The disappointments of the Spring of 2017 haunted Phil Coulter to his core. Hate mail poured in and
nobody seemed to care that he literally had dropped everything to avoid an even worse fall out. The
only phone call he accepted was from his business partner, who shrewdly purchased the rest of the
company for pennies on the dollar in early May of 2017.

And then he got sidetracked by other opportunities.

The exile may have been warranted in some ways, but the length of it was never forced. Mr. Hopper
and his cohorts waited for the right time, and in late Summer of 2018, that time afforded itself.

Contracts that had been signed with advertisers and affiliates finally ended at the two year mark.
This freedom allowed Hopper to begin negotiation a better deal and provide a way for UPW to
reignite. The first idea was to just take it all and move it South, but that fell through quickly.
Then a few weeks of nothing but silence and a letter arrived.

It was from a make-a-wish request that asked to attend a UPW pay-per-view and meet the wrestlers.
The request would never be granted as the young man's request was in hopes of spurring a one-off
show. Hopper made a few phone calls and found out te young man had passed away just a couple of days
after sending the note. Chris made arrangements to coverthe funeral costs and even attended the

After the service ended, the drive to get UPW back was ignited. This time there was no standards and
practices to worry about. He had managed to negotiate a great deal with WTWN (and he owns 30% of it,
so why would he not get a great deal?) and advertisers were interested in what the old dog would do
with this beat up toy.

I guess we all are now.....so who knows? The proof is what comes next...


I'm Chris Hopper. I've been in this hobby/game for 23 years and change. I've ran leagues,
characters, had successes and failures....but always tried to have fun. I really enjoy trying to
help people be better and grow their concepts while telling fun stories.

I will have an Executive Vice President as well and his name is Keegan Carrahar. Keegan has spent
most of his time in e-wrestling in the confines of angle fedding. He will be adjusting to the live
style of writing, but I have no doubt he will do so famously. Keegan will be the other member of the
creative team and the main moderator of the new forum.


The fed will run shows every 2 weeks (bi-weekly) with 4 pay-per-views each year. None of that is a
shock as it is how UPW ran before. This is the difference....no flash shows for TV shows.

The fed will run the TV shows as LIVE. This means entrances will need to be sent in for matches you
are in, and everything will run on the show itself. So no RPs rambling from a homeless shelter to
show how good a guy you are. The entirety of the RPs will be set in the arena somehow.....whether it
be in-rings, backstage interviews, backstage segments/vignettes, video packages, and I may allow a
pre-recorded segment allowin you to stretch and do something elsewhere....but that will be very

Now we will do special flash RP packets before PPVs because these are bigger shows and I want the
majority of teh time there focused on the matches themselves as they will and should be longer
andmore involved for the 4 big events.

The TV shows will be live, as I stated.....and the matches will not be as long save for possibly TV
Title or main events. But even they will nto be PPV length. The psychology needed for angles can be
done without having to write 25-30 K undercard matches.

The goal on this is to make this less stressful workload and a tad more realistic.


I have always tried to have a hybrid structure and I have found that always led to me having to
defendmy choices. I have no problem doing that because it was requested, but I also didn't like the
power plays and ugliness that it brought out at times. Yes, I made a couple of major mistakes last
time out and this time I won't be making those mistakes as I will try to avoid it from the jump.

It will be strongly suggested that handlers get together and plan their feuds for the length of the
arc and then bring those plans to the Creative Team. Most of the time, Creative will tell you whom
you will be working with and may even give you a sliver of direction on where it needs to
go......but the rest is up to you and your feud partner. We provide the canvas and you all get out
the paint and brushes.....get it?

I truly love discussing angle ideas and gettign everyone involved in something....and I believe
Keegan would as well. So we'll always be up for helping you all out in any way we can when it comes
to your angles.

HOW WILL BOOKING BE DONE FOR MATCHES? That is a fair question. If you have planned out a feud then
much of what is going on may be planned out. In matches that have no pre-determined result
planned.....nor a pre-determined need for a particular event happening during them.....then the
booking will be done by the creative team based on one simple criteria: What we think works best.

In all honesty, it is hard to call this a true "writing competition" anymore once you level the
field and force everything onto the shows. Yes, some guys will write better than others.....but the
goal of the entire fed (and its handlers by extension) should be to tell the best stories and make
the league better. So that is what we will decide all booking decisions on.

That includes feud enders (unless the handlers agree one puts the other over), title changes (if we
decide to change a title....it will happen), and even normal matches that aren't predetermined
byhandlers in some form.

Once again.....we provide the canvas, you all then paint the masterpieces.

