries back to her seat next to her husband.] CONLON: What the hell are you two trying to do here? MONROE: Calm down, Patricia was just trying to provide him with a few words of encouragement. CONLON: Looked a lot like she was trying to grab his hands to give him a little more leverage to me. JACKSON: I am sure you were seeing that wrong, Stan. MONROE: She was just trying to grab his hand to get his attention because we all know he couldn't possibly hear her over that psycho screaming. CONLON: You might wanna count your blessings she didn't see that just happen or we might be seeing a cut up Monroe here tonight. [Harrison Daniels is staring a hole through Percy and Patricia at ring side as all of the sudden "Jester" wraps his hands around his waist from behind and slams him over with a German suplex, but he isn't finished, Allen rolls them both up to their feet and this time moves his hands up into a half nelson and slams Daniels backwards with a half nelson suplex, but again he isn't releasing as he rolls them both back to their feet and this time hooks a full nelson slamming Daniels over with a full nelson suplex. Daniels looks out of it on the mat as "Jester" is on his knees admiring his work.] CONLON: That's what he likes to call a "Three Ring Circus". Chad Allen does appear to be back in the driver seat again. MONROE: This idiot doesn't have a personal driver? Poor people, I swear... JACKSON: I think he meant... CONLON: I think he knows exactly what I meant, it was just an easy jab at the rest of us nonsocialites. MONROE: Not a jab Stan, a full on uppercut! ["Jester" steps to his feet and smirks at his handy work as he reaches down and begins to drag Harrison Daniels by his hair into the corner and lays him with his head resting on the bottom turnbuckle. Allen looks over at Iris who smiles and nods before he raises his boot and shoves it right into the neck of Daniels. Daniels is trying to fight off the choke by pushing the foot away. Allen finally releases the choke just long enough to jump into the air and come down with a knee drop right to the face and chest of Daniels. From outside the ring you can hear Iris yell, "again" as "Jester" happily obliges. Iris giggles as Allen finally drags Daniels out of the corner and to the center of the ring.] CONLON: Sometimes I wonder if the "Jester" and Iris even care about wins and losses at all. JACKSON: Violence, violence and more violence is all they seem to care about, and I do like it! Well, I mean, not right now, not like this to Harrison Daniels I don't like it. MONROE: No Pepper, you are correct, these two like the violence and in most scenarios i'd be at home watching the blood fest right along with you. But it is clear that he can't keep Harrison down. CONLON: I think part of their plan is to keep letting him up so they can continue the beating. MONROE: Do you have to deal with this guy every week Pepper? JACKSON: The pay is good... ["Jester" drops back down to his knees yet again next to Daniels and wraps his massive hands around the throat of Daniels. Daniels is kicking and trying to fight out of the choke as the ref starts in with the count. Before the can get any higher than one Allen releases the choke and stands to his feet and goes right towards the ref. The ref quickly runs out of the way as Allen sneers at him before turning his attention back towards Harrison Daniels. Chad Allen reaches down to pick up Harrison as all of the sudden Daniels grabs Allen and brings him down with a quick dragon screw leg whip. Daniels quickly wraps his leg and hooks Chad Allen into a knee bar.] CONLON: And the momentum goes back to HD3 with a knee bar locked in! JACKSON: What can you say really Stan? Percy called it again. "Jester" cannot keep Daniels down. MONROE: Look we knew "Jester" was going to come into this match and be a totally game opponent for Harrison Daniels, but the level that Daniels is wrestling on is just unreachable right now! [Daniels clinches the knee bar in as tight as he can as "Jester" is looking right into the eyes of Daniels and smiling. Harrison finally releases the knee and kips up to his feet before coming right back down onto the leg with an elbow drop. Daniels is back up to his feet again as he begins to drag Allen towards the ropes. All of the sudden Allen digs in with his free leg and stops the momentum of Harrison. Harrison steps back in to pick Allen up...] CONLON: ASIATIC SPIKE! "Jester" has that thumb choking deep into the throat of Daniels! MONROE: How in the hell is the ref allowing this? He has been trying to choke the life out of him all match and now the damn thumb of death? JACKSON: Oh but wait, look here... CONLON: Daniels reaches to the side and hooks the head of "Jester" and is headed right for the ropes. Daniels leaps off the second rope, spinning hitting a spring board ace crusher! JACKSON: Both men are down as Daniels isn't going down without one hell of a fight. MONROE: Facts are facts, and the fact here is that UPW has some phenomenal talent. HD3 just happens to be a bit more of a talent than Chad Allen, and that talent is the reason he is going to be the first UPW North American champion! CONLON: I, for one think Harrison Daniels will make a great North American champion, but that is a tough field stepping into place next Showdown. JACKSON: And Harrison Daniels is showing just how tough he can be as he keeps taking this beating and keeps coming back for more. MONROE: Plus he does have a pretty damn good equalizer on his side! [Daniels and Allen are both stirring trying to get to their feet as finally after a few moments both men are up. Allen lays nails Daniels with a right hand to the jaw, Daniels with a knife edge chop to the chest of "Jester", another right by Allen, another chop by Daniels. Allen staggers backwards as Harrison continues the chops backing "Jester" all the way back into the corner. Daniels hooks his arm around the head and arm of Allen and reaches down and hooks one leg of Allen as well. Daniels keeps the hold in place as he turns around facing out from the corner, before he can do anything with the move "Jester" Chad Allen gets the knee up right to groin.] MONROE: Harrison Daniels has brought class and sophistication to this match and this psycho freak has been choking him all match and now a knee to the groin. If this ref is still employed next show I am filing a complaint, that is for sure! JACKSON: Come on Stan, you have to agree with Percy on this one. Daniels has taken the high road and Allen has clearly taken the low road. CONLON: I will agree some of his moves have been questionable. JACKSON: To say the very least... CONLON: Oh but this right here doesn't look questionable, it looks rather familiar! "Jester" scoops Daniels up into a firemans carry! JACKSON: "THE LAST LAUGH!" "JESTER" JUST HIT DANIELS WITH "THE LAST LAUGH!" CONLON: Death valley driver, this could be all over! MONROE: We'll see right now who is gonna get the "last laugh". Get her Patricia! [Percy Monroe takes off his headset and drops it on the table as he and Patricia Monroe both leave the table. Patricia runs towards Iris Galiver. Out of her purse she pulls out a bag of gummy bears and tries to tempt Iris, but Iris isn't having it as she hops right onto Patricia and begins hitting her with a barrage of lefts and rights. Patricia is trying her hardest to cover up from the blows as the ref slides out of the ring to try and stop the attack.] CONLON: What the hell is Percy doing? He has a damn chair! [WHAAACCCCKKKKK] JACKSON: HE JUST LEVELED CHAD ALLEN! [Percy drags HD3 over and puts him on top of Chad Allen.] CONLON: No way! No way, Daniels has worked his tail off in this match and Percy Monroe just ruined all that with one chair shot! JACKSON: Percy is out of the ring and has pulled Patricia free as the ref slides back into the ring! ONE!!! . . . . . . . . . TWO!!! . . . . . . . . . THREE!!! CONLON: This was probably his damn plan all along! JACKSON: "Poetry in Motion" Percy Monroe put his stamp on this match and the ref is none the wiser! [The referee raises Daniels arm, even though he is still out while Monroe exits up the ramp as fast as possible with iris Galiver screaming from ringside at them.] CONLON: I'm not so sure that was the greatest move, Pepper. I doubt Daniels would have wanted to win that way. JACKSON: And I'm not sure attacking Chad Allen is a wise career move either. Percy Monroe better be careful from here on out, that much is for sure. [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Dyan Cicarelli bursts into the locker room area where jubilant celebrations are on-going. Most noticeably, it's snowing confetti. How? Where does it even come from? Mystery. DeAwn Carter hops around, spraying everything with Champagne in a manner that would put most winning F1 drivers to shame.] CARTER: WHOOO! [Behind him, Sammy Sharifi hugs big Kel Robertson, then turns to give the Soldier turned Warrior a congratulatory pat on the shoulder. Titan Juarez, one half of the tag team championships in hand, stands immobile, staring through his silver mask at the gold he holds.] CARTER: BEST TAG TEAM OF ALL TIME! [Dyan Ciccarelli and her camera have been spotted, perhaps not by the man she was hoping to interview. An euphoric DeAwn Carter jumps in front of the camera.] CARTER: YEAH! Once again, we show the entire world that we have nothing to lose but our chains! CICCARELLI: Oh... CARTER: No team will ever be as dominant as the Warriors! No team will ever compare! CICCARELLI: Could I... CARTER: We've just added the strongest to the team. [He points to Titan Juarez, still holding the tag team championship before him. His facial expression: silver mask.] CARTER: The strongest! You know we already had the toughest in Kel, and of course, we had the flat out best in yours truly! [Kel wraps an arm around Titan's shoulders, puts his matching championship next to Titan's.] CICCARELLI: Speaking of the strongest... CARTER: Now, the trifecta is complete! The strongest, the toughest, and the flat out best! [Carter grabs the camera with both hands and practically smashes it with his face.] CARTER: WHOOOOO! CICCARELLI: Can I get a word with Titan? [Cue the vinyl scratch. Sharifi turns to the camera, frowns, pushes them out.] SHARIFI: Hey now! Don't crowd my newest client, Dyan. The dream of a lifetime materialized! [It might be. UPW has not officially recognized Titan Juarez as one third of its Tag Team Champions as of yet...] SHARIFI: Can't you see he's overcome with emotion? CICCARELLI: But... [Sharifi's complete lack of strength doesn't push anyone very far, but it's not long until Kel "The Hound" Robertson clues in on what his manager's trying to do.] SHARIFI: Out! [Now with Robertson pushing them out, Dyan and her crew have no choice but to leave.] SHARIFI: And stay out! [The locker room door closes in front of the camera.] CICCARELLI: Well... I'm sorry guys. We couldn't get a word with Titan Juarez, but hopefully we'll get to hear from him sooner than later. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: The Warriors are bragging about being champions and having Juarez in their flock, but I still cannot believe it happened. SMITH: Strange things happen all the time and the Warriors prove that they are the best in every way now. Can you think of a team that can really take them down with Titan in their fold? CHANEY: I hate to say it, but I really can't. SMITH: Exactly. CHANEY: Those titles may have found a permanent home then. SMITH: They aren't leaving the Warriors for a long while or unless they get killed in a freak plane crash. CHANEY: Hey now! SMITH: Sorry, just making a point. CHANEY: And how about the freak occurrence of Daniels managing to defeat Chad Allen with the help of Percy Monroe! SMITH: We knew those two knew each other, but I am shocked to see the way that ended. CHANEY: It is important to note that I doubt Daniels has a clue what happened there and probably won't know until he sees the tape of the match. SMITH: Knowing the way he has been in UPW< I doubt Harrison will be thrilled with how his buddy helped him out. CHANEY: I doubt that kind of help will be possible when that North American Title Tourney starts. SMITH: No it won't and Shabazz may have all his truth soldiers at ringside just to make sure of it. CHANEY: And soldier is the right way to describe Dominion and its title contender, Antonio De Luca. SMITH: This match could be a terrible trap for De Luca because Foley has been a focus of his for awhile now. He has attacked Foley, intimidated Foley, and done everything he can to take Foley out of his game before the tournament. CHANEY: And the rubber meets the road tonight as De Luca and Foley finally square off one- on-one in the squared circle. SMITH: This is Foley's chance to prove to the world he can take down Dominion in any fashion and regain his footing, while De Luca will be looking to make Foley a footnote. CHANEY: This is shaping up to be a real battle! Let's go to the tape and see how it played out!

