[The black screen is still showing as slowly an instrumental version of "Tear Away" by
Drowning Pool begins fading up as the show logo pops onto the screen ...]

["Tear Away" continues to play and now at the chorus, the words are heard, as pictures of Ultimate Pro Wrestling stars are shown. The pictures come up looking like baseball cards, and the pictures stack on top of one another, until all of the UPW stars have been shown.] ["Cards" of Brandon Franklin, John Herdick, and Liam Donegal are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Antonio De Luca, The Hype and Michael Wilson are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Jeff Keenan, Soldiers of the Sun, and Glenn Chambers are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING ### ["Cards" of Aaron Lewis, The Warriors, and Chase Williams are shown.] ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BUT ME ### ### I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE ..... ### [Suddenly, the music stops and the "cards" explode with video pyro and a HUGE bang! "Shrapnel" from the "cards" fill the screen until it is a big jumbled mess.] [When the mess clears, we see a studio that looks similar to those used by sports shows and other sporting related news editions. There is a large, tan desk with the letters 'UPW" put forth matching the company logo on the website on the front of it. As the screen pans back, we see two men at the desk. Sitting to one side is UPW announcer Eric Chaney and to his left is the co-host, Robert "The Gorilla" Smith.] [Chaney is wearing a black "UPW" polo shirt and has his dark hair slicked back, looking as "GQ" as humanly possible. Robert is wearing a white denim shirt and a confident grin on his face. Chaney's smile widens as he finally begins to speak.] CHANEY: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME TO ANOTHER EDITION OF UPW SHOWDOWN! I'm your host Eric Chaney and with me, as always, is former tag team legend and the master of the battle royal, Robert "The Gorilla" Smith! Nice to have you with us again, Gorilla! SMITH: Always good to be here Chaney, especially when we get the chance to see action like we saw in Cincinnati, Ohio! CHANEY: What a night it was and it kicked off with a bang! SMITH: Indeed it did as you made an appearance in Cincinnati! CHANEY: I did. Rick Styles wanted to give an interview in front of the entire arena, but the guy in the main office didn't want to subject Dyan Ciccarelli to that possible environment. SMITH: Yeah, he's never living that down. CHANEY: So they asked me to come out and do the interview. And it was the very first thing fans got to experience when the show started. SMITH: Well let's take a look, shall we? CHANEY: No doubt! Roll the tape, folks!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [The footage begins with Eric Chaney standing in the ring.] Eric Chaney: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the opportunity to interview one of the most controversial superstars on the UPW roster. Love him or hate him, he has your attention. He is... T h e " T o p D o g " R i c k S t y l e s ! ! ! ["All I do is win" blasts through the arena as Rick Styles struts through the curtain in a blue "Top Dog" jacket and dark sunglasses. His brown hair is slicked back. The crowd level is as loud as expected due to a huge lack of audience. Erin walks the ringside steps and holds the top and middle ropes open. Styles follows her path and steps through the open ropes. He turns to Erin, who takes the sunglasses off his face. Once handed a microphone, The "Top Dog" steps into the center of the ring, face to face with as the music dies down.] Eric Chaney: Rick Styles, thank you for this opportunity... Rick Styles: Take a look around, Eric, you will notice that this arena is less than half filled. That is because the other half...thousands of people...are outside this arena, and in the streets throughout this city marching in protest. I've seen the signs, "Show Respect to Rick Styles," "Put Styles in the Main Event," "Make UPW Great, Put the Title on Styles" and, my favorite, "The winner of the tournament is NOT my UPW Champion." Have you seen It out there? Eric Chaney: I have n... Rick Styles: What we have here is a movement and it is one the UPW cannot ignore. The fans protest because they are not getting what they want. Remember, we are here for THEM! The fans are outside this arena speaking loud and If Chris Hopper will not answer, if he will not come out here and declare the "Top Dog" Rick Styles the UPW Champion, then I will have to take that belt myself. Let me speak to the fans in this arena, the fans marching outside with their signs and the entire UPW roster and management, that I, Rick Styles, officially challenge the winner of the championship tournament! (Styles outstretches his arm and points a finger) With all the people behind me, I will take that championship, make UPW great and then, instead of marching in the streets, you can all celebrate our victory! Eric Chaney: Let's speak on this subject, Rick. Should your request be granted... Rick Styles: MY request? Don't you mean the request of THE PEOPLE? Eric Chaney: Pardon me, should the request of "the people" be granted, which of the contenders would you wish to face as challenger? Rick Styles: I do not have a preference, Eric, to me, one is as good as the next. I don't know any of these people, I've never heard of any of them, and I have confidence that my experience in championship matches trumps all of these "contenders" combined. Eric Chaney: Come on, Rick, certainly you have followed the talent in UPW, certainly you're familiar with your competition. Rick Styles: Sorry to say that just like everybody else, when I watch UPW programming, I'm fast forwarding to Rick Styles promos and matches. The people aren't out there protesting for anyone else, they are out there for "Top Dog" Rick Styles. Eric Chaney: I find it hard to believe that no one on this amazingly talented roster has caught your notice. What about Aaron Lewis? [The half-filled crowd pops.] Rick Styles: Who is Aaron Lewis? Eric Chaney: He was your opponent in the first round of the championship tournament. He is the opponent you were supposed to face, had you not decided to skip the match because, according to you, he was "unworthy to face you." Rick Styles: If he's unworthy to face me, then why would I remember him? Perhaps if he wins the championship, he'll be worthy of my attention. Until then, nope, I haven't noticed him. Eric Chaney: Rick, let's get real here, certainly you name ONE UPW wrestler besides yourself? Rick Styles: Umm...[Styles pauses in thought].....how about Ralph? Eric Chaney: Ralph is not a wrestler. Rick Styles: He's wrestling tonight, against that guy who smells like piss. Hell, the guy even has "Dick" in his name, how's that for irony? Eric Chaney: Of course, you are referring to last week's event where you had Ralph do something that should NEVER be done in a wrestling ring. You understand that, don't you? Rick Styles: Listen up, Mister Morals, the entire UPW is being put on notice, "Top Dog" Rick Styles is here and they'd better be ready for a steady diet of what should NEVER be done in a wrestling ring...otherwise, this sport is going to pass them by. Eric Chaney: And what about respect, Rick Styles? You are out here every week demanding respect for all you have accomplished in this sport, but where is the respect from you for the talent now trying to accomplish all they can? What about the tradition of legends giving back to the sport they love? Rick Styles: Respect? Let me tell you something, Eric, these guys get to go home each and every day and tell their families, their friends, their fans, that they are part of the same roster as TOP DOG RICK STYLES! You don't get more respect than making that claim. Eric Chaney: Well, I don't want to take up anymore of your time, we have a great show tonight... Rick Styles: ...which I'm not on, which is but one of the symptoms the people are out there protesting! Eric Chaney: One last question, Rick, since you are a legend in this sport, perhaps you can share the secret to success. Do you have any advice you would like to offer the young and upcoming UPW talent? Rick Styles: Advice? Sure, I can do that. Bring the camera in so everyone in the back, as well as everybody at home, can hear me. If I'm going to share the secret to success, I want to share it with everybody. [The camera pans in. Styles takes a breath and speaks...] Rick Styles: Try to be the best because you're only a man and a man's gotta learn to take it. Try to believe though the going gets rough, That you gotta hang tough to make it. History repeats itself, try and you'll succeed! Never doubt that you're the one and YOU can have your dreams. Remember, You're the best around and Nothing's ever gonna keep you down. Fight ‘til you drop, never stop. You can't give up until you reach the top. Tell yourself, you're the best in town. That is the key to success. Eric Chaney: I have to admit, Rick, that was quite uplifting and encouraging. Well said and good advice. Rick Styles: Thanks, it's the song from the first Karate Kid movie. Eric Chaney: Karate Kid!? Are you kidding me? Rick Styles: You want REAL advice? (points into the camera) If you're not making history, get out of it's way...and history has declared that RICK STYLES will be setting the bar AGAIN! ["All I do is win" blasts through the arena as the "Top Dog" steps out of the ring arms raised in the air. He strolls down the aisle, followed by the lovely Erin, leaving Eric Chaney in the ring with a bewildered look on his face.] [The screen fades to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: There you have it, folks. The wit and wisdom of Rick Styles. SMITH: The guy is still as arrogant as ever. There are guys that fans hate and then there are guys everybody hates. Give you one guess which one Rick was back in my day. CHANEY: I don't think anyone even needs to guess, Gorilla. SMITH: Damn right. CHANEY: The events from the last Showdown are still reverberating throughout the wrestling world as people took to twitter, facebook, and everywhere making statements about it. SMITH: You have to love it when people make you the center of attention, I guess. CHANEY: How about we turn our attention to the final night of qualifying for the UPW World Heavyweight Title match next Showdown! SMITH: The four men in this bracket literally waged war all night. It was a shocking sight to behold. CHANEY: The first match was a couple of guys who are good friends and respect each other. Fan favorites, Liam Donegal and Caleb Foley. SMITH: Both men are veterans, but Donegal has the ace in the hole of Adam Lazarus in his corner. The secrets he can pass on are a real positive for the Celt in his matches. CHANEY: One of them has to advance and it's time to see which one! Let's go to the tape in Cincinnati, Ohio and see who is first to move on!

[As the footage begins, we see Liam Donegal throwing Caleb Foley's arm behind his neck to prep for a vertical suplex lift. Adam Lazarus looks thrilled with how Donegal is doing. Donegal lifts Foley up and holds him there for several seconds before dropping him down in the center of the ring to a loud reaction from the fans.] CONLON: Delayed vertical suplex by Donegal and Foley's hot start seems like a long time ago now, Pepper. JACKSON: It certainly does. Foley's house of fire approach flamed out quickly and now DOnegal has managed to keep control for a while. CONLON: Liam has been extra motivated lately, and this match is showing it. JACKSON: Well having the guidance of a legend like Lazarus helps a lot in that regard. [Donegal quickly grabs the left leg of Foley and wrenches it into the Achilles tendon hold he learned from one of his mentors. Foley immediately strains to find comfort with the ropes, but seems far away.] CONLON: WOLFTRP ANKLE LOCK! Foley has a solid grasp of that foot! JACKSON: He is wrenching it hard, and Caleb Foley is stuck just out of reach of those ropes. CONLON: This match may be nearing its conclusion if this hold lasts much longer. JACKSON: Foley has too much pride to give in. He'd sooner let his foot get snapped clean off than to ever submit. [Foley manages to grab the bottom rope and the referee forces the break, which Donegal immediately complies with. Foley pulls himself up to his feet and gives a respectful nod to Liam, to which Donegal returns the gesture as fans cheer the sportsmanship.] CONLON: True sportsmanship right there! You ever want to see what honor in the squared circle looks like, just watch right there! JACKSON: That may be his big mistake, though, Stan. You let someone like Foley get his bearings a little and you are opening the door to a loss. CONLON: I call it being a good person. JACKSON: Understandable. But remember the world is rarely ruled by the truly good. [They lock up again, this time Foley getting the advantage and shooting Donegal into the ropes. Liam rebounds and Foley leaps over him as he passes by. However, as he turns for the second rebound, Foley has propelled himself off the middle rope and hits a springboard clothesline.] CONLON: SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE BY DONEGAL! JACKSON: Liam hooks a leg for a pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH...........FOLEY KICKS OUT! CONLON: Caleb Foley using that free leg to shakeout of the pin in the nick of time and stay alive for his shot at the big gold! JACKSON: That has to be going through his mind every time Donegal gets him down. The Celtic pride in him wanting to stand on top of the mountain. [Adam Lazarus claps his hands to tell Donegal to keep pushing on. Liam nods and gets to his feet, pulling Foley up as well. He grabs him by the waist and lifts for a belly-to-back suplex.] CONLON: BIG SUPLEX BY DONEGAL!!! JACKSON: Adam Lazarus is the architect of Liam Donegal's rise and we are seeing it right there! CONLON: The man knows how to win and he has passed that knowledge on to his protege for sure. JACKSON: Caleb Foley may only be in the ring with Donegal, but he is most certainly facing two men in there as Donegal is following Lazarus' game plan to a tee. [Donegal is utterly focused and doesn't see that Antonio De Luca has walked down the entrance aisle, watching the match in a very public way.] CONLON: WHAT IS HE DOING OUT HERE? JACKSON: Better yet, who is he out here for? CONLON: Antonio De Luca...."The Legionarius".....the crown jewel of The Dominion is coming down to the ringside area and this match may get ugly yet. JACKSON: Nothing goes far from plan when it comes to The Dominion. If any of those three have an agenda, it does get carried out. The question is what is the agenda here? [Lazarus notices and walks around the corner of the ring to yell toward the Dominion member to get out of the area. De Luca doesn't react at all, staying focused on the match. In the ring, Donegal has picked up Foley again and lifts him with a belly-to-back lift into a power bomb.] CONLON: BLUE THUNDER POWERBOMB BY DONEGAL!!! This might be it with a cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH.................DONEGAL LETS GO AS HE SEES DE LUCA! JACKSON: Could that be the plan for De Luca here? We know his friends have attacked Liam before. CONLON: Who knows? He is just staring into the ring! Lazarus is out there trying to get him to leave and now Donegal is even yelling at him from the ring. JACKSON: The man is giving nothing away. If there is a plan, he isn't playing it out easily. CONLON: Maybe that is the plan...to be an utter distraction. JACKSON: Anything is possible with these guys. I wouldn't be surprised if Donovan or Bishop rushed the ring from the other side as they worry about De Luca so much. These men are strategic for sure and anything is possible. [Donegal gets up quickly and goes to the ropes, leaning over to yell at De Luca to get out. Lazarus holds up the baseball bat and tells him he has this under control. The entire time, De Luca has never changes his expression or focus as he stares right at the ring where Donegal is.] CONLON: Liam Donegal is incensed! He is livid and almost screaming at De Luca to get lost! JACKSON: Well regardless of the plan, De Luca has certainly gotten under Liam's skin. [Suddenly Foley grabs Donegal from behind and rolls him into a small package.] CONLON: FOLEY WITH A SMALL PACKAGE FROM BEHIND!!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . TH................NOOOOO!!!!!!! JACKSON: That's for taking your eyes off the ball, my man! CONLON: Donegal escapes the shock pin! JACKSON: Foley is still alive, in case we forgot! [Donegal rolls out of the pin attempt and back to his feet, throwing a nasty kick toward Foley, but Foley dodges it and lands a dropkick to the leg of Donegal, dropping him to the canvas.] CONLON: Caleb Foley with a dropkick that nearly takes out a knee. He isn't taking his focus away at all. JACKSON: He is a true veteran, but even he still has to be thinking of the potential of De Luca standing out there. CONLON: And De Luca still hasn't moved from that spot. JACKSON: It is like he's standing guard. Could they have paid him to come down and keep Malcom Shabazz from messing in the match? [Foley quickly locks on his variation of the cattle mutilation hold, causing Donegal to yelp loudly and that gets the attention of Adam Lazarus, who walks back to the ring to urge on his protege.] CONLON: CELTIC DISTORTION! Foley has locked in that submission and Donegal is in deep trouble out of nowhere! JACKSON: And that gets Lazarus to finally walk away from De Luca. CONLON: He has to give encouragement to his guy in there, Pepper. JACKSON: I can hear him now, "Why are you stuck there? Get out of it already." Yeah, lots of help that will be. [The referee continues checking Donegal, who refuses to submit at every turn. Foley is doing his best to wrench the hold even harder as De Luca finally breaks his stance and walks toward the ring.] CONLON: DE LUCA IS MOVING TOWARD THE RING NOW! JACKSON: This could be bad news! CONLON: Caleb Foley is focusing on this hold and trying to get Donegal to submit and Antonio De Luca is making his way to the opposite side of the ring as Adam Lazarus. JACKSON: I would too. The guy is holding a Cincinnati Slugger for crying out loud. [De Luca rounds the corner and gets to where he can look Foley in the eye. Caleb holds onto the submission hold while his eyes find De Luca. They stare at each other with intent as Donegal continues to fight off the pain of the hold.] CONLON: NOW FOLEY KNOWS HOW CLOSE DE LUCA IS! JACKSON: These two just plain do not like each other and you can see it in their eyes as they stare down each other. CONLON: And it is impressive as Foley continues to wrench that hold on Donegal. He is still pushing hard to win this match! JACKSON: Well he took advantage of when Liam looked away and he won't make that mistake. [The camera view quickly switches to show De Luca's face as he mouths the word "Hiberno." This completely unhinges Foley, who lets go of the hold and jumps to his feet, lunging between the top and middle ropes to take a swing at De Luca, who has stepped back with his arms out to show the referee he hasn't touched anyone.] CONLON: CALEB FOLEY IS UNHINGED!!! HE WANTS A PIECE OF DE LUCA NOW! JACKSON: The Roman got in his head! And all he did was stand there! CONLON: Not entirely true, Pepper. He said something that set Foley off and got him to let go of that hold and try to attack from inside the ring. JACKSON: Dude is just standing there. No crime in that. It isn't his fault that Foley is a mental case! [De Luca simply gives a cocky look toward Foley as the referee tells him to get back to the match. De Luca motions that he will remain right there, waiting.] CONLON: Well now we know the focus of why De Luca came out here. JACKSON: Yes, to screw with Caleb Foley's mind and it's working! CONLON: I wonder if Adam Lazarus will rest easier in this match now after seeing what De Luca is doing to the mind of Caleb Foley. JACKSON: Nobody should ever rest easy until the match is over. Play through the bell, guys. [Foley turns around and is immediately met with a boot to the gut by Donegal. Donegal then grabs his left arm and wrings it around quickly into a hammer lock. Then standing in position he performs a hammerlock legsweep DDT that gets a pop from the crowd.] CONLON: HAMMERLOCK LEGSWEEP DDT! THAT IS A DONEGAL SIGNATURE AND THSI ONE MIGHT BE OVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR....................FOLEY GETS A SHOULDER UP! JACKSON: Liam Donegal taking full advantage of Foley's moment of passion and now has the control of the match yet again. CONLON: And Foley's body can't keep up with the pounding it is getting from all of these impact moves from Donegal. JACKSON: Whatever game plan that Lazarus worked out for this match, it is working even with De Luca out there. CONLON: I'm not as surprised as Donegal has been forced to wrestle with distraction every night in UPW from day one. JACKSON: Good point, Stan. Shabazz may have conditioned him to always be ready for anything. [Donegal looks to take to the air after the near fall and goes to the corner nearest Lazarus, who makes sure De Luca doesn't interfere in the match with that baseball bat. Donegal leaps into the air for a diving elbow drop that fails as Foley moved out of the way at the last second.] CONLON: FOLEY MOVED AND DONEGAL HITS NOTHING BUT CANVAS!!! JACKSON: Liam Donegal's slight moment of delay as Lazarus watched out for "The Legionarius" made all the difference there! CONLON: Yes it did, Pepper, and now both men are just trying to get back to their feet after that exchange! JACKSON: They have put on a show here tonight and they have to be getting exhausted! I'm winded just watching them! [Both men getting to their feet. Foley manages to get up first and goes over to a standing Donegal, kicking at his stomach, only to have Liam catch his foot with a grin. Foley wastes no time in leaping for an enzuigiri to the head, sending Donegal to the canvas again.] CONLON: ENZUIGIRI BY FOLEY! JACKSON: That was out of nowhere! CONLON: Donegal thought he had managed to stop an attack and ended up paying for it dearly! JACKSON: Caleb Foley once again with life in this match! [Foley pulls Donegal up and lifts him into the air for a supposed body slam, only to drop him across his knee in a back breaker.] CONLON: BACKBREAKER BY FOLEY! Caleb is continuing his assault! JACKSON: He isn't doing it as fast as the beginning of the match, but being able to attack again and again has its benefits. CONLON: It certainly does, Pepper. JACKSON: Foley has to be careful not to ignore those outside the ring though. [Caleb Foley drops a pair of elbows to the stomach area of Donegal, then gets to his feet and runs toward the ropes, leaping to propel himself off the middle rope and back into the air with a moonsault that lands flush on top of Donegal.] CONLON: SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!!! FOLEY NAILED IT! JACKSON: And here is the pin attempt for Foley! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . [De Luca quickly puts Liam's foot on the bottom rope.] . . . . . . . THREEEEEEE.................REFEREE SAYS NO AS HE SEES THE FOOT ONT HE ROPE! CONLON: DE LUCA SAVED DONEGAL! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! JACKSON: What? The referee saw the foot and stopped the count! CONLON: OH MY GOODNESS! Caleb Foley is getting robbed right now! Folks, you are seeing grand larceny live and in living color here on Showdown as Antonio De Luca has taken a match from Caleb Foley right there. JACKSON: He did no such thing. He just prolonged the match a little. [The referee tells De Luca to stay away from the ring because of how close he is standing. Foley is staring daggers at him knowing that the match is still going because of him.] CONLON: I can't believe you are sitting there justifying such a thing happening, Pepper. JACKSON: Hey, that's wrestling! CONLON: The referee knows something was fishy there. He gives a stern warning to De Luca. I think he should send Antonio out of the arena for that. You shouldn't be allowed to stick your nose in like that, especially in a title tournament match! JACKSON: Oh stop crying and call the match, Stan! [Foley slowly pulls Donegal up to his feet and goes for a whip into the corner, but Donegal reverses the whip and sends him the opposite direction. Foley leaps onto the ropes and spring himself off the turnbuckle into a missile dropkick that floors Donegal again.] CONLON: SPRINGBOARD MISSLE DROPKICK FROM FOLEY! JACKSON: See? Foley has moved on already. Why can't you? CONLON: Foley is a professional who still is trying to win this match. I see injustice occur, I'm going to announce that it happened. JACKSON: That makes you the Erin Brokovich of announcing, I guess. [Foley wastes no time in climbing the corner and getting on the top turnbuckle. He doesn't perch or delay, instead he leaps and lands a strong flying elbow to Liam's sternum.] CONLON: FLYING ELBOW BY FOLEY AND HIS CONNECTS! JACKSON: He hooks a leg for the pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRRRREE.............................SHOULDER UP BY DONEGAL! CONLON: Donegal survives again! Caleb Foley can't seem to close the deal tonight. JACKSON: And you have to wonder how much credit for that belongs to Antonio De Luca here at ringside? CONLON: He has had a definite affect on this match, and perhaps not for the good. I believe Caleb Foley could have won this match a little bit ago if not for De Luca's presence. JACKSON: And the laugh we hear from him says that he knows it too. [De Luca laughs out loud at Foley's failure as the crowd begins to chant their love for the match between these two. Foley gets to his feet and he has had more than enough of this. He goes to the side where De Luca is standing and begins yelling at him to get lost.] CONLON: Now Foley is again over and yelling toward De Luca. JACKSON: Taking his eye off the ball yet again. De Luca is a more of a master of these mind games than anyone gave him credit for. CONLON: His fingerprints are all over this match and one of these men will owe his advancement to the match later to him, while the other will blame his loss on him. JACKSON: Either way, it is about The Dominion, and that may be the great play here. [At this point, even Adam Lazarus wants De Luca gone so not to ruin this great match. Lazarus walks around and stands in front of the announcer's table, threatening use of the bat if De Luca doesn't leave. Antonio seems to not care about anyone's actions or statements. He just stands there like a mute soldier.] CONLON: De Luca now hearing it from Lazarus as well as Foley! The man is once again standing like a statue! JACKSON: He is doing his duty to the Dominion and does not need to converse with these men. CONLON: At least until the next time he needs to mess one of them over. The referee should just toss him out from ringside and be done with it before this gets even uglier. JACKSON: All focus is on him and that is just what he wants, I would assume. [As the yelling hits a fever pitch, De Luca just simply points toward the ring as if telling Foley to focus on his work. Foley turns around and is met by a boot tot he gut by Donegal. Liam then grabs Foley and lifts him for a sit-out side powerslam.] CONLON: WARP SPASM 2017! DONEGAL GOT IT! THE COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHHRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: DONEGAL ADVANCES TO THE NEXT ROUND LATER TONIGHT! CONLON: And he owes it all to Antonio De Luca! The man who kept Foley occupied long enough to give him the opening and get the victory. JACKSON: These two put on a great show and De Luca just made sure it went off without any Shabazz interference. CONLON: Keep telling yourself that, Pepper. JACKSON: Did he get in there to do anything? No. Thank you, Antonio De Luca. [De Luca slowly walks backward up the aisle, clapping his hands mockingly at Donegal and Foley, as Donegal's arm is raised as the victor in the match. Lazarus stays watchful knowing the Dominion always have potential for side attacks.] CONLON: Liam Donegal has advanced to face the winner of Derek Rage and Frank Anthony, which is up next and that man should never be trusted. JACKSON: Whatever his motives, Donegal ought to be happy he was there. CONLON: I wonder what Caleb Foley will think when he gets backstage? JACKSON: I'm sure his Celtic temper will be flaring, that is for sure. Either way, Liam Donegal is the one to watch moving forward in this tournament! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: And, as you just saw, Liam Donegal has advanced to the semi-main event later in the evening, but not without some controversy. SMITH: You can say that again. Antonio De Luca decided to play a role here and Caleb Foley has seemingly found an enemy in UPW. CHANEY: De Luca has been outspoken that this stems from historical beef between their peoples. SMITH: That very well could be, but in my experience there is usually more at play when an explanation like that is used. CHANEY: Foley's missed opportunity is Donegal's gain as he will advance to face the winner of the next match of the evening: Frank Anthony versus Derek Rage. SMITH: I've known Rage for years and even competed against him. The man is tough as nails and fight bigger than he stands. CHANEY: Whoa! You realize he is seven-foot, two-inches tall, right? SMITH: That is my point. Rage's history as a tag team wrestler is as legendary as my own, perhaps even more so. However, he has really carved out a singles niche for himself in recent years. CHANEY: And Frank Anthony is one of the guys who has blossomed in UPW thus far. SMITH: He really has. The guy has shown he can scrap with anybody and find a way to win no matter what it takes. You may not like how he does it, but you have to respect that he never gives up. CHANEY: That brings us to the match itself! The winner gets Liam Donegal later in the evening! SMITH: Let's show the tape, fellahs!

[The footage begins with Frank Anthony pushing Derek Rage into the corner and throwing his shoulder into the stomach of the seven footer.] CONLON: Frank Anthony throwing everything AND the kitchen sink to try and take down this beast named Derek Rage! JACKSON: These two are such strange opposites. Derek Rage is a solid veteran with massive size, standing over seven feet tall; while Anthony is a half foot shorter and more like a rabid dog than a skilled technician. CONLON: He has shown ability to perform some technical moves, but you are right, Pepper, they are rare indeed. JACKSON: The funny thing is that Rage has had some difficulty zeroing in on Anthony so far. [Derek Rage's face registers no pain at all as Anthony continues to plow his right shoulder into him. After several shots, Rage grabs Anthony and lifts him into the air by the waist and drops him with a powerslam.] CONLON: POWERSLAM BY RAGE! Emphasis on the power there! JACKSON: He covers Frank up! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR...........KICKOUT BY ANTHONY AT TWO AND CHANGE!!! CONLON: Derek Rage has managed to push through everything Anthony has thrown at him so far, while still landing enough offense to get a few near falls. JACKSON: That tells me Anthony is going to have to either have the match of his life, or cheat his ass off to win this one. [Rage leaps and drops a leg drop right across Anthony's neck. The impact makes Frank's legs fly into the air. Velvet Sims seems more than enthused as he watches at ringside.] CONLON: Derek Rage's leg almost took Anthony's head off! JACKSON: That is like having a redwood fall on you! CONLON: Velvet Sims is enjoying the show, that is apparent. JACKSON: He ought to. This giant of a man would be an impossible world champion to dethrone should he win it. [Rage gets to his feet and reaches down for Anthony's legs, pulling his feet and legs under his arms and yanking him up into a swinging spin. Rage spins Frank around and around before finally letting go and sending Anthony hurtling into the canvas and bouncing into the corner.] CONLON: ROUND AND ROUND HE GOES AND GOD HELP HIM WHEN HE LANDS IN THAT CORNER! Derek Rage seemingly playing with Frank Anthony like a doll! JACKSON: I don't think I would reference Derek Rage and dolls in the same sentence, Stan. [Rage rushes the corner and plows his big knee into the face of Frank Anthony just as he was starting to stir. Sims is fist pumping as he watches.] CONLON: Derek Rage showing a manner of patience in his attack that is frightening to me. JACKSON: Why so? CONLON: Because someone so big could just run ramp shod over most people. The fact that he remains measured and calculating in moments when many would let their adrenaline take over speaks to how dangerous he truly is. JACKSON: Just think of how many World Titles Derek could have held had he not been held back by his brother Shadoe all those years. CONLON: Oh my! If he performed like this? Probably dozens. JACKSON: THAT is scary, Stan. [Rage pulls Anthony out of the corner and pulls his head down into the lift position. He lifts him up for a power bomb, but at the top height, Anthony begins throwing fists as fast as he can into the face of Rage. Rage finally tumbles back into the opposite corner, sending Anthony over the ropes and all the way to the floor.] CONLON: ANTHONY SENT OVER THE TOP ROPE JUST AS HE WAS FIGHTING BACK INTO THE MATCH!!! JACKSON: HE'S DEAD! I swear Anthony must be dead after that spill! CONLON: Derek Rage's height saved him, but caused an impact in the corner that Anthony had no answer for and now he is in a heap down here near us! JACKSON: And Rage is headed out now. This could get very bad for Frank Anthony! [Rage takes a moment to get his wits, shaking off the flurry of fists and noticing Anthony is outside the ring trying to stand to his feet. Rage steps over the top rope and then leaps off the ring apron, driving his knee into the area of the back between the shoulder blades.] CONLON: WELL PLACED KNEE BY RAGE! The man is just picking Anthony to pieces. JACKSON: And to think some felt Frank Anthony was the favorite coming into tonight. Small tip people.....don't bet against seven footers! CONLON: (chuckles) Rage is in utter control right now and with lots of items to use surrounding him in the ringside area. JACKSON: It is like giving gasoline to a pyromaniac! [Rage pulls Anthony up into a powerslam position and runs hard into the steel ring post, smacking Frank's back against the hard steel. The referee has begun to count the obligatory ten count on both men.] CONLON: DEREK RAGE RAMMING ANTHONY INTO THOSE RING POSTS! JACKSON: The man's back may never be the same! Of course I'm shocked he is still alive at this point. CONLON: Anthony is not the normal wrestler. Neither of these men are fan favorites, that much is for certain. JACKSON: Speak for yourself. I happen to think either would be a fun first champion. [Rage holds onto the lift and turns to rush toward the other ring post, pegging Anthony against it as well as Velvet Sims continues to act as Rage's cheerleader by fist pumping like crazy.] CONLON: Another shot on a ring post by Rage! JACKSON: Anthony is going to be hearing those sounds of steel for weeks now! CONLON: Just more noise in his head. JACKSON: You might be right there. [Derek then turns and rolls Anthony under the bottom rope, beating the count by only a single beat, and sliding in after him. Rage stands to his feet and looks down at Anthony, who is still trying to get up.] CONLON: Both men back in the ring before the count hit ten and this one is still rolling along. JACKSON: And Frank Anthony showing his grit, still trying to get back to his feet after that punishment outside the ring. [Rage bends down to pull Anthony up, but Anthony returns fire with a low blow that drops Rage to a knee.] CONLON: LOW BLOW BY ANTHONY! RAGE DOWN TO A KNEE! JACKSON: Anthony doing whatever it takes to chop down a giant tonight! [Anthony grabs Rage by the head and bites him on the forehead as Velvet Sims starts going nuts on the outside protesting.] CONLON: FRANK ANTHONY BITES DEREK RAGE! JACKSON: WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! CONLON: Frank Anthony taking Rage down a piece at a time, I guess. JACKSON: Literally! And Velvet Sims is beside himself out here trying to get the referee to disqualify Anthony for the tactic! CONLON: I guess the referee says no blood, no foul, Pepper. JACKSON: Well remember that one when someone you actually like gets bitten. [Frank up to his feet and he takes Rage's head and slams his knee into the face of the bigger man. He begins to do this over and over again, finally letting go and allowing Rage to drop to the canvas.] CONLON: FRANK ANTHONY GOING NUTS AGAIN! JACKSON: This is Anthony at his frenetic, rabid, crazy-ass best! Doing whatever he can to win! CONLON: Or injure. JACKSON: On this night, it is whatever works. [Anthony rushes to the corner and back hops up to the second turnbuckle. He readies himself and then leaps, driving his elbow right into the chest of Rage.] CONLON: DIVIND ELBOW FROM THE MIDDLE ROPE BY ANTHONY! JACKSON: HE HOOKS A LEG! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR.......RAGE KICKS OUT! CONLON: Derek Rage is not one you beat with just a few quick moves. To chop down a seven footer like him takes the ultimate effort for sure. JACKSON: Anthony is capable, but I'm not sure his body is able to match the will. [Anthony pulls Rage up and pokes him in the eye. Rage staggers back holding his left eye as Velvet Sims again gets angry on the outside.] CONLON: EYE POKE OF DOOM BY FRANK ANTHONY! JACKSON: Frank Anthony is pulling it all out for his chance at World Title gold! [He grabs the left arm and shoots Rage into the corner as hard as he could. Rage hits the turnbuckles with force and stumbles back into the waiting arms of Anthony for a spinebuster slam.] CONLON: SPINEBUSTER SLAM!!! ANTHONY GOES FOR ANOTHER COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THR..............RAGE POERLIFTS ANTHONY OFF HIS BODY!!! JACKSON: Derek Rage showing his power there and Anthony went a few feet into the air! CONLON: If I am Frank Anthony, I would be careful how I approach this man right now. Attack, but don't allow yourself to get caught. JACKSON: Rage's temper is starting to show I believe. [Rage starts to move and Anthony is back quickly and throwing punches at his head. However, Rage isn't stopping his movement and the punches look like they have no effect.] CONLON: Anthony's punches are hitting their mark, but Derek Rage is having none of it. JACKSON: Ummmmm Frank? Run buddy. Get the hell out of dodge! CONLON: Anthony keeps teeing off on the face of Derek Rage and the big guy keeps steadying himself as if they mean nothing! JACKSON: Time to try something else, Frank! ANYTHING else! [Derek is up to his knee and Anthony hits another set of punches to no effect. Anthony runs to the ropes and comes running back with a very sloppy looking roaring elbow that Rage shrugs off and stands to his feet.] CONLON: ROARING ELBOW OF SORTS THERE!!! JACKSON: Let's call it a squeaky elbow. I'm not sure how much road that had. CONLON: Rage now on his feet and Frank Anthony knows he is in trouble. JACKSON: I think we ALL know he's in trouble, Stan. [Anthony, seeing the writing on the wall, runs to the ropes again and leaps up to go for a Thesz Press, but Rage catches him in mid leap, lifting him into the air in a press slam lift. Rage holds it for a second and then dumps him backward over the ropes and back outside the ring.] CONLON: GORILAL PRESS SLAM TO THE OUTSIDE BY DEREK RAGE!!! JACKSON: Good God Almighty! Derek Rage not only showing off his power, but also showing that he is finished with this Anthony character. CONLON: If I'm Frank Anthony, I stay out there and take the countout. I'm not risking getting injured by this massive beast. JACKSON: Rage isn't just big and strong, Stan. Right now he is angry as well! [Rage, with a look of anger in his eye, exits the ring again. He drops down and takes Anthony's head, slamming it into the ring steps over and over. We see blood coming from Frank's nose. The last impact against the stairs leaves Frank's head there staring longingly at the weapon he brings called "pride" as it sits in the corner.] CONLON: ANTHONY IS BLEEDING AFTER GETTING HIS FACE RAMMED INTO THE STEEL STEPS!!! JACKSON: Derek Rage showing off just what he is capable of. Remember how Anthony owned a few people in recent weeks and now look at what is happening. CONLON: Liam Donegal is sitting backstage watching this and I hope you are seeing what might be coming your way! JACKSON: Yeah! Make sure Lazarus brings that baseball bat. It might be the only chance you have at this point! Damn! [Rage pulls Anthony by the hair and rolls him back into the ring. He walks up the stairs and steps over the ropes to re-enter himself. Velvet Sims is proclaiming the giant a champion on the outside and the fans are mocking him for it.] CONLON: Both men back in the ring and Anthony's face is a bloody mess around the nose. JACKSON: That is kind of disgusting. CONLON: And yet he hasn't lost yet. Anthony staying alive. JACKSON: That could be because Rage wants to win the old fashioned way with a pinfall rather than a cheap countout or something. A veteran like him is a stickler for that stuff. [Rage pulls Anthony up and whips him into the rope. Anthony ducks the clothesline attempt and rebounds back with a nasty chop block to the right knee of the seven footer. dropping him to one knee yet again.] CONLON: CHOP BLOCK BY ANTHONY! JACKSON: The guy won't quit! You have to give him respect for that. [Anthony quickly puts Rage's head down and lifts him up, dropping Rage with a piledriver in the center of the ring.] CONLON: PILEDRIVER BY FRANK ANTHONY! He hooks a leg for a pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE.............NO! RAGE KICKS OUT WITH AUTHORITY!!! JACKSON: DEREK RAGE IS A MONSTER! CONLON: Frank Anthony has done almost everything to get Rage down and out. JACKSON: Almost everything, and now he is looking at perhaps his only shot. [Anthony is beside himself. He looks at the referee and sneers at him before turning his gaze toward the corner and his possession, "pride."] CONLON: There's that weapon! Anthony is looking at that "pride" weapon again and this time it may be the only thing that could take Rage down for the count! JACKSON: At this point, I'm not taking the odds on that. [Frank walks over and picks up the nasty, metal contraption. He carries it over toward Rage as the referee rushes over to try and stop him from using it. The referee threatens him with disqualification if he hits Rage with it.] CONLON: The weapon that has yet to actually be used, but it looks like it would be a career killer if it ever was used. JACKSON: It looks disgusting and gnarled, but would it be worth being taken out of the tournament just to use it? CONLON: Anthony is thinking survival now. He is running on instinct and not thinking about titles. JACKSON: Somewhere Liam Donegal and Adam Lazarus are smiling as they may get an injured man later tonight regardless of the winner. [Anthony shrugs off the referee and walks over to Rage, who has began pulling himself up to a knee again. Frank rears back to swing "Pride" into Rage, but Derek fires a jab to the throat to stop the attack in its tracks.] CONLON: THROAT JAB BY RAGE!!! That stopped him in his tracks! JACKSON: Rage showing he can stoop low when needed as well! CONLON: That weapon is in the ring now and either man could pick it up and use it. JACKSON: Rage doesn't need it! [Frank staggers back and drops "pride" in the process. Rage pulls himself back up fully and grabs Anthony by the face with his giant hand. Rage lifts him up by that claw hold on his head and slams him down to the canvas as hard as he can.] CONLON: HAMMER OF GOD! RAGE DESTROYED ANTHONY WITH IT! JACKSON: HERE'S THE COVER! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: DEREK RAGE ADVANCES! JACKSON: Frank Anthony fought his rear end off and gave it his best, but Derek Rage was just too big and too skilled tonight. CONLON: And now Rage will take on Liam Donegal later tonight for the chance to be the final man in the World Title Match next Showdown! JACKSON: You think those three guys aren't watching these matches? [Velvet Sims enters the ring quickly as the bell sounds to celebrate with his charge. The referee raises Rage's arm, but Derek shrugs it away to hold it up himself.] CONLON: Look at the size of him! Do you think any of them want him in that match? JACKSON: Hell no! Four men in a ring at the same time is bad enough, but imagine one of them being a giant like Rage? No thank you. CONLON: Well this tournament is getting more interesting! JACKSON: Or frightening, depending on your point of view! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: So our Advancement Match in the semi-main event is set as Derek Rage will face off against Liam Donegal! SMITH: I don't think anybody would have predicted this result a month or two ago and yet here we are. Just goes to show you anything can happen in the UPW. CHANEY: It most definitely can and usually does! SMITH: What you have to wonder now is how Malcom Shabazz is handling this knowing that Donegal is the man who supposedly took his spot in the tournament. CHANEY: I'm sure he will find a way to tell us. SMITH: He usually does! CHANEY: Fans, this portion of UPW Showdown is brought to you by UPW SURVIVAL! SMITH: That's right! [The screen between them changes from the UPW logo, to the following image...]

[They continue speaking as you see the image.] CHANEY: Sunday, February nineteenth in Chicago, Illinois! UPW Survival will feature every member of the roster in action, every title will be defended, and the Ultimate Survival Rumble will reshape the landscape of UPW in many ways! SMITH: It is promising to be a great event, and no doubt the first pay-per-view will set a high standard! CHANEY: You got that right, Gorilla! So make plans to join us that Sunday in February for some great UPW action and watch history unfold! [The PPV logo fades quickly and the screen returns to show our announcers.] SMITH: That is going to be a really fun time in Chi-town! I'm looking forward to seeing how everything shakes out and who gets placed in what matches! CHANEY: And that means knowing the roster as it shakes out! SMITH: That is true. We are still getting new faces in here all the time. CHANEY: Which brings me to our next match and the debut of "Marvelous" Marco Matters. SMITH: Another new face that looks exciting! CHANEY: He isn't shy, that much we know and he walked into the ring to start his UPW career against Billy "The Regulator" James. SMITH: James is rugged and solid in the ring. He isn't a killer or anything, but he will test you for sure. CHANEY: Let's head to the ring and see just how Marco did in his debut! Roll the footage!

[The footage begins as Billy "The Regulator" James is slumped in a seated position, back against the turnbuckle...] CONLON: "Marvelous" Marco Matters has had "his way" this entire match, so far! JACKSON: He'll be fine, plenty of fight left in "The Regulator"! ["Marvelous" Marco Matters charges out of the opposing turnbuckle - Missile Dropkick to the chest!] CONLON: Marco Matters has been impressive! JACKSON: Relax, he's a former five time World Champion! He should be! [Matters has pulled the bigger man up and hits him with a right to the temple followed by another!] CONLON: "The Regulator" is in a bad way, back against the ropes! JACKSON: Figuratively and literally... [Matters turns and angles James just right and jumps up onto the middle rope...] CONLON: Tornado DDT! [Loud pop for the former UCW Superstar!] CONLON: You know, Pepper, this man, Marco Matters brings an impressive resume with him to his UPW debut! JACKSON: It's a whole new ball game around here... [The "Marvelous" one is wasting no time! As James lays on his stomach, Matters stands over top of him...] CONLON: Elbow Drop from Matters to the middle of James' shoulder blades! And another! And another! And one more for good measure! JACKSON: Hate to say it but Billy James isn't regulating too much of anything right now! [There's definitely a large cheering section for Marco Matters and he stands, soaking it in. James is trying to work back to his feet...] JACKSON: There's that fight I was talking about! CONLON: Billy James charges Matters from behind... [Big "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" from the crowd and a huge pop as James falls straight to his back clutching his face!] CONLON: Pele Kick from "Marvelous" Marco Matters right there!! You've got to admit, Pepper - Marco Matters can compete here in the UPW... JACKSON: I'll believe it when I see him against some of the top guys we have to offer! I'm just glad he didn't bring his buddies - OMEGA with him! ["Marvelous" Marco Matters right back to the offensive - climbing the turnbuckle!] CONLON: Matters going up top now! This doesn't look good for James! JACKSON: That's serious air! [The Always Impressive Frogsplash from Marco Matters to a huge face pop!] CONLON: "Marvelous" Marco Matters has shown glimpses of remarkable athleticism in this match! JACKSON: Get up, James! Get up and show this new guy what Ultimate Pro Wrestling is about! [Matters is up looking to the fans and raises his fist shouting "YEAH!" He's had success before and the fans know about it!] CONLON: In fact, Pepper, Billy James is doing the exact opposite of what you just told him to do... PEPPER: Save it, Stanley. [Matters, anticipating the end of this match approaches Billy James with confidence and attempts to pull him back up. James has a different idea.] JACKSON: YES!! CONLON: Billy James with a couple of rights to Marco's mid-section! And another strong body shot! JACKSON: Back to his feet! [Indeed, Billy James is standing while Matters is doubled over! Instead of capitalizing right then and there - Billy bounces off the ropes behind Matters gaining momentum before charging the opposite side of the ring again.] CONLON: Billy James - off the ropes ... Clothesline... JACKSON: NO!! CONLON: Miss!! [Marco Matters ducked the clothesline and instantly turns to James and locks his hands around Billy's stomach and before James can fight it...] CONLON: Marco Matters hits James with a Rolling German Suplex!! And.. WOW!! Into a Face Slam!! [The crowd can't get enough!! Huge pop for the one and only Marco Matters!!] JACKSON: Billy James is out cold! CONLON: The "Matter's Suplex Special" has been the end or real close to it for many opponents of the "Marvelous" one... JACKSON: And it ain't over it... [It sure is not. Matters, like he has all match long, charges right back to Billy James and this time when Matters picks him up, James is limp.] CONLON: And now Matters is positioning Billy James for ... Oh I know what this is!! JACKSON: Stop the match ref! Marco Matters is going too far... [Anticipation pop turns into full blown cheers, applause and screams as Matters brings Billy James crashing down with a thud!] CONLON: There it is!! Marco Matters hits "The Masterpiece" and now - the pin!! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONLON: It's over! "Marvelous" Marco Matters with an impressive debut, starting his UPW campaign with a win! JACKSON: We'll see if he can put enough together to compete in this organization! CONLON: Well I'd call a win "competing" Pepper! JACKSON: You know what I meant! CONLON: I look forward to seeing more out of Matters! He has potential to be a real threat around here! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: And Matters showing that he will, indeed, matter moving forward in UPW with a resounding victory in his debut! CHANEY: And how far can this momentum take him? SMITH: Matters can go far, but his only limits will be himself. CHANEY: Who knows as UPW is once again planning something special on Showdown Seven! The unveiling of the North American Title and single-night, eight-man tournament to fill the vacancy! SMITH: This is very exciting! Who is goign to be in it? CHANEY: We do not know yet. All UPW management is saying is that this title will be unveiled and the tournament is happening. No word on participants yet. That doesn't mean we can't speculate. SMITH: Well it seems to me that top guys who were edged out in the World Tournament must stand out. CHANEY: I agree. Glenn Chambers, for instance, is someone I'd like to see in it. SMITH: I think Frank Anthony and Caleb Foley would both be good for the tournament. CHANEY: And what if Foley got paired against Antonio De Luca? SMITH: This could be earth-shattering in defining the roster roles heading into Survival! CHANEY: And the participants will be announced next week on SHowdown Five, with the brackets unveiled on Showdown Six! SMITH: More to look forward too! CHANEY: And speaking of looking forward, we thought we were going to get to finally see the in-ring debut of the famous O'Malley Brothers at Showdown, but once again it was not to be. SMITH: Well honestly, who didn't see this coming? CHANEY: Fans, we're goign to show you what happened when the O'Malleys were scheduled to take on The Hype on Showdown and if you have been a fan of UPW from the beginning... SMITH: This isn't a surprise at all. Roll the tape!

[As Messer and Nash make their way to the ring the crowd buzzes. Messer turns around and right into a chairshot across his shoulder sending him into the guardrail along the aisleay. Danny Nash gets hit with a chair to his back by Lance Donovan.] CONLON: It's the Dominion! The Dominion are here, and they're attacking the Hype! JACKSON: I don't think Bishop and Donovan were thrilled with what happened last Showdown. They're about to send a message with the Hype being the proverbial messengers. CONLON: They're using chairs. There's no call for this. [Bishop slams his chair against Messer's back three more times for good measure. Lance Donovan continues hitting Danny Nash with his chair. Bishop grabs Messer and pulls him into a standing headscissors. He lifts Messer up onto his shoulders and power bombs Messer into the guardrail.] CONLON: Tyler Bishop just power bombs Mackie right into the guardrail! [Donovan hits Nash with the chair across Nash's back one last time and then throws the chair to the side.] BISHOP: [picked up by the camera] Pick him up! JACKSON: Bishop is telling Donovan to pick Nash up! [Donovan grabs Nash and pulls him to his feet. Bishop reaches over and grabs Nash by his left arm and pulls him right into a short-arm lariat.] CONLON: American Sickle! Tyler Bishop just hit Danny Nash with the American Sickle! JACKSON: They're sending that message. [Tyler Bishop looks at the closest part of the crowd and shakes his head. He turns and walks back to the downed form of Nash. Donovan moves over to Messer and starts delivering stomps and kicks. Messer tries to cover up against the guardrail as best as he can. Bishop reaches down and grabs Nash. He pulls Nash up and yanks him by his left arm into another short-arm lariat.] CONLON: A second American Sickle! [Tyler Bishop gets to his feet. He raises his arms in the air. He looks at the downed form of Nash and nods his head. He reaches down and pulls Danny Nash to his feet. Nash is barely able to stand. Bishop yanks him by his left arm into a third short-arm lariat.] JACKSON: Tyler Bishop has a chip on this shoulder the size of Alaska. What Danny Nash did last Showdown was stupid. He's now paying that price. CONLON: This is uncalled for. The Dominion could've challenged the Hype to another match to settle their difference.s JACKSON: Or the Dominion wanted street justice. [Bishop raises his arms in the air again. Donovan lands one last stomp to Messer. He pulls Messer to his feet and pushes him to his partner. Bishop wraps his arms around Messer and lifts and drops Messer with a gutwrench power bomb.] CONLON: And now a Bishop Bomb for CJ Messer! DONOVAN: [picked up by the camera] Give him to me! Get that piece of garbage up and give him to me! [Bishop nods his head. Donovan grabs the padding around ringside and pushes it away exposing the concrete floor.] CONLON: This can't be good. Lance Donovan is moving those safety pads from around the ringside area. JACKSON: Someone is about to be in a world of pain. [Bishop pulls Danny Nash to his feet and yanks him towards his partner. He shoves Nash right into Donovan and a standing headscissors. Donovan looks out at the crowd who is booing.] CONLON: Lance Donovan is looking for a piledriver on that exposed concrete floor! They're not looking to send a message, they're looking to end this man's career! BISHOP: [picked up by the camera] DO IT! END THIS PUNK! [Donovan reaches down and goes to lift Danny Nash up. The Dominion are swarmed by UPW security. Donovan looks at the security with disgust, but shoves Nash out of the standing headscissors and to the exposed floor.] CONLON: UPW security came down just at the right time. They saved Danny Nash and CJ Messer from possible injury. JACKSON: The Dominion came out here tonight with bad intentions. [Donovan gets a hosue mic and slids into the ring under the bottom rope. His partner paces around the outside of the ring like a caged lion.] DONOVAN: Let this be a message not only to the Hype, but to everyone. You want to joke around with the Dominion? You want to assault us? [Donovan looks down at the prone form of Danny Nash.] DONOVAN: Did you think you're little sexual assault stunt would go unanswered? You don't screw with us and walk away. [Bishop pushes past security and starts stomping a mudhole on the prone Nash.] DONOVAN: It's all fun, and games, and laughs until you piss of the wrong guy and get injured. That wrong guy? That's Tyler Bishop. That's the guy with a huge chip on his shoulder and wants to watch the world burn. That's the LAST guy whose bad side you want to be on. [Security pushes Bishop back. Messer crawls over and covers his partner in an attempt to protect Nash.] DONOVAN: For all you safe space dwelling, I need ten coping mechanisms becuase things didn't go my way wimps out in the audience currently tweeting or posting on Facebook about our attack on Danny Nash. Guess what? You're absolutely right. [Donovan sneers.] DONOVAN: THIS was a hate crime. The Dominion are equaly opportunitiy haters. [Donovan drops the mic and exits the ring. The Dominion are escorted, corralled up the aisle as the screen fades to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: As you can see folks, The Dominion decided they weren't goign to take certain things lightly and decided to interject themselves against The Hype. SMITH: If only the story ends there, Chaney. CHANEY: True, Gorilla. What fans at the arena did NOT see and were never made aware of is what happened once Donovan and Bishop were escorted out of the main arena. SMITH: Let's just say that the O'Malleys were sick and tired of not being allowed to actually compete. Something always seemed to derail them and they had finally reached their breaking point. CHANEY: And so there was a confrontation backstage that one of our backstage camera crews caught and we have to show you right now! [The screen switches to show the footage as our studio team talks over what is seen.] CHANEY: They had just been told that due to what had happened, the match was off. [The footage shows backstage where a pissed off tandem called the O'Malley Brothers are hunting someone or someones down. Marcus and Anthony stalk down a hallway and see Tony Donovan step out at the opening, not seeing either man. Both men pick up the pace. The cameraman tries his best to keep up.] SMITH: They were a tad angry. CHANEY: You think? They were rushing toward the entrance curtain in order to prove their point and vent frustrations. SMITH: I can't believe this happened the way it did. [As soon as the O'Malley Brothers get to the end of the hallway, they engage their targets and start trading blows. The camera catches up and sees Marcus O'Malley trading blows with Tyson Bishop and Anthony O'Malley trading blows with Lance Donovan. CHANEY: As you see the O'Malleys immediately jumped the Dominion backstage. SMITH: I'll admit that if the people had seen this, I doubt they would have been angry at the O'Malleys for doing this at all. CHANEY: Well it isn't to justify it or anything, but this is the third time their debut has been scrapped. SMITH: And that means money not handed to you at the pay window, if you will. I know how I would have reacted in my day if someone had taken cash out of my palm. [After a few moments, the O'Malley Brothers start getting the advantage as they continue to throw punches at the Dominion. The Dominion start backing off, looking for a means of escape. The O'Malley Brothers press their attack continuing to throw bombs at the Dominion along with bombarding them with forearm shots. CHANEY: The Dominion are finally getting a little taste of their own medicine, until they are full force. SMITH: And here is where the UPW needs to take serious note! [Antonio De Luca charges in from the left side of the screen and joins the fight. He lands punches to Anthony O'Malley allowing Lance Donovan to counter attack and put Anthony on the defensive. De Luca moves over to Marcus O'Malley and throws punches allowing Tyson Bishop to get the upper hand with punches. The Dominion turn the tide of the fight with numbers. CHANEY: The three men stood tall together and fought the brothers O'Malley off. SMITH: Fight them off? They beat them down like trash! The O'Malleys avoided serious injury, but the Dominion proved that they don't care where or when....that they are ready to fight anyone and beat them regardless. [UPW officials come swarming into the shot and separate the O'Malley Brothers and the Dominion. Both teams yell at each other and try to break past the officials separating them.] CHANEY: Yes, I very frightening trio for certain. SMITH: Now you know why there were rumors of men making pacts with each other once they showed up. It is going to take numbers and true trust to defeat such a group. [The screen returns to our studio.] CHANEY: According to the higher ups within UPW, there won't be any disciplinary action against the O'Malley Brothers because they got enough punishment with the beat down Dominion handed them. SMITH: I'm not sure I agree with that, but do see the point. CHANEY: Is it me, Gorilla, or have there been more extra-curricular beat downs in UPW than normal? SMITH: I don't know what "normal" is, but it does happen a lot. CHANEY: Aaron "All Day" Lewis was the victim of a beat down by Chase Williams back on Showdown Two and he has been stuck in concussion protocol. SMITH: That was tough to watch as he had just managed to earn his spot in the World Title match. CHANEY: Well word came down earlier in that day from the medical staff that Lewis was cleared to return to the ring and he showed up at Showdown to face Tex Colorado. SMITH: "The Minnesota Assassin!" That is one of the best names in wrestling! CHANEY: Let's take a look at the footage and watch Lewis' return to the squared circle!

[The following tapes footage begins to roll...] [The footage begins with "The Minnesota Assassin" Tex Colorado laying on the mat. Aaron "All Day" Lewis has Tex trapped in an armbar and pulls back, getting a yell from Tex.] CONLON: Aaron Lewis has been focusing his attack on that arm since the opening bell. JACKSON: Lewis wants to be careful. He just passed the concussion impact tests. A few wrong shots to the head, and Lewis could be out of World Title fatal four-way. [Colorado fights to one knee. Lewis continues to crank on the armbar. Tex Colorado gets to his feet and pushes Aaron Lewis back agains the ropes. The official calls for a break, but Tex fires Lewis across the ring.] CONLON: Tex Colorado with an Irish whip to send Lewis for the ride! [Lewis rebounds as Tex sets for a backdrop. Lewis leaps at the last second, putting his right leg over Tex's neck, driving Tex face first into the mat. Lewis gets back to his feet and measures a prone Tex. Lewis leaps into the air and drops a leg across Tex's chest. Lewis makes a cover.] JACKSON: Aaron Lewis with a Rocker Dropper and a legdrop! He makes the cover! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!! . . . . . . . . . . Shoulder up!!! CONLON: Tex Colorado rolls his shoulder off the mat before the three count! [Lewis gets to his feet. He reaches down and grabs Tex and pulls the New Mexico-native to his feet. Tex quickly jabs a thumb into Lewis' eye staggering "All Day." Tex presses the attack and grabs Lewis, raking his hand across Lewis' face.] JACKSON: Tex Colorado with a thumb to the eye and a face rake to halt Aaron Lewis. Not pretty, but effective. CONLON: Blinding any man will stop his offense. [Tex Colorado hits Aaron Lewis with a right hand. Tex grabs a staggered Lewis and pulls him into a side-headlock and unleashes a flurry of right hands to Lewis' head.] CONLON: Tex now just peppering Aaron Lewis with those closed fists. After the concussion scare, this isn't good for Lewis. Tex did his homework and is aggravating the damage done at the hands of Chase Williams. JACKSON: It's a smart move. Aaron Lewis has a weakness, you have to exploit if you want to win. World Champions sieze opportunity. They don't take the high road. [Tex forces Lewis into the corner and punches him one more time. He applies a headlock to Aaron Lewis and shouts to the crowd, using his free hand to make a circle gesture. "It's time for a bulldog headlock, daddy!"] CONLON: Tex Colorado calling out his next move. This could be REAL bad for Aaron Lewis. [Tex charges out of the corner. The moment he leaves his feet, Aaron Lewis tightens his grip around Tex's waist and twists with Tex in mid-air. Tex lands on the upper part of his back and neck and amost folds in half as he hits the mat. Tex flips to his stomach and lays there as Aaron Lewis gets into seated position.] JACKSON: That's one hell of a counter right there! Aaron Lewis just BROKE Tex Colorado in half! CONLON: Tex was looking for that bulldog headlock, and Aaron Lewis countered it with a belly-to-back suplex in mid leap. He used Tex's own momentum to fold Tex up like an accordion! [Lewis smiles as the crowd cheers the counter. Lewis gets to his feet. He grabs Tex and pulls him to his feet, hooking in a front chancery. Lewis throws Tex's close arm over his shoulder. He snaps Tex to the mat with a suplex. Lewis gets to his feet and raises an arm in the air to cheers from the crowd. He grabs Tex and yanks him back to his feet wrapping his arms around Tex's waist. Aaron Lewis lifts Tex up and pivots on one foot bringing Tex to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex.] CONLON: Aaron Lewis is fully in control of this match! A snap suplex followed up by a belly- to-belly suplex! JACKSON: That first suplex completely took the win right out of Tex's sails. [Lewis gets back to his feet. He reaches down and grabs Tex up, hooking in a front facelock.] CONLON: Front facelock from Aaron Lewis now. He's pushing Tex closer to the corner. Lewis looking to position Tex in the ring. [Lewis drops Tex with a DDT.] JACKSON: Guess he found his spot. Tex just got DRILLED into the mat with that DDT! [Lewis rolls Tex onto his back. Lewis steps out to the ring apron between the top and middle rope. He puts a foot on the lowest turnbuckle and yells to the crowd, "It's over!"] CONLON: Lewis perhaps going for the Round Tripper! [Lewis gets to the top turnbuckle and carefully stands up. He pauses for a moment before coming off and doing a full front flip before crashing down on Tex Colorado.] JACKSON: There it is! That's exactly what he was looking for! It's elementary from here! CONLON: Lewis reaches back and hooks the leg! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!! . . . . . . . . . . THREE! JACKSON: That's all she wrote! CONLON: Lewis returns with a big victory and showing no signs of problems with his head! That is good news! JACKSON: Maybe for you and the sheep out there, but all it means to me is Williams gets to ring his bell again next show! [Lewis gets to his feet as his name is announced the winner and makes the motion for a title belt around his waist.] CONLON: Aaron Lewis celebrating and letting fans know his focus is on that World Title. JACKSON: He better be focused because I know Williams and Cardinal are already lasered in on him. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Lewis with an impressive victory on Tex Colorado in his return from the protocol. CHANEY: And now you have to wonder if Cardinal and Williams are not worrying about a former two-time World Champ regaining his footing in the ring? SMITH: They should be worrying about him and each other AND whomever comes out of tonight! CHANEY: Good point, Gorilla! But Lewis wouldn't have been a major concern due to injury, so now does it change their game plans? SMITH: Not if they are smart. If they know what they are doing as they get ready for the next show, and I like to think they do, then they always planned on Lewis being full strength. It's the smart play. CHANEY: Well smart plays usually are what we see Rick Styles putting together, but last Showdown, he decidedly laid an egg. SMITH: A big goose-egg if you ask me. CHANEY: Styles and his cohorts did something that got UPW fined by the FCC and hurt the status of UPW world wide on social media and even news outlets across the globe. SMITH: And now John Herdick is out for blood......or urine, as the case may be. CHANEY: John Herdick, the man who took the golden shower from Ralph last Showdown was given a match against the man who did the deed. SMITH: He should have been allowed to face the man who made Ralph do it, but my opinion doesn't count in that one. CHANEY: As usual, nothing is what it seems with Styles and....well, let's just watch what happened when Herdick came out for vengeance!

[The footage begins with Ralph standing in the ring talking to Rick Styles, who is standing on the ring apron. The bell rings and Styles seemingly shews him off to the match as Herdick looks as focused as ever.] CONLON: Ralph seems to want some quick strategy talk with his mentor, Rick Styles. JACKSON: All the strategy in the world isn't going to help this guy. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but Herdick is going to kill this dude. CONLON: When you consider the fact Herdick is trained and Ralph....well.... JACKSON: He isn't! I know! [As Styles steps away, Ralph tries to get his attention and fails because Rick has began talking on his cell phone. The referee is calling Ralph over and the fan-turned-entourage member is still trying to get Styles' attention to no avail.] CONLON: The bell has rung and the referee is trying to get Ralph to turn around and engage in the match. Yet all he wants to do is talk to Styles. JACKSON: Who would rather be on the phone than help the one guy who seems willing to do anything for him. CONLON: Styles is literally feeding Ralph to the wolves, so to speak. JACKSON: Well, maybe the geldings, Stan. This is Herdick after all. [The referee gets Ralph to turn around and claps for the two to begin the match. Herdick begins moving quickly toward Ralph with a look of vengeance on his face. The moment Herdick's hand make contact with Ralph, he lets out a very high pitch squeal and seems to go limp, fainting to the mat and landing flush.] CONLON: RALPH IS DOWN! JACKSON: What happened? Did Herdick just pull off the Bruce Lee Chi Punch? CONLON: No, Pepper, I believe Herdick got scared and either fainted or had a heart attack at the sheer fear of actually having to wrestle this match. JACKSON: The dude is out cold! Herdick still has not had any really successful offense in UPW! [Herdick looks down and then back up at Styles, who is now walking up the entrance aisle still gabbing away on his cell phone with Erin in tow. Neither of them giving any indication they care about what is going on in the ring.] CONLON: Herdick is unsure what to do! Ralph isn't moving, as he is out cold and Styles is walking away as if he doesn't care! JACKSON: Take the win, man! You of all people should know how rare that can be! CONLON: Herdick shrugs his shoulders and places his foot on Ralph's stomach! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHHRREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: Easy victory for Mr. Herdick! Talk about a phrase we have rarely made in UPW to date! CONLON: Not only is it his first victory, but he did it in short order! JACKSON: He did nothing! The man didn't even throw a punch! All he did was touch that dude one the shoulder and he collapsed like the Bills in a superbowl! [The fans are angry as the referee raises Herdick's arm in triumph. Herdick yanks it away in anger and begins ranting toward the curtain.] CONLON: John Herdick is ticked off! JACKSON: Well he should be! He was placed in a position against somebody who he knew couldn't fight against him all because of an act that never should have happened. CONLON: And the very man who caused the act to happen is not even at ringside anymore! JACKSON: And that is who Herdick probably wanted to get his hands on in the first place! [As Herdick steps out of the ring infuriated, medics have rushed down to see what they can do to help Ralph. Herdick stands next to a sign that simply says "Piss on Rick Styles!"] CONLON: It is obvious the fans are on Herdick's side in all of this. JACKSON: And a great sign, when you think about it. Give that dude a gold star! CONLON: The medics have surrounded Ralph and are trying to get him back to consciousness in the ring. JACKSON: This is unbelievable! I can't believe this is happening. [The medics use smelling salts to get Ralph back to this side of darkness and get him to his feet. However the moment he looks down and sees Herdick angrily yelling and pointing in his direction, he squeals again and faints a second time.] CONLON: DOWN GOES RALPH AGAIN! JACKSON: Who knew Herdick was such a scary mother f... CONLON: Don't go there, Pepper. JACKSON: Hell, Stan, I was meaning it as a complement. The guy came down here tonight after finally breaking his long silence and stopped a man cold by just touching his damn shoulder! That has bad ass written all over it! CONLON: Or perhaps his opponent was the weakest in wrestling history. JACKSON: I'm trying to build a man up, don't go pissing on his accomplishment! [Herdick walks up to the entrance curtain and turns to yell one more thing at Ralph back in the ring. The moment he turns around he is met with a steel chair to the face from behind the curtain. Rick Styles steps out with chair in hand as the crows erupts in boos.] CONLON: CHAIR SHOT FROM THE ENTRANCE CURTAIN!!! IT'S RICK FREAKING STYLES!!! JACKSON: Now its on! Styles used his fat buddy as a complete distraction and got the spot he wanted. This guy is either a total head case or an utter genius! CONLON: Rick Styles soaks in the boos of the crowd as he steps out into full view. JACKSON: Those boos are like a drug to him. He loves it more each time he hears them. Their hate is his addiction. [Styles hits Herdick one more time with the chair and then tosses it away. He rushes and drops Herdick with a Styles clothesline. Then he grabs the legs and pulls back in some modified crab hold that also allows him to hook the chin and yank back.] CONLON: SUBMISSION HOLD BY RICK STYLES!!! JACKSON: Is THAT the Styles Maneuver? CONLON: I thought what he did in the match against Herdick was the Styles Maneuver? JACKSON: Well Herdick is tapping out like crazy up there. This must be that major finisher Styles is always talking about. It just has to be. Look at Herdick try to give up and submit. CONLON: But there is no match or referee to care! Herdick is in serious trouble! JACKSON: Rick Styles showing just how dangerous he can be right now, and once again doing it with, dare I say, Style? [Herdick fights it and even wildly taps out for several seconds before going limp. When he stops fighting the hold, Rick lets go and stands up, looking down at him with the most serious stare we have seen from him in UPW.] CONLON: Rick Styles is just staring down this man. JACKSON: That is the look of a conqueror. The look of a man who has utterly destroyed his opponent. CONLON: One thing is for sure, we can't assume Styles is just having fun anymore. JACKSON: You got that right, Stan. This veteran is hungry and just as focused as everyone else. [Styles exits as the medics rush up to help Herdick. Rick raises his arms as he walks back through the curtain and disappears.] CONLON: As the medics rush from the ring to help Herdick, we can only wonder if this will be the beginning of Styles moving onward and upward in a more focused manner. JACKSON: If it is, whoever wins that World Title better be watching their back! [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [We cut to a "UPW" banner backstage where Dyan Ciccarelli is standing by with Ricky Courage, STRIKER Kato and Titan Jaurez aka Soldiers of the Sun!] Cicarrelli: With me right now are the number one contenders for the UPW World Tag Team Championships, Soldiers of the Sun. [Ricky flashes a more subdued smile than usual while Kato flashes his usual handsome smile and Titan stands there stoic with no emotion.] Cicarrelli: Gentlemen, Sammy Sharifi, the manager of the UPW World Tag Team Champions the Warriors, recently made comments that you, Ricky... [The young man looks up confused.] Cicarrelli: Did not deserve another shot at the championships unless you either get on your knees in the ring here tonight and apologized for your privilege... [Ricky sadly nods his head.] Cicarrelli: Or if you and one of your partners fight opponents of their choosing with a referee of their choosing. There has been a lot of buzz about this online so gentlemen everyone wants to know.. Which will you choose to do tonight? [Kato chuckles as he steps up to the microphone.] Kato: Dyan, we are not even going to consider the first option. We are going to fight and that is that. Cicarrelli: Any chance you will tell us which two of you will be doing the fighting out there? [Kato chuckles again.] Kato: That is a surprise for us to keep from.. [Ricky steps up to and cuts off Kato.] Courage: I'm gonna' fight tonight, Dyan! [Kato and Juarez turn to look at their young partner.] Courage: I'm the one who messed up on the last episode of Showdown. I'm the one the champs are angry at! I have to fight tonight and... I want Uncle Titan to be my partner. [Kato makes a face while Juarez looks down at the ground. Ricky looks remorseful but focused.] Courage: I.. I want to make it up to him for what I did last time. I.. I.. [Titan glances over then takes a step towards Ricky and puts a big hand on his shoulder as the young man looks up at him.] Juarez: ... Just take it seriously, Ricky. That is all I want from you. I want you to take it seriously. [Ricky gets slightly teary eyed then flashes a smile and nods his head.] Courage: I won't let you down! [Titan flashes a small smile and nods his head at Ricky while Kato sighs, relieved, then smiles.] Kato: Well.. There you have it, Dyan! Now if you excuse use, we have to get ready! [The three men walk off screen as we cut away.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Looks like a lot of atonement is on its way. in some form or another. CHANEY: The Soldiers of the Sun are looking toward their return title shot on the next edition of Showdown, and we'll see them in action in a little while. SMITH: That is one to watch on our next show to be sure, but how about Rick Styles attacking John Herdick with that chair? I told you the man has no shame at all. CHANEY: Yes you did, and I think we all have figured that out by now. If John Herdick wanted revenge at this point, I think he may be fully homicidal after what happened there. SMITH: I know I would me. CHANEY: Me too! It is time for more new faces! Like the debut of Lucious Jasmine in his match against former World Champion, Jeff Keenan. SMITH: Well if you are going to test yourself in a debut, might as well pick someone near the top! CHANEY: Let's head back to the tape from Cincinnati and see how things went!