WAIT, YOU SAID FORUM! ARE YOU TURNING THIS INTO A BOARD FED?  No, I am not. That distcinction is not
as big of a deal now as it was 20 yrs ago, I assure you. However, the league will have e-mail
connectivity as well as forum and other outlets of social media (facebook, twitter, etc).

I will continue to upload the shows and PPVs onto the website for people to read when they are
released. I will continue to send the link out ove rthe mailing list. However, I will also be
posting them on our new forum, which allows for us to have spaces set up for feedback/reviews of
shows, as well as areas where we can discuss all manners of things out of character. It is also
important to note you will need to register to use the forums, but the link from the UPW website 
will open a new window/tab for the forum to appear.

Also....as an FYI.....the mailing list forces a yahoo id....and that can be a pain at times for
those not wanting to have one.

I will also be utilizing twitter in character (@UPW_Official) and suggest any of you who enjoy using
twitter for your character, follow and interact with it often.

The website will be the hub for the league and everything else will point to it via links. So I will
still updated the news and rumor section regularly and what not.

MATCHWRITING AND ETC, HOW WILL THAT WORK? We will be encouraging strats when you have matches. We
don't need a ton in them -- just your entrance, what spots you want to see within the match,
information for whatever angle may be needed, and reactions to wins or losses. We will handle the
rest. Those strats need to be in 5 days after the update is sent out/posted.

Keegan and I will do much of the matchwriting for TV shows, but we will always accept help. When PPV
time comes, it would be great if EVERYBODY would consider chipping in in some fashion.

WHAT WILL THE ROLEPLAY DEADLINES BE? Glad you asked. With everythign on the card, the roleplay
deadlines will be to e-mail yoru segments into UPWOfficial@gmail.com 2 days before the date of the
show. We will already be writing the matches and putting it together, and we will fit it together
better if we have 2 days to do so. That means you have 12 days to write your on-card roleplay and
get it in after the  update is sent/posted.

And since we had the drama and etc....we have rules.  And yes, an addendum was added to them because
of the last run....


This is the same basic set of rules I have always used in leagues....but they seem to work and I
know others have borrowed them for their use over the years.

The rules are fiercely enforced. Breaking them leads to suspension and then firing. They are:

1) No wrestlers over 7'4" tall and over 550 lbs (that is about 110 lbs heavier and two inches taller
than WWE's "Big Show"). Also none under 5'4" and 150 lbs. This is supposed to be realistic folks. I
guys and want to have them wrestle tags as well as singles, that is fine. However realize that they
may get booked more in tags as we usually run lighter on them.....but we will work best we can.

2) No extreme language! Other leagues have called this the "Austin rule". IN other words, if Steve
Austin could get away with it, then you can to. However remember, the TV shows here are still in
this era and will be aired at a prime time slot....so F-bombs, GD and most of the "seven bad words"
are not going to be allowed and should be [BLEEP]ed.

3) Stay focused on the point that this is just a GAME! I love wrestling, but dealing with guys that
take this too seriously can ruin a league and everyone involved. I want everyone to get involved and
wrapped up in what is happening, but if you lose then move on to the next match and try to win! I
have been on both sides of this and even been the guy acting like a total jack-hole......so take it
from me.....DON'T BE THAT GUY!

4) There will be absolutely no attacking of any member of the staff, Camera Men, or Referees without
proper permission from the me. You can write the Board to request this and it should be angle
oriented. Random acts of violence will be turned down with 95% certainty.

5) Titles are meant to be a credible guide to the talent of a character and league that they
represent. When someone wins the belt, they are expected to lose it to the next worthy Champion.
That is the way it should be. Anything else would hurt the credibility of the title and make it
worthless to almost everyone. So remember that you beat a good wrestler, and you will eventually
lose it to a good wrestler. That is a great wrestler's responsibility in real life and in e-

6) No racial or sexist slurs or comments. This has never been much of a problem that I have ever
noticed, but there will be absolutely no tolerance for such comments. They have no place in e-
wrestling--or anywhere else for that matter. We will warn you once if you get close to making an
offending statement in one of your roleplays, but if it happens again after a warning, you will be
fired and banned for life. This is a hobby, and being good at it does not hinge on your race or sex


Due to the problems that we had in the last run, I am STRONGLY urging people to avoid many of the
"Social Justice Warrior" types of storylines...including the "held down black man" and the "flaming
homosexual" storylines. I don't think we need to go there....and it usually paints people into
corners both in booking and for their characters. Also such characters will not be allowed into the
fed. I just don't want to have a black man whose gimmick is being downtrodden by the white devil,
lose the blowoff match to the guy he called the white devil.....those kinds of painted corners are
just bad mojo for me.  We aren't going there. Non-white characters can have all sorts of ways to get
over and work angles that don't involve racism at their core. Same goes for all other examples you
might think of.

