Wrestler's Name:
Windham Brody
317 lbs
Lucifer, AZ
Wrestler Personality:
Mysterious Loner doesnt associate with people seems to show up, do his job, collect his pay and leave. talks very plainly and blunt. seems to take pleasure in inflicting pain to others. like his sole purpose in the world is to hurt people.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Black leather pants, steel toed boots, ragged t-shirt, Black vest with a skull and bones and the word Survivor on it (Kinda like MC Vest ) Tall rough looking face, beard stubble slicked back black hair tattooed upper body and sleeves on both arms (reaper tattoo on back)
Entrance Music:
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) Lariat 2) running big boot 3) running punch to a rope hung opponent 4) snake eyes 5) swinging neckbreaker 6) shoulder breaker 7) diving clothesline 8) diving fist drop 9) chokeslam 10) throat thrust 11) Nerve hold 12) Body Avalanche 13) pumplehandle neckbreaker 14)diving double knees to the face of an opponent 15) Fujiwara armbar 16)Lifting Arm Triangle choke 17)sidewalk slam
"The Road To Hell"
Finisher Description:
Modified Lifting reverse STO
Set-up Move:
Short-arm Clothesline
1) His ablity to dish out punishment and take it willing to do whatever it takes to see his hand raised in victory
1) Due to his willingness to take so much abuse one has to wonder just how long he can hope to last in the wrestling business

2) Loner- Could be easily outnumbered due to his having no allies which would put him in a disadvantage

3) His emotions can be explosive and thus leading to him losing matches due to DQ
Character Profile:
Born to a mother in a home for wayward girls and fire and brimstone preacher father who met his untimely end due to a snake bite during a sermon he was given. His mother left him on the door step on his grandparents. Grew up anti-social and untrusting of people leading to a series of fights all through school leading him to be expelled junior year. left home at sixteen and worked many odd jobs including on a crab boat and a debt collector for a local bookmaker before getting into toughman contests and various illegal street fights before catching the eye of GEW management and procceeded to win their Television title. With GEW being bought out by UPW, his contract was transferred over and he is now part of the UPW roster. What he's been up to since GEW is anyone's guess and that's the way he likes it.
Wrestling History:
Former GEW Television Champion Toughman Finalist