UPW North American Title History

Champion Reign Date won Date Lost Event Notes
League closed down April 23, 2017
"Legionarius" Antonio De Luca 68 days 2/14/2017 Showdown TV Defeated Glenn Chambers in finals of a single-night, 8 man tourney to fill vacant title.
League closed down Nov, 30, 2015
Hideo Shinzaki 113 days 8/9/2015 11/30/2015 Heatwave Defeated Dylan Sharpe by pinfall. League closed on Nov. 30 and reign is ended there.
"Iceman" Dylan Sharpe 60 days 6/10/2015 8/9/2015 Battlezone TV Defeated Ramon Garcia by pinfall.
Ramon Garcia 24 days 5/17/2015 6/10/2015 Slamfest V Defeated Rob Mercury by pinfall.
"Adonis" Rob Mercury 60 days 3/18/2015 5/17/2015 Battlezone TV Defeated Ramon Garcia by pinfall.
Ramon Garcia 38 days 2/8/2015 3/18/2-15 Survival Defeated Tyson Cain by pinfall.
Tyson Cain 84 days 11/16/2014 2/8/2015 Collision Course Defeated Carson Boyd, Hideo Shinzaki, Declan O'Rielly, Ultimate Jaguar, and Ramon Garcia in a ladder match by being first to retrieve the title.
Lionheart 12 days 11/4/2014 11/16/2014 Showdown TV Defeated Carson Boyd by pinfall.
"Cold Blooded" Carson Boyd 86 days 8/10/2014 11/4/2014 Heatwave Defeated Hideo Shinzaki in a "Texas Death Match."
Hideo Shinzaki 84 days 5/18/2014 8/10/2014 Slamfest IV Defeated Carson Boyd by pinfall.
"Cold Blooded" Carson Boyd 98 days 2/9/2014 5/18/2014 Survival Defeated Ramon Garcis by pinfall.
Ramon Garcia 84 days 11/17/2013 2/9/2014 Collision Course Defeated Jarrett Van Diem in a Cage Match by being first to escape the cage.
"High Class" Jarrett Van Diem 110 days 7/30/2013 11/17/2013 Showdown TV Defeated Aaron Lewis by pinfall.
Aaron "All-Day" Lewis 62 days 5/19/2013 7/30/2013 Slamfest III Defeated Jakob Kell by pinfall.
Jakob Kell 201 days 10/30/2012 5/19/2013 Showdown TV Defeated Greg Delaney by pinfall.
Greg Delaney 72 days 8/9/2012 10/30/2012 Heatwave Defeated Yamir Gorbetev in a "Submission Match."
Yamir Gorbetev 98 days 5/13/2012 8/9/2012 Slamfest II Defeated Greg Delaney in the finals tournament to crown first North American Champion.