Wrestler's Name:
"Human Heart Attack" Johnny Psychotic
263 lbs
Long Island, NY
Wrestler Personality:
Pretty much a loner – he only really trusts Payne & Nixon.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Risk taker, all-arounder...
Appearance and Ring Attire:
His shoulder length black hair is hanging loose and he is very rugged looking...
Entrance Music:
“Checkmate (Hang ‘Em High Remix)” by Cypress Hill
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1. Arm-drag takedown
2. Snap mare
3. Hip Toss
4. European uppercut
5. Missile Drop Kick (standing, top-rope)
6. Fisherman Suplex
7. German Suplex
8. Release German Suplex
9. Sleeper Suplex
10. Snap Suplex
11. Capture Plex
12. Wrist Clutch Suplex
13. Back Suplex
14. German Suplex Trifeca (x3 germans)
15. Standing over head Belly to Belly Suplex
16. Belly to Belly Suplex
17. Neck breaker
18. Fisherman DDT
19. Monkey Flip
20. STF
21. Figure-Four
22. Sleeper (grapevined sometimes)
23. Arm bar (standing to ground, or on ground)
24. Wrist lock
25. Buffalo Sleeper
26. Cobra Clutch
27. Rings of Stretch
28. Ground Kata-Hajime
29. Dragon Leg Screw
30. Tiger Suplex
31. Elevated Double Chickenwing
32. Boston Crab
33. Half Boston Crab
34. Crossface
35. Surfboard Stretch
36. Bow and Arrow
37. Triangle Hold
38. Black Out
39. Dragon Sleeper (standing or ground)
40. Ankle Lock
41. Sharp Shooter
42. Texas Cloverleaf
43. Scissored Kata-Hajime
44. Crossface Chickenwing
45. Crucifix Kneebar
46. Spine Buster
47. Sunset Flip (from anywhere)
48. Crucifix Pin
49. Backslide
50. Double Chickenwing Cradle
Finisher Description:
Top Rope Superplex
Set-up Move:
1) Fair - will never use weapons or retaliate (backstage, during other match) for revenge

2) Strength - Psychotic is really strong for his size, his workouts include running 10 miles everyday giving him great stamina, and he has boxing background making him able to brawl with the best of them, and he can pick up almost anyone up to 330 lbs for a German Suplex.

3) Training - Psychotic spent 5 years training his submission moves to perfection.

1) Fair - will never use weapons or retaliate (backstage, during other match) for revenge

2) Pride - Psychotic is really hard on himself if he loses.

3) Cocky - Psychotic likes to think he is the best submission wrestler ever.

Manager/Valet Name:
"Studd Muffin" Tiberius Nixon
Manager/Valet Description:
Middle-aged man that hates the name Tiberius that his parents gave him and prefers to just be called Nixon.
Character Profile:
Wrestling History:
2 Time ICWF World Tag Team Champion
IXWA World Tag Team Champion;
RXWA Tag Team Champion

[all with ex-partner "Rough Diamond" Alex Shane]