Wrestler's Name:
Malcom Shabazz
255 lbs
"The United Hate of AmeriKKKa"
Wrestler Personality:
Malcom is very very pro-black. He feels suppressed by white society, but also hates on his fellow black men for dealing drugs and destroying themselves for the same white society.

His sarcastic words of encouragement such as "educate yourself" and "All Black Lives Matter" are a reference to what he feels this country's generations will never get. He prides himself on his own black roots and "being true to himself"

Basically, he loathes all races, cultures and anyone who disagrees with his views. He belief in a God that is not from "Your white society" and is "Anti-Ghetto" pisses off everyone.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Malcom Shabazz wears all back to the ring, with a black beret, black tights and a black and grey camo jacket, which is removed before the match. He wears bland black wrestling boots. He thinks more flash diverts attention to the hateful message He is trying to convey. He does not have any tattoos (Believes his body is a temple). He has a thin moustache and goat tee. His hair is very short.
Entrance Music:
"Devil Made Me" by Paris
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) Arm Drag
2) Big Boot
3) Dragon Sleeper
4) Vertical suplex
5) Double leg slam
6) Over head belly to belly
7) Vertical Superplex
8) Triple Belly to Belly Suplex
9) Scoop Power Slam
10) Running Power Slam
11) Knee to the midsection (Opponent Coming of the ropes)
12) Standing Drop Kick
13) Diving Clothes line
14) Baseball slide
15) Cross Body Dive
16) Piledriver
17) Decapitator (Lifting opponent under bottom rope)
18) Inverted Facelock Forearm smash
19) Modified Leg Sweep
20) Elevated Flatliner
21) Flying forearm smash
22) One hand bulldog
23) Chop to the chest
24) Hanging apron neckbreaker
25) Full Nelson Slam
"Hard Truth"
Finisher Description:
Spinning Flapjack into the Top Turnbuckle (Can be modified for use outside the ring as well)
Set-up Move:
Single Leg Lariat
1) Heat Magnet. He has little worry about what others think about him or his views
2) Mean Streak. Will bend rules and go out of his way to injure an opponent
3) Disciplined. Stays focused on the task at hand.
1) Cowardly in the ring. He will find ways to avoid a face to face confrontation
2) Rookie in the ring. He's educated in life, but the ring is a whole new ballgame
3) No allies.
Manager/Valet Name:
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
Little is known and Malcom Shabazz X. That is not his real name. He has been very private about his life before his debut in UPW (Some say for good reason). Most speculate its because he didn't sign up for the draft, it is to hide his criminal activity.

Very educated, although his views are very twisted. He is very narrow minded about society. He hates police, current federal government and the 1%
Wrestling History:
Malcom Shabazz X has just graduated from "Bad Karma Krash Kourse" wrestling school.

Prides himself as a "Senior Leader" in "Hard Truth Soldiers", although no one can confirm his true rank.