Wrestler's Name:
"Jester" Chad Allen
300 lbs
The Asylum, USA
Wrestler Personality:
The Wicked Clown, The Hardcore God. One moment smiling and joking, the next moment, dead serious. He can wrestle circles around just about anyone, but is just as possible to stab you in the eye with an ice pick and not even flinch as blood hits his face when it spurts out of where your eye used to be. With Iris Galiver at his side (The Psycho Sweethearts) no one is safe.
Primary Wrestling Style:
High Impact brawler
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Face: Shaved head, now with a longer salt and pepper beard, paint is black and white, smeared on somewhat carelessly.

Body: built strong, but not cut. Lots of tattoos on the upper half of his body and down his arms. Scars are visible all over from where past battles have created a storyline of insanity.

Gear: Wears a long black and purple Jesters hat, with one of the parts of the hat covering his eye as he comes to the ring. He wears a black singlet with purple details in the ring with black and purple Doc Martin style boots. He wears black fist wraps on his hands, and black kneepads.
Entrance Music:
"Am I Psycho" by Tech N9ne
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) Clothesline
2) Clinch and knee strikes
3) Forearm smash
4) Flurry of fists
5) Mafia kick
6) Snap Suplex
7) Release German Suplex
8) Belly to Belly Suplex
9) T-bone suplex
10) Sleeper suplex
11) brainbuster
12) piledriver
13) power bomb
14) DDT
15) fisherman buster
16) illegal choke
17) eye gouge
18) knee lift to groin
19) knuckle grind to temple
20) Asiatic spike
21) Death Rattle (Dragon sleeper with body scissors)
22) FrEaKOuT (Double leg takedown followed by MMA mount with repeated elbows)
23) Kiddie Driver (Omega Driver/Awful Waffle)(borrowed from Iris)
24) Headpopper (Shining Wizard)
25) 3 Ring Circus (German to Half Nelson to Full Nelson Suplex Trio)
"The Last Laugh"
Finisher Description:
Death Valley Driver
Set-up Move:
Fireman's Carry
1) Don’t Care Attitude (will hurt anyone, anytime, anywhere)

2) High Pain Threshold (Jester is like a slasher movie, almost nothing affects him)

3) Iris Galiver (few things are more distracting than the “Pretty Pretty Princess”)
1) Prone to DQ (A little too crazy for his own good)

2) Injuries (Years of abuse is starting to take its toll, and he can be slowed down more than in the past)

3) Iris Galiver (will sometimes play towards her for a reaction, leaving opponents a chance to recover)
Manager/Valet Name:
Iris Galiver
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
Jester has been in the business for over 20 years now and has held titles in basically every company he has ever worked for, plus he is insane, so the ol memory for all those special events just aint there anymore. Normally JCA’s name is spoken more in whisper than out loud as not to bring him to the light of day, kind of like the Candyman or Beetlejuice. If JCA is in a company, everyone should be afraid...
Wrestling History: