Wrestler's Name:
Yancy Kilpatrick
227 lbs
Sullivan's Island, SC
Wrestler Personality:
Primary Wrestling Style:
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Description: Male Caucasian, medium build with excellent muscle definition, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, clean shaven, both arms tattooed from shoulder to wrist with images from his storied career.

Ring Gear: Full-length black and purple wrestling tights, boots, kneepads, and elbowpads. Prefers Italian suits for interviews but still wears sneakers even when formally dressed.
Entrance Music:
"2000 Man" by KISS
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1. Backhand Chop
2. Diving Crossbody
3. Diving Double Axe Handle
4. Double Underhook Backbreaker
5. Double Underhook Powerbomb
6. Elevated Boston Crab
7. Missile Dropkick
8. Full Nelson Facebuster
9. Middle-Rope Springboard Moonsault
10. One-Handed Bulldog
11. Running Enzuigiri
12. Sleeper Slam
13. Spinning Heel Kick
14. Springboard Dropkick
15. Springboard Plancha

Finishing Holds:
1. Inverted STF Submission
2. Running Double-Knee Facebreaker
Finisher Description:
Set-up Move:
Manager/Valet Name:
Melanie "Mel" Kilpatrick
Manager/Valet Description:
Even at 40, still a MILF in every way. The Brains Behind The Brawn, The Beauty Behind The Beast. The Yin to his...well, you get it. Intelligent, charming, still sexy as hell. Mel has been by her husband's side since Day 1, and even before. The niece of "Maniac" Mike Wolfe, the acclaimed championship BMX racer who turned pro wrestler and then later trained the man she married.
Character Profile:
Although the man once known as Y2K has been wrestling professionally since 1997, he didn't earn his nickname or the accolades that came with it until two years later in 1999 when he debuted with the now-defunct Supreme Wrestling Federation, where his meteoric rise started by winning the SWF Cruiserweight, Intercontinental, and World Heavyweight Championships all in his rookie year. Kilpatrick was one of only three Grand Slam Champions in the SWF, holding every title including the Television Title at least once.

Kilpatrick stayed with the SWF for almost four years and captured not only a second World Championship but two Tag Team Championships, and was instrumental in founding The Millennium, one of the most popular stables in SWF history as well. When the SWF closed its doors, Kilpatrick wrestled extensively in the indies, dividing his time between the IWO, where he won their Television Title in his first match, and the Vegas Wrestling Federation, where he competed alongside other former SWF superstars and briefly served as Commissioner before that company was dissolved.

Wrestling almost exclusively in Japan since 2003, Kilpatrick, known to the Japanese audience as Ni sen-ri "Two Thousand Man" Kilpatrick, has held numerous titles while earning the respect of the international wrestling community. Kilpatrick has been married to the same woman, his best friend and sometimes manager, Melanie, since 1999, and the couple divides their time between homes on Sullivan's Island in South Carolina and the city of Fukuoka on Kyushu Island, Japan. They have two children, a daughter (17), and a son (13). Both children attend private schools through trusts established by the sale of his family's nearly 100 year old business, Kilpatrick Industries, where both he and Melanie had served as CEO before selling to private equity in 2012. Kilpatrick's wife, Melanie, is currently the Chairwoman and CEO of The Millennium Foundation, a not-for-profit think tank with headquarters in Charleston, SC.