[The footage begins with Antonio De Luca holding a side headlock on Caleb Foley. Foley uses his arms and shoves De Luca into the ropes, then catches him on the rebound by the neck and sends him flying over the top rope and onto the arena floor. The crowd erupts as De Luca is sent reeling.] CONLON: FOLEY SENDS DE LUCA OVER THE TOP AND TO THE FLOOR!!! JACKSON: Foley has been tremendous in there tonight, Stan. I just don't know if he can keep this advantage with Dominion around out there. CONLON: That has been the "x-factor" in this one, Pepper. JACKSON: And it is yet again! [Foley begins stepping through the ropes and Lance Donovan and Tyson Bishop round the corner and stand near De Luca, which stops Foley half way through the ropes. The crowd boos knowing they have stopped Foley from taking advantage.] CONLON: Foley stopped dead in his tracks by Donovan and Bishop! This shouldn't be allowed! JACKSON: Well if Foley's friends were out here, he could have the same protection. CONLON: But they aren't here because Foley is a real man who tries to win battles on his own merit and not because he has thugs out here keeping him from being beaten. JACKSON: And how is that working for him, really? [Foley back into the ring and stands, talking to the referee who is shaking his head because he can't do anything about the Dominion protecting one of their own. The crowd begins a "Let them fight!" chant and Foley nods along with them.] CONLON: The crowd seems to be tired of these two protecting De Luca from any Foley attack. JACKSON: What do they know? Most of them are lucky to afford a couple of beers while they watch real men wrestle. CONLON: It just shows that they want to see Foley and De Luca in an actual battle and not something that stinks as if Foley is outnumbered and has no chance. JACKSON: He has all the chance in the world. Otherwise, De Luca never would have ended up out there to start with, Stan. [De Luca walks up the steps and finally steps through the ropes. His smugness turning the crowd against him at every turn. Foley rushes over and lands an overhand right that staggers De Luca into the corner and the fans erupt again.] CONLON: FOLEY NOT LETTING UP! WHAT AN OVERHAND RIGHT! JACKSON: This isn't a boxing match, people! CONLON: Foley is teeing off on De Luca with everything he has! This looks like the Foley that started this match and had De Luca on the ropes early. JACKSON: And again I ask, where has that gotten him? [De Luca is trapped in the corner and taking fists aplenty. He has a defensive stance, but Foley is not letting up. Caleb pelts De Luca in the ribs, the arms, and the side of the head. All the while De Luca keeps that defensive posture, protecting his face and main stomach area.] CONLON: De Luca managing to stay on his feet as Foley continues to pummel him over and over again. JACKSON: It's called the "rope-a-dope" and obviously De Luca has learned from fight masters in his training. CONLON: Foley isn't average though as he has conditioning to keep going. JACKSON: We'll see. De Luca is a strategic mastermind and Foley, well, isn't. [De Luca lifts his head for a second and Foley takes a big swing at him. De Luca dodges the punch and uses the momentum to shove Foley into the corner himself. De Luca plants a boot right in the mid section and then hits a European Uppercut that staggers Foley in that corner.] CONLON: DE LUCA STOPS FOLEY COLD! JACKSON: I told you! De Luca was playing him the whole time and making him expend energy with no real pay off. The man is a genius in there, especially for his age. CONLON: He does seem to always have a plan and Foley has walked right into it. JACKSON: I never had a doubt. Caleb is a classic head-on Irish fighter. It is his nature and it can be used against him. [De Luca pulls Foley out of the corner and sticks his head between his knees. He grabs the double underhook and lifts Foley straight up before dropping him in the center of the ring with a back breaker that gets a massive grown from the fans.] CONLON: THUMBS DOWN!!! DE LUCA NAILED IT! JACKSON: HE COVERS! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.........FOLEY WITH A KICKOUT!!!! CONLON: FOLEY SURVIVES! JACKSON: But the toll that back breaker caused will make it more and more difficult to kick out in the future. De Luca is on cruise control now! CONLON: Caleb Foley is going to have to dig deep now. Like in his wars raged years ago against the likes of Chase Williams, Foley must summon something to stay alive. JACKSON: Or he could roll over and just die and live to fight another day. [Foley begins rolling to sit up after the near fall and De Luca stays focused, turning to deliver a seated dropkick that ends Foley's attempt to stand. We see the other members of Dominion in the background standing watch and not giving any reaction to the match.] CONLON: Seated dropkick by De Luca stops Foley again from getting to his feet. JACKSON: De Luca has an answer for everything. You try to attack left, he is ready. You try to defend from him, and he finds a way around defenses. CONLON: The man has shown a lot of skill, that I will give him, Pepper. JACKSON: And to think he is one of many who have a chance to be the new North American Champion on the next Showdown. [Antonio quickly up and grabs Foley. De Luca grabs Caleb from under one arm across the chest and over the other shoulder. De Luca then bends Foley backwards over his knee before throwing himself back and putting enough spin on Foley and lands on his head and shoulders.] CONLON: BLACKLIST!!! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THAT WAS NASTY! JACKSON: THIS IS IT! HE HOOKS A LEG!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRREE.........FOLEY WITH A SHOULDER UP!!!!! CONLON: HOW DID HE ESCAPE THAT?!?!?! JACKSON: Caleb Foley showing extreme fortitude to stay in this match, but you have to wonder why? He is getting beaten like a rag doll now! No matter how strong he started the match, this is not ending well for him. CONLON: You said it yourself, he is an Irish fighter. They don't give up, ever! He will fight tooth and nail to stay in every match! JACKSON: Even if it means future harm for himself. [At this point, De Luca takes a moment to stare down the referee. He finally turns and shakes his head as he pulls Foley back to his feet and whips him into the corner. Foley rebounds out of the corner with a running lariat that drops De Luca to the canvas and pops the crowd.] CONLON: FOLEY WITH A RUNNIGN LARIAT THAT SENDS DE LUCA DOWN! JACKSON: Foley is using every ounce of energy he has to stay alive at this point. And while he may have avoided a loss and got De Luca down, he is still in worse shape. CONLON: But the key is that he has a chance to catch his breath and recover in a way, which could save everything. JACKSON: Not all plans go as desired. [Both men pull themselves to their feet, but De Luca was first. "The Legionarius" gets over to Foley, but Caleb hits an elbow strike to halt the forward momentum of De Luca. Foley then grabs De Luca and lifts him with an inverted suplex lift before dropping him with a sitout wheelbarrow facebuster.] CONLON: WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTER BY FOLEY!!! HE GOES FOR THE PIN! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR..........FOLEY YANKED OFF OF DE LUCA AND THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE ARENA FLOOR!!!! JACKSON: TYSON BISHOP SAVES THE DAY! CONLON: Foley jerked all the way out to the floor and he landed awkwardly. JACKSON: And now he is in a bad position as both Donovan and Bishop are out there on opposite sides of him. CONLON: Things could be getting really ugly for Caleb Foley. JACKSON: Hey, he has looked in the mirror today I am sure. So it already has gotten ugly for him. [Tyson Bishop backs off after breaking up the pin and the referee tells him to stay away from Foley in the match. Caleb Foley looks like he realizes the numbers issue here, but grins as he stands up and stares down Bishop. He slides back into the ring and walks toward De Luca with a eye still trained on Bishop.] CONLON: Foley back into the ring and looking to pick up where he left off. JACKSON: Or will he? [Foley leans down to pull De Luca up and gets poked in the eye for his trouble.] CONLON: EYE POKE FROM DE LUCA! JACKSON: You see? Strategy! [De Luca kips up and grabs the staggered Foley and lifts him for a Tiger Suplex in the center of the ring.] CONLON: ITALIAN SUPLEX!!! JACKSON: A De Luca specialty! The man is a machine all his own! CONLON: He isn't finished either, Pepper. De Luca isn't going for a pinfall after that. JACKSON: hat is because he knows what to do in these situations. He's a finisher. He knows how to put people away and Caleb Foley is about to become an example of that right here. [De Luca grabs Foley's legs and sets him up for a Boston Crab. Antonio finally gets the hold locked in right in the middle of the ring. Foley is trying to get out of the hold and reach for the bottom rope, but each time he gets remotely close, Donovan is there and pulls on the rope to get it away from him.] CONLON: ROMAN CRAB BY DE LUCA!!! And there is Lance Donovan making sure that rope doesn't get near Foley's fingers! JACKSON: Great work there by Dominion and Caleb Foley is in deep trouble! His legs will be jelly after this! CONLON: De Luca has that hold so tight that Foley's knees are turning shades of white from the strain. JACKSON: The man finds a weakness and exploits it. The more he wins, the more UPW should be afraid of him and the rule he could bring to the horizon. [The referee starts telling Donovan to stop as Foley is wrenched even tighter in this crab hold by De Luca. De Luca is leaning as far back as he can to add torque to those knees and thighs. Foley is grimacing in pain as he continues to try and move close to the ropes.] CONLON: Foley straining as hard as he can to get to the ropes, but De Luca continues to be in control. JACKSON: This is the kind of match that may change Foley forever. We may never see that brash, rushing in kind of wrestler anymore. His legs may be shot! CONLON: This is certainly a hold that can do it! He needs to get to those ropes as soon as he can or more damage will be done! JACKSON: De Luca should just twist those stems off and beat him with them. [Foley finally manages to grab the bottom rope and the referee calls for the break. De Luca refuses. The referee begins yelling, no break from De Luca. The referee begins counting to five and De Luca still refuses to break. Finally, the referee says last chance or disqualification and Antonio lets go of Foley's legs.] CONLON: FINALLY DE LUCA BREAKS THE HOLD! That was just poor sportsmanship there, Pepper. JACKSON: the point is to win and do it within the rules. The man gets five seconds and a warning and he used them up perfectly. He tip-toed the line, but didn't cross it. CONLON: Tell that to Caleb Foley, who may never walk right again! JACKSON: Cry me a river, Stan. [De Luca up and he kicks Caleb's left knee. Then his right knee. De Luca begins taunting Foley to stand up and fight, before kicking the knees in succession again. The fans are throwing all kinds of shade at De Luca for this.] CONLON: Antonio De Luca just terrorizing those knees of Caleb Foley! JACKSON: Now his back is beaten down and his knees are jelly. Foley's chances to land anything of major impact is all but nill! CONLON: He has an up road battle to be sure, but if anyone can do it, Foley is headstrong enough to pull it off. JACKSON: Now I would have said it a different way. I would have said that he was too stupid to know when he's beaten. [Foley pulls on the ropes to try and stand, and this forces the referee to stop any action by De Luca by rule. Foley finally gets to his feet and turns to see the confidant De Luca being held back by the referee. De Luca mouths something to Foley that sets him off and Caleb rushes toward him, only to find De Luca's boot in his gut.] CONLON: FOLEY RUSHES RIGHT INTO THAT BOOT! JACKSON: We all saw that coming, Stan. De Luca not only has the advantage, but he seems to be inside Foley's head. He can make him rage out in a second! CONLON: And that causes lapses in judgment that someone like De Luca takes advantage of easily. JACKSON: Exactly. Once again, you have to point out that De Luca is a brilliant strategist. You don't want to be on his bad side. [De Luca grabs Foley and puts his head into position again. Antonio lifts the power bomb lift and pulls Foley all the way onto his back, steadying him into that standing crucifix before dropping the crucifix power bomb in the center of the ring.] CONLON: BLOOD AND SAND! THIS ONE IS OVER!!! JACKSON: HE HOOKS THE LEG! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: DE LUCA WITH THE VICTORY! JACKSON: Like clockwork! Antonio De Luca making a major statement as he heads into the North American Tournament. CONLON: For all we know, these two could meet again next Showdown in that tournament. JACKSON: If I am Caleb Foley, I pray to my personal god that it doesn't work out that way. [De Luca stands and raises his arm in victory as the Dominion enter and stand next to him. Foley is still on the mat trying to move, but the referee is kneeling next to him to keep the Dominion from doing any more damage.] CONLON: The Dominion standing tall together! JACKSON: Solidarity and strength in numbers! These men are the future of UPW without a doubt and woe be anyone who stands in their way! [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [We cut to backstage where Dyan Cicarelli is once again standing by with STRIKER Kato and Ricky Courage, the Soldiers of the Sun. Kato looks both stunned and as if he is about to vomit while Ricky has an angry expression on his face.] Dyan: Once again I am here with the Soldiers of the Sun and gentlemen.. We just saw Titan Juarez JOIN the UPW World Tag Team Champions, The Warriors! What are your thoughts? [STRIKER has an incredulous expression on his face as he struggles to find the words... Any words!] Kato: I... Ah... The... I... The... The thing.. I... Ah.... [Sweat is profusely pouring down the Osakan's face as he runs a hand nervously over his usually spiky hair which is now kind of wilted.] Kato: I mean... I... It is just a misunderstanding! [Ricky's eyes shoot wide as if struck by a blow while Dyan makes a "This is really awkward" expression.] Kato: It.. It has to be.. Just one.. big.. misunderstandi- Courage: ARRRRGH! [Both Dyan and Kato jump at Ricky's gutteral scream.] Courage: Stop it! It's not a misunderstanding! He's left us! HE'S LEFT US! [Kato closes his eyes with despair as he runs his hands over his sweaty face.] Courage: Uncle Titan isn't a Soldier of the Sun any more! [Ricky lets out an angry sigh.] Courage: And it's all because of me! Because I'm a screw up! Because I messed up! He's gone because I'm not... *SMACK* DYAN: OH! [Dyan and Kato jump as Ricky SLAMS a fist against the wall nearby. The rookie grimaces a moment as he shakes the pain from his hand before looking away as his eyes begin to tear up.] Courage: He's gone because I'm not Dad. Kato: Ricky! [Courage stomps off screen leaving a behind a stunned STRIKER Kato who watches after him.] Kato: No! Ricky! That... That is not... [Kato turns to Dyan.] Kato: My apologies but I have to go! Dyan: Oh! OK. [Kato nods before chasing after his young partner and Dyan looks at the camera with a shocked expression.] Dyan: Wow! So there you have it! Back to you guys! [We cut away...]