APRIL 20, 2017

 1- "Legionarius" Antonio De Luca  ***UPW NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION***
 2- John Herdick
 3- Glenn Chambers
 4- Tripp Skylark
 5- Soldiers of the Sun   ***UPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS***
 6- "Top Dog" Rick Styles
 7- "Conceited Bastard" Chase Williams
 9- Desi Valdez Jr.  w/The Mercenary
10- Caleb Foley
11- Windham Brody  ***UPW TELEVISION CHAMPION***
12- "Hardcore Icon" Brandon Franklin
13- "El Patron" Felix Sandoval

 1- "Legionarius" Antonio De Luca  ***UPW NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION***

[We open to the UPW North American Champion dressed to the nines in a tailor-made black
suit.    Dressed for success Antonio De Luca wears the UPW North American Championship
tightly around his waist sending a message to his opponent, the UPW, and the wrestling

ADL: Brandon Franklin ...

[De Luca snarls at the mention of Brandon Franklin.]

ADL: You had your five seconds of fame.   Survival was quite the night for the Hardcore
Icon.   You finally won the UPW TV Championship after chasing it for months.   You
entered the Survival Rumble on fire and did the unthinkable.  You eliminated the most
dominating force in professional wrestling.  One by one we went over the ropes.   When
doing that you wrote a check you couldn't cash.

[De Luca shakes his head.]

ADL: Last Showdown we came to collect and in result you lost the thing you coveted the
most, the UPW Television Championship.

[A smile forms across De Luca's face.]

ADL: I have to admit while it wasn't personal it gave me great joy to see your
shoulders pinned.  It gave me great joy to see the disappointment in your face as the
title was handed to Windham Brody and you became another victim to the game.  You
stayed just long enough to keep the seat warm for the next champion in the Champions
Club.   You fought and bled for that title and you had your own fate in your hands
until you crossed Dominion.

[De Luca points to the UPW North American Championship that sits tightly around his

ADL: You now have your sights set on a new title.   You want to wage a new war, but
this time it's not just an underdog story you seek.   No, you want to attempt the
impossible.   You see Brandon, this isn't a specialty rumble rules match.   You are now
stepping into _our_ world.   One versus three ...

[De Luca holds up three fingers.]

ADL: We have made the UPW our stomping ground unleashing dominance over the league and
roster.   Our impact has been felt by nearly every single man on the roster.  Ask the
number one contender ...   Ask Caleb Foley.   Look in the mirror and ask yourself.

[De Luca lets that point sink in.]

ADL: In Houston, Texas you have an opportunity for some justice.   You requested a
match with me and I accepted it.   Before, we bury you I will enjoy standing there
watching you dig your own grave.   I will enjoy standing there and watch you sweat as
the last moments of your career tick away.   We both know you will think back to that
crossroads where you took the wrong turn.   You ran down that aisle way and decided
that you were going to be the man to stand toe to toe with Dominion.

[Big laugh.]

ADL: I hope those five seconds of fame were worth it.

[The message was sent while short and sweet.]

ADL: Now we are here to collect and send a message by putting an end to the Hardcore
Icon once and for all.

[De Luca mocks digging a grave as we fade.]

 2- John Herdick

[The words - Live in the moment is seen.

The camera backs away and the man who will challenge Brody Windham for the UPW TV
Championship John Herdick is standing by.  Those words sit proudly on a homemade banner
that Herdick holds up.]

JH: You guys are probably wondering what this banner is about.

[Herdick looks at the banner and continues.]

JH: I was asked to speak at a local elementary school about bullies.   I was very
honored and I arrived prepared to give this rehearsed speech.

[Herdick nods as he contemplates his next words.]

JH: So, I get in front of this class of twenty-five kids.   That is fifty pair of eyes
just beating down my neck waiting for the words to come out of my mouth.    So I go
into this rehearsed speech that I had prepared about how it's wrong to bully kids and
how I have had to overcome bullies even in my adult life.

[Herdick smiles for a moment.]

JH: Then this young kid raises his hand and I ask him to please speak and he tells me
to stand tall and Live in the Moment.   So, I took that to heart and tonight when I go
out there and face the new UPW TV Champion, Brody Windham.   I am going to put it all
on the line and for those kids Live in the moment!

[You can hear the passion in John's voice.]

JH: Everything ... Every single obstacle I have had to face has lead me to tonight.
Every failed opportunity.   Every embarrassing moment.   Every controversial moment.
It has lead me to this match this opportunity this _moment_

[Herdick cackles.]

JH: So tonight, I am going to do the unthinkable.  I am going to stand up against the
bullying that I have endured here in the UPW.   I am going to walk out there for all
the people that have had to endure similar hardships.   For those of us who have
failed.  For those of us who have endured moments that we aren't very proud of.   For
the average person that just needed a break.   I am going to walk out there and do what
that young boy said to me.

Live in that moment.

[Herdick gets silent for a moment.]

JH: Brody you are stronger than I am.   You are tougher than I am.  Let's be honest
more than likely you are the better wrestler.  But, I want this more.   I _need_ this
more.   It's all about tonight for me.  There is no tomorrow.  I am going to go out
there and put my life on the line.   I have to win this match.

I _will_ win this match.

[Herdick lowers the banner and looks at it.]

JH: I made a promise that tonight I wouldn't let the bullies win.  I made a promise
that I would live in the moment.

[Fade to black.]

 3- Glenn Chambers

[The scene jumps to life in an instant as see the view of a camera mounted inside of a
car. Glenn Chambers is driving and singing along to the song on the radio.]

Chambers:  She told me don't worry about it! She told me don't worry no more! We both
know we can't live without it! She told me you'll never be alone! Oh Oh WOOOOOO!!!

[He curls himself as he sings, obviously dancing along as he continues crooning.]

Chambers:  I can't feel my face when I'm with you! But I Love it, But I love it! OH-OH-

[Glenn's eyes catch the obvious vision of what he is doing and he suddenly stops as the
song continues playing. He clears his throat.]

Chambers:  Uh, yeah. Sorry about that!

[He laughs as he turns the radio down.]

Chambers:  When you have long roads to travel, it helps to have a little fun. Normally,
I ride with some other guys and we chat about wrestling and pick each other's brains,
but with what I got coming up I felt the need for some personal space.

[He is looking ahead as he drives, turning the wheel as needed.]

Chambers:  Last night we did a house show in Lubbock, Texas. You really don't realize
how excited fans are out there until you see them on their turf. We sold out the arena
at Texas Tech and had sixteen thousand people there.

[He shakes his head with a smile.]

Chambers:  I'll be honest, even in the TTW heyday, we never rarely had television
tapings that big, let alone house shows.

