Wrestler's Name:
"Good" Gordon Gaines
228 lbs.
New Hope, Minnesota
Wrestler Personality:
Gordon always wants to be the nice guy in the room. Beloved even. He is a people pleaser almost to a fault. Because of that, he will often find himself in difficult spots.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Basic Match Worker
Appearance and Ring Attire:
He has a stubble type beard. (More of a "five O'clock shadow" look) He is slightly tanned and he wears a blue set of tights while wrestling. He is a decent looking guy, that isn't showing off with his ring gear. When he first enters he is wearing a black suit jacket over his attire as if he is here to do business (though many mock because he looks like a wannabe chippendale). Not very cocky, just always has a look of determination.
Entrance Music:
"Turn the Page" by Bob Seger
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) DDT
2) Piledriver
3) Juvi Driver
4) Drop Kick
5) Belly-to-Belly Suplex
6) German Suplex
7) Back Breaker
8) Fall-Away Slam
9) Verticle Suplex
10) Powerslam
11) Knee Lift
12) Snap Mare
13) Brainbuster
14) Trailor Park Slam
15) Short-Arm Lariat

"The Clean Up"
Finisher Description:
Inverted DDT, Slop Drop, Death Drop
Set-up Move:
None really
1) Technical
2) Toughness
3) Strength

1) Overconfidence. Truly believes he is the man to "clean up wrestling". This attitude normally leads him to take matches he can't really handle.

2) Fan Problems. He can't understand why sometimes fans boo him when all he wants to do is make this sport worthwhile again...even if accomplishing this goal means taking down a few fan favorites as well.

3) Risk taker. He tends to try and do a little too much to win a match and this sometimes causes him to get caught in many precarious positions.

Manager/Valet Name:
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
Gordon Gaines has wanted to be a professional wrestler all of his life. When he was young he watched the days of the "Attitude Era" and always aspired to one day rub elbows with the true superstars of the business. As he grew up, he took an interest in football, amatuer wrestling, and other high school sports. He was quite athletic and enjoyed great success in all levels of high school sports.

Once out of high school, Gordon went to college at a small Junior College in Minnesota. He participated on their wrestling squad, which had meets against many top division I programs in Minnesota. Once out of college, he managed to catch on with a training group in Minnesota. The problem was Gordon was mistreated and taken advantage of. He wasn't properly trained or prepared in how to perform as a pro wrestler and he was hurt many times over the first year. Gordon wanted to break away and go somewhere else for training, but he had signed a contract that he would work for one year within this league as payment for the training he was supposed to receive.

Upon the end of that contract, he tried to land several jobs with other independent wrestling groups, but was unsuccessful. Finally he caught on with a small group out of Pittsburgh called End Zone Wrestling. Once he was hired, he performed matches for the staff and needless to say underwhelmed them with his ability inside the ring. However they loved the way he looked and a trainer in the city, Jessee Williams decided to make him a project. Over the next few months, he trained and worked with Gordon and helped him develop into a decent in- ring talent.
Williams also helped him develop a persona Gordon wanted to perform as his gimmick. Gordon had the look of someone who could potentially just make you angry with his attitude, especially when he would argue with other trainees about how they performed in practice sessions. Williams tapped into that, even made him watch videos of former wrestlers who used that to his advantage and said that the best way to get over is to first agitate the fans with knowledge - to tell them what is good. That began the work on the "Good" gimmick Gaines has now adopted to his character.

Gaines was one of the first wrestlers suggested to the new upstart UPW within the arangement made with Williams' training school. UPW signed him as a staff wrestler with the promise that if he increased his ability and managed to gain traction with the fans, he might even work his way into a push some day. Can he make it? We shall see as UPW gets rolling.

Wrestling History: