Updated on 4/12/17

Ultimate Pro Wrestling is here and ready to bring the ultimate in wrestling excitement. The league has its headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA; while also having offices in Indianapolis, IN. This global federation is not just seeking to make a name for itself, but lead the way for wrestling in the new millennium. Feel free to click on the "about" tab to learn how UPW came to be and also see the FAQ link at the bottom of the page for OOC information.

The main television show is "UPW Showdown" which airs every other Tuesday night on WTWN "The Wrestling Network" and seeks to build to the four major pay-per-view events each year.

As of now we are OPEN to new applications. We are more than happy to add all who want to be added to our mailing list. Just send a note to the UPW in order to get added and keep up on what is happening in Ultimate Pro Wrestling!

Click on the logo to see the most recent edition of UPW Showdown!

UPW World Heavyweight Champion
Defeated Aaron Lewis by pinfall at Survival PPV

UPW World Tag Team Champions
Defeated Warriors, Dominion, and O'Malley Brothers in Fatal 4-way at Survival PPV

UPW North American Champion
Defeated Glenn Chambers in finals of one-night, 8-man tournament to fill vacant title.

UPW Television Champion
Defeated Brandon Franklin by pinfall on Showdown TV.

The road to the grandest event in UPW is on as we are on our way to SLAMFEST VI from Los Angeles, California! Stay tuned for more details as the event comes together!

Click to check out the IXWA, which is the breeding ground for future UPW Superstars and an important piece of the UPW brand! See the future, today!

UPW Management can be reached by clicking here