Wrestler's Name:
Michael Wilson
227 lbs
early 30s
Long Island, NY
Wrestler Personality:
Wilson is a loud mouth, say what's on his mind - bites his tongue for no man, woman, or child. Wilson refers to himself as the Purveyor of Truth and points out the inconsistencies to anyone's story or talent. Wilson is very cocky, but has been more than able to back it up inside the ring. He simply doesn't give a damn who he offends, or what bridges he burns as he not only gives the fans the truth, but also an abundance of entertainment. Wilson has also been very quick to take shots at exposing any back stage politics and is very proactive on displaying his feelings towards underutilized wrestling talents.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Technically skilled brawler
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Wilson has very good looks and is somewhat of ladies man. His long shoulder length dirty blonde hair is usually given a "wet" look and is gelled and slicked back. His scruffy dirty blonde goatee meshes with his five o'clock shadowed cheeks. Wilson has icy blue eyes and is well toned and keeps in excellent shape.

Inside the ring, Wilson wears glossy black trunks with the words "#HeelNation" etched on the posterior in a bright white color. Glossy black boots approach his knee and are laced with bright white laces, while the soles of his boots are a bright white color as well. The tops of the glossy black boots meet a pair of black knee-pads. The right knee pad shows the Heel Nation logo, a black and white striped flag. His upper body is covered with a black zipped up hoodie, while the zipper itself is a bright white color. His hood is usually pulled over his drenched hair, until reaching the ring. On the back of the hoodie, is plastered the Heel Nation flag logo with the words "In Heel We Trust" printed below. His hands and wrists are wrapped in bright white tape as well.
Entrance Music:
"Jungle" by X Ambassadors
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) German Suplex
2) Forearm Strikes (Think CM Punk)
3) Running Knee Lift
4) Springboard Knee Strike
5) Frog Splash
6) Suicide Dive
7) Leaping DDT (Think Dolph Ziggler)
8) Pele Kick
9) Springboard Forearm (Think AJ Styles' Phenomenal Forearm)
10) Running Clothesline
11) "Macho Man" Flying Elbow Drop
12) Moonsault
13) Snap Suplex
14) Katahajime Submission (Tazmission)
15) Belly to Belly Suplex
16) German Suplex w/ bridge pin
17) Superkick
18) Dragon Suplex
19) Striking Kicks to the ribs while opponent is in the corner
20) Elbow Strikes to the head while opponent is in the corner
21) Running Bulldog
22) Michinoku Driver
23) Springboard Front Flip into the crowd (Think RVD in ECW)
24) Figure Four Leglock
25) Spinning Neckbreaker

"GTR" (Greatness To Reality)
Finisher Description:
An RKO/Cutter
Set-up Move:
None - canbe hit from anywhere and everywhere
1) Adaptive
2) Cerebral/Manipulating
3) Speed/Stamina
1) Cocky
2) Feels untouchable
3) Offensive
Manager/Valet Name:
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
Michael Wilson is a 2nd generation professional wrestler who followed in his late father's foot steps in the business. At a young age, Michael frequented RWF, RPW, and RCW wrestling shows with his dad, able to meet the lasting legends back stage at every show.

As Wilson grew older, his passion for the sport grew. He wrestled in high school, winning several state championships while attending Easton Area High School and flourishing at the state championship in Hershey, PA. Wilson turned down several scholarship offers and began wrestling on the independant circuit at age 18. After garnering a following, Wilson was brought up to SGWF where he made an immediate impact and claimed his first taste of gold as he became the youngest SGWF Heavyweight Champion at 19.

As time passed, Wilson's ego began to grow by leaps and bounds. Wilson left a good thing in SGWF after dropping the championship during a heated contract dispute, he took his talents to Austin, Texas where he signed with Joe Levinsky's CWF. Wilson made an immediate splash, due to an intense work ethic and began CWF World Champion after just 6 months time defeating CWF Main stay, Punishment. After grabbing the brass ring in CWF, Wilson's ego spiraled out of control. A young Wilson began showing immense disrespect to the CWF veterans and management, and allowed his personal life of womanizing get in the way of CWF World Title reign. Wilson was forced to drop the title shortly after being champion, and filled with anger, left the business.

After several years of making celebrity appearances, signings, Comic Con's, etc, Wilson began to re-embark on his professional wrestling career. While in training, Wilson suffered another blow back as he blew out his right knee. After having it surgically repaired, and going through rehab, Wilson once again took to training to get back to the dominant form he once had. After several months of getting into the shape that he wanted to be in, Wilson came back to the wrestling scene. Two months into his second stint, Wilson was hit with tragedy as his father passed away. Michael was heart broken. After making zero appearances for the next month, and not leaving his Long Island estate, Wilson finally emerged with a different out look. Wilson made a promise to his father, that he was destined for greatness.
Shortly after, Wilson returned to CWF and was seemingly casted to put over talent. Growing irate with the decisions of the CWF booking committee, several CWF veterans took a stand for Wilson and demanded bigger and better things for the rising star. Wilson took it upon himself to develop the Heel Nation, once given the opportunity, Wilson exploded into the main event scene of CWF, taking it by storm and never letting go. Wilson claimed his second CWF World Title Championship by defeating and ending the career of wrestling legend, Dominick Shore. Hissed at by critics, Shore stood his ground and urged the CWF brass to invest in Wilson. Wilson, however, didn't give the CWF brass the option to say no. Wilson escalated into the biggest name in CWF, and carried the CWF World Title for a record, 535 days. Wilson passed the title onto RJ Souza, sharing a post match hug with the CWF's biggest face and whispered to RJ, "It's your time, take it and run." Wilson then walked out with an extended middle finger to the CWF's owner's box at the event.

Wilson took a brief hiatus before returning to immerse himself into one of the most heated CWF rivalries of all time, against Grant Ralton. Wilson used an abundance of back stage lingo, claiming Ralton used his political card to get to where he was in the CWF and claimed Ralton sabotaged young, up and coming talent on a regular basis. The two men clashed in an epic match that ended in a clustered finish. The match left a strong distaste in the mouth of Wilson, who voiced his opinion on the matter publicly before walking out of the CWF.

Wilson has now signed a contract with UPW, where he once again plans to show the wrestling world what exactly his capabilities are and that his talent is endless.

Wrestling History:
Former CWF World Champion (2 Times)
Voted CWF Superstar of the Year (Twice)
Longest Reaigning CWF WOrld Champion ever (535 days)