Wrestler's Name:
Aaron "All Day" Lewis
227 lvs
Bradenton, FL
Wrestler Personality:
He has the gift of gab. Can arguably be the most gifted AND most annoying man to ever work the microphone in wrestling history. His mouth has no off button, which is why he has the nickname he does no matter what he tells people. He creates heat instantly with his words and connects with the crowd even faster. He smiles, he winks, he makes inside jokes, and does whatever he can to get the crowd involved in his promos and his matches because he genuinely believes that is the reason we do this.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Technically skilled all-rounder
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Aaron is avery young looking white guy, he's still only 27!, and has blue eyes and dark brown hair that is cut short in a buzz cut and he has a pencil-thin beard that that runs down the edge of his jaw line and up his chin to his equally think and trimmed moustache. To the ring Aaron wears a pair of loose fitting wrestling pants, they are often silver in color so that it is known where he is at all times by the fans. He wears a pair of black shoes, and black cord belt to complete the lower body. His hands and wrists are taped up as well.
Entrance Music:
"Remember the Name" by Fort Minor
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) All normal moves
2) Snap Suplex
3) Belly-to-Belly Suplex
4) Swinging Neckbreaker
5) Rocker Dropper
6) Moonsalt
7) Springboard Legdrop
8) Top-rope Elbow Drop
9) Fisherman's Suplex
10) Rear naked choke
11) Spinwheel Kick
12) Inverted DDT
13) Kanyon's Flatliner
14) Suicide Dive
15) Full Nelson Suplex
16) Texas Cloverleaf

"The Round Tripper"
Finisher Description:
It is a 450 splash out off the top turnbuckle
Set-up Move:
DDT and sometimes a superkick. Whatever can leave his opponent laid out in the right spot.
1) Speed. Lewis can literally run circles around almost everybody on the mic and in the ring. He has an arsenal of high impact, flying, and speed attack moves.
2) Never gives up. He will keep trying to get up no matter how bad he gets beaten down. It truly endears him to the fans.
3) Fan support. The fans utterly love this guy.

1) His size. He is usually shorter than most, especially if he is taking on true heavyweights. He will rarely overpower anybody.
2) Does get distracted by trying to be too flashy in how he performs. Such as: He will not take a pin attempted and instead try to hit an extra high flying move and the time allows his opponent to recover. This also goes for fan interaction at ringside. He will high five fans and sometimes takes his eye off the ball, so to speak.
3) His elbow is always a concern, and he sometimes gets caught when protecting it in times of potential distress.

Manager/Valet Name:
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
Aaron Lewis' best attribute is not his physique nor is it any physical skills that he was blessed with. No, it is most deifnitely his mouth. Lewis grew up in a small town in Ohio and the school he attended was very small. He only had 47 classmates in his graduating class and every class was that size ahead and behind himin school. This meant that he had great opportunities toplay sports with less people to beat out in tryouts. He was the starting shooting guard in basketball, staring third baseman in baseball, went both ways in football playing defensive back and wide receiver, wrestled in the medium weight classes here and there, and he also ran track and did the long jump.

The problem was that not only was he able to do those things, but he excelled at them. He was all-state in Ohio in all four sports he played full time and did well in wrestling also. His senior season, he led the basketball and baseball teams to State Championships in the class size for smallest schools, and the football team was State runner-up. He also went to State Finals in long jump and the 200-meter dash. He was the greatest athlete that the school system had ever seen. Yet it paled in comparison to his greatest talent.

The kid never shut up.

His mouth was always running. He talked trash to opponents no matter if the play went good or bad. He talked trash to his teammates to inspire, motivate, or just straight-up piss them off. He talked trash to anybody and everybody to the point where players on higher level class football teams admitted in interviews they wish they could be in the same class so they could hit him in a game. Thsi trait made him loved at home and absolutely hated on the road. But when you have talent, people tend to allow such things.

And his talent was rewarded with scholarship offers in all major sports and they came in from all over the country. Aaron had the chance to play any sport he wanted anywhere he desired. But he held out until after he saw the results of the baseball draft, where he was drafted #14 overall by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Realizing the money involved, he decided to not go to college and just hit the field as a ball player on the pro level. He reported to Bradenton, but only stayed there 3 weeks before being called up to Double A, Altoona. His first season was outstanding.

He began his second season in Indianapolis, the Triple-A affiliate of the Pirates. And he was a monster there. In the first 45 games he played for the Indians, he hit .377 with 14 HR and 41 RBI. It got to the point where that mouth would start jawing at pitchers as he walked to the plate and he began getting hit by pitches that were "accidentally" too far inside. In his 46th game of the season, Lewis hit a solo HR on the first pitch he saw and talked trash to the pitcher and every team member of his opposition he could as he rounded the bases. His second at bat was not surprising, as he got hit in the arm by a 96 mph fastball. He stayed in the game, but in the 8th inning, he fielded a routine grounder and went to throw the ball hard to catch a speedy runner when his arm literally came apart.

One of the most gruesome injuries recorded as replay showed that the torque on the throw caused his elbow to almost explode, breaking the joint. Doctors later told him that the pitch that hit him actually caused a chip off the elbow joint and a hairline fracture, which when he tried to throw the ball the way he did was just the right angle and force to break it to shreds. Lewis spent the next 2 years in surgeries and rehab programs to get the strength back in his arm and try to return to baseball. It never happened. The Pirates had him back at Single-A Bradenton in 2011, but his bat wasn't as powerful and his arm was even worse. He was released in 2011.

That led him to follow his passion for wrestling, especially after he attended a show and nearly got into it with one of the performers as he sat at ringside because of that gifted mouth. The promotor saw a good looking guy that seemed to be built and could obviously talk; so he approached him after the show and talked him into coming on board to train. After 5 months of training, Lewis entered the promoter's ARC promotion with the nickname "All Day" because his mouth never stopped running. That fans loved him for his work on the mic and in the ring, where he won the Light Heavyweight Title twice before signing with TTW in 2012.

In TTW, Lewis broke out. He had a TV Title reign and then a run as teh North American Champion. He got into an impressive fued or two near the end of TTW's run where he upset the fierce and brooding Jakob Kell for the World Heavyweight Title. The fans adored him and his 6 month feud with "High Class" Jarrett Van Diem made a lot of waves in the industry, especially their iron man match for the Title at Heatwave in 2015. With TTW closing, then being purchased, Lewis sees the chance to jump righ tto the forefront and help lead this new promotion into the heights TTW always wanted to go.
Wrestling History:
Former TTW World Heavyweight Champion (2 times)
Former TTW North American Champion
Former TTW Television CHampion
Former ARC Light Heavyweight Champion (2 times)