Wrestler's Name:
Colm Larsen
170 lbs
Frederiksberg, Denmark
Wrestler Personality:
Passionate. Determined. Quiet. Colm Larsen never got into the sport of professional wrestling to be a sports entertainer. He isn't out to sell the most merchandise or get his name trending. He is out to participate in the sport that he loves, Professional Wrestling, and he win championships. It is his heart, determination, and never say die attitude once the bell rings that really sucks the fans in and makes him appealing to them.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Appearance and Ring Attire:
If you had to pick one word to describe Colm Larsen, I think that word would be unremarkable. If you did not know his background, you would assume he was just another guy off the street - barely five and a half feet tall, and hardly tipping the scales at 170lbs. He is in good shape, though his physique is undefined. He has thick tree trunk thighs that are an assett to his striking game, thanks to the time he spends on the treadmill, elliptical, stair-master, etc. Facially he has a somewhat rugged appearance, with a shaved head, strong jaw line, and permanently furrowed brow. Rarely cracking a smile, his look can be off-putting, and an outsider could easily assume that he is miserable.

His ring attire is also a tad unimpressive, as he usually competes in a pair of basic black high waisted wrestling trunks - a throwback to days gone by. His kneepads, black, His short amature style wrestling boots? You guessed it, black. This man is money, huh? Finally, his prematch wrestling gear is a black cotton track jacket that he zips up fully with a tiny flag of Denmark emblazoned on the left chest. Obviously he removes this come go time.
Entrance Music:
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
No name given
Finisher Description:
Crossface Chickenwing
Set-up Move:
1. Striking Game
2. Technical Wrestling
3. Mind like a Sponge
1. Real World Experience
2. Size
3. Temper
Manager/Valet Name:
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
Wrestling History: