Wrestler Name:  "The Minnesota Assassin" Tex Colorado
Height:  6'4"
Weight:  278
Age:  33
Hometown:  Albuquerque, New Mexico
Alignment:  Tweener with heel tendencies 

Describe Wrestler's Look & Ring Attire:  Tex is an early thirty-ish man, who is slightly above average in height and has a stocky build. 
He isn't well defines with muscled, but he has that old farm boy strength that doesn't show itself in a flex. Tex has black hair with 
streaks of greying hair here and there. He never smiles and truly acts as if he is all business.  As he enters the ring area and right 
up until match time, Tex wears a black leather vest and he carries a cowbell to the ring. He wears black trunks that say "Minnesota" 
down the right leg and "Assasin" down the left leg. His boots are normal wrestling boots, but they seem very old and ragged, as if they 
have been around for years.

Describe Wrestler's Gimmick:  Tex is the classic bad guy who ALWAYS screws up. No matter how well he is doing, he screws up. Tex believes 
he is here to punish people and he intends on hurting every person he steps in the ring with. He is a mean spirited person, who gets even 
more haphazard when his temper gets the better of him. Not the kind of guy you would want to go out and have a drink with after a hard day 
of work for sure.

Compare to:
Primary Wrestling Style:  Basic worker

Entrance Song:  N/A

Movelist (maximum of 25): 
1) Texas Lariat
2) Bodyslam
3) Punch
4) Roundhouse Punch
5) Chop
6) basic kick to the gut and legs
7) DDT
8) Piledriver
9) Swinging Neckbreaker
10) Running Shoulderblock into the corner
11) Sidewalk Slam
12) Bionic Elbow
13) Vertical Suplex
14) Snapmare Takeover
15) Hiptoss

Name of Setup Move: 
Describe Setup Move: 

Name of Finisher:  N/A
Describe Finisher:  A shot to the head with a cowbell

Alternate Finisher:  N/A
Describe Alternate Finisher:  Kick to the groin

List 3 Strengths: 
1) Toughness
2) Cheating
3) Cockiness

List 3 Weaknesses:
1) Stupidity. Tex seems to forget move combinations and how to perform them, especially on the more difficult and high 
   impact moves.

2) Temper. Tex's temper has a short fuse, which gets even shorter when he starts messing up. The temper many times makes 
    him even mor einept at what he tries to do and makes for an easy time for his opponent.

3) Tries to do too much, especially when it comes to the point when he grabs the upper hand. Tex will manage a low blow 
    and get the advantage, and immediately go for a finisher or some variant. Tries to go too far too fast and it usually 
    costs him.