[He laughs again.]

Chambers:  I remember one time, we ran a show outside of Dayton, Ohio in a High School
gym and we only had something like five hundred people there. And at that time in TTW,
that was a massive house show!

[He nods slowly.]

Chambers:  If those guys could see where we are now. Damn, they'd be proud.

[He glances down at the camera for a second to connect with those watching.]

Chambers:  I know you all do not want to hear me tell stories of the past. And I can
appreciate that.

[He slows down and turns the wheel quite a bit. Then seems to speed up quickly.]

Chambers:  Ever since I won the rumble, I knew I would become a marked man of sorts.
Not because I'm the champion, but because I'm the guy the champion knows is lined up at
Slamfest. So many guys want a spot like that.

[Another glance to the camera and then back to the road.]

Chambers:  Why do you think Chase acted the way he did last Showdown?

[The smile has faded as he shares.]

Chambers:  I know people talk about Chase and what they say is mostly true. He is a
legitimate bad ass. He is a scary man inside that ring. And yeah, he probably feels
slighted that he is on the outside looking in with the World Title right now.

[He tilts his head to each side, stretching his neck.]

Chambers:  I know that is how things used to run in the world. If you felt like you
weren't where you wanted to be, you just went after the person in the spot you desired.
It always led to the champions being tormented, but also able to say great things like,
"to be the man, you have to beat the man!"

[He laughs.]

Chambers:  Maybe things still work that way to a degree because now Chase gets some of
what he wishes.

[He shakes his head a little.]

Chambers:  No, he isn't in a title match now, but he gets to team with the champion.

[He holds up a finger.]

Chambers:  That is an amazing opportunity in itself.

[Back to driving safely with two hands on the wheel.]

Chambers:  Chase is no dummy. He knows he will get the chance to scout the champ in the
ring first hand without the danger of the seven-footer actually attacking HIM! It is
pretty smart in a lot of ways, but remember something Chase.

[That wide grin returns.]

Chambers:  He gets to scout you too. And if he views you a threat, you can bet he will
not hesitate at all to turn on you. That is what makes him a dangerous champion. He is
seven-feet tall and has a mean streak a mile wide.

[He glances down and back again.]

Chambers:  Did you see what he did to Lewis? He bounced his head off the canvas like a
damn basketball, son! The man is a dragon that will not easily be beaten. No, sir!

[He shakes his head a little.]

Chambers:  And remember Chase, you may not catch everything. The man made his bones as
a tag team legend. He knows how to hold the good stuff back and let his partner show
off and give information away.

[He laughs a little.]

Chambers:  You cannot possible trust your partner. You want what he has. You are
looking to prove he should be worried about you. So it stands to reason that you two
will be uneasy partners at best.

[He reaches back and taps his own chest.]

Chambers:  That is where I actually have it a little easier.

[Back to driving with both hands.]

Chambers:  Caleb Foley saved my ass last Showdown.

[His eyes widen.]

Chambers:  I can admit that. I'm a man that admits when he needed help and I'm probably
not on my way to the next house show in College Station right now if Caleb doesn't show
up and keep Chase from dropping me on that chair.

[He shakes it off as if getting rid of a bad dream.]

Chambers:  Thanks again, partner. I owe you one.

[He focuses on the road intently as he seems to be passing someone.]

Chambers:  Trust is what makes it work and it is the only way we can stand a chance
against these two massive men.

[He relaxes a bit.]

Chambers:  Almost there now for another house show. Love seeing the fans out and it is
going to be exciting when we get to Showdown in Houston. Caleb and I are going to light
the Target Center up and take down the two biggest threats in UPW.

[He smiles.]

Chambers:  Then the fun begins. Until then, everybody. I'm out.

[He touches the camera and the screen goes suddenly black.]

 4- Tripp Skylark

[Fade in...]

[...to see hundreds, if not thousands, of candles lit, lining the walls of the room.
Sitting on end tables, shelves on the wall and the floor itself, the candles are
everywhere... except for the middle of the one wall, where three individuals are
currently taking up residence.  Cloaked in a giant black robe, one man sits on what
appears to be a giant silver throne.  The sheer massive size of the man, along with his
pale complexion making his identify feel as it if sitting on the tip of your tongue,
but the brain just cannot connect the dots.   To the cloaked man's right and left are
his ever faithful and loyal bodyguards.  This  means the smallest man in the room,
sitting with his legs crossed in front of the throne, is TRIPP SKYLARK.  Tripp no
longer looks recognizable, dressed from head to toe in black, including his hair.
Tripp looks up to hooded man... like a child looks up to their parent when they are in
the middle of hearing a life lesson]

MYSTERY MAN: My dear young Skylark... they call you my puppet, as if I am some sort of
master... _DO NOT_ listen to such blasphemy! I am merely your teacher, with the squared
circle serving as our classroom.  You are just my pupil, making a choice to walk
through the doors that are being opened in front of you! Stay the course, young
Skylark! _LEARN_ from me... _FIGHT_ for me... And you will have everything you have
every wanted!

[Soft, evil chuckle as Tripp nods in recognition.]

MYSTERY MAN:  Anything you have ever dreamed of... The success you have craved... Just
follow my footsteps, young Skylark, and it all will be yours! You have shown a
willingness to do what is necessary... a devotion to tap into your hidden potential and
show the world with your blinders now off, that _NOTHING_ can stop you!


MYSTERY MAN: It is time to move swiftly young Skylark! Time is of the essence we make
our mark and let the world know what stands before them... that the Black Circle Boys
have arrived to You Pee Dubbya!

[the Black Circle Boys (?!?!?!) all join in a round of laughter.]

MYSTERY MAN: While they might not understand the peril they are in now.. soon they will
understand... that with _BEASTS_ such as ourselves on the prowl... _NO ONE_ is safe!

[Tripp again nods in acknowledgement of hooded man's words.]

TRIPP: I have never felt so alive... so free in all my life! I thank you for being my
guiding light... my wake up call... my _MENTOR_! You have revolutionized my existence,
brought me back from the brink of collapse and utter failure! The only way for me to
repay such kindness is to heed your word, and fight in your name with your lessons
etched into memory! Before where I faltered and misstepped, I will now flourish and
conquer my demons!

MYSTERY MAN: Ah, ha! I can already see the transformation taking hold, allowing the
confidence to brew! That is the spirit, Young Skylark! It shall serve you well this
week with your rematch with Mr. James!

TRIPP: At first I was nothing but furious with dear Billy for finding a way to gain
victory in our previous encounter! But the more and more I replay things inside my
head... I begin to see it differently! I should not be angry with dear Billy, but
rather grateful! For without his miraculous once in a life time never ever gonna happen
again victory...... I wouldn't be standing right here in front of you... Lark.

[Lark flashes a quick smile and nods, recognizing Tripp's gratitude.]

TRIPP: Now, my gratitude doesn't change the fact I'm still going to punch him straight
in the throat and redeem myself by conquering my foe in dominating fashion! You are
right, Lark... I have tapped into my hidden potential, and now that the dam has bursts,
it is going to take one hell of an effort to stop this forward momentum!

LARK: An effort Mr. James cannot possibly muster with his lackluster skill set and
limited athletic ability! Come Showdown, Young Skylark.... it will be time to take Mr.
James on a little trip!

[The two men share a smile.]

TRIPP: Yea...  a little trip to....... _SKYLARK FALLS_!

[Fade out.]

 5- Soldiers of the Sun   ***UPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS***

[Scene opens to a bed room. There are framed old posters of Stevie Courage, Soldiers of
the Sun, obscure glam metal act Venus Bomb and pizza themed art. Sitting up in the bed
with a brave smile and dressed in a pair of blue pajamas with the blanket covering his
legs is young rookie sensation Ricky Courage of the UPW World Tag Team Champions,
Soldiers of the Sun. And standing on either side of the bed are his "uncles" and tag
team partners, STRIKER Kato and Titan Juarez.]

RC: Howdy everyone!

[Ricky gives a wave with his hand and flashes a sad smile.]

RC: First, I want to thank all the fans out there who have sent me get well cards, well
wishes, likes on social media and general good vibes. I really appreciate it! It's
because of all of the outpouring of support that I wanted to make an appearance...

[Courage grimaces in pain and holds his head while his shoulders arch up as if horrible
back pain is torturing him. STRIKER Kato, with a look of parental like worry and
concern, turns to Ricky but Courage holds up a hand and gives a smile to his "uncle"
from Osaka before continuing.]

RC: I wanted to speak to all of you.. To let you know that.. I'm...

[Ricky chokes on the words for a moment but soldiers on.]

RC: I'm going to be out of action for a while. I suffered a pretty bad concussion when
Dominion hit me with those two Stomping Grounds on the entrance ramp.

[The young man winces in pain as he holds his head and begins to lean towards his left
but is steadied by Kato while Titan Juarez grits his teeth angrily while keeping his
arms crossed. Ricky nods to Kato and before looking up at the camera again.]

RC: I'm not sure when I'll be back because there is a lot of medical tests and
clearances I have to pass...

[Ricky grimaces but steadies himself and gets a determined look on his face.]

RC: But I want everyone to know, especially Dominion, that I will be back. However long
and whatever it takes, I will return.

[He flashes a pained smile up at his partners.]

RC: And I know that until I do that my uncles are going to take care of business
against the once greatest fighter on television, Felix Sandoval, and whomever he
chooses as his partner.

[Kato looks strangely sad and guilty and Titan looks away, his mouth in a bitter

RC: Because they're not just Tag Team Champions of the WORLD.. They're Soldiers of
the.. ACK!

[Ricky holds his head and trembles from pain. Both Kato and Juarez grab Ricky and
steady him and help him to lay back.]

SK: OK, Ricky. You've done enough for today.

RC: But..

TJ: Everyone knows you will be out for a while Ricky and that you will do all you can
to return.

[Kato flashes a Devil May Care smile at Ricky.]

SK: And do not worry, we will take care of Sandoval and his partner. We will not lose
the championships because come Slam Fest, the biggest night of them all, you will join
us in lifting these belts into the air.

[Ricky grimaces but smiles through his pain and nods his head.]

RC: S-Slam Fest.. My Dad... He has to be there... His blood.. In my veins.. Have to l-
lift the belt.. For him...

[Titan pats Ricky on the chest.]

TJ: Just take it easy and watch as we defend these belts and keep them warm for you
come Slam Fest.

[Ricky nods his head as his eyes close. The smile fades from Kato's face and an anger
comes over it. Titan looks at him and nods his head.]

TJ: I am going to rip Dominion limb from limb.

SK: The same. But first...

TJ: Sandoval.

[They nod at each other then look down with sad expressions at Ricky as the scene

 6- "Top Dog" Rick Styles

[Scene opens to an empty arena. Although the ring is still set up, it is stripped down
to its bare essentials. Not a single seat is filled. There are no vendors, there are no
bright lights. The guardrails are gone, the UPW banners have been removed. In fact,
there is no evidence that Showdown ever took place here...except for the remnants of
ash on the metal floor in one area of the aisle.

Although the seats are not filled, this arena is hardly empty. There are three people
standing around the charred floor. They are the people responsible for the charred
remains...they are "Top Dog" Rick Styles, Ralph and Erin. Styles and Ralph are in black
suits (the former's suit is neatly pressed, the latter...not so much). Erin is in a
black dress. She looks bored.]

Erin: Can we start now, Rick Styles? I don't like the empty arena, it's creepy in here.

Rick Styles: Not yet, Erin. We are awaiting a few more guests.

[The sounds of muffled grunts can be heard from the back. Styles spins towards the
curtain, which flies open. The Mercenary and Desi Valdez Junior walk in single file
down the aisle. They are both dressed in camouflage shirts and pants.  One brown sack,
tied with rope at the top, lays across both their right shoulders. The bag is moving,
as if someone is struggling to get out.]

Rick Styles: Ahh, here they are now. (towards the Merc and DVJ) I hope she didn't give
you too hard of a time?

Merc: Surprisingly, yeah. She must have built up some sort of tolerance to chloroform
as you can see she's waking up already. Maybe it's from all those years of listening to
her boring-ass husband.

Rick Styles: I do hope you treated her well. She is, after all, our guest of honor.

[The Mercenary and Junior stop mid-step and roll the sack off their shoulders and onto
the floor. The Mercenary unties the bag. A beautiful woman crawls out of the bag. Her
long hair is messed up. Her wide eyes glance up at Styles. Her jaw is uncontrollably

Woman: Wh-where am I? W-w-what do y-you want with me?

[Styles leans down in a squatting position directly in front of the woman. He has a
huge grin on his face.]

Rick Styles: Please pardon the roughness of my associates, Mrs. Lewis, I asked them to
be as gentle as possible. As far as where you are, take a look, ma'am. (Styles motions
a hand towards the ashes) THIS is where it happened. THIS is the gravesite of your
husband's career.

Mrs. Lewis: Listen, l-let me go and I-I won't say anything about this. I won't go to
the p-police, I-I swear.

Rick Styles: I'm sure you won't, my hired Mercenaries will make sure of that. However,
we are about to honor your husband's career. Of course, it is appropriate that family
be here for this occasion.

Mrs. Lewis: W-what are you t-talking about?

Rick Styles: Please.

[Styles holds out his hand for her to take. When she doesn't reach for it, Styles' grin
fades and his eyes narrow. Realizing the veiled threat, Lewis reluctantly takes his
hand. He leads her into a standing position. As Styles steps away, Erin takes his spot,
placing a hand on Lewis' shoulder.]

Mrs. Lewis: My-my husband is in surgery right now. H-ow can you d-do this to me?

Erin: Don't worry, sweetie, this will all be over soon, and then we'll return you to
the hospital. Think of it as a chance to get some fresh air, I know that waiting room
can get dreary after a while.

Rick Styles: As I said, Mrs. Lewis, it is important for you to be here for our
ceremony. Now, bow your head, please.

Mrs. Lewis: Pl-please, you can't keep me here against my will, this is kidnap—


[Lewis does as she is told. Erin's hand on her shoulder does nothing to alleviate the
nerves that are making her visibly shake.]

Rick Styles: Thank you. Everyone, please bow your heads as well.

[Everyone does so. For several moments, silence fills the arena. Then, Styles begins.]

Rick Styles: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay tribute and say our
goodbyes to the career of "All Day" Aaron Lewis. Although he did not last long, he was
a wrestler with great potential in this industry. That potential gave him enough
momentum to win the UPW world championship...of course, that's not as exciting as being
a five-time world champion in his fed, plus winning several other championships around
the world, OR being voted number one in the RSPWF's top 200, but I digress. This isn't
about ME...well, maybe it's a little bit about me.

Ralph: Amen.

Mrs. Lewis (staring at Ralph) H-how can you...you just st-stand there...letting this

[Ralph shrugs his shoulders. Styles throws him a glance that says "be quiet and pay
attention." Styles returns his attention to the burn marks on the floor.

Rick Styles: Alas, potential can only get you so far, as Aaron Lewis learned when he
made a huge mistake, he dared to cross, disrespect and then IGNORE the "Top Dog" Rick
Styles. This ill-advised path led to his career going up in smoke.

[Styles starts to snicker. Mrs. Lewis gasps.]

Rick Styles: Pardon me. Where was I? Oh, yes...speaking of ill-advised, the UPW fed
heads decided to revolve the entire federation around Aaron Lewis. Although well
intentioned, this idea proved to be a short-sighted error, as all of their future plans
involving the golden child went up in FLAMES.

[Styles stifles another snicker]

Rick Styles: Whenever something like this occurs, we ask ourselves, why? Why did this
happen? In Aaron Lewis' case, the answer is clear. He tarnished his own potential on
the day he decided he wasn't man enough to face, on his own, the challenge of his first
token title defense, Derek Rage. The day he e-mailed Rick Styles for help, his
potential, his integrity, his entire career...it all took a nosedive.

Mrs. Lewis: (sobs) He di-didn't--

Rick Styles: As it turned out, Aaron Lewis was right, he DID need the help, and he
received it, out of the goodness of my heart. And, STILL, he couldn't win that match. I
can only assume this fact laid heavy on his chest, which led to a break from the golden
boy character. Aaron Lewis decided to turn on the helper. Aaron Lewis proved himself
ungrateful and petty as he chose to toss me out of the ring during the Ultimate Rumble.
On that day, the path of Aaron Lewis broke in half...much like his right leg. It
snapped (snaps his fingers) just like that.

Ralph: Amen.

[Tears roll down Lewis' red cheeks. Her crying echoes throughout the empty arena.
Styles turns his head and rolls his eyes.]

Erin: There, there, Mrs. Lewis, please don't cry. Put your faith in Rick Styles, he is
a REAL man.

Mrs. Lewis: You people are cra--

Rick Styles: AS I WAS SAYING....the unfortunate truth is Aaron Lewis may never walk
again. And even if he does, he may never be able to step foot in a wrestling ring
again. It means we must look at a future in the UPW without "All Day" Aaron Lewis. Of
course, there is always the chance he may recover enough to do both...but if he's

[Styles turns towards Mrs. Lewis. He leans in and meets her eye to eye...]

Rick Styles: ...he will NEVER EVER return.

[With fear running across her face, Mrs. Lewis takes a step back. Styles gives her a
devious smile in return.]

Rick Styles: Let's say our final prayers. (he remains face to face with Lewis' wife)
Ashes to ashes (another chuckle), dust to dust. Aaron Lewis, you will hardly be missed
and you will soon be forgotten about. Meanwhile, enjoy your operation and your long-
term residence...in a wheelchair.

Ralph: Amen.

Mrs. Lewis: You-you're a monster.

Rick Styles: It's time for you to go. We'll return you to the hospital where you will
be placed back into the same seat you were found in that waiting room.  Maybe when you
wake up, you'll think it was all a dream. But it's not a dream, is it?

[She doesn't answer.]

Rick Styles: No, it's not, and deep down, you'll always know. And so will Aaron. Oh,
I'm sure you won't tell him right away, he has a lot on his plate right now. The
surgery. The recovery. Rehab. But, one day, when he's finally off his pain medication,
I'm sure you will share this with him. The two of you will spend "ALL DAY" talking
about it. The sad thing is, there isn't a damned thing he can do except sit at home in
front of the television, watching ME take over HIS fed.

[Mrs. Lewis takes another step back, and then another, almost tripping over her own
feet. From behind, The Mercenary places a damp hand towel over her nose and mouth.]

Ralph: Nice meeting you, Mrs. Lewis. Thank you for coming.

Rick Styles: (smirks) Yeah, thank you for coming.

[Mrs. Lewis struggles for a few moments before going limp. DV Junior holds open the bag
as Merc places her inside. Merc ties up the bag, he and Junior both heave the bag up
onto their shoulders. They start heading back up the aisle.]

 7- "Conceited Bastard" Chase Williams

"I've tried to make it crystal clear I _don't_ play well with others."

[King ding-a-ling himself, Chase [beeping] Williams is hardly regards the camera as he
throws combinations at the heavy bag hanging in front of him,]

"But as much as I'm not one to go against my own moral code, I'll play along just this

[The rhythmic thud of a three punch combo interrupts him momentarily]

"Because to be honest, I haven't been this excited to kick someone's ass into their
neck in _years_"

[Another quick combo.]

"Caleb mother[beeping] Foley."

[One last combination. he steps away grabbing a nearby bottle of water and draining it
before chucking it off screen.]

"Your balls finally drop their bud? I've been looking for someone to man up and
[beeping] fight me and I'll be damned if I thought it was gonna be you. I thought one
last beating would've finally been enough to send your ass home with your tail between
your legs. But I'll let you in on a little secret Caleb. I was really hoping maybe
stomping your goofy ass would fire you up into thinking you might want to try me again.
Cause I'll be honest."

[A smile and a wink.]

"I get a different kind of pleasure out of torturing you Caleb. It was _fun_ toying
with you back in Phoenix. I've lost my smile Caleb, but you, you've given it back to

[The smile widens. he looks genuinely elated.]

"Cause there's nothing like watching you fail. When you failed your family, your
_dying_ father, it was the closest I'll get to Divinity. and I want to see if I can get
it back.'"

[What a fucking jerk!]

"So bring everything you got bat boy. You too Chambers. I know you thinking sneaking
out of our match last week with your little "victory actually means something, but it
amounts to a short lapse in concentration. I said I was gonna smash your face, and I
did that for all but a lucky three seconds."

[The glare!]

"So [beep] you. and [beep] Foley too. I'll kick both of your asses with or without
Rage. He's welcome to join me. I have a certain respect for Velvet Sims that extends to
his champion. That and he's pretty good at snuffing out heroes. Now get the [beep]
outta here"



[Fade in:

The shot opens on the UPW World Heavyweight Championship.  We see the beautifully
designed belt and the name plate that reads: Derek Rage.  As the camera draws back a
little Velvet Sims’ face pops into the shot.  He breathes on the belt and polishes it
so it shines even more brightly.  Almost as bright as the diamond in his tooth.]

gots to be prettier than than trashbag rats you call fans, right?

[Sims slaps his knee.]

VS:  Don’t get upset, I’m just funnin’ witchu, Chambers.  I mean, I done seen you
wrassle, you must be used to bein’ the butt of a joke by now?

[Sims stares into the camera, looking shocked.]

VS: What?  You still ain’t laughin’?  Damn, tough crowd, ain’t it?  Real real tough
crowd.  Lookie here, man.  When you getting’ set to take a ass whuppin’ the likes you
got from yo momma you should be able to laugh.  Because that’s all that’s gonna happen
when you get in the rang with Big D.  I mean, Chambers, let’s be honest here aight.
Yeah, it’s really impressive winnin’ a battle royal.  It’s a great feat for any
wrassler tossin all them other men ovah tha ropes to tha outside.  Nobody else did it
but you.  And that makes you tha numbah one contendah round here.  I ain’t gonna take
that away from you.

[Sims folds his lip over and shakes his head.]

VS: I’m a lot of thangs, but I ain’t a hater.

[He pauses for a beat.]

But I ain’t a liker neitha.

And I don’t like ya chances.  I don’t like ‘em at all.  I mean, I don’t unnerstand how
many times I gotta tell ya the same damn thang.  You’s a great man, but yo arms ain’t
long enough ta box with tha God.  I mean, you was a champeen wrestler in college.
That’s real real good.  You was a surefire hit in MMA if you wanted to stick with them
little midgets.  That’s a good look, homey.  But then you had to step up to the sport
of Kangs.  The sport of Gods.  You wanted to become a professional wrassla.  And not
just a professional wrassla.  You wanted to become a World champeen.  I mean, that’s
what every man should want ta be.  Otherwise, I don’t unnerstand why you would be in
this business.  But here’s yo problem, Chambers.  Tha God beat you to the punch.  He’s
tha World champeen.  And I mean, look at you and compare yasself to the God.  You thank
you can get tha God off his feet?  I mean really?  Really?  Come on, man.  You cain’t
shoot in on him.  He just gonna stomp ya.  Ya cain’t muscle him.  You crazy?  So, that
funky l’il powerbomb ya got ain’t gonna work on a man seven two and three hunnert forty
pounds.  So whatcha got, really?  Yo best chance is ta try to pin Chase Williams in the
rang.  Cuz ya got no shot of beatin’ Big D.  And the same goes for ya little friend
Caleb Foley.  Ain’t no Irish alive can contend wit a God.  Damn, they cain’t even stand
up to a bunch a sissy-talkin’ lime-suckin’ Anglish, ya heard me, Chambers?  So, it
ain’t gon make no difference that you brought a leprechaun to this here fight.  You
ain’t gon get lucky.  Feel me?

[Sims looks back at the shiny UPW World title.  His face is reflected in the foreground
of the shot.  As the camera moves in closer we see another face move into the
reflexion.  The champion.  Derek Rage.  Sims moves his head out of the way as we see
only Derek Rage’s reflected face.  He looks sternly from the title plate and simply
shakes his head ‘No.’

Fade out]

 9- Desi Valdez Jr.  w/The Mercenary

(Scene opens. We are inside a large Quonset type building that has been converted to a
wrestling gym. Various free-weights are seen along one wall, a beat up heavy bag is on
the other side of the floor, and in between them is a wrestling ring. Inside the ring
we see UPW's newest Cuban luchadore bouncing around, performing all kinds of high-
flying manoeuvres on some scrub. Seated at a table between the camera and the ring,
intently watching a smallish TV set, remote in hand, is DVJ's trainer slash mentor, the
Mercenary. And he doesn't seem happy with what he's seeing. He rewinds the tape a
couple times, before finally tossing the remote on the table, and leans back in his

Merc: (spinning to face the ring, where Desi Jr. lands a picture perfect Phoenix splash
on his training partner.) Yo, compadre. Enough of the flippy stuff for now. I need you
to come over here for some other training.

(DVJ grabs the top rope and easily throws himself over, landing neatly on his feet. He
comes over to where Merc is, searching for something to sit on. Finally, he settles on
a blue milk crate and plops himself down)

DVJ: Ola senor. ¿Qué estamos viendo?

Merc: First off, just because I'm older than you, doesn't mean you get to call me a
senior. Secondly, as you know, I brought you up here to the States to show you how to
make some real money in the wrestling business.

DVJ: Si. Sí. Y se lo agradezco mucho.

Merc: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We'll go to Taco Bell later. Now pay attention. We've only been
in PVW a couple weeks, but you've ended up costing me more than what we've brought in.

DVJ: ¿Figura que? ¿No nos pagamos mucho por atacar al oro ducha Jeff Keenan?

Merc: Yes, that is why we attacked Keenan. But to get us in the door, I had to reduce
our rate by quite a bit. And on top of that, since we didn't get the job done, Styles
didn't pay us the full amount. Which is turning into an even bigger problem for us. In
the old days, when I took a job to take someone out, they got put down and didn't get
back up. Not only did Keenan get back into the match and pin Styles, but he also went
on to get one of the title shots from the Rumble. That is not good for business. No one
is going to pay full rate if we can't do what we are contracted to do. Plus we also owe
him for a new mower and Gigantor garden gnome. Them gnomes aren't cheap. But, anyways,
I think I know what went wrong...

(Merc starts up the tape and we see where Merc and Keenan are brawling outside the
ring. When we get to the point where DVJ comes off the railing and hits Keenan with the
Haliburton, Merc presses pause.)

Merc: See right there? (taps a finger on the screen where the case makes contact with
the side of Keenan's head)

DVJ: ¿Lo que era malo en eso? Lo golpeó como suponía que a.

Merc: Yes, you can get extra hot salsa. But see, you hit him in the side of the head.
For a Haliburton shot to be fully effective, you need to hit him on the top of the
head. (taps DVJ on the top of his head). ¿Comprende? El toppo de melono...

DVJ: No me toques viejo.

Merc: Right. Glad you agree. So, for the next hour, I want you to hit your practice
dummy with this training case until you get it right. (Merc hands DVJ a very well worn
Haliburton case that looks like it has more dents, blood and jagged edges to it than
flat surfaces.) Now go... ¡Ándele!  ¡Ándele!

DVJ: Le mostrará andele

Merc:Right. And if you hurry up, I'll even throw in a chimichanga.

(Desi takes the case and heads back to the ring where the scrub is just getting up to
his feet. DVJ then climbs to the top rope and comes flying off with a two handed
Haliburton shot to the shoulder)

Merc: No, no no.... the head... el melono.... Try again....

(grudgingly, the luchadore heads back to the top while the other guy stumbles around
the ring)

(Fade to snow.)

10- Caleb Foley

[The camera fades into a shot of the Las Vegas skyline. The sun is setting over the
desert as the neon lights begin to glow welcoming the night to the city that never
sleeps. Off in the distance an unfamiliar sight can be seen. It appears to be a man
walking from the desert. The wind is whipping at the tail of his coat flipping it
violently. He continues forward as the desert heat radiates from the ground seeming to
create shimmer in the air around him.  With each step he draws nearer, more detail can
be revealed through the shimmer in the air.]

[Footsteps can now be heard as the figure closes towards the camera. The echoes of them
filling the silent void. The silence continues as the figure stops facing the camera.
The echoes fade slowly as the camera pans to the figure. The wind blows the tail of his
jacket viciously as the camera pans up and we can see the figure before us is the man
they call Caleb Foley. The sand from the desert wind has blown up and deposited a small
layer upon the side of Caleb's face. The sand is covering the five o’clock shadow that
graces the right side of his face. He brings a hand up and wipes some of the sand away
from his cheek. His piercing deep blue, determined eyes glare into the camera's lens.]

Caleb Foley: There comes a time in a man’s life when he looks deep within his soul and
analyzes his future and career alike. This time in my life stands before me here today.

[He smirks to the camera as he licks his lips to get the much-needed moisture to them.]

Caleb Foley: I stand here before the fans and wrestlers alike of the UPW. I stand here
in Las Vegas at the crossroads in my illustrious career.

[Caleb motions to the desert road before him as he brings his arms up and displays the
three roads for all to see. He is standing directly in the fork, in the middle of the
road. Three roads branch off of this fork. One, the one to the right, is a small dirt
road. It seems to look hardly traveled. The second is a small gravel road. This one
lies to the far left and appears to be well traveled with ruts cut into and through the
natural roadwork. The third, it is the one in the center. It is the concrete monster
that travels throughout the land.]

Caleb Foley: Having torched the paths of the independent federations recently. I have
full-filled the goals I had set forth for myself. In doing so, I have been advised to
look for a greater challenge. To look for an organization that is capable of handling a
man of my talent. I have been advised that the challenges that I seek may just lie
within this very organization.

[Caleb smirks as his piercing blue eyes gaze into the camera.]

Caleb Foley: The UPW, a talent filled roster of men that are respected throughout the
wrestling industry men of the likes of Derek Rage and "Conceited Bastard" Chase
Williams. These men, some of which, the greatest professionals to ever grace the
squared circle. They are legends in their time. Men I have crossed paths with in my

[Caleb begins to walk forward a few steps as he never looses his eye contact with the

Caleb Foley: Until now...

[Caleb raises his arms and crosses them across his thick chest. He glares confidently
into the camera.]

Caleb Foley: For upon my signing, a look of concern has crossed the faces of the many
men who consider themselves legends. It would seem as if their lives are about to

[Foley pauses for a moment.]

Caleb Foley: Do they fear the newcomer?

[He looks to the camera with a confident gaze.]

Caleb Foley: Probably not...but soon they will!

[Caleb brushes his hair back and wipes the side of his face. He starts walking down the
paved road and stops as he passes the cameraman. He looks to the camera as it gets a
tight shot of him.]

Caleb Foley: For I have chosen the path for which I shall travel. This path leads me
directly through the ranks of the UPW. Quite a daring feat to say the least but I am up
for the challenge.

[Caleb shoots that familiar to some, and soon to be familiar to you, infamous smirk
towards the camera as he gazes intently into the lens before he continues.]

Caleb Foley: UPW, that golden strap that you cherish so. It is the ultimate prize, and
yet.  The biggest bullseye and target around no matter who is wearing it. Being the
champion you are the man of the moment, the man to beat. Granted, I know what my
reputation says about me. I choke in the big matches.

[Caleb pauses to add some suspense to his comments.]

Caleb Foley: However, in the weeks to come … you need to keep your eyes upon me. For it
won't be long until I will slide up the ranks of the UPW. And before you know it, I'll
be challenging for that championship strap.

[Caleb laughs confidently into the camera as he hopes the wrestlers and fans of the UPW
are listening intently.]

Caleb Foley: Will you boys of the UPW be ready for my challenge?

[He smiles for the viewing audience.]

Caleb Foley: Cause I will be ready for yours...

[Caleb stops walking down the concrete road. He turns towards to face the camera with a
sheer look of determination.]

Caleb Foley: I shall take my journey through the UPW one-day at a time. One step at a
time if need be. So as to end my quest upon my ultimate goal. This goal being the UPW
World Championship. Choosing to live this vision, this quest as it is, shall be a large
undertaking that I feel that I am very determined to finish.

[Dust from the wind begins to pick up and start blowing heavily. Caleb has to raise his
voice to be heard from the loud sounds of the wind howling in the background. Off in
the distance, beyond Caleb's right shoulder. Storm clouds begin to roll into view. The
unmistakable crack of lightning can be seen over his right shoulder as the storms grows

Caleb Foley: You see boys, my journey here in the UPW begins on the April twenty-fifth
in Houston, Texas against Chase Williams and Derek Rage. I know no one thinks I have a
shot but I believe and that is all that matters.

