Wrestler's Name:
"Hardcore Icon" Brandon Franklin
265 lbs
37 (12/2/1978)
Omaha, NE
Wrestler Personality:
He's always been an aggressive person - even if the situation doesn't "call for it". He oozes with confidence. He's motivated and driven, eyes on the future. Usually he's very upfront and brutally honest, he doesn't beat around the bush too often and refuses to put others "above him". He feels as though if he's the best professional wrestler in the business and he's out to prove just that each and every time he competes.
Primary Wrestling Style:
Brawler - He's a warrior - grew up in "survival mode" and does what it takes to survive in the ring. Franklin looks pretty strong already but he's a little stronger than he looks, some of that due to his explosiveness and athleticism. He likes to try and throw his opponents around and corner his opponents, while also working on his opponent's limbs, usually the legs. He likes to use "high impact" moves such as Suplexes and Slams often as well.
Appearance and Ring Attire:
Resembles "Gunner" Chad Lail to an extent. Dark Brown hair that hangs just past the shoulders. A usually stubbled but maintained beard covers the various battle wounds, scars and nicks from his younger years in the wrestling industry. Sometimes he'll grow the beard out a little but not too often. His age shows in the form of "laugh lines" on the sides of his lips and certain small wrinkles in his cheeks. He has darkened circles underneath of his eyes that comes with late nights of partying and being too old to pretend it's 1999. Upper Body: He's sleeved up, from his traps down to his wrists with various designs. He has a good physique of tone mixed with mass. "Horseshoes" for muscle on the back of his arms, toned chest and stomach. You can tell he trains hard. Lower Body: I'm not describing a man's legs. Everything matches. Ring Attire: A black shirt, cut off at the sleeves, usually a "flavor of the month" saying on the shirt or just a simple "Hardcore Icon" across the chest and stomach in bold white lettering. Black Wrestling tights with the word "ICON" down the left leg in bold, "blood drip" lettering. The word "ICON" is spaced out from the waist down to the top of his boot line. His boots are black with red laces and on each outside of the boot are the letters "XTB" in the same red, "blood drip" lettering, small print on the outside heels of the boots.
Entrance Music:
:Last Resort" by Papa Roach
15-20 Favorite Wrestling Moves:
1) German Suplex
2) Belly to Belly Suplex into Pinfall
3) Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
4) Body Splash (opponent on mat)
5) Flying Cross Body Splash (opponent in turnbuckle)
6) Sidewalk Slam
7) Powerslam
8) Irish Whip Lariat
9) Double Underhook Powerbomb
10) Turnbuckle Pummel and Stomps
11) Turnbuckle Forearm Smashes
12) Piledriver
13) Reverse DDT
14) Boston Crab
15) Shoulder Breaker
16) Backbreaker
17) Neckbreaker
18) Knee Drop to Face of downed opponent
19) Dragonscrew Legwhip into Anklelock
20) Leg Whip around ring post
21) Wheelbarrow Suplex
22) Superfallaway Slam
23) Drop Toe Hold Turnbuckle Smash
24) Face burn on the ropes
25) Face Slams
26) Texas Cloverleaf
Finisher Description:
Fireman's Carry Brainbuster
Set-up Move:
"Jailbreak" - Jumping DDT after a swift kick to stomach or picking up a groggy opponent
1) Scrappy Veteran
2) High Threshold for Pain
3) Explosive Athleticism
1) He lets his emotions take a hold of him and this can take away from his focus.

2) He's been wrestling for a long time and is now a little older so stamina could be a weakness.

3) He's had previous injuries to his lower back and legs which still bother him at times, especially during grueling matches.
Manager/Valet Name:
Walt Watts
Manager/Valet Description:
Walt stands around 5 foot 6 and is about 135 pounds. He's an older gentleman, 60+ years old. Walt was born in the Midwest and is known as a savvy businessman and usually dresses in suits to show his financial status. He's a mostly soft-spoken man until he gets riled up, very honest and direct. He has apparently known Franklin since Franklin was at least a teenager and supports Franklin 100%. Walt has stepped in to make sure that the "Hardcore Icon" is "on the right path", not only in wrestling but in life. He plays the role of "mentor" in Franklin's life and is possibly even a "father figure" to Franklin. It is apparent that the "Hardcore Icon" hangs on every word that comes out of Walt's mouth. Walt has no problems telling Franklin "like it is" and being very blunt with Franklin. He obviously doesn't fear Franklin. He knows Franklin well and it's almost like he's Brandon's "conscience". Walt is very smart and is dedicated to helping Franklin fulfill his goal of becoming the best wrestler in the industry through teaching and training. Since Walt has emerged onto the scene, Franklin seems more focused and has cut out the drinking and smoking completely.

Walt also helps to support Franklin financially and acts as Franklin's "agent" as well. Of course he's getting a percentage of Franklin's contract money, otherwise he may not even be here. It seems to be working out for the time being. It's worth noting that Walt Watts came into Ultimate Pro Wrestling and forced Franklin's other agent and supporter, Andy Sand out of the picture.
Character Profile:
Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and due to things beyond his control, grew up in "survival mode" from a young age, doing whatever it took to keep himself fed, clothed and a roof over his head. This carried over to a life of crime and frequent stops in county jails and state prisons. This has been a lifelong problem for Franklin who started to train to get back into the wrestling business just three years ago.

During those three years, he has still struggled with alcoholism but luckily for him - just a few weeks after signing a UPW contract and after a loss to Chase Williams, his manager - Walt Watts came into the fold and is attempting to steer Franklin straight and lead him down a successful path, not only in wrestling but in life.

"Hardcore Icon" Brandon Franklin has competed with some of the best that wrestling has ever seen! He has wrestled for many different organizations, most notably the GCWA, UEW and NEO under various monikers: "Brutal", "Pure Chaos" and "No Gimmicks Needed". He has held various title from World Heavyweight Titles to Hardcore Titles to Television titles.

Franklin has always put a unique spin on his talents and has always been ultra-creative in his ways of violence. He's competed in Scaffold Matches, Exploding Death Matches and Barbwire Baseball Bat matches. He's earned the respect of some of the best in the business.

It's been since about 2009 since Franklin has been serious about his pro wrestling career and now he has another chance here in Ultimate Pro Wrestling!
Wrestling History:
Former UEW star