Wrestler's Name:
Big Red Love Machine
255 lbs.
Philadelphia, PA
Wrestler Personality:
BRLM is a lover, baby! He desires to bring about perfect harmony and love to those around him, especially the ladies. He¹s always fun-loving and not one to get angry, but if he does....his mean streak goes deep! But few ever stoke that fire without being warned.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Technically Skilled Brawler
Appearance and Ring Attire:
BRLM is a black man with an affection for the ladies and a love for the pimp stylings of the 1970s. He has a fade haircut and goatee with a wide, knowing smile. He is strong, but not ripped as he has some fat on top of the muscle. BRLM wears a red leasure suit to the ring and looks dapper with gold chains hanging around his neck and a nice, stylish red hat to match. One in the ring, he takes off the leisure suit jacket and wrestles in a white shirt and the pants of the suit. He removes the gold chains pre-match as well.
Entrance Music:
"Brickhouse" by the Commodores
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) Verticle Suplex
2) Clothesline
3) Leg Drop
4) Russian Legsweep
5) Dropkick
6) DDT
7) Backbreaker
8) Spinebuster
9) Body Slam
10) Powerslam
11) Belly-to-back Suplex
12) Knife-edged Chops
13) Atomic Drop
14) Boston Crab
15) Sunset Flip

"The Love Tap"
Finisher Description:
Its a piledriver
Set-up Move:
Kick to the gut or groin
1) Tenacity. BRLM lovs the ladies and all mankind, but he also hates to lose. He will scratch and claw to stay in every match and work as hard as he can to achieve victory.

2) Fan reaction. Partly becuse of the ladies he enters with, but also because he is a maste rshowman. BRLM will bump like a Lt HW wrestler and also work as hard.

3) Technical skill. BRLM has been well trained and is competent to stand in hold-for-hold against any wrestler in the history of the business. This skill makes for great action and fan pleasure.

1) Lady (UN)Luck. BRLM gets easily distracted by the ladies at ringside. So much so, that sometimes security may be brought down just to keep him from getting terribly distracted by the fairer sex. he also tries to show off for the ladies....something that has him try moves out of his ability in the ring.

2) Lack of killer instinct. BRLM¹s killer instinct is surpressed by his desire for peace and love among everbody, baby! If he gets angry enough....he gets mean and goes for the juggular...otherwise he just wrestles to win...as hard as he can, but has trouble finishing people off.

3) Extreme. BRLM can¹t take anything terribly hardcore. If a wrestler takes him outside the ring....he usually folkds quickly and either runs or gets beaten down in short order.

Manager/Valet Name:
Nobody regular, but he will ALWAYS enter the ring with 4 scantily-clad, voluptuous beauties by his side.
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
Aaron Grady was born in Philadelphia, PA to a poor family. He struggled growing up as the other kids always seemed to have more than he did. As it usually works out with kids that come from this background, Aaron turned to crime.

A street hustler named Jermaine "Big Love" Johnson befriended the youngster at the age of 11 and began training him in the "ways of pimpdom". Aaron loved this lifestyle because women were beautiful and men always seemed to show respect to someone like Johnson.

Grady was arrested at 19 for racketeering and solicitation of prostitutes. What the law enforcement officials hoped woudl be a wake up call for the young man turned into his "baptism" according to Johnson. That moment Johnson called him the "Love Machine" because he had kept on pimpin even while in the slammer.

Grady¹s final days as a pimp were in 2002 when Johnson was gunned down by a rival pimp¹s thug henchmen. Aaron didn¹t want to end up like his idol and sought to find another way to bring love to the people.

He stumbled onto the Icebox one day when surfing the internet and thought wrestling could be fun. Plus he had always seen the ladies on cable that were in it and knew he wanted to be near them. He spent 16 months training at Chris Hopper¹s Icebox facility and was signed to wrestle in SCWE in late 2003 as a staff wrestler. As an homage to his late mentor, Grady combined their names to form his wrestling name, "Big Red Love Machine"

mild success in SCWE and NEWF before its closure left Aaron Grady with a bitter taste in his mouth until his former teacher called him and offered him a chance to show the world the kind of love the Machine could bring...in UPW. There is only one question now...
Can UPW handle the love?
Wrestling History:
Former staff wrestler in SCWE and EWA.