[The footage begins as Lucious Jasmine is kicking Jeff Keenan in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: And Lucious Jasmine has finally taken the upper-hand in this match! Keenan is down after a SERIES of outstanding kicks! JACKSON: Keenan absorbed most of them well but the last few to his stomach put him on his back! [As Keenan is grabbing his mid-section, the comical Lucious Jasmine turns is playing to the crowd. There isn't much of a reaction until Keenan gets to his knees and looks up at Jasmine, the crowd then pops in anticipation but Jasmine thinks they're popping for him!] CONLON: Lucious Jasmine better pay attention here! [Almost as if on cue, Jasmine manages to turn around just in time to duck an advancing Keenan Clothesline! Keenan turns right back to Jasmine and Jasmine follows it up with a kick to the stomach and then a hair pull face slam!] CONLON: And Jeff Keenan is down again! [Lucious Jasmine is obviously "feeling himself" as he struts around the ring, arms out, playing to the crowd.] JACKSON: This is a man that has had a LOT of success throughout his career but the UPW is proving to be a challenge for Jeff Keenan! I know him well though, he WILL be back on top - MARK MY WORDS! CONLON: He's had his share of disappointments but has assured Ultimate Pro Wrestling that he's not done yet - and that starts with tonight's match! [Lucious goes to the turnbuckle closest to Jeff Keenan and plays to the crowd even more as he begins to climb!] JACKSON: Come on, Jeff - get up - destroy this man! End this man's career! [Lucious, one foot on the top rope, one foot on the middle rope has a smile on his face as he stretches his arms out-wide "look at me, look at what I'm about to do!" But, without warning, just as Jasmine gets his second foot up on the top rope...] CONLON: Jeff Keenan charging Lucious Jasmine and... OUCH!! JACKSON: That's ...... nuts. CONLON: For once, you're right Pepper! Lucious Jasmine is forced into the splits on the top rope and Jeff Keenan is up and positioning him ... SUPERPLEX! [HEEL POP from the fans as Keenan takes control! Keenan immediately dragging Jasmine back up and hitting him with an upper-cut.] CONLON: Keenan hooking the leg ... and LAUNCHES Lucious Jasmine with an Exploder Suplex!! [Impact!! Heel pop!!] JACKSON: He threw that man damn near all the way from one side of the ring to the other! CONLON: And Keenan is stalking Lucious Jasmine like a predator does its prey! [Keenan wasting no time closing the gap between him and Jasmine. He's mad and he's on a mission!] CONLON: As Jasmine tries to find his bearings here... [Keenan with a hard kick to the temple followed by a knee to the lower back - Jeff then pops up looking at the crowd as they boo! He soaks it in for just a split second and helps Jasmine up to his feet, sending him to the ropes!] CONLON: Jasmine off the ropes now and Keenan with a Clothes... no! Jasmine ducks under it! [Lucious Jasmine clearly doesn't understand who Jeff Keenan is and as soon as he ducks the clothesline, does a little dance for the fans...] CONLON: WHAT IS HE DOING? JACKSON: Making mistakes, Stan! CONLON: DRAGON SLEEPER!! JACKSON: This might be the end of Lucious Jasmine! [The Veteran has the Dragon Sleeper applied in perfect form! There's one problem though, somehow Lucious Jasmine has stretched his foot out enough to touch the rope with the end of his boots, just by a toe.] CONLON: Lucious' foot is on the rope but the referee hasn't seen it yet! [Jeff Keenan attempts to scoot back on his butt while keeping the hold held but the referee notices Jasmine's toe on the rope!] CONLON: The referee trying to force Jeff Keenan to break the hold, but Keenan is refusing! JACKSON: PUT HIM TO SLEEP! [The referee counts and Keenan holds it til the last warning from the ref and in frustration, throws Lucious Jasmine's near-limp body aside as Jasmine clutches at his neck from his back. Keenan sits up, angrily and heads over to Lucious, dragging him up from behind. But Jasmine grabs the back of Keenan's neck falling down his butt, Jaw Breaker!] CONLON: Lucious Jasmine with a jaw-breaker and now he's standing back up running to the ropes as Keenan is woozy! [Lucious bounces off the ropes and catapults himself towards Keenan but Keenan ducks a Spinning Heel Kick and after landing, Jasmine bounces right back up and charges again into the waiting arms of Jeff Keenan!] CONLON: FIREMAN'S CARRY ... FACE BUSTER!! [MEGA HEEL POP!!] JACKSON: He's a Veteran! You can't be predictable against a guy like Jeff Keenan! [With a quick pace, Keenan gets over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top! The fans pop - anticipating a high flying move as Lucious Jasmine rolls onto his back, still in serious pain!] JACKSON: HERE HE GOES!! [Jeff Keenan takes off from the top!] CONLON: FROG SPLASH!! [The Legend that is Jeff Keenan sits up and looks to the crowd, a slight grin on his face! He pounds the mat with both hands and stands up. Lucious Jasmine is clutching his stomach and chest as he sits on his butt, trying anything to alleviate the pain! The Martial Arts expert hits him with a swift right kick to the ribs, then a left to the side of Jasmine's face, followed by another right to the same spot at the ribs! The referee warns Keenan to back off.] CONLON: Keenan, usually very technically sound in the ring has chosen to approach this match in a different way! JACKSON: He said he's on his way back to the top! Guys better take notice! Jeff Keenan can beat anybody in any way he chooses... [Keenan jaws at the referee before pushing him aside and raises his arms in the air, soaking in the boos! Meanwhile - Lucious Jasmine is to his knees and has turned to face Keenan. Keenan stares him down and yells at Lucious to "GET UP!" The crowd tries to encourage Jasmine.] CONLON: Keenan letting Lucious Jasmine get to his feet! And Keenan charges! Lucious ducks and Keenan runs into the turnbuckle and now JASMINE TRIES TO ROLLHIM UP FROM BEHIND FOR THE PIN!! JACKSON: NO! CONLON: Keenan rolls out of it and onto his feet! Jasmine back to his feet! JACKSON: RIGHT INTO THE QUICKSTRYKE!! CONLON: QUICKSTRYKE FROM JEFF KEENAN OUT OF NOWHERE!! [BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!] CONLON: Keenan for the pin! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHRREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Crowd erupts in boos!] CONLON: No doubt about it, Jeff Keenan has won this match! JACKSON: A bold statement from Jeff Keenan, he basically dominated this entire match! CONLON: Lucious got some shots in, but in the end - Jeff Keenan was just too much! Somewhat of a different approach from Keenan as he attempts to solidify himself as a top contender in the UPW! JACKSON: And sometimes in order to do that, you've got to just try and HURT your opponent any way you can! Especially in Keenan's shoes, he's not happy with how he's performed in the UPW yet! CONLON: That could change, however - he looked to be in true form tonight! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Jeff Keenan defeats a newcomer in Lucious Jasmine on Showdown. Keenan hasn't missed a beat since his tourney run, has he, Gorilla? SMITH: Not at all! In fact, I think he is gaining ground and could be a top contender quickly! [Smith is handed a piece of paper.] SMITH: Hey, what is that? CHANEY: It seems we have some breaking news that is to be released immediately on this broadcast! SMITH: Not sure if that is good or bad. CHANEY: I think you will enjoy it. SMITH: If you say so! CHANEY: Fans, we are proud to announce that the UPW has come to terms with the IXWA to become connected in a training agreement. SMITH: So they are like a sister fed? CHANEY: Sort of. The IXWA will be training the next batch of superstars and teaching them how to be even better in the ring and on the mic. SMITH: Why do we need them? CHANEY: It never hurts to be thinking of the future and instead of getting guys from just anywhere with only a little tape to know what they bring; we can now have them in house learning and we can be ready for them every step of the way. SMITH: Interesting! CHANEY: This also changes something very crucial in UPW. SMITH: And here comes that other shoe. CHANEY: The Ultimate Rumble match at Survival was a match that was going to have the first ten men taken out of it fired from UPW until they earned their way back in the following year. That is not the case now. SMITH: It isn't? CHANEY: No. Now the IXWA will bring men to be involved in the rumble and the first ten eliminated will take roster spots in IXWA. Talk about a change! SMITH: And how does the GEW fit into all of this? CHANEY: Glad you asked, Gorilla. The GEW was purchased by minority UPW owner, Chris Hopper, and those contracted wrestlers will be invited to be part of the UPW in some fashion if they desire. SMITH: What about that other promotion claiming ownership stake in GEW and supposedly fighting the sale in some way? CHANEY: All I have been told is that the women's division did not come with the sale, but all of the tape library, intellectual property, and the singles/tag team talent are all now part of UPW and nobody else has any of it no matter what claims are made. SMITH: It's a great day to be in UPW then, as it seems we're literally taking over the world! CHANEY: And speaking of world conquering, up next is "The Legionarius" Antonio De Luca and his match against "Good" Gordon Gaines. SMITH: As if we haven't seen enough of him. The man caused a lot of problems in the World Title Tournament and then beat down a tag team backstage when he jumped in to help his buddies. CHANEY: And now we get to see him in legal action in the ring! Let's roll the footage!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] Conlon: "Good" Gordon Gaines has just started to mount a comeback. He just countered with a dropkick that stopped the early onslaught by Antonio De Luca. Jackson: It's been all De Luca here so far, but Gaines is a feisty veteran and he is looking to score his first UPW win tonight! [Gaines has De Luca up and he lifts him high in the air and drops him down with a crushing Vertical Suplex. The veteran is quick on the draw and on his feet pulling the the hot shot rookie right up afterwards. De Luca attempts to fire back with some rapid rights, but Gaines sends him across and lifts him up with a Trailor Park Slam.] THUD! Conlon: Big move by Gaines and he is making a quick cover! Jackson: This would be a huge upset by "Good" Gordon Gaines! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . NO! Conlon: De Luca fires out with a strong kick out. Gaines back on his feet and he is calling for De Luca to get on his feet. Jackson: A mistake by Gaines allowing De Luca to come to his senses. [De Luca is on his feet and Gaines charges with a clothesline, but De Luca with cat like reflexes ducks under it and uses the corner for a Tornado DDT!] Conlon: De Luca just sent Gaines to the mat! Jackson: De Luca may be a "rookie" compared to many of the stacked UPW roster, but his skills, abilities, and natural wrestling awareness makes him a threat anytime anywhere. Conlon: Don't forget being apart of the toughest stable the UPW has up until this point, the Dominion. [Gaines trying to push himself makes his way to his knees and De Luca charges and drills him in the side of the head with a massive Shining Wizard.] SMAAAACK!!! Conlon: GOODNESS! Jackson: Gaines just dropped and his body appears lifeless. [De Luca stands over the fallen veteran. He raises both hands and gives a two thumbs up only to turn them upside down as the crowd boo's.] Conlon: This can't be good. De Luca is giving the, thumbs down. Jackson: What does that mean? [De Luca grabs Gaines and props him up into a double underhook. He then lifts him and nails one of his signature moves, the double underhook into a backbreaker.] CRAAAAAACK! Conlon: Aaahh... That's what the double thumbs down meant. He just hit his signature move, Thumbs down. Jackson: It's the beginning of the end. [De Luca stands smiling over "Good" Gordon Gaines. He lifts him up and launches him backwards with a folding belly-to-belly suplex. He then leaps up and grabs Gaines and pulls him up and launches him backwards with a German release suplex, but De Luca isn't done.] Conlon: Two CRUSHING suplexes and De Luca is back up and grabs a hold of Gaines and pulls him up for a THIRD .... [... Tiger Suplex.] THUUUUUUD! Jackson: He calls that the Italian Suplex. If Germany has their own then why not Italy? Conlon: De Luca should just pin Gaines. Let's end this thing and move on. Jackson: He is obviously sending a message. The question is who is that message for? Conlon: It could be half of the roster these days. [De Luca stands calling for Gaines to get up. Finally the veteran begins to push himself up only to get a stiff kick to the gut. De Luca grabs his head and pulls him in and lifts him up into a standing crucifix ..... Powerbomb!] BOOOOM! Conlon: and there is the Blood and Sand. The finish ... hopefully. Jackson: What an impressive performance from the "Legionarius" Antonio De Luca. ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Conlon: De Luca gets past Gordon Gaines with ease. [The referee grabs the hand of De Luca and raises. De Luca looks to the outside and calls for a wireless microphone.] Jackson: It looks like he has something to say. Conlon: This should be interesting. [The fans boo as De Luca receives a microphone.] ADL: I barely even broke a sweat ... Get this piece of trash out of the ring. [De Luca points down to the fallen "Good" Gordon Gaines. The fans continue to boo the youngster as he turns towards them and continues to speak.] ADL: Earlier you saw me make a statement. Caleb Foley ... [De Luca grits his teeth.] ADL: Hiberno, you have tasted success. You have had your name across some of the best this industry has had to offer. You have waged wars with the likes of Chase Williams. [De Luca pauses for a moment.] ADL: At times you have been considered one of the up and coming stars of our sport. [De Luca nods.] ADL: All of that is true. You know what else is true? You failed to live up to that hype. [Boo's rain down as De Luca continues to disrespect Foley.] ADL: You had it all in the palm of your hands. All you had to do finish the job. You fought your way to the top. Your name was headling PPV's. You had it made, but the pressure became too much for you and you folded like an accordion. [De Luca laughs.] ADL: Fast forward to today. I am the hot new youngster. I am quickly rising to the top. I am 1/3 of the most feared stable in the UPW. The UPW world is in the palms of OUR hands. [De Luca extends his arm and opens his palm.] ADL: I can guarantee that I won't go down the same path as you, Hiberno. We are here to make a statement. We are here to open Pandora's Box upon the UPW. The Dominion will dominate. [De Luca shuts his hand and makes a fist.] ADL: Crushing our opponents. Just like earlier ... You had a chance to take the next step to resurrecting your career. Climbing back to the top of the mountain. I took that from you. [Slow nod.] ADL: Now the question is ... What are you going to do about it? [De Luca drops the microphone letting that last question hang in the wind as we cut back to the studio.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: De Luca looking very strong again and you have to wonder where he fits in within the UPW Title picture. CHANEY: Most believe he could be the top contender for the North American Title. Gorilla, what do you say? SMITH: I think bigger. I think this man could be a dark horse to end up winning the World Heavyweight Title at some point. CHANEY: Why do you say that? SMITH: Well he has the drive and the skill. What he lacked was direction and now that The Dominion has fully formed and started working together, the sky could be the limit for all three! CHANEY: So you see Donovan and Bishop as contenders as well? SMITH: Unfortunately, I think the tag teams here ignore them at their own peril. The Warriors or Soldiers will have to contend with the force of the Dominion eventually. I know that for sure. CHANEY: Well before we worry about title matches for the tag straps, we must first witness a special match here on Showdown as the Soldiers of the Sun take on the Columbus Crushers. SMITH: The who? CHANEY: That is what the screen says right out there. [He points toward where the teleprompter would be.] SMITH: Ahhh, I see now. Never heard of them. CHANEY: Well they appeared in Cincinnati and squared off against the top tag contenders in UPW....and Sammy Sharifi was special referee. SMITH: This will be fun. CHANEY: Let's see how it all played out, shall we? Roll the tape!

[As we join the match in progress the first thing we see is Sammy Sharifi, manager of the Warriors, dressed in the attire of a referee and screaming at a confused Ricky Courage to let go of an arm bar he has on the chubby brute Lenny Masher.] CONLON: Now come on! This is the fourth time Sharifi has accused Courage of pulling hair or tights in this match when he has done nothing of the sort! JACKSON: Just because you didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen! Sharifi is in the ring, he has a better view of the action than we do! [Courage breaks the hold and Sharifi shakes a finger at the young man while threatening to disqualify him for his constant "rule breaking". Kato shakes his handsome head outside the ring while Juarez yells at Ricky to "stay focused". Masher shakes out his arm then goes to lock up with the young man but this time he fakes and sneaks in a thumb to the eye! Ricky holds his face as he staggers against the rope while both Juarez and Kato complain from the apron and outside respectively to which Sharifi replies by indicating Masher used a forearm smash.] [BIG BOOS] CONLON: So Sharifi can see cheating when none happens but not when it is actually happening?! JACKSON: You think being a referee is so easy? Huh?! It is a very difficult job! You and these fans tonight are just sore because you don't like being punished! CONLON: Punished?! JACKSON: Yes, punished! Not seeing the champions out here tonight is everyone's punishment for what you have done! Do you hear me, America? Punishment for what you have done, USA! [Masher slams a forearm, for real this time, across the back of Courage before tagging in his partner Doug Trasher. The bald Trasher comes in with a kick to the toes of Courage who hops around on one foot for a moment before being whipped towards the ropes.. Or that was the idea but Ricky plants his feet and does a short arm reverse of the Irish whip, pulling Trasher into his arms and then EXPLODING with a BIG overhead belly to belly suplex!] [BIG POP] CONLON: What a belly to belly suplex by Courage there! He threw Trasher like a bag of... Well.. Trash! JACKSON: Don't do that joke again. CONLON: I was jus- JACKSON: Never. It was terrible. Never again. CONLON: Got it. [Outside the ring STRIKER Kato pumps his fists and then claps his hands, cheering on his young team mate. Juarez calls for Ricky to tag him in. Courage nods his head and gives a thumbs up towards Titan before reaching down to pull Trasher up to his feet. Courage whips him into his corner before giving the tag to the big masked man who steps into the ring and begins UNLOADING on Trasher with hard forearm smashes!] [POP] CONLON: The power behind those shots is impressive! JACKSON: Juarez is a big boy but he better pay attention to the rules. CONLON: Rules?! What rule is he breaking?! [Apparently many of them as Sharifi has interjected himself between Trasher and Juarez and is warning the big man against using "closed fists".] [BOOS] [Titan drags Trasher out of the corner, ignoring Sharifi's barking, and scoops up the stocky man with ease and tosses him over his shoulder before running to the middle of the ring and hitting a HUGE running powerslam!] [BIG POP] [Juarez goes for the cover and Sharifi stops, takes a moment to stretch his arms and then he hops down onto the canvas and starts a count.] ONE! TWO! *KICK* [BOOS] CONLON: Masher just saved his partner from a three count right there. JACKSON: Doug was about to kick out. I could tell from his muscles beginning to flex. Masher just saved him some trouble. [Sharifi jumps up to his feet and puts an arm around Masher's shoulders and in a very friendly manner suggests that he shouldn't do that in the future. The two men start joking and laughing with one another as they walk back to the Crushers' corner which draws confused looks from Juarez, Courage and Kato.] [BOOS] CONLON: Sharifi sure seems friendly with Lenny Masher. JACKSON: Where is it written that an official can't be friendly with people fighting in the ring?! You've got something against people being decent human beings to one another?! [Juarez pulls Trasher up to his feet and with seemingly no effort tosses the man across the ring into the Soldiers' corner before tagging young Ricky back into the match. Courage hops in and he joins Juarez in pulling Doug up to his feet. Titan gives a signal to the young man and he nods as the tall masked man quickly scoops Trasher up in his arms and then POPS him up in the air with a Gorilla press pop before stepping aside and allowing Ricky to catch the falling man and hit a fall away slam!] [WOAH POP] CONLON: What a power double team move by Juarez and Courage! JACKSON: It would be impressive if Ricky didn't pull on Doug's tights. CONLON: What?! [Sharifi is accusing Courage of doing just that while the young man swears he didn't.] [BOOS] [Kato yells at Ricky to ignore Sharifi, which draws a sharp glance from the official for this match tonight. Courage pulls Trasher up and then hooks him from behind before hitting a BEAUTIFUL bridged backdrop suplex!] [POP] CONLON: What a bridging suplex by Courage. He has Trasher pinned so.. What is Sharifi doing?! [MASSIVE BOOS] JACKSON: He has something in his eyes! Do you not realize how important the eyes are for a referee?! [Sharifi is leaning against the ropes rubbing his right eye while grimacing. Kato shakes his head in disbelief outside the ring and then Juarez yells at the ref. Sammy holds up a hand towards the Soldier's corner before slowly walking over as Courage struggles to maintain his bridging cover. Sharifi takes his time getting down onto his knees and then he starts the count...] ONE! ... ... [BOOS] ... TWO! [BOOS] ... .. JACKSON: Trasher kicked out just in time! CONLON: Come on! You have to be kidding me! [MASSIVE BOOS] [Sharifi holds up two fingers while Courage tries to catch his breath from holding the bridge for so long.] CONLON: There could have been a ten or twelve count in the time Sharifi wasted there! JACKSON: You people just have no common decency do you? The man has something in his eyes and is suffering, as most good people are, from the HORROR that all of you have inflicted on this country recently and you DARE demand this good man ignore his ailments and injuries for your SICK satisfaction! [Conlon sighs in frustration at his commentary partner while Ricky pulls Trasher up to his feet and hits a snap vertical suplex. He rolls up to his feet and then sees fans in the front row doing air guitar. A HUGE smile comes over his face and he points to the specific fans and joins them in air guitar.] [BIG POP] [And that is when Trasher fires off a quick shot at Ricky's groin.] [BOOS] CONLON: That was a clear and obvious violation of the rules there! JACKSON: What are you talking about? [Sammy is as confused as Pepper is because he indicates it was an open handed palm strike to the chest and not a punch to the groin by Trasher.] [HUGE BOOS] [Kato is pretty worked up and irate at Sharifi outside the ring but Juarez shakes his head with disappointment while staring down at the canvas. Doug quickly tags in Lenny who wallops Ricky with several punches upside the head before scooping up the youngster and slamming him down on the canvas. Masher flops onto Ricky for a cover and Sharifi leaps to the ground as fast as humanly possible and..] ONETWOTHR- [BOOS] CONLON: What the?! JACKSON: Masher nearly got Ricky there! CONLON: Are you serious?! That was the quickest count I've ever seen! JACKSON: That was the fairest count that I have ever seen an official give in a wrestling ring. EVER. Sammy Sharifi may be the best referee in professional wrestling history! [Ricky gasps with a surprised look on his face as he tries to roll away but Lenny gets some stomps in on him and drags him to the Crushers' corner before hopping onto the second turnbuckle and yelling out "It's Crushing Time!" With that he leaps off...] [BIG POP] [And crashes because Courage rolls out of the way.] CONLON: Ricky avoiding potential doom there and now he's making his way to his partner! [Masher tags in Trasher but it's too late because Ricky makes the tag to the big masked man who comes in and LEVELS Doug with a HUGE boot to the face! Lenny tries to scramble into the ring only to eat a MASSIVE elbow smash that sends him tumbling over the ropes to the floor outside!] [HUGE POP] [Sharifi seems to consider starting a warning of some sort on Juarez but decides against it as the masked man drags Doug to his feet and scoops him up HIGH into the air and...] *WHAMMMM* [WOAH POP] CONLON: WHAT A SITDOWN POWERBOMB BY JUAREZ!! JACKSON: I think the entire arena just SHOOK! [Sammy scratches his head then makes the count...] ONE! TWO! THREE! *DING DING DING* [BIG POP] [Kato hops onto the apron and climbs into the ring and is joined by a smiling Ricky Courage as the two celebrate the win. Ricky goes to give Titan a high five but the big man shakes his head and quickly climbs out of the ring and stomps towards the back. Kato and Courage watch with confused expressions. Sharifi smiles at these events unfolding and nods his head.] JACKSON: Well, Soldiers of the Sun may have picked up another win tonight but it sure looks like there is trouble in paradise. CONLON: They better get it all together because next Showdown they will fight the Warriors for the richest prize in tag team wrestling once again! [Fade to black.]

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [We open backstage to the interview area, where Aaron "All Day" Lewis is standing in front of the UPW backdrop, holding a microphone. He is dressed in his ring gear with sweat all over his body and a smile broadly across his face.] Lewis: That was the most fun I have had in weeks! [His breath is still heavy after his victory over Colorado.] Lewis: I have been to the doctor several times in the past few weeks. Each time I was told that maybe the next visit would be when I would be allowed back into the ring. Each time it seemed that my return to the ring was pushed back. [He shakes his head.] Lewis: And to be honest, I wasn't certain I would get to return. I kept having headaches and vision problems. My balance wasn't great, either. I saw everything I had hoped to achieve slowly going down the drain. [His breathing has slowed.] Lewis: You all never knew just how close they came to pulling me out of the World Title match. They said they couldn't risk me, in the condition I was in, being in the ring with men like Cardinal and Williams. That it was a risk they were afraid to take. [His eyes stare deep into the camera.] Lewis: And no matter how often I pleaded with the doctors for clearance, no matter how often I shared my desire to be in the ring, and no matter how many times I stated my case; they refused to clear me. [He grins.] Lewis: Until yesterday. [He takes a moment and a deep breath.] Lewis: The moment the doctor said the tests came back good and all my vitals pointed to a clean bill of health, I was relieved. [He dips his head and then looks back up.] Lewis: You never know how much you love something until it is taken away. Even if it is only for a brief time, the moment you get it back is a true moment of clarity. [He seems to be in deep thought.] Lewis: It is a second chance. [He pauses again before snapping out of the daze.] Lewis: And you never want to screw up a second chance. That is my desire now: to make good on my promise to the fans out there that I will be the one walking out of Showdown with the World Heavyweight Title. [The grin comes back to his face.] Lewis: I refuse to let someone like Chase Williams, whose idea of victory is attacking people from behind and trying to hurt them so as to not allow them to compete. [He laughs.] Lewis: You are a big man, Chase. A very big man. You have enough skill to compete on your own merit, and yet you chose to attack me. You chose to steal my moment of glory away from me and try to end my career. [The smile fades away quickly.] Lewis: I have learned a great deal from what you did to me, as I hope to show you at Showdown. You won't get the drop on me again. Cardinal won't get the drop on me either. [He nods as he speaks.] Lewis: My time has come, and next Showdown? [He points toward the camera.] Lewis: Your time is up. [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: That kid is motivated to succeed and I know he comes across as cocky sometimes, but I think he is the real deal. CHANEY: Can he take down guys like Chase Williams or Dylan Cardinal? SMITH: Can he? Absolutely. Will he? That remains to be seen. I know he has the skill set though and that is a lot of the battle. CHANEY: Being able to match up with your opponent is a vital thing, then? SMITH: Oh yeah. If you are outclassed, then you get something like Ralph trying to face a fully trained wrestler in Herdick. It just isn't a fair fight. CHANEY: Well unfair fights don't seem to bother Dylan Cardinal. SMITH: They don't bother most men who love psychological warfare. CHANEY: And that is exactly what we got next. SMITH: I tried to block this out of my mind. CHANEY: Fans, many of you saw last Showdown the threat Cardinal made to Glenn Chambers regarding the young man Glenn works with back in Philadelphia, Derrick Jackson. SMITH: What you may not have seen was Dylan Cardinal setting a trap for the youngster. A trap that led him somewhere he wasn't even remotely ready to go. CHANEY: That's right, Gorilla. Jackson ended up here on Showdown in an unsanctioned match against Dylan Cardinal. SMITH: It is unsanctioned because this isn't a man, but a boy. Cardinal picked on a kid and if I wasn't retired.... CHANEY: Easy partner. Let's let the fans see what happened here and judge for themselves. Roll the tape, guys!

[Derrick Jackson has Dylan Cardinal trapped in a headlock. With his left arm, the only one that isn't heavily bandaged into a sling, the Basilisk tries to escape the hold, but Jackson's grip is firm.] CONLON: So far it's been almost all Jackson, keeping the monster contained with a stellar display of amateur wrestling. JACKSON: He's been directing traffic like a matador. All takedowns and waistlocks, though. Cardinal may only have one arm, you need more to take him down. Either knock him out or go after that injured arm! CONLON: DJ's keeping it clean, Pepper. [Cardinal powers up to one of his knees, and manages to pull Derrick Jackson over and down to the mat with a left-handed snap mare, freeing himself in the process.] JACKSON: Cardinal with the size and strength advantage. [With his left hand, the Basilisk whips Derrick "DJ" Jackson into the ropes, tries a back elbow on the rebound... but he's no southpaw and Jackson ducks underneath it, runs the ropes to the other side and comes back with a big tackle!] CONLON: AOW! [Cardinal barely budged, but contact was made on his right side, and he falls to one knee, grimacing and clutching his bandaged arm.] JACKSON: That's right, Derrick! This isn't an official UPW match, so you can play as dirty as you need to! Hit his arm, it's your best chance! CONLON: Are you rooting for Glenn Chambers' protege, Pepper? JACKSON: He is a Jackson. [Derrick Jackson hits the ropes with momentum, jumps off the rebound and knocks down Dylan Cardinal with a big missile dropkick!] CONLON: Right on the jaw! JACKSON: That could've rung Cardinal's bell! [Jackson scrambles to get on top of Cardinal, hooking a leg and going for the pinfall...] 1 . . . 2! . . ... Cardinal kicks out! CONLON: That could've been a big moment for young DJ! JACKSON: Barely 18 and already in the big leagues! CONLON: Well, not quite. The reason this is an unofficial exhibition is because Derrick Jackson needs to keep his status as an amateur for college. JACKSON: But with one big win tonight, he'd be better off as a pro! He could become a likeable version of Ricky Courage! [With great agility, Derrick kips up while Cardinal struggles to his feet. Derrick launches off the ropes, rebounds and leaps into a huge spinning heel kick!] CONLON: SPINNING HEEL KICK! CARDINAL GOES DOWN! You think Glenn Chambers is proud of his man? JACKSON: I don't think Glenn Chambers even knows about this match. Nobody knew. CONLON: And now DJ goes up! [Derrick Jackson speeds up to the top turnbuckle, measures a rising Cardinal, then hurls himself off the the top rope! He lands on Dylan Cardinal's shoulders, flips him over to the mat!] CONLON: HUGE HURRICANRANA! [POP!] JACKSON: And he's pinning Cardinal's shoulders to the mat with his knees! 1 . . . 2! . . . ... Cardinal bursts out! CONLON: WOAH! With authority! [An angered Cardinal shoves off DJ, gets to his feet, charges at the young man and nearly beheads him with a massive lariat! The crowd reacts like it's been punches in the gut!] CONLON: My goodness... JACKSON: Wait a minute... CONLON: That could have knocked Derrick Jackson out cold right there! JACKSON: No, wait a minute! CONLON: What? JACKSON: Cardinal did that with his right arm... [Showing no signs of pain, Cardinal pulls Derrick up with both arms, shares a knowing grin with the confused fans, hooks Jackson up into a double underhook... then plants him head first into the mat.] CONLON: LD50! JACKSON: Hold on, now... [Cardinal rises to his feet, rips off the bandages on his arm, tosses them dismissively over Derrick Jackson's inert body.] CONLON: DYLAN CARDINAL WAS FAKING IT! JACKSON: That's what I've been trying to tell you! CONLON: He lured Derrick Jackson into this ring under false pretenses... dropped him with the LD50! JACKSON: And he's not pinning the kid. [Cardinal slithers around Derrick Jackson, pokes at his head with his boot and grins...] CONLON: This isn't even an official match, Pepper! [The Basilisk props DJ up into the turnbuckles, then viciously jabs him in the throat!] CONLON: SNAKE BITE! That's illegal! JACKSON: Only if you get caught. CONLON: He was! Referee's warning him right now! [Cardinal laughs the referee away, pulls the limp DJ out of the turnbuckles and into another LD50.] *THUUD!* CONLON: GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Not another one. [The referee calls for the bell, fans are disgusted.] JACKSON: The match is over, Cardinal won. CONLON: I don't think the referee had a choice, Pepper. This has to stop. [The Basilisk kicks DJ in the ribs... but he might as well have kicked carcass. Young DJ is clearly no longer conscious.] CONLON: DERRICK JACKSON IS HELPLESS! [Cardinal pulls up Jackson - a task made difficult by the fact DJ is not 180lbs of dead weight. He hooks him up into double underhooks again...] CONLON: HERE COMES GLENN CHAMBERS! [Glenn Chambers, still in street clothes, sprints down the aisle and the US Bank Arena goes wild! But before Chambers can get too close to the ring... *THUUUD!* JACKSON: Another LD50! CONLON: Derrick Jackson's career could be over before it even began! [Chambers slides into the ring at full speed, lunges at Dylan Cardinal, but the Basilisk ducks out and rolls out of the ring.] CONLON: Chambers' is furious! [Chambers whacks the ropes in frustration, then immediately turns back to kneel next to DJ, a mix of fear and concern on his face.] CONLON: I thought I knew what Dylan Cardinal meant when he claimed to be a monster, Pepper... But I didn't. JACKSON: Now we know. [Cardinal slithers up the aisle, sadistic grin on his face... he's enjoying this.] RING ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, the w- [The announcement gets interrupted when Glenn Chambers rips the microphone out of the announcers hands.] CHAMBERS: HEY! HEY! WHAT THE HELL, MAN? [The crowd is white hot for Glenn as he stands there in his street clothes with the angriest look he can muster.] CHAMBERS: So this is the kind of guy you are, huh? Big bad Dylan Cardinal. The guy who gets in EVERYBODY'S head, right? [He is so angry that is looks to be shaking because of it.] CHAMBERS: All I see right here is a bully who thinks his idea of a test is beating on a kid not trained to compete with him. Does that make you feel really big and bad, Cardinal? Does that make you feel like a man? [The crowd begins to swell as Cardinal continues slowly walking back up the aisle as Glenn speaks.] CHAMBERS: So I tell you what, why don't you pick on somebody your own size? [The crowd cheers loudly at this suggestion. Near the curtains, Dylan Cardinal smiles. For some reason, this turn of events seems to please him. A nearby camera picks up his words.] CARDINAL: Finally! Some fire! [Impressed, "The Basilisk" nods. He seems to mean it, and this approval is not something that could defuse Glenn Chambers right now, quite the opposite.] [Infuriatingly, Cardinal laughs.] CARDINAL: No. [The rejection seemingly takes the wind out of the entire arena.] CARDINAL: You ain't my test. You missed the boat and that ship sailed on. [He shakes his head again, brings the camera closer.] CARDINAL: It's too bad you didn't light this fire a few weeks earlier ain't it, but that's how it is. I moved on, you didn't. No use crying over spilt milk now. [Greed clouds his gaze.] CARDINAL: My test's the UPW World Heavyweight Title. My business with you... is done. [Cardinal pushes the camera away.] CHAMBERS: Bring your snake-ass down here and prove you have a pair of balls, Cardinal! Prove you are more than a simple school-yard bully and get a real test. If you want a test so damn bad, come and get it, boy! [Too late, the Basilisk has slithered out through the curtains.] JACKSON: Denied! CONLON: Not sure Glenn Chambers actually heard everything Dylan Cardinal said, he might need to watch this very broadcast to find out, but Cardinal's actions certainly spoke just as loud. He ran away! JACKSON: Ran away? He shut him down! Cardinal is one of UPW's top four wrestlers, the top four competitors who will fight for the UPW World Heavyweight Championship! Who is Glenn Chambers? CONLON: A world class athlete. And an actual decent human being, Pepper. You're telling me he's supposed to see his charge get beaten up and do nothing about it? JACKSON: That's how the cookie crumbles, Stan. Glenn Chambers had his chance, but he couldn't beat Jeff Keenan to take it. CONLON: That was BEFORE Cardinal beat up a defenseless kid! JACKSON: He didn't steal candy from a baby, Stan. Derrick's a trained, adult competitor. Plus, he's a Jackson. Name value alone should have given him the advantage. CONLON: Unbelievable!

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: I hope that Glenn Chambers gets his hands on Cardinal after that. CHANEY: Who knows what will happen, as Cardinal seems to be insulated by the fact that he is in the World Title match. SMITH: What he did was awful! CHANEY: It wasn't Styles awful. SMITH: Not much is as bad as that, and let's never bring that up again, please. CHANEY: I hear ya! Let's move onto more interesting topics! The World Title Advancement match! SMITH: Donegal and Rage! A barn burner! CHANEY: This one got off to a rocky start and there was nothing about it that people saw coming. SMITH: Well one part was. I think everybody knew Malcom Shabazz would show his face at some point, but what happened when he did was toxic to the match. CHANEY: Fans, Right after Liam Donegal made his entrance for the semi-main event, along with his mentor Adam Lazarus, Malcom Shabazz decided he would come out and make a statement. SMITH: Just roll the tape before I get too upset already!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] (The opening Guitar riffs of "The Devil Made Me" by Paris plays. Shabazz comes out, wearing his blue and gray camo pants and a Black bullet proof vest. He is also wearing his sunglasses. Adam Lazarus starts to walk toward the Hard Truth soldier, but Shabazz just holds up his hand) Shabazz: Relax, relic. I'm not here to start a fight, but I'll end your old ass right here if you push me. I'm just delivering a message to your boy. But you want to start something, I'm ready to finish something. (Adam stands guard, not trusting Shabazz.) Shabazz: Hey Donegal. Way to beat the Pale ass white boy to advance. Since you took MY spot, I know I could have beaten him as well as you could have. Good luck in the next match. (As the crowd boos him, he raises a finger.) Shabazz: But I got a problem. In that ring, I can't lay a finger on you because you saved my job so I can stay in UPW. Did it look like I needed your help? Just like you stole my opportunity, you took the time to steal my pride. The worst thing is that UPW rewards you for that. But they were quick to fire me for getting involved with the matches. I smell it in the air, Donegal. The white boy got his way...... (Crowd boos him) Shabazz: SHUT UP!! This is the same city that killed an animal because some bitch wasn't taking care of her child. You ask me, they should have shot the parents, not the gorilla..... (Crowd booing gets louder) Shabazz: But I can't lay a finger on you in the ring. I know I can beat you, Liam. I am willing to prove that anywhere....in the ring, outside of the ring, in the parking lot or the locker room. But as long as UPW officials can protect you, We both know I will never get that opportunity.....so I put it in my own hands.... (On the video screen, MJ Donegal is holding her baby, out in a park. There is no audio, just MJ enjoying the day......) Shabazz: As you can see, Liam, She is not protected. UPW can't stop something "accidently" happening to her. So my advice is to find a way to change UPW's mind and make the match happen. Her well being could depend on it. Find a way to make it go away. (Shabazz walks backward through the curtain as Donegal and Lazarus stand in the ring, both looking very angry. They talk and Lazarus seems to motion for him to stay and fight, and then taps himself on the chest.] CONLON: Fans it looks like Malcom Shabazz has designs on doing something to Donegal's wife! JACKSON: Shabazz isn't stupid. He's just trying to get Liam's attention. CONLON: I think he has it now. JACKSON: Yeah, I believe so. And it looks like he has Lazarus on his tail, which by reputation may be trouble Shabazz isn't tready for. (Lazarus exits the ring and runs up the aisle, seemingly to chase down Shabazz.) CONLON: Shabazz better hope Lazarus doesn't find him. JACKSON: The best part is that Liam Donegal is now out here without his reassurance in a match against a true giant! This is going to be fun to watch! (Fade to black.)

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: And folks we never saw Adam Lazarus come back out! We have heard that Lazarus did not seek out Shabazz, but rather rushed to find MJ and the baby and make sure they were safe from any threats. SMITH: Shabazz is really crossing the line at this point. You think you were treated unfairly? Fine. Stand up and say so, then fight to make it right. But you do not, you do not, you DO NOT screw with a man's family! CHANEY: Donegal now has that on his mind, his mentor off to find and protect the family, and a seven foot monster ready to enter the ring and fight for a title shot. SMITH: Yeah, to say that he has probably had his fill or worries is an understatement. CHANEY: To his credit, he fought the match as well as you can expect and it was an amazing contest! SMITH: The seven footer against the scrappy underdog. But how can you expect a positive outcome worrying about your wife and baby? It's just wrong how the deck gets stacked against him all the time. CHANEY: Well let's go to the tape and see just which of these men will become the final piece of the UPW WOrld Title puzzle! Roll it, boys!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The footage begins with Liam Donegal loading up and attempting to Irish whip Rage into a corner. Rage reverses the whip and sends Donegal into the corner with a nasty thud. Donegal stumbles back out of the corner and right into Rage's arms for a sidewalk slam that gets a massive groan from the crowd.] CONLON: Derek Rage back in control after that big sidewalk slam! JACKSON: You have to wonder how much Liam Donegal's mind is in the match after the entire Shabazz threat earlier? CONLON: He has done very well so far, Pepper. Especially taking away that size advantage. JACKSON: Well until he got squashed like a bug right there, Stan [Rage pulls Donegal to his feet and drops him with a scoop slam, following it up immediately with an elbow drop to Liam's stomach area. Rage continues his assault, pulling Donegal into position and dropping him with a piledriver.] CONLON: RAGE IS TRYING TO INJURE THE MAN'S NECK! JACKSON: We tend to forget in this age of smaller men, that this is the tournament for the UPW World *HEAVYWEIGHT* Title. Guys like Rage are going to be at a premium in this one. CONLON: That is true and Donegal, while having done well with speed and technical savvy, has fallen peril to the one thing you can't teach.....size. JACKSON: Ahh, yes. The brothers' curse. Donegal is learning all about it now. [Donegal gets to his feet as Rage stalks him. Rage grabs him and nails a textbook T-bone suplex. Rage grabs Donegal's arm and pulls it between his legs in pumphandle position. Rage performs a pumphandle lift on Donegal and then drops him with a power bomb!] CONLON: POWERBOMB BY RAGE!!! JACKSON: He covers him! This could be it! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . .THR.............KICKOUT BY DONEGAL!!!! CONLON: Donegal escaping that raw power of Derek Rage! What fortitude under pressure! JACKSON: The guy has a set of brass ones, that is for sure. However, if he keeps surviving, they might eventually get stomped to dust! CONLON: That is a lovely sentiment, Pepper. JACKSON: Just doing my job, Stan. Always a pleasure! [Rage stomps Donegal as the he lays on the canvas. Rage taunts him with hand motions to get up and fight as he stomps away at him. The crowd is eating this up and giving Rage TONS of heel heat right now because of how much they have grown to love Liam.] CONLON: Rage is unrelenting in his attack! JACKSON: The man is not only the biggest man in UPW< but he is one of the most decorated veterans on the roster! He knows how to push for gold. CONLON: That doesn't necessarily mean trying to embarrass someone, does it? JACKSON: That is Derek Rage, Stan. Have you ever watched any of his matches? [Rage pulls Donegal up and whips him into the corner. Donegal hits back first and raises his knees just in time to smack the charging Rage in the face! Donegal wastes no time and grabs the taller man from behind, bending him backward for an Inverted DDT much to the crowd's delight.] CONLON: DONEGAL WITH AN AMAZING TURN OF THE TABLES! That DDT was just what the doctor ordered! JACKSON: What doctor? What why does he order such crappy things to happen anyway? CONLON: The fans will always love when a giant of a man gets taken down. Been that way throughout the ages of time! Liam Donegal following in the footsteps of that boy named David and becoming a giant slayer! JACKSON: You realize that the big guy is getting to his feet and Donegal still looks like he is a few crayons short of a pack, right? [Donegal gets his wits about him, as Rage starts to stand. Donegal rushes over and grabs Rage for an inverted Russian legsweep that send the bigger man back to the mat. Donegal gets to the corner and steps up to the second turnbuckle. He jumps and drives his right fist straight into Rage's forehead as the crowd erupts again.] CONLON: The crowd is counting along as Donegal pounds that fist... JACKSON: (interrupting) ILLEGAL fist... CONLON: (undeterred)....that fist into his forehead! CROWD: FOUR.....FIVE.... JACKSON: Where is the referee on this? CROWD: SIX....SEVEN....EIGHT... CONLON: He has the ability to do what he thinks is right. CROWD: ...TEN!!!! JACKSON: That don't make it legal! They are stacking the deck against Rage in this one right now! I bet Malcom Shabazz understands. [Donegal is feeling it now as he pulls Rage to his feet and lands a set of European Uppercuts to the monster's chin. The fans can feel the excitement building as Donegal grabs Rage and plants him with a belly-to-back suplex, bridging it over for a pin attempt.] CONLON: BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX BY LIAM DONEGAL!!! JACKSON: HOW DID HE PULL THAT OFF ON RAGE? DAMN! CONLON: He hooks the leg and here's the count! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THRE...........RAGE POWERS OUT IN TH ENICK OF TIME! JACKSON: Derek Rage continues on! That may have been the truly last gasp of Liam Donegal! All his strength to get that big suplex over on the seven-footer! CONLON: The question is, can he follow up and charge through a finish! JACKSON: And with someone like Rage, that is a tall order. Pun intended. [Donegal goes to pull Rage to his feet, but gets a major low blow from Rage for his trouble. Rage gets the rest of the way to his feet and grabs Donegal for a gut wrench power bomb. The crowd just went from happy to pissed in a split second.] CONLON: DEREK RAGE AGAIN DROPPING DONEGAL! JACKSON: Sooner or later the bigger guy finds a way to grab you and make the speed and skill worthless. CONLON: In this case the way he found was to take a cheap low blow. JACKSON: Nobody said that the way had to be right or legal. It just had to create an opening, which that most definitely did. Rage then grabs Donegal and powerbombed him through that opening! [Rage takes Donegal and lifts him for a vertical suplex, dropping it with a straight fall for a massive bounce off the mat in the hard landing.] CONLON: That was a massive vertical suplex by Rage! Wow! JACKSON: How high do you think Donegal's feet were when he held him up there? Fifteen feet? Eighteen? That's a long-ass distance to fall from, Stan. CONLON: No doubt about that and Donegal is now feeling every inch of it. JACKSON: This keeps up, those other three contenders better be ready fro a seven-foot problem next Showdown! [Rage begins showcasing his power by whipping Donegal into the ropes and catching him with a gorilla press lift. He actually does bench press lifts with Donegal three or four times to show off his power before tossing Liam over and onto the canvas as the crowd goes into a frenzy with boos.] CONLON: Derek Rage is just showing off now. In his mind this match is all but over and he is toying with Donegal like a play toy. JACKSON: Derek is one of the most powerful men in the wrestling world. He only showed a little of it in his tag team days, and now people are understanding what he is really all about. CONLON: Himself? JACKSON: Showing what he can do, yes. And even Liam Donegal might agree that Derek Rage is a bad, bad man. [Rage pulls Donegal to his feet and pushes him into the corner. He takes his massive boot and stick it into Donegal's throat, choking him against the corner as the referee tries hard to get him to stop. The referee counts to five before Rage finally lets go.] CONLON: Bad man indeed as he is CHOKING LIAM AND NOT BREAKING THE HOLD! JACKSON: He broke the hold, Stan. CONLON: Pepper, he broke it after multiple warnings and a five count! That isn't obeying the referee, that is taunting him! Rage thinks he is above the authority in the ring. JACKSON: Dude is seven feet tall and a legit bad ass. He *IS* the authority in the ring right now. [Rage plants a chop to Donegal's chest. Then another. He whips Donegal across the ring and sets up for a big lariat, but Donegal ducks under the lariat and rebound back toward the mastodon. Donegal leaps at Rage and gets hold of one arm, spinning the big man around and down with a spinning DDT as the crowd erupts again!] CONLON: SPINNING DDT BY DONEGAL!!! HOW DID HE DO THAT? JACKSON: I don't know, but he just saved his own skin there! CONLON: Liam Donegal is surviving, much the same way he did earlier in the evening against Caleb Foley. You have to think there is some destiny at work here. JACKSON: Rage is already standing, don't get too excited about destiny, Stan. [Rage gets to his feet and Donegal again uses European Uppercuts to stagger the big guy. Rage tries to stop by raising his arm, but Donegal uses it to his advantage and grabs the arm for a single-arm DDT.] CONLON: SINGLE-ARM DDT BY DONEGAL! Rage in real trouble now! JACKSON: Perhaps. Just remember how much energy Donegal is using to nail this great impact moves and then realize the seven footer will eventually get back to his feet and grab him by the throat. CONLON: Right now all he is grabbing is the canvas as Donegal has him down. JACKSON: Enjoy it while it lasts. [Donegal continues to go to work on Rage while he is down on the canvas. Donegal takes Rage's right arm and twists it behind the big man's back. Donegal begins holding it in place and then driving his knee into the arm. He does this over and over as the fans are hoping he tears the big man to pieces.] CONLON: LIAM DONEGAL IS A MAN POSSESSED!!! He is hamming that knee into the arm of Derek Rage. JACKSON: I applaud the effort, but a man that size will probably not worry about one of his arms being hurt a little. CONLON: Donegal is doing what he can to make sure it is tougher for Rage to grab him. He may be helping his speedy attack. JACKSON: Dude has two arms, Stan. I mean, c'mon. [Donegal can't keep Rage on the canvas, as the big man gets to his feet. Donegal tries to set up for a whip, but Rage reverses it and zips Donegal into the ropes. Liam rebounds off the ropes and leaps into the air for a sunset flip, but Rage catches himself before getting pulled over and just drops onto his rear and crashes onto Donegal.] CONLON: LOOK AT THE HEIGHT ON THAT SUNSET FLI.....RAGE SITS DOWN ON IT! HOLY MOLY!!! JACKSON: RAGE STOPPED THAT IN ITS TRACKS! CONLON: Liam Donegal in serious trouble now, Pepper. JACKSON: He sure is! [Rage pulls Donegal up and hits a body slam. Rage is far from done as he grabs Donegal and whips him into the ropes, catching Liam on the rebound for a tilt-a-whirl back breaker that stuns the crowd.] CONLON: WOW! BACKBREAKER BY RAGE! The power coming into play again! JACKSON: And notice the arm he used to control Donegal on that tilt-a-whirl was the one Donegal didn't beat down. CONLON: Yes, yes, I get it. You were right on that one, Pepper. JACKSON: I usually am, Stan. In fact, the more you get to know me, the more you will learn that I'm always right. [Rage pulls Donegal up and locks on a sleeper hold. He seems to have it cinched in and the referee has already started checking Donegal for consciousness and what not. Donegal reaches up after several seconds and grabs Rage's head. Donegal drops down and performs a jawbreaker that breaks the hold and staggers Rage backward.] CONLON: DONEGAL GETS OUT OF THE HOLD WITH A JAWBREAKER!!! JACKSON: Bold move! If that didn't work, Donegal would have hung himself out with a twist! CONLON: Especially with the height advantage. Rage could have tilted back and choked him out with ease. JACKSON: Now what will he do with it. Rage is no easy mark, as he has learned tonight. [Donegal wastes no time and grabs Rage for a spinning front face DDT and lays him out in the middle of the ring. Donegal grabs Rage and locks on the standing Achilles Tendon hold. Rage's height makes it look less impactful, but Rage's immediate desire to try and reach a rope says otherwise.] CONLON: WOLF TRAP ANKLE LOCK!!! HE HAS IT LOCKED ON! JACKSON: But he can't lift it high enough for true impact! CONLON: I'm certain Werewolf Gregorson taught him how to get the most out of this hold against really large men. JACKSON: Gregorson never had to worry about that because he *WAS* one of the really big guys! CONLON: Rage's length is helping in another way as he is reaching the ropes easier than expected. JACKSON: Maybe easier than *YOU* expected. I saw this a mile away. [Rage finally reaches the ropes and the referee calls for the break of the hold. Liam has total concentration as he steps away, following the referee's commands. Rage is pulling himself up with the ropes and a nasty glare in Donegal's direction.] CONLON: See Pepper? That is how you break when a referee tells you to. JACKSON: That is also how you allow your opponent to get his footing and lose the advantage you had! [Rage gets to his feet and Donegal rushes over to grab him and set him up for an Irish whip, but Rage's strength allows him to reverse it and send Liam into the opposite corner with force.] CONLON: DONEGAL HITS THAT CORNER HARD! JACKSON: There is the power again. I love being right. CONLON: You really think you know everything, don't you Pepper? JACKSON: I know you must be deaf considering I just told you I'm always right. How did you get this gig again? [Rage takes off into the corner to hit an impact move, but Donegal steps out quickly and lifts him by the waist, using the momentum to his advantage, lifting the taller man into the air and into the corner, where Rage's head misses the turnbuckles and smacks the steep post on the outer edge instead.] CONLON: DEREK RAGE'S HEAD SMACKED THAT STEEL POST! JACKSON: I HEARD IT ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE!!! DAMN!!! CONLON: I'm not certain, but it looks like he got cut by the post! I think I see some blood above the left eye on Rage! JACKSON: Donegal looking to take advantage as Rage seriously looks clueless to where he is right now! [Rage stumbles into a roundhouse kick by Donegal that gets the crowd cheering as loud as ever tonight. With Rage down, Liam looks to the corner and rushes over to start ascending the turnbuckles.] CONLON: ROUNDHOUSE KICK BY DONEGAL! JACKSON: Rage does have blood on his forehead! Not a gusher, but he is bleeding! CONLON: And DOnegal is far from finished as he heads to the corner! JACKSON: This is make or break time for Liam Donegal. Hit it, and you may win a major victory. Miss it, and you are toast. [Donegal sets up and leaps into the air, nailing a textbook split-legged moonsault on top of Derek Rage. The crowd erupts as he lands and bounces a foot off the top of the larger man, who now has blood trickling down his forehead due to the impact with the steel post.] CONLON: HE HIT THAT SPLIT-LEGGED MOONSAULT FLUSH! He hooks the leg! ONE! . . . . . . . . . . TWO!!!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . . THHHHRRREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JACKSON: WOW!!! CONLON: LIAM DONEGAL HAS KNOCKED OFF DEREK RAGE!!! JACKSON: Never saw that coming, not the way it played out. CONLON: Liam Donegal with that amazing aerial attack to finish off the giant, Derek Rage. JACKSON: Well honestly it was the ring post that won the match. Rage is still looking like he is out of it as the referee is checking on him. [Donegal leaps off of Rage and raises his arms as the fans clothe in him adoration.] CONLON: There he is, folks. The final man to qualify for the Fatal Four way for the UPW WOrld Heavyweight Title next Showdown! JACKSON: Williams! [Chase Williams is in the ring and he plants a running boot to the face of Liam Donegal! The fans erupt in boos as Chase arrogantly walks over and pulls Donegal up.] CONLON: CHASE WILLIAMS HAS HIT THE RING AND DROPPED DONEGAL! JACKSON: Shades of what he did to Aaron Lewis on Showdown Two! You think he is motivated to win this World Title? [Williams lifts and drops him with his supernatural piledriver finisher, laying him out in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: MOMENT OF CLARITY! WILLIAMS DROPS DONEGAL WITH THAT NASTY FINSIHER! JACKSON: Donegal will want to think twice before he steps in the ring next time out! [As Williams stands with his arms stretched wide in victory, Aaron Lewis is suddenly seen leaping and drop kicking Williams in the back.] CONLON: AARON LEWIS FROM BEHIND ATTACKING CHASE WILLIAMS! JACKSON: This is what people have been expecting for awhile after that attack! Lewis is finally back from concussion protocol and ready for revenge! CONLON: He sure picked the right moment! Donegal was in jeopardy! JACKSON: And now it is all Lewis in the ring! [Lewis grabs Williams on the rebound and hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex that pops the crowd. He quickly rushes to the corner and bounds to the top where he perches for a split second before leaping and landing a 450 splash on top of Chase Williams.] CONLON: ROUND TRIPPER!!! HE NAILED THAT FOUR-FIFTY SPLASH ON BIG CHASE WILLIAMS! JACKSON: Could we be seeing Lewis ascending the mountain? It looks like it is a real possibility! [Lewis gets to his feet and raises his arms, only to have his left arm grabbed to swing him around by Dylan Cardinal.] CONLON: DYLAN CARDINAL IS IN THE RING! WHERE HE COME FROM? JACKSON: Uh-Oh. [Cardinal holds onto that arm and yanks Lewis toward him for a knee to the gut, before swiftly taking the arms up and nailing him with a double-underhook snap DDT.] CONLON: LD50! HE PLANTED LEWIS RIGHT INTO THE CANVAS WITH THAT NASTY SNAP DDT! JACKSON: This is the man to beat and he just made sure EVERYBODY knew it! That is how you make a statement! [Cardinal doesn't gloat. He simply stares down at Lewis with disdain, like an animal ready to feast on its prey. Suddenly the tall superstar's head tilts back as if grabbed and we see his head disappear under the arm of Liam Donegal, who drops him with an inverted DDT.] CONLON: INVERTED DDT BY DONEGAL! He's not done yet! JACKSON: Donegal is back up and fighting and attacking Cardinal from behind like a weasel! CONLON: This is turning into a nasty brawl! JACKSON: What did you expect? They all four are trying to prove to the others they are the best man to hold that World Title. [Chase Williams and Aaron Lewis are to their feet and charge in. Lewis and Williams begin trading blows as Donegal is pushed off a mount by Cardinal and they begin trading shots in the opposite corner.] CONLON: WILLIAMS AND LEWIS ARE JUST HAULING OFF ON EACH OTHER IN THE CORNER RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! JACKSON: Lewis packs a stronger punch than you might think from his frame. CONLON: That could be his anger adding to the punch. And how about Donegal and Cardinal in the far corner. Cardinal is raking his face on the rope, but Donegal is still landing blows to the mid section! No quit in either of them! JACKSON: This is going to be epic! [Security begins rushing in to separate the men as they battle. Nobody clearly having any real advantage as the crowd starts chanting "Let them fight!" over and over.] CONLON: SECURITY HAS HIT THE RING! It's about time! JACKSON: Nobody is ready for this to end! Can you imagine what will happen when all four of them are in the ring together next Showdown? CONLON: And security won't be in the ring when that happens. JACKSON: That will be one to watch for sure! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Now THAT is a brawl! CHANEY: Liam Donegal shocks the world and upends the seven-foot Derek Rage only to end up in the middle of the most dangerous scrum UPW has ever seen! SMITH: No shock to see Lewis out there trying to prove himself again after that concussion. In fact, it was nice to see him get a measure of revenge on Chase Williams. CHANEY: And Williams attacking the winner of a bracket isn't surprising as that was exactly what he did to Lewis back on Showdown Two. SMITH: If what we just saw is any indication, the main event for the World Title is going to be an amazing affair and there is no clear-cut favorite! CHANEY: No there isn't. Nobody can handicap anything there and if they say they can, call them a liar! SMITH: You got that right, Chaney! All four could be the next World Champion! Every single one of them has their strengths and abilities! CHANEY: Champions are rare and that is what brings us to the main event of the evening! The Ladder match for the UPW Television Championship! SMITH: Six men, all of whom have some history with championships. CHANEY: Indeed they do. And one of them, Felix Sandoval, had a few words to share with Dyan Ciccarelli backstage. SMITH: This ought to be good! Take it away!

[The screen switches to show the following footage.] [We now see a man backstage, dressed in pastel hot pink shirt and white pants. He has a couple of gold chains hanging around his neck and a pair of sunglasses on. In his right hand he holds a cigar, which he hasn't lit up because it is illegal to smoke inside enclosed areas these days. Next to him is Dyan Ciccarelli, the gorgeous UPW interviewer.] DC: Ladies and Gentlemen, with me now is none other than "El Patron" Felix Sandoval. [Felix stands there, as if annoyed.] DC: Felix, tonight you step into the ring for the UPW Television Title against five other man in what will be the toughest match UPW has put out there to date: a ladder match. What are your thoughts as you had into this clash? FS: Well, chica, I'm thinking I'm the man who is walking out with the title. If anyone talks like they are hoping to win, then they don't deserve it. [She looks confused.] DC: Why would you say that? [He looks her up and down before giving her a dismissive look.] FS: You walk in there with any doubt, you will only get broken from the fall. I know the men in the ring with me now. Each of them has their own story to tell and their own history to live up to. It doesn't matter to me about them because I know I'm the man walking out with the gold. DC: Even with former World Champions like Damian Payne and Chad Allen in the mix? FS: Of course! [He turns to face her completely.] FS: You see chica, I know what it means to climb that mountain. I have done it before. Tonight, I do it again. And those other men are not half the man I am. I ruled this division in years past and it is my time to stand in front again. [He turns to face the camera.] FS: I don't care about any of you. I don't fear any of you. Some of you are bit old dinosaurs wanting to return to the days of your youth. I get that, I really do. [He squints.] FS: Some of you are wanting to prove you can run with the big dogs, and I remember those days very well. [He takes his right hand and slaps it against his chest.] FS: But me? I'm no dinosaur. I'm not paying my dues. [He grins.] FS: I'm collecting them. [He laughs arrogantly.] FS: When the dust settles out there and the war has ended, it will be me that has taken the payment in blood from each one of you and cashed it in for that Television Title. Then you will see me as the jefe of television! And you will see just what I mean when I say "¡Soy el luchador más grande en la televisión en el mundo hoy! ¡El amor vive El Patron!" [He storms off.] DC: Felix Sandoval sounding very confident as he gets ready for this main event! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] CHANEY: Felix DID sound confident for that main event and he was on a mission. SMITH: And so were the other five men. Two former World Champions. Legends and Icons gathered in a death-defying match to claim the TV Title. CHANEY: It was an amazing match and we want you to see it from the very beginning, so let's go right to the footage!