7) UPW has no female division and will not have one. There will also be very limited violence toward
women allowed on the shows as they will usually be valets, managers, announcers and etc. Inter-
gender matches will never be used at all either.

8) Inactivity will not be tolerated. If you are booked for two consecutive shows and fail to do
anything, then you will be released. We hope to have a situation here that allows for people to have
fun with little workload....so we hope to always have viable handlers ready to jump in if someone
flakes out.

9) No whining!  Yes I have said this in some ways already....but it really is annoying. So don't do
it. Stay calm and have a discussion, but do not cross the line because it can and will affect future
title and push opportunities in your region and also potentially in the UPW as a whole.

10) SOCIAL MEDIA - As you can tell, Facebook, twitter, and etc can all play a role in how we play
this game and they have greatly enhanced the characters we portray. However, these rules will extend
in some way to the social media presence. Language will be tolerated in this medium, but bigotry
will not be. You are not required to utilize twitter or facebook for this league....but if you do,
be warned that you will be expected not to go too far off the reservation from these normal rules.
Other leagues have had racist remarks cause issues in twitter accounts....and I won't have it here.

That is all of the rules at this point, but the Board of Directors reserves the right to add any
rules at any time. All handlers will be notified of any rules changes via e-mail.

IF YOU DECIDE TO LEAVE - I will be happy to make sure your exit is put together in a way that works
well for you. However if you ask to leave and are already scheduled....you will lose that last match
unless you decide to stay and roleplay for it.

IF YOU ARE FIRED for violating any of these rules, you will also lose a match to one of our jobbers
before being dropped from the roster.

*****PPV EVENTS*****

There will only be 4 PPV events each year...

"SURVIVAL" - Held each year in February and includes the "Ultimate Rumble" which is a RR-style event
             that will earn title shots for top finishers.

"SLAMFAST" - This is the signature, wrestlemania style event for May UPW. It will be roman numerized
             with it playing on the history of TTW, the one in May 2017 will be SLAMFEST VI. The
             of the best will play a role in this show.

"HEATWAVE" - Held each August and plays upon the fact August is usually the hottest month of the

"COLLISION COURSE" - Held in November, will have a tad more gimmick style matches involved due to
                     name giving the idea of major clashes for feud enders and etc.


There will be two singles titles and a tag team title to start in UPW...however we may add a third
singles title if the roster gets large enough to warrant it. The names are the same names used in
TTW so we can keep the title continuity going.

UPW World Heavyweight Title -- The top title in UPW. It is the Ultimate, the pinnacle. It is what
                               every UPW wrestler will be gunning for.

UPW North American Title -- This is the secondary title, and may not be around immediately as we
will need to have enough on the roster to justify it. This title is the one that shows just who are
ready to potentially take the leap to main event status.

UPW Television Title -- It is defended every show TV without question. The person holding this title
                        will be getting a lot of TV time, but it is also a great way to get over
                        with the fans due to the exposure.

UPW World Tag Team Titles -- The top and only tag title in the league.


David Lowry, GM -- David is a former wrestler and, if he were fully honest, not the most imposing
                   fellow. He was 6'1" and barely 190 lbs soaking wet. He had some basic skills and
                   could move quickly in the ring. He suffered a terrible neck injury back in 1996
                   and never truly recovered. Yes, he performed here and there, but never got
                   another chance to break through in the ring. Hopper and he go way back as friends
                   and Chris trusts him to be the authority in his stead on a day-to-day basis. He
                   is RARELY seen on camera and rarely mentioned. To him, the most successful
                   figureheads are the ones who don't concern themselves with being on TV. However,
                   he may show up from time to time for storylines.

Stan "The Man" Conlon, play-by-play announcer -- A veteran announcer of many different sporting
                                                 events over the years. Stan is a caucasian man
                                                 in his late 50s, and his style is a tad dry. He's
                                                 not the "Oh My God!" type of announcer. Think
                                                 Gordon Solie here. The contract between he and
                                                 the color guy will be stark and glaring. That
                                                 being said, he is knowledgeable of wrestling and
                                                 has a past of announcing for shows in many states.
                                                 He will know all the moves by name and sells
                                                 psychology well with his call....he's just a tad
                                                 boring in his delivery.