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Well if you were having trouble wrapping your head around what Titan Juarez is up to, those boys are at an even bigger loss! CHANEY: Seems that way! SMITH: I really feel for Ricky Courage. The kid tries his best and now feels like he is the reason for the issues. CHANEY: Things like this can sting, but mentally it could become a major stumbling block! SMITH: Indeed! Ricky needs to find something he can depend on inside himself if he is to press on. CHANEY: And at some point, he need to be prepared to stand across the ring from Titan when the gold is on the line. SMITH: And THAT may be the biggest problem he will face because right now, I'm not sure he has it in him to do that. CHANEY: A lot of weight on that young man, and perhaps not rightfully so. SMITH: Nobody said this life was easy. CHANEY: You got that right, just ask Caleb Foley after coming up short against Antonio De Luca! SMITH: De Luca has really flown under the radar in UPW. He hasn't been terribly flash, but he goes out and works solid, beats his opponent, and moves on. CHANEY: Looks like a strong North American contender. SMITH: Yeah, he does. And if not for Glenn Chambers and Jeff Keenan in this tournament, I'd probably call De Luca a lock at this point. CHANEY: That sold on him? SMITH: I haven't seen skills packed in the manner he has them in years. Very few fit that bill. And I would guarantee that he will be in the title match and then stand across from Chambers or Keenan. CHANEY: Sounds good either way, really. SMITH: It will be. But you never know, that is why we have the matches the way we do. Nobody say Liam Donegal in that fatal four-way, and yet there he was earning his way through. CHANEY: UPW is full of surprises! SMITH: Like Marco Matters' shocking two match run. Matters wins, insults Jeff Keenan and gets beat in a great match and now gets the luxury of taking on Chase Williams. CHANEY: At least this time he didn't poke the bear by saying how little he knew of him and what not. SMITH: Yeah, I bet Williams would kill him in the middle of the ring if he pulled that. CHANEY: Well let's see what happened as Marco Matters steps in against Chase Williams! Roll the tape!

[The footagepicks up with Chase Williams whipping Marco matters into the corner.] CONLON: No one deserves a beating like this Pepper! The referee just needs to stop this match before Williams does permanent damage. The man is unhinged. JACKSON: Until Lewis gives him a rematch I don't blame him! [Williams drives a hard elbow into the jaw of Matters with staggers him backward into the turnbuckle. Another rapid series of _stiff_ elbows and Matters slumps into a seated position in the corner. Chase takes a step back and drives his knee into Marco's face that elicits an audible crunch as the crowd groans.] CONLON: Enough is Enough! I'm pretty sure that was Matter's nose shattering that we just heard! Blood is pouring down his face now! Stop this ref this is disgusting! Chase jumped Marco in the aisle, and has been beating him senseless ever since. This match should've never even started! JACKSON: You wanna go tell Chase that buddy? [The ref tries to hold Chase off While he checks on Matters but Williams is a man posessed. He drives boot after boot into the prone form of Matters before the referee finally forces Williams back physically long enough to to check on Matters] CONLON: This is a glorified mugging! Williams has lost it! He just shoved the referee out of the way again and drags the limp body of Matter's out of the corner. This is not gonna end well. JACKSON: Williams making a statement by beating Matters to death tonight... You watching this Aaron Lewis? This is your future. [William spikes Matters with the Moment of Clarity, but one pump handle piledriver will not get his point across tonight, and he scrapes a bloody Matters off the mat to drive him down once again. CONLON: Jesus ref, its time to put an end to this massacre! JACKSON: He proclaimed this would only be the first to slaughter until he gets what Lewis stole! [Almost comically, Williams grabs Matters and slaps on the Endgame Arm bar to no reaction from Marco, but the referee _immdiately_ calls for the bell, trying in vain to get Chase to release the hold.] CONLON: The referee called for the bell but Chase refuses to release the hold! [More referees fill the ring and as Williams screams "Lewis" over and over and wrenches on the arm.] JACKSON: Chase is trying to remove Marco's arm! This is crazy! [Williams finally releases the hold as emt's fill the ring and a stretcher arrives at ringside. They tend to Matters as Williams rolls out of the ring and grabs a microphone.] Williams: AARON LEWIS! I HOPE YOU SAW WHAT I JUST DID TO MARCO MATTERS! YOUR FAULT. NOT TO MENTION YOUR FUTURE! [Williams rolls back into the ring and takes a seat on the top turnbuckle.] Williams: Get that garbage out of my ring! [Medics have rushed in to tend to Matters in the background behind Williams.] Williams: Now, Aaron, you have something that belongs to me, and until you man up and give me what belongs to me, everyone that crosses my path is gonna end up like poor Marco over there. [He pauses and turns around to see medics pulling matters out and being careful not to move his arm much. Chase seems to laugh to himself before continuing.] Williams: Now, we all know how much you pride yourself on being some courageous hero. But I know the truth, deep down, in your heart of hearts, in places people dont like to talk about at parties, you're a coward, and you'll happily sacrifice a hundred Marco Matters to avoid a confrontation with me. [Chase pauses to flez his right arm and show his power before continuing.] Williams: But that's okay bubble boy, run. Hide. Cause there's a battle royal coming up here real soon. And after I win, there will be nowhere left for you to run. I'm coming for you and getting MY title. [Chase throws down the microphone and steps over thE top rope to exit the ring.] CONLON: Chase Williams seems focused on winning the rumble and getting a title shot, Pepper. JACKSON: The man is huge and will be a factor in that match. Who am I to say he won't run the table? [Williams walks up to the medics and shoves them out of the way. He grabs Matters and shoves him into the ring post with that arm that has been put in a sling. Williams then grabs him and lifts him for a powerbomb on the arena floor. Finally security rushes out to keep Williams from doing further damage.] CONLON: CHASE WILLIAMS LITERALLY KILLING MARCO MATTERS AT RINGSIDE!!! JACKSON: Well now he may not even know who HE is after this. That arm will never work right again. CONLON: Chase Williams is a man on a mission and I wouldn't want to stand across from him in that ring. JACKSON: It is scary enough sitting here several feet away! UPW watch out because Williams is on the loose! [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Fade in: We are backstage at the Century Link Centre in Omaha, Nebraska. The fallout from the shock announcement of the match between Rick Styles and the monstrous Derek Rage has reverberated throughout the UPW. And now, commanding the screen and the mic, is the happiest man on the planet, Velvet Sims, otherwise known as Derek Rage's spokesman and manager. He is dressed in a burgundy suit with patina-painted brown shoes and a brown porkpie hat tilted at a rakish angle on his head. His fawn-coloured shirt is buttoned to his neck but he doesn't wear a necktie. He does wear the biggest grin ever, though, and shows a number of bright white teeth.] VS: Lookie what we have here! The UPW took my advice and heeded my warnin', huh! I said I was scared of what was gonna happen if Derek Rage was left dissatisfied and that poor boy got mangled. Now the UPW is bendin' over backwards to try to make thangs right. I thank ya for that because I didn't know who else was gonna have to get hurt. [Sims' eyes narrow into a squint.] VS: But don't y'all thank for one second that I don't know what's really up here. Y'all wanna kill two birds with one stone. Y'all wanna see Derek Rage fix one of your worst mistakes when you gave too much freedom to that lunatic, Rick Styles. I mean, that mofo pissed on a man and dragged the name of this here company through the mud. And y'all wanna be shocked that the UPW is getting' mocked all across this nation of ours and all across the world. Y'all ain't heard? They callin' y'all promotion the U ... PEE ... dubbya. An I mean why not. They gon get every joke in they can because it was kinda shockin' and ridiculous at the same time. John Herdick, boy, I gotta give yuh nuff respeck for even showin' up to work, but you should take a shower. That ain't the kind of thang you wanna just leave unchecked. I mean the smell alone. [He fans his hand in front of his nose.] VS: But Herdick, brother, UPW, don't y'all worry about a thang. Because the God is gonna take care of this hisself. I mean, we gon take Rick Styles straight out the picture. We gon lay him low and end all this nonsense once and for all. Because that's just what we do. [He pauses for a beat.] VS: Rick Styles, I wanna give you one warnin'. These crazy fools round here might think it's cool that you pissed on somebody on live TV and that it mighta popped a rating, but if you're thankin' about another dumb stunt let me warn you ... don't. Cuz you know it's better to be pissed off than pissed on. And Big D don't ever get pissed on, brutha! But he do get pissed off. And do you really want a seven-two, three hundred forty pound monstah to be pissed off at cha? I don't think you that nutty, is you? Cuz, I spent some time payin' attention to what you've had to say and I must say, I gotta scratch my damn head. You talk about bein' real in that ring. You talk about bein' the realest thang in this business, but ain't you the mofo that tried to fly a blimp into a match? Ain't you the same mofo that's made it a habit of turnin' on every person whoever trusted yo ass? Ain't cha that mofo that's the butt of every joke about the nonsense of wrestling? You thank you the realest? Last time out you were sittin' in a rockin' chair readin' children's stories about yerself. And you claim to be the realest in tha ring? You musta not heard about Derek Rage. You musta not heard about my man who been a tag-team champion since the day he walked into this business. You must not a heard about my man who is still the damn IPW World Television champion. You musta not heard about the Hammer of God ... the most devastatin' weapon in professional wrestling. You musta not heard about the God who is the new cleanup man for the UPW. The God that's comin' to erase you, Ricky Boy. [Velvet's Cheshire grin gets even wider and toothier.] VS: The realest mofo in the business is gonna come getcha. So don'tcha worry about Ralph, don't cha worry about tryin' ta be all melodramatic and ridiculous in that ring. You wanna prove that you real? Well, nut up, man up and come fight the great God. But I promise yay a ain't gonna win. The Hammer of God is gonna put an end to your path of privilege. Derek Rage is gonna put an end to your reputation. And he gonna put an end to the mockery that has plagued UPW. He gonna piss on everythang you hold dear, brutha! And then he gonna take that championship, too. Goodnight. God bless. [Sims tips his hat to the camera and gives a wink and a smile. [Fade out.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Velvet Sims making a statement and the main event is in full view! I hope everyone is paying attention because Derek Rage is the kind of monster you can't sleep on at all. SMITH: You can say that again and if Styles doesn't do his due diligence in preparing, then he will find himself dealing with the "Hammer of God." CHANEY: It is important to note that had it not been for an errant strike against the ring post in a tournament advancement match against Liam Donegal, that Rage might be World Champion already. SMITH: That tournament was insane, and there were so many twists and turns that could have changed things. What if Styles had not refused to wrestle the first round and actually beat Lewis in that first match? CHANEY: We could go "what if" on so many topics, but the one thing we know if that either Rage or Styles will be the man facing Aaron Lewis at Survival for the UPW World Title SMITH: And Lewis better be ready! CHANEY: So much on the landscape of UPW, and one of the big events coming up within that Survival event is the Ultimate Rumble! SMITH: We have word that it isn't going to be exactly the same as first thought. CHANEY: Well cards are always subject to change, Gorilla! SMITH: (chuckling) Don't I know it! CHANEY: The Ultimate Rumble will no longer involve two rings and double elimination, biggest reason is that the United Center just couldn't be configured in a way to make it fit safely for ringside fans. SMITH: I remember when cages went all the way to the people in row number one, but I get the decision. CHANEY: Forty men, the winner gets a World Title shot at Slamfest VI! Runner up gets a North American Shot, Third gets a World Tag Shot... SMITH: And he gets to pick his partner for it, too. Important to remember that. CHANEY: Very true! Fourth place gets a Television Title shot and fifth place gets the "mystery box." SMITH: What is the mystery box? CHANEY: No clue, but I did some research. In the past the mystery Box has contained the right to "unfire" one of the man who was tossed first ten. It has also been a second title shot of their choice. It was also once the ability to set the matches for an entire episode of TTW television. SMITH: So it really can be ANYTHING, then. CHANEY: Yes! Which means where you enter in the rumble is key. In the history of the rumble in TTW, eighty percent of the top five finishers entered in the second half of the order. SMITH: So getting a number in last twenty is more desirable. That isn't a shock. CHANEY: But it does go to show why our next match is so important. Dylan Cardinal and Liam Donegal. One of these men will enter first in the rumble and the other will enter fortieth! SMITH: Cardinal should be motivated for this one considering Donegal cost him the World Title last time out. In fact, some believe Donegal handed the title to Lewis very literally when he yanked Cardinal out of the ring and off the top of Williams. CHANEY: And now he gets his chance against a man known to overcome obstacles. Donegal has been on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, fighting on many fronts and tonight he has the chance to ease his battle somewhat by getting that number forty position. SMITH: But he has to take down a snake! CHANEY: And that may be tougher than anyone imagines. SMITH: I'm excited to see how this one plays out! CHANEY: Then lets not wait a moment longer! To the footage to see which man walks out with the ultimate advantage for the rumble match!

[In the ring, Liam Donegal takes down Cardinal with an Arm-Trap Swinging Neckbreaker and immediately weaves himself around the Basilisk's head to apply a choke hold.] CONLON: Koji Clutch! JACKSON: What happened, Stan? Cardinal had control of this! CONLON: Initially, yes, but not for a while! JACKSON: That Donegal's so fast I couldn't keep up! Neither could Cardinal. CONLON: I suspect that's why he's going for the Koji Clutch at this point. He's used speed to take Cardinal out of his comfort zone, but he needs a breather if he wants to keep it up. JACKSON: The kind of breather that doesn't give the King of Serpents a breather of his own! [Cardinal tries to crawl towards the ropes, but Donegal did apply the hold in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: Cardinal can't find an escape. Has Donegal found his Achilles' heel! JACKSON: Does a Basilisk even have heels? [Cardinal appears to give up on reaching the ropes when Donegal seemingly tightens his stranglehold. Suddenly, the Basilisk pushes back on his heels, rolling Donegal on his back.] CONLON: Cardinal with a counter, pinning Donegal's shoulders to the mat for the count... ONE! . . . TWO!! . . . . CONLON: Donegal breaks the hold! JACKSON: I'd give Cardinal credit for that! [The King of Serpents staggers to his feet, but Donegal's runs the ropes and leaps into a Calf Kick!] CONLON: Calf Kick connects! JACKSON: It almost took Cardinal off his feet! [Liam smoothly rolls back into motion, running the ropes in the opposite direction, almost springs over Cardinal, grabbing his head as if for a Bulldog, and over the top rope to the apron!] CONLON: Ring rope guillotine! [Cardinal teeters back towards the center of the ring, clutching his throat.] JACKSON: Donegal's using a foreign object! CONLON: The ring isn't a foreign object and you know it! [From the apron, Donegal grips the top rope, jumps up to the highest cable, springboards off of it and flies at his opponent extending his arm for a clothesline...] *_____THUUUUUUD______* CONLON: SAMOAN DROP! Cardinal countered and used Donegal's own momentum against him! [Still clutching his throat, Dylan covers Donegal and hooks the leg.] ONE! . . . TWO!! . . . Th-Kickout! JACKSON: Gah! I was kind of hoping that'd be it. CONLON: Donegal's not out. [Cardinal grabs his opponent in an inverted facelock, then applies body scissors.] CONLON: Dylan Cardinal applying the Bite of the Dragon, here... JACKSON: Making Donegal choke on his own medicine, maybe? [Donegal's trapped in the hold, starts to show signs of wearing down.] CONLON: Liam's in trouble, here... Cardinal's starting to sap away that energy, taking away the speed Donegal was using to take control of this match. JACKSON: Donegal's about to tap, I can tell! CONLON: Donegal won't give up! He knows what's on the line! Being the first man in or last man in at the Survival Rumble could be career defining for both of these men. JACKSON: If you start first and get eliminated early, you know it could be career killing! [Sensing Donegal's strength wane, Cardinal releases the body scissors, chances the inverted facelock into an inverted headlock, rises to his feet, pulling the Bostonian up with him. Cardinal falls to his knees, driving Donegal's spine into his own!] CONLON: BACKBREAKER! [Donegal snaps back to his hands and knees, reaching for his lower back as Cardinal stalks him. The Basilisk takes aim, runs and brains Donegal with a knee to the temple!] CONLON: Goodness! What a vicious blow! JACKSON: If life were movies, Donegal would now have amnesia! CONLON: Cardinal's not going for the pin, though... [The Basilisk slides out of the ring, reaches down to one of the ringside mats and peels it away, discarding it to the side. He bends down, pats the exposed concrete and smirks...] CONLON: Oh no... JACKSON: And here I thought a career could have been killed at the Survival Rumble. A career could end right here tonight! [Cardinal slithers back into the ring, approaches Donegal. The King of Serpents pulls the Bostonian up, knees him in the gut, then whips him over the top rope and out of the ring!] CONLON: Donegal hangs on! [Grabbing hold of the top rope, Donegal lands on the apron instead of crashing at ringside. Cardinal takes note, charges in with a shoulder tackle...] *___THACK!___* CONLON: Back elbow by Liam! [Stunned, Cardinal falls to his knees, but he reaches under the bottom rope to grab Donegal's feet and pulls! Donegal loses balance, falls backwards, back first at ringside!] CONLON: GOOD GRACIOUS!!! JACKSON: Air Donegal crashed at ringside! Victims include an unknown number of vertebrae! [Cardinal shakes off the cobwebs, slides under the rope to pick up Liam Donegal.] ONE! . . TWO! . . [He pulls him up into a front chancery, then thrusts a knee up into Donegal's thorax... then another. Cardinal leaps up to punctuate with his signature knee smash... but Donegal uses the momentum to counter with a Northern Lights Suplex!] *_____THUUUUD______* CONLON: DONEGAL COUNTERS! JACKSON: HOW DID HE EVEN??? . . . FOUR! . . CONLON: Both competitors are down and out at ringside! . . FIVE! . . . JACKSON: What would a double count-out mean for the Survival Rumble? Who gets in first, who gets in last? CONLON: I don't know, Pepper! . . SIX! . . . [An easily recognizeable man appears at the top of the aisle, accompannied by two thugs in blue camo pants.] CONLON: What's Malcom Shabazz doing here? JACKSON: I don't know, Stan! . . . SEVEN! . . . [Donegal and Cardinal begin to stir as Malcom Shabazz slowly makes his way to ringside, boos raining down on him and his Hard Truth Soldiers.] . . . . EIGHT! . . . . [Donegal pulls himself up to his knees, looks to the ring so he can make his way back...] CONLON: Shabazz and his soldiers are blocking Donegal's way! . . [Cardinal weakly rolls under the bottom rope...] . . NINE! . . JACKSON: No one's touching Donegal, though. Looks like Shabazz is only here to scout. CONLON: HE'S BLOCKING LIAM'S PATH, PEPPER! . . . [Donegal hops on top of the barricade, then jumps over the Hard Truth Soldiers and up onto the apron, falling through the ropes and into the ring just in time to beat the count!] CONLON: HE MADE IT! [The fans cheer Donegal's exploit, but the cheers are short-lived because Cardinal immediately moves in, clubbing Donegal nape and back with heavy forearms. He whips Liam across the ring back first into the opposite corner, then charges in to crash into his opponent with a huge corner clothesline!] CONLON: Cardinal wasting no time, aiming to capitalize! [Cardinal pushes himself up to sit on top of the corner turnbuckle, then dives off the second rope, almost caving in the Bostonian's skull with a diving knee drop!] CONLON: Cardinal hooks the leg... ONE . . . TWO!! . . . . THR-Shoulder up! JACKSON: So close! CONLON: Cardinal can't believe it, but Donegal's still in this! [The Basilisk pulls his opponent up, grabs his arm, and pulls him into a devastating short-arm clothesline! He firmly stomps down on Donegal's head before lifting him up for another short-arm clothesline.] CONLON: Donegal ducks! [Cardinal swings wide, Donegal ducks underneath and slips behind the Kings of Serpents, applies a waist-lock and hoists him up and over!] CONLON: BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX! [Cardinal bounces back first off the mat, scrambles to his feet only to walk into Donegal's arms. Liam hoists him up in a Fireman's carry, leaps forward and slams Cardinal back first into the mat with a rolling fireman's carry slam! Donegal rolls through, deftly climbs straight up to the top turnbuckle, drawing cheers as he does so!] JACKSON: And now he stops dead to soak in the cheers. What a narcissist! [From his perch, it looks like Donegal can't decide whether he wants to target Cardinal or Shabazz and his pair of Soldiers.] CONLON: Now's not the time to hesitate, Liam! [Donegal makes up his mind, but the delay could have cost him his opportunity. He leaps off into a diving elbow drop and...] CONLON: NAILS IT! JACKSON: Right on Cardinal's chest! That's gotta wind a man! [Donegal collects himself, shakes off the damage he did to his own body with the high risk maneuver, then scrambles on top of Cardinal.] ONE! . . . . TWO!! . . . . . THR-SHOULDER UP! CONLON: That was a 2.999 for sure! Donegal almost had him! JACKSON: Doubt it. Cardinal just wanted a longer rest. [Donegal can't hide the disappointment, but he doesn't lose focus. Cardinal slowly rises and Donegal waits for the perfect moment... just as Cardinal turns to face him, Donegal leaps, tucks both his knees under the Basilisk's jaw and grabs the monster's head in a Codebreaker...] CONLON: NO NEED TO FEAR! JACKSON: But Cardinal's holding him up! He won't let Donegal fall down and land the move! [Using his height as leverage, Cardinal throws Donegal overhead and back first into the corner turnbuckles!] CONLON: This could change the complexion of this match completely! [Cardinal stomps on Donegal until the Irish-American's head hangs over the ring apron. Only then does the Basilisk step through the ropes and onto the apron. He lines Donegal up, then lands a vicious leg drop on Donegal's neck across the apron!] CONLON: LEG DROP! JACKSON: Why was I expecting Donegal's head to fall in a basket? [Both men crash to ringside, fans jeer, and the referee begins a second count-out.] ONE! . . [Cardinal gets to his feet, proud of his handiwork, and comes face to face with Malcom Shabazz. The crowd doesn't quite know what to make of this unexpected confrontation and it exhibits a decidedly split reaction...] . TWO! . . CONLON: Shabazz... Cardinal... JACKSON: They could have met in the ring at last ShowDown's main event had the tournament not been rigged to exclude Shabazz! CONLON: Conjecture. . . THREE! . . [Cardinal grins, stretches his neck out, cocks his head, then points to his jaw, inviting Shabazz to strike.] CONLON: Is Cardinal crazy? JACKSON: Of course not! If Shabazz hits him, Cardinal wins the match and he automatically earns the best spot in the Survival Rumble! Best part is, Donegal would get the worst! . FOUR! . [Shabazz scowls, tells his Hard Truth Soldiers to step back.] . FIVE! . JACKSON: Do it, Malcom! Do it! CONLON: I don't think Shabazz takes kindly to Cardinal telling him what to do, Pepper. JACKSON: Oh, sure. You'll do what one white guy wants, but you'll screw over another white guy in the process, Malcom! . SIX! . [Shabazz shakes his head and steps back, unwilling to cooperate with Cardinal.] . SEVEN! . [The King of Serpents responds with a "suits yourself" shrug, rolls under the bottom rope and back out to reset the referee's count.] CONLON: Cardinal turning his attention back to Donegal... JACKSON: And that exposed portion of concrete! [Cardinal grabs Donegal, guides him to the exposed concrete, then applies a double underhook...] JACKSON: YES! CONLON: I can't believe we could see this! JACKSON: LD50 on the concrete! Do it! [Cardinal takes aim, but the crowd pops as Donegal fights back, pushes himself free and rams Dylan back first into the ring apron!] CONLON: A counter! [Donegal slips behind Cardinal, hoists him up into a Belly-to-Back Powerbomb on the ringside mats!] CONLON: BLUE THUNDER BOMB! JACKSON: Cardinal could be out! [Donegal musters all his strength to pull Cardinal up and shove him back into the ring before they both get counted out, then slides in after him. With a lateral press, he goes for the pin...] ONE! . . . TWO!! . . . . THR-SHOULDER UP! CONLON: I can't believe it! JACKSON: I can. Donegal lacked the killer instinct to do what it takes, Stan. CONLON: What? JACKSON: Donegal did his Blue Thunder Bomb on the ringside mats instead of the exposed concrete... he couldn't go for the jugular, that's why this match isn't over! CONLON: It's not over, but you can't tell me Cardinal can take much more of this! [Cardinal weakly struggles to his feet, Donegal lines him up, bounces off the ropes, charges at the King of Snakes with blazing speed...] JACKSON: SNAKE BITE!!! [Donegal makes a full flip in the air and crash lands at the opposite end of the ring.] CONLON: GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY! Donegal ran into it full speed! JACKSON: And it's all legal, Stan! CONLON: It's not legal at all! Throat thrusts are banned for a very good reason, Pepper! [Barely standing on his feet, Cardinal argues with the referee... he landed an uppercut, he insists, not an illegal throat thrust. The Basilisk collapses over Donegal for the pinfall...] ONE! . . . TWO!! . . . . THREEE!!! [Cardinal raises his arms in victory, but the fans suddenly erupt in cheers when they see the referee waving a negative with his arms, pointing to Donegal's foot on the bottom rope!] CONLON: DONEGAL HAD HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE! JACKSON: That was a three count! CONLON: It wasn't a legal pin, Pepper! [It takes all of Cardinal's self-discipline to restrain himself from striking the referee. He pulls Donegal to the center of the ring, applies the double underhooks...] JACKSON: LD50... CONLON: Donegal counters! [Donegal pulls free, takes Cardinal down with a double-leg takedown, turns him on his belly then maneuvers him into a Japanese Rolling Leg Clutch pinning predicament!] ONE! . . . . TWO!! . . . . . THR-Kick out! CONLON: So close! JACKSON: I don't even understand how Donegal did that, Stan! CONLON: A this late junction in the match, Cardinal could have lacked the energy to kick out of such a cradle! [Disoriented, Cardinal gets to his feet. When he turns to face his opponent, Donegal leaps at him like an Alien facehugger, then falls backwards into a massive Codebreaker!] CONLON: NO NEED TO FEAR! NO NEED TO FEAR! [Cardinal's head snaps back from the impact and he tumbles through the ropes, onto the apron and out of the ring!] JACKSON: Cardinal bounced right out of the ring! CONLON: The violence of that impact! Unbelievable! It's clear Liam Donegal didn't want Cardinal to fall out of the ring, however! JACKSON: He especially didn't want Cardinal to fall close to Malcom Shabazz and his crew like that. [Over the top rope, Donegal demands that Shabazz and his men move away from Cardinal. But once again, it doesn't look like Shabazz is interested in cooperation.] JACKSON: Bet Donegal would like Adam Lazarus back about now! CONLON: And risk the safety of wife and child? I don't think so. [Donegal grabs the top rope, leaps up, springboards off the top rope, corkscrews through the air and wipes out Shabazz and his cohorts with a spectacular crossbody to the outside!] *MASSIVE POP!* CONLON: SPRINGBOARD CORKSCREW CROSSBODY! JACKSON: He can't do that to peaceful protestors! CONLON: In what universe is Shabazz peaceful, Pepper? JACKSON: He didn't attack anyone, did he? CONLON: He's not the type to make empty threats... and he's been making a lot of those, lately! [Obstacles out of the way, Donegal can hoist up Cardinal. He grabs his hand, aims for the ring post and Irish whips Cardinal into it!] *____KLLAAAAANNG_____* [HEEL POP] CONLON: DONEGAL! FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST! JACKSON: CARDINAL COUNTERED! CONLON: I don't even understand how he did it! He can barely stand! JACKSON: Donegal took his eye off the ball and it was all he needed! [Cardinal rolls Donegal into the ring, pulls him into double underhooks and plants him forehead first into the mat.] CONLON: LD50! JACKSON: He leans into a cover, now... ONE! . . . TWO!! . . . . THREE!!! CONLON: This one's in the books! Cardinal will be the final entrant in the Survival Rumble JACKSON: As for Liam Donegal's book, it's about to become longer and a lot more tragic! CONLON: I can't help but feel things might have gone differently if Malcom Shabazz and his men hadn't show up. JACKSON: Or if Adam Lazarus had stuck around? CONLON: That could have changed things as well, for all we know. ["Stripsearch" by Faith No More begins to play, underscoring Cardinal's victory, and the King of Snakes collapses into the corner turnbuckles.] JACKSON: Here's what I know; Dylan Cardinal was not going to be stopped. CONLON: It appears not, but... what's Malcom Shabazz doing? [Shabazz is back on his feet, and he's not a particularly pleased man. A nearby camera picks up his words as he gets up onto the ring apron.] SHABAZZ: Times Up......11:55 [It's unclear whether Liam Donegal heard any of that, as he only now begins to stirr. Shabazz steps through the ropes, eyes locked on Liam Donegal.] CONLON: OK, maybe it would have been best if Adam Lazarus was here... [Cardinal's music fades out as Liam weakly gets to his knees. Malcom Shabazz walks over to stand above him, dominant.] JACKSON: Trigger warning: Donegal's about to get beat like a government mule. Again. SHABAZZ: Time's up. [Malcom leans down, to make sure Donegal hears him.] SHABAZZ: [BLEEP] me?? NO! [BLEEP] you!!! *___THOOOCKK___* CONLON: UPPERCUT FROM DONEGAL! [Donegal pops up to his feet, catches Shabazz off guard again with a roundhouse kick that takes Malcom off his feet! The fans explode in cheers! CONLON: And now those Hard Truth Soldiers get involved! [The pair of Hard Truth Soldiers storm the ring. Donegal dropkicks the first off the apron, sending him crashing into the barricades! He turns just in time to see the second charging at him. Donegal leaps up and nails him with a Codebreaker!] CONLON: DOUBLE-N T F! [POP!] JACKSON: Say what? CONLON: NO NEED TO FEAR! [Donegal gets back to his feet, and immediately gets clocked by a Single Leg Lariat!] JACKSON: Never turn your back on Malcom Shabazz! [Shabazz pulls Donegal up, whips him into the ropes, pushes him up in a Spinning Flapjack, sending Donegal crashing into the top turnbuckle!] CONLON: HARD TRUTH!! [All of the Centurylink Center seemingly boos, except for one man, sitting back, lounging back onto the lowest turnbuckle, clapping; it's Dylan Cardinal. Malcom Shabazz's cold gaze goes from the motionless Donegal to the Basilisk, then towards the aisle.] JACKSON: And here comes security! CONLON: It was about time they showed up! [Nearly half a dozen security men get into the ring, trying to negotiate with Malcom Shabazz who, again, doesn't seem open to cooperation. Security starts to take the Hard Truth Soldiers away however, and help the unconscious Liam Donegal. Only now that Donegal is made to leave is Shabazz ready to follow.] CONLON: Trying to keep Shabazz under control is like trying to tame a tiger. JACKSON: Or a panther. [Shabazz gets out of the ring, the security outnumbering him but still too anxious to take on the black powerhouse head on. Scowling, he follows security down the aisle.] JACKSON: See? Shabazz is a reasonable guy! CONLON: He assaulted Liam Donegal just after his match! JACKSON: So? Shabazz had a match too, you know. Besides, Donegal struck first. TWICE! [Finally, the aisle gets cleared, but Omaha crowd's not done booing for tonight.] CARDINAL: What the [BLEEP], UPW. Is there a competent person on your staff? [The King of Snakes took possession of the ring announcer's microphone and, still reclining in the corner turnbuckles, seems intent on criticizing his current employer.] CARDINAL: I don't mean the fact you stubbornly keep some guys on the roster that kill your TV ratings dead. If you want to keep guys that make you bleed sponsors, I don't care. It's your money to lose. As it turns out, I don't think wrestling's for kids either. [A smirk. Was that a reference to Derrick Jackson? Cardinal pulls his lanky frame up and he now leans on the top turnbuckle.] CARDINAL: So I got here after the show started. No need to be here that early, I was booked in the main event. [A pause.] CARDINAL: Well, it was supposed to be. Guess 'lil Dyan didn't think I needed to know it wasn't the main event anymore. [He shakes his bald head, steps out of the ring.] CARDINAL: But now, UPW, you go on trying to give *MY* number one contender status to someone else? How stupid are you, Grissom? [He hops off the apron and slaps his upper thigh, where a jeans pocket would be... and perhaps a wallet.] CARDINAL: Now you're stealing money out of my pocket, UPW. Not some loose change, either. A PPV main event's worth. You think Malcom Shabazz is being a pain in your [BLEEP]? [A smirk, the kind that knows it could be so much worse. He slides a steel chair under the bottom rope.] CARDINAL: Well, good luck getting this new main event of yours, there, Grissom. [The King of Snakes slides back in, unfolds the chair, takes a seat in the middle of the ring.] CARDINAL: There won't be another match in this ring until you come down here and give me back what's mine. [He folds his arms, waits. The fans do the same.] CONLON: Talk about controversy! JACKSON: Well, he does have a point. If anything, his in-ring performance once again proved he should be the guy taking down Aaron Lewis. CONLON: It's not up to us to decide who challenges who and when, Pepper. All I know is Cardinal could have been the champion, and he fell short. JACKSON: Lewis stole that win and you know it! ["Watches and Kings" by Linking Park hits the PA and the Omaha fans are immediately on their feet!] CONLON: GLENN CHAMBERS! [Chambers steps out into the aisle, all business, and points straight at the ring and the viper nesting within.] JACKSON: His name isn't Grissom! What's Chambers doing here? CONLON: How can you even ask, Pepper!? [The crowd goes wild as Chambers stomps down to the ring, but Cardinal has yet to acknowledge his existence.] CONLON: Chambers has a big score to settle, and I don't think he'll let Cardinal get off the hook this time. JACKSON: That hook could be the noose Chambers hangs himself with if he doesn't rethink this! [Chambers gets into the ring, steps in front of Cardinal, still firmly planted in his chair. He motions for Cardinal to get up.] CONLON: Chambers wants this, the fans want this... JACKSON: But Cardinal wants none of it. It's below his pay grade. [Chambers motions for Cardinal to get up again. Cardinal hands him the microphone.] CONLON: Don't play coy, Cardinal. You know what Glenn's here for! [The expression on Cardinal's face seems to say "this mic is the most you'll get." Chambers turns away... then slaps the microphone out of Cardinal's hand and out of the ring!] *POP!* [Slowly, Dylan Cardinal gets out of the chair and stands.] JACKSON: Turn back, Glenn! [Cardinal steps up into Chambers' face. The two men are motionless, the crowd abuzz with anticipation.] JACKSON: Turn back before it's too late!! [Chambers suddenly wraps his arm around the Basilisk's waist, trapping his arms, then hoists him overhead!] *_____THUUUUUUD______* CONLON: BELLY-TO-BELLY!!! [Omaha blows a fuse when Cardinal bounces off the mat and out of the ring, Chambers hot on his tail.] JACKSON: HE OPENED PANDORA'S BOX! [Chambers clubs Cardinal in the back, but the King of Serpents strikes back with a back elbow! Chambers staggers backwards, Cardinal grabs his arm and pulls him into a vicious short-arm clothesline!] JACKSON: See? Did I not warn the guy? [Cardinal stumbles around, still feeling the effects of a grueling match. He pulls up Chambers, applies a front facelock, but...] CONLON: CHAMBERS COUNTERS! [Chambers lifts Cardinal on his shoulders, runs a dozen feet up the aisle and drops the Dylan in a spinebuster!] *MASSIVE POP!* JACKSON: Where's security! We need security! Don't tell me they're still busy with Shabazz and Donegal! CONLON: That could be the case. JACKSON: Someone needs to stop this! [Chambers straddles Cardinal and the punches start raining down. Cardinal covers up, rendering most of the blows less effective than Chambers would want... so he gets up, pulls Cardinal up after him, and rams him face first into the fencing along the aisle!] JACKSON: Chambers has gone mad! He's assaulted Cardinal just after his match! CONLON: So, Chambers had a match too, you know! JACKSON: YOU CAN'T USE MY OWN LOGIC AGAINST ME! CONLON: Try and stop me! [Cardinal blindly staggers up the aisle, and Chambers grabs him by the bald head again, aiming to ram him face first into the exit frame, next to the curtains. Cardinal raises a boot up on the wall and blocks, glancing Chambers with an elbow strike. Chambers blocks the next one, fires a right, then another, then whips Cardinal head first into the wall and through the curtains. Chambers follows through the curtains and we temporarily lose sight of the fighters.] JACKSON: Things are quickly going out of control, here! [When the cameraman emerges into the gorilla position and finds the brawlers farther ahead into the backstage area, Cardinal knees Chambers in the gut and whips him into a steel fence. Chambers flips over it and crashes into some cans. Cardinal follows, stalks after him, kicks him in the ribs.] CONLON: There's no one to stop this brawl! Things could get seriously dangerous! [Cardinal leans on a wall, tries to get his bearings back, and that's when Glenn Chambers sprints up and spears the King of Serpents right through a partially opened doorway!] CONLON: MY GOODNESS!! [Again, the cameraman struggles to follow the chaotic action, and he crosses out of the backstage area where Dylan Cardinal tries to stumble away from Chambers' relentless punches.] CONLON: They're no longer backstage! They've crossed over into the unrestricted areas of the Cyberlink Center! [Chambers knocks Cardinal around with a right, then another, then a big hook that sends Cardinal staggering into a trio of UPW fans!] CONLON: WATCH OUT! [Almost out on his feet, Cardinal uses the fans as a human shield, taking cover from Chambers' blows behind them!] JACKSON: This could be a lawsuit in the making right here, Stan! [Even in a fit of rage, Chambers knows better than to strike a fan, and he lets them safely disperse before turning his attentions back on Cardinal. He takes another swing, but the Basilisk retorts with an eyepoke! Blinded, Glenn clutches his eye, then gets rammed into a concession stand. Cardinal grabs one of the cordons that traces waiting lines, wraps it around Glenn Chambers' throat!] CONLON: He could choke Chambers out with that! JACKSON: One can only hope, Stan. [With the cords wrapped around Glenn's throat, Cardinal pulls Chambers along the concessions area by the neck, making the random fans who were buying things flee in panic, and he reaches a table filled with UPW T-Shirts and merchandise.] CONLON: Was Chambers choked out? JACKSON: He's not moving anymore. He got dragged several feet in an improvised hangman's noose! [The Basilisk wipes everything off the merch table with one arm, then moves it next to the cashier's counter. He pushes the cash register off the counter, then rolls Chambers' inert body onto the counter.] CONLON: Oh no... things are about to get from extremely bad to even worse! [Cardinal hops onto the counter, takes aim at the cleared table and pulls Chambers up into a double underhook...] CONLON: NOT THE LD50! [Chambers frees one of his arms, elbows Cardinal in the ribs. He straightens up, knees Cardinal in the groin, picks him up and leaps into the table!] *______________CCCCCCCRRRRRRRAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK______________* CONLON: LOCKED AND LOADED! LOCKED AND LOADED! LOCKED AND LOADED THROUGH A TABLE!!! JACKSON: GLENN CHAMBERS SHOULD BE LOCKED UP! [In the distance, the crowd chants "Holy [BLEEP]! Holy [BLEEP]!] CONLON: WHAT IN THE WORLD DID WE JUST WITNESS?! [Glenn Chambers pulls himself out of the rubble, clutching the counter for balance, out of breath. He casts his eyes down at Cardinal.] CHAMBERS: That was for DJ. [Finally, some security personel shows up. Chambers raises his arms, but it's clear the fight is over.] JACKSON: You better hope Cardinal never gets up, Glenn. 'Cause if he does, I don't think he'll be avoiding you anymore. CONLON: You may be right, but it sure looks like Glenn Chambers can take care of himself, doesn't it. JACKSON: Yeah. He definitely can. Feels like that makes things even more dangerous for him, Stan. [Chambers wipes the sweat off his brow with his forearm and walks away from the pile of wooden shards upon which Dylan Cardinal's body lies.] [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Cut to: the private locker room of "Top Dog" Rick Styles. Styles, in his wrestling tights and blue jacket sits on a bench in front of four wide oak wood lockers. Styles is cracking his knuckles as the beautiful Erin stands behind him, massaging his shoulders. A voice from off-camera calls out.] Voice: Five minutes until match-time, Mr. Styles. Rick Styles: I'm ready. [The door slams shut. Styles takes a deep breath and looks directly into the camera. Erin takes a step back.] Rick Styles: Tonight begins the UPW's path of destiny, a path which brings me, "Top Dog" Rick Styles, in direct conflict with Aaron Lewis at the UPW's first ever pay-per-view. THIS is the match our fans want to see. Of course, there are those in this federation who don't want this match to happen, not for the sake of our fans who pay our salaries, but for their own benefit. Now, jealous competitors lobbying for their own selfish motives, that's commonplace in these leagues. The administration, specifically UPW Vice-president, Thomas Grissom, however, now THAT is outrageous. He is conspiring to stop the one and ONLY match which will sell out that event. Tsk, tsk, Mister Vice-President. Yes, this match should have been given to me IMMEDIATELY, we all know this. But, is that what's happening? NO! Instead, under the guise of "make you earn it" (and in a poor attempt to protect their fragile new champion), Grissom has determined that in order for this match to happen, I have to face a seven foot tall ‘roid monster while a man I had Ralph urinate on a few weeks ago (anyone remember that?) serves as the special guest "screw Rick Styles" referee. [Styles smirks and shakes his head.] Rick Styles: So, to reiterate, I am in there against TWO opponents, one of which is the referee. This is an impossible obstacle and too much to ask of ANY wrestler in that ring. How can I ever hope to overcome such odds? How could anyone win a match like this? Oh, wait, I know...because I'm RICK STYLES!! Overcoming odds is what I have been doing my entire career. [Styles stands up and takes a step forward. He points to his deep blue eyes.] Rick Styles: Aaron Lewis, if you look into these eyes, you will see determination and confidence, both of which come from experience. As far as I'm concerned, our match WILL happen. They can try and put a ‘roid monster in my way...hell, they could put a hundred ‘roid monsters in my way, and I WILL overcome. Believe me, I have gone through seven foot ‘roid monsters before, this industry is full of them. I have also caught champions who have tried to avoid me, this industry is also full of those, as well. Whatever you, the bookers or the backdoor politicians of this fed try, I WILL be on the opposite side when you enter that ring as the main event of UPW's biggest event. And, yes, I will remove the burden of responsibility from your waist. [The "Top Dog" flashes his trademark smirk.] Rick Styles: Trust me, it will look much better around THIS waist. But first...tonight. Derek Rage, you're a seven foot monster, but, unlike you, I've been here before. I beat the seven foot "Bad Ass" Alex Martinez to win my fifth world championship. Like every other tree in the forest, Alex Martinez was chopped down after getting hit with just the right shot. It wasn't easy, but Alex Martinez fell to Rick Styles...and Derrick Rage...YOU are no Alex Martinez Have no doubt, ‘Roid monster, that you shall fall as well. [A toilet flush can be heard from afar.] Rick Styles: Now, let me address the wild card in this match, the man in the unique position to cause the most damage to my championship drive...John Herdick. Johnny, (can I call you Johnny?) I know you see this as your chance for redemption. Your chance for vengeance. The UPW brass knows this and they're using you as a pawn to satisfy their critics. They are counting on your anger and hatred to blind you from the fact that you're being manipulated...by THEM. They want to deflect responsibility of keeping Rick Styles out of the main event of their pay-per-view by having YOU do their dirty work for them. I hope you're smarter than that, Johnny. Are you? If not, then let me put this another way... [The smirk leaves the "Top Dog's" lips. His eyes narrow.] Rick Styles: The first time we faced, I didn't know you. I had no disdain for you as we were not enemies, we were perfect strangers set to compete against one another. And what happened that night? I had Ralph release his bodily fluids all over you. You understand that, Johnny? That's what I did to a man I had no emotional feelings about whatsoever. Imagine what I would do to an enemy. With that in mind, I STRONGLY suggest that you look at last Showdown as your redemption. Do as the UPW brass asked of EVERYONE last week and just forget it ever happened. Move on...and do NOT step in my way. When I pin Rage's shoulders to the mat, you make the count and then walk away. Then, we don't have any issues moving forward. Because, for Aaron Lewis and the UPW, the future is not Derrick Rage. It's Rick Styles. And everyone had better get used to it. [Scene fades to black as we return to the arena.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: I'll get to Rick Styles in a second, but what a shocking move by Glenn Chambers! SMITH: Everybody has that point where they just decide they need to act regardless of anything. Chambers is a man of principle, but I truly believe the DJ Jackson issue hit so close to home that he had to do something. CHANEY: The fans cheered him on, but that was definitely not a side of Chambers anyone expected to see. SMITH: He has been called so many things in UPW. "White meat" and "pure good" and so many ways to describe him as the ultimate good guy in UPW. But the guy did come from the streets of Philadelphia. CHANEY: But he wasn't a gang banger or anything. He goes out of his way to say he got into wrestling to avoid the gangs and succeeded. SMITH: But he is still a street kid. Just because you didn't throw on colors doesn't mean you can't throw down. Never judge a book by its cover, Chaney. CHANEY: And Dylan Cardinal struck the nerve that finally flipped that switch in him. SMITH: Cardinal didn't strike a nerve, he jumped up and down on it and then spat on it. He asked for Chambers to become more violent and now he has it. CHANEY: Cardinal gets the fortieth spot in the rumble, but at what cost with Chambers looming. SMITH: And Liam Donegal now stuck at number one and with Malcom Shabazz once again trying to mess in his business! One thing is for sure, you can't just focus in one direction in UPW! CHANEY: That is what makes things so absolutely crazy! And now we're to the main event! If the last match had implications for the rumble, this one has implications on the World Title match! SMITH: The epitome of crazy tonight! This all came together as the show opened and got even more insane when Thomas Grissom added John Herdick as special guest referee! CHANEY: Rick Styles thought he had a waltz to the title shot, but found out differently! Now he has to go through a literal wall! SMITH: A skyscraper! CHANEY: Derek Rage will be ready to give him all he can handle! SMITH: And Herdick will be there to keep the peace! This one is either going to be feast or famine! CHANEY: And from what we just saw, it looks like Styles is more than ready for his moment in the run! SMITH: I love his confidence sometimes, but he still annoys me. Both of these men are able to beat just about anybody. Now they have to face each other. CHANEY: Let's head to the ring and see which man advances to face Aaron Lewis for the World Title at Survival! Roll that footage boys!!!

[As the footage begins Rick Styles is pushing Derek Rage into the corner and Herdick immediately jumps in and stops him claiming Styles was pulling the hair. Styles looks incredulous and claims he wasn't. The fans cheer the special referee for this.] CONLON: Rick Styles getting reprimanded for yanking those dreadlocks of Derek Rage! JACKSON: He didn't do that at all! CONLON: The referee is saying he did. JACKSON: This referee hates Styles and is already looking to give him a royal screwing tonight. This match is a travesty in the making if Herdick is going to make stuff up the entire time! [Styles is arguing with Herdick, but then suddenly drives his foot right into the groin area of the big man. This bends Rage over just enough to allow Styles to grab him by the head and perform a spinning DDT.] CONLON: SPINNING DDT BY RICK STYLES!!! WHAT A MOVE AND NOW THE PIN! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH......RAGE KICKS OUT WITH AUTHORITY!!! JACKSON: THAT WASN'T AUTHORITY THAT WAS VENGEANCE!!! CONLON: RICK STYLES WAS TOSSED STRAIGHT INTO THE AIR BY DEREK RAGE AND HE LANDED ON THE TOP ROPE AND ACTUALLY PROPELED HIMSELF OUT OF THE RING!!! JACKSON: That is the kind of power everybody should be afraid of, folks! CONLON: Styles is on the arena floor and the fans love it. Rage may not be a guy they think is good, but tonight he is their guy against Rick Styles. JACKSON: And he couldn't care less. These two both like to win by any means necessary. Styles just learned how hard it is to pin the seven footer! [Styles gathers himself on the outside of the ring. He points to Rage and yells at Herdick that Rage should be disqualified for that. Herdick just shakes his head and motions for Styles to "get his ass back in here." Velvet Sims is saying the same thing at ringside, being careful not to draw attention from any of the referees at ringside.] CONLON: John Herdick taking a firm line with Styles, telling him to get back in the ring. JACKSON: Rick Styles has to not only overcome a giant, but he has to do it with the referee squarely against him. CONLON: I don't think that is the case. JACKSON: I do. That means if he wins, he not only deserves that title shot, but Lewis better start preparing to hand the belt over at Survival. [Styles climbs into the ring. He takes his time as Herdick isn't even offering a countout, obviously intent on making sure there is a legit outcome.] CONLON: Herdick ensuring this match finishes in the ring, where it should. JACKSON: The guy isn't even counting Styles out! He isn't doing even the basic referee job. Why was he chosen again? Oh yeah, to screw Rick. [Rick enters the ring and barely steps inside before a giant arm comes up to his chin thanks to a European Uppercut from the seven footer. The impact lifted Styles up and sent him reeling toward the corner.] CONLON: BIG STRIKE THERE FROM DEREK RAGE!!! JACKSON: Everything that man does is big! He's seven feet tall and a mean streak even bigger than that! This is the one man I would say Styles didn't want to see walk through that curtain tonight. CONLON: I've never seen someone lifted so far off the mat by an uppercut like that. JACKSON: His power is impressive, but Styles is crafty, he can find a way around it. [Rage hits a couple of chops to Styles' chest, making it bright red with the impact. He then holds him against the corner with his boot pushing against the neck. Herdick quickly moves over and begins checking it, and then begins calling for the break.] CONLON: John Herdick again inserting himself into this match as the referee. It is good to see him keep both of these men in check. JACKSON: That is why he kicked Erin and Ralph out so early, huh? They hadn't done ANYTHING and he sent them to the back right before the first bell. CONLON: He knows what they can do, we all know that. JACKSON: Maybe so, but they hadn't actually earned being sent out that way. [Rage refuses to break the choke hold with his boot and Herdick begins the five count. The moment he hits the count of five, Herdick doesn't say anything else. He just takes his hands and shoves Rage back from the corner. Rage turns and stares down at the much shorter wrestler/referee. Velvet Sims screams at him from outside.] CONLON: Velvet Sims is smart in trying to calm Derek down before he goes off on Herdick. JACKSON: Well yeah, Herdick is bent your direction by default, why screw that up? CONLON: Herdick has not show any bias. JACKSON: The entire reason he was put in this match was to show bias. Did you not hear what Gibson said earlier tonight? [Rage turns back to Styles and lunges in for a corner clothesline. Then he lands another, and then another. Herdick again grabs the arm and tells Rage not to continue as Styles is against the ropes.] CONLON: HERDICK AGAIN ENFORCING THE ROPE RULE! JACKSON: It could be said that John has decided to throw it all out and make himself the story of this match. That no matter who wins, Herdick's name will be the first one discussed. CONLON: He is better than that, Pepper. The man is just doing his job and making sure nobody can complain about who comes out on top in this one. JACKSON: And of course, he must screw Rick Styles somehow to get his final revenge. [Rage again turns to stare down Herdick and Sims is clearly heard yelling at his charge not to attack the referee and get himself disqualified. Rage doesn't seem to desire to listen at first as he takes a step closer to Herdick, but finally stops and turns his head back to Styles.] CONLON: Rage finally listening to his advisor and getting back to business with Styles. JACKSON: Honestly, I don't think John Herdick properly understands the danger he just avoided because Rage listened to Sims. Rage is a dangerous man! [As Rage moves back to Styles, Rick lunges and hits a chop block to the side of the left knee of Rage. Rage kind of falls over against the ropes as Styles gets up and kicks the knee with side kick.] CONLON: STYLES GOING AFTER THE LEFT KNEE OF DEREK RAGE!!! JACKSON: That is how you have to go after a monster like Rage! You have to take out those knees! CONLON: Styles still can't seem to get the big man down though. JACKSON: Well those ropes come into play, but Rick is going to have to go a little harder if he intends on really getting Rage off his feet at all. [Styles has a look of disbelief that the giant hasn't gone to the mat yet. He takes a few steps and nails a running dropkick that takes both legs out and finally drops Rage to the canvas. Derek has one hand on that left knee as Rick begins getting back to his feet.] CONLON: RAGE IS DOWN!!! RUNNING DROPKICK BY STYLES TAKES THE GIANT DOWN!!! JACKSON: Now we're talking, Rick! CONLON: Styles has to stay focused. It isn't often that you manage to get a man like Rage off his feet, so you better take advantage as it might be your only chance. JACKSON: You can say that again, but Rick Styles is not your average wrestler either. He will take advantage for sure. [Styles says something to Velvet Sims, but nothing really comes from it. He turns and stomps a boot to the back of Rage's head and then slides down to grab the left ankle. He lifts the ankle and drives Rage's knee into the canvas with fury. The fans boo Styles mercilessly.] CONLON: KNEE BREAKER INTO THE CANVAS BY STYLES!!! JACKSON: He has the right idea! Take one of the wheels out from under him and the giant becomes a sitting duck! CONLON: Rage isn't your average seven footer either. He is agile and smart and devious. Even if he isn't able to move much, he is still extremely dangerous. JACKSON: I can't argue that, Stan. Nothing scarier than a cornered animal and Rage could be the most dangerous man if he is hobbled at all. [Rick Styles gets over and grabs both ankles, looking like he plans to go for a submission hold, but Derek uses his foot to strike at Styles, hitting him in the chest and forcing him back several feet. Herdick quickly jumps between them as Rage has hold of the ropes to pull himself up.] CONLON: Rage fighting Styles off there and you can see the power difference still very much a concern even with a bum knee. JACKSON: And youc an also see John Herdick AGAIN jumping in and keeping any advantage from being had by Rick Styles. If he is the cause of a Styles loss, you can bet that Styles will make it his life's mission to end his career. CONLON: He's just doing his job, Pepper. JACKSON: Can we at least stop saying that, Stan? Seriously, he has wrecked every advantage Styles had tried to achieve tonight, starting with sending his entourage out before the opening bell to this moment right here. [Styles is yelling at Herdick to stay out of the way and Herdick yells his infamous catch phrase back to the "Top Dog" in return. Rage doesn't care about the bickering and once he gets to his feet he throws a nasty right jab that sends Styles into the corner.] CONLON: I admit, I hate when I hear that three word phrase. JACKSON: Well he did his job again because that opened up the moment for Rage to land a nasty hard right jab! CONLON: Herdick didn't do that to him. JACKSON: No, he just got Styles attention and allowed Rage a chance to gather himself and then also stood in the way to allow the opening for the jab to be thrown as well. But NOOOOOOO Herdick is just "doing his job," isn't he Stan? Please.... [Rage goes off, hitting one hard punch after another. Herdick says absolutely nothing about the closed fists as the rapid fire shots seem to put Styles into la la land. Rage finally stops throwing the shots and Styles takes two steps out of the corner before summarily dropping face first into the mat.] CONLON: RAPID FIRE BALLISTIC FISTS AND STYLES IS DOWN!!! JACKSON: Where was referee Herdick there as Rage his those closed fists over and over? CONLON: Any referee would have a hard time stopping those fists as fast as Rage was throwing them. JACKSON: OK, but where was Styles? Against the ropes! Where was the infamous "rope rule" Herdick has loved to enforce tonight there? [Rage grabs Styles and lifts him up, dropping him with a power bomb. Rage doesn't let go and lifts Styles up again, turning him around toward the center of the ring, dropping him in the middle of the ring with full force with a second power bomb.] CONLON: CONSECUTIVE POWERBOMBS BY RAGE AND STYLES IN DEEP TROUBLE!!! THE PIN!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRREEEEE.............NO!!! STYLES SNUCK A SHOULDER UP!!! JACKSON: Rick Styles isn't giving up against the monster. And I swear Herdick's count was a tad fast there, too! CONLON: It was not! Even Velvet Sims thinks it was too slow! JACKSON: Well yeah, they probably agreed for a fast count and Herdick is making himself the center of attention yet again! [Rage looks at Herdick and Sims yells at the special referee as well. Herdick ignores them and implores Rage to try again. Derek drops a leg drop over Styles' neck and then quickly goes to pin again.] CONLON: LEG DROP BY DEREK RAGE!!! JACKSON: THAT IS LIKE A SEQUOIA TREE FALLING ON YOUR NECK!!! THE COVER BY RAGE!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOO!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: STYLES GOT HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!!! JACKSON: You have GOT to be kidding me! CONLON: You said it yourself, Pepper, Rick Styles is a crafty veteran and a ring general. He knows where he is at all times and right then, he managed to get his foot on the rope at just the right moment. JACKSON: No matter how they try to screw him out of this match, he refuses to give up. Why can't people get behind that? [At this point, Rage gets to his feet and stares down at Styles. He leans back and kicks Styles' foot off the bottom rope with authority, and then looks down to Sims as Velvet makes the motion to move Styles further to the center of the ring again. Rage throws his hands up and then smashes his fists together.] CONLON: Derek Rage seems ready to finish this one off as Sims has given the marching orders. JACKSON: You could say that this moment was a long time coming no matter what happened tonight. Rage was sent in as the monster to ensure Styles doesn't advance to Survival and Herdick was put here to make sure that went through as planned. CONLON: You really have become cynical, Pepper. JACKSON: When you see injustice carried out time and time again in UPW, you get the ability to predict what will happen with frightening accuracy. [Rage pulls Styles up and we hear a commotion in the crowd. Velvet Sims begins going nuts at ringside pointing to the crowd where Ralph is seen beginning to make his way through the sea of fans to the ring. One referee on the outside immediately rushes over the barricade and heads up to grab him and lead him out as in the ring, Styles performs a low blow on Rage in his distraction, taking the big man to a knee.] CONLON: RALPH IS BACK IN THE ARENA!!! AND STYLES TAKES ADVANTAGE OF TEH DISTRACTION!!! LOW BLOW BY THE TOP DOG!!! JACKSON: I told you the man had ways of staying in this match regardless of how the deck got stacked against him. CONLON: The one referee in front of us has taken off to go get Ralph and get him out, as per request by referee Herdick. You have to keep this match fair and square. JACKSON: Oh yeah, fair and square. Now what is that wannabe referee doing? [Herdick missed the low blow as well, and has his head swiveled immediately as he begins yelling at the other referee to look toward the "Camera side" and he points. The view switches and shows Erin in the crowd and Herdick barks orders for that referee to get her out of the area as well as Sims. He wants it all cleared out.] CONLON: ERIN IS IN THE ARENA TOO!!! Herdick's orders are being ignored and he is getting the other referees to help him get order restored. JACKSON: Rick Styles is again working on the left knee of Rage during all this, but who cares anyway? Herdick wants to be the star here. CONLON: He is just making sure all is fair. Now he is discussing things with Velvet Sims here at ringside. JACKSON: Of course, you have to plan the final screwing with the one manager you ALLOWED to stay for the entire match. It isn't fair if all the parties aligned against Styles aren't on the same page. [Sims complains as the referee grabs his arm and begins leading him up the entrance aisle as the referee seems to communicate for security to round up Erin. The fans cheer Herdick's refereeing as he now has this back to a straight match. As this was going on Styles was hammering away with right hands and finally hits a standing drop kick.] CONLON: STANDING DROPKICK BY RICK STYLES!!! JACKSON: The man has been relentless for the past little bit as all the commotion was happening. CONLON: Rage is still got the power advantage, but Styles has the momentum! JACKSON: The "Big Mo" is vital in the squared circle! [Styles pulls Rage up and pushes him back against the corner, setting up for an Irish whip. As he begins this process, Rage reverses and sends Styles into the corner, where he does the flair flop up and back down, staggering back into a massive big boot by Rage.] CONLON: BIG BOOT BY RAGE!!! THIS MIGH TBE IT AS HE HOOKS A LEG!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRREEEEEEEEE!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: The man is as slick as ice and harder to pin than jello! CONLON: Rick Styles once again gets a shoulder up at the last possible second and Derek Rage looks agitated. JACKSON: He isn't agitated, he's PISSED!!! CONLON: Probably not the right choice of words in this moment, Pepper. JACKSON: I don't care, I just call it like I see it and Derek Rage is pissed off and ready to tear heads off. Not a goo......THE HELL?!?!?!?!?! [Rage pulls Styles up to his feet and before Rage can do anything else, Herdick suddenly pulls brass knuckles out of his tights and drills Rage in the back of the head. The look on Rick Styles face is shocked as the big monster drops to the canvas.] CONLON: JOHN HERDICK JUST LEVELED DEREK RAGE WITH BRASS KNUCKLES!!!! JACKSON: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?! CONLON: Herdick has knocked Derek Rage cold! Herdick has turned this match completely on its end! JACKSON: The man has done the unthinkable and actually helped his mortal enemy! I can't even begin to understand what he is doing here! [Herdick seems overjoyed and takes in the boos of the crowd before turning to Styles and motioning for him to cover the giant for the victory. Styles seems apprehensive, but the shocked face gives way to a smile as he holds out his hand and Herdick shakes it. The fans erupt in jeers.] CONLON: THEY SHAKE HANDS!!! THEY WERE IN IT TOGETHER ALL ALONG!!! JACKSON: I take back EVERYTHING I have said about Herdick in this match! CONLON: John Herdick just aligned himself with the devil! JACKSON: And now Styles is looking at a World Title shot at Survival! Amazing! [Styles moves slowly, methodically toward Rage as he savors every moment knowing he will be the contender for the World Title.] CONLON: Look at how arrogant Styles is as he moves to Rage's downed body. JACKSON: He could probably go have dinner and come back and pin Rage. Herdick really planted him hard with those knuckles. CONLON: Styles now stands over Rage and gets on his knees to lay across him for the pin. JACKSON: Herdick, with a smile, moves to get in position. These two are great and making sure this is all by the book! [The crowd cheers as Jeff Keenan has ran out from the back and pulled Herdick out of the ring. Keenan hits the "Quickstryke" on Herdick out on the arena floor as the fans erupt again.] CONLON: KEENAN IS OUT AND HE TAKES DOWN HERDICK WITH A QUICKSTRYKE OUTSIDE THE RING!!! JACKSON: WHY IS HE OUT HERE?!?!?! CONLON: KEENAN CLEANING UP THE MESS NOW! JACKSON: Where are those other referees anyway? This is a travesty! [Keenan slides into the ring and stares down Styles, waving his finger at him and telling him something. Styles gets to his feet and the two start arguing, getting closer and closer as they get more animated.] CONLON: STYLES AND KEENAN ARGUING!!! THIS COULD GET NASTY!!! JACKSON: Keenan has always been jealous of Styles getting all the press. They were in their primes at the same time but Styles always had more mainstream recognition. Keenan is just a jealous bastard! CONLON: I think it is more than that. I think Keenan is sick of Styles in general, like all of us. JACKSON: HERE WE GO!!! [Styles swings, but Keenan blocks it and grabs Styles for the "Quickstryke" inside the ring. The fans are going bizerk as Keenan rolls out of the ring and jumps into the crowd before the referee returns from the back and sees Herdick laid out.] CONLON: QUICKSTRYKE BY KEENAN!!! STYLES IS OUT AND KEENAN IS IN THE CROWD ALREADY!!! JACKSON: That's right, ring and run, Jeff, ring and run. CONLON: One of the extra referees is out here and this match just got crazy as Jeff Keenan kept Herdick and Styles from screwing Rage out of this match! JACKSON: The fans are going crazy and the referee cant figure out what is going on out here either. [The referee gets in the ring and both men are down. Rage is finally moving after the brass knuckles shot. The referee steps over to ask the time keeper what happened, but the noise of the crowd is so loud he can't hear much of what is said and is constantly cupping his ear.] CONLON: This noise is deafening, Pepper! JACKSON: The fans really making it hard to even hear yourself think. CONLON: Jeff Keenan getting the kind of reaction from the fans I haven't heard him receive in more than a decade! JACKSON: And they are cheering him, one of the most arrogant wrestlers ever and the fans are still chanting his name! [The referee shrugs his shoulders and begins the ten count inside the ring. The fans are screaming at this, knowing that they could see a no decision here. Rage is grabbing the ropes and pulling himself in an attempt to stand, while Styles is still out cold.] CONLON: Derek Rage finally getting to his feet. You have to wonder if he has any symptoms from a concussion after that knuckles shot from Herdick. JACKSON: He is shaking those cobwebs out, but the fact he is getting to his feet is a good sign for him. CONLON: The referee is counting as well, the fans going nuts as nobody wants this match to end this way. JACKSON: They just want Styles to lose. Let's be honest about that. [The referee gets to the count of eight and Rage finally gets to his feet. The crowd cheers that the match isn't ending that way as Rage shakes the cobwebs out of his head in the corner. Styles has moves his hands an inch or two, but no real movement of substance yet.] CONLON: Styles flinched, but not moving much. These two men are both in bad shape now and not because of what each other has done. JACKSON: This match has had a ton of extra curricular activity, that is for sure. But it is still these two men who can and should decide it. CONLON: As it ought to be. JACKSON: If you say so. [Rage finally steps out of the corner and holds his arm up to signal for the "Hammer of God" finisher. He reaches Styles and leans down to pull him up, Rick takes the opportunity to jab his thumb in Rage's eye and grabs the legs and head for a quick roll up.] CONLON: STYLES WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH................RAGE POWERS OUT OF IT!!!! JACKSON: Rage showed his hand too much there, literally and Styles took advantage. He still has fight left in him. CONLON: Indeed he does, Pepper. JACKSON: Now we finally see Herdick stirring out here in front of us, but he isn't moving much. [The fans boo as Styles begins pulling himself up. He makes his way to Rage and stomps his head over and over. Finally he pulls Rage up and hits some chops to the chest.] CONLON: STYLES WITH A FLURRY OF SHOTS TO TRY AND GET THE ADVANTAGE AND MAYBE GO FOR THE STYLES MANUEVER!!! JACKSON: If he gets that, this match will be over! [Styles grabs the arm and goes for an Irish whip again, but the giant won't budge and yanks Styles back into his right hand, which grabs Styles by the face and lifts quickly for the nasty clawhold slam.] CONLON: HAMMER OF GOD!!! RAGE PLANTS STYLES WITH THE HAMMER OF GOD!!! THE COVER!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!! . . . . . . .(Herdick up and lunges into the ring to try and break the pin.) . . . THHHHRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: NOOOOOO!!!!!!! CONLON: DEREK RAGE GETS THE VICTORY! He is our number one contender!! JACKSON: Herdick was just slow in getting in there to break it up! [Styles is out cold as Rage grabs Herdick and plants him with a clawhold choke slam as well. After planting Herdick next to Styles, Rage stands tall and holds his arm up as the victor.] CONLON: HERDICK HIT WITH THE HAMMER OF GOD FOR HIS EFFORTS!!! JACKSON: That should be a disqualification since he WAS the special referee and all. CONLON: THAT is justice, Pepper. And I believe Herdick gave up his referee spot the moment he hit Rage with brass knuckles and tried to influence the result! JACKSON: Rick Styles will be pissed when he wakes up and probably have some harsh words for Jeff Keenan! [Out comes Aaron Lewis. He stands at the entrance area and claps, giving some praise to the winner of the title shot. Rage looks up to him at the curtain and points to him. Slowly the pointing finger turns into a thumb that points down.] CONLON: AND THERE'S THE WORLD CHAMPION! Lewis saluting the man he will face at Survival! JACKSON: The fix was in all along. [Rage makes the motion slowly of the title soon to be around his waist.] CONLON: It just didn't work like they wanted it to as Keenan surprised everybody and wrecked Styles and Herdick's plan. JACKSON: Well, there he is folks. And Lewis, I hope you are ready for this monster in Chicago because your life just got a lot more difficult. CONLON: Derek Rage has earned the World Title shot at Aaron "All Day" Lewis at Survival! What a night! JACKSON: Freaking Jeff Keenan! I hope you're happy, old man! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: DEREK RAGE WILL FACE AARON LEWIS AT SURVIVAL!!! What a match! SMITH: Not only that, but John Herdick turning and actually joining forces with the very man he swore he hated! CHANEY: And it all came unraveled when Jeff Keenan, of all people, ran down and refused to let Styles get a less than honorable victory! SMITH: The UPW is full of drama at its finest! CHANEY: Folks, I wish we had more time to actually dissect what we just saw, but we are out of time! SMITH: DAMN! CHANEY: For "Gorilla" Smith, I'm Eric Chaney saying so long and we'll see you next time on UPW SHOWDOWN! [The screen with the announcers fades into a screen that has the first picture listed below in it. The still change as the credits roll. "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool begins playing in the background as the following set of stills recapping the night's action begins to roll.] [Picture still of Felix Sandoval hitting Brandon Franklin with the Television Title.] [Picture still of Titan Juarez standing with Dominion after their match.] [Picture still of Liam Donegal fighting off Malcom Shabazz during his match against Cardinal.] [Picture still of Glenn Chambers hitting the "Locked and Loaded" on Dylan Cardinal.] [Picture still of John Herdick hitting Derek Rage from behind with brass knuckles.] [Picture still of Jeff Keenan dropping Rick Styles with a "Quickstryke".] [Picture still of Derek Rage pointing to Aaron Lewis as Lewis holds the World Title on his shoulder.] © 2017 UPW, Inc. LEAGUE WEBSITE: http://www.ultimateprowrestling.fwrestling.com/ LEAGUE MAILING LIST: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Official_UPW/info LEAGUE TWITTER: @UPW_Official LEAGUE RADIO SHOW SITE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ultimateprowrestling