Wrestler's Name:
Frank Anthony
290 lbs
38 (estimated)
Dallas, TX
Wrestler Personality:
Frank is bitter, angry, and completely justified in his seething for all things in life. Everything around him is making the world safer, and softer. People don’t know what it’s like to suffer, because they live on a leash and aren’t allowed to fall. Frank Anthony, in his scars, and his subtle limp on cold days on his right knee, he has the proof that he was allowed to fall. And to fight to stand up, let alone give more Hell.

So he feels justified, in a world filled with wrestlers with more technical skill, and speed, and grace…to beat them in the head remorselessly and ceaselessly, with fists and feet and ANY object, to show them that they have been taking shortcuts to success. It’s his job to cut them down.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Rough and Stiff
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Tall, muscular built man, who is still pretty taut in his arms and calves but is fattening up with a dad bod belly and slightly wavier thighs. He’s weathered and tanned like cured leather, and scarred like an amateur had skinned his hide and missed. Especially his back, chest, and forehead: there are too many scars to figure out where they end and the stretch marks begin.

He wears a black leather vest that has no buttons or zipper…but wouldn’t fit around his waist if it did. He wears black tights that show off his age, and tall black boots almost to his knees.

His face is just as leathered and hide like as his body, his head of hair still thick in a knotted clump covering his skull, gray hill sprinkling the black mat on the crown, as the temples have all but given into the gray. He has a thick mustache that points down past his lips, and it is salt and peppered. His eyes are a dull brown these days, but with the same black pupils, never losing their focus, an almost starker contrast against the fading lenses.
Entrance Music:
“Sweet Revenge” by John Prine
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) Punch
2) Kick to the gut
3) Big Boot
4) Clothesline
5) Elbow
6) Sloppy roaring elbow
7) Knee lift to the gut
8) Two handed choke against the turnbuckles
9) Headbutt
10) Camel Clutch
11) Body slam
12) Second rope flying elbow drop
13) Legdrop
14) Powerslam
15) Gorilla press (against cruiserweights)
16) Eye gouge
17) Hair pull
18) Bite the shoulder
19) Belly to belly suplex
20) Belly to back suplex
21) Over the knee back breaker
22) Spinebuster
23) Boston crab
24) Double stomp on the back
25) Lariat (It should look like it hurts.)
26) Powerbomb
27) Standing suplex

"Hammer and Anvil"
Finisher Description:
An STO into an over the knee back breaker. It doesn’t look particularly "Finish worthy," but it’s how he "sets up" his finisher that gets the pin.
Set-up Move:
-A chair shot to the head
-A Singapore Chain shot or cane choke
-Brass knuckles to the face
-Eye gauge, kick to the face, three headbutt combo
-A big frickin’ lariat.

1) Physically tough (Not necessarily CAPABLE)
2) Battle wizened/Ring savvy
3) Completely unscrupulous
4) Works stiff

1) Ploddingly slow
2) He fights like a power wrestler but is not close to strong enough to pull off big impact moves.
3) Dependent on cheating to possibly have any chance of winning. And while he’s savvy, he’s NOT a careful planner, or deft.
4) Bad right knee; three surgeries. Bad left elbow; one Tommy John’s surgery.

Manager/Valet Name:
Manager/Valet Description:
Character Profile:
Frank Anthony made a living as “The Original King of Hardcore” starting in 1997, and has the scars to prove it. Thumbtacks, C-4 explosions, chair shots, table wreckage, fireballs. You get the idea. Anyways, that colors a man’s personality.

He wrestled originally with his brother, David Reaume, in the DWF, working for Nick Demola quite often. Later, he would team with Junya Kontani for a much more prolonged run, and they would work in a variety of large and independent feds, often working month long feuds in different places around the world as they filled time between deathmatch tournaments.

It’s been years now. Time has taken so much, namely, any legacy Frank Anthony ever had. He never was "The Guy" in a major fed. Some people look fondly on his career, back to those more "barbaric" times and say, 'Frank Anthony was a guy who, somewhat foolishly, gave his all. And you know what? He never had the workrate of his partner Junya, and certainly not of the wrestlers now. Considering how little actual wrestling talent he has, it’s amazing anyone remembers him at all. I mean, everyone NOW can roll around the mat at 100 mph…he wouldn’t be able to hang in this era.'

This is what he hears, and sees as the reality of the wrestling world now. Frank was once a more carefree "Live as let live" style personality, he sees today’s wrestlers as soft, and weak. With the Hardcore era over, everyone is getting a pass, a "generational handout." Frank can’t abide that these new wrestlers get to take "shortcuts" to their success, and prefer that things remain the same as they always have...it's what’s fair and what’s right. So he's gonna teach these youngins some old school morals, how to toughen up in this generation of flippy, flashy pansies, and set them straight.
Wrestling History:
He’s won championships, particularly as a member of "The Kings of Hardcore" tag team. He’s won some intermediary belts. He doesn’t care about all that any more. Kids these days don’t remember anyways.