Pepper Jackson, color commentator -- Pepper is an African-American man that is best described
                                     as a party animal. He is always trying to liven things up
                                     and tends to like the "bad guys" more than the others. He
                                     is new to the wrestling business, and because of that he
                                     won't know a ton of moves. His entire job is to give the
                                     show some flair and sharp wit in contract to the PBP guy,
                                     who he feels is "more boring than hell."

Aaron Buffington, Ring Announcer -- "The Buff," as many of the wrestlers and announcers will call
                                    him, is a steady presence in the ring before and after matches.

Dyan Ciccarelli, backstage interviewer -- This vivacious and curvy Italian-American has the
                                          perfect blend of looks, body, charisma, and brains to
                                          be the lead interviewer for backstage segments. She
                                          will be used anytime there is an interview-style
                                          segment backstage.

Steve Blaine, Backstage Interviewer -- Solid interviewer.  Asks the right questions and doesn't
                                       play favorites when he interviews.  He does tend to get
                                       easily annoyed when heels act like heels....but overall a
                                       top-tier announcer that always delivers the goods.

Tess Wiley, Backstage Reporter -- Tess is a alternative/Gothic chick. She couldn't care less about
                                  the wrestling industry.  She only is around because of the money.
                                  She is an attractive lady, but not with fake beauty. She is
                                  usually seen wearing pants and T-shirts.  In other words, not
                                  someone that most wrestlers would be interested in "picking up"
                                  like most female reporters.

Thomas Grissom, road agent -- The most seasoned member of the staff by far. Grissom has been
                              involved in wrestling as a road agent for more than 25 years and
                              spent nearly a decade as a wrestler before that. He has a son who
                              is in the wrestling business as an active wrestler, but they
                              never work together after some bad events years ago. Grissom's
                              experience in dealing with wrestlers and helping them hone their
                              skills makes him the perfect fit to work with them on the road trips.

Jesse Williams, head trainer -- As discussed above, he will be training students for UPW at
                                his "Sniper's Shot" wrestling school in Pittsburgh. He will
                                have a "graduating class" every year in June that will
                                potentially see a crop of new talent enter UPW.

Jason Gugel, Head of Security -- Former bouncer hired to arrange security for every event and place
                                 UPW does a show from.


Barry Snider, Head Referee -- This former Police Officer is very strict and matter of fact when it
                              comes to ruling over the ring. He is tall and large, which makes him
                              more than just a mouth inside the ring. Barry is also very neutral and
                              favors no one, face or heel. Just the kind of guy you want as the head

Shane Staggs -- Former Police Officer under Snider, left the force before Snider due to questionable
                circumstances with gambling debts. Staggs can, at times, be open to influences of
                such problems and have it affect his match work.

Marshall Noblitt -- Rookie referee. Very idealistic and apt to argue with wrestlers about his calls.
                    In his mind, he's the one who determines right, wrong and indifferent in the
                    ring and only a moron would second-guess him. At times, it makes him the best
                    referee in the league and other times......well he can just be a dick.


Simply fill out the following application and send it to UPWOfficial@gmail.com - the official e-mail
address of the UPW.

IF YOU ARE DOING A TAG TEAM - You need to fill this out for both of your men and then add a section
of tag team information like name, combined weight, tag team finisher and entrance....etc. and send
them all in one mail.

Your real name:

Your age:

Your Home Country:

Your email address:


Skype IM Nickname:

Character have a website? (put address here):


Wrestler's Name:



Orientation (face, heel, tweener):

Manager/Valet (Optional):

Describe manager/valet's appearance and attitude (Be as descriptive as possible):

Hometown and origin country of character:

Appearance and ring attire [please be descriptive]:

Wrestler's personality [again should be detailed]:

"Real Life" Wrestler that he works most like:

Entrance Theme Music:

25-50 favorite moves (Please describe each move if needed):

Main Finishing move (Please describe in full, don't just give a name):

Set up move for Main Finisher:

Backup Finisher #1 (If Desired):
Backup Finisher #2 (If Desired):
Backup Finisher #3 (If Desired):
Backup Finisher #4 (If Desired):

Any set up moves for Back up finishers (Be sure to say which one they are for):

Strengths (Choose three strengths. This is where your wrestler is *strongest*, this doesn't mean
that he does not have characteristics that you didn't choose here. These are his *strongest*


Weaknesses (give three weaknesses your wrestler suffers from): Be honest folks - no wrestler is
perfect. Number of weaknesses should number the same as strengths


Profile: (wrestler's personal and wrestling background - make it long and descriptive. The more
involved the profile, the better the character development is!)

Anything else we should know about your character (Any major titles held or accomplishments, RSPWF
Top 200 rankings, and anything else that may come into your head):

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