Wrestler's Name:
"Poetry in Motion" Percy Monroe
230 lbs
Pittsburgh, PA
Wrestler Personality:
Percy Monroe has always lived a very privileged life, coming from old money and taking full advantage of that. He is a firm believer in "nature over nurture" and attempts to associate with only the most elite individuals. You won't catch him smucking it up in a bar, but rather a high class function for the 1%. He was the prom king, the starting qb, and the go to star in basketball. He took fencing, rode equestrian, and wrestled to state championships in high school. He has succeeded in life, business and professional wrestling to the highest or heights and plans to do so in UPW as well.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Technical All-Rounder
Appearance and Ring Attire:
[Picture Ryan Reynolds] Nice athletic frame with a good physique. Light brown hair and hazel eyes. Ring Attire. He wears a pair of black, full leg length tights with the letters "PM" in gold coloring across his rear end. He also wears a pair of black wrestling boots with white laces, with the letters "PM" in gold coloring on the outside of both boots.
Entrance Music:
"Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1)Suplex -Pretty much any variation you wanna use.
2)Brain buster
3)Pump Handle slam
5)Code Breaker
8)Sidewalk slam
9)Atomic Drop
11)Running Knee Strike
12)Anything corner related (Punches, knees, clotheslines)13)Abdominal Stretch just so he can flex while he has opponent locked in14)Figure Four but only close to the ropes to he can use the ropes or his wife can grab his hands for leverage
15)Fall Away Slam
16)Knee Breaker
17)Back Breaker
18)Spinning backfist
19)Side Russian Leg Swep
20)Craddle Piledriver
21)European Uppercuts

Signature Moves -

"Sweet Sonnet" - Superkick
"Ivory Tower Plunge" - Superplex
"A Step Above" - Curb Stomp (Seth Rollins)
"Death, Be Not Proud" - Curb Stomp (super Dragon)
"The Epic"
Finisher Description:
Monroe will Irish whip his opponent into the ropes, as they bounce off and come back towards Monroe he will sidestep just a bit and lean down to catch them on his shoulders before falling to the mat with a death valley driver using the momentum for a crushing effect.
Set-up Move:
1) Knowledge - Has been a student of wrestling since before he ever touched the mat.

2) Wife - He knows that he always has her by his side and she will do anything in their best intrest.

3) Wealth - He knows he has the means to pay for just about anything he needs, be that paying off the right ref's or hiring the right thugs to do his handy work.
1)Ego - Cocky beyond belief which can and has led to him to not finishing the job when he should have.

2)Temper - Before he ever feels great about himself, he is mad that he has to fight wha he may feel as anyone beneath him, which would be anyone and everyone.

3)Wife - Sometimes and by sometimes I totally mean all the time she can get him in trouble, ref seeing her do something she shouldnt, her using her mouth to push the wrong person, etc.
Manager/Valet Name:
"Pure Class" Patricia Monroe
Manager/Valet Description:
[Picture Blake Lively for looks] 5'10", 140 lbs., long, light brown hair, has been known at times to go to a blonde look as well, stunning blue eyes and a phenomenal figure. Attitude Wise she feels she is above all others, she feels as though her and her husband are the embodiment of class and all others fall tremendously short. She can and will be the "bitch" when need be. She also knows how to lay on the charm and grace if she thinks it will get her and her husband what they are trying to accomplish, be that a win, a title, an endorsement, and even just another rung on the ladder. She has no problem interfering physically in a match, distracting a ref or even distracting an opponent.
Character Profile:
Percy Monroe was born into a very well off family from old oil and coal money. He has never worked a real job in his life but has always been pushed and pushed himself to be even better than even his class would allow. All private schools and private lessons to be the best at anything he ever tried. Starting QB in high school, go to basketball star, sensational mat wrestler all through childhood. He married his high school sweetheart who of course was the prettiest girl in school and the home coming queen. He tried the whole, "running one of daddies business" route but decided that even that was way to much like work. He figured he could just live the life of hitting the gym, drinking by the pool and partying all night long and be just fine. He was absolutely right in all this as his parents died and left him everything in their wills. It was at this time Monroe couldn't hold his anger and emotions in check so he needed an outlet, and back to wresting it was.His wife at this time saw this as a chance to cement their own legacy, a legacy that they could tie to themselves without the family name, conquer the wrestling world!
Wrestling History: