Wrestler's Name:
"Sadistic Insanity" Damian Payne
295 lbs
around 42
Denver, Colorado (originally from Leicestershire in the United Kingdom)
Wrestler Personality:
Basically Damian Payne keeps himself to himself and concentrates on beating his opponents when they are put in front of him - annoy him though and then he will take the greatest pleasure in beating the living hell out of you.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Brawling Powerhouse
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Damian has shoulder length slightly curly light brown hair and a light brown goatee beard... He is wearing a pair of black boots, a pair of knee-length denim shorts and a pair of black elbow pads... He is also wearing a black T-shirt with "ChokeBomb Central" in orange on the front and "Hell Has Relocated!!!" in orange on the back...
Entrance Music:
"It's Goin' Down" by X-Ecutioners
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) brain buster
2) sitout power bomb
3) camel clutch
4) crucifix power bomb
5) dragon suplex
6) fallaway slam
7) flying clothesline
8) full nelson faceslam
9) jumping DDT
10) Northern Lights suplex
11) piledriver
12) power bomb
13) pumphandle suplex
14) reverse DDT
15) reverse flying elbowdrop
16) running powerbomb
17) Texas Cloverleaf
18) sunset flip
19) tilt-a-whirl suplex
20) tornado DDT
21) elbow to the head
22) Irish whip into the turnbuckle
23) shoulderblock
24) Sharpshooter
25) snapmare
26) chop to the throat
27) kick to the midsection
28) thrust kick to the head
29) sidewalk slam
30) legsweep
31) stepover toehold facelock
32) spinning back suplex
33) enzuigiri (now as Payne is 6'9" and 295 pounds, this doesn't always go to plan)
34) series of forearm smashes
35) knee to the back
36) hiptoss
37) series of headbutts
38) knife-edge chop
39) German suplex
40) fireman's carry into a flapjack
41) armbar
42) backdrop driver
43) running knee lift
44) kneedrop
45) Boston crab
46) full nelson
47) torture rack
48) triangle choke
49) figure-four leglock
50) big boot
Finisher Description:
Goes to execute a powerbomb, and then throws them down with a chokeslam
Set-up Move:
Running Spear
1) Endurance factor is amazing - thinks nothing of being in the ring for 30 minutes or more.

2) Not strictly a singles or tag team guy. Is happy to be in any sort of match.

3) Able to adapt to new surroundings with ease.
1) Doesn’t work very well in a team.

2) Puts his body on the line when it really isn’t necessary.

3) Tends to be distracted by females with blonde hair.
Manager/Valet Name:
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
Born in 1974 in Leicestershire in the UK - he is the son of a bed-hopping Italian restaurant owning father and an alcoholic mother from Sheffield... He left the UK in 1995 after being banned from many local and regional wrestling promotions and decided to try and find employment in the United States... For four years he was employed as a doorman at a club in New York - but he was sacked from there after crippling a partygoer who had tried to seduce his girlfriend against her will... The girlfriend immediately dumped the partygoer and has been with Damian ever since... The girlfriend was Damian's former manager - Lady Fantasy... Now the mother of his two children...

Payne's career began in 1999 in Eternal Life Wrestling and after brief stints there and in the first of two companies called the World Wrestling Association that he has wrestle for during his career he settled for quite a while in the Intense Championship Wrestling Federation and also the International Grappling Association. Since then Payne had made stops in a myriad of other promotions – some well known, others less so. His trophy cabinet looks pretty impressive but now Payne has decided he needs to slow down and spend more time with his family following recent failed runs with promotions and business ventures. That’s when he got a call from someone already on the UPW roster… Who was that? Time will tell – it normally does.
Wrestling History:
ACWF World Heavyweight title
CWO Zero Tolerance title (title retired with Payne as champion)
Hardkore British Trans-Atlantic title
ICW Heavyweight title
ICW Television title
ICWF Asian-Pacific title
ICWF Extreme trophy
ICWF Intercontinental title (x5)
ICWF Television title
ICWF United States title
ICWF World Heavyweight title
ICWF World Tag Team titles (x4)
IGA Fight Club title
IGA International title (x2)
IGA Television title (x2)
IGA World Tag Team titles
SCWF Television title (title retired with Payne as champion)
UWL Frenzy title
VXW Spin the Wheel title
WWA Hardcore title