[The screen is black.]

[A small vision is in the center of the screen, but it is growing as if rushing toward the viewer.
As it gets closer, we begin to see the light glimmer off the gold of the UPW World Heavyweight
Title. A deep voice is heard speaking over the picture.]

VOICE:  They come from all walks of life, but all of them share the same dream.

[The title is now filling the screen, gleaming with brilliance.]

VOICE:  The ultimate prize standing before them. Four men's quest to fulfill the dream of
championship glory comes to an end tonight.

[A picture of Aaron Lewis flies in from the top left corner and filles the screen.]

VOICE:  Will it be the cocky fan favorite hell-bent on validating his worth to a new world of

[The picture of Lewis shrinks and takes up a quarter of the screen. A picture of "Conceited Bastard"
Chase Williams flies in from the top right and fills the screen.]

VOICE:  Could it be gold for one of the world's most deadly big men in the squared circle?

[The picture of Williams shrinks and takes up the other quarter of the screen at the top of the
screen. A picture of Liam Donegal flies in from the bottom right and fills the screen.]

VOICE:  Can the underdog giant killer pull out one more miracle and claim championship glory?

[The picture of Donegal shrinks and takes up a quarter of the bottom half of the screen. Then the
final picture flies into view, this one is of "The Basilisk" Dylan Cardinal.]

VOICE:  Or will it be debut gold for the cunning snake of a man who has attempted to intimidate an
entire federation?

[As Cardinal's picture fade back into the final spot in the screen, and the picture of the UPW World
Title belt superimposes over them in the middle of the screen.]

VOICE:  All four man have survived trials to arrive at this moment, but only one will emerge

[The screen shows the wrestling ring with a light shining down upon it.]


[The UPW World Heavyweight Title belt literally explodes over the picture of the wrestling ring,
giving way to the opening credits.]

[The black screen is still showing as slowly an instrumental version of "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool
begins fading up as the show logo pops onto the screen ...]

["Tear Away" continues to play and now at the chorus, the words are heard, as pictures of Ultimate Pro Wrestling stars are shown. The pictures come up looking like baseball cards, and the pictures stack on top of one another, until all of the UPW stars have been shown.] ["Cards" of Brandon Franklin, John Herdick, and Liam Donegal are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Antonio De Luca, The Hype and Michael Wilson are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Jeff Keenan, Soldiers of the Sun, and Glenn Chambers are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Aaron Lewis, The Warriors, and Chase Williams are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ..... ### [Suddenly, the music stops and the "cards" explode with video pyro and a HUGE bang! "Shrapnel" from the "cards" fill the screen until it is a big jumbled mess.] [When the mess clears, we see a studio that looks similar to those used by sports shows and other sporting related news editions. There is a large, tan desk with the letters 'UPW" put forth matching the company logo on the website on the front of it. As the screen pans back, we see two men at the desk. Sitting to one side is UPW announcer Eric Chaney and to his left is the co-host, Robert "The Gorilla" Smith.] [Chaney is wearing a dark blue "UPW" polo shirt and has his dark hair slicked back, looking as "GQ" as humanly possible. Robert is wearing his usual denim shirt and a confident grin on his face. Chaney's smile widens as he finally begins to speak.] CHANEY: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO UPW SHOWDOWN WHERE TONIGHT....we crown a new UPW WOrld Heavyweight Champion! I'm Eric Chaney and with me, as always, is the tag team legend and master of the battle royal himself....Robert "The Gorilla" Smith! Glad you are here, Gorilla! SMITH: Glad to be here Chaney! What a night it was in Indianapolis as Banker's Life Fieldhouse ave UPW its first literal sell out crowd! CHANEY: That's right! It wasn't a "capacity" crowd, nor was it a "packed" audience. More than twenty-one-thousand fans stuffed into the Fieldhouse to watch history unfold for the UPW! SMITH: It was a truly historic night as all three titles were up for grabs during the event! CHANEY: We will see The Warriors defending the Tag Team titles against the Soldiers of the Sun. You will also get to see the first defense of the UPW Television Title as Felix Sandoval... SMITH: "El Patron!" CHANEY: The TV Champ himself will defend against the high flying and death-defying Tripp Skylark! And then we also have the big one! SMITH: The World Heavyweight Title! "Conceited Bastard" Chase Williams, "The Basilisk" Dylan Cardinal, Aaron "All Day" Lewis, and Liam Donegal going to war for the right to be the first World Champion! CHANEY: On top of all of that, we have special announcements about the North American Title, and some great action. SMITH: And it all begins in the ring with Mr. Malcom Shabazz! CHANEY: Yes it did, Gorilla. Malcom Shabazz opened the night with a match against Billy "The Regulator James. SMITH: Shabazz didn't get a heroes welcome in Indianapolis. CHANEY: Well you wouldn't expect someone who has acted like he has since UPW opened to be well received most places, would you? SMITH: Well remember Indiana is famous for many things, but chief among them is that they are the birthplace of the Klan. CHANEY: Oh, come on now Gorilla! SMITH: It is! Martinsville, Indiana about an hour south of Indianapolis. So I loved the fact the show opened with Shabazz in the ring for some action! CHANEY: Let's go to the footage and see how it all worked out. Roll it!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as Malcom Shabazz has Billy James in a full nelson hold in the middle of the ring. The referee is asking if he submits and it is Shabazz yelling he isn't submitting yet.] CONLON: Why is Malcom Shabazz answering the referee? That isn't his place. JACKSON: Mr. Shabazz is a man of fair play and he wants to give James a chance without unfairly being forced to submit. CONLON: Oh come on. He just wants to inflict pain, plain and simple. JACKSON: Stan, none of us truly knows what Mr. Shabazz is thinking and it is wrong for us to speculate and therefore cause any undue considerations toward him. [Shabazz lifts that full nelson hold into the air and drops James with a full nelson suplex that gets some boos out of the crowd. Shabazz is quickly back to his feet and nodding his head while taunting the crowd.] CONLON: FULL NELSON SUPLEX AND JAMES IS DOWN AGAIN! JACKSON: Mr. Shabazz has been in complete control of this match from the opening bell and it isn't stopping anytime soon. CONLON: Why the "Mr. Shabazz" stuff all the sudden? JACKSON: I'm showing respect for a man who has not been shown much around here. CONLON: Seriously, Pepper? JACKSON: Yes, Stan. Mr. Shabazz deserves to get the same respect any of those white man do in the ring. [He fakes like he will go for a pin, but then just pulls James up off the mat by his hair. Shabazz then lifts James into a vertical suplex lift and holds him high in the air. He walks to the near side and then turns to walk to the opposite side, showing off his power advantage before finally falling backward and dropping the suplex in the center of the ring.] CONLON: Oh for crying out lou.....BIG VERTICAL SUPLEX BY SHABAZZ!!! He held him up there forever! JACKSON: Mr. Shabazz showcasing his power. That is the power UPW is truly afraid of, Stan. He is showing why he is being held down. CONLON: Can we stop this already? All we need to discuss is his performance in this match and not some perceived racial issues in the company. JACKSON: That's right, sweep it under the rug like a good white boy. [Shabazz pulls James up and literally tosses him into the corner where he bounces off the turnbuckles and back to Malcom, who picks him up and flips him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex that sends him bouncing across the ring.] CONLON: ANOTHER BIG SUPLEX BY SHABAZZ!! The man is on fire and Billy James has no answers for him. JACKSON: Who could? Mr. Shabazz is on a different level and I don't think anyone wants to be in the ring against him. CONLON: Well with how he has performed tonight, I can't see anyone lining up to stand across from him. JACKSON: Mr. Shabazz should be wearing gold already. He should be in that main event instead of the man who stole his tournament spot, Liam Donegal. [Shabazz stalks James in that corner, grabbing his legs and dropping back with them, causing the lever motion that brings James' neck up into the bottom rope. The fans begin booing him again after nearly taking James' head off.] CONLON: SHABAZZ NEARLY TOOK HIS HEAD OFF!!! Shabazz using the bottom rope to his advantage and now James' life could be on the line. JACKSON: UPW needs to recognize the talent at work here, and soon before someone literally dies in there at his hand. [Shabazz now stands to tell the referee to be smart in how he counts when he goes for the pin. He doesn't want another injustice here. The referee dismisses Shabazz with a look as the fans boo his tactics.] CONLON: Why is he talking to the referee like that? That isn't his call to tell the authority in the ring how to do his job. JACKSON: Mr. Shabazz is only reminding the referee that fairness is his watchword inside the squared circle, that he has a duty to be just in his performance. [Shabazz finally back over to James after berating the referee and he pulls James up to his feet. Billy shocks Malcom by throwing a right hand to his jaw that stuns him. The fans cheer as James lands another right hand.] CONLON: BILLY JAMES FIGHTING BACK! HARD RIGHT HAND AGAIN! JACKSON: Illegal fists to the head, all in front of the referee. White privilege at work, Stan! [James begins throwing lefts and rights as fast as he can to the mid-section of Shabazz, sending him stepping back from that corner.] CONLON: BILLY JAMES PUNCHING HIS WAY OUT OF THE CORNER! JACKSON: And note, nothing being done by the white referee. CONLON: Give it a rest, Pepper. Fists to the stomach are legal. JACKSON: Doesn't make it ethical or moral. [James grabs Shabazz and whips him across the ring into the ropes. Shabazz rebounds lifts his leg, dropping James with a big boot as the fans cheers turn to boos in nanoseconds.] CONLON: SHABAZZ WITH A BIG BOOT AND THERE GOES JAMES TO THE CANVAS! JACKSON: Mr. Shabazz putting to rest any thoughts of a come back for "The Regulator." It was nice while it lasted though. [Shabazz pulls James up and then lifts him into the air, turning to aim for the corner as he drops him with a spinning flapjack into the top turnbuckle. James lands awkwardly, as you can imagine.] CONLON: HARD TRUTH! THAT LOOKS NEASTY! JACKSON: Shabazz with an elementary cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRRREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: Malcom Shabazz picks up the easy victory! JACKSON: As well he should have. He was the better man, and while he had to fight against the referee to get this win, Mr. Shabazz earned it with his power and skill. CONLON: Not to mention his downright nasty attitude. JACKSON: Why can't you say anything nice about this proud, black man? [Shabazz jerks his arm out of the referee's hand and yells "No white man will lift my arm! I earned this!" And then raises a single fist into the air as the fans boo him mercilessly.] CONLON: His race has nothing to do with it. Anyone with that kind of attitude will find people disliking him. Stop making this about skin color. JACKSON: UPW did that when they excluded him from the World Title Tournament. CONLON: Knock it off already and enjoy the fact that a guy you seem to favor just got a victory. JACKSON: Yes he did and UPW better recognize his greatness soon before he gets even angrier! CONLON: Oh great, now he has a microphone! [We see Shabazz standing over the defeated body of Billy James holding a microphone with a look of anger in his eyes.] Shabazz: I told you I was going to destroy that white boy. Just like Magic Johnson did your boy Larry Bird when he was a Hoosier. He's running your damn basketball team into the ground because he doesn't know basketball and got the job for the same reason former players become General Managers... WHITE BOY!! [Crowd boos Shabazz over their state hero.] Shabazz: Speaking of white boys. Liam, I don't care how many cops you THINK can protect your family. For every one pig watching them, I got ten Hard Truth Solders ready to take a bullet to get to them... [Suddenly, ten masked men, in black and blue camo from head to toe come out.] Shabazz: I guess UPW could see that I am ready to get things done by Any Means Necessary!! They have backed off their conditions and gave me the match I asked for. Keep this in mind Liam. You don't have to worry about the Hard Truth interfering in your match tonight. You don't need to worry about me at ring side interfering. Worry about when that match comes up and I clean your clock.... I am going to beat the white off of you, Gold Belt or NO GOLD BELT!!! [He pauses.] Shabazz: TIMES UP!!! 11:55!!! [The Hard Truth Solders hold the ropes open as Malcom Shabazz heads out of the ring.] [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Malcom Shabazz with a relatively easy victory on Showdown to get us started off, and a very pointed statement of his intent toward Liam Donegal. SMITH: As if Liam Donegal didn't have enough on his mind with the World Title Main event later, now he has a very ticked off Malcom Shabazz hunting him down. CHANEY: The hunting apparently is not confined to the arena as in the days leading up to this night, Shabazz took to twitter demanding a match with Donegal. The official UPW twitter responded by telling Shabazz to be careful what he wishes for. SMITH: I'm glad social media wasn't around back in my day. CHANEY: Because you would have been banned? SMITH: No, because I think Psychotic Doctor might have had a massive following and become a star. CHANEY: But he never spoke. SMITH: Exactly. CHANEY: The UPW has had an interesting time the past week, and social media has played only a partial role in the issues. During the past week, UPW announced that they were planning on taking care of some major problems that had been caused on programming during the first few months in operation. SMITH: There was no way to win this. Damned if you do and damned if you didn't. CHANEY: Exactly, Gorilla. And so the proposed match between "Top Dog" Rick Styles and John Herdick was canceled and announced via social media. SMITH: That didn't stop that loud mouth from coming out and whining about it. CHANEY: Fans, let's take you back to Indianapolis as "Top Dog" Rick Styles decided to make his presence heard. Show the tape guys!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The footage begins with a view of an empty ring as we hear Stan Conlon speak.] CONLON: Folks, tonight has already had some really strong competition and next we ha..... ["All I do is win" blasts through the arena. "Top Dog" Rick Styles strolls down the aisle, followed by Ralph and Erin. Ralph is holding up a yellow posterboard sign with "Yes, I did it" written in red lettering.] JACKSON: Hey, what is Rick Styles doing here? I thought he was off this week. CONLON: Rick Styles was initially scheduled for steel cage match, but due to an incident that, officially, never happened, the match was cancelled. Apparently, the "Top Dog" is using the time to speak to the UPW audience. [As Ralph holds the ring ropes open, Styles steps through. He demands the microphone from the ring announcer, then motions him out of the ring. Ralph steps into the corner as Erin takes her spot at ringside. The reaction is mixed.] Rick Styles: Let me make this clear, Rick Styles will NOT be censored! [A smattering of cheers from smart fans can be heard amongst the boos of millennial tools] Rick Styles: YES, it happened! Ralph urinated on John Herdick, and erasing it from the UPW history will NOT make it go away. I know it happened, all of you saw it happen and John Herdick FELT it happen. (Styles laughs) You know, it's really amazing, all you ew-wrestlers beat each other up, throw each other through tables, use weapons to make one another bleed and humiliate each other in so many demented ways, but a little bit of yellow stream hits an unconscious body and everyone loses their freaking minds! Gee, did that little incident offend you all in your wittle tiny safe spaces? GROW UP, YOU FRAGILE OVERSENSITIVE ENTITLED POLITICAL PANSIES! JACKSON: He makes a valid... CONLON: Quiet, Pepper, you know we're not allowed to discuss this. It never happened. Rick Styles: Speaking of pansies, the last time I spoke, I advised John Herdick to back out of our match and save himself a beating that would make him wish he was still being urinated on. Well, I don't know if he was going to take me up on that advice, but apparently, the UPW, in their attempt to erase history...STUPID move, by the way...have made the decision for John Herdick. They are saving him the beating he would have endured tonight. That's fine by me, I wasn't interested in this match, anyway. Instead, I want to OFFICIALLY challenge the winner of tonight's... ["Final Countdown" blasts through the arena as John Herdick storms out, microphone in hand. The frown on his face mirror the scars along his entire body.] CONLON: Oh no, John Herdick is coming out. I'm guessing he plans to confront Rick Styles and the entire UPW right here and right now. JACKSON: Gee, I don't know why. It's not like there's any storyline here. Um, right? NOTHING HAPPENED! [As Rick Styles looks on from the ring, UPW's top agent, Thomas Grissom runs out and steps in John Herdick's path to the ring. He holds a hand up as four referees join him, two on each side.] JH: UPW offices sent me a memo that if I didn't take a bath and say the words they wanted me to say then I would be fired and put back on the street with no job. [Herdick stands pondering his next words as Grisson motions him to go back. His words cannot be heard on camera.] JH: They had no issue with the injustice that happened to me _while_ it was happening to me. No, they thought it was funny. Let's all watch poor John suffer and be made a fool. [Herdick looks Grissom right in the eyes.] JH: Who cares about his career? Who cares about his family? Who cares about his future? [Herdick takes a deep sigh.] JH: So you want to know what I did with that memo? [Herdick cackles.] JH: I dropped it on the floor and I unzipped my pants and pulled out my little John and took a PISS all over it. [The Crowd cheers. Herdick aims those crazy eyes towards the ring...and Rick Styles.] JH: UPW you can't scrub the archives just because you embarrassed yourself. I will have my justice! I will have my revenge! You want to tell ME what to say and WHEN to say it? [Herdick holds out his fist then his middle finger extends, first in Grissom's face, and then at the ring. At both Rick Styles and Ralph. JH: PISS on you! JACKSON: Uhh...are we still ignoring this? CONLON: I don't know what Grissom is going to do right now. Fines? Suspensions? Firings? Grissom has a hand over his earpiece...apparently, he's getting instructions...AND GRISSOM IS TELLING HERDICK TO GO THE RING! GRISSOM IS SENDING A REFEREE AS WELL. We are about to have a match! JACKSON: What? Rick Styles: What are you doing? This match is cancelled! I'm not here to wrestle anyone tonight, let alone HIM! [Herdick shoves the microphone into Tom Grissom's chest and starts charging towards the ring. Grissom turns to the ring and brings the microphone to his mouth.] Grissom: You are right, Rick Styles, the steel cage match was cancelled, but I have just been informed by CEO, Phil Coulter, that an impromptu match has just been scheduled between you and John Herdick...and it is NO HOLDS BARRED! Rick Styles: NO!! JACKSON: OH, YES! THE GRUDGE MATCH IS ON!

[Herdick hits the ring. The referee does the same and signals for the bell. Rick Styles offers a handshake, but Herdick charges and strikes Styles with a forearm, that knocks him into the corner. Herdick strikes Styles with right hand after right hand after right hand, until Styles slips between the top and middle ropes, falling to the floor.] CONLON: John Herdick is a man possessed in that ring, it didn't look like he was going to get his revenge for the...incident...but it is happening RIGHT NOW! JACKSON: Apparently, Rick Styles didn't expect it, either, he looks completely unprepared, he hasn't even gotten his "Top Dog" jacket off yet. [Herdick slides under the bottom rope, to the floor. Styles charges with a clothesline, but Herdick back body drops his opponent. Styles hits the floor hard.] CONLON: Rick Styles is in big trouble here. He just signaled Erin...and now she's running up the aisle? I wonder what that's all about? Is he saving her from possible harm? JACKSON: Right now, Rick Styles has to worry about the fact that John Herdick just reached under the ring...and came out with a chair. [Herdick cracks Styles across the head with the steel chair, which leaves the legendary star staggered. A second shot knocks Styles backwards. A third chair shot drops Styles like a sack of potatoes.] JACKSON: Oh man, I think Styles is out. The referee is screaming for both men to get back in the ring, but Herdick isn't listening and Rick Styles is out on his back. This crowd is going CRAZY! CONLON: Herdick raises that chair up. Is he going for another shot? No, wait...Herdick's head just turned towards the ring...AT RALPH! JACKSON: I forgot he's still in the ring. Ralph, you'd better get out of there AND FAST! This guy is leaving a prone Rick Styles to come after YOU. [Herdick slides the chair into the ring and then follows it in. He points a finger at Ralph, who screams and throws his hands up, begging Herdick off.] CONLON: Ralph's begging for his life, but the sudden grin on Herdick's face suggests those pleas are falling on deaf ears. JACKSON: Rest in peace, Ralph, we never even knew your last name... [As Herdick stalks in, Ralph drops to his knees, folding his hands. Although his words aren't clear, he is clearly begging for mercy. Herdick waves him off. He raises a fist up in the air. With his other hand, he reaches for Ralph's hair. Suddenly, the lights dim and the jumbotron above the entranceway comes to life. A stage with a singer who looks like Mick Jagger with long hair, two guitarists and a drummer is shown.] JACKSON: What the heck is THIS? Who activated the Jumbo-tron? [As Herdick, the referee and our entire sold-out crowd all look up at the screen, the band begins to play an old classic.] #Splish Splash, I was wrestling a match, #On a Showdown Saturday Night, yeah, #A rub a dub, I was throwing a punch, #Thinkin' everythin' was alright, JACKSON: What is this? Is SHE behind this? #Then I took a big loss, #Beaten up by a boss, #Then my night went all astray, CONLON: Oh no, I think I know where this is going... #Big Ralph opened his button, #I thought it was nothin' #But how was I to know # I was about to get peed on? JACKSON: Okay, I don't think we can claim the pee incident never happened anymore. Better get it back on the website... #There was a splishin' and a splashin', #reelin' from the feelin', #I can feel the urine running south, #I even got a bit stuck in my mouth. [Out of nowhere, Rick Styles slides into the ring and rolls Herdick up from behind.] #Well, Bing bang, #everyone saw the whole thang, #Now, I stink up the place, #To the point I can't show my face... CONLON: Rick Styles has the pin! Herdick isn't nearly beaten enough to be held down for three. The referee drops down for the count.... 1 . . . . . . . RALPH PUTS HIS ENORMOUS WEIGHT AGAINST RICK STYLES' BACK!! . . . . 2 . . . . . . . HERDICK'S LEGS ARE KICKING, BUT HE CAN'T PUSH THE WEIGHT OF BOTH MEN OFF! . . . . . . . 3!!!!!!!! [The bell rings. Rick Styles rolls out of the ring and scurries up the aisle.] CONLON: Styles is taking off. Now we know where Styles sent Erin, apparently, he had this contingency plan ready from before this match was cancelled. JACKSON: Check out Herdick, he has disbelief on his face. He had his opportunity for revenge, and it's just been stolen from him. AGAIN. CONLON: Wait one moment here, Pepper...in the ring, Ralph is facing Rick Styles, who is up the aisle, and celebrating. Ralph has his arms in the air, cheering for his hero...but look who's standing behind him, chair back in hand. JACKSON: Uh oh...Ralph, you'd better follow your boss away from ringside... [Ralph slowly turns around and finds the demented smile of John Herdick staring back. Ralph's eyes and mouth opens wide. He tries for the ropes, but Herdick grabs Ralph by the hair, yanks him back...hooks him in position....AND SLAMS HIM DOWN TO THE CANVAS WITH A SIT-OUT FACEBUSTER.] CONLON: Herdick just hit Ralph with the OLD SCHOOL CRUSH! John Herdick gets his revenge on Ralph! JACKSON: But he's not done yet. Herdick is dragging Ralph to the ropes, lifting that enormously obese body...who knew Herdick had that sort of strength...and laying him across the middle rope. His head is hanging towards the floor, but his legs and backside are still in the ring. What is this psycho, John Herdick, going to do to poor Ralph? CONLON: Wait...now we're sympathizing for Ralph? [With Ralph prone across the middle rope, John Herdick picks the chair back up, stares down at Ralph's buttocks...AND SLAMS THE CHAIR ACROSS IT. Herdick smacks the chair against Ralph's backside again...and again...and again...and again...and again until Ralph's body falls out of the ring and crashes against the floor.] JACKSON: What a spanking! Herdick can now shower and we can clean ourselves of the incident, John Herdick has finally gotten his revenge. CONLON: Not entirely, Pepper. He got his revenge on Ralph, but now he's eyeing Rick Styles, who has watched all of this from the safety of the aisle, and is pointing his way. JACKSON: You can see the worry in Rick Styles' eyes. He is backing away towards the entrance curtain. CONLON: John Herdick stands in the ring as "Final Countdown" plays. I think we all have to face the fact that while the UPW tried hard to erase this event from history, it is not gone and it is not even over. Not by a long shot. The look on John Herdick's face as he glares towards the back, is that he will be coming for Rick Styles. [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] (Cut backstage to the locker room area as UPW's own Dyan Ciccarelli stands outside the dressing room door of Liam Donegal and his manager, "The Phoenix" Adam Lazarus. Clearing her throat, she knocks on the door and opens it, announcing herself as she does.) CICCARELLI: Mr. Lazarus, Mr. Donegal, it's Dyan...oh! I'm so sorry, Mr. Lazarus. I didn't realize you were putting your mask on! (Lazarus finishes straightening his mask and smiles as if nothing happened.) LAZARUS: Dyan, we're all adults here, and all you saw was my chin. It's not like you caught me in my tighty whities or something. DONEGAL: Yeah, Dyan. Come on in. Adam's just going over a few last minute details with me for tonight's match. CICCARELLI: And that's actually why I'm here, though I was hoping to get you in front of a UPW banner for this interview. DONEGAL: I've got a black UPW t-shirt if you want Adam to hold it up behind me. LAZARUS: Or not. CICCARELLI: So, then, Liam...about tonight's match. We all saw the recording you made last week at your old alma mater and, well, now we're here. Any final thoughts on the match? DONEGAL: If you're looking for some kind of surprise revelation about my strategy for this match, Dyan, I'm afraid that I have to disappoint you. My plan is to look for an opening and take it, plain and simple. (Donegal pauses.) DONEGAL: Other than that, I've said everything there is to say. Now it's time to put my money where my mouth is. Four men are walking into that ring tonight, all hoping to become the first ever UPW World Heavyweight Champion, but only one of us will walk away happy. If I'm good enough, that man will be me. LAZARUS: There's no "ifs" about it, kid. Chase Williams, Aaron Lewis, Dylan Cardinal...they're good. Really good. But you...you've got it in you to be GREAT! (Dyan puts two fingers up to her earpiece, listening as someone passes along instructions from her producer.) CICCARELLI: Liam, Adam, they're telling me they need you both in the gorilla position. And, Liam...if you win... DONEGAL: First interview goes to you, Dyan...in front of a UPW banner. I promise. LAZARUS: Alright, kid. This is it. You ready? DONEGAL: Always, Adam. I'm always ready. (And, as Donegal, Lazarus, and Ciccarelli leave the dressing room, the screen fades to black.)

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: That Liam Donegal is a true Cinderella story. Nobody thought he would rise the way he has in UPW, especially when he gets attacked by Shabazz two weeks in a row, beaten down by Dominion, and matched up against men like Caleb Foley and Derek Rage. Yet, here he is. Very inspirational. CHANEY: He has definitely been a shocking result of UPW thus far and the fans have embraced him. Donegal has received almost as many "make-a-wish" requests in the past month as Aaron Lewis and Glenn Chambers. That tells you just how much the fans are believing in him. SMITH: And with Lazarus in his corner, anything is possible. That main event is going to be epic. CHANEY: And while they are focused on the main event, we can't forget what just happened as John Herdick lost the battle, but won the war. SMITH: That was what he was after. He didn't want a fainting, cheap victory. He wanted to lay a beating on the man he truly blamed. CHANEY: And we all thought it was Styles, but I guess it was Ralph. SMITH: It will not surprise me if these two men cross paths again as Herdick still can't be happy with the "Top Dog." God knows, most of us can't stand him around here. CHANEY: Gorilla! Try to stay objective, even a little. SMITH: I did. CHANEY: Alright then! Let's move on, shall we? SMITH: Fine by me. CHANEY: Brandon Franklin! SMITH: The man who should be our Television Champion by the accounts of many. CHANEY: Yes. The "Hardcore Icon" was inches away from the TV Title and one could say that his dislike for Felix Sandoval... SMITH: "El Patron!" CHANEY: You will do that every time, won't you. SMITH: Not sure. I'm hard to figure out sometimes. CHANEY: (sighs) And Sandoval used that moment to seize the title belt and sneak out of last Showdown with the Television Title. SMITH: To say Franklin has a chip on his shoulder might be an understatement. CHANEY: And he took that chip into the ring where he faced off against "The Minnesota Assassin" Tex Colorado. Let's head back to Indianapolis and the sold out crowd to see how it all played out! Roll that footage!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as Brandon Franklin walks over to a downed Tex Colorado, right hand on his ribs.] CONLON: Franklin obviously still feeling the effects of that ladder match all throughout this match with Colorado! JACKSON: And Tex has taken full advantage! Only reason Franklin's even up right now is because he caught "The Minnesota Assasin" doing Tex-like things! [Franklin has labored over to Tex Colorado and as he goes to grab Tex, Colorado pulls Franklin's feet out from underneath of him! Colorado follows it up by getting up and immediately Elbow Dropping Franklin's mid-section!] JACKSON: And Colorado with the upper hand again! CONLON: Franklin is in a bad way! [Tex plays to loud boos from the fans but just for a moment then re-focuses his attention on Franklin! Tex turns back to a pain-ridden Franklin and lifts him to his feet!] CONLON: Colorado whipping Franklin to the ropes ... [As Franklin quickly gets back to within reach of Colorado, Tex lifts Franklin, turns and hits him with a Sidewalk Slam!! Franklin arches his back in pain, grimace on his face as the crowd boos while Tex soaks it all in and smiles!] CONLON: The "Hardcore Icon" is considered to be one of the guys that's next in line for his shot at the Television Title ... JACKSON: He's got to get through Tex Colorado first! CONLON: You know as well as I do, Pepper - that this one is NOT over! Franklin isn't a guy who stays down for too long! [Colorado turns back to Franklin, reaches down and lifts his head then hits him with stiff fists to the forehead and face and the referee warns Colorado about closed fists and after two more heavy shots to the face, he re-directs his attention to the fans, holding both fists in the air!] CONLON: The usually "tough as nails" Franklin is still feeling the effects of that chaotic ladder match the other night here on Showdown! JACKSON: Oh, please - he's supposed to be the "Hardcore Icon" ... CONLON: He's also had a match every single Showdown since the UPW re-opened! [Franklin, still clutching at his stomach and ribs is on his knees now as Tex is still soaking in the boos! Tex, his back turned towards Franklin, starts to hear chants breakout within the crowd! "HARDCORE ICON" clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! "HARDCORE ICON" clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! This enrages Tex Colorado!] CONLON: Franklin - a fan favorite - needs to find a way to get past the pain! JACKSON: Tex isn't done yet! [Tex Colorado stomps over to Franklin with haste and swings his right leg back about as far as he possibly can and attempts to kick Franklin in the face but Brandon uses his left hand to catch Colorado's right leg and stands to his feet, Tex's right leg on Franklin's left shoulder! With his right arm, Franklin underhooks the back of Colorado's thigh, lifts and falls forward!] CONLON: I don't know exactly what to call that move! JACKSON: DESPERATION! CONLON: Franklin attempted to lift Tex Colorado for a Powerbomb but fell forward mid-move and Colorado still landed on his head and neck! And Franklin landed on top of him! [The referee has no choice BUT to count as Franklin's body has fallen, shoulders on the back of Colorado's thighs, face to Tex's side as Colorado is left eating his own knees!] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . [Franklin wraps his large arms around both legs of Tex Colorado and stands up, the back of Colorad's knees on Franklin's shoulders again, this time Franklin does execute a Powerbomb!] CONLON: Impressive show of grit by Franklin as he fights through the pain and Powerbombs Tex Colorado in the middle of the referee's count!! ["HARDCORE ICON" clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! "HARDCORE ICON" clap, clap, clap, clap, clap from the fans as Franklin feeds off their energy while walking over to Colorado and pulling him up by an arm then whipping him to the ropes!] CONLON: POWERSLAM from Franklin!! [But he doesn't get up alone, instead, he keeps Colorado in the same position and lifts him again! Franklin falls forward - Cross Body Slam!!] CONLON: Franklin getting a second wind and doing what he does best! Delivering impact! Nothing fancy - just trying to punish "Minnesota Assasin!"] JACKSON: It's TEX COLORADO for crying out loud! A guy like Felix Sandoval would've destroyed him by now! [Franklin pulls Colorado up and pushes him into the far-side turnbuckle and hits him with a right, left then another right to the mid-section before backing off of him!] CONLON: Well, some think Franklin is the favorite to challenge Sandoval for that Television Title, Pepper ... JACKSON: Who cares? Sandoval IS the Champion! Franklin's been chasing his own tail since he got here! CONLON: In the ring, Pepper - Franklin's charging Tex Colorado and Colorado CRUMBLES from that clothesline! [As Tex sits on his butt in the corner, Franklin runs his thumb across his throat, signaling the finish! As he pulls Colorado back up - Colorado surprises him with a hard right to the face!] JACKSON: Colorado still has fight! [And just as quick as Jackson says that, Franklin hits Colorado with a boot to the mid-section!] CONLON: JAIL-BREAK!! [CROWD POP!] JACKSON: ARE WE IN JAIL, STAN? CONLON: No, Pepper, we're not - but maybe that's the move he used when he broke out of jail one time ... I don't know ... but he's dragging Colorado away from the ropes ... [He has prevented Colorado from getting a limb on the ropes as he attempts a pinfall!] ONE! . . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!! [DING! DING! DING! FACE POP!] CONLON: Franklin gets the pinfall! It wasn't the prettiest win ever ... but, it's a win, none the less! JACKSON: He got lucky, Stan! Colorado worked him! CONLON: The UPW is working him with all these matches he's been in! At some point, it'll take a toll! I'm sure he'll be fine moving forward! And it looks like Franklin has something to say! [Franklin has already been given a microphone and as the crowd buzzes, Franklin takes a minute to catch his breath. You can hear his breathing in the microphone seems to have slight grunts included as if pain is still bothering him. He's oozing sweat and wipes sweat from his forehead and eyes, then from around his mouth before talking into the microphone.] BF: Every _single_ time the UPW has put up a poster for their next event ... [Pause. Still catching his breath.] BF: You can bet that *MY NAME* was on it! I come to this ring _EVERY SINGLE NIGHT_ and give you _EVERYTHING I HAVE_! I've done _more_ than enough to PROVE that it's time that I get my opportunity! [Face Pop! He has! Every Showdown!] BF: Felix Sandoval ... [BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!] BF: I'm not gonna' say you got LUCKY ... [Franklin shakes his head "nope" while there's a Face Pop!] BF: But you did get KNOCKED OUT ... [Franklin nods as he shrugs his shoulders and smiles - "well, you kind of did." Some fans laugh while others cheer!] BF: And I'm not gonna' say you DIDN'T WIN ... [Index finger up, "nope, won't say it." Pause.] BF: But it DIDN'T LOOK GOOD... [Another shrug of the shoulders and another smile. More laughs from the fans, but the majority pops!] BF: And I'm not gonna' DEMAND a Title Shot ... [This brings some groans but the fans, but Franklin is quick to continue.] BF: I'm just gonna' suggest you give your fans what they want! And ... BRING ... ME ... FELIX! ["BRING HIM FELIX" clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! "BRING HIM FELIX" clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! The chant continues as Franklin drops the mic.] CONLON: Are these fans going to get what they obviously want, Pepper? JACKSON: What else does Sandoval have to prove? He beat Franklin and four other guys just weeks ago! [Franklin stands in the center of the ring, the fans chanting and Tex Colorado finally inching himself close enough to spill out of the ring.] [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Brandon Franklin certainly seems ready to make his claim on the TV Title he missed out on and to humble the man who currently holds it heading into tonight's action. CHANEY: And if the fans are any indication, he will do both. SMITH: Sandoval is no ordinary customer. He held the Television Title three times in TTW and every reign was under forty days, losing twice to the same man. And I want to note that man, is NOT on our roster in UPW. CHANEY: So what are you trying to say? SMITH: He's no easy out and Franklin better watch what he wishes for. CHANEY: The Television Champion was in action, as he put the belt on the line against Tripp Skylark. SMITH: Franklin's big speech doesn't mean anything if Sandoval loses the title here. CHANEY: That is the risk in making a bold claim, I guess. Let's see how Felix Sandoval... SMITH: "El Patron!" CHANEY: Gee whiz, Gorilla! SMITH: I can't help myself. CHANEY: Let's watch and see which man walks out of Indy with that UPW Television Title. Roll the footage!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The Footage begins with Tripp Skylark throwing a forearm smash up into the taller chin of Felix Sandoval. Skylark throws another forearm smash as the fans continue chanting his name. Skylark ships Sandoval across the ring and into the ropes, dropping the bigger man with a textbook dropkick on the rebound.] CONLON: These two continue to trade the advantage back and forth as Tripp Skylark finally slows it down with some forearm smashes to Sandoval's chin and a dropkick to boot! JACKSON: He has to really aim up on Sandoval, that six inch height difference make for a tough target! CONLON: Skylark is doing fine with those shots, especially since they led to that dropkick. That was a gorgeous dropkick! JACKSON: He got some real air! Sandoval needs to find a way to ground him before he loses that Tv belt in his first defense! CONLON: Sandoval is reeling a little right now and Skylark can sense his oppoortunity coming. JACKSON: Well at this rate, the momentum will swing again quickly, Stan. Sandoval is a veteran pro that knows how to rebound back into the advantage. [Skylark yells out due to being fired up for the match and he catches Sandoval as he gets up with an arm drag that flips "El Patron" back around and onto the canvas. Skylark pulls Sandoval up and goes for a whip into the corner, but Sandoval reverses the whip, sending Skylark reeling into the corner with force. Sandoval follows Skylark into the corner and hits a splash into the turnbuckles.] CONLON: CORNER SPLASH FROM SANDOVAL!!! JACKSON: I told you! Sandoval has the advantage yet again and hopefully this time, he can close this one down! CONLON: We'll see! Sandoval is showing the pride he takes in what he does. JACKSON: He should! The man is a boss, a jefe! He knows how to wrangle the wills of men and get what he wants. He walked out with the TV Title last time out. CONLON: He didn't will that. I doubt he wanted to be powerbombed off the top of a ladder. JACKSON: He used it to his advantage. Franklin was a pawn, just like everybody in Sandoval's world! He used him to get what he wanted and that was the UPW Television Title! CONLON: Nobody thinks like that, Pepper. JACKSON: He does! That is what makes him the most dangerous TV Champion in history! [Sandoval grabs Skylark and pulls him back toward that corner, slamming his head into the top turnbuckle over and over. After five smash blows, Sandoval lets go and Skylark stumbles backward from the corner. Sandoval grabs Skylark and places his neck on the top rope and starts choking him with the top rope. Before the referee can call for the break, Sandoval yanks back on Skylark and drops him with a snap DDT!] CONLON: SANDOVAL GOING TO WORK WITH THAT SNAP DDT!!! JACKSON: I'm loving this side of Felix Sandoval. He's intense and refuses to lose what he has earned. That is the kind of leader people want! CONLON: Well all the fans see is an arrogant man. JACKSON: Who cares? How long can you always be that likeable guy on the roster that always gets passed over before you get ticked off and want YOUR shot at greatness? Felix Sandoval knew where his best chance to make an impact in UPW was and he took it! CONLON: He did focus on the Television title and walked out with it, I'll give you that. JACKSON: Excactly! Sandoval desires to be great and he is showing the will to get it done now! [Sandoval pulls Skylark to his feet and performs a belly-to-back suplex that bounces Skylark off the canvas. Felix gets to his feet and yells out to the crowd in spainish. Sandoval kicks Skylark over and gets the smaller man down near the ropes. Sandoval takes a step onto the chest of Tripp Skylark and grabs the ropes to push his entire weight down onto the body of the smaller man.] CONLON: SANDOVAL IS JUST PRESSING THE LIFE OUT OF TRIPP SKYLARK!!! JACKSON: This is great! The little pinball is getting beaten like a rag doll by Felix Sandoval. CONLON: Skylark showing lots of heart to even still be in this match after all the pounding he has taken tonight, but Sandoval seems to know exactly where to attack. JACKSON: Taking someone's breath away is logical and it is going to take a lot out of the smaller man. CONLON: Sandoval is not letting go of the ropes and Skylark is really not looking good now! JACKSON: It is a gorgeous shade of blue, Stan. I must admit that. [The referee rushes over and calls for the break, but Sandoval isn't budging. Skylark is struggling to breath and trying to push against Sandoval's strong legs, but to no avail. The referee counts to five and Sandoval doesn't budge. Finally, the referee threatens to disqualify him and Sandoval finally jumps up and stomps down on Skylark's chest to break the hold.] CONLON: SANDOVAL BREAKS THE HOLD WITH A MIGHTY STOMP TO THE CHEST OF SKYLARK!!! JACKSON: That is the kind of thing they used to do in the old days. They would break ribs in the match and the other guy was never the same after that. CONLON: I bet they never had the conditioning of Tripp Skylark, either. JACKSON: No, they didn't. That doesn't matter though. It just means he has more muscle exposed to be bruised and beaten. That's all that means. CONLON: Sandoval looks like a man possessed right now, but he isn't just happy to try and win this match, he wants to hurt Skylark. JACKSON: That is what leaders do. They beat you and then embarass you for even thinking you could win against them. CONLON: This isn't the mafia, Pepper, it's a wrestling match. JACKSON: Same rules apply! You either shwo strength or become a target! [Sandoval looks full of himself as he walks around the ring. The referee checks out Skylark to make sure he is alright and Sandoval walks over and pulls Skylark to his feet, poking him in the eye just for kicks! The fans give Sandoval hell! Sandoval sets up Skylark for a whip across the ring, but Skylark reverses it! Sandoval rebounds back toward Skylark and gets backdropped high into the air for a nasty impact as the fans erupt at the change in momentum!] CONLON: TRIPP SKYALRK WITH A BIG BACKDROP ON SANDOVAL!!! THE CROWD IS GOING NUTS!!! JACKSON: Sandoval got really high into the air there! Skylark used a lot of energy to pull that off! CONLON: He sure did. Both men trying to recover after that and you have to know just how bad both men want to win this match! JACKSON: Of course! The TV Title means that you are the best on television right now and remember what Felix said, "with no other champions, he is truly the top guy in UPW." CONLON: I see his point, and it is obvious that this title means the world to him. JACKSON: That is why Sandoval is pulling out all the stops to try and keep the advantage! [Sandoval stands up and Skylark rushes for a kick, but Felix catches his foot. Sandoval smiles and laughs at Skylark while he hold s the foot...until Skylark jumps and pegs his head with an enzuigiri! Sandoval stumbles into the ropes and staggers back toward Skylark, who plants a boot in Felix's gut and then grabs him for a very fast piledriver!] CONLON: PILEDRIVER BY SKYLARK!!! JACKSON: That was lightning fast! Sandoval may not have saw that coming at all! How fair can that be? CONLON: Skylark doing what must be done in order to get Sandoval off his feet. That is the key to beating a taller man, take out the legs and keep them from havign that base of power. JACKSON: Not after some of the punishment Felix has dished out. CONLON: Skylark is no shrinking violet. He knows how to roll in the ring! JACKSON: Yeah, after he gets pinned! [The fans are chanting for Skylark as he gets excited for his momentum as he waits for Sandoval to get most of the way back up to his feet and then he rushes in and hits a dropkick to Sandoval's left knee! This drops Sandoval back to the canvas as he grabs his knee. Skylark climbs to the corner and stops at the second turnbuckle, jumping back and dropping a flying elbow drop!] CONLON: FLYING ELBOW DROP BY TRIPP SKYLARK!!! JACKSON: I think Sandoval's knee is in pain right now! CONLON: Skylark with a cover! This might be it!!! ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.................................................................. JACKSON: Why did Skylark get off Sandoval?!?! He had it won! CONLON: Sandoval pulled one of the greatest tricks in the book! He tapped the shoulder and Skylark thought it was the referee! JACKSON: Why does that matter? CONLON: When the match ends, the referee always taps you on the shoulder to tell you to release the pin. Usually because crowd noise makes it tough to hear the pin counts. JACKSON: Sandoval just tricked Skylark into releasing his own pin and that is why Skylark thinks he won. CONLON: That shows you just how diabolical Felix Sandoval is willign to be in order to keep that TV Title belt! JACKSON: It is brilliant and only Sandoval would think to pull that off! You have to respect his brains, Stan. [Skylark is confused and he discusses the situation with the referee and he explains that he never touched his back. Skylark turns around to go back to work on Sandoval, but gets dropped with a low blow and the crowd goes nuts with heel heat for Sandoval. Felix gets to his feet and locks on a full nelson hold on Skylark, lifting him and smashing that hold into the turnbuckles!] CONLON: SANDOVAL JUST LEVELED SKYLARK INTO THE CORNER WITH THAT FULL NELSON SLAM!!! JACKSON: See what a little miscommunication can cause? Sandoval is showing that he is better than ANY of us ever knew! I love it! CONLON: Skylark in trouble right now after he tumbles over and out of the corner. JACKSON: That is not a fun position to land in. Very difficult to get up quickly, plus the awkward landing on your neck and head. Just nasty! CONLON: Sandoval back in control and Tripp Skylark will have to find a way to get the momentum back. JACKSON: Good luck mighty mouse! [Sandoval stands that menacingly over Skylark as he waits for the smaller man to get up. Skylark struggles to his feet and turns right into the underarm hold and a rock bottom uranage! Sandoval shook the ring with the move! Sandoval stands and backs up against the ropes to rush back for a leg drop on Skylark!] CONLON: LEG DROP BY SANDOVAL!!! The Champion in total control! JACKSON: Every moment this goes on, it looks worse and worse for Skylark. CONLON: I have to agree with you, Pepper. Skylark seems to have had a lot taken out of him after that barrage of offense he doled out a bit ago. JACKSON: Sandoval has been relentless as well. He targets his attack well and knows where to strike. That is all you can ask for when trying to win a match. CONLON: You have to give it all you have or you never have a chance to succeed, Pepper. JACKSON: True, but sometimes your best is not enough. It is a fact of life. [Sandoval pulls Skylark up to his feet and hits a nasty jack to the neck that has Skylark grabbing for breath. Sandoval follows it up with a big kick to the stomach, doubling Tripp over. Sandoval grabs Skylark and gets him in position a powerbomb lift, and he lifts him up and drops him with an outsider's edge.] CONLON: OUTSIDER EDGE BY SANDOVAL! HE NEARLY KILLED SKYLARK WITH THAT ONE! JACKSON: This is the end folks! CONLON: Felix Sandoval lays on Skylark for the pin attempt! ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.................................................................. CONLON: SKYLARK GOT HIS SHOULDER UP!!! WHAT A GUTSY EXHIBITION BY TRIPP SKYLARK!!! JACKSON: It could be a dumb move too, Stan. CONLON: How can staying in a match be dumb? JACKSON: Well there is a fin line between being brave and just being a damn fool. With the beating he is taking, I'm not sure which direction of that line Skylark falls on right now. CONLON: How encouraging, Pepper. JACKSON: I just call it like I see it. [Sandoval stands up and gets in the referee's face, but the referee doesn't back down. Sandoval turns as Skylark is standing and grabs Tripp's arm, wrenching it around and putting Skylark hammer lock. Tripp yells for a second and then manages to chain wrestle his way out of the hold and wrenches Sandoval's arm behind his back! Skylark grabs Sandoval and performs a belly-to-back suplex with the hammerlock stuck between them as the fans erupt!] CONLON: TRIPP REVERSAL INTO THE SUPLEX!!! He kept that hammerlock stuck in between them!!! JACKSON: Skylark pulled off a perfect reversal, but can he follow it up. He has to change strategy here because going balls to the wall won't work once a veteran adjusts to it. CONLON: You think Sandoval has adjusted to it? JACKSON: Of course he has. You face somebody for long enough you learn their moves and capabilioties, right? And he has been battling this flipping, flying , pint-sized... CONLON: We get your point, Pepper. JACKSON: Yes. He know show to adjust to Skylark's antics and Skylark must change tactics or eventually get squashed! [Skylark continues focusing on Sandoval's arm as he pulls the arm out and drops an elbow onto the upper arm! Skylark holds onto the wrist and drops another elbow down on the arm! Skylark will not let go as Sandoval tries to yank it away and Skylark uses both hands to steady the arm and drives his knee into Sandoval's elbow!] CONLON: SKYLARK MUST HAVE HEARD YOU!!! HE IS TRYING TO TAKE SANDOVAL'S ARMS APART!!! JACKSON: I'm impressed that he would think to change up! CONLON: Perhaps, and I'm just spitballing here, but maybe Skylark isn't as backward and dumb as you seem to think he is, huh Pepper? JACKSON: Perhaps you are just as annoying as I have always thought, Stan. CONLON: I'll take that as agreeing with me. JACKSON: Take it however you want. Skylark is going to have to do this to BOTH arms if he wants to win this match and take the title, plain and simple. [Skylark jerks Sandoval up by that arm and goes to whip him into the ropes, but Sandoval reverses the whip and catches him on the rebound, lifting into a fireman's carry and dropping him with a nasty F-5 variation right in the middle of the ring as the fans erupt in boos.] CONLON: CLEAN CUT!!! SANDOVAL NAILED THE CLEAN CUT ON THE REBOUND AND SKYLARK IS DOWN! JACKSON: AND OUT! HERE'S THE COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRRRREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: SANDOVAL RETAINS! JACKSON: Felix Sandoval showing he knows all the tricks and clean cuts his way to victory! The champ stays the champ! CONLON: This was a great battle that nearly reached the time limit! JACKSON: Doesn't matter! Sandoval is the master of his domain and the king of this castle! He is why people will want to tune into Showdown! CONLON: Nice to see you haven't stopped drinking that kool aid, Pepper. JACKSON: Hey, if you want to take that belt off of Sandoval, you better bring more than a midget! [Sandoval takes his title belt and holds it in front of Skylark's face, speaking to him in spanish, before raising up and taunting the crowd and slapping the belt on his shoulder.] CONLON: Felix Sandoval obviously is proud to hold this title belt, but these arrogant acts have to make fans sad to have him in that role. JACKSON: Oh cry me a river! You want the best showman in this spot and Felix is proving he can fill that role. He's the man right now. CONLON: Right now, next Showdown will bring another challenge and Sandoval will have to prove it all over again. JACKSON: No doubt he will! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: "El Patron!" CHANEY: Gorilla, I honestly think everyone at home was waiting for you to say that the moment we came back to the studio. SMITH: Hey the man managed to get the victory and retain his title. You have to respect anytime a Champion retains. CHANEY: And now Franklin awaits. SMITH: And what a match that will be! CHANEY: Fans, we have been told that next Showdown, live from Omaha, Nebraska, we will see Brandon Franklin get his Television Title shot! SMITH: That isn't really fair to the champ, Chaney. CHANEY: Why would you say that? SMITH: Omaha is Franklin's hometown, isn't it? CHANEY: Yes, I believe it is. SMITH: Somebody tell Malcom Shabazz's legal team to get ready as Felix Sandoval may have some work for them after next Showdown! CHANEY: Give it a rest! Fan's let's head to soem footage that was caught backstage....roll it!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [Backstage we see Glenn Chambers standing at his locker, readying himself for his match later against Frank Anthony. He turns his head as he hears someone else walking up and it is Aaron "All Day" Lewis. Aaron reaches out his left hand and places it on his shoulder.] LEWIS: What's going on, G? CHAMBERS: Aaron. [The two shake hands in greeting.] LEWIS: I just wanted to chat with you for a second, if you don't mind CHAMBERS: No, it's fine. What's up? [Glenn turns to face Lewis.] LEWIS: I wanted to wish you good luck in your match first and foremost. I know that you got screwed over last time against Frank and all. CHAMBERS: I appreciate it. I wish you luck tonight as well. That match looks like it could be a killer. LEWIS: No doubt. The three other guys are dangerous in their own way. This isn't like our TTW days. CHAMBERS: It certainly isn't. We didn't have to deal with these kinds of guys back then. Lots of big brutes, but never anything psychological. CARDINAL: Never? Really? [Dylan Cardinal soundlessly slithered into the picture.] CARDINAL: Half of wrestling it the mind games, the moves, the counter-moves, and the counters to those... [Chambers turns to the towering Cardinal and starts to wind up a punch.] CARDINAL: Hold on, hoss. [He smiles.] CARDINAL: I'm not here for that. [Aaron places a hand on Glenn's shoulder, steadies his friend.] CARDINAL: Been trying to text that DJ kid, but he ain't replyin'. Doesn't even look like he's taking his messages at all. CHAMBERS: Are you kidding? He was in the hospital. CARDINAL: It's a small message. Two words. CHAMBERS: He couldn't stand up without fits of nausea. Couldn't bear exposure to light. He can't eat or sleep 'cause of the headaches. CARDINAL: He took his licks like a man, but you don't need to call strippers for a pity party. It's just one little message. Can you tell him for me? [Glenn Chambers grits his teeth.] CARDINAL: Tell him he failed. [Chambers' fist flies, but Aaron Lewis' amazing speed catches Glenn's arm and reigns it in.] LEWIS: Not now, G! [Lewis wraps his arms around Chambers' chest, stopping his advance.] Chambers: Aaron, this guy has done things that should never be forgiven. You saw what he did to DJ! Lewis: Yes, but I also know that you are the one guy that isn't stained in this locker room. Those kids out there believe in you in a way they don't believe in me or anyone else. You are the kind of role model they should admire and if you get into a backstage brawl, then you are becoming more like him. [He moves to stand in front of Glenn, struggling to keep him away from Cardinal.] CARDINAL: Lewis could have been right... but I did make a point *not* to attack you backstage, Glenn, then and now. If you choose not to strike, you also imitate me... and then aren't you also becoming more like me? All that rage, all that anger... you're a lot more like me than you think. Deep down, aren't you just a snake? [Lewis frowns, still keeping himself firmly in front of Chambers, but he turns to Cardinal.] Lewis: You're not going to be messing with our minds tonight, Cardinal, and you're not going to be scaring either of us. CARDINAL: Scare you? I don't aim to scare an opponent; that gets their adrenaline pumpin', makes 'em sharper, faster, gives 'em more fuel in the tank. I Want you to be as confident as you can be, Aaron. [Glenn pushes forward, almost topples Lewis over.] CHAMBERS: HEY! This issue is between you and me, Cardinal! CARDINAL: No, it's not. You want to get your hands on me 'cause you think it'll do something. But it won't. [The King of Snakes seems to revel in passively staying just out of Glenn Chambers' reach.] CARDINAL: If you can't even set things right for yourself against Frank Anthony, what makes you think you can make anything right against me? My issue isn't with you, it's with Aaron Lewis. And Chase Williams. And Liam Donegal. LEWIS: We'll settle that issue tonight. [The Basilisk grins, nods as he begins to step off.] CARDINAL: We will. [The King of Serpents disappears while Aaron Lewis still struggles to keep Chambers contained.] CHAMBERS: Why are you holding me back? LEWIS: This isn't the right place. Listen, G, the only way this works for good is if you beat him in the ring. Anything else and you give up the high ground. CHAMBERS: The high ground doesn't mean much if those you care about are getting drug into things and beaten down. What does it say about me if I let this guy do the things he does to me and my loved ones and don't do a damn thing about it? I want to beat him down Philly street style, you know? [Aaron slaps him gently on the chest before pulling his hands back.] LEWIS: I understand, I really do. But you attack him now, you also screw with my match later tonight, your match here in a bit, and you ruin everything for the fans tonight. All of that plus you become more like him and willing to get dirty in a way that has zero sportsmanship. [He raises a finger to Chambers.] LEWIS: Don't be that guy, G. Don't let him win. [Glenn stands there clinching his fists, raging on the inside as he listens to his friend's advice.] CHAMBERS: So what do you propose, Aaron? LEWIS: Let me handle it. I get him in the ring tonight. You stay out of it back here and just let me teach him a lesson, TTW style. [Chambers' face has an incredulous look as he hears Lewis' comments.] LEWIS: Don't worry. [Confident, he slaps Glenn on the back. Just like Dylan Cardinal wanted...] LEWIS: I got this. [Lewis rushes out of the locker room area, leaving Glenn standing there shaking his head.] CHAMBERS: I hope you know what you're doing. [The screen fades as Glenn turns back toward his locker, as he still looks to be holding his anger back.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Do you think Dylan Cardinal might be biting off more than he can chew by aggrevating both Glenn Chambers AND Aaron Lewis? SMITH: Well keep in mind what is really happening here. There are real issues between Chambers and Cardinal. They are deep, bordering on hatred without a doubt. That isn't the case with Lewis. If anything, he is just trying to see if Lewis' mind can be messed with. It is a sound strategy considering the main event to come. CHANEY: Lewis seems confident that he could handle the business. SMITH: That is his equivalent to "here, hold my beer." Lewis is trying to keep Chambers from doing something stupid, but putting himself ont he line as well....which isn't so smart. CHANEY: All we know is that fans are dying to see Glenn Chambers get his hands on Dylan Cardinal at some point. SMITH: And if he does, he may end up sharing a hospital bed next to DJ Jackson. CHANEY: I doubt that, but let's continue on what we have to see tonight in the ring! Up next, we see the "Jester" Chad Allen in action against "Good" Gordon Gaines. SMITH: And we get to see that hot mess, Iris Galiver! CHANEY: You really have a darks side, don't you Gorilla? SMITH: Only in certain company, but she would by-God be it! CHANEY: If you start chanting for puppies and take us back to 1997, I'll walk away now! SMITH: Don't worry, I have some decorum. The emphasis there is on "some." CHANEY: Well before Gorilla decides to explain his wonderlust for Iris Galiver, let's head to the ring and see what happened as Chad Allen faced Gordon Gaines! Roll the tap, guys!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with "Jester" Chad Allen holding "Good" Gordon Gains in the corner against the turnbuckle as he grins his right fist into the temple of his opponent. Allen is being warned by the referee to break from the corner, but he is ignoring the referee completely. Iris Galiver screams out support from ringside as he grinds that knuckle in deep.] CONLON: Chad Allen grinding that knuckle into the temple as Gaines is just stuck in that corner. JACKSON: He sure is and "Jester" has had his way with him the entire time. CONLON: The referee is calling for the break, but Allen seems to be listening to Iris Galiver instead and continuing his assault in the corner. JACKSON: I'd listen to her as well. She's a fine looking woman, Stan. CONLON: She's crazy as hell, Pepper. JACKSON: I don't discriminate. [The referee finally steps in and forces Allen away from Gaines. Chad looks at the referee as if he is thinking of lashing out at him. Iris yells "Yeah, get him too!" as she continues her direction from the ringside area.] CONLON: Whoa now! Chad Allen looks like he may take a swing at the referee! JACKSON: If Iris has her way, he will. There are times when she goes a tad overboard. CONLON: You think? JACKSON: Well, I don't think she would really want Chad to lose the match by taking down the referee. But in the moment, you will say things you don't really mean. [Allen walks past the referee and grabs Gaines again by the arms, jerking him out of the corner and quickly into a lift to take him down with a T-bone suplex. He sits next to his fallen opponent and nods to Iris, who approves.] CONLON: T-BONE SUPLEX BY ALLEN! Gaines in serious trouble. JACKSON: Dude was in serious trouble the moment the bell rang to start this match! CONLON: "Jester" with a glance to Iris and all is well for him, I guess. JACKSON: Wesley Snipes said it best, "Listen to the woman." Allen is doing just that. [Allen gets to his feet and pulls Gaines up again. He wraps Gaines' arm around his and lifts him for a vertical suplex lift. At the apex of the lift, he drops him straight down into a brainbuster.] CONLON: BRAINBUSTER BY ALLEN AND THIS COUND BE IT AS HE COVERS! ONE! . . . . .(Iris yells "Not Yet!") . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . .(Iris yells "Not Yet!" even louder as she smacks the ring apron.) . . . . TH........ALLEN PULLED HIS HEAD UP TO BREAK THE PIN!!! JACKSON: Chad Allen listening to Iris and not allowing the match to end! CONLON: Well now we know which of these two is more sadistic. JACKSON: You know nothing, Stan. Iris wants him to win in a specific way and after putting Gaines through the right amount of punishment. She wants what is best for her "Jester." CONLON: I just think she wants Gaines to suffer, period. JACKSON: Well, there is that, too. [Iris is ecstatic on the outside that her man listened to her plea to keep the match going. Allen pulls Gaines to his feet and whips him into the corner, where Gaines flips up and over the top turnbuckle and ends up standing on the ring apron. Allen charges and clotheslines him off the apron and to the arena floor in front of the announcers.] CONLON: GAINES GOES TUMBLING OUT TO THE ARENA FLOOR! Chad Allen in complete control! JACKSON: What power he showed with the whip into the corner! Gaines has nothing for Allen tonight. CONLON: Well now we know why Iris wanted the match to continue. Look at what is going on right in front of us! JACKSON: Well yeah! You go on, girl! [Allen begins to move forward and the referee tries to get him to wait so he can start a count. The referee doesn't see Iris sneaking around the corner outside to where Gaines is. She gets there and begins stomping her heels into Gaines on the outside. The referee never seeing as Allen is arguing with him.] CONLON: IRIS GALIVER ATTACKING GORDON GAINES HERE AT RINGSIDE!!! The referee is too busy dealing with Chad Allen in the ring! JACKSON: They are just the perfect couple! CONLON: They are cheating, Pepper! Blatantly cheating! JACKSON: You can see why she was once one of the best female wrestling stars on the planet. Look at her go! [Iris slaps Gaines across the face and rushes back around the corner as Allen walks past the referee and exits the ring. Iris celebrates her fun as the fans boo her. Chad picks up Gaines and wraps his arms around him from behind, lifting into a release German suplex that sends Gaines into the steep ring post.] CONLON: CHAD ALLEN WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE RING POST! JACKSON: Gordon Gaines is dead! He has to be after that! CONLON: He may seriously wish he was! He has not had one single chance to throw an offensive move in this match. Allen poked his eye right at the opening bell and it has been all down hill from there! JACKSON: Plus he got his ass stomped by Iris out here at ringside! [Allen pulls Gaines up and rolls him back into the ring as the referee's count was up to five. Iris runs across and jumps into his arms for a very awkward/disgusting sign of affection and then he follows back into the squared circle himself.] CONLON: Oh God that is disgusting! JACKSON: Love is love, Stan. You may not like it and you may not agree with how it is shown.....but love is still love. What a great couple they are. [Allen pulls Gaines up and lifts him for a fisherman buster. Allen takes his time standing to his feet and staring down with a maniacal smile on his face.] CONLON: FISHERMAN BUSTER BY ALLEN! JACKSON: This one is over, it is just a matter of how "Jester" wants it to end. CONLON: Well it looks like he wants to end it the way he always does. [Allen grabs Gaines up from the mat and lifts him onto his shoulders for a fireman's carry. He pauses a second before delivering his death valley driver variation in the center of the ring.] CONLON: LAST LAUGH!!! Chad Allen plants Gains in the center of the ring with it and this one is over! JACKSON: He covers for the pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: Chad Allen gets the easy victory here tonight at Showdown! Talk about a way to bounce back after that TV Title match last episode! JACKSON: The man is one of the toughest men in the sport and he is even more difficult to hold down for very long. CONLON: And now we get the obligatory celebration! JACKSON: Iris is in the ring! [As his name is announced victorious, Iris rushes inside the ring and the two celebrate together. Iris steps away for a second to deliver another kick or two to the body of Gordon Gaines before jumping back into "Jester's" arms and celebrating again.] CONLON: Of course she kicks Gaines while he is down! Why not? That woman is absolutely crazy! JACKSON: That may be, but who cares? Allen and her are made for each other. CONLON: Certainly seems that way! [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The camera comes to life, zoomed in on an unbuttoned Mets home jersey with the number 9 on the front of it. As the camera slowly pans out, we discover that it's Marcus and Anthony, the O'Malley Brothers, standing in front of a UPW backdrop. Flashing an ever-so-confident grin, the younger brother, Anthony, begins to speak as he slowly nods his head.] ANTHONY: James Boswell. Nice touch. Only problem is that we're not just strictly Irish.....we also have some Italian in us as well. Take Galileo, for instance, who once said "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." You want to know the truth as to why we took issue with you? The answer is simple, boys: Marcus and I? We don't take the low road for anything. If we want a win, we go out and get it ourselves. We don't need your help, Tyson. And we certainly don't need any help from that 270-pound walking sack of human excrement that you call an "American Nightmare", do we Marcus? [The elder brother, who has a face only a mother could love thanks to years of brutality, begins to speak.] MARCUS: Ye know what ye remind me of? A bunch o' entitled pricks. Ye walk ‘round here thinkin' that ye deserve this an' ye deserve that an' when someone like Anth'ny an' I bully up an' do somethin' a- boot it, ye act like ye got some sand in ye vag bags or somethin'. Ye call ye'selves the measurin' stick here in UPW but all I see is a coupl' peck'rheads that need to be knocked down a coupl' pegs. [In the distance, you can hear the crowd faintly pop at that comment.] MARCUS: So t'night when Anth'ny, Fol'y an I go to that ring, we are gonna do more than just defend our Irish her'tage. In fact, we are gonna do somethin' that all three o' ye will approve of: We want to get brutal an' we want ye to get brutal as well. That way, there's no excuse, no whinin' an' no cryin' a-boot what's fixin' to take place in that ring. I'm beggin' ye boys.... please try an' end us because if fear's all that's stoppin' ye then damn ye souls cause the Lord hates a f[BLEEP]ing coward. [Anthony flashes an ever-increasing look of confidence as he puts his arm around his older brother.] ANTHONY: You heard him, Dominion. Tonight, it's nut up or shut up. [Fade out.] CHANEY: Chad Allen with a convincing victory! SMITH: And Iris looking fine as ever! CHANEY: You have absolutely no problem with Iris attacking a fallen man? SMITH: He should defend himself if he wants to remain without scars. That was the motto I always used in the ring. CHANEY: But you were a lot bigger than Gaines, Gorilla. SMITH: It doesn't matter anyway. We all know that UPW allows certain guys to get away with things. I'll leave Shabazz out of it and just discuss Dominion and what they did to the O'Malleys backstage last Showdown. CHANEY: Well Marcus and Anthony did kind of start the brawl backstage after the Dominion attacked the Hype, ruining the chance for them to debut. SMITH: That is why they are so angry! And what happened to the Hype anyway? CHANEY: Injuries. Both Messer and Nash are currently out with injuries and the concussions were so severe that we have no time table for their return. SMITH: These guys want to take on the Dominion after that? They are crazier than I thought! CHANEY: Well they aren't alone tonight! As the six man match that is up next will actually have even odds as Caleb Foley will be teaming with the O'Malley boys! SMITH: It looks like a fair fight on paper. CHANEY: Let's see how it all went down! Roll the footage, boys!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Tyson Bishop in the ring with Anthony O'Malley. Bishop picks Anthony up over his head and presses him high, lifting him up and down a bit to show off his power, before finally dropping him to the ground with a press slam.] CONLON: HUGE PRESS SLAM FROM TYSON BISHOP! The power he has is amazing! JACKSON: These guys have been in total control right from the start! They truly are making UPW their dominion! CONLON: Well it is easy when you somehow take out one of your opponents before the match starts and then jump them before the bell with a one-man advantage. JACKSON: I call that brilliant strategy, Stan, plain and simple. [Bishop looks over at his partners who seem eager to get in on the action. Bishop pulls Anthony up and literally throws him into their corner. Anthony lands as both De Luca and Donovan throw forearm thrusts into the back of his neck and head on the landing.] CONLON: DOMINION WITH THEIR DOUBLE TEAMMING IN THE CORNER! That can cause a concussion, Pepper! JACKSON: Well it will teach the O'Malley boys not to pick fights they can't win, right? Wait, they're Irish, that might be asking a tad too much. CONLON: Still no sign of Marcus O'Malley, as we have received word that he was handcuffed to a pipe in the locker room before the start of this match. JACKSON: Never took him for one of those BDSM freaks. [Bishop reaches and tags Donovan into the match. He pulls Anthony up and lifts his arm into the air, allowing Donovan to kick a boot square to the ribs and drop Anthony to the mat again. Anthony takes a look over to his corner where Caleb Foley is just now reaching to pull himself up off the floor.] CONLON: There's the tag to "The Adonis" and he plants that boot perfectly for the most impact. JACKSON: They are precision instruments, Stan. Look at what they did to Foley for much of this match. The dude is just now getting to his feet out there! CONLON: This has been total domination by the three-headed monster that is The Dominion. JACKSON: Nobody can stop these men when they are on their game, Stan. Nobody. They are too united and too strong! [Donovan stalks Anthony, waiting for him to begin standing and he rushes over, stomping on the fingers of his left hand as the crowd boos. Donovan reaches and pulls Anthony up to his feet and acts like he will jab, getting Anthony to raise his guard, and instead swiftly kicks him between the legs, dropping him to the canvas.] CONLON: LANCE DONOVAN WITH A KICK TO THR GROIN! THAT WAS UNCALLED FOR! JACKSON: Who cares? He is just proving a point. CONLON: And that is what? That he could be an NFL kicker if he truly wanted to be? JACKSON: No, I think the point is that whatever Dominion wants to do, they're going to do. [Donovan tags Antonio De Luca. De Luca enters the ring and pulls Anthony to his feet, grabbing him to perform his Italian Suplex. De Luca lifts and releases as Donovan grabs a hangman's neckbreaker on Anthony as he lands.] NEAR FALL CONLON: GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!! DE LUCA'S ITALIAN SUPLEX INTO A HANGMAN'S NECKBREAKER!!! JACKSON: Anthony is dead! A cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR..............DE LUCA PULLS HIS HEAD UP OFF THE CANVAS! CONLON: WHY DID HE DO THAT? JACKSON: They haven't made their full point yet, Stan. These are men of action and making statements with those actions is what counts to them. CONLON: But he had the match won! It was over. Anthony wasn't kicking out after that! JACKSON: Again, they do what they want. And they do it HOW they want. Get used to it. [De Luca is shaking his head as he pulls Anthony out of the pin. He stands to his feet and shoves Anthony to the mat facing his corner. Caleb Foley is barely standing on the apron in the corner now, finally recovered from the beat down early on in the match.] CONLON: This is just an insult to injury, Pepper. De Luca is actually goading Anthony to tag in Caleb Foley. JACKSON: Let's be honest, that is who he really wants in there anyway. CONLON: That might be, but I hope that all of this grandstanding leads to Foley coming in there and ripping them to pieces. JACKSON: The way Foley looks, I'm now sure he could rip Christmas wrapping paper, much less a machine like Dominion. [De Luca continues to tell Anthony to tag the "hiberno" into the match, waving his arms as if to try and hurry him up. Anthony struggles to crawl toward the corner as Foley tries to reach over the ropes to receive a tag.] CONLON: Foley is reaching, but they just haven't connected. De Luca is not even trying to stop the tag. JACKSON: No, he's encouraging it. CONLON: Always be careful what you ask for. There is an old Yiddish saying that essentially says that when God wants to punish us, He answers our prayers. De Luca should not want to bring a seasoned performer like Foley back in so fast. JACKSON: I don't think he is worried. [De Luca stands straight up as Anthony finally manages to tag Foley. Caleb enters the ring as the crowd erupts and rushes right toward De Luca. As Foley gets to De Luca, "The Legionarius" rolls around his arms stretched out for attack and allows momentum to send Foley right into the Dominion Corner and a major right hand from Tyson Bishop.] CONLON: DE LUCA RUMBLE ROLLS FOLEY RIGHT INTO THE CORNER AND A RIGHT HAND FROM BISHOP! JACKSON: Antonio De Luca is a master. Nobody gives this young man credit for just how good he is. CONLON: And it helps to have a massive beast like "The American Nightmare" in your corner as well. JACKSON: No doubt, that always helps! [The crowd immediately begins booing as De Luca grabs the staggered Foley and kicks him in the stomach to bend him over. He grabs the arms in a double underhook position and lifts Foley with strength, dropping him with a back breaker from the lift.] CONLON: THUMBS DOWN!!! DE LUCA HITS THAT DOUBLE UNDERHOOK BACKBREAKER AND FOLEY IS IN REAL DANGER AGAIN! JACKSON: Foley tried to rush in and get the crowd push, but Dominion has an answer for everything. CONLON: And again, why no pin attempt? De Luca probably has this match in hand without question! JACKSON: Actions as statements, Stan. You really need to remember that. These men are staking their claim and woe be the men who try to stop them. [De Luca tags Bishop into the match and then whips Foley into the ropes. On the rebound, De Luca drop toe holds Foley just as Bishop hits a flying shoulder block. The two members of Dominion get to their feet as the fans shower them with boos.] CONLON: GOOD GOD!!! BISHOP HITS THAT FLYING SHUOLDER BLOCK AS FOLEY FALSL FROM THE DROP TOE HOLD! JACKSON: Foley is out cold it looks like. WAIT, WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! [Those boos suddenly turn to cheers as out of nowhere, Marcus O'Malley slides into the ring and levels De Luca with a clothesline. He rushes and clobbers a clothesline on Bishop.] CONLON: MARCUS O'MALLEY HAS HIT THE RING! HE'S HERE TO GET SOME REVENGE! JACKSON: He takes down De Luca, and then rushes at Bishop! He's on fire! CONLON: You can't keep a good man down! Marcus O'Malley taking the fight to Dominion piece by piece. And that is how you have to do it with these men! JACKSON: Marcus is fresh and showing no ill effects of being locked backstage! [Marcus hits a European Uppercut on an incoming Donovan. Then he rushes and hits one on De Luca. Then another on Donovan. The fans are going nuts for this comeback!] CONLON: A SERIES OR EUROPEAN UPPERCUTS FRO MARCUS O'MALLEY!!! JACKSON: He hasn't slowed at all! He's only one man! How is he pulling this off? CONLON: Anger is a great motivator, Pepper. He is using it to his advantage and chopping Dominion down with every uppercut and clothesline! JACKSON: Aaaannnnnddd that is over! [Marcus turns to go hit De Luca again and the giant boot of Tyson Bishop suddenly crushes the side of his skull, dropping him to the canvas. De Luca and Donovan grab Marcus and drag him to their corner to double team him as Bishop nods in approval before suddenly falling backward.] CONLON: MARCUS LEVELED BY THE BOOT OF TYSON BISHOP!!! Now they are double teaming him in the cor....FOLEY GRABS BISHOP INTO A SMALL PACKAGE! JACKSON: NOOOOO! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR......................DE LUCA WITH A BOOT TO THE HEAD OF FOLEY TO BREAK UP THE PIN!!! CONLON: Tyson Bishop nearly got caught there, Pepper! JACKSON: That is where having teammates like De Luca can help save the day! CONLON: Not to mention give you an advantage that very few may ever be able to overcome! JACKSON: Wrestling history has long seen dominant groups rise up like this. I'm not sure there has ever been a more devastating group that is as in tune with each other as Dominion. [Donovan and De Luca literally toss Marcus over the top rope and to the floor. The three men of Dominion all turn to Foley, who is just rolling over to push up to his feet. They all pounce and begin stomping down on Foley as fast and hard as they can. The referee trying to get De Luca and Donovan out of the ring as Bishop is legal man.] CONLON: The referee is trying to get control of the match as all three members of Dominion are in the ring and stomping down on Caleb Foley. JACKSON: Well Foley should have just laid there and took his beating. The fact he still tried to sneak one over on Tyson Bishop only angered them. CONLON: That is a bad reason for unjust behavior in the ring. JACKSON: Spoken like a man who doesn't truly understand power. [Bishop pulls Foley to his feet and yanks that left arm to pull him in, drilling him with a short- arm lariat that nearly flips Foley end-over-end. His partners now on the apron after exiting the ring, both are eager to return to action.] CONLON: TYSON BISHOP NEARLY TOOK FOLEY'S HEAD OFF WITH THAT LARIAT!!! JACKSON: THAT is true power, Stan. CONLON: Caleb Foley probably has no clue where he even is at this point, Pepper. JACKSON: I could argue the guy hasn't had much good sense at all in his life. Now he in a fight with a group he can't possibly defeat. [Bishop tags in De Luca and Antonio enters quickly to pull Foley to his feet. He yells something at him undiscernable to the camera before grabbing him and flipping him with a belly-to-belly suplex. De Luca jumps up and rushes over, nailing an elbow to Anthony O'Malley in the opposite corner, sending him to the floor yet again.] CONLON: DE LUCA CLEANING HOUSE!!! BELLY-TO-BELLY ON FOLEY AND THEN AN ELBOW TO LITTLE ANTHONY FOR GOOD MEASURE!!! JACKSON: The man knows how to rule a ring. CONLON: Antonio De Luca looks like he is finally ready to end this. JACKSON: Too bad, I was really enjoying it. [De Luca waits for Foley to get partially up to his feet and then rushes over to grab him and stuff his head between the knees. He lifts him up and onto his back, stretching out that crucifix lift as wife as he can before dropping Foley with the power bomb from the position.] CONLON: BLOOD AND SAND!!! DE LUCA PLANTED FOLEY WITH IT AND THIS IS ALL BUT ELEMENTARY NOW! JACKSON: THE COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: DOMINION WITH THE VICTORY!!! JACKSON: And they looked damn good doing it, Stan! These guys are going to be at the top of UPW sooner rather than later. CONLON: Especially if they are allowed to gang up the way they did tonight. JACKSON: You do what you have to do, Stan. [As the count is being done in the ring, Bishop and Donovan spike piledrive Marcus O'Malley right in front of the announcers. They look at each other and Donovan points over to the opposite side of the arena.] CONLON: THIS IS UNNECESSARY! SPIKE PILEDRIVER ONT HE OUTSIDE! THE MATCH IS OVER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! JACKSON: Mess with the bull, you get the horns. CONLON: Oh give it a rest, Pepper. This is just bad sportsmanship all around. JACKSON: They won, so they do what they want. [The bell sounds as Donovan slides into the ring to stand next to his stable partner, De Luca. In the background we see Bishop take off running and propel himself off the far ring steps and into a flying clothesline on Anthony O'Malley, who had just begun to stand up outside the ring.] CONLON: O'MALLEY DOWN WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE! This is just wrong! JACKSON: Dominion in all their glory now, Stan. They are the class of UPW! [Bishop enters the ring and the three men stand tall as the crowd gives them holy hell.] CONLON: Well the fans don't appreciate them much, I can tell you that! JACKSON: They don't care. They just care about dominating what is in front of them! UPW watch out! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: DOMINION DOMINATING! That is just a wonderful flashback to the old days! CHANEY: But HOW they did it. Attacking Marcus O'Malley before the match and keeping him from being out there for more than ninety percent of the encounter. That isn't a fair fight. SMITH: And your point is? CHANEY: Gorilla! I realize you were not the fairest of wrestlers in your day, but surely now you can see the good in fair play? SMITH: Of course I can, but so can everybody else who stands on the sideline with no gold around their waist. CHANEY: So you condone what happened? SMITH: I think that Dominion knows what they are doing in there at all times. I think they plan out meticulously what they want to do and how they will do it. I believe that Pepper Jackson was right in that they get to do what they want and HOW they want to do it. And it is because they have cultivated a real mechanism for victory. CHANEY: But... SMITH: You and I may not "like" how they go about it, but it fell within the rules and gave them an advantage. That is strategy at its finest, plain and simple. CHANEY: So if they can figure out corners to cut like that, how can anybody stop them? SMITH: Perhaps they can't. As my Grandad used to say - "the fleas come with the dog." So it is going to take something extraordinary to slow them down. CHANEY: Dominion very well could be here to stay and even rule UPW if this keeps up. SMITH: I'm sure that is part of their master plan. CHANEY: Well folks, the time has come to lay out the latest "master plan" from UPW: the North American Title Tournament. Eight men will be selected to walk into Showdown Seven in St. Louis, Missouri and face off in a single-night tournament to crown the first North American Champion in UPW and carry the title into Survival for his first defense. SMITH: Single night? That is a tough one to pull out. That is three victories in a single night to win a title. CHANEY: And tonight we will be releasing the names of the eight men in that tournament. SMITH: Just the names, huh? CHANEY: Yes, Gorilla, just the names. Next Showdown, we will release the match ups and the bracket for the tournament. SMITH: So who are the men up for the North American Title. CHANEY: First off, I mention this title tournament now because the first name on the list is "Legionarius" Antonio De Luca. Also on the list are "Jester" Chad Allen, Glenn Chambers, and Frank Anthony. SMITH: Just that first half of the names is a field of studs! De Luca in the field means Dominion is in play. Anthony has that "pride," Allen is utterly dangerous, and Chambers is always a fan favorite! CHANEY: The other half of the names are Harrison Daniels III, Caleb Foley, Jeff Keenan, and... SMITH: Well? CHANEY: He can't gripe much anymore....the last name is Malcom Shabazz! SMITH: Now we're talking! Shabazz getting some respect now! CHANEY: Those are the eight men vying in the single-night North American Title Tournament on Showdown Seven! SMITH: That is going to be something special! CHANEY: Any one of those men could walk away with a coveted title that could literally "make" them in UPW and it all goes down in St. Louis a month from now! SMITH: There is a name I am surprised got left out. CHANEY: Who? SMITH: Derek Rage. CHANEY: I can understand that. I'm not sure why he was left out either because we all know that the seven foot beast was a bad landing on a steel ring post away from being in tonight's main event. SMITH: He may be the most unstoppable single force in UPW right now. Dominion has strength in numbers, but Rage has pure strength. CHANEY: And he put that strength into action in Indianapolis against Isaac "Hooch" Johnson. SMITH: "Hooch" is usually part of a tag team, but asked for a true test and so the put this match together. CHANEY: Let's see how the match turned out and go to the footage!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as Derek Rage is standing in the middle of the ring, setting up Isaac Johnson for a vertical suplex.] CONLON: Looks like Hooch is about to take a big ride, Pepper. JACKSON: Derek Rage is treating this kid like the rag doll he is right now! CONLON: Not a fair match to pit Johnson, who is not even six feet tall, against the giant like Derek Rage. JACKSON: Donegal wasn't much taller than Johnson, but this isn't the same thing as last Showdown at all! Rage is looking to make a statement here. [Rage lifts him straight up and holds him up there. Rage bends at the knees and then stands straight a few times, showing off his raw power before finally teetering back and dropping Johnson with the vertical suplex in the center of the ring with a mighty thud.] CONLON: GOOD LORD THAT SUPLEX WAS NASTY! JACKSON: And all the blood forced into the head by how long he held him up there! Derek Rage showing just how strong he really is! CONLON: There are probably a few gentlemen happy Rage didn't advance to that Fatal four way later tonight. JACKSON: I know I would be thanking Liam Donegal for that one. Rage is the kind of guy that will be impossible to defeat when properly motivated. [Rage pulls Johnson up and whips him into the ropes. Isaac ducks under the lariat and holds onto the ropes when he hits the opposite side to stop his momentum. Rage turns to see him and rushes him, throwing a clothesline from hell, which Johnson ducks and sends Rage toppling down to the arena floor much to the crowd's delight.] CONLON: RAGE SENT TO THE FLOOR BY JOHNSON! The Little guy getting one over on Rage! JACKSON: He had to do something and speed is all he has in this one. He hit so many speed moves early on, and it was only because of Rage's size that particular aspect of his game was taken away. CONLON: Good to see him get back to it. JACKSON: And Rage didn't really hit that hard. He is standing already! [Rage actually landed on his feet and stumbled to a knee, jumping back up quickly and reaching under the bottom rope to grab the foot of the Johnson to yank him down to the canvas. Rage drags that leg by the foot to the corner and slams it against the ring post.] CONLON: RAGE YANKING JOHNSON AROUND LIKE A TOY AND SLAMMING HIS KNEE INTO THE RING POST! JACKSON: Derek Rage is an angry giant. Boys in the locker room, you better be extra careful when seeing your name matched up against him! Damn! CONLON: Velvet Sims is loving this, as you can imagine. JACKSON: I'm sure he would have loved a title belt more, but seeing your guys be so dominant has to be a good feeling for sure. [Rage grabs that foot again and looks to the crowd, which immediately boos him. He looks to Velvet Sims, who approves quickly. Derek then slams that knee joint into the ring post again.] CONLON: KNEE TO THE POST AGAIN BY RAGE!!! "Hooch" is getting decimated in there! JACKSON: If I were Ike, I'd be tapping out as fast as I possibly could, even if I'm not in a hold of any kind! I would want the hell out of there! [Rage climbs back into the ring, stepping over the top rope to break the referee's count. He stares down at Johnson, almost as if sizing him up and deciding what he wants to do next.] CONLON: Derek Rage is just stalking Johnson at this point. JACKSON: It is funny how this could be different had Michael Turner stayed at ringside. But no, Johnson wanted to prove he could do well without anyone with him and this is the result. [As Johnson finally begins to get to his feet, Rage moves over to grab him. Johnson quickly reacts and grabs the Rage by the neck, rolling the seven-footer into a small package.] CONLON: HOOCH JOHNSON WITH A SMALL PACKAGE! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH............RAGE POWERS OUT! JACKSON: Johnson surprised the big man there. I doubt that happens again. CONLON: Isaac Johnson started fast and still has tricks to show the beast Derek Rage. JACKSON: Do you really think it will make much difference once Rage gets his ham hocks on him? I mean seriously, Stan. [Rage looks angry as he stands back to his feet. He steps over and pulls Johnson up by his ear, placing him in a power bomb position. He lifts and drops him with a massive power bomb.] CONLON: POWERBOMB BY RAGE!!! JACKSON: Did you see how Johnson's upper body bounced off the mat? Damn! CONLON: Rage showcasing his power yet again! JACKSON: This isn't over yet! LOOK AT THAT DEAD LIFT! [The fans are in awe as Rage keeps hold and dead lifts Johnson back into the air and drops him a second time. This time he lets go and it is a nasty jack-knife variation, which has Isaac landing awkwardly in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: JACK KNIFE POWERBOMB BY DEREK RAGE!!! JACKSON: He just pulled Johnson straight back into the air and dropped him like a sack of garbage! CONLON: This match is all but over now. Rage has proven his point in my eyes. JACKSON: And the UPW better be taking notice because this man is bound for title glory very soon! [Velvet Sims is almost jubilant as Rage pulls Johnson up and puts his massive hand on his face for the claw hold. He lifts Johnson by that claw hold and then drops him skull-first into the canvas. Johnson's legs are not moving at all after impact, as he is out cold.] CONLON: HAMMER OF GOD!!! THIS IS IT AS RAGE JUST PUTS HIS FOOT ON THE CHEST OF JOHNSON! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: Rage with the convincing victory! CONLON: Derek Rage, the giant with a mission! You have to think that UPW needs to consider putting him in title contention, Pepper. JACKSON: They better because I fear he will tear through everybody until he is given that shot. [Rage raises his own arms in victory as Velvet Sims climbs into the ring to celebrate with his client.] CONLON: Velvet Sims in now to celebrate. JACKSON: You have to give him credit as Rage is trending upward because of his work on his behalf. CONLON: They make an interesting team for sure. JACKSON: Derek Rage, enjoy him people because that is your future World Champion if he keeps this kind of performance going. [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The camera cuts to a backstage area of the Bankers Life Fieldhouse. A table has been set up just inside what appears to be an "Employee Entrance". Sitting at the table are two men of a larger stature, both wearing shirts that read "Security" on them. They seem to be chatting among themselves as the outside door opens and in walks a man and women who have never been seen before on UPW television. The gentleman, is wearing a pair of black dress pants, and a very nice gray, overcoat.He stands about 6'3", and has a pretty nice build. He has short brown hair, and hazel eyes. Behind him he is pulling a rolling suitcase. The lady is wearing a full length, light brown, fur coat. She has long, light brown hair, blue eyes, a very pretty face and a dynamite figure. The male steps right up to the table as the female follows close behind.] Guard: Name please? [The man has an almost shocked look on his face as the female speaks up from behind him sharply...] Woman: Clearly the man standing in front of you is Percy Monroe, "Poetry in Motion" Percy Monroe... [Percy looks back at the woman with a look of disgust on his face as to say he can't believe they don't know who he is. The guard looks down at a clipboard sitting on table.] Guard: Yep, there you are. The locker room is straight ahead, second door on the right... Woman: Excuse me? Did you just say "the"? As in Percy Monroe in the same locker room with the rest of UPW? [The woman steps out from behind Percy and positions herself between Monroe and the table.] Woman: Go ahead and check your little list again and you will see that we have already called ahead and reserved ourselves a private locker room. Guard: Ma'am, you do realize this isn't some kind of restaurant, right? We don't exactly have "reservations". [Percy steps forward again and slams his hand down on the table...] Percy Monroe: I don't know who exactly you think you are talking to, but if you ever attempt to use that condescending tone with my wife again and we won't be worried about a locker room or a clipboard. We will be worried about how quick the EMT's can get here. Woman: It's okay babe, something tells me this is going to be his last night working for UPW. He doesn't realize that we aren't, just, new UPW talent. Percy Monroe: Idiot, doesn't understand that my name is worth more than the bank he cashes his little paychecks at each week... [Off in the distance, a voice cuts through the strife and conflict.] VOICE: It's alright, Steve. They're with me. [Everyone's attention, including the camera's, pans to the left to find Harrison Daniels III walking towards the security, decked out in his ring gear.] HD III: Percy. Patricia. Long time, no see. [A grin of excitement grows upon the face of Daniels as he hugs his long-time friends before remembering something and looks at the security guards. The other security guard named Gavin begins to apologize.] GAVIN: Sorry about that, Mr. Daniels. We hadn't received any backstage credentials for Mr. Monroe yet so we weren't for sure if he was really a signed talent or not. HD III: It's alright, boys. Me and Perce here go way back to our days in grade school. [Daniels bends down and picks up their bags.] HD III: Follow me. We got some lost time to catch up on. [The trio begin to walk down the hallway as Patricia turns and looks at the guards with a look of indignation and disgust.] [Fade out.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Who was that? CHANEY: A new arrival to UPW. His name is Percy Monroe, and people call him "Poetry in Motion." SMITH: Well he obviously knows Daniels, I guess. CHANEY: I would assume so, Gorilla. It is going to be nice to see what Monroe does in UPW as he is known to be a solid competitor. SMITH: Speaking of solid, how about that Derek Rage? The man is destined to be World Champion if he continues this rate of showcasing that power and size of his. CHANEY: They said the same of you at one time, Gorilla. SMITH: (chuckles) Yeah, and look at how many dozens of tag titles I held! CHANEY: Rage getting an easy victory and you have to wonder just where his desires lie because I don't know anyone who could stop him one-on-one. SMITH: Maybe not even two-on-one! CHANEY: Well I try to think on even odds, Gorilla. SMITH: Awww, how nice of you. I live in the real world. Nice to meet you. CHANEY: Yes, and fair play is exactly why this next match is going to happen as Glenn Chambers gets to do battle with Frank Anthony one more time. SMITH: There isn't any real animosity between them, but the first time they met was a doozy! CHANEY: Yes it was.....let's show the way the match ended and you will see why this got scheduled.

