UPDATED 9/7/2018!!!


This is the Dirtsheet and I am Don Diggler. I was able to call one of wrestling's hottest free agents, "Jammin' Jimmy Gibson. We remember him from his memorable run in SCW and most recently making a name for himself over in Japan. I asked to share parts of our conversation on the record and Jimmy was gracious enough to oblige....

[Video begins to play.]

DD: Jimmy thank you for taking time out to address some of the rumors out there with your name
attached to the reopening of UPW.

JJG:  No problem, Don.   Anything for the fans back in the US.

DD: So let's just put all the cards in the table right off the back.   Rumors starting
floating yesterday and UPW even dropped a nugget on their official Twitter page about you.  What's
the deal?  Will we see JJG in the UPW?

JJG: Haha ... Man, you don't waste any time.  Yes, I have held a few conversations with the
UPW.  As of right now, I have not signed anything, but never-say-never, Don.  There are a lot of
attractive things about returning to UPW and the United States.   This could potentially give me a
new home and allow me to be closer to my wife and baby girl.   It also would allow me to reconnect
with my fans and allow the Jam Session to continue around the globe.

DD:  Before the SCW closed its doors.  You were just hitting your stride.  Many insiders on
the internet were picking you as one of the next break out stars.   Why haven't we seen you much
since the SCW closed its doors?

JJG: Don, when I unpack my bags I give 110% of everything to the company I am with.  SCW
wasn't just a place I worked at.  It was apart of me.  When it sold off it assets a part of me sold
off with it.  I took a long break and spent some time with my beautiful wife in Hawaii and Jamaica
and the Bahamas and few other places, haha.

DD: That's why you have a little girl now, eh?

JJG: Haha ... Probably!

DD: So is it safe to say that if you sign the dotted line with UPW the fans can expect the

JJG: Of course!  I only know how to do this one way, Don.  Japan has been a little different
as my contract is for a small block at a time.  It's hard to unpack your bags completely in that
scenario especially when you have your eyes on getting back home at every chance you can to see your
family.   UPW offers a lot of attractive options for the Gibson family and my career.  When their
doors were open last time, I talked to them a few times and almost signed back then.

DD: They did hit the wrestling scene with a bang a few years ago.  Some big names were with
the company, but they were no stranger to controversy.  Does any of that weigh on your decision?

JJG: Nah, this is professional wrestling.   You can't agree with _everything_ and _everyone_,
Don.   However, you do have to agree with its vision, it's core values and its mark on your legacy.
UPW has always stood for traditional competition in the wrestling ring.  It offers a great national
platform for anyone on the roster.   There is a lot to like about the UPW!

DD: Then what is the hold-up?

JJG: Good question.   At this point, I have had plenty of options to unpack my bags.  I have
had some REALLY good offers.  Some offers, I almost took.   I have to make ABSOLUTELY sure this is
the right fit for not only me, but my wife, and my daughter.  Giving 110% takes a lot.   I won't do
it any other way.  So before, I sign my name on that contract, I just have to make sure the fit of
UPW and JJG is as perfect as it can get.

DD: Man, that sounds awesome.   Thanks for picking up the phone, Jimmy and clearing up the
wild rumor mill.  It makes my job easier when we can be candid.  Hopefully, the next time we talk you
have signed with the UPW and we can talk about what's next in the career of JJG.

JJG: Any time, Don.  I am not in a hurry, but if the right fit happens then JJG is ready to
rock the world like a hurricane once again!

[Scene fades out.]