Wrestler's Name:
Luscious Jasmine
218 lbs.
San Francisco, CA
Wrestler Personality:
Jasmine loves the fans, period. He puts on a great show and tries do do as much for them as he can. He passes out neon necklaces to kids and women before matches and tries to work the crowd as much as possible. He is a humorous wrestler who adds some comedy to every match by giving a swift boot kick or something like that. Sometimes he even gives a hug to the referee and pinches his bottom. Very funny wrestler.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Daredevil High Flyer
Appearance and Ring Attire:
He wears a pink set of tights with a green bolt looking strip around the middle section. His boots are white and he is very skinny. He has bright red hair and no facial hair. His eyes are green and it even looks like he has on some makeup as his lips seem to shine in the lights. When he first enters an arena, he has a large flamingo pink boa around his neck and he vamps a little as he walks the aisle. A very comical character.
Entrance Music:
"Karma-Chameleon" by Culture Club
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) Missle Dropkick
2) High Cross Body
3) Spin Kick
4) Asai Moonsault
5) Frog Splash
6) Flying armdrag
7) Flying legdrop
8) Springboad Plancha
9) Sommersault Splash
10) Running Suplex (both front and back)
11) Series of Kicks
12) Hurracanrana
13) Frankensteiner
14) Headscissors Takedown
15) Juvie Driver

"The Ratings Plunge"
Finisher Description:
Asai Moonsault named for what happens when a gay character gets on TV shows.
Set-up Move:
Usually a whip into the ropes, but can reverse into this move from a powerbomb lift.
1) Aerial
2) Agility
3) Fan support

1) Cares too much about the crowd and doesn't fully realize when his opponent is ready to attack. He love sthe crowd way too much.

2) Takes too many risks inside the ring. Aerial moves and etc are in his reportois, but he misses alot of them due to poor timing.

3) HATES physical brawling. If the match gets too physical, he usually folds quickly because he can't take the pain.

Manager/Valet Name:
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
Born in 1977 in Akron, OH, Dwayne Henderson was always athletically gifted...yet not in the ways of mainline sports. Dwayne enjoyed the "finer" sports, such as ice skating and gymnastics. He begged his parents to allow him to take gymnastics lessons after his third grade gym class had basic tumbling and pummel horse for a grading period. He was allowed to pursue it as long as his grades stayed solid, which they did. He continued training even when his Father's occupation as a Minister took them from Ohio to northern California. A move that devastated him in many ways, but opened doors in the gymnastics world.

By the time Dwayne reached high school, his problems increased as he was labeled as being gay for his taste in sports. He didn't play football, track, basketball, baseball, etc and therefore he must be "light in the loafers"; but that was hardly a truth. Dwayne dated several girls and fought through all the stigmas to actually invited try out both in both of the 1996 and 2000 USA Olympic trials for gymnastics. Dwayne failed to qualify for the team and was crushed.

By the time he graduated from San Jose State University in 2001, he gave up on gymnastics, but still trained in order to keep his trim physique. He stumbled onto a late-night wrestling show that highlighted lucha-libre wrestlers and he fell in love with the artistry and ease with which they flew through the air. He become enamored with wrestling as a whole and quickly got sucked into the "soap opera for men" aspect of the sport.

Dwayne found a wrestling school, who was eager to bring him in with his athletic gifts and desire to fly around like many wrestlers atthe time refused to do. Over the next 2 years he trained,learned and took his lumps. He was sent to wrestle in small-time leagues and under many names in order to get by. Dwayne hated the bruising and brawling aspects of the sport, but he accepted it just as he had accepted the nut-racks he got when practicing gymnastic routines.

Dwayne was eventually spotted by a talent scout named Jimmy Trent, who recruited and scouted for the SCWE. He signed Swayne to a contract, but told him he had to find some way to be a crowd pleaser and make them love him. Dwayne remembered the guys he watched like Lanny Poffo and Adiran Adonis who played to the crowd in ways that incited reactions and he got inspiration while watching the third Batman film where Jim Carrey played the Riddler.

Cutting his hair and coloring it bright pink, then dressing in a pink set of tights with a green bolt looking strip around the middle section, capped off by a bright, white pair of wrestling boots...Luscious Jasmine was born. The character was to be a blatant panderer to the crowd and also very much like the stereotype Dwayne had fought his whole life. What better way to get into the business than adopt the persona everyone associates with me anyway.

SCWE closed, and he went a long while just performing as a side job until he got the call from UPW. Now he's back with plenty of neon necklaces to spare!

Wrestling History:
Former staff wrestler for SCWE and EWA