[The screen switches to show the following footage with the stamp in the lower right hand corner that says "Showdown 2".] [Anthony goes for his "pride," but the referee is over quickly and grabs the handle to rip it out of Frank's hands. Anthony yells at the referee about taking his "pride" in the middle of the match.] CONLON: Anthony is trying to use that weapon or whatever that thing is! JACKSON: That is his "pride," Stan. Don't you know anything? CONLON: All I know is that he can't use that mangled piece of garbage in the ring and not get disqualified. JACKSON: Looks like the referee is not allowing it to even stay at ringside! [The referee turns and hands the weapon out to one of the ringside attendants and while his back was turned, Anthony fumbled out a pair of brass knuckles form his tights and threw them to Chambers. Glenn catches them with a strange look on his face as Anthony leaps backward and acts like he was just hit with a knockout punch from Mike Tyson.] CONLON: WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! ANTHONY JUST TOOK A DIVE AND CHAMBERS IS HOLDING THE BRASS KNUCKLES! JACKSON: Brilliant! CONLON: Glenn Chambers did NOTHING wrong! He just caught the knuckles when Anthony threw them at him. JACKSON: This may be the best move I have ever seen! [The referee turns around as Anthony is holding his left eye and pointing at Chambers, who still has the knuckles in his hand. The referee looks at Chambers and motions to the knuckles, which immediately gets a defense from Chambers. The referee shrugs his shoulders and motions for the bell.] CONLON: NO! JACKSON: YES! CONLON: FRANK ANTHONY IS BEING DEEMED THE WINNER BY DISQUALIFICATION!!! WHAT A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE!!! JACKSON: There is no instant replay, Stan! He can't see the tape and restart the match now! CONLON: The hell he can't! Glenn Chambers is a straight a shooter as we have ever seen in the ring and there is no way he would use a weapon. JACKSON: Not the way the referee saw it! [Footage ends and fades out.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: I still think that was brilliant of him! CHANEY: It may have been, but management decided that the moment both men were free of the tournament, unless they were both in the final four, they would face off again and tonight is the night! SMITH: Chambers gets a chance to prove himself honorable, then! CHANEY: Not just that, but a chance to clear the record and force Anthony to actually have to wrestle to beat him. SMITH: Sounds like a barn burner! CHANEY: Let's take you to Indianapolis and see just how this match played out! Roll the tape!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Glenn Chambers loading up and attempting to Irish whip Anthony into a corner. Anthony reverses the whip and sends Chambers into the corner with a nasty thud. Chambers stumbles back out of the corner and right into Anthony's arms for a sidewalk slam that gets a massive groan from the crowd.] CONLON: Anthony again powering through Glenn Chambers for a sidewalk slam! JACKSON: That took a lot out of the champion and Anthony is proving he has learned from that first match against Chambers weeks ago. CONLON: Chambers's technical ability had him in control much of the match, but now the power of Frank Anthony is showing through and Chambers has to find a way to counter it. JACKSON: Chambers knows how to work this match. However, Anthony looks great right now. He took some great shots from Chambers and is pounding him down now! CONLON: Glenn is getting some pain at the moment, but it only takes one moment of confusion for Anthony and Chambers can submit him like he did so many in college and in TTW. JACKSON: Anthony has to stay on offense and not let Chambers get his footing in the match again. [Anthony pulls Chambers to his feet and drops him with a scoop slam, following it up immediately with an elbow drop to Chambers' stomach area. Anthony continues his assault, pulling Chambers into position and dropping him with a piledriver.] CONLON: PILEDRIVER BY ANTHONY! JACKSON: That's one way to stay in control! He is using Chambers like a rag doll right now! CONLON: The fans are eager to see Glenn Chambera come out and get control again, but they are just awestruck at the power we have seen from Frank Anthony! JACKSON: Well it isn't like this should be shocking. The guy has been one of the toughest and most frenetic performers since the day he walked in UPW. He is a tough customer to say the least! [Chambers gets to his feet as Anthony stalks him. Anthony grabs him and nails a textbook T-bone suplex. Anthony grabs Chambers and then drops him with a sitout powerbomb!] CONLON: SITOUT POWERBOMB FROM ANTHONY!!! JACKSON: This one is over! CONLON: Anthony down with a very arrogant cover on Chambers! ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. . . . . . . . . . . THR.......................................................... JACKSON: NOOOO!!! CONLON: CHAMBERS KICKS OUT AT THE LAST SECOND!!! JACKSON: Anthony is not happy there and he looks over at where that object was, but it is gone! CONLON: Anthony has been a man possessed ever since the referee took the Pride away from him and sent it back with a production member. JACKSON: I'm not sure the referee was within his rights there. Anthony has still never used it. CONLON: Well you have to admit, he certainly has both thought about it and threatened it. I think it was a good decision since it kind of came into play last time these two faced off. JACKSON: Oh yeah, let's start legislating thought now. I'm upset about something that could happen, so let's have a pity party and force a way to make sure it never happens. CONLON: Oh brother! JACKSON: What? [Anthony stomps Chambers as the veteran lays on the canvas. Anthony taunts him with yells to get up and fight as he stomps away at him. The crowd is eating this up and giving Anthony TONS of heel heat right now. Anthony pulls Chambers up and whips him into the corner. Chambers hits back first and raises his knees just in time to smack the charging Anthony in the face! Chambers wastes no time and grabs the taller man from behind, bending him backward for an Inverted DDT much to the crowd's delight.] CONLON: CHAMBERS WITH A GREAT CHANGE OF MOMENTUM AND A INVERTED DDT FOR GOOD MEASURE!!! JACKSON: I think Chambers's boots are loaded somehow. No way he gets that much of a shift off just raising his boots up! CONLON: Haven't you ever seen a momentum change like that used in yoru time here? JACKSON: I can't remember. CONLON: I am sure you have. I know because I sit right here next to you. JACKSON: Oh yes, I forgot that you are into revising history as often as you see fit. [Chambers gets his wits about him as Anthony starts to stand. Chambers rushes over and grabs Anthony for an inverted Russian legsweep that send the bigger man back to the mat. Chambers gets to the corner and steps up to the second turnbuckle. He jumps and drives his right fist straight into Anthony's forehead as the crowd erupts again.] CONLON: CHAMBERS IN CONTROL YET AGAIN!!! It is like we are seeing the Chambers that started this match yet again! JACKSON: That is because we ARE! Chambers is working Anthony over with many of the same moves he used when the match first started. CONLON: Well you go with what works and Anthony obviously is weaker against some of those attacks. JACKSON: Or Chambers's technical prowess is a myth and he only knows a handful of moves. CONLON: Please do not challenge Chambers's technical abilities. You, of all people, know what Chambers is capable of insid the squared circle. You have been watching him. If he wasn't so dangerous, why is Dylan Cardinal working so hard to get inside his head? JACKSON: Cardinal is doing that for fun. We used to mess with kids in myoldneighborhood for one simple reason: we could. That is why Dylan Cardinal is messing with Chambers: because he can. [Chambers is feeling it now as he pulls Anthony to his feet and lands a set of European Uppercuts to the monster's chin. The fans can feel the excitement building as Chambers grabs Anthony by the arms from behind and drops him backward into a crucifix pin attempt!] CONLON: CHAMBERS WITH A CRUCIFIX ROLL-UP THAT MIGHT HAVE THIS ONE CLINCHED! JACKSON: The referee in position to make the count... ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. . . . . . . . . . . THR.......................................................... CONLON: ANTHONY ROLLED OFF TO ESCAPE!!! JACKSON: That was very close, but Chambers tried something that is difficult when your opponent moves around the way Anthony does. Plus Anthony has that heigh and weight advantage, regardless of how slight it is. CONLON: I would think the crucifix would make their weight work against them. JACKSON: It can I woudl guess, but Anthony is like a rabid dog. Every try to wrestle a dog to go to the vet? Those suckers can go mental! CONLON: Are you equating Anthony to a dog? JACKSON: Let's be honest, that is the most apt way to describe him. He is a rabid dog with a bone that has been taken away. He's a lunatic, but he is one that many of us enjoy watching. [Chambers goes to pull Anthony to his feet, but gets a major low blow from Anthony for his trouble. Anthony gets the rest of the way to his feet and grabs Chambers for a gutwrench powerbomb. The crowd just went from happy to pissed in moments.] CONLON: ANTHONY POWERS CHAMBERS TO THE CANVAS YET AGAIN WITH THE GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!!! JACKSON: This guy is pure adrenaline! He summons power and makes it do what he wants it to do! CONLON: He is proving to be much more challenging this time around for Glenn, that is for sure. JACKSON: Last time Chambers had to resort to cheating to try and win, and it backfired. This time is different. CONLON: Yes it is because this time Anthony is forced to actually WRESTLE and not be able to cheat his way to a victory. Chambers' technical ability should win the day against someone who isn't used to using such moves. JACKSON: Anthony has shown he can hang in the technical department. CONLON: But he hasn't shown that he can win without the threat of that grotesque item he usually has in the corner. JACKSON: "Pride" has not been his reason for winning any match. Like we have stated, it has yet to actually be used in a match! [Anthony takes Chambers and lifts him for a vertical suplex, dropping it with a straight fall for a massive bounce off the mat in the hard landing. Anthony begins showcasing his power by whipping Chambers into the ropes and catching him with a gorilla press lift. He actually does bench press lifts with Chambers three or four times to show off his power before tossing Glenn over and onto the canvas as the crowd goes into a frenzy with heel heat.] CONLON: THE POWER OF FRANK ANTHONY ON DISPLAY!!! JACKSON: He bench pressed Chambers! I love that spot! CONLON: Frank Anthony's strength has not seemingly diminished at all since the beginning of the match and Glenn Chambers could be in real danger here. JACKSON: What do you mean "could be?" Anthony has weathered every technical attack from Chambers and is still here. CONLON: But he hasn't gotten a pinfall either. So it isn't like Chambers has been powered down so much that a three count would stick. JACKSON: Semantics. [Anthony pulls Chambers to his feet and pushes him into the corner. He takes his massive forearm and stick it into Chambers's throat, choking him against the corner as the referee tries hard to get him to stop. The referee counts to five before Anthony finally lets go.] CONLON: ANTHONY IS JUST TRYING TO TAKE THE VERY LIFE OUT OF GLENN CHAMBERS! JACKSON: This is a simple, yet effective, wear down move. Anthony is just making him strain for breath. It makes you more tired and less able to contend with power attacks. CONLON: Again, your sudden knowledge of wrestling know-how is astonishing. JACKSON: I know how to do things, even if I never wrestled myself. You can know things without actually having done them. Like a certain imp.....I announce and I know things. CONLON: Give it a rest, Pepper. JACKSON: I wish I could say what I really want to say. [Anthony plants a chop to Chambers's chest. Then another. He whips Chambers across the ring and sets up for a big lariat, but Chambers ducks under the lariat and rebound back toward the beast. Chambers leaps at Anthony and gets hold of one arm, spinning the big man around and down with a spinning DDT as the crowd erupts again!] CONLON: SPINNING DDT OUT OFTHE REVERSAL BY CHAMBERS! HE IS BACK IN CONTROL!!! JACKSON: And you are giddy as a little schoolgirl, aren't you Stan? CONLON: I think it is always a good thing to see the fans jump up and cheer like crazy at a big moment like this, yes. JACKSON: Baaaaaaaaaa! You're a sheep like them, Stan. [Anthony gets to his feet and Chambers again uses European Uppercuts to stagger the big guy. Anthony tries to stop by raising his arm, but Chambers uses it to his advantage and grabs the arm for a single-arm DDT.] CONLON: CHAMBERS WITH A SINGLE-ARM DDT!!! Anthony is down on the mat and reeling! JACKSON: He is just gathering his breath. Chambers better keep the momentum in his favor quickly or the big guy will get his power back and it could change things fast. CONLON: That is a good point, Pepper. Chambers needs to follow up with something special. JACKSON: If Chambers was smart, he would start working his knees and used every cheap shot in the book to keep the big man down. But the publicly acceptable Chambers won't do such things. CONLON: That is because Chambers isn't an underhanded, sneaky, cheating.... JACKSON: (interrupting) Whatever. [Chambers continues to go to work on Anthony while he is down on the canvas. Chambers takes Anthony's right arm and twists it behind the big man's back. Chambers begins holding it in place and then driving his knee into the arm. He does this over and over as the fans are hoping he tears the big man to pieces.] CONLON: Chambers beginning to focus on those arms of Frank Anthony! JACKSON: Chambers does know how to slowly and methodically tear someone to pieces. Anthony's power could be hampered here. CONLON: That's right! You can't press someone over your head with one good arm! JACKSON: You are WAY too happy when you say that, Stan. CONLON: Let's just say that it is always good to see the big bully get a taste of pain now and then. JACKSON: I bet you got your head shoved in the toilet every day when you were in high school, didn't you? [Chambers can't keep Anthony on the canvas, as the big man gets to his feet. Chambers tries to set up for a whip, but Anthony reverses it and zips Chambers into the ropes. Glenn rebounds off the ropes and leaps into the air for a sunset flip, but Anthony catches himself before getting pulled over and just drops onto his rear and crashes onto Chambers.] CONLON: ANTHONY COUNTERS THE FLIP WITH A SIT DOWN!!! JACKSON: Now THAT is pain! CONLON: Here is a count! ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. . . . . . . . . . . THR.......................................................... CONLON: CHAMBERS ESCAPES!!! JACKSON: How in the world did he do thatafter getting crushed like that? CONLON: That is why he is one of the smartest men in the ring today, Pepper. He can escape when he absolutely has to! JACKSON: Now Anthony has a real shot. Chambers's wind can't be at full strength and he can really get an opening here to do some damage. CONLON: You are right, Pepper. This is the golden opportunity Anthony has been waiting for. JACKSON: I hope others back there are watching and seeing how to beat down Chambers. [Anthony pulls Chambers up and hits a body slam. Anthony is far from done as he grabs Chambers and whips him into the ropes, catching Chambers on the rebound for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that stuns the crowd.] CONLON: BACKBREAKER BY ANTHONY!!! JACKSON: They may be nearly the same height, but that extra forty pounds of power really is put to good use there! Anthony is doing well now! CONLON: Frank Anthony's power is impressive and that might even be an understatement! You tend to forget his strength in his age and temperament. JACKSON: He has a great chance, but he needs to start trying to finish this match and not let Chambers get his breath back completely. CONLON: Can Frank do that without his weapon of choice, though. Isn't the treat of that thing important for him despite this power surge? JACKSON: I believe he does, but he also enjoys inflicting pain. [Anthony pulls Chambers up and locks on a sleeper hold. He seems to have it cinched in and the referee has already started checking Chambers for consciousness and what not. Chambers reaches up after several seconds and grabs Anthony's head. Chambers drops down and performs a jawbreaker that breaks the hold and staggers Anthony backward.] CONLON: ANTHONY STAGGERED!!! JACKSON: I would HATE if I would get hit with something like that! The top of the head is the hardest part of the body and having it rammed into your chin hurts like hell! CONLON: Not only does it hurt, but it also abruptly stops Anthony's advantage! JACKSON: That was a momentum shifter, but does Chambers have enough in the tank to capitalize on it? CONLON: He sure does! He isn't a former college champion and TTW TV Champion for nothing! JACKSON: But will it play out here? [Chambers grabs Anthony and lifts him up into the air, dropping him with a sit-out powerbomb that shakes teh very ring and get the fans to erupt in cheers.] CONLON: LOCKED AND LOADED!!! CHAMBERS HIT IT! JACKSON: I can't believe this! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: CHAMBERS PULLED OUT THE VICTORY!!! JACKSON: This isn't Frank's fault! The referee took his inspiration, his pride, away from him and that was what caused this loss. CONLON: Wrong again, Pepper! Anthony lost this one because Chambers was teh superior athlete. JACKSON: You are such a fluffer. [Chambers raises his arm with pride as the fans cheer him on.] CONLON: What a night for Glenn Chambers, avenging what happened to him back in October at the hands of Frank Anthony. JACKSON: Enjoy it while it lasts. Eventually Cardinal is goign to make this guy suffer. [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [We are taken to the desolate hallways backstage. A loud giggle of what sounds like a small child is heard. The giggle echoes as the camera zooms around and shows Iris Galiver laughing. She's alone, sitting on the floor. She's also an 8 year old child trapped inside the body of a 30 year old woman. Anyway, she's entertained by dozens of bag filled candy that sit in front of her on the ground.] Iris: Yay yay yay! I bet you a bag of gummy bears he would win Mr. Peabody! [Mr. Peabody is her imaginary friend. He owes her gummy bears.] Iris: And he did! [A giggle.] Iris: I knew he would. My King Jester always comes through for me. For us. For the days of bloodshed are just now upon us. My King will reign supreme. He always does. And we will rule this Kingdom...dead body...by dead body. [Iris laughs as she nods and shoves a handful of gummy bears into her mouth. Out.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Damn, I love looking at that woman! She is my kind of crazy. CHANEY: Let's not get into that again. And honestly, Gorilla, I think she's taken. SMITH: Yeah, "Jester" is a lucky guy. CHANEY: Well she obviously is excited about his future in UPW and one would have to think as long as she is by his side, he can be as dangerous as anyone! SMITH: He certainly can be. CHANEY: And speaking of dangerous, how smart was it for the referee to get rid of the "pride" so Anthony couldn't use it or somehow manage to trick Chambers with it? SMITH: That was smart, but it also hampered Anthony. I truly think that is why he lost. CHANEY: Well they now have a match each and with both of them in the North American Title Tournament, a third match could be just around the corner! SMITH: I think both men would like the chance to come out on top of their little series. I know I hated being split even with anyone. I always wanted the better record against them. CHANEY: We all know how much of a competitor you were, Gorilla. SMITH: Thanks, Chaney. CHANEY: But every man in UPW has that same drive and the next match gives the chance for a newer performer to prove himself against one of the many legends that are on our roster here in UPW! SMITH: When I was young, I always wanted the chance to take on guys who were veterans. It was what I lived for! CHANEY: And that is right where "Marvelous" Marco Matters is as he steps into the ring to take on Jeff Keenan. SMITH: The young lion and the old lion! CHANEY: Let's head to the footage from Banker's Life Fieldhouse and see how this one turned out! Roll it, boys!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as Jeff Keenan stands in a corner measuring up Marco Matters, as Matters sits in the middle of the ring stunned. Keenan takes off and flips over Matters, grabbing his head and snapping it forward.] CONLON: NECK SNAP BY KEENAN! JACKSON: Jeff Keenan has withstood that early assault by Marco Matters and now seems to be just slowly and methodically taking him down! CONLON: Keenan is one of the best, which many overlook in this era of flash. JACKSON: You hate admitting that, don't you, Stan? [Keenan pulls Matters to his feet and then yanks on that arm, pulling him into a short-arm DDT. Keenan nods to the crowd as they boo him.] CONLON: SHORT-ARM DDT BY KEENAN! He is in complete control of this one! JACKSON: Matters is now finding out that being a medium fish in a tiny pond means nothing when you arrive in the ocean! [Keenan climbs the corner and perches for a second on the top turnbuckle. He stands straight up and then leaps to nail a textbook frog splash on top of Matters.] CONLON: FROG SPLASH BY KEENAN! THIS COULD BE IT! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR........MATTERS KICKS OUT! JACKSON: Well he has guts to stay in the match, I'll give him that. CONLON: Jeff Keenan nearly had it, and you have to think if he would have hooked a leg this one would be over. JACKSON: Perhaps. Keenan's bravado is his only weakness tonight, really. Matters can't beat him if that stays true. CONLON: Marco had Keenan reeling early on, never forget that. JACKSON: But then Keenan adjusted and we have seen what has happened since. [Keenan jaws at the referee about the count, but doesn't seem angry enough to take his eye off Matters. He pulls Matters up by the head and lays a knife-edge chop to the chest as the crowd gives the appropriate response. He hits another and another, backing Matters into the corner with them.] CONLON: Keenan literally chopping Matters down and into the corner! JACKSON: The man is amazing. To be in the sport this long and still be able to fight off guys this young is just flat out amazing. CONLON: He has great conditioning and that goes a long way. JACKSON: Keenan's got more than that, Stan. He has the total package of skill, too. [Keenan whips Matters across the ring into the opposite corner and Matters does the flair flip up the turnbuckle before rolling back the exact same way and staggering out of the corner and into Keenan's arms for an exploder suplex.] CONLON: EXPLODER SUPLEX BY KEENAN! JACKSON: THIS IS IT! HE HOOKS A LEG THIS TIME! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRREEEEEEEE...........MATTERS ESCAPES!!! CONLON: Marco Matters get that shoulder up at the last second! He refuses to lose! JACKSON: I give him credit for his fighting spirit, but the guy is in there against what some would call a "legend." CONLON: No doubt Keenan has his historical place in history set, but in UPW that is only window dressing. He has to finish matches in the ring! JACKSON: Oh believe me, he will. [Now Keenan is angry at the referee. He stands in his face slapping his hands together three times, which is the universal sign of discussing the pin count. The referee stands resolute and Keenan frustratingly turns and kicks Matters just as he was starting to push his way up.] CONLON: Looks like the veteran is still unhappy about the pin counts. JACKSON: But it didn't stop him from planting Matters with a boot to the head. That is what makes him different. He knows that guys get caught off guard if the argue too long. CONLON: It was a veteran move and Matters' attempt to get to his feet was stopped. JACKSON: Exactly. Now Keenan just needs to Quickstryke this dude and finish him off. [Keenan pulls Matters to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Keenan misses a clothesline on the rebound and Matters bounces off the other side of the ring's ropes and rebounds back toward the veteran, leaping into the air and hitting a Thesz Press on Keenan, where he begins throwing punches in rapid succession.] CONLON: Thesz Press by Matters and there is still some real fight left in this man! JACKSON: I can't believe Keenan got taken down there. He should have saw that coming. CONLON: Nobody is perfect, but we also must give credit to Matters because the guy is not a flash in the pan. He is a capable performer as Keenan is finding out! JACKSON: Only way I will agree to that is if he beats Keenan...and that is a BIG if. [Matters pulls Keenan up and whips him into the ropes. He catches Keenan on the rebound and lifts him with a fireman's carry before dropping him with a neck breaker.] CONLON: BIG TIME NECKBREAKER BY MATTERS! And the crowd feeling that this could be Marco's Moment! JACKSON: He better make good because you can't keep men like Keenan down long. CONLON: Veterans are tough to beat, but Matters is no rookie himself. JACKSON: He has the momentum, you have to give him that. [Matters is hearing some cheers from the crowd as he pulls Keenan to his feet and grabs him around the waist from behind, lifting him for a German suplex. Matters holds on and rolls through, shifting his body as he lifts again and twisting Keenan down for a face slam.] CONLON: MATTER SUSPLEX SPECIAL! HE HIT IT! WOW! JACKSON: NOW A COVER! NO! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHRRRRR..............KEENAN KICKS OUT!!! CONLON: Jeff Keenan escapes the pin and Matters has to know just how close he is to victory now, Pepper. JACKSON: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. At least that is what my gramps always said. CONLON: It is always strange to hear what comes out of your mouth, Pepper. JACKSON: Just imagine what I think and DON'T say, Stan! [Matters is up and he drops a leg drop on top of Keenan's neck to maintain the advantage. He gets back to his feet and reaches to pull Keenan up. He puts Jeff's head between his knees and makes the motion that he intends to finish this match.] CONLON: Marco Matters looks to be ready to go for the Masterpiece! JACKSON: If he clashes this one out, it could be a major upset victory for the newcomer! CONLON: And you will have to admit just how much skill he really has. JACKSON: Over my dead body! [Matters goes to lift Keenan for the Masterpiece, but Keenan fights it off and then raises up, dropping Matters over with a backdrop. Keenan drops back to his knees after pulling it off as the crowd begins booing him again.] CONLON: KEENAN BACKDROPS MATTERS OUT OF THE HOLD! JACKSON: The man is a legend! A wrestling legend at work here people! CONLON: A major mistake by Matters as he took too long setting up for the Masterpiece and Keenan took advantage. JACKSON: You cannot give veterans an opening like that, not if you expect victory. [Both men get to their feet and go to lock up, but Keenan gets the advantage with a boot to the mid- section. Keenan whips Matters into the corner and goes to follow him in. Marco jumps up to the middle turnbuckle and propels himself back, whipping his foot around and drilling a spin kick to Keenan.] CONLON: SHOWTIME KICK BY MATTERS!!! WHERE IN THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM?!?!?! JACKSON: HE HOOKS A LEG! NOOOO!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE................KEENAN'S SHOULDER GOT UP! CONLON: KEENAN ESCAPES AGAIN!!! JACKSON: The presence of mind to get that shoulder up is precisely why Keenan is the legend he is! CONLON: Marco Matters pulls off a stunning showtime kick and everyone is in awe at just how much athleticism he is showing here! JACKSON: He is giving Keenan everything he can handle, that is for sure. [Matters doesn't waste any time after the near fall and rushes to the corner, where he climbs the turnbuckles and looks tot he crowd, who give him some support. He leaps and flips a 450 spin into a leg drop, but lands with no victim as Keenan had moved.] CONLON: KEENAN MOVED OUT OF THE WAY AND MATTERS LANDS ON THE CANVAS!!! JACKSON: YESSSSS!!! CONLON: Marco Matters took to the air for a four-fifty flipping leg drop and whiffed in the worst way possible! JACKSON: That is why younger guys who try to show off get caught in bad positions. He took so long getting up there and set that Keenan could gather his wits and get out of the way! Simply amazing! [Keenan is up and he rushes over, planting a knee to Matters' face. Jeff soaks in the boos of the crowd before waving them off dismissively and pulling Matters into a power bomb lift position.] CONLON: Keenan in control again and Marco could be in serious trouble! JACKSON: Could be? Sometimes I wonder if we are viewing the same action, Stan. [Keenan lifts Matters up with a power bomb, but releases him in a forward motion that sends him crashing into the corner against the turnbuckles. Matters lands awkwardly and crumples to the canvas.] CONLON: BUCKLE BOMB BY KEENAN!!! JACKSON: Matters just got tossed like a sack of potatoes! CONLON: Keenan isn't done as he is already over to the corner! JACKSON: Bad intentions now, Stan. Very bad intentions! [Keenan rushes to the corner and climbs up, leaping into the air and performing a shooting star press that sees quite a few flash bulbs go off.] CONLON: SHOOTING STAR PRESS BY KEENAN! JACKSON: THAT WAS GORGEOUS! THE PIN! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE.........................NO! MATTERS KICKED OUT!!! CONLON: Marco Matters kicks out again and both of these man are throwing whatever they can to try and finish the other. JACKSON: It has become a war of attrition, Stan. CONLON: And Pepper, that means neither of these men may walk out of here the same. JACKSON: Keenan looks annoyed at the referee again, but he is begin smart and not going off on him. What a smart legend play right there. [Keenan pulls Matters up and whips him into the corner as hard as he can. Matters hits the turnbuckles hard and rebounds back at Keenan, landing a ferocious clothesline that sends both men down to the mat.] CONLON: CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL BY MATTERS! BOTH MEN DOWN! JACKSON: I can't believe he turned that around! Matters really showing us something now. CONLON: Becoming a believer? JACKSON: No, but damn, that kid is just fighting his heart out to stay in this match. This might as well be a dead heat again! Neither one with an advantage! [Matters gets to his feet and pulls up Keenan. Keenan quickly shoves Marco's hands away and kicks him square in the groin. Matters doubles over and Keenan grabs him for a reverse STO.] CONLON: QUICKSTRYKE!!! KEENAN NAILED IT OUT OF NOWHERE!!! JACKSON: YES! HE HOOKS A LEG! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHHRRRRREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: JEFF KEENAN WINS THIS ONE! JACKSON: What a finish! Keenan proving to the new guy that this is indeed an ocean and he is a much smaller fish than he thought! [Keenan jumps to his feet and raises his arms in victory. He begins taunting the crowd as the boo him.] CONLON: Jeff Keenan is establishing himself as a top man in UPW already. JACKSON: Watch out people because Keenan is after gold and whoever wins later tonight may have to deal with him sooner rather than later! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Keenan with the victory! I love it when one of us old guys gets his arm raised! CHANEY: Keenan turning away the young gun for now and turning his attention to the upcoming North American Title Tournament. SMITH: And if he performs like this, he will give himself a chance to wear gold for the first time in years! That would be great to see! CHANEY: UPW is always willing to let people take their shots. Whether it be a veteran like Keenan or a tag team looking to take the next step. SMITH: A new tag team, you say? CHANEY: Yes, they are Matt Allen and Kenneth Morlock, the Down South Connection. And they decided to come out before the UPW WOrld Tag Team Title match and say a few words to the fans, and I guess the locker room. SMITH: Nice! CHANEY: Let's hear what they had to say! Roll it!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The opening guitar rifts of "Becoming the Bull" by Atreyu begin to blare over the PA system in the Bankers Life Fieldhouse, as the crowd rocks to the music and turns their attention towards the entrance in anticipation of something new.] #COME ON!!!# [Out from the entrance walks out first "King of the South" Kenneth Morlock. Morlock is wearing a pair of perfectly pressed, black dress pants, and a gray, button down, long sleeve, collared shirt. Kenneth stands there for a moment as the some of the fans begin to toss insults his way knowing his past and others stand by not sure what to make of this UPW Stranger.] #Grab the bull by the horns the old adage goes.# #Nobody tells you where to go from here.# #Seems like fates pulling you.# #Decisions have to be made.# #The best path is the hardest earned.# [Morlock continues to soak it all in for a moment before out from behind him steps a mountain of a man, in "The Expert" Matt Allen. The 6'9", 300 pound frame of Allen almost makes Morlock and his 6'4", 240 pounds look small as he steps from the curtain.] #Back and forth the struggle consumes us all.# #Trying to keep a level head.# #In the most unsettling of times.# #Today I'll become the bull.# [Allen is wearing a pair of black dress pants and a white, button down, long sleeve, collared shirt. Both Morlock and Allen, collectively, The Down South Connection, make their way down to the ring side not acknowledging one single fan as they walk down the aisle. Allen hops onto the ring apron and steps ring in over the ropes as Morlock walks to the time keepers table and grabs two microphones. Morlock climbs the ring steps, enters the ring and hands a mic to Matt and keeps one for himself as the entrance music fades out.] Morlock: Time and chance are something that at one point or another catch up to everyone. Whether it be the time of your life, or the time to give in, or the time to let it all go, Or maybe it is that chance you look back now on and wish you took, or that chance you took trying to be the hero for everyone to see. Indianapolis, UPW fans, UPW locker room, UPW front office, the time where things were running status quo around here, are over. The chances you all took to make something of yourselves before The Down South Connection arrived, didn't work. Allen: Fact of the matter is this... Each and everyone of you out there who paid a ticket tonight has settled for mediocrity. You have settled on a product that is almost offensive. Hell to be totally honest right now, it isn't almost offensive, it is a total shame. The people of Indianapolis have worked hard UPW, they have worked hard all year long to save up to come see the talent that UPW is bringing to them. And what do you give these people for their hard earned money? Morlock: You give them a tag team division that until this moment right now, has been nothing short of laughable. You give them champions who are nothing more than a place holder in "The Warriors". A team that is nothing more than a flash in the pan waiting to be devoured. Allen: But by who? It isn't like they have been thrown to the slaughter with some of the other teams you have signed. I mean we could all hope that maybe Soldiers of the Sun might be able to pick up that torch and carry it, but I am just not sure really. Seems like they may have a daddy issue or two over there. Morlock: Oh come on now Matt, what about, The Dominion? Flavor of the week and all they have to be worth something? But no, they aren't. You boys were hoping to hit it out of the park being a trio who pushed the boundaries, but all you really did was make the crowd go mild. Allen: We could stand here and literally name them all of and show prime examples of how UPW has been giving you people an inferior product. But it wouldn't really matter to any of you would it? Indianapolis, you knew what was being served and you all still walked in. Each and everyone of you saw what was being put on the menu and you ordered it right up anyway... You people here in Indianapolis, plain and simple make me sick... [Finally we have a heel pop for the men standing in the ring as the fans in Indianapolis now realize The Down South Connection are out for themselves and not the people.] Morlock: That is probably the first real reaction you people have had all night. The funny part is you all really thought this was about you. Typical. Allen: The notice has been posted UPW, we aren't here for games and we damn sure aren't here to make friends. Morlock: The path that leads to the Down South Connection being on top start now! [Morlock and Allen both drop their mics and begin walking to the back as "Becoming the Bull" by Atreyu plays them out to a chorus of boos and jeers from the crowd.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Now that is a team that can make a few waves! CHANEY: I have no doubt, and you have to wonder if the Soldiers of the Sun and The Warriors were paying attention as they prepared to do battle for the very straps the Down South Connection just stated they are after. SMITH: I think their focus was probably on each other, considering their history here in UPW, Chaney. CHANEY: That is probably so, Gorilla. These teams have danced around each other... SMITH: Literally! The Warriors avoided a real match last time out! CHANEY: And tonight we get the rematch. SMITH: And it still isn't fair as the Soldiers have three men involved. CHANEY: Oh, so NOW you think a numbers advantage is a bad thing? SMITH: Listen, I just call it like I see it. They get to pick who wrestles and not tell the opponents. It means the match is fundamentally unfair. CHANEY: You didn't argue that when Dominion handcuffed anO'Malley in the back to have an advantage. I believe you called it "within the rules." SMITH: It is all situational. CHANEY: I'm sure. Fans, let's head to the footage of our UPW WOrld Tag Team Title Match as The Warriors defend against the Soldiers of the Sun! WHo walks out of this rematch with the belts? Roll that footage!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with DeAwn Carter and Ricky Courage representing their teams in the ring trying to gain advantage in a tie-up.] JACKSON: GHAAAAAAAH! WHERE AM I? WHAT'S GOING ON? CONLON: What do you mean? It's the World Tag Team Championship match! [Ricky Courage pulls down DeAwn Carter into an arm drag, extends the Californian's and applies a classic standing armbar.] JACKSON: Hog-guts hot dogs!... When did this thing start? CONLON: Nearly ten minutes ago, Pepper. You've been here with me the whole time! JACKSON: I have no recollection of this. CONLON: Right. Of course you wouldn't, The Soldiers of the Sun have dominated nearly every minute! [Carter tries to jostle around to reduce Courage's leverage on the armbar, but the hold is maintained.] JACKSON: I blame biased officiating. CONLON: The referee for this match has been a model of professionalism. JACKSON: I'll I'm saying is Sammy Sharifi would've called it down the middle. [Carter struggles to his feet, jumps, flips in mid-air and cancels out the torque Courage had been applying in spectacular fashion.] CONLON: Carter showing great athleticism in getting out of this predicament... JACKSON: You don't even remember that you hate the Warriors! CONLON: I do my best to keep any biases in check, you know that, Pepper. Oh, and look at Ricky Courage! [Courage has a few flips of his own in stock, and once he's done, he has DeAwn Carter trapped in a hammerlock!] CONLON: That kid's future could not be any brighter! [Ricky maintains the hammerlock, Titan comes in and headbutts DeAwn's shoulder!] JACKSON: You're such a Ricky fanboy, have you no shame? CONLON: Ricky maneuvers to his corner, in comes Titan Juarez. [As Courage steps out of the ring, Titan grabs Carter by the arm and violently whips him into the opposite corner! Carter bounces out a few feet and crashes to the mat.] CONLON: So much power! [From ringside, Sammy Sharifi reaches under the ropes, grabs Carter by the boot, puts his own two feet up against the apron and he musters all of his meager strentgh to pull "The Angel" out of the ring!] CONLON: And of course, it was only a matter of time until Sammy Sharifi meddled with this match! JACKSON: By "meddled" you mean compensate for a zealous referee! [Titan stomps across the ring towards Carter and Sharifi, steps over the top rope...] CONLON: KEL ROBERTSON! [The Hound charges in and shoulder tackles Juarez off the apron and into the barricades!] CONLON: Robertson with the cheap shot, and the referee didn't even see it because he's already admonishing Sharifi! [Ricky storms the ring to come to his mentor's aid, but of course he doesn't escape the referee's vigilance. Now he gets the warnings, while Kel hops off the apron and takes Juarez down again with a stiff leaping double ax handle!] CONLON: The referee's losing control of this... [Robertson pushes Titan back into the ring, Carter slides in... they make the tag.] CONLON: Amidst all the chaos, the Hound becomes the legal man, and this has become a battle of giants! [The towering Robertson lifts up Juarez, then slams him down in an authoritative sidewalk slam!] CONLON: Robertson with a quick cover... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TW.......TITAN KICKS OUT!!! [Frustrated, Kel whips Juarez into the ropes, hoists him over his shoulders on the rebound then slams him down with a ring-shaking Samoan Drop!] JACKSON: That could have killed a man! Could you imagine another celebrity death this year? CONLON: Many celebrities will be missed, Pepper. Please focus. JACKSON: Bowie? Prince? Carrie Fisher? Maurice White? George Michael? Ali? Betty White? Oh please not Betty White! CONLON: Betty White is not dead, Pepper. JACKSON: Really? [Carter gets tagged in, but he hops to the top rope... With Kel Robertson assisting from below, Carter leaps off. then gets pushed down on top of Titan Juarez!] CONLON: Assisted Frog Splash! That can't be good for Titan Juarez... and here's another cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH.........TITAN KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! [You can see the frustration on DeAwn Carter's face. Sharifi makes huge motions outside the ring, and upon seeing them, Kel Robertson slides out of the ring and heads straight for the time keeper.] CONLON: Oh no, looks like Kel Robertson's up to no good... [Carter stuns Titan with a stiff roundhouse kick to the jaw, then applies an invertef Cloverleaf. Outside, Robertson shoves the time keeper aside, grabs his steel chair, folds it in his hands, turns around and comes face to face with...] CONLON: STRIKER Kato! He's here, and he'll put a stop to those shenanigans! [Kato sternly warns Robertson to drop the chair... but the big bearded colossus doesn't seem impressed!] CONLON: And here comes Sharifi! [Sammy Sharifi grabs Kato's arm and impedes him long enough for Kel Robertson to cave in his skull with the steel chair!] ___KLANG!!!___ CONLON: GOODNESS!! Did you see that, Pepper? JACKSON: Hmm? CONLON: Kel Robertson just smashed in Kato's cranium with a steel chair!!! JACKSON: Oh. Whatever. Kato's not one of the two nominated wrestlers for his team so there's no grounds for disqualification here. CONLON: I think you're missing the point! [Ricky Courage jumps off the apron and hurries to Striker Kato's defense. As soon as he sees him, Sammy Sharifi scurries away like a little rat. Robertson doesn't see him at all, and Ricky dropkicks him into the barricades!] CONLON: RICKY COURAGE SAVES THE DAY! [In the ring, Titan Juarez, still trapped in Carter's taxing Inverted Cloverleaf, finally manages to reach the ropes in order to break the hold... except there's no referee there to see it. The official is busy trying to prevent any further brawling between Ricky Courage and Kel Robertson!] CONLON: Juarez should be freed at this time... but Carter's just keeping the hold firmly applied! [Robertson backs off and returns to his corner, Courage hurries to Kato's side. In the ring, Titan uses his strength to pull his upper body to the second rope, and the third... until he eventually topples DeAwn Carter over and frees himself!] CONLON: Juarez is a free man! [He grabs Carter and tosses him across the ring with a huge Biel throw! Titan hobbles to his corner, reaches out for the tag...] CONLON: No one's there! JACKSON: Color me surprised. [From behind, DeAwn Carter dropkicks Titan into the turnbuckles, grabs him in a waistlock, musters all his strength and German Suplexes him to the center of the ring! He bridges... and now that the referee has conveniently returned to the ring...] CONLON: German Suplex! JACKSON: He's showing Ricky Courage how it *should* be done! CONLON: Here's the count! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRRE.........SHOULDER UP! [Carter kips up, tags in Kel Robertson. The Hound grabs Titan's wrist, whips him into the turnbuckles! The Kel grabs his partner and repeats the process... Carter leads into a corner splash...] CONLON: NOBODY THERE! JACKSON: Talk about fainting in the nick of time! [Carter clutches his abdomen, Titan stumbles along the ropes, Kel charges in... He clotheslines Juarez out of the ring!] CONLON: Oh, but Ricky tagged himself in! [Courage, back on the apron, managed to slap Titan's arm before he went over... and the referee saw it! Ricky springboards over the top rope, and nails the Hound with a quick jab! And another! And a third! Courage runs the ropes, gains momentum, and topples the ironically bearded giant with a clothesline!] CONLON: Ricky Courage, taking down the big man! [Carter lunges at Ricky, but Courage ducks, hooks DeAwn's arm in a half nelson...] ___THUDD!___ CONLON: Half-Nelson Suplex! Carter's outta there! [Carter rolls out of the ring, and Kel charges back in with a counter attack! He swings, Ricky ducks again, knees Robertson in the gut, floats under his arm and raises him in a back Suplex...] CONLON: Springboard off the ropes... Back Suplex! Ricky Courage is on fire! And so is this crowd! [Ricky's feeling it! It's pulsing through his veins, pulsing through the entire crowd! He hops up to the second turnbuckle...] CONLON: THIS ENTIRE PLACE IS ROCKING OUT! JACKSON: I'm not. Titan's not. We're not rocking out, Stan. [Air guitar solo? Ricky nailed it. He hops off the ring corner, runs towards Kel and grabs him by the head...] CONLON: Bulldog! [Ricky springs back to his feet, enthusiastically signals to the crowd!] CONLON: Ricky's calling for the SUNPLEX! [Courage reaches out to his corner for the tag...] CONLON: Where's Titan? JACKSON: He's come to his senses, that's what! CONLON: No he hasn't, he's walking out! He dropped off the apron and now he's walking out! [Confused fans buzz as Titan walks to the back. Kato starts to shake off the cobwebs of that hellacious chairshot, and Ricky... arm still reaching out for Titan...] ___THOCK!___ CONLON: BIG BOOT FROM KEL! [Before he can collapse to the ground, Robertson picks up Ricky Courage, flips him over for the tombstone as DeAwn Carter runs the ropes and spikes it with feeling!] CONLON: JUSTICE! My Goodness things went downhill quickly! Robertson with the cover... ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!!! JACKSON: Warriors retain, fair and square! CONLON: It's more complicated than that, Pepper! [Carter and Kel hug each other in the ring, scrambling for their cherished titles. Sharifi's not celebrating with them, he's running down the aisle brandishing his business cards.] CONLON: I can't believe what happened, Stan. Titan Juarez abandoned his team, the team he invested decades of his life into! JACKSON: Ricky abandoned Titan when he needed a rope break. Ricky abandoned Titan when he needed that tag. Ricky made a fool of himself for the fans again, forcing Titan to turn away in disgust and disappointment. I saw it coming miles away! CONLON: Pepper, you seem to think he merely turned his back on a loose association. The Soldiers of the Sun has been half of his life! JACKSON: Either way, the Warriors bravely retained! [The Warriors leave the ring with their titles held high, allowing Striker Kato to roll in and check up on Ricky, and try to process what happened.] CONLON: But what does this mean for the Soldiers of the Sun? JACKSON: It means they're finished, Stan! Oh please say they're finally finished! CONLON: Pepper, I swear, if you're still like this next match, I'm giving your headset to some random fan! [Fade to Black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?! CHANEY: It looks like Titan Juarez just left his boys alone to get romped! They were so close! SMITH: And yet so far away! It looks like Sammy Sharifi and The Warriors had just the right plan to force the issues within the Soldiers to the forefront! CHANEY: But how can it be that Juarez would just walk away? I'm as flabbergasted by this as the guys at ringside! SMITH: I'm sure Titan had his reasons, among them that Ricky Courage is a punk. CHANEY: That isn't true. SMITH: You haven't been paying attention. He doesn't take stuff seriously and thinks that success will be handed to him. CHANEY: He does not. SMITH: Tell that to the big man who just told the kid to shove it in the middle of a title match! CHANEY: There has to be a better explanation than that. SMITH: Wishing doesn't make it so, Chaney. CHANEY: What a shock, folks. SMITH: Mmmmmm, hmmmmmm. CHANEY: Fans, this portion of UPW Showdown is brought to you by UPW SURVIVAL! SMITH: That's right! [The screen between them changes from the UPW logo, to the following image...]

