Wrestler's Name:
"Top Dog" Rick Styles
235 lbs
Long Island, New York
Misunderstood (But everyone has historically hated his ass)
Wrestler Personality:
You should all know by now.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Rick Styles doesn’t work like most wrestlers...But most wrestlers try to work like Rick Styles. He is the greatest technical wrestler in the history of the sport. When wrestlers need ideas of how to work, they would watch Rick Styles matches.
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Rick has perfect brownish-blond hair. He wears the cleanest blue tights to the ring. His entrance jacket was custom made in Switzerland and is made of the finest leather in the world. It’s blue with black and has “Top Dog” written in the finest cursive across the back.
Entrance Music:
"All I Do is Win" by DJ Khaled
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) Styles left-handed clothesline
2) Styles spine buster
3) Styles chop
4) Styles arm bar
5) Styles arm drag (best arm drag in the business)
6) Styles standing dropkick
7) Styles side kick to the gut.
8) STF (Styles Toehold facelock (a submission)
9) Styles clutch (Camel Clutch with a full nelson hook)
10) Styles bulldog
11) Styles styles
12) Styles stretch
13) Styles figure four
14) Styles stunner
15) Stylesplex
16) Styles belly to belly suplex
17) Styles…clash (yeah, why not)
"The Styles Manuever"
Finisher Description:
It is the greatest finisher in the history of the sport. No one can perform this move as well as Rick Styles. It is a guaranteed win whenever he uses it. The Styles’ maneuver is copyrighted through the New York State patent office so no one is allowed to use it without finding themselves on the opposite side of a lawsuit. Rick Styles makes it a point to utilize the Styles’ Maneuver in every match he is in
Set-up Move:
Whatever he wants
1) Intelligence – no one is smarter than Rick Styles in that ring.
2) Wrestling knowledge – Rick Styles has more knowledge in his little pinky finger than anyone else on the roster has in their entire bodies.
3) Humility – no one is more humble than “Top Dog” Rick Styles
1) Underappreciated due to the ignorance of other people
2) Intolerant towards ignorance of other people
Manager/Valet Name:
Ralph & Erin
Manager/Valet Description:
Ralph and Erin are the co-winners of the Rick Styles #1 fan contest. They haven’t stopped following him around since…so Styles lets them carry his bags.

Ralph is slightly overweight (by a few hundred pounds), ignores his need for zit creme and loves leisure suits. His lifelong goals are to someday get a high paying job, date a girl who likes him and meet Rick Styles. At 50 years old…well, one out of three ain’t bad. Ralph’s entrance music: "White and Nerdy" by Weird Al.

Erin is extremely skinny girl in her 20’s and is in great shape thanks to her years practicing her cheerleading at home. (unfortunately, she never made a team). Behind her thick glasses, she only has eyes for The “Top Dog” Rick Styles. Really, who can blame her? "I’m Sexy and I know it" by LMFAO
Character Profile:
It’s Rick Styles. If you don’t know who he is and you’re not amazed by him, then you’re too young
Wrestling History:
#1 wrestler on the 1999’s RSPWF top 100 (((BANG!!)))
Top 5 three years in a row in the RSPWF top 100 (1998-2000)
Former UEW Ultimate Champion (5 Times) ...not to mention the greatest UEW champion in history.
Former UWF Television CHampion
Multiple titles in a bunch of other leagues that don’t exist anymore and most barely remember.
Has banged multiple hot women (in wrestling fan circles, this IS a huge accomplishment)