Wrestler's Name:
Desi Valdez, Jr.
210 lbs
Havan, Cuba
Wrestler Personality:
Doesn’t speak English, Spanish only. He is the son of the Mercenary’s first manager, Desi Valdez, who died in a tragic helicopter accident many years ago on a promotionaltour with the Mercenary with the UEW heavyweight title. He grew up without a father figure and in poor living conditions. Despite this, he worked his ass off to escape the barrios of Havana to become an accomplished luchadore in his homeland.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Lucha Libra
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Lucha mask in the pattern of the Cuban flag with the chin exposed. Protruding from the chin is a long black beard (the cool Castro type, not the scruffy hipster douche-bag type). Upper torso is bare, except for the carpet-like hair covering it.Full length tights with the outside of the right leg red, the outside of the left leg blue and the inside of both white.White boots with DV Jr. in blue on the back.
Entrance Music:
"Matador" by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) flying fore-arm
2) high dropkick
3) low dropkick
4) enziguri
5) head butt
6) senton
7) plancha
8) tope
9) code breaker10)Stooge eye-gouge
11)reverse elbow from second rope
12)spinning heel kick
13)back stabber
14)knife edge chop
15)tornado ddt
16)sling blade
17)any other basic Lucha move

"Cuban Missile Crisis"
Finisher Description:
450 head butt from the top rope
Set-up Move:
Sit out facebuster
Manager Name:
The Mercenary
Manager Description:
Merc is a battle-worn veteran of the ring wars (and possibly some real wars prior to that), and he’s got the appearance to prove it.His crew-cut hair has gotten grey over the years, and he has a weather-beaten and aged face to go with it. There is a scar over hisleft eye.His looks may have changed over the years, but his attire has not. He still wears a black t-shirt, camouflage pants, black army bootsand silver aviator shades. And his ever trusty Haliburton suitcase is always with him.
Character Profile:
Merc found out about him a couple months ago, and feeling that he owed his oldest friend a debt of honour, he took it upon himself to help theyoungster break into the world American wrestling. The two of them tend to butt heads, as Merc wants to pass along his many years of experience at being the best at what he does for money, and Desidoesn’t want to let his lucha skills go to waste.
Wrestling History: