I'm Chris Hopper. I've been in this hobby/game for 21 years and change. I've ran leagues, characters, had 
successes and failures....but always tried to have fun. I really enjoy trying to help people be better and 
grow their concepts while telling fun stories.


Basically this is a BIG DEAL of a promotion. It will be a global promotion with an eye on being the best out 
there from the very start. Pyro allowed, music licenses taken care of, etc etc.

"Showdown" will be the name of the bi-weekly television show and it will be a studio show where the matches 
will be shown form the middle to the end. There will be segments and in-ringers and etc all allowed as well, 
which the studio announce team will take care of.

Almost everything that is done for your character will be on the show. Segments, matches, etc for the show. 
There will be roleplays done and released on the website. This is still being put together right now, but I 
think having it all run through the website is easiest for us all.


UPW will be a hybrid of hybrids with a nod to old school e-w style. Here is what I mean by that: I encourage 
handlers to come up with their angles if they desire to, but I need to be in the loop and approve them before 
moving forward with them. The  blow off matches, unless worked upon by those involved, will be decided by me 
based upon the work leading up to the blowoff and the roleplays written for that PPV or what not. Matches not 
involved in a feud will be booked by me in whatever way I feel serves the characters best moving forward.

As the fed head, I reserve the right to book as I see fit, which means you may disagree with it. I'm all for 
discussion, but won't tolerate drama. Most of us are adults here, and always understand that my decisions are 
done for what I feel is the best for the league as a whole and the stories being told there.

I will accept strats, but remember I seek for the matches to not be terribly long on the TV shows. I will also 
need to know if you desire your character to appear either as an in-ring at the event or actually in studio so 
I can plan for that.

The key is to tell great stories and sculpt fun matches to read.....all to have fun and enjoy this genre we 
seem to love so much.


Rankings will run very old school....but I also add bonus points as well.

Winning a match by pin or submission is a +2, winning by "cheap" means (DQ, countout, etc) is +1

No points are garnered for a draw

Losing matches by pin/submission is -2 and losing cheap is -1

PPV matches have +1 bonus on winning and -1 added for losing.

I will want everyone to read the shows and post feedback, those who do will receive +1 bonus point (and if 
you handle multiple characters....you can add that point to just one of your characters)

If you write a PPV match, you receive +1 bonus point (same rule for multiple chars apply)

You will also receive a bonus point for every 2 TV matches you write (same rules apply on characters)

As you can see, being active both in character and behind the scenes will be beneficial to your success in UPW


The top 5 ranking contenders are eligible for World Title shots
Ranking 6-12 are eligible for NA Title shot
13 and under are eligible for TV

There are no caps on how far down your points can drop or how high they can rise.

If you quit the federation, and return later....your points stay where they were when you left. You will not 
be forced to start over nor have them cut in any way.


This is the same basic set of rules I have always used in leagues....but they seem to work and I know others 
have borrowed them for their use over the years.

The rules are fiercely enforced. Breaking them leads to suspension and then firing. They are:

1) No wrestlers over 7'4" tall and over 550 lbs (that is about 110 lbs heavier and two inches taller than WWE's 
"Big Show"). Also none under 5'4" and 150 lbs. This is supposed to be realistic folks.

2) No extreme language! Other leagues have called this the "Austin rule". IN other words, if Steve Austin could 
get away with it, then you can to. However remember, the TV shows here are still in this era and will be aired 
at a prime time slot....so F-bombs, GD and most of the "seven bad words" are not going to be allowed and should 
be [BLEEP]ed.

3) Stay focused on the point that this is just a GAME! I love wrestling, but dealing with guys that take this 
too seriously can ruin a league and everyone involved. I want everyone to get involved and wrapped up in what 
is happening, but if you lose then move on to the next match and try to win! I have been on both sides of this 
and even been the guy acting like a total jack-hole......so take it from me.....DON'T BE THAT GUY!

4) There will be absolutely no attacking of any member of the staff, Camera Men, or Referees without proper 
permission from the me. You can write the Board to request this and it should be angle oriented. Random acts 
of violence will be turned down with 95% certainty.

5) Titles are meant to be a credible guide to the talent of a character and league that they represent. When 
someone wins the belt, they are expected to lose it to the next worthy Champion. That is the way it should be. 
Anything else would hurt the credibility of the title and make it worthless to almost everyone. So remember 
that you beat a good wrestler, and you will eventually lose it to a good wrestler. That is a great wrestler's 
responsibility in real life and in e-wrestling.

6) No racial or sexist slurs or comments. This has never been much of a problem that I have ever noticed, but 
there will be absolutely no tolerance for such comments. They have no place in e-wrestling--or anywhere else 
for that matter. We will warn you once if you get close to making an offending statement in one of your roleplays, 
but if it happens again after a warning, you will be fired and banned for life. This is a hobby, and being good 
at it does not hinge on your race or sex period.

7) UPW has no female division and will not have one. There will also be very limited violence toward women allowed 
on the shows as they will usually be valets, managers, announcers and etc. Inter-gender matches will never be 
used at all either.

8) Inactivity will not be tolerated. If you are booked for two consecutive shows and fail to do anything, then 
you will be released. We hope to have a situation here that allows for people to have fun with little 
workload....so we hope to always have viable handlers ready to jump in if someone flakes out.

9) No whining!  Yes I have said this in some ways already....but it really is annoying. So don't do it. Stay 
calm and have a discussion, but do not cross the line because it can and will affect future title and push 
opportunities in your region and also potentially in the UPW as a whole.

10) SOCIAL MEDIA - As you can tell, Facebook, twitter, and etc can all play a role in how we play this game 
and they have greatly enhanced the characters we portray. However, these rules will extend in some way to the 
social media presence. Language will be tolerated in this medium, but bigotry will not be. You are not required 
to utilize twitter or facebook for this league....but if you do, be warned that you will be expected not to go 
too far off the reservation from these normal rules. Other leagues have had racist remarks cause issues in 
twitter accounts....and I won't have it here.

That is all of the rules at this point, but the Board of Directors reserves the right to add any rules at 
any time. All handlers will be notified of any rules changes via e-mail.

IF YOU DECIDE TO LEAVE - I will be happy to make sure your exit is put together in a way that works well for 
you. However if you ask to leave and are already scheduled....you will lose that last match unless you decide 
to stay and roleplay for it.

IF YOU ARE FIRED for violating any of these rules, you will also lose a match to one of our jobbers before 
being dropped from the roster.

*****PPV EVENTS*****

There will only be 4 PPV events each year...

"SURVIVAL" - Held each year in February and includes the "Ultimate Rumble" which is a RR-style event 
             that will earn title shots for top finishers.

"SLAMFAST" - This is the signature, wrestlemania style event for May UPW. It will be roman numerized and 
             with it playing on the history of TTW, the one in May 2017 will be SLAMFEST VI. The best 
             of the best will play a role in this show.

"HEATWAVE" - Held each August and plays upon the fact August is usually the hottest month of the year.

"COLLISION COURSE" - Held in November, will have a tad more gimmick style matches involved due to its 
                     name giving the idea of major clashes for feud enders and etc.


There will be two singles titles and a tag team title to start in UPW...however we may add a third singles 
title if the roster gets large enough to warrant it. The names are the same names used in TTW so we can keep 
the title continuity going.

UPW World Heavyweight Title -- The top title in UPW. It is the Ultimate, the pinnacle. It is what 
                               every UPW wrestler will be gunning for.

UPW North American Title -- This is the secondary title, and may not be around immediately as we will need to
 have enough on the roster to justify it. This title is the one that shows just who are ready to potentially 
take the leap to main event status.

UPW Television Title -- It is defended every show TV without question. The person holding this title 
                        will be getting a lot of TV time, but it is also a great way to get over 
                        with the fans due to the exposure.

UPW World Tag Team Titles -- The top and only tag title in the league.


Phil Coulter, CEO --  His story is noted above. All decision making is done by him for business 
                      issues. He is RARELY seen on camera and rarely mentioned. To him, the most 
                      successful figureheads are the ones who don't concern themselves with being 
                      on TV. However, he may show up from time to time for storylines.

Stan "The Man" Conlon, play-by-play announcer -- A veteran announcer of many different sporting
                                                 events over the years. Stan is a caucasian man
                                                 in his late 50s, and his style is a tad dry. He's
                                                 not the "Oh My God!" type of announcer. Think
                                                 Gordon Solie here. The contract between he and
                                                 the color guy will be stark and glaring. That
                                                 being said, he is knowledgeable of wrestling and
                                                 has a past of announcing for shows in many states.
                                                 He will know all the moves by name and sells
                                                 psychology well with his call....he's just a tad
                                                 boring in his delivery.

Pepper Jackson, color commentator -- Pepper is an African-American man that is best described
                                     as a party animal. He is always trying to liven things up
                                     and tends to like the "bad guys" more than the others. He
                                     is new to the wrestling business, and because of that he
                                     won't know a ton of moves. His entire job is to give the
                                     show some flair and sharp wit in contract to the PBP guy,
                                     who he feels is "more boring than hell."

Eric Chaney, Showdown Studio Anchor -- Veteran wrestling announcer has been brought in to take over 
                                       the studio host duties for UPW Showdown. Eric is now in his 
                                       mid-40s and has a very positive way of presenting things. He 
                                       desires the best content and will seek to put everyone over 
                                       well that he is speaking about, unless their rulebreaking 
                                       goes too far out of bounds.

Robert "The Gorilla" Smith, Showdown co-host -- A cynical voice from a giant of a man as Smith was 
                                                better known as simply "The Gorilla" back in the 
                                                day as part of the tag team "The Crazed Animals" 
                                                alongside the Psychotic Dr. Held tag titles in NeCW, 
                                                RCW, NEWF and numerous other federations as well as 
                                                some singles gold along the way. Smith will bring 
                                                that sardonic wit to the studio show and be a foil 
                                                for Chaney as they discuss the events unfolding in 
                                                the arena.

Dyan Ciccarelli, backstage interviewer -- This vivacious and curvy Italian-American has the
                                          perfect blend of looks, body, charisma, and brains to
                                          be the lead interviewer for backstage segments. She
                                          will be used anytime there is an interview-style
                                          segment backstage.

Thomas Grissom, road agent -- The most seasoned member of the staff by far. Grissom has been
                              involved in wrestling as a road agent for more than 25 years and
                              spent nearly a decade as a wrestler before that. He has a son who
                              is in the wrestling business as an active wrestler, but they
                              never work together after some bad events years ago. Grissom's
                              experience in dealing with wrestlers and helping them hone their
                              skills makes him the perfect fit to work with them on the road trips.

Jesse Williams, head trainer -- As discussed above, he will be training students for UPW at
                                his "Sniper's Shot" wrestling school in Pittsburgh. He will
                                have a "graduating class" every year in June that will
                                potentially see a crop of new talent enter UPW.

Referees will be named at some point down the road, as well as possibly a second backstage interviewer if needed.