[They continue speaking as you see the image.] CHANEY: Sunday, February nineteenth in Chicago, Illinois! UPW Survival will feature every member of the roster in action, every title will be defended, and the Ultimate Survival Rumble will reshape the landscape of UPW in many ways! SMITH: It is promising to be a great event, and no doubt the first pay-per-view will set a high standard! CHANEY: You got that right, Gorilla! So make plans to join us that Sunday in February for some great UPW action and watch history unfold! [The PPV logo fades quickly and the screen returns to show our announcers.] CHANEY: Up next is another one of those opportunity matches we talk about often as Harrison Daniels III gets his chance against a former World Champion in "Sadistic Insanity" Damian Payne. SMITH: Daniels has technical prowess, but Payne has the size. Size matters, don't let anyone tell you any different! CHANEY: Before you somehow use that sentence as a means to talk about Iris Galiver again, I think we;'re going to go to the match footage and watch Daniels and Payne do battle in Indianapolis. Quick, to the tape!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as Daniels rebounds off the ropes and Payne catches him with a Northern Lights Suplex but breaks the leg hook and doesn't go for the pin! Payne drags Daniels up with him and puts both hands around Harrison's neck and THROWS him into the corner of the ring!] CONLON: Harrison Daniels has shown glimpses of offense but Damian Payne has yet to go down and now the big man is limiting Daniels moves by literally tossing him into the corner of the ring! JACKSON: Look at the POWER of "Sadistic Insanity" Damian Payne! [Payne squares Daniels up just perfectly and then ... *THWAP*!! The crowd collectively: "WHOOOOOOOO!!!!"] CONLON: Knife Edge Chop to the chest! JACKSON: My God! That HAS to hurt! [And another one! *THWAP!!* "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" And another *THWAP!!* - "WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"] JACKSON: Two more! I can feel those over here! [Payne grabs Daniels' right arm and holds it as high as it'll possibly go, stretching Harrison Daniels III out...] CONLON: We have two men right here jockeying for position in the UPW and both could make a case for a shot at the Television Title at the very least! [Payne hits Daniels with a knee lift!] JACKSON: There's only one Singles Division Title Holder and that's Felix Sandoval! Getting through him is tough! [Payne stretches Harrison's arm above him as far as it'll possibly go, again...] CONLON: But later tonight - we'll crown our World Champion, Pepper! And next week - the North American Champion! I'd say both of these men are qualified for a shot at a Title and this match might help determine just that! [Payne violently pulls Harrison Daniels in for a Shoulder Block! Followed by another! And one more! Daniels falls to one knee, clutching his chest and right shoulder! Damian Payne immediately grabs the back of his head, lifts his knee and connects to Daniels' jaw!] JACKSON: Damian Payne just TOYING with Harrison Daniels! CONLON: Payne has always been known to deliver AND be able to withstand LOTS of punishment! [Harrison Daniels has fallen to both knees, his left hand clutching his right shoulder and "Sadistic Insanity" himself isn't done yet! Payne hovers over Daniels for just an instant before dropping down on Daniels' back with an Elbow Drop! Payne gets up as quick as he can and hits another!] CONLON: Obviously Damian Payne is trying to corner the quicker, more athletic Daniels and keep him that way! JACKSON: "Sadistic Insanity" - one of my personal favorites - beats guys senseless all the time! [Payne stands back up and lets out a quick yell, letting the fans know he's fully engaged! Some fans pop for the big man, but here in Indy, most boo. Daniels is in bad shape and Damian Payne drags Harrison back to his feet and positions him in the corner again!] CONLON: "Sadistic Insanity" WHIPPING Harrison Daniels to the turnbuckle! JACKSON: WOW! CONLON: What force! And now Damian Payne charging - CLOTHESLINE ... NO!! Daniels BARELY drops down and out of the way! [Damian Payne stumbles back from the turnbuckle and Daniels springs to his feet behind Payne and charges - grabs him by the back of his head, leaps and with momentum, drives Payne's face into the mat! The big man is down but immediately putting his knees up and pushing himself off of the mat when Daniels charges...] CONLON: Dropkick from Daniels! Payne is rocked but STILL trying to get back up and Daniels off the ropes again - another Dropkick! Payne goes down for the first time tonight and Harrison Daniels is going up top! JACKSON: Damian is getting up! [Daniels gets to the top rope and gets his footing just right - then leaps...] CONLON: "Sadistic Insanity" Damian Payne catches Harrison Daniels out of mid-air!! JACKSON: And is holding him in his arms like a sack of potatoes. CONLON: Fallaway Slam!! JACKSON: This might be it, Stan! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . TH... CONLON: KICKOUT!! Daniels kicks out! He's taken a LOT of punishment here tonight, Pepper - you've got to give him that! Payne looks upset with the referee! JACKSON: I thought it was a slow count, myself! [Damian towers over the referee and as the referee back pedals, Damian stays in his face. Payne walks the referee all the way back to the turnbuckle and Damian places both of his hands on the ropes, trapping the referee.] CONLON: Damian Payne better NOT touch our referee! JACKSON: And if he does, Stan - are you going to stop him? [Behind Payne, Daniels is on one knee but trying to get up to both feet and the crowd buzzes, popping for Daniels showing life again! Damian Payne, the veteran decides he should turn around...] CONLON: Daniels is up, Payne is staring right at him and Daniels full steam ahead towards Damian Payne! JACKSON: BIG BOOT!! CONLON: PAYNE MISSED!! [Harrison Daniels slides underneath of the big boot and behind Damian Payne! Payne turns back around - right into a Spinning Heel Kick!] CONLON: And the Big Man is wobbley ... [Daniels back off of the ropes and ducks a Payne Clothesline! Off the ropes again and right into a timely turn-around Payne and a SIDEWALK SLAM!!] CONLON: And Damian Payne puts Daniels down AGAIN! Harrison Daniels just can't catch a break right now! JACKSON: Whatever chance Harrison Daniels may have had to win this match is looking real slim right about now! [Mixed reaction but mostly boos heard from the crowd as this one-sided match continues! Payne laughs because Harrison thought he had the upper hand! Damian soaks in the heat from the crowd while taking a few long steps away from Harrison, then, he turns and has his gaze set on Daniels who's struggling to get up. Daniels is on both feet but staggers back a few steps towards the turnbuckle.] CONLON: Harrison Daniels is having trouble getting to his feet ... JACKSON: This might be it!! [On cue and as fast as he can, Damian Payne runs towards Harrison Daniels...] JACKSON: SPE--... CONLON: Daniels side-steps it and sends Payne into the ring post, shoulder first! [Damian stumbles back, woozy. Daniels quickly grabs him, knowing any opportunity is a good opportunity against Payne.] CONLON: Daniels up underneath of Payne... JACKSON: No way ... [Yes way. Harrison Daniels hits it.] CONLON: SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT!! HE hit it!! [HUGE face pop!] CONLON: Harrison Daniels for the pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE!!! CONLON: It's over! Harrison Daniels pulled it off in what most would call an upset!! JACKSON: I'm not certain that is as big an upset today as maybe ten years ago, but I get what you are saying! [Harrison Daniels III has his hand raised high in the air after his victory as "Poetry in Motion" Percy Monroe runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. Percy runs over and scoops his friend Daniels up into a celebration bear hug. Daniels laughs for a few moments after being put down. Monroe walks over to Payne who is attempting to roll out of the ring and finishes the job by kicking him out to the floor.] CONLON: Would you look at that Daniels just pushed Monroe! JACKSON: I don't think he appreciated Monroe taking that cheap shot on Payne. [Monroe looks at Daniels with a shocked expression before mouthing the word "sorry", before picking Harrison back up with another celebratory hug.] CONLON: Talk about awkward! JACKSON: Yeah, there is more goign on there than we may fully know, Stan. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Harrison Daniels III gets a massive victory on Showdown! SMITH: But a not-so-warm reception for his buddy after the match! CHANEY: Daniels earned the victory and wanted to celebrate, and for some reason that celebration was not to include Percy Monroe. SMITH: There is something there. You don't treat an old friend that way. CHANEY: You'd treat Hopper that way if he were here. SMITH: No I wouldn't. CHANEY: You once smashed a nintendo over his head to announce you had signed to the same federation. SMITH: We are why the term "frenemies" exists. CHANEY: This could be the same. Who knows? SMITH: I tell you what I do know. CHANEY: What is that? SMITH: It is TIME TO CROWN A CHAMPION!!! CHANEY: Yes it is! The Main Event has finally arrived as four men will enter the ring and one will walk out as World Heavyweight Champion! SMITH: And it is an amazing field that has taken us a couple of months to narrow down! CHANEY: Every Showdown before this has had four men battle down to one survivor, who gets into this match. On Showdown One, it was "Conceited Bastard" Chase Williams who managed to defeat Brandon Franklin and Antonio De Luca in one night to qualify for this match. SMITH: On Showdown Two, it was Aaron "All Day" Lewis that advanced. Of course he got help from the arrogant Rick Styles who walked out and forfeited in round one, and left Lewis fresh to defeat Felix Sandoval to advance to this title match! CHANEY: On Showdown Three, it was "The Basilisk" Dylan Cardinal moving forward! Cardinal defeated Tripp Skylark in the opening round before a shockingly difficult and hard-fought match against Jeff Keenan to become our third qualifier. SMITH: Finally just last Showdown, Liam Donegal shocked the world by managing to topple fellow fan favorite Caleb Foley and then taking down the seven foot giant, Derek Rage! His advancement may be the most surprising of the group, but it may make him the most hardened for the battle. CHANEY: That is the field folks! Fatal four way rules! All four men battle at the same time and the only way to win is by pinfall or submission INSIDE the ring. First decision gives us a winner... SMITH: And the new UPW World Heavyweight Champion! CHANEY: It is time folks, let's head to the footage and see just who walks out with that coveted title! Roll it!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins as Chase Williams clotheslines Aaron Lewis out of the ring near the announcers. In the background, we see Dylan Cardinal and Liam Donegal trading punches on the arena floor in front of some fired up fans.] CONLON: LEWIS SENT FLYING DOWN RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! JACKSON: Chase Williams has been a man possessed since the moment this match began! CONLON: It helps when you get help early on as it seemed Cardinal and he were willing to work together for a bit, but that didn't last long and now we have a complete cluster in this main event! JACKSON: Well let's be honest, they were never going to work together for long. Neither man is a team player, really. [Williams drops down with a double ax handle across the shoulder blades of Lewis. The screen splits in half to show both sets of action as on the right side, we see Adam Lazarus yelling at Dylan Cardinal after Cardinal poked Donegal in the eye.] CONLON: Adam Lazarus taking exception to Dylan Cardinal's tactics there. JACKSON: He needs to shut up and do his job. He shouldn't be interjecting himself. CONLON: Oh sure, but you had no problem when Iris Galiver stomped on Gaines earlier tonight. JACKSON: That woman is fine, Stan. CONLON: I'm just making sure you stay consistent, Pepper. We are supposed to be objective in how we call these matches. JACKSON: Don't even get me started on how dumb that just sounded. Did it sound smart when you were thinking it in your head or did you just spout it out? [Lazarus continues jawing at Cardinal, Dylan shrugs it off and immediately thrust his palms into Liam's throat. This gets another rise out of Lazarus, who grabs Cardinal by the shoulder and spins him around into a hard right hand. On the left side of the screen, Chase Williams is rolling Lewis back under the ropes and into the ring.] CONLON: ADAM LAZARUS GETTING INVOLVED WITH THOSE RIGHT HANDS TO CARDINAL'S HEAD! JACKSON: THAT MAN SHUOLD BE DISQUALIFIED! CONLON: He isn't in the match, Pepper. JACKSON: Then disqualify Donegal! That shouldn't be allowed, especially in a match of such magnitude! CONLON: This is a fatal four-way, Pepper. There are no disqualifications. JACKSON: So what you are telling me is that Donegal effectively has an advantage out here because he has backup at every turn? CONLON: Oh, come on. JACKSON: THAT my friend is what is wrong here. Donegal gets all the breaks. He screwed Shabazz out of his rightful spot in this match....he gets his way constantly! [Lazarus hits a couple more right hands on Cardinal and the referee finally grabs him and shoves him back from "The Basilisk." He points to the entrance area, telling Lazarus he is ejected from ringside. Adam makes his point about the illegal blows and the referee shrugs and tells him this match has a lot allowed and he needs to leave.] CONLON: ADAM LAZARUS EJECTED FROM RIGSIDE!!! This could be a major momentum shift in this match as Liam Donegal's mentor is being sent out of the arena! JACKSON: It is about damn time! This isn't the first time he caused issues as you remember when he stood in front of Williams to stop that early barrage. CONLON: Lazarus is good at helping his man, especially within the rules. JACKSON: But you have to admit that hauling off and throwing down on Cardinal was over the line and the referee has finally acted on that! [The crowd erupts in boos as Lazarus is led back by security up the aisle and out of the arena. On the other side of the screen, we see Chase Williams hit a legsweep STO into the corner on Lewis, following it up with a shining wizard that takes Lewis down.] CONLON: PRICE OF FAME!!! WILLIAMS JUST PLANTED AARON LEWIS IN THE RING WITH IT AND THIS ONE COULD BE OVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.............LEWIS KICKS OUT JUST IN TIME!!!! JACKSON: Chase Williams was nearly our first World Champion right there! CONLON: Lewis showing the courage to survive and stay alive in this one right there. There is a reason he is a former World Champion. JACKSON: Listen, Lewis is solid, but he isn't big enough to handle Williams, especially if Chase keeps this power game up. CONLON: And we still have Liam Donegal and Dylan Cardinal battling on the outside. JACKSON: They are just going at it and had no clue how close they were to losing the match just now! [Williams proceeds to throw elbows down on Lewis in his prone position, obviously needing to wear him down further. On the other side of the screen, Liam Donegal reverses an irish whip and sends Cardinal into the steel ring steps, flipping him over them much to the crowd's delight.] CONLON: Chase Williams in full mount mode now on Aaron Lewis, beating him down with elbow strikes! JACKSON: The man is truly a beast incarnate. CONLON: And now LIAM DONEGAL HAS WHIPPED CARDINAL INTO THE STEEL RING STEPS! JACKSON: Those two are still going at it and Donegal is not relenting at all. The smaller man with a lot of moxy in his attack tonight! CONLON: Well he hasn't taken down giants like Derek Rage with skill alone. You have to have that iron will, too. JACKSON: Well whatever you call it, he's got it right now! [Donegal takes a running start toward Cardinal, leaping onto the steps and into the air and hitting him with a senton splash on the arena floor. On the other wise of the screen, we see Williams pulling Lewis to his feet and holding him by the head, while driving knees into his stomach area. Lewis looks to be in bad shape already.] CONLON: SENTON SPLASH BY DONEGAL ON THE OUTSIDE! All the while Chase Williams is chopping Lewis down with knee strikes to the mid-section. JACKSON: Chase is the favorite right now. He was the first man to qualify for this match and he may be the best man IN this match right now. He knows how to win a championship. [The screen stops being split as we see Chase Williams grab Lewis by the right arm and roll through for his rolling arm bar submission hold.] CONLON: END GAME ARM BAR BY CHASE WILLIAMS! JACKSON: Nobody escapes this! Nobody! New champ! [Before any chance for Lewis to submit, Liam Donegal's feet land against Williams' face, breaking the hold.] CONLON: LIAM DONEGAL WITH A DROPKICK OUT OF NOWHERE TO BREAK THE HOLD! JACKSON: And Lewis was making the tap motion, too! This one was over! The referee didn't see the first tap because he was dodging the Donegal attack! CONLON: Liam Donegal saves the match and stays alive! JACKSON: Cardinal is down at ringside, which is what allowed him to finally see what was happening in the ring and screw it all up. CONLON: Chase Williams looked to have this one tied up, literally. JACKSON: And now Liam Donegal is back to his underdog ways. This guy is almost impossible to keep down! [Donegal takes full advantage of the stunned big man, rushing over and grabbing him by the head, then leaping into a standing dropkick that sends Williams stumbling back into the corner where he hits hard. As Chase stumbles out of the corner, Liam rushes to grab him from behind and lift him with a German Suplex that he bridges into a pin.] CONLON: BIG TIME SUPLEX BY DONEGAL! HE BRIDGES FOR THE PIN! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH.............WILLIAMS POWERS OUT OF IT!!! JACKSON: CHASE WILLIAMS WON'T BE BEATEN BY A SMALLER MAN'S SUPLEX! CONLON: That may be, but he is expending great energy in surviving and that can make all the difference down the line. JACKSON: Liam Donegal better take advantage now because if Chase catches his wind, he will pay for this. CONLON: Donegal is in control, and we may be looking at our new World Champion! JACKSON: I think I'm going to be sick! [Donegal climbs the turnbuckles as Williams is starting to stir. He leaps into the air and lands a split-legged moonsault. The crowd erupts in approval!] CONLON: SPLIT-LEGGED MOONSAULT BY DONEGAL!!! HE HIT IT FLUSH AND GOES FOR A COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRR.................CARDINAL PULLS DONEGAL OFF HIM AND TO THE OUTSIDE!!!! JACKSON: DYLAN CARDINAL WITH THE SAVE!!! CONLON: Cardinal now going after Donegal on the outside and Chase Williams is left to shake the cobwebs out in the ring. JACKSON: Donegal forgot about the other guys in the match. A "Cardinal Sin" if you ask me. CONLON: Oh please no puns, Pepper. I beg you. JACKSON: I couldn't help myself. [Cardinal plans a right hand into Donegal's jaw and then grabs his arms for a lightening-fast double underhook snap DDT on the arena floor.] CONLON: LD50 BY CARDINAL ON THE ARENA FLOOR!!! Donegal is down and out! JACKSON: If this was in the ring, Cardinal would be wearing gold right now. CONLON: Very true, Pepper. I have to admit that, but now Donegal is out cold and Cardinal needs to decide what he does from here. He is the only man really standing. JACKSON: It helped that he allowed Chase to do much of the work early on. This man is a mastermind, a genius, and probably our first World Champion! [Donegal is out cold on the arena floor as the fans begin booing Cardinal. Dylan turns his head coldly and almost mechanically toward the ring where the other two men are still trying to stir. He slithers back into the ring under the bottom rope and makes his way to Aaron Lewis.] CONLON: Looks like he has made his choice! Dylan Cardinal making his way over to Aaron Lewis, and these two have been pointed at each other after that backstage altercation tonight with Glenn Chambers. JACKSON: Lewis took a major beating from Williams, and to think he got a couple of early near falls and looked awesome at that opening bell trying to get some measure of revenge for Chambers, who isn't man enough to do his own dirty work. CONLON: Lewis was on point early and he was the reason Cardinal and Williams tried working together and it worked to stop his momentum, for sure. JACKSON: Now he's in a heap and about to get LD50'd to the stone age! [He pulls Lewis up and gets his arms hooked for an LD50, but quickly lets go as a big arm flies through the screen. Williams' lariat attempt misses as Cardinal lets go of Lewis to dodge it well. Cardinal immediately fires a jab into Williams' throat, which sends him stumbling back.] CONLON: CARDINAL'S SNAKE BITE STOPS WILLIAMS' ADVANCE! JACKSON: The man has eyes in the back of his head! He is always ready for anything! What an amazing counter by Cardinal! CONLON: And the two who worked together earlier are now going at it! JACKSON: What did you expect? [Chase gets angry at the throat shot and rushes Cardinal, who side steps him and grabs him by the head, tossing him over the top rope and to the outside in front of the announce crew.] CONLON: CHASE WILLIAMS SENT OVER THE TOP ROPE BY CARDINAL!!! JACKSON: People forget that Cardinal is the same height as Williams. He may not be quite as powerful, but he can get good leverage on him! CONLON: Williams is on the outside and now Cardinal turns his attention back to Mr. All Day! JACKSON: And here is the procession to a title! [Cardinal again turns to Lewis and goes to pick him up, only to have Lewis use the momentum and leverage to roll Cardinal over into a small package.] CONLON: SMALL PACKAGE! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH........CARDINAL FINALLY KICKS OUT!!!!!! JACKSON: That was close! CONLON: Lewis nearly pulled a shocking twist there for the title, but Cardinal escaped! JACKSON: It is hard to fully lock down a snake, Stan, and somewhere Glenn Chambers just sighed in disappointment at his buddy's failure. [Cardinal gets up quickly and grabs Lewis by the arm, pulling him up and then yanking Aaron towards him for a short-arm lariat that sends Lewis to the canvas again.] CONLON: PATTENTED SHORT-ARM LARIAT BY CARDINAL!!! JACKSON: Down goes Lewis again! The guy is like a human pinball right now. He gets up, then knocked down and rinse and repeat! CONLON: Dylan Cardinal in control once again, and this time, he is really getting nasty! JACKSON: The man is one of the best in the business, it is a travesty that he hasn't held a World Title in his career yet. That changes tonight. CONLON: If he keeps this performance up, it very well could. But there are other man involved, we must remember. JACKSON: None with the cunning and guile that Cardinal has. Only Williams is close there. [As Lewis gets to his knees, Cardinal pounces with a bionic elbow attack to the forehead, Lewis' arms go limp to his sides even though he remains on his knees. Chase Williams is back on the ring apron, but not for long as Liam Donegal grabs his feet and yanks them out from under him, bringing him down to the arena floor where he hits his head on the apron as he tumbles.] CONLON: Speaking of Williams.....DONEGAL YANKS HIM DOWN OFF THE RING APRON AND BACK TO THE ARENA FLOOR! JACKSON: Donegal came out of nowhere! The guy was out cold forever after that LD50 Cardinal hit him with. CONLON: Well now he is after Chase Williams yet again. Donegal is going to town on the bigger man! JACKSON: This match is nuts! From the very start it has been non-stop craziness, almost as bad as that ladder match from the last Showdown! CONLON: This is UPW where anything can happen at almost any time. JACKSON: Especially in matches like this! [The screen splits again as Cardinal pulls Lewis up and gets him locked in a front chancery position, driving a knee into his body multiple times before turning it into a facebuster knee smash. The other side of the screen shows Donegal grabbing Williams' head and ramming it into the steel ring post three times as the fans erupt.] CONLON: DONEGAL TAKING WILLIAMS FACE INTO THOSE STEEL STEPS! JACKSON: Good thing this match has no disqualifications because Donegal is breaking all sorts of rules there! CONLON: He is just fighting within the rules allowed, Pepper. JACKSON: But not in the ring, and that is the only way to win. Cardinal knows this, which is why he is chopping Lewis down with every strike of those knees. CONLON: Those long legs of Cardinal finding their targets each and every time. Lewis looks to be having difficulty breathing. JACKSON: Possible broken ribs will do that to you, Stan. [Outside the ring, half the screen is showing Donegal grabbing Chase by the left arm and wrapping it around for an arm-trap swinging neckbreaker on the arena floor. The other half of the screen shows inside the ring where Cardinal whips Lewis into the corner with authority and Lewis hits hard on his back, stumbling back into the waiting arms of Cardinal for a sidewalk slam.] CONLON: SIDEWALK SLAM BY CARDINAL! THE BASILISK GOES FOR THE COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE...............BROKEN UP AGAIN BY LIAM DONEGAL!!!!! JACKSON: Liam Donegal is playing "Johnny on the spot" right now! CONLON: Without Donegal breaking that up, I'm almost certain Cardinal had this locked up! JACKSON: Lewis didn't have the breath in him to kick out after those knee strikes. No way he escapes without Donegal's help. CONLON: Dylan Cardinal looks angry now. JACKSON: Rare sign of emotion from him. CONLON: Liam must really be getting under his skin. JACKSON: Well that is the second time Donegal has kept a pinfall from happening for Cardinal, so at some point the threat level has to rise from irritant to pain in the ass. [The screen is now a single view again as Donegal begins throwing leg strikes at Cardinal, who is still on his knees from the pin attempt. Donegal connects against the upper arms with every strike before Cardinal finally catches his left foot on one attempt.] CONLON: CARDINAL CATCHES THE FOOT! JACKSON: And here we go! Dylan Cardinal took the strikes until he got the timing and finally grabbed one. This is the beginning of the end for Donegal. CONLON: Cardinal begins standing to his feet and keeping hold of that leg as Liam hops around a little. JACKSON: Balance is important, but leverage belongs to Cardinal! [Cardinal holds onto Donegal's left foot as he stands to his feet. Cardinal pauses too long and allows Donegal to hit an enzuigiri that sends both men to the mat again as the crowd cheers.] CONLON: ENZUIGIRI BY DONEGAL AND CARDINAL IS DOWN! JACKSON: Liam Donegal with lightening fast reflexes to pull that off! That came from nowhere! [As Donegal gets up and over to Cardinal, Dylan leaps up and hits a back elbow onto Donegal that stunts his momentum and has him reeling.] CONLON: BACK ELBOW BY CARDINAL!!! That stopped Donegal dead in his tracks! JACKSON: Cardinal's height helped on that kick and Donegal now in trouble. [Cardinal whips Donegal into the corner and rushes in with a clothesline in the corner. He then holds Liam up as he begins to lunge into him with shoulder blocks to the mid section against the turnbuckles.] CONLON: Cardinal driving those shoulders into Donegal's stomach and Liam feeling every ounce of that pain! JACKSON: Cardinal is going to do to him what he has done to everybody so far, beat them down and out! CONLON: For all the talk about fast pace, Cardinal is decidedly old school in that he is perfectly happy grinding somebody down if need be. JACKSON: And that is what makes him the odds on favorite for the title! [Cardinal pulls Liam out of the corner and hits a very quick scoop slam on him, then begins stomping down on Donegal as he lay prone on the canvas again. In the background, we see Chase Williams is once again up on the ring apron and stepping through the ropes to re-enter the ring.] CONLON: Cardinal working over Donegal, and you have to wonder if he realizes that Chase Williams is coming back into the ring? JACKSON: Well I assume he does because Cardinal seems to see all tonight. CONLON: I think he sees a big gold belt right now, Pepper. That scoop slam is setting up worse things as they always do with Cardinal. JACKSON: That may be true, but bad intentions are right behind him! [Cardinal is stomping on Donegal as Williams reaches and grabs him to spin him around. Williams misses a haymaker and Cardinal pokes him square in the eyes in return. Chase staggers back after being poked in the eye.] CONLON: WILLIAMS MISSES AND GETS AN EYE POKE FOR HIS TROUBLE! JACKSON: That eye poke has become legendary for its stunning ability to an opponent! CONLON: And for the fact it is illegal in most matches. JACKSON: But this isn't most matches, Stan, it is THE match for the UPW World Heavyweight Title and all is fair in a war like this! CONLON: Chase Williams fails to attack from behind a second time and Dylan Cardinal just seems to have every answer tonight. JACKSON: The man is amazing in every sense. Far better than anyone has ever given him credit and tonight he will become champion! [Cardinal pulls Donegal up and lifts him onto his shoulders in a Samoan lift. He carries Donegal on his shoulders over near Williams who is shrugging off the eye issue now near the rope. Dylan spins and lets go of Donegal's feet, whipping him around and sending him into Williams with enough force to carry both men over the top rope and down to the arena floor.] CONLON: DYLAN CARDINAL USES DONEGAL'S LEGS AS A LARIAT AND SENDS BOTH MEN OUT OF THE RING! JACKSON: Holy mother of God! CONLON: Dylan Cardinal has cleared the ring again and this time it may be all he needs to finish this one off! JACKSON: He has been the kryptonite for every other man in this match from the moment the bell has rung. Cardinal has control and with the only other true big man now knocked out on the floor, it is time to seize what is his! [Cardinal turns around from the move and is met by a boot to the stomach by Aaron Lewis as the crowd erupts. Lewis follows in with a European Uppercut that staggers the taller man. He throws a second one, and then a third.] CONLON: AARON LEWIS OUT OF NOWHERE!!! EUROPEAN UPPERCUTS APLENTY FOR DYLAN CARDINAL!!! JACKSON: Lewis has taken a beating this match after his early flurry and now he seems to have that second wind! Can he gain a real advantage. CONLON: Looks to me that he has it. JACKSON: Not a staggering with punches advantage, I mean a down and out on the ground advantage. [Lewis grabs Cardinal by the waist and lifts him up with a belly-to-belly suplex that gets the crowd to cheer as loudly as they have all night. Lewis leaps up and pumps his fist for the crowd, which gets a bigger pop, and then head to the corner, where he climbs to the top turnbuckle.] CONLON: BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX BY LEWIS AND CARDINAL IS DOWN! Is that what you mean, Pepper? JACKSON: I suppose so. But look at how Cardinal is not allowing his body to get exposed! He can feel Lewis is perched ready to deliver the "Round Tripper" and finish the match. He refuses to roll over and let him have that moment. CONLON: Perfect scouting as most men would have rolled over out of basic physical instinct. JACKSON: Lewis was counting on it, and Dylan Cardinal is showing just how much smarter he is by just showing his back to Lewis and leaving him perched on that top turnbuckle indefinitely! Brilliant strategy by "The Basilisk!" [Cardinal never rolls over as many expect, but keeps his back toward the ceiling as he pushes up to his knees. Just as he lets go of the mat and pushes to stand, Lewis leaps and drops him with a perfectly times rocker dropper.] CONLON: ROCKER DROPPER!!! It turns out Lewis can change plans just as fast! JACKSON: Lewis took what Cardinal gave him, but a rocker dropper doesn't end a match the way that four-fifty splash could have done. [Lewis pulls Cardinal up and grabs him, pulling him into position with his head down between Aaron's knees. Lewis lifts and hits a textbook piledriver.] CONLON: PILEDRIVER BY LEWIS! THAT LOOKED NASTY! HE HOOKS THE LEG! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE...............CARDINAL WITH A SHOULDER UP! JACKSON: HE GOT OUT JUST IN TIME! CONLON: Aaron Lewis was a split second from that World Title and fulfilling his desired legacy! That was close! JACKSON: Those two are waging war, just like the two right in front of us! CONLON: Donegal and Williams are battling it out down here and it seems like the two fights are blissfully unaware of each other right now. JACKSON: That is dangerous with the fatal four way rules and all. The match can end at any time. [The screen splits again with the left half showing the action in the ring as Lewis drops a knee right across the forehead of Dylan Cardinal. The other half shows the battle going on right in front of the announcers as Williams has whipped Donegal into the steel ring post and is in complete control.] CONLON: Lewis stays in control in the ring with a well-placed knee to the forehead, but Chase WIlliams is trying to destroy Liam Donegal out here, Pepper! JACKSON: The size difference isn't as bad as last time out for Donegal, but the stakes are a hell of a lot higher. And Chase Williams has the experience at this level. CONLON: Donegal has literally been beaten from pillar to post in this one as Williams is pinging him everywhere he can right now. JACKSON: And then some! [Lewis pulls Cardinal up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, where he drills him with a spin wheel kick on the rebound and sends him back to the canvas as the crowd erupts. In the other half of the screen, we see Chase Williams pull Donegal over to the ringside steps and lift him into power bomb position, then hold him there.] CONLON: LEWIS WITH A SPINWHEEL KICK ON CARDINAL IN THE RING!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WILLIAMS DOING? JACKSON: No way he does this. CONLON: Williams is looking for a place to deposit Liam Donegal. JACKSON: I may not like the little guy, but Williams may end his career right now! Liam in serious jeopardy! CONLON: He's heading to the steps! Chase Williams showing off his raw power as he carries Donegal in power bomb position up the ring steps. JACKSON: Oh My God! [Williams actually steps up to the top step on the steel steps and then lunges forward, throwing Donegal in a jack knife power bomb that sends him through the German announce table in the corner of the ringside area. In the other side of the screen, we see Aaron Lewis take flight from the corner and nail Cardinal with a flying elbow drop right in the chest.] CONLON: WILLIAMS POWERBOMBED DONEGAL THROUGH THE GERMAN ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! JACKSON: DONEGAL HAS TO BE DEAD NOW! CONLON: Those announcers barely escaped as Williams tossed Liam like a bale of hay in the Midwest some twelve feet from the steps to the announce table! JACKSON: This is disgusting! CONLON: All the while Aaron Lewis is in control inside the ring nailing that flying elbow drop on Cardinal! You know what he will try next! JACKSON: This match may be heading to its conclusion! [Chase gets back to his feet and goes over to Donegal in the heap of rubble. He grabs one of the monitors and smacks Donegal in the head with it over and over. Finally the referee grabs it on a back swing and yanks it out of his grasp to stop the barrage. The other half of the screen shows in the ring, Lewis is climbing the corner again and leaping for a 450 splash.] CONLON: ROUND TRIPPER BY LEWIS! HE HIT IT FLUSH AND HOOKS THE LEG FOR THE WORLD TITLE!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEEEEEEEE................BROKEN UP BY CHASE WILLIAMS!!! JACKSON: HOLY SWEET BABY JESUS!!! Chase arrives at the last possible moment. That was as close as it gets! CONLON: Lewis had the title wrapped up and Chase Williams' boot keeps everything in the air still! JACKSON: Nothing like that experience factor playing into your hands. CONLON: And the fact that you just powerbombed your nearest other competitor through a table! There is nobody to stop Williams! JACKSON: This may be the end coming up! Williams in utter control! [The screen stops being split as Chase Williams pulls Lewis up by the waist and lifts him with a German Suplex, then holds on and rolls through to lift him again for a second one, and then rolls through again, lifting for a third, which he releases to allow Lewis to land awkwardly as the crowd boos.] CONLON: CHASE WILLIAMS WITH A TRIO OF GERMAN SUPLEXES AND NOW HE HAS LEWIS AT HIS MERCY! JACKSON: Now Lewis can remember what it was like getting stuck in a dryer as a kid! He just got tumble-dried by Williams! CONLON: Chase is on fire and looking to take this match and the World Title! JACKSON: He is the man right now! [Williams literally kicks Cardinal in the gut hard enough to tip him under the ropes and over the apron to the outside as he walks back over to Lewis.] CONLON: WILLIAMS KICKS CARDINAL OUT OF THE RING! It looks like he is choosing to focus on Lewis. JACKSON: Smart choice as Lewis has been mind-gamed by Cardinal all night, beaten down by everyone in this match and is smaller than Cardinal as well. Perfect decision by the big man! [Chase pulls Lewis up and spins around, landing a discus lariat that drops Aaron to the mat yet again. Williams face is one of confidence as he holds out his arms to soak in the boos of the crowd.] CONLON: Williams really working that crowd. He fully believes he is the next Champion! JACKSON: And who are we to disagree? Look at the carnage he has caused already! The man is a beast! [Williams pulls Lewis to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Chase catches him on the rebound and lifts him into the air with a gorilla press slam lift, only to catch him in mid-air and drop him with a stomach breaker across his knee.] CONLON: STOMACH BREAKER BY WILLIAMS AND THAT LOOKED LIEK IT BROKE RIBS! JACKSON: NEW CHAMPION! HERE'S A COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRRRRRREE..................LEWIS GETS HIS SHOULDER UP!!!!!! CONLON: LEWIS ESCAPES IN THE NICK OF TIME! JACKSON: Chase Williams got what he really wanted though, and that is those ribs in disrepair. Lewis is ripe for the picking now, Stan! CONLON: He just might be, as it looks like Williams is lifting Lewis up for the Moment of Clarity! JACKSON: He hits this, and it is over. Say it with me....Chase Williams, UPW WOrld Heavyweight Champion! [Chase looks annoyed at the referee after that near fall, but stands to his feet shaking his head. He pulls Lewis up and puts him in position to lift him for the Moment of Clarity. As he taunts the booing fans before lifting, his face contorts suddenly as he tumbles to the canvas and we see Liam Donegal with a chair in his hands. The crowd erupts again.] CONLON: LIAM DONEGAL!!! LIAM DONEGAL UP FROM THE RUBBLE OF THE TABLE OUT HERE AND IN THE RING TO TAKE DOWN WILLIAMS BEFORE HE COUDL HIT THE MOMENT OF CLARITY! JACKSON: AND WITH A CHAIR! You forgot to mention the freaking chair! The foreign object and yet people are cheering this man. CONLON: You like to say all is fair in wars like this, so there you go, Pepper! JACKSON: Liam Donegal has a chair in the ring in the biggest match in UPW history and nobody seems to care! That is just wrong! CONLON: Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. JACKSON: Remember that next time one of these guys gets destroyed by an object, like Frank Anthony's Pride or a steel chair. [Donegal is a man possessed as he begins putting the chair to the back and shoulders of Chase Williams. The referee tries to stop him, but Liam knows it is no disqualification so he keeps using the chair on the big man. He takes the edge of the chair and drives it into Williams' left knee as the big man yelps in pain.] CONLON: DONEGAL GOING TO WORK ON CHASE WILLIAMS' KNEE!!! JACKSON: WITH THE CHAIR! Dammit, Stan, be fair in this call. He is using a chair to intentionally hurt a man! CONLON: If it is allowed in a match, then it is allowed. I didn't write the rules and neither did Liam. JACKSON: That doesn't make it right. CONLON: There is no moral or ethical high ground here, pepper. If it is legal, then use it or have it used on you. I have no doubt that Williams would use a chair anytime in this match, even if he didn't need to. So let them go! JACKSON: This is through the looking glass stuff right here. [Lewis stands to his feet, and Donegal turns and pegs him right on the forehead with the chair as quickly as he stood up. Lewis crumples into the corner, seemingly out cold as Donegal pauses, realizing he hit Lewis with the chair. That pause is long enough for the referee to grab hold of the steel instrument and wrest it from Donegal's hands.] CONLON: DONEGAL JUST TOOK OUT LEWIS WITH THE CHAIR! JACKSON: That's right! You give the little guy some power with an illegal object and he will suddenly go all darth vader on everybody and just start swinging! CONLON: It was in the heat of the moment. JACKSON: Don't give me that! Donegal wants the title and he will hurt anybody to get it there, especially when his mentor isn't at ringside. Do you think he swings chairs and goes all crazy if Lazarus was out here still? CONLON: No, he probably doesn't, but.... JACKSON: Thank you for proving my point! [Donegal goes back to work on Chase's legs as he grabs the left leg by the foot and lifts it up, ramming the knee into the mat. He does it again with the left leg. Then he lunges down on Williams and grabs him with a Pentagram choke, going for the submission as the crowd cheers for him.] CONLON: DONEGAL LOCKING ON THE PENTAGRAM CHOKE! HE IS TRYIGN TO SUBMIT THE BIG MAN IN THE RING! JACKSON: Donegal showing he wants this badly. He goes after people with a chair and now he is administering an illegal choke. CONLON: That isn't illegal. JACKSON: Perhaps not in the UFC, but in UPW it looks a little low to me. [Williams struggles against the hold as Donegal tries his best to lock it tight and finish the bigger man off. Behind them, we see Dylan Cardinal slither back into the ring. He gets behind Donegal as he has the choke locked in and measures him up.] CONLON: The referee is watching for any signs of a tap out! JACKSON: Williams would sooner give up his own breath than to submit to a man as small a Donegal. CONLON: You realize he is the same height as you, right, Pepper? JACKSON: I'm not in the ring! [Donegal wrenches the choke again and it looks like Williams is starting to lose consciousness as Cardinal drops a well-placed knee down to the back of Donegal's head to break the hold.] CONLON: DYLAN CARDINAL WITH A KNEE TO LIAM'S HEAD JUST AS IT LOOKED LIKE WILLIAMS WAS PASSING OUT! JACKSON: Once again Cardinal shows up at the perfect moment! The man is an enigma! CONLON: Liam Donegal has no clue how close he came as he couldn't see Chase's eyes closing. JACKSON: And now all he feels are Cardinal's knees! [Donegal gets to his feet, and just as he leans up, Cardinal rushes him and hits a running knee right to the temple that connects with such ferocity that Liam rolls over and falls out of the ring.] CONLON: FLYING SERPENT! CARDINAL NAILED HIM WITH IT! JACKSON: That temple shot probably knocked Donegal out cold! CONLON: But it also took him out of the ring and Cardinal needs to grab onto somebody if he plans on getting a pin. JACKSON: It would take too long to go out and bring Donegal back into the ring. [Cardinal looks down at Donegal on the outside and then slowly turns his head to look at Chase Williams, who is starting to stir in the center of the ring after that choke earlier. He walks over to him and plants a right hand to the temple that drops Williams back to both knees.] CONLON: CARDINAL GOING AFTER CHASE WILLIAMS! JACKSON: NOW THIS IS A CLASH OF THE TITANS! [Dylan wastes no time in grabbing both arms and hooking them back. Fans begin booing as they know what comes next. Cardinal snaps down that double underhook DDT with force.] CONLON: LD50!!!! CARDINAL NAILES IT ON CHASE WILLIAMS! THIS IS IT!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRREEEEE..................NO!!!! JACKSON: FREAKING DONEGAL! CONLON: LIAM DONEGAL YANKS ON CARDINAL AND BREAKS UP THE PIN! JACKSON: Now he is trying to yank him out of the ring! CONLON: I can't believe this is happening! Chase Williams is laid out in the ring! JACKSON: If Cardinal was the same height as Donegal, Liam couldn't have reached him from out there! [Donegal pulls Cardinal's feet and yanks him all the way to the outside of the ring, causing "The Basilisk" to hit his head on the apron and then again on the arena floor. Liam Donegal gets over to grab Cardinal, who once again jabs the throat and causes Donegal to stumble over to the floor as well.] CONLON: SNAKE BITE BY CARDINAL OUT HERE! JACKSON: Donegal may be regretting the decision to pull Dylan outside the ring. CONLON: Well it stopped the pin, so he is probably not regretting it, but he is taking a beating because of it. JACKSON: And while Cardinal is out here trading punches with Liam Donegal, Aaron Lewis is on his feet in the ring! CONLON: And with Chase WIlliams laid out from that LD50! This is literally his golden moment as he gets to the top turnbuckle! JACKSON: Oh God, no! [Donegal makes Cardinal miss with a punch and yanks his arm, sending Cardinal's face into the steel steps. Just above them in the ring, we see Aaron Lewis standing to his feet and seeing Williams laid out in the middle of the ring. A smile comes over his face as he rushes to the corner and perches. He stands to his feet and leaps into the air with a textbook 450 splash.] CONLON: ROUND TRIPPER!!! HE NAILED IT!!! HE HOOKS A LEG! ONE! . . . . . .(Donegal notices and lets go of Cardinal) . . . . TWO!!!!!!! . . . . . . .(Donegal lunges under the ropes to grab at Lewis) . . . THHHHHHHHRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: HE DID IT! LIAM WAS JUST LATE AND THE REFEREE SAYS LEWIS HAS WON IT! JACKSON: We have our first World Champion! CONLON: And his name is Aaron "All Day" Lewis! JACKSON: Why couldn't Liam had been a second faster? Damn! [The crowd erupts as Lewis lays on the mat with his arms in the air with excitement. Donegal is on his knees looking disappointed that he just missed breaking the pin.] CONLON: Liam Donegal knows he was just a tad late as they all look exhausted in there. JACKSON: That split second will eat at him for ages. He may never get over it. CONLON: The two are looking at each other as the referee signals to the ringside crew to hand him the belt. JACKSON: Looks like Liam may decide to just take what he wants after all! [Donegal stands up and walks over to Aaron Lewis, reaching out his hand to the new champion. Lewis looks up and takes the hand. Liam pulls him up and the two shake a respectful handshake as the crowd erupts yet again.] CONLON: WHAT A SHOW OF SPORTSMANSHIP! JACKSON: Good Grief! CONLON: Donegal shaking Lewis hand and the crowd loves both of these men. The mutual respect being shown as Lewis motions back to Donegal. JACKSON: Ham it up, you cheese balls. [The UPW World Heavyweight Title is handed in to the referee and Donegal yanks it out of his hand and stares at it intently before finally handing it to Lewis and stepping back to let him have his moment.] CONLON: Donegal hands the belt to Aaron and now the new champion can celebrate in style! JACKSON: I wonder if he thought about smacking Lewis in the face with that belt? [Lewis holds the title up high as the crowd cheers and chants of "All Day" begin to fill the Bankers' Life Fieldhouse.] CONLON: There he is, folks! The new UPW World Heavyweight Champion, AARON "ALL DAY" LEWIS!!! JACKSON: Well these sheep seem to be very happy about this. But looking at the glare Dylan Cardinal is giving out here, I hope Lewis enjoys it because the reign may not be very long. CONLON: We can only hope Lewis is ready to defend what is becoming the greatest prize in our industry. JACKSON: The challengers begin with the three men in this match, and those are three man that are difficult to deal with. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: AARON LEWIS IS THE WORLD CHAMPION!!! SMITH: I can't believe it! Cardinal was right there! So close! CHANEY: We have our new World Champion, ladies and gentlemen! What a night in Indianapolis! SMITH: What a night, indeed. CHANEY: That is all the time we have for this edition of Showdown. For Robert "The Gorilla" Smith, I'm Eric Chaney saying so long and see you next time on UPW Showdown! [The screen with the announcers fades into a screen that has the first picture listed below in it. The still change as the credits roll. "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool begins playing in the background as the following set of stills recapping the night's action begins to roll.] [Picture still of Malcom Shabazz landing the Hard Truth on Billy James.] [Picture still of Rick Styles and Ralph piling on top of John Herdick to secure the pin.] [Picture still of Felix Sandoval taunting Tripp Skylark with the Television Title belt after defeating him.] [Picture still of The Dominion standing tall in the middle of the ring after defeating their opponents.] [Picture still of Derek Rage holding up Isaac "Hooch" Johnson by that claw hold before he slams it to the canvas.] [Picture still of Glenn Chambers pinning Frank Anthony as flash bulbs flash in the background.] [Picture still of The Warriors celebrating their Tag Title victory.] [Picture still of Aaron Lewis holding the UPW World Heavyweight Title high in the air toward the fans.] ========== CREDITS ========== Franklin/Colorado & HD3/Payne --> Brandon F Styles/Herdick --> Mark R Tag Title Match --> Flouze 8 other matches --> CHopp © 2016 UPW, Inc. LEAGUE WEBSITE: http://www.ultimateprowrestling.fwrestling.com/ LEAGUE MAILING LIST: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Official_UPW/info LEAGUE TWITTER: @UPW_Official LEAGUE RADIO SHOW SITE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ultimateprowrestling