Wrestler's Name:
Caleb Foley
215 lbs
Dublin, Ireland
Wrestler Personality:
An Irishman who fights for hard for his rights and has the heart of a champion.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Technically skilled High flyer
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Caleb has changed his look since the last time you saw him. Caleb looks more like a grizzly bear and has a full head of reddish hair with a red beard to go along with it. Caleb is no longer that young loveable guy you once knew him as he now has this far away and wild-eyed look in his eyes. Besides his new hair style and more facial hair he also has added more tattoos to go with his collection before. Caleb has come back to the PVW for a reason and you will all find out that new reason soon enough. Caleb wears a blacked hooded jacket and black wrestling tights with "Celtic Crippler" written in red on his tights.

Tattoos & Scars:
• Across his back: Celtic cross.
• Right and Left Arms: Celtic Weaves.
• Stomach: Irish(Arched)
• Over his Heart in Celtic Number are 07/28/2008
• Also has a lot of scars on his forehead from all the battle he has had in PVW

Entrance Music:
"Loyal to No One" by Dropkick Murphy's
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1. Flying Headbutt
2. Backbreaker
3. Series of Kneelifts
4. Running Knee Smash
5. DDT
6. Knee Drop
7. Hurricanrana
8. Hooking Clothesline
9. Running Neckbreaker
10. Snap Suplex
11. Shinbreaker
12. Russian Suplex
13. Gutwrench DDT
14. Full Nelson Slam
15. Dropkick to Knee
16. Springboard Moonsault
17. Abdominal Stretch
18. Celtic Cross aka Anaconda Cross
19. Sleeper Hold with legs wrapped around the opponent
20. “Celtic Horns” - Horns of Aries
21. “Celtic Clutch” - Gorilla Clutch
22. "The Celtic Flask" - Horns of Aries
23. "The Celtic Distortion " - Cattle Mutilation
24. Enzguri
25. European Uppercut
26. Hip toss followed by a cartwheel followed by a dropkick to the opponent's face
27. "Dublin Delivery"Turnbuckle handstand transitioned into a split-legged moonsault
28. Overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack dropped into a DDT
29. Springboard DDT
30. Springboard Missile Drop Kick
31. Inverted suplex lifted and dropped into a sitout wheelbarrow facebuster
32. Spinning Spinebuster
33. Diving HeadButt
34. Elbow Drop from the Top
35. Spinning Heel Kick
"Air Dublin"
Finisher Description:
Handspring Cutter
Set-up Move:
"An Irish Blessing" A Spear followed by a standing moonsault.
1) High Flying

2) Endurance

3) Never Say Day Attitude
1) Risk Taker

2) Bad Left Knee

3) Cares about the Fans too much
Manager/Valet Name:
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
Caleb is now 26 years old. He was an amateur wrestler at Notre Dame Academy, where he won a state title. He had his first match when he was 16 in Dublin, Ireland. He was heavily recruited by Phoenix Valley Wrestling once he turned 21 years old. He was the face of PVW for most of his time and headline many Pay Per Views and had numerous opportunities to leave as the top champion but choked on more than one occasion. His father was killed just 2 days before his matches with Chase Williams and "The One” Brian Young. His father lost his battle to cancer and Caleb came up short in the triple threat match. His mother worked three jobs just to put food on the table for her 7 children, Caleb being the youngest. So at 16 Caleb would wait for his mother to leave for work where he would go box for to make a quick buck. Foley was known to be deadly with his hands as an amateur boxer but soon realized that boxing was not where he would start to train to be a professional wrestler. Caleb started training at the ripe age of 15. He fought in the underground fighting scene and found a natural strength for survival. He has wrestled on the independent scene for about a year with an undefeated record. When he left PVW not much is known where he went but I am sure we will find out the answers to the questions soon enough.
Wrestling History: