Wrestler's Name:
"El Patron" Felix Sandoval
244 lbs
Miami, FL (Born in Columbia)
Wrestler Personality:
Sandoval is a snake in the grass, literally. He fashions himself as a man of action with strength to deliver on any threats he makes. He believes he is the true boss of wherever he is and the king of any room he enters. He has a firey temper and when he does, he tends to begin ranting in spanish.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Suplex Specialist/Brawler
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Sandoval is a good looking, hispanic man. He has a fade haircut and a black beard that is always immaculately trimmed and tight. He always wears nice clothes when out and about and not in the ring. Lots of suits and even a few gold chains. As he enters, he wears a black vest and black tights and boots. He also has a couple of gold chains on, and perhaps a gold ring or two. When he reaches the ring, he takes all the jewelery off along with the vest and sets it in teh corner where his security detail can watch it as well as watch his back.
Entrance Music:
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
Basic Moveset:
1. Snap Suplex
2. German Suplex
3. T-Bone Suplex
4. Rolling German Suplexes (set of 3 or more)
5. Leg Capture Suplex
6. Cobra Clutch Suplex
7. Running forearm
8. Lariat
9. DDT
10. Gordbuster (including across the tope rope)
11. Hot shot (including across the top rope)
12. Wheelbarrow Suplex
13. Camel Clutch
14. Choke
15. Flying Hammerlock
16. Head Butt
17. Jumping Shoulderblock
18. Running knee to the gut
19. Thesz Press (with punches)

Signature Moves:
1. Belly to Belly Half Nelson Overhead Suplex
2. Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex
3. Belly to Back Flipping Throw Suplex
4. Old School Beatdown (Apply Camel Clutch, but instead of pulling on the head, hit a series of clubbing forearms to the sides of the victim’s head.)
5. Curb Stomp (Place opponent’s head on the bottom turnbuckle, take a step back and crush their face into the buckle with a big stomp to the back of the head)
"The Clean Cut"
Finisher Description:
Set-up Move:
None usually but sometimes will use a whip into the ropes on a larger opponent.
1) Devious - Felix is a brilliant stretgist and can always set a trap or work a plan toget what he wants.
2) Great chin - Felix is virtually impossible to knock out and even tougher to keep down. He understands the sport well and doesn't get taken advantage off much at all.
1) Temper, especially if he loses control of a match or doesn't finish in the way he thinks he should.
2) Sometimes too focused on causing pain to gain respect that he opens himself up to quick losses/reversals.
2 Un-named Men
Bodyguard Description:
Two very large, African-American men (both over 6'6" and 300 lbs), wearing black quits and sunglasses. They have no names and are very generic as they are there to protect the boss. They will rarely get involved in matches, but will also be quick to stop any run-ins against Sandoval.
Character Profile:
Felix Sandoval is a product of the streets of Miami, Florida. He was born in Bogota, Columbia and his parents came to the US when Felix was only four years old. As a teenager, Felix dropped out of school (his claim - in reality he was expelled for attacking a teacher who tried to stop one of his drug deals) and ended up with enough time on his hands that he became a top drug dealer on his home corner. By age 17, he was already feared in multiple neighborhoods and ran a medium gang of dealers. At age 18, he was arrested on possession charges. This was strike two and landed him in jail for three years.
During his jail time, Felix worked out and got stronger. He ran into others who had backgrounds similar to him and began to learn from them different techniques in self-defense/fighting. He was also forced to meet with clinical psychologists who tried everything to correct his behavioral issues with little success. What did get through was the fact this was strike two and if he ever got arrested again, he would be in jail for life.
Upon his release, Felix took the advice of counselors and sought out a pair of Cuban nationals who ran a gym. The idea was that this gym could help him work out the aggression he needed to that would help him avoid troubles from his past and that third strike. All it did was teach him new ways to hurt people. They began working with him in MMA training, using what he picked up in prison and adding polish to it.
Eventually, he caught on into professional wrestling, but never got to stay anywhere very long due to his temper and desire to hurt people. His longest stint in any one league was three matches in a Florida independent in 2013. He did catch the eye of Aaron Devine at TTW, who offered him a contract and an opportunity to completely change who he could be. Felix signed and moved, leading to great success in the ring and multiple titles. The income and ability to hurt people without going to far led to great matches, endless heat and a future. That is until TTW closed. But TTW didn't die, it just changed names. Now Sandoval is back and ready to take back the turf he saw as his own.
Wrestling History:
Former TTW Television Champion (3 times)