Wrestler's Name:
Derek Rage
340 lbs
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
"Force of Nature" (Tweener)
Wrestler Personality:

Primary Wrestling Style:
Painful impact wrestling
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Ring Attire: Wears black wrestling trunks with dark purple trim.
Physical Appearance: Imagine Wilt Chamberlain on steroids mashed up with the telegenic and well-groomed “Don’t fuck with me” looks of movie character Black Dynamite. Just replace the afro with shoulder length dreadlocks.
Entrance Music:
“Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos” by Public Enemy
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
Signature Moves:
1. Press slam
2. Scorpion Deathlock
3. BIIIIIIIGGGGGGGG Knee Lift (lifts the opponent off the ground) – It’ll kick your ass in the dick!
4. repeat power bomb
5. giant swing into giant toss – round and round you go, where you stop, you don’t want to know!
Standard Moves:
1. Repeated corner clotheslines
2. running elbow drop
3. ballistic punches – Yo, tell me how my hands taste
4. leg drop
5. flying clothesline
6. suplex variations – mainly gutwrench suplex, belly-to-belly, belly-to-back, German and vertical suplexes
7. big boot – Yo, tell me how my foot tastes
8. sidewalk slam
9. wristlock shoulder blocks
10. spinning hip check – Yo, tell me how my ass tastes
11. European uppercut
12. pendulum back breaker – he pushes the opponent down across his knee after the impact
13. over the shoulder armbreaker
14. knee breaker
"Hammer of God"
Finisher Description:
A clawhold slam – A big hand grabs you around your head and you go up to the heavens only to come crashing down to Hell!
Set-up Move:
Doesn't really need one
1) Power. Rage has enormous physical strength and power. He’s a basketball player that bulked up for wrestling. Genetically gifted.
2) Smarts. You know that dumb brute image people like to put on big wrestlers? Don’t.
3) Driven. There is something different about this man. He’s driven by something. You can see it because his smile and his frown are exactly the same.
1) Temper. That same tic that drives him can drive him over the edge. He’s prone to mistakes of hubris and anger.
2) Speed. You try racing up and down carrying 340lbs of weight. Even if it is a lot of muscle it is a lot to carry. He ain’t winning no medals for track. That’s for damn sure.
3) High centre of gravity. Tall man = long legs. Nice for looking down on people. Bad for people throwing themselves at your knees.
Manager/Valet Name:
Velvet Sims
Manager/Valet Description:

Height: 6’1
Weight: 174 lbs
Age: 40
Appearance: The Doctor of Styles Slick on a more 70s vibe.
Will he interfere? Oh Hell yes
If so, how does he interfere? Lots of pulling or pushing the ropes. A lot of hooking the ankle and distracting the referee and a goddamn lot of chatter!
Character Profile:
Derek Rage is the fifth born of the infamous Rage family line and the first born of Adrian Rage’s second wife, Yvonne. The Afro-Trinidadian/Canadian fell into the family business after a college career in basketball was cut short and he chose wrestling over contract offers to play in Europe.
Rage entered the business as one half of the Prophets of Rage with his older brother, Shadoe. They were immediately successful and spent years traveling the globe and winning titles. That was in the ring. Behind the curtains the team was a powder keg as Derek took up with Shadoe’s abusive ex-wife Pizzazz Elysee and within about three years of forming the team the brothers became thoroughly sick of the concept. But the team made so much money they coming back to it again and again much to both wrestlers’ chagrin.
When the Prophets finally and fatally fell apart in PVW Derek finally got the opportunity to make it on his own. The results have been mixed as he has had personal success in smaller promotions while his brother went on to success in the AWA. The giant is an angry intellectual. He calls himself the “Intelligent Thug” and is as quick to have high-minded debates as he is to snap and try to “kick your ass in the dick.” Don’t ever ask him about the Prophets of Rage.
Wrestling History:
Past Experience (E-Fed History): FWLI, IIWF, SCRA, EMWC, UWF, RCW, PVW, SCW and on and on
Past Titles (E-Fed Titles): Tag team champ in every fed he’s been in and a TV title reign in RCW