LIVE from Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN

October 1, 2018




"The Human Heart Attack" Johnny Psychotic -VS- "Good" Gordon Gaines

Luscious Jasmine -VS- Tripp Skylark




Colm Larsen -VS- Windham Brody

NOTES: In the first match of the new UPE era, Windham Brody (who was the final TV Champion from the last edition of UPW) looks to carry the momentum from the last run into this new chapter. His first step to reclaiming the TV belt is by taking on a relative rookie in Colm Larsen! Larsen has a background in MMA, but will it translate to the squared circle? Many have struggled with such a move between the disciplines, and a test like the massive Brody could be the measuring stick for this Danish star.


Yancy Kilpatrick -VS- Michael Wilson

NOTES: In the first match to determine who will eventually become the UPW's next World Champion, two veterans collide! 2-time SWF World Champion, Yancy Kilpatrick returns to the ring and battles former (and still record-holding longest) CWF World Champion, Michael Wilson. One of these men will take a step toward a possible World Title reign years after their last one.

Turner & Hooch -VS- The Gentrifiers

NOTES: Turner & Hooch are a couple of fun-loving guys and the fans love them to death. These two always bring excitement and that makes them a perfect team to have in the first tag team match of the revived UPW. Their opponents are a fearsome pair from Chicago, Illinois, known as the Gentrifiers. This tag team, made up of "Gray Bear" Greg Johnson and "Grizzley" Pete Olsen may not have the fluid teamwork other teams have, but they make up for it with ruthless aggression.

"Jammin'" Jimmy Gibson -VS- Billy "The Regulator" James

NOTES: Fresh off an extended tour of Japan, Gibson enters UPW with a lot of fanfare and excitement surrounding him. The former Second City Champion has been out of the American spotlight, but looks to return to form as he will be taking on Billy James! James actually had a bit of a win streak when UPW ended in 2017 and perhaps he isn't the pushover many felt he was a few years ago. This promises to be an excellent starting point for the fans of UPW!


"Jester" Chad Allen -VS- "Sadistic Insanity" Damian Payne

NOTES: Two more veterans of the wrestling ring will do battle for another step toward UPW World Title glory as Chad Allen, the evil clown of wrestling, looks to cut down former ICWF WOrld Champion Damian Payne. Both of these men have rugged reputations and have waged wars in the ring for decades. One of them will emerge with a stronger chance of becoming UPW World Champion. Allen will have his partner in crime, Iris Galiver, at his side as usual. Will that be enough to tip the scales in his favor?


"Conceited Bastard" Chase Williams -VS- Caleb Foley

NOTES: If two men could be considered star-crossed to meet and do battle, it is WIlliams and Foley. From PVW to SCWE to UPW, they have a rivalry that is nothing short of dynamic and legendary. What better way to kick off UPW's revival than to have one of the most heated rivalries take center stage in the main event. Williams has a decided size advantage, but "Da King of the Gingers: is as scrappy as they come and not one to back down. The only thing on the line is pride as these two men cap off the night head-to-head with yet another chapter in this storied match-up!

*PLUS! Announcement of plans for World Heavyweight Championship and how it will be crowned at Collision Course! All LIVE on Showdown!

*Card subject to change