Wrestler's Name:
Glenn Chambers
251 lbs.
Philadelphia, PA
Wrestler Personality:
Glenn is a fun guy, but the laughter and fun ends when he stepsin the ring. He is a solid technician in the ring, even though he may be more well known for performing in more extreme arenas in his career. He isn't afraid to cross the extreme line if the situation calls for it. Not cheating, but equal repayment for what is dished out first.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Technically Skilled Brawler
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Chambers is a black man in his early 30¹s. He has a fade haircut and closely-cropped goatee with a wide, knowing smile. He is muscular, but not toned as his 251 lbs rest more as a "teddy bear" than a weight lifter. When entering the ring, Chambers wears the same thing he wears in the ring, a simple maroon singlet and black boots. He has a few scars on his arms and etc from extreme matches of his past.
Entrance Music:
"Wretches and Kings" by Linkin Park
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) Any and all Suplexes are available for him
2) Clothesline
3) Leg Drop
4) Russian Legsweep
5) Dropkick
6) DDT
7) Backbreaker
8) Spinebuster
9) Body Slam
10) Powerslam
11) Belly-to-back Suplex
12) Knife-edged Chops
13) Atomic Drop
14) Boston Crab
15) Sunset Flip
16) Rings of Saturn
17) Achilles Tendon Hold
18) Fujiwara Armbar
19) Texas Cloverleaf
20) Boston Crab

"Locked and Loaded"
Finisher Description:
Its a sit-down powerbomb that can go right into a pin attempt
Set-up Move:
Kick to the gut
1) Tenacity. Chambers hates to lose. He will scratch and claw to stay in every match and work as hard as he can to achieve victory.

2) Fan reaction. Chambers has the ability to say somethign funny in a promo and then be utterly workmanlike in the ring. The fans have always enjoyed him.

3) Technical skill. Chambers has been well trained and can stand in hold-for-hold against any wrestler in the history of the business. This skill makes for great action and fan pleasure.

1) Trick Knee. Chambers' left knee has been an issue for nearly his entire career since he tore every ligament in a cage match. To this day he tries to avoid cage matches - to hsi detrement at times.
2) Never retreats/easily goaded and taunted. Glenn will keep moving forward no matter how hurt he is or how much bigger his opponent is and it sometimes leads to bad situations.
3) Not terribly fast. He has difficulty with extreme speed, but once he does get his hands on the faster guy. It is just actually catching them is very difficult for the heavy-footed veteran.
Manager/Valet Name:
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
Glenn Chambers was born in Philadelphia, PA to a poor family. He struggled growing up as the other kids always seemed to have more than he did. Glenn managed to stay away from the gangs and the crime that his neighborhood seemed to harbor consistently and found his way to amatuer wrestling. That is mainly because he shot up at an early age, standing six feet tall in the 6th grade.

This caught the attention of the high school wrestling coach, who wanted to get guys younger involved to build his program. Glenn was agile and almost forced to consider wrestling when his grandmother (who raised him due to the death of his mother and disappearance of his father as a young toddler) refused to sign the permission form for football. Glenn was big enough to train and learn from the varsity and JV squads in 6th grade and by the time he was a Freshman, he was going to the State Finals.

The next four years were filled with three State runner-up Trophies and one Heavyweight State Championship. Penn St offered him a full ride and he took it. The next four years in college didn't have the same success, though Glenn did make the NCAA Finals in the Heavyweight Division all four seasons - he never finished higher than third (his Senior season).

Glenn left college with an offer to train and become a professional wrestler. The days where the great amatuers looked down on the pros has been gone for decades and this was the natural evolution for Glenn. He was already known for being a clown at meets and even throwing videos taunting future opponents on youtube (a tactic that got him in some hot water at Penn St). All of that only increased the desire for the pro ranks to desire him. He traveled to train in Pittsburgh, and then decided he wanted to also consider the world of mixed martial arts.

This would be a mistake. After his 5 months of pro wrestling training, MMA looked like where he could use his skills better and have faster success. He trained in Las Vegas and learned a ton over the next year. Finally he got the chance to get in the cage and battle, destroying his opponent in 46 seconds by TKO. Within 2 weeks, an invitation from UFC arrived in the mail offering him a tryout spot for Ultimate Fighter. The 24 year old jumped at it and went to the complex for his tryout. It didn't go as planned as he got choked out by someone with 11 pro fights and eight years of training in his tryout match. UFC told him to come back in five years and perhaps they would look at him again. Glenn, realistic at this point, knew he had an opportunity in pro wrestling and decided to move to California to advance in that arena.

Glenn managed to catch on with an indy promotion known for extreme violence where he talked enough trash out of the ring and bled enough blood inside of it to get over with the fans. He performed well enough that some of the large promotions were taking looks at him and he signed a deal with a large promotion based in Tenneessee in 2010. His final match for this small promotion was a loser leaves town cage match. Chambers lost the match, but he lost because he was climbing to escape the cage only to be pulled back in by his opponent. The pull was far too hard and Chambers lost all balance, falling awkwardly and his knee literally boomeranged off the top rope near the corner. Every ligament was torn to pieces and that nice offer from Tennessee went goodbye as well.

Glenn went into rehab after surgery, swearing he would never be in another cage as long as he lived. After 9 months of rehabilitation, Chambers was cleared to wrestle again. He began training and moved back to Philadelphia and continued to train and work out with friends involved in the business there. He came into contact with Aaron Devine and Top Turnbuckle Pro in late 2011 and signed to wrestle with them. It was the new lease on life he hoped for.

Chambers was one of the more popular wrestlers that TTW had in the first two years of its existence. He held the Television Title for a couple of weeks and was a consistent challenger for it for his entire run. He also got a main event push against major heel Apocalypse that culminated with a World Heavyweight Title shot on Pay-per-view. Chambers was also shockingly fired from TTW when he was among the first 10 eliminated in the 'Ultimate Rumble" match at the Survival PPV in February 2014.

Now TTW has folded and been purchased by a new group, being renamed and all. Ultimate Pro Wrestling gave Glenn a call and asked if he would like to help connect the new with the old and give the fans a reason to cheer again. Chambers, now 31, glad accepted and only the future knows what he can accomplish now.
Wrestling History:
Former TTW Television Champion