Wrestler's Name:
Tripp Skylark
187 lbs
nearing 30
Pittsburgh, PA
Wrestler Personality:
Tripp used to be a lot of fun. He used to be the clown of the locker room, playing pratical jokes and just having a ball. That's changed now, though. Losing seems to have had a nasty effect on Tripp and he's now found himself... going through a "phase." This phase has caused Tripp to go from fun loving to violence seeking, to the nicest, funniest guy in the world to the guy waiting to smash your skull in with a chair. A switch somewhere in Tripp's mind has flipped and he is no longer a hero for the masses.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Technical high flyer
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Appearance: Formerly a beach blonde, Tripp's hair is now dark black and consistently being redied as there's never roots showing. Still no earrings for Tripp, but as part of his transformation he's ditched the peace sign hemp necklace, electing now for a spiked dog collar on occasion or at times a silver pentagram. Tripp has decent muscle build. No one would mistake him for a body builder, but you would certainly ask him to lift some heavy shit for you. Tripp does have one piercing, his eyebrow. Overall, one would consider Tripp quite the attractive fellow, even though now he's not all bright and cheery in his appearance. More sullen and angry.

Out of ring attire: If it's warm out, Tripp is black jeans, a black band t-shirt and combat boots, black in color. If chilly, he sports a black band t- shirt, black jeand and black combat boots. Tripp's love of hoodies and jackets has seemingly disappated. So has his constant wearing of the green Sublime beanie, instead electing for a simple black beanie.

In-Ring Attire: Tripp's in-ring attire is the same as his out of ring attire.
Entrance Music:
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1. Full Nelson
2. Knuckle to Temple (AKA The Atomic Noogie)
3. Sleeper Hold
4. Cobra Clutch Sleeper Hold
5. STF
6. Surfboard
7. Arm Drag
8. Atomic Drop
9. Back Breaker Drop
10. Pumphandle Back Backbreaker
11. Underhook Back Breaker Drop
12. Back Fist
13. Death Valley Driver
14. Bulldog
15. Clothesline
16. DDT
17. Drop Kick
18. Crossface Chickenwing
19. Achilles Tendon Hold
20. Half Crab with Armlock
21. Armbar and Arm Scissors (AKA The Rings of Saturn)
22. Inverted Face Lock (AKA Dragon Sleeper)
23. Suplexs

1. Crossface Hold
2. Over the Shoulder Chinlock
3. Guillotine Face Driver
4. Mat Slam (AKA X-Factor)
5. Flying Leg Roll Up

"Skylark Falls"
Finisher Description:
Corkscrew Shooting Star Press off teh top turnbuckle (The Red Arrow essentially)
Set-up Move:
1) Spunk – While not as old as he used to be, Tripp still possses a lot of the same youthful vigur. He's not going to give up easy, and always gonna keep coming back for more. Tripp just doesn't know when to stay down. This can really pay off inside the squared circle because Tripp will be able to find that extra gear to propel him passed the finish line.

2) Ameuatar Wrestling Background -- Tripp was a gifted wrestling talent, despite being locked away since he was 14. This helps Tripp out a lot in the ring since he has kept up with the sport and kept training all the years he was away, knowing that wrestling might be his only ticket to success in the world. He has all the basic instincts of a wreslter. He has all the little tricks for reversals, and combinations of moves. In short, Tripp is an amazingly gifted technical wrestler and you'd never know it!

3)Pure athletic ability – Not that having immense athletic ability always transalte into being a great professional wrestler, but when it does, magic is made. Tripp has that advantage that he is an overall great athlete. This will help when it's time for instincts to take over and Tripp is just relying on his ability to out manuever his opponents.
1) Age – While Tripp may still act like he's 18, but his body is NOT. Approaching thirty, just like most males, Tripp is losing a step and recovering a little slowly. Thankfully Tripp has slowed down with the extracurricular behaviors, but inside the ring, his timing just might be a bit off and he might not have the same giddy up he once had. This will affect him the longer matches go.

2) Inexperienced -- Although Tripp wrestled in highschool, he has never set foot in a professional wrestling ring until a few years ago. Since actually stepping foot in the ring, Tripp has spent the last three years out of the business, working as a personal trainer. That is sure to be a disadvantage, especially when it comes to the big time matches, as Tripp will not have the deep canyon of wrestling knowledge.

3) No more Doc -- When Tripp first broke into the wreslting world, he had his best friend help him out and stay focused on the right path, the man known as Doc. Five years later and tragedy struck as Doc passed away due to congestive heart failure. Now seven years later, Tripp still isn't over it and doesn't talk about Doc much. This is certainly an emotional weakness, and it carry over to affect Tripp's wrestling ability. While Tripp's been clean for years, who nows what getting back into the business will do for him.
Manager/Valet Name:
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
When Tripp was 14, there was a tragic house fire at his home. Both his parents mysteriously never made it out, but Tripp escaped unharmed. With his parents dead, and the fire under investigation, Tripp found his way to a foster home, where he began receiving psychological treatment from one Doctor Eugene Madision. The Doc, as Tripp calls him, became more than just a doctor to him, they became great friends... mainly over Tripp's love of wrestling. When the tradegy struck, Tripp was well on his way to being a ameutur national champion. However, foster care put an end to this dream.

Being as old as he was, and as odd as he is, Tripp was never able to find foster parents. Thus, when he was 18, he was released on. The Doc, fearing for Tripp's survival, left his position and moved with Tripp, becoming a sorta of 'father figure' for Tripp. The two's goal was to get Tripp back in the ring, and make something out of himself. They trained hard, got signed to some contracts (PCW, KAWF, and WILD I believe) and Tripp seemed to have the wrestling world in the palm of his hands. However, with Tripp's new found freedom, Tripp indulged himself a bit too much in the drugs and the seedier sides of life and ruined his career. Trying hard to pull Tripp out the gutter, Doc ended up on Tripp's shit list and the two parted ways.

Since, Tripp was been working odd jobs and miniumm wage positions across the country. He's been a sort of nomad, never truly finding his niche. Despite the love/hate relationship, Tripp did maintain contact with the Doc. And then tradegy struck again for Tripp -- the Doc suffered a fatal heart attack. Thus in the Doc's honor, Tripp has put down the pipe, joined the gym, and started to get himself back in in-ring shape. It was always the Doc's dream for Tripp to make it in the wrestling biz, and so Tripp did everything possible to make that dream come true.

However, it just wasn't meant to be. After various stays in various federations, Tripp found himself out of work. Least he was in peak physical condition, and that allowed him to parlay it into a personal trainer gig.

Now after working as a trainer for three years, Tripp has got that itch as he draws closer to his 30th birthday. Failing at wrestling is a big sore spot for Tripp, so he feels he better get back the horse, try again and see if the third time is the charm.

Except, now, it hasn't quite gone the way Tripp's has wanted. Losing match after match after match, and then being regulated to the pre-show, something in Tripp has snapped. Since then, the fun loving Tripp Skylark everyone has disappeared and been replaced by one angry, violent human being bent on spreading rage and destruction instead of peace and love.

Wrestling History:
Former SCWE Television Champion