[Caleb smirks.]

Caleb Foley: Now, you may look to your television screen and think to yourself that
this is a new Caleb Foley. What happened to the fun loving guy. He is so brash and
over-confident! But you see I have tasted success and failure. Success is an ever so
sweet taste and failure … Well failure is very bitter and heart wrenching. And yet I
have persevered!

[Caleb points to the camera to get his point across.]

Caleb Foley: Boys, I have the ability! I have the determination! And I damn sure have
the attitude …

[The storm clouds now linger overhead as the wind blows stronger. Forcing Caleb to yell
to be heard over the aggressive winds.]

Caleb Foley: ...to run to the top of the UPW!!!

[Caleb smiles as he looks to the sky.]

Caleb Foley: So be on the lookout boys, cause I'm coming! Caleb Foley will rise to the
top of the UPW!

[Caleb laughs as he slowly starts walking towards the city lights. The camera follows
him a ways until the screen goes black and is replaced with a UPW logo. The logo burns
a bright neon red as the screen suddenly lights up as a lightening bolt slams down from
the heavens and strikes the UPW logo setting it ablaze. The logo quickly goes up in
flames as the camera fades to black.

11- Windham Brody  ***UPW TELEVISION CHAMPION***

[Windham Brody is seen walking into a building with his newly won Television title on
his tattooed shoulder.  He stops and notices the camera and begins speaking.]

Windham Brody:  That's right ladies and gentlemen, take a good long look at your NEW
Television Champion!  Then again there shouldn't have been any doubt!

[Brody rubs his face afterwards.]

Windham Brody:  Hey don't get me wrong, I gotta give credit where it's deserved a man
like Franklin, beating him was no small feat. He is known to be a tough sumbitch and he
proved it to me in that ring at Showdown.

[A smile appears.]

Windham Brody:  But I did what I sat out to do and that was to take this belt and
continue my march to immortality! I know Brandon Franklin will remember me from here on
out, and so will anyone else who tries to take what I have earned.

[He pauses as if seeing the camera man make an awkward face.]

Windham Brody:  What?

[His eyes squint with frustration.]

Windham Brody:  The Dominion thing, right?

[No reply is given, but the squinting stops as Windham takes a deep breath and speaks

Windham Brody:  I will say it yet again. To those saying I needed help to win this

[He waves his arm in a negative way to accentuate his statement.]

Windham Brody:  Dominion were down there on their own with their own agenda and it
didn't include this guy right here. If they would have done something to me, then that
would be a different story. It was their issue, not mine. I just did what I had to do
for me and me alone. If anyone thinks any differently about that?

[The frustration is real.]

Windham Brody:  Then let's just say I'm not a hard man to find.

[He pauses and takes what looks to be a calming breath, if he ever is able to do such a

Windham Brody:  As a champ, I know have challengers. It is the nature of the territory
I have stepped into. One by one, they will come after this gold right here and it
starts this Showdown.

[He has one hand resting on the title belt as he speaks.]

Windham Brody:  John Herdick. I did some checking up on you and your reputation speaks
for itself: A veteran of hardcore wars that left you with memories not easily erased.
If I wasn't mistaken when I read the information, but did a very sensitive part of
yours got caught in barbed wire?

[Brody grimaces as he says that and then continues talking.]

Windham Brody:  It would sound like we're cut from the same cloth. But you see that
would be where you're wrong.

[Brody points with his finger into the camera as he says this]

Windham Brody:  It makes no difference to me if you love or hate pain. I don't think
you truly know what pain is. REAL pain separates the men from the pretenders. You may
know physical pain, and perhaps with the injuries you have suffered, you even know
mental pain. But you don't know the pain it takes to win a championship like I now do.

[He smirks as he shifts the belt just to have it noticed.]

Windham Brody:  But don't worry I will be introducing you to that kind of pain real
soon. Call it a crash course, if you will.

[Brody scratches his head for a moment as if he's thinking what to say next.]

Windham Brody:  Now I know what you're thinking. What about you, Windham Brody? What's
your relationship with pain like?

[He cracks a sly grin.]

Windham Brody:  I love it. I love inflicting it onto my opponents and making them cry
out as loudly as they can until their voices crack and trail off due to loss of breath.
I love the feeling of fresh blood on my knuckles as I bring a geyser from someone's
head. I love the cracking of the joints and the snapping of the ligaments when I twist
people into knots.

[As if in a trance he catches himself and pauses.]

Windham Brody:  Yeah, I love it plenty.

[He laughs.]

Windham Brody:  And as for me having it inflected on me? In the words of a great actor
"pain don't hurt." You have to be willing to take the lumps, the punches, the kicks in
order to achieve greatness. Anyone who says they can win with no pain, never wins. And
as you can see...

[Brody adjusts the belt on his shoulder.]

Windham Brody:  I can handle the pain it takes to be a champion.

[He looks at the belt before continuing.]

Windham Brody:  I also hear that your considered or you consider yourself an underdog
hero of sorts. Well son, let me just bring you back to reality before those fans fill
your head with all those big dreams of you coming up and pulling an upset.

[He shakes his head slowly, almost menacingly.]

Windham Brody:  This isn't a movie. You are not Rocky Balboa. If that were told in real
life, then Drago leaves Rocky in a bloody, crumpled heap with Adrian weeping for her
fallen love. The crowd watching are filled with sorrow and despair as they know their
hero won't be getting back up.

[Brody gets uncomfortably close to the camera and takes a breath and begins speaking

Windham Brody:  Let me spell it out real crystal clear for you. You come on down to the
ring and you try and take this from me only one thing is going to happen.

[He holds up a finger and shakes it a little to emphasize his point.]

Windham Brody:  That's me introducing you to a level of pain you haven't experienced
yet.  Remember Underdog, this is the real world. You will not be riding out of here
with the title or the girl. Real tears are going to fall not only from you but from
each and every once of those people in the crowd that believe you can do the impossible
and manage to take me down.

[He puts the finger down.]

Windham Brody:  Herdick, you are destined to become just another statistic for my road
of glory.  Because BRODY RULES!

[Brody walks off down the hallway.]

12- "Hardcore Icon" Brandon Franklin

["Hardcore Icon" sits on a stage in front of a UPW back-drop.  He's wearing loose-
fitting blue jeans and a black hoodie.  He rubs the back of his neck with his right
hand, grimacing a little and as he does so, he looks into the camera.]

BF:  So let me get this straight...

[His voice echoes.  He re-positions himself after rubbing his neck and leans on his
left arm just a little and winces, quickly shifting back to a more comfortable and less
painful upright position.]

BF:  I'm supposed to look at This Tag Team's history here in the UPW or otherwise and
be intimidated?  I'm supposed to watch them blind-side guys night after night and be

[He curls his lip up and scrunches his face a little, showing dis-belief.]

BF:   I've seen what happens with The Dominion when they get all "The Hype."

[Cracks a smirk.]

BF:  That's impressive?

[Shakes his head dismissing the thought of it being "impressive."]

BF:  Is Windham Brody impressive?


BF:  Is the fact that Windham Brody has gold around his waist before Tyson or Lance

[He shrugs his shoulders, "you tell me."]

BF:  Tyson Bishop and Lance Donovan weren't there to help Windham Brody...

[Stating the obvious then another smirk.]

BF:  He's outta' their league, he's a champ, between the two of 'em, I'd hope that even
they could figure that out.

[He points to the camera.]

BF:  They were there because of jealousy.


BF:  They were there because one single guy - me - crashed their whole car at Survival
after beating Sandoval...

[Thinking back to eliminating all members of The Dominion at Survival makes Franklin

BF:  Out of the three, I'd say Tyson and Lance have their hands full with Soldiers of
the Sun...

[With more of an edge in his voice as if he's reluctant as he speaks now...]

BF:  But De Luca is and has been the one that stands out.  He's the reason Bishop and
Donovan can creep up out of a shadow...


BF:  De Luca's the one who has taken advantage of his opportunities.  De Luca's the
dangerous one, the other two are his distractions...


BF:  And I saw what you said about what that Title means to you and I'm glad it means
so goddamm much because your assistance in taking mine might just cost you yours in the

[Another grin crosses his face after an instant.]

BF:  I suggest that if you see Felix any time soon...

[Pause.  Grin remains.]

BF:  Ask him how this story goes and prepare yourself for what you know is next.

[No grin now, just a matter of fact threat and flared nostrils go with the cold,
hateful stare.]

BF:  What goes around comes around.

[Sneer.  Camera fades.]

13- "El Patron" Felix Sandoval

[As we open, we see "El Patron" Felix Sandoval standing in front of a camera crew in
the distance. It isn't an official UPW crew, but that doesn't stop him from acting very
flamboyant while wearing his trademark white suit and gold chains. He laughs loud
enough to hear from where the UPW crew is and puts on his sunglasses as the light shuts
off, and whatever was taping has finished.]

Sandoval:  AMIGOS!

[He sees the UPW crew and immediately makes his way over to them, getting closer with
each step.]

Sandoval:  Welcome! It is so good to see you!

[He makes an awkward face.]

Sandoval:  What? Can I not be happy to see my great friends from the UPW! This is such
a great day, amigos!

[His expression obviously means the crew doesn't get why.]

Sandoval:  This is the one day a year that business BOOMS!

[He grabs a glass of whiskey off the tray of a server walking past. She turns and looks
annoyed until she sees who did it and then smiles quickly.]

Sandoval:  Salud!

[He takes a sip.]

Sandoval:  Amigos! Today is the day! Everyone who likes to enjoy a little, shall we
say, pharmaceutical enjoyment, comes out to party and profits go through the roof!

[He steps back and sits on a chair at a table and raises the glass again.]

Sandoval:  ¡Dios bendiga a los Estados Unidos de América ya sus malditas narices que
consumen más drogas que cualquier otro país!

[He takes a sip.]

Sandoval:  God I love this country! This land of opportunity!

[He stares at the ass of a server that walks by and then laughs as he looks back at the
camera crew.]

Sandoval:  I come here and establish myself in every way I could ever want to! And now
I even have the chance to become a World Champion!

[He finishes off the drink and sets the glass on the table.]

Sandoval:  Yes, I know it is World TAG TEAM Champion, but it is a World Title. I
searched the entire locker room for a man worthy to stand beside me and I have found

[He scratches the side of his eyebrow.]

Sandoval:  He doesn't know it yet, but he will be a champion right alongside me. And
who could ask for more than that! To stand beside FELIX SANDOVAL!

[The patrons in the club almost instinctively yell.]

Crowd:  EL PATRON!

[He smiles.]

Sandoval:  I love that.

[Another loud, boisterous laugh.]

Sandoval:  This is a great day! I shot my public service announcement for the internet
today. I tell them that there is nothing greater than having all you dream of. That in
America, we have that chance and if they desire to feel like a million bucks they
should rush out and do just that.

[He eyes widen with a grin.]

Sandoval:  Just make sure to purchase from me!

[Another loud laugh.]

Sandoval:  And now I give my public service announcement to the UPW faithful!

[He stands, but it is obvious that he has had a little pharmaceutical enjoyment

Sandoval:  Come to Showdown! Come to watch those men holding my belts step into the
ring with me and my secret weapon. Come watch us become tag team champions! Come and
see, amigos!

[The server he eyeballed brings him a beer in a longneck bottle.]

Sandoval:  I didn't want this cervesa!

Server:  I think you need to slow things down just a bit, Papi. For your own good. I
worry about you.

Sandoval:  Yes I know, but this is the greatest day!

[She rolls her eyes.]

Server:  Aye Papi, it is. But you have another greatest day coming and you need to make
sure you do not take a chance to ruin it.

[He nods and she walks away. Felix stares her down as she walks away.]

Sandoval:  ¿Has visto alguna vez un culo así? ¡Dios la bendijo con ambas manos!

[He looks back at the camera.]

Sandoval:  Amigos! This Showdown, we take on shaken men! They are not whole!

[He takes a swig of the beer.]

Sandoval:  They lost one of their own, the one they cared about. The one they fawn over
like he was their own son. He is their heart and their heart will not be in Houston!

[He holds his arms out wide.]

Sandoval:  Fortune smiles on El Patron!

[He laughs and takes another swig of the beer.]

Sandoval:  When men fight without heart, they lose. Even to those who have no
experience in the same kinds of matches they do! I know what is coming and with these
men having the will to fight taken from them, what is coming are those Tag Team Titles!

[He smiles.]

Sandoval:  So come, amigos! Come watch Showdown and see El Patron achieve his dream!
Come watch me finish tearing the titles away from these hombres sin corazón!

[He literally takes a few seconds to down the rest of the beer in the bottle.]

Sandoval:  And this Tuesday, I complete my journey! ¡Para me convertiré en el luchador
más grande del equipo de la etiqueta en todo el mundo! VIVA EL PATRON!!!

[As if on cue.]


[He laughs loudly.]

Sandoval:  It never gets old! Just like winning!

[The screen fades out as he turns to find the server that gave him the beer.]