Wrestler's Name:
244 lbs
Wrestler Personality:
He is rather quiet and attempts to intimidate through that silence.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Technically skilled brawler
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Gemini is dark complected/tan and wears black and purple wrestling trunks with the left side black and the right side purple. His boots also match the color of the foot they are on. His mask is also split down the middle with purple on the right and black on the left.
Entrance Music:
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) elbow and knee strikes
2) standing shooting star press
3) running stomp (usually to the groin)
4) over the shoulder backbreaker
5) body slam
6) slingshot clothesline off the top rope
7) top rope flying double axe handle
8) left-handed bulldog lariat
9) Exploder suplex
10) running Yakuza kick
11) elevated cradle neckbreaker (like a muscle buster but falls to his knees and impacts the neck on his shoulder)
12) kataha jime
13) back cracker (lung blower)
Gemini's Thunder
Finisher Description:
Irish whip into a double ax handle into the chest.
Set-up Move:
I guess the whip would be the set up
1) Tough as nails
2) Ring Savvy
3) Impervious to crowds

1) Left knee is tricky and gives out from time to time.
2) Wants to show off all his skill at the detrement of actually winning.
3) Has zero friends....literally none.

Character Profile:
Not much is actually known about Gemini except that he has been in wrestling nearly twenty years. There has never been a single photograph of his face outside of him wearing the mask. Plus, even determining his ethnicity is difficult as he is dark complected and tan year round. He wrestled for awhile in TTW, which was arguably his biggest break to date before being thrown out in the 2013 Ultimate Rumble and losing his job.

Now he is back and looking to prove he belongs in UPW.
Wrestling History:
Wrestled in TTW for 2 years before being thrown out of Ultimate Rumble in 2013.