[The following taped footage begins to roll.] [The fotage begins as Brandon Franklin's entrance music stops playing and all six men are standing in the ring.] CONLON: And the match begins! [Six men stand in the ring, look up.] CONLON: There it is, 16 feet above them, the UPW Television Title! This is what it's all about, Pepper! JACKSON: It's a beautiful prize, but what will it cost to win it? How many years will the winner need to sacrifice off his career? [Felix Sandoval takes a step backwards, ducks through the ropes and slides out of the ring.] CONLON: What's Sandoval doing? JACKSON: Proving he's the one man in this match with a functioning brain! [Chad Allen takes the first swing, but Harrison Daniels III ducks under it and replies with two quick jabs! Tripp Skylark lunges at Payne, but the big Brit lifts a big boot!] CONLON: Down goes Skylark! [Daniels leaps up, dropkicks Allen into the turnbuckles. Now Payne turns to Franklin, who invites him to come get some. "Sadistic Insanity" swings, Franklin ducks under it, jabs Payne in the abdomen, follows up with a right hook.] CONLON: Payne catches Franklin's arm, counters with a big hip toss! [Harrison lays into the cornered Jester with some big knife edge chops, but out of nowhere, Chad Allen grabs him in a clinch, spins 180 degrees and stuffs Daniels into the turnbuckles before responding with a series of loud chops of his own.] CONLON: Skylark jumps onto Damian Payne's back! JACKSON: I'm not even sure Payne noticed! [He did. Damian Payne backs up into the turnbuckles, freeing himself from Skylark's grip. He lifts Tripp up with a military press and throws him halfway across the ring and onto Brandon Franklin.] CONLON: Damian Payne taking out two competitors out with a single throw! [Payne turns and charges into the ring corner, crushing both Daniels and Allen into the turnbuckles. One by one, he tosses them out of the ring.] CONLON: That was 300lbs crashing into Allen, and 600lbs into Daniels! JACKSON: Makes for a good blue blood purée recipe. [Payne's not finished, however. He picks up Tripp Skylark and effortlessly chucks him over the top rope and out before setting his sights on Franklin. He pulls up the "Hardcore Icon", hoists him up over his shoulders in a torture rack, then casually walks to the ropes.] JACKSON: This looks like bad news for Brandon Franklin... ["Sadistic Insanity" lets go of Franklin's legs, spins him off his shoulders, over the top rope and onto "Jester" Chad Allen at ringside!] CONLON: Damian Payne, physically dominant! [Fans cheer for Payne's feat, but the big Brit's all business.] JACKSON: This man is a giant. He can't be stopped! That title is his! [Payne rolls out of the ring, kneels under the apron and pulls out a long steel ladder.] CONLON: Payne wasting no time, going straight for that belt! [Damian lifts the ladder up, but Felix Sandoval flies along the outside ring apron and crashes into the ladder with a flying shoulderblock! The ladder smacks Payne in the face and the giant collapses, the weight of the ladder and Sandoval falling on top of him.] CONLON: SANDOVAL OUT OF NOWHERE! JACKSON: I guess a taste of steel can stop a giant dead in his tracks, Stan. CONLON: That, and opportunism. I got caught up in the action and forgot Sandoval was even here! [Proud of himself, Sandoval slides the ladder into the ring and follows. Alone in the ring, Felix Sandoval sets up the ladder under the suspended UPW Television Title.] CONLON: Sandoval bid his time, waiting for the right moment... JACKSON: Felix Sandoval may just be the smartest person in this arena! That title is his! [Felix Sandoval begins to climb the ladder, but as he does so, Tripp Skylark lifts himself up on the ring apron.] CONLON: Can Sandoval get up to the title quickly enough? [Skylark sprints up to the top turnbuckle and as Sandoval begins to reach up... Tripp leaps off the top turnbuckle!] JACKSON: NOTHING BUT STEEL! [Sandoval hopped down the ladder and Skylark's crossbody only took down fifteen feet of steel!] COLON: That's got to hurt! JACKSON: Hats off to Sandoval for seeing that coming! [Sandoval pushes Tripp out of the ring under the bottom rope, grabs the ladder and props it up again.] CONLON: Remember, Felix Sandoval won this title three times before. JACKSON: And he only lost it twice! CONLON: That's right. He was the reigning champion when the belt was retired... and now he can get it right back! [Sandoval climbs up the ladder, but Brandon Franklin rolls into the ring behind him. The "Hardcore Icon" climbs up behind Sandoval, punches him in the ribs, hooks him up... and they both fall off!] CONLON: German Suplex off the ladder! [POP!] JACKSON: That was an eight feet drop! CONLON: Once unfolded, the top rung of that ladder is about a dozen feet up, wouldn't you say? JACKSON: Might as well be the top of the Great American Tower! [Franklin gets back to his feet, reaches for the ladder... but Chad Allen blindsides him with a huge Mafia kick!] JACKSON: The "Wicked Clown" returns! CONLON: So does "Sadistic Insanity"! [Payne gets up on the apron, but Allen sees him and barrels in with big tackle! The impact throws Payne off the apron and crashing into the outside barricade!] CONLON: And now the Jester is alone! [Allen pulls up Sandoval, then plants him with a huge Awful Waffle!] CONLON: Kiddie Driver! [Wasting no time, Chad turns to Brandon Franklin who trying to get to his knees. Allen lines him up and goes in with a stiff Shining Wizard to the head!] CONLON: Headpopper to Franklin! JACKSON: There's no one left to stop Allen! That title is his! [Allen pushes Franklin and Sandoval out of the ring, secures the ladder, then begins to climb. However, that's when Daniels rolls in and starts to climb the ladder on the other side!] CONLON: Allen and Daniels, both going for the gold! [The two men meet on top of the ladder and Daniels throws a jab, then another!] JACKSON: Those punches don't seem to affect Chad Allen at all! [Allen fires back, and his punch seems to daze Daniels. Allen throws another...] CONLON: Daniels blocks! [Harrison retorts with a forearm strike, then grabs Chad Allen's cranium and smashes it into the ladder's top rung!] JACKSON: OK, that DOES have an effect on the Jester! [Daniels applies a front facelock, grabs the bottom of Allen's singlet... then lifts him off the ladder...] CONLON: MY GOODNESS! [Allen's back bats the UPW Television Title and Daniels lets himself fall backwards...] CONLON: SUPERPLEX OFF THE LADDER!!! [The impact is immense as both men bounce off the mat, knocking the ladder off its legs! The fans go insane!] CONLON: DANIELS JUST TOOK OUT CHAD ALLEN! JACKSON: And he took himself right out at the same time! [Many fans start a "lets go Daniels" chant, but the Connecticut blue blood isn't in any shape to respond.] CONLON: Chad Allen just fell a dozen feet! How could any human being survive that? JACKSON: They can't! The height of the suplex is doubled! CONLON: And the damage isn't doubled, it increases exponentially! JACKSON: Not sure what that means, but it spells P-A-I-N. CONLON: Can Skylark be opportunistic, here? [Tripp Skylark rolls into the ring, pushes the inert bodies of Allen and Daniels to the side, then reaches for the downed ladder when he sees Damian Payne climbing on the apron. Quickly, Tripp sets up the ladder - Payne steps over the top rope and into the ring.] CONLON: Does Skylark have enough time? [Skylark starts to climb, but Payne grabs him, pulls him off the ladder and stamps him into the mat with a sidewalk slam!] JACKSON: Nope! [Damian Payne lines up the ladder, then starts to climb. Rung after rung, he goes up...] CONLON: Do we have a champion?... [Payne reaches up for the title, then falls!] CONLON: From his back, Skylark kicked the ladder! [Payne falls, but his left leg goes through one of middle ladder rungs!] JACKSON: He fell through the ladder! And he's still stuck in there! CONLON: That could've broken his leg! Or ripped some tendons or sprained something, who can tell? [Skylark kips up, sees Payne hanging off the ladder, grabs his head, stuffs it between his knees, and while Payne's leg is still stuck through a rung...] CONLON: Guillotine Face Driver! JACKSON: I bet there's now a dent in the ring shaped like Damian Payne's face! [Skylark hops up the 2nd turnbuckle and launches off into a knee drop onto Payne's skull!] JACKSON: And now there might be a kneecap shaped dent in Damian Payne's forehead! CONLON: Here comes Brandon Franklin, now! [Franklin rolls in, Skylark throws a kick!] CONLON: Franklin caught him! [The "Hardcore Icon" has Skylark's leg under his arm, applies a waistlock, lifts him off the mat and slams him onto the ladder!] CONLON: BELLY TO BELLY ON THE LADDER! That can't be good for Skylark's back! JACKSON: Payne's leg was still caught in there! It surely got CRUSHED! [Franklin pushes Skylark off the ladder to grab it, but Damian Payne's leg is indeed still woven through a ladder rung. Franklin tries to pull the ladder free, but he ends up pulling Damian Payne upright. Payne tries to throw a punch, but Franklin grabs the captured leg, spins down...] CONLON: DRAGON SCREW THROUGH THE LADDER! JACKSON: Finally, Franklin frees that ladder! CONLON: After unimaginable damage to Payne's leg! [Franklin starts to set up the ladder in the middle of the ring, but another ladder slides into the ring next to him.] CONLON: Sandoval adds a new ladder to the mix, and Brandon Franklin noticed! [Franklin reaches for Felix through the ropes, but El Patron counters with a ring rope guillotine. Sandoval slides in, then charges into Franklin with a running knee to the ribs.] JACKSON: El Patron taking charge! [Sandoval looks at the ladder he slid into the ring, back to Franklin, and grins. He elbows Franklin in the nape, then places his head on the flattened ladder...] CONLON: OH NO! Sandoval likes to Curb Stomp his opponents on the bottom turnbuckle... but STEEL??? [Felix takes a step back... the crowd collectively inhales...] JACKSON: I can't look! [Skylark springboards off the middle rope and takes Sandoval down with a DTT!] CONLON: SPRINGBOARD DDT! JACKSON: Franklin's got a guardian angel! [Skylark kips up, Daniels springboards off the exact same rope and takes down Tripp with a lariat!] CONLON: Springboard Clothesline from Daniels! [Daniels sees Franklin stirring, runs up the ladder, jumps off and knock Franklin down with a huge spinning heel kick!] CONLON: WHAT IMPACT! JACKSON: Was that a tooth flying out to the third row? Did I see right? [The ladder Daniels launched himself off of topples down. Slowly, Payne helps himself up with the ring ropes, and Harrison Daniels charges at him.] CONLON: Back elbow from Payne! [Payne headbutts Daniels, tucks his head between his thighs... hoists him up for a powerbomb...] CONLON: Here comes the Chokebomb! [Daniels drops to the mat on his feet when Payne's left leg buckles!] CONLON: His leg gives out! AND HERE COMES CHAD ALLEN! [Allen runs across the ring over a fallen ladder and crashes into both Payne and Daniels with a double clothesline!] CONLON: ALL THREE MEN TUMBLE OVER THE ROPES AND OUT!! JACKSON: How... How is Allen even able to walk?? [Felix Sandoval is the lone man standing in the ring, but a rising Tripp Skylark doesn't escape his notice. El Patron grabs Tripp by the arm, twists it behind his back with a hammerlock!] CONLON: Skylark counters! [With speed and agility, Skylark flips around, ends up behind Sandoval with a hammerlock of his own! He lifts Sandoval...] CONLON: GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE FOLDED LADDER! [Sandoval falls out of the ring, Skylark gets up and grabs the second ladder, picks it up...] CONLON: Chad Allen kicks it right into his face! [That ladder falls flat to the mat as well.] JACKSON: Allen's inhuman! [Chad Allen picks Skylark up, hoists him up over his shoulders in a backbreaker rack, flips him in the air...] CONLON: THE LAST LAUGH RIGHT ON THE LADDER!! JACKSON: Here lies Tripp Skylark, mourned only by the dumbest of UPW fans... [Allen boots Skylark out of the ring, then pulls up a ladder.] CONLON: Franklin dropkicks the ladder into Allen's head! [The ladder falls, but amazingly, Allen doesn't. Franklin grabs his arm and whips him into the corner turnbuckles! He takes one of the ladders, stuffs it on Allen...] JACKSON: Oh, what's Franklin gonna do? [Franklin takes a few steps back, then runs into the ladder, crushing Allen in the turnbuckles.] CONLON: Brandon Franklin, sacrificing his own body to do some damage! [The ladder bounces off and falls flat onto the mat, then Franklin drops to the canvas, hooking Allen's leg to droptoe hold him face first into the steel ladder!] CONLON: MY GOODNESS! JACKSON: That's gonna knock Allen out cold! [Franklin gets to his feet, leans down to pick up the ladder... then he sees it.] CONLON: CHAD ALLEN IS GETTING UP! JACKSON: HOW?? [A look of incomprehension and amazement haunts Brandon Franklin's face... he drops the ladder, steps back... Chad Allen grins... just as Daniels gets up on the apron.] CONLON: Chad Allen is a veritable freak! [Allen bursts into movement; he clobbers Daniels with a forearm smash, then charges straight for Franklin.] CONLON: Franklin ducks out of the way and Allen runs straight into the ring post! JACKSON: Will that stop him? Now I don't even know! [Franklin rolls out of the ring, shoos the time keeper away and grabs his chair.] CONLON: This can't be good... [Franklin walks to the corner in which Allen is halfway through, shoulder on steel... he takes aim, and whacks!] CONLON: CHAIR TO HEAD TO RINGPOST! JACKSON: Steel sandwich! If Allen's head was a zit, that entire seat section would be covered in pus! CONLON: Charming imagery, but if that doesn't stop Chad Allen, I don't know that anything ever will! [During these events, Harrison Daniels III was unfolding and placing a ladder in the middle of the ring... and now, he's ready to climb it!] CONLON: Daniels going up, but he's not alone! Sandoval just got in the ring and he's climbing up too! JACKSON: I have this odd feeling of déjà vu... [Outside the ring, Brandon Franklin pulls Allen through the ropes and out of the ring when, coming from behind, Damian Payne smashes Franklin's skull into the steel ringpost.] CONLON: That shook the entire ring! JACKSON: And the ladder in the middle of it! Daniels and Sandoval almost fell off! [Regaining their balance, Daniels and Sandoval finish their climb to the top and exchange forearm smashes at the summit.] CONLON: Both men fighting, trying to get that gold... JACKSON: They're just trading punches, neither of them willing to give in! [Suddenly, Daniels recoils, blinded!] CONLON: DID SANDOVAL SPIT IN HIS EYE? JACKSON: Felix Sandoval would never do such a thing! He is class personified! [Sandoval capitalizes with a headbutt, clutches Daniels with a waistlock, takes a deep breath... then launches off!] CONLON: HOLY MACARONI! BELLY TO BELLY FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!! [Daniels, with Sandoval on top of him, almost crashes straight through the ring, but somehow the structure survives... Daniels and Sandoval, however...] JACKSON: Is there anyone involved in this match who isn't a certified lunatic? [Outside the ring, Payne has Franklin high up over his shoulders, and he throws him back first into the ring apron.] CONLON: CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB ON THE APRON BY DAMIAN PAYNE! JACKSON: Brandon Franklin's entire body just bent the wrong way! [Payne reaches under the ropes and grabs hold of Daniel's boot and pulls him out. Then he rolls inside the ring. Using the ropes, he gets to his feet.] CONLON: Damian Payne is the last man standing! [Heavily favoring his left leg, Payne slowly hobbles to the fallen ladder and picks it up. He unfolds it, places it securely in the middle of the ring.] CONLON: Payne's leg seems quite injured, Pepper. JACKSON: Doesn't look like he can put much weight on it. [Climbing the ladder's a laborious task for Damian Payne. But not for Tripp Skylark! Skylark pops up on the apron, slingshots on the top rope and springboards right onto the ladder, opposite Payne!] CONLON: Incredible athleticism from Skylark! [Seeing Skylark's greater speed and agility, Payne hops off the ladder (onto his right leg) while Tripp deftly goes up the rungs and to the top. He reaches up for the UPW Television Championship... but the title moves out of reach.] CONLON: SWEET MERCY... [... And the title only moved away and out of Tripp's reach because the entire ladder he's standing on is moving. Thanks to Damian Payne. Ladder raised up in his arms, Skylark on top, Payne hobbles closer to the ropes then dumps Skylark over and right on top of Harrison Daniels III!] CONLON: WHAT DID WE JUST SEE? JACKSON: Never in my life did I ever imagine I'd see what just happened. CONLON: Payne just carried the entire ladder away and dunked Skylark out of the ring! JACKSON: On top of Daniels! [Once again, Payne is alone in the ring. He hobbles to the other ladder and sets it up.] CONLON: Payne tries to climb up, but it's slow going. JACKSON: And here comes Sandoval! [Sandoval smashes Payne's leg and Damian falls off the ladder! Sandoval goes to climb, but a hand reaches out under the bottom rope and pulls him out of the ring: it's Chad Allen and he takes Felix out at ringside with a short-arm lariat!] CONLON: Chad Allen slides in, tackles Payne back down to the mat! [Allen with a double leg takedown... and the elbows rain down!] CONLON: FrEaKOuT! JACKSON: Is that how you pronounce it? *THWAACK!* CONLON: Franklin with the chair to Allen's back! [Franklin throws the chair away, pulls Allen onto his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry...] CONLON: BRAINWASHED! [Franklin gets to his feet, straightens the toppled ladder, sees Damian Payne stirring. He grabs the big Brit in a front facelock, jumps...] CONLON: JAILBREAK! Franklin planted him with that DDT! JACKSON: Hold on! Sandoval's climbing the ladder! [He is... ever the opportunist, El Patron snuck in and got halfway up the ladder before Brandon Franklin even noticed him!] CONLON: Franklin whacks him with the chair! [Sandoval is stunned, but doesn't let go. Franklin goes up after him...] JACKSON: Why is Franklin climbing that way? On that side... CONLON: Sandoval reaching up for the gold... [Felix's fingers graze the coveted UPW Television Championship, but he senses something is amiss... he looks down; he's sitting on top of Franklin's shoulders.] JACKSON: NO!! CONLON: FRANKLIN'S GONNA POWERBOMB HIM OFF THE LADDER! [Sandoval looks back up at the title, reaches for it... but Franklin leaps off!] *THUUUUUD!* CONLON: POWERBOMB!!! [Cincinnati goes nutty!] JACKSON: HOW IS THERE NOT A HOLE IN THAT RING??? [Fans are going insane, Franklin struggles to his feet, leans on the ladder and looks above the ring...] *DING! DING! DING!* [... Franklin looks back at Sandoval in a panic...] CONLON: THE TELEVISION TITLE IS IN SANDOVAL'S ARMS! JACKSON: He got powerbombed off the ladder, but he still took his title down with him! What a hero! CONLON: Unbelievable! Brandon Franklin is the only man left standing in this ring... but he's not the champion! JACKSON: He is not! Felix Sandoval is! CONLON: And he's not even conscious to know it! [Franklin drops to his knee in utter disbelief.] RING ANNOUNCER: The winner, and NEW UPW TELEVISION CHAMPION... "EL PATRON" ... Felix SANDOVAL!!! [Quite unconscious, belt safely in his arms, Felix Sandoval remains completely motionless in the middle of the ring. Franklin rolls out, the other wrestlers clear out of the ring...] CONLON: These men have given everything, sacrificed years of their careers in a bid to win this championship! JACKSON: But only one man pulled it off! [A snow of confetti falls onto the fans, the ring, and the glorious - and unconscious - champion!] CONLON: The TTW legacy stays alive, Pepper. JACKSON: That's right. Felix Sandoval wins the Television Title for a fourth time... and remember, he's only ever lost it twice! No one will ever be able to repeat this exploit! [Fade to black.]

[We return to the Showdown Studio and our announce team at the desk.] SMITH: Felix is the Champion! CHANEY: His energy paid off and now he is on top of the Television scene! Felix Sandoval ruled the TTW Television division and he starts UPW off right where he left off there! SMITH: What a night! CHANEY: It certainly was and we have run out of time! Folks, for Robert "The Gorilla" Smith, I'm Eric Chaney saying so long from UPW Showdown and we'll see you next time! [The screen with the announcers fades into a screen that has the first picture listed below in it. The still change as the credits roll. "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool begins playing in the background as the following set of stills recapping the night's action begins to roll.] [Picture still of Liam Donegal raising his arms with a view of Antonio De Luca in the background clapping.] [Picture still of Derek Rage lifting Frank Anthony with the Hammer of God finisher.] [Picture still of Marco Matters with his hand raised in victory.] [Picture still of The Dominion attacking The Hype during their entrance.] [Picture still of Aaron Lewis hitting the Round Tripper on Tex Colorado.] [Picture still of Rick Styles attacking John Herdick with a chair in the entrance area.] [Picture still of Jeff Keenan with his arm raised in victory.] [Picture still of the moment Derek Rage's head hit the steel ring post from inside the ring on Donegal's lift into the corner.] [Picture still of All four finalists brawling in the middle of the ring as security is entering to break it up.] [Picture still of Felix Sandoval holding the UPW TV Title in the air.] © 2016 UPW, Inc. LEAGUE WEBSITE: http://www.ultimateprowrestling.fwrestling.com/ LEAGUE MAILING LIST: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Official_UPW/info LEAGUE TWITTER: @UPW_Official LEAGUE RADIO SHOW SITE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ultimateprowrestling